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Family Affair (Mother/Son/Daughter Incest, MF, MMF, MMFF, etc.)

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Title         : Family Affair   

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Mother/Son/Daughter Incest, MF, MMF, MMFF

Date        : 20151015

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Synopsis : The sexual adventures of a 40-ish MILF and her family.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher. I am filing this story in "Sex Stories by Members" because the other two stories I've written about these same people are here, and it bothers my OCD to put it in "Incest Stories," which is probably where it actually belongs. It is pretty incesty, and I'll understand if an op/mod moves it. 'Nuf said.


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The day Peter asked me to marry him was the happiest day of my life. We had dated sporadically for almost four years, seeing each other as often as we could, and we seemed to just fall further and further in love, complications on my part notwithstanding. I'd felt like for several months he was fixing to ask, and sure enough he did, one night at McDowel's. We had been living together almost six months by then since he had moved to the city to be with me, basically. Things were going well for us.

We had even settled the Rodney issue. With Peter, it didn't even seem to be an issue. I told him one night, gently, that Rodney and I had been "involved" for the last four years, and it didn't even seem to surprise him a bit. I almost got angry with him, weirdly, wanting him to somehow react. He just listened to me, smiled, and kissed me. He told me it didn't bother him a bit, and later than night, as he held me, he even told me it kind of turned him on. I have no idea if he really meant that, or was just saying it for my benefit. Peter is pretty liberal, I admit. But to just be so blase about hearing your fiancee say she's fucking her nineteen year old son? Crazy. But, I appreciate that he's so understanding about it. Rodney seems to be slowly weaning himself off me, and I'm letting it happen, he's actually had real girlfriends, but still, at least once a week, we make love. I knew it would end this way, I understand, and I'm happy for him. I hope he finds whatever it is that he wants out there, as I think I have for myself. Although, he'll always have a special place in my heart. Rodney will start his first year of college this fall, and he's preparing to move out, which makes me sad in a way, but I think is for the best, for both of us.

Kirsten and Bryan have been married almost three years, and seem to be doing great. They still even seem to be in love, and I hope they can keep feeling it as strongly for years to come. They live close, maybe twenty minutes away, and I see them often. They are both working, and going to school, and managing a house that I helped them buy.

And Steven. Steven went out with a whimper, not a bang. Oddly, we almost seem to be halfway friends now. I have met his, uhm, significant other, a nice man named Edward, and I wish them well, although I do still carry some pain and unresolved issues from our marriage. I don't want to be a bitter old shrew, but I did suffer during my marriage to the man. Someday I hope I'll be able to look back and laugh. Steven agreed to all my demands in the divorce agreement, and I didn't rape his ass as badly as I could have. 

That's about it, except for Jean. Peter understands, of course, about Jean, she was there at the beginning of our relationship, and he fucked her the first night he fucked me. He fucks her almost every weekend when we see her, and I won't care if he fucks her when he's my husband. I will gladly share him with my best friend. With my lover. Jean and I are as close as ever, and sharing Peter has made us closer. I love the woman dearly. My attraction to her is stronger than ever, and I love her all the more for aging well... she is approaching fifty, after all. I have just turned forty-one, and my forties have not been as hard on me as my thirties were.

Anyway, that's the quick rundown. My life is hectic and busy, but fairly happy and fulfilling. When Peter and I tie the knot there will be almost no loose ends. Things will settle down and cool off somewhat when and if Rodney gets a steady girlfriend... and if he doesn't for a while, so what. I can manage.


The weekend Rodney moved out was still hard on me. Bittersweet is the word, I suppose. I was mopey, and I appreciate Peter understanding and sympathizing without being clingy. He held me while I cried, then he helped Rodney pack his car, and then he held me some more. Finally, there was nothing to do except watch him go. At the last minute, though, he held back.

"Mom..." he said, and I swear, there were tears in his eyes. My god, I thought, I haven't seen the boy cry since he was five years old. I knew that this was getting to him, too.

"Mom," he said, holding me and whispering in my ear, "I hate to ask you this, since it's not our night... but could we make love one last time?" He kissed me softly on my ear, and I ruined the moment by giggling.

"Rod, honey... of course!" I said, pressing my lips against his in a most un-motherly kiss. I went on. "And, darling, it certainly won't be for the last time. For the last time while you live at home, maybe..." His reference to "our night" was because Peter had generously suggest I spend at least one night a week with Rodney, which was usually Friday night. I knew Peter would give us a freebie, today. I loved him even more for his big-heartedness.

"Mom..." Rodney whispered. He looked at Peter, who was giving us our privacy and studiously pretending not to notice we were locked in a death embrace. "Mom... let's go to your bedroom... tell Peter he can come, too..."

Oh my fucking goodness, I thought. A threesome? That would be too cool, the son I loved and the man I loved, at the same time? What the fuck brought this on?

"Rodney..." I whispered, "I'd love that. Are you sure?"

"Hell yeah," he whispered. "It's the least we can do. Plus I think it'll... it'll be sexy, for you."

"Oh fuck yeah," I whispered back, giggling.


And it was just too cool for words. We started out with Rodney just holding me, whispering to me, while Peter gently spread my legs and buried his face in my pussy. I came quickly, as he licked my clit, my mouth locked to Rodney's. After Peter pulled back, Rodney sank his hardness into my cunt, giving me chills, like he always did. The boy was just too big to be fair. I wondered what Peter thought. I'd already told him Rod's rod was pretty impressive... not too many people can upstage Peter, but Rodney could. Well, this wasn't a contest. Rodney fucked me gently and tenderly, as I lay on top of him and Peter finally spread my ass cheeks apart and licked my asshole, causing me to squirm and giggle. I came again, and told Rodney to keep on going.

"Peter!" I said, and he made a noise of assent down there somewhere. "Peter, put it in my ass!" I said, and I heard him laugh. He left the bed and went to the bathroom, and returned with some oil or something. I felt him slather it on my asshole, and soon enough his cock touched the center of my starfish. He pressed in, gently and insistently, as Rodney slowly pumped in and out of my cunt. The feeling was incredible, I could feel their cocks almost rubbing together through that thin layer of skin between my cunt and my asshole, and I felt so full of the two of them I thought I was going to burst.

"Oh, goddam..." I said loudly, "Oh, holy shit... goddam... fuck me, fuck me!"

They did just that, Rodney on bottom, me on top of him face down, and Peter somehow supporting himself over me. I'm sure it wasn't easy for Peter, and I hoped the pleasure was worth it to him. We didn't ass fuck a lot, it's something we tried every now and then, but this time it just seemed special, to me. To say it was intense was an understatement. I gasped and groaned and even cried a little, and soon enough I came, hard. "Keep going, fuckin' keep going!" I said, and the two of them laughed. A minute or two later I came again, every bit as hard as the first time. Oh, I thought, we'll do this again, we'll definitely do this again.

Peter came in my ass, and soon after that Rodney filled my cunt up, squirting out on the bed-sheets. Peter crawled off, and went to wash his dick, and I hugged Rodney and whispered my thanks to him, kissing him again and again. He just laughed and stuck his finger into my sore asshole. I bit his lip and we laughed some more.

Finally, well after the sun had gone down, Rodney drove away for school. Peter and I lay on the couch while the TV droned, and recuperated. Threesomes are hard work, I decided.

Well, now it was just the two of us. I hoped for the best for Rodney, I hoped he enjoyed school, and living on his own. I was already making plans to visit him and maybe spend the night, just to see how he lived. I wondered if he had a room-mate, and how Rodney would explain me, if I did spend the night there. I wondered if his room-mate was hot. God, I laughed to myself... what a horny old bitch I have become. I kissed Peter, and thanked him for being so understanding. I really didn't deserve somebody as good as him.


"Dawn, baby..."

"Hi, Jean. What up..."

"Nadda... what you kids got planned next weekend?"

"Nadda. You?"

"Think'n bout Woodloch again... you guys game?"

"Oh, hell yeah... hang on..." Just to be fair, I put the phone down and asked Peter. He just looked puzzled about why I'd bother to ask him. I laughed, and said to Jean, "yes, do it. We'll pay for the room this time, you did last."

"'Kay," she said.

"Jean," I said, "Rodney left for school last night. Got all his shit packed and just drove away. I cried."

"Awww," she said, "I'm sorry... happens..."

"Yeah. He gave me a nice goodbye fuck, at least." She laughed. "And, get this. We included Peter. Jean, you gotta try that shit. A cock in your ass and your cunt at the same time is unreal."

"Damn, girl... that does sound like fun... wanna invite Rodney this weekend?"

"I'll ask him... but this is his first week in school, he might be busy."

"Shit, yeah, I understand. Well, we'll do it someday... shit, I'm gonna miss the little guy..."

"Yeah, me too. But, we got us."

"Yeah. We got us."

"I think I'll invite Kirsten and Bryan, just to keep in touch with them. Do you mind?"

"Oh, hell no, please do. They're fun kids. Pressure them."

"I will. I'll guilt trip them good."

"Baby... it's early... want me to come over?"

I looked at Peter. He looked pretty rested up from last night. I'd surprise him with Jean.

"Yeah," I said. "Yeah, please. Do that."


Monday sucked. Work sucked, as usual. I wondered how Rodney's first day at school was going. I texted him, but didn't get anything back, he probably couldn't get his phone out in class. I didn't want to seem too clingy, so I forced myself to back off.

Last night had been fun, Jean showed up with a bottle of wine and we guzzled it down, and fucked our little brains out in front of the fireplace. It was fun not to have to worry about anybody walking in on us, since we had the house to ourselves now. I relaxed and watched Peter and Jean fuck, remembering that first night I'd met Peter in Miami. I'd watched him fuck Jean there, too. And he'd fucked the shit out of me, six or seven times that night. The intervening years had been kind to us all, and we'd spent the time wisely, Jean and I went to the gym three or four times a week, and I jogged every day. I felt I owed it to Peter to stay in shape, I didn't want to be one of those wives that got hitched and blimped out since it didn't matter any more. Jean had actually dropped a few pounds, and looked damn good for somebody staring fifty in the face.

Jean came, loud and rowdy, and I looked at Peter and laughed. He was smiling, and I blew him a kiss. He finally pulled out of her, and I saw strings of semen dripping from his cock; he'd finally allowed himself to cum inside her. I crawled across the carpet and took his cock in my mouth and sucked it clean, and then I turned to Jean.

"Lay back, baby," I said, and I smashed my face into her cunt, licked and sucking all the sperm I could out of her. Peter's sperm always tastes so good, almost sweet, like icing or something. I loved the shit out of it. I jumped as he touched my ass, and he laughed, and spread my ass cheeks apart. He licked my asshole while I licked Jean, and I felt her legs twitch.

"You little cum-slut," she whispered, and I giggled. "Make me cum again. Make me fuckin' cum again."

That was last night. Now it was Monday morning, and I was having to work. I texted Jean our code for the upstairs bathroom, and eleven o'clock. We'd have a little fun. I could make her cum in seconds, almost, sitting on her lap in the last stall. We'd had years to perfect our technique. Amazingly, we'd never been caught. I giggled. What an office scandal that would be. It would almost be fun, to be caught. I looked at the clock. Shit. This day was taking forever.


My phone rang. "Mom!" It was Kirsten.

"Yes, darling."

"Bryan said... he said something about next weekend... Woodloch?"

"Yeah, baby. Jean and Peter and I are going, and wondered if you kids wanted to go." I'd finally gotten a reply from Rodney, and I'd asked him if he wanted to go with us also. He sounded interested, but said he'd probably be busy next weekend. I understood.

"Uhm... let me talk it over with Bryan tonight... but it sounds like fun..."

"Yeah, maybe we can get your old room for you," I said, and she giggled. Woodloch was where I'd rented her and Bryan a room, the night she'd lost her virginity. They'd been back with us a time or two over the years, but I always said that, and she always giggled.

"Mom..." she said, and I heard the hesitation in her voice.

"Yeah?" I said.

"I gotta talk to you... 'bout Bryan... can we do lunch tomorrow?"

Oh shit, whatever was this about? Me? She wanted to talk to me about Bryan? Was something wrong?

"Sure, baby. Calypso's?"

"Yeah, I'll be there, twelve-ish."

"Okay, I'll prob just take the afternoon off, then. Maybe we can shop or something. See you then?"

"Yeah, Mom. I love you."

"I love you, darling."



"Yes, dear?"

We were seated at our usual booth at Calypso's. Kirsten looked very cute today in a small pleated skirt with a white top. Kirsten is a very attractive young lady. She is a classic beauty, which I also think of myself as, pardon me if that sounds vain and presumptuous. She has long dark hair and a dark complexion. Her eyes, however, are a startling green, which really sets off her coloring. Bryan is a lucky boy, I have thought more than once. I hope he appreciates her. He seems to, thank god. I really love these two, and I badly want to see them make it as a couple. They seem perfect together.

"As you know," she said, "next Thursday is Bryan's birthday. I want to do something special for him... but it's... uhm... I don't know how to say it. It's pretty... out there."

"Okay..." I was, of course puzzled. Her manner was unusual for Kirsten, usually she was totally open and uninhibited, almost to the point of terseness.

"Mom... I don't know how to say this, so I'll just say it. I know enough about you... and your habits... that I think you'll take this with an open mind."

I nodded. I already felt a definite sexual tinge to the conversation, for some reason. Maybe I'm just hypersensitive.

"You know my friend Alice? My old girlfriend from school?" I nodded. "She's the only friend of mine that I've kept up with after school. And she's a very special friend. Mom... this is embarrassing, but you need to know it to understand what I'm going to ask you... Alice and I... uhm... make out, so to speak."

Make out? I was almost shocked. Did she they fucked?

"Kirsten," I giggled. I kept my voice low. "Do you mean you fuck?"

To my surprise her face reddened, which is hard to see since she's so dark. I was pleased with myself for getting one over on her. She stared at me, her mouth set in an expression I would describe as "piqued."

"Mom," she finally said. "Yes." I giggled some more. As revelations go, that was a pretty big one, for Kirsten. I never would have expected it from the girl. She'd always seemed like a pretty straight arrow, to me. I wondered where Bryan fit into this. Did he know? Did he find out, and have a problem with it?

"Honey," I said, "there's nothing wrong with that. You know the things Jean and I do. I'm jealous of you. Alice is a fox, I remember her from way back. And I'm jealous of her. You're a cutie, too."

I hoped I could get away with saying shit like that. Kirsten knows my nature. It turned me on to say it to her, and it turned me on to think it. I'd do it. I'd sure as hell do the girl, so what if she was my daughter. I was fucking my son. I'd sure as hell do my daughter, too. I'm a totally amoral horny bitch, and I make no apologies for it, not any more.

I remembered a brief stolen moment, years ago, in the kitchen, when I spread Kirsten's pussy lips apart and stared into her sweet little sixteen year old cunt. I'd remembered that moment a zillion times, over the years. What a cute little pussy she had. At the time I'd wanted to taste it so bad I had almost cried. Like I said, Alice is a lucky girl.

"Honey," I said, "does Bryan know?"

"Oh, hell yeah," she said, still flustered. "He watches. He... he loves it. We let him and... and Darren, Alice's husband, watch. They both love it."

"Okay," I said. "Kirsten. That is very cool. Thank you for telling me. It sounds like fun. I'm glad you're able to let go of your inhibitions, and enjoy yourself. And I'm glad Bryan understands and doesn't feel threatened by it. He doesn't, does he?"

I hoped to hell he didn't. Bryan seemed like a very emotionally secure, settled individual to me. I hoped he could watch his wife take pleasure from another woman without fear or apprehension. I respected him greatly, and loved him like a son. Well, not like I loved my son, you know what I mean. I loved the boy, and I loved that he was so good to my daughter. I was glad their marriage seemed to work so well, unlike my failed one.

"No, Mom," she said. "I think it... uhm... it gets him off. He's like a... wild man, afterwords..." She had the nerve to giggle, after that admission. I smiled and leaned into her, smelling the liquor on her breath from her drink.

"Yeah," I said, laughing. "Guys are like that. They really get off on that shit. Peter is still nuts when I lick Jean's... when Jean and I make out."

She giggled some more. I felt a sexy closeness to her, to be sharing things of this nature. I wondered where this was leading, though.

"Anyway," she said, taking a sip of her drink. "I wanna do something special for him. And I think you'll take this... take this as a compliment. I hope you will. You might not realize it, but Bryan is pretty... pretty crazy about you." Her voice dropped to a whisper, almost. "That time when you... when you looked at his dick... he's said more than once that other than making it with me, that was the sexiest moment of his life."

Now it was my turn to burn. "Kirsten... honey..." I stammered. "I didn't know you knew about that... I didn't mean for you to find that out..."

"Mom..." she laughed at my consternation. "Bryan told me about it that night. We have no secrets, that's why we... why we work so well together. If it bothered me I would have said something years ago. I know you were just concerned about me."

"Well... yes..." I sighed. I couldn't believe she'd known it all this time. That was another old memory that I often pulled out and mulled over with pleasure. Every damn time I saw the boy, in fact, I remember the heft of his massive cock in my hand. I was glad Kirsten accepted it so easily, although... there was more to it than just me being concerned for her. I'd done it for myself, too.

"Well, what an interesting afternoon!" I said, and we both giggled.

"Okay," said Kirsten. "The thing is, I want to give him something special for his birthday. Mom... do you think Peter would mind... if... uhm, okay... do you think he'd let you make love to Bryan?"

Oh shit. If I actually fucked him? She was willing to let me go that far?

"Mom..." she was blushing again. She kept her voice low. "It won't be his first, other than me... I've let him fuck Alice several times. And I've... I've fucked Darren, while he watched."

"Holy shit," I said, smiling at her. She had really blown my mind, with that one. "You are one hip, modern, free thinkin' couple. You have totally surprised me, darlin'..."

"Mom, seriously," Kirsten laughed. "Does anything ever bother you?"

"Hell no!" I said. "Kirsten... my panties are fuckin' soaked. You are blowin' my mind... and getting me off, big time."

She giggled. "Mom," she said. "You are my inspiration. I wanna be as sexual and uninhibited as you. And... you know what's weird?"

"What, darling?"

"If anything, it's just made me and Bryan love each other more. That night, that first night I fucked Darren, Bryan just attacked me. He was mad for me. And every time Alice and I fuck around... he just goes crazy."

"Well, good," I said. "Kirsten, honey, you two have a very special relationship. I have every confidence that you'll be together forever, if your marriage allows you to do things like this. Being married will never get old for the two of you. And I'm glad he accepts it for what it is... just having fun. Sex should be fun, above all else."

"Yeah..." she said. "Anyway. What do you think? Do you think Peter will mind? Do you mind? Would you do it, for Bryan?"

I didn't even have to stop and think about it. "Oh, hell yeah. Kirsten, honey, I'll admit it. I'd love it. And I don't think Peter would mind at all. The only thing is... I want you there, to watch, and maybe to help. For your sake, and his. Deal?"

She nodded. "Yeah, I was gonna ask that." She took another sip. "Mom... thanks, then. Thanks for understanding. You are the coolest, ever. I know you'll make it special for him. And... and I don't care if Peter is there, if he watches, too."

I leaned into her and kissed her softly on the cheek.

"Darling," I said, "that's what family is for." We both giggled. What a bunch of sex-crazy motherfuckers we are, I thought. And were gonna stir the pot even more. This should be fun.


I gotta admit, once again... I wasn't doing this just for Kirsten's sake. I wanted this, bad. I wanted to fuck the boy. He'd turned me on big time, long ago. And now... after all these years... now I get my dream of feeling his fat cock inside me. And it would look like I was the one doing him a favor. I laughed to myself every time I thought about it. This was, literally, a dream come true.

That night I sat Peter down and recited Kirsten's conversation verbatim, as well as I could remember it. He nodded and smiled as he always does, and of course he agreed. Damn... I thought... is there anything I can do that's too much for him? The man gives me total freedom... and of course he's still first, in my heart. If I had to, I'd give it all up for just him... I hope. But I know I'll never have to make that choice. Peter is my friend first, then my lover... I wouldn't hurt him for the world. Yes, I'd stop fucking around if I had to, I decided. But I didn't think he'd ever require that of me. And, as resilient as he is, I'm not sure if I could hurt him if I tried. I think he knows at the end of the day, I'm going to end up in his arms.

And, I admit... another thought occurred to me. While I fucked Bryan, and I planned on that taking a good long time, but while I fucked Bryan Peter and Kirsten would just be standing around watching. And she'd admitted to fucking her best friend's husband... I wondered if something might happen between her and Peter. I might be able to do a little gentle persuasion there... but I hoped I could make the occasion special for Peter, too. I know he'd do her with pleasure, and consideration. I think she'd enjoy him. And... if we were going to do this next weekend, at Woodloch, Jean would be there, too. Damn, this thing was getting bigger and bigger. Maybe Jean and Bryan... or even Jean and Kirsten... hmmm, hmmm. I had a lot to think about for a few days.

Kirsten's plan was for Bryan and herself to go out to eat, while I, well me and my entourage, would hide in their room for when they returned, and then surprise Bryan. I started making plans.


When I had a little time, though, I stopped and thought about the whole thing. I hoped that this did nothing more than what Kirsten had said, I hoped it did nothing more than cement their love for each other all that much more. Neither of them seemed like the jealous type. If they were confident in their love for each other, so confident they could share pleasure with outsiders, more power to them. If I thought for a moment that fucking Bryan would disrupt their marriage, I wouldn't do it. I hoped to hell I wouldn't do it, at least. I resolved to talk with Kirsten a little more about the situation, but I was running out of time. We were going to do this Friday night, actually a day after Bryan's birthday, but since we were going out of town, we had to wait until Friday. And good, I thought, we'll be able to stay up late. In my mind it was turning into full-fledged all-night orgy.

I made sure Peter and Jean understood our plans, and Friday evening after work Peter and I packed up, picked up Jean, and headed for the hills. We met Kirsten and Bryan at the motel, touched bases, and then they split for a restaurant that Kirsten had reserved a table at. She'd given me the keys to their room, and we ate a quick burger, and then hid ourselves in the bathroom. Jean and Peter had the silliest shit-eatin' grins, they were really getting into the spirit of the thing. I thought about it, and finally stripped, near the time when I thought they'd appear. While we waited we got a little frisky, Jean sat on the toilet and I squatted on the floor next to it, and we goaded Peter into getting his cock out. We played for a while, and finally we gave him a two-sided blow-job, after I gave him specific instructions not to cum.

"Peter," I said, as Jean gulped him down whole. He nodded, looking down at me.

"Peter, while I'm fucking Bryan, you should wink at Kirsten or something. If she'll fuck her best friend's husband, she just might fuck her mother's fiancee, know what I mean?"

Peter got a stricken look on his face. I was pleased to finally find something that freaked him out a bit.

"Dawn, honey..." he said, "I can't do that... she's your... she's your..."

"She's my daughter, yeah," I said, laughing. "But so what. I fuck my son. Peter, I'm serious, given the chance, I'd do her, too. But I think you have a bigger chance of it."

Jean laughed. "She is a sweetheart. I shouldn't admit it, but I'm hoping for a taste of her tonight, myself."

Jean's got a sweet spot for pretty girls. That's how she'd started with me. And Kirsten was among the prettiest. It would turn me on, I knew, to see my daughter fucking my girlfriend.

"If it happens naturally, I'll play along," said Peter finally, "but don't let's push her into anything..."

I lipsticked my nipples, and looked at myself in the mirror. We are our own harshest critics, I knew, but I had to admit I looked pretty good for somebody who had already left the big four oh behind. I'm tall, almost five nine, and slender. I have shoulder-length blonde hair, thick, and my pussy hair would be blonde if I didn't shave religiously. Rodney likes to tease my because I shave my pussy, but not my underarms. I'm funny like that. I tell him it's because I'm from France. Anyway, my tits are nice, still not saggy, and not grotesquely large. Just ample. My butt is cute and perky, and my legs aren't bad, like I said, I run almost three miles every other day. I respect my body and the pleasures it can give me, and I hope to get a few more years out of it. I can rest when I'm dead.

Suddenly, somebody knocked on the door. Oh shit, I thought, then I realized since Kirsten had given me the key they probably couldn't get into their own room. I shushed Peter and Jean, and went to the door and peeked out the peephole. Sure enough, it was the two of them. Bryan was laughing and Kirsten was waving her arms in the air.

I yanked open the door, and stood there, stark naked.

"Happy birthday!" I said, laughing at Bryan's gaping look of surprise. Kirsten pushed him into the room, and I grabbed him and hugged him to my body.

"Yes, darlin'," said Kirsten, "happy birthday. And now, Mom's gonna give you your birthday present."

My hands were already fumbling at his zipper. He pulled away, almost acting shocked, but I followed him. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Kirsten stripping her shirt off. Oh, I thought, oh god, let her get naked, too. Let her get in the middle of this shit, too.

"Mah... Mom..." Bryan stuttered. I was pleased he'd still called me that, it had taken over a year to get him to stop calling me "Missus Hardesty."

"Bryan, honey," I leaned into him and whispered in his ear, "just relax, and enjoy yourself. Your wife wanted to do something special for you, and this is it. Me and you both are getting a present, actually."

I hoped he understood what I meant. I kissed his ear, and licked it, sticking my tongue inside it. He flinched, but he giggled, too. I worked my hand inside his zipper, but ran into his underwear. I gave up and unsnapped his pants, and he helped me pull them down. He was participating by now, at least.

I dragged him over to one of the beds. "Kirsten, honey, tell Peter and Jean they can come out of the bathroom," I said, and Kirsten stopped undressing long enough to open the bathroom door.

"Goodness!" she said, and I laughed, I figured she'd caught them fucking. They emerged, but I only had eyes for Bryan, by then. He yanked his pants off, and I caught my first glimpse in three years of his pet monster. It was every bit as spectacular as I'd remembered.

I crawled onto the bed and held my arms out, and he came into them and laid me down gently. He was on top of me, and I felt his hard cock probing in the crease of my thigh.

"Fuck me, darling," I whispered, pulling his face into mine, "fuck me, make me scream!"

He laughed, and I reached down and grabbed his hard cock. No foreplay this time, I was ready to go. And he was hard, hard. I could tell he was enjoying himself. I promised myself to make this special for him. I reminded myself I was doing this first for him, then for myself.

I was as wet as a spring morning, and his fatness slid into me like a greased banana. A big fat beautiful greased banana. Damn, he felt good, as good as Peter ever did. I could fall in love with this shit, I thought. Well, I was in love with him, as much as any one else in the family. Bryan had been in the family for over three years now, and I already considered Peter part of the family too, even though we hadn't tied the knot yet. Between Peter, Rodney and now Bryan, I certainly had more than my share of long fat cocks. How lucky can a girl get?

I gasped and hiccuped, and looked over at the other bed. To my shock, Peter was laying on it, and Kirsten lay on top of him, already naked, their mouths locked together. Shit, that moved right along, I thought. Peter would not be left out tonight. And Jean was inbetween their legs, spreading Kirsten's ass cheeks apart. She bent down, her tongue extended, and I giggled. What a field day a psychiatrist would have with this family, I thought. He'd go fucking insane.


Being fucked by Bryan, a hardbodied, well muscled twenty-two year old, ranks pretty high on my list. It was incredible, we fucked for over an hour that first time, before he finally crawled down my body and pushed his tongue into my body. He ate me like a pro, like I've said a dozen times, that Kirsten is one lucky girl. I felt lucky, since I already had a feeling that this wasn't the only time we'd do this shit. Just the thrill of making it with my son-in-law was turning me on... the thrill of getting to do something borderline wicked, and something I'd dreamed of for the last three years. Kirsten thought this was Bryan's birthday present? The fuck it was, it was mine, too, it was making me happier than I'd ever been, and I'd spent the last two years being pretty goddam happy.

At last, at long long last I got my dream of taking his cock in my mouth. It felt every bit as big as Rodney's, and as fat as Peter's. I'd really have to measure these boys someday, just to satisfy myself. As he finally, after at least two hours of fucking and sucking, as he finally filled my mouth with his seed, I looked over to the other bed again. Peter was fucking Jean, sitting up and holding her facing him on his lap, and Kirsten lay beneath her ass, licking her asshole. I almost laughed, it looked funny, but fun, too. Damn, that girl is really taking off, I thought... she seemed to get more out of this than even Bryan and myself. Once again, I wondered how often this would happen.

Bryan was exhausted, and I was a bit worn, too. We cuddled on the bed, and let the others slow and stop. Peter retired to the bathroom, and Jean and Kirsten kissed and giggled.

I looked at the clock. Fuck, it wasn't even ten yet. The night had just started.

"Hey, you guys," I said, let's go get a snack, so we can go to bed early."

Kirsten looked at me like I was nuts and I giggled. I knew that the fucking had just begun. It was going to be a long night.


We got back to the room, and just sat around a while, gathering our strength for round two. Kirsten sat on a bed beside me, and I moved over, taking her in my arms. I kissed her, and although I didn't want to freak her out, I did hold the kiss just a little bit longer than a normal motherly kiss would have been. I could taste the ice cream she'd eaten, and her lips were still cold.

"Honey," I said in her ear, "thanks for doing this. I think I had more fun than Bryan, though."

"I knew you would, Mom," she said. "But I think he got a kick out of it too."

Yeah, he had seemed to. I looked at him, talking to Jean and Peter, looking like a gorilla perched on the edge of a chair. The boy had some bulk. I'd ridden him like a bull at the rodeo an hour ago, when I'd been on top for a while.

I hugged her and breathed in her face, as we laughed. "Darling," I said, "I'm glad you've got the self-confidence for things like this. I'm very proud of you... proud, and just a little turned on, too. You looked very sexy, in the middle of Jean and Peter."

She laughed. "It was fun," she said. "Mom... we gotta do this again, sometimes."

"Sure we will," I said. "Not so often that it ever gets old, but you bet your ass we'll do it again. And next time we'll invite..." Shit. I clammed up in a hurry. I'd almost said next time we'd invite Rodney. I stared at Kirsten, my mouth clamped shut. I felt like a rabbit in headlights. I'd stuck my foot in it, big time.

Kirsten just giggled.

"Mom," she finally said, yawning languidly. "You are the worst ever at keeping secrets. Rodney would shit if he knew that I knew you two fucked."

He'd shit? I almost shitted. Kirsten knew? Fuck. I just stared at her, my mouth opening and closing like a fish.

"Kirsten, darling," I finally said. "What makes you think that Rodney and I... uhm, have relations?"

She just laughed at me, the cheeky bitch.

"Mom, I saw you go up to his loft almost every night for three years before I moved out. I'm not an idiot. And you both would have the biggest shit-eatin' grins, at breakfast. A million times. And god, I could even hear you sometimes. You are not the quietest, mother."

I was embarrassed, for some weird reason.

"And I thought we were doing such a good job of it," I said, sighing.

"How could you hide something that big?" she asked, reasonably. I nodded. Shit. The girl never ceased to surprise me.

"Well, Kirs," I said, "thanks for being so understanding. Rodney got me through some very difficult times, in the middle of all that shit with your father."

"Yeah," she said, "I knew that was part of it. Rod's a jerk, but I do appreciate what he's done for you. And, he's got a bitchin' cock."

I did gasp out loud then. Goddam. This girl.

"Baby, how the... pardon my French, but how the fuck do you know that? Have you seen it?" I said, shaking my head.

"Naw..." she said, laughing. "Though I'm curious. I even asked him if I could see it a time or two, but he was a dick about it and wouldn't show me. The girls at school told me all about him, though. They used to call him 'Rod the bod' and shit like that."

I finally laughed, in spite of myself.

"Well, honey," I said. "I have a little pull with him. I can probably get him to show it to you. And maybe more." I was a little turned on by the thought. I wondered where this was going to end, for Kirsten.

"Mom!" she said, acting horrified. "He's my brother!"

I laughed. "Kirsten, you've just fucked your soon-to-be-stepfather. Getting your brother to show you his dick should be no big deal... and who knows what else might happen."

"Mom," she squirmed a bit. "Peter and I haven't actually... done it yet. I wanted to ask you first."

"Goddam, girl!" I said. "I just fucked your husband. And you are worried about my fiancee?"

"Well, Mom..." she said. "This was Bryan's night, remember? And... I thought it would be polite to ask."

"Honey," I said, "if you desire it, please fuck Peter's leg off. I know he'd love it. And I think it'd be fun for you. Peter's good, he's had a lot of practice."

She actually turned red, which charmed me. On impulse I pressed my face into hers again, and our lips smashed together. I didn't pull back, this time, I decided to let her set the pace. She seemed to have no desire to pull back either.

Her mouth opened further and further, and I felt the tentative touch of her tongue on my lip. God, I was turned on, my pussy was flowing like a river. I hadn't hoped to dare for this. I'd thought of it, but I'd turned away each time. I just couldn't imagine, for all her new-found freedom, I just couldn't imagine Kirsten going this far. I was seeing it at a distinct possibility, now.

We finally broke the kiss, and she pulled her tongue from my mouth. We were both panting, and I breathed in her face, feeling her breath in mine.

"Honey..." I whispered. "I love you..."

"Oh, Mom," she whispered back. "I love you too. Thank you, thanks for everything."

"You're welcome," I said, wondering what she was actually thanking me for. Well, take it when you can get it.

"Mom..." she hesitantly said. Her hot breath felt sexier than shit in my face.

"What darling," I said, feeling my lips touch her, we were so close.

"Mom... would you... would you make love to me?"

I smashed my lips against hers again, and pushed her down on the bed underneath me. I was hot for her in a way I hadn't felt since high school. I wanted her more than anything, more than I had Bryan, even. My sweet, sweet daughter... my dear child. I loved her more than I thought possible.

We ripped each other's clothes off, almost in a frenzy. I heard a sharp laugh from the other bed and looked over, to see three sets of eyes watching us, and three amused looks on three faces. Fuck them, they can make their own fun, I thought. We got serious fucking around to do, here.

Kirsten's body felt warm and soft in my arms. Except her nipples, they were harder than iron. God, the girl had some fabulous nipples. Mine are exceptional, but hers were beyond incredible. I sucked one into my mouth and bit gently, hearing her moan beneath me. My hand was rubbing her cunt, feeling her wetness. I hungered to smell and taste her, down there. Soon, I thought. Soon.


At some point that night I heard noises from the other bed, and raised my head woozily to see Jean sitting upright, impaled, Bryan's cock in her cunt and Peter's in her asshole. She was crying or moaning or something, and I could see the shock waves through her thighs as she slammed down on the two cocks. Gotta try that before this is over, I thought. It'd been fun the other night with Rodney and Peter. I pressed my face back down into Kirsten's cunt, and sucked her juices into my mouth. Jeezus, the girl tasted good... I could do this until the sun came up. Although... I would have to make some time for Peter to fuck her, I owed him that. And I had a curious hunger to see her and Bryan fuck, as vanilla as that sounded; two old married folk gettin' it on. That should be interesting. And, of course, Jean wanted a taste of her sweet ass, too. Good thing we had the room for two nights.


For the ride back down the mountain, Peter rode with Bryan, while us three girls rode down in my car. We had girl shit to talk about.

"Kirsten, honey..." I said. "I don't think you'll take this wrong... I think, after this weekend, that I can say anything in the world to you, in fact."

"Uh, yeah, Mom," she said absently. She was about half asleep, none of us had gotten our eight hours all weekend, and Kirsten did need her sleep.

"I'm just sayin' this, mind you, for something you might wanna try, in the future. Something you saw both Jean and myself do this weekend, take two cocks at once."

"Yeah," she giggled, waking up.

"I think..." I said, "I think if you want to cement your relationship with your brother the way you and I have, I think you should invite him over one night, and maybe he and Bryan could... could broaden your horizons a bit, so to speak. And I can speak from experience, Rodney is ever bit as good a fuckbunny as your big boy."

"Mom!" she pretended to be embarrassed, and Jean and I laughed.

"It is kinda unreal," said Jean, "a cock in your puss and your butt at the same time. It's fuckin' intense, for sure."

"Yeah," said Kirsten, "it looked that way. It looked... kinda fun..."

I'm sure if we'd had another night she'd have took Peter and Bryan at the same time. The second night we were there was even wilder than the first, I got to see my two beautiful kids fuck the shit out of each other, and I even participated, licking Kirsten's clit while Bryan's massive cock pistoned in and out of her cunt, just an inch away. Later I sucked her asshole while she rode on top of Peter, and those moments I'll treasure forever, as goofy as that sounds. It had truly been one hell of a weekend.

"Anyway, somethin' to think about," I said.

"Yeah," she said. "I'll take it... under consideration. I just don't wanna fuck up things between us, Rod's kinda started being a normal human lately. But still... gotta admit, I've always wondered."

I giggled. My incestuous little girl. I loved what she was turning into. I wondered where she'd go from here, as she grew up. I hoped we weren't encouraging her to do too much, too fast.


We didn't see Rodney until the Tuesday after we'd gotten back. He showed up with a carload of laundry, and I gave him washing machine lessons. Later we settled back on the couch and talked.

"Rod," I said, "you should have gone to the mountains with us. It was wild, it was pretty fuckin' wild."

"Yeah," he said, "Kirsten called me Sunday night. She had all kinds of interesting things to tell me."

I giggled. "Like what," I said.

"Like she bragged about fucking you, her own mother," he said, shaking his head at me. "And she said that you think her and I should... uhm... fuck."

"Rod, honey..." I said. "You love your sister, don't you? I think you'd enjoy her. And I think she'd enjoy you. And Bryan might enjoy watching, and maybe getting involved."

"Yeah," he said, "she told me about that threesome thing. She said she's curious."

"Baby," I leaned over and kissed him. "Nobody's pressuring you. Don't do anything you're not comfortable with. But I happen to know you're a guy, and guys will pretty much fuck anything with two tits and a cunt. Your sister's way sweeter than that, at least."

"Yeah, she's a doll," he said. "I told them I'd spend a weekend at their place sometime. We'll see what happens."

I giggled. I thought about how much the old me from ten years ago would freak out at the shit that I considered commonplace now. I wondered if that meant I'd grown up, or just gotten way the hell sluttier. I was still righteous about some things... but sexually, I gotta admit, I'm pretty liberal. Just fucking my own kids should prove that.

"You got a girlfriend yet?" I said, hugging him a little closer.

"Mom! Jeezus! I haven't even been there a week!" he said, shaking his head. I giggled again.

"So you ain't had sex... since last time we did it?" I asked. He shook his head.

"Mom, I know this is an alien concept to you, but some people go for days without having sex. Weeks, even."

Shit, I thought. That would suck.

"Rodney," I whispered, and tears flooded my eyes for some reason. I loved the boy, I genuinely loved him more than life, even. "Rod, honey... we got an hour 'til the dryer is done... make love to me, baby."


After Rodney left I showered, and was innocently sitting on the couch when Peter arrived home from work. Of course I'd tell him about Rodney, though. We had no secrets.

"I been thinkin'," he said, as we sat down to some soup I'd had simmering all day.

"Yeah?" I said.

"Darlin'," he said, "next time we go to Woodloch, let's just go to that little wedding chapel, and get married. We don't gotta do the whole big thing. Let's just do it, so we can get on with our life."

I giggled. "Sure," I said, "that's fine with me. You don't want your first to be a big deal?" It was his first, but my second. I had no desire for a lavish ceremony, and that sounded fine. I almost wished we'd thought of it last weekend.

"Yeah," he said, "whoever's with us, Jean or the kids, can be our witnesses. We can make something fun out of it."

"Yeah," I laughed softly. I leaned over and kissed him. I loved the man, I loved his manner and his gently way with me, and the way that he put up with all my bullshit. I was genuinely, truly happy.


I told Jean the next day at work, and she agreed it was good idea. Hell, she said, let's plan, maybe in a month, to go again. Yeah, that sounded good. And hey, she said, eleven o'clock? Upstairs bathroom? I giggled and nodded. That sounded good, too.


It was Friday evening. Peter was on his phone, and I could tell from his conversation that it was Bryan. The two of them had really become buddies lately. And they were talking guy stuff tonight, guns or motorcycles or some other nonsense, it sounded like. Peter finally hung up.

"They're on the way," he said, and I looked puzzled.

"They're coming here?" I asked, and he nodded. "Yeah," he said, "Bryan and I are going to Mashburn's."

Ah, yes. Guy stuff. Twenty minutes later they trouped in, and Peter and Bryan soon departed for the gun range, carrying boxes and bags and targets and shit. Kirsten and I settled in on the couch. I heard the front door, and wondered what the boys had forgotten.

To my surprise, it was Rodney. He came in, and sat, and the three of us had a nice normal conversation, to my pleasure. You'd almost never believe the two of them were brother and sister, it was so normal. Kirsten gently teased him about being girlfriendless, and he teased her about being an old married fuddy-duddy. I got up and refilled my glass with tea from the kitchen. When I got back, Rodney had moved, and was now sitting in my spot on the couch next to Kirsten. Oddly, it still hadn't clicked in my head, for some reason. I sat across from them, enjoying the company of my two beautiful, smart children. And sexy, don't forget sexy.

"Mom," Kirsten finally said, "since this was your idea, you get to pick where."

Where? Where what? I looked at her, puzzled. Instead of answering, she yanked her pull-over over her head, and reached back to unsnap her bra.

"Okay," Kirsten said. "Here is fine."

"Oh no you don't," said Rodney, leaning forward. "Let me undress you."

She giggled and turned, and he unhooked her bra. I just looked at them, shaking my head. This whole thing had been a set-up. Peter and Bryan leaving, Rodney showing up. Yep, they'd got me good. I reached behind myself, and unsnapped my own bra. This was gonna be fun, I thought. And maybe when the boys showed back up, we'd get to play even a little more. Three cocks and two cunts. That wasn't very evenly matched. I stopped undressing, grabbed my phone, and hit Jean's number. I looked back at Rodney and Kirsten. They had stopped undressing each other, and their mouths were plastered together. Yep, I thought, gonna be a busy evening. Gonna be fun.



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