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Author Topic: The Feast (Thanksgiving Story) (Fg, fg, gg, incest, oral, pedo)  (Read 24432 times)
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« on: November 29, 2008, 07:47:25 AM »

This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

Summary: A small family gets together for a Thanksgiving meal. Short.

   "Gertrude! Jenny! So glad you could make it!" Susanne moved aside to let her sister and niece into the house. The middle-aged woman was fairly short and thin. Small, brown eyes and a short nose were on her face. Black hair was level with her upper back. She was wearing a white dress with a long V-collar that revealed the top of her dark-skinned breasts. On her feet were a pair of white shoes.

   "Hey, Susie," Gertrude said. She was a middle-aged woman with long, black hair that was covered by a wooly, white hat. She had hazel eyes and a pointy nose. A zipped, black jacket kept her warm from torso to thigh. Also, she wore gray jeans and black sneakers. She pulled her hat off and put it into her left pocket. "How is dinner coming?"

   "Oh, it's just fine. Tina and I have been working on it all day and last night. The meal is finally ready to serve." She looked at Jenny. "Hi, Jenny."

   "Happy Thanksgiving, Aunt Susanne." She gave the homeowner a hug. Jenny, Gertrude's 9-year-old daughter, was wearing a black jacket with blue jeans and black sneakers. Black hair formed a bun in the back of her head. She had hazel eyes and a small, upturned nose.

   Gertrude and Jenny peeled off their jackets and placed them on the pile at the end of an empty couch. Gertrude wore a sky blue sweater and Jenny wore a red sweater. The two sat down and chatted with their other relatives.

   The living room had turquoise walls and a dark blue rug. Two white couches set against opposite walls faced each other. Between them was a brown coffee table. A black TV was by another wall. The brown front door was beside one couch.

   Susanne stood at the doorway to the kitchen and counted her guests. Altogether, three women and two girls, including one teenager, filled the sofas. "Now that everyone is here, time for the feast!" She raised her hands, signaling her guests to arise. When she left for the kitchen, they emptied the room to follow.

   The dining room floor was made of bluish-green tiles. Black-curtained windows were on a far wall. The kitchen doorway was on the other side. Everyone stood at the white-clothed table that was in the middle of the room. There were no chairs surrounding it, and no plates or utensils were on top. There was only white bowl of chunky cranberry sauce and a silver gravy boat of warm, brown gravy.

   "Bring out the Thanksgiving dinner, Susanne." Irene said toward the kitchen. "I'm starved." Irene, was a tall, elderly woman with curly, black hair. Her wrinkly face consisted of beady, hazel eyes and a short nose. She wore a black sweater with black pants and shoes.

   Susanne walked in through the doorway, followed by her daughter. Tina was 12 years old and was an average size. Black pigtails hung a few inches past her shoulders. Brown eyes and a long nose made up her round face. She was wearing a brown blouse with a black skirt and white socks.

   "Hi, Tina," Hilary greeted her cousin. She was a 15-year-old with shoulder-length black hair. Big, brown eyes were near a long nose. A long sleeve shirt with blue and white horizontal stripes clothed her torso and matched her blue jeans and white sneakers.

   "Hi," replied Tina, standing at the end of the table.

   "Hey, Tina," said Violet. "You're looking very pretty today." She was a tall woman with a freckled face. Her eyes were hazel and she had a triangular nose. A blue long sleeve shirt, black pants, and black shoes were her outfit.

   "Thank you, Auntie Violet."

   "Ready to eat, everybody?" Susanne asked. Everyone cheered in confirmation. She looked down to her daughter. "Ready, Tina?"

   Nodding, Tina stepped backwards until she was where everyone could see her. Smiling shyly at her family, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. When all five clear buttons were undone, she pulled her arms out of the sleeves before dropping the shirt behind her. Her breasts were about the size of two half oranges, topped by tiny, brown nipples. An innie belly button centered her flat stomach.

   Next, she held onto the table and lifted one foot before the other to take her socks off. Walking back to her former spot, she hooked her thumbs into her knee-length skirt. Once the waistband reached her lower thighs, she bent over to pull the garment down to her ankles. Now completely naked, the smiling girl stood with her hands on her hips and stuck her chest out. A very small patch of hair was above her pussy. The other females complimented her.

   "Tina, you're so beautiful!" Jenny said.

   "Look at how big you've gotten!" Gertrude exclaimed.

   "Aw, so cute!" Irene stated.

   The preteen soaked it all up, blushing noticeably. Then she strolled to the end of the table and climbed on. Wiggling her bare bottom for her mother and grandmother to see, she crawled to the middle and laid on her back with her arms at her sides. Her feet were on either side of the gravy and cranberry sauce. The table was wide enough for her whole body to fit. Looking away from the ceiling light, she watched her family hold each other's hands and bow their heads.

   "Thank you Lord for this feast," Susanne began. "For allowing us to be together to enjoy it. For blessing me with such a delicious-looking daughter. Amen."


   Tina watched as Hilary picked up the gravy boat and held it before her. She shuddered as the warm liquid trickled onto her chest. It formed a brown pool between her budding mounds that threatened to spill down her sides and shoulders. Hilary directed the stream downward, overflowing her cousin's belly button and making it run down her cunt. Next, she put the container down and sucked the gravy out of the younger girl's belly button. Tina's view was then obstructed by Violet giving her a soft kiss on the lips.

   Violet's face was still close, so Tina barely had to sit up to return the kiss. The woman gave her another peck, but didn't pull back this time. She felt something slide along her bottom lip and enter her mouth. Her teeth parted and let the girl's tongue touch hers. When it did, her tongue arose to battle the intruder.

   "Mmmph..." Tina suddenly moaned into her aunt's mouth.

   Down below, Irene was decorating her granddaughter's pussy with cranberry sauce. Two fingers on her left hand were covered in the purple dressing. Her sticky digits rubbed Tina's slit up and down, coating it and mixing sauce with the juices that seeped from her cunt. Soon, the slit of Tina's pussy was bridged by the fruity sauce. The labia also had streaks of purple.

   "Excuse me, Violet," Irene said.

   Violet broke the kiss to see what Irene wanted. Irene hovered her fingers over Tina's face. Tina opened her mouth and let her grandmother's wrinkled digits inside. She sucked and licked cranberry sauce and her own pussy juice off. The combination was heavenly.

   Beneath her mother's stretched arm, Susanne palmed the gravy that was on her daughter's torso. With both hands, she massaged the sauce into her breasts. Her hands rotated on the preteen, brushing the hard nipples. She then cupped the left tit and sucked the salty fluid off.

   On the other side of the table, Jenny was playing with Tina's right tit. Leaning forward, she gave the gravy-covered puff a suck. Gently, she bit the nipple and pulled with her teeth. The brown nipple was hard as a pebble. After licking her lips, she sealed her lips around it and flickered the nipple with her tongue.

   Irene pulled her fingers out of her granddaughter's mouth, finding that they were now clean. Sticking her tongue out, she gave Tina's slit a couple of quick licks. That cleared some of the jellied fruit. Opening the labia with two fingers, she lapped at the slit, occasionally pausing to lick the cunt lips.

   After pouring more gravy onto Tina's chest and stomach, Gertrude ran her tongue along her belly, collecting the salty, brown liquid that was there. She then licked along the bones of the left side of her rib cage. Ticklish Tina's flat belly began to heave up and down more frequently.

   "Uhhh! Uuuhhh... uuhhh..." Tina moaned. Her body was shaking along the table. Gravy flowed in all directions of her torso, spilling down her upper body.

   Violet arose from kissing her niece when she felt the preteen tighten her grip on her hand. "Cum for us, Tina!" the woman said. She held the girl's flexing right hand and slurped up the gravy that was on her collarbone. "Mmm!"

   Susanne held onto her daughter's other hand and sucked her fingertips. Both she and her sister had a hard time keeping Tina's digits in their mouths. The girl's limbs were flailing about, due to her approaching orgasm. Her head was twitching from side to side.

   Between Tina's flopping legs, Irene was madly slurping the child's pussy. Spying her hardened clit, the grandmother moved her mouth upward and flickered it.

   "Aaaaah!" Tina wailed. Rapidly, she started rotating her hips in circles.

   Hilary and Gertrude each pinned one leg down with both hands. Irene locked her lips on the child's clit and sucked it hard.

   *Sluuurp* *Sluuurrrp* *Sluurrrrrrp*

   Tina's legs jumped in her cousin and aunt's hands. "Eee! Aaaahh! Ahhh!"

   "Cum! Cum! Cum...!" Jenny chanted, before being joined by Hilary, Susanne, and Violet.

   "Mmmm! Ooh! Oh! Ooohh!" Tina flopped uncontrollably as her orgasm came. Her clit remained in her grandmother's mouth, getting lashed by her tongue. The girl's arms and legs hardly stayed in the grips of her mother, cousin, and aunts. Juices poured into the elder woman's mouth and on the table.

   When Tina finally settled down, Irene reluctantly released her clit. While the girl struggled to catch her breath, her family raced below her to get their share of the cum that was on the table. Tongues ran all over the wet, white cloth. An occasion tongue would flick at her worn out cunt, causing her to gasp.

   "Tina should rest now," suggested Susanne. "Let's give her a moment before we eat her some more."

   Gripping Tina's feet, Susanne lifted her legs so they pointed up about five inches apart. Now her round little butt was accessible. Immediately, Violet grasped the right shin and started to lick the leg as if it were a popsicle. Susanne did the same to the other, dragging her tongue from ankle to knee and leaving trails of saliva behind. Jenny got in between the women.

   Placing each hand by Tina's hips, Jenny leaned forward and circled her cousin's butthole with her tongue. Tasting nothing, she decided to add more flavor. She dipped her index finger into the gravy boat, which was 2/3 full, and carefully poked the dark hole. The anus bloomed around her finger and allowed her to twist its wet tip inside.

   Deciding that her cousin's back hole was lubed enough, Jenny pulled her finger out. She then went back to tracing the edges with her tongue. Sometimes, she would brush over the rosebud. Rising, she nearly bumped heads with Hilary.

   Hilary moved down to plant a kiss on Tina's clit. She then scooped up some gravy and pat the girl's cunt with it. Her tongue soon fell out of her mouth and ran along the 12-year-old's salty left cunt lip. Pursing her lips, she kissed the right lip, before sucking it into her mouth.

   Irene and Gertrude were attacking Tina's tits. Both breasts were coated with cranberry sauce. They sucked, licked, and bit the sticky flesh.

   "Aaaah...! Sssss... aahhh..."

   Sensing the pending orgasm, Jenny stuck her tongue deep up the girl's anus. At the same time, Hilary shoved her tongue as far up Tina's pussy as it would go. Gertrude and Irene softly bit on the budding tits.

   "Aaaaaah!" Once again, Tina bucked her hips like crazy. Her cunt and ass repeatedly pushed into her cousins' faces, but the girls kept their places. The toes of her feet curled as she kicked her legs. Both legs went further into the air and towards her, exposing even more of her ass.

   Irene held Tina's legs so her feet were near her head. She and Susanne licked her airborne ankles. Standing on opposite sides, Gertrude and Violet dotted the girl's quivering butt cheeks with kisses.

   "Ohh! *gasp* *gasp* Aaah! Eeee!" Both of Tina's holes clamped down on their respective tongues. Her back arched as much as it could with her feet so close to her head. Hands were all over her, squeezing her breasts, rubbing her butt, and petting her hair. After Tina stopped cumming, the family rested again.

   The feast went on for the next hour. The women and girls ate Tina like a human buffet, raw or with toppings. They switched positions until everyone had a taste of the same body part at least twice. Tina had a total of nine orgasms.

   "That hit the spot," Hilary commented.

   "You tasted really good, Tina," Jenny complimented.

   Tina was sitting on the table with her feet dangling. Sweat connected her bangs to her forehead. Long lines of gravy and cranberry sauce stained her chest and stomach. Her labia was partially glued together with dried cranberry sauce. "Thank you, everybody," she said with an exhausted grin.

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« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2008, 09:03:59 AM »

Nice story to jack a Day after Thanksgiving load to.

Wishes I could have been there as Tina sounds delightful.

Thank you again.

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« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2011, 04:03:04 PM »

mmmmm another very hottt story!
thank you JerseyJ!

I'll have to try at Thanksgiving with my family!


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« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2012, 07:58:49 PM »

WOW, this story made me hard the whole time Cheesy
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