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The Masseuse's Daughter (Pedo, MF, Mg)

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on: December 18, 2015, 06:16:37 AM

Title         : The Masseuse's Daughter 

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Pedo, MF, Mg

Date        : 20151217

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Synopsis : A man meets a woman for a "massage" and is surprised to find she has brought her daughter along.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people, just words. If you have a problem with words, see a shrink or an English teacher. If this story doesn't offend at least a few people, I have failed in my mission.


I met the woman like I now meet most of my "dates," on Craigslist. I answered her ad for a "massage," and we traded a few e-mails in double-talk, until we got the shit straightened out. She knew what I wanted, and I finally knew what she would do, and we were both happy. Her at the price, and me at the "services." This story will probably use a lot of quotes; sorry.

The deal was to meet at a motel up in the city, Friday night, six-ish. I was there a half hour early, and sat in the parking lot and watched the room, as is my habit. No cops went into the room, at least. But a few minutes after I arrived, a woman and a young girl got out of a car, and entered the room. I was a little surprised, I was pretty sure the room number was what she'd told me... I checked it again, and yeah... it was right. She had a girl with her? What did that mean? I wondered if her husband or boyfriend would arrive to take the girl while she conducted "business." I wondered, due to my suspicious nature, if he was already in the room.

Finally, at six, there wasn't anything else to do. I locked my car, took a few deep breaths and got ready to run just in case, and knocked on the door.

The woman that answered the door was attractive, and exactly as her picture had portrayed. Maybe late twenties or early thirties, shoulder-length brunette hair, nice attractive features. I could tell her body was outstanding even though she had clothes on. She was wearing a t-shirt and bicycle pants and the contours of her body were shown plainly. She motioned me into the room but I stayed outside.

"You got a girl in here?" I asked, and her face fell.

"Well... yeah, my daughter..." she said hesitantly.

"Anybody else?" I kind of growled, a little miffed. I like things to go according to plan.

"No, of course not..." she gave me a little attitude back.

"Look," I said. "I done this shit before. I just like to know what's going down beforehand. What'd you bring a kid for?"

"I ain't got nobody to watch her," she said. "She'll just stay in the bathroom and read. She's done this before."

I hesitated, thinking about it. If it was just a kid... I guess what's the harm, if she'd stay out of the way. But I sure didn't want a kid watching me fuck her mom.

"If she'll stay in the bathroom, okay," I said. I entered the room, telling her not to close the door. She shook her head, she knew I didn't trust her. I looked under the beds, careful not to turn my back to the bathroom door. The beds went all the way to the floor, and no one could have hid beneath them.

"Open the door and let me make sure it's just her," I said. She shook her head again but did what I asked. A young girl sat on the toilet, using it for a chair and reading a book. She looked up when the door opened, puzzled and I could tell a little nervous. I could see into the bathtub, and see that no one was hiding behind the curtain. I pushed the door to the wall to make sure that nobody was behind it. Nobody was.

The girl was cute, cute and young, maybe eight or nine was my guess. She had huge brown eyes, a little pug nose, and freckles. Her hair was dark brown, like her mother's and was at least waist length. I felt a stirring from my darker side... I'll freely admit I like little girls, I have my whole life... I've liked them from a distance, though. I like little girls, but I like my freedom and the virginity of my asshole more.

"My, we are suspicious," the woman said, bringing me back to reality.

"Look," I said. "This ain't my first trip around the mulberry bush. I almost got bushwhacked in Vegas by a guy hiding in the bathroom. I ain't gonna fall for that shi... that stuff again."

"Okay, okay," she said. "I'm above board. My rep depends on it."

Yeah, I thought... your rep... I knew what she was, and she knew what she was. I guess I could have made some trouble for her on the board, if she screwed me over. I didn't want any shit, though, I just wanted to cum and go. Is that too much to ask?

Being single and horny sucks in today's world. In some ways it's easier to hook up with things like Craigslist around. But it's dangerous, too. I guess it's always been like that, I remembered my dad telling me a story of fucking a hooker in LA back in the 70's. After it was over he found out her pimp had lifted his billfold from his pants, which were on a chair by the door. Somebody, her pimp probably, had opened the door slightly, reached in and took it. I never put my pants by the door, for that reason.

"Okay," I said. "You can close the door."

She did, and stood there expectantly.

"You'll get the money before we start, don't worry," I said. I pulled the wad of cash out of my pocket, and counted out three hundred dollars. I made sure she saw me put at least that much back in my pocket. I held it up in the air.

"Last test," I said. "Lemme see your tits,"

She got a piqued expression on her face.

"Come on," I said. "Just makin' sure you're not a cop..." although I was sure she wasn't, not with a kid in the mix. Cops would never drag a kid into a crime scene. But this was just the way I did business, I knew that cops couldn't break the law, while pursuing criminals and I trusted that a policewoman wouldn't be able to expose herself to me either. Able, or willing.

I waved the money, and waited. She finally yanked her t-shirt off, unsnapped her bra and shrugged it off. I nodded.

"Good," I said. "Thank you. And nice."

"Yeah, yeah," she said, still looking a little irritated at all my safety procedures. I handed her the rest of the money and she counted it out twice, probably just to see if she could needle me a little bit. I let her, I was patient.

"Your name?" I asked. Her name in the ad had been Alice, but I wasn't dumb enough to think that was her real name.

"Alice," she said. "I'm still Alice. That's good enough."

Okay. She was right, it was good enough. I just needed something to call her.

We did a little last minute negotiations, I asked for something extra, just to see if she'd do it. She said yes, and I was pleased. I never like to ask them for shit like ass sex or peeing on me except in person, they seem more receptive in person, and if she'd turned out to be a cop I didn't want that shit in the paper. We came to an agreement, and I gave her another hundred. She tucked the money away in a overnight bag, and set it inside the bathroom door, exchanging a few words with the girl.

I made sure the chain on the door was locked, and slid my pants down. I took everything off but my t-shirt. She had her bike shorts off by now, and I looked at her. She looked good, very firm, no cellulite, and no tattoos. Nice. I'd already decided this probably wouldn't be the only time I used her. It'd be nice to have a regular, and not have to go through all that shit every time.

She crawled up on the bed, and waited.

"Darlin'," I said, "Lemme eat your pussy a while, and then we'll get down to business."


Thirty minutes later I crawled on top of her, and fucked her hard. She'd already cum twice from me sucking her clit, she'd cum real good, and I could tell she had enjoyed it. She moaned and twitched and held my head as I slobbered and slurped her cunt. She smelled good and tasted better, and she was shaved completely, my favorite. I love smooth hair-free pussies. I licked her, nuzzled my face in her snatch, and loved it.

My cock had been hard from the start, hell, it was hard before I got my pants off, from seeing her tits. Her tits... did I mention her tits? 34B's probably, but firm and high and pointing up, even... she had nice fat pinkish-brown nipples... I try not to use the word puffy because it's over-used, but these were beautifully puffy. I finally crawled up on top of her and locked my mouth around a nipple, feeling my cock probe around for her cunt.

I finally helped it with one hand and slowly pushed into her body. She was pretty tight, considering she'd popped out at least one kid, and it felt good to sink into her tight warmth. I started a nice slow rhythm, and she squirmed and moaned. I felt good, I felt like I was really doing it for her and she wasn't having to pretend. Some chicks don't care enough to even pretend, they just lay there. I like it when the girl enjoys herself too, it adds to the experience. This one seemed comfortable enough with me to let herself go.

She came fairly quickly, and I was pleased. I held back, for the extra shit I'd asked for. I tried to get her to cum again, and I think she might have, but it was pretty low-key the second time, if she did. It was nice that she'd cum for real at least once, though, like I said I've had chicks that just laid there and didn't give a shit what I did. Sometimes that's nice, but I like it most of all when the girl participates.

She finally sat up, and asked if I was ready. I laughed, I knew what she meant.

"I pooped this afternoon," she said, smiling. "I think I'm clean." She had some Vaseline in a tube, and she handed it to me. She got on the bed on her hands and knees, her ass in the air. I wasted a little time licking her asshole, it was sweet and tasty, she had just an all-around sexy ass. I rubbed my hands around on it for a while, and licked to my heart's content.

Finally I crawled up, and smeared some of the Vaseline on her asshole. A little more on my hard cock, and I was ready. She put her chest down on the bed, her head turned sideways, and nodded. I put my cock against her anus, and waited for her to relax. I'd felt her tense up when I touched her, I know that's just a natural reaction. I finally began pressing my hardness into her body an inch at a time. She was tight, she was fucking super tight, she almost turned my dick inside out, she was so tight. She never made a peep, and I hoped I wasn't hurting her... I just went deeper and deeper, until my thighs touched her ass. My hands were holding on to her hips, pulling her against me, and when I hit bottom I ground myself into her. She laughed and made a kind of hiccup noise. I slowly pulled out, and pushed in again. Damn, she felt good. I promised myself to put her number on speed-dial. She was good, and she was good at this especially, at butt-fucking. Some chicks are too good to do it, but fuck... the more I went, the more I kind of felt like she was enjoying it. I hunched over and reached around her leg and tried to find her clit, to help her get off. 

She never came, and I understood. I went on for a while, but I was close, and there was no reason to hold back, I'd gotten what I came for. I finally relaxed, and squirted a load of cum deep inside her ass. I slowed and stopped, breathing deeply. It had been a good one, and my asshole was even tired from puckering up so hard. I slid out of her, and she collapsed on the bed. I saw a package of wet-wipes on an end table, wiped my dick off with one, and then wiped her ass for her. She laughed.

"Thank you, Alice," I said. "That was very good, darlin'," She nodded, finally sitting up.

"Yeah," she said, almost shy now. I laughed.

"You bring your kid along a lot?" I asked.

I wasn't sure if she'd talk about private shit. And I didn't really care that much, I was just makin' conversation.

"Yeah, quite a bit..." she said.

"Do you... do you actually do massage, too?" I asked, curious about that.

"Not much..." she said. "I barely know how. That's just... that's just a cover story." She laughed and seemed a little embarrassed.

"You done this long?" I asked. She shook her head.

"Maybe four months. Just since I lost my job."

"I see," I said. I understood.

"I ain't gonna do this forever," she said, stretching. "Just 'til I get back on my feet."

"Yeah," I said. "I understand." I did, and I had a little sympathy for her. I wondered still, though, about the wisdom of bringing her kid along. I wondered what her kid thought of what her mom did for a living, if she understood what was really going on.

"You probably think I'm a bad mom, letting my kid see shit like this," she said. I couldn't tell if she was serious or not.

"Naw..." I said. "I understand. I know how it is."

"Kids see the shit, nowdays," she said. I nodded. They did.

"You got any kids?" she asked, and I shook my head.

"No," I said. "Probably for the better."

I don't know why I really said that, I didn't have any plans, at that stage, of trying to start anything. She hadn't seemed over-protective of her daughter, hell, bringing the girl along while she fucked johns isn't exactly shielding her from the world. But I think she extrapolated something about my personality from that single sentence.

"What do you mean?" she asked. She'd been sitting beside me on the bed, but she stood and faced me now, her arms across her still-naked breasts.

"I dunno..." I said. I thought, what's the harm in telling her? I'm fixing to put on my clothes and leave, anyway. I went on. "I... I probably like little girls too much. Probably best I don't have one around."

She stared at me. I wondered if she was going to call the cops and report that she'd just sexually serviced a self-admitted pedophile. I felt pretty safe.

"You like little girls, huh?" she finally said. She looked thoughtful, and stared at me. "What you mean, you like them too much?" she said.

"Look," I said. "You ain't my father confessor. Let's leave it at that."

"You ever molested a little girl?" she asked, surprising me. I wondered again if she was going to try and set me up. How could she, after what we'd done?

"Darlin'," I said. I stood, and stepped over to the chair where my pants were. I put a leg into them and pulled them up. "We ain't gonna play twenty questions. I had my fun, and you got your money." I wondered, though, if I'd blown my chance of using her again.

"Listen," she said, sitting back on the bed. "I know you got more cash, I seen it... I'll... uhm. I don't want you to think I'm a bad mom... but I'll let you... I'll let you have some... contact... with my daughter, if the price is right."

I stopped and stared at her. What exactly did she mean by contact?

"Define contact," I said.

"I'll let you... touch and lick, that's all, just touch and lick. No fucking. And no popping her cherry with your tongue. I don't know if you can, but don't try. An' I'll be watchin' the whole time."

"I can lick her pussy? And her asshole?" I stood there, one leg covered and one leg bare, and looked at her. I was definitely interested.

"Just her... just her pussy..." she said, squirming. I wondered how hard this was for her.

"You ever done this before with her?" I asked.

She finally wouldn't meet my eyes. She stared at the TV, which had been on the whole time, the sound turned down.

"No..." she said distantly. "She's... she's watched me fuck a few times, but... no."

"How much we talkin'?" I said.

"How much you got?" she said.

"No," I said, "that's not the way we play the game. How much?"

She grimaced. "Five hundred."

I thought for a moment. That was a lot. I had more than that on me, though, and I wanted this to happen, now that it was being offered. I was still surprised she'd offered it, and damn... it was hard not to be suspicious.

"Five hundred is a lot," I said. "I want her asshole too, for five hundred."

She grimaced again. Finally she sighed and nodded.

"Okay," I said. "I can touch her, and lick her pussy and asshole for an hour, for five hundred bucks. I won't pop her cherry, and you won't interfere with me."

"An hour?" she actually seemed surprised. I wondered if she'd intended any kind of time frame.

"Yeah..." I said. "Like I said, five hundred is a lot. An hour."

"Five fifty, and you got an hour," she said. I wondered why she bothered for just another lousy fifty bucks. But, I'd give her the satisfaction of letting her think she'd sealed the deal.

"Okay, five fifty, and I get to try and make her cum," I said. Her face fell.

"Goddammit..." she said. "She's just... she's just a kid."

"Look, you started this," I reminded her. "She looks like she's at least ten. I'm sure it won't be her first time."

She gave me a disgusted look. I wondered why she cared. I also wondered if she'd correct me about the child's age, but she didn't.

"It ain't that big a deal," I said. "Look... if she's gonna go through this... at least let her have a little honest pleasure. Otherwise she'll just be laying there."

She sighed again and looked at the ground.

"You must think I'm the fucking scum of the earth to do this to my child," she said in a small voice.

"Actually, I don't," I said. "But it don't matter what I think. This is a business arrangement, right?"

"Yeah," she said hollowly. "I guess."

"Okay," I said. "Let's do it." I looked at my phone, and then held it up so she could see it. "An hour, starting now."


We had another little disagreement over the money. I just wanted to give her half, until the hour was up. She bitched and moaned and accused me of not trusting her, which I didn't. I was afraid once she saw me hands and tongue deep in the girl, she'd change her mind and back out. Finally I set the money on top of the bigscreen, six feet up in the air. I hoped I could grab it if I had to, on my way out the door if she fudged on me. She didn't like it, but she finally stopped griping and nodded. While we were talking I'd gone ahead and finished putting my clothes on, so I was ready if I had to make a quick getaway.

She went to the bathroom door and opened it. She spoke a few words and the girl hesitantly emerged, her book still clutched in her hand. I had a moment of sympathy for the child and promised myself to be gentle with her. To be gentle, and to try my damnedest to give her some real pleasure, something good to remember.

"Mary Ann," Alice said, "This is..." she stopped because I'd never told her my name. I thought for a split second, and one of my high school math teachers popped into my mind, a man who's daughter was my first pedophilic ejaculation. She had sat on my lap at an assembly and her hard little rump scrubbed my cock into a hard-on that only went away after I excused myself to the rest room. I'd cum like motherfucker, whacking into a urinal and thinking of her seven-year old ass. But back to the story.

"Dan," I said. "I'm Dan."

"Yes, this is Dan," she said to the girl.

She sat on the bed and drew the girl down beside her.

"Darling," she said. "You've seen Mommy... you've seen Mommy be with men before. You know what I do. I'm gonna... gonna give you a chance to be like Mommy and do some of that. Well, you won't have to do anything, you'll just have to lay there."

The girl nodded, and looked up at me with her huge brown eyes. I smiled encouragingly, feeling like what I was... what I was fixing to be, a child molester. I'm not saying I felt bad... most of all I felt like I was fixing to get away with major big shit. I wondered again if Alice would be able to sit and watch without interfering.

"Now you know it's okay to be naked," said Alice. "We go naked at home sometimes and this is just like home. Mr. Dan is going to... he's going to kiss you, in... in some special places. Honey, just don't worry... we're going to let him do this because... uhm, because he's a friend. Just don't be upset, please."

I could tell Alice was struggling. The girl just sat there and stared at her mother.

"Honey, do you understand? He's just going to... to kiss you, and maybe lick you a little. It will feel good, I promise..."

The girl still just stared at her.

"Please say something," Alice pleaded.

"Where..." the girl said in a voice I couldn't hardly hear, three feet away. "Where is he... going to lick me?"

"In... in your special places, darling," said Alice, visibly flustered. "Your, you know... your kitty-kat."

The girl frowned.

"Isn't that..." she said slowly. "Isn't that naughty?"

"Mary Ann, darling," her mother said and I could detect an edge of hysteria in her voice. "It's not... it's not naughty. You've seen what I do with men, this is no different. He just wants to know what you feel like and what you taste like. Please, darling, please just lay there... we'll put you sideways on the bed so you can watch TV while he does it, is that OK?"

I thought that last question was to me, and I nodded.

"Honey," I said to the girl. "I just want a little taste of your sweetness. I promise I won't hurt you and I think I can make you feel especially good. Haven't you seen how your momma feels good when she's with men?"

Alice's eyes had flashed when I'd spoken to her daughter, but by the time I got through she seemed okay with it. She sat on the bed and held the girl's hand in a death grip, staring into her face.

"Will you?" she asked her daughter. "Will you do this for me?"

"I guess," the girl seemed blase about it, when all was said and done.

"Honey," I said. "Get up on the bed, and let me undress you."

Alice did glare at me then and I looked back at her. She opened her mouth and then thought about it and finally shut it. I could tell she was really struggling. I wondered again how this was going to work out.

The girl dropped her book on the floor and scrambled up on the bed. I slowly reached for the hem of her shirt and she didn't pull away. I pulled her shirt over her head and she slid her arms out of it. I was already half hard and seeing her flat chest and tiny little pink nipples brought me to completely hard. I wondered how my cock was going to feel, after an hour of being imprisoned while completely erect.

I put my hands on her shoulders and sat her back on the bed and I could tell that Alice started to say something again. I had touching privileges, though. I unsnapped Mary Ann's slacks and slid them down her legs. She had on little pink panties with cartoons on them. Her legs looked fabulous, slim and strong and smooth as whipped butter. I imagined them wrapped around my head. I placed my hands on her upper thighs, feeling her hot young flesh beneath me.

"My dear," I said, "can I take your panties off?"

The girl stared at me, just like her mother had, and then slowly nodded. I smiled and reached down and took her shoulders and helped her up to her feet. I hooked my thumbs in the elastic of her panties, and slid them down her legs.

Her little mound was the sweetest thing I'd ever seen. At last, I thought. After a lifetime of waiting, at last. I couldn't wait for the next part. I knew it was going to be incredible.

"When did you last have a bath, darling?" I asked her.

Alice cracked. "Ix-nay on the estions-quay!" she said. "You're gettin' what you want, just do it, dammit!"

I'm not sure why she had a problem with a simple question about a bath, but I bit my lip and didn't say anything. The girl ignored her mother's attitude and answered me.

"Yesterday... no, the day before," she said, and I hoped that was true. I wanted a day or two on her, I wanted her to taste wonderful, not freshly scrubbed.

"Thank you, darlin'," I said, and she nodded. She didn't seem the slightest bit shy about being naked in front of a strange man and I was pleased. I wished I could have negotiated for Alice to wait outside the room but I knew that wouldn't happen.

"Just lay down, darlin'," I said. "Lay down, and relax." I was at the end of the bed and I moved to the side so we could do what Alice had mentioned, to let her lay sideways on the bed and watch TV. She sat, her legs over the side of the bed. Perfect, I thought. I took her shoulders and leaned her back. Alice put a pillow beneath her head.

"You want cartoons, honey?" Alice said. Mary Ann shook her head. "I ain't watchin' TV," she said. The girl looked at me like now what? and I wondered what was going through her little head.

"I'm just going to look at you for a little while," I explained to her. I knelt on the floor and gently spread her legs. My eyes drank in the sweetness of her beautiful little pink cunt. Her lips were small and smooth and I could see her tiny clit peeking out. There was a glimmer from some moisture deep in her fold. My mouth was watering, my nose was twitching and my fingers were itching. I leaned forward, putting my hands on her thighs... I leaned forward, and drew a heavy breath in through my nostrils.

God, the child smelled... jeezus, she smelled good. She smelled like pussy to the millionth power. I believed her when she'd said she hadn't had a bath today. She smelled like heaven to me, a strong and unmistakable pussy smell. Exactly like what pussy should smell like. I felt my jaws lock almost painfully as I anticipated her taste. All in good time, I told my impatient self.

"Honey?" said Alice. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, Mom," Mary Ann said, almost giggling. I wondered again what she really thought of all this fuss. I leaned in and took breath after breath through my nostrils, trying to cement her smell forever in my brain. I cannot describe what I smelled that day, other than to say it was wonderful.

I finally leaned back a bit, and delicately touched the fold of her pussy lip with my fingers. She jerked when I touched her, and relaxed. I looked over at Alice, who was watching with a deep frown. She met met my eyes with a glare almost, and I wondered if I should remind her again this was her idea. I decided not to, to wait and see if she'd let me continue. I placed my other thumb on Mary Ann's opposing pussy lip and gently spread her little cunt open.

God... the beauty of it. From the flesh color of her fat little pussy lips, to the deeper pink inside her... it was incredible. I could see her tiny vagina clearly as it gapped open. I could see her fabulous little round hymen... someday someone would break it, but not me. Her clit was every bit as beautiful as a big girl's, just smaller. I could even see her tiny urethra, below her clit. My tongue screamed in hunger and lust.

Alice made a noise, but then was silent. I leaned in and smelled the girl again, Damn, she smelled good. I licked my right thumb and reached down and gently pressed her little clit against her body. Her whole body jerked. I rubbed her carefully, in a rotary motion, and after a few moments of that she spread her legs a little further apart. Yeah, I thought... you like that.

"I don't think..." Alice said, and I sat back, withdrawing my hands from Mary Ann's body.

"Alice," I said. "You don't have to think. I'm doing exactly what we agreed on. I'm being slow and easy with her and I promise I will not hurt her. You need to do what you said you would, sit back and be quiet. You can watch, but please let me give her a little pleasure in peace and quiet."

She stared at me and I thought for a moment she was going to try and back out. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to, after getting to this point. She finally bit her lip and slumped. She was sitting on the bed beside Mary Ann, and she put her elbows on her knees, regarded me for a moment, and then looked at the floor.

I spread Mary Ann's sweet cunt apart and leaned in, sticking out my tongue.


The indefinable essence of her eight-year-old cunt was fabulous beyond belief or description. I won't even try. Her taste was her smell a million-fold, and it blew me away. I licked her clit, hard, I scrubbed it with my tongue, and tried to imprint the taste of her forever in my head. Pussy tastes incredible to start with, unlike anything else on the planet, and it's heaven to taste a fine foxy legal girl, but heaven a million times over to taste a wonderful sweaty little girl.

I said eight years old... I still have no idea how old the child actually was. That's a guess. I didn't care then, and I don't now... I just know what I like, and I liked her pussy more than I've liked anything in my life. More than I like myself, even. She was incredible, fabulous, a million other words. I was sad, knowing how quickly the hour was going to pass. I wanted to do that the rest of my life, just sit there on my knees, my face in her crotch, and taste her. I made some kind of noise, I was so pumped, and I heard Alice sigh heavily beside me. I licked down into the crease of her leg, tasting sweat and some still-undefinable taste that was probably her body... all her tastes and smells came together in an incredible fusion of flavors to me. And there was never anything bad about her, absolutely nothing.

I'm sure I killed ten minutes or more, with my face in her cunt. I licked and licked her clit, feeling her twitch and jerk when I did it, knowing that she was feeling something. I hoped it was feeling good. I was suddenly aware that her whole body was moving as I licked her, and realized she was moving in time with me as I licked her. I knew then that she liked it. I concentrated on her clit, smashing it against her body, alternating that and sucking it with my lips. I smashed and sucked, smashed and sucked and I think she had her first orgasm as I did that. I felt goose flesh on her inner thighs with my chin and felt her legs harden as her strong young muscles flexed. I heard her gasp above me and felt her whole body jerk. She relaxed then, and seemed to lay back a little further. I smiled to myself, thinking congratulations, darling. I hoped that she'd learn how to do that on her own... I hoped for her sake that was just the first of many.

I finally sat up, and took her lower leg in each hand. I raised her legs, bending her knees, bringing her little bottom higher so I could reach her sweet asshole. I knew it would be sweet, and I wasn't disappointed. I leaned back down into her, and once again tasted heaven.

I won't go on and on about her asshole... assholes are peculiar, and have their own special flavor... this one was aromatic without being overbearing, and sexy off the scale. I put my tongue in the center of her puckered sweetness, and her taste almost shocked me like a light socket. Once again my jaws locked. The girl was incredible. I licked all I could, tickling her little perineum, and pressed my tongue into her anus as hard as I could. She had a tight little asshole with a lot of pucker power, and I never got inside of her, but that's okay.

I finally got her to sit up, and turn around and get on her hands and knees. I took her ass in my hands then, stroking and squeezing it, and it was almost as heavenly as tasting her. There is just something about the feel of a young hand-sized ass... I squeezed, running my fingers up and down her crack, feeling of her puckered magnificence. She was too much.

More than once she turned and looked back at me and I think she was puzzled at what I was doing. I'm sure the things we adults do are strange to kids. I smiled when I thought she could see me. I wanted to tell her I loved her because I did love her, but I figured Alice would have a problem with it.

Alice had been strangely silent through all the ass stuff, and I hoped that she had accepted this as the cost of doing business. I leaned in and licked Mary Ann's beautiful asshole some more, reveling in the taste of it. Actually, it wasn't as tasty as it had started out as, I was literally licking some of the flavor away.

At some point I looked at my phone, and was shocked to see I only had fifteen minutes of heaven left. I was sad, and wondered where the closest ATM was. Then again... if we did this again... maybe we could do this again. I'd go broke in a hurry if this became a regular thing. It was expensive, but worth it.

I turned her again, and ran my time out with my face buried in her cunt. I wanted to remember that for the rest of my life, the feel of her softness on my lips, her smell in my nose and her taste on my tongue. I could have died happy, then and there. I swear to god she came again, and I got my dream... I felt a touch on the back of my head as she delicately curled her legs around me at one point. Once again, goose flesh, deep breathing and muscles tightening... then total relaxation. I hope the girl came, I hope she took something home with her that day... I hope she learned to do it, and learned to love it.

Alice made a noise, and I looked at my phone. My time was up. I sat back. She just stared at me, almost accusingly.

"Okay," I said. "Alice. I'll give you another two hundred bucks..." her face fell, and I'm sure she thought I was going to ask to fuck her daughter. "I'll give you two hundred more if you let me jack off on her, and take one picture with my phone."

She spluttered, enraged. "Hell no, no pictures!"

"No!" I said. "Just her body, no face. I'll let you see it, hell, I'll let you take it. Come on, two hundred."

She stopped, a sour look on her face. "Two fifty," she said. I agreed instantly, nodding. She looked disgusted and looked down at her daughter. Mary Ann had sat up and looked confused. I think she could tell her mother wasn't pleased.

"Darling," Alice said. "Mommy isn't upset with you. You've been wonderful, dear. We're going to do one more thing, though. Mr. Dan..." she indicated me. "Mr. Dan is going to get out his... uhm, his weenie. Some stuff is going to come out of it onto you, but it's okay, we'll wipe it right off. Don't worry, darling, just lay there. Okay?"

Mary Ann nodded solemnly. I wondered what she'd remember of this the rest of her life, and what she'd think of both her mother and myself. Would I be "that man" for the rest of her life? Or would this happen often enough to eventually seem normal? I wondered especially if we'd ever do this again. I wondered... I wondered how much money it would take to encourage Alice to eat her daughter's pussy... I'd die to see the two of them, Alice's face buried in the girl's cunt. If she could make the girl cum... that would be the sight of a lifetime, for me.

I stood, unzipped my pants, and wrestled my poor cramped cock free. Mary Ann watched, I think with interest, as it came into view. For her benefit I pulled my balls out, also, and stood there a moment, my hard cock pointing straight at the child I lusted after.

"Just do it," Alice said disgustedly. "Just go ahead and do it." She got up and got the wet wipes from the table and opened them.

I arranged Mary Ann on the bed a little further up this time, her ankles hanging off the edge. I wanted to be able to see her beauty as I jacked. I ran my finger down her vagina, deep inside her slit, feeling her wetness. I rubbed it back and forth a few times, trying to get the maximum scent on my finger that I could.

"What'd you do that for?" asked Alice in an irritated tone.

"I want something to smell while I jerk it," I said. She just shook her head but thankfully didn't say anything.

I stood inbetween Mary Ann's feet and grasped my hard cock in my hand. I brought my finger to my nose and inhaled her powerful scent. I knew that this would be over in moments. I relaxed my prostate as hard as I could and gently stroked my cock. I was able to hold it back for a little while at least. Her smell on my finger was heavenly, not as good as smelling it from the source, but pretty damn sexy. I finally felt a twitch and kneeled slightly, pointing my cock down at the girl. The first blast hit her about her waist, and splattered up on her little flat chest. Another squirt splashed up under her chin and I heard Alice mutter, "Lower, dammit!" I supposed she didn't want me to cum in her daughter's face. I was satisfied to finally douse her sweet little cunt with my third squirt, and I tried to hold it there for four. I took my hands off my cock for a moment to pull her down the bed towards me, and I then I dribbled what was left onto her pussy. My stomach muscles almost hurt from straining so hard.

"Oh, honey!" said Alice, approaching with a wet-wipe. "I'm sorry!"

"Wait!" I said, putting my cock away and yanking out my phone. Alice grimaced.

"No face!" she reminded me, and I nodded. I turned on the flash, composed the picture, and shot, knowing my time was limited. Poor little Mary Ann was sitting up slightly, looking down at the mess on her stomach and pussy. I nodded to Alice, and she began to wipe the girl down. I had plenty of time later to wish I'd gotten her face in the shot, since Alice never even stopped to check the picture.

I stood for a moment, feeling like a fifth wheel, and decided to get the hell out of there.

"Thank you," I said, and Alice glanced up at me.

"Can I call you again sometimes?" I said, and she nodded.

"Yeah," she said. "Yeah and thanks for the money."

I looked down at Mary Ann, and waved at her with two fingers. She grinned and I wondered again what she had actually thought of me and what I had done to her. I wondered, as she looked up at me and wiggled two fingers back, and I hoped that she'd liked the things I'd done. I truly hoped I'd given her some honest pleasure in exchange for what I'd taken from her. And I hoped her mom shared the money, the girl had earned it.

"You're welcome," I said, heading for the door.



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Great Job!  That was very hot.  Hope there is a part two.


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:emot_ntworthy: Fantastic story, very well done,  :emot_penis:
I can't wait to see if there will be massage


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Reply #3 on: December 20, 2015, 11:26:17 AM
Wow, ‘bot, this story was a little shocking, even for me.  But plotline aside, this is a tale well told.  I got a good sense of what the main characters were thinking and feeling; of their needs, desires, and their inner conflicts.  A well-written story, IMHO.

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loved the story,,, thanks for sharing

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Great job, and extremely far from being far fetched. The stories I could tell you I heard while working for CPS in my early years, would knock your socks off. I had to resign, it was too much for me.

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Meatbot, I don't know what to say. Two very neurotic people in this story! lol Still it was a fun read it was top notch when Dan and Alice weren't acting like knuckleheads. :P

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Great story! Thank you for sharing!