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Author Topic: LAST WISH - By FOXI 3 (F/f, Voyeur)  (Read 2147 times)
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« on: August 07, 2017, 05:03:21 PM »

(The author does not condone underage sex or any illegal sexual conduct. The story is for entertainment purposes only.)





    Dina knew that her daddy was dying. She overheard her mom and dad speaking about treatments and the future through tears and frustration. She wanted to cry too. She loved her daddy very much.

    Her parents were very open about everything with her wanting her to understand what to expect from the world around her. Her mom made sure to teach her about sex. She said, "that a woman has enough issues to contend with in this world, sex should not be one of them", and told her everything. Dina had no idea that men and women did all those...things to each other. The more she learned, the more she liked what she was hearing.

    "You're old enough, darling, to have sex with a boy, or girl, if that's your preference. Your body is developing nicely and you should get to know it." Her mom said pointing to her breasts and pussy.

    So her mom spent time showing her how to masturbate. She got undressed with her showing her all the sensitive and erotic zones on a woman's body. Dina was at first embarrassed to let her mom see her naked. But that soon changed. Once she was taught the basics of masturbation she went ahead and did it. Her mom watched with curiosity and with obvious love as she touched her nipples and rubbed her clitoris.

    As time went on it was not unusual to hear moaning from her room at night. Her mom and dad listened and smiled at each other knowingly. Then they too would have intense sex at the same time.

    They all felt comfortable together no matter the subject that came up and Dina knew she could ask her mom and dad anything.

    "Mom, one of the girls at school told me she and her sister have sex together. Is that a good thing to do?" She asked with sincere curiosity.

    Her mom, not one to be critical on any given subject nodded with understanding.

    "Well, baby, she certainly has the right to her own sexual partner. There are many who experiment with their family members. Some go further. Your friend obviously loves her sister. Why would she tell you such a very secret thing?"

    "She said she could trust me and we talk a lot about sex things," said Dina looking a bit guilty about it.

    Her mom hugged her kissing her cheek. "There's nothing wrong with having a close friend, Dina. Just be careful what you divulge to them. You should always have a private life, unshared moments, secrets that are your own. If she wants to tell you about her sister then that's fine. But be careful not to be too open about your sex life. People have a tendency to say things to others not realizing that they should never be shared."

    Dina understood and said so realizing that her moments with her mom, especially the masturbation ones, were indeed private. She hugged her again, kissing her tenderly. To Dina that was the most precious of times. She loved being held and touched by her mom and dad. Though they were not meant to be sexual, they often went beyond the normal child parent relationship.

    Her body at her age was changing quickly. Her breasts, though tiny, were growing so quickly. Her nipples, like her moms were thick and long and so very sensitive. It was like starting a sex engine inside of her every time she played with them. Her smooth hairless pussy would get so wet and...ready. She was learning all about herself and all the things she liked sexually. She looked in the mirror seeing a younger version of her mother. The long black shiny hair that ended at the small of her back. The green eyes that sparkled like her moms. The full pouty lips that, according to her daddy, needed to be kissed and often.

    Their life together as a family was so wonderful, and then it made a turn for the worst.

    Her mother took her aside when they came back from the doctors office and told her as gently as she could what was happening to her daddy. He had cancer, they would treat it, they had hope. Dina cried the whole day never straying far from her daddy who held her close.


                                        THREE MONTHS LATER

    The hospital bed was in another room on the ground floor with her daddy in it full time now. Her mom remained home from work watching over him as she took a sabbatical to care for him in his last days. Dina didn't want to leave the house but school was important and so were other social things in her life and her mom told her not to give them up.

    One night her mom came to her room. They hugged and held each other knowing what future lay ahead for them both.

    "You dad has made a request, Dina. One that I hope we can do for him. It's his last wish and I for one want to grant it, baby."

    Dina looked up at her mom and nodded, hoping to do it too, whatever it may be.

    "Daddy wants to watch us make love together. Does that scare you? If it does please don't feel you have too do it. He wants to watch us in his room tonight. See us enjoying each other, not as mother and daughter, but as lovers."

    Dina looked at her in surprise. It was not something she was unaware of. She knew of girls who had sex with family members and because of her upbringing did not accuse them or avoid them. There were times at night when she heard her mom and dad having sex together and wanted so very much to join them. She would masturbate thinking about it but never shared those fantasies with her mom or dad. But the yearning for such illicit things was still there inside her.

    "What does daddy want us to do?" she asked innocently. She was still a child with a healthy mature mind when it came to sex. She was not saying no, just curious as to what would happen.

    Her mom leaned down and kissed her tenderly on the lips. The kiss was warm and inviting to Dina.

    "Well, I think he would leave that up to us. But I'm sure he might add a few things too. But I think you know that we are so close as a family. We love each other so much and I know this will be acceptable to you. We think about you often, my love. Your daddy just wants to see his fantasy come true."

    Dina was truly surprised at this revelation about her being part of their fantasy.

    "Am I really, mom? Does daddy really want to make love to me too?"

    Her mom nodded sadly, knowing that it was now impossible for him to do so. This would be the next best thing.

    "Yes, baby, he does. But it can only be you and I right now. Will you do it for us?"

    Dina nodded. She would do anything for her daddy.


    Dina was so excited as her mom put makeup on her and dressed her in skimpy little panties and bra that showed almost all of her. Her mom did the same. Then a dab of perfume and a light sexy kiss and they were on their way to daddy's bedroom. The room was set up differently so that her daddy could view them in the best way possible. She ran to him kissing him while he hugged her close.

    "Thank you for doing this for me, baby. I can't wait to see my girls make love together." Came his weak soft voice. She kissed him again and moved to her mom who now sat in he big chair near the bed. Immediately her mom kissed her. Not the soft tender kiss of a parent to their child, but one that was hot and passionate.

    "Open your mouth more, baby, use your tongue like mommy," her mom said softly making sure that daddy could see them clearly. Dina did so feeling her moms lips press hard against hers, her tongue sliding over her tongue and loved it wanting it to never end.

    "Mmmmm, that's it, honey. Such a hot little girl," her mom said aloud. Dina felt her pussy begin to get very damp from what her mom was doing. All of it felt so right and she loved that her daddy was getting his wish. How could any of it be wrong.

    Dina moaned softly at her mothers touch. Her hand cupped her small breast squeezing it lightly, paying particular attention to her hard nipples as they continued to kiss. It sent those electric signals straight to her pussy. Her mom reached around and unsnapped her bra letting it fall to the floor. Her breasts were bared to her daddy whose eyes sparkled at the sight of them.

    "So beautiful," he said softly. "Kiss them, my darling," he directed his wife and she did so licking each nipple in turn and then sucking them making Dina moan loudly. When her mom slid her hand inside her panties she all but cried out in pleasure. Her moms fingers found her sensitive button and began to roll it, pull it and flick it lightly making her move atop her lap.

    "Already so wet, Dina. Mmmm, we have to show daddy." She made Dina turn, laying upon her facing her daddy as she slowly lowered her panties down revealing her smooth wet pussy. She could see her daddy looking directly at it his gaze zeroing in on her dripping open little pussy. "Spread your legs wide for daddy."

    She did aware that she was showing her daddy all of her, naked. Her mom opened her further pulling her legs even wider making her vaginal lips open revealing her pink insides.

    "Show daddy your beautiful clit, baby," said her mom as she kissed her neck and face. Dina pulled back her hood showing more of her tiny nub. "Look how excited it is."

    Her daddy nodded and gave her a smile. "I want to see more of my baby girl," he asked.

    Kissing her ear she whispered; "Spread your pussy lips wide for daddy. Let him see all of you. Yes, that's the way." came her mom as she reached down to pull her lips back showing her wet pink insides. Her body was reacting to all this in the way her mom said it would. She was excited and felt like her body was on fire.

    Then her mom slid her fingers over her pussy. Her breathing quickened and her heart raced. It felt so different from her own fingers. Her mom knew exactly what to do and she could tell the difference. Her moms fingers traced over her clit and lower. Lingering around her vaginal lips and then touching her peehole and deeper.

    "That's it, baby let mommy touch you nicely. So wet inside my love." She pushed her finger inside her feeling the tight warmth, the soft velvety wetness squeeze her finger the deeper it went. Then the hot sticky sounds of her finger moving in and out.

    "Reach down, love and spread your bum cheeks wide so daddy can see your beautiful asshole while I fuck you." Said her mother as she licked her ear. Was her mom really fucking her? Was this what it was like? Her finger moved faster now making her close her eyes and arch her back pushing against it. She was fucking. It was so incredible.

    She reached down to spread her ass cheeks and looked at her daddy who was watching her with a smile on his face. Her moms thumb was rubbing over her clit as she continued to fuck her. She felt it coming fast now. All this attention was overwhelming her sexual sensors and she exploded. she arched her back as she squirted, covering her moms hand and the floor before her.

    "Yes," said her dad as he watched this mother daughter display. "It's time, darling," he said and Dina's mom pulled her finger out and led her to the bed. She positioned Dina near her daddies feet. Opening her legs she made sure that he could see properly. Once that was done she began to kiss the inside of her daughters thighs. Dina all the while looked at her daddy seeing that she was making him so happy. She was fulfilling his fantasy.

    Then she concentrated on what her mom was doing to her. Soon her moms mouth was on her pussy licking and kissing it. Her mom sucked her clit into her mouth making her cry out. It felt so good. Then her tongue trailed to her asshole, licking and probing. She had never felt anything like it. She wanted to squirt again and did. But this time her mom placed her mouth over her pussy licking and drinking every drop of her hot juices. When her mom finished she went to her daddy and kissed him sharing the taste of her with him. His eyes closed savoring her.

    Her mom kissed her way up her body finally resting on her, breasts to breast kissing her mouth. Dina could feel her moms body moving over hers. Her soft silky skin felt so good on hers.

    "Spread your legs, baby," commanded her mom as she moved between them in a scissor formation. Her pussy was directly on Dina's and she began to move slowly. Dina held her breath as she felt her moms pussy rub over hers. Their clits touched with each grinding motion her mom did. It felt so incredible. Was this fucking too, she thought? Faster went her mom, their pussies on fire now, wet with juices, sliding effortlessly over each other.

    "Oh, yesssss," cried her mother as she cried out in orgasm. She squirted on her baby girl as she continued to grind back and forth. Dina made her mom cum like her. She couldn't believe it. Soon she was arching her back, her body wanting so much more as she came over and over.

    Then her mom climbed off her. Dina let her use her any way she wished. She positioned her directly in front of her daddy legs spread wide. Her pussy and stomach covered in her moms juices. Her moms fingers moved over her pussy again but this time she was only a foot away from her daddies view. Her finger went inside her and began to fuck her. Her daddy watched raptly. Then a second finger making her squirt instantly from the intense pleasure of it.

    "Look at her cum, darling," said her dad in amazement. "She's a natural. So incredibly sexual like her mother."

    Her mom leaned over to kiss him never stopping her masturbation of Dina.

    "She is so hot inside, darling, so very wet. She is taking my fingers easily. Feel for yourself." Weakly, he reached over and pushed his fingers inside her replacing his wife's. God, it was like fucking silk. He removed them and looked at his wife smiling, nodding for her to continue. She did but this time pushing three fingers inside her. Dina moaned from the slight pain but wanted her mom to do whatever she wished for her daddy. Dina spread her legs wider wanting her mom to never ever stop such pleasure.

    "Mmmmm, so natural indeed. You like what mommy is doing, my lovely Dina?" Dina nodded as she moved her hips upwards to meet her moms finger thrusts. "Yes, baby take them deep. Think about all those boys with big thick cocks fucking you so deep and hard."

    Dina heard the words and it registered hard. They were her fantasies too. She wanted to fulfill such sexual dreams. Knowing her mom liked them too made it so wonderful and so exciting. She cried out cumming hard around her moms fingers spraying her juices over her father who laughed softly.

    "Ohhhh, mommy, yesssss," she cried out as she felt her mom push harder into her.

    "She likes what you said, darling," said her daddy knowing how sexual his daughter was fast becoming. When her mom removed her fingers Dina was at first disappointed, but then she saw her daddy looking at her gaping pussy and the happiness she had given him.

    It seemed such a short experience that evening but a lasting one. Her mom took her from the room and cleaned her. She kissed her like a lover now and not as a mother would. To Dina it would never end. Even when her daddy did pass away they had each other. As she grew older she experienced so much more with her mom. The boys she took home she would let her mom watch as she fucked them. Sometimes her mom would join in making it so much more exciting.

    Girls too. They would use her and make the girl lick them until they came over her face. Then they would take turns fucking her, grinding their pussies together until the girl would cry out in orgasm over and over. They shared everything.

    One night they were looking at porn together sharing opinions about the sex and what they would love to try. They came across a site showing girls and animals. Her mom watched several videos aroused at what she was watching and told Dina that it excited her. Dina liked them too and realized that their sexual pleasures were now taking them to more taboo areas. Should they try it? Both knew that to do so would really change their boundaries greatly. But it remained out there ready when they wanted it. So they used it as a fantasy as they made love making them both cum like crazy at the thought of it.

    When Dina married she made sure to film her honeymoon for her mom. She wanted to show her that everything she learned from her was being put to good use. That use was making her husband very happy in bed. She allowed him anything and he gladly obliged. There was not a hole unused and he was worn out by the end of the honeymoon week. Her mom loved the video and played it over and over masturbating as she watched.

    Each year Dina would visit her mom several times without her husband. They had to see each other, to make love, to enjoy their real passion. Their lovemaking was more passionate, kinkier, dangerous even as they played their sexy games. One night her mother told her to remain in bed as she got her new toy. Dina, excited and so ready heard the soft clicking of the dogs toenails as they moved across the floor towards the bedroom. They both appeared in the doorway and Dina saw the beautiful brute on a leash.

    "I've been practicing, baby. Its time to teach you now." Her mom smiled and led the dog to her bed. Dina spread her legs wide at the dogs approach waiting for what she already knew would happen. Wanting it. Then she cried out as the animals tongue licked over her open wet pussy.

                                                  THE END


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Thank you KitKat. I love you too. So hot.


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 Azn Thanks. Do not stop there.
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Another incredibly HOT Foxi Story!! Thanks for sharing darling!! emot_kiss emot_kiss

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You keep doing it to me Foxi... reading your story has really made something spring to life... Foxi, you're a genius...


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Always a winner, Foxi.  You never cease to amaze.  Loved it.

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what an adorable story, foxi... So sweet...  emot_kiss

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sad a beautiful
would have loved to hear all of the side adventures, but wonderful

So Long as everyone is having fun, and no one gets hurt.....
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