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Author Topic: THE PERFECT LITTLE GIRL - Part Two - by FOXI 3 (F/f, M/f, MMMM/f, Incest)  (Read 615 times)
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« on: October 11, 2017, 09:18:12 PM »

(The author does not condone underage sex or incest. This story is for entertainment purposes only).

Part Two



                                               KIM'S TRAINING

    Grace looked out the window, waiting. Uncle Paul was coming today and she couldn't wait one more second. Her pussy was positively soaked and she knew that Kim was excited too. She made sure to shave her tiny pussy and put makeup on her. She looked ravishing.

    "Mommy, when is he coming. I'm so horny," she said biting her bottom lip as she pushed her pussy against the kitchen table, rubbing up and down.

    God, the child was so damned sexy as she turned to watch her move her little body against the corner of the table. Kim's eyes closed and she shuttered. Grace saw the cum dripping down her babies legs. That was when she heard Uncle Paul's car pull into the driveway. Thank god.

    "He's here, baby. You let mommy do everything, ok?" She said to Kim who stood near her all flushed and ready. Grace opened the door and Uncle Paul entered. He was so handsome. Though he had tinges of grey running through his hair. He saw Kim and gave her a big smile.

    "There's my beautiful little niece. So grown up and so sexy." Kim ran to him throwing her arms around his neck as he bent to hug her. He turned her face towards his and kissed her. Not a little peck but one that was long and hot and so wet.

    "Oh, yes. That's the girl I've been waiting for," he said looking at her then Grace who grinned her approval.

    "Come into the bedroom you two," said Grace leading the way. "We have some serious training to do." She laughed as did Uncle Paul following the young beauty with his hand on her cute bottom. Kim giggled and wiggled her butt making him groan. His cock was already hard.

    Uncle Paul sat on the edge of the bed next to Grace who kissed him hard making Kim furrow her brow and pout. She wanted all the attention and soon she would have it. Grace turned to her as she stood before them.

    "OK, baby. Show Uncle Paul how pretty you are. Let him see that sexy body of yours."

    Kim's face reddened and she hesitated only briefly but saw the smile still on Uncle Paul's face. Also how big his erection was inside his pants. She pulled the dress over her head and stood naked before them. Her small breasts bounced and her nipples puffed up into rosy morsels. But her smooth pussy was wet as her juices ran down her thighs. Her mom signaled her to turn around and she did showing them her small tight butt.

    "Bend over, baby. Show me everything," said Uncle Paul. His eyes never leaving her as she bent at the waist opening her ass cheeks wider. He could see her asshole and open pussy perfectly. Grace reached over to unzip him, pulling his thick hard cock from his pants and slowly moving her hand up and down the shaft. Kim watched this her breath coming in quick gasps of excitement seeing a real mans cock for the first time. It was so big.

    "Come here, darling," said Uncle Paul. She moved as if in a dream, her eyes never leaving his cock. Grace watched too as her baby moved against his legs. "Take my cock inside your mouth, Kim. Suck it good. Make me happy."

    Grace lowered herself to the floor making Kim do the same as she moved between his legs. "Like this honey," she said as she placed his cock head against her open lips licking it. Soon it was inside her mouth. Hot wet sucking sounds filled the space and Kim looked on amazed. Uncle Paul groaned in appreciation.

    Grace pulled away. "Now you." She held the cock out to her and Kim moved close taking hold of it. Like her mom she licked the head of it and soon was sucking it and making Uncle Paul moan in pleasure. Her lips wrapped around his thick cock and she moved up and down letting her tongue twirl around it girth.

    "That's it, sweetheart," Said Paul his body responding to her. "Deeper, child. Take it deeper into your mouth."

    Grace watched in excitement at Kim's progress. She began to rub her daughters pussy, making sure to flick her swollen clit. Kim moaned around her uncles cock.

    "God, she's so wet Uncle Paul," said Grace as she slid a finger inside the girl. Hot slurping noises emanated from Kim's mouth as she sucked him hungrily loving the taste of him.

    "That's enough, child. Come here." He kicked off his pants fully naked from the waist down. She climbed onto his waist and he positioned her with her legs on either side of his. Then he kissed her while lowering her onto his cock. Grace knelt behind her watching as his cock head slipped inside her pussy. It looked so huge and stretched her so wide. Kim moaned in pain as he moved slowly being careful not to hurt her too much. But she had to learn. He wanted her ready for the club.

    She was indeed soaked and his cock glided smoothly inside her creating a path, stretching her womb.

    "So beautiful," replied Grace as she touched their connection. Uncle Paul's cock was half way inside her tight pussy and Kim was beginning to ride him in slow gliding movements her body moving back against him taking more of him with each little thrust, Her pussy was dribbling juices all over his cock as it emerged wet and creamy.

    "Damn, nice and tight," moaned Uncle Paul as he encircled her waist with his arms taking over and beginning to pump up into her in even thrusts making her close her eyes and cry out. Grace licked his cock each time it left her babies pussy tasting her juices. She was so sweet.

    "Fuck me, Kim. Show me how good you are." He said, encouraging her more. Eyes half lidded pools of lust and her pouty lips partially open she began to meet him thrust for thrust. It felt so incredible and she wanted more of him. Her mom was right. It was the best feeling in the world. Suddenly she felt his balls slapping against her ass cheeks and his mouth on her nipple sucking it as he fucked her faster and harder. The wet slap, slap, slap of him made Grace cum, squirting all over the floor.

    Grace spread her daughters ass cheeks wide licking her asshole, sending the tip of her tongue inside.

    Uncle Paul could take no more and pumped furiously slamming deep and holding her as he shot his cum inside her. Grace pulled his cock out of her and took him in her mouth tasting them both. He shook with pleasure.

    When they all lay together on the bed Uncle Paul kissed Grace and then Kim.

    "That," he said with emphasis, "was fucking incredible. Baby girl, you're ready for the club. There are a lot of people who want to meet you."

    Kim smiled at them both. "What's it like, Uncle Paul?" She felt her moms fingers pulling her nipples making them stiffen.

    "It's a perfect place for little girls like you, honey," said her mom kissing her shoulder. "Hot boys and girls enjoying sex in so many ways. Moms and dads too. You'll learn so much, Kim."

    "Yes you will," said Uncle Paul. "Everyone there will want to fuck you, baby. I cant wait to see you being used."

    Kim couldn't either. It sounded like paradise. Would there really be people there that would have sex with her? Use her, like Uncle Paul said? Her mom told her that she did the same thing when she was her age and she learned everything about sex there.

    "Spread your legs, baby. Show Uncle Paul your cunt." Ordered Paul, wanting to make it clear that he was in control from here on. She did liking that he was looking at her. Kim liked showing herself like this. It made her want to have sex again. Grace watched as her baby girl obeyed. She smiled at Uncle Paul. Yes, her baby was going to be the favorite at the club. She couldn't wait to see big cock stretch her little pussy wide and other boys and girls fuck her in every way possible.

    "Mmmm, that's it. Look how sweet that looks. Your little cunt is all open and dripping with my cum. Soon all the men at the club will fill you with theirs. Even other cocks, baby. You'll see. Your just like your mommy. A real hot little slut. Just the way we like them."

    Before the night was over he fucked her again, but this time with her on all fours, her tiny ass high in the air as he slid deep inside her red looking pussy. Kim bit her lip as his cock went even deeper than before bringing about a bit of pain along with the pleasure. Her mom rested her head on her ass looking up at Uncle Paul, waiting until he pulled out and taking him in her mouth then putting his cock back inside her. When he came he left it inside her pussy filing her.

    "Push it out, baby. Push all that creamy cum out for your mom," came his command. She did and her mom waited behind her, her mouth plastered to her pussy licking all the cum out of her.

    They both fingered her asshole, sometimes their fingers sharing her, stretching her wider. She loved it in her bum and started to cum in tiny dribbles.

    Later Uncle Paul dressed and got his coat to leave turning to Grace.

    "I'll let the group know. They wont wait too long. They'll want her right away. She's special, Grace. She takes cock like a pro. I'll call you soon." He kissed her hard making sure to grab her ass as he did so. She moaned.

    They went to bed after he left and Grace held her close. They kissed and touched. Neither wanting to do anything serious at the moment. They just liked teasing each other.

    "You were so beautiful tonight, darling," said Grace kissing her full lips.

    "It felt so good, mommy. I couldn't stop creaming for Uncle Paul."

    "Soon you'll come with me to the club and many men with push their cocks inside you. Will you like that?" She slid her hand between the girls legs feeling her wetness.

    Kim nodded. Just the thought of such a thing happening to her made her wet and horny.

    "Girls too. They'll want to have sex with you." Grace slid a finger inside her tight creamy pussy. Kim closed her eyes and groaned softly.

    "I want to, mommy." She moved against the finger wanting it deeper.

    "As you get better at sex, more things also," she said kissing her nipple and then sucking it inside her mouth feeling it stiffen under her tongue.

    "I want to do anything for you, mommy." she said in a hot whisper.

    Indeed she would, thought Grace as she slid two more fingers inside her opening her up. Kim automatically spread her legs wide just as Uncle Paul said to do.

                                            END OF PART TWO

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« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2017, 01:52:23 AM »

She certainly sounds like a perfect little girl to me! I'm eagerly waiting to see if she has a good time at the club. She's a lucky kid to have a mom who knows how to bring a little girl up right.
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« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2017, 02:19:38 AM »

Grace should be up for "Mommy of the Year"...she takes such good care of training her daughter.

Good stuff Foxi.

Well trained and been made our two cats.
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