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Author Topic: Daughter-in-law  (Read 31216 times)
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« on: October 05, 2008, 09:57:58 PM »

This is a true story - but not mine.  I found it on the Internet (wwwdotsolotouchdotcom) and thought it both unusual and erotic and worth sharing....

The woman who posted the experience is 47 years old:

"I have been trawling the internet ever since this incident happened to try to explain it. It is through this that I came across your very erotic site. Let me tell you what happened.

Last week my daughter-in-law, who is 22, was at our house as is often the case. I was complaining that I had back pains. To cut a long story short she is doing massage therapy at college so she was eager to practice on me. So we went upstairs on the double bed. I was in my un flattering under wear. She was in her jeans so she took them off and put on a pair of tracksuit bottoms. Because it was a double bed and not a table she lay me face down and straddled the top of my legs and began to massage my back. There was absolutely no sexual contact whatsoever. I have always considered myself 2000% straight. I even disowned a close friend when she attempted to make a pass at me one night when I was moaning about my husband many years ago.

Anyway Joanne was massaging my back and eventually she ended up sitting on my bottom while she worked. I don't know when or how but as she pushed down on my back I began to get a tingling feeling "down there". The more she pushed my back and bum into the bed the stronger the feelings got. I just lay there not knowing what to do. It just got more and more intense and more and more pleasurable until I was in the middle of a very slow very wonderful orgasm. But it did not come from my clit it was "inside me" I had never experienced anything like it (my husband has never made me cum).

The only thing I could do was grip the bed and bite my lip (so much so that it bled) otherwise I would have screamed the house down. It seemed to last ages. Joanne noticed me gripping the bed and stopped and asked if I was alright. To which I could not respond. She got so worried she turned my face over.

I don't know if she knew as I was red as a beetroot and breathing like I had done a marathon. The only thing I could say was that it hurt a bit. I sent her downstairs and told her I would be down in a while. I just lay there in bliss it was truly wonderful.

I can't stop thinking about it (or her if I am honest). I went for a professional massage just to see but felt nothing. I have began acting strange around her. The other day I slightly opened my mouth when she kissed me goodbye. How can this happen to me at my age!"
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« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2015, 09:32:47 PM »

     I would like to note that it is not unusual for body massage to cause orgasmic relief if done properly.  By that I exactly as you described.  No sexual contact but a pain / muscle tension relieving massage can cause your body's nerves to fire off just like an orgasm.  I was giving my Niece (age 26) a full body massage and she too experienced similar feelings as her body released the pent up tensions while I worked her knotted shoulder and her back.
     Count yourself lucky and enjoy these experiences as they mean absolutely nothing out the ordinary.  Likely the fact it was from someone you trusted and was able to totally relax during the process is what made the difference over going to a stranger in a more professional setting.
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