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Wife’s College Friend

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on: April 10, 2016, 01:04:39 PM
All my stories contain a grain of truth.  The amount of truth certainly doesn’t qualify it for the ‘True Stories by Members’ section, all of which, of course, I believe without question.  I hope the reader will enjoy finding that grain.

I make no apologies for using UK English spelling and slang.  I am happy to provide a translation to any other form of English on request.

Wife’s College Friend.

Despite being a teenager and a student during the supposedly permissive sixties, sexual adventures seemed to pass me by.  Maybe it was because I was a part time student and had a part time job that meant I had to spend a lot more of my free time studying than full time students; to the detriment of my socializing time.  Not that the extra time studying meant I got a better degree in the end.  I also had a very poor flirt detecting mechanism and never cheated on whoever was my current girlfriend, despite fancying her friends like crazy.  Carol, my long term girlfriend at the end of my college studies, and subsequently my wife had some very delectable girl friends at her college that I never took the opportunity to flirt with.  My natural reticence, and complete surprise, led me to pass up a golden opportunity when one very pretty girl, the name Anne springs to mind, even gave me a hint that she wouldn’t object to me fondling her tits (clothed, of course). Another of Carol’s friends was not particularly pretty but she was the proud owner of a very large pair of tits, I’m no judge of accurate bra size, to me they are small, medium, large or huge and at that age was happy to get my hands on a pair of any size; these very definitely came into the very large category.  The owner, Susan, must have felt a bit self conscious about them and the lascivious looks she got from the boys because she never displayed an inch of flesh from the neck downwards, not even the merest hint of cleavage.  Susan never gave any hint of flirting and had a long term boyfriend, I think they had been together since childhood, they were both Welsh (is it just a coincidence that every Welsh woman I have met since then has also been generously endowed in the mammary department) and after graduating got married and went to live in North Wales.  I thought that would be the last I saw of Susan and her husband Martin, but to my surprise one day my wife announced that we had been invited to stay with them for a weekend in North Wales.  As it is a beautiful part of the country I had no objections and left Carol to make the arrangements.

Sometime later that summer I found myself late one Friday night driving us both through horrendous traffic jams to North Wales to visit Susan and Martin in what turned out to be a very pretty little village in North Wales.  We arrived very late at night, said our hellos and went straight to bed.  The next morning Carol must have let me sleep late because of the tiring drive.  When I finally got up the other three had already had breakfast and were enjoying the sun in the garden.  As I joined them my eyes must have been on stalks; to my complete surprise Susan was wearing a very short summer dress with a halter neck and a plunging neckline that revealed an enormous amount of cleavage.  In fact her magnificent tits were only just retained by the halter of the dress and it was obvious that she saw no reason to wear a bra; despite the absence of a bra I could not discern any hint of nipples poking through the flimsy fabric, if I had I might just have cum on the spot.  I was just about to remark “lovely, what the sun brings out, isn’t it” when my wife, who had seen what my eyes were transfixed on and a hint of a bulge in my trousers gave me a glowering look.  Martin did not seem too concerned at the display his wife was putting on and we all exchanged pleasantries and I settled down to reading the offered newspaper while Susan and Carol continued chatting about their student days and married life afterwards.  I say reading the paper, I don’t think a word of what I read sank in as I continued to surreptitiously glance at the beautiful mounds of tit flesh that gently rose and fell with Susan’s every breath, occasionally I would be treated to seeing more movement when she adjusted her position.  Fortunately I was not in Carol’s eye line so she couldn’t see my ogling, nor a definite increase of the bulging in the trouser department, all the time I was desperately hoping that a sudden movement from Susan would make her fall out of the dress.  That was probably too much to ask and after an hour or so Susan got up and announced she was going to start making lunch.

Almost immediately she had disappeared into the kitchen I felt the need to pee but thought it would seem a bit strange if I followed her into the kitchen, so I gritted my teeth and crossed my legs for about 15 minutes and then announced that I needed to use the toilet.  This announcement was just greeted with grunts from Martin and Carol who were deeply engrossed in their reading material.  Getting to the toilet meant crossing the kitchen where Susan was preparing lunch by the sink; there were two ways to the door into the hall either squeeze between Susan and the large kitchen table and seem like a pervert for wanting to brush up to her, or the gentlemanly way round the table but which involved ridiculously moving chairs out of the way and taking an obviously exaggerated route.  I chose the pervert’s way - but tried to use that rather exaggerated way, like we all do, of trying to hold yourself away from the other person when trying to pass them in a confined space.
“Just going to the bathroom”, I announced as I squeezed between Susan and the table desperately trying not to appear to rub up against her deliciously round arse, no matter how much I wanted too and especially as I was still sporting a semi.  It was probably my wishful thinking when I thought I detected a movement of said arse towards me in an attempt to force me to rub up against her, and I continued my way to the toilet.  Having had a satisfying piss I was considering rubbing one out while I fantasised about taking Susan from behind while I groped her fabulous tits but thought to myself – did she thrust her arse at me?  It would be a shame to waste this hard-on on my hand if she was keen for a bit of illicit fun, so reluctantly, and with difficulty, tucked the trouser snake back into place.

I returned to the kitchen where Susan was still at the sink preparing lunch; she turned towards me and without saying anything just smiled and then seemed to return her attention to the salad she was making.  This time I was sure her eyes had glanced down to my crotch where she couldn’t help but notice the bulge.  As I made my way to the door into the garden I didn’t make any effort not to brush up against her arse and was definitely rewarded with a gentle push backwards against me by Susan.

Romantic interlude here – my heart definitely skipped a beat – back to pure lust now.   

I stopped in my tracks and Susan pushed more firmly, by now my hard-on was directly between her arse cheeks and growing.  A low appreciative murmur came from Susan who now started to rub her arse up and down my enclosed cock.  “Mmm this thin fabric has its advantages, you feel hard”, she said. 
“Keep doing that and I will cum in my pants”, I replied.
“We can’t have that happen too quickly”, she said, stopping the up and down movement.
Without stopping to consider this seemingly out of character behaviour I threw all caution to the winds and said, “not before I’ve had a good feel of those fantastic tits.”
“Be my guest”
I should point out that the kitchen sink at which we were canoodling was directly in front of a window onto the garden.  This window had a blind that enabled us to see out into the garden but prevented anyone in the garden from seeing us.  Safe in the knowledge that we weren’t overlooked and thinking, “you will never get another chance like this” I slowly slid my hands around Susan’s sides and beneath the halter top savouring every inch of flesh, I should add that her tits were so large that without her bra you could just see the sideways swell even when you were standing directly behind her.  As my hands gently kneaded those fantastic globes she resumed pressing her arse against me.  As I reached around the front and felt the full weight of her tits I also now felt her nipples which must have changed from being almost non-existent to delightfully hardened and fully erect.
“Easy to tell when you are aroused”, I said
“Yes”, she said, “that’s why I never wear anything thin or revealing in public.”
“Well I’m going to reveal them all now,” I said as I withdrew my hands, wrapped my arms around her and, grasping one side of the halter top I reached inside with the other hand and manouevered her left tit out into the fresh air and then repeated the same to the other one.  Looking over her shoulder I was now treated to the fantastic sight of her large tits surmounted by very hard nipples in my hands.  As I gently squeezed and rolled each nipple between finger and thumb she began to breathe more heavily which caused her tits to rise and fall even more delightfully, she also began to moan softly.

Standing there with my hands finally holding an enormous pair of tits and my cock wedged (albeit clothed) in a delightful pair of arse cheeks I was bold enough to wonder exactly how far we could go with this and what my next move would be when Susan said “now you’ve got my tits out it’s time to release the strain on that trouser material and let that cock free.”  God, it gets me even harder when women talk about their body parts
I reluctantly let go of her tits and backed off slightly, allowing her to turn round and face me giving me a full frontal view of her unsupported tits.  Tits that size are always going to head south when unconstrained by fabric and these were no exception but it was no where near as far south as I would have expected; they stood up to gravity magnificently.  “Hold your tits for me,” I said, “while I get my cock out.” As I unbuckled my belt and lowered my zip Susan began to fondle her tits and rub her nipples between finger and thumb just as I had done.  In a demonstration of exactly how large they were she was able to hold one up high enough so that she could lick her own nipple.  The thought of a woman fondling her own tits has always excited me and I dropped my trousers and underwear as quickly as I could to let the trouser snake swing free.
“Ooh, that looks nice and hard,” said Susan as she reached out to wrap a hand around it and gently started to stroke me, “let’s see if it can get any harder.”  I wasn’t disheartened that she didn’t make any over exaggerated remarks about it being a big one as I knew that I wasn’t more than averagely endowed.  It wasn’t my cock that I was hoping to impress her with.  She started to get down on her knees but I gently grabbed her shoulders and said “not like that.”
“You don’t want me to put it in my mouth?” she said, sounding surprised.  “you bet,” I replied, “but not in that position.” I couldn’t resist moving close to her and groping those tits again, as I did so I glanced over her shoulder to make sure that our spouses in the garden were still engrossed in their reading.  Satisfied that they were I whispered in her ear “lie back on the table”. 

Thinking that I was going to fuck her straight away in that position she said, “we won’t be able to see the garden in that position.”
“Don’t worry, I will be able to,” I said.  Now I would like to say that, in a fit of passion, we just swept everything of the table, but life isn’t like the movies, so we pedantically cleared away a space for her to lie on her back and I shuffled round to the other side of the table as best I could with my jeans and underwear down around my ankles.  As she laid down on the table I pulled her towards me so that her head was hanging over the edge of the table.  Guessing as to what I was about to do she said “ah, my favourite way to swallow cock.”  With my feet as far apart as I could get them I lowered my balls onto her eagerly awaiting mouth and she snaked out her tongue to give them a good bath, after she had had a good lick I offered her my cock and started to feed it to her as I gently bent at the knees and started to bob up and down.  She seemed eager to suck on it so after a while I put both my hands behind her head to support it and bent my knees even more and fed her my cock until her lips were nestling in her pubic hair.  She made no move to panic or gag so I pressed her face into me as much as I could and then slowly straightened up.  “Wow,” she said “you really know how to feed cock to a girl.”  “Glad you enjoyed that,” I replied, “here it comes again, and repeated the move twice more.” After the third time she said “now tweak my nipples while you do that again.”  Gently letting go of her head I mashed her big tits together and squeezed her nipples between my fingers as I sank into her eager mouth.  It didn’t take much nipple manipulation before I felt a little convulsion from her and her thighs go rigid.  “Did you just cum?” I asked.  “Yes,” she said, “my nipples seem to be directly connected to my clit; more good news for you – I cum very easily.”  Hearing that made me even more determined to try and fuck her, but first I wanted to finger her cunt; I leant forward and slid one hand down the front of her knickers while Susan returned to her cock swallowing activities.  I wasn’t surprised by the amount of hair I could feel, the only Brazilians we lads knew at the time were the footballing kind, but I was a bit shocked at the amount of pussy flesh I could feel.  Accompanied by some moans of pleasure from Susan my fingers began to fondle a pair of very puffy pussy lips and another protuberance it usually takes a man a long time to find. 

Intrigued, I withdrew my hand and started to slide her knickers down her thighs; this revealed the largest clit hood I had ever seen, and just protruding from below it was the glistening tip of her clit.  I clasped her clit hood gently between finger and thumb and started to roll it backwards and forwards.  Very quickly her breathing became so rapid I though that she was going to hyperventilate, she had to bite the back of her hand to prevent a scream that would surely have been heard outside and her thighs went rigid once more as another orgasm swept over her.  As her orgasm subsided I shuffled around the other side of the table, yanked her knickers down to her ankles and buried my face between her legs; I was too impatient for any more foreplay such as licking her inner thighs or any other niceties.  Her cunt was wet and she needed fucking as quickly as possible, however I wasn’t going to miss out on seeing what a tongue lashing to her clit would produce.  I sucked those wonderful pussy lips into my mouth and teased and pulled on them with my own lips.  Letting go of them I repeated the same with her engorged clit and at the same time with my palm uppermost rammed two fingers into her pussy.  Using the ‘come here’ motion with my fingers I hoped to find her G spot.  I must have been at least a little successful because this time she clamped my head so hard between her thighs I thought she was going to crack my skull and squealed loudly through gritted teeth; as she subsided I was treated to the wonderful sight of a full on view of her pussy convulsing uncontrollably.  She sat up on the table and said “that was great, let’s see if that cock of yours has the same effect.  We will have to be quick, Martin and Carol will be wondering where we are.”  With that she stood up and leant forward resting her arms on the sink, her lovely arse was pointed in my direction and I didn’t need a second invitation to sink my cock between her still engorged pussy lips and into her tight cunt.  I didn’t need to be told to be quick either  - I was more than ready to cum and it only took a few strokes for me to explode deep into her.  As I rammed my cock into her on the last stroke I reached around and rubbed furiously at her clit and although she didn’t cum as violently as before I was treated to the exquisite pleasure of feeling her cunt vibrate around my cock.  I would have liked to stay buried in her for a lot longer but had to withdraw in case the two in the garden really did get suspicious.  As we separated she said “that was lovely, Carol is a very lucky woman.”   I put my dick back in my pants and reluctantly returned to the garden.

Carol and I were leaving the next day so I never had another opportunity for illicit sex with Susan or even speak to her about it.  I never saw them again although Carol kept in touch with Susan and even visited her a couple of times, even after Susan and Martin divorced a few years later.  Many years later after one of Carol’s visits to see Susan she, Carol that is, told me that Susan had showed her a photograph of her and Martin at a swingers party when they were at college.  “No way!” I exclaimed.  “Yes,” said Carol, “it certainly didn’t leave much to the imagination.”  “Did you know they were into this sort of thing at college?” I asked.  “Of course not, and I wouldn’t have had anything to do with them If I had,” replied Carol.  If only I had, I thought to myself, yet another youthful sex adventure missed. Never mind, I still had that time in North Wales to remember.

Princess, would you like to see it light up and hum when I wave it about