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Author Topic: Shawn's Daughters- Chapter 1 (Mgg, oral, pedo)  (Read 22835 times)
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« on: December 01, 2008, 08:08:17 PM »

Summary: A man babysits his friend's daughters, who prove to be a

  I met Shawn in college, where we shared a dormitory. One year
after graduation, he married his girlfriend, Lydia, whom he met
on campus; I was chosen to be the best man. Ten years afterwards,
Lydia was involved in a fatal car accident, leaving Shawn with
their two children.

  My head is squarish, with dark eyes, a thin nose, and a
V-shaped chin. On top is a faded cut of black hair. A thin
mustache sits just above my pink upper lip. Combined with my
light skin color, I look Spanish, though I am actually African
American and Caucasian. I'm about 5'9, and have a fairly athletic

  Today, Shawn left me with the task of babysitting his two
daughters, Nina and Ariel, while he went to a job interview. Both
girls were well-behaved, so this wasn't necessarily a bad thing.
He answered the brown door when I knocked several times.

  "Hey, Kenan," Shawn greeted me. He was wearing a long sleeve,
white dress shirt, a pair of navy blue slacks, and shiny, black
shoes. The shirt had thin and black, vertical stripes.

  Shawn was a 5'6, chubby man in his early thirties. He had small
eyes that were the color of chestnuts. A thin nose centered his
rectangular face. Short, black hair was cut about an inch high.
His skin was dark brown.

  "Shawn," I replied, stepping inside, before he closed the door
behind me. I was wearing a canary yellow dress shirt with blue
jeans and black shoes. "Hi, girls."

  The girls were sitting side by side, on a black, leather couch
with two seats.

  Nina was a 6-year-old whose body showed a hint of baby fat.
Like her father, she had dark brown eyes and skin. Her head was
round, with a button nose. Her black hair was braided into thin
cornrows, which hovered just inches above her upper back. She
wore a white shirt, which was tiled with blue floral designs, and
a turquoise skirt that reached down to her kneecaps.

  Ariel was the eldest daughter. She was 10 years old with a
skinny figure. Her black hair was braided into a ponytail that
reached down to her shoulders. Large, coffee-colored eyes were on
either side of her pointy nose. She was wearing a yellow T-shirt
whose hem reached down to the hips of her tight, pink capris. A
green band-aid clung to her V-shaped chin.

  The living room was simple, with khaki-colored wallpaper and a
floor that had a checkered pattern of white marble tiles. The
love seat that Nina and Ariel were sitting on, which was facing
the 20-inch TV, was right next to the front door. To their left,
a matching couch was against the wall. Wooden stairs were to the
right of the door. A white-curtained window was behind the love

  "Well, I'm off to my job interview. Be good to Kenan, girls.
Bye." The three of us watched him leave the house.

  "Can we change the channel?" Nina asked me when the Danny
Phantom credits appeared.

  "Go ahead," I told her.

  I semi-watched the TV as various sounds and clips came up while
Nina repeatedly pressed the gray channel buttons on the flat,
rectangular remote. Eventually, she stopped on BET. The Missy
Elliott music video for "Lose Control" soon aired.

  "I can dance," Ariel told me when the music began. "Wanna see?"

  "Okay," I said with not much interest.

  Ariel stood with her arms by her sides. Next, she repeatedly
jumped from side to side, nearly falling over a few times. After
that, she performed several bad pop-a-locks with her arms; she
looked more like she was attempting to flap her wings. To my
surprise, the 10-year-old then put her hands on her knees and
moved her backside in a fast, but seductive way.

  Finally, Nina arose, then copied her sister's movements. Her
hands went to her bare kneecaps and she bounced her ass again and
again. The two exchanged glances and sped up the dancing as if
they were in a race.

  Ariel turned around and put her hands on her former spot on the
love seat. She began bouncing her ass up and down, left and
right. Nina then got on top of the coffee table that was in the
center of the room and continued to dance. She turned around with
her back facing me and I could briefly see her white, cotton
panties. With her arms up, she performed a belly dance and made
her skirt go up and down. I'm pretty sure my jaw was on the floor
by then as I watched these two elementary schoolgirls dance like
miniature whores.

  When the song ended, they sat back down to catch their breath.
I was so shocked by this time, I could barely breathe myself.
Ariel glanced over at me and giggled when she saw the tent in my
pants. She pointed at me and said: "Look he's got a stiffy!" I
was taken aback at the way she said it.

  Nina looked at my pants and giggled. "Wow," she said, "that's a
big one. Can we see it? Please?" She said this in a pleading
voice that was accompanied by matching eyes.

  What else could I do but stand up and pull my pants and boxers
down? Their eyes lit up when they saw my 7-inch dick bob up and
down. I sat down to pull my undergarments off and they got up and
sat on the floor on either side of me, both staring at my
throbbing dick. Ariel slowly reached out and gently grabbed it.

  "Ooh, it's so hot," she remarked as she firmly started to
masturbate me. I gasped at her skillful movement; her fist
stroking it up and down, slowly, then quickly, then restarting
the cycle. My dick isn't that thick, so she could wrap her whole
hand around it.

  Ariel stood up, put her hands on my knees, and gave my dick a
quick swipe with her tongue. Her tongue touched it for less than
two seconds, but it was enough to make me flinch and gasp out
loud. She smacked her lips together and sighed. "You've got to
taste his cock, Nina," she told her sister.

  "What does it taste like," inquired Nina.

  "I don't know. It just tastes really good." She held the base
and pointed the head at Nina. "Try it."

  Nina leaned forward. When she was close enough, she kissed,
then wrapped her little lips around my dick head. A short string
of precum broke when she stood up straight. "It does taste good,"
she smiled. Then, she squatted beside her sister and they both
began licking the underside and sides of my cock like a popsicle.

  On her knees, Ariel would start at the base, then quickly
tongue her way up to the head. When she finished, Nina would do
the same. Their warm, wet tongues had a Hell of an effect on me;
my heart loudly beat in my chest and my body trembled, -- both in
fear and pleasure. After a while, I began moaning louder and my
dick grew thicker.

  "Are you gonna cum soon, Kenan?" Ariel asked in anticipation. I
couldn't respond. My legs shook slightly and my lips quivered. My
eyes were glued to the two little hands grasping and rubbing my
cock up and down, pointing it at the faces of two little girls.
"Huh? Are you gonna cum all over our faces?"

  "Please cum in my mouth," Nina pleaded, now rubbing my cockhead
on her pouty lips.

  "No, cum in my mouth!" Ariel demanded, snatching my cock, which
they both were still masturbating, and pointing it at herself.

  At the last microsecond, Nina pulled my cock back to herself
and succeeded in getting the first blast of cum. "Eeeee!" she
squealed when my first spurt hit her right on the right cheek.

  "My turn!" Ariel declared, bringing my cock back to her
attention. A few more strokes, and a string of semen was fired
onto the tip of her nose, before it dripped onto her outstretched
tongue. Another spurt flew directly into her open mouth. I
expected her to gag, but she just swallowed it and opened wide
for more.

  Before she could get anymore, Nina surprised me by sealing her
lips to the tip and stroking the final couple of loads into her
mouth. I looked at Ariel. She smiled up at me, licking the palm
of her hand that she used to wipe the cum off her nose. It wasn't
until I went soft in her hands that Nina let me go.

  "That was so cool," Nina said, her mouth empty of all sperm.

  "Wannn-na see us naaaa-ked?" Ariel asked in a sing-song voice,
holding the head of my twitching cock and swaying her hips.

  Shamefully, I nodded.

  Nina stood and said, "Come and get us."

  Just like that, the laughing sisters turned and thundered up
the stairs. I remained on the couch, stunned at what just
happened. My heart was still racing and my eyes were glued to
those stairs. I had never looked at a child sexually before.
Somehow, this moment was different. Am I a pedo?

  My cock was even beginning to rise as I began to wonder what
those little girls had planned for me. Hands still shaking, I
raised myself off the couch and slowly walked upstairs. Upon
entering the tan-color-walled, wooden-floored hallway, I chose
the second of three closed doors and walked into the room.

  This room had white walls and a dark brown, wooden floor. A
foot-high, screened window was on the left wall, next to a
four-drawer, mahogany dresser. Pushed against the wall in front
of the door, there was a king-sized bed with sky blue sheets and
two white pillows. A closed closet door was in the right wall.
The girls were laying on the bed, side by side with their heads
on the pillows and their legs straight out.

  "Have a seat," Ariel smiled.

  There were no chairs in this room, so I sat on the floor.

  Nina turned over and knelt between her sister's legs, then
gripped the hem of the 10-year-old's shirt, before slightly
standing back up. Ariel lifted her arms and allowed the shirt to
go over her head. Her breasts were developing very nicely. They
were about the size of two halves of a small orange. The areolas
were dark brown and about as big as pennies. Her stomach was flat
and had an innie bellybutton.

  After Nina tossed the shirt across the room, Ariel sat up and
pulled the T-shirt out of the elastic waistline of Nina's skirt.
She grasped the short sleeves of her sister's shirt and tugged
them. Sitting on her knees, Nina raised her hands, allowing the
shirt to come off and drop to the floor. Her chest was completely
flat and her bellybutton was an outie. Ariel's hands then went to
Nina's waistband, before the 6-year-old stopped her.

  "Hey, it's my turn," Nina giggled, playfully pushing her

  Ariel laid back down and grinned at me. Nina's hands went to
the zipper and button of her capris, and undid them, revealing a
purple pair of panties. Ariel lifted her lower body and let the
pants get pulled down her smooth, skinny legs and off her bare
feet. When the pants were off, Nina laid on her back, with her
head resting in her hands.

  Standing up with her legs on either side of her sister's
ankles, Ariel bent over and put her fingers inside Nina's
waistband. Stretching the waistline open, she pulled it down
Nina's short legs, exposing the girl's white panties, and off her
ankles. Immediately, Nina's hands went to the crotch of her
sister's panties, making the laughing 10-year-old fall to her
knees and sit on hers. Sitting up, Ariel reached for the
waistband 6-year-old's underwear. She succeeded in stretching it
enough to show me the very beginning of Nina's hairless mound and
making it slap against her pelvis when she let go.

  Nina rose, her legs still under her sister's ass, and held the
sides of Ariel's underwear. Ariel sat back, leaning on the palms
of her hands with her bent knees up. She lifted her ass when she
felt her panties sliding down. When the garment reached her
kneecaps, I could see her cunt. A small patch of hair covered the
mound. Her lips were slightly open, with a pink slit.

  After the panties were off, Ariel looked at her sister and
flashed a wicked grin. In mock horror, Nina turned onto her hands
and knees and attempted to crawl away, but Ariel held onto the
left leg band of her panties. Her right hand went to Nina's other
leg band. Shifting her eyes and smiling at me, the imp yanked her
sister's panties down. Nina tossed and turned wildly, laughing as
her panties were quickly pulled off in front of me.

  Nina's head was off the bed, where I couldn't see it. Though
her butt was small, it was thicker than Ariel's older, slimmer
butt. The puffy cunt lips beneath it were tightly closed,
separated only by a thin line. When she was all nude, like her
sister, Nina raised her head and sat up with her legs straight,
grinning at me.

  Ariel balled her and her sister's panties together and threw
them onto my lap. "Come and join us, Kenan," Ariel suggested,
patting a spot on the bed. I walked over to, then crawled onto
bed, between Nina and Ariel. Both girls immediately held my cock
and stroked it. "Do you like my ta-tas?" she asked me after a

  Speechless, I just nodded.

  "What about mine?" Nina asked.

  "You don't have ta-tas, yet. You just got itty-bitty titties,"
Ariel taunted.

  "But my butt is bigger than yours. Wanna see, Kenan?" The
6-year-old got on her knees and spun around. She then waved her
bottom at us in a teasing sort of way. Definitely nicer than
Ariel's boyish hips, but I didn't say anything. Upon sitting back
down, she wrapped her hand around the lower half of my cock

  Feeling their hands masturbate me and listening to them talk
this way just about sends me over the edge. I reached behind them
and rubbed their smooth backs. Apparently, they took this as a
cue and leaned into me. Once again, they licked me up and down,
slobbering on my cock and balls. I fired four loads of cum on
their tongues and faces. They eagerly kissed it and licked it off
my cock head and their own lips.

  Even when my cum stopped flowing, the girls continued to lick
my cock. After a while, I passed out.

  "Kenan?" I felt someone gently shaking my left shoulder.
"Kenan?" My eyes slowly opened, before I blinked and saw Shawn
standing by the bed. "Thanks for watching the girls for me."
Sitting up, I blinked at him again, then stared at the floor. Was
it a dream? Did Shawn's daughters really...? "Hey, are you okay?"

  Shawn's words shook me out of my daze. "I'm fine," I said

  "Great. Why are you sleeping in Nina and Ariel's room?"

  I panicked. "Err, the girls and I played Trouble in here, and I
must have dozed off."

  "Oh. Well, see you later."

  I shook his hand and speed-walked out of the room.

  "Bye, Kenan," the girls said in unison when I reached the
bottom of the stairs. They were laying on their bellies in front
of the TV.

  I looked at their smiling faces for a long time, then waved.
Was it a dream? My hand was on the doorknob when I heard,
"Kenan..." I heard Nina's voice call out. Turning my head, my
cock immediately jumped in my pants when I saw the hem of Nina's
skirt raised and her bare butt completely exposed. Both girls
laughed their heads off as she let her skirt fall back down.


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« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2010, 07:14:04 AM »

Great story! Can't wait to read part 2!

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« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2013, 12:05:56 AM »

this story was super hot

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« Reply #3 on: June 03, 2013, 07:36:20 AM »

I agree very hot great story and
I would also like to read chapter 2.
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