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Author Topic: The Amber Room (Mg, Mgg, Fgg, inc, beast, MMMg, MF, gangbang, vio)  (Read 10020 times)
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The Amber Room
(Mg, Mgg, Fgg, inc, beast, gg, MMMg, MF, gangbang, vio,)

Danny Morris was drunk. Five potent rum runners will do that to you. On his back, lying in wet sand as small warm waves wash over his red tanned body. Beside him, just as hammered was Petra, a very beautiful former Czech that loved taking it in the ass. Danny rolled over to her his mouth locking on her left nipple ring and sucking hard. He was rock hard and Petra was always ready to fuck. After a minute of foreplay Danny eased his cock into her perfectly waxed pussy and began pumping away. Petra happily fucked back, she liked American men with big cocks, They have money and always want to fuck. Petra moaned as Danny's cock began punching her cervix over and over, He fucked her rough, she loved that, she raised her legs and screamed as she came. “fuck me harder” she said. Danny feet were buried to his ankles in the wet sand and his cock was buried to the balls in wet hot Czech pussy.

“Gimme your ass” Danny growled and pulled his cock out of Petra's pussy. Petra rolled over to her hands and knees and licked her lips, she wanted to be ass fucked badly. Danny spit on her red asshole and then dived in with his tongue. Petra shuddered as she felt his long hot tongue slide up her ass. Danny dug into Petra's asshole like he was licking for gold. But she was begging for him to fuck her so he stopped and slammed his eleven inches straight in after struggling to squeeze into her tight ass. Petra fell onto her chest and raised her ass as she screamed with pleasure as cock rammed her ass like a jack hammer. “Fuck me Danny, fuck my ass” Danny's drunk state helped him hold off for a while but after five minutes of jungle ass fucking he was ready to shoot. Petra wanted it in her mouth and no sooner as his cock slide free she spun and swallowed all she could just as he exploded. Petra swallowed his thick hot load and then dropped o on her back in the water. Danny dropped also but after a few seconds Petra was sucking his cock clean.

This beach was on a private island in the The World islands complex in Dubai. Danny had bought his private island for fifty million dollars. It along with other islands formed Canada and North America. The World was hundreds of small man made islands and arranged to look like a flat globe of earth. Only the super rich lived here. Life was good here, so long as you had the cash, you could buy anything.

Danny was a professional thief. He was lone gunman in the De Beers Bond House robbery in London. A heist so incredible people believe it was a hoax. But Danny got away with one hundred and eleven pounds in cut perfection. Including the Czarina, and forty two carat pink jewel he sold for the price of this island. Danny cleared almost two hundred million, it was and still is the best ice haul ever. Danny Morris was not his real name, it was actually his ninth now. But it was clean, his passport was good through the states and with Interpol. Two people in the world knew Danny's real name and he wasn't worried.

Petra was new thing barely a month old. She was twenty and easy to be around. He had met her at the pirate themed bar on the one of the hotel islands. This place was made for pirates just like him. They connected instantly, her deep green eyes and creamy tanned complexion, won him over. He liked her broken English and she liked his huge cock. She stayed with him that night and then checked out of the hotel and into his four thosand foot Japanese inspired home on his own island. The sun was setting so they got up from the beach and walked back to his house, they had a party to go to tonight at Roman Damidov's house tonight.

Roman had the biggest island in The World complex, almost two square miles. His house was ridiculous at thirty thousand square feet, at his dock was anchored his new five hundred foot yacht “Alexia” along with dozens of other small craft that had brought the partiers. Danny looked young because at thirty five he really looked like a twenty year old. But Danny was a master of disguises. He was working a surfer look, with his long hair and highlights. He face was freshly shaved and he just looked young. He was surprised to have received an invite, he only briefly met Roman on a ferry boat. Danny thought Roman was very interested in Petra but who wouldn't be. The house was amazing, three floors, the top being Roman's bedroom. The furniture was modern as was the color and artwork. Servants served glasses of Dom, Iranian caviar, and really great cocaine. Danny and Petra snorted a few lines and mingled among the hundred guests. Lot's of Europeans, some Americans and few Sheiks. Danny noticed a lot of women, maybe forty guys at most, the rest like Petra where knockouts.

Roman Damidov was Russian and a young billionaire barely forty. He had natural gas leases and some mining interests, but he made the bulk in Russian oil. He had a reputation of dating starlets and the top ten of supermodels. And that was the extent of Danny's knowledge of him. Roman's ancestry was something different, his father had been killed when the Nazi's launched “Operation Barbarossa” and invaded Russia.
He was a communist in love with the American ideal. He had made his money thanks to capitalism and lived his life like an American Playboy. He owned the English Football club Liverpool, he owned jets, he owned people. But he wanted something more than all his wealth and he wanted Danny.

Danny and Petra we kissing out on the south patio, Danny's hand slipped under Petra's short Versace black cocktail dress and squeezed her ass cheek. They were startled by Roman's booming voice.

“Danny you lucky bastard” Roman shouted and he opened his arms and hugged both Danny and Petra. Roman stepped back and eyed Petra from head to toe. Five foot four, one hundred twenty four pounds, D cup enhanced breast done in London and wonderfully round and lifted ass, no doubt from the Czech love of anal sex and legs, legs, legs, tanned , toned and waxed perfectly, her gorgeous size six feet, perfectly French manicured toenails in black rear strapped four inch Jimmy Choo stilettos.

“God damn she is fucking hot” Roman said laughing. Roman threw an arm over Danny and Petra and led them on a tour of his estate. Petra smiled when Roman's hand slipped to her ass cheek and gave a squeeze. Roman explained the horticulture, architecture and many other mundane facts. They ended up in Roman's grotto. This was a duplicate of Hefner's at the Playboy Mansion, and like Hef's there was a nine or ten naked women splashing, kissing, fondling in this one. Roman began to undress, he looked at Danny and Petra, who quickly looked at each other ans shrugged. One zipper down and Petra was stunningly naked, her perfect tits showing just a hint of sag before rising up to her large areola, her erect nipples hanging platinum hoops. Roman already in the water could only bite his lower lip when he starred at Petra's pussy. She had another platinum hoop carrying a one carat diamond  hung on her clitoris. She looked like a young Angelina Jolie, her thin shoulders swayed back as her tits led her into the warm pool. Roman briefly saw Danny but laughed loudly.

“What a huge cock” Roman roared. Roman prided himself on his looks, dashing older man like Connery and a decent sized cock but this kid was hung like a mule. The other girls in the pool all gawked and the meat swinging between Danny's legs, they were Swedes, Danish, Germans, a few French girls. They were hookers in the loosest sense of the word. They fucked for money but the clientele was very thin and the cost was very expensive. For this night Roman paid each twenty-five thousand euros. They were to fuck whoever Roman let or brought into the grotto and they were there to look good, like all of Romans things.

The Danish girl Catja stepped to Petra and began kissing her. Another girl came from behind Petra fondling her tits, ever so softly pulling her nipple rings causing Petra to moan in Catja mouth. Other girls began kissing and Roman stood while a the German girls sucked his eight inches to hardness. Danny moved close to Petra but was quickly covered by the other girls. Danny didn't understand what some where saying but he understood the French girls discussing how big is cock was getting. Petra was led to a ledge where she sat her legs drawn open and Catja quickly began eating her pussy. She starred at Danny while his giant cock was being sucked by five girls. Catja sucked pussy better than any other woman Petra had been with before, her tongue pulled and the diamond hoop pulling her clit and making Petra shake her ass. One French girl climbed up Danny and another worked his cock into her pussy, she frantically began throwing herself on the monster.

Petra stood and Catja switched to her asshole, taking deliberate time to lovingly suck and lick her rear. Inka a tender very young girl went to work on Petra's pussy, while another Swedish girl work two finger in her wet hot hole, then three, then four. Catja spread Petra's ass cheeks wide and worked a very long tongue deep in her asshole. Petra's own fingers twisted and pulled her nipples as she came loudly her pussy squirting into Inka's mouth. Danny fucked each of the five he came after the third but was sucked to attention for the other two. Four of the girls held  a Swedish girl, apparently this was going to be her first ass fuck, she bucked and screamed but Danny ruthlessly raped her ass, he took his time and eventually she began to push back, her pussy treated to the mouth of the all four girls. He came again unloading deep into her ass but the girls sucked him clean rock hard again.

The night ended with Danny's eleven inches ramming Petra's asshole while Catja fist fucked her pussy. Petra was screaming as Catja fist matched Danny's cock. Petra came so hard she squirted again and again and again, something she had only done a few times with Danny before this night. Finally exhausted the girls were laying on the beach sand, Petra was curled next Danny in a chair and Roman was sitting across from him.

They drank 1907 Heidsieck, a champagne lost in a shipwreck off the coast of Finland in 1916 until 200 bottles were discovered in 1997. Roman told Danny each bottle cost 275,000 dollars. Danny was stunned at the attention, until Roman leaned close and told him something.

“Danny, I know about De Beers and I have a piece of work only you can do.”

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