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Author Topic: Tomas - bi,ped,incest,les,gay  (Read 4853 times)
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Tomas and Charlotte

It was a chilly morning as I started my daily walk down Pikers Hill toward the bay. A light mist hung in the small dips between the hills that ran down to the village, A mournful lowing of cattle and the occasional chirp of a bird the only sound apart from the crunch, crunch of my boots on the gravel road.

It was cold enough for me to pick up the pace to produce some internal warming. My ears were two pink ice blocks and my hands were thrust deep into my pockets.

My right hand was resting on my penis as I absently fiddled with my glans. It was strange to be here on this very dirt road that had taken my wife and young son from me, and yet my mind, just as it had been in my teen years, was now only having carnal thoughts. Carnal thoughts that would not come to fruition of course since my wife was dead and my house was empty of all but myself.

I came over a small crest and looked at the thin strip of bitumen in the road ahead. Two winters and a summer had eventually cleaned the tar of the red-brown reminders of Charlotte's last minutes, bleeding to death whilst Brian Egmont drove on up to his farm and left her where she lay. Our infant son, not long since he had walked to his daddy for the first time had been thrown from the child seat and his head was crushed against a gate post. Death instantaneous said the coroner's report. Charlotte, however, lay bleeding to death under the bicycle.

It was hit and run but Egmont would soon be caught. The bright yellow paint of Charlotte's bike was on a strip across the Landcruiser's bonnet and down the right guard. It was Fred Jennings who reported it to police when Egmont tried to get it panel-beaten fifty kilometres away. Fred is my cousin. He recognised the paint immediately.

Egmont was out last Christmas but Charlotte is still dead. I don't think I have any real bitterness now, I cried it out.  Boys don't cry they say but this one did for weeks on end. Then it occurred to me that I was not achieving anything. I dug all the gardens over and planted vegetables just as Charlotte and I had done for the previous six seasons. I pruned the fruit trees, weeded the flower gardens and then planted out a memorial garden for Charlotte.

Now I was trudging along that road again. I would go to the store and have a chat with Max if he is there, I thought, then if the rain stayed away I would go for a walk along the beach.

I heard the car coming a minute before it slowed behind me. I turned and immediately recognised Brian Egmont at the wheel. He nodded and stopped. I continued to walk as if not even acknowledging his presence.

"I'd like to talk, " Brian said after he had parked the car and ambled down toward me.
"We've nothing to say to each other," I replied without even turning toward him.
"I know that I can't bring them back Tomas, but please listen,' he said as he placed his hand on my upper arm.

I looked at his hand and then at his face. The disdain I felt must have showed on my face and it urged him to remove his hand.

"I regret everything that happened," he said, "I didn't see them."

"It was broad bloody daylight."

"I was a little under the weather."

"You were drunk."

"I was probably over the limit but nobody can know for sure, I'd had a few wines."

"Look Brian you can't make anything better by denying your drunkenness," I said in a voice calmer than I felt, "You can't bring them back or make me feel any better so why don't you leave me be?"

"I did my time hard Tomas," he answered, I was so ashamed of my actions. I was on suicide watch for most of the time. I felt so bad I wanted to end it all."

"I can't absolve you of you sins, Brian, I can't feel pity, I can't feel anything for you, now fuck off!"

Brian opened his mouth to speak again and as he did my fist left my side and pummelled hard into the side of his nose. There was an audible crack. Brian was off-balance and grabbing for his offended proboscis as my fist came again at his head. This time glancing off his temple. He fell to his knees, dazed but undefensive. I brought my knee up under his chin and he fell sideways. It was then that I became aware of the other presence. Constable Morag Evans was running toward me, her large breasts juggling from side to side. She grabbed my and shoulder and pulled me away from the now prone man on the gravel.

"Tom this will not help," she said calmly, "Let him get up and go."

Brian rose groggily to his feet off the road edge and grinned a strange smile through bloodied teeth.

"Thank you," he said.

"It's alright Brian," Morag replied.

Brian shook his head, "Not you Morag, I mean Tomas, I thank you. I deserve your hatred. I deserve this beating and more. I only wish I could bring them back to you." He turned unsteadily and stumbled to his car.

Morag and I watched as he drove up the hill to Hollybrook Farm.

"Rough justice is not the answer," Morag said.

"I know, but I just wanted the pathetic bastard to go away."

"I know, I know," Morag sympathised, "Where are you off to?"

"Morning walk. Every day it doesn't rain and some that it does I go for a six kilometre walk."

"Maybe I should join you some day," Morag replied patting her rounded belly, "So you don't want a lift," she said indicating the police vehicle.

"Maybe some other time," I replied.

"Fine," she said walking toward the brightly coloured Highway Patrol car, "Look after yourself."
"Uh huh."

The rest of the walk down to the village I thought about Charlotte and Alex. I thought about how Charlotte was when she was pregnant. There was music for the baby, nothing too load, something soft and soothing to make baby contented. She ate foods that helped her and the baby. So loved he was and he was not yet born. My beautiful Charlotte was such a wonderful mother. She was radiant when she was pregnant and up to a month before her confinement she had an insatiable sexual appetite.

We would fuck almost anywhere that room allowed. Once I remember, as I walk this road, we fucked behind a blackberry bramble, Charlotte on all fours and me pushing into her with gusto as we listened to our neighbours driving past on their way to market oblivious to the two of us fucking right by the road. Charlotte's ovoid belly almost resting on the ground as I pushed her to a bone-shattering climax.

I was nearing the village store as I reminisce and as I come toward the door I realise my cock is at full mast and my hand is rubbing the head of it. I adjust my cock to try to hide the bulge then enter the shop. The bell tinkles and from the back of the shop Wendy appears. She is a round woman no more than five feet two tall but with a ready smile.

"Tom, how are you?" she says cautious as ever to avoid eye contact in case I begin another bout of convulsive sobbing such as I began several times in those first few months.

"Fine," I reply, "May I have a coffee and a bun please Wendy?" I try to keep strictly to business to ease the tension.

"It's a bit cool out," mused Wendy.
"Hmm, but if the wind dies off a bit we'll be in for a sunny day later."

I took the coffee and bun and sat outside at a picnic table. As I ate my bun and drank my coffee I thumbed through the morning's paper left thoughtfully by a previous diner. War, economic collapse and the environmental debate dominated even this provincial rag. I was easily distracted when I saw movement across the road behind the bushes. There was someone trying hard to hide but what appeared to be a young girl in the local school uniform was trying to hide from something behind some cassias. The school bell was about to ring and she should be in the school-grounds not five hundred metres up the road in the bushes.

After a while I lost sight of the girl so I finished my coffee then rise and again sink my hands deep into my pockets, again unconsciously playing with my cock. I crossed the road and headed down the pathway to the beach.

Charlotte was barely a teenager when we met. She was thirteen and the daughter of a long time friend. She was quite forward for her age and even at thirteen was startlingly beautiful. She was tall and slender with boyish hips and almost flat chested. She clearly liked me from the start even though I was thirty and almost old enough to be her father. I visited Clive and Rhonda often and eventually Charlotte would come with me to the shops on errands or to the library for books.

When I moved here from the city she began badgering her parents to let her come and stay. Clive rang one day and said they had urgent business in Hong Kong and Charlotte had asked to come and stay rather than roam around a city she already knew well from previous trips. It was a memorable week.

I had sketches to finish for a mural and initial markups on the panels. Charlotte sat around watching me the first day and then, when I showed her the art for the first three panels she suggested that she could model for the naked female piper because she also had a slight figure like the Sidney Long original had.

I considered the possibility but told her that she would need parental permission. This I was sure would not be forthcoming especially since the modelling would be nude modelling. That night we had a light dinner and Charlotte retrieved a pack of playing cards thereafter and suggested we play poker.

"Strip poker," she suggested when I asked what type of poker she wanted to play.

"We can't Charlotte," I replied, "You're too young for those kinds of games and I could get into all kinds of trouble."

"Only if someone found out, and I'm not telling, " she declared.
Eventually we played poker with matches after Charlotte got over her sulks.

The next day Charlotte burst into the studio at a frantic skip and said, excitedly "Mum said I can do it!"
"What, do what?" I asked
"Model for you."
"What for?"
"For the nude chick with the brolgas."

"Are you sure?" I replied.
"Uh huh, here look," she showed me her mobile phone. An SMS message said, "Of course you can model for Tomas, Charlie, he's a great artist."
"Does she know it is nude modelling?"
"Uh huh," she replied.

I did not believe her for one minute but I was anxious to get on with the panel so I told her that we would try the next day. I was a bit ashamed of myself for also anticipating the nakedness of this nubile teen.

As the day dawned, Charlotte was eager to reveal her body to me for the first time. I became nervous, anxious and curious all at the same time. When she came out of her room that morning she was wearing a simple white shift with no shoes. Her nipples were so apparent against the cotton of the dress that it was a certainty that she was wearing no bra.

When she had had breakfast we adjourned to the studio.

"If I'm to pose nude for you today," Charlotte said, "I might be less nervous if you also go nude."
I looked at her with shock.
"What ---why---oh, ah --well I don't know," I stumbled.
"Come on Tomas, fair's fair," she chided.

We discussed the point for a few minutes before I conceded. I often painted naked but never in front of a model. Models usually saw me naked later in the day as we fucked, but never as I painted their naked charms. Indeed some models never got either the naked view or the fuck depending on their attitude or marital status. Not that I was averse to fucking a married model but some had monogamous ideas that did not accord with my carnal desires. The side benefit of having an established name in the art world was that some models just loved the celebrity fuck.

Charlotte pulled her shift over her head to reveal nakedness. She'd worn no panties as well as no bra that morning.

I stripped down, but the sight of my young charge naked had an almost immediate effect on my cock and I spent all the morning and half the afternoon painting and sketching Charlotte with an erection. Charlotte was well amused by that turn of events.

As the afternoon wore on we both tired. Charlotte sat beside me on the couch after the last session and put her arm around my neck. Her closeness made my erection harder and my cock was twitching with anticipation when I pulled her onto my lap and began to explore her charms. She in turn teased at my cock and balls.

After about an hour of bodily exploration and groping I realised that Charlotte was panting and her cunt was leaking her natural lube. I pulled her back onto my lap and slowly lowered her cunt over my waiting cock. When I first sunk my cock into her wet and ready cunt I somehow knew that we would become lovers for life.

She had barely a pubic hair on her young sex and when I eventually burst through her hymen I felt more alive and happy than I had in all my myriad of previous conquests. She was a greater fuck than anyone I had fucked until then.

I was truly making love to her as I fucked her, sucked her nipples and kissed her face, lips, ears and hair.

The next four days were an orgy of art followed by bone wracking sex. When Charlotte went home we had such a deep understanding of and feeling for each other that the seventeen year age difference seemed totally irrelevant.

We were lucky of course that Charlotte did not get pregnant from our unprotected sex and our next five years of relationship before she turned eighteen we used condoms and spermicides.

Thoughts of that week and our subsequent love affair were running through my brain as I played with my now rigid cock through my pocket. I was oblivious to anything and anyone which is why I almost fell over a young girl, the same girl I had noticed earlier as it turned out, who was sitting just below the lip of the dune as I crested the path to the beach.

"Sorry," I said as she scampered sideways startled by the intrusion.
"S'Okay," she replied sulkily.
I looked at her and said," Isn't school in?"
"Why so sullen?"
"Why are you so sad?"
"Just am."
"How old are you?"
"Nine, why how old are you?"
"Thirty nine," I replied, "Why aren't you in school?'
"Don't wanna go."

I was getting nowhere so I turned back toward the sea and begun to slowly walk over the remaining dunes shouting, "Bye," behind me. I was now aware that anyone could be lurking over the next hump.

When I was a further half a kilometre into my walk I detected a movement in the dunes to my left. I looked but saw nothing. Then again and again there was an unmistakable movement But when I looked, Nothing.

I stopped and squatted by some flotsam. I picked up a small stick and began moving shells and detritus around looking for hidden treasure. I have found the occasional coin or piece of jewellery on my morning stroll. Nothing came up that morning though. Then the movement off to my left is more pronounced and I quickly turned and the young girl from the dune quickly, though not quickly enough, dropped below the nearest dune.

"Why are you following me?" I ask.
No answer.
"I'm not much fun to be around these days, especially with a little girl."
"I'm not little," she shouted from hiding.
"Then come out like an adult."
She hesitated but eventually rose above the dune and slowly walked down to me.
"You're Tomas the artist," she said.
"Uh, huh."
"I can draw."
"Uh, huh."
"Can i see your drawings?"
"One day maybe, what's your name?"
"My name is Charlotte."
I turned red and began to shake.
"What's wrong Tomas the artist?"
"Sorry, um, ah, why aren't you in school, ah, Charlotte?"
"Well it's because I get bullied."
"By whom?"
"Everyone that matters."
"But you need an education."
"Of course."
"Well then how will that happen if you skip school?"
"I'm only skipping today because it's sports day and I hate sports."
"So you will go tomorrow?"
"Nah, it's sport carnival tomorrow, I'll go the next school day."
"Does your mum know your not at school."
"Not possible."
"What do you mean not possible?"
"She died."
"Ah, I'm sorry."
"Why do you say your sorry, did you know her?"
"I don't know, it's just what people say."
"Hmm, well she died and dad works at the mine."
"A miner, is he?"
"No silly, he's a geologist."
"Ah, then he's got to be Francis March."
"Well, yes, how did you know?"
"Your mum, Matilda, she was a friend of my wife."
"Yes, they went to school together."
"Then I did meet your mum, she was lovely."
"She was flawed."
"She was flawed. She committed suicide."
"Um yes, well, I know that but why do you say she was flawed?"
"She had a flawed brain. She didn't believe in God."
"I don't believe in God."
"But you're a man. Women have to believe."
"Who said that?"
"My grandma."
"And you believe that?"
"Not really, but she said it. Why else would mum kill herself?"
"It's complex."
"She didn't really love me."
"That's not true."
"She didn't, she didn't," Charlotte was now crying and upset.
I put my arm around her shoulder and she sniffled into my shoulder.

She was a young, frightened, sad child who was being bullied at school. As her sobs abated Charlotte stepped back from me and looked me in the eys, "My mum named me after your wife."
"Uh huh," I mumbled a sadness descending again on my shoulders.
 "They were best friends."
"I know," I replied, but I had no idea that you were named for my wife. I don't know your father, I've never even met him."
"He's nice, my dad. He's smart too. My grandma says he was even smart when he was little too, and sensitive."
"Like you?"
"I'm not especially clever."
"You seem quite smart and mature to me."
"I'm growing up fast my dad says. I have to do housework and chores and other special stuff for dad."

We wandered about two kilometres as we chatted and then I wanted to turn and head for home. I said to Charlotte, "I'm walking back home now, what are you going to do?"
"I might go home too, but dad won't be home until six o'clock this evening."
We both turned and headed toward the village. Charlotte put out her hand and held mine. Her finger were long and slender and her hands were cold.
Her hand was small and soft not unlike Alex's hand when we would walk together. Her fingers were longer than his but the softness was so reminiscent that a tear came to my eye. Charlotte was unaware of my reverie as she tried to match my pace back to the trail over the dunes which led back to the village.

"I'll go now," she said as she unclasped my hand, "I'll see you again."
"Sure," I replied, "Any time."
"What do you mean, any time?"
"It means I like your company."
"Okay." she said and scooted up the pathway and out of sight.

I walked up the path and crossed over to the shop. The bell tinkled again and soon Wendy appeared. She smiled her cautious smile before getting me some deli ham and cheese. I also got fresh bread and apples. I pulled the fold-up backpack from my pocket and filled.
"That's clever," said Wendy, as she watched me unfold the package to create a backpack.
"Got it in Timbuktu."
"The town or the shop?"
"The shop. It comes in handy."
I hefted the bag onto my shoulders waved goodbye and began the walk up Pikers Road. This was the road from my worst nightmare and in the upper levels before it flattened out for the last few hundred metres to my driveway it was a real heart attack hill.
I got quite warm by the time I reached the farm gate and when I entered the cottage I stripped down to T-shirt and jocks.

I had sat down to the ham and cheese on fresh bread for lunch when I heard a light tapping on the glass panel by the front door.
"Who is it?" I yelled to no response.
I got up and walked down the passage to the front door. I could see no one. I opened the door, looking right, then left in time to see a shadow of something or someone disappear behind the coat stand.
"Who is it? Who's there?" I yelled, but still no response.
"Come on come out of there," I shouted angrily.
"It's me," came a timid voice which was Charlotte's.
"Wha---what? What are you doing here?"
"You said you liked my company."
"I did, um ah, I do but-" I looked down and realised that I was only wearing my T-shirt and jocks. I scooted back to the door and said, "Oh well, you'd better come in." I ran to the kitchen and pulled on my jeans.

Charlotte came in and quietly sat on one of the kitchen chairs.

"Why have you come up here now," I asked.
"I don't have anything to do and dad isn't home for another six hours."
"Well maybe you should have gone to school."
"I already told you I get bullied and I don't like sport."
"Well you shouldn't be here without parental consent."
"Dad won't mind."
"I think he will."
"No he won't."
"Then ring him."
"I can't."
"Why not?"
"He's underground in the mine and out of range."
"But he isn't a miner, he shouldn't be there all day."
"He has testing in the shafts the next three days."
"Well you can't stay here!" I said firmly, You should be either at school or home."

Charlotte looked at me open-mouthed and I could see the tears forming in her eyes.
"I'm so lonely," she cried, "Dad works so much and nobody likes me, not at school, not at home and not you" She was crying in fitful sobs. I went round to her and pulled her into my chest, held her lightly and stroked her hair.

"It's okay, Charlotte, It's okay," I said softly as she cuddled into me sniffling, "You can stay for a while but I must work."
"Are you doing art?" she asked, still snivelling a bit.
"Drawings for a book. They are needed on Friday so the editor can review them."
"Can I watch?"
"Um, ah, well," I was not used to an audience but this project was illustrations for a book of nineteenth century erotica. The stories were in period dress and undress and in numerous states of sexual congress. I was therefore not at all happy with the idea, "I don't like to be watched while I work," I finally said.
"But you can watch me too," she said enthusiastically.
"Look Charlotte I can give you pencils and paper for you to draw but my drawings are not suitable for children."
"They are of an erotic and sexual nature, and it's one thing to have you here without your father's permission, it's quite another to expose you to erotica."
"You mean pornography?"
"They are erotica a higher form of art than pure pornography."
"I've seen pornography."
"What, where?"
"On dad's computer, he's got lots."
"What do you mean?"
"He stores sexy pictures and videos on his home computer."
"How do you know?"
"Well I saw them."
"Doesn't he password protect them?"
"Oh yes, of course he does, but I hacked his password."
"Trade secret of kids."
"Well he used my birthday and middle name which was easy to figure out."
"How did you..."
"I played with a few combinations until it came up."
"You seem so clever. What does he have on his computer?"
"Lots of nude boys and men."
"Anything else?"
"Men with their penises in other men's mouths."
"Men with their penises in other men's and boys' bottoms."

It seemed that Francis was into homosexual porn. I continued, "Is there anything else?"
"There's pictures of a nude girl and baby in another file."
"Girls and babies?"
"A lot of baby and little girl shots, all naked of course."
"All naked!"
"Uh huh."
"Anything else?"
"What kind of stories?"
"Stories of men fucking boys and girls in the bottom."
"Has your father ever touched you in that way?"
"Um, ah, I, um, can't tell anyone anything."
"You can't tell anyone what?"
"It's a secret."
The idea of child sex, although repellent to many people nonetheless had me standing there with  one very stiff cock. I wasn't sure if Charlotte had noticed, but I was so glad I had put on my jeans.

"I find this discussion very interesting, Charlotte, but I have to get to work."
"Can I watch then?"
I thought about it for a minute and then said,"It seems that you have seen far worse than my drawings on your father's computer so why not?"

I sat at my drawing table with Charlotte beside me for three hours. She sniggered at some of the drawings but all in all the afternoon turned out quite productive. Charlotte had a pencil and paper and made some quite good copies of my drawings, if a little unsophisticated and naive.

The afternoon cooled off again so I lit the pot-bellied stove and Charlotte and I toasted bread on it once it reached a warm enough temperature. It warmed the room around us nicely.
When I had finished the last pen stroke for the day I put on Brahms on the stereo and sat on the couch. Charlotte sat beside me and we both chatted before slipping into slumber brought on by the soporific warmth of the cottage.

When I awoke Charlotte had her head on my lap next to my erection. She was still asleep with her left cheek against my hard cock. I moved a little and Charlotte woke from her sleep.

"What time is it?" She asked.
"About quarter past five," I replied, "You'd better go home now."
"Okay," she said, as she sat up, "can I come tomorrow?"
"But school."
"Sports carnival, remember?"
"Ah, well, I go for a walk about the same time each day."Okay," she replied, "The dunes tomorrow."
Charlotte put on her shoes and the jumper she had discarded by the fire and hefted her school bag onto her back, reached up and kissed my cheek before running to the door and letting herself out.

Pt 2.

Things rarely turn out as you may have expected. On a cool morning with low cloud and rain threatening I fairly ran down the hill, had a quick chat with Wendy, collected my fruit bun and takeaway flat white coffee, then bustled over the road to the dunes like a schoolboy on a blind date. I was abuzz. Then as I crested the dunes and virtually skipped onto the beach my progress, and elation, was stopped by the sight of Charlotte and beside her the man I knew to be her father even though we had never met.

"Morning," I mumbled as I approached the pair of them.
"Morning Tomas, I may call you Tomas may I not, said Francis March rather formally,
"Yes, yes, of course," I stumbled on my words.
"Charlotte here told me she was at your house yesterday instead of school."
"Yes, um, I can explain, it was ..."
"Innocent, yes I know, there is no need for explanations Tomas, it appears the school has still not stopped the relentless bullying from that Ricky Lawson boy and she was taunted about her lack of sporting skills and physical co-ordination. No it isn't good enough. I know she can handle it in normal classes but sports days and sports carnivals leave her open to ridicule and the perpetual bullying so having a safe haven away from it was a God-send and I thank you."
"No need to thank me, Francis isn't it?"
"Yes, sorry I didn't introduce myself, I'm not good at that."
"I enjoyed Charlotte's company."
"She says you might be encouraged to teach her to draw. She has a natural talent I'm told."
"Um well yes she does have a great naive talent but I have not given lessons for ten years."
"But you are experienced, surely a few lessons..."
"Certainly I can teach but I must make a living that is my first priority."
"I can pay what ever it takes to keep Charlotte happy."
"It's not just a matter of payment, although it would help, but I have contractual obligations."
"Well, if she's getting in the way then we can..."
"She isn't, she was fine yesterday. I continued to work and she sketched."
"I saw the results," said Francis with a grin, "Not many schools or tutors teach erotic drawing to eight year olds."
"I'm nine, daddy!" Charlotte burst in.
"Just nine sweetie," Francis conceded, "But I think she can learn a great deal from you, Tomas, how about she sits in again today?"
"Um, ah, sure, why not?"
"I'll pay you fifty an hour."
"Oh no! Too much!"
"She's worth it, but forty then."
"No again too high."
"What then?"
"Why don't we see if there is positive progress then work something out?" I suggested.
"Sure, if you like. Can I leave her with you now?"
"Okay, I'm in the middle of my morning walk, are you okay with that Charlotte?"
"Yes, Tomas. See daddy, I told you he was nice."
"I agree he is nice Charlotte, now I must go. I have to be underground by nine thirty."
Charlotte grabbed her father around the neck and they hugged. I noticed Francis has his hand under her skirt on her arse as he lifted her into the hug. She squirmed a bit on his hand and they both smiled a knowing smile.
"I don't finish until seven thirty tonight is that okay, " asked Francis.
"Sure," I said.

When Francis had walked back up the dune path waving back at us regularly Charlotte took my hand and we walked a couple of kilometres along the beach. We turned and returned to the dune path and then began the long walk up Piker's Hill. About halfway up the hill it began to spit with rain, by the time we entered the cottage we were both saturated to the skin. Charlotte was wearing a denim skirt, a checked top and a light pullover. She had no change of clothes. I led the soaked and shivering girl to the bathroom and told her to get undressed and have a warm shower. I then went into the walk-in wardrobe and found one of my wife's silk robes. When I returned to the bathroom Charlotte was wrapped in a large bath towel and no longer shivering. I gave her the robe and told her I hd a radiator in the lounge room which she could sit beside while I stoked up the pot-bellied stove. When I had the stove burning away nicely I returned to my room and changed into my favourite terry towel robe. I walked through the lounge where Charlotte was lying comfortably on the couch. I continued into the bathroom where I showered myself warm and then I went into the laundry and put Charlotte's clothes in the dryer. I put her skirt, shirt and pullover into the dryer first then had a deep sniff of her panties before dropping them in also. I hadn't done that for years since I was nineteen and I would sniff and masturbate with my fourteen year old cousin's panties. The effect was still the same and I got an instant erection.

When I closed the door and activated the machine I stood and waited for my cock to behave, It was tenting out the front of my robe and it took a while for it to settle.

I then returned to the lounge where Charlotte was rummaging through her back-pack.
"Do you have a computer." she asked.
"Can I show you something?"
"What do you want to show me?"
"Just something on my flash-drive."
"Okay,: I said as I led Charlotte from that lounge to the small room off the study where I had my computer and a single bed.
Once I had booted-up the computer Charlotte handed me her flash-drive. It soon started up. It had five folders.
"Open D1 folder," she said.
When it opened it contained numerous JPEG files.
"Start them as a slide show," Charlotte suggested.

When it started the picture show was of men with men, men with boys, men fucking men, men fucking boys. I looked at Charlotte with shock. "What the....?"
"Daddy's porn."
"But what else is there?"
"Open D1VD," she suggested.
It was a folder of videos. The first was a man licking, sucking, rimming and then fucking the hairy arse of another man. Next it was two men in a 69 then four men in a chain fucking each other. Then a boy with his mouth full of a man's cock. Then the boy's cock in another man's mouth and a butt plug in the boy's arse.
Then a man with a long thin cock is fucking the arse of a boy no more than four or five years old.

I turned to Charlotte what was looking on in fascination.
"What else," I said dreading the enquiry.
"Open D1C."
The folder was more JPEG's
"Run as a slide show again," Charlotte said.
The first three or four pictures were of an infant. She was lying on a change table without clothes. So cute. Then the next three photos showed the same child with something wet on her stomach. By the time I got to the tenth shot, which were close-ups I realised it was cum!
The rest of the pictures were of the same child but older, sometimes on a change table then in a cot and finally on a single bed. These were pictures of Charlotte and in each the photographer or someone had ejaculated on her naked stomach. I was shocked, amazed but strangely not repelled. I looked at Charlotte. She smiled a weak smile at me.
"What, Who..?"
It's me and my daddy. He gets me to undress then he plays with his penis until it shoots stuff onto me."
"But why?"
"He likes it, I don't know why."
"Does he do anything else?"
"No, um, nothing. He asks if I play with myself, you know, down there."
Before thinking what I was saying I said, "Do you?"
Charlotte turned beetroot red and said, "I've tried it sometimes. It felt nice."
"Your father hasn't tried to...?"
"Fuck me, no," Charlotte said a little too quickly.
The slide show finished.
"Do you want to look at more?" asked Charlotte.
"Not right now, " I said, wondering what was happening here, "Would you like tea, coffee or Milo?"
"Coffee, please," Charlotte replied remarkably perkily.

The room had warmed to a toastie stage now and Charlotte had let the silk robe loosen as she lounged on the sofa. Her skin was white and through the gap in the front I could see her little girl nipples. My own robe was tenting out as I retreated to the kitchen to make the coffee. I returned to the lounge and gave Charlotte her coffee. I sat in my favourite chair across from her and realised that she had pulled the silk robe open further so that I could see her two small breasts and the beginning of her hairless slit.

"Do you want me to suck your penis?" Charlotte said.
"" I nearly choked on my coffee.
"Do you want me to suck your penis like daddy does?"
"Um, you, ah, you said he doesn't..."
"He doesn't fuck me, but if you looked at folder C1VD..."
"It's me sucking his penis."
"He recorded it?"
"Well, yes."
"Isn't he afraid he'll get caught?"
"Mum found them."
"She didn't know?" I asked incredulously.
"No it was our secret."
"What did she do?"
"She killed herself."
"Do you mean to say she killed herself because of those videos?"
"Well there were other things. She was sick. This just pushed her over the edge. She yelled and screamed like no other time. The next day she was dead."
Charlotte told the story as if it were about another family entirely, not her own. She seemed to be completely divorced from the reality of her own life. I felt sad for her.

"I don't want you to suck my penis or anything," I said as I regained my composure, "What I need to do is get to work."
"Okay," Charlotte said almost sadly, "But you know, anytime."
"Let's get to work," I said as I led her into the studio which I had preheated with the reverse cycle air conditioning.

When I broke for lunch Charlotte had been sitting quietly sketching and drawing. I had virtually ignored her. I went to the laundry and got her clothes out of the dryer. Charlotte was busying herself in the kitchen when I returned and the robe she ware was now totally open showing all of her many charms in their nine year old glory.
"I've made sandwiches," she said ignorant of the effect her nudity was having on my cock, "Tea or coffee?"
"Tea please," I replied while the young girl got me my lunch.
When she brought me my lunch I told her to come closer then I closed and retied her robe.
"Don't you like looking at my body?" Charlotte asked sulkily.
"That's not it at all," I replied, "I just think it would be more comfortable done up."
Charlotte stepped back from me and undid the robe and dropped it to the floor, "This is more comfortable," she said as she took her naked body and sat opposite me at the table. My unruly cock shot out at the sight of her nakedness and I sat pulled into the table hoping she would not notice.
"I can fix that," she said , pointing in the direction of my cock, "If you spurt then it will go down."

'Don't be so sure,' I thought but said,"how do you know this?"
"From my daddy, he tells me everything. He even said that some people call a penis a cock and a vagina a cunt."
"I refer to my penis as my cock most times but usually ladies like pussy rather than cunt."
"Daddy told me that too, but he still calls them cunts."
"Anyway I don't need you to fix my cock."
"Why not?"
"It's not right, you're just a child."
"You mean you could get in trouble?"
"There's that, yes but.."
"Well I won't tell and if you want you can fuck me."
"I don't fuck young girls."
"Why not?"
"It's illegal."
"Is that the only reason."
I thought for a few seconds and realised it was the only reason, "I suppose so."
"Then no problem, I won't tell and we're here alone."
"But Charlotte we simply can't," I said clearly weakening to the arguments she put.
"Why not?"
"I hardly know you."
"What's to know? Do you fuck your models?"
"I don't have models."
"I mean before, when you did, the village talk was that you did."
"I sometimes did," I admitted.
"Did you know them?"
"That's different they were adults and they were models."
"That's hardly a good answer to my question."
"No I didn't know them well."
"Then you can fuck me, we both want it."
"Have you been fucked before?"
"Not really."
"What does that mean?"
Charlotte got up and started a video that was stored on her flash-drive. It was Charlotte with her father, Francis. He was feeling her all over and paying particular attention to her arse. His erection was long and hard. After a while he took a tube of lube from a night stand and squeezed some onto his hands.He then proceeded to rub the lube around his cock and then eased lube covered fingers into Charlotte's arse.
The penetration was slow as the child kneeled on a single bed which had featured in so many of the other photos she had shown me. When he came Francis removed his cock and went out of the room. Charlotte was left with cum leaking from her arse. The video ended.

"You said your father never fucked you."
"Well he stuck his penis, ah, cock, into my bottom but not my vagina, ah, pussy."
"He fucked you in the arse and you don't think he fucked you?"
'it didn't hurt. It felt funny. It took a while before all the stuff came out."
"Didn't he clean you up?"
"No that was for me to do, he was a bit embarrassed."
"Has he done this more than once?"
"Every weekend."
"Even now?"
"Uh huh."

I must admit that my cock was solid rock hard looking at the video and the thought of this man arse-fucking his own daughter.
Charlotte came over to me and put her arms around my neck, "It's alright, it doesn't hurt. We love each other."
She lowered her hand to my hard-on and playfully rubbed her hand up and down on my cock. My resolve was diminishing as she did so. I bent down, lifted her up and carried her to my bed.

At first we just lay there, Charlotte enclosed in my arms. Our shared nakedness ensured my continued erection. I pulled her up so that her head was on my shoulder and kissed her closed lips. I played my tongue over her lips until she opened her lips and soon our tongues were in and out of each other's mouths.
Charlotte pulled away from the kiss and said,"Is that French kissing?"
"Yeah, I guess it is," I replied, "why do you ask?"
"A girl at school said she tried it once with her cousin."
"Do you like it?"
"Uh huh, a lot, it feels so nice, so sexy."
"Do you want to do it some more?"
"Uh huh."
Again we went into a lip clench but now my hands began to explore her young body. I ran my hand down her back to her arse and she instinctively opened her legs. I fiddled around her rear hole a bit and she moaned in appreciation. I then moved to her smooth slit. I found her clitoris and as I applied light pressure Charlotte gasped but remained in the kiss. My finger soon found its way through the folds of her sex to her prize hole. She was damp with anticipation as I eased a finger into her. It took a little while for me to ease into her hymen. Her maidenhead was intact, she hadn't been fucked in the cunt!
I played her clitoris and cunt like a musical instrument and soon Charlotte was moaning and gasping so much that our kiss ceased and she just groaned in ecstasy.
"Oh Tomas, that feels so nice," she said, are you gonna put your cock in to my cunt, pussy whatever?"
"In time sweetness, let's take it slow."
"But I want it so much!"
"You'll want it much more by the time I've finished."

With that I crawled down and began lapping at her small cunt, with my tongue going deep and my fingers continuing to play her clitoris. Charlotte pushed her mound hard into my face as she squirmed.

"Oh my God, Oh my God," she screamed as her first orgasm passed over her and she came into my mouth. I then moved up until my cock was at the entrance of her cunt. I eased it in and soon found her maidenhead. I withdrew a little then slammed my cock home in her cunt and at the same time drove a finger fully into her arse. Charlotte screamed then fell still and quiet. I continued my reckless fucking until I came into her fresh cunt. Charlotte again began to move.

"Oh my God," she said dreamily, "What happened? I feel amazing"
"You passed out temporarily the French call it the petite morte, or little death, many woman get it at the height of sexual excitement and fulfilment.
"I really feel full."
I held my cock in  Charlotte's cunt for as long as possible before it went limp and we became two again.
I cuddled her and we slept.

When we awoke Charlotte cleaned up the bed and put out the bloodied sheets. We then went naked into the studio.

I worked until five thirty with Charlotte happily drawing beside me. After I had finished for the day I reviewed my work then looked through Charlotte's sketches. She had reproduced much of the erotica I had done but had made the men look like me and the women look like her but with mature breasts.

"You don't think these are a bit of a problem for your dad, do you?"
"He's never seeing them these are between you and me. I'll do some at the weekend that will please him."
"Are you coming over at the weekend?"
"If you'll have me."
"I'll certainly have you," I said and then realised my cock was hardening at the thought. My hard-on had not escaped Charlotte's notice  and she put her small hands around the shaft then dropped to her knees. She had obviously done this often as she sucked with skill then swallowed my load.
"And we can have each other," she said cheerfully as she finished.

I again carried her to my bed and sucked and licked her sweet cunt. I also licked around her arse and rimmed her  as she groaned in the joy of it. My ministrations caused me to develop an erection that was hard enough to allow me to ease it slowly up her arse as her father had often done. I played with her clitoris until she was screaming with ecstasy. My second cumming was less than the first but felt as sweet. When we had showered again I made some chilli beef for dinner. Charlotte ate quietly and when she had finished and had washed the dishes with me she retrieved her clothes from the laundry, dressed and I ran her home in my small 4X4.

The next day was Friday and Charlotte went to school. I didn't see her until half way through Saturday. I had returned from my walk and shopped at the store when I heard a thunderous knock at the door. Francis was there with Charlotte.
"You couldn't look after Charlotte for a while could you?" Francis asked.
"Um, I, um, how long?"
"I've got to go to Canada. Urgent trip. I have no one else."
"Sure but for how long?"
"A week, maybe two."
"That's a long time," I said, "What about school? She'll need clothes, a toothbrush....."
"I know, and I know I've sprung this on you but Charlotte likes you a lot and we've talked about it and I have her stuff in the car and --- well that's about it."
"When do you leave?"
"Tomorrow at 10am."
"Then when do you want her to come here?"
"Um, ah, now."
"Uh huh, well I need to do more shopping for two and ---"
"Look you can borrow the Mercedes, it's a 4X4 and I will fill it with deisel and give you five hundred bucks to help out."
"It's not just ---Oh God, don't cry Charlotte!"
The girl had begun to cry and we had been totally ignoring her.
"Charlotte, Char, Charlie," Francis said as he cuddled her, "Don't cry baby."
"Nobody wants me."
"Look, look," I said, "I'll let her stay for the time that you are away, how does that sound Charlotte, and I'll take your money and spend it on Charlotte. It will be good borrowing your car because mine is not the best as it needs a new motor."
"Oh thank you," said Francis taking my hand and shaking it loosely.
" No trouble at all," I replied winking at Charlotte, "Charlotte is no trouble at all."
"If you don't mind could you drive me to the airport tomorrow as I won't have a car?" asked Francis.
"Sure I can do that, why don't you stay here tonight then we can get going in our own time tomorrow."
"Okay, good idea, if it's no trouble, I'll go and get my luggage. Do you want to come with me Charlie, or stay here?"
"I'll wait here," Charlotte said almost sullenly.
Francis got Charlotte's case and toiletries from the car and then drove off.

When Francis left Charlotte turned to me and hissed,"What did you do that for?"
"Whoa, whoa, what are you mad at me for?"
"I wanted you to myself now he's gonna be here."
"He's your dad, he's okay, isn't he?"
"He'll want me tonight."
"And you don't want him?"
"Not like I want your cock," she said, making a grab for my crotch.
I stepped back, "This won't do Charlotte, I have other things on my mind than just sex."
"I have work to do."
"That's about sex."
"I concede that, but I can't just drop everything and have endless sex with you."
"Well maybe its just as well daddy's staying tonight because you're not putting out."
"Where did you get that saying? Charlotte we will make love again but there are times for it and this isn't one of them."

Charlotte grabbed her bags and sulked off into one of the two spare rooms. She did not appear until after Francis had settled into the other room after returning with his luggage.
"The car's full of fuel and here's $500," he said handing me the keys and an envelope.
"The money's not necessary."
"Charlotte will know how to use it if you don't," Francis declared, "She's nearly as much of a spendthrift as her mum was."
I fancied that I saw a small tear in the corner of his eye when he spoke of Matilda, there were deep scars there.
"Fine," I said, taking the keys and money, "Charlotte can certainly use it."
"As you will," replied Francis.

As evening came down Francis relaxed in the lounge, dozing occasionally and Charlotte sat on the floor drawing pictures of him.
I made my favourite chicken curry for dinner. As we sat eating Charlotte said, "Can we play Twister tonight daddy."
"I don't think so," he replied his face going cherry red, "I - I don't suppose Tomas has Twister."
"It's okay daddy, I brought ours."
"Um, ah ," Francis stumbled on his words.
"It's okay," I said, "it should be fun, I haven't played for years."
"Goody we can play just like we do at home," cried Charlotte excitedly.
I thought Francis was going to choke on his food as he looked desperately at me then at Charlotte.
"We ah, we ah---what do you mean Charlotte dear?" Francis asked as he blanched.
"In the nude, it's so much fun."
Francis was on the brink of apoplexy as he stared daggers at Charlotte, "We can't do it in the nude Charlotte, don't be silly," he said regaining some of his composure.
The conversation was so funny to watch despite Francis' obvious discomfit.
"I'm not silly," Charlotte shot back,"You like it don't you say you don't!"
I looked at Francis whose face was pure desperation, "The girl's only being playful," I suggested.
"Um, ah, well it's like this," Francis began, in way of explanation," I've ah, I've been, um. well, a nudist all of my life," he stammered.
"Well that's a relief," I replied, "That means that I can strip down when you're here," I laughed.
"Um, ah, well if you, um, if you like I suppose, but what about Charlotte," he asked.
"She can too," I said with a playful smile.
"Well ah, this was not exactly what I was expecting leaving her here with you, but I guess I have no alternative now."
"Francis it is okay, Charlotte will come to no harm here. I believe in an open lifestyle. I do erotic art for Chrissake. Surely you know?"
"Um, sure, I knew something of it."
"Then relax," I said as I slipped off my T-shirt and shucked off my jeans. I was wearing no underwear as usual so I was completely naked before father and daughter. Charlotte jumped up and removed her pullover, blouse and skirt, then her panties. Francis was agog but slowly did likewise and was soon standing there with a huge throbbing erection.
"That was easy," said Charlotte and we all laughed as we sat and finished our dinner.

After dinner and the dinner dishes were done I poured some wine for Francis and a little for Charlotte and we all sat naked in the lounge.
"Well this is different," said Francis, "I don't usually undress to visit friends."
"Then we are friends?" I asked.
"Sure," he said as he laid a hand on my thigh, we are. His hand brushed my cock as he squeezed my thigh lightly. My cock was stirring.
"Can we play Twister now," asked Charlotte eagerly.
"Sure," I replied.

We got the game and began the spinner. Soon Charlotte was spread across the sheet with her lovely arse in the air. Then Francis was ensconced on the sheet with his hand between her legs and his freshly shaven arse in the air. With my spin I was soon stretched among the other two as we struggled to spin the spinner from our twisted positions. Charlotte moved so that she was on the edge of the sheet and Francis and I were entangled across the sheet. My position meant my bare cock was resting against his arse. I had a raging erection. Soon we changed positions and Charlotte was struggling to hold her position under both of us. Francis' cock was by her lips and I was surprised when she took quite a bit of it into her mouth. Francis' cock got bigger as she sucked on it and I thought she would choke. I was still in a position behind him as the game collapsed and Charlotte jumped back and was laughing her head off as her father's cock ejaculated over the plastic mat as we collapsed together.
As we came down I was still behind Francis and my cock slid up his smooth arse crack to his dark hole. My cock was hard as iron as I attempted to push myself off Francis.
"No don't," he moaned as I began to rise.
"Don't what?"
"Just stay there please, it feels so lovely to have your cock there."
I quickly thought about the boys and men in his porn. He hadn't taken his daughter's cherry he had fucked her arse. I stayed behind him as he lifted his arse and I then slowly eased my cock into his puckered hole. The sphincter grabbed me and I went deep inside his arse. The tight hole had it's effect and before I had made two or three tentative strokes I came.
During this time Charlotte sat and diddled her clitoris and was obviously reaching orgasm as she began moaning. I removed my cock from Francis' arse and stood unsteadily before heading for the shower.
When I came back Francis said,"Thank you Tomas, that was wonderful."
"It's okay, " I replied, "now you get a shower, take Charlotte with you, and I'll get supper for us."

After we cleaned up and showered we sat still naked on the couch and Francis put his arm around my shoulder and gently kissed me. My cock was soon stirring and his large one was pulsing away as hard as iron.
"Can I do you?" he asked.
I smiled, " thought you'd never ask, " I replied.
"What about me," said Charlotte.
"Let's get comfortable in bed and while Francis fucks me I can do something for you'"
Francis nodded eagerly.

We went to the king-sized bed and Francis spooned to my arse. I suggested he use lube because my arse had not been breached for a long time and his cock was large. I retrieved the lube from my night stand and Francis lubed up my arse and his cock. Meanwhile Charlotte was playing with my cock and balls sucking them inti her mouth. I positioned her so that she could straddle my cock and waited for the pressure from Francis' cock entering me before pushing my hard cock deep into his daughter's cunt.
When Francis began rhythmically fucking my arse I began toi eat the same rhythm into  Charlotte's cunt. When Francis came it was like a warm enema and I shot deep into Charlotte's cunt.
We covered ourselves with the eiderdown and each of us slept.

In the morning I awoke with Francis' hard cock pushed against my arse. He was easing in past my sphincter and into the passage still holding some of his cum. Soon his rhythm developed and the rocking of the bed woke Charlotte. She pushed aside the eiderdown and greedily attacked my cock with her mouth. She created an intense orgasm that coincided with Francis cumming in my arse.
We all got up and had a group hug and I showered with Charlotte making sure I kissed her deeply and brought her off by playing with her clitoris and cunt.
After her groaning orgasm we went out to prepare for breakfast whilst Francis showered and dressed for his flight.

The room had cooled during the night so I stoked the pot-belied stove and found a robe for Charlotte and myself. The drive to the airport would take about twenty minutes so we decided to leave at 8.30am to give Francis time to book in his luggage.

We ate breakfast in virtual silence, each obviously wondering, as was I, about our shared experiences. When we had all dressed and readied ourselves to go Francis came to me and threw his arms around my shoulders.
"You are a lifesaver, Tomas, and I know that Charlotte could not be in more loving hands." He kissed me deeply with his tongue and pushed his hand into my jeans and caressed my cock., "I hope we see more of each other upon my return."
"Me too," I said, realising his cock was the first one to breach me since my cousin fucked me as a seven year old. I twas also the only thing I had had in my arse since Charlotte's death. My wife had loved to put her vibrator, dildos and pleasure balls into my arse as I was cumming.

After we delivered Francis to the airport Charlotte suggested we go for a walk along the beach where we had met. It seemed a good idea despite the threatening rain.

Walks, talks, sketching and Charlotte's return to school occurred over the next few days. These activities were intermingled by some sex games.

Francis rang from Ottawa to say he couldn't get back for three more weeks and could I look after Charlotte's needs. I told him we were looking after each other's needs quite well and he laughed. I had been fucking her each day and had spent quite some time teaching her to fellate me to a blasting orgasm and I spent a great deal of time licking and sucking her joyous cunt and arse. It was easy to agree to his request.  

Several days more past before Charlotte, now confident in my home and with my ways asked if she could bring a friend home from school. I agreed.
"Goody," she cried, as she hugged my naked body. We had taken to living a nude lifestyle which made it easier for us to access each other's body as we wanted.
"Just let me know when you want to bring them home because we have to be careful to be dressed," I replied.
"Hmm, I never thought of that," Charlotte joked.

The next day Charlotte phoned me from the shop to say she was bringing a friend home and was it still alright.
"Yes darling, of course it's alright," I replied.

Rain began falling as Charlotte and her friend approached the cottage. The two of them ran up the pathway between the screening trees which give the cottage such privacy. When they entered the cottage I saw that her friend was a young boy about her age.

"This is Nigel," said Charlotte introducing the sodden boy. She then removed all her clothes down to her panties. Nigel, who had said nothing in greeting was blushing red as he watched my young charge undress.

"Shouldn't you do that in your room?" I said.

"Oh, ah, yeah sure, I suppose so," replied Charlotte as she grabbed Nigel's arm and dragged him toward her room. He followed reluctantly his eyes harely leaving mine as he left.

When the two of them re-appeared Charlotte was wearing a sarong and carrying a pile of clothes. Nigel had also been encouraged to remove his clothes and was wearing
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A very delightful, imaginative tale. Please continue your most enjoyable work; I presume more was, or perhaps is, intended given the rather truncated ending.

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I agree serviceman,  great story. I can't wait for the next addition.  Thanks.
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