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Author Topic: Liam & Matti Up to the present...(MF MFF MFMF Group)  (Read 525 times)
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« on: October 03, 2017, 10:07:43 PM »

Liam -

Matti and I had settled into playing mostly with a few people from our Crossfit Club.  She had her separate little thing with Tim. 

We got together with John and Tammy occasionally.  Work/life responsibilities cut into our time together.  John and I golfed together every other Sunday.

We did have one hell of a sixtieth birthday party for him.  Took me a couple days to recover from that one.  Matti wanted nothing to do with sex even longer.

The last I saw of her that night, she was spit roasted between John and Jay.  She slept after we got back home almost the entire day.

This little routine went on for about a year.  I had a business trip planned to go to Omaha.  Work was slow for Matti and the kids were going to Disney World with my parents and cousins.

Matti agreed to go with me to my delight.  She even mentioned that we hadn't played the "We aren't married game" in a while.

That made me look forward to the trip even more.  I made hotel reservations booking adjoining rooms.  We even picked different seats on the plan.  We were all in on being covert.

We checked and settled into our separate rooms.  Hearing her move around her room through the walls made me think about what else I would hear over the next few days.

I had taken the shuttle to the hotel.  She rented a car.  We talked on the phone for a while like two mischievous kids.  She wanted to hang up so she could drive to the nearest grocery store for some water/wine/snacks.

She seemed a little urgent.  I blew it off on her being a little excited about being unmarried this week.

I had dozed off and did not hear her return to her room.  My phone rang waking me up.  Matti asked me what time I was meeting my contact.  I told her at seven for dinner.  She said she would go get something to eat and be back at the hotel bar by around nine.

The guy I was meeting was named Todd.  I had known him for a while and even golfed in a couple charity tournaments his company sponsors annually.

Todd is a big man.  About 6'5" and broad across the chest.  A former Husker football player with a short three year stint in the NFL.  His red beard was the only giveaway to his hair color.   His head was clean shaven and otherwise covered in freckles.  In his forties he was still pretty fit.  He carried his 270 lbs very well.

We ate had a few beers and he drove me back to the hotel.  He willingly accepted my offer to buy him one last drink.

We walked into the hotel bar. It was pretty full.  I immediately saw Matti at the bar.  There was a woman sitting to her left with two stools empty to her right.  I made sure Todd got the stool right next to her. 

She was in an animated conversation with one of the bartenders.  We ordered our beers and I hadn't noticed it until just then.

Looking in the wall mirror behind the bar.  I saw the woman sitting next to Matti was my half sister Cricket.  Our eyes met in the mirror.  She smiled and went back to talking to the bartender.

I sat there in stunned silence for a minute.  Matti had arranged this and it was truly a suprise.

I went to the men's room.  Upon my return Matti was laughing at something Todd had just said.  He introduced me to her and her co-worker. 

At Matti's insistence we found a table.  Looking back both bartender's were watching my wife and sister walk away from the bar.

One beer turned to four as we went from strangers talking about our careers.  To new friends talking about more personal things.

Matti's light touches on Todd's arm and thigh didn't go unnoticed.  Cricket's own teasing touches were just as distracting. 

There was a look exchanged between the two women.  Cricket excused herself saying it was getting late and she was calling it a night. 

She stood up asking Matti if she was heading to her room.   Matti replied, "After I finish my drink."

Adding, "Are you heading out Todd?"

She had set the hook.  He was hers without a doubt.  Cricket said her goodnights.  As she passed behind Todd she mouthed, "Follow me."

I waited a few minutes and made my excuses.  Todd actually looked excited to be alone with Matti.  Couldn't blame him she looked beautiful.

Entering my room Cricket in the bathroom brushing her teeth.  After a welcome hug and a long lingering kiss.  She filled me in on Matti contacting her.  Matti had told her about our hotel
adventures in the past.

Cricket took some time off and here she was with her husband Kyle's permission.  We had been talking about twenty minutes.  The voices in the hallway were Todd and Matti.  The door opened and closed next door.

Cricket placed a finger to her mouth.  We could hear there conversation though not all the words.  The water ran for a while next door.  By this time I was getting aroused.  My wife next door with my friend.  Cricket in a short teddy curled up on my bed.

I went into the bathroom brushed my teeth and freshen up.  I had stripped and didn't bother covering up.

Cricket called me to the bed giving me the come hither with her index finger.  Her eyes locked on my now hard cock swaying as I walked to the bed.

I laid down pulling her to me.  We kissed soft and passionately.  Her hand found my cock.  Stroking me as we continued dueling each other with our tongues. 

A sudden loud moan from next door made us stop kissing.  Cricket had to cover her mouth to stifle a laugh. 

Matti let out a series of moans followed by, "Yes! Eat my pussy!"

Cricket lifted her teddy over her head.  Her long jet black hair hung over her soft brown shoulders.  Her dark brown nipples were hard as rivets. She leaned forward offering them up to my mouth.  Her hand never left my cock.

We were both trying to be quite.  Hissing out our mutual pleasure.  We probably didn't have too.  Matti was getting louder.

Todd was clearly fucking her or more than likely she was riding him.  Judging by their mutual moaning and things they were saying.

My balls were aching at this point.  Cricket must of felt the same way.  She slid down and started sucking me like there would be no tomorrow.

I was torn between the sounds next door and the amazing blow job I was getting. 

Matti had cum and it got quite for a couple minutes.  Then Matti cried out, "Fuck me! Give it to me!" 

The grunting noises she made gave me the visual he was on top of her with his big heavy frame.  Matti is thick and muscular.  But she would still look like the coyote smashed under a boulder like in the cartoons.

Her grunts turned to moans and umphhs.  She came again more silence followed by her muffled cries of pleasure like her face was buried in a pillow or mattress.

That was it. I pulled Cricket up on top she instinctively mounted me and we fucked trying hard to minimize our own passionate noises.  Which actually made us both cum fairly quickly.

Todd finally left.  Matti called me asking if we enjoyed ourselves.  We had her on speaker both talking over each other telling her how hot it was.  We talked for a for a little while longer. 

Matti yawned saying, "Maybe you to can have sex so I can go to sleep listening to you?"

I'm not sure if Matti heard everything or fell asleep.  But Cricket and I fucked all over the bed and didn't worry who heard what.  Before drifting off to sleep I watched Cricket text Kyle about the nights events.

More later on...


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« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2017, 09:21:27 PM »

Liam -

All the next afternoon Todd couldn't stop talking about the hot babe he tagged.  In my mind I knew, "Matti was in control the whole time."

He went on in detail how she sucked his cock in the shower.  How good her smoothly shaved pussy tasted (a first for him).

Hiw firm her big round ass was and easy to grip.  How he had her panting on his big dick.  

Smiling, I couldn't argue with anything he said.  Normally you here a lot of guys brag about there sexual prowess.  In this case I could vouch for most of what he was relaying based on what I heard myself.

I was still riding my own high from listening to my bear like friend fuck my wife.  Mostly from the great sex I had with Cricket.

His joy turned to frustration.  He told me he had called her room this morning asking to see her again later tonight.  She had told him she had other commitments, but said maybe the following evening.

My friend had no idea how much she was in control.  This was her way telling him she enjoyed his company, but she wasn't awed by him.

He dropped me off at the hotel.  He looked like he wanted to come inside on the off chance he might run into Matti.

He was in a long distance relationship and this diversion certainly was very distracting for him.  He asked if I wanted to do dinner.   I asked for a rain check as I was tired as well as I wanted to see what Matti had planned.

I took a nap following it up with a workout in the hotel exercise room.  I hadn't seen nor heard from Matti or Cricket.  After I showered I noticed I had a text.  

It read, "We slept in real late.  Went shopping.  We are heading to the casinos.  Love you!"

Sometime around midnight my tipsy wife calls to tell me she won twelve hundred dollars.  She is not a real gambler so it was really exciting for her.  She added they would be late and if I minded them have a girls night.

Needless to say being woke up at around two in the morning to the sounds of two slitely drunk women having sex in the next room was both annoying and exciting.  

Todd picked me up that morning for work.  He showed me a text from Matti asking if she would see him tonight.  She also asked if his white haired friend would be available so her coworker didn't feel like a third wheel.

Todd was already begging me to be his as he put it "Robin to Batman".

I hesitated saying, "Man you know I'm married, I don't know that I should."

Todd went on to plea, "C'mon man you just have to hang out.  Then get tired and call it a night.   Big Red can take it from there."

I told him, "Ok Batman, I'll be your Robin.  But you owe me!"

Todd picked us all up at the hotel.  We went to dinner and being the big spender he picked up the entire tab.  I smiled thinking, "Ok Big Red, I guess we're even now."

Conversation was a lot more relaxed between the four of us this time.  Cricket even was more flirtatious with me.

I joined in the role playing telling Cricket, "Little lady.  I'm old enough to be your dad."

Cricket's reply had Matti and I in tears.  She said' "I prefer to think of you as an older brother!"

 Todd just laughed not knowing why we were both laughing so hard.  We returned to our hotel this time Matti rode up front with Todd.  Cricket and I made out in the back seat.

The four of us went straight to Matti's room.  Clothes were tossed on the floor over chairs everywhere.

Todd and I were both standing with two beautiful babes sucking our sicks while kneeling in front of us.  

Our bodies were completely contrast.  I was lean and cut , his barrel chested and sporting a moderate firm beer belly.  His arms and legs were twice as thick as mine.  

Matti's brown hand was working his shaft as she focused on the very large bulbous head.  He was and inch or so shorter than me.  But noticeably thicker.  Like coke can thick.

Cricket went to alternatining sucking my sick to sucking my balls.  Matti typically likes men either shaved or neatly groomed around their cock and balls.

Todd red hair down there to rival his beard.  She seemed to have hit past it anyhow.  

Her room had two double beds.   Todd had her stand he had to bend quite a bit to kiss her.  He scooped her up making her squeal.

Laying her on the bed he pulled her ass to the edge.  Matti's response was, "Eat my pussy!"

Todd wasted no time burying his face in her twat.  Matti' hand rubbed his bald head as he worked some magic on her.

I sat Cricket on the desk. Dropped to my knees.   I started licking her from ass to clit as deliberately as I knew how.

Looking up I could see she was focused on the scene on the bed.  She was about to cum.  She latched onto my hair.  Pulling my face tighter into her pussy.  Her and Matti came almost at the same time.

I moved Cricket to the other bed. Having her kneel so she was facing Todd and Matti.  She moaned as I entered her wet pussy.  Looking back at me with her bright blue eyes.  That look that always said we shouldn't be doing this but don't stop fucking me.

Her eyes rolled up in her head. She faces forward as Todd laid across the bed and Matti lowered herself on his very fat dick.  

I was fucking Cricket with long deep strokes.  Playing with her nice soft breast.  Matti was getting a ryth of her own.  We had a great view of her pussy lipps stretched around his cock.

More and more of her juices were becoming visible.  Her moans and gasp came in spurts.  Todd was was talking up a storm.

How he loved her big tits.  How tight her pussy was.  Matti picked up her pace the more he talked.

Cricket started to really fuck me back.  I got caught up a bit.  Gathering her long hair in a fist I started ducking her hard.  At the same time pulling her hair hard enough her face was looking up at the ceiling.

Her only response was, "Fuck yeah, I'm cumming!"

I continued ducking her through her orgasm.  Releasing her hair she let her face fall to the mattress leaving her ass up in the air.  I slowed my pace a little letting her recover a bit.

Matti climbed off of Todd's dick.  She lies on her make and slid a pillow underneath her ass.  Todd moved his bulky frame between her legs.  Rubbing the head of his cock up and down her slit.  

Matti moaned and arched trying to get his sick inside of her.  Todd pushed half way in causing her to moan again.  He stopped there while he worked her clit over with his thumb.

I pulled out of Cricket, laid down and let her climb on my dick.   With her palms against my chest she started to grind her pelvis against me.  She was biting her lower lip and her eyes weee closed.

Matti let out a very loud gasp.  I turned my head to Todd was balls deep with most of his weight on top of Matti.  His ass went up then slammmed down.  This went on for a few minutes.

Matti's only sounds were, "Awwwwws and umphs".   I felt Cricket shudder as she came.  I was at the point I needed to cum.

I flipped her on her back with letting my dick leave her pussy.  Matti was literally grunting with every one of Todd's thrust now.  

Cricket looked up into my eyes saying, "I love your cock, Fuck me!"

I did just that our eyes stayed locked on each other's.  Until her rolled up in her head as she came again.  I gave a few more thrust before emptying my balls in her pussy.

Cricket and I cuddled spooning watching the others finish up.  Todd was up on his arms.  Matti's palms were pressed against his gut.  Her legs were spread wide head back and mouth open.

Todd pulled out shooting cum from her nave to her neck.  The big man was shiny from sweat.  Matti laid there unmoving except for her tits rising up and down from heavy breathing.  

We talked for a while afterwards.  Matti suprised me by saying she had a great time, but they were flying out the next day early.  I realized that was her way of telling Todd it was fun but time to end it.

Todd begged her to stay another day.  She told him he could call her and maybe they could get together again sometime.  Big Red pouted but accepted what she said noting he had her number in his phone.

Matti gave me "the look".  I hustled Todd out of the room and down to the lobby.  He offered up a high five.  

Saying, "Brother, what a fucking night! What a fucking week!"

I replied, "Yeah I could make a habit out of this.  If I wasn't married."

Todd answered, "Dude this is between you and I, no worries."

I went back upstairs Cricket was under the covers dead asleep.  Matti was freshly showered just coming out of the bathroom.

She already knew my question.  She handed me her phone.  Todd had texted her earlier confessing he had a girlfriend that lived a distance a way.  They only saw each other on weekends.

It went on to say he found her attractive and he would break up with his girlfriend for her.  She had other experiences where guys wanted more than just sex. So she decided to end his thoughts this way.

I laughed saying, "Why didn't you just end it with a text when you got his?"

She kissed me saying, "You know I like my guys big sometimes, he was a great fuck.  Plus I love it when you watch."  

She patted my stiffing dick saying, "Sorry babe, Big Red wore me out."

I went back to my room dozing off thinking I am the luckiest man alive.

Todd seemed cool the next day upbeat and he didn't bring up Matti.  He even asked if we could
finish early.  He wanted to get an early start out to his girlfriends town.

I met up with the girls and we had dinner.  Matti informed me they were meeting Stuart at the casino tonight.  I learned he was the older of the two bartenders.

Early forties divorced about 6'0" with dark hair.  He looked like he had a lot of  Native American heritage.  Broad nose high cheek bones and darker skin.

He apparently had a lot of friends and family that worked the casinos.  Well he was their ride and designated driver.  I took Matti's rental car driving myself to the same casino.

It took me a while but I found them.  They were on the slots with Stuart pointing things out to them.  They moved to different machines until they started winning.  The waitress showed up with some stiff looking Long Island ice teas.

I left them to it making my way over to the tables.  I would take a break now and then to check up on them.

They were actually doing pretty in winnings and now had two other guys along with Stuart rooting them on.  Amazingly, the other guys could have been his family members they looked so much alike.

I settled into some black jack and was up a couple hundred.   I heard a loud scream and hoots from where the ladies were playing.

Collecting my winnings I took my drink wandering over but keeping my distance.  Cricket had just won a good amount of money.  She was jumping up and down.  Her and Matti were high diving.  Cricket gave all the guys a kiss.  Their number had grown to four.

All six of them went into a lounge.  All the men appeared to be mid thirties early forties.  Dark hair and skin and definately Native Americans.  I sat at the bar ordered a beer and watched them from there.

The girls were giddy but not drunk.  The guys were definately interested but remained gentlemen.  They laughed and carried on.  

At one point I noticed Matti and Stuart's leaning in close having a serious conversation.  The look on his showed she had said something that bother suprised and excited him.

He said something to her that made her shake her head no.  He smiled at her response they had come to an agreement.

Her and Cricket went to the ladies room together.  A minute later I got her text.

It read, "They want us to go to a house to party.  I refused suggesting the hotel.  I want to have safe fun.  They agreed, heading out soon."

I responded, "Stuart and who?"

She answered, "All of them."

I paid my tab, headed to the car with a hard on and my head full of carnal thoughts.

It wasn't long after I settled in my room.  I heard them coming down the hall.  Trying to be quiet but not doing to well.

There was more talking and laughing initially.  Finally, subtle moans from the men could be hurt along with loud slurping sounds.

For the next hour or so Matti and Cricket were fucked senseless.  I would hear one or both of them moaning.  The loud shout from a guy cumming.  There would be a short pause before one of the girls was getting fucked again.

I jacked off it was so intense.  It finally got somewhat quite.  They were having normal conversations.  I was laying there almost about to doze off.  I heard the sir shut loudly next door and voices pass my door.

I got up to take a piss.  Climbed back into the bed.  That's when the moaning started again.  I could clearly make out two different male voices.  

I listened to round two jacking off for the second time.  I learned later Stuart and his cousin stayed the night.

All four of them had average sized cocks but knew how to use them and eat pussy.  The really enjoyed the girl on girl sex the put on.

We all flew home the next afternoon.  Cricket texted me saying, "Miss you already, plan another business trip soon.  I'll bring Kyle!"

I'll let Matti finish up with her most memorable experience taking us up to present day.  We may post more as things happen.  I know we have posted a lot of our experiences.  Many may have been to long winded.

We did the best we could to share over 25 years of or lives in an open marriage.  I hope you enjoyed our story as much as we enjoyed telling it.


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« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2017, 10:00:48 PM »


Well let's see...about a year ago I left work early.  When I arrived home I noticed my brother Andre's work truck in my driveway.

No one was in my house so I looked out back.  The gate to the pool area was open.  I walked down to the guest house.  Upon entering I heard people fucking.  I opened the bedroom door witnessing my brother pumping in and out of our friend Renee.

My timing was perfect.  He cried out and his ass cheeks clenched as he came in her pussy.  That's when Renee spotted me standing in the doorway.

I wasn't angry but none the less they both scrambled to cover up.

I was suprised at my brother because he had sworn away cheating a few years back when he decided to marry the mother of his two kids.

Renee went into the bathroom.  Andre went on to say he knew all about Liam and my open marriage and I shouldn't judge him.  

I explained I wasn't judging him.  My thoughts went to his wife Monique.  She and I went to highschool together.  I played matchmaker between them.  

I rembered how broken hearted she was all the other times he cheated on her.

I said, "Andre, I'm not judging anyone.  Most importantly I am not ashamed about my marriage if that is what you are implying?"

I did make a note to talk to Renee.  Just to see what she got out of telling Andre about Liam and I.

Liam and I had worked hard al of our adult lives.  We have zero debt and are financially set.  We both could retire tomorrow and live well for the rest of our days.  I say this because my brother came across like he would blackmail me for my silence.

I looked Andre in the eye saying, "I won't tell Monique.  But your the one lying to her."

Andre responded, "I'm just having some fun.  It's not like I am leaving her or anything."

I said, "So what if she "Just wants some fun"?

Andre got all flustered saying all kinds of hypocritical crap.

Essentially saying he would boot her ass out in a minute.  Adding "She's forty-six and a mother, nobody gonna mess with her."

He was starting to piss me off at this point.  First,  because he just fucked a mom over forty.  Second, Monique was still very attractive.  She was a sweetheart and very soft spoken.

I told him next time he needed to pay for a hotel before heading up to my house.  A few minutes later he came up a little less excited.  I could tell he was testing the waters to see if I was mad.

We talked but he still couldn't get past his hypocrisy.  I assured him I wouldn't tell her about him cheating again.

About two weeks later.  Monique called me crying hysterically.  I went to her and found out she had discovered Andre was cheating again.

I asked her if she wanted to leave him and that I would support her in any decision she made.  She was so hurt and confused it took her a while to talk.

She came to the conclusion she still loved him.  She didn't want to divorce him, but she knew he would never change.

I recommended she try and talk to him.  This time maybe suggesting that they both should be able to sleep with other people.

Monique looked at me like I was crazy.  I explained that's how Liam and I live and it works for us.  

She asked how would suggesting something like that change anything.

I answered, "His pride will either make him promise to quit cheating again.  Which you already said he won't change.  Or he agrees and you get to stay married and feel like you are on even ground.  You already said you don't want to leave him.  So you have to accept him the way he is and the things he does.  Leave him.  Or have some fun yourself."

Well Monique initiated the conversation.  As I expected Andre promises to quit cheating...again.  He got all batshit crazy when she suggested she get to cheat as well.

A few more weeks passed and I find out he uses my quest house again with a different woman.  This time I did tell Monique.

She wasn't suprised nor upset.  Which I hadn't expected.  She confided she had been thinking about what we had discussed.  She even laughed saying if Andre New how many men hit on her including half of his friends he would lose it.

Her birthday was coming up so we planned a girls night out.  She and I along with three mutual girl friends all went out for some fun and celebrating.  

We were dressed to kill.  Monique looked great.  She is about 5'9" medium complexion with small firm breast.  She has gorgeous hips and a prodigious bubble butt.  Her legs are runners legs firm and muscular.

Very pretty face with a beautiful smile and dimples.  She wears her hair in a short Afro because she is a runner.  It provides her with ease of care.

I thought, "My brother is an idiot, thinking most men would want to be with her."

That comment and his attitude absolutely gave me a bad taste in my mouth.

The night also happened to be the same as my hook up night with Craig from our gym.  My plan was to party with Monique and stop by his place.

Well half way into the night Monique ask me to help meet another guy.  I thought she was just a little drunk talking.

She went on to say she wanted to have sex with another man.  Andre had been her first and only.  

I was shocked.  I asked her, "You never had another man even when you and my brother were apart those numerous times?"

She looked embarrassed and that wasn't my intent.

She was in love with him.  She did put up with him.  She remained faithful all those times when he hadn't.

I told her, "Monique.  You gorgeous,  you could have any man you want."

She replied, "I don't know about that.  Plus,  I don't want it to be anyone I know or may know Andre."

I thought about Renee spilling the beans.

So I asked her if she wanted to come with me to Craig's place that night.

Her eyes went wide.  She said,"You were serious about you and Liam!"

I told her this way she could feel comfortable enough to change her mind with no judgement.  Being the soft spoken person she is. I had a strong suspicion she would do just that.

We said our goodbyes to the other ladies.  I thought Monique would tell me to drop her if at home after we got in my car.

She didn't.  We arrived at Craig's place.  He was barefooted wearing Jeans and a tank top.  God he looked good!

He looked a little suprised to see Monique with me but played it off well.  He offered us some drinks while we made ourselves comfortable.  

Monique whispered, "Damn girl he's fine!"

As he walked into his kitchen.  We sat and talked a little sipping our drinks.  Monique seemed a little nervous.  But opened up when Craig asked her about how it was to be a school teacher.

She had us in tears with some of her stories.  Which seemed to relax her even more.  I would notice her looking at his arms and chest a lot.  With glances to his crotch now and then.

I knew she couldn't stay out to late without my brother giving her a hard time.  So I asked Craig to sit with us on his sofa.

He moved over to sit in between us.  Monique got really quiet.  Before he sat down. I unbuckled his jeans.  He let them drop to the floor stepping out of them.  He lifted his tank top off.  Exposing a very ripped muscular body.

Monique stared open mouth as I lowered his boxers.  His ten inch hard cock sprang up almost blinding me.

I had his cock in my two fist with still plenty in my mouth as I sucked him to complete hardness.

Monique shifted on the sofa.  I took him out of my mouth.  Looking at her saying, "He taste great, want some?"

She looked up at him then at his cock.  Monique leaned forward taking as much of his cock
as she could.  We both worked together sucking and licking him from his big balls to the tip.  Which was brining to ooze precum.

Craig sat down.  One of us stripped while the other continued to suck him off.  Monique was almost whimpering as she went.  She suprised me kissing me first as we shared his cock.  I had her sit up next to Craig.

They started kissing as he played with her pert tits.  Her hand never left his cock.  Stroking him only pausing to moan as he continues to kiss and touch her.

Pushing her thighs apart I started slowly.  Teasing her clit and labia.  She was gyrating her hips.  Her moans were getting louader her breathing more erattic.

She shrieked, "Oh shit! You're going to make me cum!"

She came moaning as Craig kissed her deeply.  She tasted so good I was getting really turned on.

She obviously needed some time to gather herself.  I climbed up straddling Craig.  Monique, watched as I lowered myself down on his ten inch thick cock.

I rides Craig fast and furiously.  Telling him to slap my ass.  The sting felt so good combined with how his cock was touching me in those special spots.  I came and it was delicious.

I climbed off grabbed Monique's hand and led her to the bedroom.  Laying her down I kissed her nipples on my way down to her pussy.  She immediately spread her legs expecting my tongue.

Instead Craig was there pushing his cock into her pussy.  Her eyes shot open.  She raised her head raised as she watched him slowly push deeper inside of her.  By the time he bottomed out. Her head was back mouth open as she was already starting the first of a few strong orgasms.

Craig started slowly picking up the pace when she begged him to fuck her harder.  I laid next to them holding her hand.  Wincing a couple times as she squeezed pretty hard.

Monique's phone stated to ring.  I thought that would break her trance.  She looked toward her purse once.  Closed her eyes bit her lip telling Craig, "God I really need this.  You fuck me
so good!"

Craig moved her on to all fours which only lasted a couple minutes as she came again.  She fell flat on the bed.  Craig followed her fucking her harder now.  Monique was getting delirious at this point.  But her ass continue to move up to meet his thrust.

By now her phone had rang a second time and pinged a few more times with text messages.

She finally tapped out saying, "Oh my God! I can't take it anymore!"

Craig pulled out. Monique rolled over on her back with great difficulty.  She was spent.  Her pussy lips were swollen and wet.  Her body still twitched as she laid there.

Craig climbed inbetween my thighs.  Which opened as automatically as a morning flower to the sun.  Monique never moved as he fucked me to a squirting orgasm.  Cumming himself so hard I felt him spurt against my cervix.

Monique went to shower handing me her phone.  His text basically said as a wife and a mother she should be home by now.  Her kids were older than my own both in their early twenties.

On the drive home I asked if she was ok.

Specifically, "So feel quilts?  Because guilt will eat a hole in your soul."

Monique emailed saying, "Not at all."

They had a little argument when she got home.  Nothing to serious.  She later told me Andre had been coming home right after work and not going out as much with his friends.

It lasted a few weeks then she noticed he had left out his billing statement for the business credit card.  There were two recent changes to a local hotel.

She called me this time not crying.  In fact she just laughed it off say, "That man will have a hard on until the day we bury him."

This leads me to part two...

My brothers for years would go to Colorado with my dad to hunt.  My dad's healt issues kept him from going.  But my two brothers and their sons kept the tradition alive.

So I checked the local happenings in town.  It was close to Halloween and there was always plenty of fun things planned across the city.

John and Tammy were on one there trips.  I knew Monique would be alone so I found an open Halloween fest complete with prizes for best costume.

Along with the two of us we were accompanied by Liam and J as well as a few other mutual friends that Monique new.

I went as Catwoman.  Monique was a pretty scary zombie nurse.  Even as gross as she was made up.  Her body looked hot in her short nurses uniform.  You can't cover up an ass like that easily.

We had an amazing time.  All the people in great costumes crowding the dance floor.  Monique was so animated and care free.  

We ran into other people we knew as well which was amazing with everyone in costumes.  One guy was a friend of J's.  I'll call Street because that's how J introduced him.  He's currently a member of our local NBA team.

Street was looking J straight in the eye and he is about 6'8" tall.  However, Street didn't have J's middle aged bulk.  He was very clean cut but thin as a pencil with the exception of broad shoulders.  Well groomed light brown skin and a beaming smile.

He was solo, so J invited him to join us.  Monique was star struck she had never hung out with current and former pro athletes before.  She soon realized they were normal people,  just really tall.

The party migrated over to J's batchelor pad.  Monique had cleaned up all the gore and looked really hot in her short white nurse garb.  Her long muscular legs and ass you could set your drink on got plenty of looks.  

What started as a party of about fifteen people.  Soon dwindled down to just Liam, J, Street , Monique and I.

By this time The zipper at the front of Monique's outfit was down to her naval.  You could see her lacy bra as she moved and talked.  I wasn't much better off.  Showing a ton of cleavage and a fresh coat of bright red lipstick.

We sat around and smoked a little.  When Liam yawned and winked at me I just went with it.  Soon Liam was slouched in his chair pretending to sleeping.

I made eye contact with J.  His smile let me know he knew what was going on.

J laughed saying, "That whiteboy could never handle his drink and weed."

Street laughed looking over at Liam.  J asked, "Shall we let him sleep it off and move the party upstairs?"

Street looked at Monique and I.  Wondering how we would react.  I stood walking straight to the stairs.  J followed me walking up with me with his huge hand on my ass.  At the top I looked back to see Monique leading Street up the stairs holding his hand.

J set the mood with some R&B and dim lights.  We undressed both men getting on his massive bed.  Street was so narrow without an ounce of body fat.  But the man was packing a long dick.  Longer than Craig's but not as thick.  

J had us up on his large tv screen.  Monique and I kneeling kneeling between these two brothers legs with our head bobbing up and down on their dicks.  Our big brown asses up in the air.

J had mainly turned on his video system because he knew Liam would be able to watch on another television.

Things soon progressed to the roles reversing.  J's long tongue was working me up into a lather.  Monique was cumming with Streets face buried in her pussy.

J tittie fucked me for a while.  His dick long enough for me to lick suck as he did so.  Street was now fucking Monique from behind. His dick was very long and had a downward curve.  Watch it drive in and out of her pussy had me so hot.

They guys switched up.  Street layed down on his back.  I straddled him reverse cowgirl.  He dick felt great in my pussy. But was to long for me to sit up straight.  

I looked up at the tv.  I started to slide back and forth on his cock watching it get shiner with my juices.  His eyes were glued on my ass and pussy.  I really turned it on then.  I wanted to give him as much pleasure as possible.

His moans were getting louder by the second.  Monique was was just as vocal.  Her legs were up on J's shoulders.  He was driving his dick in deep.  

Then I felt it.  His cock was hitting my g-spot just right.  I squirted al over.  There I was my face buried in the mattess my hands gripping his shins.  Trying to catch my breath.

I pulled away, turned and apologized.  Telling him sometimes I squirt when the sex is amazing.

He laughed saying, "No problem, that was amazing."

He we were talking like we were alone.  A foot away.  Monique and J wee now spooning.  J was holding her leg up as she worked her fingers over her clit.

I moved onto all fours.  Street took the que. He entered me.  Lowering my head to the mattress but keeping my ass as high as I could up in the air.

Street stood up on the bed crouched dipping his long cock back in my pussy.  Resting his hands on my ass he started fucking me very deep.  I felt and orgasm building.  Only intensifying more as Monique came loudly.  Followed by J's deep bass filled groan as he also came.

I felt Street's cock get thicker.  He moaned as he came.  Feeling him cum inside me set me off.  Not as much as the firs time.  But enough where I felt so completely satisfied.  I could have went to sleep right then.

We cleaned up.  Dressed and played wake up the drunk husband.  Later that night with Monique sleeping in a guest room.  I asked Liam, "Why didn't you join us?"

Liam explained, "Babe, I fully support what Monique is doing.  I think Andre is completely being an ass.  But, if I would have joined you guys.  I would have had aex with Monique.  Lord knows I have thought about.  But, Andre and I are close and knowing him.  It would wreck us if I went with my desire."

I understood where he was coming from.  I appreciated where he was coming from.  It didn't change how I dealt though, and that was ok.

That was enough talk.  Liam ducked me to my final orgasm of the night.  I will always love this
man until the day I die.

About a week later.  My brother Andre stopped by my house.  Liam was at work and my kids were out.  

Once again he was all flustered because Monique brought up the question of them maybe finding other couples to being into their bed.  He went on and on about how he couldn't stand seeing another man having sex with his wife.

What in the hell was she thinking?  I sipped my wine listening to him but not really.  I was amused thinking, "Oh dear bother.  If you looked in my garage right now.  You would see your wife's car.  Right now Monique is in my guest house getting fucked by Craig."

He got up walking to the door.  Mumbling to himself, "I don't know what what the hell got into her lately.  She knows those other women don't mean nothing to me.  I'm just being a man."

He drove off.  I walked into the guest house.  Slid underneath Monique as Craig plowed her sloppy wet pussy.

Her tongue hit my clit at the same time as mine hit hers.  Her body shook as she came.  Her phone began to ring on the nightstand.

Well this brings us pretty much up to today.  Andre eventually moved out.  Not because he discovered anything about Monique.

He is now remarried to a girl fifteen years younger.  With a new baby girl.  Monique she finally was the one.  She tamed J.  They are also now married.

Liam finally got to fulfill his desire and have sex with Monique.  She is a regular in our bed now.

We are still active albeit a little less more due to a busy life.  We may post our experiences in the future if they are exciting enough.

Thank you for taking part in our journey.

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