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Author Topic: MF/f inc, beast, pedo  (Read 41006 times)
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« on: November 29, 2009, 11:38:37 PM »

Marion and the Black Lab
By Santa Claws
This story is fiction.  Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental and this is written purely as fantasy and for the entertainment of adult readers.

   It started as a dare.  The three of us, Marion, my wife, her sister Magdalene and I were watching a Richard Pryor concert on HBO.  Pryor had just finished saying, “A dog will fuck anything.”
   Maggie looked at the screen, “That’s just gross.”
   I was seated on the floor and Marion lay on the couch above me.  She wore skin tight jeans and a flannel shirt.  Her hair was long and flowing in those days with lots of feathers and waves.  Maggie was already in her night wear, and oversized, pocket T-shirt and nothing else.  
   Maggie opened her legs and let me look.  I looked over my shoulder at my wife.  She looked at her sister’s cunt too.
   “Does hers really look that much like mine?”
   “Yeah,” I said.
   “But her cunt is so pretty.”
   “Did you two love birds hear a word of what’s going on?”
   Marion looked up.  “You think dog fucking is gross,” she told her sister.
   Taken aback, Maggie looked at her sister.  “And you don’t?  Do you think a dog would even fuck a woman?”
   “I dare you to prove he wouldn’t.”
   “Now how the hell would I do that?”
   “See if you can get Tag to fuck you.”
   Tag was our first black lab.  Right then he was in his kennel in his room.  
   “I suppose he’s done that before.”
   “Not yet, but that’s why we got him.  We’re going to train him to be my lover.  Mother wants to try too.”
   “If this could be done, why didn’t daddy ever have mother or you and I do it.”
   Marion shrugged.  “He just wasn’t into it.”
   “And you haven’t gotten the dog to do it?”
   “No.  He first showed signs he was ready this morning, when—“Marion hooked a thumb at the end table nearest the living room door—“he tried to mount that.”
   Maggie asked, “The end table?”
   She looked at the end table.  I could see her carotid artery throbbed.  I saw the dew on her pussy and knew she’d take the dare.  
   Marion told me that it was an old family tradition going back generations; a sexual dare could not be refused.  No matter how outrageous and I would have to accept that the same way I accepted that she had grown up in an incestuous family and wanted that all continued into the next generation..  By then I worshipped the ground she walked on and had been subjected to the dare game many times. She used it to get me to lick the pussy of her six year old cousin; to suck her father’s cock; to spend a night alone with her mother while she got reacquainted with her father.  She even used it to teach me to drink her piss.  
   Marion led the way to the play room.  I followed.  Maggie was between us.  
   I reached down and cupped my sister-in-laws ass.  It felt silky smooth, but she had a cellulite there that her sister didn’t.  Marion didn’t have an ounce of cellulite or any fat anywhere on her swimmer’s body.  She was strong and weighed more than she looked.  At five-feet-eight she weighed in at one-hundred-and-thirty pounds and measured 34C-26-36.  Marion had been involved in synchronized swimming since she was a young girl.
   Maggie was two inches shorter than her sister and softer and rounder.  When Marion was at swimming practice, Maggie was at the library or entertaining her brother and father and sometimes a school friend.  I didn’t know what Maggie’s measurements were, I did know she wore a 34D bra.  
   Okay, I peaked.
   I didn’t mind the cellulite.  It smoothed out when she bent over.  I’d seen that as I tongued Maggie’s ass getting her ready to be fucked.
   We got to Tag’s room and Marion said, “Wait.”
   Maggie and I stood in the doorway.
   Tag sniffed the air.
   Marion went to a chest of drawers in the corner.  She pulled a pair of white socks from the top drawer and closed the drawer and pulled a blue blanket from the bottom of the cabinet.  
   She dropped the socks on the kennel.
   Tag sniffed the socks, and must not have found the odor he sought there.  He turned from the socks almost immediately and looked at Maggie and whined.
   “Wait a minute,” Maggie said, “I thought you said he wasn’t trained.”
   “He isn’t, but he is going through puberty and he smells daddy’s little three-holed, cum-dump whore in the room.”
   Maggie got a little weak in the knees at that.  
   While this back and forth had gone on Marion unfolded the blanket and laid it on the floor on the other side of the cage folded in half.
   She picked up the socked and led the dog out.  He licked her face and sniffed her crotch and let out an escalating bark.
   Marion looked back over her shoulder while putting on the first sock.  “David, get Tag’s bitch over on her hands and knees on the blanket now.  And get rid of that T-shirt.  I wanna see everything.”
   I led Maggie to the blanket and pulled the T-shirt over her head.  She dropped to her hands and knees.  I reached down under Maggie and played with her clit.  The woman almost climaxed.  I dipped two fingers inside her and told my wife, “She’s ready.”
   Marion let Tag go.  The dog bounded to Maggie and needed only one sniffed of my goo covered fingers and for Marion to say, “Lick,” to start lapping her pussy.
   Maggie wailed with an orgasm at the first few licks.  
   Marion laughed.  She came around and knelt at sister’s head.  She grabbed a handful of Marion’s curly honey blonde hair and said, “Drop to your elbows, bitch.”
   Maggie did.  Tag backed off.  Marion told me to get out of the way.  I backed up.  
Marion slapped her sister’s ass.
   “Tag, she’s it,” Marion said.
   The dog leaped and gripped Marion about the waist, pulling her back to him, stabbing the air with his angry red cock that was halfway out of the sheath.  
   “Maggie, spread your legs.”
   Maggie did.  Marion gripped the dog’s dick lightly and slipped it between the folds of Maggie’s cunt.  
   Tag’s dick slipped it and her hammered Maggie for a few seconds, the slipped out and slipped off, looking a little confused at being off his bitch at this stage.  
   “Tag,” Marion spoke as she grabbed the dog by the collar and turned him around.  Precum squirted out of Tag’s dick.  She brought him around and pointed him at the woman again.  
   Marion slapped Maggie’s ass, leaving an angry red mark.  “Tag, she’s it.”
   The dog pulled back.  “Dave, come and help me,” Marion said.
   I came around.  “Don’t fight him,” I said.  
   “Don’t fight him.  You’ll turn this into a negative experience.  Then he’ll lose interest.”
   I reached over and scratched the pups back.  He started to relax and looked at me.  
   I said.  “It fell out, didn’t it, bud?  It’s not supposed to do that, is it?  I know, I’ve just got the regular six inches.  I fall out too.  Pretty soon we’ll get you knotted in this bitch and you’ll stay put and you’ll love it as much as she does.”
   Marion watched me with the dog.  
   “Play with her pussy,” I said.  “Play with your sister’s pussy.  Get her girl-goo on your fingers.  Stick you fingers under his nose and he should lick off the goo.”
   Marion did, then without being prompted led the dog back to her sister’s vulva.  Tag went at it with his tongue.  When he backed off his red, pointed tip just poking out, Marion slapped Maggie’s ass.
   “Tag, she’s it,” Marion said.
   The dog mounted again and lasted a few more strokes.
   We repeated the process again and the third time was the charm.  That time he drove into Maggie until his cock swell and he stuck.  Maggie moaned, calling out to God and to Jesus.  
   After five minutes, Marion asked, “Should we help him get butt to butt?  Maybe he’ll drag her around a little, show us how proud he is of his conquest.”
   I said, “Okay.”
   I tried to get up.  My dick throbbed and ached and pressed against my jeans.  I couldn’t straighten up.
   “Dave, get out of those jeans,” Marion said.  
   I did, while she helped Tag get over Maggie’s back and Maggie moaned and writhed in another orgasm.  
   Marion looked at my hardon.  
   “I can see you like this.  Go fuck Maggie’s face.  I’m busy right now.”
   I went around my wife’s back and knelt in front of my sister-in-law.  I twisted her Orphan Annie hairdo in my fingers and shoved my cock in her mouth with one thrust.  She opened her throat for me and didn’t gag.  It took less than ninety-second of pumping and I shot by load into her belly.  
   A couple of minutes after that, Tag pulled out with an audible pop.  Dog jizm drooled from Maggie’s cunt to the blue blanket.

__________________________________________________________________________this is__
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« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2009, 12:47:00 PM »

Tag Your It
By Santa Claws

The author of this tome makes the following disclaimer.  Any similarities between any persons living or dead is purely coincidental.  This is a work of a feverish imagination.  It is written for the sole purpose of entertaining adults.  The author does not condone any acts in this work, nor does he wish that people would try these things in real life.  Reality is reality and fantasy is fantasy.  There are many times when the two should not meet.

   Tag lay on the kitchen floor beside us.  His tongue lolled out and he panted, though the air conditioning in our tiny home was going full blast.  We’d just taken her fourteen year old sister Magdalene to the bus station and had the house to ourselves for the first time in a week.
   Marion was my wife of less than six months then, but she had introduced me to her family’s life style after I told her that I was madly in love with her.  We were still in college then and she still had what seemed that innocent bloom of beauty that comes with age.  
   That was before I knew where my confession of love would lead.  
   The reason I was thinking about it then was that Meg had her scrap book out.  She pasted pictures of Tag and Maggie in the books. They were pictures of Maggie impaled by Tag’s red dick in her cunt, ass and mouth.  Dog cum dripped off her face and out her cunt and ass.  One series showed Maggie jacking the dog off in a glass, and then when she refused to drink cum from the glass, Marion held her nose and poured doggie cum down her throat.
   I took the pictures while Marion did that to her sister and then wrote “Cum-slut and Dog Fucker on her forehead and chest.  We ate a late breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.  Maggie pasted the pictures in the order in which they were taken.  
   Intermingled with the pictures of Maggie being fucked by Tag were pictures of me fucking Maggie’s ass, cunt and throat and of Maggie eating Marion’s pussy.  There were a few pictures of me spanking her.  
   “That’s it,” Marion told me.  “Spank her hard.  She was brought here to be trained as a dog fucker and she’ll go back to mother and daddy addicted to dog cock.”
   Sometime Maggie cried.  Sometimes she whimpered and sometimes she begged me to stop, but she never used her safe word.  
   At the end of the week, we sent her back home to her mother and father, thoroughly trained as the dog fucker that she wanted to be.  She thanked us for the experience and asked when she could come back for more.
   We were in the bus station and the two women talked openly, yet somehow managed never to reveal the true nature of their relationship to anyone around them.  
   “So when can I come back?” Maggie said.
   My young sister-in-law looked back and forth between us.  
   Marion spoke with a thick voice.  “Maggie, school starts in a week.  You get good grades and we’ll see about bringing you back for the occasional weekend.  You’ve gotta keep your grades up if you want the reward at the end of the tunnel.”
   “I know.  I know.”
   “You’ll just have to keep your grades up.”
   “I will.  You sound like mother and daddy.”
   “You’ll start sounding like them, too, when you get to be my age.”
   A few minutes later Maggie was on the bus, leaking dog cum into the Maxi-pad we bought for her.  She would leak into it for another two days.
   We were in the car.  Marion stripped from the waist down. She waived her pink bikini panties at her sister like a flag.  I waived too and stole a look at my wife’s pussy.
   The bus pulled away.  Marion leaned on her elbow on the window sill with her panty filled hand resting against her cheek.  
   I drove the car out of the lot and pulled away and down the street.  Marion unfolded her panties and licked the crotch.  
   “I love the way I taste,” she said.
   “So do I.”
   “You’re just in love with me,” she said.
   “More today than yesterday,” I replied.
   “I love you, too,” she told me and put her hand behind my neck.
   “Take me home, husband.  I need to update the scrap book and I want to be fucked by a very well trained dog, thanks in part to you.”
   She turned to me.
   “Do you want sloppy seconds?”
   “I wanna eat the dog cum out of your pussy.”
   “That sounds sexy.”
   When we got home, she asked me to get the scrap book and told me to bring it and the new pictures into the kitchen.  
   “Leave the 35 millimeter stuff in there.  Next time we go to Wichita I’ll have Charlie develop it.”
   Charlie was a photographer.  He specialized in portraits for prom and wedding pictures and family portraits.  He developed all the family portraits of Marion’s family back to when Marion was sucking semen off and milk from her mother’s breast.  
   I brought the scrap book to her, remembering the first time I told her I was in love with her.

   “Dave, you don’t even know me.  What you see is a façade.”
   She stood in her dorm room back pressed to the wall, staring me down like Wilson stared down Reb in Shane.  I sat on her bed.
   “Last weekend, while you were at the Football game with your buddies, I took on four guys in that bed you’re sitting on and I loved it.  They took turns with me, David.  I was their cum queen, their slut.”
   “I heard about that.”
   She looked away at the open door onto the hallway.  “And you didn’t say anything?”
   “I figured you’d tell me in your own sweet time.”
   She looked at me and closed her mouth, as if she were zipping it shut against a torrent.  She closed the door and locked it.  I looked up at the transom and nodded for her to close it.  She pushed it closed and locked that as well.
   “I never think of that damned thing,” she said.
   She came across the room to me.  She wore blue jeans and a peasant blouse and square toed flat shoes.  She sat down on the bed and kissed me and put her arms around my neck.  I still tasted her mouth when she pulled away.
   She looked me in the eye with her gray eyes and said, “Tell me why you love me.”
   “You’re smart.  You’re beautiful.  You’re funny.  When you make love it’s not like you’re doing me a favor, it’s like you’re doing yourself a favor.  When I’m away from you, you’re always on my mind.  When I’m with you, I don’t want to be anywhere else but with you.”
   “You heard about the gang-bang and you’re fine with that.”
   “I heard about it in great detail.  Ronnie Steingrubber told me.”
   She huffed.  “I’ll never fuck that prick, again.”
   “Then we both laughed.”
   “It doesn’t bother you.”
   I shook my head.  “In fact it turns me on.”
   She kissed me.  “You’re sure?”
   “I am.”
   “You can be part of it if you want, but if you really love me, you need to know that I’ll never give this up.  It’s part of me.  It’s what I was raised to be and I love it and I need it and I crave it.”
   “What do you mean?”
   “Have you ever had any incest experiences?  Don’t try to elaborate because I’ll know if your bullshitting me.”
   “I fucked two of my cousins, an older one when I was ten and then one about my own age when I was twelve and thirteen.”  I held up the finger and thumb of my right hand and added, “I was this close to licking my sister’s pussy when I was eleven and she was twelve when dad burst in on us.”
   “What happened?” she said.
   He took us downstairs and made us laid over a chair and beat our bare asses.  
   “And I suppose you were a tough guy, gritting you teeth and never giving in.”
   “Are you kidding?  I was crying like a baby before he even got started.  Dad worked for a living.  He could hit hard.”
   “That’s too bad.”
   “What?” I asked.
   “Your dad’s a good looking man.  I’d like to fuck him.”
   She sat pensively for a moment.  I might not have been in the room while she mulled over her next move.  
   “If I show you something and, if you really love me, you’ve got to promise that you won’t tell anyone, no matter what you think.  You can get up and walk out of here but if you reveal any of this it will be ruinous for my family.”
   I spoke slowly.  “Okay.”
   “The secret I’m going to tell you is one of the darkest a family can have.”
   “What?  You know who Jack the Ripper was?”
   “David Eugene Anderson, don’t joke.”
   “Yes mother.”
   We looked at one another for a moment.  You could cut the tension with a knife.
   Finally I asked, “Is this what the Victorians called a pregnant moment?”
   She started laughing.  She laughed until tears came from her eyes.  She hammered my chest with her fists.  
   When she stopped she said, “Did I hurt you?”
   “No, you hit like a girl,” I said.
   “Jesus Christ, David.  I’m trying to be serious here.”
   “Okay.  Be serious then.”
   She got up and went to her hope chest against the far wall.  She knelt in front of it and looked back over her shoulder at me.
“If you’ll let me.”
   Instead she took her key ring from her pocket and opened a small drawer at the bottom.  While she opened it, she said, “You’ve met my mother.”
   “Well, I’m going to show you a side of her that I’ll bet you’ve never guessed could possibly exist.”
   She opened the drawer and pulled out a swinger’s magazine.  It fell open to Kansas and she told me to look at the third column on the right hand page right at the top.  
   I looked at it and saw a blonde woman with her back to the camera, bent forward with her hands on her knees.  Her sex and ass were fully exposed.  
   “That’s your mother?” I said.
   “Huh-huh.  Read the copy?”
   I read it:
We’re a small ring of Kansas families
Looking forward to me other like minded
People.  There are ten adults ranging in age   
From twenty-one to fifty.  There are 18
Children ranging in age from 8-18.  Equally split   
Between boys and girls.  All of the females are
Bi and some of them love red cock. Only couples   
Or women please.  No single men.

   Then it gave the box address.  “Jesus,” I said.
   Marion sat cross legged on the floor.  “That’s all?  Jesus—is that all?”
   “That’s your mother?”
   “That’s her.”
   “You came out of that pretty cunt?”
   “And I nursed at those pretty breasts.”  She reached.  “Give me back the magazine.”
   As she put it away, she said, “I was raised in what people in our circles like to call a fully involved incest family.  It goes back many generations on both side of the family.  It goes back so far that no one knows when it began and I don’t intend to stop it with this generation.  I want to raise my children the same way I was raised.  I think it’s beautiful, a lot prettier than beating a kid’s ass because he wants to do something as natural as lick a girl’s pussy.”
   Then she handed me the scrap book.
   I lay what was now the third volume, unfinished, in front of my wife, along with the grocery sack filled of Polaroid’s and sat down to my breakfast.   I looked at her pussy.  It was slick with woman dew.  She put one foot under when she sat in the chair, protecting the seat from her juices.  She teetered on that foot, rubbing it against her vulva, spreading open the soft, pink folds inside.  
   Every once in a while she stopped to show me a favorite picture.  
   She really loved it when Maggie was knotted Tag dragged her around the room.  
   I told her, “It’s not quite so sweet when you start out fucking a warm mouth, then all the sudden you’re fucking cold air.”
   She covered her mouth and laughed at that.
   “What do you think?” she asked.  “Do you think you can hold out and wait for Tag to be done with me and take sloppy seconds, or is going to make you so horny you can’t wait, so you’ll fuck my mouth because it’s available?”
   “I think I can hold out,” I said.
   She gave me an impish smile.  “I dare you,” she said.
   I cocked my head.
   “What’re the stakes?”
   “If you can hold out, I’ll be your love slave to the week.  You can spank me, clamp me, pierce me, and do anything you want to me.  If I get your cock in my mouth before Tag pulls out, then you’ll be my slave to the week and I’ll do anything I want with you.”
   She looked at the dog.
   I looked her in the eye.
   “It’s a dare.”
   She got up and headed for Tag’s special room.  Tag looked at me.  I told him to come on.  
   Tag followed me and pranced around when we got to the play room.  Marion already had the socks out of the drawer.  
   “You’re the master here.  Put them on him, and I’ll get down and be the obedient little slut.”
   I had one sock on Tag before As Marion went to her knees.  She waited for me to get the other sock on before she dropped down on all fours, then to her elbows.  
   I looked at her.  She was too high for the half-grown dog.  
   “Spread you legs,” I said.  “You don’t want him poking around and ramming you clit with his pointy red dick.”
   “You’re finally gonna get to see me get fucked by a dog,” she said, “something we’ve talked about for two years.”  
   “Lick her, Tag.”
   Tag drove forward, sticking his snout right in her pussy.  The cold nose hit something sensitive and Marion yelped.  He lapped at her slit with his tongue, splitting the delicate, pink inner labia, snaking his tongue deep inside her.  
   “Oh, she’s right,” Marion scream, “Jesus, she’s right.”
   “Marion,” I said.  “Do you want the neighbors to hear?”
   “Stuff a cock in it,” she managed, panting between the words.
   I started giggling.  Then Tag backed off and looked at me.  I patted her ass and said, “Tag, she’s it.”
   The dog leapt up in one smooth motion and gripped her by the waist.  I told Marion to lower her hips more and spread her legs.  
   “I can only spread my fuckin’ legs so fuckin’ far,” she said.
   I put my arm under her.  “I’ve got you,” I said.
   “You better be fuckin’ sure,” she said, “because if not, we’re all going down in a heap.”
   She lowered a bit more and Tag climbed up on her calves with his hind feet.  I pointed the tender red dick to the wet, pink hole, and Tag drove it home.
   Marion moaned with each thrust and with each thrust her moan got louder until the crescendo reached a peak and then fell off only to rise again.
   Soon the dog’s knot swelled he started cumming inside her.  His jackhammer thrusts slowed to little twitches and I helped him get his right hind leg over her back to turn butt to butt.  
   Marion propped herself up, sweating profusely, her hair a tangled, damp mop on top of her head.  Sweat dripped off her nipples and I got under her and licked it off.  She winced in pain when I hit one nipple a little too hard with my tongue.  
   “Don’t do that,” She said.  “Don’t do that—hurts.”
   I stopped.  Her nipples were ever tender when she was aroused.  
   I caressed the sides of her breasts where the soft flesh seems to meet the hard bone of her ribcage, gently caressing their undersides, too.  
   “Oh yes,” she said, “Just like that.”
   I stroked her belly and over her uterus and down through her pubic hair until I found the folds around her clit.  I dampened them with doggie cum and touched on either sides of her pubic bone just missing her clitoris.  
   She gasped.  Her legs trembled.  Her face and chest were flushed.  
   “Too much,” she said.  “Way too much.”
   We were like that for what seemed like an hour but couldn’t have been more than ten minutes.  My dick dripped precum on the floor.  
   I got behind her.  Marion rolled over on her side and hugged herself.  
   “What happened to my sex slave?” I said.
   “That hasn’t started yet.”  She laughed and squeezed her legs together and dog cum ran down her leg.
   She quaked from somewhere deep inside.  Her body spasmed.
   “What was that?”
   “My uterus.”
   “I could see the dog dick pressing against the top of your vagina,” I said.
   “What did it look like?”
   “Amazing.  I could see the shape of it.  It was beautiful.”
   “It was a lot better than Maggie said.”
   “Was it?”
   “I don’t blame her.  It was like taking a ride to heaven.”
   “Oh yeah.”
   “I’ve taken on ten guys in a night and haven’t felt this well used.  I felt utterly helpless when he tied with me.  And so much more like a woman, fragile and feminine and in need of your protection and Tag’s too.”
   She laughed.
   “I loved you more than ever, David.”
   She got up on her hands and knees and I got behind her.









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WOW...just came across this jewel.  Incredible story on many counts.  Thanks so much for sharing
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hot stuff

how young was the girl?
I think I may have missed it

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Nice story, has a couple of my fav fetishes
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