Bad Mother (Ff, 1st-les, inc, mast, oral, fist, squirt)

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Gina Marie:
Bad Mother
By Lostzilla & Gia1978 © 2009

A lurid tale of a mother's moral sacrifices for her only daughter. (Ff, 1st-les, inc, mast, oral, fist, squirt)

This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.

Based on the original story: “Insatiable” by Lostzilla.


I know after you read this, you will condemn me, but I swear to you I am not a bad mother. What you are about to read might lead you to think that I am, but what happened to me could very well have caused any woman, well… almost any woman, to make the very same choices.

The story I'm about to tell you concerns my daughter when she was fifteen. I was a thirty-five year old single mother by then, my husband having died four years prior from prostate cancer.

When she was still fourteen, My daughter Gia Marie started dating a boy named Kevin who lived just down the street from us. They weren't really dating, as I had thought that she was still too young, but in their minds, simply saying 'I'm your girlfriend' or 'I'm your boyfriend' was dating. 'Going together' is what they called it.

Anyway, after her birthday a few months later, Kevin broke up with her and she was very upset about it. I decided to have a talk with him, and he was very blunt in telling me why he had broken up with her. Kevin explained that he and Gia had been having sex, but she was insatiable, always begging him to perform even after she had ravaged him until he was completely spent.

I knew that feeling, believe me. My husband had been the same way. I wasn't angry with the boy, but I was shocked that Gia was sexually active at her age. I know now that I was being naive.

When I got home, I sat Gia down on the couch in the living room and had a very frank talk with her. To make a long story short, she said that she couldn't help herself. Whenever she or someone else would satisfy her sexual urges, they always would come back within a few hours and torment her until she could get satisfaction again. When I asked her how she dealt with it while she was in school, she told me that she would get a hall pass from her teacher and then go to the bathroom to masturbate.

What surprised me more than Gia's brutal honesty in talking to me about sex, was how comfortable I was with it. But it was more than that. She was in full bloom, and I couldn't keep my eyes from going repeatedly to her full breasts and tanned thighs. Her beautiful face, her long naturally blue-black hair and green eyes didn't help matters any. She had a strong resemblance to my husband and his Italian ancestry.

It was unfortunate, but my nipples were as hard as they could be.

And Gia had noticed it.

"Mommy…" she said looking at me somewhat nervously, "Are you aroused?"

I blushed furiously and said, "Look Gia, let's talk about this later." as I got up from the couch and walked back to my bedroom feeling as embarrassed as any woman could ever have felt.

I knew by the sound of the floorboards creaking behind me, that my daughter was following me. When I got to my room, I turned to her with a mind to say that women sometimes get aroused over just about anything, but that it didn't mean I was thinking lurid thoughts about her, even though I had been.

To my surprise, however, Gia had apparently removed her shirt and skirt while she was walking behind me; her body was, in a word, perfect. Her beautiful erect brown nipples caught my eyes and wouldn't let go.

"You do want me, don't you Mom?" she asked.

Well there was no denying that now, I was as wet as the Mississippi delta. I knew Gia could tell too.

"Touch me Mommy... pleasure my body."

I didn't want to. Like I said at the start, I'm not a bad mother. I had never thought about Gia in a sexual manner up until that day. However, after my husband died, I had always felt guilty just at the thought of finding someone to replace him, even if it was just for sex and would never have lead to the kind of love affair that he and I had had. So I had done without.

Well, I had masturbated, but that's not the same thing.

Well, I gave in to her advances. Daughter or not, her fifteen-year old body was ripe and practically crying out for a good licking. And a good licking was just what I wanted to give her.

I was like the child and Gia was the adult. As I licked her nipples, she played tenderly with my hair, relaxing me and also encouraging me to do other things… things I should not have done. I slipped my hand up between her supple thighs and rubbed her swollen pussy through her soft, cotton panties. I trembled at the size of her mons and the wetness of her panties' crotch. I had aroused her. My own daughter. I felt things for her I should never have felt and knew in my very core that I wasn't going to stop.

How was I ever going to live with myself after doing to her what I intended to do?

"Mommy," Gia said softly. "Make love to me. I'm aroused too. No one has to know."

She didn't need to ask me again. I sank down to my knees and gently lowered her panties down her legs. Then, I got my first good look at the soft, sparse straight black hair which surrounded her very puffy labia. I am pretty sure my mouth dropped open when I looked at the size of her clitoris. It was simply astounding. It was easily as big as my index fingertip. It was so hard it was a whitish pink, and stood out from her labial hood a good half-inch. And it was throbbing as well!

My own clit was larger than most women I had been with back before I married my husband, but at it's hardest, mine was only the size of a jellybean. But Gia… my God, what my daughter had between her lips looked more like a tiny penis than a clitoris.

I wanted to suck it.

One lick, one pass of my tongue over her huge clit, and she would be mine.

"Mother," she whispered. "Satisfy me."

I rose to my feet and took Gia's hand, and led her to the bed. My heart was pounding so hard that I found myself hoping I would live long enough to give Gia the kind of pleasure which no boy or girl her age would have been capable of doing.

Gia removed her panties and lay down on the bed with her beautiful, tanned legs spread. My pussy was already aching so bad, but seeing her pussy and those butt cheeks of hers bulging against the bed made my clit throb to the point of a spontaneous eruption.

"Do whatever you want, mommy…" Gia said, her tiny voice trembling. "I need it. I gotta have it. I gotta cum… right now."

I leaned in and… God help me… I ate her. I fingered her pussy, rubbing into her swollen G-spot while licking her spectacular clit at the same time. The taste of her juice was so wonderful and sweet, the sounds of her growing ecstasy even more so. I was going to make my own daughter cum. Our lives would never be the same. That much I knew. Just how much they would change was a question I had no answer for at that moment.

"Mommy, please, don't stop…" Gia groaned. "Oh God, that feels so good. Oh I love your tongue. Oooooh."

I needed to hurry up and finish this. Gia wasn't the only one who needed satisfaction. I was dying for want of it. If it was the last thing I did, I had to have her put her fingers in my pussy and fuck me until I came like I never had before.

The faster I rubbed and licked her, the louder Gia moaned until finally she was hollering, "MOMMY! MOMMY I'M CUMMING! OOOOOOOH! OOOOOOOH GOD!"

All of a sudden, I felt a stream of warm fluid squirt into my mouth. There was a lot of it, mixed with a urine taste at first, then less so by the third squirt. Gia cried out like she was in so much pain, but it was beautiful pain. A pain like Heaven's pain when the angels are experiencing some celestial agony.

I couldn't hold back anymore. Getting on the bed, I shoved four fingers into her drooling slit and let my lust assume full control over me. The bed squealed like some demon that had come to torture me, but Gia's groans were louder, hauntingly so. I had never felt so driven to fuck anyone as I felt with my own daughter, my palm slamming hard again and again into her groin, sending my fingers to her cervix like a battering ram. Not even two minutes after we had started, we peaked and I felt a greater satisfaction in stimulating her than any other woman or man, even my husband, had ever given to me.


We came simultaneously, with Gia again squirting several huge streams of her juice all over me and the room. The force of her cum exiting her wide-open urethra was so powerful, it hissed as it jetted outward. I swallowed at least two mouthfuls, but choked and had to pull my face away, letting the next couple of streams hit the ceiling. She finally wound down to just a dribble, soaking my mattress down to the box spring beneath it with her copious ejaculation.

After it was over, I collapsed on top of Gia panting and moaning, and feeling completely spent. I remembered what young Kevin had told me about my daughter being insatiable, but unlike him, I had learned to suck my oversexed husband's cock for hours. It occurred to me that eating pussy was pretty much using the same muscles in my mouth and I could please my Gia in that same way, if she needed me to.

"Oh Mommy," Gia said sighing, "Oh my God. That was fantastic. I love how you were fingering my pussy… Oh my God that felt so good."

"I'm glad you liked it baby. I enjoyed doing it."

Gia was trembling. It made her look so sexy. I couldn't help kissing her, her big swollen lips. Right away she slipped her tongue in my mouth. We kissed until she did ask me to go back down on her. I ate her pussy for almost two hours, and she writhed and groaned in near-continuous ecstasy the whole time. Kevin had never done anything like that to her, I was sure. And just as sure was I that from then on my daughter was going to want me to continually please her because she would know that I could.

Even more, she would know that I wanted to.


The next day was for me confirmation of my suspicion that Gia had set her mind on us being lovers. As soon as she came home from school, she flew straight into the kitchen and began taking off her clothes while we kissed. She was not timid about getting down to business with me; instead, she seemed so desperate that the dozens of orgasms I had given her the day before were worthless now. It was like we were starting all over.

I sat Gia on the kitchen table and had my desert before my dinner, feasting on her pussy and licking her juices from inside her opening until she looked raw. And she came… and came… and came… and came.

Each orgasm caused her to squirt in ungodly amounts. She had soaked my bed the previous day, and now she was soaking the floor beneath us. I don’t know where she got this ability, I had never ejaculated in my life and had never heard about anyone doing that on my husband’s side of the family (although that is not really information you share with family).

When it was my turn to cum, I took Gia to my bedroom, but we only started fucking there. She hammered my pussy on the bed, on the floor, on my dresser, and then back on the floor. By then I was lying on my belly and hollering like a mad woman while she was thrusting her entire fist into me rather brutally as I recall. My body was pinned. I pounded my hands into the carpet while she pounded her balled up fist into my sopping pussy with her long hair whipping my sweat-covered back.

Finally she let me flip over and she lay between my quivering thighs and she fucked and sucked me raw! My relief came, well…  for now.


She removed her fist from my wide open pussy and yelled, "GIVE IT TO ME! CUM IN MY MOUTH MOMMA!"

I grabbed my daughter's long hair and pulled her head into my crotch as my pussy drooled my cream in her mouth, her fingers milking my throbbing birth canal of every last drop of cum I think I had in me.

Oh my God did that feel so good. A mother could absolutely get used to sex like that. We were two sweating, exhausted pigs when we were done. Trust me on this: Gia was every bit the lust machine that her father was.

Over the following weeks, Gia grew more and more distant from her friends until she no longer had anything to do with them. She lived and breathed one thing, sexual pleasure. Once I had shown her what her amazing body was capable of, she lost interest in everything else. Every day after school it was always the same thing; my daughter came home and I made her scream as I sucked her squirting pussy until my jaw was sore. And then she would fist me and make me scream, literally, damn close to a death scream on a few occasions.

On the weekends Gia and I spent even more time pleasing each other's genitals, (usually me pleasing hers) than we did anything else. Her ex-boyfriend had been right; she could never get enough. Maybe it is a disorder, maybe it is the size of her clit, but I envy her. If only I could cum as hard or as many times as she can. If it is a disorder, I wouldn't mind having it.

Our world is a fucked up place these days, and if someone can experience pleasure on a level my darling Gia can, as often as she can, why deny her that pleasure?

And that's how it started. It's been that way ever since. Just me and my darling, sex-starved daughter.

I remember one weekend, when she was seventeen. I woke up in the morning to find Gia sitting up, asleep in front of the computer, naked as usual. As I walked into the living room, I stepped into a cold puddle of her cum. I was a good twelve feet from the computer and her. I assumed she had been up all night masturbating, because the vibrator she had in her swollen pussy was still on. I moved quietly to stand next to her with my mouth open in disbelief. Her body would twitch every few moments in a reflex jerk and her urethra had now emerged and dilated to the point that it was always open almost a full centimeter! Amazingly, it would periodically sputter out a mist of her juice as she hit another unconscious orgasm.

I glanced down at the screen, to see what Gia had been watching. It was an all-girl orgy porn movie, where several women who all ejaculated, would masturbate and squirt on one girl. I reached over and clicked off the mpeg, and Gia moved slightly, moaning but not waking, as she feebly squirted again. I looked down at the floor, and was shocked to see how big this puddle really was.

I woke her up, removed the dying vibrator from her and carried her limp body to the plastic covered couch (All our furniture in the house was now covered in plastic, as well as tile or hardwood floors replacing the carpet). I checked her pulse and then got her a liter bottle of water to hydrate my poor exhausted daughter. As she lay on the couch drinking, I mopped up the huge spill she had ejaculated over the course of the night. I glanced around noting that she had not only sprayed the ceiling, she had also splattered her ejaculate all under the computer desk and across the room to almost reach the front door.

I was really worried now. I was unsure how healthy this chronic masturbation was. I feared taking her to a doctor, because they might discover our incestuous relationship. I tried to research her condition on the internet, but not much factual information is written about female ejaculation of her type. Sure, there are several erotic stories, but there is still a great deal of medical skepticism attached to the authenticity of female ejaculation.

In the end, I opted to be her guardian and her lover and watch over her as much as I could. I made sure she ate healthy and stayed in shape. She required a great deal of monitoring, and I rarely let her go out by herself. It seemed my course in life was fixed on this path for the remainder of our days.


Gia is twenty years old now and still lives at home with me. She could not attend high school or go to college, and I was forced to home school her. I have a very good job, which I do from home so I can keep an ever watchful eye on my "Special Needs" daughter and she can't even hold a part-time job. It seems the only thing she can focus on is sex. She has mentioned a desire to go into making porn on more than a few occasions, but I won't hear of it… not my little girl. Those bastards would use her and destroy her, and I could never allow anyone to capitalize on her unfortunate condition for their own profit.

The pleasure we give each other is more than probably most women ever experience, but unlike most women, my Gia is a totally insatiable orgasm addict. Thank goodness for the huge collection of vibrators I acquired over the years, because without them, my poor fingers and tongue would never be enough to satisfy my lusty daughter. However, most days, my tongue can keep up for what it's worth, and that's why I have committed myself to the fact that my daughter is going to be spending the rest of her life with me. And that's fine. No one could ever satisfy her like I do…

So now that you know the truth about us, what do you think?

Am I a bad mother?

The End

As always, I look forward to comments....

Kisses & Squirts

Beautiful story. I can just imagine you as the loving mother in a torrid 69er with your sweet daughter. Yum (sigh). Keep on loving her. Women munching on each others hairy cunts simultaneously with love & lust is an ultimate turn on & Mother/Daughter has to be the Supreme arousing turn on .. please drink your daughter's pussy juice with extra relish tonight knowing a fully supportive man is creaming at the thought of you two feasting on your sweet incestuous juices as your truly deeply make love to each other.

Gia & Lostzilla,
Very hot story. Lots of Gia earmarks in this one. Large clits and squirting. I love it. Keep up the great hot little stories.


Great story!  Gia Marie is a very lucky girl to have a mom like hers to take care of her.
And not every mom is fortunate enough to have such a hot daughter to play with like that!
I thought the nymphomania & squirting was a bit over the top though, but that's my only
mild critique of the story.  May I suggest a few more episodes featuring the girl's teen years,
perhaps with a girlfriend or two from school, or maybe with another horny mom & daughter?
Thanks for sharing!   :-*

Oh Gia, I so congratulate you! A great story and I'm humbled by your abilities as a writer. Please give us more!

All my love



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