Little Red Riding Hood (Mg, anal, bestiality, humor, parody, pedo)

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Summary: Little Red Riding Hood travels to Grandma's house,
meeting a wolf on the way. Short.

  It was a warm day. Tall trees shaded most of the dirt road,
leaving gaps of sunlight on the ground. Grass bordered both sides
of the path. Chirping birds and other creatures made sure the
perimeter was rarely silent.

  Moving on two legs, a wolf was strolling through, looking for a
mate. His white snout was topped by an olive-sized, black nose.
Covered in gray fur, his body had a fairly thick torso with
contrasting thin limbs. Both white-gloved hands were similar to
those of a man. Three big toes were on each of his big, white
feet, tipped by thin black claws. A long tail wagged behind him.

  As usual, the Big Bad Wolf was hungry. Not for food, but for
sex. It had been weeks since his former mate, the Petite Naughty
Wolf, was shot by a hunter. To this day, he searched the woods
for another wolf, but nothing.

  The wolf suddenly caught whiff of a foreign scent and stopped
walking. His nose wiggled and his face followed it to the sky.
Then his head twitched to his left. The odor was getting closer,
and stronger. Whatever it was, it was making his mouth water. He
turned his head and looked behind him.

  In the distance, 9-year-old Little Red Riding Hood skipped
merrily through the forest. A red cape was looped over her head
and dangling down to the back of her thighs. Curly blond hair
could be seen under her hood. Her freckled face had a small nose
and blue eyes. The hem of her white dress reached her thighs.
Black shoes were on her feet, hiding the white socks that clothed
her shins. In her right hand was a small, brown basket with a
white sheet covering its contents.

  Noticing the bushes beside him, the wolf quickly hid behind
them. As the girl got closer, he could hear her humming "Mr.
Golden Sun". His ears perked up when he felt her presence, so he
jumped out in front of her and menacingly stood with both hands

  "Aaah!" Little Red Riding Hood screamed, stumbling backwards.

  "What are you doing here all alone, little girl?" the wolf
asked gently, putting his arms down.

  "I-I-I was j-just on my way t-to my Grandma's house." The girl
shivered in fear. Her hands were held up before her chest.

  With big, yellow eyes, the wolf looked the girl up and down;
from her scared, childish face, to her undeveloped chest, down
below her skirt. No longer shaking, her bare, chubby legs were
visible beneath her white skirt. His cock began to stir in its
sheath, but he didn't want to frighten the girl away. He decided
to change the subject. "Well, what's in the basket?"

  The girl put her hands by her sides. "Me and my mommy got
Grandma some goodies that we could share when I get to her

  "Where is this house? Maybe we can all share whatever's in

  "Um, my mommy said I should never talk to strangers... or
talking wolves. I better be going now."

  "Okay, sorry for scaring you like that." He shifted aside and
let the girl through. As she continued her journey, the wolf kept
his eyes on her.

  "Just in time," the wolf thought to himself.

  A lump slowly grew in his gray crotch. Gradually, the tip of
the lump spread open, revealing a purple interior. The purple
part increased in size to about 8 inches until his cock was fully
displayed. A dark gray, furry sack hung beneath it. It bobbed
about as he started walking.

  Fortunately for the wolf, he knew a very good shortcut. Right
beside him was a set of trees. He stepped off the path and cut
through them. After 3 seconds of ducking under logs and
sidestepping past trees, he reached a small, white cottage.

  Atop the wooden cottage was a brown slate roof. A white door
was in between two windows with their brown exterior shutters
open. Five large stones made a path from the white picket fence
to the door.

  The wolf walked up the path and knocked on the door. After a
moment, the door opened and a thin, old woman stood before him.
Behind her was a round table with two brown chairs pushed in.

  The short woman's light gray hair was topped by a light blue
nightcap. Small glasses were on her long nose, covering her blue
eyes. Red freckles dotted her wrinkly face and neck. A light blue
nightgown clothed her from shoulders to shins. She also wore navy
blue bunny slippers.

  "Yes?" she asked the wolf who towered three inches over her

  The left hand of the wolf swiftly went to the grandmother's
mouth and pushed her backwards into the house. After kicking the
door closed, he got behind her and his other hand went around her
chest. Looking back, he dragged the whimpering old lady backwards
until he bumped into a wall. With his right hand, he twisted the
silver knob of the door and pulled it open. It was a small,
conveniently empty closet.

  "In ya go!" said the wolf.

  Letting Grandma go, he bent her over and kicked her ass inside
-- literally. There was a crash, but he ignored it and closed the
door. The realization that he forgot something suddenly flashed
in his head. He opened the door, stretched his arm inside, and
pulled out a nightgown and hat. Grandma's head poked out of the
door and watched him put the gown on with is back turned. Without
looking, the wolf then kicked the door closed, hitting Grandma
right in the head with it and knocking her out.

  The nightgown fit the wolf perfectly, for some reason. In order
to put the hat on, he had to lower his ears. He left the room and
went through a doorway that led to Grandma's room.

  The bedroom had white walls and an oval-shaped, green carpet
laid near the foot of the bed. A red-and-white-checkered blanket
covered the queen-sized bed up to the white pillows. The wolf
jumped in and pulled the blanket up to his neck. Some time later,
his ears perked up, picking up a humming tune. He turned his head
and looked out the four-pane window that was to his left.

  Skipping on the stone path, Little Red Riding Hood hummed the
notes of "Skip To My Lou". When she made it to the door, she
knocked three times.

  "COME IN!" the wolf bellowed loud enough for the girl to hear,
although there was a significant distance between the bedroom and
the front door.

  The girl entered the house and walked into the bedroom. She put
her basket on the floor and looked at the "woman" with the snout,
fur, and pointy ears. "Why Grandma, what big eyes you have."

  "All the better to see you with, my dear."

  "And Grandma, what big ears you have."

  "All the better to see you with, my dear."

  "And Grandma, what big teeth you have."

  "All the better to eat you with, my dear!"

  With those words, the wolf leapt out of bed and yanked her
panties down. Eagerly, he got on his knees and stuffed his face
under the preteen's dress.

  "Grandma! Your nose is so cold," she giggled.

  Her statement had fallen on deaf ears as the wolf lapped up the
pink of her pussy like a dog who missed his owner. His long, red
tongue surfed up and down her opening. Juice and saliva dripped
onto the floor. Each swish of his tongue would make her legs
quiver. She put both hands on his head just as he grasped her

  The wolf pulled his head out of her skirt and stood. Still
holding the 9-year-old's waist, he picked her up under her arms
and tossed her into bed. "In ya go!" Before she could sit up, he
snatched her cloak off, and then pulled her dress over her head.

  Holding her waist, he flipped her over and onto her hands and
knees. In a swift lunge, he pushed his cock deep into her ass.

  "Ooh, Grandma!" Little Red Riding Hood gasped. "This strap-on
feels so warm!"

  The wolf's ears twitched again. 'Strap-on?' He said nothing
aloud, he just held onto the girl's hips and began to thrust in
and out.

  The girl rotated her hips. "Fuck me, Grandma! Fuck me!" Her
right hand went between her legs. Meanwhile, she backed into his

  The wolf slowly grinded against his prey. Her fingers pushed in
and out of her cunt. She looked back and pushed harder against

  "Ohh... it's so good, Grandma..."

  He leaned over and planted both arms on either side of her
head. Now he was fucking her 'Wolfie-style'. Her soft, preteen
ass clapped against his furry belly, quivering every time they
touched. He whimpered at the unbelievable feeling of filling a
young human's ass with cock. This felt even better than the
wolves and occasional pigs he'd fucked in the past.

  Little Red Riding Hood's chest heaved and hoed with every
breath she took. The girl rode the animal like a wild animal in
heat. In the back of her mind, she knew "Grandma's strap-on" felt
a little too warm and she could have sworn it was pulsing, but
she didn't want "her" to stop. Her digits danced around her
labia, moistening her thighs and emitting that smell that drove
the wolf wild once again.

  Animalistic instincts taking over, the wolf squeezed Little Red
Riding Hood's hips and pounded her ass faster.

  "Oh! Oh! Oh!" the girl wailed.

  "Shit!" the wolf yelled.

  "Uuuh! Ooh! Uhh! Uhh! Uuuhhhhh!"

  Throwing his head back, the wolf howled to the ceiling and
froze. Rope after rope of his animal semen flew up the human
girl's ass. The 9-year-old was surprised at feeling his fluids
being shot up her bowels, but the strange event made the sex feel
even better than usual. With that, she came soon after him, her
fingers madly circling her wet cunt.

  When it was over, he pulled out and laid on his back. Little
Red Riding Hood fell to her stomach, slightly tired out. His cock
wetly slumped to his thigh. She crawled over and kissed him on
his black nose.

  "That was incredible, Grandma!" the 9-year-old praised. "That
stuff that came out of your strap-on felt kinda funny, but I
liked it."

  The wolf grinned at the girl's ignorance.

  The preteen slid out of bed and bent over to reach into her
basket. The wolf watched as his semen dripped out of her and onto
the floor. This made his dick throb. Apparently retrieving what
she was looking for, she arose with her back turned and stepped
into a black thong. The wolf wondered why she did that, but the
way her ass cheeks poked out of it looked sexy.

  "Now, it's your turn," she smiled, turning around.

  The wolf's eyes widened in shock as a long, black strap-on came
into view.

A 9 year old? Couldn't she have been a 5 year old? Either is disgusting to me. I don't mind any story that is posted and have read many, but disagree with depicting kids. Just My Opinion. staci

I don't know if anyone noticed but there's been a rash of pedo stories on the board lately. I thought that KB did not sanction stories involving underage characters?

Not that I mind actually, just wondering if there was a change in policy.

With one rare exception, the US Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld the opinion that fantasy is perfectly OK.  Since the server is here in the US, that ruling applies.  Emily posted the one rare exception, and I fully expect it to get shot down if it ever hits the High Court.

Most of the 'incest' stories here are also 'pedo', by the standard definitions.  Nuttin' wrong with it as long as Duncan doesn't mind.  There's a bunch of 'em in the Archives, so I'd say that's a given.

Quote from: babygirl on December 04, 2008, 04:52:04 AM

I don't know if anyone noticed but there's been a rash of pedo stories on the board lately. I thought that KB did not sanction stories involving underage characters?

Not that I mind actually, just wondering if there was a change in policy.

The policy hasn't changed, KB was originally set up by me as a forum for Kristen's Archive readers. As you are all aware the Archive's stories are not censored in any way for content or subject matter nor is any of ASSTR, I believe adults should have the right to to make their own judgement of literature and not some other adult decide it for them.
This is where we draw the line, its between reality and fantasy, so no real life discussions about paedophilia and no pictures.

Of course criticism of the stories is encouraged. I don't often comment on individual stories but I find this one offensive and degrading as I do all of the other repetitive stories that jerseyj has found to post on mass and so I am giving him/her a - for every story. That's called free speech JJ


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