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The Daring, Naughty, Sleepover (ff, mff, Mff, exhib)

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WoW, :emot_thdrool: Fantastic new part :emot_penis:
can't wait for the next part.

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The Daring Naughty Sleepover 7 (ff, mff, exhibitionist, young)

Summary - Cindy and Stacy have a date.

Previous Chapter Summary - Cindy and Stacy start their new job cleaning Mr. Wilson’s home.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

Cindy waited in her bedroom. She was wearing her baby-blue panties and nothing else. She had just finished her shower. Any moment now…

She heard soft footsteps in the hallway. The doorknob turned quietly and the door opened quickly. Cindy’s father stood in the doorway. His mouth opened as if he started to say something. It stayed open. He stared at his daughter’s near naked body. His eyes traveled down from her perfect teenage tits, to her soft hips, and then to her panty-covered pussy and long shapely legs.

Cindy screamed. She covered her breasts, crouched low, and crossed her legs to hide her pussy from her father.

“Mom!” Cindy yelled. She squeezed past her father and ran from her room, her arms crossed trying to control her large, bouncing, breasts.

“Mom!” Cindy said, finding her mother in the master bedroom. “Dad keeps opening my door without knocking! It’s like he’s trying to perv on me on all the time or something! Can’t I have a little privacy around here?”

Cindy’s father walked up behind Cindy. Her mother glanced at him and caught him smiling sheepishly while admiring her daughter’s ass.

She made up her mind quickly. “Todd, I think it’s best if we both start respecting Cindy’s privacy,” Donna said sharply. “Cindy, were sorry. From now on we will knock on your door if we need anything. And, if you promise to keep your room clean, there won’t be any reason for us to go in there at all. Right Todd?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess,” he said.

“Thanks, mom!” Cindy said. She dropped her arms and exposing her breasts. This time, Todd caught Donna staring.

“Just keep your room tidy, Cindy,” her mother said. “Oh, and speaking of perving, why did you move your bed under the window? Mr. Wilson might be able to see you, you know.”

“Jeesh, mom!” Cindy replied. “It’s not like I’m prancing around naked and putting on a show for the old geezer! I just like the sunshine waking me up and looking at the stars at night!” It was only a half-lie.

“OK, I’m sorry dear,” Donna said. “Just pull the curtains when you are changing, OK.”

“Absolutely,” Cindy said. “OK, I’m going to bed now.”

Cindy walked past her father, who openly stared at her large breasts as she walked past him. He licked his lips while thinking about how nice they would taste and how firm they would feel in his hands. Then, he met his wife’s withering glance.

Cindy walked into her room, turned on the light, and opened the curtains. She pulled a vibrator from her stash of sex toys hidden in her bedroom air duct - one of the hiding places Mr. Wilson had recommended - and laid on her bed naked, slowly teasing her pussy with it, putting on another show for Mr. Wilson. It was such a turn on knowing he was watching her. She orgasmed thinking of him stroking his fat cock and shooting his thick load while staring at her teenage body. Finally, she turned off her light and went to bed.

Mr. Wilson put down his video camera and returned to editing his movie.

“Hey, Uncle Chuck!” Stacy said, climbing into Mr. Wilson’s car. Cindy followed her. “Thanks for picking us up from school Mr. Wilson, I mean, Chuck.”

“No problem girls,” he said, driving past the big buses and the line of cars waiting to pick-up other school students.

“Oh! I tried that thing you mentioned? Letting my dad catch me naked? Stacy said. “It worked! He stared at my naked tits and pussy until I screamed and ran to tell my mom!”

“You were naked?” Cindy exclaimed? “What a whore! At least I wore panties!”

“You’re still a slut,” Stacy replied. “Showing off your big, fat, titties to your daddy.”



“Did you bring your money to deposit in the bank?” Mr. Wilson asked, interrupting the young girl’s teasing.

“Yeah, it’s in our purses,” Cindy said. “Fifteen hundred dollars.” She was in awe, thinking about how much money they had made in just one long weekend.

“Oh, I brought you a gift,” Mr. Wilson said. “It’s in the bag on the floor.

Cindy picked it up. Inside were two photo albums, one with Cindy’s name on the cover, and one with Stacy’s. “Cool!” Cindy said, handing Stacy her album. She opened it to the first page.

 “You made us a memory book, like we talked about!” Stacy squealed.

“OMG!” Cindy screeched. “Hey, Stacy! This is from the pool party for my birthday last year!” The picture showed a bunch of girls in swimsuits having fun in and around the pool. “My tits were a lot smaller then,” she added. Then, she realized Mr. Wilson must have taken them from his upstairs bedroom overlooking her house. “Gee, Mr. Wilson, perving on a bunch of teenage girls!” Cindy said smiling, as she flipped the pages. She noticed a lot of close up pictures of her face, tits and ass, as well as other pictures of her, Stacy and the other girls playing, splashing and having fun.

Stacy exclaimed, “Look, here’s us at your pool Saturday! I got my fingers up your ass! And here we are wearing our maid’s uniform. Oh! Here’s us sucking Mr. Wilson’s cock!”

“Thanks Uncle Chuck,” Stacy said, leaning over and kissing Mr. Wilson on the cheek.

“Yeah, thanks a lot!” Cindy added. “It’s really nice of you, and a great way to remember all the fun we have been having. But…we better leave them at your house, for now.”

“Chuck, I’m getting horny. Can I play with your cock again?” Stacy asked. She was feeling a little aroused, but she also wanted to keep Mr. Wilson happy and horny too.

“Sure!” Mr. Wilson said. “We still have a while before we get to the bank.” He pulled out his cock for Stacy who immediately began tugging on it.

Cindy felt left out so she pulled down her top and played with her nipples as they drove through town, crouching low in her seat.

They arrived at the bank, but not until Mr. Wilson drove around the block a few times, not wanting Stacy to take her hand off of his cock. He parked in the bank parking lot.

“You’re going to have to let go of my cock, Stacy,” Mr. Wilson said reluctantly. “I can’t walk in there with an erection, though I’m sure everyone would understand, with you two pretty girls at my side.”

“Aw, how nice of you to say that,” Cindy said, tucking her boobs back into her blouse.

Stacy continued to stroke him. She was smiling.

“Well, it’s true,” Mr. Wilson said. “Uh, Stacy? I can’t walk into the bank with an erection.”

“Boner number…? Oh hell, I lost count,” Cindy said.

“Seventeen,” Stacy replied, still stroking.

“Did you count the boner I gave Uncle Chuck last night?” Cindy said. “You were watching me through the window, weren’t you, Chuck?”

“Uh…, I might have been,” Mr. Wilson said blushing.

“Eighteen,” Stacy said.

“What about our dads?” Cindy said. “I’m sure my daddy had a boner after perving on my tits yesterday.

“Mine too,” Stacy added. “He even tried to hide it! That makes twenty.”

“And what about the boys at school today?” Cindy said. “Kevin was staring at my titties all first period.”

“And Mr. Clinker in Chemistry this morning! I forgot to tell you! He was staring at my nipples after I asked him a question. Of course, I gave them a pinch first. I even saw him licking his lips! He couldn’t take his eyes off of them!”

Stacy pinched her nipples hard to show Mr. Wilson what her stiff nipples looked like in class - they were now pert and erect, puffy and pointed. “Oh, and the football team watching us jog around the track. Ought to be a few boners in that group.” Stacy added. “You know Cindy, you really should wear a sports bra when you jog.”

“I know that now,” Cindy replied. “These puppies were flopping all over the place!” Cindy alternately jiggled each her bra-less breasts with her palms, making them bounce and wiggle.

“Uh, girls,” Mr. Wilson began. “If you don’t stop, we are never going to make it to the bank.” He glanced down and motioned to his straining erection, his eyes pleading with the girls to stop their teasing.

‘Oh!” Stacy said, realizing she was still playing with his cock. “I know how to fix it!” She dropped her head down and took Mr. Wilson’s cock into her mouth. Mr. Wilson gasped. His eyes grew wide.

“Stacy, you whore!” Cindy said. “Next time, I get the middle seat!”

With Stacy slurping and bobbing on Mr. Wilson cock, poor Cindy had no way join the cock-sucking fun. She noticed Stacy’s panty covered ass. Her twat was wet, as usual. Cindy pulled aside Stacy’s panties and began to finger her.

“Oooooh! Cindy!” Stacy moaned, turning back to her smiling friend for only a moment, then returned to gobble Mr. Wilson’s shaft.

Cindy fingered Stacy with one hand and slipped her other hand into her own panties and began dipping her fingers into her honey-hole and then spreading her juices up and down her slit. Her and Stacy had been horny all day long, teasing the men and boys at school.

Mr. Wilson pushed his seat back with a happy sigh. Stacy wiggled her ass to get herself more comfortable and position her steaming pussy so Cindy could finger her even deeper.

The muffled road traffic couldn’t drown out the sound of heavy breathing, sucking and slurping, and the soft, wet, squishy, sexual music being played in the car.

Mr. Wilson breathed deeply, reveling the sweet odor of aroused teenage pussy. He slowly and gently humped his crotch into Stacy’s face, urging her to take him deeper.

The windows began to steam up. Stacy moaned. Cindy groaned. Mr. Wilson announced after a long while, “I’m going to cum.”

Being a gentleman, he wanted to warn Stacy, but he needn’t have bothered. She began to suck him deeper and faster. Cindy fucked her friend with three fingers now and slid her fingers over Stacy’s clit again and again.

“Unngh,” Mr. Wilson grunted. His shaft expanded and his balls twitched as he pumped a load of thick cum into Stacy’s sucking mouth. It splashed on her tongue - warm and wet. She tongued the goo around his cock-head and swallowed. The next spurt was heavier than the first. She tightened her lips around the spurting flesh to keep it from dripping.

Stacy creamed on Cindy’s fingers, pushing her ass back to help drive the fingers deeper. As her orgasm enveloped her, her body twitched and convulsed three times before the last tingles left her. Feeling Mr. Wilson’s spurts lessen, she quickly swallowed the last morsels in her mouth and pulled away.

Stacy saw Cindy with her eyes closed, now working both hands into her cunt. She scooted over to her friend and began to finger fuck her juicy pussy. She clamped her mouth over her friend and kissed her passionately

Cindy came, whimpering through opened lips and dancing tongues. Her body shuddered. Stacy squeezed her breast. “Mmmmmfffhhh!” Cindy moaned. She pulled back her head. “Ah…, ah.., ahh…, ahhhhh!” Then she slumped into the car seat.

“Wheeewww!” Cindy said after she recovered. “That was hot!”

“You girls are something else,” Mr. Wilson said. He struggled to get his still hard cock back into his pants.

Cindy and Stacy shared a quiet moment, kissing each other softly and running their fingers through each other’s hair.

“You have cum on your breath, whore,” Cindy said.

“Now, you do to, slut.” Stacy replied, kissing her deeply once again.

“Thanks for saving me some,” Cindy said, then added, “Not!”

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Stacy exclaimed. “It happened so fast and I didn’t want to make a mess and I didn’t think about you wanting some and I…”

“It’s OK, Stacy,” Cindy said, kissing her friend on the cheek.

Mr. Wilson cleared his throat to get their attention.

“Before we go in, I want to give you this.” Chuck handed them a cashier’s check for $5000.

“What?” Stacy exclaimed. “Five-fucking-thousand-dollars?” She held it in her hands, her mouth wide open.

“Is this real, Uncle Chuck?” Cindy asked.

“Sure is,” Mr. Wilson said. “I showed a few of my friends your pictures. They wanted to buy them all. And, they want more.”

“More?” Stacy exclaimed, looking at all the zeros on the check.

“How much more?” Cindy asked.

“As much as you want to sell. They were asking about movies too. They would pay a lot more for movies.”

“Movies?” Stacy exclaimed. She was in shock. She had never seen so much money in her entire life. “They’d pay us more?” she added. “For movies?”

“Well, of course they would, for actresses like us? After all, we are in the drama club,” Cindy said, extending her arm and pretending to be a thespian. “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou and thy big dick, Romeo?”

“A natural,” Mr. Wilson said, applauding. Before long, his cock softened and they were able to conclude their business at the bank.

With their new found confidence and wearing their new sexy clothes they had stashed in their lockers at school, Cindy and Stacy began to get a lot of attention from the students and teachers. Kevin sought them out and tried to have them admit to having phone sex with them. The girls flirted with him, but never admitted to it.

“OMG, we should totally surprise him with blow-job next period,” Stacy whispered to Cindy in the hallway.

“What, suck his cock like we did to Mr. Wilson yesterday?” Cindy replied. “That would be so hot! But what if he told everyone?”

“Who would believe the two of us sucked his cock, especially in school?” Stacy said.

“Hmmm,” Cindy said, thinking very intently. “I really like sucking cock.”

“Me too! Let’s do it!” Stacy said.

“Hey, Kevin!” Stacy hissed. She waved Kevin over. She was standing just inside the Vice Principal’s office. “Come here!”

Stacy pulled Kevin through the half-opened door and closed it tightly. “Just shut-up, and do what we tell you,” she whispered, pushing him against the wall.

Kevin immediately noticed Cindy standing a few feet away from him. She was looking at him. Cindy smiled and lifted up her top. He large, soft breasts tumbled out.

“Whaaaa?” Kevin stammered.

“Listen, Kevin,” Stacy continued. “We got 20 minutes before Mr. Keizer finishes his afternoon rounds, and we only have 10 minutes before we’re late for last period.”

Cindy walked up to Kevin and began to kiss him passionately. She took a deep breath and said huskily, “Were going to suck your cock like we told you on the phone.”

“I knew it was you two!” Kevin said.

Stacy kneeled down and began tugging on Kevin’s pants. He wore them loose, in the current style, and they fell to the floor. Stacy then pulled down his boxers.

“Oooh! He has a nice cock, Cindy!” Stacy told her friend. Then, she took his soft cock into her warm mouth and fondled his heavy balls.

“You girls are crazy!” Kevin said. “You’re going to get us expelled!”

“Stacy told you to shut-up, Kevin. Do you want a blow-job or not?” Cindy said to him, before locking her lips onto his once more. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast. “Mmmm,” she moaned, as Kevin groped it.

“Fuck!” Kevin exclaimed. He was sure he was dreaming. He was standing in Vice Principal Keizer’s office with his hands full of soft titties and his cock was being sucked by two of the prettiest girls in school!

Stacy worked on Kevin’s cock until it was hard and throbbing. She thought it felt much harder than Mr. Wilson’s, but not quite as thick.

“My turn!” Cindy said. She dropped to her knees and took Kevin’s cock into her mouth. Then, she stroked him and lapped at his balls.

Stacy stood up and began kissing Kevin and running her hands over his bare ass. “Cum for us, Kevin!” she breathed.

Kevin put his hands up Stacy’s shirt and fondled her small breasts.

“Mmm,” Stacy moaned. “Do you like them Kevin?” she asked. She knew her tits weren’t as big as Cindy’s. She really hoped he liked them.

“Yeah,” Kevin moaned through her wet lips. “I love your little titties, Stacy.”

Stacy beamed. “You have to cum quick, Kevin. We can take our time some other day!” She dropped down next to her friend. They both looked up at Kevin and he looked down on them.

He couldn’t believe it. Two sexy girls sucking his cock - during school!

First, Cindy sucked his cock while Stacy fondled his balls. Stacy spoke dirty to him, like she did on the phone call. “Mmm, I love your cock, Kevin,” she said. “And your big, balls too.”

Then, it was Stacy’s turn to suck on his cock. Cindy made eye-contact once again and held out her large breasts to him. “Do you want to suck on my titties, Kevin?”

“Oh, fuck yeah!” he moaned.

“Do you want to fuck them, and shoot your cum all over them?” Cindy teased.

“Yeah,” Kevin said.

The two girls began to get impatient. They were worried about getting caught or being late for class. They sensed each other’s urgency and began to suck Kevin harder and faster.

“Cum for us Kevin,” Stacy moaned and stuck out her tongue. “We want your cum!”

Cindy stroked Kevin’s wet cock. “Yeah, cum for us Kevin.” She too held out her tongue and licked his glans. “Give us that big cum-load!”

Cindy and Stacy licked and sucked and moaned sensually to their victim. Before long, Kevin caught his breath and croaked, “I’m cumming!”

Cindy wrapped her lips tightly around Kevin’s cock. She felt him tense up, felt his cock swell, and then blinked in surprise as the warm, wet sperm erupted in her mouth. One spurt, then two, then three!

“Hey!” Stacy said. “Save some for me!” She tried to push Cindy away, but Cindy wouldn’t yield. Cindy finally relented, but Stacy was only able to catch the last feeble spurts of Kevin’s cum on her tongue.

“That wasn’t fair!” Stacy said, giving Kevin’s cock a last lick and then standing up. Cindy stood up too and looked at her friend. She hugged Stacy firmly, planted her lips on hers, and then pushed Kevin’s still warm cum into Stacy’s mouth.

Stacy’s eyes opened wide with surprise. The two girls tongued each other and shared Kevin’s warm load before swallowing it down.

Cindy licked her lips and said, “You didn’t want cum splattered all over your face and ruin your make-up, did you whore?” She blew Cindy a kiss.

“And I thought you were just being a cum-slut,” Stacy said.

“At least I shared,” Cindy said.

“You girls are crazy!” Kevin said as he frantically tucked away his still-hard cock.

“Do you want to do it again sometime?” Cindy asked.

“Hell yes!” Kevin said.

“Then you should ask one of us crazy girls out on a date,” Cindy replied.

“Yeah, it don’t matter which one, cause were are both coming,” Stacy replied.

“Do you guys wanna go on a date this weekend?’ Kevin asked, not believing his good fortune. “Maybe a movie, and then, I don’t know…, we could drive around or something?”

“Hmmm. Maybe. Well see,” Cindy teased.

“Just ignore her, Kevin,” Stacy said. “We accept. Driving around or something sounds like a fun date! Especially the ‘or something’ part.”

“Mom! I’m going now!” Cindy yelled. “Don’t forget, I might be late!”

“OK, have fun at the movies! Tell Stacy I said ‘Hi!’”

“I will!” Cindy said, and walked out into see the afternoon sun low in the sky. She walked to the park to meet Stacy.

“Hey, whore!” Cindy said, finding Stacy on the swing-set.

“Sup, slut?” Stacy replied.

“Did your mom give you any trouble?” Cindy asked.

“Nope,” Stacy replied. “She thinks I’m going to the movies with you and then hanging around at the mall.”

“Same here,” Cindy said. Both girls were too afraid to ask their parents. They decided it was better beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.

“So, are we going fuck Kevin?” Cindy asked.

“I’m ready, how about you?” Stacy replied.

“Yep. My pussy is itching for some dick,” Cindy said.

“Probably a yeast infection,” Stacy deadpanned.



Kevin soon arrived, driving his parent’s car. He drove the girls to the cinemas at the shopping mall and graciously paid for their tickets, popcorn and drinks. It was Cindy and Stacy’s first date, and they liked the feeling of having someone else pay for them, it made them feel special.

Carrying most of the snacks, Kevin led them towards the best seats, right in the middle of the theater. But Cindy and Stacy had other ideas. They pushed him towards the back row where Stacy led them to their seats. They sat with the wall behind them. There were only a few people in the theater for the Saturday afternoon matinée. Kevin met the girl’s glances. Something was up with the two girls, he decided. He was feeling a little apprehensive.

Kevin was seated between the two of them, with Cindy on his left and Stacy on his right. The got comfortable and then chatted about school, classmates and their teachers. Kevin mentioned the dirty phone calls, and how hot and sexy they sounded on the phone, then, they all giggled while they relived the experience.

Soon, the movie started and Cindy and Stacy snuggled up next to Kevin. After a while, the two sexy teenage girls began to get bored with the movie. They exchanged a glance. Both girls gently placed their hand on Kevin’s thigh. He looked at them with surprise. Then, he looked around the theater. Everyone was absorbed with the movie. He relaxed.

Cindy rubbed Kevin’s thigh absentmindedly. Kevin looked at her. Then, Stacy did the same. Kevin looked at her too. Stacy looked back and grinned.

To Kevin’s shock, Stacy very intentionally slid her hand to Kevin’s crotch and rubbed it, searching for his cock. Cindy leaned over and kissed him gently on the neck and cheek. Kevin turned towards her and the two kissed. Cindy took one of Kevin’s hands and placed it on her breast, then, she reached down and joined Stacy’s hand as the two began to grope Kevin through his pants.

“Oh, man,” Kevin softly exclaimed. He held a handful of soft, teenage flesh and two pretty girls rubbing his junk. His cock began to swell in his pants.

Stacy fumbled with Kevin’s belt. Cindy helped, and once the belt was undone, his zipper slowly un-zipped. Stacy pulled out his cock triumphantly. She glanced around confidently before returning her gaze to the movie. She began to stroke him off.

Cindy ran her hands over Kevin’s chest and nibbled his ear. Then, she licked his earlobe and whispered. “You’re going to fuck us tonight Kevin. Both of us.”

Kevin looked at Cindy who licked her lips. Kevin looked at Stacy who smiled and nodded her head. Kevin looked back at Cindy. She looked at him and said, “Oops. I think I dropped something.” Cindy bend her head down to Kevin’s lap and engulfed his cock.

“Ohhhh!” Kevin moaned. Cindy sucked on his cock-head and then ran her warm tongue all over his glans. She lifted up, leaned across Kevin’s body and met Stacy for a kiss. Stacy tasted pre-cum.

Then, Stacy bent down and took a turn sucking on Kevin’s cock. If he wasn’t so worried about being caught, Kevin could probably cum at any moment. He needed to get out them of the theater.

“Uh, my parents have small cabin at the lake. I got the key. Wanna go?”

Cindy and Stacy grinned at each other. They were expecting another make-out session in a small, cramped car. This was great! They practically dragged Kevin out of the seat before he could put away his throbbing cock.

After a relatively short drive, spent listening to loud music and groping Kevin’s cock while he tried to drive, they arrive at the cabin. The sun was setting and long shadows from the tall trees covered the dirt road.

The two giggling girls continued to molest Kevin as he tried to unlock the door. The door finally opened and they stumbled in. Kevin turned on the lights.

“It’s not much…,” he apologized. The cabin was very rustic. The girls didn’t mind.

“Where’s the bedroom?” Stacy asked, interrupting him. She was horny and wanted to get fucked.

“Uh, my room’s down here,” Kevin stammered. He led the way with Stacy trying to pull off his shirt while Cindy left a trail of clothes behind her. By the time they reached the bedroom, Cindy was down to just her bra and panties, Kevin was half naked and kicking off his shoes, while Stacy sat on the edge of the bed, bouncing up and down. She flipped off her shirt, removed her bra and pushed down her skirt and panties in one quick motion. She spread her legs just far enough to run her fingers up and down her wet slit, leaving her nearly hairless pussy glistening in the bright light.

Soon, all three were naked, nervous, and aroused. Kevin walked over to the light switch, his hard, wet, cock, swaying back and forth. The room grew dark. He could see the two naked figures on the bed by the dimming light coming through the window. He joined them on the bed and the girls made room between them.

Cindy kissed Kevin passionately, running her hands over his body. Stacy gripped his hard shaft and stroked it, surprised at how wet he had become. She slid the pre-cum over his cock-head and stroked him gently. Kevin laid back, turned his head, and kissed Stacy. Both girls now groping his slippery cock and hairy balls.

“I have to suck those fat nipples, Stacy,” Kevin said. They had firmed up as he groped them. He bent his head to Stacy’s fat, swollen, protuberance and sucked it into his mouth.

“Mmmm, mmm,” Stacy moaned.

Cindy slit down to Kevin’s cock and took it into her mouth. She greedily cleaned the pre-cum from his cock-head and shaft and began sucking in earnest.

Kevin slipped his fingers into Stacy’s pussy and began to slide his fingers in and around her wetness. He slipped in a finger and fucked her gently. Then two fingers.

“Ahhh,” Stacy moaned. “Fuck, I’m so horny!”

“Can I lick your pussy?” Kevin asked. Her pussy smelled so good, he just had to have a taste.

For an answer, Stacy scooted to the headboard, placed her back against it, and spread her legs. Cindy took her mouth off of Kevin’s cock. He rolled over, moved forward, and immediately began feasting on Stacy’s sweet, young, cunt.

“Oh, yeah,” Stacy moaned. “Eat that pussy, boyfriend!”

Keven smiled to himself, ‘She called me her boyfriend!’

Cindy was feeling left out and ignored, since Kevin’s cock was now out of her reach. She crawled over to Stacy and began kissing her and squeezing her breasts.

“Is he better than me?” Cindy asked, pouting.

“No one is better than you, Cin,” Stacy declared as she ground her pussy into Kevin’s face and pulled his hair to get him even closer to her steaming slit.

“I’m ready to get fucked,” Cindy said after a while. “Kevin, roll over.”

Kevin pulled his wet face from Stacy’s gash, wiped it with his arm, and then licked his lips. He rolled over. His leaking cock left a wet spot on the bed.

Cindy and Stacy took turns sucking him, stroking him, and playing with his balls, all the while looking up at him. Cindy kissed Stacy over Kevin’s cock, sat up, and straddled her new-found lover. She rose up and gripped his cock, intending to slide it into her soaking, wet, cunt.

“No, let me,” Stacy said. With a sweet smile, Cindy looked at Stacy. Their fingers touched and lingered together for a moment, as Stacy gripped Kevin’s warm, hard shaft, and Cindy let it go. Cindy rose up again and Stacy guided the cock to the entrance to her pussy. Cindy slowly sank down, impaling herself, and filling her hot pussy with hard cock.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Cindy moaned. She arched her back, closed her eyes, and lifted herself up and then sank down. She began to ride Kevin, slowly at first, letting his cock nearly slip out of her until she grew accustomed to its length. She began to move her hips while grinding her pussy against him, then glided her slick cunt up and down, up and down.

“Oh, yes!” Cindy groaned. This was so much better than a cold, hard dildo. It was warm and forgiving, and pulsed and throbbed inside of her.

“Hey, Kevin,” Stacy said.

“Huh? What, beautiful?” he replied.

“Do you want to finish what you started?” Stacy asked.

“Oh, hell yeah,” Kevin said. He humped his crotch and wiggled his ass, reveling in the exquisite feelings emanating from his warm, enveloped, cock.

Stacy swung a leg over Kevin’s head. She straddled his face, being careful not to smother him with her soft, wet, flesh. Kevin immediately lapped at Stacy’s pussy, rubbing his nose in her cunt as he searched for her clitoris.

Cindy and Stacy looked at each other across Kevin’s body; Cindy riding his cock and Stacy squirming on his face. The looked at each other with pure love and wanton, teenage, lust. Cindy stared into Stacy’s eyes as she swayed up and down. Stacy hunched her back and leaned forward, guiding her clit onto Kevin’s lips. Cindy began to move faster. Kevin gently sucked on Stacy’s clit.

“Ahhh!” Stacy cried out. “Lick my clit, Kevin, make me cum!” Stacy felt the tingles in her inner thighs. Kevin attacked her clit with his tongue. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming on your face!”

Her cries encouraged Kevin to work faster. He reached up with both hands and pinched her fat nipples. He felt her shuddering on his face. Her pussy gushed. Warmth flooded his lips, nose, and mouth as she came.

“Nnnnnhhh! Oh, oh, oh, oh!” With a final tremor, Stacy fell sideways, her hand holding her now tender cunt.

Cindy looked down at Kevin and ground her pussy harder against him. She raised up and slammed herself down over and over again. She clenched her pussy tight and rode Kevin’s thick cock.

“Oh, Cindy! You’re…squeezing…me! You’re… Uh! I’m cumming.” Kevin drove his hips into Cindy as she was coming down. Her clit smashed against him. She felt him swell insider of her. Feeling the first warm spurt of cum erupting inside her pussy made her tremble.

“Uh..! Uh..! Uh…!” Cindy cried. He was coming inside of her! She reached down to her pussy and felt Kevin’s pulsating cock. She began to furiously rubbing her clit. “Cuuuu-mmmm-iiiinnnng!” Cindy moaned. She fell on top of Kevin, not being able to hold herself up any longer. He kept driving his shaft into her, slamming his cock deeper and deeper, spurting his seed.

Cindy laid on Kevin’s chest with her ass slightly raised. Her fingers danced on her clit. Kevin ploughed her tight pussy over and over. Cindy shuddered as she came, again and again. The orgasmic waves crashed over her body, leaving her weak and trembling.

She laid on Kevin, feeling his chest heave nearly as much as her own. She felt his warm cream oozing from her cunt. She clamped down to keep it from escaping. She wanted to lie there forever, bur soon felt him softening. His cum began to seep out of her. Cindy got up on her hands and kissed Kevin’s wet face.

“Damn, Stacy, that’s some W.A.P., girl!” Cindy said, and reluctantly rolled over onto the bed.

“So, how was it?” Stacy asked.

“Pretty good for my first fuck,” Cindy said.

“That was your first time?” Kevin asked.

“Yup,” Cindy replied.

“Mine too,” Kevin admitted. “And I thought you girls were…, uh…” He struggled for the best word.

“Sluts?” Cindy prompted.

“Whores?” Stacy asked.

“Uh, no…I meant to say, I thought you guys were more experienced,” Kevin said.


“Damn, I’m leaking,” Cindy said.

“Do you want me to get you a rag or something?” Kevin asked.

“No, I’m good,” Cindy said. “Hey, whore!” Cindy said to Stacy. “Look, I saved you some!” Cindy spread her pussy to show Stacy her cum-filled cunt. “Well, go on, it’s not going to clean itself.”

“Well, I did say I’d do anything for you…” Stacy replied. “Lift up.”

Cindy raised her ass while Stacy placed a pillow under her butt. Cindy spread her legs, pulled in her feet, and raised her knees.

“You’re lucky I like cum about as much as I like pussy,” Stacy said. She bent her head and began to suck the cum from Cindy’s snatch. With her mouth full, she rose up to kiss her friend. The two swapped a heavy cum load, smearing it over each other’s mouths.

“You guys are something else,” Kevin said. “I’ve never met anybody so casual and carefree about sex. You guys really turn me on.”

“What can we say?” Stacy replied. “We had a repressed upbringing.”

Cindy looked at Kevin’s wet face. She looked at Stacy’s cum covered lips and tasted cum on her own. She looked out the window and noticed the dim light from the rising full-moon.

“We need to get cleaned-up and then get home,” Cindy said. “But, I think we have time to go skinny-dipping first! Last one in’s a rotten egg!” she squealed, and ran from the room. Her large breast flopping.

“Come on, Kevin,” Stacy sighed. She took Kevin’s hand and led him outside. Cindy was already splashing in the water.

Kevin took the opportunity to embrace Stacy. The two kissed. Stacy felt his penis hardening against her naked body. “I think I love you guys,” he said.

“We love us too,” Stacy said, not committing to anything without consulting her BFF. “Come on, let’s go skinny-dipping, Kev,” she added. “Then, you’re going to fuck me while I eat Cindy’s pussy. Then, you can take us home.”

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“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow


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Reply #17 on: September 08, 2020, 05:41:05 AM
Great addition  :emot_hard:  hope there will
be more with Mr.Wilson and his friends

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Reply #18 on: January 28, 2021, 09:17:22 AM
Can't wait for more!

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very nice indeed

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Reply #20 on: April 08, 2021, 11:10:59 AM
Fair Warning! I have nominated this story for a Pulitzer Prize. They should be contacting you to award the very first Pulitzer Pussy Prize.

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Will there be a new part soon?

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Reply #22 on: July 31, 2021, 04:07:54 PM
Will there be a new part soon?

Soon? Nah, sorry. Depends on your definition of soon, and I'm sure anything way over a week or two is not 'soon'. I'm pretty slow, partly because I'm a perfectionist (can't tell by my typos), and  I work full time and have a lot of other interests and responsibilities.

Recent stuff - I just started creating an adult game. Playable now in Beta.
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I finished Tomboy-2 and will be posting it to my site soon.

I don't know if I will be publishing on Kristen any longer. They have tightened story restrictions and I don't have time or patience to rewrite my stories over an over until I make a censor happy. It was great while it lasted though - I like everyone here quite a lot. But censorship was the reason I decided to pay for my own site. As it is, I have to publish on my site, xnxx, subscribestar and patreon. If you'd like to help with expenses and freedom of speech, consider supporting me (no pressure).

But, yes, completing this story line is one of my next projects.


“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow

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Good luck! FYI all your stories are 404ing