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Author Topic: Birthday Girl (Fg, M+/g, anal, bukkake, incest, insertion, oral, pedo)  (Read 28582 times)
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« on: December 01, 2008, 08:14:08 PM »

Summary: A girl spends her birthday with her family.

  It was August 8th, and it was Cindy's 5th birthday. Cindy awoke
at 9:53AM, wearing a navy blue T-shirt, which barely covered her
stomach, and white panties. She was looking forward to her party
with her family later on today.

  Cindy was a chubby, little girl with dark skin. Her brown eyes
were small, almost like an Asian's. A small button nose centered
her round face. Puffy cheeks were on the sides of her small
mouth. She had black hair, messy from her sleep, which reached
down to her upper back.

  Her bedroom's walls and ceiling were pink and the carpet was a
darker shade of pink. Her bed was queen-sized, and had white
sheets and pink pillows. The bed was right next to a wall and it
faced the pink door. Her single-door closet was to the right of
the bed. Excitedly, Cindy got out of bed and ran down the hall,
to her parents' room.

  The room had tan wall paper with a pattern of small, maroon
diamonds; every set of four diamonds was arranged to form a
bigger diamond shape, if one were to draw lines and connect them
all. The floor was made of dark brown wood. The king-sized bed
was against the wall, with two wooden drawers by its sides. A
large, brown wardrobe stood at the far right of the room, on
short, straight legs. Cindy's parents, Bill and Monica, were
sleeping under the dark gray comforter, facing each other.

  Bill was of average build, with a hairy chest. He had a
square-shaped head with thin, sideburned cheeks and a V-shaped
chin. Short, black hair neatly covered the top and sides of his
head. His nose was short and triangular. He shared his daughter's
skin tone.

  Monica was pretty much an adult-sized version of Cindy, minus
the fat. She had no belly fat, but her bare breasts could fill a
B-cup bra. The brown areolas were about the size of her
thumbnail. A small patch of black hair was just above her clit.
She laid on her side, legs together and knees bent.

  Silently, Cindy crawled under the covers and in between her
parents; they were both nude, as she had expected. She faced her
father's dick and poked the head with her finger; it twitched.
Then, she held it and put the head into her mouth. She reached
behind her, and the fingers of her left hand slowly crept up her
mother's thighs until they reached her hairy cunt. After Monica
sleepily parted her legs, she slid three of her tiny fingers

  Cindy's lips covered 4 inches of Bill's dick. Although she was
used to its size for such a small girl, she still could only take
half of it in her mouth at a time. As time went by, Bill began to
stir. Quickly, he pulled back the covers and looked down at his
little girl, who was happily sucking him off.

  "Well, hi there, you little sperm bank", he chuckled.

  Cindy smiled up at him when she heard him call her by her
favorite nickname. Bill gave her the name because she loved
sperm. She had been sucking his dick since the age of two. It was
a good alternative to breastfeeding and she grew to love the
taste of sperm in less a year.

  Slowly, Monica began to awaken. Her brown eyes opened and
locked onto her daughter. Moaning, she caressed her daughter's

  Cindy looked at her, then fingered her mother's cunt even
harder, jamming her fingers inside and wiggling them.

  "Oh, fuck! Ooh! Ooh!", Monica moaned, holding her daughter's
wrist with one hand and the sheets in the other. Cindy didn't
stop; she kept fucking her mother with her three fingers until
her juice was splattered all over them. Monica's head writhed
from side to side, while her body spasmed. When Monica stopped
cumming, Cindy pulled her fingers out and used her hand to stroke
her father's cock up and down, getting the cunt juice all over.
She then went back to sucking Bill's now-cunt-juice-flavored

  "Naughty, naughty little bitch", Monica said after she caught
her breath. "Looks like you need a good tongue-lashing."

  "Yay!", Cindy squealed. She took her mouth off Bill's cock and
laid back, between her parents.

  Monica knelt down, putting her face between her daughter's
spread legs. She put her fingers on Cindy's cunt and opened the
labia with her thumbs. The walls were pink and moist, and led to
a deep, dark tunnel. She tongued the inner side of the lips. The
birthday girl giggled at the tingles coming from her forbidden

  Cindy's grinded herself on her mother's tongue, trying to get
it in deeper. Monica responded by pulling her own head back,
sticking her pink tongue far out, and charging her head forward.
Her tongue went inside the tight hole and stayed there for a
brief while, before she pulled back. After repeating the cycle
ten more times, she left her tongue inside. The tongue flickered
and whirled inside her daughter's pussy, tasting her sweet

  Bill sat on his knees, behind Cindy's head, and grabbed her
ankles to hold them apart, in the air. Upon looking up, she
noticed that his dick was hovering a few inches above her face.
She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out as far as she
could. Bill, whose attention was on his wife, flinched when he
felt a wet surface on his cockhead. He looked down and Cindy
looked up at him, smiling.

  Bill let her legs go and gripped his dick in his right hand.
Playfully, he waved it up and down, whacking his daughter in the
face. She giggled and writhed her head from side to side. His
dick slapped her in the forehead, mouth, and especially her
cheeks. Having enough, he palmed the top of her head and held it

  Cindy opened her mouth and allowed it to be slowly stuffed with
cock. Instead of bobbing her head on it, she licked around it.
Her tongue would circle the sides of his shaft and lap at the
piss hole.

  Soon, Bill grabbed his dick and pulled it out of the birthday
girl's mouth, before jacking it off. "Aaah... aah...", he moaned.

  Standing on her knees, Cindy excitedly bounced up and down on
the bed, cheering him on. "Cum for me, daddy! Cum in my mouth! I
want to drink your cummies!" Opening her mouth wide, she stuck
her tongue out and wagged it, just inches away from the head.

  With his left hand, Bill grabbed a handful of Cindy's hair and
gently pulled her closer. She opened her mouth and closed it on
his head. With the other hand, he fiercely jacked his cock. He
gasped as the first spurt shot out. It struck the back of her
throat and she swallowed it. As he was jerking off, his daughter
flicked her tongue over the piss slit.

  More loads shot into Cindy's mouth, hitting her tonsils or
landing on her tongue. She let the cum stay in there, not
attempting to swallow anymore. Bill pushed Cindy's head back,
pulling most of his cock out of her mouth. He then rested his
cock head on her hanging tongue, slowly pulling the skin of his
cock back and forth. The final drops of cum oozed out onto it,
before he took it away.

  Strings of sperm briefly clung to Cindy's lips as she opened
her mouth to let her parents see inside. The pool of cum covered
her tongue and most of her gums. She closed her mouth and
inflated her cheeks. She let it stay in her mouth, enjoying the
feel of sperm swimming inside; semen swam through the gaps where
her now-missing teeth used to be, and circled her baby teeth. She
gulped it all down, allowing her dad's seed to race down her
throat and into her belly. Afterwards, she licked her teeth,
gums, and the roof of her mouth to make sure that she got it all.
She smacked her lips together and opened her mouth wide; not a
trace of cum was left in her mouth.

  At 2:46PM, the doorbell rang. Bill answered the green door,
wearing a maroon collar shirt, with black sweatpants. His
brothers, Charlie and Ryan, were standing there with one white,
plastic bag each, in their left hands. It was a sunny, but windy
day out.

  Charlie was a middle-aged, potbellied man with short, black
hair and a thin mustache. Small, brown eyes and a long nose were
on his wrinkled face, which had a small mole on the left cheek.
The gray tank top that he was wearing exposed his meaty arms. He
also wore grayish-blue jeans and shiny, black shoes. He was
several inches shorter than Bill.

  Also middle-aged, Ryan had a round, bald head and a thick
beard. Green eyes were spaced closely on either side of the
bridge of his low-tip nose, behind wire-rimmed glasses. He was
wearing a short sleeve, black shirt with jeans and Timberland

  "So, where do I put these?", asked Charlie.

  "Put the presents on the chair", replied Bill.

  The men took their presents out of their bags and put them on
the chair by the window. Charlie's presents had red wrapping
paper with yellow bows. Ryan used green wrapping paper with blue

  The front door had an arch window at the top. A step led into
the living room, which had orange wallpaper and a wooden floor. A
big, red armchair sat in front of a red-curtained window, across
from a similarly-colored sofa. Bare stairs were to the left of
the door. The kitchen was across from the door.

  "How are you?", asked Charlie.

  "We're fine", said Bill.

  "Where's the birthday slut?", Ryan asked.

  "She's upstairs, getting dressed", Bill said, casually. "She'll
be down in a minute."

  Monica walked downstairs, wearing a white, polka dot shirt with
denim shorts. "Hey."



  Just then, Cindy excitedly came running down the stairs. She
was wearing a small, black tanktop, short enough to expose her
innie bellybutton, and a black thong. Her hair was braided into a
ponytail, with dredlocked ends. She ran into Ryan's arms, who
then picked her up and hugged her.

  "How's my favorite niece?", Ryan asked.

  "Uncle, I thought I was your only niece", said Cindy.

  "With parents like yours, that won't last long." Everyone
laughed and Cindy gave him another hug. Ryan put her down, and
she ran to Charlie and hugged his leg.

  "Hi, Uncle Charlie."

  Charlie knelt down and put his arms around her. "Happy
birthday, Cindy. Whoa, you're getting kinda fat, just like your
uncle." He tickled her stomach.

  "Must be all that cum inside her.", joked Bill.

  They all laughed and Monica elbowed her husband in the gut. It
was then that Cindy noticed the presents that were sitting on the

  "Can I open my presents now? Please? Please? Please?", begged
Cindy, jumping up and down.

  "Okay, birthday girl", said Bill. "Go ahead."

  She looked at the pile of presents and picked out a small,
square box that had Charlie's name on the card. She tore the
paper off and looked inside. It was a silver, 4-inch long, 1-inch
wide dildo. There was a black switch on the bottom that
controlled the speed of the vibration, from 1 (min) to 5 (max).

  Next, she opened a small box with Ryan's name on it. Inside was
10 thongs of different colors and cartoon characters, including a
yellow Tweety Bird thong and a purple Barney thong. The next box
was a flat, rectangle wrapped in red. She opened it and there was
a tight, leather top, crotchless panties, and a butt-plug with a
pony tail attached to it.

  The next present was a 7-inch long, 2-inch wide,
African-flesh-colored dildo that looked just like a real cock,
veins, sack, and all. The sack was solid and the shaft was

  The remaining present was a rectangular box, wrapped in yellow.
Cindy tore the wrapping paper off, revealing a tan-colored shoe
box. She took off the lid, and inside the box was a pair of
sandal heels. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that the
3-inch, shoes were clear-strapped.

  "That's from me", announced Monica. "Don't they look cute?"

  "How do I put them on?"

  "You wrap the strings around and around your legs until you
can't anymore."

  Holding the couch for balance, Cindy slid her feet into the
heels, before tightly wrapping the thin straps around her legs,
up to just below her knees. After pacing back and forth, first
wobbly, then more stably, for a while to get used to them, she
responded, "They look so cool! I could see right through them."

  "What do you say, birthday girl?", asked Bill.

  "Thank you, everybody!" said Cindy.

  The vibrator fell off the chair, so Cindy bent over to pick it
up. The string of her thong was nearly invisible as it
disappeared into her crack. When she bent over, she looked
between her legs and saw everyone staring.

  "Why is everybody looking at my butt?", she giggled.

  "You have such a cute little butt", replied Charlie, "how can
we not stare?"

  Cindy walked to the edge of the couch and got on her hands and
knees, facing away from Charlie. He moved the thong out of the
way, then sucked his index finger to get it wet, and stuck it up
her ass. Cindy backed her ass into his finger and moaned softly.
"What about my cunny?"

  "Oh... it's sexy.", replied Charlie, squeezing his cock.

  Cindy crawled away from him, her little cunt lips peeking out
from between her legs. She crawled to the center of the room and,
her back to her family, stood up to take her shirt off. After
tossing the shirt aside, she put her thumbs into her waistband
and pulled her thong off, kicking it aside. Smiling, she turned
around and laid on her back. Her knees went into the air and her
hands went to her pussy. She slowly rubbed it up and down with
both hands, one hand going up and one going down, and licked her
lips, amused by how hot she was getting her uncles and father.

  The men returned her grin and fondled the bulges in their
pants. Cindy dropped her knees and put the soles of her shoes
together. Both of her hands sloshed along her cunt lips, briefly
opening her cunt as they passed each other.

  "All right, that's it!" Monica said in mock anger, approaching
her daughter. "Cindy", she pointed her finger at her, "you need
to be punished", she pointed at the men, "for teasing these nice

  Cindy stood up and put her hands together, as if praying.
"Please, mommy", she begged in mock horror, "don't make anybody
shove their big cocks in my tiny mouth. Please don't make me put
my hot little tongue on anybody's pee-pee hole. Pretty please?"

  Bill stood up and walked over to them, his dick bobbing in
front of him. He rested his dick on Cindy's shoulder, making her
turn around and stare at it, before following it up to his face,
with her eyes.

  "Sorry, Cindy", said Bill, "you have to be punished for being a
little slut. You could start with me." He playfully slapped her
in the mouth with his dick, before pushing it into her mouth.

  Monica held Cindy's head and pushed it toward her husband's
cock. Cindy's mouth had to stretch just to get the head in.
Roughly, Monica pushed and pulled her daughter's head on her
husband's dick, allowing her brothers-in-law to hear the slurping
sounds. Next, she rubbed her dripping pussy up the back of
Cindy's head. She liked the way it felt, so she grinded it all
over the back of Cindy's head, soaking her hair with cunt juice.
Her hands went to the sides of Cindy's head and she continued to
rub her stiff, pink clit against it, while she sucked her father

  Cindy's cheeks grew to round lumps and shrunk back to normal
with every push and pull of her mother's hands. The very hole she
came from was rubbing against her braided hair.  Bill's cock
moved along her top row of teeth and her tongue, which was
trapped underneath. The tip of the head bumped into the back of
her throat.

  Orgasm building, Monica held the sides of Cindy's head tighter,
with trembling hands. Bill wrapped his arms around his wife and
she shoved her tongue into his mouth. She fiendishly fucked the
back of Cindy's head, while kissing Bill. Her cunt was actually
smacking the back of her daughter's head, pushing it into the
cock she was sucking.

  After a she let out a muffled, but high-pitched note into her
husband's mouth, a stream of fluid poured out of Monica's cunt
and all over the top of Cindy's head. Cunt juice cascaded down
the little girl's face and spread over it, dripping over her
closed eyelids, behind her ears, down her puffed cheeks, and onto
her shoulders. When she stopped cumming, Monica rubbed the cum
that was on top of Cindy's head into her scalp, like cum-scented
shampoo. Female cum was massaged into the top and sides of little
Cindy's long hair, giving it a sweet-smelling aroma.

  Bill felt a couple of taps on his right shoulder. He turned to
see Charlie standing beside him, nude. A single line of hair went
from his mid-belly to his hairy belly button. His cock was about
three inches long.

  "Can I get in on this?", he asked, hopefully.

  "Sure", said Bill. He stepped away from his daughter, making
his dick wetly pop out of her mouth.

  Using both hands, Charlie picked his niece up. He then flipped
her upside down, holding her by the strapped ankles. She watched
his meat bob up and down and opened wide to catch it. Her cheeks
bulged as her head slid up and down the halfway point of his
dick. He saw the girl's pussy right in front of him, so he dove
in, causing her to moan on his dick.

  Charlie's face was as close to the center of her legs as he
could get, trying to get his tongue as deep as possible. His
tongue was all over her, lapping at the inner side of her lips
and her cunt. Occasionally, he would suck a lip into his mouth.
Her legs shook in his hands, but he held her tightly.

  Having enough of eating her, Charlie set his niece back on the
floor. Without missing a beat, Cindy held his cock and put it
back in her mouth. Bill and Ryan soon got on either side of her.
Staring deep into Charlie's eyes, the girl slowly pulled her head
away from his dick, making a wet popping noise. Looking on either
side of her, she saw Ryan's and Bill's cocks.

  Since she hadn't done Ryan yet, Cindy took his into her mouth,
first, engulfing it in the hot and moist interior. Bill and
Charlie held the base of their dicks and gently rubbed them along
either side of her face. When she got tired of Ryan, she went
back to Bill. She switched every few seconds. The trio spat
obscenities at the sucking girl.

  "Take it all!", Ryan said.

  "Yeah! Lick all over it!", Charlie exclaimed.

  "Slurp that cock!", commanded Bill.

  "Greedy little whore! Suck our dicks!"

  "Father-fucking slut!"

  Cindy didn't mind; she got a thrill out of being called such
dirty names.

  Monica picked up both of her daughter's new dildos and
approached her from behind. Then, she got on her knees, behind
Cindy, who was licking her uncle Ryan's cock head. Spreading the
little girl's plump butt cheeks open with one hand, she stuck the
silver vibrator up the puckered hole.

  "Mmmmmmphh!", Cindy mumbled in surprise.

  "Hold still like a good little bitch", Monica said, casually.
She flipped the switch to maximum speed, causing the toy to hum
up the girl's anus. While pushing it in and out, she picked up
the brown dildo and shoved it up her cunt.


  Monica fucked both dildos in and out of the little girl's cunt.
She would either stick both in at once, or take turns with them.
The vibrator would nearly disappear up her anus, while the floppy
dildo would bottom out at about four inches. Cindy moved and
backed into both of them. Meanwhile, her hands raced up and down
both of her uncles' dicks at once, while she was sucking Bill,
who was right in front of her.

  "You like sucking your uncles off, Cind?", asked Monica. "You
like having these dildos getting shoved up your ass and pussy?"
She shoved both of the toys in as far as she could, nearly
lifting the child up.

  "Mmmmpph-hhmmmppph! Mmmmpphh!"

  "Of course the birthday slut loves it!", Ryan said. "She's such
a fucking whore!"

  Ryan and Charlie moaned in unison as they both got closer. At
the same time, they went off on Cindy's face, pasting her cheeks
in white spunk. They held their dicks, painting the chubby tyke's
soft cheeks with them. Ryan held her head and brought her open
mouth to his dick, making her suck the rest out.

  Bill took his daughter's hands and put them on his cock. She
put one on top of the other and stroked it hard, aiming it at her

  "Uhh! Uhhh!" The first, second, and third spurts shot into her
mouth, and were immediately swallowed. The fourth spurt hit the
tip of her nose. Everything else just oozed out of him, onto the

  Cindy's face was a sticky mess. Short lines of cum were close
enough to her eyes for her to dip her eyebrows into. The dollop
of cum on her nose dripped onto the floor. Semen was plastered
onto her cheeks, running down, into her collarbone. By this time,
her mother's 'shampoo' had dried up.

  "Now that's hot", Ryan panted, breaking the silence.

  "Who's ready for birthday cake?", Monica asked.

  The dining room walls and floor had the same color scheme as
the living room. A wooden, rectangular table, surrounded by eight
matching chairs, was in the middle of the room. The table had
rectangular table mats, with rose patterns, in front of each
seat. Cindy, Bill, and Ryan sat, in that order, on one long side
of the table. Charlie sat on the other side, across from Bill.

  Carefully, Monica walked through the swinging kitchen door and
into the dining room, carrying the large birthday cake in a white
tray. The chocolate cake was rectangular, with single lines of
white icing on the edges. In the center, it read, in white iced
letters, from top to bottom: "Happy Birthday Cindy". The five red
candles were placed in a horizontal line, but avoiding the
message. She put the cake on the table, in front of Cindy.

  "Alright, Cindy", said Bill, "make a wish and blow out the
candles." Cindy closed her eyes for a few seconds and blew out
the candles. Everyone clapped and cheered. "So, what did you wish

  "I wished that there was a clown here."

  Bill turned to Ryan and winked at him. When Cindy wasn't
looking, Ryan slipped out of the kitchen.

  "Here you go, birthday slut", said Monica, slicing the lower
right portion of the cake with a large, black-handled knife. "The
first piece." She put a triangular slice of the double-layer,
yellow-interior cake on a white paper plate and handed it to her

  "Thank you", Cindy smiled, cutting a piece of cake with the
side of a green, plastic fork and lifting it into her mouth.

  Monica proceeded to serve Bill, Charlie, and then herself,
before putting a transparent, plastic cover over the now-half
cake. She put it on the counter next to the sink and sat down.

  "What happened to Uncle Ryan?", Cindy wondered out loud.

  "Uh, he must have gone to the bathroom", explained Charlie.

  "Oh." With her fork, Cindy began to carefully scrape some white
icing from the top of her cake. Scooping it all up, she put it
into her mouth, sticking her tongue between the teeth of the fork
and pushing some icing out onto her lips with her tongue. "Look,
I got cum in my mouth!", she mumbled with her mouth full of
icing, before she burst out laughing, spewing icing, mixed with
spit droplets, on her plate and table mat.

  The girl's silliness brought laughter around the table,
including Charlie nearly choking on his juice.

  Moments later, the doorbell rang, so Monica left the kitchen
for the living room. When she opened the door, Ryan was standing
there, dressed like a clown. He was wearing a red jumpsuit with
three large, blue buttons going down the middle, and big, blue
clown shoes. His face was covered in white paint and his
red-painted smile matched his round, red nose. Also, he was
wearing white gloves and a puffy, yellow afro.

  "How do I look?", he asked, walking in.

  Monica shut the door and locked the golden top and bottom
locks. "That suit looks really good, Rye", she complimented. "I
don't think Cindy will notice her own uncle in this costume."
They walked to the kitchen doorway. "Wait here 'til I call you."
She walked through the kitchen door and stood beside Cindy, who
was starting on her second slice of cake. "Birthday girl, there's
someone who wants to meet you."

  Ryan walked into the room and waved at Cindy with thick, white
gloves. The five-year-old's eyes lit up when she saw him.

  "Oooh, a clown! Just like I wished for!" Eagerly, Cindy slid
out of her seat and ran to him, her heels clacking loudly on the
tile floor. He scooped her up and she put her arms around his
neck, resting her head on his shoulder. After hugging her, he put
her down and knelt before her.

  "Hi, little girl", he said in a goofy voice. "What's your


  "My name is Mr. Smiley. Know why they call me that?"


  "Because I like to see girls smile." He tickled Cindy's
stomach, making her giggle. "What do you want to be when you grow

  "A prostable!", she said cheerfully."

  "And what is that?"

  "A girl that fucks and sucks and gets money for it."

  "Oh, you mean a 'prostitute'."


  "Interesting." He stood up with a large lump his pants, then
pointed to it. "Do you know what this is?"

  "Your cock!"

  "Do you know what cocks do?"

  "They feel good and they taste good!"

  "Right! And what do clown cocks squirt?"


  "No, honey. Clowns squirt other stuff."


  "Clowns squirt something called 'clown juice'. And do you know
what happens a clown squirts his juice on you?"

  "What? What?"

  "You'll be happy forever!"

  "Cool!", Cindy squealed. "Can I have some?"

  "Let me hear you ask nicely."

  "Mr. Smiley, can I please have some clown juice?" She flashed
her puppy dog face.

  "All right!", Mr. Smiley cheered. "Where do you want my juice?"

  "I want it in here in my cunny." She pried her lips open as
wide as she could (four inches), with her thumbs. The pink
interior glistened with her inner wetness. Mr. Smiley looked
closely at it.

  "Cindy, your cunny looks a little tight for me", he told her.
"Maybe you should make my cock wet so it could fit better. Hmm,
what can we use to make it wet?"

  "I got an idea! We could use my mouth, and then you could stick
it in my cunny!"

  "You're such a smart little girl." He looked at the rest of the
family. "Will you please move this stuff of the table?"

  Everyone stood up and removed the cake, cups, etc. from the
table and put them on the counter. When the table was cleared,
Mr. Smiley laid down on his back, with his 7 inch erection
pointing at the ceiling.

  "Come here, birthday girl", he said, stretching his arms out in
front of him. Bill picked Cindy up and sat her between Smiley's
legs. "I want you to suck it and when it gets ready, we can fuck.
Okie Dokie?"

  "'Kay." She covered the head with her palm and gave the
underside a long, slow lick, starting with the balls.

  He closed his eyes and hissed out loud. "Aah, that's good,

  Cindy looked at him and smiled. Then, she gently put both hands
on his sack and put her mouth over his head. She had her mouth
open as wide as she could, careful not to scrap it too hard with
her teeth. Her mouth sunk down until five inches were inside.
Slowly, she bobbed her head up and down while holding the lower
half of his dick with her right hand.

  Monica walked out of the room and came back with a small,
Samsung camcorder. The camcorder was silver with a black lens and
a black strap on its right side. She opened the screen and
pressed the record button. Next, she walked over to Cindy and
knelt down.

  "Does clown cock taste good, birthday girl?", she asked,
knowing the answer.

  Cindy let the dick out of her mouth and smiled into the camera.
"It tastes yummy, mommy!"

  Monica pat her on the head. Good, keep sucking him off,

  Cindy dutifully went back to work. She held her uncle's balls
in her right hand and the lower half of his shaft in the other.
She closed her eyes and bobbed her head up and down faster than
before; her pigtails tickling Mr. Smiley's thighs. Her left hand
squeezed his dick and masturbated it, in time with her sucking.

  "Okay, that's enough, birthday slut", said Mr. Smiley, holding
his dick and pulling it out of his niece's mouth.

  "Can I put it in me, now? Please?", Cindy pleaded.

  "Yes, you can."

  Wrapping the cock in her right hand, Cindy stood up, legs on
either side of Mr. Smiley's. Next, she steadied it, then
carefully lowered herself onto it. Her cunt slid down his cock
like a hot, wet, and and tight glove. She sunk until she was able
to sit on it, with her knees bent and her heeled feet on the

  "Oooh. That feels good."

  "Mmmm", moaned Mr. Smiley.

  Cindy wiggled her little bottom along the clown's cock. Her
belly moved in circles as she slowly moved up and down, getting
used to her first real fuck of the day. Turning her head to the
sides, she could see her parents and uncle grinning proudly at

  "You're not as tight as I expected", remarked Mr. Smiley.

  "I get fucked a lot", Cindy stated, proudly.


  "Yeah. My daddy likes to fuck me every day. Mommy, too. He
likes to stick it up my butt and my cunny. Mommy likes to suck
the cum out when he's done."


  "Sometimes, Daddy would cum all over my face, and then mommy
would lick it off. Sometimes she would spit it into my mouth, or
let me lick it out of her mouth and drink it."

  "Oh?" He began to fuck faster, enjoying the stories from his

  "I like cum. It's so yummy and sticky. When I get it in my
cunny, it feels all squishy and gooey."

  "Damn." His thrusts increased, making her bounce along with

  "You almost gonna shoot your clown juice, Mr. Smiley?"

  "Fuck yeah!"

  "Is it gonna feel like Daddy's cum? Is it gonna feel all runny
in my cunny? Is it...? Oh! Oooh! Ohh! Ohh!"


  And so, Mr. Smiley shot his clown juice up the girl's pussy. He
held onto the bouncing girl by her ribs and pounded up at her,
causing her to swing her head and torso back and forth like a
lifeless ragdoll. Five spurts of semen raced up her premature
womb. When the two of them stopped cumming, Cindy raised herself
off of him and got off the table, her cunt gaping open and
leaking cum on the floor. He did the same.

  "Cindy, you dirty bitch! You're getting cum all over the
floor!", Monica said in mock anger.

  Cindy looked down, between her feet and saw a long, white wire
of leaking cum pouring from her.

  "I'm sorry", she pouted.

  Charlie took Cindy's 3/4 full cup from the counter and gave it
to her. "Catch it with this", he advised.

  Cindy spread her legs and held the plastic, red cup under her
cunt. Sperm lazily emptied out of her pussy and into her juice.
By the time the cum stopped flowing, the juice was almost
completely white. Grinning at Mr. Smiley, she rested the rim of
the cup on her bottom lip and pulled her head back. Apple juice,
mixed with semen, went down her throat in loud gulps before she
put the cup on the table and licked her lips.

  "You're still not done", commented Monica, smiling. "Now clean
the floor."

  Dutifully, Cindy squatted down, putting her hands on either
side on the small puddle, and exaggeratedly seductively, leaned
her head over it, with her tongue hanging out. She lapped it up
in two long licks. To a round of applause, she stood up.

  "Well, Cindy", Mr. Smiley said, "I'm off to take care of more

  "Bye-bye, Mr. Smiley", Cindy said, hugging his legs.

  "Bye." Once again, Ryan left the house to get changed.

  "So, how did it feel?", Charlie asked.

  "It felt soo good!"

  "Do you feel happy that your wish came true and you got filled
up with clown juice?", asked Bill.


  After a while, Ryan entered the kitchen. Not a trace of paint
was on his face, and he was wearing his original clothes.

  "Uncle Ryan, where did you go?", asked Cindy.

  "Oh, I had to go to... the bank. Did I miss anything?" Beaming
with excitement, Cindy ran to him and practically jumped into his
lap. "Ssss!", he hissed, as her ass hit his worn out cock.

  "Are you okay?" She straddled his lap so her feet dangled on
either side of his closed legs.

  "Yeah. You just sat on me too hard. So, anyway, what happened?"

  "A clown came!"

  "Really?" His eyes and mouth went wide in mock surprise.

  "Yeah! First, I sucked his dick, then he fucked my cunny, then
he squirted clown juice inside me!"

  "Wow. That must have been fun." He looked up, at the rest of
the family. Bill returned his grin.

  When everyone had enough cake, Bill and Monica cleaned the
kitchen and joined the birthday girl, who was accompanied by her
uncles, in the living room. On the floor, the naked girl was
laying on her back, pushing the ponytail butt-plug up her anus
with both hands, as her perverted uncles looked on, from the
couch across from her. When she saw her parents standing beside
her uncles, she sat up, then sat down on the butt-plug, trying to
get it as deep into her bowels as she could. Satisfied, she stood
up, the plug all the way inside her bowels, and the black tail
sticking out of her and touching the floor.

  "Now I'm a horsy whore", Cindy joked, wagging her butt from
side to side, making the tail wrap around and hit her stomach.

  Charlie reached out and tugged on the tail, causing Cindy to
take several steps back, until the whole thing popped out of her,
making everyone crack up.

  "Cindy, do you want to play cum massage?" asked Monica.

  "How do you play that?", asked Cindy, patting herself on the
sore bottom.

  "The guys will play with their cocks and then they will cum on
your front side and after that, mommy's gonna smear the cum into
your skin. Sound like fun?"

  Cindy let out a squeal of delight and enthusiastically clapped
her hands. "Ooh! I want a cum massage!" She ran to her father,
nearly stumbling on her heels.

  Bill picked the anxious little girl up and said, "Not here.
This can be a messy game. Let's do it in your room." Everyone
followed him upstairs, to Cindy's room. After opening the door,
he threw her on her bed. She bounced twice and sat up, looking at

  "Here you go", Monica said, handing her daughter her vibrator.

  Prying her cunt lips open with her left hand, Cindy rubbed the
humming vibrator along her little hole. The toy shook along her
lips and clit. She looked up to see her male family members,
stroking their cocks as they looked at her. Absent-mindedly, she
licked her lips.

  Cindy then stuck the dildo halfway up her cunt and took her
hand away. It stayed there, tickling her insides. "Look! I made
it get stuck!", she exclaimed, holding onto the clear spikes of
her shoes and lifting her strapped legs into the air, bending her

  "Uhh... uhhh... uuhhh", moaned Bill. "Get that camera ready,
Monica! I'm gonna cum all over my slutty daughter!"

  "Cum, Bill", shouted Monica, "Cum for her!"

  "Ahhh, fuck!!" He moved closer just as his daughter put her
legs down. A string of cum shot out and hit Cindy's cum-filled
belly. The next one went across her chest, covering her little
brown nipples. He aimed lower and managed to get her hairless
little cunt, which was still holding the vibrating toy.

  When the vibrator finally slipped out of its holder, Cindy
picked it up and scooped up some cum off her cunt, with the tip
of it. She brought the dildo up to her lips and licked the sperm
and cunt juice from it. It tasted salty, yet sweet. Next, she
stuck the dildo into her mouth until it couldn't go any further.
The men watched in awe as the little girl's actions betrayed her
baby face and angelic eyes.

  "Ah! Ahh! Uhhh!" Ryan's four loads shot up Cindy's neck, chin,
and face. A long, final string of cum oozed lazily out of his
cock, dangling just above her face. Slowly, he shook his dick,
making the string twirl, but not break. Her tongue darted out of
her mouth and touched the very bottom of it, before she literally
slurped it off with her lips.

  Uhh! Ohh! Oh!" Charlie came on both his niece's stubby knees,
then on her cunt lips. Cindy looked down at the incestuous cum
that covered her and grinned.

  Monica started at Cindy's legs and, very slowly, moved the
camera's vision up her body. Semen was all over her body and
Monica needed this on video. The camera captured the dashes and
puddles of cum that were on her legs, belly, and chest. She
stopped at her face, where streaks of cum were on her nose,
mouth, and cheeks.

  "Smile for the camera, little girl", she said, zooming in on
her face. Cindy looked into the camera and grinned with
sperm-coated lips. "Can you blow some bubbles for us?"

  Leaving a small space between her lips, Cindy blew, and several
small bubbles inflated and quickly popped, splashing her nose and
chin. Monica laughed. Mischievously, Cindy stuck her tongue out,
which was partially white.

  After rolling her tongue back into her mouth, she rubbed the
cum into her face. Still looking at the camera, Cindy stuck her
tongue out as far as she could and licked from her palms to her
fingers. Her tongue swirled around the spermy fingers of her left
hand, licking them clean. On her right hand, she sucked the cum
off her fingers, individually.

  "Here, hold this." Monica gave the camera to Bill and bent over
the side of the bed. Her hands went to the birthday girl's left
leg and rubbed up and down, getting the cum into the flesh. With
her right hand, she lifted the leg and rubbed up and down its
sides with the other hand. Next, she put that leg down and did
the same to the other leg.

  Monica put the palms of her hands on the child's belly and
circled all around it. She thoroughly massaged the cum into the
skin of her daughter's belly and flat chest until it looked like
it was gone. Since there wasn't much cum on Cindy's arms, she
finished those areas quick. Finally, she went to Cindy's face,
allowing her to lick her palms clean. Briefly, they played
cat-and-mouse, with Cindy chasing Monica's spermy fingers with
her outstretched tongue.

  "It's your birthday, Cindy", said Monica, after her hands were
cleaned. "What do you want to do now?"

  "Umm...", Cindy thought deeply, absent-mindedly watching
herself rub the index finger and thumb of her right hand
together, smearing cum between them. "I know. I want Daddy, Uncle
Charlie, and Uncle Ryan to fuck me at the same time."

  "Are you sure, birthday girl?"


  "You want them to fuck you hard?"

  "Yeah, yeah, yeah!"

  "Want everybody to fill you up with cum?"


  "Tell the camera exactly what you want, you nasty little baby

  "I want all of you to fuck me! Fuck me 'til you tear my
butthole and my cunny open!", Cindy giggled.

  "You heard the birthday slut, everyone!", announced Bill.
"Let's fuck the shit out of her!"

  "I got her mouth", declared Ryan, getting on the bed and on his
knees, with his back facing the pillows.

  Horizontally, Bill laid down on the bed, so his feet were on
the floor. Cindy sat up, then straddled his lap. Reaching below
her, she grabbed his cock and directed it into her cunt, both of
them sighing when it went inside.

  "God, Cindy", moaned Ryan. "Suck it! Suck it, you fat little

  "You're gonna get some big loads inside you, Sperm Bank!",
exclaimed Bill.

  Monica might not have been in the action, but she was having a
good time getting this on video. The foursome moaned and grunted
loudly. She stood next to Charlie with the camera. She got a
closeup of her five-year-old girl's ass getting drilled by her
brother-in-law. Her once tiny asshole was abnormally stretched
out to fit his probing meat.

  Next, Monica pointed the camera lower to see her pussy. Bill
was doing a good job at spreading her lips wide. Her cunt lips
were spread beyond belief.

  Then, Monica walked over to Ryan and got some shots of Cindy
giving head to her own uncle. Big bulges were in her cheeks and
her eyes were glassy. Her lips were stretched around his thick
shaft and her nose was in his pubic hair. Her head resembled a
puffer fish without spikes.

  Without warning, Charlie began to pump faster and faster, his
pelvis pounding hard against his niece. Cindy's eyes shot wide
open and she wanted to look back, but her other uncle's cock in
her mouth prevented her. She threw her hands back and placed them
on her ass. Panting hard, he held her wrists and pulled them
back. The man and girl grunted together as Charlie's boiling
sperm built up.

  A long, muffled screech escaped Cindy's full mouth. The scream
was followed by a series of grunts from Charlie.

  "Uh! Fucking... bitch! Ahh!"

  "Ram it in her, Charlie!", encouraged Monica, focusing the
camera on them. "Fill her fat ass with cum!"

  Charlie didn't need to be told twice. His pelvis literally
slapped her ass repeatedly, him freezing after every spurt of cum
was unleashed into her bowels. Cindy's eyes looked like they were
trying to escape from their sockets as her shoulders ached from
her arms' rough pulling, and her anus burned from its fast
pounding. Finally, he let her hands go, allowing them to drop at
her sides, and got out of bed. The girl's butthole was stretched
wide enough to fit a golf ball inside.

  "Suck it, come on!", Ryan grunted, tapping the sides of her
face to wake her out of her trance. Her wide open eyes rolled up
to his chest. "Suck it, come on!" His cock repeatedly slapped the
back of the girl's throat, making her want to gag. He could feel
her resisting, but he held her still, palms on her cheeks,
feeling them inflate and deflate. "Swallow it all!"

  Several droplets of cum drooled out from Cindy's bottom lip,
landing on the bed. Ryan had slowed his fast humping to a stop as
rope after rope of hot semen filled Cindy's moist mouth. The girl
swallowed as much as she could, somehow without choking. Holding
her head still, he took his dick out of her mouth and moved aside
to stand against a wall, beside Monica and Charlie.

  Licking her lips clean, Cindy sat up, on her father's lap. He
put his hands by his side and bounced on the bed, fucking up at
her with no hands, tossing his head back, like a madman.

  "Yeah, that's it! Fuck me back, you little sperm bank!"

  "I am fucking you! Ooh! I'm fucking my daddy! My tight cunny is
getting fucked!"

  "Ride 'em, cowgirl!", cheered Ryan.

  "Tear that baby slut's pussy!", said Charlie.

  Cindy put the palms of her hands on Bill's chest and bucked her
hips wildly. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!"

  "I'm gonna put a big load in your fucking cunt!" Bill grabbed
his daughter's ass cheeks and fucked hard at her, making her
shriek in orgasm. His orgasm began to rise as well, as her
already-tight cunt squeezed his whole cock. They never slowed
down; instead, they sped up, the closer they got. Rope after rope
of his incestuous fluid shot into her womb. Not a drop escaped,
what with her father damming her fuck tunnel up, soaking the head
of his cock in both her cum and his.

  "Happy birthday, Cindy!", Monica said, still recording and now
getting a closer look at her daughter laying on top of her
exhausted father, with her well-used butt sticking out behind
her. Cindy just smiled hornily for the camera.

  On her 5th birthday, Cindy had taken three cocks, four facials,
one bukkake, one gangbang, and a dozen loads of cum, all from her
parents and two uncles. Also, she received a pack of thongs, and
pair of dildos, a butt-plug, and a pair of clear heels. She
couldn't wait until her next birthday.

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