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Author Topic: Kiss the Kitty (Fg, fist, incest, oral, pedo, rp)  (Read 16315 times)
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« on: December 01, 2008, 07:29:17 PM »

Summary: A mother plays with her young daughter, who pretends to
be a cat.

  I was sitting in the living room on a Thursday afternoon.
Sunlight reflected off the white walls and the wooden floor. The
two-seated couch I was sitting on was red, as was the other couch
that was facing me. A mahogany coffee table was between the

  I was wearing a white and green, vertical-striped shirt with a
pair of dark green shorts. Dark brown hair was tied into a thick
ponytail, which just barely touched my upper back. I had brown
eyes, a wide nose, and thick lips. I was a middle-aged, heavy set
woman-- no, not fat-- with big breasts and thick hips.

  The show I was watching was some soap opera. Bored, I leaned
back, resting my back on the soft cushion. Just then, I heard a
soft "Meow", then felt something touch my legs. I looked down and
saw my nude daughter on her hands and knees, rubbing her little
head up and down my shins, like a cat.

  My daughter was four years old. She had short, black hair,
which reached down to her neck. Small, brown eyes, a button nose,
and pink, pouty lips made up her adorable, round face. She was
wearing a pair of black-exterior, white-interior, cat ears on her
head, and a pair of white mittens and socks.

  After petting her silky hair, I picked her up and sat her on my
lap. Her open legs were on either side of my closed legs. As I
leaned back, she leaned toward me, then stuck her tongue out and
licked all over my face. Her wet tongue flicked up and down my
cheeks and lips as I turned my head from side to side to let her
get it all.

  "Does my little kitty want to play?", I cooed, rubbing my nose
back and forth against hers.

  She paused, then purred, before resuming the tongue bath.
Holding her with a hand under each of her thin arms, I stood and
picked her up. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I carried her
to my room, down the hall. She licked my cheeks as I held her.
When I got into the bed, I gently stood her on the white carpet,
before getting into the queen-sized, red-sheeted bed and laying

  "Meow", she purred, crawling toward the bed on her hands and

  "Here, kitty, kitty kitty", I said, motioning with a finger.

  My daughter answered with another "meow", and climbed into bed.
When she got near me, she wasted no time in sitting on her knees
and tugging on the hem of my shirt. I lifted my torso and raised
my arms so she could get it off, and she did. Tiny hands grabbed
the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down and off after I
put my legs up. A black 38D bra held my breasts in place, and a
black pair of panties covered my cunt, which was dripping wet by
now. In order for her to easily get to my bra, I turned over, and
let her unclasp it.

  Next, I felt her straddle my back and pull my waistband open,
before standing up and walking with it as she pulled the panties
down. When I felt the panties leave my ankles, I turned over. My
tits spilled a little to the sides of my torso as I laid on my
back. My brown areolas were the size of dollar coins. I then sat
up and let her sit on my legs.

  "Here's your milk, kitty", I said, holding my left tit for her.

  My daughter held my soft tit in both hands. Soft mews escaped
her mouth as my nipple was attacked by her swirling tongue. I
rubbed her back in slow circles and closed my eyes.

  "Mmmm... You make mommy feel so good... Keep sucking on mommy's

  My daughter sucked on and bit the nipple. Holding the back of
her head, I leaned closer and gave the top of her head some soft
kisses. With my free hand, I caressed the soft cheeks of her
butt. It was so soft and smooth. She wrapped her arms around my
waist and flicked her tongue over my nipple.

  Gently, I pushed her away when I had enough. She licked my hand
as I held her left shoulder with it.

  "Wanna do something else?", I asked.

  "Meow", my daughter answered, nodding.

  I ran my hand down her arm and pulled her wrist toward my cunt.
With her hand, I rubbed my hole, lubing it with my juices. She
wiggled her fingers a little as I massaged myself with her hand.

  "Now try to stick your paw in mommy."

  Very carefully, my daughter began to stick her fingers into the
moist hole. Because I didn't want her to take off her wool
mittens, she had to use four fingers at once. Inch by inch of her
little arm went inside until I swallowed her whole hand. I closed
my eyes and panted harder and harder as I felt her enter me. She
bottomed out when half of her arm was inside.

  "Good kitty", I praised her, softly scratching behind her left
(real) ear. Grinning, my daughter tilted her head to the left
until I removed my hand. "Now wiggle your fingers in mommy's
pussy." I let out a loud gasp as I felt her thin fingers tickle
the inner walls of my pussy, sending jolts of pleasure throughout
my body. Her fingers scraped against my walls, wiggling in
separate directions.

  "Okay, now push your paw in and out, over and over again." One
last time, my daughter's fingers rubbed against the interior of
my pussy as she balled up her fist. She stopped moving and looked
up at me. I nodded, and she pulled her arm out, down to the
wrist. Slowly, she pushed it back inside, up to half of her arm.
"Oooh!", I squealed.

  My daughter's fist pumped in and out. When she pulled out, her
moist wrist was exposed. When she put her fist back inside, half
of her arm would follow along. Her thrusts went faster and
faster, literally punching the interior of my hot cunt and making
audible squishing sounds. I was edging closer and closer to my

  "Ohhh! Good kitty! Good kitty! Mommy loves you so much! Yes!
Yes! Ooohhh!!!" My pussy tightened up on her hand and held it
still. Juice poured out of my hole, soaking her hand. I continued
to flop around on the bed, pulling her arm up and down so hard,
I'm surprised it didn't hurt her. She fisted me throughout my
entire orgasm.

  When I settled down, my daughter began to tug on her arm with
her other hand, trying to get her probing hand out of my cunt. It
popped out with a wet noise, followed by a clear fluid, which
soaked the sheets. Through dazed eyes, I watched her lick the
back of her moist mitten, like a cat.

  "Such a naughty little kitty", I said, sitting on my knees and
running my fingers through her hair.

  My daughter smiled and laid back, looking up at me,
expectantly, with her arms and legs spread out. Lower and lower,
my fingers sunk down her body, scratching behind her left ear,
tickling the left side of her neck, and making her purr as I went
further down. Her smile grew as I wiggled my fingers on her flat

  "You like it when mommy rubs on your tummy? It feels good?

  Wildly, she squirmed and giggled as I began to fully tickle her
smooth belly with two hands. I held her right leg to the side and
gave her little pussy a long, slow lick. Her labia looked like a
couple of thin, sliced peaches, and her nectar tasted just as

  "Mmmm", my daughter whimpered, closing her eyes.

  I held her legs with both hands and tongued that delicate
pussy. My tongue opened her puffy folds and went inside. She
smelled and tasted so good. Her hands went to my head, playing
with my brown hair. Her belly rose and fell with each breath she

  Passionately, I kissed her pussy as if it was a mouth. My
daughter giggled and mewed as I attacked the lips, occasionally
sucking one into my mouth. She groaned and lifted her left leg.
With my free hand, I held it down and massaged it.

  "Mmmm, mew, meow, meow, meow."

  After a final kiss, I lifted my head from her cunt and looked
at her. A bright smile was on my daughter's face. Crawling, I
moved upwards, so I could lie down next to her. I rubbed her ribs
up and down.

  I leaned over, inches away from my daughter's face. Through
closed lips, I stuck my tongue out. Her little tongue came out of
her open mouth and swiped my tongue. I kept my tongue still as I
lowered my head until our tongues came together. We then swirled
our tongues around one another.

  Would you like to kiss the kitty next?


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« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2011, 03:57:24 PM »

i'd love to kiss the kitty! emot_kiss
here, kitty kitty!


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