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SHADOW - (Animal Passion Series #24) by FOXI 3 (F/Beast)

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(The author does not condone bestiality or underage sex. This story is for entertainment purposes only.)

SHADOW                                                                                                             Animal Passion Series #24




    Kara stared out the window watching the waves crash against the rocks. She had lived in this house on Cape Cod for over a year now and she never tired of the ocean and its constant sounds. The house cost her everything she had in her savings but it was more than worth it. She was only a short trip from Boston and worked for one of the newspapers doing fillers and collecting a nice paycheck never having to leave her beautiful house.

    She was a hometown girl never straying to far from where she grew up in Cambridge. After college she wandered for awhile travelling to places with exotic names and knowing that soon she would have to settle in and get serious about life. That was when she inherited money from her father who passed away leaving her everything which was considerable. Now she was here, alone, happy and at peace with herself. The locals liked her and numerous single men and a few women tried to date her. But she refused.

    This was her little piece of paradise and she didnt want to spoil it with bad relationships with those who lived close to her. The town was small and the population no more than three thousand so any hanky panky would get around quickly. So she kept to a routine which consisted of early rise, exercise and work. She went to town to shop and visit the farmers market and then back home.

    She hardly knew her neighbors whose houses were far enough apart to keep them all comfortably private. At only twenty eight years old she knew that if she was to have children she would need to get started very soon. The clock was ticking. But for some reason she didnt hear the call as strongly as some. She liked her independence and if she really wanted a child there were many men in town more than happy to oblige.

    She was beautiful and a talented writer. Her shoulder length auburn hair was straight and luxuroius and she never needed makeup to show off her beauty. Her large green eyes sparkled with humor and her exercises paid off helping her to maintain a teenagers body all slim and tight. So she was happy.

    As she looked out at the ocean she saw a man who was snapping pictures with his camera as he walked the beach. A large black dog follwed close at his heels occasionally running into the water and sniffing at things on the beach. His tail was wagging and she knew that it was glad to be with his master. The man was tall and lean. He wore what looked like a slicker and weathered cap. His beard was grey and streaked with white. She had never seen him before and wondered if he was a neighbor feeling ashamed that she knew so little about those about her. She sipped her coffee promising herself that one day she would remedy that situation and went to work in her tiny office.


    The next day she looked out to see the same man capturing some photos of several seagulls occupying the same miniscule space atop a worn fencepost. The dog sat quietly by his side watching until his master told him to move. When he was done he turned to head back the way he came which was right in front of her house. She thought about the promise she made to herself about getting to know some of her neighbors and went out calling after him. He stopped and looked up at her smiling.

    "Hello there," he cried out loudly over the crashing of the waves.

    "I've been watching you take pictures. Hope you got some good ones?" She yelled back.

    He nodded showing her the camera. "I try but sometimes the gods of film only allow me a few so as to keep me humble." Kara laughed and held up her cup of coffee. His grin grew into a smile and he nodded again walking towards her place. Once on the weathered deck she invited him in along with the dog. The animal was quiet and stayed very close to the man.

    She told him to sit while she got him a cup of coffee. She heard him tell the dog to lie down. It did immediately. Its deep soulful eyes taking in the whole place and finally on her.

    "Cream, suger?" She asked from the kitchen.

    "Neither. Like it black. Thank you," he said rubbing the dogs head. She gave him his cup and sat across from him. She could see him up close and saw a handsome man, probably in his fifties, but a well cared for man who wore expensive clothes and belonged here along with many of the uber rich residents.

    She nodded towards the dog. "What's his name?"

    "Shadow. He follows me wherever I go. Just like my shadow. Wouldnt want it any other way. He's a good dog." The dog knowing it was being talked about started to wag its tail and give what Kara could only guess was a doggie smile all teeth and tongue.

    "I'm sorry, I didnt even ask your name. God, this is what living alone does to you."
They laughed easily and he told her.

    "James Dixon. I live three houses down. The big white elephant of a house. Spend more time away from it than in it."

    She seemed to know the name and struggled to understand. He saw her concentrating on it and smiled.

    "I have several books out right now along with some work being shown in New York City. They say my photographs are priceless art for the ages. I say that taking pictures of seagulls shitting on a fencepost is the opposite of such rediculous remarks from my piers."

    Kara liked him immediately and thought to look him up when he was gone.

    "What do you do? Please dont tell me you're rich, spoiled and hiding from the world trying to find yourself." He drank his coffee slow looking at her, his eyes searching deep.

    She gave a small laugh and shook her head. "Sorry, not rich, not spoiled and already found myself. I work for one of the Boston newspapers. Writer, somewhat, but at least I draw a paycheck. All I have is right here. I have no plans to change that."

    He nodded his approval. "Finally, someone who lives here other than the real locals, who isnt a pretentious snob from the city wanting everything and leaving nothing in return. Refreshing." He aimed the camera at her and before snapping off a picture asked; "May I?"

    She looked away, somewhat shy of such things, but he snapped it anyway.

    "Perfect." He said. He got up after he finished his coffee. "I hope we get to do this again soon. In fact let me drop off one of my limited edition photo books. Even has my signature in it, can you imagine? I presently use it as a paperweight on my desk." He gave her a sly smile and she accepted.

    "I warn you though. Not all my work is of nature. Some of my best work is rather risque to some. But I dont think you're one of those."

    "We'll see," she said following him out of the house. The dog immediately ran to the beach and off towards his house.


    It was several days later when she saw him again, camera hanging about his neck with a backpack and the dog chasing seagulls who were dumb enough to land near him. He saw her and waved. She waved back signilling him to come over.

    "Well, I was hoping to see you again," she said following him inside. "I've been waiting on that limited edition with your signature on it."

    He made a show of removing his backpack and like a magician pulled the volume from it handing it over. "There is my gift to the world. My showy display of what some call art."

    She got coffee and sat across from him again opening up the book. It was thick and the coffee table style, large and awkward to hold. But as soon as she opened it she knew how talented he was. The pictures, both black and white and color were magnificent. Page by page she was awed by the texture and life he put into each scene he photographed. He watched her with interest seeing her expressions and trying to read her as to his work.

    When she was about half way he spoke up. "Remember what I told you about my risque side. You're about to come to it and I wanted to warn you. Please dont take offense. I'm just the photographer." She laughed easily with him and could have left it at that but decided to go on wanting to see his work. She had read about him and knew that his humble jests about himself were unfounded. He was considered by the world one of the finest masters of the art and many wanted his work paying ridiculous prices to have it.

    She turned that page and stopped. It was a woman, young like herself, naked on a bed. Her body on full display, nothing left to the imagination. Kara wasnt shocked at the nudity, she had seen much worse. It was the subject that caused her to look at it with amazement. She knew the woman. Saw her everyweek. It was Marguerite from the farmers market. She was quite beautiful but Kara had no idea how much so. James caught her perfectly. The light, the shadows and look upon her face was as if she were something out of a dream. Long flowing dark hair and her stunning body made her realize how lonely she actually was.

    "You've reached our friend from the market. She is an amazing subject. I could not take a bad picture of her if I tried." Said James.

    There were several more pages of her in different positions and scenes all showing off her beauty. Kara continued seeing more beautiful women all in a similar undress. When she closed the book she put it aside and sighed.

    "You're a big fat liar, James Dixon. You are good and it shows. So stop being so damned humble. I am in awe of your work." He saluted her with his cup of coffee raising it high.

    "True, I am gods gift to the art world. Bla, bla, bla. What you saw was what they all want and I give it to them. It's not my best work and certainly not what I want to continue doing."

    She was surprised at his critizism of himeslf and asked what he wanted.

    "Someday "ill show you my real work. It's honest and beautiful. Not for everyone and those that purchase it know its true meaning. But not here, not in this country." He was suddenly serious and she knew that she had to know what was so different as to make what she looked at meaningless.

    "I want to see it," she said leaning forward patting the dogs head who licked her hand.

    "Dont think you're ready for it yet. Most arent. One day I will. Right, Shadow?" He said this to the dog who all but twisted inside out hearing his name.

    When he left she went back to the book opening it up to Marguerite's photo's. She felt excited at seeing this woman who she knew in such a way. She was one of the women in the area who asked her out and she refused. Not because Marguerite was lesbian, but that she simply was not interested. Now she looked at her beautiful form and was made to wonder. What if? She suddenly felt warm in all the right places and had to laugh. God, before the night was through she would end up doing something she hadn't done since college. Masturbate.


    It had been weeks and James Dixon was nowhere in sight. She wondered if he was on some kind of assignment doing his work. Mostly she wished that the man came back. She liked his company and his wit and after seeing his work she decided to write about him sending along some of it to her paper. Later in the day she went to the farmers market knowing that she would purchase from Marguerite as she always did. But this time it would be different. She saw the woman in a completely different way now. One that was daring, beautiful and courageous in her eyes doing what she did.

    "Hi," said Marguerite handing her several tomatoes and a few cucumbers as she always did. "Havent seen you for the past two weeks. The paper making you work more?"

    Kara smiled and nodded. "They are slavemasters alright. You look beautiful today." Said Kara surprising herself at the comment that suddenly was so easy to express.

    Marguerite gave her a sexy smile and felt her face redden a bit. "You only notice now?"

    Kara felt her face get red also at the remark. "I'll try to pay closer attention." She said finally. Marguerite handed her the bag of vegetables. "I hope so," she said making sure to touch Kara's fingers as she did so.

    Back home she thought of nothing else. What was it that changed her way of thinking about Marguerite? Certainly the photos. But she had to admit that it was also the sexual power of the womans perfect body on display and knowing that she wanted to share it with her. She heard a knock at the door and was glad to see it was James. She ran to the door and Shadows raced past her as if home settling by the chair his master often sat in.

    "Well, I guess he feels at home here." Said James as he too sat in his favorite chair. She got him coffee and some pastries and bought some chewey treats for Shadow who devoured them in one bite.

    "Where have you been?" She asked sitting and waiting anxiously like a kid waiting for a story.

    "All over. God, too much traveling and way to much kissing ass of those who want my work. Went to New York to the galery. Sold a bunch and it will keep me here for a bit longer."

    "Glad to hear it," She said meaning it.

    "I came over because I told you last time about my other work. The work that is not appreciated here. I wasnt being quite honest with you. I think we've been getting on and slowly knowing each other and I dont want that to change. If I show you my other work, I'm afraid that you may not want to continue our friendship and I do care about that. I rarely make any friends and find myself a solitary man. I like it here. I like you as my friend. So I think my other work will remain invisible."

    She listened and thought about what he was telling her. But she had so many questions. Why was this work so different, not accepted? Was it something illegal, pornographic? Was this man who found fame in the world someone else only a rare few actually knew? She felt left out and not truly accepted by him at all by his statement.

    "I still want to see them," she said matter-of-factly. "If you want to keep my friendship I have to know that the man who visits me is not some illegal pervayor of bad things. Is that who you are, James Dixon?"

    He sat still amazed at her strength in this conviction of him. He hoped she would want to see his real work. More, he wanted her to be part of it like others in this same town. He reached into his backpack and removed a large portfolio several inches thick and handed it over to her.

    "I repeat, Kara. Dont look at those unless you're open to art in its rawest form. I hope you will understand." He reached down and began to pet Shadow who closed his eyes in absolute pleasure.

    She hesitated wanting to be sure of this decision. If the pictures were indeed bad and so raw, like he said, would it shed a new light on this man who she grew to slowly like and respect. Then she thought of the pictures of Marguerite. They had changed her. Now she was considering asking her out. She held the portfolio on her lap and opened it hearing James sigh.

    The photograph hit her like a ton of bricks and held her in place. She held her breath not wanting to let James see how shocked she really was. She knew this woman also. It was Diana from the coffee shop in town. The picture was of her naked, but not like Marguerites which was truly an art form. This was indeed raw and sexual. Diana, blond and full bodied filled the photo, her legs spread wide, her pussy open and obviously excited as she pulled on her ample breasts. The look on her face was pure and simple lust. James had captured it fully and that same feeling was rushing through Kara as she looked at it. But it was more than just a picture of a woman in the throes of pleasure.

    Between her legs was Shadow, his face buried inside her thighs, his tongue perfectly featured licking her pussy. Diana was letting him have her sexually. She was allowing the dog to lick her, make her succumb to his ministrations that obviously made her like this. Kara licked her lips and didnt want to look up and see James eyes looking back at her. Shadow watched her, his big brown eyes taking in everything about her like he sensed something different. Instead she turned the page and it made her heart skip a beat. It was Marguerite.

    There she was holding Shadows face in her hands her face inches from the animals. Her tongue was out as was Shadows in a twirling kiss that looked so sensual that it was difficult to watch as if trespassing on a sexual liason. This was the same woman who she wanted to have a date with. The next picture was of Marguerite again but this time on all fours and...

    Kara closed her eyes. Her breathing was shallow and she felt hot. The woman was allowing Shadow to fuck her. His cock, which was sizable, was half way inside her beautiful pussy. The look on Marguerites face was one of pure and simple pleasure. Shadow, his front paws around the womans waist held his head high, mouth open and tongue hanging out as he fucked her. James caught it all in one sexual frame.

    The rest were very similar, all featuring Shadow who to her surprise was a very busy dog pleasing any number of women. She tried to reason what James was trying to create doing this but could now understand why he said that no one in this country would like his work. People in general were not as tolerable of such behavior as was the Europeans. She gave James a quick glance and looked away just as quickly. She was embarrassed and shocked and at the same time ashamed that she was not as open as he would like in accepting this sexuality.

    At the same time she felt heat rising from her body at seeing such a display of bestiality. It wasnt as if she were not aware of things like this. In college some of the girls actually wanted to try it at least once before settling down into domestic life. She wasnt one of them. Now she could at least see from James pictures why it was enticing. That said she realised that she wasnt totally against such lewd behavior. She continued to the end seeing women like herself having sex with Shadow and liking it, pleasure written all over their faces. She put the portfolio down.

    "Do you want me to leave, Kara?" He asked softly seeing how affected she was.

    She shook her head. "No, James. I may not understand why such beautiful women want to have sex with a dog, but I cannot deny the looks on their faces, the show of pure sex coming from them. I guess I need more time to understand." She handed him the portfolio and stood giving him the impression she wanted him to leave. She normally would pat Shadows head but now she was afraid of him. Not because he was a bad dog. She was unsure how she felt at the moment about the animal who was fucking Marguerite.

    James left and she hugged him, assuring him that he was still welcome and he gave her a slight understanding smile.


    She didnt sleep that night. All she could think of was the photos of Marguerite and Shadow. They were so sexual, so animalistic. Her body was excited and she couldnt understand the appeal. But she could understand how it would generate a sexual need in her. It did. As filthy as she thought it was to mate with an animal she finally decided that ones pleasures were different than others. One just had to reconcile with ones self that it was normal somewhere whether you liked it or not.

    She left for the Farmers Market to see Marguerite. She had to know why she did such a thing to help her to reason on it. She liked the woman, wanted to see her, but this made it so unclear to her. Marguerite saw her and hugged her. Kara could feel the warmth of the womans body eminate into hers. Her large breasts pressed firmly into hers with the hug and she let it linger.

    "I need to talk with you when you get a chance." said Kara. Marguerite could see the seriousness on her face. She told her assistant to cover for her and walked with Kara on the beach. Kara came immediately to the point.

    "I've been seeing James Dixon as of late, as a friend, coffee and conversation only," making it a point that nothing else was happening between them. "Yesterday he brought over a portfolio and..."

    She heard Marguerite groan openly and stop. She looked down and shook her head. Kara took her hand and quickly continued. "I just wanted to understand why? I'm not judging you, Marguerite. I really want to know what made you do it."

    Marguerite sat on the white sand beach looking out at the waves crashing in. Finally she turned to Kara, her face one of resolve.

    "James made me realize how sexual I was. I didnt know what I possessed inside. Making love to Shadow made me understand everything. I became free. Shadow fucked me, yes he did so and I wanted him to. I loved it, Kara. Loved feeling his cock in me. Does it frighten you to hear another woman speak in such a way? Especially about an animal? I would do so again in a heartbeat. Now do you hate me, Kara?"

    Kara sat unmoving. She felt foolish bringing it up. She certainly was not some holier-than-thou saint. She had her affairs and thought nothing of it at the time. Asking Marguerite why was like asking why one breathed air, or ate food. Now she was the one looking foolish and ignorant.

    "I'm so sorry, Marguerite. I didnt want to hurt you. I really needed to understand. I saw all the photos and it affected me. I want to see you, but I also need to know why you needed to make love to Shadow." She held Marguerites hand in hers feeling the girl tighten her grip.

    "I know. I too am sorry, Kara. I guess I'm a bit sensitive about it. James knows me better than I know myself. He knew that I would do it with Shadow. My body was ready for it. So I did it, plain and simple. I dont regret it at all. I looked at the pictures after and saw someone I never knew before. I want you to like me, Kara. But if you cant accept what I did, then please stay away. I couldnt deal with seeing you."

    Kara leaned in and kissed her fully. She wanted to do this. Knew that this beautiful woman had just bared her soul to her, opened up in the most honest way possible. Would she do so herself? They kissed and touched and Kara told her to come over later for dinner. She did and they made love. Kara, the entire time, knew that the lips she was kissing, the pussy she was licking, was also used by Shadow. They now shared a woman together and she felt a sort of triumph over any predjudice she may have had.


    James came over later in the week at her invitation. He was happy to be invited back and it showed.

    "All is forgiven?" He asked looking pentinent and telling Shadow to look the same way.

    "Nothing to forgive. I just needed some time to understand thats all. Since then Marguerite and I are a item now." His eyebrows shot upwards with a pleased look on his face. "Dont even think you had anything to do with it. At least not entirely. But we are seeing each other." He congratulated her and now wondered why he was being asked over.

    "I want you to take some pictures of me. I want to show Marguerite how much I understand her desire to do such a thing. Besides, I might just want the great James Dixon to capture the real me on film." She posed comically and he laughed.

    "Really? You're not just teasing the hell out of me? I mean I would love to photograph you. Your beautiful and I must say, Kara, a real challenge. I was hoping you would want to. But I do have a question. What type of photo? Soft or hard?"

    She understood immediately. She had considered how far she would go over the past several weeks and Marguerites story of Shadow and her was ever tantilizing and more sensual the more she heard it. Marguerite would laugh and kiss her.

    "You are a little Puta after all. So straight laced and practical on the outside and hotter than the sun on the inside."

    Since then she knew she would do something. How far she would go was another matter.

    "Lets see how it goes you naughty man. So what now? How do we begin?"

    "It begins with me getting my camera and a few lights and coming back here. You start by cleaning up all over, mind you. Look sexy, my dear. I like a girl who is completely shaved down there, but if you dont want that I understand. I know Marguerite likes it," he said mocking her and hit his arm, hard.

    He came back an hour later, equipment in hand and led to her bedroom to set up. She wore her robe and nothing else. She did shave completely feeling like a little girl as she looked at herself. But she was not displeased. He told her to just let the robe slip a bit from her shoulder, revealing just a hint of her breast. She did so as he clicked off several shots at different angles. She couldnt believe she was actually doing this for Marguerite. The more she thought of it, the more she realized it was more for her. She needed to know herself. Her sexual self and how far she would go, like Marguerite.

    "Beautiful," said James as he fluffed her hair and pulled the robe a bit further down exposing her nipple which was hard and so very sensitive. "Nice breasts, Kara. Marguerite must really like them." He teased and she gave him a saucy look back.

    "She does. I like hers too." She said in their sexual bantor that made her open up sexually even more to James.

    He made her go on the bed lying on her stomach, the robe partially pulled away showing her tight little ass. He messed up her hair even more having her look directly at him and started taking pictures.

    Shadow sat nearby watching, his tail wagging excitedly. Kara saw him and realized that this animal was used to such proceedings. He actively participated in them, the bad boy. Even now he looked at her, probably expecting to be part of it. She could feel his eyes on her nakedness. She licked her lips and exposed more for him teasingly. James could see the interaction taking place between them and smiled.

    "You're being a teasing bitch, darling." He said mockingly. "I see you tempting Shadow. Not nice. He has feelings too you know. Ask Marguerite?" Kara swore at him as she laughed about those sexy feelings.

    "Mmmmm, yes he likes the feeling of that magnificent cock fucking her. Now whose teasing?" She saw him nod and continue to snap endless shots of her.

    "Take off the robe, Kara. I want all of you now. See, Shadow. Kara is being a very bad girl teasing you like this. Poor baby."

    Kara removed her robe revealing every inch of herself to James. He had her in several very risque positions and soon had her legs wide and snapping of shots of her pussy.

    "Those are for Marguerite. Though I suspect she's alrerady seen it up close and personal." Kara smiled and wagged a finger at him.

    Shadow whined and Kara could see that his pink cock was peeking out of his furry pouch. She was turning him on and no doubt James could see it also. He had her back on her stomach and raising her ass slightly off the bed as he took several shots of her face with a hint of her ass. Shadow moved toward the bed and Kara didnt notice until she felt him jump up on the bed behind her. At first she was surprised and wary closing her legs and making sure the animal didnt get more personal.

    James laughed. "Uh oh, the white princess is back. No more sexy hot thing. How does Marguerite put up with you? Do you want me to call him down, Kara?"

    She lay there aware of Shadow's proximity to her ass and was going to make him do so, but then remembered who she was doing these pictures for.

    "No. Let him stay." James nodded in agreement again taking pictures. She looked back as Shadow moved near her ass sniffing her and no doubt smelling how wet she was from all of this. She opened her legs just a bit letting him see as well as smell her. She was beginning to understand how Marguerite felt. It was the sexual heat of the moment and she knew that it would not take much to push her over the edge.

    James watched Shadow. He was not unaware of this females scent filling the air and making his cock grow more until it dangled beneath him like ripe fruit. He was huge and dripping all over the bed. As he moved closer his cock slid across Kara's ass in a wet streak that made her turn quickly to see it resting on her buttocks. The sight of it on her and his deep look into her eyes sent her over that sexual cliff. She opened her legs wider to James delight and Shadow could see his next move.

    Shadow licked out sending his tongue gliding over her ass and then between her cheeks. She closed her eyes as his long wet tongue slathered over her pussy and asshole in one long swipe that took her breath away.

    "Oh my god, James." She said as the dog went deeper wanting to lick her juices up. His snout was pressed against her asshole as he licked inside her pussy opening her up. Like a bee to a flower he sought out her pollen delving ever deeper until she could feel his tongue all the way inside her. James quickly took as many shots as he could, loving that Kara finally submitted to Shadow. She was a prize catch and no doubt would garner him lots of money in Europe.

    The sound of Shadows wet licking made Kara begin to cum. Her body shook and she raised her ass higher as she squirted all over the animals face. Shadow made her orgasm and she realized how incredible that fact was. Now he licked faster wanting every drop and driving Kara insane. Her body moved back wanting his tongue even deeper, loving how it twisted and turned inside her. Her clit was swollen and Shadow licked it over and over as he sought to get more of her tasty juices.

    Suddenly he pulled away. Kara looked back her body so filled with desire at what Shadow was doing to her.

    "What's wrong, James?" She asked waiting for the dog to continue.

    "Well, my dear, he needs attention too. He's got you all ready for him. He wont mount you unless I give him permission. Should I do so, Kara?" He asked looking at her with a wicked smile on his face.

    Kara looked at Shadow and saw the huge cock all swollen and dripping cum. She saw Marguerite in the same position, her ass high, her body ready. She looked at James.

    "Yes, James. I want him." she raised her ass higher, opening her legs wider. She knew that this was everything or nothing. She certainly did enough to show Marguerite how she wanted to please her. But she wanted more, Not just for her new lover. She wanted to know what it was like.

    James snapped his fingers and started to take shots in a flurry. Shadow mounted Kara, his front paws encircling her waist pulling her back and she let him take charge not really understanding how it all worked though she understood the sexual nature of things. His hot furry body covered hers and she saw him manuever against her his cock seeking out her wet opening. His face was near hers and she felt his tongue lick out against her face as she finally felt him enter her.

   The feeling was intense and so gratisfying as his cock slid deliciously inside her in one hard push. She grunted and tried to relax but it was difficult when he started to fuck her fast and hard, pumping his cock in and out. She moaned as she pushed back to accept every inch of him making her cum hard, squirting out down her thighs and the bed beneath.

    James couldnt get enough shots in. It was a spectacular sight seeing this woman taking Shadow. He never imagined her doing it, but here she was, ass high and fucking back against his dog like a bitch in heat.

    "Ohhhhh, god. Fuck me, Shadow, fuck me boy," she screamed out as the dog gripped harder ramming her deep and fast. He whined and slowed, his cock completely embeded inside her. Kara felt it growing and knew what it was. His knot. He was ready to cum inside her and she reached back to hold his rear legs. Then she felt the hot sprays filling her like lava. Over and over he came non stop. He panted and let his saliva drip down on her shoulder. Kara pushed against him fucking him though he remained still. She wanted more of him. Understood now the looks of all those she saw in the pictures. The looks of unknown pleasures and animal lust.

    Shadow started to pull away and she let him feeling the hard knot stretch her outwards and finally slip from her. Hot rivers of his cum dripped out of her as he did so. He moved away and lay on the bed near her licking his still hard cock. Kara did the same resting from this incredible sexual pertnership between human and beast.

    She looked at James who stopped taking pictures to look knowingly at her and understanding how she felt like all the others.

    "He is incredible, isnt he?" She said reaching out and patting the dogs head. "My god, James. How is it possible for Shadow to please me like that? I must have cum a dozen times."

    "Baby, its what he does best. He likes to fuck hot willing women." She laughed. Indeed she was now in the same club as the others. Shadows little harem of girls.

    "When will the pictures be ready, James. I want to give them to Marguerite as a present. I want her to know we now share a very special secret." Kara reached down to grasp Shadows cock. It was slippery from their cum and so hot to the touch. James watched in awe at this woman. She was still hot for Shadow. He picked up the camera and began again to photograph her as she took his cock into her mouth sucking him and rubbing his balls.


    The portfolio came one week later and Kara looked at the photos feeling so horny at what she had become for Shadow and his owner. They showed a woman in the throes of passion. She saw for the first time Shadows connection to her as he fucked her. James captured all of it from his first penetration to his knot slipping from her stretched wet pussy. She wrapped the portfolio and waited for Marguerite to come home after her work in the town. They lived together now. Slept in the same bed and made love almost every night.

    She placed the wrapped present on Marguerites pillow. Tonight was going to be a very special night. She asked James to drop off Shadow for the evening. He understood.

                                                      THE END


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OMG....Great Story......
Is there going to be a continuation of it...??
Loved It.....


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Foxi...Foxi...Foxi!  What can I say, other than I just have to clean up here. :facepalm:

You do know how to capture so called forbidden topics and make them seem natural and so erotic.  KB's prize jewel!

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Thank you Msslave and Elizabeth, both. I love you two.


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Foxi fantastic...! Or maybe fantastic Foxi...! Either way this is a really hot and delicious piece of writing that has me in my usual state... gasping with pleasure... wrist aching... now needing the bathroom... and it's all down to you...

How you never made erotic writer of the year I'll never know...

Keep up your wonderful work Foxi...

vinney  :emot_kiss:

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hope theres another chapter

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Thank you Vinney.