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An erotic poem. A magnificent night.

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on: July 10, 2017, 02:36:11 PM
A few weeks ago, Well Behaved Lady was kind enough to share some of her poetry with us.     The poem was titled Mutual Respect

I enjoyed it so much, I copy and pasted it to my boyfriend in an email. 

He replied by text after reading it.   "Wow.  That was amazing."

My response.   "That's going to be us tonight!" 

I laughed when I read what he wrote next.   "I'll apologize now, because I won't last 2 minutes watching you do that." 

We have had a wonderful sexual relationship since we started dating, but we have never masturbated in front of each other.   

As you all know, I'm not a story writer.  But I had the idea to write about our night.  So, I asked Wubble if she would be okay with me intertwining her poem with my story, and she said yes.  My boyfriend also gave his approval for me to go forward with it.  

I hope you find it worthy of your time.

Our adventure was a role play on Wubble's poem, which is highlighted in orange.


I watch and observe his naked form
The door ajar inviting me in
His touch one of familiarity
I remain hidden respecting the view

I had just finished washing my face of makeup as I got ready for bed when I thought I heard a noise coming from the bedroom.   I didn't think Mark was coming to bed yet.   I reached for the door, opening it but a crack and peeking in. 

I caught my breath.  The nightstand light was on.  Mark was sitting up in bed, the pillow between his back and the headboard.   His hand was fondling his hardening penis.  

I've touched his manhood many times.   But I had never witnessed him touching himself in this way.   I imagined the feel of when he hardens in my hand........  The warmth it emits.  The feel of it stiffening, while filling with blood. 

Was he planning on making love to me tonight, and was just preparing himself?  Or did he suddenly get the urge to touch himself?   Did he want me to see him doing this to himself?    No, of course he wouldn't.  It is a private thing.  He was just getting ready for me.  

I remained still.   My eyes transfixed.

Partially disrobed
I ponder my own form
My desire him
My touch equal to his

I enjoyed watching his penis lenghten to its full potential.  I've always viewed the transition from soft, to hard and rigid, as magical.  My breathing had quickened in the short time it took as I watched this happen.

I found my hand caressing my torso under my t-shirt, from just beneath my breasts down to the hem of my underwear.  My fingertips gently gliding across my skin, giving me goosebumps, exciting me, making me warm but cold at the same time.  

My hand went higher, seeking out the tip of my breast.   I felt a flutter in my stomach at the touch.   Barely touching my skin, I rubbed circles around my peak.  I love to touch myself like that....when I'm alone.

The other hand glided across the outside of my underwear.  The middle finger stroked at the material gently, and in turn tickled my labia on the other side.   A feeling I much enjoy.  Then, using three fingers, applying a bit more pressure while rubbing in a circular motion.

The head of his penis was stretched tight, the skin was almost mirror-like.  In its surface, I could see a tiny reflection of the light emitting from the nightstand lamp.

I ached to feel my fingers without the cotton barrier.  Skin touching skin.   I slipped my underwear down just over my hips and touched myself.   I gasped......too loudly.

A deathly silence broken by a murmur, discovered
The gap of light now cast upon me
We sit and watch feet away
A mutual admiration within our reach

His eyes glanced toward the almost shut door.   I should have shut off the bathroom light earlier.  Now he had caught me observing him.    Our eyes locked on each others.   I didn't know what to do and remained still.   Had I ruined this moment that we were both enjoying?  He, what was meant to be private.  Me as a voyeur, something I had only done one other time.   Thinking back to that prior time, I had touched myself then, also.

"Come in here Jules," he said in a firm voice.

I remained still.  Was he upset with me for watching his private moment?  If so, he had a right to be. I felt I had betrayed him.  

Though he could see my face, the rest of my body was hidden behind the door.  I attempted to pull my underwear up.   Did he know what I was doing?  

"Come out.  As you are."

I opened the door.  I didn't realize that my underwear was askew, not quite up on my left hip.    I approached the side of the bed and stood, anticipating being reprimanded.  

"Were you enjoying watching me?"

I barely nodded.

"You were touching yourself, weren't you?"   I swallowed.  Yes, he knew.  Guilt crossed my face.  I remained silent.

I looked at his hand, still stroking his shaft.  He waited for me to say something.

"Can I watch you finish?"

"Yes."   He paused.   "While you masturbate for me.  Undress."   It was not a question asking me if I would, it was a directive for me to do so.

I have never done this for him.  It's a private thing.  Something to be done in private.   But I also know that I would share anything with this man I have come to love.   And suddenly the thought of doing it for him arouses me.   I reach for the hem of my pajama top and lift it over my head.

"God, I love your tits.  They're so fucking perfect." 

He knows I don't like that word to describe my breasts.  He also knows I don't care for profanity.   But his statement excites me.

"I want those panties on the floor.   Then show me how you like to play with your pussy when I'm not around."

Another word I don't like.  Then reality hit me for a moment.  Does he know I masturbate thinking of him when I'm alone, during those times he can't spend the night with me? 

I lower my underwear and step out of them.   I stand in front of him as he looks at my nakedness.  His eyes linger on my lower body.   Just recently he told me he enjoys the contrast of my tanned skin to my non-tanned skin, with my pubic hair framed in the middle.  His gaze finally raises to my breasts.  Again he admires the view.   My tanned chest and stomach, with my white breasts.  His eyes then focus on my erect nipples.  I enjoy his eyes looking at my body.  I'm both nervous and excited thinking of what I was about to do.

"Sit in the chair, facing me."

I turn and position the overstuffed armchair to face my bed.   The chair normally reserved for late night reading, or visits to KB, when I can't sleep.   I sit down in it as he moves to the edge of the bed.  His feet now rest on the floor, our toes inches apart.

His eyes riveted on my pubic region, I slowly spread my legs.  My hand sliding across my belly.   The index and ring finger softly gliding down my lips.  The middle finger lightly pressing along my crease, separating it ever so slightly.

We watch and observe
Eyes full of lust
A need to reach out and touch
A difficult restraint

My eyes rarely leave the sight of his stroking hand.  His penis seems so large between his forefinger and thumb.  The head more more swollen and red than ever before.   Occasionally I'd glance up to his face.  His eyes transfixed on my hand.  No, not my hand....he's looking at my pussy.   Me fondling my pussy.

I felt so dirty doing this for him, but found it so exciting at the same time.  I could be dirtier though, I thought.   My index and ring finger applied pressure to my labia and I spread myself open to give him a better look at my womanly folds.  I was watching his face as I did this.  No sound came out of his mouth, but reading his lips, he said, "Holy shit." 

My finger rubbed my clitoris in a circular motion before sliding lower to first rub my inner lips for a moment, before I inserted the full length into my wet passage.  I relish the initial penetration.  Involuntarily I arched my back.  Pushing my breasts upward.  God I wanted him to look at my breasts right now and take them in his hands.   I love when he fondles my breasts and licks, kisses, and teases my nipples.

"I want to fuck you so hard right now, Jules."  

Thank God, he said that.    "I want you too.  Come do it."   I craved wrapping my arms and legs around him while he penetrated me over and over.

"No, I want to see you make yourself cum."

"Please," I begged as my middle finger caressed the inside wall of my vagina.  "Please fuck me.  Right now."

He didn't respond.  That was my answer.  

He had slowed a bit, I imagine he was close.  His testicles were tightening, pulling up toward his body.   I felt a quiver knowing what I was doing to him, and what he was doing to me.

Our need for fulfillment matched
Our desire for each other unequal
Our thoughts in sync
Our release together

My free hand engulfed a breast.   I squeezed roughly at first.  Letting go, my index finger and thumb took my nipple between them, rolling it softly.  

I withdrew my finger to find my clitoris again.   The circular motion felt better than wonderful.   I tried to spread myself wider with my other two fingers.   I wanted to be dirty for him in this moment.  Dirtier.   I wanted him to see me like he never has.   My love and trust for this man told me it was okay to do this for him.   He had the same idea.

"Put your legs over the arms of the chair.  Spread your pussy wider."

I didn't hesitate and lifted a leg over the padded arm, then the other.   He has never looked at me like this.  I have never displayed myself so vulgarly to him.   He craved a better look.  Sliding off the bed, he dropped to his knees in front of me.  His face was a foot from my pussy.   His eyes unblinking.    I could no longer see his beautiful cock.     But the movements from his right shoulder told me he continued to pleasure himself.  

My fingers slid lower.  I rubbed at my inner lips and then inserted a finger in my entrance, a moment later I added another.  I fucked myself.  Being dirty for him.  I increased the tempo of my penetrating fingers.   I couldn't help but moan, and at times whimper, as he watched.

"You're being such a bad girl tonight, aren't you baby?"

"Yes," I whispered.  I was close to my orgasm.  My breathing quickened.

"Yes you certainly are. You're very good at being a bad girl fingering your pussy for me."  

He stood up.   His shins touching the front of the chair.   His knees almost touching the hand that was pleasuring myself.  I withdrew my fingers and used them to rub in the areas where it felt best.   It was pushing me over the edge.   He said it before I could....

"I'm going to cum now."

He began to stroke slower, trying to put off the inevitable.   "God, I'm going to cum so fucking hard," he said through gritted teeth.

I rubbed quicker.   My breathing was out of control.   My face, my chest, my nipples were on fire.   I let out a loud gasp as my moment hit.   My eyes squeezed tightly shut, but only briefly.   I opened them as quickly as possible, wanting to see him finish.

My vision was at first fuzzy, but focused just as he yelled a curse word.   A stream shot from him and landed high on my chest.    I released my breast and instinctively reached for it, smearing the fluid across my breast.  It was so warm and slick.  The tip of my breast now slippery as I rubbed it into the skin.  My nipple enjoying the silky massage.

I involuntarily closed my eyes as my orgasm continued.   I felt more wetness from him.   This time on my stomach. 

His third and fourth discharge landed on the back of my fingers I was using to pleasure myself.  The wetness oozed between them.  More dripped from him onto the same spot.    I mixed our fluids together, massaging our juices into my folds.  

I opened my eyes.   His breathing was ragged, as was mine.   Semen was slowly oozing from the now purple head of his penis.

I let my legs slide from the arms of the chair.  The momentum from their decent to the floor helped my upper body bend forward to a seated position, with my face just inches from his organ.  

Will he finally allow physical contact between us, I wondered.

He remained still, holding his beautiful cock straight out with one hand, it was about to drip.  I couldn't resist.  I didn't ask permission.   I stuck out my tongue and licked at the drop before it could fall.  The tip of my tongue ever so slightly touching his spongy head.   It excites him when I take his semen in my mouth.    I want to excite him.  I want to make him happy.

I wanted to lean forward but resisted.   I looked up with pleading eyes.  He knew what I wanted and put his free hand to the back of my head.   We both wanted the same thing now.   Touch.   

With an open mouth I leaned forward as he arched his hips toward me.   My tongue feeling the heat emitting from the skin of his shaft.  I lightly close my lips around him.   My tongue encircling the head, causing him to let out a small scream.  The nerves in the head of his penis are hypersensitive after ejaculation.   I pulsed my cheeks and lips in and out while caressing the underside of his erection with my tongue.  I love having him in my mouth.  

"Oh God," he groaned.

Mark gripped the base of his shaft firmly and ever so slowly stroked forward coaxing more semen out for my, and his, pleasure.   His body shivers as the final discharge coats the surface of my tongue.

"I love you Jules."  

And a quiver shoots through my body hearing him say those words.  I'm so happy.   I love him, too.

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Gorgeous Jules ;)  That was so hot!


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Amazing story, Jules. I am more than honored and more than a little turned on to have this story under mine in the queue.   :-*