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Author Topic: Street Girl - Fun with the dogs  (Read 15065 times)
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« on: November 20, 2009, 06:41:02 PM »

Hello there,

after some time I got a new idea for a story. Please enjoy this first part and give me some feedback.

Yours Commander

| Street Girl - Fun with the dogs               |

There she is, little Tamara, sucking the hell out of the red prick of this K9. She had just got fucked by him and couldn't get enough. After the dog got his knot out of her freshly fucked cunt, Tamy (that's how she is called in the streets) turned around and took the dogs knot to hold him in position. Her lips closed around the dog cock and she begann to suck hard untill this stray let loose another load that was going down Tamy's throat. She stood up, put her dirty skirt down and got her ten dollars from the man who was looking the show. He had asked her for this not the first time and like always she got ten dollars from him. She could suck him for another five dollars but she was not in mood for a dick of a men today.

Tamy turned to get her backpack and left the small dirty street between two houses. She would get something to eat and drink and then she would try to get into a hall so she could sleep at a warm place. She knew some houses where she could sleep once or twice a week and so she tried a few blocks down the main road and asked. She knew this men that was grinning to her. She knew what would come next and so she entered his flat in that house. She put down her backpack, lifted her skirt once again and the men fucked her young cunt. That was the price at this place for a warm night. That man was so horny, he didn't even noticed that dog semen that was coming out of her when he fucked her. When he was done, she used as usual his bathroom to clean herself up.

This time she even took a shower cause she was fucked three times by a stray, two times by men and one time she hade to put a living fish inside her cuunt to get some money. Todays cash was 90 dollars and would be enough for the next two days.

After she came out of the bathroom the man was ready again and Tamy gave him head. She got a cover for the night and left his flat into the hall and went down into the cellar below the stairs. Here she could get herself rested and do whatever she wants. She opened her backpack and put out a spoon, a lighter and some white powder. One of her ex friends had put her on drugs and thats why she had to live in the streets and fuck dogs and mens day by day for a little money. She knew she had bad stuff this time. Her dealer had given her this for 20% of normal price and so she made a double dosis ready, made it fluid in her spoon and made her injection ready. Once again she lifted her skirt and pressed the needle into her clit to inject her drugs.

Instantly she felt the warm fluid running through her clit and cunt and the drugs began to work slowly, so she could bring herself to an orgasm and another and another...

The next morning she was in a bad mood. She had a headache, her cunt was sore and she was hungry. She needed to piss and so she asked this men from the evening. Again she had to give him head for his "service". She got something to eat and drink from him too and so she god out of this house sated.


Tamara lived in the streets of this town, ran away from home two years ago when she was 13. Her mother died by cancer and her father instantly started to use Tamy for his sexual needs. She had to sleep with him in his bed naked, had sex with him first when she was 12 and he didn't lost time to show her every form of sex including anal, oral, deep throat and dog sex. He told her that her mother had to have dog sex for him and that they had a threesome with the dog. Her mother had ride him and then the dog would enter her ass. Her father was proud when he told her that her mother was stuck for 50 minutes to this dog knot. And so he even tried to made a threesome with Tamy.

Tamara ran away after her father had bound her to a chair for three days. He used her when he wanted how he wanted, forced the dog cock into her ass and even pressed this monster knot into her ass. She was not able to hold her shit after that. When this turture was over she sleeped for two days. She woke up, packed her few things and left the house. Her father was coming home this moment and she kicked him into his balls and ran away. He had never found her.

Today Tamy was 15, grown to 5 feet 4 inch, had dirty blond hair that got to her shoulders and a still good shaped body. She was a bit underweighted cause her street living. Her clothes had reduced to two skirts, one jeans, two pullovers and a thin seedy jacket. she had no bra that would fit her C-cup breasts and no more panties since her 14th birthday.

Her living was for now every day and she lived for making money for drugs. Her last friends was a dealer, a black asshole who fucked her several times a day with his monster dick and caused her pain after pain. He set her up on drugs so she would not feel pain in her cunt and shot the drugs in her clit every time. Tamy did the same till now because she hated this feeling when her flash would come fast and go even faster.

After her ex had shared her with his mates she left him the same way she did left her father: packing her things and kick him into his balls. She was not fast enough to kick him and so she was raped by him. Tamy was thrown out of his car at 30 mph somewhere in desert. She was on drugs, more she had ever been, and alone and had a monster plug in her ass. She didn't got out at that time and it hurt so bad. She walked down the road to the first house she found, every step a turture and pleasure to her.

It was a farm, left alone for some time and she got inside the barn to get some sleep. She rubbed her clit to one orgasm and drifted to sleep. The next morning she awoke in an unknown bed, naked and with no plug in her ass anymore. She was cleaned and some breakfast stood next to her bed. There were laying some clothes on a chair, used but good. She got up, dressed and ate at the same time. She got out of the house, looked around and ran away without thanking the owner.


Tamy knocked on the steel door, twice short, twice long. The door opened a bit and some angry eyes looked through the crack. Once the door closed it opened again and she got inside, standing beside her dealer who closed and secured the door again. They didn't spoke a word till they sat down in his "office". Wordless she gave him 50 dollars and sat back opening her legs a little bit. Her dealer looked at her, saw her cunt between her legs and grinned.

He put the money away and got his dick out. She sucked two or three times till it was hard enough and she got a quick fuck. This was her way to get a rebate on her drugs and she hold still. She was dry as hell an this fuck hurt a little but she knew he likes it. He shot into her and cleaned himself, dressed and opened a drawer.

With her drugs she left him and walked trough the streets without destination. She endet at her friends down town at the river. They talked, had some fun and just chilled. In the afternoon Tamy left them cause she needed sex. But not with them. She was into dog sex not only for the money she would get from those horny guys. She liked been fucked hard and fast. She liked been stuck to the knot even if it was in her ass. She loved this furry on her back and the warm seemen the dogs pump into her cunt.

She want into the park where some strays were living and searched around in the bushes. The dogs would come alone to her short after she startet to rub her clit. Only five minutes later a big german sheppard appeared next to her, fellowed by a mixed one. She was wet inside already in anticipation and got onto her hands and knees. She used this place often cause it was nearly safe for her. There was only one entrance to it and it was nearly unvisible. The bushes where standing tight and were grown high so nobody would find her even if she would moan loudly.

She sheppard got onto her back and lost no second to get into her cunt. Once he made contact he pressed his dick inside and expanded to seven inches in length and nearly four inches at the knot. Firmly pressed inside the dog knot inflated inside Tamys cunt and got stuck after only two minutes. The dog started to force deeper and deeper and pressed himself into her womb. Tamy let loose a small wimper as she always did when a dick passed tis point but she liked it. It took only a few minutes for the dog to come into her hard.

As usual the dogs turned around and where ass to ass to her. This tugging was all Tamara needed now to get over the edge into her orgasm. The dog sensed it and let loose another load into her womb which send Tamy even higher into orgasm. After 20 minutes the dog pulled out to be replaced by the mixed mud. It was smaller in shoulder hight and so Tamy had to spread her legs wider to get him inside.

She didn't looked at his did before she let him mount her and so she was shocked when the dog pressed its dick deep into her ass. It was longer and thicker than the other dog and this dog was mean in nature. The dog pressed deep inside, inflated its monster knot of nearl six inched and fucked her at high pace. She was rocked back and forth by the dogs fucking, her asshole hurting on every pulling cause the dog pulled hard each time. After 15 minutes of fucking Tamy had had four orgams and was done but the dog just fucked her more and more. Her ass hurt her cunt was leeking the semen of the first dog and she saw a new dog appearing in her area.

She lifted her head to look and just saw that the dog was mounting her from the front. The dog made contact with her open mouth and pressed the tip of the dick inside. Automatically Tamara closed her lips around the shaft and sucked on it and the dog inflated its dick into her mouth. Tamy was gagging by the lenght and tried to calm down the dog but there was no chance. She had to deep throat the dick and relaxed. The dick got deeper inside and the dog even managed to get its knot behind her teeth.

A mean dog in her ass fucking the hell out of her, a dog knotted to her mouth and the sheppard which was first started to lick her clit. She was in heaven even when her ass was on fire. After another ten minutes the dog in her ass came hard and tried to pull out immidiately. They were ass to ass and the dog pulled hard at her but she could stop him cause of the dick that was locked into her mouth. It was painfully pleasuring her and she got another orgasm by the tugging. The dog in her mouth had already shot its load into her throat and she waited for both to withdrew.


Tamy had enough for now and cleaned herself up, dressed as good as she could and left her fucking place. She knew she would have to fuck one or two more dogs today to get some money for the next day and so she walked to her area in the town. She hadn't to wait for long till a man drived into the dirty street. He stoped nearby and opened the door to let her inside his car. he lifted her skirt, put a dildo into her cunt and drove away. He switched the vibration on and waited for Tamy's first orgasm while he was driving.

She knew this man and his pervert games. She would be fucked by his dogs the next two days and nights. But that's another story...


This story is completely made by my fiction. Names and places are as well only in my brain and do not exist in real!
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« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2009, 07:19:50 PM »

Commander, could you please preface your story with a sentence or two informing the readers and any governmental prying eyes that the article you have written is purely fiction and the names you have used, if they relate to anyone, are purely coincidental.
Thank you.

Just here to have a good time with some good people.
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