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What are your dreams like?

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Offline HistBuff

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Reply #345 on: June 03, 2022, 11:29:21 AM
Very often, when I watch an old film noir just before going to sleep, I dream I'm in New York and I'm training with John Davis, who was the heavyweight world/olympic champion in 1938 and (after he came back from the Pacific) from 1946 to 1952.

I've been a heavyweight Olympic weightlifter for years and I'm still regularly lifting. In my dream, it's all in black and white. I'm training in some church basement along with John Davis and perhaps one or two other guys. Most of the time, I'm doing cleans and strict presses in the low 200's while John Davis is handling anything from 275 to 300 lbs for heavy sets of 2. My presses feel incredibly real. I've done this lift countless times in my real life -- my personal best press is around 240. The clanging sounds feel real too, and so does the chalk on my hands. All these sensations are extremely familiar to me.

This recurrent dream works in snippets. I'm doing a set of 2-3 reps, then I'm watching John Davis cleaning 280 like it's 135, before pressing that up with ease; he's also working in doubles or triples; I got my training style from him!

Then it's later; I'm getting dressed again in my street clothes and chat with the world champion while casually tying up my necktie with a half Windsor knot (my usual knot in real life). Then, the dream fast forwards to when I go out on the street and it looks very much like this picture; always in black and white...

Sometimes I go in a diner and eat a piece of apple pie and chat with a waitress while having a coffee. One time, I was in what looked like my pad; it's a small apartment with no phone, on a second storey. I own a light-brown hamster called "Noix" (which is the French for "nut"). I don't think I'm married. I'm about 25 years old, which is half my real-life age --- 25 has been my "inner-self" age ever since I turned that age. This is why I'm usually 25 in my dreams, the exception being when I dream that I'm back in high-school, in which case I'm 15.

This is a video from the 1946 World Championships in Paris; the heavyweights. At the very end of it, about 1:45 and on, John Davis performs a nice demonstration of the Clean & Press using 275 lbs. This lift is a lost art! I'm proud to be proficient at it.
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Offline Pornhubby

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Reply #346 on: June 04, 2022, 03:08:34 AM
I had a really nasty dream last night. My girl was upstairs getting ready to go out with me. And I was still laying downstairs on the sofa bed, because we’d had an argument. So here comes little sister, and she climbs in bed with me, and the next thing I know, I’m eating her pussy and have a finger up her ass. So who shows up bedside? My girl, of course. And now she’s bitching at me, and her sister. And I woke up with an outrageously big cock, and sprayed cum all over myself. Wonderful way to start a Friday.

Offline staci

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Reply #347 on: June 04, 2022, 03:59:13 AM
Just noticed, someone is missing, is wifi down in India?

I officially declare Watcher One missing, Joan 1978 messaged me.

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Reply #348 on: June 04, 2022, 05:42:20 AM
Just noticed, someone is missing, is wifi down in India?

I officially declare Watcher One missing, Joan 1978 messaged me.
:sign_imlost: Watcher1’s from The States, right?
Irrespective of where ever he’s from, I just hope he is well and having a good time and that he returns to KB soon.
He was such a great fella, always appreciative of everyone.

As for thread, in a long time had a dirty dream, which was totally unusual as they generally happen from long abstinence from masturbation, (only that, as it’s me), the unusual thing being that I had gone at it for the yet highest frequency in this year, yesterday. (Thrice in a day)

In the dream, I was in military clothing, in a two-floored school building, on the first floor, there were classes and though I didn’t hear anyone from there, (one’d think there’d be noise had there been anyone.)
went down the stairs to the bottom, ground floor, my comrades, that were all present, were women (85%). All the other men(5%), and about twice as many women (10%) had gone into hiding.
Hiding? Why? Because we, those of us who were there, had been captured by an enemy force, (also consisting of mostly women). We only had our uniforms, the weapons having been confiscated and stored in a separate building.
Suddenly,  most of the people, in the blink of an eye got completely naked.
I was stunned by this, when the C.O. (One of the very rare, clothed, people) of the enemy had me called up, and heartily thanked me for my cooperation,
I looked at myself and realised that I myself was a different person, not at all my usual self, but had a different, swimmer-like body. And I was cloth-less as well.
I went back, looking around to see that both the women, of my side and the enemy’s were naked and chatting with each other in a civil manner.  As if all which had us separated and motivated to fight against each other, were the uniforms, which were now gone. (I know, sounds poetic, doesn’t it?)
Some women tried to flirt with me, but, Everything happening around was too much to process, so I didn’t pay attention. I was then approached by a group of four women and two guys! Who had been on our side, and in hiding, and sneaked in to free us!
They told me that, as I had the trust of the C.O. I could sneak out, and get some weapons. TBC.

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Offline Pornhubby

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Reply #349 on: June 04, 2022, 01:38:32 PM

I officially declare Watcher One missing, Joan 1978 messaged me.

I am concerned. He has taken a leave of absence before, but not without telling someone. He’s had some health issues, but let’s hope it’s not too serious or worse. The man needs his daily dose of perv. Not like him.

Offline CaptainJack

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Reply #350 on: June 21, 2022, 01:02:27 AM
I feel like my dreams are a collection of memories, experiences and things I have knowledge on. They often contain people who I have strong connections to, like family and close friends. I rarely dream of anyone unless they played a big part in my life and even then, I feel like my mind often leaves people out that you would think I would dream about.

Now mind you, as it is a dream, despite it being loosely based on reality, it often gets really weird. And I think my imagination is often inspired by movies and tv shows that I have seen. I have had many dreams that have taken place in the jungle or have had a War of the Worlds, end of the world, apocalypse feel to it.

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Online Hilda

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Reply #351 on: June 23, 2022, 02:22:38 AM
The dreams I remember — the vivid ones — are a mixture of real and unreal.

One is a recurring dream of revisiting the place where I worked a long time ago. I’ve never been back, but I do know that the building that housed my office was demolished and rebuilt.

In my dream the new building is next to the old, and the two are connected on only one or two floors. As long as I stay in the old building, all’s well, but if I attempt to use the elevators in the new building, I end up getting lost and the dream becomes stressful.

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