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Author Topic: Throat {oral, deepthroat, forced, gagging, facefuck, punishment, wife}  (Read 20522 times)
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« on: April 11, 2010, 06:29:24 AM »

[As follows is a dirty impromptu story with some pretty gnarly themes, specifically the demeaning punishment of a young wife after she insults her husband, that punishment consisting of hardcore, abusive oral sex. I definitely want to stress that these fantasies are indeed just fantasies, my own ugly entertainment, and any disrespect, cruelty, or inequality between the sexes is intolerable in reality.
As a feminist with an appetite for erotic humiliation, as well as strong, pro-equality ideals, I want to leave this disclaimer just to ensure that no one misconstrues or is upset by this, and that everyone knows that this entirely fictional account is just a self-serving fantasy that I do not condone or carry into my real life- And neither should you. :]
That said, I hope this manages to please some.]


"I have you, Roger. You are all mine. All I need to do is take this robe off, and I could have you on your knees in front of me again, like a fucking trained dog." She smirked vilely at him, standing with her slender fingers hooked in the tie of her bathrobe. It was a short, pale red piece that cut off temptingly at the bottom of her full, taut ass. She was naked underneath, her husband was well aware. She thought she owned him. Arrogant, self-assured, and beautiful, she was smirking at him, and he had had quite enough of it. It took the brazen, sultry smirk right off of her face when her husband came forward and grabbed her by her hair, both hands taking her on either side of the head and pulling savagely, eliciting a hard gasp of fear and pain from Miriam. "Have me on my knees, you bitch?" He hissed lividly, jerking her as she began to whimper and scream. "Get on yours! You bloody slut," He jerked her savagely down until she had collapsed onto her slender pale knees, and was looking up at him with a cross of fury, pain and fear. Her eyes had been narrowed bitterly, but they widened with a sudden horror when her husband spread his bathrobe and produced his engorged, pulsing dick. It was thick and long with a flushed color, and heavy testicles that seemed taut and just as full and swollen.

Aghast, she tried to pull away from him, but his hands remained buried in her long, flowing red hair, gripping handfuls of it like they were handles designed especially for this purpose. He didn't give her enough time to plead for mercy. Her plump lips had opened with her eyes in that shocked horror, and Roger rammed forward in an instant, shoving his prick into her mouth and pressing brutally forward with his hips- even as she gagged horribly and choked, until the thick head of his cock entered and slid deep into her throat. He began to fuck her mouth, roughly, as he would have fucked her cunt, while her wide green eyes crossed to gaze in awe at the massive dick that was punishing her big mouth for its disrespect and pomposity. "How's that, you whore?" He mocked, receiving nothing but the ridiculous 'glug-ugh-mmlugh-glug!' of his wife's gagging in return.

Miriam was still gaping down at the brutal cock whirring in and out of her mouth, cutting off her air with every penetration and only letting her breath as she audibly gulped around it. Her own robe had opened and her heavy tits were shaking as he face-fucked her, his legs spread wide and his hips powerfully jabbing forward. He pulled her face into his thrusts, gaining inch after inch of her throat, until Miriam's eyes squeezed shut and her nose pressed into his hard lower belly and pubic hair, and his heavy balls were pressing into her chin and lower lip. He groaned deeply and for a long time, holding her there as she began to swallow desperately and choke, her eyes wide open again and tearing up from the pain. All she could feel was that hard member deep in her throat, filling it completely, his balls squishing into her face, and all she could smell was the sharp bite of his masculine sweat as he dominated her. "You have me, you pig?" He raggedly jeered, jiggling her head up and down on his throbbing cock and incurring a desperate 'Ug-ug-glug!' from Miriam.

Her mouth and throat felt so tight and hot, and the look of stunned humiliation on his conceited wife's face made it feel that much better. Her smug, vain amusement at his expense was now reversed, and he was amused and smug while she was on her knees with her perfect lips spread wide apart by his member. He withdrew completely and Miriam began gasping and choking awfully, her eyes red-rimmed and glassy, her soft, delicate hands gripping his solid thighs for support. "R-Roger," She gasped weakly, "Oh, pl-please, stop." He was holding her hair harshly, and smirking down at her.  What a change he had produced! He couldn't recall her ever having used that word 'please' with him. "Say it again." He ordered, and Miriam looked up, the tears of pain and embarrassment slowly spilling over from her gorgeous, wide green eyes, and carrying some of her mascara with it. He watched her plump, plum colored lips as they first pursed and then began to open with the beginnings of that magic word. She got as far as "Pluh" before he slammed his cock into her mouth, pressing it through her puckered soft lips and forcing them agape. Again her eyes shot wide open, blinking in shock, but her lips conformed to his thick meat and he was working in and out of her quickly once more.

"Now just suck it, Mouth. You think you can talk to me that way and away with it just because you beg? Because you shed a few tears?" He rode her gaping mouth hard, entering her throat again and bringing out the wet, gulping, squelching sound of her struggling not to suffocate. Roger pulled her into his cock again, her lips touching his balls and his pubes again. Not satisfied, he thought there was just the barest centimeter left outside of her mouth, and so with a clenched fist he clubbed the back of her head- eliciting a loud quack of pain and dismay, but shoving her deeper onto his cock, so impossibly close that her nose was turned upward and her lips disappeared into his dark, smelly bush.

"Did you not like that, Love?" He ground his pubis into her face, his thick, swollen dick well inside of her mouth and throat, and she could feel it pulsing there. Her jaw was aching, and the back of her head, and her nose was being squished, and she couldn't see clearly for the tearing up of her eyes, but he was holding her hair so tightly, and she didn't dare to bite him now. It was something other than just that obvious threat of violence. It was his fat meat in her mouth, his controlling digits clenching her hair like reins. He had her. Saliva dribbled from her lips and down her chin, she felt a speck of it land on her breasts and shivered. Green eyes strained up at her husband- A handsome man, even with that cruel look on his face. She swallowed repeatedly, massaging his cock, and he smiled darkly at her. He could see the obedience in her fawning upturned eyes.

"That's a good girl." He praised gratingly, still rubbing his body against her face with all of him compressed inside of her mouth. A note of wild fear went through her trained up eyes, and he knew she couldn't breath and had run through the air she'd been holding. His wife began to fidget urgently, blinking and tearing up, her brows pursing pitifully. He held her still on his cock by her hair, and watched her pale cheeks turn rosy. "Look up at me. Open your fucking eyes, bitch." He commanded in a callous whisper. Miriam looked up with straining, wide eyes, and saw her husband pursing his lips slowly. He was rolling his tongue in his mouth, gathering saliva, and held lanced on his cock, she couldn't move or do a thing when he dropped a wad of fat spit on her nose spitefully. She winced and her eyes shut as it made impact, but she looked up at him again quickly, brows still pursed plaintively. He grinned at her and watched the thick clear saliva dribbling off the bridge of her sleek, petite and gorgeous nose. It mixed with the grey mascara tears and her own drool, and he thought her the most spectacularly sexy slut he had ever laid eyes on. Such a nice change from the cruel prude she had been.

But now she was really choking, her pallor and the nervous bite of her teeth made him back out quickly and let go of her thick mane of red hair. Miriam dropped forward onto her hands, her head hanging as she gulped and gasped for her air, scraping it in with every hoarse, moaning intake. Roger smiled at her. His enormous prick was slick with her saliva and still formidably hard and wanting. "Catch your breath, bitch. Then I'm finishing up."
Miriam didn't answer him this time, nor bother with asking for mercy or apologizing. He would have her, and she wouldn't stop it. She felt her heart pounding in her chest crazily, and knew that in spite of the wounding humiliation of her deposition at his hands, despite the pain and torment of being deprived of her breath by his organ crammed deep in her mouth, she was excited. Her cunt was flooding, moist, hot and slippery, she could feel her folds shifting against one another without resistance, burning hungrily as she closed her legs around them. Finally she lifted her head again, her breaths slowing, returning to next to normal. Her eyes were smokey, black rimmed with smudged, running make up, and her open lips were shining with saliva and his pre-cum. Her lipstick had been smeared and her face was shimmering with his spit and her spit, and her tears, and he could hardly wait to add his cum to the revolting yet simultaneously gorgeous mix.

"What a precious face." He murmured sardonically, and she found enough pride to narrow her eyes. "Come up here, my little slut." Roger hissed at her, and he reached to her disheveled long hair, with the haggard protrusions on top marking where he had kinked her locks with his grip on her. She was already coming toward him on her knees when he grabbed her and jerked her to her feet. A little cry broke from her mouth. "Get on the bed. Hang your head over the edge." He pulled her onto the mattress forcefully, and Miriam whimpered at the pain of his hand pulling at her much-abused hair. Regardless, lust was flaring within her, and she obeyed her husband- this reckless, commanding side of him- and lay herself on her back on the bed before scooting forward enough that her head hung down over the edge of it. She was looking up at him now, at the underside of his thick, meaty testicles and shining, large, veiny erection. "Open that vicious little mouth." He slapped her cheek with his dick, and watched his vain wife open her mouth and quickly shut her eyes at that insulting blow.

He positioned in front of her, leaning forward slowly so that his hands were on the bed beside his wife's exposed, beautiful body. One hand came back to guide his prick into her waiting mouth, and once the head was in and he felt her lips close around it, Roger returned both hands to the mattress and spread his legs. "Now who has who?" He goaded coldly. She didn't answer, but he thought, looking down between his legs, that he saw her cheeks fill with an angry red blush. It didn't matter. It excited him that she was angry, that she was debased and felt abused. He thrust forward, sliding his dick into her mouth. Miriam could feel his testicles right under her nose, resting on her nostrils and filling them with the intoxicating stench of his body. He was owning her, making her bossy, egotistical mouth eat every mean, snide word she had ever spoken.

"You're so superior, aren't you, Miriam?" Roger began to hump her face barbarously, causing her head to bounce up and down against the mattress as he went straight into her throat and filled her with his cock. Her eyes were strained open, and she could see their reflections in the vanity mirror across from their bed, her own face red and shining with mucus, her husband's tight, square ass riding her face while his balls sprung against her nose repeatedly, and her red hair gleamed and billowed as her head was throttled back and forth with every merciless humping. He was laying over her now, fucking her mouth like he would have fucked her pussy, missionary style, his prick going in her with a careless abandon that had her gurgling and glugging against her will, making those silly sounds that drove him crazy and drove her pride even further into oblivion. "Oh, listen to you." He moaned, still fucking her open mouth with ruthless, swift stabs of his hips. Strings of saliva were flying off of her slobbery lips now as he quickened his pace. His dick was going in and out of her throat rapidly, and her neck hurt as if she were on the verge of getting whiplash.

Her husband began to toy with her cunt, his fingers working through her soaking wet loins and producing zings of brilliant pleasure that made her voice grow loud around his cock. He could feel her cries humming against his skin, but those cries were stifled, cut off haggardly by his every beastly jostle. He fingered her hard, making her voice grow louder, but only more absurd for this, until she sounded like a choking goose honking repeatedly and wetly. Liquid came trickling from her mouth and down her face, up her nose and into her eyes. The foamy spittle even got into her hair, and she could see this all as she squinted at her reflection in the mirror, her reddened face still being roughly shook back every time Roger bucked his meat into her gaping open mouth and pillowy lips. She was squirming now, cumming hard as his fingers pleasured her, her tongue whorishly stroking the prick that was punishing her as it rammed her waiting mouth and slid through her throat at a panicked pace.

At last Roger's cum blasted into her, hitting her hard in the throat and making her retch instantly. He stayed in her even as she hacked up his cum and some clear vomit and ejected these fluids out of her mouth, onto them both. A thick, goopy stream of semen and saliva and vomit spilled slowly down her face, and Roger just kept cumming, his hips pressed all the way forward in her as she tried to cough and only made the same glugging wet sounds around his dick. More jizz flowed from her thick lips and coated her face, but he had stopped humping into her, and seemed content instead to simply slump over her face and leave them like this. His sweaty balls were hanging over her nose, his inner thighs were slick and coated with wetness, and were now close around her cheeks, spreading that smelly wetness to her. "Mmm..." Roger rocked in and out of her, hearing another gag.
"You said I was yours?" He taunted in a relaxed, tired voice. "I bet you're sorry you did."
Miriam hummed tonelessly her reply, only watching her wrecked, cum-covered, sweaty face in the mirror, upside down with her husband's softening dick still deep in her mouth, and his testicles still heaving over her nose, the little hairs on them straining as she breathed roughly against them. She was indifferent to the pain- that had already faded, although she would surely eat little more than popsicles tomorrow. She was indifferent to the destruction of her arrogance, too tired right now to feel ashamed, even though she consciously knew she'd been made a slutty spectacle of, reduced to his mouthy fucktoy, when she had once had him whipped. She watched his prick, slimy and shining like a tentacle as it disappeared into her mouth- but she knew it was shrinking by the feel of it.

Roger didn't get off of her for a full twenty minutes, having seemingly dozed with his now soft member still in her mouth. She managed to turn her head and let it slide wetly out of her- and across her sodden, soiled face- but there was no lifting him off of her. She lay with his soft dick dangling on her face, still seeing her once proud, autocratical features in the mirror, with the Victor's penis sloppily touching her mouth, nose and cheek, hanging between her eyes, and her head between his legs and his scent now an overwhelming pronunciation of her defeat.
He later rose off of her with a sigh, but Miriam only lay there, dazed, vacant, her face wet with sex fluids and spit.

"And who owns who in this relationship?" He growled, half amused, half vindictive.
She was silent a moment, but willed herself slowly to speak.
"You own me... Today." There was a quietly defiant promise in her deadened words and hoarse voice, but he felt no threat in them. He leaned down to slowly, tenderly kiss her parted lips, wet with his cum. He was cupping her face carefully, meeting his lips to hers without nudging her nose with his chin, since Miriam still hung upside down.
"Today it is, then. I suppose we'll see about tomorrow when it comes." He said thickly, amused, before leaving for the wash room to draw them both a bath. He could be a graceful winner. At least until tomorrow, if she really did find the backbone to tempt him again.
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