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The Daring, Naughty, Sleepover (ff, mff, Mff, exhib)

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The Daring Naughty Sleepover (ff, mff, Mff, exhibitionist)

The second story I've written. Re-posting for your enjoyment from ASSTR. I'll post other stories in time, both old and new.

Summary - Cindy and Stacy have a long-awaited sleepover. Things get a bit naughty...

This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.

Note - It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

Cindy and her friend Stacy were having a sleep-over. It was the first time they would be left alone in an empty house in their entire young lives. Two glorious nights of freedom! Cindy’s parents had to leave town for the weekend and had decided she was finally old enough to stay by herself. She begged to have her best friend stay with her, “So I won’t get scared,” she said. The truth was, she really just wanted to be alone with her friend. To talk openly about boys (without being overheard), to squeal out loud (without being told to ‘be quiet’), and to walk around in just their panties on (if they wanted to, and she wanted to)!

Cindy was a beautiful, long haired blonde with bright blue eyes. She had large breasts for her age, flat stomach and nice, round ass. She had hardly any fat at all – only ‘baby fat’, as her dad would say, and then he would stroke her soft tummy and hips. Stacy was nearly the opposite, but just as hot! She had dark short hair with deep green eyes - smaller tits than Stacy, but with large puffy nipples and a very fuck-able ass. She was a little shorter and thinner than Cindy. They were both very proud of their hot, young bodies.

BFF’s since grade school, they had many sleepovers before, but it was never as much fun as they hoped. Both of their parents kept a close watch on them, especially as the girls began growing into sexy young women. It seemed the bigger their breasts got, the more protective their parents became – always telling them to “Keep it down! Change your clothes! Cover your selves up”, and the worst “Go wipe off that slutty makeup!“ They never had any privacy either, as their parents were always checking up on them; monitoring what they listed to or watched, and opening the bedroom door without knocking. It seemed that if they were too quiet, or too loud, they could count on a parent walking in on them!

The big day finally arrived, after two weeks of giggling, whispering and planning! Stacy’s parents dropped her off after school Friday with her bags. She had packed everything she needed for the big event –music, movies, swim-suit, make-up, toothbrush and her clothes – shorts, t-shirts and extra panties -including some ‘sexy’ ones her parents didn’t know about! She felt so naughty!

Cindy’s parent went over everything one last time. “Don’t forget to lock the doors” and “Remember to call us every day”, etc… and finally, they left, closing the door behind them. Cindy locked the door and turned towards her friend. The girls stared at each other, their grins growing. They raised their eyebrows, their eyes bugging out in happiness. They had to cover their mouths to keep from screaming in joy. They snickered uncontrollably; Cindy grabbed her friends’ hand and pulled her into the living room and away from the door, so her parents couldn’t hear them.

“Well,” Stacy said, grinning mischievously, “What do we do first, slut?” They had started to call each other dirty names a while ago, after a naughty discussion about boys.

“I’m getting out of these frumpy clothes, whore!” said Cindy. “Then I’m cranking up some music and dancing around the house like a crazy bitch!”

“Whoo, hooo!” Stacy cried.

They quickly ran to Cindy’s room. Their joy was nearly uncontrollable. Still giggling, they kicked off their shoes. Cindy pulled her shirt over her head, and threw it in the hamper. Her friend followed. They glanced at each other standing together in their bras.

“I have an idea” said Stacy. “I declare this to be a ‘No bra weekend’!” Stacy was always the more daring of the two. She quickly reached around and pulled off her bra. It felt so good to have her ‘little girls’ free! It was her favorite part of the day! She rubbed them up and down and pinched her nipples like she did at home.

“Alright, ‘No bra weekend’ it is!” Cindy unhooked her bra too, and gave her titties a quick massage like her friend had done. It felt so good! “You are free girls, free!” she said, shaking her boobs back and forth. Stacy watched her friend shaking her tits, wishing her boobs were as big. She looked longingly at her friend’s titties until Cindy put on a tight t-shirt.

“Hey, Cindy, check it out!” Stacy said. Stacy turned towards her friend with her uncovered nipples hardening, she unbuttoned her jeans, and slowly began pushing her pants down.

Cindy looked at her hot friend a little bewildered, “What are you doing?” she started to say, but stopped, when she saw her friends ‘surprise’ starting to appear. Her eyes locked onto Stacy’s crotch, and then suddenly, she exclaimed “Stacy! They are HOT! Where did you get them?”

Cindy kicked off her pants and stood there wearing nothing but a pair of hot, pink panties!

Stacy struck a pose for her friend, and explained, “I bought them at the mall last week, shopping with my mom. I ditched her, ran to ‘Fredrick’s’, and bought them. She’d kill me if she ever found out!”

“Wow, you look good, girl! I’m so jealous!” Cindy walked around her near-naked friend, checking her out. “Your ass looks great in them!” she added.

In her best teasing, sexy voice, Stacy said “I brought you a present…” She bent over, showing her friend her sexy ass again, and triumphantly pulled a pair of baby blue panties from her bag. “I thought they matched your eyes, slut.”

“Eeeeeeiiiii, for me? OMG! Thank you, thank you!” Cindy waved them in the air excitedly, checked the tag and said “Just my size, fuck-n-a!” She stripped off her plain cotton panties and sat on the edge of the bed. Her short t-shirt could not hide her cunt from her friend's view. Stacy stared at her friend’s young pussy, trying not to get caught. It hadn’t changed much since she last saw it, just a soft covering of light blond hair, like fuzz on a juicy peach, she thought. As Cindy pulled them on, she spread her legs. Stacy thought she saw her pussy lips glistening just a bit.

Cindy stood up and admired herself in her full-length mirror, turning this way and that, turning around, pulling up her shirt, and looking at her ass, bending over slightly. “Damn, I look fucking hot!” she exclaimed! Cindy ran to her friend, again said “Thank you!” and gave her a kiss on the lips. “You know where the music is; pick out something good, while I get us some snacks and drinks.” Cindy turned and ran into the kitchen.

Stacy watched her friend bounce out of the bedroom. She gave her nipples another pinch, put on her shirt, and went to find some music.

Cindy heard their favorite dance tune playing as she brought out the snacks. She set down the soda and bowl of snacks, and then turned up the music. “It needs to be louder, bitch!” she screamed. The bass pounded out the beat as they danced crazily around the living room, their breasts bouncing under their shirts, their panties flashing each other as they gyrated. They felt so hot, so sexy, so grown up!

“Hey, watch this!” Stacy said, she turned her backside to her friend and started ‘twerking’, shaking her panty covered ass to her friend’s delight. She then squatted even lower, thrusting her hips in and out.

“Oooh! Teach me to do that too!” cried Cindy. Stacy helped her by positioning her in the basic stance, spreading her legs and bending her over until her pale, blue panties were showing. She put her hand on her friend’s panties to push her hips lower. Cindy though the hand lingered on her ass a little longer than necessary. She felt so naughty, bent over like this! She felt good!

“Now, move your ass back and forth!” She watched her friend shake her ass. She giggled. “Not like that, like this!” as she demonstrated. “Pretend you have a cock in your pussy, and you are trying to bring him off just by moving your ass!”

“Stacy!” her friend exclaimed, “You are such a WHORE!” She starting thrusting, imagining a hard cock in her tiny hole.

“Work it bitch, make him cum!” Stacy squealed. She began to twerk harder, having so much fun! She started making up lyrics to the beat of the music. “Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, harder, harder, harder, slut!”

Her friend joined in, and now they were twerking, singing, and getting themselves turned on.

“Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, harder, harder, harder, slut!”

“Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, harder, harder, harder, slut!”

In their imagination, they were both fucking hard dicks. Stacy imagined them on a double date, fucking side by side, as their dates pounded their fuck-holes. Cindy kept imagining her tight twat being spread wide by a thick cock!

“Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, harder, harder, harder, slut!”

“Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, harder, harder, harder, slut!”

The song finally ended and they fell to the floor exhausted! Their chests were heaving, their breasts expanding and contracting with each breath. They watched each other, smiling.

“I think we made them cum, slut” said Stacy.

“We are preggers for sure now, whore” said Cindy. They giggled and rolled on the carpet.

They got up off the floor. Cindy stood first, turned, and watched her friend’s ass rising up. When Stacy was still on all fours, Cindy got a great view of her crotch. There was a wet spot, and it was not from sweat! It was right where she knew her fuck-hole to be. Cindy reached down and felt her own wet spot, before her friend could turn to her. She was getting so fucking horny!

“What’s next? Pizza or makeup party?” said Cindy.

“I have a better idea, let’s prank call Kevin Thompson!” said Stacy. “I got his number off of ‘Facebook’ yesterday.”

“What about ‘Caller ID’, you stupid whore?” said Cindy.

“You ignorant slut, all you have to do is dial *67 first. I’ll show you,” said Stacy. She dialed her friend’s number and listened to it ring.

“It says ‘UNAVAILABLE’, cool!” She answered, in a very silly voice “Who is it?”

“Hello. I’m looking for an ignorant slut, is she there?” said Stacy.

“Sorry, the slut is busy right now.” Cindy had a dirty thought and quickly added, “she is sucking someone's cock right now. Can you call back later?” Cindy grinned and winked at her friend.

“Well, I’m a cock-whore myself. Can I ‘cum’ over and help?” Stacy emphasized the word ‘cum’.

“The more cunts the merrier, whore, ‘cum’ over whenever and as often as you can!” Cindy hung up and the girls started laughing uncontrollably. Their occasional ‘snorts' only made them laugh harder.

“DO IT! Call him, but put it on speaker!” cried Cindy. “I DARE you to make him have phone sex with you”

“OK!” agreed Stacy, “but you have to be quiet and let me do it, I learned a neat trick to sound sexy!”

"DO IT, now!"

They sat on the couch, the phone sitting between them on the coffee table. Stacy dialed and the phone rang. The buzzing echoed in the room. It rang twice, three times, then “Hello?”

Stacy took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled, while saying, ‘Hi, is Kevin there?” she sounded so sexy, even while disguising her voice. The breathy voice got Kevin’s attention.

“This is Kevin, who is this?”

Another breath, “Hi Kevin, I think you are so hot.” Cindy covered her mouth to keep from giggling out loud.

“Who is this?”

“Kevin, how big is your cock? Is it big? Is it fat?"


“I want you Kevin. I want your cock inside of me.”
“Who is this?” he asked again.
Stacy took another deep breath and moaned, “Ooooooooh, Kevin… I wish I was with you right now Kevin, I wish I could play with your cock and suck it for you. I think you are so hot, Kevin. I dream about your cock. I dream about you fucking me. Have you ever fucked a girl, Kevin?”

“Fuck, you are getting me horny, who is this?”

“Take out our cock, Kevin. Take it out and pretend it was me playing with your dick. I wish I was playing with your cock, Kevin.”

A moment passed...

“OK, I have my dick out” The girls looked at each other, amazed!

“Stroke it Kevin, stroke your cock for me,” Stacy encouraged. “Oh, I wish I was there jacking you off and sucking your cock. I want you so bad, Kevin; I want your cock in my mouth, in my pussy…in my ass”

“Shit! I’m so fucking hard right now.” They could hear him starting to breathe harder.
“Mmmm. I wish I could see it, Kevin. My pussy is so wet. My hot little pussy wants your cock.”
“Ugh! I’m going to fuck you so hard!”
“Jack it Kevin, jack your hard cock for me!” Stacy decided to send him over the edge. “Kevin, if I was with you, you know what I would do? After I sucked your cock and licked your balls, I’d bend over and let you see my hot ass and pussy. I’d open up my hot, wet pussy for you and let you fuck me. Fuck me now, Kevin! FUCK ME!” Stacy began to moan as if she was getting fucked, “Uh, uh, oooh!”
The girls were getting so turned on. They both wished they were with Kevin right now, doing all the nasty things Stacy was telling him.

The girls listened in amazement. They could hear the soft ‘fap’, ‘fap, ‘fap’, as he stroked his meat.

“Are you ready to cum, Kevin? Are you going to cum? I wish I was there to see your sperm fly and eat your cum!”

“I’m almost there, shit!”

“Do it, do it, Kevin!" The girls were so horny now. What started out as a prank had taken a different turn. Their horniness drove them further than they had expected. Stacy wished she was alone, so she could rub her hot pussy!

“Are you cumming Kevin? Are you shooting your sperm? I wish I was there to lick it all up. I love to eat cum, Kevin.”

“I’m cumming, shit, I’m coming! Aaah, aaah, aahh, fuck!”

They listened to Kevin moaning as he came, in stunned silence, they looked at each other wide eyed and smiled. The smiles got bigger, and then they couldn’t hold back any longer and started laughing and giggling out loud.

“What?” said Kevin, “Is this a joke? Who is this, is this Heather?”

“Maybe…” said Stacy. They laughed again, thinking about the bitch Heather catching some shit for their prank. “Good-bye jerk-off boy!” said Stacy as she disconnected the call. They laughed out loud.

“Oh My God, that was fucking hilarious!” said Cindy “I can’t believe you got him to jack himself off!” She took a deep breath and said “Hi, is Kevin there”, Cindy imitated, “I want you so bad, Kevin”, she giggled, “jack it for me Kevin! FUCK ME, KEVIN! Ooooohh!"
“This is so much fun! What do we do next?” asked Stacy. “Anyone else we can call?”
“Well, first, I’m getting hungry,” said Cindy (anything to take her mind off sex, she was so horny!), “Mom left some money for us, want pizza?”

“Sure, you order it, you know what I like” said Stacy.

“I don’t think they have ‘hot cum’, as a pizza topping, whore,” Cindy joked.

“Fuck, I’m hotter than a two-dollar whore right now, slut” said Stacy. She lifted up her shirt and pushed out her panty covered crotch to prove it. She showed Cindy the large wet spot in the middle of her hot, pink panties.

“How about me?” ask Cindy, she pulled up her shirt as well. “Am I wet too?” If anything, her baby blue panties were even wetter than her friend's!

“Yup, your pussy is soaked too. We are two hot, wet twats, aren’t we?” said Stacy

“Yup, we need cock,” said Cindy, matter-of-factly.

“Yes, we need fat cocks up our tight cunt holes,” said Stacy. The girls were enjoying their dirty talk. They were young, hot and horny. They were also sexually frustrated, and they knew their parents would never let them have boyfriends. The dirty talk, when they were alone, was their only release. Being alone in the house allowed them to talk even raunchier!

“Hey, the pizza delivery boy has a cock! Think he would fuck us with it?” said Stacy, doing her best stupid, bimbo slut routine.

“Let’s find out!” said Cindy, jokingly. “We could answer the door naked, and ask him to fuck our brains out!” She added, “It would almost be worth it, just to see his face, when two naked, hot chicks answer the door.”

“I know what!” said Stacy. “I dare you to answer the door like that,” waiving at her friend’s current outfit.

“No way, my shirt barely covers my ass!” exclaimed Cindy.

“Pull it down, like this!” Stacy grabbed her friend’s shirt and pulled it down, stretching it past her ass. Cindy’s tits strained against the material. She was now showing a bit of cleavage as well. “There, it is fine now! I DARE you, I DOUBLE DARE you!” Stacy said, egging on her friend. She knew Cindy couldn’t refuse a double dare.

“Alright, fine,” said Cindy, “but I’m ordering from that other place. All I need is some pizza-guy asking my dad about the hot slut from the last order”. They giggled. Cindy pulled down her shirt over her ass again, stretching it to make sure it stayed put.

They ordered the pizza, put on a movie and waited. Cindy placed her purse on the table, next to the door, so she wouldn’t have to prance around looking for it. She hoped to pay for the food quickly and avoid any embarrassment.

“Ding-Dong” rang the door bell, a half hour later.

“Coming!” yelled Cindy, as they both stood up. Stacy didn’t want to miss this!

Stacy snickered, “Cumming! You said you were ‘Cumming’!” She added, “Wait a second!” When Cindy stopped, Stacy reached over and gave both of Cindy’s nipples a hard twist!

“Stacy, you fucking whore!” Cindy looked down at her pronounced nipples poking thru her shirt. Turning red, she walked to the door, pulling her shirt over her panty covered ass as best she could. She opened the door, trying to not be obvious that she was hiding her hard nipples from his view, and turned redder as the guy lustfully looked at her. She said, “You can put it there,” pointing to the table by the door, where her purse was. What, her purse was gone!

She looked around for the missing purse, as the pizza guy followed her in, checking out her ass the whole time. She finally saw her purse on the floor, at the other end of the small entry-way.

“Stacy!” She thought, that fucking bitch! Payback later, whore!” At that moment, she decided to play along and not let her friend get the best of her. She dropped her arm, stuck out her chest, and walked as sexily as she could to her purse, her ass towards the pizza-guy. She stopped and noticed her friend in the shadows, peeking from around the corner, watching the whole thing! She would show her…

“How big is it?” she asked, “I mean how big is the bill? I mean, how much is it?” She grinned, looking her friend in the eye.

“Uh, err, it’s $14.98”, he stammered. Cindy slowly bent over, legs together, knees locked, reaching for her purse. Her t-shirt was riding higher, and higher, as her head went lower! The guy couldn’t believe his luck and stared at her ass lustfully. Her baby-blue panties slowly, ever so slowly, came into view. He could now see her entire, beautiful ass, and even the bulge of her crotch! She fumbled in her purse a moment more, giving him and eye-full, and slowly stood up. He adjusted himself, and looked away  sheepishly.

She walked back to him, her eyes twinkling, and handed him a twenty dollar bill. “Keep the change”, she said, and taking a deep breath then exhaling slowly, said, “I like to give good tips, have a nice night” She looked down at her protruding nipples. His eyes followed, staring openly at her perky breasts and hard nipples. ‘Gorgeous fucking tits!’ he thought, still not believing his luck!

“Thanks for the tits!” he said excitedly, “I mean TIP! I’m so sorry...” Now it was his turn to be embarrassed. He turned, fumbled for the door and left as fast as he could.

“You fucking SLUT! I can’t believe you did that!” Stacy said, coming around the corner once the door closed. “You gave him a fucking hard on! I watch him adjust his dick in his pants!”

“You are the whore who moved my purse!” admonished Cindy, “it’s your fault I had to act like a cock hungry slut”. She giggled. It was exciting to act like a cock tease. It made her wet! WET? “Oh my gosh, Stacy, could he see my wet spot?” She turned her ass to her friend and bent over like before. Stacy was enjoying the view the pizza-guy had just received, and stared hungrily at her best friend’s ass covered panties. She was getting hungry, but not for pizza.

“Well, can you see it?” Cindy asked again, wiggling her ass.

I can see it, Stacy thought, I can see your ass and hot pussy. “Wait a second”, she said aloud, “let me get closer,” she moved closer, bent over and stared at the sight before her. Her friend was soaked! She was close enough to smell her friend's hot pussy juice too! She breathed deeply, but quietly.

“No, I don’t think he saw it,” Cindy lied. “I can see it up close, but probably not from where he was. It was a little dark after all.”

“Thanks! I’d have been so embarrassed! Cindy said, relieved, “Let’s eat.”

They carried the pizza to the coffee table, got some more cold drinks and began eating, while they watched the rest of the movie.

“Mmmm, good pizza,” said Cindy.

‘”Yeah, and nice tits too!” said Stacy. Soda almost shot out of Cindy’s nose!

“How big was it? Cindy asked, “How big was his bill?”

“About this big,” said Stacy, holding her hand out about eight inches apart. “He had a nice big bill”.

The girls laughed until they nearly cried, reliving the experience with the pizza delivery guy, and the phone call to Kevin. They ate and drank like teenage girls, and belched loudly like girls do when they are together. The finished dinner, and then put everything away. It was time for bed.

They went to the bathroom together to wash up, brush their teeth and get ready for bed. Cindy dropped her panties to pee, and exclaimed, “Hey, my panties are soaked! I thought you said he couldn’t see my wet spot!” She peed into the toilet while staring down at the wet crotch of her panties.

“I didn’t see anything earlier” Stacy continued to lie, brushing her teeth and listening to her friend tinkle. “Maybe you sprung a leak during dinner?”

“Yeah, right, liar,” said Cindy as she finished, standing up and flashing her bush as she pulled up her wet panties.

Stacy took a pee while Cindy washed up and brushed. Stacy noticed that her crotch was just as soaked as her friends. Stacy saw Cindy sneaking a glance at her while she was on the toilet. She opened her legs to give her a better view, pretending to look away. They finished up and went to Cindy’s room, turning off the light behind them.

Sitting on the bed, they talked about typical girl things, ‘boys’ and ‘kissing’. Then they talked about ‘making out’, what it would be like and then, the conversation turned to what a ‘real slut’ one of their schoolmates was.

“Can you believe her?” said Stacy. “She walks around like a whore, shaking her tits, and bending over, so boys can stare at her ass!”

"Like I did to the pizza guy?" Cindy grinned.

"You know what I mean!" said Stacy, "We might talk about being 'Sluts' and 'Whores', but she is always showing off her goodies."

“Like this?” Cindy laughed. She stuck out her tits, gave them a shake, and began to strut around the room, with exaggerated motions.

“More like this!” said Stacy, as she got up from the bed. As her friend watched, she pulled her shirt down, and squeezed her small boobies together. Then she bent low to show off her cleavage. Part of her fat nipple slipped out. “Whoops, get back in there, girls!” She gave them another pinch.

They both began walking around the room, striking sexy poses – hands on hips, asses out, lips puckered. They would pretend to drop things, just to bend over and show each other their tight, panty covered asses! As they walked, trying to shake their asses, with their legs tight together, the motion of their thighs made their slick cunt lips rub together; they were both getting extremely horny. Their nipples were hard and visible, poking through their thin shirts. The girls had been walking a sexual tightrope all night long and were craving release.

Then things got hotter!

"Let’s play 'Truth or Dare'!” said Stacy.

They asked only innocent questions, at first, and then it got dirtier and dirtier.

“Truth” said Stacy.

“Have you ever seen a hard cock?” asked Cindy.

“Besides the pizza guy’s?” laughed Stacy. “Only, my dad’s, once, when he was getting out of the shower!” They talked about how big it was, and how it looked. They giggled.

“Truth” said Cindy.

“Do you ever rub your pussy?” asked Stacy. “Don’t lie!”

“I rub it almost every night!” Cindy whispered.

“Me too”, admitted Stacy.

“Truth” said Stacy.

“Would you suck a dick?” asked Cindy.

Stacy paused…“Yes!”

“Truth” said Cindy.

“Would you swallow a boy’s cum?” asked Stacy.

“Well, at least once,” whispered Cindy. “Sluts like me have to know what cum tastes like”. Then, at the same time, they looked at each other and said, “Ewwww!”

Cindy considered what she could ask next, maybe she’d ask if her friend would ever make out with a girl, or lick a pussy? She never got the chance.

“Dare!“ Stacy shouted, bouncing on the bed. It was time to spice things up! She wondered what her friend would make her do! She pushed her shoulders back, and admired her small boobs as she waited.

“Kiss me like you would a boy!” laughed Cindy. She quickly tried to rationalize her statement, in case her friend was shocked, “We need the practice…”

Neither of them had ever kissed before. They had talked about it before. They yearned to kiss boys, to learn how to do it. A real kiss, a hot, sensual kiss! Would she do it?

“Pucker up, bitch!” Stacy said.

They both got up on their knees and moved closer together on the bed, meeting in the middle. Stacy placed her arms over her friend’s shoulder, and pressed her lips hard against hers. Cindy kissed her back. Stacy opened her mouth and gently sucked her friend’s lips! Cindy kissed her back, and then mimicked her friend’s actions, sucking on her lips until she let loose with a wet ‘pop’ sound. All their pent up desires exploded, and they began kissing each other passionately!

Stacy wrapped her arms around her friend and they fell on the bed. They parted their lips slightly, and darted their tongues into each other’s mouths. They began to feel each other up, getting hotter by the minute. A minute passed, then, they stopped, looked at each other in the eyes, and caught their breaths. Would they take this farther?

“Truth or Dare?” whispered Stacy, looking lovingly into her friends eyes.

“Dare” replied Cindy.

“Rub my pussy...” Stacy said. It was almost a question, as if begging, she was longing for release.

Cindy was too hot to refuse. She slowly reached her hand down and lifted up her friend's shirt so she could gain access to her pussy. She slowly slid her hand down into her panties... She could feel the heat! She cupped Stacy’s cunt with her hand, feeling the soft hairs, and slowly rubbed it up and down.

“Aaahhh,” Stacy said, “it feels so good! Fuck, I’m such a whore! Mmmmmm! don’t stop. Please?” she asked.

Cindy could not refuse her friend. She knew how horny they both were. She was determined to make her friend cum! She rubbed some more, then easily found Stacy’s slit with her probing fingers. She slid her finger up and down her gash, spreading her pussy lips open, gathered some juice, and then smeared it up and over her lips and clit.

“Ahhhh” moaned Cindy, “it feels so good! Rub my pussy!” she whispered.

Her friend continued, rubbing her crotch and smashing her clit with her palm. Cindy began to rub harder. Stacy was soaking wet, the juices dripping from her cunt! Cindy plunged one, then two fingers up her fuck hole, and started to pump, like a cock would do, slamming into her hole! The squishing sounds filled the room. The smell of hot pussy was intoxicating.

“Yes, Yes!” Stacy cried. “Aaahh, Ahh”, you are going to make me cum!” cried Stacy.

Cindy fucked her harder. “Squish, squish, squish” As she finger fucked her hot cunt-hole, her thumb found her clit again. She began rolling it around in the hot, fuck juices. She felt her friend’s pussy tighten around her fingers. She reached up with her other hand and squeezed Stacy’s boobs, sending her friend over the edge!

“I’m cumming!” Stacy screamed, “I’m cumming!” She began spasming, as wave after wave of orgasms rolled over her. “Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!” she cried. Cindy kept finger fucking her, and rubbing her clit with her thumb. Stacy was having small convulsions as the orgasms consumed her. She finally rolled over, to stop the intense feelings. She clamped her legs together to keep Cindy’s fingers from fucking her hole any more.

“Whew! That was a big one!” said Stacy, as she loosened her vise grip on her friend’s hand.

Cindy pulled her cum-covered hand from her lover’s twat, and brought them up to her face to look at. “I could tell” she said. She looked at her fingers - they were glistening with juices. She sniffed them, and then began licking the sweet cum off her fingers. She offered them to Stacy who also smelled deeply of her scent, then gently began licking the juices too.

Cindy looked in her friend’s eyes and said, “Truth or Dare?” with a smile.

“Dare” said Stacy wickedly, giving a wink, still licking cum from her fingers.

“Eat me,” said Cindy.

Stacy decided to give up all pretense of playing the game. She got up off the bed and took off her shirt, her perky tits at attention. She looked at her friend lying on the bed, and rolled down her panties, her tits and fat nipples hanging down lewdly. Naked, she walked to the light switch, stood there, and pinched her nipples again. Cindy watched her friend’s movements, admiring her beauty and her hot, sexy body. Cindy took off her shirt and pinched her nipples, just like her friend had done. She too dropped her wet panties on the floor. She threw back the covers, rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide, her juicy twat shining in the light, inviting her friend to join her. Stacy flicked the switch, and with the moon outside the window illuminating the room in a soft light, she joined her friend on the bed.

Stacy climbed on top of Cindy, positioning herself pussy to pussy with her friend, trying to rub their cunts together. She took a deep breath and said “I want to be your little fucking whore”.

Cindy took a deep breath, imitating he friend’s breathy talk and said, “I’m your fucking slut, now eat my pussy.” She grinned.

They kissed passionately, open mouthed, their tongues darting in and out. They smashed their mouths harder against each other, nearly bringing blood. They began caressing each other, squeezing each other’s breasts, and running their hands up and down their bodies, caressing all over. Stacy grabbed her friend’s ass, and Cindy lifted her leg humping her hot pussy into Stacy’s thigh. “I’m so fucking hot! Do me Stacy, do me!”

Stacy gave her a long kiss, and stared into Cindy’s eyes. She began moving lower, cupping her breasts, and sucking hard on a nipple. Cindy’s nipples hardened and the bud filled her mouth. She pinched the other one. “Aaaaagggghhhh”, her friend moaned, as she writhed on the bed. Stacy gave the same treatment to her other tit, till both nipples were swollen, and taut. She then moved lower, kissing her friend's stomach, then lower, kissing just above her pussy. Cindy was going crazy with desire; she squeezed her tits, waiting for Stacy’s tongue to give her release.

Stacy decided to tease her some more, she put her head between Cindy’s legs and began licking inside her thighs. She could smell her friend’s hot pussy, and was craving to taste it, but wanted to drive her insane first! She licked and sucked both thighs, then, plunged her mouth over her Cindy’s hot gash. She slurped and swallowed some fuck-juices and pushed her tongue up her twat as far as it would go! She couldn’t believe how much pussy-juice there was. She pushed her face deeply into her hole, licking up as much as she could. It tasted so sweet. She held Cindy’s twat apart with her hands, and started finger-fucking her.

“Aaaahhhhgggg! Fuck, fuck that feels gooood! You are making me craaaazy!” cried Cindy, gripping the sheets with both hands, and shaking her head uncontrollably.

Stacy moved her mouth upward, searching for her clit. She found Cindy’s swollen bud and began licking and sucking it, continuing to fuck her friend’s cunt with her fingers. “Squish, squish, squish, sllluuurrrp!”

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming” cried Cindy, panting. “Oh fuck, fuck, I’m cuuuummmminnng!” She pinched her nipples again and exploded all over her friend’s face. Pussy juice was everywhere. The massive orgasm shook her, over and over again. Wave after wave enveloped her as Stacy kept plunging two fingers in and out of her twat. Stacy could feel her pussy walls grip her fingers like a cock. She kept licking her friend’s clit as she fucked her, finally giving it one last, long suck!

“Aaaahhhhrrrrgggg, stop, stop, stop!” Cindy panted. She squeezed her thighs together as her orgasm shattered her! She had had enough. Stacy gently withdrew her fingers, and gave her twat a single, loving lick.

Stacy climbed up to her friend again and caressed her hair. “Did you like that, my little slut?” She looked at Cindy and began running her fingernail around her pink nipple.

“You have pussy juice all over your face, whore” Cindy deadpanned. They burst into another round of giggling.

The two girls stayed up late that night, experimenting. They explored each other’s sexy, young, tight bodies. They practiced kissing and caressing, both gently and firmly. They learned to ‘scissor’ and discovered that their favorite position was’ sixty-nine’. They lay on their sides, licking, sucking and fingering until they came together. They finally fell asleep, exhausted in each other’s arms.

And, they still had another full day and night ahead of them!

The Daring Naughty Sleepover 2 (Mff, ff, exhibitionist)
Intro – Teasing day two of the naughty sleepover begins!
Note - It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

“Wake up, slut!” said Stacy. She gently shook her friend awake. They lay together on the bed, still naked from last night. The morning sun was shining thru the window.

“Go back to sleep,” groaned Cindy. “It’s too early to be waking up, you fucking whore.” She rolled over.

Stacy climbed out of bed, pushed her short, dark hair out of her beautiful green eyes and gave her puffy nipples a hard pinch. “Do you really want to sleep all day?” she said, watching her nipples harden. “Your mom and dad will be home tomorrow. We shouldn’t waste a minute.”

“Shit, you’re right!” Cindy jumped up, her big tits jiggling. She shook her head to wake up, making her blond hair dance. She looked at her friend with her bright blue eyes. “We could stay in bed all day…” Cindy reached down and cupped her perfect breasts, offering them to her friend.

“I’m starving, and not for your pussy right now!” said Stacy. “Let’s have breakfast first and then see what happens.”

They walked naked thru the house. They felt so free and naughty. When they walked by the large picture window in the living room, Stacy became worried. “Think anyone can see us?” She turned to the window, crouching down a little.

“Nope, I tried before, unless you get right up to the window, you can’t see in.” commented Cindy.

Stacy stood back up. She grinned, and then began to bounce around naked in front of the window, her tits swaying and jiggling.

“Naked girls in here!” She yelled. “Hey, everyone, hot, naked, young girls here!” She pushed her tits towards the window, squeezing them, and then turned around and spread her ass cheeks wide.

“They can’t see you, but they can hear you, dumb-ass!” She pointed to the window screen.

Just then, Cindy saw her next door neighbor walking his dog, looking towards their house. “Hi Mister Wilson!” she yelled, waving her hand.

“OMG!” Stacy whispered. “Do you think he heard me?” She looked out of the window, seeing the neighbor peering and squinting towards the house.

“No, he’s old and probably hard of hearing.” Cindy said. She added, “Dad said he’s like, almost fifty or something.” Fifty seemed ancient to the young girls. “He’s real nice though. We talk over the fence sometimes when I’m in the pool, or sunning myself. He likes to look at my tits.”

“Dirty old fucker,” Stacy said softly, and then she yelled, “Hello Mister Wilson!” She pinched her nipples and pulled her titties up and down, putting on a show.

“Hello girls!” Mr. Wilson yelled, still peering at the window. "Beautiful morning!"

Cindy said softly, “I bet he wishes he could see us right now.”

“Yeah, seeing our tits and asses would make his shriveled, old cock hard again.” Stacy giggled. The girls continued to wave. Then, they shook their firm titties at him. Stacy again bent over and spread her ass-cheeks again. Not to be outdone, Cindy moved closer to the window and copied her friend, spreading her cheeks wide!

However, the girls were not as invisible as they thought. Cindy was mistaken; it had been evening when she tried to look into the window - the sun was shining on it. Now, it was morning, and the front of the house lay in shadow. Mr. Wilson was enjoying the clear view into the living room very much!

“Enjoy your walk Mr. Wilson!” Cindy yelled. She turned to Stacy and gave her a long sensual kiss, cupping her breasts. Stacy groped her ass. Giggling, they walked into the kitchen.

They decided to have scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. They had fun talking about how much fun it was to tease Mr. Wilson. “He really nice” Cindy added. “He lost his wife a few years ago, I feel sorry for him. Looking at my tits is probably the highlight of his week. I don’t mind him staring at me.” Cindy stood over the stove naked, cooking the eggs while Stacy started the toast.

“Hey, slut, fry me some bacon while you have your fat titties hanging over the pan.” Stacy joked.

“Ouch!” Cindy pretending some hot grease splashed her nipple. “I better cool it off!” She grabbed her glass of milk and pushed her breast into it. Her nipple hardened. She offered her tit to her friend, with the milk dripping down her breast.”Kiss it and make it better?” she teased.

Stacy got up and sucked the offered tit. Cindy put her other nipple in the milk and her friend cleaned that one up too. Then, the toast popped up. They giggled over their breakfast.

“What now, slut?” asked Stacy.

“Well, whore, I’m going to take a shower and get my pussy nice and clean, it’s full of your spit! I also need to wash my titties, I think they were leaking.” Cindy got up and began to walk away. She turned to look at Stacy. “Aren’t you joining me?”

“Huh? Oh yeah! I am such a dumb-ass! I’m sitting here naked in your kitchen, thinking your mom wouldn’t let us shower together!”

“Hey, get our new panties, so we can wash them in the sink. I want to wear them again. Meet you in the bathroom.”

Stacy came in the bathroom and admired her friend’s round ass wiggling as she brushed her teeth. She did the same, and then they washed their soiled panties and hung them up to dry. Cindy got the water nice and hot and the girls climbed into the shower together. They turned towards each other and embraced under the heavy stream. After a long, gentle kiss, Cindy turned around, showing her ass. “Wash my back, please?” she asked.

Stacy grabbed the soap and washed her friend’s back. The slippery soap made her hands slide so easily over her skin! She lathered her hands up even more and reached down to wash and cup her friend’s ass, spreading her cheeks, and then sliding her fingers in deep, probing for her ass-hole. Cindy arched her back, pushed out her ass and moaned. Stacy slipped a finger in briefly, and then slid her hands around to the front of her friend. She began caressing her slippery boobs, pinching her nipples and squeezing her globes. She slid her hand down to Cindy’s crotch and began fingering her cunt. “Oh, that feels good, Stacy. I'm a dirty slut. I need a good cleaning!”

“My turn!” Stacy handed Cindy the soap and turned around. Her friend washed her, sliding her slippery hands all over, as she had done to her. They turned to each other and began kissing again, groping each other’s slippery breasts and grabbing each other’s asses and rubbing each other’s pussies.

“You got soap in my twat, slut!” Stacy admonished, rubbing her pussy. “It itches!”

“Here, put your foot on the edge of the tub.” Stacy did as she was told; her legs spread wide, her pussy open.

“I’ll show you one of my secrets. It’s perfect for a little whore like you! Cindy reached for the shower head; it was a removable type with a handle and different spray settings. Cindy grinned and turned the device to ‘massage’. The water began sputtering and vibrating! She reached over and turned down the water pressure a bit, testing it against her palm. Then, she pointed it right at her friend’s opened pussy! She spread Stacy’s lips with her other hand and began rinsing her cunt.

“Oh, fuck that feels good!” Stacy cried. The water jets acted like a vibrator, making her pussy tingle. Cindy pushed it closer and let the water shoot up her hole. She began fingering her friend with her other hand, then she moved the water jets upwards, towards Stacy’s clit.

“BRRRRRRRRRR” The device groaned and shook in Cindy’s hand as the water began to massage Stacy’s clit. “Oh, fuck, oh fuck!” Stacy said. Cindy began to plunge her fingers in and out, moving the water jets all around. Stacy’s cunt was still slippery, first with soap, now with pussy juice and water. Cindy kept fucking her friend and massaging her clit. She bent over and began sucking her wet tits. Over and over, the water danced on her clit and her fingers fucked her tight hole. The kissed passionately.

“Oh, fuck, I’m cumming! Oh, it feels so fucking good!!” Stacy cried. The orgasm washed over her and she put her hand on the wall to keep from collapsing. Cindy plunged her fingers in as deep as she could and pushed the device up against her friend’s twat, giving her the full force of the water jets. “Ah, yes!” Stacy came all over her friend's fingers. “Fuck that was great! I need to get one of those.” She took the device out of Cindy’s’ hand. “Want me to do you now?”

“Nah, not right now. I kind of like being horny. It makes my orgasm bigger when it finally happens. Last night was fantastic.”

“Yeah, we were two horny twats last night,” Stacy agreed."I love you..."

"Me too."

Cindy put the shower head back on the wall. “Daddy is always yelling at me for using all the hot water. I wonder why?” She grinned mischievously. They finished washing their bodies, then their hair, and rinsed off. They left the steamy bathroom.

The girls then decided to do each other’s hair and makeup. “So, how slutty should we make ourselves?” Cindy asked.

“Slutty enough to get fucked, I hope.” Cindy teased.

“OK, I have just the thing for us." She began to pull out various lipsticks from her make-up desk drawer. “Hmm, I have ‘Cock-sucker’ pink, ‘Fuck-me-hard’ magenta, “Slutty-Lips’ red, and ‘Hot-fucking-whore’ rose. What do you want?”

“Do you have any ‘fuck-my-ass’ burgundy? No? Then I’ll have ‘Hot-fucking-whore’ rose. I’m a whore, after all. And you?” Stacy asked.

“I think ‘Slutty-Lips’ red, for my slutty lips, of course!” Cindy decided.

“OK! And, here is some ‘fuck-my-titties’ foundation, ‘eat-my-wet-cunt’ blush, and ‘cum-on-my-face’ eye shadow.

“I need some ‘fat-cock-licking’ lip gloss, strawberry flavored. Do you have any?”

“Hmm, not in strawberry, but I have it in ‘hot-cum’ and ‘pussy-juice’”

“I’ll have ‘hot-cum’ on my lips, please” said Stacy.

“I like ‘pussy-juice’ on my lips!” Cindy added. “Perfect!”

They girls had fun making themselves up. They looked hot, grown-up and sexy. Despite their talk, the make-up wasn’t too over-the-top, but it was more than their parents would ever let them wear, and, the colors did make them look just a bit slutty. They finished, looked at their hot faces in the mirror and gave each other a gentle kiss, making sure not to smear their lipstick.

“Mmm, ‘hot-cum’,” Cindy said, licking her lips.

“Mmm, I like the taste of ‘pussy-juice’, commented Stacy. They giggled.

“Well, what now?” Cindy asked. “We are all dressed up with no place to go! I wish we had a car; we could go to the mall, walk around like sluts and buy some more naughty underwear!”

“Hmm, I wish! That would be fun…” Stacy began thinking. “I really want to show off our slutty make-up. I know! Let’s go for a walk!”

“A walk? In my own neighbor hood, we will get busted!” Cindy was concerned that her parents would find out.

“Don’t worry, your house is pretty secluded,” reasoned Stacy. “With your new make-up and the way I did your hair, no one would recognize you. We can wear hats and sun-glasses!”

“OK, I do want to show off. I feel so sexy right now.” Cindy rubbed her naked pussy.”Remember the boner on the Pizza guy?”

“Yeah, that was a blast. I think I like teasing boys and making their cocks hard!”

“Me too. Let’s do it some more!”

The girls began to get dressed. Cindy pulled a bra from her dresser and began to put it on.

“Hey, slut! ‘No bra weekend’, remember?” admonished Stacy.

“Oh, yeah! What shall we wear then?” Cindy asked. “I wish our new panties were dry…”

“Hmm, I think we need to initiate a ‘no panties weekend’, at least until ours are dry. What do you think?” asked Stacy.

Cindy decided to push it further. Stacy was always the more daring of the two. But, she could be naughty too and wanted to prove it. “OK, ‘no panties’ for now,” Cindy stated. “And short skirts and tight tops today, just like real sluts and whores!”

“All right!” They finished dressing, rummaging thru Cindy’s closet for just the right clothes. She found an older skirt for her smaller, slimmer friend, and put on a newer one for herself. They put on tight tops that showed off their firm, young, bra-less titties! Stacy wore a button up blouse with half of the buttons undone. Cindy found a tight, thin pull over. Cindy also put on the highest set of heels she owned, to show off her long legs and tight ass. Stacy had to settle for sandals because she didn't bring any high heels for the sleepover.

“Ready, whore?” Cindy asked.

“Just a second, you are not slutty enough.” Stacy walked over to Cindy and pulled her skirt up higher on her hips, rolling down the top. The material barley covered her ass now. She did the same to her own skirt. She twirled around and the skirt rose up, showing off her naked ass and pussy! Cindy did the same.

“Oh, fuck, are we really going to go out like this?” asked Cindy.

“Not yet.” She reached over and pinched her friend’s nipples, getting them hard. She did the same to herself. Their nipples poked thru their tight shirts. “Now we are ready,” Stacy said, smiling. They put on their sun-hats and glasses and walked outside. They could feel the breeze on their naked asses, and the cool wind kept their nipples very perky!

“Where to?” Stacy asked.

“The park, I guess. You know, I’ve always wanted to get on a swing without any underwear!” said Cindy, wistfully.

“Let’s do it!” declared Stacy. They walked to the park, holding hands for moral support. The sun was shining, their breasts were bouncing, and their tight pussies were getting hotter. A car went pass them and they heard a loud wolf-whistle, and someone yelling “Nice ass!” They smiled and began wiggling their asses just a bit more.

"He was talking about my ass, you know."

"No, mine"



“Shit,” said Stacy, “I’m getting so hot; my pussy is going to start leaking!”

They finally made it to the park. Cindy had to take off her shoes to walk on the grass to get to the swings. “Oh, why did I wear these shoes? They are not made for taking a long walk!” She sat on the swing, put her foot on her knee and began rubbing it. Stacy could see her naked pussy clearly thru her opened legs; her large tits were nearly hanging out of her top too, after the long walk.

“I can see your pussy plain as day” Stacy commented. Cindy spread her legs wider."Enjoy the view, then!"

They played on the swings for a while, pushing each other, grabbing each other’s tits when no cars were going by, and then swinging side by side, legs wide open, enjoying the cool breeze on their hot pussies. They felt so free! It was almost like being naked in public. A couple walked by, and the man stared at the girls. The girls clamped their legs tight at first, but then Stacy spread her legs wide! “Stacy!” Cindy exclaimed.

“What? He can’t see me from there!” She scooted her ass forward on the swing, until her pussy was hanging over the seat. “Now he can!” She swung higher, and her skirt lifted up, exposing her naked pussy to his gaze! She felt so naughty!

“You fucking whore!” Cindy said. Not to be outdone, she did the same, hanging her naked pussy over the edge, spreading her legs wide and pumping harder on the swing! They almost regretted to see the couple walk away, the man’s head twisting back at them to get his final looks.

“That was HOT!” Stacy said. “Did you see his face?”

“First boner of the day! Oh fuck! Let’s go back; I’m ready for you to eat my cunt now!” Cindy was flushed and very horny. But she dreaded the walk home. They started walking home, and before long, they heard a car honk, and then heard a familiar voice.

“Hello girls, need a ride?” They stopped.

“Shit!” Cindy whispered. “It’s Mr., Wilson!” Mr. Wilson had been returning from the store and had spotted the young girls. He had been admiring them for a while now, driving slowly and circling the block a few times, getting an eye full. He had quickly realized who they were, and was hoping to see a bit more of them, up close.

“Hi Mr. Wilson. Um…,“ Cindy was terrified to be discovered dressed like she was. Her worst fears were coming true! They walked to the car and bent down to talk to him. Their breasts nearly falling out from their tight shirts, their bra-less titties on display to his eager eyes! They felt their skirts rising up in the back, exposing their asses.

“Can I give you girls a lift someplace?” he asked.

“Yes, please.” said Stacy.

Cindy paused, turning red. “Uh…, I’m a little embarrassed to be dressed like this, Mr. Wilson. We were having a little naughty fun…”

“I think you girls look great! You certainly have the bodies for it.” He glance lingered on their breasts. “Don’t worry; I won’t say anything to your parents. Come on, get in!”

The both climbed into the big front seat. “Where to?” he asked.

Cindy said, “Home.”

Stacy said, “The Mall.”

“Stacy! We don’t have any money!” said Cindy.

“We can still walk around and look. I don’t want to go home yet. Come on, we spent all this time getting dressed and stuff.” Stacy said. “Can you take us there, and then bring us back home after a while?”

“Sure, I might do a little shopping myself. What is it you girls need at the mall?” He asked, making conversation, and driving off.

“Well, we kind of wanted to buy some sexy lingerie…” Stacy said, teasing him a little.

“Stacy!” exclaimed Cindy. She was shocked at her friend’s comment.

“Hmm, I can see that you girls need some new underwear.” Mr. Wilson said. He stared down at Stacy’s crotch; her naked pussy was on display! It had ridden up when she climbed into the car, and, being use to the breeze on her naked twat, she never noticed! “I guess you girls are too poor to own any underwear?”

“OMG, Cindy, he saw my twat!” Now, it was Stacy’s turn to be embarrassed. She quickly pulled her skirt down. Cindy pulled hers down too; she was showing a bit too much thigh.

“It’s OK. I think you two are beautiful. You should be proud of your bodies and want to show them off! There is absolutely nothing wrong with it." He added, "I really like looking at you two...”

“Thank you!” they both said, feeling much relieved. “It’s so much fun and sexy to show off” Stacy said. “Our parents don’t let us…“ She looked at him and pushed her breasts together with her arms. Mr. Wilson looked at her perky nipples thru the thin material. He was nice! She felt safe with him.

“You know,” he said. “I have plenty of money, more than I can ever use. I can give some to the both of you, for your shopping and stuff. Young pretty girls need nice things to wear and ...”

“What, we can’t take your money!” Cindy quickly exclaimed.

“Let him finish, Cindy!” Stacy said. She really wanted some more sexy underwear!

“Well, I feel I should at least pay you for the show you gave me this morning…”

“What..?” Cindy said. “You saw us?”

“Of course, you didn’t know? I thought you were being nice to me. I figure that show was worth, what, maybe a hundred dollars apiece? Will that buy you some nice things?”

“A hundred dollars!” yelled Stacy. Her mind raced. “How much to see my tits, right now?” she blurted out. Her breasts were practically naked anyway, she might as well get something out of it!

“Stacy!” Cindy couldn’t believe her ears.

“Hmm, alright! Let me think… If both of you show me your breasts now, and until we get to the mall, I’ll let you use my credit card to buy yourselves some nice things. Like I said, I have money, but I sure don’t have pretty girls to look at.”

Stacy looked at him. He was actually very handsome, and not as old as she thought. A little grey around the temples maybe, but very fit and muscular. “No touching?” she added.

“No touching.”

“You won’t tell our parents?”

“Heck no!”

“Deal,” said Stacy.

“Deal,” said Cindy.

If they hadn’t been so horny, or if they didn’t loved the tingling feelings in their tight twats when they flashed strangers, it may have turned out different. But, both girls were too hot and too proud of their young bodies, and they really wanted some more sexy things. This way, they could get what they wanted without their parents finding out. They were beginning to learn and to love the power their tits and pussies had over men! They had been suppressed for too long and now they were going to go a little wild!

Stacy didn't hesitate. She opened her shirt and shook her breasts, cupping them and pinching her nipples, like always. “You are free girls!” She slid down in her seat a bit, to hide from the traffic. Sliding made her skirt slide up, nearly exposing her naked pussy again! “Come on Cindy, show him your tits!”

Cindy paused, thought once more about the nice things they could buy, took a deep breath and pulled up her shirt, letting her big naked breasts swing free. She too slid low into her seat, struggling to keep her pussy hidden. “Oh, fuck, this is so hot!” she said, pinching her nipples to make them hard for Mister Wilson. They drove thru town with their tits and almost half of their asses hanging out. Mr. Wilson did his best to keep his car on the road, staring at the young, firm breasts on display before him. His hard cock was apparent to the girls. They could see it growing, getting thicker and longer, underneath his pant leg.

"Boner number two!" Stacy whispered into Cindy's ear.

Stacy was so turned on; she reached down and quickly scratched her pussy, giving him a flash of her slit. She reasoned that he had already seen it anyway. Her finger came away glistening. “Shit, I’m so turned on!” The smell of hot pussy filled the car. Cindy couldn’t help herself either. She also reached down to quickly scratch her itch! They turned and kissed each other.
“You two girls are awesome!” Mr. Wilson said, “Thank you for making an old man very happy!”

The ride ended way too soon for him. “We are here, ladies,” he said. He parked the car and turned to watch them get themselves together. Up went the shirts; down went the skirts, hiding their tits and thighs from his view.

“Here’s my card, back in, one hour?” He said.

“Great, yep, an hour should be good.” Stacy took the card. “Thanks Mr. Wilson!”

“Call me ‘Chuck’.”

“OK, Chuck!”

The girls walked away. Chuck watched their asses wiggle. He unzipped his hard cock and started jerking off, watching them. He rubbed his pre-cum over his cock-head and began jacking furiously!

Stacy turned and saw him staring at them. She wiggled her ass and said to Cindy. “Hmm, his name is Chuck? … I wonder if ‘Chuck’ likes to ‘Fuck’?”

“He might ‘Fuck’, if he has some ‘Luck’!” said Cindy. She turned to wave at Chuck. Feeling mischievous, she pulled up Stacy’s skirt, showing Chuck her naked ass. Stacy did the same, lifting Cindy’s skirt as they walked away. Chuck shot his cum all over his steering wheel, watching the hot young asses shake in front of him. His cum shot high enough for anyone to see, if they had been looking. It landed heavily on his lap.

He was looking forward to seeing what they bought...

The Daring Naughty Sleepover 3 (Mff, ff, exhibitionist)
Intro – Day two continues, at the mall, with Cindy and Stacy.
Note - It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

They walked into the mall, Cindy’s high heels clicking on the hard floors. It made Stacy realize that she needed heels too! “First stop, the shoe store!” she exclaimed. They walked to their favorite store and looked over the shoes. Stacy found a couple of pairs she liked, Cindy too! They both were admiring the thigh-high boots. “How much should we spend, do you think?” Cindy asked, looking at the price tags.

“Well, he was going to give us two hundred, so at least that. My tits are worth at least twice that much; I think he got his money’s worth in the car!”

“Hmm, I guess. We can always return stuff if we have to.” Cindy reasoned.

“Or show him our pussies…,” She grinned.

“Can I help you ladies?” The girls turned to see a handsome clerk standing beside them. He was definitely checking them out, stealing glances at their full firm tits. “My name is Stan, what can I do for you young movie stars?”

‘Fuck my brains out,’ thought Stacy. Then she said, peering over her sun-glasses, “Um, do you have these in a size six?”

“Eight and a half for me, please.” They handed him the shoes they had selected.

“He’s hot,” said Cindy.

“I saw him first, slut!” replied Stacy, jokingly.

He quickly returned carrying boxes of shoes. “If you ladies will have a seat, we can try them on?”

The girls realized that they were in a predicament. With their short skirts and lack of underwear, the man was surely going to get a glimpse of their naked pussies. Stacy didn’t care. “Me first!” she exclaimed. She jumped up into the chair, her titties bouncing and her nipples stiffening. Cindy sat next to her, to watch his reactions. With the sunglasses on, the clerk couldn’t tell where they were looking! The young man squatted below Stacy. The bank of chairs she was sitting on was raised up from the floor a few inches, making his eyes the same level as her crotch. Stacy held her legs together as the boy slipped off a sandal and placed a beautiful black pump on her foot. It fit perfectly.

“May I have the other foot, please?” he asked. Stacy slowly raised her other foot, spreading her legs just a bit. Cindy watched him carefully, pretending to look at her fingernails.

The clerk immediately glanced between her legs, glancing down to look at her feet, then back up again. One of the perks of the job was looking up ladies' dresses. He knew when he saw the short skirts he was in for a treat! He couldn’t quite see anything though. He wished the lighting was better. “There, try them out.” Still sitting, Stacy set her feet down, quickly spread her legs a bit, and stood up. Stan saw the flash of her naked pussy!

Stacy walked back and forth. Stan was thrilled to be able to stare at her hot ass while she strutted around. They repeated the performance with the next pair. He couldn’t believe his luck!

“My turn,” said Cindy. Stacy watched, feeling a little jealous. She ‘did’ see him first!

As Cindy sat in the chair, her legs clamped tightly together, she realized that she was tired of always being the sane one of the two. She had always been jealous of the way Stacy was the first to try new things, and take all of the risks. She really liked acting like a hot slut, and decided it was time to change her conservative ways! She started by relaxing her legs. The clerk put on one shoe, adjusted the strap, and then prompted her for her other foot. She spread her legs a bit and slid her long leg upwards, brushing her toes against his leg. He stared between her legs, pretending to adjust the other strap, trying to discern what hidden up there. “What do you think, Sta..Stephanie?” She decided they better not use their real names.

“They look hot on you, don’t you agree, Stan?”

“Err, yes, I think they look very nice!” he replied.

“I don’t know…” said Cindy. She spread her legs a bit more, just to get his attention, and then placed her foot on her knee, like at the park. She absentmindedly played with the strap. With her legs spread and her skirt opened, her naked pussy was on display. The clerk stared at her glistening pussy, not believing his luck!

‘That fucking slut!’ Stacy said to herself. ‘I’ll show her!’ She said aloud, “Excuse me, Stan? …, Hello?” she added. He was lost staring at Cindy’s hot, wet pussy, blind and deaf to the world around him. She snapped her fingers and said loudly, “Stan!”

“Ah, yes, pardon me.” He turned to Stacy. “What can I do for you?”

“The black thigh-high boots please.” Stan stood up and went to get the boots; the hard bulge was very obvious.

“I can’t believe you did that, Cindy!”

“Do you think he saw anything?” she was acting stupid and she knew it.

“What didn’t he see, you bitch!” She shook her head.

“Boner number three!” Cindy said, quite pleased with herself.

Stan returned with the boots and squatted between Stacy’s legs again. He took off both pumps and offered the boots to her. “Ah, I’ll need some help, please?” Stacy said. Stan held the boot up for her, his eyes growing wide. Stacy lifted her leg high, to put her dainty foot in the boot. With one leg down, and the other up high, her skirt rode up on her hip. Now, her naked pussy was highlighted by the florescent lights in the store. Stan could see her wet lips clearly, and the soft faint hairs above her slit!

“OMG!” Cindy thought. Her friend’s wet pussy was totally exposed in the store. Anyone walking by would be able to see it. Stan stopped, staring right at it.

“Help me Stan, push!” Stan tried to push the heavy boot on her foot and up onto her leg. The force of his actions caused her leg to rise even higher! Her pussy lips opened a bit, showing a hint of the wet pinkness inside! She turned her other thigh outward, opening her pussy even more! She then slid her ass towards him on the chair, bringing her pussy close enough to his face for him to smell her musk. She bent her foot, straightened her leg, and the boot slipped easily on. “Now, the other one!” She repeated her actions with the stunned clerk. She spread her legs even wider this time. When she brought her foot downward, she aimed it at the hard bulge in his pants, ‘accidentally’ pressing the boot firmly into his crotch, and slowly sliding her foot off of it. "Oops, Sorry about that!" she said. Stan shuddered and almost fell over. Stacy took her time standing up, letting him stare longingly at her pussy. She walked around, wiggled her ass a bit, and said, “I like them! I’ll wear them home. I’ll take these and the black pumps too.”

“Uh, I’ll take the strappy heels, in black and red.” Cindy was almost as stunned as the clerk. When Stan stood up, the girls looked at the spreading wetness in his trousers. He had cum in his pants! He quickly gathered up the shoes and hid his crotch behind the counter, ringing up their purchases.

“Wet spot number one!” whispered Stacy. “Game, set, and match!” They walked to the register.

“Uh, I gave you ladies my employee discount. 50% off.”

“Thank you!” said Stacy. She was beginning to notice all the benefits that came with being a cock-tease!

“No, thank you!” Stan said, placing emphasis on the word ‘you’. He meant it. “Come again!” he added automatically.

“No, you cum again.” Stacy smiled at him and winked. She wiggled her tits for him, and they walked out of the store.

“OMG are you a fucking whore! I can’t believe you did that” exclaimed Cindy.

“Did you see his face!” said Stacy. “That was so much fun!”

“Did you see his hard cock and his cum stain!” said Cindy. “This is so much fun, but my pussy is so fucking hot! I need to cum so bad!”

“Hurry, let’s go to Fredrick’s and get home!” They walked the length of the mall, their nearly naked tits bouncing and their tight asses swaying. Nearly every man stopped dead in their tracks to check them out. The girls loved the attention. “Fuck, I think I have pussy juice running down my leg, Stacy!”

“Me too! Maybe I’ll let it drip into my new boots, to break them in!”

Cindy snorted, imagining her friend’s juice dripping down from her snatch, below her skirt, and into her new boots!

They walked into Fredrick’s of Hollywood and began grabbing sexy items. Panties, bras, swimsuits, garters, fishnet stockings and sexy teddies. Then some short, tight dresses and sexy jeans. “Cindy, check it out – crotch less panties and peek a boo bras!” They grabbed a few of those too. They ran to the changing room to try everything on, quickly exchanging the clothes that didn’t fit. As they were trying on the second set of clothes, Cindy dropped her new underwear, lifted up her skirt, and began rubbing her cunt. “Stacy!” she whispered. “Get in here!” Stacy was in the next changing room, and quickly joined her friend.

“What’s wrong?” she whispered back, thinking her friend was hurt.

“I can’t wait; I want you to eat me now!” Cindy was leaning against wall, rubbing her cunt.

“Are you crazy? The sign says ‘One to a room!’ You will get us kicked out!"

“I’m too horny, Stacy, I can’t wait!” Cindy began moaning.

“Shit! It’s your fault for waiting, Cindy. Your pussy will smear my makeup anyway, and we didn’t bring anything with us but our tits and asses!”

“Please? Help me?” Cindy begged.

“Oh, OK! But be QUIET!” Stacy admonished. She replaced Cindy’s fingers with her own and began playing with her friend's hot, juicy pussy. The room had walls that were barley taller than their heads. The door didn’t go all the way to the floor either.

“Are you horny, slut?” Stacy whispered.


“Tell me!” she stopped moving her fingers.

“I’m horny!”

“You are a horny what...?” Stacy teased.

“I’m a horny slut! A horny fucking slut!” Cindy was whispering thru her clenched teeth.

Stacy began to finger her again. “Tell me you are a dirty cock-sucker!”

“I’m a dirty cock-sucker, a filthy, dirty cock-sucker!” Cindy moaned again “Mmmm!“

“Good little slut!” Stacy pinched her nipple and continued to play with her hot cunt. “Tell, me, do you like cum?”


“Tell me, I said” Stacy pinched her clit, hard!

“Yes! I like cum! I’m a cum-guzzling slut! Oh, fuck!” She was going over the edge now. “I want to suck cocks and eat cum. I want cum shooting all over my face! I want a cock in my ass! I want a cock in my ass and one in my mouth filling me with hot cum!” Cindy began moaning louder as she came! “Oh, oh, oh! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” The pent up desires overwhelmed her. Stacy kept fingering her, plunging her fingers into her tight twat over and over again. She smashed her clit with her thumb!

Suddenly, they heard footsteps and an authoritive voice saying, “Is everything OK in there? Only one to a room, please!”

Stacy covered Cindy’s groaning mouth with her hand. A muffled ‘Mmmph, mmmm!” could be heard as Cindy finished her orgasm! “Ah, everything is OK!” Stacy said, thinking quickly. “Ah, my friend twisted her ankle, and I came to help her!”

“Come on out, so I can help you!” the sales clerk was getting very suspicion, hearing the moans, and seeing two perfect sets of feet under the door.

“Ah, she is naked, just a minute!” Stacy took her hand away from Cindy’s mouth, looking at her with a crazy look in her eyes. She adjusted her friend’s clothes, and opened the door. “She’s better now, thank you.”

The sexy older clerk recognized the smell coming from the small room. “I bet she is feeling better now.” She looked the two girls up and down, noticing the disheveled cloths, and added, “Next time, ask me if you can use the back room. Maybe I’ll join you two sweeties!”

The girls quickly picked up their items and left the changing room. “Let’s get out of here!” said Cindy.

“Cindy, no, not yet, come this way first!” Stacy whispered at her friend as Cindy was rushing to the cashier. Cindy followed her to a corner of the store. “Look! I found these here last week”

“Fuck-n-A!” said Cindy. “Vibrators! Let’s get one!”

“What size, do you think?” asked Stacy. They looked at the large selection, trying to determine which one would fit best into their tight holes.

“How the fuck would I know what size?” Cindy whispered. “I’ve only had your fat tongue in my fuck-hole so far! Fat-tongue size, I guess?”

Stacy picked up the biggest one. It was about a foot long and very thick. “This one is perfect for you, and your loose, slutty hole.” she grinned.

“You bitch! Fuck, let’s just grab a couple. One for your house and one for mine!” They quickly selected a few different sized vibrators, not being able to decide on a single one for each of them. “WTF,” exclaimed Stacy, “this box says remote controlled?”

“Just grab it and get me home. My fucking pussy is DRIPPING” They walked towards the register, their arms full.

“We forgot batteries!”

“Go get them!”

“Look! Wigs! Let’s get one!” they quickly grabbed a long black one, and a long blond one.”’Chuck’ will be ‘fucked’, when he sees the bill,” said Stacy, getting worried.

They paid for the items and left in a hurry. They wiggled their way towards the car, loaded with their packages. They couldn’t wait to get home and try everything out! Suddenly, Cindy stopped in the middle of the parking lot.

“Stacy, where are we going to hide all of this stuff from our parents?” Cindy asked.

“Oh fuck-a-duck! I don’t know.” Stacy said. “The basement, maybe? The garage? Our lockers at school? Fuck! Bury them in the yard. We will worry about it later, OK?”

“Yeah, sorry. Let’s just have fun,” said Cindy. “Hey, whore. I can’t wait to see you in our new outfits!”

They continued to the car and found Chuck waiting for then. “Well, that didn’t take long,” he said. “Nice shoes,” he added, looking them up and down. They put the many bags in the trunk. “Did you get some new underwear, girls?”

“Uh, yes,” Stacy replied. Here is your card back, and the receipts. The girls stood there, nervously waiting for his reaction as he looked over the receipts. Finally he said, “Wow, this is way more than I expected…”

“We can take some ba…” Cindy started, but Stacy ‘shushed’ her.

Stacy reached up and nonchalantly cupped her breasts and gave her nipples a hard pinch. She looked at Chuck and said sexily. “We bought some underwear, but we are still not wearing any... Wanna see?” She picked up her skirt and gave him a flash of her naked pussy.

“Hmm, maybe we can work something out.” They got into the car and began to drive home.

Stacy was still in the middle. She leaned over and gave Chuck a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you, ‘Uncle Chuck’, for letting us buy so much stuff.” She used the same trick on her daddy all the time. She looked into his lap and noticed the stains in his crotch. She knew they weren’t there earlier. She realized that men are very predictable, she thought to herself grinning, “Pre-DICK-ed-able!”

She whispered into Cindy’s ear “Wet spot number two, from earlier!”

“Did you guys say you wanted to show me something?” Chuck asked.”It’s a pretty boring ride home with nothing to look at.” The girls looked at each other, green eyes to blue, and agreed, nodding their heads quickly. They had to pay Mister Wilson back for all the money he spent on them.

“No touching? Right?” asked Cindy.

“Sure. But feel free to touch each other all you want,” he added.

“OK girls, time to come out and play!” Stacy undid her top again. She began to massage her breasts and pinch them again. Cindy did the same. They both slid down in their seats to hide their nakedness. Stacy’s juicy pussy slid into view. Chuck had to swerve to get his car back on the road. “Distracted by something, Uncle Chuck?” The girls laughed. Not to be outdone, Cindy scooted lower in her seat and lifted up her skirt, putting her entire pussy on display, and said, “Look Uncle Chuck, I’m all wet!” Cindy slid her finger into her gash, and then showed him how wet her fingers were, then licking them clean.

Stacy welcomed the competition. They drove for a while in silence, with Stacy trying to figure out how to outdo her friend. Finally, she decided to masturbate in front of him. “Uncle Chuck! Look!” said Stacy. “I’m all wet too!” She plunged two fingers deep into her hole and began to fake the sound of an orgasm. The sound of her squishing her fingers into her fuck-hole filled the car. She moaned loudly, pretending to have an orgasm. “Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming Uncle Chuck!” She began to roll around on the seat, moaning, squeezing her tits and fucking her steaming, wet hole. The smell and sounds of hot, wet, pussy filled the air... "Squish, squish, squish".

“OK, Stacy, stop, you win! I don’t want you to cum yet, I wanna do it! You win, OK?” Cindy implored her. She wanted her friend’s hot pussy to herself, and didn’t want to share her right now.

“Ha! I’m the winner!” cried Stacy.

“No, I’m the winner,” muttered Chuck under his breath.

“Boner number four!” Stacy said aloud.

The girls stopped their playing, but left their tits and pussies exposed for their ‘Uncle’. They began discussing where they could stash all their new things. They needed a place that was secure, but where they could get to them easily. They decided to hide some at school, so they could change when they got there. They occasionally would rub their pussies, or pinch their nipples. It seemed so natural to display their tits and pussies for people now.

When they got back to the house, Chuck pulled up and opened the trunk so the girls could get their stuff. They covered themselves up, mostly, and climbed out of the car. Chuck said, “You know, I’ve been thinking about how I could maybe help you out with your problem.” He continued, “You can keep all the pretty things you want at my house.”

“But, we can’t go walking into your house whenever we want!” said Cindy.

“Well, I can certainly give you girls a key. I’m thinking that I could offer you both jobs, so you could have an excuse to come over whenever you needed to.”

“What would we do for you,” asked Stacy, her mind racing with all kinds of dirty thoughts. Some of them exciting!

“Whatever needs doing,” he drawled. “Cleaning my house, say, once a week? Maybe doing my laundry, or walking my dog. I sure do miss having a lady around the house.” He added, “And maybe, you girls might want to wear your nice things while you are cleaning? So I could have something pretty to look at?”

“Well, I don’t know.” said Stacy. She was trying to drive a hard bargain. “How much will you pay us?”

“I was thinking maybe, fifty dollars a week?” he said.

“How much?” Stacy said, cupping her breasts. She licked her lips and looked at him.

“Each, I meant fifty dollars for each of you.”

“How much?” Cindy said. She stood in front of Chuck, her back to the road and pushed her shirt up over her tits, letting her firm breasts hang out in the open and squeezing them. They were gorgeous.

“Did I say fifty? I meant to say seventy five dollars a week.” Cindy bent her head down and stuck her nipple in to her mouth, giving it a loud suck! “Each,” he added.

“Hmm,” Stacy thought. She looked at Cindy’s house. “Cindy, that is your room, right there?” She pointed to the corner room.

“Yes.” Cindy didn’t know where her friend was going with this.

“Uncle Chuck that is your house, right?” She didn’t wait for an answer. “And what room is that, right above Cindy’s room?”

“My spare bedroom.” He said, catching on.

“I think we are both worth a hundred dollars a week, if we clean your house once a week, wearing as little as we want. And, do your laundry once a week. And, we can check on your dog and use our sexy clothes whenever we want. And, we are especially worth it if we sometimes ‘forget’ to close the curtains when we have sleepovers? Maybe forget to turn off the lights too? Maybe even tonight, say nine o’clock?”

“Deal!” said Chuck.

“Deal!” said Stacy.

“Deal!” said Cindy.

“Here’s the hundred each for the show this morning, and a tip, for the special show tonight. Nine o’clock, right?

They took the three hundred dollars and walked into the house. They learned that men don’t think so well when they have a hard dick in their pants. Stacy put it this way, men are so ‘Pre-DICK-ed-able!’

© Undeniable Urges, 2015 - 2018. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Undeniable Urges, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content

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“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow

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Reply #1 on: May 13, 2018, 08:22:04 PM
what a great story. i was wondering if they were going to go further and help him with the lump in his pants.. maybe there'll be another few chapters..

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Reply #2 on: May 14, 2018, 10:35:57 PM
Thank you for the 'woo' and kind words.
I have a few more chapters in mind, but I have so many story ideas and so little spare time. The latest muse always takes precedent it seems - but more chapters have been started and the ending finalized, in my mind anyway.
I'll post some other completed stories, to keep you occupied until then.

“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow


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I love this story. Really hope it gets a sequel!

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Great story...part two coming..

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When will we get to read more about this fantastic story?

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Reply #7 on: February 17, 2019, 02:36:41 PM
When will we get to read more about this fantastic story?

How about now?  ;D

(and thanks to all for the kind, motivational words!)

“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow

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The Daring Naughty Sleepover 4 (ff, Mff, exhibitionist)

Summary – Cindy and Stacy return from the mall and relax by the pool.

Previous Chapter Summary – Cindy and Stacy go for a walk, meet Mr. Wilson, and have naughty fun at the mall. They also learn an easy way to make money.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

To read other stories from Undeniable Urges, click on my profile!

Cindy and Stacy entered the empty house and slammed the door behind them. They were so glad to be back to the safety of Cindy’s home, still excited, exhilarated, and horny from their naughty escapades. They quickly dropping their heavy shopping bags on the floor.

“Oh, shit, that was fucking hot!” Cindy exclaimed, reminiscing about their trip to the mall and showing Mr. Wilson their tits and pussies.

“I know!” Stacy agreed. “It was so much fun! And look at all the stuff we got – for free!”

“Did you see Mr. Wilson’s face when he saw the bill for all this?” Cindy asked.

“Did you see his face when I started jilling-off in his car?” Stacy smiled.

“OMG! He was staring at your pussy, then your tits, then your pussy again! And he’s
paying us a hundred dollars a week!” Cindy squealed, amazed at the amount of money Chuck was giving them, just to do a few chores and let him leer at their young, sexy bodies.

“A hundred each!” Stacy exclaimed, “Because of my shrewd negotiating skills.”

“And the guy at the shoe store,” Cindy added, “50% off; just for letting him stare at our

Cindy stripped off her top and grabbed her breasts. “These puppies are going to make us
rich!” she exclaimed. “Fuck! It is so much fun making guys get boners!”

“Yeah!” Stacy exclaimed, stripping off her clothes, excited to try on their new ones.
Besides, it felt so normal to be naked in front of her friend. “But do you think all the guys
will just want to look, and not touch us?” Stacy was a little worried. Maybe they were
taking things too far.

“They will want to fuck our brains out, silly,” Cindy deadpanned, nodding solemnly.

“But will we let them?” Stacy asked, then added, “Slut,” using her pet name for Cindy.

“What do you think, whore?” Cindy asked, replying in kind.

“I think we should try on these clothes!” Stacy exclaimed, grabbing a bag and dumping it
on the floor.

Both girls knew they were playing a naughty, dangerous game. But they were too young,
sexy and inexperienced to know better. They tried on all of the new, sexy clothes they had
earned with their sexual displays at the mall and with Chuck’s credit card. They strutted
around and flashed each other, commenting on the effect it would have on Chuck, or the
boys at school. Then they examined their new vibrators and didoes.

“Oh, look, this one came with a strap we can wear!” Stacy exclaimed. She quickly
stepped into it, pulled it tight and strutted around the room with the big, rubber cock
standing erect and flopping about with each step. “Suck it bitch!” she exclaimed, waiving
it at Cindy, and stroking it up and down.

“OMG, Stacy, you are such a whore!” Cindy exclaimed, feeling horny, but slapping it away
for now. She knew they would be getting friendly with it later tonight.

“Ouch!” exclaimed Stacy, grabbing her phallus and pretending to be hurt.

“Let’s go for a swim and cool off before lunch,” Cindy said. The thought of playing with
her friend and their new toys was exciting, but right now, she wanted to relax in the
sunshine, without her parents watching her.

The girls put on their new swimsuits. It was the first time either of them had owned a
bikini. Cindy had selected a blue one to match her sparkling blue eyes. Her bulging
breasts strained against the thin material as she stuck out her chest to show off for
Stacy. Though her nipples were covered, a lot of soft, pale flesh still showed above the
twin triangles.

Stacy had selected a bright pink bikini; pink being her favorite color. Though her breasts
were much smaller than Cindy’s, her suit covered even less of her body. Her fat nipples
were very prominent under the thin, skimpy material. They hardened immediately. The
small bikini bottom acted like a thong and immediately slid into her butt-crack, causing
her to pick it delicately from her ass before she adjusted it properly. It covered her cleft,
but left her soft ass-globes nearly exposed. They walked out into the sun with their
sunglasses, drinks, towels and tanning lotion. A large wooden deck surrounded the front
portion of the built-in pool. They set their drinks on the table and Stacy proceeded to lie
on one of the deck lounges.

“Do me, then I’ll do you,” Cindy stated.

Stacy looked at her friend confused for a moment, then noticed the suntan lotion in
Cindy’s hand. “Oh, I thought you wanted me to do you, you know?” She held up two
fingers, spread them wide and put her tongue between them and wiggled it

“I said ‘later!’” Cindy admonished, wanting to save her precious orgasms for the little time
they had left, and enjoy the sun while the weather was nice. She sat down on the edge
of Stacy’s padded lounge chair, positioning herself between her friend’s spread legs; each
leg hanging off the side of the lounge. Cindy swept her long, blonde hair off of her back
and let it hang down in front of her. She squirted a large dollop of lotion into her hand
and reached the tube behind her to Stacy. She applied lotion to her arms, legs and
stomach as Stacy squirted some lotion into her hand. Stacy closed the top with a ‘snap’
and began rubbing the lotion onto her friend’s back and shoulders.

“Mmmmm,” Cindy sighed as her newfound lover massaged her shoulders. Stacy’s fingers
sought out every inch of Cindy’s exposed flesh to make sure her friend didn’t get a
sunburn. Stacy applied lotion to Cindy’s neck, back, and sides and enjoyed running her
slick fingers under Cindy’s bikini bottom and toying with her ass-crack. Finally, she
reached around the front and slicked up the exposed flesh of her bosom before sliding her
hands underneath the material and groping her breasts, and finally lifting her bikini top off
of her friend’s soft, round flesh.

“Stacy! Someone might see!” Cindy admonished, covering her slick titties.

“Who?” Stacy asked? The squirrels? The birds?” She gestured. “Besides, it’s no bra
weekend, remember, slut?” She smiled devilishly.

“Mr. Wilson might see us!” Cindy exclaimed, glancing up towards Mr. Wilson’s house.

“So?” Stacy said.

“So? He might…, Oh, right…” Cindy acknowledged, remembering how they flashed their
tits and ass at him earlier.

They both looked around the yard. Tall trees covered the fence line. The only house
higher than the green leafy growth and privacy fence in Cindy’s back yard was Mr.
Wilson’s house next-door.

“I guess you’re right!” Cindy exclaimed. “But with mom and dad always home, and Mr.
Wilson always around, I never dared expose myself like this.” She slowly dropped her
crossed-arms and uncovered her breasts. “I think he used to peek on me from that
window up there,” she added. Cindy pointed to an upper room with dark curtains pulled
tightly together. “Sometimes I’d see the curtains move.”

“Let him look! Now, off with the tops and out with our tits!” Stacy exclaimed, pulling off
her top. Cindy quickly followed, while glancing up at the window nervously. Old habits are
hard to break.

“Now, let me finish before your tits get burned!” Stacy said. She sensually covered
Cindy’s breasts with lotion. Cindy did the same to her naughty friend, sliding her hands
over Stacy’s small tits and fat, swollen nipples until they were covered with suntan

“Ah, this is the life!” Stacy said, after taking a drink and lying down in the sunshine, her
perky tits exposed to the warm sun.

“I could get use to this!” Cindy agreed, jiggling her breasts before lying down. It felt so
good for her breast to be free!

The two friends relaxed in the sun, enjoying their freedom. Occasionally, one of the girls
would slide their hand across a breast, or itch their warm, wet pussies. Cindy was almost
asleep when she heard a persistent, staccato tap, tap, tapping. She opened her eyes
and moved her head and ears to locate the source of the noise.

“OMG! It’s Mr. Wilson!” she exclaimed, realizing where the tapping was coming from. It
was coming from the upper window, from her neighbor’s house!

Her loud voice woke Stacy woke from her nap, and she let out a groggy sounding

“It’s Mr. Wilson, he’s spying on us!” Cindy hissed. “He’s spying at us from his house!”

Stacy sat up groggily, shaking her head to help her wake up and said, “It’s not spying if we let him.”

Stacy peered up at Mr. Wilson’s house and saw him standing in front of the window. He
waved at the two girls. Impulsively, Stacy shook her breasts at him. He smiled.

“Come on, Cindy, jiggle those big knockers for him!” Stacy encouraged. “Maybe he’ll get
another boner.”

“Well, OK. He’s paid enough for them already.” Cindy replied. It was so daring to be
naughty in her own backyard. She stood up, waved to their benefactor, and shook her
breasts at Mr. Wilson. Feeling sexy, she then bent over a little, letting her boobs hang
down, and wiggled them back and forth, letting gravity and the weight of her young
breasts make them sway ponderously. His reaction was priceless. He opened his mouth
in surprise before patting his chest, to simulate his heart pounding.

Cindy stood up behind her friend. She reached around Cindy and cupped her friend’s
breasts, as if offering them to Mr. Wilson. To their surprise, he brought a strange looking
hand-held telescope up to his eyes and focused it on Cindy’s breasts.

“That dirty old fucker!” Cindy exclaimed. “He’s been spying on me all those times! I’d see
the curtains move and a flash of light sometimes. It was his telescope!”

“What a horn-dog!” Stacy agreed, “But I can’t blame him, can you?”

“I guess not,” Cindy replied. Mr. Wilson was a very nice guy, after all. So what if he liked
to look at pretty girls?

“He can’t help it if he has two hot chicks exposing themselves next door.” Stacy added.
She posed for Mr. Wilson and sucked on Cindy’s nipple.

“Hey, what is he doing now?” Cindy queried, watching her neighbor at the window.

Mr. Wilson had held up a single finger, to signify for them to wait a moment. He soon
returned with large sheet of paper. He held it up to the window. It read: “Show me your
pussies!” Underneath the large, bold letters, he had printed the word, “Please”.

“Well, shall we, slut?” Stacy asked. She had no concerns. Mr. Wilson had bought them
lots of stuff and had given them wads of cash!

“Well certainly, but after you, whore,” Cindy replied, already reaching for her bikini

“1…, 2…, 3!” Stacy shouted, and both girls dropped their only remaining piece of clothing.
They squealed aloud; feeling so naughty - then they pranced, danced and strutted
around the deck, reveling in their public nakedness.

“OMG!” Cindy said, “I can’t believe we are doing this!” She stretched her arms, showed
off her breasts, spread her ass cheeks, and wiggled about.

“Look at him!” Stacy said, groping her breasts, “He’s going bonkers!”

Both girls stared at Mr. Wilson intently, who had his eyepiece trained on the two naked,
young girls. They watched his short telescope wiggle a little as he held it with a single
hand. Stacy noticed his other hand was moving rhythmically below the window sill.

“What is he doing…?” she wondered aloud. “He’s jacking off!” she said incredulously as
she realized what his other hand was doing.

“What?” Cindy said, peering intently. “He is! Wow! He’s jacking off right now.”

“Boner number five,” Stacy deadpanned.

“Soon to be wet-sperm-spot number three,” Cindy stated with confidence.

“Wish we could see it…,” Stacy said wistfully. It was fun making guys get boners but she
really wanted to watch them shoot their man-juice.

“I know! Hold on a second!” Cindy said excitedly, “Keep him busy! I’ll be right back!”

Stacy watched her friend’s bare-ass spin around and enter the house with the rest of
her naked body, slamming the patio door behind her. Stacy looked up to see Mr. Wilson
pause in confusion and remove the telescope from his face. She shrugged her shoulders
towards him, pinched her nipples and then spread her pussy lips with her fingers. He quickly returned
to his previous, devious activities.

Cindy soon returned with a small white-board and an erasable marker. She furiously
wrote, ‘Show us your dick!’ upon it, and added a cute smiley face. She first showed it to
Stacy, who nodded, and then held it up for Mr. Wilson to read, making a show of it by
bending her knee, cocking her pretty hips, showing off her long legs, and gesturing
to the board, as if she was the sexy co-host of a game show.

The girls watched Mr. Wilson closely. He read the note, then appeared very thoughtful,
almost concerned. He glanced slowly around Cindy’s backyard, peered closely at an
invisible potential menace or two, nodded almost imperceptibly, and then slowly stood up
from his chair. He opened the curtains wide. His torso and engorged cock were framed by
the window, his pants currently wrapped around his ankles.

“OMG! He did it! OMG, OMG he did it! Look at it! OMG!” Stacy squealed, jumping up and
down excitedly.

“It’s…, it’s…, so big!” Cindy gasped. Even from their distant vantage point, Mr. Wilson’s
cock was impressive. It jutted out from below his firm abdomen, thick, long and firm. His
cock-head was purple and slick with pre-cum. Cindy knew about sex, but couldn’t
imagine a cock that large fitting inside of her tiny hole.

“Shit! Look at his balls!” Stacy said, mesmerized by her first image of a real, live and
aroused, hunk of man-flesh. Mr. Wilson’s heavy balls were swinging forward and back, as
his arousal caused him to put on an impromptu show for the two young girls. He swung
his drooping, distended balls, stroked his hard cock, and wiggled his junk. He finally pulled
off his shirt, and kicked away his pants and underwear, bearing all for his new
adolescent, horny friends.

“Think we can get him to cum?” Stacy asked. She getting horny and really wanted to
see Chuck’s cock shoot its sperm. “I want to see it shoot,” she said aloud, vocalizing her

“Me too, that would be so cool! Just like Kevin last night, but we get to see it this time!
Let’s ask Mr. Wilson if he’ll do it!” Cindy replied excitedly. She sat down on the chair and
pondered. “What shall we write?”

“Hmmm, I don’t know…, Jack-off? Cum? Stroke it? Shoot it?” Stacy offered, knowing they
didn’t have much space on the board to write a long sentence.

“I know!” Cindy said. She quickly erased and then furiously wrote, ‘Cum for us!’ on the
board, and then added a smiley face with an extended tongue. She showed it to Stacy,
who smiled, then they both stood up and showed it to Mr. Wilson, dancing sexily and
pleading with him from a distance.

Mr. Wilson stepped away from the window, leaving the girls bewildered for a moment. He
soon returned and held up another sign with the words ‘Help me!’ on it.

“Help him?” Cindy asked, “How can we help him?”

“Does he expect us to go over there and jack him off or something?” Stacy asked, then
added, “Ewww gross! I’m not going to do that, no matter how much he gives us!” Though
honestly, she really wanted to, but didn’t want to admit it.

“I know what he means!” Cindy exclaimed, “Here, help me pull these chairs around!” She
grabbed her lounge chair and turned it to face Mr. Wilson’s window.

Stacy realized what her friend she was doing and grabbed her own chair, putting it close
to Cindy’s. “Oh! He needs a little visual help!” she exclaimed, “I can do that!”

The two young friends sat down on the lounge chairs, side by side. Their legs were
spread wide and their feet were flat upon the wooden deck. They stared up at the window in anticipation. The girls spread their pussy lips for Mr. Wilson, showing off their slick, pink, treasures before rubbing them softly in small, gentle circles. Aroused, Cindy reached over to Stacy’s exposed pussy and began fingering it, and Cindy quickly did the same. With their free hands, they groped their own breasts. They waited expectantly.

Mr. Wilson gazed down from his vantage point, smiling at his good fortune. He brought his
telescope to his eyes and used both hands to briefly re-focus the lens upon the objects
of his desire. He watched Cindy and Stacy look up at him sensually and smiled when he
saw their attention focused on his cock. He reached down and gripped his shaft,
spreading his legs and bending his knees a bit - to best show off his genitalia to the girls
- before sliding his hand over his cock-head, gathering some leaking pre-cum and
slathering it on his cock.

“OMG, he’s jacking-off watching us!” Stacy said, staring at Mr. Wilson. “I wished we had
a telescope too!”

Mr. Wilson slowly stroked his hard cock, first bringing his hand up to his flared cock-head,
then twisting his hand around the slick head, and then finally sliding it all the way down
to his ball-sack.

“This is so hot!” Cindy replied. She slid her fingers over and around Stacy’s wet pussy.

“Look at his cock!” Stacy said, “I…, I want to see it up close,” she admitted, “Think he’d
show it to us?”

“Are you stupid or something?” Cindy asked incredulously. “He’d pull it out in a second for
us, but he would probably want us to do something to it!”

“Like what?” Stacy asked.

“Touch it, suck it, and fuck it, of course!”

“Hmm…, I kinda want to touch it…, just a little, you know…, and maybe some other stuff...”

“Oh fuck! Me too!” Cindy moaned, “Kiss me, Stacy! I'm so hot!”

Aroused by their desires, they leaned towards each other and
kissed passionately, all the while fingering each other’s wet cunts.

Mr. Wilson watched their tongues and fingers dancing and began to stoke himself faster.
The girls were so young, so horny and so damn sexy.

Cindy broke from their kiss to steal a glance at Mr. Wilson. “Stacy, look!” she hissed,
“He’s doing it faster!”

Stacy glanced upwards. “Is he going to cum?” she wondered.

“Let’s make him cum,” Cindy replied. She began to blow kisses at their neighbor and
offered him her tender breasts, cupping them and jiggling one, and then the other.

Stacy joined in, spread her cunt lips, tweaked her nipples, and stuck out her tongue
before opening her mouth wide, as if she was offering him a target.

Cindy mouthed the words “Do it!” while softly saying the words aloud. She pressed her
breasts together and licked her lips.

“Yeah, do it, Chuck!” Stacy encouraged. “Shoot it! Shoot your stuff!” She wagged her
tongue back and forth, imagining his sperm was spraying onto her face.

Mr. Wilson began to pound his pecker furiously, struggling mightily to hold his telescope
steady as he shifted his gaze from breast to pussy to face and tongue and then back

“Shit, look at him go!” Cindy stated, groping her breasts and playing with her nipples.
“Think guys fuck that fast?” she wondered.

“Aw fuck,” Stacy added, diddling her twat a little faster, “Can you just imagine?”

Mr. Wilson humped his crotch rhythmically towards the window a few times. He then
closed his eyes a moment, only to open them again to stare at the girls. He felt a huge
orgasm coming on, fed by the sensual beauty of the two teens. He took a deep breath,
made a strange face, and after a short pause, as the two girls stared entranced, a large
rope of seaman erupt from his piss-slit, arced upwards, and then splattered against the
window pane.

“Oh, shit!” Cindy said, “He’s shooting!”

The girl’s eyes grew wide. This mouths opened involuntarily. Another thick stream of
white goo erupted from their neighbor’s cock and again splatter on the window. Then
another. They watched in amazement as Mr. Wilson ejaculated in front of them. A forth
gob of cum spewed forcefully from his cock and also stained the once clean glass.
Gravity pulled the first spurts downwards on the glass and they left wet marks as they
slid down to the window sill. Mr. Wilson slowed his strokes as the last portions of cum dripped
and oozed from his hard cock. The motion from his stroking hand made the slick sperm
scatter about. The girls watched it fly in the sunlight from their position below.  

Finally, emptied and satisfied, Mr. Wilson squeezed the last drops of cum from his shaft.
With his chest rising and falling from his exertion, he smiled weakly at the girls, waved a
slimy hand, and returned reluctantly into the darkness of his house.

“Wow!” Stacy said.

“Damn, that was hot!” Cindy stated.

“Yeah, and so am I.” Stacy whined.

“I’m fucking soaking the chair.”

“Me too, my pussy is gushing.”

“We’ll have to wash the chairs off with the hose.”

“And the deck too.”

“I know how to make your pussy even wetter,” Cindy said huskily.

“Yeah, me too,” said Stacy, smiling wickedly at her friend.

“Let’s do it!” Cindy said, leaning in for a kiss. She kissed Stacy softly, then pulled back
quickly and shouted, “Last one in is a rotten egg!” Cindy jumped up from her chair
quickly, causing her large breasts to sway and jiggle. She ran to the pool, her bare feet
slapping the warm, spongy material that surrounded the pool, and dove in head first.

“You cheating, lying slut!” Stacy shouted after her friend, realizing she had been tricked.
She sighed and pushed herself up from her chair. She walked to the edge of the pool just
as Cindy surfaced.

Stacy dipped her toe in the water. “Brrrr! It’s cold!” she said, wrapping her arms around
her naked chest.

“Only because you’re hot from the sun,” Cindy replied. “Come on it, I’ll warm you up!” she

“I don’t know if I can believe a lying, cheating slut, like you, Cin,” Stacy teased back.

“I didn’t lie!” Cindy replied, “I said I knew how to make your pussy wetter, and my pussy
is very wet right now.” She stared down at her bare pussy, submerged in the pool. “Climb

“Humph,” Stacy snorted. “But you’re still a cheater and a slut.” She bravely walked into
the water until it was up to her waist, and not wanting to feel the cool water rising up to
her warm breasts and sensitive nipples, she quickly dove in, swimming to the other side.
Cindy watched her bare ass glide along the top of the water, admiring her form.

The two girls swam in the delightful refreshing water, splashing each other, diving off the
diving board (without worrying about their suits falling off, of their breasts popping out).
They floated on inflatable rafts, knocking each other off with juvenile squeals before
climbing back on, and finally drifted together, holding hands, until they gently slid off the
rafts and cuddled in a corner of the pool; they looked into each other’s eyes, kissed
sensually and then slowly began to slide their wet hands up and down each other’s
bodies. Stacy slipped her hand down to Cindy’s pussy and Cindy groped Stacy’s ass-
cheeks firmly for a while before sliding a wet finger up and down her ass-crack. She
found Stacy’s ass-hole and began to push, prod and tug at it.

“Mmmmm,” Stacy moaned.

“Do you like your ass played with, my little anal-whore?” Cindy breathed into Stacy’s ear.

“Uh huh!” Stacy replied, wiggling her butt against the intruding digit.

“Me too,” Cindy agreed, as Stacy began to grope her ass as well. The two slid their
thighs between each other’s pussies and began to grind them together as they continued
their ass-play.

“Oh fuck, you were right, my pussy is getting wetter!” Stacy moaned. Taking her
statement as an invitation, Cindy slid one hand downward and slipped her fingers into
Stacy’s gash. She continued to play with her ass-hole with the other. Stacy bit her lip
and began to breathe heavily as Cindy manipulated her nether regions.

“Oh, Cin, you make me feel so good!” Stacy breathed, before Cindy covered her mouth
with her own, and darted her tongue into Stacy’s mouth. They French kissed, moving
their heads passionately from side to side.

Remembering Stacy’s teasing in the changing room earlier in the day, she decided to use
this opportunity to pay her friend back.

“Are you my little whore, Stacy?” Cindy asked, pulling her fingers out from Stacy’s cunt.
She waited for an answer.

“Uhh, huh!” Stacy moaned, hunching her itching cunt against Cindy’s hand, willing her to

“Tell me.” Cindy replied.

Stacy quickly understood, and craving sexual release, began to spew filthy, depraved
speech to her friend, giving her what she was asking for, and knowing it would help send
herself over the edge.

“Oh, fuck, Cindy!” Stacy grunted, humping her crotch against Cindy’s unmoving hand.
“You know I’m your fucking, little whore! I’ll always be your little, personal fuck-toy. I’ll
eat your sweet pussy whenever you want me to! I’ll even lick your ass-hole for hours, if
you ask me to!”

“That’s better,” Cindy said, and pressed her hand against Stacy’s cunt once again.

“Ohhh, yeah! Finally!” Stacy mewed as Cindy plunged two fingers into her oozing gash.
As quickly as the water washed away her sexual secretions, her young body produced

“Did you like watching Chuck jacking-off to your pussy?” Cindy asked. “Did you want to
run up there and suck his big, fat, cock for him?”

“Shit!” Stacy exclaimed, as Cindy flicked her clit. “Yeah, I wanted to suck his cock. I
wanted him to spray his hot sperm all over me!” she exclaimed. “I wanted to suck on his
cum-filled balls and beg him to unload on me!”

“Oh, you little cock-whore,” Cindy groaned, feeling her own pussy oozing. “You sexy,
cum-sucking, bitch!” She began to nibble and kiss Stacy’s neck.

Stacy lifted one leg up and wrapped it around Cindy’s thighs, pressing the two of them
closer together.

As Cindy worked her fingers faster, Stacy’s body reacted. She felt her pussy tingling and
immediately pressed her body up against Cindy, nearly rising her body out of the water as
Cindy slid her finger’s deeper into her cunt. Cindy took the opportunity to clamp her lips
onto one of Stacy’s fat, suck-able nipples.

“Nyyaaahh!” Stacy cried out, as Cindy sucked hard on her tit. It felt like the tingles
emanating from her cunt were joining the tingles jolting her from her nipple and meeting
somewhere just below her heaving belly-button. Cindy then pushed a finger into her
loosening ass, wiggling it slightly. Stacy felt the tingles emanating from her puckered,
invaded hole join the others. She began to cum.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh!” Stacy breathed, feeling the tingles intensify.

Knowing her friend was close to orgasm, Cindy smashed her clit, sucked her tit, and
pushed her finger deeper into Stacy’s ass and wiggled it around. “Umm-umm-umm!”
Stacy hummed as her body began to shake and clench. Her tiny pussy clamped onto
Cindy’s fingers as they pumped in and out of her gushing twat. Cindy used her thumb to
swirl around Stacy’s clit as her fingers fucked her virgin pussy repeatedly.

Stacy gave one, long, high-pitch squeal as waves of sexual bliss rolled over her. Her body
convulsed as she came. As soon as one wave began to subside, another one began. Her
lithe body was wracked with good sexual feelings. Her cunt, tits and ass were alive with
orgasmic pleasure.

“Oh-fuck I’m-your-little-whore, I’m-your-little-whore, I’m-your-little-fucking-whore!”
Stacy cried out, babbling while cumming, over and over again. She relived the sexual
images of Mr. Wilson’s spurting cock, and the naughty, sexy morning the two of them had
on their walk and at the mall. The images intensified her orgasm and another huge waved
crashed over her. Just when she couldn’t take any more, the tingles lessened, as she
kissed her lover passionately, enjoying the last vestiges of her orgasm.

“Oh, Cindy! That was the one best yet!” Stacy sighed, hugging her friend. Cindy simply
kissed her again. “Want me to do you, now slut?” Stacy asked.

“Would you?” Cindy replied, already knowing the answer. She was horny too, and needed
release. “Let’s get out of the water though,” Cindy suggested, and pulled her friend
towards the pool stairs.

They climbed out of the water, dried off, and Cindy laid a towel down on the spongy
rubber pool deck in preparation for their tryst. She took Stacy’s towel and laid it next to,
and behind her own. She got down on all fours and wiggled her ass at Stacy.

“Well? Start licking it, Stacy.” She looked back at her friend, seeing her shocked
expression. “You said you’d lick my ass-hole for hours, if I asked you to, remember?”
Cindy said, smiling. “Well, I’m asking, so start licking!” She wiggled her ass again

“You fucking slut!” Stacy said in feigned anger. Of course, she would do anything for her
friend. Determined to show her loyalty, she quickly knelt behind Cindy on the soft towel,
peered down, and grabbed an ass-check with each hand. With her fingers just inside her
ass-crack, she spread Cindy’s ass apart.

“Oh, oh!” Cindy exclaimed, feeling the forceful grip on her ass and slight breeze blowing
against her exposed ass-hole.

Stacy stared at Cindy’s pretty puckered sphincter, with her nearly hairless, fuzzy, damp,
twat just below it. Wasting no time, she attacked Cindy’s hole furiously.

“Eeeeiii!” Cindy squealed, feeling Stacy’s hot tongue poking at her tight hole. Stacy bit
her ass-cheek, tongued her crack from top to bottom, and then tried to shove her
tongue up Cindy’s shitter, pulling her ass apart even more.

“Oh, shit!” Cindy said. “Oh! Unnngghh! Mmmm-mmm!” She closed her eyes and focused
on the wriggling appendage penetrating her ass-hole. Stacy’s licked and prodded her fat
tongue in and around Cindy’s hole and finally felt her loosening up. Stacy then slicked her
hole with even more saliva and poked her with her finger. It slid in with only little
resistance. Cindy moaned even louder.

“Do you like it, slut? Do you like my tongue and finger up your filthy ass-hole?” She
fucked Cindy’s ass with her finger, trying to loosen it up even more so she could slide in
another. She tongued her own finger and Cindy’s ass-hole, pushing them in deeper.

“OMG, Stace,” Cindy moaned, “I never felt anything so good!” She arched her back and
pushed her ass against Stacy’s tongue and fingers. Stacy pushed in a second finger.

“Who’s a little ass-slut now?” Stacy teased. “I bet you wish this was Chuck’s fat cock
fucking your ass, don’t you?” She fucked her faster.

Cindy moaned, feeling her butt tingling. She didn’t reply to Stacy, too ashamed to admit
that she wanted to experience a huge cock pounding in and out of her ass.

After many long minutes of having her ass-hole reamed with fingers and tongue. Cindy
finally exclaimed “Enough!” Her bowels and ass-hole felt like jelly.

Stacy was a little disappointed, as she was about to try to force another digit up her
friend’s ass. Cindy turned over to present her dripping snatch to Stacy’s waiting mouth.

“I thought you were going to make me lick it for hours?” Stacy teased.

“Lick this,” Cindy replied, pulling her pussy lips apart.

“With pleasure,” Stacy replied.

“Wait!” Cindy said.

“Wait? What? Why?” Stacy asked.

“Mr. Wilson, he’s back.”

Stacy turned around to see Mr. Wilson smiling and waving at them, with his trusty
telescope pressed firmly against his eye. The window was once again clean. The girls
realized he must have come back to take care of his spermy mess, and had probably
been watching them the whole time. Glancing around the yard first, he proudly dropped
his pants and showed off his hard boner.

“Dirty old fucker,” Stacy said, “He probably saw me licking your poop-chute, too. Oh
well.” Knowing Mr. Wilson had perfect view of her backside. She wiggled her ass and spread
her legs a bit so he could see her ass and pussy better, and then focused her attention
on Cindy’s waiting pussy.

“He’s stroking it again,” Cindy said, spreading her legs wider so Stacy had better access
to her cunt.

“Mmm-hmm!” Stacy replied, her voice was muffled, as her mouth was full of sweet, wet

Stacy licked and slurped on Cindy’s snatch. Cindy diddled her nipples and watched Mr.
Wilson stroking his cock. Mr. Wilson focused on Stacy’s pretty ass and cunt and Cindy’s
sensual face and pert breasts through the lens of his high-tech video camera. He now
had plenty of videos to get him through those long, lonely nights. He zoomed the
150-600mm lens to focus in on Stacy’s ass and pussy. He could see the soft, dark hairs
sprouting on her twat and noticed the slick wetness of her pussy lips as she swayed
back and forth, occasionally pushing up her ass towards him as she dove deeply into
Cindy’s steaming gash. He had already cum twice today, so he did his best to hold the
camera steady instead of giving himself pleasure, wanting some exceptional footage of
his young friends. Another orgasm for him was distant aspiration for now. Besides, the
girls promised him an open window and another round of sexual voyeurism this evening.

“Mmmm, just like that, Stace, do it some more!” Cindy groaned, humping her crotch into
Stacy’s mouth. Stacy had begun to finger-fucking Cindy, determined to get three of her
slim fingers into Cindy’s gash. Cindy stared at Mr. Wilson’s cock, wondering what it would
feel like plowing in and out of her tight pussy.

Feeling naughty, Stacy turned and looked up at Mr. Wilson. She slowly held up a single
finger, wrapped her mouth around it, moved her head up and down on it, sucking it slowly
and gently, before moving aside to show him Cindy’s soaking wet cunt. She spread
Cindy’s lips apart so he could get a good view of her friend’s wet, pink, fuzzy pussy. She
then smiled and reached over to grab the suntan lotion. She popped the top and coated
two fingers liberally. Cindy leaned up to see what was happening. Her eyes grew wide
with surprise, then with wanton sexual passion. Stacy then slid her hand underneath
Cindy’s ass, probing for her ass-hole.  Cindy lifted her ass up from the towel. Stacy found
her mark. The slimy digits slipped into her loosened bung-hole with ease. She fucked
Cindy’s ass a few times while nodding her head and giving Mr. Wilson a nasty, silent,
slutty expression as she unabashedly exposed their sexual depravity for his and their own

“Nnnnghhh!” Cindy grunted with the intrusion in her ass. Her sphincter gripped Stacy’s
fingers as her tender flesh was stretched, tugged and manipulated. Her bung-hole was
tingling. Her pussy was quivering. Her clit swelled even more. Stacy turned away from Mr.
Wilson, wiggled her ass for him, and then clamped her mouth Cindy’s clit. She sucked it
gently and twirled it repeatedly with her tongue.

“Uh, uh! I’m cumming!” Cindy breathed, arching her back and looking up at Mr. Wilson
peering at her thru his telescope. She stared at his fat cock for a moment, then closed
her eyes tightly as she came. She saw stars exploding inside her eyelids as her orgasm
exploded inside of her young body. Stacy kept fucking her ass, now using the juice from Cindy’s
oozing pussy as extra lubricant. Stacy smashed her nose and face into Cindy’s cunt and
licked her slit up and down, slurping, sucking and tonguing her clitoris firmly.

Cindy groaned gutturally and creamed. Her pussy quivered and gushed. Stacy sucked up
her juices loudly, feeding on the sweet, salty essence of her friend’s pussy. Cindy
squeezed her own breast firmly and felt her body jerk uncontrollably as she came.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” she cried, as the sexual electricity exploded inside of her. Sex had
never felt so good before, she realized. There was something naughty, dirty and raw, having uninhibited sex with her hot, nasty, new-found lover. And being outside, naked
and free, exposing her sensual self to the world and Mr. Wilson, added to her climatic,
sexual orgasmic bliss.

Her orgasm consumed her. She opened her mouth, sucking in air, and her eyes opened
just in time to see Mr. Wilson cumming again. Her open display of teenage sexual passion
had sent him over the edge once again. His cock dripped cum on the floor and splattered
drops of sperm against the recently cleaned window.

Her massive orgasm finished, Cindy wrapped her legs around Stacy’s face, intent on
making her stop sucking and licking at her tender pussy and clit. Stacy slowed and then
stopped her mouth and finger gyrations; holding her finger still in Cindy’s ass and doing
her best to breathe while held firmly against Cindy’s spent gash and wet thighs.

Cindy finally relented, releasing her captive. Stacy slipped her finger from Cindy’s ass,
pulled her wet face from Cindy’s cunt and climbed up to kiss her lover. The two cuddled
for a moment, kissing and caressing each other tenderly before glancing up at Mr. Wilson,
who weakly smiled at the two of them before turning off his camera and once again
retreating to the darkness of his room. His cock would be sore tonight, he knew, wincing
while still anticipating another masturbation session with the two young girls later

Cindy and Stacy caressed each other for a few moments longer, then headed inside to
the coolness of the air-conditioned house, picking up their discarded bikinis and damp
towels and leaving the hot early afternoon sunshine. Cindy pulled the door closed behind
their exhausted, limp, still naked teenage bodies.

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material without express and written permission from the author is strictly prohibited.
Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Undeniable
Urges, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.
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“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow

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next chapter coming soon?

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Coming soon?  :emot_laughing:
I want to finish the Movie Night series, then I plan to finish the sleepover story.
This story is going to take quite a few more chapters to get to the end.

Thank you so very, very much for commenting. Just for you, I'll dust off the work-in-process latest chapter and add some more to it. One step closer to posting it!


“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow

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I am also awaiting this

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The Daring Naughty Sleepover 5 (ff, Mff, mff, exhibitionist, toys)

Summary – The two young girls continue their naughty sleepover; teasing boys and putting on a dirty nighttime show for their neighbor.

Previous Chapter Summary – Cindy and Stacy return from the mall and relax by the pool, to Mr. Wilson’s delight.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

“Stacy, wake up!” Cindy said.

Stacy slowly opened her bright green eyes and looked up into Cindy’s deep blue ones. She smiled sleepily at her friend. With her head on her lap, her short black hair gently being stroked by her blonde-haired friend, Stacy stretched and yawned. “What time it is, slut?”

“Almost six,” Cindy replied. “Now, get off me, whore,” she said, and pushed Stacy onto the floor.

The two teenage friends had fallen asleep on the couch. They were both exhausted after laying in the hot sun and having even hotter sex while showing off their tight young bodies for Cindy’s next-door neighbor.

“I can’t believe Mr. Wilson bought all this stuff for us!” Cindy said, looking at the bags of clothes, lingerie, shoes and sex toys scattered around the living room.

“Well, we earned it,” Stacy said, getting up from the carpet, rubbing her sore ass and reminding herself to pay-back Cindy for pushing her off the couch. “Well, mostly our tits and asses did.” She cupped her pert tits through her frilly green bra, then ran her hand over her smooth butt again and admiring her matching panties.

“What are we going do with all the money he’s giving us?” Cindy asked. She looked down at her large breasts encased in her new blue lingerie (to match her eyes). “Two hundred dollars apiece already, every week, and a hundred dollar bonus just for flashing him this morning! And he promised us even more for perving on us through my bedroom window tonight!”

“He already got a bonus at the pool,” Stacy said, “And a big, ol’ boner!”

“OMG! It was big! And the way he was jacking-off so fast and looking at us through his telescope?” Cindy replied.

“And all that cum! I didn’t know guys could shoot that much cum!” Stacy added.

“Yum!” Cindy said, licking her lips



Cindy looked thoughtful for a moment.  She played with her nipples, surrounded by the piles of clothes, shoes, underwear and all their new toys. She said, “I don’t know what I’ll do with all the money. Put it in the bank and save it, I guess. Mom and dad would wonder where all the money came from if I start spending it.”

“I want a car. A nice car!” Stacy said, reaching under her bra and tugging on her fat nipples. “We should be able to save up for one.”

“Yeah, a convertible!” Cindy added, “Driving down the road with the top down and our tits out!” She wiggled her breasts.

“And we can live in a big downtown apartment, in a big city somewhere! With lots of sexy clothes and shoes!” Stacy said.

“Yeah, an apartment way up high; but close to the shopping malls, museums, and stuff, you know?” Cindy added.

“Yeah, that would be so cool!” Stacy replied. “We could live together and have lots of sex!”

“And tease all the boys and men and giggle at their hard-ons!” Cindy said.

“Or suck them,” added Stacy, opening her mouth and pretending to suck a cock.

“And fuck them,” replied Cindy, humping her crotch back and forth.

“Together!” Stacy said.

“BFF fuck-buddies,” Cindy replied happily. “BFBF!”

The two girls giggled and fantasized about living a luxurious, sex-filled life as independent young women, free from the rigors of school and all parental control.

“Hungry?” Cindy asked, during a pause. The two friends only had a very light lunch after their pool-play.

“Yeah, I could eat something in a little while - besides your pussy that is. I know! Want to order pizza and tease the delivery boy again?” Stacy asked.

“Sounds like fun!” Cindy replied. “Wait I know, how about Chinese food?” Cindy asked.

“Yeah, I like Chinese.” Stacy said.

“The delivery guy is really cute, but a little goofy. It might be fun to tease him and watch him get all embarrassed and boned-up and stuff,” Cindy said.

“What if he tells?” Stacy asked.

“Who’s he going to tell? He can barely speak English!” Cindy giggled.

“Let’s do it!”

The two snickered uncontrollably while making their daring plan to tease another delivery boy, with each girl trying to out-do each, daring each other with naughtier and naughtier ideas!

“Since we’re not hungry yet, want to call Kevin again?”  Stacy suggested. Kevin was a tall, handsome boy at their school. Last night, they had pranked him with a sexy phone call and got him to jack-off for them.

“Yeah, but both of us teasing him this time!” Cindy squealed.

After some intense scheming and a little sexual fore-play, they were both getting horny and ready. They hoped they could get Kevin to play along with them again. Stacy dialed Kevin Thompson using Cindy’s phone while blocking her number. That way, Cindy would have Kevin’s number too, if she ever wanted to call him again.

“It’s ringing,” Stacy said, turning on the speaker.


Stacy took a deep breath and spoke in a low, throaty voice, “Hi Kevin, it’s me again.”

“Damn-it Heather!” Kevin said. “If I find out this is you, I’ll…!”

“Don’t be mad, Kevin,” Stacy continued. “I’m just a secret admirer. I think you are so hot. I want to fuck you so bad. I’m playing with myself right now, thinking of your hard cock. I came so hard after I hung up yesterday.”

“Oh yeah?” Kevin’s voice was softer. He remembered how sexy the last call was.

“Oh, yeah,” Stacy said. “I want your cock inside of me.” She smiled at Cindy. The girls heard quick footsteps and then the sound of a door closing.

“Tell me more,” Kevin said, dropping his pants and underwear and getting into his bed.

“Not only do I think you’re hot, my friend thinks you’re hot too. We both want to fuck you.”

“Hi Kevin,” Cindy breathed. “I want your cock too.  And, we want to fuck you, both of us, together;  at the same time!”

“Oh, man!” Kevin said. He began tugging on his hardening cock.

“My pussy is so wet for you right now, Kevin,” Cindy said. “Listen, I’m fingering my tight little pussy right now.” Cindy dropped her panties and Stacy held the phone to her friend’s cunt. Cindy plunged her fingers into her oozing gash while Kevin listened.

“Squish, squish, squish…”

Stacy added, “We want to suck your cock together too, Kevin.”

“Yeah,” Cindy added, “We are going to suck your cock until you cum all over us!”

“And we will lick your sweet cum from our faces and then…,”

Stacy and Cindy fingered their pussies slowly.

“And then what?” Kevin breathed.

“Then, I’m going to spread my legs for you, and you’re going put your big, hard cock into my tight little pussy and fuck me!” Stacy held the phone up to Cindy’s gash again.

“Squish, squish, squish…”

Stacy began to moan. “Oh, I want your hard cock in me right now! Oh, fuck me Kevin! Fuck me!”

“Squish, squish, squish…”

“And while you’re fucking her,” Cindy said, “I’m going to make-out with you. Mmmm-mmmm! I’m going kiss you, play with your balls and let you suck on my big tits while you watch Sta…, Stephanie, eat my pussy.”

The girls exchanged glances. Cindy almost called her friend by her real name!

“And while I eat her pussy, you’re going to suck on her titties some more,” Stacy said.

The girls began moaning and encouraging Kevin. “Fuck us Kevin, fuck us!”

“Oh shit!” Kevin exclaimed.

“Make me cum Kevin! Oh! I’m going to cum all over your hard dick, Kevin! I’m cumming! I’m cumming all over your cock!” The girls began to fake their orgasms, moaning and gasping while overly acting for each other.

Kevin jerked faster, listening to the girl’s sexual frenzy. “I’m going to fuck you so hard!” he hissed. “I’m going to fuck both of you!” He came. The girls heard him grunting. They stopped fingering themselves and looked at each other with wide eyes and opened mouths. They did it!

“Mmmm, that was so good, Kevin,” Stacy said, licking her fingers.

“Ohhh, yeah! I wish we were there to lick up all your sweet cum, Kevin,” Cindy added, knowing she really would lick up his sperm right now.

“So, who is this, really?” Kevin asked. “Sta…,” he said thoughtfully. “Stay…, Stacy? Is this Stacy and Cindy? You two are hot! I’d fuck you guys every day…”  Stacy disconnected the call quickly.

“OMG! He knows who we are!” Cindy said, tossing her phone onto the couch like it was on fire.

“No, he’s just guessing,” Stacy said. “We’ll just deny it. He can’t prove it was us!”

“It’s still going to be awkward at school Monday,” Cindy said.

“So what?” Stacy said. “Besides, it would be fun to fuck him… together.”

“Together,” Cindy agreed, “As long as I’m with you.” Cindy imagined the possibilities - Kevin was very tall and handsome. She wondered what his dick looked like.

“I think I’d like to suck a cock.” Stacy said.

“Me too.”

“Let’s get something to eat,” Cindy said, breaking the silence. Stacy called the Chinese restaurant and placed their order.

The two girls peeked out the window, waiting for the delivery boy. The horny teens had decided how they were going to tease him and play another naughty prank – if they were brave enough. They were still dressed in their frilly bra and panties. Cindy’s large breasts were nearly falling out of her bra, and Stacy’s panties covered her ass crack, but that was all – her butt cheeks were exposed, round and pale.

“OMG, he’s here!” Cindy said. “Are you really going through with it?” Cindy was feeling very nervous.

“You bet your sweet titties I am!” Stacy replied, pinching her own nipples, making them hard until her fat nipples poked through the cups of her bra. “It’s not like were naked or anything,” she reasoned.

“I don’t know…” Cindy said, but she too caused her nipples hard to get hard.

“Ding Dong!” The doorbell chimed. Cindy jumped, her breasts jiggling. Before she could react, Stacy ran to open the door.

The delivery boy’s eyes widened as he beheld the two gorgeous teens before him. He couldn’t believe it! Two young girls answered the door wearing sexy lingerie; only their panties and bras - nothing else! He could see most of their boobs! He stole furtive glances at the thin v-shaped material covering their pussies.

“Won’t you come inside?” Stacy said. “How much do we owe you?” She looked in the boy’s eyes to watch them dart up and down, scanning her body hungrily.

The young-man stuttered but managed to speak. “Fifteen ninety-five.”

“Just a moment,” Stacy said. She walked to the hall table to get the money she had placed there. “Sorry we aren’t dressed,” she apologized. “We were getting ready for our dates when you came.”

“They should be here soon,” Cindy lied. “Hope you don’t mind.”

The man stared at Stacy’s ass. Her sexy green panties barely covered her crack. As the man watched, Stacy bent over to rummage through her purse. She coyly reached behind her to pull her panties out of her ass-crack, giving the man a quick glimpse of her tender ass-hole and bare pussy-slit.

‘What a whore!’ Cindy thought. She stared at the boy’s crotch for a reaction. She grinned as a noticeable bump began to emerge. The man was ignoring her as she watched him from the living room entrance. He stared hungrily at Stacy’s ass. Cindy watched him get harder and harder.

 ‘Time to get his attention,’ Cindy decided. She was not going to let Stacy have all the fun!

“Can’t you find the money, Stacy?” Cindy asked, drawing the man’s gaze. He sheepishly looked to the ground, knowing he had been caught staring. Cindy strutted into the entry, her large breasts jiggling and nearly falling out of her baby-blue bra. Her panties barely covered her pussy. She pulled them up as she strutted into the room, giving herself a very noticeable camel-toe. The man was soon staring at her instead!

“Here, I have a twenty,” Cindy said to Stacy. She attempted to hand Stacy the money, but dropped it. The man watched it flutter to the ground. He then watched mesmerized as Cindy slowly bend over to pick it up. Her fat breasts swayed in the skimpy material. The man stared at the deep cleavage between her soft, pale breasts.

When Cindy stood up, Stacy tried to pull the money from her hand, only to drop it again! Stacy took a step back and bent over to retrieve it. Cindy did the same. The man watched as two sets of gorgeous teenage asses were presented to him. ‘Didn’t these stupid, silly girls know how exposed they were?’ Their panties slipped into their ass clefts as they bent lower, displaying even more teenage flesh! Their young, swollen pussies bulged. The man’s mouth began to water, just imaging his tongue slipping into those two gorgeous pussies and licking them until they came!

“You’re so clumsy, Stacy! I’ll get it!” Cindy said, giggling.

“No, I’ll get it!” replied Stacy, laughing as well.

The two girls pretended to fight over the fallen money, swiping their hands at it, pulling at it and tugging it from each other’s hands, and of course, wiggling their butts and tits generously as the man stared.

Triumphantly, Stacy grabbed the fallen bill tightly. Flushed from their lewd exhibition, they finally stood up. Stacy walked to the man holding out the money. “Here, keep the change. Sorry it took so long. I hope you didn’t mind?”

“No. It is OK!” the man stammered, taking the money. His cock was straining against his pants. He turned to leave.

“Wait, you forgot your tip!” Stacy yelled.

The man turned back, confused. He had more than enough money. He tried to hide his erection and embarrassment. “My tip?” he asked, looking at Stacy and then the money in his hand.

Stacy smiled at him and then lifted her bra completely off her breasts! She giggled and pulled her bra over her head, waved it around three times, and then dropped it on the floor.

‘That whore!’ Cindy thought. ‘I didn’t think she’d go through with it!’ Cindy maneuvered herself next to Stacy and pulled off her bra too! No way was she going to let Stacy out-slut her; she would never hear the end of it!

Cindy’s large breasts flopped out of her bra and then she pushed out her tits and wiggled her chest back and forth, making her titties sway and bounce. Stacy grabbed one of them, cupped it and opened her lips while staring at the man. She sucked the nipple into her mouth! She pulled back, still sucking, until the nipple released with a loud ‘pop!’  Then, the two girls kissed passionately, running their hands up and down each other’s bodies. They were so turned on!

The man stared, his cock strained against his pants. His mouth fell open. He tried to memorize every exciting detail, burning the images of the two young girls into his mind forever.

Cindy and Stacy smiled at him. He managed to mumble a ‘thank you’ and turned to leave.

“Wait,” Stacy cried. “You got your tits, I mean tips, now we want one!”

The man stopped. He turned around to see Stacy groping her breasts and walking towards him.

Cindy caught her breath. ‘No, she wasn’t going to really do it, was she?’ She was! OMG. Stacy walked up to the man, kissed him, and started rubbing his hard cock through his pants! Cindy had to know what a hard cock felt like too!

“Yeah!” she said. “It’s our turn now!” She juggled her breasts at him as she walked closer, her soft flesh jiggling up and down.

The two topless teens sandwiched him between them before he could react. Two sets of hands fondled his crotch, felt his hardness, and groped his balls. The girls cooed and moaned sexily as they teased him. They kissed him, nuzzled his neck and played with his turgid shaft. He naturally assumed this meant he would soon be having sex with both of these slutty teenage girls. He nervously reached out and grabbed one of Cindy’s large, soft breasts. His other hand pinched one of Stacy’s remarkable, fat puffy nipples. His cock grew harder, his excitement made his knees tremble. Stacy and Cindy rubbed his hard shaft up and down through his loose pants, reveling in their first feel of a young man’s hard shaft and soft balls. They moaned together as they played their dangerous game.

The man suddenly shuddered. “Ah! Ah!” he said, catching his breath. He shuddered again. Then again. “Oooooohhhh,” he moaned as he finished ejaculating into his trousers. He had never been so turned on in his life! He had spent hours masturbating about the hot MILFs and young teenage tramps who opened the door on his deliveries. In his fantasies, he had imagined the same scenario he was now experiencing. This was much better!

The girls giggled, feeling his hard shaft pulsing and twitching, knowing they had made him cum. They rubbed his cock thru his thin pants until they felt wetness seeping through. Stacy nuzzled his neck, kissed him and then gripped his ball-sack and squeezed gently. She whispered, “If you mention this to anyone, we’ll tell our mommy and daddy you tried to rape us...”

Cindy gave him a gently push towards the door, dismissing him. He stumbled, mumbled an apology and left. He was ashamed and embarrassed, but already getting hard again. He decided to jack-off again before heading back to the restaurant. The girls locked the door behind him and burst out laughing.

“OMG, did you feel how hard he was?” Stacy said, jumping up and down with excitement.

“I know! That was so cool!” Cindy jumped up and down too. “And when he came, it was so hilarious!” Cindy shuddered and moaned, exaggerating the man’s actions. Teasing boys was so much fun!

“Wet spot number three!” Stacy said. “And what, boner number four?”

“Well, four boners today,” she said thoughtfully. “How many altogether? Let’s see…, the pizza guy and Kevin last night, the guy at the park this morning,” Cindy continued, counting on her fingers, “then Mr. Wilson in the car twice, and we probably gave him a boner this morning when he was perving at us through the window, then, who am I forgetting?”

“The shoe guy at the mall!” Stacy exclaimed.

“How could I forget? That was hot!” she exclaimed. “And, two more boners at the pool with Mr. Wilson.  And Kevin again, and the Chinese guy? That’s eleven boners in two days!”

“Probably more if you count the pervs staring at us in the mall!” Stacy added. “Let’s round it up to a dozen, just to be safe. And, how many wet spots, not counting ours?” She held up a finger as she counted, “The shoe guy, Kevin twice, the delivery guy just now, and Mr. Wilson three time so far. We made guys shoot their stuff seven times!”

“This is the best sleepover ever!” Cindy said.

“Uh, huh!” Stacy agreed. “I can’t wait until we can do this again!”

“My pussy is so wet!”

“Mine too!”

The two ate dinner, wearing just their panties and then cuddled a while on the couch while they recalled all of their sexual escapades. They slowly diddled their pussies and played with their naked breasts as they talked about all the naughty, sexy fun they were having!

“Well, it’s getting late,” Cindy finally said, “We have a date with Mr. Wilson. Let’s pack all this shit up, and go to my bedroom, and let him perv on us through the window.”

They carried their packages to Cindy’s room and spread their items on the bed. “Hmm, what shall we use tonight?” Cindy asked.

“Well, I think we should really give him his money’s worth,” Stacy said. “But, we can try to forget he’s even there.”

“I like knowing he’s there watching us,” Cindy admitted. “It’s really a turn-on. Besides, he said he might give us a tip for tonight.”

“He’s had plenty today! We should get a big, fat, tip already,” Stacy stated.

“Yeah, a big, fat, hard, tip!” Cindy said, feeling very, horny and thinking about cock.

“A big, fat tip right up our tight little cunts!” Stacy said, playing along.

“I wonder what it would feel like to hold a cock while it’s spurting all that goo,” Cindy wondered.

“Ask Kevin at school Monday,” Stacy said.

“I might,” said Cindy.

“I’m so fucking horny,” Stacy said.

“Me too” said Cindy.

“I know! Let’s move my bed right under the window! Chuck can have a better view then! That should get us a big tip!” Cindy said.

“A big, fat, spurting tip!” Stacy agreed, “With lots of creamy white sperm!”

“Stacy, you are such a whore!” Cindy laughed.

“I saw the way you were rubbing that guy’s cock, slut!” Stacy said, with feigned indignity. “I thought you were going to pull it out right there in the doorway and give him a blowjob!”

“I wish…,” Cindy said.

“Me too,” Stacy whispered.

The two grunted and strained to move Cindy’s dresser out of the way, and then her bed; they positioned it directly under the large, wide window. They picked through their new lingerie and sex toys, spreading their choices on the freshly made bed and putting away the rest. Then, they changed their clothes and got ready; freshening their make-up and fixing their hair. They were two young, desirable girls and they knew it. They felt so sexy and oddly superior now, knowing what power they had over men. It gave them new found confidence, and it showed with every action; the way they moved, the sexy flirtatious way they smiled and the way they subtly showed off their bodies.

“Almost nine,” Cindy said, looking at the clock.

“Ready for bed?” Stacy asked. “I know Mr. Wilson is.” She peeked thru the curtain. “I see him! There’s a light on! He must be watching TV or something. And, he has his telescope pointed right at us!”

“Pervert,” Cindy snickered. “Let’s open the window a little bit, it’s going to get hot in here!”

Stacy opened the window a few inches and felt the cool breeze on her near naked body. She gave Cindy a thumbs up signal. “Let’s give him a show,” Stacy said.

“No, let’s just enjoy ourselves,” replied Cindy.



“OK, let’s do this!” Cindy said, “One…, two…, three!” She pulled the curtains open. The light from the room flooded the darkness outside. Cindy and Stacy climbed onto the bed. They hugged while on their knees and blew kisses towards the window.  They showed off their tight, young bodies and sexy underwear by dancing on the bed. Then, they kissed softly and sensually before falling onto the soft mattress.

Mr. Wilson checked his video playback monitor to ensure everything was setup correctly. He used his remote to zoom in and pan over the two young girls making out in the bedroom below him. He scanned the toys on the bed and smiled. Even if he couldn’t coax another orgasm from his tired genitals today, he’d have plenty of film for another day. He could already feel his cock stirring. He took a couple of pictures through the telephoto lens on his camera and then directed his full attention to the video, ensuring he captured every second of the sexy scene below. He zoomed in on their passionate kisses; red lips and dancing pink tongues. He watched them as they groped each other’s breasts and asses; their sexy colored lingerie making his dick hard. When Stacy pulled back and spread her lover’s legs for him, he caught his breath. She was wearing crotch-less panties! He zoomed in until he saw Cindy’s wetness. Stacy opened Cindy’s pink pussy with her fingers and smiled up at him before crawling between her legs, pointing her own ass towards the window. The camera soon discovered another pair of crotch-less panties with a tight, zippered crack looking right back at him.

“Well, whore,” Cindy moaned, “Do you think he likes the view?”

“Definitely. Boner thirteen, slut,” Stacy mumbled, darting her tongue into Cindy’s pussy and swaying her ass for Chuck. She spread her legs wider and slipped a finger up and down her wet slit, just for show, and then feasted on her friend’s sweet-tasting cunt.

“Oh, shit,” Cindy moaned. “Just knowing he’s watching us makes me so horny!” She arched her back and pushed out her breasts.

“I bet he’s beating off again too,” Stacy said, and then slurped on Cindy’s clit.

“Ohhhh,” Cindy moaned. “Now, let me taste your pussy too.”

Stacy turned around and presented her soaking wet twat to Cindy, who began licking her juices. Stacy lifted her head to show her wet face to Chuck, then smiled as she began to finger-fuck Cindy’s cunt.

“Oh, yeah, fuck me!” Cindy moaned. “Eat my pussy!” She began to finger Stacy too. Soon, the two girls were moaning in unison. They were so ripe for release. They licked and sucked, fingered and fucked, until their moans turned to high-pitched mews.

The two began to orgasm, panting and groaning loudly, writhing and humping their crotches. They came together, convulsing on the bed, creaming into each other’s mouths, while still finger-fucking each other’s tight, wet, pussies.

After a long while, Stacy climbed up next to her friend. They lay together catching their breath and looking at the window with their legs spread wide. They cuddled for a short time until Stacy said. “Ready to get fucked now?”

“Mmmm-mmm!” Cindy replied. She took off her bra and panties and turned her ass towards Stacy. On all fours, facing the window with her large breasts hanging down, she smiled and blew Mr. Wilson a kiss.

Stacy climbed into the harness. She stroked the phallus with glee.

“Not the big one!” Cindy said, eyeing the monster between Stacy’s legs.

“Oh, don’t be a big cry-baby!” Stacy admonished. “I had four fingers up your sloppy cunt just five minutes ago!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

“My pussy is not sloppy!”

“Is too!” she said, then added, “No, it’s not. Sorry.” Stacy shrugged. She stroked her fat cock one more time. “I think Chuck’s cock is bigger than this,” she said, while positioning herself behind Cindy. She lined up the fat, rubber dong. It seemed so big next to Cindy’s little pussy. She pushed.

“Oooooohhh!” Cindy exhaled. “Go slow!”

Stacy rocked back and forth inching the big cock into Cindy’s wet fuck-hole. Inch by inch she stuffed her friend’s tight pussy with the firm, realistic cock.

“Oh shit!” Cindy groaned,” You’re filling me up! I’ve never been so full!”

Stacy watched the fake penis disappear into Cindy’s pussy, amazed she could take it all. She pushed steadily until she bottomed out. “It won’t be the first time you’ll be stuffed with hard cock, I bet,” Stacy muttered.

The fat cock stretched Cindy’s pussy. She luxuriated in the new feelings coursing through her body. She felt like a woman and couldn’t wait for the real thing. She wiggled her ass impatiently, wanting to experience intercourse with her friend. “I’m ready, fuck me now, Stace, do it!”

Stacy pulled back on the fat cock and then pushed it back in again. She slowly slid and out until she found her rhythm. She then fucked her friend slowly and steadily. She felt very dominant right now. She imagined this was how a man would feel, fucking a soft, submissive woman lying underneath him. She loved it! Stacy looked down at the long, fat cock extending from her groin. She watched it slide in and out of Cindy’s snatch. “What does it feel like, slut?” she asked huskily.

“Oh, Stacy! It feels Fan-fucking-tastic!” Cindy said. “I’m so full of cock! Fuck me long and deep!”

Stacy obliged, sawing her cock in and out of Cindy’s wet cunt. She could smell her friend’s fresh pussy juice, wafting up from her slit.

“Harder and faster!” Cindy demanded.

Stacy began to fuck her harder and faster.

“Oh my GAWD!” Cindy exclaimed. Her heavy breasts swayed with the pounding Stacy was giving her.

Mr. Wilson filmed every detail, capturing every open-mouthed exclamation and every thrust. He pulled out his hard cock and began stroking himself.

Stacy subtly reached over to grab the bottle of lube. She opened it up and drizzled some lotion into Cindy’s ass-crack, watching it drip down and over her tight, pink, ass-hole.

“What are you doing, Stacy?” Cindy moaned, feeling the cold, slippery liquid sliding down her cleft. She looked over her shoulder so see Stacy setting down the bottle and holding up a single finger.

“Oh, Stacy!” Cindy exclaimed, knowing what was about to happen. She turned her head, arched her back, and braced herself!

Stacy began to prod Cindy’s ass with her finger. With the aid of the lubricant, it slipped right in. While continuing to fuck her friend with the strap-on, she was now fucking both of Cindy’s holes. She added another finger to Cindy’s slimy ass.

“Oh fuck!” Cindy said. Her sphincter began to tingle. “Damn, that feels good!”

Stacy smiled wickedly and reached over once again, grabbing the small, pink vibrator. She pulled out her fingers, wiped the slippery goo on the plastic shaft and slid it smoothly into Cindy’s loosened, bung-hole.

“What was that, Stacy?” Cindy exclaimed. It was too big to be her finger. She started to turn her head back to see what Stacy had pushed into her ass. “What the fuck are you do…?”

Her question was cut short as Stacy twisted the base of the vibrator, turning it on. Strong vibrations rumbled deep inside Cindy and made her ass-hole quiver. Stacy looked up to where she imagined Mr. Wilson to be, grinned wickedly, and turned the device to full- power. ‘Push me off the couch, will you, bitch?’ she thought. The little pink phallus hummed loudly. She began fucking her friend hard and fast, in both her pussy and her ass!

“Ah! Oh! Staaaacyyyyy!” Cindy squealed, throwing her head back. Her pussy began to spasm and her ass-hole clenched repeatedly on the buzzing pink invader. She began panting, “Aah, aah, ahh!” She felt the familiar tingles starting deep down inside of her.

“Oh shit, oh shit! I’m coming!” Cindy put her head down onto the bed and slammed her ass backwards against Stacy’s onslaught, forcing the dildo deeper into her pussy. Stacy plunged the vibrator in and out of Cindy’s ass deeper and then wiggled it back and forth and around and around.  Cindy’s entire body was engulfed in orgasmic bliss. She had never felt like this before! Having a cock in her pussy made it feel different -more intense – and emanating from a strange place. Especially with the strong vibrations racking her ass and making her pussy tingle.

“Fuck me, Stace!” Cindy cried out. Knowing this was their last night alone this weekend, she came loudly with wild abandon. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuuu-uuuck meeeeee-eeeee! Fuck my slutty cunt! Fuck my slutty ass! Stacy, FUCK ME!” The tingles in her gut had expanded to her pussy, clit and ass. Her thighs felt on fire and she curled her toes as electricity engulf her. After the first wave washed over her, Cindy reached up a hand and groped her breast and then pinched her nipples hard, one after another. The tingles in her body sent tiny shocks to her tits. She shook as another wave, then another, crashed over her. Her body shook with pleasure again and again, until having had enough, she fell limp on the bed, the vibrator still buzzing in her ass.

“BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Click.” Stacy turned off the vibrator and slipped it out. She looked down at her friend.

“How was that, slut?” Stacy said, with a gleam in her eyes.

“Oh, Stacy, that was the best!” Cindy whispered. She reached a hand back to find her friend. They held hands for a while then Stacy cuddled up beside her until Cindy recovered.

Cindy explored the fake cock with her hand, mesmerized by it. It was still slick with her juices.  She stroked a few times as if she was jacking off an imaginary boyfriend. Intrigued by the shape, thickness, and the pleasure it gave her. She wanted to try in on too, and fuck her little friend. “Your turn whore,” Cindy said. She helped Stacy get out of the harness and began to put it on.

“Not the big one!” Stacy exclaimed, “Use the smaller one!”

“Hmmmm, let me think about that…,” Cindy said, stroking the shaft with one hand and placing a finger on her chin as if thinking. “Uh, no.”

“But my pussy is so much smaller and tighter than yours,” Stacy said grinning.

Cindy made a face. “Not for long, bitch,” she said. She pushed Stacy’s legs apart with her knees and crawled between them. She looked up at the window for a moment while stroking her cock. It was so cool to have a big dick sticking out of her. She stroked it a few times and then grabbed the discarded bottle of lube.

“Here, this should help with your tight, little, twat,” Cindy said sarcastically, putting some lotion on her rubber cock. She moved her slick hand up and down, then more aggressively, suddenly realizing this was how boys jacked off. “Oh, yeah, bitch, look how hard you made me!” She slid the cock-head up and down Stacy’s slit, placed the cock against Stacy’s pussy-opening and pushed a little. “Take my cock, whore!”

“Ohhh!” Stacy moaned. She felt her cunt-lips spreading.

Cindy pushed some more. “Like that, cunt?” she demanded. She watched Stacy take the cock-head inside of her.

“Aaaahh!” Stacy breathed. The shaft slid in deeper, pushing against her tightness and spreading her love-tunnel wider.

Cindy pushed even more, watching Stacy’s pussy swallowing more of her cock. “Hmm, it seems to fit pretty easily.” Cindy smirked.

“Fuck you, and your sloppy old cunt too,” Stacy said.

In one firm stroke, Cindy pushed the rest of the hard phallus deep into Stacy’s pussy until the rubber balls slapped Stacy’s ass. “You’re the one about to get fucked, bitch!”

“Mmmmfffftt!” Stacy exclaimed. Her pussy was so full! Her tight little kitty was stretched to the limit! “Oh, fuck did that fill me up!” She said, rolling her hips and wiggling her pussy all over the fake dick. She felt it moving inside of her as she gyrated. She imaged her future, with night after night experiencing this new feeling – having her pussy filled up with hard cock. It suddenly made her feel more mature. “Mmmmm-mmmm!” she moaned, humping the phallus gently.

Cindy began to fuck her friend. She knew Stacy wouldn’t last long, being so horny for so long. She fucked her with long, firm and steady strokes, wiggling her ass left and right keeping her pretty eyes focused on her friend’s pussy and the hard cock sliding in and out.

“Mmmmm,” Stacy moaned again. She loved it. She loved getting fucked. She cupped her breasts and stared lovingly up at Cindy. “It feels so good, Cin! I didn’t know fucking would feel so good!”

“It’s going to get a lot better.” Cindy began to her fuck faster and harder. Stacy inhaled deeply, let it out slowly, and started panting like a dog. The cock was doing something to her insides. Cindy reached down and began to massage Stacy’s cunt, feeling for her clit. She smiled at her lover and watched Stacy’s small breasts and fat nipples swaying back and for with each thrust. She pumped a couple time very hard, just to watch her titties jiggle.

“Oh, you are going to make me cum, Cin!” Stacy moaned, closing her eyes and recognizing her imminent climax.

Cindy used a single thumb to rub all around the slippery folds of Stacy’s pussy. She then reached over and grabbed something with her other hand. She smiled to herself.


Stacy opened her eyes.

Cindy smiled and waved the pink vibrator at Stacy. She slowly reached towards Stacy’s pussy and placed it near her clit.

“OMG!” Stacy exclaimed and began humping against the fat cock stuffed up her cunt. Cindy pushed the vibrator up and down Stacy’s slit. When it made contact with the cock, the buzzing sound became lower and the staccato bursts of energy sent shivers into Stacy’s gut. The vibrations triggered her climax. She closed her eyes again, rolled her head back, and an intense orgasm crashed over her!

“Nnnnngggghhh!” Stacy grunted. Her pussy quivered, her clitoris swelled and her body shook. “I’m cumming!” she yelled. “Oh, fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me faster!” Another orgasm consumed her, then another. Cindy fucked her fast and furiously until she was sweating. She pressed the vibrator against Stacy’s pussy, sending stimulating vibrations down to the fat cock inside of her and making her entire pussy hum. Cindy pressed the toy against Stacy’s clit, rubbing it back and forth as she fuck her friend hard and fast.

“Aaaahhhiiiiiieeee!” Stacy cried, “Yes, yes! Oh god, yes!” Her body convulsed and shook a few times. “Oh! Unnngggg! Yes!” She shuddered. She came again! Her exclamations of “Yes! Yes!” were soon followed by “Enough, enough!” and finally, “Stop, please stop!” She couldn’t take it anymore. The feelings were too intense. She had come so hard, her poor little pussy and clitoris were too sensitive and spent.

Cindy pulled away the vibrator away and stopped thrusting. She watched Stacy panting heavily and held still until Stacy recovered. Eventually, she pulled the fat cock from Stacy’s pussy. She noticed Stacy’s gaping hole.

“I guess your sloppy cunt isn’t tight anymore, is it whore?” Cindy said.

“Fuck you and your big, rubber dick,” Stacy sighed, and added softly, but loud enough for Cindy to hear, “…you fucking slut…”

Cindy climbed out of bed slowly, her body exhausted. She dropped the dildo harness where she stood. It fell with a “Clump!” and then she turned off the light. She crawled into bed and spooned her smaller friend, covering her protectively. They soon drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms, sexually satisfied, and breathing deep.

Next-door, from the vantage point of his upper window, Mr. Wilson, turned off his video recorder and monitor. He took off the headphones attached to his parabolic microphone. He would have some great audio to go along with the amazing video. With all the high-definition pictures and the poolside action he recorded earlier today, he was sitting on a pornographic gold-mine. He could easily afford to pay the girls whatever amount they wanted when he sold it. And, if they were interested, he knew a lot ways the two could earn even more money; after all, hot, teenage girls were always in high demand.

He sighed wearily and wiped-up his fourth cum-load of the day. He would have to remember to re-fill his Viagra prescription soon. He was looking forward to see what tomorrow would bring. Anything was possible with Cindy and Stacy!

© Copyright Undeniable Urges, 2015 - 2020. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Undeniable Urges, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow


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very hot detailed story :emot_hard:
Imagne being their neighbor

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The Daring Naughty Sleepover 6 (ff, Mff, exhibitionist, voyeur)

Summary – Cindy and Stacy start their new job cleaning for Mr. Wilson.

Previous Chapter Summary – The two young girls continue their naughty sleepover. Teasing boys and putting on a nighttime show for their neighbor, Mr. Wilson.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

“Ding Dong!”

“Ding Dong!”

“Who the fuck is ringing the doorbell this early?” Cindy asked, putting down her toast. She was sitting at the kitchen counter with her friend Stacy. The two sexy teenagers were wearing only their panties, knowing they still had some time alone before their daring, naughty, sleepover came to an end.

“Could it be your mom and dad already?” Stacy asked. She tried to cover her cone shaped breasts with her arms, but one large protruding nipple escaped.

“No, definitely not. They wouldn’t ring the bell, silly.” Cindy dismissed the thought, thinking of all the new skimpy clothes, shoes, lingerie, and sex toys laying on the floor of her bedroom. She stood up quickly, making her large, soft, breasts jiggle slightly. She covered he tits as best she could and walked to the living room to peek out of the window. Stacy followed her, hunched over low, trying to remain unseen.

“It’s Mr. Wilson!” Cindy said, peering through the curtains. “OMG!”

“What the fuck is he doing here?” asked Stacy.

“Probably wants to look at our tits again,” Cindy said, straighten up with relief. “Just a second!” she yelled loudly. “Stacy,” she hissed, “Let’s go get on some clothes, quick!”

Stacy stood still, unmoved. “It’s Mr. Wilson, Cindy,” Stacy said. “He’s seen your big, fat, tits more times than your momma.”

“Oh yeah, you’re right!” Cindy said. Then she added, “He’s seen a lot more than my big, fat, titties!” She cupped her large, soft breasts, remembering Stacy fucking her with the strap-on last night while he spied on them.

Cindy’s next door neighbor, Mr. Wilson, was a kind, older man who had lost his wife years ago. They had recently agreed to a business proposition where they would clean his house and get paid extravagantly for it - if they let him look at their tight young bodies while dressed in their sexy new clothes. All the new stuff in Cindy’s room was purchased on his credit card, and last night they had put on a very special show for him with the promise of even more money.

It was only yesterday morning, about this same time, when he had his first view of the two, sexy teenage girls. They were naked and thought they were invisible behind the large picture window facing the street. Then, he caught them walking around dressed like cheap sluts and whores and ended up driving them to the mall, with the promise of new clothes, while the two young teenagers flashed him their tits and naked pussies.

The girls liked his lecherous attention; it made them feel sexy and desirable, and it gave them a thrill and a sense of feminine power, knowing they could give men and boys hard-ons whenever they wanted to (and, they always wanted to).

Cindy and Stacy walked to the door and opened it wide; uninhibited, and proudly showing off their young bodies. Mr. Wilson looked at the gorgeous teenagers a moment before quickly stepping inside and closing the door behind him.

Stacy toyed with her nipples while smiling at him. They had already earned a couple hundred dollars each from him, plus all stuff from the mall, and she wanted to keep him happy. Chuck smiled back at her, looked at her gorgeous tits, then Cindy’s.  He cleared his throat.

“Your mom and dad wanted me to check up on you guys. They’ve been trying to reach you all morning, Cindy.”

“I didn’t hear my phone ringing.  Oh no! Where’s my phone, Stacy?” Cindy asked, panicked. While she went to look for it, Stacy dialed her number using her own phone. Cindy heard it buzzing from the couch cushions. “Oh, there it is!” she said, relieved. “I remember now. I tossed it after the phone call with Kevin!”

“Who’s Kevin?” Mr. Wilson asked. He was curious. He didn’t think they were allowed to have boyfriends.

“Just a boy at school,” Cindy said, avoiding the topic.

“We pranked called him last night, Mr. Wilson,” Stacy said, playing with her big, fat nipples again until they were hard. “We got him to jack-off over the phone… again…,” she said coyly.

“Stacy!” Cindy said.

“It’s only Mr. Wilson. He’s cool,” Stacy said. “Right, Mr. Wilson?”

“Call me Chuck, or Uncle Chuck,” he reminded them. “Yeah, I’m cool.”

“Wanna know what else we did?” Stacy asked.

“Stacy…,” warned Cindy.

“We gave the pizza delivery guy a boner!” Stacy exclaimed. “And the Chinese food guy!”

“On purpose?” Chuck asked.

“Of course,” Stacy said.

“It’s fun giving guys boners!” Cindy added, now toying with her nipples too.

“You girls are something else,” Mr. Wilson chuckled. “You’ve given me a lot of them.” These two teenagers were going to be a lot of fun.

“Oh, I spoke to your mother, Cindy. She said it was OK with her if you clean my house for me. I lied and told her I paying you guys $20 a week, each. She thought it was too much, but I insisted, especially with doing my laundry and walking my dog.”

“Thanks Chuck!” Cindy gave Mr. Wilson a kiss on the cheek. Stacy followed. Mr. Wilson gave them both an affectionate hug, feeling their firm, youthful, nakedness pressed against him. He sighed when they pulled away. Both girls looked down at his crotch and stared.  He was sporting a very noticeable bulge. They grinned at each other.

Cindy never noticed how good looking Chuck was before, eying him up and down. His stomach was flat, he had firm muscles, a nice dick, and the little bit of grey at his temples made him look very handsome and distinguished.

“Oh, speaking of boners, thanks for the show last night,” he said, looking each girl with his eyes sparkling. Cindy blushed. Stacy beamed.

Stacy wanted to get him harder. “Do we get a tip, Uncle Chuck?” Stacy asked, flicking her nipples and then rubbing her crotch. “A bit, fat, tip…?”

Mr. Wilson considered that he would love to give them both a big, fat, dick, as he stared at Stacy. She was ready for some hard dick, he thought. She was so daring, sexual, and loved to tease. Then, he composed himself. He reached into his back pocket. “Of course you do! Here!” He flashed them a thick wad of bills. “Thanks for the great show!” He said, as he peeled off $500 in crisp $100 bills. “You two were fantastic!”

“Wow!” Stacy said.

“Holy fuck, Uncle Chuck!” Cindy exclaimed.

“What else can we do for you, Uncle Chuck?” Stacy smiled coyly.

Cindy knew there were a whole lot of things Uncle Chuck might want them to do.

“Well, how about cleaning my house, for starters, like we talked about? Your folks won’t be home until late this afternoon, so come over about lunchtime. Bring any of the new things you want to hide from your parents and you can stash them at my place.”

“Can we earn another tip?” Stacy asked, wetting her finger and tracing around her nipples and then blowing on them until they were even harder. Her nipples where huge and taut, sitting on top of her small cone shaped breasts like big, sweet, cherries.

“Absolutely,” Chuck said. “Like I told you before, I have plenty of money, but no pretty girls to look at and share it with.”

Stacy walked over to Cindy and began bouncing Cindy’s fat breasts up and down.

“Stacy!” Cindy hissed, trying to push her away. Stacy giggled and pinched Cindy’s nipples. Cindy sighed, put down her arms and let Stacy show off for Uncle Chuck. Her titties flopped, bounced and jiggled. Chuck smiled. Cindy winked at him and blew him a kiss.

The girls knew they were having an effect on him. Two sexy, young, girls dressed only in their panties? They looked down at his crotch and discovered his cock was fully hard in his pants now. It was big and fat, snaking down his left leg.

“Ok, see you at noon!” he said, reluctant to leave. “Oh, and call your parents – both of you. Stacy, if you need a ride home or anything, let me know.” He left and closed the door behind him.

“Did you see the size of his dick?” Cindy asked her friend. “It was like, this big!” she held out her hands, estimating his size.

“It’s even bigger up close!” Stacy squealed. “Boner number thirteen! Or is it fourteen?”

“I forget,” Cindy said, “There has been so many boners lately!”

“That’s a good thing, right?” Stacy said.


They giggled.

After finishing their breakfast, they called their parents, hung out a while, and then packed their stuff. They took another long shower together, dried their hair, and put on some fresh make-up. Then, it was almost time to visit Mr. Wilson.

”What should we wear?” Stacy asked.

“Well, if we are really going to clean, something sensible. If we are just going over there to give Uncle Chuck another hard-on, we should wear something sexy.” She thought about it some more. “Just put on some sexy underwear for now,” Cindy decided. “We can change when we get there.”

“That should give him another boner,” Stacy said, imagining her and Cindy changing in front of Mr. Wilson. She was already getting wet.

The girls walked next door carrying their bags and rang the doorbell. Mr. Wilson quickly answered and invited the girls inside his home. Cindy and Stacy smiled at him, feeling a little embarrassed about what they were going to do. Mr. Wilson made them feel very comfortable and safe, showed them around his house and then led them to his spare bedroom overlooking Cindy’s bedroom window.

“Wow, what a view!” Stacy said, peering out the window and looking down onto Cindy’s bedroom. Her bed was perfectly framed below the window. She had no doubt Mr. Wilson saw every detail of their lovemaking session last night. She inspected the window pane for splattered drops of cum before turning back smiling.

“I certainly enjoyed the view last night,” Mr. Wilson said.

“I know you did,” Stacy said giggling. “You missed a spot!”

“Ahem,” Mr. Wilson cleared his throat uncomfortably and said, “Girls, this is your room for whenever you want to use it. And of course, to store your things.” He opened his arms and pointed out the closet, the dresser, and of course, the bed. He knew the girls would also need some privacy for their sexual trysts, away from the prying eyes and ears of their parents. “Here is a house-key for each of you.” He handed them the keys to his home. “You can use it anytime, just tell your parents you are walking my dog or something.”

“Where is your little dog?” Cindy asked. “He’s so cute!”

“Fred is in the backyard for now,” Mr. Wilson said.

“Uncle Chuck,” Cindy said, putting down her bags and accepting the key, “How much cleaning are we going to do for you?”

“Well, you’re getting paid to clean, do the laundry, and do…, uh…, other things, right?”

“Right.” Cindy and Stacy agreed.

“So, for starters, how about you vacuum the carpets, dust the furniture and wash and dry my dirty clothes?” Chuck said.

“Sounds fair,” replied Cindy.

“Great! The vacuum and cleaning supplies are in the hall closet. I already put the laundry in the laundry room. If you need anything, just let me know. Oh, and there are a couple of new outfits in the closet for you.”

“How’d you know our size?” Stacy asked.

Chuck pulled the mall receipts out of his pocket for the things they had purchased on his credit card and shook one out. It was over a foot long, unfolded. “Your sizes are right here,” he said with a grin.

“Oh!” Stacy replied, a little embarrassed for how much they had spent. Chuck, of course, had counted on their guilty reaction, hoping to see more of their tender, teenage, flesh this afternoon.

“I’ll be downstairs watching TV,” he said. “Oh, my den is off-limits. It’s the room in the back just off the kitchen. I want you girls to stay out of it. Am I clear?” he said sternly.

“Yes, Uncle Chuck,” the girls replied. Chuck smiled sweetly at them and left them alone in the spare bedroom.

Cindy looked around and opened the empty dresser drawers. She began putting their new underwear and vibrators away. Stacy opened the closet. “OMG!” she squealed.

“What,” Cindy replied, turning around. Her mouth fell open. Hanging in the closet were two skimpy maid’s outfits.

“He wants us to wear those?” Cindy asked.

“You asked for them, slut, remember?” Stacy said.

“I was just kidding around!” Cindy exclaimed.

“Well, I’m wearing it. It’s sexy,” Stacy said. “It will feel like just like Halloween!” she added, already deciding to wear it the next ‘Tricks-or-Treats.’

Cindy and Stacy helped each other into the cute, skimpy outfits; all in black and white with a very short skirt, low neckline, a cute bonnet, fishnet stocking and black Mary Jane heels.

“Hmmm, I’m skipping the panties,” Cindy said, fingering the flimsy see-through material, deciding to give Chuck a thrill. She felt very indebted to him already. So what if he stares at her naked pussy?

“I’m wearing mine, for now,” Stacy said. Cindy had no doubt her more daring friend would be losing them before long.

The two hung-up the rest of their clothes in the closet. As Cindy was bending over to grab a pair of shoes from one of the bags, she said, “How do I look?” and wiggled her ass.

“Cindy! I can see your pussy clear as day!” Stacy said.

“Perfect!” replied Cindy smiling.

Dressed in their new outfits, the two young girls descended the stairs and called out to Mr. Wilson.

“We’re ready, Chuck!” Stacy said as they walked into the living room.

Chuck gave a long, shrill wolf-whistle. “You girls look great!”

Cindy and Stacy did a little twirl and showed off their sexy outfits.

“Hey, girls, mind if I get a picture?” he asked, picking up a strategically placed camera.

“Well, I don’t….” Cindy started to say before Stacy interrupted her.

“Sure!” Stacy exclaimed, posing for Mr. Wilson. “Can I have a copy for my scrap-book?” Stacy put her hand on her hip to show off her curves. “Come on, Cindy, I want a picture of the two of us together!”

“Who’s going to see these pictures, Uncle Chuck?” Cindy asked.

“Just me,” Mr. Wilson replied. “To look at when I’m lonely.”

“You mean when you’re horny!” Stacy said, knowing Mr. Wilson would probably be jacking-off to her pictures right after they left. It turned her on. “Are you going to stroke your dick while you look at them Chuck?”

Chuck turned red with embarrassment.

“And only you are going to see them, nobody else?” Cindy asked again.

“Just me, and, well…, if you don’t mind…, maybe a few of my close friends,” Chuck added.

“Ooooh!” Stacy said. “Think of it Cindy! A bunch of guys getting horny and jacking-off looking at us!” She felt her pussy twitch and get wet.

“Sure, it’s really hot, but…” Cindy said. She was worried about the pictures being posted and her family and friends seeing them.

“They will pay you for the pictures, of course,” Mr. Wilson added. “And, it will all be very, very private and discreet. Your parents would never find out.”

“How much will they pay us?” Stacy asked. Mr. Wilson had already given her more money than she ever had in her life. Visions of a new convertible popped into her teenage brain.

“Yeah, how much, Chuck?” Cindy said, her resistance weakening. She knew kind, old, Mr. Wilson would never harm them.

“Well, for a regular fashion photo shoot, where the two of you are not naked or anything? Probably a fifty to a hundred dollars.”

“Each?” Cindy asked.

“No, for the whole session,” Mr. Wilson said.

“That’s all?” Stacy whined.

“Now, if you were naked and doing sexy things? Probably a couple hundred each…, maybe more,” Mr. Wilson said.

“How much more?” Stacy asked. She loved showing off her body and making guys horny; getting paid for it would just be a bonus!

“It depends,” Mr. Wilson began, “Two pretty young girls like yourselves, doing the same things you did last night? If you could find the right buyers? At the least, $500 to $1000 each. More if you had sex with some guys. And, people pay a lot more for videos.”

“How do you know so much, Uncle Chuck?” Cindy asked, wondering about her neighbor’s past.

“I used to work in Hollywood a long time ago. I started out doing photography and then camera work, then I ended up doing some porn shoots, just for the extra money. Even little directing. Nothing too spectacular. But I got to know some people around the world who are into that kind of stuff…, California, New York,  Germany, the Netherlands, Dubai…,” Chuck said. “If you want, I could take a few pictures and show them around to my contacts. Then you would have an idea of what your pictures are worth before deciding. It is all up to you.”

“Let’s do it Cindy! Think of the money!” Stacy squealed.

“Mmmm,” Cindy thought. “It would be cool to takes some sexy pictures. And the money sounds good. I guess it would be OK, Uncle Chuck!”

“Great!” Mr. Wilson said. He quickly directed the girls to pose for him before they could change their minds. He set his camera to take videos, knowing he could always print off a frame or two for the girls. Chuck couldn’t believe how photogenic the girls were. They smiled, acted sexy and even flashed their tits, panties and pussies. When he asked them to share a kiss, he almost had to separate the two of them.

“OK, I have enough for now. I’ll take some more shots while you are cleaning.” Mr. Wilson said, not even trying to hide his growing erection.

Cindy and Stacy started cleaning Mr. Wilson’s home. Cindy started a load of laundry while Stacy began dusting. She smiled at Mr. Wilson as he followed her around with his camera filming her. She made sure to bend over often, to dust imaginary items near the floor. She also reached up high and stood on her toes, turning to see Mr. Wilson putting the camera up her skirt.

Cindy returned in time to catch Stacy peeling off her panties with Mr. Wilson right behind her pointing the camera right at her pussy.

“That didn’t take you long, whore,” Cindy said.

“How can I be expected to work in soaking wet panties?” Stacy teased. She tossed the panties to Mr. Wilson. He sniffed them before putting them in his pocket.

“Sorry, I don’t have any panties to give you, see?” Cindy said. She bent over showing off her perfect pussy and ass. She wiggled her butt at the camera. Stacy got next to her and bent over as well, giggling.

Mr. Wilson filmed both of their gorgeous pussies; together, and then zooming to one and then the other. He could see the wetness oozing out of their nearly hairless twats. They were really getting off on this! He was already scheming how to turn all the videos he had taken into a full length porn film.

He finally decided to sit down and enjoy the sexy show, leaving his camera on and within easy reach for some extra filler scenes.

Cindy and Stacy made sure to clean extra carefully around where he sat. Stacy made a show of vacuuming back and forth, bending over and ‘accidentally’ letting her tits fall out of her top. Her fat nipples hardened. Mr. Wilson’s cock became uncomfortably hard in his pants.

“Hey, girls? Do you mind if I…? You know…,” he pointed to his groin. “I’m feeling really cramped up down there.”

“Another boner, Cindy,” Stacy whispered. “Should we let him? You know what?”

Cindy was curious to see Mr. Wilson’s hard cock up-close. They had watched him jacking-off at his window yesterday but she wanted a better view.

“Of course you can, Uncle Chuck!” Cindy smiled. “We don’t mind.”

“Yeah, do what you have to do!” Stacy said. “Just don’t forget our big, fat tips!” She pointed her tits directly as him.

Cindy and Stacy pretended to ignore Mr. Wilson as he fumbled with his zipper and pulled out his cock. They could see him stroking it slowly as he watched them clean. Both girls made sure to flash a lot of flesh as they pretended to clean.

“OMG,” Stacy whispered to Cindy after working her way close to her friend. “I can’t believe he’s jerking his cock right there in front of us.”

“It’s so fucking hot,” Cindy replied. She put her arms around Stacy and the two shared a kiss, running their hands over each other’s breasts and asses.

“I’m getting a closer look,” Stacy said, breaking their embrace. She noticed Mr. Wilson was taking their pictures again. She casually made her way closer to Mr. Wilson with Cindy not far behind her. She dusted the table at the far end of the couch, eying his cock nonchalantly. Feeling brave, Stacy strutted right past him and dusted the table next to him, bending over low and letting her perky little tits sway slightly. She pretended not to notice. Mr. Wilson filmed her firm breasts and fat, puffy, nipples up close. His cock surged with blood. He pulled his shorts and underwear down to his ankles, spreading his legs to get more comfortable.

Cindy came over and dusted the same table Stacy has previously cleaned and slowly made her way near Mr. Wilson too. She couldn’t believe how big his cock was! It was bigger than the dildo they had used last night! Seeing Stacy’s breasts exposed, she too bent over to dust the table next to him. When he pointed his camera at her, Cindy gave her black and white trimmed maid’s blouse a quick tug. Her large, round, breasts popped out.

“Oops!” she said, but left them hanging out, swaying back and forth, like Stacy had done.

Both girls were now openly staring at Mr. Wilson jacking off, one on either side of him.

“Oh, look at that dirty thing!” Stacy exclaimed with a sly smile. “I better clean it!” To Cindy’s surprise, Stacy began to dust Mr. Wilson’s cock with her feather duster, watching Mr. Wilson’s hand sliding up and down his rock-hard cock.

Not to be left out, Cindy chimed, “Oh, yes, it’s very, very dirty.” She began to tickle Mr. Wilson’s cock with her feather duster as well.

“Hmmm, those look dirty too!” Cindy exclaimed and began to dust Mr. Wilson’s big, hairy balls as they were tugged up and down with each stroke.

“Ohhhh, girls!” Mr. Wilson panted. He watched Cindy and Stacy intently watching him stroke his cock. The stared at his thick shaft. They watched mesmerized as his hand slide up and down his hard man-flesh. They noticed the loose skin being pulled up and over his dark-red, flared glans. His oozing pre-cum made his cock-head slick and shiny.

Mr. Wilson groaned. Two sets of perfect teenage breasts were so close to him, but so far out of reach. He watched the two teasing girls lick their lips with lust and he imagined those same lips wrapped around his cock. His balls tingled. His cock pulsed. He was going to cum. Mr. Wilson decided not to warn the girls. He wanted to see their surprised expression. Cindy bent closer, her breasts swaying before him. The tingling intensified and spread to his groin. The cum surged up from his balls. His prostate clenched, forcefully ejecting his sperm. It shot through his piss-slit, sending a thick wad of cum up into the air.

Stacy flinched when the glob of goo landed on the back of her hand.

Mr. Wilson subtly pointed his cock towards the innocent, slutty girls, aiming for Cindy’s heavy breasts. The sperm shot from his cock, arced up and over and splattered on her tits. Both girls stepped back. Mr. Wilson jerked his cock, sending more cum up into the air, landing on the couch and his thighs. He spurted again and again. Having the two girls so close and watching him made it even more exciting. Cindy and Stacy stared at his erupting cock, watching his cum fly! All too soon his orgasm weaken and the last few spurts shot up only a few inches and fell down to land on his balls. The rest of his potent cream gushed in thick flows from his cock and oozed down his shaft, coating his hand.

“Wow!” Cindy exclaimed.

“Shit!” Stacy said. “That was so cool Uncle Chuck!”

“Uh, thanks, I guess,” Mr. Wilson stammered. Now that he had cum, he was feeling a little embarrassed. “I’m sorry I…” He was about to apologize for sperming on them, but needn’t have worried.

“Do all guys shoot that much?” Stacy asked, looking and the cum puddles in Mr. Wilson’s pubic hair, balls, and seeing it dripping onto his couch.

“And so hard?” Cindy asked, looking at her cum-splattered tits. “It really came out!”

“I’m a above average, so I’ve been told,” Mr. Wilson humbly acknowledged. “I’ll just go get cleaned-up now.”

“No, you stay right here!” Stacy said. “You hired us as your maids, it’s our job to do the cleaning!”

“But, Stacy!” Cindy started to protest, but her friend quickly pulled her away and into the kitchen.

“Wasn’t that cool?” Stacy squealed. “Look, I got cum on my hand!”

“It was really, really cool,” Cindy agreed. “Look at my tits! He came all over them!” She showed Stacy her cum-splattered breasts.

Stacy lifted her hand to smell the thick wad of cum resting on the back of her hand. She sniffed it. Then, she sniffed it again. She put a finger in it and felt its consistency. Then, she licked her finger. She decided she didn’t taste enough to make a decision about it, and suddenly licked it up, leaving nothing but a wet spot on the back of her hand!

“Stacy!” Cindy exclaimed, watching her friend roll the man-cream around in her mouth, tasting it quizzically. Then, Cindy watched her swallow.

“It’s really weird tasting,” Stacy said thoughtfully. “But it’s not too bad. Try it.” Then she added, “Why do you think I pulled you in here anyway?”

Cindy looked down at the sperm on her breasts since Stacy didn’t leave any on her hand for her to try.

“Oh, go on, slut,” Stacy encouraged. “You know you want to taste it! You said so yourself!”

Cindy lifted a heavy boob to her lips. She licked a wet spot on her breasts, and then latched her lips around a cum covered nipple. She sucked her nipple hard and then declared, “Hmm, I could learn to like it.”.

“You may have just earned a promotion!” Stacy exclaimed. “You can be a cum-slut now, instead of a plain old slut.” Cindy stuck out her tongue at Stacy. Her friend continued, “Let’s get you cleaned-up, then we can go clean-up Uncle Chuckie.” Stacy smiled at her friend and then began lapping at Cindy’s sperm-splattered tits.

“Oh, you cum-whore!” Cindy said.

Stacy cleaned Cindy with her tongue and fingers, feeding Cindy and letting her suck her fingers. Then, they shared a cum flavored kiss. They were getting themselves extremely horny.

Stacy quickly got two warm, soapy, washcloths ready. While she wiped Cindy’s breasts, Cindy asked, “Why do you want to clean his slimy old cock for anyway?”

“Don’t you want to touch it?” Stacy asked. “I do.”

“Oh, you are so sneaky! Yeah, I do too,” Cindy quietly admitted.

“Well, now’s our chance,” Stacy said.

They adjusted their outfits and returned to the living room. Mr. Wilson was waiting for them, his wet cum growing cold on his cock and dripping onto his balls. Stacy knelt before him and Cindy quickly followed. Stacy took a deep, nervous breath and met Cindy’s eye; she was having second thoughts. Stacy looked at Mr. Wilson’s semi-soft, wet, penis. Being so close, she could smell his cum and she remembered the strange taste of it still in her mouth. Her mind shouted ‘No!’ but her hungry little pussy whispered to her; ‘Yes, yes, yes…’

Stacy had to do it. She wasn’t going to the opportunity to touch a cock pass by. Stacy reached out a tentative hand to wipe Mr. Wilson’s limp cock with the rag. She pressed it against his cock.

 “Oh, it’s warm.” Mr. Wilson said. “That feels nice.”

Encouraged, Stacy smiled and dabbed at the mess he has made, then realizing she needed to be more aggressive to clean him properly, she wiped the rag across groin and around his cock.

Cindy watched for only a moment before reaching to wipe his balls. No way was Stacy going to out-slut her or she’d never hear the end of it. Besides, she thought his big, hairy nut-sack was fascinating. Cindy noticed some sperm on the couch and quickly wiped it up too. Then, she gently massaged his balls again before dabbing the wet cloth onto Mr. Wilson’s cock. She suddenly had an idea on how to out-slut Stacy.

“Uncle Chuck,” Cindy began. “I need to move your penis so I can clean your balls properly. I know we said ‘no touching’ but…”

“Oh, that only applied to you guys,” he replied. “You can touch me all you want, Cindy. You too Stacy.”

Cindy grinned and picked up Mr. Wilson’s cock by the head. She then held it gently while she washed underneath it. She changed her grip to grasp his shaft, amazed at the softness of it, when it was so hard just minutes ago.

“Here, I’ll hold it for you while you clean him, Cindy,” Stacy said, reaching her hand to grip Mr. Wilson’s cock.

“That’s OK, I got it,” Cindy replied, not letting Stacy get her hands on her cock. Since she took the initiative, she felt like it belonged to her, at least for a little while.

“But I want to help!” Stacy whined.

“Fine!” Cindy answered. “In a minute, but just for a little while!” She wrapped her hand around his shaft and wiped him clean.

“Come on, it’s my turn now!” Stacy whined. Cindy reluctantly let go. Stacy grabbed it quickly, in case Cindy changed her mind

“It’s so cool!” Stacy said, running her fingers up and down Mr. Wilson’s cock. Stacy was reminded of Kevin jacking off his cock over the phone, and began to stroke Mr. Wilson like she assumed Kevin did.

Mr. Wilson’s felt his tired cock returning to life. How could it not, watching two innocent teenagers play with his cock? While their attention was diverted, he surreptitiously picked up his camera, wanting to get some good close-up action.

“There, all clean,” Cindy said, giving Mr. Wilson’s cock a final swipe.

Stacy continued to stroke him.

“Stacy, I said he’s clean now,” Cindy repeated.

Stacy stared at Mr. Wilson’s cock, her eyes widening.


Stacy kept stroking him. “He’s getting hard again,” she whispered. She felt the heavy flesh growing larger in her hands.

“No way! Already?” Cindy exclaimed. She thought guys needed a rest between orgasms, and since Mr. Wilson was so old, she assumed he was done for a long time. “Hey, we made another boner! Let me feel it too!”

Stacy reluctantly let go of Mr. Wilson’s swelling penis. Cindy wrapped her hand around it and began stroking it. She too felt it growing in her hand. “It’s so warm! I can feel it getting bigger!”

“That’s what happens inside the guy’s pants when we make them horny,” Stacy whispered in awe.

Mr. Wilson’s cock filled with blood, his arousal rising. Stacy reached in. Soon, both hands fit on his large cock comfortably, with room to spare. He was hard.

“It’s so big!”

“And so hard! Well, and kinda soft at the same time”

“Look at the veins!”

“Look at his pee-hole.”

“Wow, this is so cool!”

 “Does it feel good, Chuck?” Cindy whispered. “Are we doing it right?”

“Oh, yes!” Mr. Wilson grunted.

“I’m going in, Cindy, don’t try to stop me!” Stacy said.

Stacy opened her mouth and went down on Mr. Wilson’s cock!

“You whore! I was going to do that first!” Cindy whined. She had been thinking of how to out-slut her friend, and, knowing how badly they wanted to suck cock together, she was just about to take Mr. Wilson’s cock into her mouth. “What’s it taste like, Stacy?”

Stacy paused her gentle sucking and licking. “Tastes like soap,” she said, before wrapping her lips around his flared cock-head and sucking it. She moaned and licked his glans, tasting the pre-cum oozing from his slit. She moaned again.

“My turn now, whore,” Cindy said, jealous of Stacy’s enjoyment. Stacy moved over and Cindy took Mr. Wilson’s large cock into her mouth. She felt the spongy head and licked all around it.

“Does it feel good, Uncle Chuck?” Stacy asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Mr. Wilson replied. “Just watch out for your teeth, go as deep as you can and pay special attention to the head.”


“And, its real nice when you play with my balls too.”

“Oh, I like balls!” Cindy said. “They are so cool!”

The girls were soon lost in lust. They sucked and licked, tickled and slurped. Their pussies were wet. The shared a passionate kiss, tasting more pre-cum, and taking turns sucking Mr. Wilson’s cock and fondling his balls.

“Do guys like a girl sucking on their balls too?” Cindy asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Mr. Wilson replied. He spread his legs and scooted to the edge of the couch. His large, heavy ball sack hung low. Cindy lapped at it, then took a nut into her mouth, sucking gently.

“Balls taste like soap, too!” she giggled, before sucking on his other hairy nut.

“You’re going to make me cum if you too keep that up,” Mr. Wilson warned.

“Another wet spot,” Cindy said.

“Good thing we got the rags already,” Stacy said.

“Who needs rags?” said Cindy.  She nudged Stacy out of the way and looked up at Mr. Wilson. “I want you to cum in my mouth, Uncle Chuck,” She opened her mouth and wiggled her tongue. That will show Stacy who’s the biggest slut, she thought.

“You fucking slut!” Stacy said, wishing she’d thought if it first.

Cindy smiled at her friend and then gripped Mr. Wilson’s throbbing cock. She began bobbing her head up and down on it, sucking it and encircling his glans with her tongue. Feeling Mr. Wilson clench his thigh and raise up off the couch a bit, she started bobbing and sucking faster. She pushed as much cock as she could into the back of her throat until she began to gag. Then, she did it again, and then again even deeper. Cindy felt the cock spreading her throat muscles. She took a breath, relaxed and pushed it deeper, until the thick cock-head pushed past her tonsils and into her throat.

Stacy watched her friend sucking Mr. Wilson’s cock with both envy and admiration. She was amazed Cindy could fit almost the whole thing down her throat! She watched Cindy bobbing her blonde head up and down, faster and faster. Not wanting to be left out, Stacy fondled Mr. Wilson’s balls.

“Oh, shit! Uhhhh. Here it comes!” Mr. Wilson warned. “Oh,” he grunted, then “Aaaaaaahhhhhh!”

Cindy’s eyes grew wide as the first warm spurt of thick cum filled her mouth. Before she could decide whether to spit or swallow, another heavy spurt filled her mouth as more of Mr. Wilson’s potent sperm erupted from his cock.

“Mmmmmfffff!” Cindy struggled to gulp it down, but there was so much of it! Some leaked out of both corners of her mouth. It was either that or she risked having it come out of her nose!

“Hey, save some for me!” Stacy cried. She nudged Cindy away, who was only happy to give up the erupting penis so she could deal with the warm thick mouthful threatening to make her choke.

As Cindy pulled her lips from Mr. Wilson’s turgid member, another glob of cum flew from his cock-head and splattered on her face. Stacy quickly took Cindy’s place between his legs and bravely opened her mouth; she was about to clamp her lips around the spewing flesh when another squirt was pumped out by Mr. Wilson’s ball sack. It splashed across Stacy’s lips and cheek. She fell upon the shaft before any more of the gooey baby-batter could escape.

Stacy too was taken by surprise as the rich, warm, cum spurted into her mouth. Another forceful squirt threatened to make her gag, so she too pulled away. Seeing the girls only staring at his sex organ instead of pleasuring it, Mr. Wilson grabbed his dick with one hand and his camera with the other. He stood up to save the remnants of his orgasm and jacked his cock above the girl’s faces.

 Cindy and Stacy automatically opened their mouths, looking like professional porn stars and accepted his cummy offering. His sperm gushed out in heavy rivulets, plopping onto Cindy and Stacy’s surprised faces. Thick cum landed on their cheeks, lips and waiting tongues. The girls leaned their heads together, delighted with the sperm shower they were receiving. The last eruptions gushed from Mr. Wilson’s cock a few more times, dripping and dribbling onto Cindy and Stacy’s smiling faces. He squeezed and shook out the last drops into their waiting tongues, with each girl then licking and sucking his cock appreciatively.

The girls looked at each other’s heavily splattered and speckled faces, first with a smile and then with sudden passion. They embraced each other and kissed furiously, their smoldering arousals igniting. Their sopping wet pussies were swollen and engorged with their urgent sexual desires.

They stood up holding hands. Their faces were flushed with passion and tinged with a little embarrassment.

“Uh…,” Stacy stammered. “We’ll be back in a little while, Mr. Wilson.”

“Yeah,” Cindy said. “We’re going to…, uh…, change our clothes.”

“Yeah!” Stacy said, tugging Cindy’s hand impatiently. The two ran to the stairs giggling uncontrollably.

Mr. Wilson watched them leave and then heard the bedroom door slam. All of them knew what Cindy and Stacy were going to do in the privacy of his spare bedroom. He washed up and then went into his den to check the video feed from the multiple cameras hidden in the bedroom – he had spent most of yesterday afternoon setting up the high-definition cameras throughout the house, with special care taken in the bedroom and living room. With today’s footage and the film he already had of the two teenage girls, he might soon have enough for a full-length movie.

He went to his audio/video room and sat at his console. He put on his headphones and then powered on all four of his video monitors. He switched on the multiple video feeds and sat back to watch the show. It was a good thing he had taken a Viagra before the girls visit, as he felt he had at least one more orgasm inside of him yet.

“OMG!” Stacy said. “That was so fucking hot!”

“I know! I can’t believe we sucked his cock!” Cindy said. “You know what that means - we’re ‘cock-suckers’ now!”

“I’m glad we did it together, cock-sucker,” Stacy said. She gave Cindy a hug and the two embraced a moment, then pulled away.

Cindy lifted up her skirt and slid a finger up and down her slit. “My pussy is soaking wet!” She held out her glistening finger to show Stacy.

“Mine too!” Stacy said. “I can’t believe you let him cum in your mouth!”

“That’s what boys want, right?” Cindy said. “Might as well get used to it.”

They hurriedly pulled off their clothes, dropping them where they stood, and climbed onto the bed. They giggled at the cum still dripping on each other’s faces, then embraced, kissed, and took turns licking it off.

“I sort of like the taste of cum, don’t you?” Stacy asked. “I mean, it’s not weird or anything is it?”

“It’s bad at all! And it’s kinda hot, having a guy cum in your month! And, they like it when you swallow. Yeah, I like the taste too,” Cindy said. “But it’s not as sweet as your pussy!”

Cindy ticked Stacy’s thighs, just below her cunt. Stacy squealed and tickled Cindy who fell on her back, her naked legs pumping in the air with glee. Stacy jumped on top of her, but their tickle fight was very brief; their searching fingers soon began to caress soft breasts, firm asses and wet pussies. They kissed passionately, their tongues darting in and out in a sexual frenzy before they quickly assumed their favorite position, with Cindy on her back and Stacy lying on top of her. Stacy began to probe Cindy’s pussy with her tongue and fingers with Cindy did the same to her smaller friend.

“Oh, yes!” Cindy moaned. “God, I need this!”

“Mmmm-mmmph!” Stacy said, her mouth clamped on Cindy’s cunt.

They soon began lick and suck at each other with more intensity. They had gotten so turned on teasing Mr. Wilson, having their pictures taken, and then playing with his hard cock. Their long moans and muffled, wet, noises were the only sounds in the room. They soon they felt the fire flaming in their hungry teenage snatches and they began to finger-fuck each other faster. The old bed began to squeak rhythmically.

“Oh, you eat pussy so good!” Cindy cried out.

“Nnnngh!” Stacy groaned. “Oh, fuck, his cock was so hard! I’d suck it again in a minute!”

“Me too!” Cindy moaned. “Anytime! And, I want to get fucked! I wish I had a big, hard, cock fucking me right now!”

“Yes! Oh yes!” Stacy cried. “Nnnnaahhh Oh fuck, I’m cumming already!”

“I’m almost there!” Cindy said. Stacy latched onto Cindy clit and sucked it before flicking her tongue back and forth on her hard, little nub. “Oh, I’m cumming too!” Cindy said. She began to fuck her friend harder and attacked Stacy’s clit as well.


“Ohhh, shiiiiiitt!!


“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

The girls plunged their fingers furiously into each other’s cunts. They sucked and lapped at each other’s clitorises. Their pussies gushed with sweet, clear, teenage, secretions.

“I’m cummm-mmm-mmm-ing!” Cindy moaned as her pussy exploded, sending juices into Stacy’s sucking mouth. Her body heaved and she pushed her cunt hard onto Stacy’s face.

“Ah, ah, ah, faster, faster! Yes, yes, like that!” Stacy’s muffled voice cried, as Cindy fucked her faster and slurped her clit. Another wave of bliss, and then another, and then even more made her small body convulse repeatedly. “Soooo gooood!” she cried. “Nnnnnnhhhh!”

Cindy squealed as her orgasm shook her. She tasted sperm and pussy on her lip as she bit it to keep from screaming. Then, knowing no one but Mr. Wilson could hear her, she screamed anyway. “Fuck, fuck fuck!” she yelled. “Ah-eeeeeiiiiii!” she cried as she came again and again.

Cindy and Stacy coaxed all they could from their mutual orgasms, being so familiar with each other’s young bodies. Stacy took a wet finger and probed Cindy’s ass, giving her friend yet another mini orgasmic thrill. Exhausted, she finally climbed off Cindy and they laid on the bed panting, cuddling, and sighing softly.

“Hey, Mr. Wilson, I mean Chuck,” Cindy said from the stairway. “Were going home now.” They entered the room where Mr. Wilson was waiting for them.

“Thanks for doing such a good job, uh, cleaning and stuff,” he said, smiling. “You two are fan-fucking-tastic!”

“It was a lot of fun,” Stacy giggled. “Thanks for letting us play with your cock!  I hope we can do it a lot more!”

“Me too,” Mr. Wilson said.

“Me three,” Cindy said softly.

“And, here’s a bonus. I really liked your ‘special’ cleaning services. You really went all out. I’m proud of you, and you deserve it.” He handed Cindy and Stacy three, crisp 100 dollar bills. Each.

“Thanks Uncle!” Cindy and Stacy said. They jumped on him and kissed him with gratitude. Mr. Wilson could smell the sweet scent of teenage pussy on their faces.

“What do we do with all this money, Stace?” Cindy asked.

“I don’t know, Cin!” Stacy answered. “Our moms and dads are sure to find it!”

“Don’t you have a bank account?” Mr. Wilson asked.


“We never needed one.”

“How about I pick you guys up from school tomorrow and we’ll go to my bank and sign you up?”

“That would be great!” Cindy exclaimed.

“Yeah,” Stacy agreed. “But, I wish we could take some of our stuff home too.”

“Yeah,” Cindy sighed sadly.

“Why can’t you?” Mr. Wilson asked sharply.

“Our parents are always walking into our rooms and going through our stuff.” Cindy whined.

“Yeah,” Stacy said. “Probably looking for drugs or something.”

“And, I think my dad is trying to catch me naked or jilling off. He’s always popping into my room at night or after my shower. I’d never be able to use one of our new toys with him around.” Cindy wished she could play with her vibrator tonight. Another lonely date with Manny-Fingers under her blankets was waiting for her once again.

“Really?” Mr. Wilson exclaimed. “A girl’s bedroom is sacred. It’s her private retreat! Your parents have to learn to give you some privacy.” And, he thought, give me more chances to watch Cindy’s tight little body through her bedroom window.

“But…,” Cindy started to say.

“No. Listen. I can help you. Here’s what you do,” Uncle Chuck began.

The girls listened intently.

Then they smiled.

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