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Author Topic: Streakers (Fgg, anal, insertion, pedo, spank)  (Read 5929 times)
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« on: December 01, 2008, 07:34:37 PM »

Summary: A woman punishes her daughters for streaking. Short.

  Lily and her 5-year-old twin sister, Hayley, were sitting on
the foot of their bed with their feet dangling. Shoulder-length,
blond hair covered the sides of their round little heads. Both
girls had brown eyes and button noses. Besides a pair of white
panties for Hayley and green panties for Lily, they were naked.
Their flat chests and short legs matched their baby fat bodies.

  The twins' room had a navy blue, tile floor and baby blue
walls. Their bed was big enough for both of them, and a red
comforter sloppily laid over an exposed white sheet. A closet
door was several feet in front of the bed. To the left of the bed
was the bedroom door. A white dresser stood in the corner of the
opposite side, next to the closed window.

  Earlier that night, the girls' mother had a couple of friends
over. Completely nude, they ran through the living room in front
of everyone, playing tag and giggling as they did so. The guests
just smiled at their joke and showed no offense. Still, their
mother scolded them and sent them to their room to await a

  Footsteps were heard, then the door swung open and in walked
the twins' mother. She was an pudgy, middle-aged woman with brown
eyes and a sharp nose. Her blond hair was wrapped into a bun. She
wore a long sleeve, white shirt with a pair of jeans and white
slippers. In her left hand was a wooden hairbrush.

  "That was a bad move you two pulled tonight!" the mother said,
angrily pointing a finger at the twins.

  "We're sorry, mommy," Hayley pouted.

  "You should be! You've embarrassed me right in front of the
Austins!" Menacingly, she approached the bed, prompting her
daughter's to crawl backwards in horror. She then sat on the edge
of the bed. "Get over my lap, Lilian!"

  Lily glanced at her sister, then laid over her mother's legs.
The woman dug her fingers into the waistband of the green panties
and slid them down to her knees. The 5-year-old had a smooth pair
of round cheeks. Brush in hand, the mother pulled her arm back,
then swung forwards.


  Lily lifted her head and yelped in pain. Her mother just
brought the brush down again.


  "Ow!" She attempted to twist her body, but her mother
straightened her and held her down with her right hand.


  Tears began to form and fall down Lily's cheeks as her screams
became louder.

  "Never... *Slap* "let me catch you..." *Slap* "doing that..."
*Slap* "in front..." *Slap* of my guests again!"

  "I won't, mommy!" *Slap* "Ouch! I won't!"

   Hayley looked on with sympathy. Each loud smack of the brush
hitting her sister's bottom would cause her to flinch.

  A half a dozen more spanks and the mother allowed Lily to get
up. Her rosy butt cheeks clearly contrasted with the rest of her
light skin. Rubbing her behind, the sniveling girl crawled over
to her white pillow and laid on her left side.

  Without being told, Hayley sadly got over her mother's legs.





  With a scream, Hayley kicked her feet up. Tears cascaded down
her red face. "It hurts, mommy!" *Slap* That hurts!"

  "Are..." *Slap* "you ever going..." *Slap* "to do that again?"

  "Ow!" Hayley cried. "No, mommy!"


  "Are you..." *Slap* "sure?"


  When she received the same amount of smacks as her sister, the
spanking stopped, so Hayley stood up. Her butt felt like it was
on fire. Cupping her right cheek, she crawled into bed and laid
down. The twins gloomily looked at one another. Lily's tears were
dried up.

  "Turn around, both of you." The girls rolled onto their
bellies. Their behinds were the same shade of red, though Hayley
had the bigger markings. "On your hands and knees."

  Both twins did as they were told and looked back. Holding the
brush upside-down, their mother moved closer so her right knee
was on the bed and one foot was on the floor. After licking her
left palm, she lubricated the handle with it. That hand went
under Lily's belly and the other brought the brush closer and
closer to the girl's puckered anus. Hard, she pressed it forward
with minimum success.

  "Ohh!" Lily gasped, lowering her head and tightening her
cheeks. Palming her daughter's flat belly, Lily's mother held
onto her and pushed the object until a few centimeters popped
inside. "Ssss!" Lily grabbed the sheets with both hands and
crossed her lower legs.

  "This is what happens to bad girls who run around naked in
public!" Very slowly, the thin handle went even deeper.

  "Ouch! Ssss! Ow!" The sobbing resumed.

  When the brush bottomed out, the woman kept it still for 30
seconds. Air rushed into Lily's lungs when she finally felt the
wooden handle leave her anus. She knelt until she was laying on
her stomach. Her crying became soft.

  The twins' mother moved closer to Hayley, who hadn't moved from
her position. Shakily, she circled her target until she could
trace from the rim of the hole to the opening.

  "Ow! Ow! Ow!" Hayley's shoulders stiffened and she hung her

  Lily watched her sister get her punishment.

  "Take it out, mommy! Please take it out!" Hayley sobbed.

  Reaching out, Lily held her sister's hand. Hayley accepted it
and squeezed it when she felt the brush go deeper.

  "Oww! *Whimper* Ohh!"

  Hayley was now clutching her twin's hand tightly enough to hurt
her, but Lily held on.

  Slowly, her mother pulled the brush out of Hayley's anus.
Exhaustedly, the girl collapsed onto her belly. Moving her head
to the pillow, she whimpered quietly. Getting out of bed, the
woman headed for the door.

  "Now go to bed." The mother turned the light out and left the
room, closing the door behind her.

  The orange street lights slightly lit the bedroom through the
window. When the hall light was no longer seen through the crack
under the door, Lily sat up and giggled softly.

  "That was fun," declared Hayley, propping her head up with her
left hand.

  "Yeah," Lily agreed. "My butt is still sore." She rubbed her
bottom in a circular pattern.

  "Mine too. Especially my butthole."

  "We should do that again sometime!"


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