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Author Topic: PAST SINS - by FOXI 3 (M/F, F/F, m/F)  (Read 1853 times)
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« on: March 08, 2018, 08:56:57 PM »

(The author does not condone underage sex. This story is for entertainment purposes only and meant for those 18 years or older).




    Denise felt his cock go even deeper as she pushed back hard. The boys cock was driving her crazy with lust and having her own sister close by instructing her son to fuck her only added to the hot desires she was now feeling. He grabbed her waist and fucked her cunt hard scrunching up his face as he let loose a cry as he came inside her. He pumped continuously wanting to feel every contour of her insides, her muscles as they squeezed him and milked him dry. She looked up at her sister Julie and saw the look of love in her eyes. She felt the boy pull out and rub his cock between the crack of her ass, sliding it up and down. His breathing was heavy and fast. Denise felt the boys cum dripping out from her pussy and down her thighs. She closed her eyes and tried to understand how she fell into such a situation like this. But she knew how. Knew every detail. It was so easy for her sister to seduce her into such incestuous sin. She was so vulnerable.


                                             TWO MONTHS EARLIER

    Denise sat in the courtroom watching her lawyer fight for her. Her ex-husband was cruel and deceitful trying to take her family home, claiming he was paying for it over the years. By the time the legal drama was over she had lost almost everything. His lawyer, a shady hardcore divorce attorney made her look like some sort of leech trying to bleed his client dry of his money. Since there were no children her fight was lost quickly and decisively.

    She lost the house and car and left only with the clothes on her back. She could live with that and seeing the back of her husband as he walked out congratulating his lawyer. But she couldn't live with the way it was done. They made her look like a money grubbing whore. Her lawyer apologized for such treatment but she left crying and determined to start over. This time get it right. She looked at her marriage, all five years of it, as past sins that needed mending. That would take time.

    Her sister, Julie, wanted her to stay with her at her place in the Santa Monica Hills. Her lawyer was much better, winning all that she wanted. She had a child and the judge could easily see what a scumbag husband she had. She won the house, the dog and a sizable amount of money to take care of them both. Denise said yes to a stay over until she could get her life back together.

    She was the younger of the two, Julie being three years her senior. But they looked very much alike. Her sister had short brown hair and those intense green eyes inherited from their mother. Denise had auburn hair with blue eyes from her daddy. Denise kept in shape for her no account husband while Julie did her best to stay in shape. She was still very beautiful and both had men that wanted them either at work or at the gym. They both had their mothers face and mouth. Full lips and a small nose.

    Denise moved in one week after the messy divorce. Jared, her sisters son, helped her carry what belongings she had, which were few. He was a handsome boy who looked every bit his father. He loved to play sports and had plenty of friends over. Julie loved him like crazy always hugging him and kissing him.

    "That's my baby. He's going to grow up right and treat women the way they should be treated. Not like his old man." She said to Denise as they watched him shoot baskets hitting the net every time.

    "He is a good looking boy. Girls calling him yet?" Asked Denise watching how the boy moved and how muscular he was.

    "Oh yeah," said Julie never taking her eyes off her son as he dunked another ball. "Endless late night calls. They all want him. But so far no regulars. I'm beginning to believe he likes his mom more. They cant compete." They both laughed.

    Over the following week Denise found a job and got the mother-in-law apartment set up the way she liked. Julie never complained about her being there, in fact she wanted her to remain forever.

    "Dont even think about leaving," said Julie hugging her close. "I've got everything you need right here, little sister." Denise hugged her back. She loved Julie.

    Denise felt comfortable being there, like her whole life was mellowing out, getting comfortable like it used to be. She had no qualms about strolling around the house and property wearing just her bikini and sunning next to the pool. When she did Jared would always ask her if she wanted a drink a towel or anything. She could feel his eyes all over her. She never said anything to her sister knowing that boys his age were obsessed with sex and girls.

    Besides she felt kind of happy knowing that he would look at her in such a way. She still had it. One time her sister joined her wearing nothing but a micro bikini that hid very little of her hard beautiful body. Jared visited often that day. Denise could see his eyes roving all over his mother from top to bottom. When he left to go get drinks Denise inquired about her lack of inhibitions.

    "Really, Denise? The boys today have seen everything and I do mean everything. Remember the internet? All they do is watch porn and play with themselves and try to get the girls at school to put out for them. He's seen me naked several times. We're very open, honey. So dont worry about my baby boy."

    With that said, Denise remained quiet about any future incidents. She wasnt a vanilla girl, one who found anything beyond normal morally wrong. But she did seem curious as to her sisters actions around her son. They seemed inseparable at times. Jared lingered about her like a lost puppy. Sometimes she would see them hugging and kissing like lovers instead of mother and son. But she was probably dating herself as to the worlds new standards, where Julie was right on the edge of it.

    That weekend Jared was having several of his friends over to party and play video games. Julie made preparations for it, chips, soda and anything Jared wanted.

    "Can you stick around, Denise and help me with the boys? They can be a handful, really." She said handing Denise a platter of sandwiches. Denise nodded, happy to help considering all that her sister had done for her as of late. Denise wore jeans that fit her like a glove showing off her slender figure and perfect round ass. Julie did the same emphasizing her looks by wearing a t shirt and no bra which Denise felt was totally inappropriate for the occasion. But she remained quiet knowing her sister. Her jiggling breasts and stiff nipples that were trying to poke their way through the fabric, was a sight to behold.

    Jared came into the kitchen amidst a roar of voices emanating from the game room. He stopped and stared at his mom and whistled.

    "Wow, mom. The guys are gonna love you today." Then he turned and looked at Denise and smiled nodding his head in approval. "You to Aunt Denise. Wow again." He grabbed several cokes and made his way back into the game room.

    Denise had to laugh at such obvious male sexual innuendo. Jared may be a boy, but he was growing up to be a typical man. She didnt mind his comment, instead she felt rather excited about making him notice her at all. Her ex-husband did much to destroy her confidence in herself. He made her feel worthless and ugly, where in fact she was beautiful and loving. So Jareds comments made her feel special despite coming from a boy his age.

    Julie handed her the platter of sandwiches turning her in the direction of the game room.

    "Enter the lions den, baby sister. If you dont come back just know that I love you and will remember you always." Denise gave her the finger and said, "thanks".

    She went into the room seeing three other boys with Jared all intensely focused on a video game and all possessing a controller yelling and screaming commands. No sooner did she enter the room, Jared hit the pause button and all eyes were on her.

    "Oh yeah," said one of the boys. "Something to eat." This brought laughter from all as they eyed her up and down. Julie wasnt kidding Denise thought. It was like being a piece of meat among lions.

    "Let me help you Denise," said one of the boys. He moved quickly next to her taking the platter. Others moved close to her brushing against her or touching her arm. All grabbing a sandwich. One of the boys with dark hair and a leering smile grabbed a sandwich and patted her butt thanking her. She stood there for a second not sure she wanted to slap him or break his hand. But she left quickly and knew they were, every one, staring at her ass.

    She went up to Julie who was preparing chips and dip. "My god, Julie. They are little animals arent they." Julie laughed and shook her head.

    "Better animals in here, then out there. I can handle them. They're all good boys. Maybe a bit over anxious about girls and sex. But I expect that from them. Let them have a little fun. Besides little sister, I kind of like the attention." She winked at Denise and headed into the lions den. Denise watched as the boys grabbed the chips and dip and all hugged and kissed her. Some let their hands wander to her ass and she said nothing to the ones who did.

    "See you in a bit, boys. Try to stay out of trouble." She replied as they laughed and licked their lips at her backside.

    Denise shook her head in wonder at what her sister allowed. They were being forward sexually with her and she didnt care. Julie came back into the kitchen and smiled at her.

    "They love me, baby. I still got it." They both had to laugh at such an outrageous remark. "I think we both do. They loved looking at you, Denise. I'm sure you noticed."

    She did and like her sister knew she still had the looks to make men look at her with desire. In this case young men.

    "Come on, lets get them going, little sister. I think we can drive them crazy. Were still hot stuff." Denise was about to complain but Julie took her by the arm leading her back into the game room. The boys whisteled at them and Julie made sure to make her breats jiggle a bit just for them.

    "Everything good boys?" She asked knowing that it was and getting their full attention. They nodded and as one moved to her, hugging and kissing her. Denise got the same treatment feeling their hard bodies against her as each one hugged her and gave little gropes of her butt. One moved his hand upwards enough to give her breasts a slight squeeze making her jump from the surprise. She moved toward the kitchen making a getaway from the craziness.

    She heard Julie talking with them and lingered by the doorway listening.

    "Give her some time, boys. She's new to this game. Its been awhile since she's been open to new things like this. Im sure you wont mind waiting until shes ready. In the meantime, enjoy the view." She heard the cheering and the sexy yells from the boys. What she wasnt seeing was Julie raising her shirt to show them her perky tits and swollen nipples making them yell for more.

    Julie came out and laughed at their behavior and fun. Denise stayed by the doorway listening as the boys spoke openly.

    "Fuck, Jared. Your mom is so fucking hot." A number of the boys agreed.

    "Her tits are so perfect. See those nipples?" Said another.

    "Damn, her sister is even hotter. How did a guy like you end up in a house filled with hot women."  

    "I want to fuck them both," said another.

    "Stick around, you just might." Said the boy with the leering smile.

    Denise moved away from the doorway and moved near her sister who was getting more cokes for the boys.

    "Can you hear them, sis? My god, they want to fuck us. They're just boys. You cant possibly allow such behavior." Said Denise looking at her with a stern look.

    Julie looked at her with a cheshire grin. She knew her sister was out of touch and hurting from a sham of a marriage and a lover who was at best inadequate. She had so much to learn from the real world. The boys were just what she needed. She needed to get laid proper and such young bucks could do just that. Hard stiff cocks that wouldnt get soft and screw her right.

    "Sis, I know its hard for you to imagine them fucking you. I get it. Big girl, once married, lived a big girls life. But thats all gone. Now you're here and its time to really enjoy life the way it was meant to be. Have fun, stop being such a bitch. Let the boys enjoy their sexy talk and think about the fact that they are talking about a woman thats twice their age. You turn them on, baby sister. Imagine that. All that hard cock in their yours for the asking." Julie shot her a "So take that" look and brought the cokes into the game room bringing about new cheers and sexy banter.

    Denise stood still reeling from the hard truth about what her sister said. She may have had a marriage, house, car and a life in the city. But where was it now? All gone. She was getting older and though she knew she could get any number of men to look her way, she certainly didnt want to marry them. She was done, for the moment, with marriage. Julie was right. It was time to start a new life. Actually have a life. But she was having a dilemma over starting it with young boys. It seemed to be a non issue with her beautiful sister who craved their attention. She needed to evaluate her position and just follow her own instincts.

    Denise went back to the doorway looking into the game room and couldnt believe that her sister was allowing them to feel her breasts. They were taking turns kissing her and fondling her. Hands were on her everywhere. Even Jared cupped her breasts as he kissed her hotly while his friends cheered him on. Soon his hand wandered lower until it was between her legs. The boys stood in line for more and Julie loved it. Denise watched, her body trembling with excitement over what was happening. Her sister was allowing them anything they wanted and gladly let them. It was like watching a porn film and it was Julie who stared in it.

    "Ok, boys. I'll be back. Keep that hotness going for me." They laughed and ran hands over her before she left the room. She bumped into Denise and laughed.

    "Seen much, sis?" Denise looked down embarrassed. She knew she was being a voyeur, seeing things that were not meant to be seen. "The real question is, did you like what you saw, little sister?" Julie lifted her sisters face to hers. Looking into her beautiful eyes she kissed her tenderly on the lips.

    "Baby, come join the fun. They would love to have you. You wont regret one minute of their attention. Believe me, sis."

    Denise felt her body heat up with the thought of all those boys doing to her what they just did to Julie. It was so wrong and at the same time such an elicit pleasure that she had not enjoyed in years. Could she do such a thing? Her sisters face near hers, her mouth kissing her like...what? A lover? Could such a thing really happen? Julie took her hand and led her like one hypnotized into the game room. The boys gave another loud cheer and soon they were around her, against her, touching, grabbing, kissing her and driving tongues into her mouth. She lost her breath with all the activity about her.

    She saw her sister get on her knees as two boys lowered their pants and pulled out their cocks that were hard and dripping pre cum. She took one then another into her mouth making them groan aloud. Denise closed her eyes feeling the hands on her breasts, pulling her nipples and sliding inside her pants to cup her pussy. Jared was there, his lips on hers, pulling her to him, his hand inside her jeans, his finger pushing inside her. She moaned and they knew thay had her, all of her. She felt them pulling up her t shirt, unhooking her bra and then lowering her jeans and sliding her panties to the floor.

    "Fuck, look at that perfect cunt," said one of the boys who started to lick her clit making her legs wobble in pleasure. Julie caught her eye and smiled. Then continued to suck on the boys cocks. Soon she was on the floor her legs pulled wide as the first boys moved between them. His body was hard and sinewy and his cock hard and ready as he moved forward pushing it inside her wet pussy.

    "Ohhhh, god," she cried out as the boy began to fuck her fast and hard, driving into her making her cum quickly. They moved Julie next to her, her head resting against her sisters as they fucked her.

    "That's it baby sister. Let them have you. Enjoy it." Julie wrapped her legs about one of the boys plowing into her deep and hard. She grunted and encouraged him by driving her heels into his backside. Another boy knelt by her head feeding her his cock and holding her head as he fucked her mouth. The hot slurping wetness from her mouth making the boy groan.

    Jared touched the boys shoulder who was fucking his aunt and the boy smiled and got up letting Jared take his place. He quickly got between his aunts legs and pushed into her. He moaned as he felt her silken wet pussy tighten around his cock like a hand gripping him. Denise loved the feel of him, his hardness sinking deep inside her, his balls slapping against her ass. Never in her fevered mind did she imagine this day and all that was happening. It was as if her sister released a different person that looked like her and allowed her a freedom she never knew before. Jared leaned down kissing her while bringing her legs back to take more of him.

    "That's it aunt Denise. Keep those legs way back so we can see your cunt and fuck you real easy." Said Jared as he rammed into her faster and deeper. She cried out in orgasm as she felt him slam into her over and over. Julie was gagging as the boy she was sucking began to cum in her mouth. Hot streams of his cum ran from her lips down her cheek to the floor.

    "Kiss your sister." Yelled one of the boys seeing Julie with a mouthful of cum. Julie turned her head in her sisters direction and with one hand pulled her towards her. Their mouths met in a heated kiss and Julie sharing her prize of hot boy cum. Denise could taste the salty hot juice fill her mouth as her sister tongued her. Jared cried out filling his aunts pussy with his seed pumping it in as he continued to fuck her. When he pulled out he opened her pussy for all to see it running out.

    "Fuck thats so nice." One of the boys said as he moved between her legs, next in line. He slid into her feeling the hot sticky cum push out of her as he pushed in. It felt like melted butter all around his cock as he began to thrust. Denise closed her eyes loving what they were doing to her. She imagined her sister enjoying all this every day, satisfying them all by herself. Now she had a partner to help. One that suddenly was very appreciative of their attentions. The boys cock was bigger than Jareds and opened her more, driving so much deeper and making her cum again.

    "Wow," said the boy. "Look at her squirt cum." The boys all looked as Denise arched her back, taking the boys cock so deep and squirting around his cock. Julie kissed her again.

    "Mmmmmm, baby. You show them. You're so fucking hot." Denise felt the boys mouth on her breasts, her nipple, sucking it and biting it. Then Jared his cock poised at her mouth. She opened it, taking him inside it, sucking it into hardness again.

    For hours they used her and Julie. They filled them with their sperm and they continued to let them fuck them until they couldnt anymore. Denise lay there on the floor her legs still wide open, her pussy dripping boys cum and she felt Julie climb between her legs.

    "Fuck, yeah," said one of the boys as he lay there watching. "Lezzie action."

    Denise watched as her sister began to lick her pussy. Her tongue made her gasp in pleasure as it flicked at her clit and dipped into her dripping cunt. Slowly, methodically, Julie made her sister arch her body in response to her ministrations.

    "Ohhhh, Julie.." She cried out as she began to cum into her sisters mouth. Hot dribbles of cum shot from her pussy as Julie sucked her clean. The boys watched excitedly knowing that one sister was making the other cum. It was so hot. Julie manuevered her sister on all fours and motioned her son to get behind her.

    "Fuck her, baby." She told him and all watched as he slid inside her wet pussy from behind making Denise raise her ass higher loving the feel of him. He held her waist as he plowed harder and faster building a momemtum. The sound of wet sticky juices filled the room and the others all started to get hard again. Denise, her body enjoying pleasure like never before started to push back against the boy.

    Julie lifted her sisters face to meet hers. They looked at each other lovingly.

    ""Thats my boy you're fucking baby sister. Give him everything. Let him have you anyway he likes." Denise would allow him anything. She felt him grunt and tighten up, his cock expanding inside her and then his hot cum filling her. He pulled out, his cock between her ass cheeks rubbing up and down making sure to rub the head of his cock against her asshole. Then she felt it enter her ass. She moaned as it slid like a red hot poker inside her. He moved and she responded. Her pussy exploded as her cum squirted hard all over the floor.

    Julie smiled as she watched her sister fuck her son. Denise made the mistake of loving an asshole who ruined her life and now all that was past. All past sins are forgiven. Now she was here to stay. Julie would teach her how to enjoy life. There was so much more for her to show her.

    Denise cried out again as another boy joined Jared. He was pushing his cock beside Jared's inside Denise's asshole. Julie was going to stop it but realized she didnt need to. The boy pushed and soon his cock was moving along with Jareds inside her sisters tight ass. Denise moaned loudly as she raised her ass high and pushed back as they thrust into her. She had never felt anything like it and she had to cum.

    Yes, thought Julie. This was going to be a very hot summer after all.  


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sweet jesus its good Smiley

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