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Author Topic: THE YOUNGEST PUSSY KAT (original, underage, gangbang, preg, M+/f, m+/f)  (Read 46595 times)
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THE YOUNGEST PUSSY KAT (original, underage, gangbang, preg, M+/f, m+/f)



Louisa Brown couldn’t believe what her blue eyes were seeing, A widowed single mom with long blond hair and an exquisitely proportioned body, Louisa had found that jobs in small town America in 1993 were few are far between.  Since Bob had been killed in a traffic accident one year ago, life had been one long struggle to put food on the table for herself and 14 year old Bobbie Lou.  The only job she had been able to land was as a stripper at the notorious Pussy Kat Klub a mile out of town on route 11.  And on most nights she wound up on her back in one of the reserved rooms upstairs earning and extra $50 for a fuck, $30 for a blow job, $20 for a hand job or $90 for the full workout with the 10% discount, which she had to split 50-50 with the owner Tommy Tomkins.
For a couple of months there had been a lot of talk about the new national movement started by MS Foundation called “Take Your Daughter To Work Day”.  It was designed to boost the self-esteem of girls and show them there was more to life that working in the kitchen.  Bobbie Lou was a beautiful smaller version of her mother and a freshman at the local high school.  She knew nothing about the Pussy Kat Klub other than its name and thought it was some kind of pet shelter.  Louisa did nothing to alter her opinion about the place.
The paper she had just been handed would alter that forever.  Hell, it would alter everything forever.
“Miss Brown,” it started, “in compliance with the new Take Your Daughter To Work Day next Thursday, we at the Pussy Kat Klub hereby demand that all mother’s bring there daughter’s to work.  This is an excellent opportunity for parent child bonding and failure to comply will result in immediate termination.  Have a good day!”
But that wasn’t the only thing upsetting her.  As she passed the scheduling board she found that she was assigned to the upstairs on Thursday April 22nd 1993, the 4th Thursday in April—the first ever Take Your Daughter To Work Day.
As she checked the schedule further she found that all the other women who had daughters had been given the night off which meant the rest of the women, including herself, would be that much busier.  Thursday nights in small towns are generally a big night for shopping since most of the stores stay open late because Friday and Saturday are date nights.  So on Thursdays, the husbands would drop the wives and kiddies off downtown and head out to the Pussy Kat for some fun, which made it their busiest night of the week.
“Mr. Tomkins,” she said as the owner walked by.  Tommy Tomkins turned and looked at her.
“Yes, Ms. Brown?” he asked.
“There must be some kind of mistake here.  All the girls who are mothers are off next Thursday except me.  Why?  My daughter is only 14 and isn’t even allowed to date yet.  She thinks the Pussy Kat Klub is a cat shelter.  Please don’t make me bring her here to see what I really do…. I need this job to much to disobey but couldn’t I get the day off like the rest of them?”
“I’m sorry, Ms Brown but we here at the Pussy Kat Klub need you that night daughter and all as we are expecting a capacity crowd—unless you would like to clear your locker now.”
“No,” she said, “We’ll be here.”

Bobbie Lou sensed something strange in the air at school that Thursday.  Something more than just the fact that there were only a handful of girls in school since most had been excused for the Take Your Daughter To Work event.  Her mom had promised to take her but they didn’t have to be there until 6 PM,
First from her freshman homeroom teacher, Mr. Belding. Then from Mr. Jenkins, her 9th grade biology teacher. Coach Anderson, the muscular former football pro in health was next.  Even Principal Hawkins and Joe the janitor were giving off a strange vibe. It was like they were staring at her in a not so teacherly way.  She almost felt as though somehow there was a hunt on and she was the prey.
And it didn’t end at the end of the school day either.  When she came out of school she saw Reverend Jones talking to police chief Williams and Sheriff Thomas.  They all seemed to be watching her as she came down the High School steps and headed home.  Casting furtive glances at them she saw that all three were definitely stalking her with their eyes.  At least that was how it felt.
Even her mother seemed nervous when she walked in the door because she could swear her mom jumped when she said, “Hi” as though she were deep in some thought and hadn’t heard Bobbie Lou come in.  Louisa quickly recovered, though and gave her daughter a somewhat forced smile.
They had macaroni and cheese with cut up hot-dogs and corn on the side.  The same plain fare that they had been having since Bobbie Lou’s dad was killed.
“Should I wear anything special?” Bobbie Lou asked as they cleaned up the dishes.
Her mother shot her an odd look before replying.
“Just wear something you would knock around in,” she said. “Your cutoffs and that pink tube top would be just fine.”
“Sure.  Go change because we have to leave.”
Bobbie Lou was shocked.  Her cutoffs were so small she was sure the sides of her pussy took turns seeing the light of day and her tube top had always been a no-no with her mother because she couldn’t wear it with a bra and her nipples, dark pink and slightly puffy even when not aroused, were always plainly visible through the material.  But then again they were clothes that it didn’t matter if the cat’s scratched or put holes in or threw up on since they were already on their last legs.
Although, Bobbie Lou knew the name of where her mom worked she had never actually seen it because it was on the other end of town from the roads they traveled.  Her first view of it was a shock.  Whatever this place was and whatever her mother did it was definitely nothing to do with an animal shelter.
The neon light at the top of the sign with the name Pussy Kat Klub was in the same pink as the lettering but it was in the shape of a nude woman silhouette like those chrome ones truckers are so fond of.  By the time Bobbie Lou realized there were more announcements at the bottom of the sign it disappeared from view as her mother went to park in the back of the place.
A gray metal door with a peep hole is what greeted them as Louisa pressed the buzzer.  While they waited she looked down at her beautiful, vulnerable daughter.
“I’m sorry, baby.”
“About what, mom?”
“You are going to see things a kid your age should never see but I had to bring you.  Tommy—Mr. Tomkins—said I would lose my job if I didn’t and we need the money.”
“It’s okay, mom.  I’ll be fine.”
Just what went on here Bobbie Lou wondered that would have her mom apologizing?
The door was opened by a guy who looked straight out of the 70s in a polyester suit and retro hair style held in place by a ton of gel.  He gave Bobbie the creeps.
“Hello, Mrs. Brown,” he said in a tone that reminded Bobbie Lou of those late night used car salesmen on TV.  “And you must be Bobbie Lou,” he said, holding out a sweaty palm that Bobbie Lou limply shook.  “So tonight you get to go to work with mom and see what the adult life is like, eh?”
“I guess,” she mumbled.
“Well, good, because tonight we’re going to put you to work just like your mother does every night.  Give you a taste of the working world.”
“Tommy, you can’t,” her mother broke in. “It’s bad enough she is going to have to watch but she is only 14 and she isn’t on any birth control.”
“I’m sorry, Louisa, but we have a full house and we’re short handed so she is going to just have to do the best she can.  But I will double the fees for her and she can keep 60% instead of 50%.”
Louisa took Bobbie Lou’s arm as though to leave.
“And before you think about quitting, dear, both the sheriff and the chief of police are upstairs waiting along with most of her teachers and the school principal.  They heard there was a special treat tonight and I know the sheriff still has a warrant in his desk for your failure to pay the funeral home and I’m sure he’s just itching to serve it on you and take you down to the jail with your daughter to work things out privately---“
“You win,” Louisa said dejectedly.  Turning to Bobbie Lou she added, “I’m afraid they’ve got me over a barrel, hon. We are just going to have to do what they say.  I’m sorry.”
She turned back to Tommy.
“So what’s the situation?”
“Right now there are 12 waiting and more expected.”
“So that should only mean 2 apiece……………”
“Well, normally, you’d be right—“
“What do you mean “normally”?”
“Some of the girls have called in sick and we were short down here on the main floor so…..”
“So what?”
“You’re it.”
“You heard me and you better shake a leg cause some of those boys have been here over an hour already.”
Louisa was furious.  The policy was that no woman had to work upstairs alone and generally not service more than three or four men per night.  Now her innocent daughter was about to be introduced into the world of sex by 6 adults who cared nothing about her.  Louisa remembered her own teen years and all the fumbling and necking and never quite going all the way while looking for “Mr. Right”.  All of that was about to be denied Bobbie Lou.  By the end of the night all the mystery of sex would be gone.  And she was trapped with no way to protect her.
As she turned to head upstairs Tommy stopped her.
“By the way, George from the video store has a bunch of cameras set up to document this historic event of bringing your daughter to work so if you ever get any ideas about getting back at anyone there will be a brand new video on the market about a girl’s first night and we’ll be sure everyone in school sees it.”
Louisa stood still with shock.  Videoed?  How could even Tommy sink that low?
She stepped up to Tommy and looked him square in the eye.
“You tell George I want to see him in the locker room in one minute or I walk out this door no matter what threats you want to use!” she whispered fiercely to him.
Taken aback by her sudden aggression, Tommy nodded.
Louise led Bobbie Lou up the back stairs where a small room outfitted with four make up stations served as the upstairs dressing room. Bobbie Lou looked around.  There was a clothes rack against the wall but all it had were a few empty hangers.
“Where are the costumes, Mom?”
“You’ve already got it on.”
“These?”  Bobbie Lou asked looking questionably down at her skimpy outfit.
“No,” sighed Louise, “under them.”
“But I’m not wearing anything…” Bobbie Lou’s eyes grew wide in astonishment. “You mean…”
“That’s right.  Up here you work in your birthday suit.”
“But all those men will see me naked.”
“They’ll do a lot more than look, honey.”
Bobbie Lou was shocked. No one outside of her gym class in the shower and her doctor had seen her naked.  Even her mom hadn’t seen her since she was around 8.  The thought of all those male hands feeling her up between her legs and squeezing her breasts gave her shivers of a kind she had never experienced before.
“You mean they get to put their hands all over us.”
“Oh, more than just their hands, dear.  By now they are all naked as well.”
Bobbie Lou had seen her dad once when she was eleven and stumbled on him coming out of the shower.  She had heard words like penis and cock and had played some show me games with the neighborhood gang when they were all around nine but this was her first glimpse of a grownup cock with hair and all.  In Mr. Jenkin’s biology class they had gone over the mechanics of how a man gets erect and where it went in a woman and how its job was to deliver sperm to her egg but all that was supposed to be after you got married.  Not upstairs in a two bit roadhouse.
“You mean they will touch me with their cocks?”
“More than that.  Tonight you will have cocks in your mouth, up your butt and in that cute little pussy.  Before tonight is out you will have experienced every kind of sex there is and I can’t do anything to help you except take as many of them as I can to keep them off of you.”
Bobbie Lou’s eyes widened.
“They’re going to fuck me?”
“Many times.  The only thing I can say is that the act of sex can be very pleasurable all by itself.  It is best when it is with someone you love but an orgasm is an orgasm.  I know you have been playing with yourself and experimenting with my dildo…”
“Mom! How did you….”
“You put it back in the wrong side of the drawer.  I want to know if you pushed it into yourself or just play around on the outside.”
“The outside the first few times but for the last month I started pushing it in.  After the talk about sex in sex ed I wanted to see what it felt like.  Now I can push the whole thing in.”
“Good.  Now when you were using it you used your imagination and wondered about a boy doing it with you, didn’t you?”
“Yes, but how…”
“All girls—and women—do it.  Now tonight just think of these men as dildos and use them as much as they use you.  Got that?”
“I think so.”
Just then George the videographer came in looking like a lost puppy.
“I’m sorry, Louise, they made me do this.  They threatened to expose me otherwise.”
Louise knew that George was gay and that he relied on his gig in the military reserves to make ends meet so she knew what he was talking about.
“It’s okay, George, I’m not upset with you.  In fact, I’m glad you’re here.”
“You are?”
“Yes.  None of us can do anything about this now but when you get back to your studio I want you to make duplicates of every piece of footage you get here tonight and get it to me as soon as possible.  Okay?”
“Good.  I also think Tommy is going to pull something to get me out of the picture for a while so I need you to look out for Bobbie Lou and make sure she doesn’t get hurt or things get too rough.  Okay?”
“Got it.”
“Okay. Go on back.  We will be out in a minute.”
George went back out as Bobbie Lou took her top and shorts off.  Being naked in front of her mother gave her more of those pleasant shivers she had experienced when thinking about using her mom’s dildo and she could feel the moistness between her legs.  Her mother was already nude.
“Here goes;” Louise said and led her daughter through the dressing room door to the Pussy Kat’s Upstairs Lounge.

Louise went first motioning Bobbie Lou to stay back for a moment.  The beautifully proportioned 30-year-old mother was a favorite with the upstairs customers.  As she had told her daughter so she herself believed.  She had been a virgin when she married Bobby at 16 but she wasn’t a prude when she came to sex.  She loved it.  One of the reasons she agreed to work at the Pussy Kat was that she missed Bobby and this way she could satisfy her sexual needs without the mess of an affair and make a living at the same time.
Glancing around the room she saw that the 12 had turned into 21.  Like Tommy had said, where would she go to report this.  Judge Bertram Wilberforce was sitting right between State Patrol Regional Director Mason Hughes and Sheriff John Thomas—whose namesake was actually quite impressive.  There also was Police Chief Andy Williams, Mayor Richard Potts, City Council President Amos Wilkes and Chamber of Commerce President Al Josephson who was sitting next to his most prominent member, Bank President Ronald Bucks.  The church was well represented by Reverend Bob Jones, Deacon Ralph Handel and Choirmaster Paul Long.  And if they did cry rape in this town who would be the doctors to collect the evidence?  Bobbie Lou’s GP Herb Andrews, her gynecologist Ralph Partum and her pediatrician Carl Bloom.  Rounding out the regular Townies was Grocer Sam Goodwin and gas station owner and mechanic Max Pyle.
Her school was well represented by her principal Scott Hawkins, homeroom teacher Howard Belding, her biology teacher Mark Jenkins, phy ed and health teacher as well as football, basketball and baseball coach Bill Anderson and even Joe Johnson the janitor.
They ranged in age from Joe the janitors 20 to Judge Wilberforce’s 60 but most of them were between 40 and 50 and married with daughters of their own.  How they could be sitting there knowing they were about to force a 14-year-old to have sex with them was beyond Louise’s comprehension.  Putting her best smile on she moved out to the middle of the room where two beds formed the centerpiece for the coming activities. By the time the evening ended they had been joined by 9 other pillars of the community to make a total of 30 Bobbie Lou would service.

“Gentlemen,” she said clearing her throat to quell the murmuring.  “As you are probably aware today is Bring Your Daughter To Work Day.  It was not my intention to include my daughter in these activities but my boss made it clear that she would be very welcome here.  As you are no doubt aware she has never been exposed to sex beyond what she has been told in sex ed class and what she has explored using my dildo from my bedroom so please treat her with the same respect as you have always shown me.”
This part was true.  She had had all these men at various times in the last year and they had all shown a modicum of respect.  Probably due to the fact that she lived in town and knew their families.
“Anyway, without further adieu, I present my daughter Bobbie Lou—named for both her father and myself…”
Bobbie Lou came out with downcast eyes and one hand covering her privates while the other covered her breasts.  She walked up and stood by her mother looking at the floor the whole way.
“Come, now, Bobbie Lou,” Louise said, “Don’t be bashful.  You know most of these men and you can see they aren’t afraid of displaying what they have.  Now drop your hands to your sides and put your head up.  Your are about to serve a very important need in the community and you should be proud of yourself.”
Bobbie Lou did and she was told and the first person she saw was her school principal, Mr. Hawkins.  She tried to keep herself looking at his eyes but she couldn’t curb her curiosity and dropped her gaze to the thick patch of black pubic hair at the base of a cock about the same dimensions as her mother seven inch long, inch and a half wide dildo. Once she had started she couldn’t stop and started to check out every cock she could see.
“All right, gents.” Louise said, “it is 6 PM and we’re only open until two so who has number 1?”
Bobbie Lou was stunned. 2 AM? Eight hours of fucking? She wondered if she would survive.  She had read rumors other girls had talked about in the showers about girls who had been raped to death.  Not raped and then killed but forced to have so much sex their bodies went into overload and they died.  Now she wondered if the were true.
Another tradition at the Pussy Kat was the number system just like at the meat counter at Mr. Goodwin’s grocery store.  As the men entered the room they pulled a green paper number from the red disc mounted on the wall.  The girl working the floor would pick up a cord from the floor by the bed with a plunger like button on the end and press it to change a little box above the bed to the number of the person who was being serviced.
“I am,” said Judge Wilberforce.  It was also the tradition that you were serviced by the girl that called your number and there was a look of regret on the Judge’s aristocratic face as he stood.
Just then Tommy came up the steps.
“Excuse me, gentlemen,” he said, “I am afraid Alice has called in sick and I need you downstairs, Louise.”
She glared at him and if looks could kill he would have been so dead it would be like he was never born.  She stood defiant.
“NOW, Louise!” he said as he ignored he glare.
Reluctantly, Louise looked down at her daughter. Then she reached over and took Bobbie Lou’s head in both her hands and turned her face toward her. Bending down she gave her daughter her first ever French kiss.  Startled, it took Bobbie Lou a minute to start responding to her mom’s mouth and tongue but when she did she felt the tingle in her tummy starting up again.
“Be good and just relax and you’ll be fine. Try and count your orgasms if you think you are getting bored.  My record is 20 in one night.”
All this Louise whispered in her daughter’s ear as she handed the number control button to Bobbie Lou.  Then she walked over and headed down the stairs with Tommy on her heals.

This is really it, Bobbie Lou thought to herself. She was about to find out how her mom brought home the bacon.  She glanced at the box above the bed and said, “Number one.”
Wasting no time the Judge walked up and grabbed her in a bear hug.  He was a 60 year old with the libido of a man half his age and, since his wife died a year ago of cancer he had become a regular at the Pussy Kat.  He had a granddaughter Bobbie Lou’s age.  In fact they were in some of the same classes and now he was about to fulfill his fantasy with Bobbie Lou playing the part of Rosie.
He determined to treat her as he had his wife on their wedding night, with tenderness and concern.  He started by continuing her mother’s kiss then gently blowing in her ear and kissing her neck.  He laid her back on the bed and lay down beside her and took some time on her marvelous orange sized breasts with their inch and a half nipples that now stood erect.  As he moved down her stomach someone taunted him with, “Cradle robber!”
The Judge just smiled and looked up at the direction the voice came from.
“If there’s hair on the muff, she’s old enough!” he replied and blew across her beautiful little blond bush. 
A lot of the girls at school shaved themselves down there but right now Bobbie Lou was glad she didn’t.  The light blow and then gentle graze of his hand along the top of her hairs without touching her skin was incredible.  Like a thousand little antennas saying get ready something’s coming.
Then the Judge rolled on top of her but put his face between her legs and started to run his tongue along her slit. She felt her juices flowing and wanted to apologize but instinctively knew that this was what the Judge was trying to get her to do.  Then he came to her clit and she felt the rush of her first orgasm course through her.  The Judge felt her come and moved up over her.  His cock was neither small nor large but just an average 7 incher and with one thrust all seven inches plowed into her up to the hilt.  Bobbie Lou was surprised but not in pain.  She remembered her mother’s instructions and was fantasizing about Jimmy Ward who lived next door and was 15.  She had had a crush on him for a year and now she imagined Jimmy was on top of her.
Her pussy felt glorious and it only took the Judge about 4 minutes, long enough for him to coax another orgasm out of Bobbie Lou as he came with her and pumped her full of his load of sperm.  The feel of his cock expanding in her along with he awareness that this was really going “all the way” accompanied by the sudden liquid warmth inside of her which she knew could give her a baby sent her into a third powerful orgasm.
The Judge pulled out and number two turned out to be her principal Mr. Hawkins. He was built about the same as the Judge in every respect and with her eyes closed she conjured up the image of Jimmy again as she felt her school’s leader slide his cock in with the help of the Judge’s load sliding out. He lasted about 3 minutes before adding to the Judge’s swimmers looking for her egg.
Next up was the youngest man there, Joe the Janitor.  How often had he watched these nubile young girls practicing their seduction techniques on their male classmates or teachers they wanted good grades from?  Of course, at their age it was all look and don’t touch.  And this girl was one of the hottest. It was time to end the “don’t touch” policy.
He took one of the towels from a small chest next to the bed and wiped as much of the cum off her pussy as he could and then dove between her thighs and became the first to taste her sweet juices.  This was all new for Bobbie Lou who played with her own hard nipples as Joe brought her to the brink of another climax.  Then he stopped and she whimpered as he moved up over her and thrust in.  There was no subtlety to their lovemaking.  They went after each other with raw lust as Bobbie Lou abandoned herself to her fate and wrapped her legs around Joe’s muscular thighs pulling him into her as deep as possible.  They went at it for about 6 minutes before both of them grunted in the ecstasy of a mutual orgasm.
Coach Anderson stepped up and flipped Bobbie Lou over on her stomach.  He decided it was time to give her pussy a rest.  He reached into the chest next to the towels and took out a tube of K-Y.  Applying a generous amount to her little pink anus and another generous amount to his fingers, he began the process of devirginizing her ass.  He started with his pinkie finger for about a minute and then switched to his pointer for another.  As she slowly stretched he added a second finger and then a third. After five minutes he leaned in and slid his 8-incher home.  Bobbie Lou felt his pubic hair tickle her ass as his balls bounced on her clit.  After all the anticipation and foreplay, Coach only made it about 4 minutes until he gave her ass it first load of cum. 
Her biology teacher, Mr. Jenkins, and homeroom teacher, Mr. Belding, as numbers 5 and 6 followed the lead of Coach Anderson soon her ass was as lubricated and warmed up as her pussy.
Reverend Bob Jones also took his lead from Coach Anderson but not in the orifice used.  He also decided it was time to open new territory.  As she sat on the edge of the bed recovering from her many orgasms, he stepped between her legs and told her to open her mouth.  Reluctantly she did so and soon had 5 inches of holy meat introducing themselves to her tonsils.
Her small mouth felt so good.
“Think of it as a lollipop,” he told her and she started to suck and lick which sent him over the edge.  He made no effort to pull out.  Quite the contrary.  He pushed as deep in her throat as he could get and unloaded.
She didn’t even taste it because he was so deep.  Deacon Handel and Choirmaster Long also went the oral route but they pulled back enough that they shot into her mouth with strict instructions to swallow, which she followed to the letter.
Once she had swallowed and cleared her throat she pressed the button and called, “10”.
Bank president Ronald Bucks stepped up.  “Call the next two numbers.”
“What?” she asked in confusion.
“You heard me.  Call 11 and 12.”
She did and the presidents of the city council and chamber of commerce, Amos Wilkes and Al Josephson respectively, stepped up.  All three men were erect and sported 8 to 9 inches of fairly thick cock.
Ron Bucks lay down on his back and pulled her up on top of him where she guided his cock into her pussy.  As they reached a rhythm, Amos Wilkes knelt down at their heads and pushed his cock into her mouth. 
“My, God!” she thought to herself, “what kind of slut am I taking two cocks at once?”
The question became irrelevant a moment later when she felt Al Josephson on the bed behind them and then his cock entering her ass.
The sensations for all 4 were incredible.  The men had gone a long time since anything so feminine and tight had sucked at their cocks while Bobbie Lou felt more stuffed than a Thanksgiving turkey.
Amos came first and she swallowed as fast as she could as she could feel another orgasm approach.  There was a sudden twitch and warmth in her has ass Al followed.  Ron lasted the longest before thrusting up deep into her and the audience watched his cock swell and twitch as the tube at the base of his cock pulsed with his load of sperm.  As Bobbie Lou pulled off of him a big dollop of white goo slid out of her pussy onto his stomach and everyone applauded.
They let her have a 10 minute break and then it was the turn of the medical practitioners, then the merchants and then law enforcement.  Last to go were the Mayor and the Area Manager for her Girl Scout Troop.
Then it was time for another 10 minute break.  After that it was all a blur of orgasms for Bobbie Lou as they ignored the number system and just took turns singly, doubly or three at a time.
By 2 AM closing Bobbie Lou had around 60 loads of sperm shot into her pussy alone and an enemas worth in her ass.  Her stomach was so full of sperm she wasn’t hungry so her mom just took her straight home to bed.

Louise told her when she got to school to just act like nothing had happened.  Her teachers and the principle were hardly in a position to talk about it since they had been part of it.  On their way to school, they swung by George’s video store where he gave them a grocery bag full of raw footage from the night before.  Louise told Bobbie Lou that this bag of tapes was their ticket to a better life.  All she had to do was get through the day and they would start collecting more than the $2,000 Tommy had paid her for her day at mommy’s work.
But the first thing that happened when she got to her homeroom was Mr. Belding sending her to the principal’s office.  When she arrived, she found Coach Anderson and Principle Hawkins in conversation. 
“Hello, Bobbie Lou,” began the principle, “in light of last night’s events you are being excused from all regular classes today and will be helping Coach Anderson on a special project today.  He will explain it all to you so please go with him.”
Confused, Bobbie Lou followed the Coach to his office that had one entrance from the hall and another door that led to the boys’ locker room.
“As you learned in Health Class,” the Coach began as he sat down at his desk and motioned for her to sit down in one of the chairs across from him, “teenage pregnancies are on the increase as is the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.”
“I remember. But what has that got to do with me?  I was told everyone last night was disease free.”
“Oh, they are.  Doc checks us out regularly.  And as for the pregnancy part, we are aware that you are at the peak of fertility the last two days and given last night’s activities you should be pregnant now.  But what we need your help in is satisfying the curiosity and urges of your male classmates.  I have 6 classes of 30 students each today but instead of hitting the gym we will be staying right in the locker room where you will give them access to your body so that they may learn how best to please their girlfriends in ways that won’t result in pregnancy.  All of the students have been tested by Doc and they are also disease free like everyone last night. Put this on.”
He reached in his drawer and pulled out an elastic Spiderman mask with a slit that lined up with her mouth.  She took it and waited.
“What are you waiting for?” Coach asked.
“The rest of the outfit.”
“There is no rest of the outfit.  You have that to help protect your privacy but still give them access to your mouth.  You can hang the rest of your clothes up on the coat rack.”
Bobbie Lou stood up and did as she was told.  A minute later she was as naked as she had been the night before.  She tucked her hair into the Spiderman mask and pulled it into place.
Coach took her through the door that led to that mysterious place known as the boys locker room. The benches had been moved to the side and a mattress was placed on the floor.  The bell rang and soon the locker room filled up with 30 horny fellow freshman.  Through her mirrored Spiderman eyes she could recognize her soon to be ravishers and noted her heartthrob Jimmy among them. 
“Boys,” said Coach, “today we have the rare opportunity for a hands-on sex ed class. Before you is one of your fellow students who has agreed to donate her body to your scrutiny and probing and all she asks in return is that you make no effort to identify her.  Now gather in closer and we will start with basic anatomy.”
“Since she is naked, Coach, shouldn’t we be naked, too?” asked a normally shy Bob Small.
“Certainly, Bob.”
So soon there were 30 naked cocks ranging in age from 13 to 15 and in size from 4 to 8 inches.  Some had hair some were bald and some were like Bobbie Lou, enough to be considered almost adult but still bald enough to show their youth.
Coach started out by gently squeezing her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples. He then moved down and stroked her slit making sure he hit her clit each time.  He pointed out the features of her anatomy as he rubbed and she felt herself start to cum in front of the whole class. As she did, she moaned out loud and spasmed.
“That is the response you want, gentleman,” Coach said. “You want her to have an orgasm so she will be more conducive to giving you pleasure as well.”
Coach had stripped down as well and now got between Bobbie Lou’s knees with his hard on aimed straight at her pussy.
“Another thing you want to do before attempting intercourse is to make sure she is properly lubricated because there is nothing more painful than plunging yourself into dry pussy.”
At this point he bent over and lifted her by her buttocks until he could lap at her pussy.  He let his saliva flow freely and spread it around well before setting her body, gasping at her second orgasm, back on the mattress.
“In addition you may notice a drop of clear liquid on the tip of your cock. This is called pre-cum and has a very high lubricity.  Make sure you rub this on her opening for added lubrication like this.”  At this point, he leaned in and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her wet slit.  “And before you know it all this lubrication will have made both of you slippery so you can slide right in like this?”
Without further ado, the Coach rammed all inches into her, causing Bobbie Lou to gasp and the class to cheer.  He held himself in her with his balls on her ass and his pubic hair mingled with hers while her clit was mashed with pleasure between their pelvic bones.
“Once you are in, you may begin the actual fuck by pulling almost out and then ramming it home again.” 
He demonstrated this for the class.
“Again, let your feelings go and enjoy the sensations of a tight pussy on your cock.  Don’t worry about trying to make your girl cum because they ALL do—in their own way.  Once again Bobbie Lou was being brought to the brink of a climax by a cock in her pussy.
“And of course,” Coach said, “every thing builds up to the moment of—“ Coach moaned, thrust in deep and said. “—ejaculation!”
The boys stared wide-eyed. Nearly all the freshmen were virgins but they had all jacked off and knew what the Coach was doing inside their classmate—whoever she was—without a condom or any apparent protection against pregnancy.
When Coach pulled out they could all see his cum dribble out of her as she lay panting. As the male students were now all erect. Coach lined them up in order from the smallest cock to the largest and then let them each take their turn riding Bobbie Lou.  As the last boy mounted her she noted that it was Jimmy, the biggest cock in his class, and she got turned on in spite of the soreness that was returning to her pussy as a result of the previous night’s ordeal and the 30 fucks so far this morning.
When Jimmy finished, the Coach ordered everyone into the showers and the boys were to clean the girl up all over.
While the boys held Bobbie Lou and her waterproof Spiderman mask upside down with her legs spread the shower on full force in an improvised douche, the coach made sure his cameras had caught all the action and put new tapes in for the 2nd class of freshmen.
And so Bobbie Lou fucked another 30 freshmen followed by a class of 30 sophomores.
Coach let her dress for lunch and she walked as best she could to the cafeteria and acted as normal as possible for someone who knew 90 of her fellow students more intimately than most of their girlfriends.
After lunch it was 2 classes of juniors and then 30 seniors.
Some of the seniors had been around the block a few times with their girlfriends but none of them had made it with a 14-year-old.  Ronald Meeks, captain of the football team, wasn’t going to let a little thing like a mask protect this little sluts identity so on the way to the shower he slipped a magic marker out of his locker and signaled to his classmates to be quiet while the dried her off.  Rubbing her off vigorously with the towels Coach provided, she never noticed Ron drawing a star on the back of her right thigh just above and slightly outside her knee where she would never see it when putting her shoes on.
After 186 fucks—Coach got to demonstrate once an hour—Bobbie Lou wanted nothing more than a weekend in bed—alone—to give her pussy a chance to recuperate.  Sex, she decided, was indeed a great thing but too much sex just got boring.  She handed Coach the Spiderman mask and then saw that her clothes from that morning were gone.
Coach reached down and picked up her backpack.  Inside were her skirt and blouse all folded up.
“You can leave those in there,” he said.  “I know how much you want to be a cheerleader so I spoke to Miss Vance and told her about all your hard work here today and she put you on the team.  Here is your uniform.  You can wear it home tonight.”
He opened his desk and pulled out the white and blue top and pleated miniskirt that were the trademark of the cheerleaders.  The top was like a long sleeve T-shirt with soft smooth fabric that molded to the cheerleaders upper torso and the miniskirt was barely long enough to cover her sex while standing up.  Sitting down, her crotch would be exposed to anyone passing by if it weren’t for the blue panties that matched the skirt that the team wore.
“Where are the panties?” she asked.
“Miss Vance was out of those at the moment but said you should be okay since you walk to school.”
“And the sports bra?”
“They are on order, too.”
She started to reach into her backpack for the ones she had worn that morning.
“You won’t find the ones you wore today,” Coach said.  “Miss Vance took them home to wash them for you because she was so appreciative that you filled in for her today.  Normally, as the female athletic director, it falls under her duties to perform the services you provided today so she was more than happy to help you out.”
Reluctantly, Bobbie Lou pulled the thin soft cheerleading top over her head.  Not only was it formfitting and soft, without the sports bra it had enough translucency that you could make out her nipples through the fabric.  She was embarrassed by this which only served to make them more erect and stand out in front of her like headlights on a car.
She pulled the short skirt up and could feel the fresh air on her pussy as she walked.  As she sat across from coach to put her shoes on she saw that he made no effort to hide the fact that he was staring at her pussy so she decided to make no effort to hide it.  He had had it 6 times already that day maybe he was addicted.  She finished with her shoes, picked up her backpack and headed out the door.
As she left, Coach Anderson noted the black magic marker star on her right thigh and knew at once that one of the seniors wanted to know the identity of the little slut from health class but said nothing to Bobbie Lou about it other than to suggest she might want to cut through the woods on the way home since it was shorter.
Bobbie Lou nodded in agreement.

Her normal walk home on the streets was about a mile because of the woods that stood between her home and the school.  There was a path that led through the woods and cut her trip down to half a mile but she had been warned against using it because it was a good place for perverts and rapists to lie in wait.  But to avoid the embarrassment of no panties or bra she decided it was worth the risk.
She was halfway through the woods and had come to the foot bridge over the creek that ran through the trees when she heard the unmistakable sounds of bicycles behind her. She turned to see Ronald Meeks leading what looked to be the entire Tour de France.  Ron and the front two riders passed Bobbie Lou on the narrow bridge and came to a stop blocking the end of the bridge she was headed toward.  He had brought the entire football team—40 guys—only 10 of whom had had health that day and fucked Bobbie Lou.
“Looking good in that cheerleader outfit, Bobbie Lou,” Ron said.  “In fact you look fuckable and irresistible or should I say irresistibly fuckable and I have never been one to pass up something that was irresistible so I think I will fuck you right here in broad daylight on this bridge in front of my entire team.”
“Ronald Meeks,” Bobbie Lou scolded, “How dare you talk to me that way!  Just because I am a cheerleader doesn’t mean I am a plaything for the football team.  I am not that kind of girl!”
“So you only fuck in the locker room where Coach can get it all on tape!”
“What are you talking about?”
“Just an hour ago myself and nine of my teammates were sampling the feminine charms that lie between your legs, Bobbie Lou.”
“I don’t know who you are talking about but it wasn’t me!”
“I guess you are right, Bobbie Lou.  While we were drying her off after her shower I managed to draw a stay on the back of her right thigh just above the knee.  But you wouldn’t have a star like that would you. Bobbie Lou?”
Instinctively she tried to look at the back of her right thigh.
“Oh believe me—it’s there.”
“That’s not fair!” she screamed at him.  “I only agreed to do it because Coach said no one would know it was me!”
“Don’t worry. None of us will spill the beans that you played the school slut but you have to finish what you started.”
“Christ,” she exclaimed, “I did what Coach asked. I’m done!”
“No you aren’t!  Only 10 of us got to be in health class today.  The other 30 haven’t had the opportunity to sample your wares.  That is not good for my teams’ morale.  Jealousy will tear them apart.  So I have to insist that you do the remaining 30 so we can all be equal and get this behind us.”
While he was talking, the 10 she had already fucked moved across the bridge to join him.
“I’m not going to risk lying on the ground and getting my new outfit dirty,” she said and she turned toward the bridge railing on which she folded her arms and laid her head as she bent over. 
She glared at Ronald as one by one the remaining members of the football team stepped up behind her and fucked her before crossing the bridge to join their captain. 30 doses of cum left her insides feeling squishy and the insides of her thighs coated with the stuff that dribbled out from lack of space. The good thing she had learned about adolescent boys as the day had gone on was that they were quick to cum.  The bad thing about adolescent boys was that they were quick to cum as well.  The beauty of the day for her was that there were plenty of adolescent boys so that she was able to build to her own orgasm every 4th or 5th boy.
When the last boy finished with her they simply mounted their bikes and rode off.
She stopped at the SA down the street from her house and used the restroom to wash as much as the cum off her thighs and pussy as she could before going home.
Louisa was pleased that Bobbie Lou had made the cheerleading squad but it was obvious that the previous nights debauchery had left Bobbie Lou more tired than she thought.  Bobbie Lou decided not to tell her mother about her day servicing the boys of her school.  She knew she felt guilty for not being able to protect her at the club and she didn’t want her to worry about what happened at school as well.
“I’m just really tired, mom,” she said. “I was up pretty late last night.  I’m just going straight to bed.”
“Okay, sweetheart.  Tomorrow is Saturday so you can sleep in.”
Up in her room, Bobbie Lou stripped off the top and bottom of her cheerleading outfit and looked at herself in the mirror.  She looked the same as she had two nights ago when she had masturbated herself to sleep dreaming about dating and wondering what it would be like to go all the way with a boy.  She looked at her watch and saw that it was a few minutes after 6 PM.
24 hours, she thought.  Just 24 hours since the Judge took her virginity and her curiosity about cocks and going all the way had been satisfied—more than satisfied.  She crawled under the covers and cupped her pussy as she drifted off to sleep with dreams of a life of continuous gangbanging.

 She woke up at 9 AM and spent a moment rubbing her pussy and noting that despite the workout of the previous 2 days, it seemed to have regained much of its former tone and tightness.  But she decided she would start a regimen of isometrics to make sure that no one could ever call her a “Loose” woman.  For now she slid one finger as deep inside herself as she could and practiced squeezing it as tightly as she could.  I didn’t feel as tight as it had right after she had used the dildo the first time and checked herself out right afterward.  Then she tried to fingers as seemed able to apply a good amount of pressure on them so she did 10 repetitions, waited for a count of 10 and then did 10 more.  She checked her clock and did this rhythm for five minutes.  She decided she would have her mom buy her some dildos or other toys with some of the money she had earned on Thursday night.
When she came down to breakfast her mother seemed to be positively glowing.
“What’s up?” Bobbie Lou asked.
“Neither us is going to have to work for a very long time.”
“What do you mean?”
“While you were at school yesterday and after you went to bed last night, I was down at George’s video shop using his editing equipment. I have copies of every tape George made that night and backup copies stashed in a safety deposit box at a bank at the capitol. A key to that box is with an attorney who has instructions to turn the entire collection over to the attorney general if I personally instruct him to or if he fails to hear from me once a month.”
“Why do that?”
“Because there are people who would kill rather than part with their money.  And if they want to keep their individual involvement in sex with a 14 year old from landing in the hands of their families then they will need to pay—considerably!”
“COOL!  What about Coach’s tapes?”
“What do you mean?”
So Bobbie Lou related what happened at the school the day before and on the way home after.  She knew about the tapes because she caught a glimpse of Coach checking the equipment when he thought he was unobserved.  Louisa was furious.
“That bastard!” she exclaimed. 
She knew the Coach Bill Anderson had 2 daughters aged 12 and 13 and decided that he would suffer a special kind of hell along with Principal Scott Hawkins and his 16-year-old cheerleader daughter.  They hatched a plan for a special party upstairs at the Pussy Kat on Thursday night. 
On Monday, Louisa gave Tommy notice that she was quitting effective immediately.  He tried to insist that she give him longer notice and she reminded him that it was evident on those tapes whose facility had been used in the gang rape of an underaged girl. She also told him to reserve her the upstairs room on Thursday night for a special going away party.  He started quoting her rates and she told him he would do it gratis to keep his involvement under wraps.  Since he had already paid them $2,000 that night she told him she wouldn’t ask him for any money—just the room for one night and their relationship would be concluded.  Reluctantly, Tommy agreed.
Then she went to the school.  She had kept Bobbie Lou at home that morning to keep the Principal and Coach from trying a repeat of Friday.  To her surprise, Bobbie Lou was reluctant to stay home until her mom agreed to get her some vibrators and dildos.  She was impressed when Bobbie Lou told her about her plans to reclaim the tightness of her pre-abused pussy so when she decided she wanted sex she could give her lover what had been taken from her.
So with Bobbie Lou starting her fitness regimen at home, Louisa told Principal Hawkins to call the Coach to the office.  When they were both behind closed doors with her she told them that Bobbie Lou had told her about the day long gang bang they had perpetrated on her.  Like shooting someone up with heroin, they had hooked her daughter on sex and so they were going to have to show up at the Pussy Kat for a private party because Bobbie Lou needed more.  They agreed readily.  She told them to spread the word to the others who had been there as well.
On Thursday Bobbie Lou made sure she talked to Coach’s oldest daughter, Shelly, and the Principal’s daughter, Joan, about going to Shelbyville for a chance at getting tickets to an upcoming roadshow of High School Musical.  Her mom was taking her after supper and could pick them up at 5:30.  She told Shelly to bring her younger sister Susie with.
At 6 PM Louisa drove into the Pussy Kat Klub parking lot with her daughter, 16 year old blond bombshell Joan Hawkins, 13 year old brunette Shelly Anderson and her 12 year old auburn haired sister Susie whose body was just starting to sprout with breast buds that began needing a training bra only two months before. They recognized their dads’ cars in the parking lot.
“Your fathers wanted to give you your ticket money themselves so let’s go in and meet them.”
Bobbie Lou led the way in the back door and up the back steps to the dressing room with Louisa bringing up the rear.  Once there, Louisa opened up her purse and produced tickets for each of the girls whose confusion was immediately apparent.
“We are here for a special party.  The same kind of party that your fathers helped arrange for Bobbie Lou last Thursday.  You see, you fathers like sex just like any man.  But unlike some men they like sex with young girls like Bobbie Lou here. In fact, they even like reliving it.”
She moved the clothing rack and unhooked a sheet hanging on the wall to reveal something Bobbie Lou had missed the week before—a one way mirror with a view of the stage.  It was there so that girls could wait until their co-workers signaled they wanted a break and they could trade places without seeming to call on each other.
Now it served as a way for the girls to see the roomful of men without them seeing them.  George had done his work well.  A giant screen TV was playing highlights of the previous weeks activities with Bobbie Lou leaving nothing to the imagination.  After about 5 minutes Louisa turned to the girls.
“I know you love your fathers and I know what they did here and what you are seeing is highly illegal and could get them thrown in jail for a very long time.  That does not need to happen.  But Bobbie Lou cannot handle them alone any more so you are going to help her.  If you refuse, the tapes you are seeing will go to the attorney general and you can go out there and kiss your fathers good bye.”
All three girls were stunned but it was Joan who recovered first.
“You mean you expect us to strip and go out there and let all those men fuck us?”
“But Susie’s only 12!” Shelly said.
“Susie pull your pants down!” Louisa ordered.  Susie reluctantly did as she was told and revealed a nice light growth of new pubic hair.  “Like the judge said last week, if there’s hair on the muff, she’s old enough.  Besides your dads are out there to see you don’t get hurt.  So strip everyone!”
With great reluctance, the girls did as they were told.  When they were all naked Louisa told them that they would have their anonymity protected because she would see to it that the men were blindfolded.
She kept her own clothes on this time and went out the door to the stage area. 
“You have created a monster in my daughter, gentlemen!  A horny unsatiable sex fiend that you are going to have to satisfy.  She found a couple of friends who want to help her but are embarrassed about being caught so you will find a stack of blindfolds you will put on and leave on until told to take them off.  Now the girls have been told not to talk to help them remain anonymous but they are all virgins and so I expect you to take the same care with them that the Judge took with my daughter.  So put your blindfolds on!”
The men did as instructed.
“Now we are going to line the girls up on stage and when you finish with one move to your left and you can do the next one.  At the moment the first two are ready so we will start with Coach and Principal Hawkins.”
She took each of them by the arm and guided them to the bed where she placed the Principal’s hands on the spread open thighs of his daughter.  To the right of her lay Shelly with Susie on the other end.  Louisa guided Coach to his oldest daughters legs and stepped back telling the men to go ahead.  She nodded to George who started rolling tape and capturing close-up action. 
After about five minute of oral ministration and finger warm ups the two men rose over their daughters and rammed their cocks home.  After another 5 minutes both men groaned as they came inside their daughters.  Taking their arms she then guided the Principal between Shelly’s legs and Coach between his youngest daughter’s thighs. 
As the men repeated their oral ministrations, George started running the Coach’s private stash of the Principal’s authorized gangbang of Bobbie Lou by her classmates.  The tape was imprinted with a time code that showed how she had been fucked over and over for 6 hours.  While this played, Louisa removed the blindfolds from the other men with a “Shhh” in their ears and a point to the locker room video.
By the time the two men were nearing their 2nd climax, the Judge was driving home in Joan and Louisa was ready to slip the blindfolds off the two fathers.  As soon as they seemed to have reached the end of their climaxes, the blindfolds came off and Scott Hawkins and Bill Anderson looked down to see what they had done.  Or in this case, WHO they had done. 
Bill Anderson realized he had just had sex with both his daughters while Bill Anderson realized that the first girl he had fucked had been his own daughter, the daughter that the Judge was now filling with cum.
“End of the line, Coach,” Louisa said.
The two men rose up in indignation but the Judge said, “It is fair payback, gentlemen.”
The looked at him stunned as he nodded to the big screen.  For the first time they realized that their own tapes of the locker room were being used against them.
“You crossed a line,” continued the Judge as he moved over to Shelly and rammed himself into her already twice used pussy and started using her for his own pleasure.
The Principal moved over to Susie and Coach went to the end of the line while number 4 stepped in between Joan’s legs and slid his cock in with the aid of the two doses of cum already in place.

After that night, Louisa assured the men that she wasn’t greedy and that $100 a month from each would keep those tapes in their vault and she and Bobbie Lou could easily live on $3000 tax free dollars a month along with her dead husband’s social security and the social service programs the continued to take advantage of with their reportable low income.
When Bobbie Lou turned 18 that extra income dropped to $2900 a month because it didn’t seem fair to Louisa to continue charging Joe the Janitor since he became her son-in-law and adopted Bobbie Lou’s three year old daughter, Georgina.  Since no DNA tests had been done she could easily BE his.
Since their social security survivor benefits dropped when Bobbie Lou turned 18, they put their tapes to good use on the fledgling internet with their own pornsite.  They obscured the men’s faces but had plenty of good tapes and pictures to sell to make themselves a tidy fortune…..

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Every day there's always something better.

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Over 40 thousand reads, and only one comment? A recent one, at that? This story's been on the board since 2009, with no comments? Did the board even exist in 2009? Damn. Well, it deserves at least one other comment, so here goes. I did read the story, cute, and kinda funny. Are you still around, JD?

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Loved the story. Smart mom. Turned that around nicely. I would love to hear more from the author as well.
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He recently posted a new story The Bank Customer here at:
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He has many more on this site.  Just go to his profile and look at his posts.   
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