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My Boyfriend likes to expose me (MF,exhib)

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on: June 26, 2018, 08:46:53 PM
My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 01

Hey! My name is TT; well that’s what most people call me, my full name is Tanya Bethany Turner. I got the TT nickname from one of my friends in school. After my friends started calling me TT some of the boys started calling me Tiny Tits or Tit-less Tanya (when no teachers were around). I always used to get embarrassed and ashamed of my little breasts when one of them called me that.

I’m now 23 years old and am still quite small and skinny. I’m only 4 feet 9 inches tall and weigh 94 pounds – when soaking wet. My figure is 28AAAA – 22 – 30. I have light brown shoulder length hair and have to carry my passport everywhere I go so that I can prove how old I am.

My body stopped growing just as I started puberty. My breasts never got passed being little bumps. Fortunately my nipples grew quite big and I’m quite proud of them. My pussy developed in a perfect way (well to me anyway), I have small labia (never really grown from when I was a kid) and nice big clit that sticks out most of the time. One thing that my pussy might be slightly different to other girls is that whenever I spread my legs wide and my labia open, my hole is open just a bit as well. If the air is cold I can feel it going inside me.
My pubic hair never even started growing and the skin all around my pussy is the same colour as the rest of my body. My butt is small, but bubbly. I often wonder if nature couldn’t decide if I was going to be a boy or a girl.

My parent are devout catholic and they tried to bring me us the same. It didn’t work out that way and I now haven’t been to church since I left home to go to university. I still have some of that horrible catholic guilt that they ram down young girl’s throats.

Even though I have virtually no breasts my mother insisted that I wear a bra all the time. The only ones that she could get to fit me were little girls training bras.

Another thing that used to annoy me was tights. They always had to be nude colour. I couldn’t see the point because they were see-through and you could see my legs and granny style knickers.

After reading that lot you’ll probably realise why I didn’t have any boyfriends at school.

My University Days
I was really glad to move out and go to university. Just after I had got accepted I came across an advert for someone to share a house with other university students. It was within easy walking distance of the university so I jumped at the chance; and moved in 2 weeks before my course started.

I shared that house with 2 second year male students (Harry and James); 1 first year male student (Ryan); and Sophie, a first year girl. I was dead nervous when I first moved in, but all of the others are really friendly, and I soon relaxed and started to enjoy myself. It was sooo good to get away from my over-bearing parents. Harry and James were a great help to us first year students, telling us just about everything that we needed to know.

After a couple of months we were all best of friends and were forever going out together and having our own parties.

One thing that we did agree on quite early on was that none of us would try to hit on any of the others; we would stay as friends. We thought that life would be less complicated that way. It was a bit of a shame really because I thought that Ryan was quite cute.

Anyway, after about the 10th night out boozing we all rolled back to the house and someone suggested that we play cards – strip poker. We thought it would be a laugh and Sophie told me that she was good at poker and that we’d soon have the lads naked. It was a good job that I had drunk quite a bit; if I’d been sober I would never have agreed to play.

Guess what? Sophie was as bad at it as I am and it wasn’t long before I was topless. Even in my drunken state I was sooo embarrassed when I had to take my top off. You see, when I moved out of my parent’s house I decided to get rid of all my bras. My 28AAAAs don’t need any support and I was rebelling against my upbringing. In those days I used to wear thick, baggy tops to hide my small breasts and nipples that always seemed to be hard. One other thing that I did as soon as I got to university was to go and see the university doctor. I had been suffering painful periods for years. My mother said that it was ‘God’s will’ and that it was a cross that I’d have to bear for as long as God wanted. I’d read on the internet that going on the pill could sometimes help and I wanted to try it.

That was the only reason for wanting to go on the pill. I never imagined for one minute that any man would want to go out with a scrawny, short, flat chested girl like me. The other thing about the pill was that I was hoping that it might trigger a growth spurt, both in height and breast size. Sadly it didn’t.

When I went to see the doctor I didn’t think that he would want to physically examine me, I just thought that he’d ask me a few questions. I was so embarrassed when he told me to strip, get on the table and put my feet in those stirrup things. I was so tensed up that he had to use lots of lubrication to get that speculum thing inside me.

Anyway, back to the poker. I sat there with my arms crossed not wanting anyone to see me.

Before long, Sophie was down to her thong and bra and I was down to just my small see-through knickers that revealed that I hadn’t any pubic hair. It was a good job that I was drunk.

Ryan and James were down to just their boxers, but Harry hadn’t had to take anything off.

When I lost again, I got my knickers off; then bolted for my room. Even in my drunken state I couldn’t just sit there naked while the others played on.

The next morning I stayed in my room until everyone else had left and then went and retrieved my clothes. I still tried to hide as much as I could that evening. It was Ryan that talked me round. He made me feel better by telling me that I have a beautiful body that I should be proud of. He said that he bet that I was ashamed of my small breasts, and told me that I shouldn’t be. He said that most men really like small breasts; that all this talk about big breasts was just male ego talking.

I decided that I liked Ryan.

One night the following week after another night in the pub, we played strip poker again. I ended up naked again, but I stayed until there was only 1 piece of clothing left on anyone. Harry managed to keep his boxers.

I spent most of the time that I was naked, with one arm across my chest and the other in front of my pussy; and with a bright red face. I was surprised that Sophie didn’t get embarrassed at all. When the time for her to take her bra or knickers off, she just quickly did it and never once tried to cover her bits.

I got to see Ryan and James’s hard cocks and started to have dirty thoughts.

That was a night for a couple of firsts for me. It was the first time that I’d seen a naked man in the flesh and the first time that I’d seen an erection (Ryan). When I saw Sophie’s bald pussy I didn’t feel bad that my pubic hair had never even started growing.

To cut a long story short, we often played strip poker and I was so crap at it that I was always naked first, and for the longest time.

One thing that came out of the games of strip pokes was that everyone started wandering round the house in their underwear every morning (sometimes evening as well). I got used to seeing the boy’s morning woodies tenting their boxers. Sophie started coming down to get her breakfast in her undies as well. It was usually a bra and a thong, but sometimes it was just a thong.

One morning when it was just a thong Harry called her an exhibitionist. Her response was to tell him to get over it; saying that he’d seen her naked lots of times, so just a thong was positively decent.

I always wore a T-shirt and knickers and frequently wished that I was as brave as Sophie; or permanently drunk.

Another game that we played a lot was truth or dare. It was during that first game of truth or dare that I revealed that I was still a virgin. Guess what I was dared to do quite early on in the game? Yes, I had to strip naked. Why was it that my first dare during each game was always to get naked? Okay, the other often ended up naked, but I was always the first one that had to strip. It was a good job that I’d had a few drinks.

I was always the ‘embarrassed naked female’ trying to cover my rock hard nipples and bald pussy with anything that I could, whereas Sophie did whatever she was dared to do, acting as if she still had clothes on. I wouldn’t say that she was flaunting herself, or teasing the guys, just acting as if she was fully clothed. Two or three times that I watched her I cursed my upbringing and wished that my embarrassment would just go away.

I remember one time when most of us were naked, Ryan was dared to French kiss me for 5 full minutes while we were standing up. Ryan’s hard-on was pressing against my stomach the whole time and I got feelings that I’d never had before. Okay, I’d experimented like all girls, and masturbated and had lots of orgasms; but this was different. A naked man’s hard cock was pressing against my naked stomach. My pussy had never been as wet as it was that night.

The dares that Sophie and I had to do got crazier and crazier. One night I had to run to the end of the street and back, naked. I was really glad that it was 2 o’clock in the morning. Twice I was dared to wear a miniskirt and no knickers for 24 hours. Each time I had a nerve wrecking time being paranoid that everyone was trying to look up my skirt. Whenever any of the others saw me at the university they would grin and embarrass me by telling whoever I was with that I was going commando. Even Sophie embarrassed me. One time she pulled my skirt right up to my waist, right in front of a group of lads. I ran off with a face redder than a London bus.

We also did some stupid bets for a while. It was always girls vs. boys, betting on things like football matches or car races. Of course Sophie and I knew nothing about these things and we always lost. Our forfeits always included us being naked. I’d sort of got slightly used to my house mates seeing me naked, but I got real pissed one evening when our forfeit was to serve drinks and snacks, whist naked, to the lads while they watched a football match on the television. What they hadn’t told us was that they’d invited 4 other guys over to watch the game with them.

Sophie took it all in her stride and was even teasing some of them with suggestive comments and bending over in front of them. I wasn’t so happy, and tried to keep away from them as much as I could. Ryan came into the kitchen at one point and tried to cheer me up by again telling me that I was beautiful and that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my body and small breasts. It helped a bit.

Another time our forfeit was to go to the local park with them and streak from one end to the other. It was a frosty day and my nipples were almost blue and so painful. On the other hand, my pussy was hot and throbbing.


After about 6 months in the house, the bathroom door lock got broken. We contacted the landlord and he promised to come and fix it. The only problem was that it look him 2 months to get round to it. In the meantime everyone promised to knock and wait for a few seconds before going. This worked fine most of the time. One time I heard Sophie shout at Harry to get out, and another time I got a shock when I went in and saw James in all his glory. He had a cute morning woody.

Another time I was in the bathroom and had just finished having a shower. It was my period and I was stood facing the door, naked, with one foot up on the side of the bath un-wrapping a tampon when Ryan came in.

We just stood there for a few seconds looking at each other. I was about to shout at him to get out when I saw his towel start to get a large bulge in the front. The way that Ryan had wrapped his towel round himself meant that his erection created a tent near where the towel over-lapped a bit.

As I stared at the bulge, the towel slipped off his erection and it sprang free. In those couple of seconds my nipples went rock hard and I got that wonderful, randy tingling in my pussy.

Ryan broke the moment by saying,

“You know TT, you really are quite beautiful.”

My embarrassed, red face went even redder. I was going to shout at him to get the fuck out, but what came out was completely different. I quietly said,

“I think you should leave now Ryan.”

I think that it was at that moment that I realised that I loved Ryan.

We continued doing stupid things for the whole of our first year at university and (apart from the humiliation and embarrassment), I really enjoyed myself.

At the end of that year everyone was planning what they were going to do over the summer break. I had no intention of going back home and planned to stay in the house on my own.

Three days after everyone else had left I was in bed one morning when I heard noises from downstairs. I was only wearing a very short, tatty, old T-shirt; not even any knickers because I hadn’t done any washing for ages.

I slowly crept downstairs with my heart pounding. I was relieved when Ryan came out of the kitchen. I ran to him, put my arms round his neck and hugged him. I was so relieved. As I started to calm down I realised that my T-shirt was high up my back and Ryan’s hands were on my bare flesh.

We went and sat on the sofa and talked. Ryan confessed that he had missed me being around and wanted to be with me. I told him that I felt the same. We kissed (properly) for the first time. After a few minutes getting over the euphoria of what was happening. I suddenly realised that I was exposed from my waist down. Ryan looked down and smiled as I tried to cover my pussy. He got hold of my hands and moved them out of the way, then held the hem of my T-shirt and lifted it right off me.

My heart was pounding, my nipples throbbed and my pussy gushed. Ryan stared at my naked body for a minute or so; then he took my virginity.

We spent the next week having sex in every position we could think of. I learnt how to take Ryan’s cock down my throat and he became good at using his tongue and mouth on my pussy. We only put clothes on when we had to go to the shop for food.

The weather was warm one day and we went out into the back yard and had more sex out there.

It was the best week of my life.

Mobile Home on the Coast
Ryan got a phone call from his parents one day, and after explaining everything (well not about the sex) to them he hung up then phoned one of his uncles and asked to use his mobile home on the coast for a couple of weeks.

We packed a few things and left. The thing was; Ryan didn’t want me to take any shorts, trousers or knickers. I was so happy that I would have agreed to go naked if he’d asked.

We got the train to the coast and found the site. On the way there Ryan got me to sit with my legs open so that he could see my pussy. Every time that someone walked along the corridor I shut my legs, whispering that I didn’t want them to see my pussy. Ryan told me that because all the skin around my pussy was the same colour as the rest of me and that I didn’t have any pubic hair; people wouldn’t be sure what they’d seen. I wasn’t convinced, but I eventually agreed to keep my legs open and really got flustered when one or two people had a look.

I was sooo embarrassed and didn’t want to expose myself like that, but Ryan wanted me to, so I did it. I really struggled to keep my legs open. The strange thing was that my body seemed to be enjoying having strangers look at my pussy. It got all wet.

Ryan could see that I was embarrassed but he just grinned. He told me that it was just my religious guilt that was causing the embarrassment and that I was enjoying it really. He said that my wet pussy proved it.

After a while the frustration was too much and we sneaked into the toilet and Ryan fucked me as I sat on the front edge of the sink.

As we straightened our clothes, Ryan rolled the top of my skirt over a couple of times. I tried to stop him, but he just asked me if I loved him. I knew that I was going to have to be very careful when there were strangers around.

When we got to our destination I was half way up the stairs to go over to the other side of the rail track before I remembered how short my skirt was. I looked round and saw a couple of youths staring up at me with big grins on their faces.

I moved in front of Ryan.

The mobile home was great. The site was right on the coast and Ryan’s uncle’s home was in the far corner of the site right next to the path to the beach. When we went out of the back door we could see the beach and sea. As soon as we got inside Ryan was taking my clothes off and we fucked for ages.

That night we went to the food store and to the bar for a drink. Ryan had me wear just one of his T-shirts – nothing else but shoes. It just covered my butt and I had to be real careful when I bent down in the shop. In the bar we sat at a table with our backs to the wall just near the entrance. Ryan wanted me to sit with my legs open. I got a little upset saying that I would be too embarrassed; but he asked me if I loved him and if I wanted to please him.

Of course he got his way; I would do anything that he wanted.

It was embarrassing; about 7 or 8 men looked over to me when they went out to the toilet, and again when they came back in. Each time I got all embarrassed and had to fight hard to keep my legs open. My body betrayed me again and my pussy got sooo wet.

When I told Ryan he asked me to rate how aroused I was. He called it my ‘arousal factor’ (AF). I told him it was a 5, and getting higher.

As more and more people looked at my legs and up my skirt, Ryan kept asking me what my AF was. When I told him that it was a 9, and that I needed him to fuck me very soon, he decided that we should leave. We quickly walked back to the home and he fucked me just inside the door.

The next morning (student time) when I woke up, Ryan wasn’t beside me in the bed. I wandered around and found him sat out the back enjoying a cup of coffee and the sun. He was naked. About 10 feet away, people were walking passed on their way to the beach.

I was naked as well, and didn’t want to go outside like that. As usual, Ryan won and I ran out and sat on his lap. He laughed at me and told me to stop being so shy.

“It’s alright for you; you didn’t have religious guilt rammed down your throat for years.” I said.

“Don’t worry TT, we’ll work on that.” He said, then, “Can you get me a refill when you get one for yourself please?”

I had to get up and go and get the coffee. When I came back both my hands were full and I couldn’t shield my privates. There was no one on the path when I stepped out, but no sooner than I was out, a man and a couple of little kids walked by. What’s more, the man looked at me.

As I went bright red, the man just kept walking; but he did have a grin on his face.

I felt so exposed sitting there not knowing if anyone passing was going to look over to us. Ryan seemed to enjoy my humiliation and he soon got a hard-on. It wasn’t long before he got me to go stand up then sit down again, but with his cock inside me. Although I was enjoying it I just couldn’t relax enough knowing that at any time someone could look over and see us fucking.

In the end, Ryan lifted me up and carried me in to the sofa where we satisfied each other.

After a couple of days fucking, eating and more fucking, we decided that we should really get out a bit. We wanted to go swimming, in the site’s pool, and the sea. Ryan could get away with wearing his boxers, bit I had nothing so we decided to go to the nearest town and see what we could find.

There were 3 things that we wanted from town; food that we couldn’t get in the site’s small shop, a swimsuit for me (Ryan said that he’d use his boxers) and a vibrator. Ryan, and I, wanted to experiment.

On the bus into town Ryan suggested that I go for the groceries while he went and got me a swimsuit. Then we’d meet up and both look for a sex shop. I wasn’t too happy letting Ryan chose a swimsuit for me; I had visions of him getting a skimpy bikini or a full one piece. Ryan persuaded me that he knew what I wanted, and that he wouldn’t disappoint me.

When we met up to go looking for a vibrator Ryan wouldn’t show me what he’s bought. He just asked me if I trusted him.

It took a while, but we did find a sex shop. I was so nervous going in, and my face felt like it was on fire. Anyway, we did find a vibrator that we both liked. It’s a remote controlled one. That both scared and excited me. On the one hand I loved the idea of Ryan being able to control my orgasms; but on the other hand I was scared as to where he’d do it. I was also scared that we’d lose it inside me and have to go to the hospital to get it removed. The humiliation of that thought terrified me

We rushed back to the mobile home to try it out. My pussy was dripping as Ryan slowly pushed it up my hole. When he switched it on it was ecstasy.  I’d never felt anything like it.

After 2 orgasms I told Ryan that I needed to find out how easy it was to get the thing out of me. We spent the next 2 hours with me practicing squeezing it out or Ryan delving in with his fingers to get it out. Ryan suggested that I give myself 4 orgasms then jump up and down with my legs wide open. He said that I’d be so wet that gravity would take over and it would just fall out. I tried it after 3, but it didn’t fall out. In the end I was quite confident that I’d be able to squeeze it out on my own.

That night Ryan persuaded me to wear it when we went for a drink. He took the remote control in his pocket and didn’t touch it until we were on our second drink.

Ryan had told me to keep my knees open a bit, but when he suddenly switched the vibrator on I clamped my thighs together and had to supress a scream. I was sure that half the pub looked at me. You can’t imagine how embarrassed I was; especially when Ryan kept it switched on.

Ryan kept asking me what my AF was. When I told him that it was an 8, I also asked him to turn it off. When it got to a 9 I asked him if we could leave. His answer was to turn the vibe up to full.

I had my first public, humiliating orgasm that night.

As we walked back to the home Ryan told me that he was really proud of me and that he loved me so much.

The next afternoon we decided to go to the site’s swimming pool. It wasn’t much, but it was a chance to take a rest from the fucking, and have a swim.

I wanted to see and try-on the swimsuit that Ryan bought me but he wouldn’t let me; he told me that it was a surprise. He told me that I’d have to go to the pool wearing just a towel, and he’d give me the suit there.

I wasn’t happy but I went along with it. I didn’t feel too happy as we walked there.

When we got there we grabbed a couple of sun loungers and Ryan had me flash my pussy to him. Then he wanted to sunbathe for a while before we swam. He said that he’d give me the suit just before we went for that swim.

We lay on those sun loungers with me wearing just that towel for about half an hour. My pussy was feeling the fresh air, but Ryan said that no one could see up the towel. I wasn’t convinced and caught a couple of boys looking at my legs.

Ryan decided that it was time for the swim and told me to stand in front of him and close my eyes. I did, and I heard the rustle as he opened a bag. He then told me to lift my feet, one at a time, and I felt something being pulled up my legs. I was facing Ryan and no one could see my front.

Ryan continued and pulled the suit right up. Something didn’t feel right, and the next thing that I knew, Ryan had pulled the towel off me.

One arm went to cover my little breasts while I looked down and saw that I was wearing a thong. Not only was it a thong, but it was a see-through one that had tie-sides. I was virtually naked, in public, and with lots of people around.

This was not the type of swimsuit I was used to wearing. I was quite good at swimming when I was a kid; I even got a life-saving certificate, and I always wore a one-piece.

I quickly sat down (still covering my boobs) and asked Ryan for the bikini top. He grinned and told me that I was wearing everything that he’d bought for me to go swimming in.

“You can’t be serious; I can’t walk around like this, I’ll get arrested; not to mention my embarrassment (my face was already showing that), I said.

“You’ll be fine!” Ryan said, “Look around. There’s a woman over there wearing a thong, and 2 women over there that are topless.”

“Yeah,” I said, “They’ve got tits, all I’ve got is a couple of tiny mounds with nipples; I look like a little 12 year-old girl.”

“Okay, what about those young girls over there? Most of them are topless, and 2 of them are naked.” Ryan said.

“They’re kids Ryan; I’m 20 years-old.”

“You keep saying that you look like a little kid TT; how about pretending to be one for a while? Ryan asked.

He’d got me there. I looked at the kids then thought about what I’d seen in the mirror that morning. There wasn’t much difference between how we looked. I looked at the kids again then looked around at everyone else there. No one was even looking at me. I slowly moved my arm from in front of my boobs.

“There,” Ryan said, “nobody’s looking at you.”

He was right. I looked down at the front of the thong. I could see my slit through the yellow material.

“Tell you what,” Ryan said, “let’s go for a swim. If you see anyone staring at you we’ll grab our towels and leave.”

That made me feel a little better so I agreed. I felt sooo naked as we ran and jumped into the pool.

We messed about for a while and I relaxed. Ryan kept grabbing my little tits and butt. I almost forgot that I was just about naked.

After a while we got out. I was half way back to the sun loungers when I remembered what I was, or wasn’t wearing. My hands moved to cover my bits.

When I lay on the sun lounger I looked down at the thong. It was completely see-through; it may well have not been there. What’s more, it had moved forward and the bottom of the triangle had worked its way between my lips.

I quickly adjusted it.

“That was fun wasn’t it?” Ryan asked.

I had to admit, I had enjoyed swimming virtually naked. It felt good.

We soaked up the sun for a while. I even relaxed and let the sun get to my little breasts. When I turned over and lay on my stomach I forgot that my butt was exposed.

Ryan took great pleasure rubbing the suntan lotion on me. I had to push his hands away from my tits a couple of times when he started playing with my nipples; and I got sooo wet when he rubbed the oil all around my pussy. I’d both wanted him to, and not wanted him to finger fuck me when his hands were rubbing the oil around my pussy.

Later on, we went for another swim. I was a bit more relaxed walking to the pool. In the pool Ryan got his hard cock out of his boxers and ran it along my slit from behind. I sooo wanted him to fuck me in the water, but not there with all those people around.

We started messing around again, and all of a sudden Ryan swam to the side and got out. As he climbed the steps he said that he needed some more sun.

I followed him and I was back on the sun lounger when I looked down and saw that my thong was gone. I was naked; and what’s more I had walked from the pool naked; with all those people around.

My hands moved to those places again, I blushed and looked round. No one was looking at me; but Ryan had a big grin on his face. As our eyes met he opened his fisted hand. My thong fell out.

I went to grab it, but Ryan was too quick. He said that I had to lay there naked for a while. He told me to look at the little girls at the other side of the pool.

Four girls, all about 11 or 12 were spread out on sun loungers and all were naked. No one was taking a blind bit of notice.

“If they can do it, then you can.” Ryan said.

“Yes, but they’re about 11 or 12,” I said, “I’m 20.”

“With those gorgeous little tits and bald pussy you look about 12 to me; and I bet that everyone else here will think the same.”

I sulked a bit.

Ryan tapped my head with a finger and said,

“You may look only 11 or 12, but there’s more to you than that gorgeous body; I love what’s in there. That’s what makes you, you and I love you.”

That made me feel better. That smile on his face melted my bad thoughts.

We stayed there for a while and I eventually relaxed and let my hands fall by my sides. I’d closed my eyes and was dozing when I heard Ryan say,”

“Go get us an ice-cream please TT.”

I opened my eyes and saw a 5 pound note held in front of my face. Without thinking I got up and walked over to the little bar. It was only as I was getting served that I realised that I was naked.

I blushed and my hands started to move to those places. They’d only just got there when the man behind the bar said,

“There you are little girl,” and he handed me 2 ice creams and my change.

I had no choice; I had to use my hands to carry the ice cream.   

As I walked back to Ryan with a flushed face, I looked round at all the people; no one was looking at me.

I lay back on the sun lounger and Ryan came and sat at the bottom of my sun lounger. I had to raise my knees so that there was room for him. While we sat eating out ice creams Ryan ran his spare hand up and down my legs. It felt good.

Ryan’s hand got closer and closer to my pussy each time it went up and down, eventually touching my pussy. The next time his hand got to my pussy, he pressed on my clit for a second. A bolt of pleasure shot through me just before the hand disappeared. The next time it did it again and I shook and moaned. It was a good job that we’d finished my ice cream.

Ryan did it again, this time slipping a finger inside my pussy.

I moaned again.

Ryan stood up. I could see his cock bulging in his boxers.

“Come on, were leaving. I have something that needs to be taken care of.” He said.

Ryan grabbed all our things, pulled me up and started pulling me towards the exit.

“Ryan,” I whispered, “I’m still naked.”

“It doesn’t matter, let’s go.” He said, and tugged on my hand.

We quickly walked back to the mobile home with me looking all around to see if anyone was watch me. We turned a corner and 2 teenage boys were walking towards us. They both looked directly at me, or should I say my pussy. All of us just kept walking.

We just got back inside the mobile home when Ryan turned to me and started kissing me. We never made it to the bedroom; Ryan fucked me as I bent over the dining table that is just inside the door.

We got a drink and Ryan took me out the back to sit on the chairs and watch the waves. He wouldn’t let me put any clothes on.

“Did you see the faces of those 2 teenage boys?” Ryan asked me.

“Yes I did. They were staring at my pussy. If I hadn’t been so desperate for you to fuck me I’d have been sooo embarrassed.” I replied.

“I told you that you had a nice body, you shouldn’t get embarrassed, those 2 lads really enjoyed looking at you.” Ryan replied.

He turned to face me and continued,

“We’ll have to show your body to more people, I bet that they’ll all enjoy the sight.”

“No! I can’t, it’s too embarrassing.” I said.

“Yes you can, trust me, it’ll be fine. I guarantee that you’ll enjoy it, and the sex afterwards will be magic. Push that religious guilt to one side and enjoy yourself.” Ryan said.

Now I love and trust Ryan, and will do anything for him, but I wasn’t convinced that I’d enjoy being naked in front of people. But it was for Ryan, so I just knew that I’d do it.

After a while, Ryan went back inside and came back out wearing a pair of boxers. He threw something at me and told me to put it on because we were going for a walk along the beach.

I looked at what he had given me. It was his blue string vest. I hadn’t seen him wearing it for ages, and had missed it. It shows his chest and abs off quite well.

“You want me to wear this?” I asked.

“Yeah, put it on and let me have a look at you.” Ryan said.

I put it on and smoothed my hand down the front. One of my nipples was poking through one of the holes and I shivered a bit as my hand made contact. My hand went to the hem, front and back. It covered my pussy and butt – just.

“Ryan, it’s totally see-through. Everyone will be able to see everything.” I said.

“Yes I know; great isn’t it?” He said with a big grin on his face and a bulge starting to grow in his boxers. “Let’s go before I jump on you again,” he said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the gate.

We walked onto the beach and then started off along the water’s edge. There were a few people there, but no one took any notice of us. At first I was very self-conscious of my exposure, but I relaxed when I realised that no one was looking at me.

After about 10 minutes walking, Ryan decided that we’d head inland.

“Ryan, look at me, we can’t go off the beach with me like this; hell, I shouldn’t even be dressed like this on the beach.” I said.

Ryan put his arm round me and said,

“You look amazing; no one will care about what you’re wearing.”

“Or not wearing.” I replied.

As he said that, his hand that was around me slid into the arm hole of the vest and he squeezed my hard nipple. They had been hard all the time that we’d been walking. My pussy was tingling as well. I guess that it was the breeze that was causing it.

We walked along a path not knowing what we’d find. What we found first was 2 young men walking towards us carrying surf boards. Both stopped talking when they saw us, and their eyes never left my body until we were passed them. My face went bright red.

A few yards further on Ryan said,

“They liked your body. I told you it would be alright.”

“If alright means me exposing my tits and pussy to strangers, then yes, it was alright.” I said.

“I bet that your pussy enjoyed it.” Ryan replied. “I bet that you had a little wet rush.”

I blushed again and quietly said,

“Yes, I did.”

Further down the path we came to a car park. We walked through it and along the road. It wasn’t long before we were in this little village. The place was quite quiet and we only saw 2 cars driving by.

At the other end of the village we came to a grassy area with a kid’s playground and went and sat on one of the benches. We talked for a bit then went and sat on one of the swings. Well I sat on the swing and Ryan stood in between my legs. We started kissing and Ryan started to finger fuck me. It was sooo good.

Ryan started to take the vest off me. I stopped him and looked round. There was no one else anywhere in sight so I let him continue.

Ryan pushed the swing back and every time it came forward my legs went either side of him and he grabbed at my pussy or little tits. It felt so good and natural being out there naked and having fun.

After a while Ryan told me to go and climb on the climbing frame while he went and sat on the bench.

I was hanging upside down facing away from Ryan when these 2 kids (about 10 years old) appeared next to me and said ‘hello’.

“Shit! kids, parents, me naked! Oh fuck!” I thought.

“Can we climb up there as well?” One – the boy said.

I looked at them while I still hung upside down. They were both wearing only their underpants. The girl had little breasts about the same size as mine, and she wasn’t wearing a bra. I looked all round but couldn’t see anyone other than Ryan so I said,

“Yeah, come on.”

They were treating me like a little kid and I was in a playful, happy mood. I pulled myself up and started playing silly kids games with them. We climbed up and down then went to the swings and see-saw.

I was on one end of the see-saw and the boy was on the other end when I noticed him staring at my pussy. Before I had a chance to lose my legs he suddenly said,

“Where are your clothes?”

“That’s a long story,” I said.

“Has your dad got them over there?”

I looked round to Ryan and saw that he was wearing the vest. Not only that, he was talking to a man who was sat at the other end of the bench.

When the 2 kids saw their dad they shouted,

“Come on, my dad will have some sweets.” The girl said.

The nerves and embarrassment hit me. I realised that I was walking over to Ryan and the man, and I was naked.

The kids were already with their dad and they were getting sweets. I heard the girl say,

“Can I give one to my new friend?”

The man looked up at me and I went bright red.

“Yes, or course you can,” he said.

The girl came over and offered me one. I took it.

“Pete, this is my little sister Tanya. Our mother has tried to get her to wear clothes, but every time we get clothes on her she just takes them off as soon as she can.” Ryan said.

Pete stared at me, I could see that his eyes were moving from my little nubs to my little slit. I went even redder, but managed to keep my hands away from my goodies. I thought that if Ryan’s story were true I wouldn’t be trying to cover-up.

Pete then said,

“Yes, kids can be quite stubborn little creatures at times can’t they?”

All the time Pete’s eyes were glued on my body.

I have to admit that underneath my embarrassment my pussy was getting hotter and hotter. I could feel my nipples throbbing.

Ryan and Pete talked for a couple of minutes then Pete said,

“Come on kids, we’ve got to go and meet your mother.”

The kids groaned then they all left.

Just as soon as they were out of sight I jumped on Ryan and fucked him right there on the bench.

After a very pleasurable few minutes Ryan asked me if I’d enjoyed myself running around naked. I had to confess that I had.

“Come on TT, let’s head back, I’m getting hungry.”

“Can I have the vest back please?” I asked.

“Not yet lover; let’s see how it goes.” Ryan said and grabbed my hand and pulled me behind him.

We walked along the road towards the mobile homes site and saw no one until we got to the gate. I asked Ryan for the vest again, but he wouldn’t let me have it. I had another embarrassing naked walk across the site to our home. A few people were about, but only 1 young man stared at me as we passed him.

When we got back in I jumped on Ryan again. Why do I get so randy when I’m so embarrassed? It’s like my body isn’t listening to my brain.

We had a quiet couple of days without going outside because the weather wasn’t too good. One evening we decided to go to the bar again. Ryan would only let me wear a thin T-shirt and my shortest skirt. I had to sit with my legs either side of a table leg. I tried to avoid looking to see how many people got to see that I was going commando.

About 4 times that we were there we got food from the take-away at the back of the pub. After Ryan got his vest out I had to wear just that when I went to the take-away. I was both happy and unhappy doing that. On the one hand it was dark when I was walking around the site, so no one saw how little I was wearing. On the other hand I didn’t have the security of Ryan being with me, and I had to stand at the brightly lit serving counter virtually naked. All the other customers could see every bit of me.

Every time I saw someone looking I went a brighter shade of red and tried to turn away.

Each time that I went there my pussy was dripping and my nipples were rock hard. One time as I walked away after being served, I looked back and saw 3 men all staring at my virtually naked butt. I wanted to run, but I didn’t.

When the sun returned, Ryan wanted to go to the pool again. He wanted me to go there naked, pretending that I was a little kid again. I refused, but eventually agreed to go wearing just the yellow thong. Ryan carried the towels and suntan lotion.

There appeared to be a lot more people about, but only a couple of men stared at me.

At the pool we managed to get a couple of sun loungers and spread our towels. The sun was warm and Ryan said that we should put some lotion on. I volunteered to do him first and giggled at the rising bulge in his boxers. The end of his cock was sticking out and I had a little play with it before pushing it back in.

Ryan really took his time putting lotion me; it was more like a massage. His hands worked wonders and I was so relaxed. He did my back first and I turned over when he told me to.

His hands worked on my legs and arms then he started on my chest. I whispered for him to leave my breasts, saying that I’d do them. He ignored me and massaged them and pulled my nipples. I asked him to stop, telling him that I was embarrassed that someone was watching. He ignored me.

He moved down to my stomach and the tops of my legs. When he started on my pubic bone and pussy I suddenly realised that the thong wasn’t there. Somehow Ryan had removed it without me knowing.

It felt so good as he massaged me, letting his fingers slide inside my lips and hole. I even let my legs drift apart.

As he started finger fucking me I suddenly remembered where we were. I clamped my thighs together and lifted my knees a bit. Ryan asked what was wrong.

“Not here.” Was all I could say as I looked round to see who was looking at me; one man was, and he was grinning. He also had a newspaper on his lap. I wondered what it was hiding.

I looked around again and saw quite a few kids playing in the water and on the slide. A couple of them were naked as well.

“At least I’m not the only one naked,” I whispered to Ryan, “even if the other naked people are kids.”

“I keep telling you TT, you look like a kid. I bet that if you went and joined in their game they’d treat you just like one of them.” Ryan said.

I declined Ryan’s suggestion and we lay there sunbathing for quite a while. At first I kept my knees bent a bit so that no one could see my pussy, but eventually I relaxed and lay with flat legs.

A short while after I’d turned onto my stomach I dozed off (too much late night fucking). When I woke up I realised that my legs were wide apart. I tried to close them but my feet hit something. I looked over my shoulder and saw that Ryan was sat on the end of my sun lounger looking down at my butt and pussy.

When he saw that I was awake he told me that I must have had a great dream. I’d moved my legs apart myself and he’d moved to my sun lounger so that he could watch my pussy convulsing and getting very wet.

I remembered my dream and told Ryan that I’d been getting gangbanged in the middle of a shopping centre with hundreds of people watching.

“Wow!” Ryan said, “I’m not sure that I could organise that for you, but I’ll have a damn good try if you like.”

“Don’t be silly,” I said, “It was only a dream, they’re never happen.”

I pulled my legs up, turned over and sat facing Ryan with my knees bent.

Ryan opened my knees and leant forward and kissed me while one of his hands felt my pussy.

“You’re soaking wet, it looks like you really do want that dream to come true.”

“No I don’t.” I said. “I’m quite happy with your big cock.”

Ryan smiled and sat up, flicking one of my nipples as he did so. When he went back to his sun lounger I kept my knees bent a bit so that no one could see my pussy.

After a while we decided to go for a swim. Ryan slowly walked to the pool but I ran and jumped in. I wanted to limit the number of people who saw me naked.

We messed about in the pool for about an hour. Most of the time we were grabbing at each other’s genitals; I even went underwater and gave him a bit of a blowjob. He finger fucked me and played with my clit. I hung onto him tightly as he brought me to a wonderful orgasm.

After that I just had to return the compliment. I reached down between us and got his cock out. I wanked him with the tip rubbing on my stomach. I felt his cock jerk and watched the white cum float away.

After that Ryan wanted to get out and lay down for a bit. I didn’t so I stayed in the pool. I watched the kids playing, and when their ball came over to me I threw it back. That happened a couple of times and when one of the girls got close to me she asked me if I wanted to join in. She said that there were too many boys playing.

“What the hell.” I thought and I joined them.  A few minutes later the game changed and it involved getting out of the water and ‘bombing’ the others. I never thought anything about getting out of the water and walking around the side of the pool. I did notice that one of the girls and two of the boys were naked like me. No one seemed to care.

About 5 minutes later the lifeguard came over and told us to stop splashing everyone. Two of the boys decided that we were going over to the kids play area. I looked over to Ryan, he had a big grin on his face and he nodded to tell me that it was okay for me to go with the kids.

Hell, there I was running around the site, naked, with half a dozen 11 or 12 year- old kids and I was enjoying myself.

The play area was similar to the one in the village that we’d walked through. The boys got to the swings first so the girls went and climbed on the frame. As I got near the top the other naked girl, who was just below me, said,

“Your pussy looks different to mine. It’s a lot more puffy. It looks like my older sister’s pussy.”

“Hmm, good point,” I said, stalling while I thought how to answer that one.

“How old is your big sister?

“Eighteen and she’s got a boyfriend who plays with her pussy.”

“Yeah, and I’ve got a boyfriend who plays with mine.” I thought, before saying,

“My dad says that all pussies look a bit different, it’s like faces, they’re all basically the same, but we all look different.”

“When my sister’s boyfriend plays with her pussy he hurts her.” The little girl said.

“What makes you say that?” I asked.

“I’ve watched them and when he had his hand on her pussy she moaned and screamed.” The little girl said.

I nearly laughed out loud before saying,

“My dad tells me that when girls get older they sometimes moan and scream when they’re enjoying something. Perhaps the boy was rubbing her pussy and she was enjoying the feeling. Do you know that rubbing your pussy can make you feel really good?”

 “Mandy Smith has told me that she rubs her pussy and gets a weird feeling inside. I haven’t tried it yet. Have you?  Is that what you mean?“ The little girl said.

“Yes I have, and it’s a really good feeling. I haven’t wanted to scream yet but daddy says that I will one day. When you try it remember to play with that little lump of skin at the front of your slit. That what works for me.”

I said, looking down at the girl and realising that she was still staring up my stretched legs at my pussy.

“Can you show me how to do it please?” She said.

“Shit!” I thought. “Listen to me. I’m telling a 12 year-old girl how to masturbate and now she wants me to show her how to do it. No way!”

Fortunately I was saved by 2 teenage boys who’d decided that they wanted to use the swings. They were shouting at the other kids to get lost. I was a bit annoyed. I wasn’t going to let 2 teenagers spoil my ‘friends’ fun.

I climbed down, went over to them and gave them a mouthful about bullying. It was only when one of them started saying something about a skinny little girl trying to tell them what to do, that I remembered that I was naked. I got scared and embarrassed and started shaking.

“I think it’s time that you two moved on, don’t you?” a voice from behind me said.

It was Ryan. He’d seen what was going on and come to my rescue. The two teenagers left and the other kids got on with doing what kids do.

Ryan stood beside me and put an arm round me.

“Bloody hell TT that was a bit brave wasn’t it. I’ll have to draw a big ‘S’ for Superwoman on your naked chest.” Ryan said as he reached round me and squeezed a nipple.

“Looks like that turned you on a bit.” He said.

Ryan moved round in front of me and ran a finger along my pussy.

“Definitely turned you on girl; I think that we should go somewhere and take care of that.” He said. 

As we walked away I waved at the naked little girl who was still on the climbing frame.

We went straight back to our home and fucked like rabbits for ages.

Another time that we went to the pool Ryan persuaded me to have the remote controlled vibrator inside me. I didn’t mind that part, what I wasn’t happy about was him taking the remote control. I managed to get Ryan to agree to leave it behind on condition that I walked to the pool naked. I wasn’t happy about that either, but I thought that a naked walk would be less embarrassing than Ryan playing with the remote control while I was getting a tan.

We got to the pool and spread out on sun loungers. We put lotion on each other with Ryan paying particular attention to my nipples and pussy.

About 5 minutes after I’d settled, and was dozing a bit, I suddenly gasped and sat upright. I looked over to Ryan. He had a big grin on his face.

“You bastard!” I said, and lay back down with my knees slightly bent. I didn’t want people looking at my pussy if Ryan was going to get me all worked-up.

The vibe went off for ages and I wasn’t sure if I was going to have fun, or get frustrated.

I needn’t have worried. When Ryan switched it back on he set it on low speed and left it on.

“That’s nice.” I whispered and relaxed so that I could enjoy it.

I was just starting to get all worked up when Ryan turned it up a notch.

As my sexual pleasure increased I let my feet slide down and opened my legs a bit. I could feel that my pussy was getting quite swollen and wet. I closed my eyes knowing that there was nothing that I could do to avoid the ultimate humiliation – having an orgasm whilst being naked in public.

All of a sudden I heard a man say,”

“Hi Ryan, I see that you still can’t get your sister to put some clothes on.”

I opened my eyes and saw the father of the 2 kids that we’d seen in the play area in the village. I looked down and saw 2 little bare bottoms jumping into the pool. I also saw my wide open swollen pussy; a pussy that was about to cum.

I couldn’t face having an orgasm with that man looking down on me so I jumped up and ran to the pool. I bombed in just as the orgasm hit me.

I nearly drowned as the waves of pleasure hit me. What’s more, Ryan hadn’t switched the damn thing off. I surfaced, gasping for air with a screwed-up face, and shaking all over.

The 2 kids looked at me and said hello. Then the girl asked me if I was all right.

“Yes. No. Yes.” I said to 2 confused kids as I grabbed for the side of the pool as another orgasm hit me.

Thankfully, Ryan switched the vibe off. I looked over to him and mouthed,

“Thank you.”

“Hi.” I said to the kids, “Been having fun?”

They started telling me where and what they’d been doing; but I wasn’t really listening. My thoughts were about my still tingling pussy. The orgasms and cold water hadn’t cooled it down.

After a while Pete came to the side of the pool and told his kids to get out; they had to go.

Thank Fuck for that I thought and got out after them.

Back at the sun loungers I lay down with my knees slightly bent. Ryan looked at me and said,

“That was a shame; it was just getting to the fun part. I suppose I’ll have to start all over again.”

I felt the vibe start again and thought,

“Oh no, he just can’t get enough of my embarrassment can he.”

Ten minutes later my legs were flat on the sun lounger with my heels just over the sides; and I was breathing very heavily.

It hit me; I sat upright with a loud,


Then I lay back shaking. My eyes were shut, but Ryan later told me that 4 or 5 people looked over to me when I shouted. Most of them stayed watching until I stopped shaking. One man guessed what was happening and was smiling.

When I calmed down I asked Ryan if we could leave. He said no.

The bastard wanted to humiliate me some more. He sent me for some ice creams and switched the vibe on while I was getting served. At that point I wasn’t bothered about being naked; I had a bigger problem. I was having another orgasm while standing in front of the man selling me the ice creams.

The man looked at me as if I was some sort of mental nutcase. That was until he saw me lifting each foot in turn and squeezing my thighs together. It suddenly dawned on him what was happening and his face turned into one big grin.

He gave me the ice creams for free.

I could feel my juices running down my thighs as I walked back to Ryan. He had a big grin on his face and watched my every squirm.

Ryan wasn’t finished with me; after we’d finished the ice creams I lay back and closed my eyes; I needed a rest. Ryan switched the vibe onto low, and left it on.

About 10 minutes later I was gripping the sides of the sun lounger ready for it to hit me, but it never arrived. All of a sudden the vibe slowed right down and stopped. I looked at Ryan but the control wasn’t in his hand.

In a way I was glad that I hadn’t been humiliated again, but at the same time it had left me sooo frustrated.

I relaxed and closed my eyes, forgetting that my legs were wide apart and my open hole visible to anyone who looked.

Ten minutes later Ryan asked me if I was okay.

“Wonderful.” I said. “You’d better get some more batteries before you want to use that thing on me again.”

“Bloody hell.” He said, “Just when things were getting exciting again.”

On the way back Ryan decided that we would take a walk along the beach. I reminded him that I didn’t have any clothes with me, but he wouldn’t let me go and get any, or borrow his T-shirt.   

I was so nervous walking along the beach but Ryan convinced me that I shouldn’t try to cover my pussy or little tits; if I did it would attract people to look at me. As it was, I didn’t see one person looking at me. In a way I was a bit disappointed.

On evening Ryan was looking around the place and he looked into a cupboard that contained some DIY tools and materials. He looked at them for a minute, smiled, and said to me,

“TT, you know that you said that you wished that you had a bikini top; well I think that I might just have found one.”

He got out a tennis ball, a knife and some string. I looked at him wondering WTF was he doing. He proceeded to cut the tennis ball in half and attach some pieces of string to the 2 halves. He then came over to me and put the 2 halves of the ball, one on each of my breasts. It wasn’t difficult as each tit couldn’t even fill the half of the tennis ball.

Ryan then tied the strings so that I could get up and the ball halves stayed in place.

We both laughed at how stupid I looked. Then I said,

“Are you going to make the bottom half of my new bikini as well?”

Ryan laughed, then thought for a minute, then said,

“Well Tennis Ball Tits, maybe I can do something about that, lie down and I’ll be back in a minute.”

When he came back he said,

“You’ve heard of a string bikini, well you my little tit-less wonder you are going to have the ultimate string bikini.”

He then cut some pieces off the ball of string that he had brought over, and tied them round me into roughly the shape of a bikini bottom, but without the material. There were 2 pieces that went over my pussy. They were supposed to go one each side of my lips, but as he pulled them tight they slipped over my lips and ended up either side of my clit, as he pulled the string they squeezed my clit.

“That’s nice.” I said, and before long we were fucking again.

Ryan started calling me TBT (Tennis Ball Tits) a few times after that.

The next morning when I woke up I was surprised that Ryan wasn’t fucking me to wake me up (I love being woken up that way). Instead he was cutting long pieces of string off the ball.

“Hi there sexy; what are you doing?” I asked.

“Hi to you too; turn on your back and spread your arms and legs for me please.”

I did, and he started tying my wrists and ankles to each corner of the bed.

“Are you going to tie me up and have your evil way with me?” I asked.

Ryan smiled and said,

“You’ll love every minute.”

And I did; although he really teased me and kept me waiting for an orgasm. You see he fucked me for a while then went and got the vibrator. He tortured me with that thing, turning it off just before I peaked. He did this over and over again. In the end I was begging him to make me cum.

When I did cum it was a big one; I was jerking about and hurt my wrists and ankles as I writhed about.

Before he untied me, Ryan climbed on top of me and fucked my mouth. It wasn’t fair that I’d had such a good time and he’d not even cum.

The next morning we did the same, only outside the back of the home. Ryan put a towel down and I lay there whilst he tied me to the fence and bits on the mobile home. It was early when we started, but I lay there for quite a while. Whilst Ryan was torturing me with the remote vibe I could hear people walking passed to the beach. I don’t think that anyone saw us, but I’m not sure.

We had a few more afternoons at the swimming pool and a couple of night at the bar. All were very similar to the previous ones.

Back at the University House
When we got back to our university house no one else was there so Ryan decided that we’d stay naked 24 x 7 – unless we had to go out. That was okay with me, but I was glad that he wasn’t expecting me to be naked when the others were there.

We did go out a few times before the other got back. On two of the sunny days we decided to go for a walk in the local park. Each time Ryan asked me to wear my shortest skirt and no knickers. In fact he talked me into putting all of my knickers in the rubbish bin. He didn’t want me to wear knickers ever again.

The park was great, it was as relaxing as walking along the beach; and with clothes on too. When we got to a cross-roads in the paths Ryan decided that we’d sit on the grass for a while. It wasn’t long before that sitting was laying and enjoying the sun. In reality it was me flat on my back and Ryan sitting beside me.

After a few minutes Ryan asked me to uncross my legs. He promised that no one would be able to see up my skirt. A bit later he eased my legs a few inches apart while he kissed me. Then he slid my skirt up to pussy level. He told me that no one was around to see up my skirt.

Ryan stroked my hair and kissed me again. It was so relaxing and I actually dozed off in that warm sun. When I woke up I could hear people. I raised my head and saw lots of people walking passed us. I looked at my skirt and I could just see the top of my pussy. If I could see my pussy, then the view must have been total for the people walking passed my feet.

“Ryan, you could have told me.” I said.

“What, and spoil their fun; and mine.” Ryan said.

As I sat up, Ryan ran a finger along my pussy then held it up to my face. It was quite wet.

“You enjoyed letting those strangers see your pussy didn’t you?”

“No I didn’t.” I said.

“Your little lie detector says otherwise.” Ryan replied.

It was another example of my body betraying my brain. Why can’t my brain control my pussy?

The second time that we went to the park Ryan persuaded me to take pity on a homeless man and flash my pussy to him. Ryan made me feel a bit guilty by saying how fortunate we were; and how unfortunate that poor man was. In the end I just gave in and stood in front on the man (who was sat on a park bench).

I stood there for about 10 seconds with my skirt up round my waist and my feet apart. In a way, my embarrassment was out-weighed by the knowledge that I’d made that unfortunate man’s day.

One Saturday afternoon Ryan took me shopping for some new skirts. He’d asked, and I’d agreed to wear a skirt whenever it was warm enough, and practical to do so. That meant 90+% of the time. That was a complete reversal of my first year at university. We went in three shops and managed to find a few skirts that were small enough for me. In each one Ryan wanted me to model the skirts that I’d chosen. He wasn’t happy with the first 2 that I chose because they were too long. I got the message and the rest that I tried on were much shorter.

The second shop had changing rooms off the main store and Ryan asked me to leave the curtain open a bit as I got changed. Even though I was only trying on a skirt he asked me to strip naked before putting the skirt on. Just as was about to put the skirt on the curtain flew open and Ryan was stood there watching. So was a man who was probably waiting for his girlfriend.

I froze for a few seconds as my eyes met those of the stranger. He smiled and I closed the curtain.

I thumped Ryan’s arm when I went out to him. His response was to run his finger along my slit then hold his finger in front of my face.

“Tell me that you didn’t enjoy it.” He said before sucking his finger.

We went home with 4 new skirts. None of them are longer than 12 inches. I knew that I was going to have to be very careful wearing them; especially as the only knickers that I now owned was one see-through thong that I’d promised Ryan that I’d only wear when he asked me to. I reckoned that he never would ask. It turns out that I was right.

One time after we’d been fucking in the living room, I’d fallen asleep on the sofa. I was still naked and had one leg on the floor and the other up on the

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 02 - Post University Days

Ryan invited me to go and stay with his parents with him for a few weeks while we waited for our results and planned what we were going to do for the rest of our lives. I’d already decided that if Ryan asked me, then I’d go with him to where ever he got a job, and then look for one myself.

I discussed knickers with Ryan. I said that I thought that I should get some and wear them at his parent’s house. I told him that I didn’t want to upset his parents or brother if I accidentally gave them a flash of my butt or pussy.

I told him that if I accidentally flashed my knickers to my parents or any guests, I’d get a sermon from my mother. She would go on and on about girls having to be more careful. She said that only harlots showed their knickers and that they’d brought me up better than that.

Ryan laughed saying that no one in his family would be upset. His family are quite broadminded and would just treat it as an accident. 

Ryan’s parents are really nice; they welcomed me as if I was their own daughter. They were even happy for me to share Ryan’s old room with him.

Ryan’s parents both work so we were at their home on our own quite a lot; his younger brother – Tom was in his last year at school.

After the first few days of fucking all over the house we decided that we needed to get out a bit. One of the ideas we had was for Ryan to show me around the neighbourhood by cycling. Ryan had his old bike and he said that I could borrow his father’s (his mother didn’t own one).

Obviously it was a man’s bike with a cross bar, and it was way too big for me, I could manage to ride it, and I did, but it certainly was an interesting experience.

I was still (still am) not wearing underwear, and always wearing short skirts. I had to wait until no one was looking before getting on the bike, and when on it I couldn’t touch the ground when sat on the saddle. To be able to touch the ground I had to slide forward off the saddle. The cold metal crossbar pressed on my bare pussy. Ryan took great delight in rolling the bike back and forwards when I was standing like that.

To ride the bike I had to slide my butt from side to side as I peddled. It wasn’t only my legs that got a workout. I had trouble concentrating of where I was going quite a bit of the time; I think that I would have seen more of the place if I’d walked.

Ryan wasn’t a lot of help; all he’d do was ride behind me and watch my butt as the wind blew my skirt up.

Another place that we went to was the local leisure centre. Ryan used to play squash and I wanted him to teach me. Before he could we had to go into town to get me some trainers and a white top and skirt.

The tops that Ryan chose were all tight fitting and very thin material. I wanted one with thicker material, with two layers, but Ryan persuaded me that his choice was best. The top that we final bought has a lace band around the top. When I wear it normally the lace band is above my breasts, but if I pull it down as far as the straps will allow, the lace is over most of my breasts. When my nipples get hard they poke through the little holes in the lace. Needless to say that Ryan pulls it down every time that I wear it, and I pull it back up when he’s not looking.

The tennis skirt was also made of very thin silky material. It was slightly pleated, and flared; and so short that it barely covered my butt. It was so light that I hardly knew that I had it on.

Of course Ryan wanted to see me try them on in the shop. He kept pulling the curtain back and I’m sure that at least 3 people saw me without any clothes on.

When I put my new clothes on at the leisure centre I looked positively indecent. My nipples poked out and I’m sure that anyone following me when I walked would be able to see my butt. I was glad when we got on to the squash court.

When Ryan showed me how to swing the racquet he would stand behind me and press against me. He must have found it difficult as he always had a hard-on that pressed into my butt.

When it came to running to get the ball I frequently tripped and ended-up flat-out on the floor.

The second time that we went I had a wardrobe malfunction when putting the skirt on. The one waist button came off. I walked out to Ryan holding the skirt up with one hand. I told Ryan what had happened and that we’d have to cancel.

Ryan was having nothing of it. He took me to the squash court and asked me how many people were watching us. Then he asked me where anyone could watch us from. I couldn’t see anyone and couldn’t see anywhere that people could watch from and I told him so.

“Right, now that it’s impossible for anyone to see you, drop the skirt and we’ll play with you bottomless.” Ryan said.

I was stunned. I’d never even considered that. I started to protest, then realised that he was right; no one would be able to see me, other than Ryan; so I took off the skirt.

Okay, the skirt was so light that I hardly knew I had it on, but I certainly knew when I didn’t have it on. It was a weird, but nice feeling.

Being bottomless didn’t make me a better squash player and I still ended up on the floor quite a bit.

Towards the end of the lesson I was on my back one time and I looked up, towards the back of the court.

Blankety, Blank! There were 3 men looking down on us. I quickly got up and ran to the back of the court where they wouldn’t be able to see me. I called Ryan over and asked,

“How did they get there? How long have they been there?”

“Relax TT, They’ve only just got there; and they couldn’t have seen much of you anyway.” Ryan said.

“Well I don’t like it.” I said, “Can we go now please?”

“No TT, we can’t. You’ve got to master that backhand swing.”

Reluctantly, we continued the lesson. I kept looking up to see if the men had gone. They hadn’t; they stayed there until our time was up.

We also went to the swimming pool at the leisure centre. Before we could do that we had to go and buy me a bikini. I wanted a proper bikini, but in the end Ryan bought me a semi see-though bra to go with the only thong that I owned.

I told Ryan that I wasn’t happy wearing such a brief, see-though outfit in such a public place, but he assured me that I wouldn’t feel out of place once I got there.

It was late July and Ryan and I had got ready to go to the pool. As we walked downstairs Ryan saw Tom watching television. Ryan asked Tom if he wanted to come with us. I wasn’t too happy that Tom would be able to see me virtually naked, but I didn’t say anything.

Tom said that he didn’t want to come if he’d be intruding on anything. Ryan laughed and told Tom that we weren’t going there to have sex on the diving board.

We waited while Tom went and got ready.

When I put the ‘bikini’ on in the changing room I looked in a mirror and thought,

“Shit, I’m virtually naked; everyone is going to see everything.”

I looked around at the other girls there. Most were wearing conventional bikinis and two had bottoms that were cut high so that a fair amount of butt cheek was showing. I saw one thong bikini bottoms. At least I wasn’t going to be the only one wearing a thong, even if mine was an underwear thong.

I took a deep breath and walked out.

Ryan and Tom were waiting for me.

Ryan smiled and Tom wolf-whistled. I blushed.

We jumped into the pool and swam a couple of lengths before deciding to go and have a go on the 2 slides that were there. We got out of the pool and joined the queue. I checked that my thong was still covering my pussy. It was, but I could see the front of my slit through the material. I could also see my dark areolas and every little bump on my little tits. I held my hands below my chin to cover my tits and hoped that no one could see my bits.

As we climbed the steps I could feel the eyes of a couple of youths, below and behind me, burning my butt. I kept my legs tightly closed. At the top the lifeguard looked me up and down and smiled.

At the bottom of both of the slides I quickly checked the thong. Each time I had a front wedgie and had to pull the thong out of my pussy. I think that I managed to do it without anyone noticing.

The slides weren’t that good so we went back into the pool. Ryan had his arm round my waist as we went back.

We started messing about in the pool because there were too many people there to do lengths safely.

We played silly games like ‘tag’ and see which of us could stay under for the longest. Tom had a bit of an advantage as he had a face mask with him.

We ended up in the shallow end diving between each other’s legs and doing handstands and somersaults.

I surfaced in front of Ryan and leaned forward to kiss him. He put his hand on my hips.

“Don’t you go unfastening my thong.” I said.

“Don’t you worry about that, I won’t.” Ryan said.

Not fully trusting him because of his previous track record, I put my hands to my hips to check that the sides were still tied properly. I panicked, I couldn’t find the thong. It had gone.
I told Ryan. He told me that he already knew. I’d lost it soon after we’d got back into the pool.

“You mean I’ve been swimming bottomless all this time and you didn’t tell me. You 2 have been diving between my legs and I’ve being doing handstands. My butt must have been way out of the water; and what’s more, Tom’s got that face mask on. That’s why he swam between my legs face up. He must have had a good look at me; and how many other people will have seem my pussy?”

Ryan smiled and I thumped him.

“You’ve got to find it for me; I can’t get out like this.” I said.

We were stood in the shallow end. I looked down at my front. At least my bra was still there, even if everyone could see my hard nipples and areolas. I ducked down so that my chest was covered.

Ryan and Tom went off in search of my thong while I stayed neck deep against the side of the pool looking at everyone around me to see if they were staring at me.

About 5 minutes later Ryan and Tom came back to me and told me that they couldn’t find the thong.

I had a quick panic attack. I knew that I was going to have to go back to the changing room bottomless.

Ryan told me to relax, and held me against him. I could feel his hard dick pressing against my stomach. He was enjoying my predicament.

I asked Ryan and Tom if they would walk in front and behind me. They agreed and we swam as close to the changing room entrance as we would. Ryan got out first while Tom hung back waiting for me to get out. I pulled myself up on my arms then swung a leg up onto the pool side. I suddenly realised that Tom would be getting a great view of my open pussy. There was nothing that I could do.

I was struggling to pull myself up and asked Ryan to pull me up. I knew that Tom was looking at my pussy, but there was nothing that I could do.

Ryan pulled me up then Tom jumped out. I wished that I could get out that easily.

The 3 of us started walking and got in line. Why was Ryan walking so slowly? One woman and 2 boys saw me (that I knew of), and I heard a wolf whistle; but no one said anything.

As we got to the changing room entrance and I turned in, a female lifeguard was coming out. She saw me and stopped me. She wanted to know where my bottoms were. She asked me if I’d gone into the pool like that. I blushed and told her that I did have some on, but they’d come off and I couldn’t find them.

As she told me to leave my name and address with reception and if they turned up they would contact me. As she was telling this to me I looked back towards the pool and saw a couple of boys staring at me.

I was glad to get round the corner to where there were only girls. I showered and got dressed. Ryan and Tom were waiting for me in reception.

I didn’t leave my name and address with reception.

Back at Ryan’s home I took our wet things to the laundry basket. As I unrolled Ryan’s towel my thong fell out. Ryan had done it again.

Another thing that we did to get out and pass the time was 10-pin bowling. It was only when I saw that a group of men had gathered around our lane that I realised that they must be watching me bend over each time that I bowled.

You see, when we started the game Ryan and I were the only ones near our lane and I wasn’t worried about Ryan seeing up my short skirt. Besides, Ryan had told me that he couldn’t see my pussy when I first bowled.

I’d got so into the game that I hadn’t noticed the men. From then on I tried to keep upright but it ruined my game. I lost.

There was another really embarrassing incident that happened while I was at Ryan’s parent’s house. Ryan and I had been late up one morning, and it was a sunny day for change so we decided to go out the back and lay on the sun loungers. Ryan’s parents were both at work, and his brother Tom was at school.

Ryan said that I should top-up my all-over tan so I took my skirt and top off and lay back to enjoy the warm sum on my body.

I dozed and vaguely remembered him saying something about going inside for something. A few minutes later I heard a sound close by. I started to open my eyes to see what Ryan was doing, but as soon as they opened just a little bit, the sun blinded me so I closed them again. I was sure that I’d seen the silhouette of Ryan at my feet so I said,

“Hey babe, can you rub some sun tan lotion on me please?”

A few seconds later I heard the sun tan lotion bottle being opened, then felt it dripping onto my legs and arms. I relaxed even more as my legs then arms had the lotion rubbed on them.

“Don’t forget to do the rest of my front please.” I said.

I felt lotion dripping onto my shoulders then my belly; then it being spread over me.

“Don’t forget my little girls.” I said.

A few seconds later my tits were massaged.

“That’s nice.” I said, still keeping my eyes shut.

I felt lotion dripping onto my stomach then hands rubbing it all over.

“Don’t forget my puss; we don’t want that to get burnt do we?” I said.

His hands stopped for a few seconds then a hand landed on my pussy.

“Hmm, that’s nice.” I said and opened my legs wide.

“Are your fingers going to work their magic on me again?” I asked.

The fingers gently probed my lips then my clit. I moaned.

“Inside please.” I said.

The fingers started fucking me and I moaned again. I started getting close to cumming when I heard Ryan say,

“Would you like a drink TT?”

“That’s a stupid time to ask about a drink” I thought. Then, hang on a minute, his voice was coming from near the back door.

“Whose fingers were in my pussy?”

I brought my hand to shield my eyes from the sun and opened my eyes.

OMG! It was Tom finger fucking me.

Tom jumped back. I jumped up and covered my pussy and tits. Both of us started apologising to the other.

Tom was saying that he thought that I knew it was him, and I did ask him to do it; and I was saying that I thought that he was Ryan.

Ryan called for us to shut up then said,

“Okay, lots of misunderstandings and everyone’s sorry. You’re both still alive and neither has been hurt. Let’s just put it down to a misunderstanding and move on; okay?”

I was still stood there naked, covering my bits; my heart was pounding and my face was red, and it was nothing to do with the sun.

Both Tom and I agreed, and after a few seconds I asked Tom why he wasn’t at school. He told us that he had free periods that afternoon so he’d decided to come home. 

Tom went inside and I sat down and picked up my top. Ryan said that we wouldn’t see Tom for ages. He was too embarrassed to show his face for a few hours so I should relax and enjoy the sun.

I tried to relax, but I just couldn’t. I asked Ryan if he was upset that his brother had fingered me. He replied saying,

“You looked like you were enjoying it, were you?”

“Well yes, but I thought that it was you.” I said.

“If you enjoyed it then I’m not upset. After all, Tom’s my brother, it’s not like it was some stranger.”

I let it go at that, but I did wonder how long Ryan had been watching.

A short while later I got dressed and we went inside.

Talking of Tom, he caught us having sex one time. School had finished and just the 3 of us were at home. It was mid-morning and Ryan and I hadn’t got up yet. We hadn’t been awake long and I was on top of Ryan with my knees either side of him, facing him. I had been riding him and had cum before him.

I’d leant back and put my arms behind me to support me so that he could see his cock buried deep in my pussy. That always makes him cum quicker.

Anyway, I’d just felt him cum fill me up when the door to his bedroom flew open.

At this point I should explain that the door is next to the head of the bed, so anyone stood in the doorway can see all of the bed from beside the head of the bed.

So, the door flew open and in walked Tom. As soon as he saw us he froze, so did I. Ryan had no choice, I was on top of him. Tom stared at us, and my pussy with Ryan’s cock still inside it.

A few seconds later Tom said,

“Sorry, I’ve just got up and I thought that you’d gone out. I wanted to borrow that DVD that we talked about.”

“It’s on the table.” Ryan said as I felt his cock get harder and jerk inside me.

Tom got the DVD and left, looking at me as he went.

Ryan went on to shoot another load inside me. I guess that his brother seeing me spread wide like that had really turned him on. 

I caught Tom looking up my skirt a few times; his father as well. After I’d been there about a week I realised that every time that I went upstairs one of them would follow me up. At first I just thought that it was a coincidence, but I also spotted them staring at my legs while we were watching television.

One time Ryan and I were sat on the sofa watching television and Ryan’s father was sat opposite. Ryan’s father kept talking to Ryan about stupid things. Of course when his father spoke to him he would look over at us.

It didn’t help that Ryan had uncrossed my legs so that he could put his hand on my thigh. He’d been pulling my leg nearer to him so my legs were a bit apart. I guess that Ryan’s father would have been able to see my bald pubes and maybe a bit of my pussy.

We also went jogging a few times. Ryan said that I’d be okay wearing the tennis skirt and a top. Apart from cross-country running at school I’d never been running before. Ryan planned a route and we set off.

When I started running I felt like I was bottom less, the little skirt bounced about and I could feel the air rushing passed my pussy. It felt good. I got Ryan to run behind me for a while to see if anyone could see my butt. He said not, but I wasn’t sure.

We only jogged about 3 miles the first time, out towards the countryside, through a park and back. I enjoyed it actually. I could have a good look around and think a few things through.

Of course Ryan wanted to stop while we were going through the park; he had me up against a tree before we set off back. That tree got a bit popular as Ryan fucked me against it each time we went that way.

Ryan started getting job interview in some of the surrounding cities and went off on his own each time, leaving me at home. He said that it was better that I stayed back so that he could concentrate on the interview and not worry about me waiting in some strange city on my own.

The first time that he went I was home alone. It was the first time that we’d been apart for weeks. It wasn’t a sunny day so I couldn’t sunbathe. After a couple hours of boredom I decided that I could go for a jog on my own. I knew the route that we took so I wasn’t worried about getting lost.

I was just fastening my trainers when I decided that I knew what I could do to remind me of our love making that morning. I got out the remote controlled vibrator and slid the business part into my vagina. I gave myself a quick buzz then switched it off while I finished getting ready. Just to spice things up a little more I put on the top with the lace band at the top and pulled it down so that my nipples poked through the holes. I looked forward to the cool air rushing passed my nipples and pussy.

Just before leaving the house I switched the vibe on low and put the control back in the drawer then set off jogging.

I thought of Ryan’s cock as I jogged along the street with my little skirt bouncing up and down. I ignored the rude comments from a couple of builders working on a house and continued towards the park.

By the time I got there it felt like someone had upped the speed of the vibrator. I was getting quite worked up. My pussy was tingling and my inner thighs were wet. I started to regret putting the vibe in.

When I got to our fucking tree I remembered the times that Ryan had fucked me against it and started to cum. I stopped running, bent forward and held my knees for support.

I wasn’t thinking about the skirt riding up my backside revealing my naked butt to the world. That was until a man on a bike suddenly flew passed me from behind. As he passed me he shouted,

“Nice buns!”

For once I didn’t care; I had my orgasm to worry about.

Eventually the orgasm passed and I was able to stand up; but the vibe was still purring away inside me.

I started running again, albeit a bit slower.

I got out of the park and started going through a housing estate. There were people around and some youth were heading my way. I could feel another orgasm building.

As I got close to the youths the comments started.

“Fucking hell, her skirts short.”

“She hasn’t got a bra on.”

“Doesn’t look like she’s got knickers on either, I’m sure I just got a flash of her cunt.”

“Look at those nipples!”

 As I passed them they must have turned to watch me.

“What a fucking ass. I’d like to get my hands on that.”

“Fuck, she definitely hasn’t got any knickers on.”

All those comments moved my pending orgasm closer.

I turned another corner and saw some men working in a hole in the road. I’d have to pass them to get back to Ryan’s house. As I got closer one of the men saw me and the comments started again.

“Flash your pussy for us.”

“Show us your tits.”

One man grabbed his balls and shouted,

“Want some of this meat luv?”

I was getting close to cumming and wasn’t concentrating enough on the path. Just as I passed the workman’s van another man got out of the side door. We went for the same piece of footpath at the same second and I ran into him.

He was about twice my size so I came off the worst. I bounced off him and went flying onto someone’s front lawn.

Winded and shocked, I just lay there trying to work out what had happened. The vibrator was still running and my pussy was still throbbing.

The next thing that I knew I was looking up at 5 burly workmen in their mud covered clothes. I realised that my skirt was up round my waist and moved a hand to pull it down.

“Don’t move luv,” one of the men said, “Dave here is a first-aider; you’d better let him check you out before you move.”

I put my hand back on the ground as the orgasm hit me. I started shaking and moaning. I could feel my pussy muscles convulsing.

“Fucking hell, she looks like she’s cumming.” I heard one of the men say.

“No, it’ll be the shock from running into that fat bastard.” Another said.

Dave (presumably) knelt down beside me and said,

“Relax luv, just stay where you are, you’ll be okay in a minute. I’ll soon get you checked out and you can get on your way.

If only he knew.

I stopped shaking as the orgasm subsided. I wanted, I needed, to pull my skirt down. My knees were apart, my pussy was open and dripping; and 5 men were looking at it. I could feel my face burning.

Dave reached out for my arm and ran his hands up it.

“Nothing obvious, can you move you hand please?”

I made a fist.

Dave did the same with my other arm.

I made another fist.

Dave’s hand went to my shoulders and searched for any anomalies on my shoulders, neck and head.

“Good,” he said, “everything seems to be normal there.”

I started to sit up but Dave pressed down on my shoulder.

“Not yet, you could have damaged something lower down.” He said.

Dave put his hand either side of my waist on my up-turned skirt and gently pressed.

“Does that hurt?” he said, then, “something’s shaking in there, are you sure you feel okay?”

“Yes.” I said as I went a brighter shade of red.

Dave stood up, went to my feet and knelt down again. He was at my feet and looking straight up to my open hole. I got that feeling in my guts and another rush in my pussy.

One of my legs was reasonable straight, but the other was bent at the knee with the foot close to my other knee.

Dave started on my straight leg and gently ran both hands up either side. He stopped about an inch from my throbbing pussy.

“It feels okay to me!” Dave said.

Dave’s hands went to the foot of my other leg and gently lifted it up. He looked me straight in my eyes as he gently straightened my leg and put it down close to my other leg. At least my pussy was no longer open.

Dave’s hands started sliding up that leg. Just as he got close to my pussy I came again. As the waves of ecstasy flooded over me I started moaning and shake – again. I looked up and saw 10 eyes still staring down at me.

“What’s happening Dave?” One of the men asked. “What’s wrong with her?”

Dave had a puzzled look on his face.

“Are you……” Dave started to say then he smiled and said, “You are aren’t you?”

I was starting to feel more in control so I jumped up and ran like hell. My skirt was taking it’s time falling back to its proper place, but I just kept going.

I was still on an adrenaline high when I got back to Ryan’s house. I ran upstairs to our room and grabbed the remote control. The strange thing was, instead of turning it off, I turned it up to full. I lay on the bed and had yet another orgasm, one of the most intensive ever.

What was wrong with me? Why had that horrible experience got me so aroused? Did I actually like men seeing me naked? No, no, that wasn’t possible. I’m not that type of girl. My naked body is for me and Ryan to see, no one else.

I managed to put my confusion to one side for a while and dozed off. When I woke up I stripped and went and had a shower.

Feeling much better I put a dress on and went downstairs. Tom was there watching television. I got a bite to eat and joined him. The programme was boring, I started thinking, searching for answers. The suddenly I remembered the vibe. It was still inside me.

“Shit, I’m even getting used to having that thing inside me. What’s wrong with me?”

A few minutes later Ryan came in, I jumped up and ran to hug him. We went upstairs and as soon as we got in our room I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor.

“Take me!” I said. Then I remembered the vibe, “but before you do there’s a little thing inside me that you’ll have to remove.”

Ryan grinned,

“Wow TT your turning into a right sexaholic. Have you had it in all day?”

“Please!” I said, “Get it out and fuck me then I’ll tell you everything.”

He did, we did, and I did. Then I told him all about my concerns about myself.

Ryan smiled, kissed me then told me that I sounded quite normal to him. Okay, getting knocked to the ground isn’t normal, but all my feelings where normal.

I felt a little better, but I wasn’t totally convinced. It just didn’t seem right.

The crazy thing was, each time that Ryan went for an interview I put the same clothes on, the vibe inside me (switched on) and went jogging. Okay, I had orgasms at different places and I didn’t get knocked over; and I didn’t deliberately flash anyone; but I did have a fantastic time.

Eventually Ryan got offered a job in a city about 30 miles away. We had about a week to find somewhere to live. Fortunately his new employer had given him a list of estate agents and suggested areas of the city to live in.

For the next 3 days we got an early train to the city and spent the entire day looking for somewhere to rent. On the third day we found somewhere. It’s a one bedroom apartment in a small block. It’s quite modern, but has very little furniture.

The deposit that we had to put on the apartment took nearly everything that we had left from out student loans. Ryan wouldn’t get paid until the end of the following month so we were going to have to be very careful with money for a few weeks.

Ryan’s father drove us there the day before Ryan’s first big day working for a living. His father was really good; he helped us do all the things that you should do when moving into a house so that you can’t get ripped-off.

We had a car full of bags and boxes that we had to carry up to the apartment on the third floor. On each trip it was always,

“Ladies first,”

And Ryan’s father went up behind me. He must have had a few good looks up my short skirt, especially as I had to bend over to put bags down, to open doors etc. For once I didn’t care, I was so happy getting a place of our own, and after all, he’s nearly family.

We were both really grateful and I gave Ryan’s dad a big hug and kiss on his cheek before he left us.

Our first apartment
It was great having a place of our own. We celebrated that night with a take-away and a good fucking.

The third floor apartment had no curtains or blinds and there were other apartment blocks out the front. When it got dark we could see into some of the other apartments; so I guess that they would be able to see into ours.

Ryan told me to ignore that fact; no one would bother looking at us. I wasn’t that sure, but I was so happy that when Ryan undressed me in the living room I didn’t object.   

We got up early the next morning so that Ryan had plenty of time to get to his first day of work. The plan was that I would spend the first day cleaning the place, then get out, find out what was where, and start looking for a job.

A few minutes after starting the cleaning I realised that I was going to get all sweaty and dirty. I thought for a minute; no one else was in the apartment and I wasn’t expecting anyone to call so I decided that if I did all the cleaning without any clothes on I could have a shower just before Ryan got home and I would still have a clean skirt and top.

So I did.

Late afternoon I had just about finished when I got a phone call from Ryan telling me that he would be home in about half an hour. He sounded happy so I decided that I’d give him a nice surprise as soon as he got home. I put the cleaning stuff away and went and had a shower.

I heard the doorbell ring (we only had one key at that stage) so I ran to the door still naked. I flung the door open and shouted,

“Surprise……. Oh shit!” I slammed the door shut then opened it enough to put my head round.

“Who are you?” I asked.
“We’re your new neighbours; we’ve come to welcome you and give you these.”

The woman held out a bunch of flowers while the man smiled at me.

Just then Ryan appeared on the Landing.

“TT, don’t be rude, invite our new neighbours in.” He said as he pushed the door open.

I made a run for the bedroom. Our new neighbours had seen me full frontal when I opened the door, and they were now watching my butt as I run away from them.

I heard Ryan say,

“Sorry about that, my girlfriend’s a bit shy.”

“That’s okay; we shouldn’t have come without warning. Here, you’ve obviously got a lot to do, we’ll leave you to get on with it. If there’s anything that you want to know about the area please come and see us; we’re at number 37 over the landing. By the way we’re John and Sandra.”

I heard Ryan tell them our names, then they left.

I came out to Ryan and apologised to him. He told me that it was okay, and that we must get a spy hole put in the door, and another key cut.

I then asked him if we could start again.

Ryan went out onto the landing and shut the door. A few seconds later he knocked on the door and I opened it,   


We had a pleasant evening.

The next morning after Ryan left for work I got my laptop out and started looking for jobs.

By lunchtime I’d given up and decided to go for a walk to get to know the place a bit better.

Then I had an idea, why don’t I go for a jog? I could cover a lot more ground and get some exercise on the way. I got changed into my white tennis skirt and the same top that I’d worn on that horrible day when I’d collided with a road worker.

As I checked myself out in the mirror my body took control over my brain again. I’d sworn to myself that I would never go out jogging again with the vibrator inside me, but there I was pushing the damn thing up my pussy.

What was I doing? Sex was starting to control my life. I switched it on low, shivered a bit as it burst into life, and pulled my top down a bit so that my now hard nipples were poking through the lace holes.

I got the key and let myself out, hid the key and started down the stairs.

I’d got down 2 flights of stairs when I met our neighbours coming up. Thinking about what happened the previous evening I wanted to ignore them and keep going, but I couldn’t; they were our neighbours, and probably nice people.

“Hi!” I said, “Look, I want to apologise for last night, it was very rude of me to slam the door like that and then to run off. I shouldn’t have done it and I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay,” Sandra said. ”I used to surprise John like that when we first got together. We’ll have to get together for a coffee sometime.”

As Sandra was talking I looked at John and smiled. He was looking me up and down. That got me embarrassed and more aware that my nipples were poking through my top and the vibe was purring away in my pussy.

“I’m just off out for a run, I’ll come over sometime and we can get to know each other better.” I said.

“Okay, have a good run.” Sandra said and we all got on our way.

The fresh air hit me as soon as I got outside and started running. I felt my nipples harden even more and the air rush passed my naked pussy.

Off I went down the road, not sure where I was going. I didn’t intend going too far, I didn’t want to get lost. I was happy that there weren’t many people around.

I jogged round a few streets and passed a park and came to a busy shopping street. I didn’t want to run down there with a flushed face, throbbing pussy and my nipples poking out of my top. I wasn’t ready to have an orgasm with so many people around.


WTF was I thinking, Of course I wasn’t ready. I’d NEVER be ready for that. I just couldn’t do anything like that. Shit, was that my body trying for control my mind again?

I turned round and headed back home. I was 2 streets from home when I felt the orgasm building. I wasn’t sure that I could make it home so I looked round and, seeing no one, I ducked behind a parked car.

I leaned against a wall and bent forward putting my hands on my knees.

A few seconds later it arrived.

“Aaaarrrgggghhh.” I uttered and started shaking.

Just as I started to come down I heard something behind me. I stood up straight and turned round.

Shit, there was a big, fat, ugly, caring traffic warden stood behind me. I saw a camera in his hand.

“Are you all right Miss?” he asked.

“Err yes. I was just getting my breath back. I’ll be okay in a minute. Thank you for your concern.

“Are you sure? I can call for an ambulance if you want.” He said.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll be fine in a minute thank you.”

“Right, I’ll be off then.” The man said and he turned and walked away.

Shit! I was bent over; he’ll have been able to see my naked butt and pussy. I hope he wasn’t bright enough to take a photo.

That thought triggered a mini orgasm. I shook myself and started jogging again.

The next afternoon when I went jogging I decided to go into the park. Again, I couldn’t stop myself from pushing the vibe up my pussy and turning it on; this time, up a notch. I think that going into the park was a sub-conscious decision; I must have known that I was going to cum at least once.

The park turned out to be quite big. It had a football pitch, wooded area, a small stream train running through it and a big kids play area.

I jogged round the football pitch and the through the woods. Just as I got to the end of the woods the first orgasm hit me. I stopped and leaned against a tree until I could get going again. Fortunately, the park was really quiet. I’d only seen one old couple walking through.

I ran on, passed the kids play area and came to the other end of the park. There was a little car park (empty) then a main road. As I turned to go back I felt another orgasm building. As I got to the kids play area I had a crazy idea. There was no one there, and no one in sight anywhere.

I went over to the climbing frame and climbed up a bit. I wasn’t sure that I could hold back until I got into the position that I wanted.

I sat on one of the crossbars (it was cold on my butt) then slid back so that my spread knees were over the bar. Then I lowered myself backwards so that I was hanging upside down. Gravity had sent my skirt close to my face and I was total exposed from waist to ankles.

I wanted to experience an orgasm while upside down. I reached up and touched my clit. Within seconds it hit me. It was slightly different – still good. I think that the extra blood in my head caused it. I wondered if having one after being upside down for a lot longer would make it even better. I thought about bringing Ryan there late one night and letting him fuck me while I was upside down. I didn’t work out how we could do that.

As I calmed down I looked round. I saw swings, a see-saw, climbing ropes and a little fort with little slides for the little kids.

The climbing ropes looked interesting. I pulled myself up, climbed down and went over to the ropes. Could I climb up and then slide down with the rope pressing against my pussy?

I looked all around and couldn’t see anyone. I jumped up and grabbed the rope. It was hard work, but I managed to get to the top – only about 15 feet.

Holding onto the top bar with one hand, I adjusted the rope so that it went over my pubic bone and pussy (it pressed on my clit). I wrapped my legs round it and gripped it with my legs. I let go of the top bar and gripped the rope with my hands.

Hoping that I wouldn’t get rope burn on my pussy, I eased my grip and started slowly sliding. I’d only got about a third of the way down when I got hit with a big one. I gripped the rope hard.

“Fuck that was good.” I thought.

As the orgasm subsided I loosened my grip. A couple of feet later another one hit me.

Shit, I’m going to come here every day. I’ve got to bring Ryan so that he can see the effect it has on me.

Another couple of feet lower and I had another one.

My feet reached the ground and I stood there calming down.

Then I heard a voice,

“Hello little girl, where’s your mummy? You shouldn’t really be climbing those ropes without your parents being here.”

I looked round. It was an elderly man with a dog on a long lead.

The dog walked over to me and started sniffing at my pussy. I pushed it away but it came back. I had to push it away again before the man pulled it away.

Putting on my best little girl voice I said,

“My daddy is just over there, he’ll be here in a minute. He lets me climb on these ropes and he knows I’ll be careful.” I said.

The man told me to be careful then walked off.

I decided that I’d had enough for that day and headed back home. As I jogged I felt a bit guilty, thinking,

“What a slut! Why did I do that? What’s wrong with me? I’ve got to stop doing these things; but I just knew that I wouldn’t stop.”

When I told Ryan all about it that night he told me that we were going to go back there one night.

I went back there on a few of my afternoon jogs. Most of the times I couldn’t have any fun because there were people around; but I did manage to have some fun a couple of times.

There was one time when I was hanging upside down on the climbing frame with my legs spread wide, my skirt round my chest, and my right hand bringing me to climax when I saw a man cycling passed. He saw me and nearly ran into the fence round the play area. Knowing that he was looking at me made my orgasm come quicker.

The rope was (still is) my favourite. Sliding down with those rough, nobly bits rubbing against my bare pussy is pure pleasure.

My problem is that I always feel guilty afterwards. Ryan says that I shouldn’t, but I always do.

The first few weekends there we decided to go into town and have a look round. We knew of a few things that we wanted but didn’t have the money. They would have to wait, but there was nothing stopping us looking.

We trawled around a few shops then saw that the city had an Ikea so we decided to get the bus out there.

When it’s a double decker bus Ryan always wants to go upstairs. When we’re going upstairs he wants to go up first; going downstairs he wants me to go first. He says that going up, he wants to see where we’re going to sit; and going downstairs, he says that he wants to be able to grab me if I slip.

I suspect that he wants anyone following me up to be able to see up my short skirt to my bare butt and pussy; and hoping that anyone going down in front of me will turn round and maybe see my pussy.

Anyway, Ikea; we got some great ideas. One thing that we need is a new bed; we’re both not all that keen on sleeping on a second-hand mattress.

Ikea has lots of beds on display, and you can lay on them to try them out. Ryan wanted me to lay on lots of them. He wasn’t at all worried by the fact that I had a very short skirt and no knickers on. He told me to lay on each bed, flat on my back, on my side, and curled up in a ball. In each position I had to tell him if I was comfortable.

The beds were comfortable, but I wasn’t most of the time. I was okay when he was the only person watching me, but a couple of men started following us. They always seemed to be standing at the bottom of the bed that I was trying out. I tried to keep my legs together and my skirt pulled as far down as it would go, but they must have had a great show. Ryan was often stood near them and must have seen what they were seeing. He seemed to be enjoying my exposure; I could see a nice bulge in his trousers.

I started to get that randy tingling in my pussy and I felt my pussy get quite wet. When I got off the last couple of beds that I tried out I could see a little wet line where my exposed pussy had slid across the mattress. I got embarrassed, even more so when Ryan told me that the wet lines had the nickname of ‘snail trails’. Okay, I can understand the comparison, but that name only made my face redder.

We moved on to the market area after my second ‘snails trail’.

My first Job
One evening about 2 weeks after we moved in, Ryan came and told me that he had got me a part-time job for a couple of weeks. He then told me that he’d seen an advert for a model for an art class.

“What sort of model?” I asked.

“A nude model of course; what other type are there?” Ryan said.

“I can’t be a nude model.”

“Why not?”

“Well, for starters” I said. ”I haven’t got the body for it.” Cupping my little tits I continued, “They’ll want someone with bigger tits than these 28AAAA. Then there’s my modesty. I’ve never done anything like that and I just couldn’t. The humiliation and embarrassment would be way too much for me.”

“TT, it’s okay,” Ryan said, “I’ve told them all about how big you are and they aren’t bothered. In fact the teacher that I spoke to told me that it would be good for the students to draw a woman that doesn’t have massive breasts. As for your embarrassment, it’s not as bad as you make out. You even go jogging in a really short skirt on your own; and besides, it’s cash-in-hand and we need the money.

“Ryan,” I said, “it’s one thing running passed someone in a short skirt that covers my puss and butt, but it’s something completely different standing in front of a group of people for 2 hours without any clothes on.”

“Yeah, you’re right, but think of the money, and I want you to do it. Please say yes?”

I looked at Ryan; he looked as if he’d be heartbroken if I refused. What else could I say?

“Okay, I’ll do it, just for you though.”

“Great, I’ll phone the teacher and confirm it. Oh, the first session’s tomorrow night.” Ryan said.

Shit, what had I just let myself in for. My nerves went into overdrive. I just knew that I’d die of embarrassment.

Fortunately Ryan didn’t give me much chance to think about it that night. He had other things on his mind.

The next morning was spent hunting for jobs again. I had a bit more enthusiasm as I just didn’t know what other humiliating job Ryan would find for me.

The afternoon was spent jogging. I didn’t put the vibrator in that time as I didn’t want reminding of what I had to do that evening.

That evening I got a bus to the college where I was going to have to get naked in front of lots of stranger. I had butterflies in my stomach and felt sick. It was something that I really didn’t want to do, but knew that I had to.

As I walked into the college and followed the signs to the art room I did something that I never thought I would do again; I prayed that there would be no one there.

As usual, my prayers weren’t answered. I knocked on the door and was really disappointed when I heard a voice say,

“Come in.”

There were about 2 dozen people in there. Their ages ranged from my age to pensioners and about half of them were men.

A middle-aged man came up to me and said,

“Hi, you must be Tanya. I’m Dan.”

A hand came out for me to shake.

“Thank you so much for volunteering to be our model, it’s so difficult to get people these days. I’m sorry to ask you and I know that your boyfriend said that you’re 20 years old and look a lot younger; but you really do look a lot younger than 20. Do you have anything on you that will confirm your age? I’m sorry but the college governors have demanded that I get proof that all models are over 18.”

In total silence I put my hand in my bag and got out my passport. I opened it at the appropriate page and showed it to Dan.

“Sorry about that Tanya, but I could get in real trouble if I didn’t ask. Now, the way it works here is that students have been selected to put you in a pose, one at a time that is. You will then hold that pose for 20 minutes. After that you will have a 5 minute break then another student will put you in a pose, followed by another 5 minute break.  This will go on until we run out of time.

The same will happen at the next 2 sessions that you have volunteered for, but with different students. The next week will be a repeat of this weeks; but with different students putting you in poses.

I’ll bring your money in at the last session.

Is that okay?”

I was shaking and stunned. Something like 60 people were going to see me naked. Not only see me naked, but stare at me for 20 minutes at a time. Ryan, what have you done to me?

I felt like turning and running but I didn’t want to disappoint Ryan.

“Is that okay?” Dan asked again.

I just nodded.

“Right then, you can go and take you clothes off behind that screen, then come out and we’ll get started. Oh, I do hope that you haven’t got any strap marks, we don’t want to spoil things for the students, do we?”

I wanted to laugh at the strap marks comment, but I was too numb. I turned and walked to the screen.

I put my bag down and held my hand out flat. It was shaking. I slowly took off my jacket and top, then my shoes. Finally resigning myself that I had to do it, I unfastened my skirt and dropped it to the floor.

I was naked. I took a deep breath and with a very red face, I stepped out from behind the screen.

I was so tempted to cover my breasts and pubes, but somehow resisted.

Dan was there waiting.

“Good, good Tanya, the students will not be disappointed. It’s so good not to get a girl with ginormous breasts.” Turning to his left Dan continued,

“This is Sheila, she’ll get things started.”

Sheila smiled at me then led me to a table in front of the class.

“Climb up.” Sheila said.

She then told me to stand facing the class with my legs about shoulder width apart, my left hand on my left hip, and my right index finger just touching my lower face lip. She asked me to put a puzzled expression on my face.

As I opened my legs I suddenly realised that my pussy was dripping. My lips were swollen and all wet and shiny. Then I thought about my nipples; they were rock hard. All those people would be able to see that I was aroused.

OMG – why does my body do that? I wanted to die.

After a couple of minor adjustments Sheila has happy and she told me not to move.

Not move! I thought. I was shaking and my face was burning. The woman cannot be serious.

I looked round the room. Yes, about 2 dozen people were staring at me, but none of them had that lustful look to their faces. Well, maybe 1 man.

Somehow I managed to stay reasonably still for the 20 minutes. What’s more my face was burning, my pussy was still swollen and wet and my nipples were still rock hard; for all of that 20 minutes. If anything, my pussy was wetter.

Sheila came over and thanked me; then told me that I could climb down and walk around.

Walk around! I wanted to run and hide.

I stood there for a minute and Dan came over to me. He asked me if I was okay. After I lied and said that I was, he told me that I could walk round and look at the drawings.

I was feeling like a pig at a Jewish wedding so I started to move around. It helped my legs as well.

I walked amongst the students trying to look interested in their drawings of me. Most ignored me, a couple smiled at me and said. “Hi.” Two men and one young woman looked me up and down and I’m sure that they were thinking about sex. The woman even licked her lips.

“Tanya, Vicky, can you both come to the front please?” Dan shouted.

Vicky said “Hi” then asked me to get back up on the table. She then surprised me by asking me if I’d done any yoga. One of my friends at school had taken me along to one of her classes so I said,

“A little.”

“Have you done the Warrior II position?” Vicky asked.

“Is that the one where you spread your legs and then hold your arms out straight?” I asked.

“Basically, yes.” Vicky said, then directed me into the position that she wanted me in.

I wasn’t happy about that pose on 3 counts; firstly it was hard keeping my arms up like that. Secondly, I was naked; and thirdly, my pussy was spread wide and I could feel the cool air inside my hole. If I thought that my pussy was totally exposed on the first pose then this was obscene. What’s more, my body was being nasty to me again; I could feel my juices leaking out of me. I just hoped that they weren’t dripping down onto the table.

Thankfully I managed to last the 20 minutes and was sooo relieved when Vicky told me to climb down.

I wandered around the room again, looking at the drawings. Most of students had drawn my pussy lips as hanging down a bit; a couple of them had even drawn my clit as being more like a little dick.

Did I really look like that down there?

The third student to tell me how to pose was a man. My initial reaction was that he was going to produce a dildo and tell me to stick it half way in my pussy and hold it there for 20 minutes; but thankfully I was wrong. The man just wanted me to lie on my side, propping may head up with one arm. My top leg had to be bent with my foot next to the other knee.

Again, my pussy was spread and my hole was open, but the pose was easy to hold.

At the end, Dan came and thanked me and reminded me when the next session was. He told me that I could go and get dressed.

I was out of there within a minute, and running to the bus stop. I really did hope that none of the students got on the same bus.

The next 2 sessions were very similar to the first one. Okay, the poses were different, but none of them were any more obscene than the first 2 sessions. It was only by the third session that I started to relax just a little bit. I wasn’t shaking as much, but my face was still red with embarrassment for the whole session.

As I was getting ready to leave to go to the fourth session Ryan decided that he needed to spice thing up a bit. When I asked him what he meant, he went and got the remote controlled vibrator.

“No, no, Ryan you can’t possibly expect me to go and pose naked with that thing inside me. Please say that I’ve got it wrong.” I said.

“Why not, you said that the bus trip there and back was boring; this will spice it up a bit.”

“Yes but,” I said, “what about standing on that table with my legs spread wide?”

“You’ve always managed to keep it in before, why would it slide out then?” Ryan asked.

“It’s not it sliding out that I’m worried about,” I replied, “that thing will be purring away in my pussy for over 3 hours. I can’t possibly survive that long without cumming at least once. It’s one thing having an orgasm out on the street with a skirt and top on, where no one is really looking at me, but when I’m stood on that table, naked, with 20 people staring at me all the time it will be something else. What are they going to think of me; and what’s more important, think how humiliating it will be for me.”

“They’ll look at you and see a beautiful woman. It will be a wonderful experience for you. Think how strong those orgasms will be; think about what’s waiting for you as soon as you get back here.”

I wasn’t convinced, but I always end up doing what Ryan wants.

Ryan switched the vibe on to the lowest setting and put the control back in the drawer.

I picked up an extra pack of tissues and walked out of our apartment with that thing vibrating in my pussy, hoping that the battery would run flat pretty quickly. I even considered sitting at the back of the bus and getting the damn thing out of me; but that wouldn’t have been fair on Ryan.

I was already quite wet and aroused when I arrived at the college. When I went behind the screen to take my clothes off I had to wipe my pussy dry before going for the first session.

Dan told me that the second week’s sessions were going to be a bit different. He told me that the theme for that week was ‘erotic art’. The students would be putting me in various yoga poses that could be considered erotic.

I looked a bit puzzled. Did he mean that someone was going to fuck me on that table? They wouldn’t be able to do that because I had the vibe, purring away, inside me.

“Don’t be alarmed Tanya.” Dan said, “We’re not expecting you to climb on that table and masturbate or have sex with anyone. It’s just that the poses will be based on some yoga positions and some people could call them erotic, especially when performed by a naked, beautiful girl.

Pete here will put you in the first pose, you’ll be just fine.”

What was Dan’s version of ‘just fine?’ Pete told me to get on the table and stand facing away from the students. He then told me to spread my legs as wide as I could.

“God, this is going to be embarrassing.” I thought.

Next I had to bend forward until my head rested on the table. Finally I had to move my hands so that they were on my feet. When Pete was satisfied he told me that I was in the ‘wide leg forward bend’ pose. He told me that I shouldn’t have a problem keeping that pose for 20 minutes.

That was true, unless I died from embarrassment. My pussy was spread wide and I could feel the air on the inside of my pussy. The students would be looking right inside me. I saw so worried that the vibe would slide out. What’s more, the vibe was doing what it was designed to do. If Ryan started to eat me out there and then he would probably drown.

The more I thought about what I was displaying and how it was being displayed, the closer I got to an orgasm. I tried to think about other things, but my thoughts always came back to my pussy. That damn vibe was giving me hell.

I was hoping that I could survive the 20 minutes then rush behind the screen and cum with no one looking. In the end I just couldn’t hold out any longer.

I started to cum. I started shaking and had all on not to moan or scream. I opened my eyes and saw everyone looking at me. Were they drawing, or were they staring at me as I had an orgasm?

Then I saw the drips.

OMG my pussy was leaking that much that I was dripping onto the table.

How I didn’t die there and then I will never know.

Finally the 20 minutes was up and Pete came and told me that I’d been great. I bent my knees and collapsed onto the table. After a minute composing myself I got off the table and went and used some tissues to dry myself. As I was doing that I seriously considered squeezing the vibe out, but that would have been letting Ryan down.

I just managed to have a look at a couple of the drawings before Dan introduced me to Mary. Those drawings were so detailed, and so obscene. It was a good job that they’d concentrated on drawing my pussy and not my face.

Mary told me that I was going to do the ‘wheel pose’. My initial reaction was that I’d have to curl up unto a ball. How wrong could I be?

The table was turned length ways and I was told to stand at the front end with my feet slightly more than shoulder width apart. I than had to lean over backwards until my hands were on the table.

At least this was another pose that the students couldn’t draw my face. No doubt that they would be concentrating on my pussy again. So was the vibrator.

The one thing about that pose was that my back hurt. I think that the pain over-rode the pleasure coming from the vibrator, and I didn’t cum during those 20 minutes. I did feel my juices escaping and running down my legs.

I was sooo relieved when the 20 minutes was up. I had to ask Mary to help me to get up.

Fortunately the pain soon went and I was able to go behind the screen and dry myself again.

Again I managed to look at some of the drawings. Is my clit really that big? I must ask Ryan.

Pete introduced me to Kim. She told me that she was going to put me in a slight variation of the ‘king pigeon’ pose. I had to get on the table and kneel facing the students. Then I had to open my knees wide and lean back so that my head touched the table. Finally I had to twist my arms round so that my hands touched my feet.

Shit, yet another pose where my pussy was wide open and facing the students. The thing was; this pose was very much like how Ryan and I sometimes fuck. I remembered the time that Ryan’s brother walked into our room and I was riding him like that.

I couldn’t get that moment out of my mind as that damn vibe purred away. I soon got that randy tingling in my pussy again. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. My juices trickled down to my butt and I felt the orgasm coming on.

The students must have seen my stomach going up and down with the heavy breathing; and my convulsing pussy.

I was so relieved when the 20 minutes was up. I quickly got up and was off behind the screen to dry and get dressed. I was out of there within 5 minutes.

When I got back to the apartment Ryan was doing a bit of homework. He stopped when I went in and came and hugged me. He just knew that I wasn’t happy.

“Tell me all about it.” He said.

“Ryan, it was horrible; twice I had an orgasm with 20 plus people staring at my swollen, wet, leaking, open pussy. I’ve never been so humiliated in all my life.”

Ryan hugged and kissed me before saying,

“TT, you can’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy it. You’ve just admitted that you had 2 great orgasms. You can’t possibly say that didn’t enjoy them.”

“Okay, okay, I did enjoy it; it’s just that it’s so humiliating.” I said.

“But the embarrassment is part of what really turns you on.” Ryan said.

“No it isn’t, it’s horrible.” I said then thought for a minute.

“Maybe” I said, realising that he was right.

We fucked hard that night.

I was dreading going back to the art class on both of the remaining nights. I anticipated 2 more night of my pussy being on full display; and I wasn’t disappointed. No, disappointed isn’t the right word. Subjected to 3 x 20 minute humiliating torture sessions would be a better way of describing it.

Both nights went similar to the first night that week. They put me in 2 of the poses that they had me hold on the previous night; the one that they replaced was the ‘wheel pose’. They replaced it with the ‘Reclining Angle Pose’.

For that one I had to lie on the table on my back with my head nearest to the students. Then I had to swing my legs up so just my shoulders and head were on the table. Next I had to spread and lower my legs until my toes touched the table where my outstretched hands were.

This left my open hole staring at the students.

With the vibe purring away inside me all evening I couldn’t stop myself from having an orgasm during each pose.

My brain was soo p

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 03 - Ryan’s Training Course

At the end of the January Ryan had to go on a one week training course on London. He was told that I could go with him providing that I paid for my own travel. Something about being able to cover-up the extra hotel charges, but not the extra train ticket.

Just before we left home Ryan had given me a little package. He told me not to open it then, but to wait until I needed it. He told me that it was an alternative bikini bottoms to go with my yellow bikini. I put it in the suitcase and promptly forgot about it.

We were put up in a big, nice central hotel; a touch of luxury. Our room was on the ninth floor but we were on the side where the only view we had was to the hotel across the street. The first thing that Ryan did was to open the curtains and net curtains. He said that we way too little sunlight in this country at this time of year and he didn’t want to miss any of it.

We arrived there late Sunday afternoon and as soon as we’d settled in our room we went out to get something to eat, and for Ryan to get his bearings; he didn’t want to have any problems getting to the training centre on the Monday morning.

We went down for breakfast that first morning to a relatively quiet hotel restaurant. I was a little surprised to see a couple of guests there in their hotel bath robes. We assumed that there must me a swimming pool in the hotel leisure centre.

After Ryan left for his course I decided to go for a wander round the hotel and see what I could find. I found the leisure centre with a swimming pool and a jacuzzi nearby. It also has a sauna and big workout room. It put that little hotel that I’d worked in to shame; although I never saw one naked housekeeper there.

There were quite a few people in the leisure centre and I learned from signs on the walls that it was open to members of the public – subject to a horrendous
‘membership’ fee.

I decided that I’d go and have a look round some shops then come back to the hotel and relax in the leisure centre until Ryan got back.

The shops that I found in reasonable walking distance weren’t that interesting so I headed back and got changed. Luckily, before we left home, Ryan had been told that the hotel had a leisure centre and I had packed the clothes that I would need.

I put on my little tennis skirt, the white top with the lace band, and trainers and headed to the leisure centre. In the little reception area they got me to sign-in and gave me a towel. The man there also told me that I shouldn’t use any of the exercise machines without an adult there. I was going to put him right, but I couldn’t be bothered.

I had a little wander around then went to the workout room. There was no one there so I had a look at all the machines and decided that the only one that I knew how it worked was the exercise cycle.

I got on it and peddled for a couple of minutes. As I peddled I though back to the exercise cycle in the hotel where I had worked. I remembered how I’d set the seat so high that my pussy was rubbing from side to side as I peddled.

No one else had come in so I got off the cycle and raised the seat.

Yes, that was much better; my clit started getting a workout as well. I got wetter and wetter and the arousal factor increased. Before long I was cumming and struggling to keep quiet.

As the waves of pleasure receded I slowed down and then got off the cycle. After wiping my juices off the saddle with my towel I went to the water machine that was just round the corner from reception. As I was drinking I heard the receptionist man tell another man that everything was quiet apart from a cute piece of jail-bait.

I went back to the workout room and was just stood there deciding what to do when another man came in. He introduced himself as Jim, ‘the personal trainer’. He told me that he’d just started his shift and would be pleased to help me use any of the machines if I wanted.

I’d just about got my AF down to a 2 and I had plenty of time before Ryan got back so I said,

“Yes please, I’ve never used any of these machines, apart from the cycle, before; could you show me how they all work please?”

“Sure, I’m sure that I can set them up for someone your age and size.” Jim said.

I couldn’t be bothered to put him straight and we went to the end of the row of machines. We went to about 4 machines where Jim gave a demonstration then set them up for me; then talked me through using them. Some were hard work and I got a bit of a sweat on.

We got to the rowing machines. They were lined up facing a big mirror. When I sat on one and started rowing I could see myself in the big wall mirror. I suddenly realised that I could see more of myself than I expected. What’s more, Jim was stood beside me so he would be able to see my pussy in the mirror as well.

I stopped and told Jim that I’d had enough of that one.

The next machine was one that Jim told me was for toning my thighs. When Jim showed me how it worked my initial reaction was that there was no way that I could use it. It spread my legs very wide. As Jim squeezed his thighs together I thought that I would be okay if I pushed a lot of my skirt between my legs before I started. When my legs got wide apart there would still be enough of my skirt between my legs to keep me decent.

I got on and adjusted my skirt as Jim set-up the machine. He must have set it so that there was hardly any pressure as I pushed my legs apart. As my legs got wide apart I looked down at my skirt and saw that I was still decent. Jim was stood in front of me and I relaxed knowing that he couldn’t see my pussy.

Jim got me to open and close my thighs a few times. I was only after about the fourth that I looked at Jim’s shorts and saw that he had a hard-on.

“What had caused that?” I thought.

I looked down at my skirt and saw that all the material that I’d pushed between my legs had come up and my skirt was tight across the front. Because my legs were wide apart at that moment, my pussy was on display. Jim was looking into my open hole. I flushed with embarrassment, felt my pussy get very wet, and my AF increased to about a 3.

My body won out over my brain – again, and I stayed on that machine for 4 more spreads, my AF raising to about a 7. Jim must have loved it.

“Okay, that’s enough of that.” Jim said, “Let’s do a bit of weightlifting. We’ll just do one exercise then I think that you will have had enough for one day. We’re going to do bench presses; they’re best done with 2 people, the one doing the lifting, and the other standing close-by just in case the lifter gets into difficulty. That’s called ‘spotting them.’”

“Okay.” I said as Jim got a lifting bar and put what looked like a light weight on each end.

Jim put the bar on 2 stands and lay on the floor with his chest under the bar. He then told me to stand close to his head with my feet slightly apart to make it easier for me if I had to help him with the weights.

As I moved into place I realised that Jim would be able to see straight up my skirt. My body was dulling my brain and I moved my feet further apart. There was a few seconds silence in which I was sure that Jim was having a real good, close-up view of my pussy. I got another wet rush and hoped that I didn’t drip onto Jim’s face.

Jim lifted the bar off the stands and raised it 3 times before replacing it on the stands.

“Now it’s your turn!” Jim said as he got up.

I lay down and shuffled up, under the bar. As I shuffled I felt my top come down a bit. I didn’t check to see if my nipples were still covered.

I lifted my hands to the bar as Jim moved in to ‘spot’ me. I looked up and saw up his shorts leg. He was wearing underwear.

“You may want to put your feet on the floor to help you get a more solid base.” Jim said.

I slid my feet onto the floor either side of the bench. Jim was stood at my head so he couldn’t see up my skirt.

I managed to push that bar up twice. The second time Jim told me to hold it up. There was a long silence as I strained to hold it up Jim seemed to be miles away, and looking straight ahead, passed me.

I looked in that direction and saw the mirrored wall.

Shit! Jim must be looking in the mirror and seeing right up my skirt.

“Jim!” I shouted, “Can you help me please?”

“Sorry,” Jim said, “I was miles away.”

More like the distance between your eyes and my pussy I thought.

Jim lifted the bar back onto the stands and I got up; thinking that my arms ached. As I got up I saw that one of my nipples had escaped through the lace at the top of my top; I quickly straightened it.

Jim told me that I should stop for the day, and go and relax in the sauna or jacuzzi. He also told me that he’d be there for the next 4 afternoons if I wanted another session.

I got my breath for a minute then went to the water machine again. I overheard Jim telling the man in reception that, “that girl was a right little tease, shame that she was just a kid.”

I smiled and walked towards the pool. I had to decide whether to try the sauna, the jacuzzi or the swimming pool.

I remembered that I didn’t have my bikini with me so I opted for the sauna, I’d never been in a sauna before so it was going to be a first for me.

When I got there I realised that I couldn’t go in there wearing a skirt and top so I went to the changing room, took them off and wrapped my towel round me.

As soon as I opened the door to the sauna the heat hit me. I realised that I wasn’t going to last long in there. There was no one else in there so I decided that I’d last longer if I didn’t have the towel wrapped round me. I took it off and spread it on the bench at one end.

I sat on the bench then turned so that I could lean back against the wall. To make it more comfortable I lifted one leg up onto the bench leaving my legs wide open.

I got bored quickly and one of my hands wandered to my pussy and started playing with my clit. I felt my AF rise.

I got hotter and then hotter. My hand lost interest in my clit and I just sat there. I started to think that I had to get out, but that needed effort.

Just then the door opened and a middle-aged man with a towel round his waist walked in. I knew that I had to cover-up but I didn’t have the energy.

The man looked at me and smiled. Then he asked me if I was alright, I didn’t answer.

“No you’re not are you? Here let me help you.”

He came over to me, lifted me up and carried me out. He put me down on one of the sun loungers that were outside the sauna, then went back into the sauna and got my towel.

He spread my towel over my naked body and disappeared. A couple of minutes later he was back with a plastic cup of water.

“Drink that.” He said, holding it out for me.

I drank it and started to feel better.

“Children your age shouldn’t really go into a sauna without their parents being there, the heat creeps up on you and…. Well you know the rest. Stay there for a few minutes until you feel better.”

As the man turned and went towards the sauna I managed to thank him for his help.

I lay there for a while with the towel just covering my body. When I felt a bit better I looked around and saw a shower and decided that I needed a cold one. I slowly got up and walked over to it.

That cold shower made me feel a lot better. I was just deciding that I could get my towel and go and get dressed when I heard voices; foreign voices. I looked round the curtain and saw 4 Japanese men wearing only towels. They were stood talking right next to the sun lounger with my towel on.

My brain told me to stay there until they’d gone, but I pulled the curtain back and boldly walked towards them. Two of the men saw me straight away and said something to the others. They turned and saw me in all my naked glory.

I fully intended to pick up my towel and wrap it round me, but instead I spread it on the sun lounger and lay on it. What’s more I kept my knees apart. Why the hell was I doing that?

The 4 Japs looked down at me and I felt my heart pounding and my pussy getting wet. My AF was increasing.

The Japs kept looking at me and talking, maybe about me, maybe not, for what seemed like hours. I reality it was probably about a minute; but in that time my AF rose to about a 6.

I really did want to play with my clit; and at one point I wished that I had the remote controlled vibrator inside me and Ryan was controlling the speed.

Eventually the Japs went into the sauna and I saw 2 naked, middle-aged butts as they took their towels off. Not as nice as Ryan’s butt.

My clit needed attention. I thought of 2 choices; one was to get dressed and go back to our room and take care of it there; the other was to go and sit in the jacuzzi and do it underwater.

My brain was telling me to go to our room, but my body won and I got up; wrapped my towel round me and walked out to the swimming area.

I was half way to the jacuzzi when I saw a couple, about my age, in the jacuzzi. What’s more there were 3 people in the swimming pool.

As I got closer I decided that if I timed it right I could take the towel off and quickly slip into the jacuzzi while the man was looking the other way. I got to the place where I could hang my towel and looked at the couple. They were both staring at me. I fiddled with my hair a bit, but they kept looking at me. My heart pace increased and I decided that I had to go for it. I unfastened the towel with my back to them.

My nervous let me down and I accidentally dropped the towel. Without even thinking I bent over to pick it up. As I stood up I realised that the couple must have had a great view of my butt and pussy.

With a red face I turned and quickly got in the jacuzzi.

I looked down, not wanting to make eye contact, but my head lifted and eye contact was made. The man smiled and the woman said, “Hi!”.

I said “Hi!” back then the couple started talking to each other.

I relaxed in the bubbles knowing that I was covered. My eyes closed and my right hand found my pussy and clit. I looked forward to a long slow masturbation session.

I was making good, slow progress when the bubbles stopped. Everything went quiet and my hand kept working.

After a couple of minutes I heard someone stand up. I opened my eyes and saw the woman reaching over to a button on the wall. As the waves settled I looked down and realised that I could see my whole body, and what my hand was doing. If I could see, then the couple could. My fingers stopped and my hand went flat over my pubes.

I looked at the woman and saw that she wasn’t wearing a bikini; it was her underwear that I could see, and they were quite thin and slightly see-through.

The bubbles started again, the woman sat down again, the man took his eyes off me and my fingers started again.

It took a few minutes, but I finally released my pussy pressure and relaxed back to enjoy the bubbles.

I was laying there with my eyes shut, enjoying the feeling when someone else got in the jacuzzi.

“Oh shit! I thought, “Two more men.”

I had a decision to make. Did I try and wait until they got out or did I be brave and get out, letting them see me naked.

I pondered the decision for a while as my AF started to climb then all of a sudden I was standing up, right in front of them. Their faces were inches from my pussy. What the hell was I doing?

I’d started, so I couldn’t stop; I turned and climbed out, letting everyone see my butt and pussy as I lifted a leg to climb out.

“Fuck that was horrible;” I though as I wrapped my towel round me. So why was my pussy so wet? I wish that I could understand my body’s needs.

I walked back along the side of the pool, into the changing room, got dressed and went up to our room.

It was dark when I got there. I looked out of the window and saw into some of the rooms in the hotel over the road. I saw 1 naked man (no erection) and 2 women (separate rooms) in just their underwear.

I was just deciding if I would (I knew that I should), close the curtains before putting the light on; when the door opened and Ryan walked in.

As I turned to face him I dropped the towel and rushed to give him a naked hug.

I undressed him and pulled him on top of me on the bed.

After he’d filled my pussy, we lay there and talked about our days. We’d both had good days. Ryan told me that we’d go to the leisure centre together one evening and that he’d fuck me in the jacuzzi. He also told me that I should go and have more workouts.

I asked him about the curtains, saying that it didn’t feel right leaving them open.
He reminded me that we hadn’t got any curtains for our apartment and I didn’t seem worried by people watching us fucking all over the place at home.

I told Ryan that I’d never seen anyone watching us at home; but he was adamant that we’d been watched a few times. I thumped him and told him that we needed to get some curtains soon. I also felt a wet rush in my pussy.

He told me to leave the curtains open.

We showered, got dressed then went out for something to eat.

When we got back to our room Ryan slowly stripped me and fucked me hard. As I lay on the bed, naked, he got his ties out and tied me, spread-eagled to the 4 corners. He stuffed my bikini bottoms into my mouth and used my bikini top to cover my eyes. I thought that he was just playing games and didn’t object; I knew that he would never hurt me.

The next thing that I knew, Ryan was talking to room service on the phone and ordering a bottle of beer.

“Ryan, untie me - please.” I said, but all that he could hear was garbled noises.

Ryan sat beside me and rubbed my clit until there was a knock on the door.

“No, no, yes, yes!” I tried to say, and struggled with my restraints.

Ryan got off the bed and went and opened the door. I heard Ryan telling the man to put it on the table. I froze and went bright red. I was so ashamed, yet so turned on. I felt like dying, but I wanted to cum.

There was a long pause during which I didn’t die, and didn’t cum. Then I heard Ryan say,

“She likes playing bondage games; she looks cute doesn’t she?”

“Ryan, why are you doing this to me, I love you?” I thought.

A minute later I heard the door close and Ryan came and took my bikini away from my face.

“You bastard Ryan!” I said as I saw him start to drink the beer.

“You loved it, I know you did.” Ryan said. He ran a finger along my slit and held it up.

“You’re wetter than my beer,” he said, “want a drink?”

He held the bottle to my mouth and I took a drink. He got that mischievous look on his face and the next thing that I knew was that the beer bottle was being slowly pushed up my cunt.

“That’s cold,” I said, “but nice;” as Ryan started to fuck me with the bottle.

Lubrication wasn’t a problem and my pussy made a few slurping noises as Ryan pushed and pulled and twisted the bottle to get it deeper inside me.

I felt my pussy stretching. It wasn’t painful, just different.

“Wow!” Ryan said, “You’ve got to see this.” Ryan said.

“Untie me then.” I said.

He did, and I sat up.

“Where’s the bottle?“ I asked, knowing full well where it was.

Ryan untied my ankles as I put my hand on the half inch of bottle that wasn’t inside me.

“Can you stand up?” Ryan asked.

I slowly moved to the edge of the bed and asked Ryan to help me up. With a few ‘aaarghs’ and ‘ouches’, I (we) managed to get me to my feet. The bottle started to slide out, but I managed to hold it in using my hand. I started to shuffle along and found that it wasn’t too bad. As soon as I tried to walk I stopped, it was too painful.

I moved my hand and let the bottle slide out onto the floor.

Ryan picked me up and put me back on the bed. His hand went to my pussy and he started to explore my stretched pussy. He easily got 4 fingers inside me. He was going to try to get his whole fist inside, but I asked him to stop. It was hurting too much. I promised to let him try again in a few days.

Ryan lay beside me and said,

“I bet that the audience over the street enjoyed that.”

“Shit!” I said, and reached over and switched the light off.

I woke up the next morning to that wonderful feeling of Ryan slowly fucking me.

After our shower Ryan told me not to get dressed; he told me to do what we’d seen others do the previous morning; go to breakfast wearing the hotel robe. I started to get my bikini out but Ryan stopped me telling me to wear just the robe. I wasn’t sure, but Ryan persuaded me.

In the lift on the way down, a man got in and stood in front of us, facing the door. Just as we started going down again I felt Ryan pull my robe open. My whole front was exposed to the man’s back. I quickly re-tied it.

I had to keep re-tying my robe all through breakfast as Ryan kept trying to get me to flash the other diners.

In the lift on the way back to our room Ryan gave me a long kiss and managed to undo the robe without me knowing. As the doors opened he pulled the robe right off me. I screamed and ran down the corridor, naked, to our room. When I got there I remembered that my key was in the robe pocket, and Ryan had that.

I stood outside our door, hoping that no one would come out of their room. Ryan was taking his time so I stood in the middle of the corridor, facing him, and did some star jumps until he got there.

“I think that you need to go and work off some of that energy.” Ryan said as he opened our door.

“Did you see the security cameras?” Ryan asked.

“NO! Oh shit, what have I done?” I said

“Only joking.” Ryan said.

I thumped his arm then hugged and kissed him.

Ryan pushed me away, telling me that he didn’t have time; he had to leave.

I decided to take Ryan’s suggestion and go for a workout. My next decision was what to do when I got there, and what to wear.

In the end I decided to wear my white tennis skirt and my bikini top. I would carry my bikini bottoms rolled up in my towel.

As I walked along the corridor I looked down at my bikini top. In the bright lights I could see the nipple bumps and make-out the change of colour for my areolas. I hoped that no one else noticed.

When I got in the lift I had to stand in front of 4 men. Two of them were facing me as we went down, and both were looking at my bikini top. I felt my nipples get rock hard and my face blush.

At the leisure centre I went straight to the workout room and was surprised to see 6 men and 1 woman there. Fortunately no one was on the exercise cycle so I went to it and adjusted the saddle height. I wanted to get myself worked-up, but I was going to stop before I had an orgasm; I didn’t want to have one with all those people there.

I got on and started peddling - slowly. I looked round; everyone was doing their own thing. The woman was wearing a sports bra and tight lycra shorts. She had a bit of a camel toe.

My pussy started to lubricate and the sliding became easier. I leaned forwards to put more pressure on my clit and I started to feel good.

My legs started to speed up and I got hotter. Before I knew it I was getting close. I knew that I should stop, but I couldn’t. I just had to keep peddling.

Two of the men left the room, one gave me a strange look bit I ignored him.

My face got redder and redder as I started to cum. I bit my lip to try to hold in the moans. I think that I managed okay because no one turned to look at me although the woman did give me a quick grin. I guessed that she had used the exercise cycle before.

My peddling slowed down and eventually stopped. I got off the cycle and wiped the seat with the towel. My bikini bottoms fell out and I quickly picked them up.

The others in the room were still doing their thing, the woman had moved onto the thighs toning machine. As her legs opened the tight lycra pressed into her pussy making the slight camel toe a big camel toe. I smiled to myself and left.

I decided to go for a swim so I went into the ladies changing room, found a locker and swapped my skirt for my bikini bottoms. It felt a little strange wearing something that covered my pussy.

I had a great swim, the pool wasn’t that big, but I could get a fair bit of speed up and practiced my racing turns.

When I stopped I checked my bikini, it was still there, no Ryan to undo it.

I got out and headed for the jacuzzi; I wanted to relax in those bubbles. There were a couple of young men in there already, but there was plenty of room. As I got close I saw one of the men staring at me. He said something to the other man and he too stared at me.

I had to check that my bikini was still where it should be. I looked down and saw that the yellow bikini might well have been back in our room; it was totally see-through. My hands moved to cover my bits as I quickly got into the bubbles and closed my eyes. I didn’t want to see the men looking at me.

The men started talking about football and I relaxed. So much so that my right hand moved to my pussy and my fingers got to work.

A couple of minutes later the bubbles stopped and I had to move my hand. I hoped that one of the men would get up and press the button to start the bubbles again, but they didn’t.

The water settled and I could see my nipples; fortunately my pussy was hidden by me being sat down.

I waited for one of the men to move, but neither did. I had a dilemma; did I just sit it out, or did I stand up and press the button, letting the men have a good look at my virtually naked body. My brain was telling me to sit it out, but I just stood up and reached for the button.

Sitting down again I said to myself,

“Tanya why the hell did you do that?”

I relaxed a bit, and then all of a sudden the men got up and left.

My fingers got to work and brought me to a nice orgasm.

When I decided that it was time to leave I had another problem. I didn’t want anyone to see my virtually see-through bikini; or more importantly what was under it; so I had to work out how I could get to the changing room without being seen.

I decided that I would wait until the swimmers were swimming away from me and quickly walk alongside the pool to the changing room. I waited for my moment and quickly got out.

Everything went well until I got close to the changing room entrance. All of a sudden the 2 men from the jacuzzi re-appeared right in front of me. There was nothing that I could do. I blushed and rushed passed them.

In the safety of the ladies changing room I took my bikini off and went for a shower. As I dried myself I realised that the only dry clothing that I had was my skirt. I had no choice; I wrapped my towel round me and went back to our room carrying my bikini and skirt in my hand.

Back in our room I went into the bathroom to do what comes naturally. When I came out I got a shock. The first thing that I saw was that our room door was open. I turned towards the bed and saw this young woman making the bed. As soon as she saw me (naked) she said something in a language that I didn’t understand, and rushed out.

I was still feeling horny when I was deciding what to do that afternoon. I knew that it was wrong and that I shouldn’t do it, but I went out wearing just my shoes, duffle coat and the remote vibrator. I’d set it on low just before I left our room, putting the control back in the drawer.

The first place that I went was a McDonalds. I remembered what Ryan did to me the last time that we were in McDonalds; and for once I was grateful that Ryan wasn’t with me. It would have been horrible being exposed to all those people in there.

I giggled to myself as I wondered what they would think if they knew what I was wearing under that coat.

It was busy in there, and the only place that I could get to sit was on a high stool at the long bar at the front window.

As I climbed up the front of my coat fell open and I could see all of my legs, right up to my stomach. I quickly put my food down and made myself decent. On those stools there is no way that a girl can cross her legs so I had to sit there hoping that my coat wouldn’t fall open. I was facing the street so none of the other diners would be able to see my legs.

I sat there eating and thinking about my morning and how I’d let those men see me virtually naked. How could I have done that? All of a sudden I remembered what that vibrating in my pussy was. Instead of ignoring it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

By the time I’d finished my food I was feeling quite worked up. Instead of holding my thighs together, they had drifted apart and my coat had fallen either side of my legs. As I looked down I could see my bald pubes and the top of my slit.

I knew what was going to happen and I couldn’t stop it. I looked round; no one in there was looking at me. I looked outside; again no one was looking at me.
I picked up a napkin and held it to my mouth. I had to supress the moans that would be coming any second.

I looked outside again. A young man was stood talking to a young woman and he was looking my way.

I thought that I might break one of my teeth as I clamped them together to try to stay quiet as it hit me.

The young man outside was grinning. Was he looking at my pussy? Another bolt hit me.

I reached my peak and started to calm down. As I did so I looked around again. I was happy that no one was taking any notice of me. When I looked outside the young man had gone.

I relaxed and enjoyed the afterglow for a couple of minutes before getting off the stool and going to the toilet to clean myself up a bit. As I climbed the stairs the vibe felt good, but I had it under control.

Walking down the street I came across an underground station. On impulse I went in and saw that I was on the Circle line. I bought a ticket that would let me go all the way round and back to where I started. As I went down the escalator I felt that lovely warm draught up my coat onto my pussy. It felt nice. I was also pleased that the coat was long enough for me not to have to worry about people looking up it.

I got on the next train and found a seat; it was one that backed to the side of the carriage, facing a similar one on the other side. There was no one sat opposite so I didn’t cross my legs; I just held the sides of my coat so that my legs were covered.

The vibe, along with the vibrations of the train felt good. I blushed as I had visions of having an orgasm with lots of people all around me.

A couple of stations down the line some more people got on. A middle-aged man came and sat opposite me so I crossed my legs. With the vibe purring away I felt uncomfortable, so I uncrossed them. The man opposite was reading a paper but he was holding it quite low; I could see his eyes going from side to side as he read. I decided that I could ignore him and just put my hands on my lap.

At the next station a lot more people got on. As one walked passed me he accidentally knocked my knee and my legs went wide open for a second. The man looked down at me and said that he was sorry, but I’m sure that he would have had a good view of my bare legs.

For the next 4 or 5 stations the vibe kept me simmering. A couple of times I suddenly noticed that my knees had drifted apart and I had to quickly pull them together. On the second time, I looked over to the man opposite and saw that he was pretending to read, but his eyes were looking straight at my legs.

I blushed and wondered if he’d seen my pussy. Why hadn’t I sat more upright?

The thought of that man seeing my pussy pushed my AF up one. I suddenly realised that I’d let my knees drift apart again; even wider.

I didn’t want that man to see my pussy, so why was I opening my knees? My coat was sliding down the sides on my legs. I looked up and saw another man looking down at me.

Shit, two of them looking at me; it was like someone had turned the vibe up to full.

The train pulled into a station and when it stopped I panicked and got up and ran off the train.

I sat on a bench and cooled down.

I watched one train go passed then got on the next. It was crowded and I had to stand and hold onto one of the upright poles. A few stations along I realised that I’d been holding the pole quite high up. As a result the bottom of my coat was gaping open. I looked down at the person sat in front of me. It was a girl about my age, and she was staring at me; or should I say, my bare thighs. I wondered just how much she could see. I wasn’t that worried, after all, it wasn’t a man; so I didn’t bring my arm down any lower.

What I did do was slide my feet further apart. I needed better balance. Well that’s what I told my brain.

The girl noticed and smiled up at me. I blushed, but didn’t move.

Was it the vibe that was getting me more worked-up, or was it the fact that another girl was staring at my pussy; I had to believe that it was the vibe; there was no way that I’d get turned-on by another girl.

I looked down at her again and our eyes met. She smiled at me then licked her lips.

I looked away as I felt another wet rush flood my pussy.

Fuck! I WAS getting turned-on by another girl. What was wrong with me, I love Ryan.

At the next station the girl stood up and got off the train. As she stood up she whispered to me,

“Cute pussy kiddo, but be careful, there’s a lot of perverts about.”

I blushed – again; and quickly sat in the just vacated seat. I crossed my legs, even though it wasn’t comfortable.

The crossed legs didn’t last long, at the next station a whole gang of young men got on and I moved to the end of the carriage to get out of their way. The problem was that they moved along the carriage as well. I was trapped in amongst then, standing at the end of the carriage.

I got a bid scared, even more so when I felt one of them putting his arm round me. While laughing and joking with his mates, he slid his arm round to my front and into my coat. I nearly jumped a mile when his hand touched my bare stomach.

I think that he was a bit shocked at first because his hand froze for a couple of seconds; then it started to explore my naked flesh.

As soon as the hand found my pussy I exploded. It was a good job that his arm was round me as my legs went all weak. I nearly screamed.

All of a sudden it was over as quick as it started; the train stopped at the next station and all the noisy young men got off. I was left there wondering what the hell had happened. I leaned back against the end door and slowly regained my composure. After that I sat down and waited for the train to get back to where I first got on it.

Back in our room I squeezed the vibe out and had a short nap and I was in the shower when Ryan got back. He was later than the previous day but I wasn’t worried. As soon as I came out of the shower I saw that he had a little box with him. It was a present for me. When I opened it I saw that it was another remote controlled vibrator. I looked a bit confused and reminded Ryan that I already had one.

“Not like this you haven’t. It has an amazing feature that you are going to love. It has a program called ‘random’. When you turn that on it will switch itself on and off at random times and random intensity.”

“So,” I said, “I can be talking to someone and in the middle of our conversation this thing will suddenly give me a full throttle blast for anything from 1 second to 20+ minutes. That could be sooo humiliating.”

“You’ll love every second of it.” Ryan said.

“Well yeah, but…….”

“Come on babe,” Ryan said, “get on the bed and show me your pussy. I want to give this baby a trial run.”

“Later,” I said, I’ve got to tell you all about my day first.

When I told Ryan about the housekeeper incident he told me he’d had an idea for some fun, but wouldn’t tell me what. He said that I’d have to wait.

I then told Ryan about my visit to the leisure centre and my trip on the underground. He told me that it just proves that I’m an exhibitionist. Of course I disagreed with him; he couldn’t possibly be right.

Ryan was a bit hungry so we decided to go and get something to eat.

One thing that Ryan had me do before we went to bed that night was to send me to get a bottle of water from the vending machine near the lifts. The thing was, he sent me without any clothes on. At first I refused, but as usual I gave in and said that I’d do it.

I opened the door and waited until everything was quiet, then I set off. It wasn’t far, but it may well have been a mile. My heart was pounding as I walked along. I made it to the vending machine, but as I picked up the bottle I heard the lift coming up. Was it going to stop at our floor, and if so, who would get out?

My heart was pounding as I walked.


The lift doors opened. I had about 10 yards to go and Ryan was stood at the door watching me.

I heard voices behind me, but I didn’t dare look.

I was just getting to Ryan when he went back into our room and closed the door.

The bastard; I thought.

I knocked on our door but it didn’t open.

I knocked again then looked round to see who had got out of the lift. It was a thirty-something couple, and they both had grins on their faces.

I knocked again.

This time the door opened and I barged in passed a grinning Ryan.

I turned to Ryan and called him a bastard; then I jumped on him and gave him a long kiss.

“I knew that you’d enjoy that.” Ryan said as he carried me to the bed.

Wednesday Morning
The next morning I woke up before Ryan. It was my turn to wake him up in a nice way. I slid down the bed and found his cock. He woke up to the feeling of me giving him a blowjob.

Ryan wanted me to go for breakfast wearing just the hotel robe, so after a shower I sat on the bed waiting for him to get ready. When he came out of the bathroom he went and got the new remote vibe and held it up in front of me. I grinned and lay back on the bed for him to work it into my pussy.

I thought that he wasn’t going to switch it on because he put the control in one of the drawers, but as we were walking down the corridor to the lift it suddenly burst into life. I froze and gasped. It only lasted a few seconds but it certainly surprised me.

I had just finished my breakfast and was drinking my coffee when I got another blast. I nearly sprayed Ryan with a mouthful of coffee.

When we got back to our room Ryan asked me to keep it in all day. I promised to try to.

When Ryan left I decided that I’d go to the leisure centre and have a lazy day. I planned to do just a bit of swimming then lay around until I got bored. I wrapped my bikini in a towel and left our room. I was in the lift when I got blasted again. I was stood behind an elderly Japanese couple and when I gasped they both turned and looked at me. I blushed.

When I went into the ladies changing room there were 2 teenage girls who looked about 13 or 14 there; from what they were saying I think that they were German. I assumed that they’d only just got there because they were dressed and had dry hair.

I took my robe off and put it in a locker then I unrolled my towel and got my bikini. I pretended to have trouble with a knot in the strings and watched the girls as they got undressed, I don’t normally watch other girls get undressed, but something about these 2 told me to watch them. As they took off their tops and skirts I saw that neither had underwear on. Both had breasts bigger than mine, at a guess I would say they were both a 32B. Both their pubes were bald and they both had some sort of clit jewellery.

They were laughing and giggling, and in a world of their own. What they did next totally surprised me; they both walked out of the door towards the pool, totally naked.

Wow! Either the Germans are a lot more liberated than the English or I had missed something about this hotel.

The vibe kicked in again, this time with a long fast blast. I could feel my pussy getting wet, and tingling.

I did something really stupid then, I put my bikini back in the locker and followed the teenagers out to the pool.

I was very nervous and excited as I went through that door. What I saw was 2 naked teenage girls playing games in the pool with a man that looked like their father. There were a few other swimmers that were ignoring the 3 naked girls.

I dived in and swam a few lengths. I love the feeling of swimming naked, it feels so natural. When I went swimming as a kid I often used to think about swimming naked.

I’d done about 10 lengths when the vibe zapped me again; it was another long one so I had to stop swimming and just stand there with a tortured expression on my face.

The vibe had got me to a point where I wanted to take it further. As I didn’t have the control I decided to go into the jacuzzi and bring myself off under the bubbles. I swam to the end of the pool and climbed out. There was no one in the Jacuzzi as I pressed the button and climbed in.

I lay back and started frigging. I was going to enjoy it. I closed my eyes and brought myself to a very nice orgasm. Just as I was about to cum the vibe zapped me again. It was only a short one, but it was long enough and strong enough to push me over the edge.
I opened my eyes to see that the 2 girls and their father had joined me. I blushed as I wondered how much they’d seen.

The 2 girls were all over their father, sitting on his lap and rubbing their breasts on his arms. Another time one of them was straddling his lap with her breasts in his face; she looked like she was fucking him, except that he was wearing swimming shorts. I wondered if he had a hard-on.

I remembered the relationship that I’d had with my father. It was the complete opposite of these 2 girls. I was jealous.

The bubbles stopped and one of the girls got up to press the button. As she leaned over I could see every bit of her pussy. Her clit jewellery was a horizontal barbell stud that was in the hood. Her clit was peeking out too. Was she aroused as much as I was? I stared at her jewellery as long as I could and decided that I wanted one.

I decided to leave them to it, got out and walked towards the sauna. I wanted to try it again. As I walked alongside the pool I got zapped again. I stopped and squeezed my thighs together. Fortunately it was a quick one and I managed to continue without anyone noticing – I think.

In the sauna area I decided to lay on one of the sun loungers for a few minutes as I plucked up the courage to go in.

While I was there a middle-aged man came out of the sauna with a towel wrapped round him. I recognised him as the man that had rescued me the other day. I smiled at him then remembered that I was naked. I bent my knees to cover my pussy.

“If you’re thinking about going in there don’t stay long. As soon as you start to feel funny come out. There might not be anyone there to rescue you the next time.” The man said.

“Yes I will,” I said, “and thank you for rescuing me the other day.”

The man walked off into the gents changing room.

“Okay” I thought, and stood up and went into the sauna. The heat hit me, but this time I knew what to expect. There was no one in there so I lay flat on the bottom bench and let one leg drop to the floor.

I’d just got comfortable when the door opened and in came the 2 girls. I resisted the urge to sit up and cover my pussy. I needn’t have worried, the 2 girls climbed to the top bench and one sat at each end with one leg on the bench below; their pussies were as spread as mine. I looked at both of them and saw that they both had similar barbell jewellery in their clit hoods.

They continued talking so quickly that my schoolgirl German was of no use to me.

The door opened again. This time it was their father; and he was naked too. What’s more his cock was pointing straight out in front of him; he has a semi.

He climbed up and sat between the 2 girls, which was directly above me. He joined in the conversation as I turned my head and looked at the 3 of them. The 2 girls were not at all embarrassed about letting their father see their open pussies, and he wasn’t at all embarrassed by his cock that was getting harder. I wondered if it was anything to do with him looking down at my pussy.

I know that I was embarrassed, but I was so amazed by the 3 of them. I was just thinking about going out to cool off when I got zapped again. That time it was a long fast one and I realised that I was going to cum.

And I did, shaking and moaning and arching my back a little as I did. As I reached my peak I opened my eyes and saw the 3 of them looking down at me. I was soooo embarrassed that I wanted to crawl into a corner and die.

Needless to say that I didn’t die; instead I got up and went out and into the shower. As I went through the shower door I heard the 2 girls giggle. I was sure that they knew that I’d just cum.

As I stood in the shower I felt a little proud on myself; I felt that I’d made a small step towards getting rid of my shyness and guilt. So much so that I went back into the sauna and lay in the same place with my legs wide open.

As I went back in the 2 girls giggled again and I saw that their father still had a hard-on. The 2 girls still had their legs wide open, but one of them had her hand on her pussy. Was she frigging? I wondered. She was the one at my feet end so I could watch her. Yes, she was definitely rubbing her clit. Wow, I would never have dreamed of doing that in front of my father.

A couple of minutes later I got zapped again and I jumped a bit. I so wanted to rub my clit. Another minute later I decided that if she could, then I could, and my right hand moved to my chest, squeezed my nipple then slid down to my pussy.

There was silence as I cupped my pussy then tweaked my clit. My AF was still quite high from before and within seconds I was cumming again. I started shaking and arched my back a lot this time. It was another good one.

The embarrassment kicked in again, and I went to the shower again. When I came out I went and lay on one of the sun loungers; I couldn’t face going in to the sauna again.

All the sun loungers had their backs up so I was half sitting with my knees bent; and wide open. I was looking down at my pussy and feeling pleased with myself when the 2 Germans came out of the sauna. The fathers cock was soft. The father went to the gents changing room and the 2 girls both went into the shower. I heard them giggling.

When they came out I expected them to go and get changed, but instead they went and sat on sun loungers that faced me. As they sat down they both cupped their little breasts and pulled their nipples. What’s more they sat the same way that I was. With their knees up and spread wide. They could see my pussy and I could see both of theirs.

They were both talking and looking at me; or should I say my open pussy.

I was still randy from my previous orgasms and without realising it I found my left hand on my tiny breast. What’s more, my right hand was rubbing my lower stomach.

The 2 girls stopped talking and stared at me.

My right hand moved down and touched my clit. I gasped a bit and moved my hand away. Both girls, at exactly the same time, moved their hands, one to a breast, and the other to their pussies. They both started frigging in total silence.

I wanted to see how far they would go so I took it really slow. I knew that it wouldn’t take much for me to cum again.

Both of those girls went for it; all 4 hands were busy and it didn’t take that long for them to cum. I saw the signs and speeded up my own fingers. I think that all 3 of us came within a minute.

Afterwards there was a long silence as the 3 of us sat there with our legs wide open. I was feeling well pleased with myself and I was sure that Ryan would be as well.

I was brought back to reality as I got zapped again. I jumped a bit and gasped. That broke the spell and the 2 girls got up and went into the changing room.

The zap was a short one and I quickly recovered and went and had a quick shower before going into the changing room.

Both girls were just starting to get dressed in denim miniskirts and tops. I dried myself and was just putting my robe on as they walked passed me to leave. We all smiled at each other. One of them said,


She was thanking me!

When I got back to our room I didn’t know what to do; I wanted more excitement, and my new found courage was egging me on; but at the back of my mind I was still fighting my upbringing.

I decided to order something from room service and looked at the menu. When I’d decided what I wanted I picked-up the phone and ordered.

My brain was fighting my pussy; should I open the door naked, or keep the robe on. In the end I decided that I would chicken out but as I walked to the door I wiped the robe off and threw it on the bed.

I opened the door and looked the man straight in the face. His eyes opened wide for a second then he said, in very poor English,

“Room service.”

“Come in;” I said, “Put it on that table please.” Then I walked over to the window so that he could watch my butt as he carried the tray in.

I turned and stood facing him with my back to the un-curtained window as my pussy tingled and got quite wet.

The man put the tray down and turned to me. There was a long pause before he thanked me and walked to the door. I followed him as he turned for one last look before disappearing down the corridor.

“Wow!” I’d done it again; Ryan was going to be so proud of me.

I ate my lunch, thinking about what I was going to do that afternoon. I could stay in the room and let the vibe tease me all afternoon or I could go out and do something; but what?

Wednesday Afternoon
In the end I put a skirt, top and my coat on and went out. I felt quite over-dressed as I went down in the lift.

I decided to go to Oxford Street and look in clothes shops. I had no intention of buying anything, but I like to look.

I got the tube and decided to be a good girl and keep my legs together. The vibe gave me a few ‘moments’, but nothing that I couldn’t handle. I even tried on a few skirts and dresses having to strip naked to do so, but I was a good girl and kept the curtains firmly closed.

I got back to the hotel about the same time as Ryan and told him all about my day. When I’d finished he hugged me, kissed me and told me that he was proud of his little exhibitionist.

“I’m not an exhibitionist.” I said – again; wondering if perhaps I was.

Ryan looked in the hotel information booklet the told me that we were going for a quick meal then going back to the leisure centre. He wanted to get me naked in public again.

We went to a Chinese restaurant and I have to say that I’ve never eaten so fast. The bottle of wine went down quickly, with me drinking most of it.
Back at the hotel Ryan told me to squeeze the vibe out while he put his swimming shorts on. I squatted down and squeezed. As the vibe hit the floor Ryan reached down and picked it up, put it in his mouth and sucked, then put it in the drawer. I reached for my robe but Ryan told me to leave it and put on my bikini; but to wear the bottoms that I hadn’t even tried on yet. As I went and got the package I told him that I hoped that it wasn’t a thong with sides that he’d undo as soon as he got the chance.

He said that it had elastic sides so he couldn’t untie it. I felt a bit relieved, but that didn’t last. As I pulled it out of the package I held it up and said,

“What’s this, there isn’t any material here, only edging.”

I moved it around in my fingers and saw that it was like an ordinary underwear thong, elasticated strings everywhere, but where there’s normally material to cover your pussy and pubes there was nothing, just a big hole.

“Put it on.” Ryan said.

I did and looked at myself in the mirror. From the back and sides it just looked like any other thong bikini (the colour even matched my bikini top).

“I can’t go out in this Ryan; I’m virtually naked.” I said.

“Yes I know, and you look great. Come on, let’s go.” Ryan said as he pulled me out of the door.

We walked to the lift with me feeling VERY naked. I felt extremely under-dressed when the lift stopped on the floor below and a couple got in, both dressed as if they were going out to a posh dinner.

As we got close to the leisure centre Ryan told me that I was going to be his daughter for the evening.

“Okay!” I thought, I’d played that role before; but I was surprised when he pulled me into the gents changing room.

I looked round; there were 3 young men in various states of dress and one naked man in the shower. I could see his cock.

Ryan called me over to him by the lockers and told me to take my bikini bottoms (ha!) off and put them in the locker.

“Yes daddy.” I said in my little girl voice.

As I did so I looked round and saw 2 men looking at me. One had turned to face me and I could see his rising cock.

“Now the top princess.” Ryan said.

I reached round my back and pulled the strings undone. I put my bikini top in the locker, pulled my nipples and turned to look at the other men.

Wow! I’d caused 2 hard-ons; I was pleased with myself.

Ryan got hold of my hand and said,

“Let’s go and have that swim now princess.”

We went out of that room and I immediately saw the 2 German girls again. This time they had little bikinis on. I was disappointed that they had clothes on, and they looked surprised that I’d come out of the gents changing room.

“Guten Abend.” I said to them, remembering a little German.

We dived into the pool and swam to the other end; the 2 German girls having disappeared. I looked round; I was the only naked person there, but there again there were no kids there; only about 15 other people, one third women and two thirds men.

We did another couple of lengths then got out and went to the Jacuzzi. As we walked there Ryan whispered that he was going to fuck me under the bubbles.

We sat in the bubbles talking for a couple of minutes.

“Those 2 were the teenagers from this morning then?” Ryan asked.

When I said that they were he said that he thought that they were naked. He sounded a bit disappointed when I confirmed that they were that morning.

“Sorry babe, you’ll have to settle for seeing me naked today.” I said.

“And I’m very happy seeing you naked TT; especially here.” Ryan said.

The bubbles stopped so I stood up, reached over and pressed the button. As I pressed it I realised that Ryan was right behind me. I kept my finger on the button and moved one leg sideways to that he got a good look at my pussy.

As I turned to sit down Ryan pulled me onto his lap so that I was sideways to him with me facing the pool. He’d pulled his shorts down so his hard cock pushing against my pussy. I kissed him and asked if he was going to fuck me now. He smiled and I opened my legs a bit so that his cock could slide inside me.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling and the excitement of being fucked in that public place.

I opened my eyes occasionally to check that we were still on our own; but I didn’t check often enough. One time when I opened them I saw that we’d been joined by the 2 German girls; and what’s more, they were topless; their nipples showing as the bubbles burst.

I looked at Ryan as if to say that I wanted to get off him, but he held me firm. Ryan was going to let these 2 girls watch him fuck me.

When Ryan eased his grip on me I swivelled round on his cock so that I was facing the 2 girls and pushed myself up and down, just a bit, just enough for them to know what was going on.

Ryan and I stared at the 2 teenagers and they stared at us.

The bubbles stopped but no one moved. The girls had confirmation that we were fucking, and I saw that the girls hadn’t got their bikini bottoms on either. I pushed down on Ryan’s cock and felt that familiar feeling.

“That didn’t take long,” I thought, “was Ryan turned-on by the sight of the 2 girls?” I quick pang of jealousy hit me then I decided that there would be something wrong with him if he wasn’t turned on.

I waited a couple of minutes for Ryan’s cock to go soft then I stood up; my just fucked open hole was inches away from the girl’s faces.

As I got out Ryan adjusted his shorts and followed. We walked along the side of the pool to where the sauna was. Just as we went through the door Ryan looked back and saw that the girls were following us.

“Quick!” Ryan said as he pulled his shorts off; “into the sauna and do what I say.”

“Don’t I always?” I said as we went in and closed the door. We were the only ones there, which was good, suspecting that Ryan was going to do something naughty.

Ryan sat halfway along the bottom bench and told me to lay across his lap.

“What have I done to deserve a spanking?” I joked.

It wasn’t a joke. I heard the door open just as Ryan slapped my butt.

The 2 girls stopped and looked at us for a second, then climbed up to the same 2 corners that they’d occupied that morning. They sat the same way as well – one leg on the bench below, showing their bald pussies.

Ryan slapped my butt again and told me that I had to stop teasing my father like that.

With my face pointing to the floor I smiled and knew that we were in role play mode again.

“Sorry daddy.” I said, “I need to be punished more so that I won’t do it again.”

I hadn’t a clue if the girls understood what I was saying or not, but they sure as hell knew what a spanking was.

Ryan slapped me 4 more times and I pretended to cry.

Ryan then told me to stand up. I did and held my head low. I wiped a non-existent tear from my eyes.

“Get on your knees girl.” Ryan said.

As I got down I thought that there was no way that he was going to get me to give him a blow job, not in front of those girls. But he did. He only had a semi to start with, but it wasn’t long before it was as hard as I’ve ever felt it.

As my head bobbed up and down I looked up at him. He was loving every second. I looked at the girls as well. Both were frigging themselves.

Just before Ryan came, he held my head back and shot his load all over my face. I looked at the girls, their faces were totally emotionless. They just stared at us.

Ryan motioned for me to stand up so I did.

“Let that be a lesson to you my girl.” Ryan said.

“Yes daddy.” I replied, wondering if the girls knew what ‘daddy’ meant.

 “Okay, go and get a shower and come back here.”

I did as I was told. Ryan later told me that he’d laid flat on the bottom bench and the girls had watched his cock slowly get hard again. They never stopped frigging.

That was the position he was in when I went back in. I went up to him and bent over and kissed his cock before sitting like the girls at the end of the bench near Ryan’s feet.

I started frigging like the girls were.

I was just getting happy when one of the girls spoke to the other and they both girls got up and went out.

We stayed for another 5 minutes before going out as well. In those 5 minutes Ryan told me to make myself cum. I did, and it was a loud one. I must really have needed that one.

When we went out I was surprised to see the 2 girls sat on the sun loungers, facing each other. Their knees were bent and their right hands were still rubbing away.

We went straight into the gents changing room. There were 4 youngish men in there in various states of dress. I assumed that they’d come from the workout room. Three of them looked at me then got on with changing.

We got some soap and shampoo and went to the communal showers.

Why do men have a communal shower when the women have individual ones?

As we were showering, one of the other men came over and stood under the showerhead at the other end. Ryan had just got me covered in soap when we heard the door open, and in came the 2 girls.

At least I had an excuse for being there; I was with my ‘daddy’. There was no sign of the German man so these 2 girls had obviously decided to show themselves to any man that was in there without their father knowing.

The girls went to a locker and got soap and shampoo and came and joined us. The other man that was there was obviously enjoying the view; he was standing facing the girls and he had big hard-on.

Ryan stood in front of me, squirted some shampoo on my head and rubbed it in. He too had a hard-on again and I gently wanked him as he rubbed my head.

I rinsed off and we went over to our locker. As I dried myself and put on my virtually non-existent bikini, I watched the 2 girls. They made a big production of soaping and shampooing each other; their hands concentrating on each other’s tits and pussies. Mr hard-on was joined by Mr hard-on 2 but neither girl acknowledged them.

They were still there when Ryan and I left.

In the lift on the way up Ryan hugged and kissed me; his hands wandering down to my butt. We were like that when 2 women got in on the third floor. We didn’t look at them and they said nothing.

About half an hour later, with both of us naked, Ryan asked me to go and get him a bottle of water out of the vending machine near the lifts. I said that I would and went to get a robe.

“No, like you are.” Ryan said.

“But I’m naked.” I replied.

“So I see.” Ryan said with a grin on his face.

“Not again!” I said, and held my hand out for the money.

I picked-up the card key (he wasn’t going to lock me out this time), opened the door and checked that it was all clear.

With a pounding heart and a tingling pussy I started walking. I told

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 04 - Life gets back to normal

And it did. It took a week or so and the first week back was not good. I felt so ashamed of my behaviour in London. So much so that I even wore clothes in our apartment. Ryan slowly pulled me round and it wasn’t that long before I was bouncing round our apartment totally naked.

A couple of weeks later we looked for a place to get my nipples and clit hood pierced. We managed to find one that looked clean and hygienic and was a member of the British Body Piercing Association. We made an appointment for the next Saturday afternoon. I was hoping that it would be a woman, but it wasn’t. It was a big man with tattoos all over. He was quite nice actually, and very professional. I suspected that my nipples would be painful so I took a soft cotton top.

The man talked to me before hand and explained what he was going to do. After asking if I still wanted to go through with it he told me to undress and lay on the couch. I was nervous and embarrassed as hell when I was naked and getting onto the couch. Ryan was stood beside me holding my hand.

The man then told me that he’d have to inspect my nipples and clitoris to make sure that I was suitable for piercing. As he closely looked at my nipples and clit, and pulled them in all directions, I have to admit that was getting turned on. When he pulled my clit hood all over the place I could feel that I was quite wet.

Satisfied with what he saw, he again asked me to confirm that I wanted to go ahead. He then got some cotton wool and rubbed my nipples and all around my clit with some alcohol, then local anaesthetic. By the time he was ready to do it I couldn’t feel a thing.

He told me that I might like to close my eyes. I did. Within a couple of minutes he told me that I could open my eyes. He was just fitting the little barbells in my nipples. I was just about to say something when he said,

“I know. The barbells with stirrups are in a little bag over there. I strongly suggest that you just wear just these little barbells until there is no pain then swap them over.”

Without waiting for me to answer he moved straight to my pussy and pierced my clit hood. My eyes were open by then and I cringed as I heard the machine go through my flesh. It didn’t hurt.

The barbell went in quickly then he said,

“That’s it, all finished.”

 He gave me a tissue then looked at Ryan and said,

“Be gentle around those areas for a few days and remember to gently wash them at least twice a day. It’s best if they aren’t tightly covered with anything until they’re properly healed.”

I was surprised that there was very little bleeding, especially as those areas have a lot of blood flowing through them at times.

I got dressed while Ryan got the barbells with stirrups and paid the man.

We had a slow walk home and that night was one of only a few nights that we didn’t have sex.

The wounds healed quite quickly really, and after a week or so Ryan replaced the barbells with barbells and stirrups. It was another month or so before Ryan could lead me around the room by the Stirrups without any pain.

One thing that we did start doing every Sunday was going to the big leisure centre in town. Thankfully, and much to Ryan’s disappointment, swimming costumes are compulsory everywhere. When Ryan first suggested it I told him that I’d need to get a proper swimming costume, preferably an old fashioned one piece. Ryan laughed and said that there was no way that he’d let me wear one of those. His girlfriend would wear a fashionable bikini. By fashionable he meant one like the yellow one that he’d got me for Christmas – with the bottoms that his parents and brother had seen.

I was nervous as hell when we first went, I was sure that my bikini would be classed as ‘inappropriate’ and that I’d get thrown out. The changing rooms were cubicles in one big room, ladies at one end, family in the middle and gents at the other end. We went in a family cubicle.

Once we’d got changed we walked out to the swimming area. There were hundreds of people there. We looked round and saw quite a few girls in bikinis that were just as skimpy as mine so I relaxed a bit. 

We got in the water and joined in the fun on all the rides and waves. I kept checking the top with my hands to see that my nipples were still covered and only occasionally had to make adjustments.

After a while Ryan wanted a drink so we went to our locker, got some money and went to the little café. Sitting at a table I leaned back in the chair and realised that Ryan was looking at my pussy. I looked down and remembered how see-through the thin material was and how much it moulded to the shape of my vulva and clitoris. I quickly clamped my legs together.

Ryan laughed.

I told Ryan that I’d forgotten about that and that we’d have to leave. Ryan asked me how many people I’d seen staring at me and how many complaints I’d had. I had do confess that the answer to both questions was none.

“Right then, “he said. “What’s the problem?”

“But it’s indecent.” I said.

“That’s not the word that I’d use but it’s only ‘indecent’ if it’s not covered, and your pussy is covered.”

He made some good points and I dropped it.

The big slides did give me a wedgie, front and back, but the pools at the bottom are big enough for me to be able to straighten up without anyone knowing.

We didn’t go the weekend that I had my piercings done. We didn’t know what the chlorine would do to the wounds.

The following Sunday we went again. I only had the little barbells in. I could see the shape of them through the bikini material but only just. Ryan said that if you didn’t know they were there then you wouldn’t know.

The week after it was different, the barbells and stirrups were clearly visible; well the shape was. The clit hood one was the worst. It stuck out like I had a dildo sticking out of me. The bikini top wasn’t that bad although once when I’d gone down one of the big slide and straightened my bottoms at the bottom, I hadn’t realised that one nipple had escaped and the bikini hadn’t slipped back into place because it was caught under the Stirrup.

I was so embarrassed by the whole thing that I persuaded Ryan to take me home early, even though no one had stared at me.

Ryan solved that problem for me by getting a new bikini bottom for me from the same place that the bikini came from. I was wondering what could possibly cover something like that. The only thing that I could think of was a panty liner but there was no way that I was going to wear one of those. 

Ryan’s solution arrived the day before we were due to go swimming again. It was a swimming skirt. My first reaction was ‘No Way’, but Ryan persuaded me to try it. It’s only 10 inches long but it sits low on my hips and flares out. When I tried it at home it felt very much like my tennis skirt. Ryan persuaded me to try it at the leisure centre the next day. We left the bikini bottoms at home.

I felt quite decent walking out to the pool. When we jumped in and swam around it felt good to have the water rushing passed my bare pussy. When it came to get out of the water for the first time the skirt fell into place quickly and didn’t cling to my skin. I felt good.

I did of course realise that it would be easy for someone to look up my skirt and see my bare pussy; I just had to be careful.

What I hadn’t thought about was the slides. As soon as I started going down the first one the skirt flew up leaving all my pussy exposed. The water pounding my bare pussy felt good as well. The slide that I was on wasn’t a really scary one so I could hold it down with my hands. When I told Ryan at the bottom he just told me to hold it down. Sometimes I’ve come off the bottom of a slide with my swimming skirt up round my waist, and had to put it straight before I’ve got out of the water. I don’t think that anyone’s noticed.

Whenever we went to the café for a drink I had to be careful whenever I sat down. Unlike the other girls who just flopped down leaving their legs open, I had to remember to cross mine or keep my hand strategically placed. Sometimes I forgot and gave someone a look at my jewellery. Whenever I saw someone looking and I realised I would get all embarrassed.

At the end of that first Sunday in my swimming skirt I decided that I preferred the skirt to the bikini bottoms. I was less embarrassed. I’ve worn that skirt every time that I’ve gone swimming in England since.

Ryan liked to fuck me in the changing cubicles there. He said that it gave him a kick knowing that strangers were just the other side of a thin wall and that I had to stifle my moans. He kept telling me to ‘let it all out’ but he knew that I’d try to be quiet.

The leisure centre does have a sauna, steam room and a jacuzzi, but costumes are compulsory and everyone just sits there; do we don’t go there.


One evening when I was about to get us some food ready, Ryan suggested that we get a pizza delivered and that I stayed naked to take the delivery. He dared me to do it. I wasn’t that happy, but I like dares and agreed.

It was just like all the stories that you read on the internet; amused delivery guy, me having to go and get the money, dropping the money, and bending over facing away from the delivery guy to pick it up. Ryan fingered me straight after I shut the door and challenged me to tell him that I hadn’t enjoyed it.

I couldn’t and we ended up eating cold pizza.

Another delivery that Ryan set-up without telling me was our new bed; we’d visited a couple of bed shops and Ryan had got me to try them, like we had in Ikea, (much to my embarrassment), and Ryan had arranged the delivery for early one evening. Ryan assured me that he’d be back from work before it arrived. 

Round about the time that Ryan normally gets home I heard a knock on the door. Assuming that Ryan had forgotten his key – again, I flung the door open intending to surprise him with my naked body. Imagine my surprise when it wasn’t Ryan but the delivery men who were early.

Just as I was about to slam the door shut Ryan stepped in front in the delivery men and said hello.

Ryan stepped in, got hold of my hand and invited the men in. Pulling me to the side, Ryan put his arm round me and held me there while these men carried the bed in – getting a good look at me as they did. Because Ryan had his arm round my shoulder so at least I could cover my bits with my hands.

Even if Ryan hadn’t been holding me I couldn’t have run off to the bedroom because that was where the men were taking the bed. I had to stand there while the men took the bed in and carried the old bed out.

After the men had gone Ryan gave me a big kiss and put a finger in my pussy. When he removed it he held it to my face and told me that I must have enjoyed the experience. Then he put my finger in my mouth for me to suck.

One day Ryan brought a TENS machine home from work. One of his colleagues lent it to him. I have no idea what reason Ryan gave the man for wanting it because he must have known that I wasn’t pregnant. When Ryan showed it to me I hadn’t a clue why Ryan would borrow such thing. Later that evening I found out.

Ryan got the machine and the box of band aids and taped the little pads to my nipples. I was scared at first as I knew that a TENS machine gives you electric shocks. I told him that I was expecting a shock something like a cattle prod. Ryan reminded me that there was no way that you could buy a machine that would give pregnant women a serious electric shock. I was also scared that my nipple jewellery might have some adverse effect on me.

I was still a little apprehensive when Ryan switched it on; and a little disappointed when I only felt a mild tingling.

“Give it time.” Ryan said.

Okay, I gave it time and I suppose it did make me a little excited, but Ryan’s hands and mouth do a better job.

Because of the mild tingling that it had given my nipples I wasn’t worried when Ryan taped one of the pads to my clit and pushed the other up my hole.

That was more ‘interesting’. But nothing compared to what I first imagined.

Job Hunting
My job hunting wasn’t going well; no one seemed to be taking on new staff.

I did get a couple of short-term jobs through the agency. One was in an accountancy firm’s office. It was for an admin assistant for 2 weeks. When I was talking to Ryan about what to wear I told him that I thought that maybe I should buy some knickers to wear. Ryan asked me if I was worried that someone may see up my skirt and see my bare pussy.

When I told him that I was he went and got his solution to my problem. It was a band aid. He pulled the backing off one and stuck it over my slit; it completely covered it.

“Very good, but what happens when I need to go for a pee?” I asked.

His answer was to give me the box of band aids telling me that I’d just have to remove the original one and put a new one on after I’d had a pee.

I ended up having to be very careful to make sure that no one saw up my miniskirts. I also had to wear a tube top under my lose blouses so that the shape of the barbells and stirrups wasn’t visible. One day Ryan told me to take them out and not wear the tube top. I think that he wanted people to look down the top of my lose blouse and see my nipples. I don’t think that anyone did see my nipples.

After the first week we had to go out and buy me some more miniskirts and blouses. Ryan wouldn’t let me get any skirts longer than mid-thigh.

Apart from my wardrobe issues things went well. I quite enjoyed working there.

Oh! I never did use those band aids.

The agency got me another temporary office job. It was a really boring job and I was glad that it only lasted a couple of weeks. One of the bad things about it was that the desk that I had to use didn’t have a modesty board and a couple of men that worked there could see my legs all the time. I tried to remember to cross my legs all the time but I’m sure that I must have accidentally let them look up my skirt a few times. When I went home that first night Ryan offered me the band aids again.

Art College Model
Just after that Easter Ryan got a phone call from Dan, the Art School teacher. He‘d been let down by a model and wondered if I would be prepared to stand-in at the last moment. Without even asking me he said that I would and then got all the details.

I had a bit of a go at Ryan for not asking me, but he knew that I knew that I’d do it.

The job was a full day on the next Sunday. The theme was ‘erotic bondage’. When Ryan told me that part I had horrible visions of me being put on a rack and stretched in 4 different directions. Ryan laughed and told me that I wouldn’t get hurt. We (yes, Ryan was coming along too) had to meet Dan at the college at 8 o’clock on the Sunday morning providing that the weather was dry. I didn’t understand that last bit.

What Ryan hadn’t told me was that we’d be travelling in a minibus to some local woods and that they’d be tying me to some trees – naked.

I was nervous, and comforted by Ryan being there, as we climbed into the minibus. There were 8 artists, Dan, Ryan and I.

Everyone in the minibus was quite friendly and I soon relaxed. When I asked them what sort of poses I would have to do I got told that there was nothing difficult and that I’d be hanging around quite a bit.

We got to the woods and unloaded the minibus. As well as the artists easels there were a few large bags that seemed to be quite heavy. We all walked about half a mile along a path between a fence and the woods until we got to a bit of a clearing that Dan said would be just fine for what he had in mind.

The artists got their equipment ready then asked me to go with them. We got to a gap between 2 large trees where they put the bags down, opened them and pulled lots of ropes out of them. While 4 of them tied ropes to the trees, 2 others told me that it was time to get started and for me to take my clothes off.

I looked at Ryan and he nodded. He was happy for me to get naked in front of those people. Well, it was Ryan that had signed me up for.

When I was naked the 2 people who were with me proceeded to put some padded ankle and wrist cuffs on me. I was expecting them to hurt but they didn’t.  The cuffs were then tied to the other ends of the ropes and I was slowly pulled up in the air. The ropes attached to my wrists were over higher branches so I ended up spread eagled; in the air, hanging by my wrists.

It was then that Dan came over to inspect their work and to give his approval. While he was checking me out Dan saw my 3 barbells and stirrups. He was well pleased with them and told everyone one to make sure that they drew my jewellery as well. Just then Ryan, who had been standing quite close, got a handful of chain out of his pocket. He un-ravelled it and said to Dan,

“Would you like me to put these on Tanya? They’re nipple and clit clamps.”

Dan looked at them then at me then said,

“Can you keep them for the next pose please? I think that the piercings will be enough for now.”

I was left hanging there for an hour. Fortunately Ryan kept coming over to me for a chat. A couple of the times he stood between me and the artists and finger fucked me for a few seconds.

Ryan also got out his phone and took a few photos of me.

By the time I was lowered to the ground my arms ached like hell. The break gave me a chance to get the blood running to my hands again.

The second pose was not so tiring for me. I was tied to a tree with my back to it. My hands were tied together behind the tree. My ankles were also tied behind the tree as far as my feet would go. At least my feet were on the ground.  A rope was tied round my waist to help keep me in place.

Just when I thought that they were done. Dan said,

“One last touch; Ryan, can you put the nipple and clit clamps on please?”

Ryan did as asked, taking his time doing the clit one. Why it was necessary to finger fuck me while he did it I don’t know; but I liked it.

About half way through that pose 4 young men walked along the path. As you would expect they stopped to watch the naked girl that was tied to a tree. I think that they must have changed their planned hike route because they walked passed us every 20 minutes or so for the rest of the day. I was glad that they didn’t decide to come over for a closer look.

The break was welcome, and Ryan checked my back to make sure that the tree hadn’t caused any damage to me.

The next pose was difficult for me. I was hauled up in the air by my ankles. I was left hanging upside down with spread legs and a ball gag in my mouth. My wrists were tied behind my back. I could feel my clit being pulled forward by the clamp and my hair was hanging down.

It wasn’t long before I could feel the extra blood in my head and the lack of it in my legs. They hurt like hell. I was really glad when I was lowered down.

I was quite surprised when I was lowered down and untied. Neither Ryan nor I had thought about any lunch and it really nice to be invited to join the little picnic that came out of one of the big bags. We had a really nice chat about how things were going and how they were grateful to me for being their model.

After the break Dan told me that there was only one more pose ant that it was going to be easier, and harder. Before we did anything else Dan asked Ryan to remove the nipple and clit clamps saying that they weren’t needed for the last pose.

He took me over to the fence and told me to sit slightly forward, with my back against one of the uprights. He then told me to hold my arms out along the fence bars. Two people then tied ropes to my wrist cuffs and then the other ends of the ropes to fence uprights further along the fence. It was like being tied on a cross, but sitting down.

I knew what Dan meant about being easier; but then came the harder bit.

Ropes were tied to my ankle cuffs and my legs were pulled apart and up to where my wrists were. Then my wrists and ankles were tied to the fence cross member. I was left with only the bottom of my back touching the ground and my pussy pointing up to the sky; with my butt and pussy spread wide.

Dan came over to me and asked me if I was okay, when I said that I was he told me that he was looking for the ‘tortured look’. I panicked a little, but got excited as well. I wanted to know more.

“Two things, Dan said, “firstly I want some red marks on your butt so that you look like you’ve been whipped. Secondly I want you to look like your pussy has been abused; by that I mean well fucked by a machine. Since we haven’t got any fucking machines out here, a dildo will have to do.

Ryan, do you think that you could cane Tanya’s backside until we see some red wheals; then use a dildo on her until she gets worked up and wet?”

I started to panic a little and looked up at Ryan.

“No, I can’t hurt Tanya, I can’t cane her. The dildo, yes, that part’s easy, but not the cane.” Ryan said.

“Okay,” Dan said, “Tanya, would you object if I caned you?”

“That depends on how much it will hurt.” I said.

“How about I start and we’ll see how it goes and check for red marks after every stroke?” Dan said.

I thought for a second and looked up at Dan. He looked as scared as I felt.

“Okay” I said, “but you will stop as soon as I ask you to won’t you?”

“Of course I will, I would never want to really hurt you, I may want to use your services again, and besides, you might sue the college.” Dan said.

Dan went and got a cane and a dildo, it was huge; the thought of that going in and out of my pussy both scared and excited me.

Dan got down on his knees and shuffled into a position that he was happy with and let fly with the first stroke.

“Ouch!” I said, and remembered the spanking that I’d endured when I worked at that hotel.

“Are you okay Tanya?” Dan asked.

“Don’t worry; I’ll let you know when I want you to stop.” I said.

I looked up at Ryan. He had his phone in his hand. He was taking more photos of me.

Dan gave me 5 more stokes before stopping and checking first with me, then closely at the red wheals on my butt.

My brain was telling me to tell Dan to stop, but my pussy was craving more. Dan must have been able to see how wet I was.

“It’s coming along nicely, just a few more and you will look perfect.” Dan said.

With that the cane came down onto my butt 5 times more. I was crying, even though the pain wasn’t that bad.

“Beautiful!” Dan said, “The class should be able to capture that quite well. Now the dildo; seen as you are here Ryan would you be so kind as to insert it into Tanya’s vagina. I’d like to have about half of it left visible please.”

Ryan got the dildo from Dan and knelt in front of me. He kissed me and asked me if I was okay. When I told him that I was he kissed me again then put his hand to my pussy.

“Wow,” he said, “You really must be enjoying this. I was expecting to have to tease your clit for ages to be able to get this thing inside you; but I see that I don’t need to.”

“You still can if you want.” I said.

Ryan grinned and teased my clit with his index finger and thumb for a few seconds before easing the dildo into my pussy. Just to tease me a bit more he fucked me with it for a few seconds before standing up and backing away. I looked at the dildo sticking out of me. Six inches of it were pointing straight up to the sky.

“Tanya, I need your face to look as if you’ve been tortured for hours, do you think that you can do that for me please?” Dan said.

I tried to think back to when I was getting caned, and pulled my face into the same expression.

The easy part of that pose was soon forgotten and I was aching after about 5 minutes. The other problem was that the dildo kept starting to slide out of me. Three times Ryan had to come over and push it back in. Each time he told me that he’d got some great photos of me.

If it wasn’t bad enough being in such a humiliating position with those artists staring at me all the time; it got worse when the 4 young men walked by again. They were no more than a couple of feet from me. It was horrible. A youngish couple also walked along the path as well. Ryan told me that when he first noticed them they stopped and stared for a good 5 minutes before walking passed me.

I was quite happy when Dan told me that my time was up and he and Ryan came and untied me. Dan pulled the dildo out and must have had a great look right inside me as my pussy slowly closed.

I was glad to be back on my feet. My butt still hurt  and my back ached; but not as bad as I expected. I looked round and everyone was just about packed up and walking back towards the minibus. I asked Ryan for my clothes but he told me that they were in a bag that had already left.

I had to walk that half mile naked; much to the delight of the 4 young men that walked passed us – again. I have to admit that I did get a little wet rush as they walked passed.

When we got to the car park Ryan persuaded me to ride back to the college naked as well. I wasn’t too worried about that thought as everyone there had seen me naked all day; until, Ryan said,

“What if someone crashes into us? We’d have to get lifted out and taken to hospital. At least they wouldn’t have to undress you to treat you.”

A couple of people laughed, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

We made it back to the college and Ryan found the bag with my clothes in it. After I’d got dressed we went over to Dan to get my money. We left them with all of them thanking me for such a good day.

On the bus back home Ryan told me that he was looking forward to us having a shower as soon as we got in.

One Saturday afternoon while we were in town, Ryan took me into a sex shop and bought me some little chains that I can hang from the barbells and stirrups. As soon as we got out of the shop he took me down an alley, opened my coat and hooked them on.

When the weather got a little warmer I started my jogging again. I’ve sorted out a route that’s about 3 miles long that I go on. It goes through the park where Ryan and I, and me on my own, have had quite a bit of fun. A few times that I’ve passed the kids play area and there has been no one around I’ve stopped and repeated some of that fun. One time that I climbed up the rope and slid down I forgot that I had my clit jewellery in and I had to abandon my fun because the jewellery was getting snagged on the rope and I nearly did myself a major problem.

The route also goes along a road that has a few shops on it and there is usually quite a few people walking about. I’ve had a few (mixed) comments about my skirt bouncing about and letting my butt become visible, but nothing that I can’t ignore. Although a couple of times I have REALLY been embarrassed when it was windy.

Let me tell you, going jogging in a very short skirt with no knickers on is a very pleasant experience, but going jogging dressed like that on a blustery day is a VERY embarrassing experience; and the wind tends to blow quite strongly round those shops. There were a couple of times when my skirt was up around my chest with people looking at me. I was so embarrassed as I tried to get myself decent again.

The thing was, after the times that I was really embarrassed I wanted it to happen again. Whenever I was thinking about going out jogging I’d look out to see if it was windy. If it wasn’t I’d put-off going until it was windy. When it was windy I’d put the constant vibe in, set on low, and set off.

By the time I got to the shops I was usually as horny as hell and had was both embarrassed and excited when my skirt went up.

When I told Ryan about my embarrassment all he did was laugh and tell me that
I loved every second of it and that I’m an exhibitionist. How can that be true? It isn’t as if I lifted my skirt up round my chest. It was an accident; an act of nature.

There was one time when I was jogging down this quiet street and 2 policemen were walking towards me when the wind sent my skirt right up. Not only was it embarrassing, but I had visions of me getting locked up for indecent exposure.

As I struggled to pull my skirt down to cover my pussy, the 2 policemen just smiled at me and kept walking. My poor heart nearly stopped.

Another thing that we did was to go Ice Skating. I’d never been before, but Ryan had and he thought that he was quite good at it.

Ryan told me that I should wear my tennis skirt and a warm top so I did, but not before telling him that I didn’t want to be on my backside on the ice lots of times. He assured me that I wouldn’t, and off we went.

After hiring the boots I gingerly walked to the ice with Ryan holding my arm. I think that I made it to the first corner before I was flat on my back with my butt getting very cold rapidly.

I don’t think that I will ever get any good at that sport as I spent most of my time with my bare butt sitting on the ice.

The thing is, Ryan took me back there twice more. It was only on the third time that he admitted that he liked looking at me bare legs and pussy with all those people skating passed me.

We needed a holiday in the sun. We hadn’t had any decent weather for months (years!). The problem was that what little money we did have was needed to get our apartment straight. Someone who works with Ryan suggested that we look for a house sitting job, and gave him a couple of URLs.

We spent a couple of evenings searching the internet and finally found a site that had some villas in Majorca where the owners wanted to go on holiday, but didn’t want to leave their place empty. All we would have to pay for was the flights there and back and our food costs. We selected 3 that looked good and filled in the application forms and waited.

We were just at the point of starting to search again when Ryan got an email telling us that out application had been successful. The dates were good, but the owners were going away for just over 3 weeks not the original 2 weeks. Ryan could only get 2 weeks off work. He checked at work the next day, but no luck.

We’d just about resigned ourselves to losing it when Ryan suggested that we both go for the 2 weeks then he would come back home leaving me to stay for the other week and a half. At first I didn’t want to know; I didn’t want to be there without him.

As usual, Ryan got his way, but I wasn’t looking forward to those extra days.

We got everything planned and waited.

In the meantime I’ve had another temporary job through the agency; and have recently got a part time job as well.

The temp job was 4 weeks with an accountancy firm. They had a lot of work on and needed some help. It was a very old-fashioned firm in an old building and most of the people there were old as well.

Ryan persuaded me to wear mid-thigh length skirts and blouses. He said that I looked quite ‘business like.” Ryan also wanted me to wear my barbells, stirrups and chains. He said that the chains bouncing about under my loose, fitting blouses would remind me of him.

When I got there I was given a table to sit at near the entrance door. It was a table, not a desk, but had boxes pilled in front of it so I wasn’t worried about there not being a modest board. I didn’t have to worry about the old men there looking up my skirt as they came in and out.

I thought that the work I was given to do would be good experience because I want to become an accountant.
It was about the third day that I was there that I noticed one of the men looking down the top of my blouse as he stood next to me explain how to do something.
I didn’t want to upset anyone there so I turned to one side so that his view was gone. When I told Ryan about it that night, he laughed and told me not to be so shy. Firstly I didn’t have a lot for anyone to look at, and secondly, if he liked what he saw he may just give me a full time job.

The next day when that man stood next to me I didn’t move. I could see that he kept looking and I was surprised that I didn’t get embarrassed. After all, he was an old man; it wasn’t as if he was going to corner me and rape me.

That peeking got to be a regular thing and we both acted as if it wasn’t happening.

During the second week the boxes in front of my table started to disappear. By the end of the week they were all gone. I didn’t think anything of it and continued sitting comfortably – legs not crossed.

It was on the third week that I realised that people could see my bare legs, and possibly more. A delivery guy was stood a few feet in front of my table, waiting for a signature and I noticed him looking at my legs. I blushed and turned sideways in my seat.

I remembered how long it was since the boxes had gone and wondered how many men had had a good look up my skirt without me knowing it.

I made a mental note to sit more carefully whenever anyone was in front of my table. The problem is that I frequently get engrossed in what I’m doing and don’t see what is going on around me. By the time that my time there was up I had no idea how many people had looked up my skirt.

The part time job was as a result of Ryan seeing a notice in the window of a trendy, young person’s clothes shop. The top part of the notice said,

We have a part time vacancy for someone to model clothes for parents who wish to buy clothes for their children as a surprise, but would like to see them on someone before they buy them.

Hours are flexible but must include either a Thursday or Friday evening, or all day Saturday or all day Sunday.

Apply within.

Although it was only a couple of weeks before we went away I went to the shop the next day and applied. I saw the manager and told her what I was there for.

She looked so pleased. She told me that she couldn’t put the sex or the build of the person that they wanted on the advert because they could have been accused of discrimination. She told me that I was just what she was looking for. I had to show her my passport (nothing unusual there) then she told me that they had a growing demand for what it said on the advert. They already had 1 part time young girl but there was too much work for her. She said that all modelling sessions were by appointment only and took place in in a room next to her office. She said that it used to be a stock room but they’d cleared it and put a screen up in one corner.

After I told her about my upcoming holiday we agreed on the money and that I would start the next Sunday. I had to agree to give her advance notice of the days or evenings that I could work.

It all sounded great to me, how difficult could it be to put clothes on and stand in front of someone while they imagined their daughter was in front of them.

Ryan was well pleased, but not pleased at the time that we would be apart. He said that he’d have to make an appointment to see me.

I only had 4 appointments on that first Sunday and I was quite nervous when the manager introduced the first customer to me. It was a couple in their thirties buying an outfit for their 14 year old. I changed behind the screen and stepped out for them to see me. Everything went well with no embarrassing moments and I think that they bought the outfit. The manager had been with me that first time, just to make sure that everything went well. She told me that if I had any problems I just had to bang on the wall to her office and she’d be there PDQ.

The second appointment was with a man on his own. I was a little apprehensive knowing that I was going to take my clothes off (albeit behind a screen) in a closed room with an unknown man there; but the only ‘incident’ was when he called me by his daughter’s name.

The third appointment was also with a man on his own. He was looked a little old to have a teenage daughter, but who knows.

This man had selected lots of clothes, including bikinis. At first everything went well with him sitting in the chair that was provided for the customers. Then came an outfit that was a couple of sizes too small for me. I managed to squeeze in to it but it was obvious that I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I told the man and asked him to go and get the right size, but he insisted that I show him, saying that it was a party outfit and that his daughter always wore tight clothes.

I was embarrassed as I stepped out from behind the screen but the man said that I looked fantastic. He told me to do a twirl (which I did), then he asked me if I was wearing any underwear. I blushed and said that I wasn’t. He said that if he bought that outfit he would have to tell his daughter to forego underwear as well.

“Wow!” I thought, “a father telling his teenage daughter to go out without underwear.”

The man stood up and walked round me. My nipples went rock hard and the man smiled as he got round to my front.

“Yes, definitely a possibility.” The man said and sat down.

The next outfit was a top and short, flared skirt. I put them on and stepped from behind the screen.

“Nice!” the man said, “can you do a twirl please?”

As I did so I suddenly realised that the skirt would float up. When I stood in front of the man again he had a big grin on his face and I just knew that he’d seen something that I didn’t want him to see.

Next was one of the bikinis. It was a reasonably full bikini and my bits were well covered.

The second bikini had quite a bit less material to it. In fact it was a thong bikini. I felt terribly exposed when I stepped out from behind the screen. The man just stared at me for ages before finally asking me to turn round. I did so and he stared at my naked butt for ages before thanking me.

The fourth appointment went quickly and quite boringly.

When I told Ryan about my twirl in the short skirt and the bikinis he laughed and told me that I should have let him have a good look and my pussy; that he wanted the whole world to see my pussy.

I thumped him and told him that there was no chance.

I worked the following Friday evening and only had 2 appointments.

The first was a woman in her late thirties. She had lots of outfits for me to try on. About half way through she told me that things would move faster if I stopped going behind the screen and just changed in the main room.

My first reaction was, ‘no way’, but before I said it I changed my mind and said,


After all, we were both girls.

It felt strange stripping naked in front of her, but it was quicker; especially as she kept changing her mind, frequently when I was only half dressed.

That was my longest appointment and I’d only just got dressed again when the manager brought my other appointment in. It was a man on his own and he was looking for clothes for his 15 year old daughter who was coming to live with him. He too had a mountain of clothes with him and when I saw them I realised that I it was going to take quite a while.

Everything started out okay, but the man started walking around the room whenever I was getting changed. The screen only protected me from view if the customer was sat on the chair and this man kept walking to a place where he could see me changing. Whenever I saw him I turned my back to him. If he was going to see me naked then it was going to be my back.

The outfits got shorter and tighter and the man talked more and more, telling me all about his daughter.

Just when we’d just about got through the pile of clothes he told me to wait there and he went and got some more clothes. When he got back he had an arm full of what looked like bikinis. He gave one to me and asked me to put it on. I went behind the screen, changed and modelled it for him. It didn’t take long for him to decide that he didn’t like it and gave me another one.

I took it behind the screen and took the first bikini off. I stood there naked looking at the new bikini; but it wasn’t a bikini; it was some sort of one piece swimsuit. The problem was that it seemed to be all straps, and they were tangled up.

As I tried to make sense of it the man asked me if there was a problem. When I said that I was just sorting out the straps he said,

“Here, let me help.”

Before I knew it he was stood next to me with his hand out. I was so shocked that I just put the swimsuit in his hand and stood there as he tried to sort it out.

After a couple of minutes he said that he thought that he’d cracked it and held the straps open and told me to step into it. I lifted my leg up but I couldn’t reach so the man got down on his knees. His face was right in front of my pussy. He held the straps open and I lifted a leg and put it through a strap, then my other leg.

Instead of telling me to pull it up he did it for me. I was so embarrassed as he pulled the suit right up to my crotch. He even stopped when the suit was at my waist to adjust the way the small piece of material sat over my pussy. 

The stupid thing was that I opened my legs wider so that it was easier for him.

As he stood up he said,

“It’s a good job that you shave; do you think that my daughter does?”

The man then pulled the suit the rest of the way up, even adjusting the small triangles over my minute breasts.

As I stood there letting him decide if he liked the swimsuit I was thinking,

“This man has just dressed me. How did I let that happen? Why did I let it happen?”

I was still in a bit of a trance as the man started to undress me saying that he didn’t think the suit was right for his daughter.

Stupid me just stood there and let him strip me naked; even opening and lifting my legs to make it easy for him.

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the main part of the room saying,

“It will be much easier if you come out to the clothes.”

I then stood there and let the man put another bikini on me. This one was a tie-side one and he had to tie and un-tie the sides to get it right.

The last 3 items were knickers. He said that he couldn’t make up his mind which sort to get her. He slid a pair of bikini style knickers up my legs. He’d picked up pair that were way too big and they just hung there looking stupid.

“Never mind, it gives me an idea of how they would look.” He said, then took them off me.

The last item was a pair of thong knickers. They fit me, but he pulled them up high, too high, giving me a front wedgie.

He said that he was worried that his daughter might accidentally expose herself and he wanted to know just how much would show if she sat carelessly. He told me to sit on the customer’s chair and open my legs a bit. As he stood there looking at my exposed lips he said,

“Hmmm, they do show a lot; but teenage girls want to wear knickers like that these days. I guess that I’ll have to tell her to be careful if she goes out wearing those.”

With that he pulled me up and took them off me. Before I knew it he picked up the pile of clothes that we was going to buy and left me standing there naked wondering what the hell had just happened.

When I told Ryan he said that perhaps I should tell all the customers that they had to dress and undress me.

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 05 - House Sitting – Week 1

The big day finally arrived and we headed to the airport feeling as excited as a little kid on their birthday.

One thing that we both wanted from the flight out was to become members of the mile high club. We thought about how we could achieve that without getting into any trouble. Using the toilet on the plane was out of the question because it was a short flight and the toilets aren’t really big enough for one person, never mind two. We had to do it on the seats; and knowing that the seats are in groups of threes made it more difficult. In the end we decided that somehow, and for some reason, I’d have to sit on Ryan’s lap and have a dress that had enough material to cover what was going on underneath.

In the end we decided that I’d have to pretend to be a little girl that wanted to sit on her father’s lap. We came up with the reason that I was scared of flying and needed the comfort of my father.

We went and bought a cheap kid’s pinafore dress that was quite full in the skirt. Before we left home I put my hair up in pigtails then put the dress on. I felt quite stupid wearing it on the trip to the airport, but hoped that it would be all worth-while.

When we boarded the plane Ryan took the window seat and I took the middle of the row of three, and we waited to see who would take the aisle seat. It turned out to be an elderly gentleman. As soon as he sat down I started talking to Ryan as if he was my father, and in my best little girl voice. I asked Ryan all sorts of questions that little kids ask. When the doors shut I grabbed Ryan’s hand and said (loudly),

“I’m scared daddy.”

Ryan comforted me and the old man even joined in telling me not to worry and that everything would be alright.

Once we were up to cruising height and the seat belts light went out I asked ‘daddy’ if I could sit on his lap so that he could hold me. The old man smiled at me as I stood up and held my dress wide so that Ryan could shuffle his shorts down. When he was ready ‘daddy’ pulled me back, lifting the back of my dress so that my pussy could meet his cock with nothing in between.

Ryan guided me down and I impaled myself and joined the club.

I sat there, impaled on Ryan’s cock, and adjusted my dress so that everything was covered. Then I put my head on his shoulder and whispered how good it felt.

We’d done it, and no one knew.

After a while the old man even asked me how I was feeling. Sucking my thumb I said that I was okay.

When the cabin crew came round the old man even told them that I was scared of flying. The girl asked Ryan if I needed anything. I whispered to Ryan,

“To bounce up and down.”

After a while Ryan’s hands got a little restless and he discovered that he could slide one of his hands under my dress and tease my clit without anyone seeing. Needless to say that he brought me to a wonderful orgasm at 30,000+ feet. Our only regret was that Ryan didn’t manage to cum.

The rest of the flight went quickly and I managed to get off Ryan and get him decent, without anyone realising.

The heat was wonderful when the aircraft door opened at Palma airport and we were soon heading west on a bus for the 15 odd mile journey to Magaluf. We took a taxi to the villa where the agent was waiting.

The agent showed us around and reminded us of a few conditions, then left us to enjoy our holiday.

We both stripped naked and ran to the pool.

After a bit of swimming and kissing we looked around and saw that the pool area was only closely overlooked by the villa on one side. The only other places that we could see were about half a mile away on a bit of a hill; far enough for us to ignore them.

We got out and had another look round the place. We decided that we were in heaven and that the only times that we needed to worry about clothes was when we went out. We went out the back and christened one of the sun loungers.

We were in for 2 weeks of sun and sex.

When we got hungry we went and looked in the fridge. We reckoned that there was enough food in there to feed us for a couple of days so we didn’t plan going anywhere until it ran out. We did make two exceptions to that, on the evening we went for a walk and on a morning we’d go to the shop for fresh food.

When we went for a walk that evening and asked Ryan what I should wear he said,


I laughed and told him that I’d have to wear something so he went and got me his blue string vest. I laughed again and told him that I’d get locked up if I went out wearing just that. Off he went again and when he came back he told me that what he had in his hand was the only other thing that I could wear underneath the vest. Because it was screwed up in his hand I assumed that it was the little yellow thong that I had packed – just in case; so I said,


Ryan opened his hand and I was shocked to see that it did contain a thong, but it was the material-less bikini thong that I thought that I’d left back at home.

I asked him if I could swap it for the underwear thong, but he wouldn’t let me. After all, I had agreed.

I put it on and asked him if he could see my slit.

“Only when I look.” He said, which wasn’t a lot of help.

Thankfully it was starting to get a little dark so my modesty would be protected.

We walked to the end of the road and turned towards the sea. We passed a little shop and before we knew it we were on a lively street. We made a mental note of where we were then started walking.

Magaluf really is a teenager’s mecca. There were hundreds of them, and what’s more, most of the girls were wearing as little, if not less than I was. I needn’t have worried about getting embarrassed. Within the first 5 minutes I saw at least 3 girls who obviously didn’t have underwear on, although none of them were wearing a dress that was quite as see-through as a vest with thousands of holes big enough for my nipples to poke through.

We’d seen enough for now and decided to head back for some more of the part of sun and sex that you can do when the sun’s gone down.

The next morning Ryan thought that it would be nice to have some fresh bread with our breakfast and he asked me to go and get him some. He threw the vest at me.

I was half way to the shop when I remembered that I hadn’t put anything on underneath. Thinking that it would probably be a girl serving in the shop I kept going.

It wasn’t a girl, it was a young man, and I had to stand in front of him while he slowly took my money and gave me my change. At one point he dropped the coins that he was giving me and I realised that he must be looking at my pussy.

I rushed back and told Ryan about my first embarrassing moment in Spain.

Ryan ran his finger along my slit, held it up and said.

“I think that you enjoyed that man looking at your pussy. I think that you definitely are an exhibitionist, don’t you?”
“NO I do not.” I said and went off to the kitchen.

While we were eating breakfast Ryan challenged me to prove that I wasn’t an exhibitionist. He told me that in the next couple of weeks I would, accidentally, or deliberately, let at least one other man see my naked pussy. He (Ryan) would check to see if I was wet. If I had been wet 10 times he’d have proved his point.

This was going to be easy I thought and took him up on his challenge. We then agreed that the loser had to walk back from the nearest beach totally naked. I laughed and told him to get ready to be humiliated.

“One to me.” Ryan said.

“What do you mean?” I said.

“You’ve just flashed your pussy to the man in the shop so that’s one to me.” Ryan said.

“You didn’t tell me that we’d already started,” I said, “but I’m so confident that I’ll give you that one.”

After breakfast we went for a swim and more sex, we lay out in the sun for a couple of hours. Later Ryan asked me if I wanted to go for a walk and get a proper look round the place.

Ryan asked me to wear my tennis skirt and lace top. I asked him if we were going jogging. He laughed then told me that we weren’t but he just thought that I looked cute in them. So I put them on. As soon as we got out on the street I knew why he wanted me to wear that skirt, it was windy and the skirt was so light that it kept blowing up. I had a hell of a job trying to keep it down and I know that I wasn’t always successful.

We wandered around looking at all the places there. One place that we saw was a bar that had one of those mechanical bulls. We stood outside and watched a couple of people get themselves thrown off. Ryan said that we must go there one night.

Another place that we saw was a club that advertised erotic dancing. I suggested that we go one night so see if we could learn anything.

There was a café next to that club and we stopped and had a drink and a big ice cream. As the waiter served us a gust of wing caught the front of my skirt and gave the waiter a view of my clit jewellery. After he had left us Ryan reached over and put his finger in me. Pulling it out and sucking it he said,

“That’s 2.” He said.

“Bastard.” I replied.

When we’d finished Ryan went to the toilet. He was ages and I got a bit worried. When he got back he said that he must have eaten something. We went back to the villa and lay by the pool.

I think that it was the third day when we were there when the pool man came. It was mid-morning and we’d just finished having breakfast out by the pool. I was soaking up the sun sprawled out on a sun lounger (naked of course) when I suddenly heard a noise. I opened my eyes and there this man was, right in front of me.

I screamed and ran inside to Ryan. Ryan hugged me telling me to relax and that it was only the man come to clean the pool. He reminded me that the agent had told us that we could expect a visit once a week.

Ryan then put his finger in my pussy. When he pulled it out he put it in my mouth.

“That’s 3.” He said with a big grin on his face.

“Not fair,” I said, “I didn’t know that he was coming now.”

“Maybe not, but you still enjoyed it, didn’t you?” Ryan said.

“That doesn’t make me an exhibitionist.”

“When I’m up to 10 it does.” Ryan said.

“No chance!” I said.

Ryan put some shorts on and went out to talk to the guy. After a few minutes I went and put my bikini on and went back out to the sun lounger.

Why did I put the bottoms that have no material in them on? What was I thinking?

Ryan came over to me and pointed to my bikini bottoms.

“Told you!” he said.

I crossed my legs.

That afternoon we decided to go and check out the beach. Ryan persuaded me to wear my bikini, the bottoms with some material. He told me that there would be way too many people around for anyone to notice the little bulges made by my jewellery.

He was right too, the beach was crowded; thousands of young men and women all noisily having fun. What’s more, just about all the girls were topless and their bikini bottoms were as small as mine. Some were wearing thongs that only just covered their slits. I felt slightly over-dressed.

We finally found a space near the water’s edge and spread our towel. After a quick swim we lay out in the sun. After a while Ryan asked me to put some lotion on him. When I did his front I saw that he had a hard-on. I asked him what had caused it and he told me that it was all the girls that were wearing less than me. I was a little upset but carried on.

When I’d finished I asked him to do me. I was on my stomach so he started on my back. I reached round and untied my bikini top thinking that that would even things up a bit. When he told me to turn over I did, leaving my bikini top underneath me.

Ryan seemed to think that my rock hard nipples needed a lot more lotion than the rest of me and he spent lots of time rubbing them. It felt good.

When he moved down to my pubic region his hand went inside the front of my bikini and rubbed lots of lotion into my pussy. It felt sooo good. I didn’t notice it until about 30 minutes later, but Ryan had left the top of my bikini bottoms hooked under my clit hood stirrup. The front of my slit, clit hood and jewellery had been on display for about 30 minutes.
I bruised his arm after I’d covered myself. He just laughed and said,

I won’t check or count that one because we don’t know for sure that anyone noticed. I checked, and I was wet. Shit, could he be right and that I am an exhibitionist? No, no chance.

I didn’t feel at all exposed or out of place as we walked back to the villa. After all, there were quite a few topless girls around, all of them with bigger tits than me.

That night we went out for a drink. The bar was so crowded that no one noticed (I hope) when Ryan finger fucked me as we were stood drinking. When we left there were a couple of drunk girls laying on the pavement confirming that I wasn’t the only girl there without knickers on.

The pool man came back the next day as well. That time there were 2 of them and they caught me by surprise again. Especially after the agent told us that he would only be there once a week. Ryan had gone to the shop to get us some fresh bread for breakfast and I had dozed off on one of the sun loungers. Before he left Ryan had finger fucked me and I still had my legs wide open and a very wet pussy.

I heard a noise, but thought I was dreaming and didn’t wake up. Then I heard another noise. I wasn’t sure whether I was dreaming or not so I opened one eye just a little and saw the men.

I couldn’t decide if I was going to scream and run into the villa again or play it cool and pretend to be asleep. I didn’t want to appear like a stupid little school girl and after all, I had toughed it out before, so I kept my eyes shut.

Then I remembered that my legs were wide open. Oh shit, I started to get that tingling.

The 2 men were talking to each other. I have no idea what because my schoolgirl Spanish couldn’t keep up with the speed that they were talking.

It seemed like hours before it went quiet. In that time my pussy had got really wet. I was glad that Ryan wasn’t there. I slowly opened my eyes and confirmed that I was alone.

Shit! Was I glad that it was over; but it wasn’t; I suddenly heard Ryan saying,

“You little minx! And you’re trying to tell me that you’re not an exhibitionist! Here, let me check.”

He dipped his finger, held it up, sucked it and said,

“That’s 4.” That’s the wettest you’ve been all day.

“Bastard.” I said, Okay, you got me with that one, but to be fair, I didn’t know that they were coming.”

“So what? It was your choice to let them stare at you.

I gave up.

We decided to have a quiet day at the villa soaking up the sun.

That day we decided to hire a couple of bikes and ride along the coast a bit. The rental shop was busy when we got there and by they only had men’s and kid’s bikes left. There was no way that I was going to ride a stupid Cinderella bike so I chose a man’s bike.

That damn man insisted on me getting on the bike so that he could make any adjustments. I held out as long as I could, but in the end I had to lift my leg over to be able to get on. I’m pretty sure that I managed it without letting him see my pussy.

I sat on the seat and peddled backwards (Ryan was holding the bike). Good, I thought, a bit too high, rub rub time; but the man had other ideas. He insisted on lowering it. For him to do that I had to get off the saddle.

He motioned for me to slide forward off the saddle. I did and could feel the cold steel of the cross-bar on my pussy. I looked back to see what the man was doing and saw a wet patch on the saddle. The man was looking at it too.

“Oops sorry.” I said and wiped it with my hand.

The man muttered something then got on with lowering the saddle. When he’d finished he motioned for me to get back on the seat. My ride wasn’t going to be as interesting.

When we got out onto the road Ryan had a look at the bike but he didn’t have the tools that he would need to put the seat back to where it had been.

Ryan wanted to stay behind me so that he could watch the back of my skirt blowing up as we peddled. He said that he wanted to get the same view that other road users were getting.

We peddled out of Magaluf along the coast road and then down a track to the coast. We found a little café near a small beach and decided to stay there for a while. There was only one other family there, a man and a woman and 2 kids, both about 11 or 12 – both girls. They were happily playing in the sand and water with no clothes on. Shortly after we arrived one of the girls was sent to the café to get 2 ice creams.

When we’d got there we both stripped off and sunbathed naked. So when Ryan saw the little girl go to the café without putting any clothes on he dared me to do the same. I told him that it was different for me; for a start I was 21 not 12; and I had 3 piercings that had jewellery in. Ryan kept saying that it didn’t make any difference and that he thought that no one would even notice the jewellery.

In the end I gave in and said that I’d do it.

I got the money and walked over. When I went in to the café I was the only customer. There was a teenage girl at the counter and a middle-aged man working in a corner with his back to me. As I walked up to the girl she looked at me and I saw her eyebrows rise. Then she said something in Spanish and the man turned and came over.

“Shit!” I thought; I was going to get thrown out, or worse.

The girl said,


So I asked for the ice-creams. She served me as the older man just watched me. As I walked out of the door I looked back and saw that they were both still watching me.

When I got back to Ryan and sat down he put his finger in my pussy, lifted it up and put it to my mouth. I sucked it and Ryan said,

“That’s 5.”
“You tricked me. You knew that going there would make me wet.” I said.

“Yes I did, but you keep telling me that you won’t get turned on, and then you do. Face it TT. You are one.”

“No I’m not.”

We ate the ice-creams, swam, sunbathed, swam some more, fucked in the sea, then peddled back to Magaluf.

I remembered to wipe the seat before handing the bike back.

During the walk back to the villa we decided to stop and get something to eat. We stopped at a café and sat a table outside by the street, right next to the hordes of people walking up and down. We sat facing each other, Ryan facing one way down the street and me facing the other way. The table was between us and the café. After eating we relaxed in the chairs to finish our drinks.

Ryan lifted a foot and parted my legs with it. Then he moved his foot up between my thighs and rubbed his big toe up and down my pussy. I was telling him to stop and enjoying the feeling when I saw that a couple of young men had stopped behind Ryan and were watching what he was doing to me.

I clamped my legs together and Ryan cursed.

“What did you do that for?” he asked.

By that time the 2 young men were on their way down the street. Instead of telling Ryan about the 2 young men I opened my legs enough to free his foot then told him that 2 young men had been behind him and watching me.

Ryan grinned then put his big toe back to my pussy. He waggled it about and said,

“Hmmmm, nice and wet, shall we count that one?”

“No, that’s not fair; they couldn’t have seen my pussy because your big toe was in the way. I said.

“Okay, I’ll let you have that one.” Ryan said.

That night we decided to go and have a drink in some of the bars. Ryan persuaded me to just wear just his vest saying that it was dark outside so no one would realise that I wasn’t wearing anything underneath it.

He was right as well. In the 3 bars that we went in I didn’t see anyone staring at me.

While we were having breakfast we decided to go to the Western Water Park. We walked into Magaluf centre and caught the free bus to the park. Ryan wanted me to wear my bikini with the material-less bottoms but I insisted that I wear my swimming skirt.

Shortly after we got there we started seeing a few topless women and Ryan wanted me to take mine off. I refused at first, but after going down a few of the attractions and my top ending up round my neck I gave up and we went and put my top in our locker. A few people stared at my nipple jewellery and I was a bit embarrassed but there were other topless women there so I ignored them.

One thing that definitely was embarrassing was that some of the rides were scary, some terrifying. As a result I wasn’t able to hold my skirt in place. The other embarrassing part was that the pool at the bottom of most of the slides is quite small so I didn’t have much time to get my skirt back into place.

Another embarrassing thing was the queuing. It wasn’t a problem when we were on the flat; but most of the queues were up steps so I had to be careful who was behind and below us. I’m sure that the inevitable happened a few times, but I tried not to think about it. 

When we went for some lunch there were so many people there that after queuing for ever we couldn’t find a table to sit at. We ended-up sitting on a little wall only a few inches high. I didn’t realise at first, but with me sat with my knees up so I could rest my food on them, my pussy was on display to anyone who looked. I saw 2 young men looking at me but didn’t realise what they could see.

Ryan realised what was going on and said,

“If you straighten your legs now you’ll have problems with your plate of food.”

“I know that, that’s why they’re bent.” I said.

“If you don’t straighten your legs those 2 men over there will be able to keep staring at your pussy.” Ryan said.

“Shit! What can I do? I have to do something.”

“Suck it up TT.” Ryan said. “Oh, you may like to eat a little faster.”

I ate my food a lot faster and then managed to straighten my legs. When I’d done, Ryan asked me if my pussy was wet. When I said that it was, Ryan said,

“That’s 6; and don’t try to tell me that you’re wet because of the water rides.”

“Okay, you got me this time;” I said, “but one time doesn’t make me an exhibitionists.”

“It’s not one time, it’s six – so far.”

“Shut up!”

Ryan laughed.

Later on we went on this long slide. It was in these over-grown rubber rings, big enough for 4 or 5 people. We went on with these 2 young men. We were sat on one side and them on the other. What I didn’t think about at the time was that we had to have our legs open a bit to fit in – too many feet all in the middle. Shortly after we got started I realised that my skirt had ridded up a bit and my pussy was exposed. I looked at the young man opposite and saw that he was looking at my pussy.

I couldn’t close my legs and I couldn’t push my skirt between my legs because my hands were hanging on to the handles on the sides to stop me bouncing out.

I looked at Ryan and saw that he’d realised my predicament, but he couldn’t do anything (not that he would have if he could have) because he was hanging on as well.

When we finally got to the bottom and off the rubber ring Ryan stood in front of me and slid a hand in between us to my pussy. Feeling that I was all wet he said,

“That’s 7, and don’t try to tell me that it’s the water from the ride. That’s definitely pussy juice.”

“Okay, you got me that time; but he was staring for so long.”

“I’m really looking forward to your little streak TT.” Ryan said.

Things weren’t looking good for me. Only day 6 and we’re up to 7 times. But I’m still not an exhibitionist.

Day 7 was another day at the villa topping up our all-over tans. I was starting to get proud of mine. There was one time when my nipples and clit area started to get a bit painful. It was like I was getting burnt. When I mentioned it to Ryan he thought for a few seconds then asked me how long I’d been laid on my back. When I told him about 30 minutes he reached over and touched one of my nipple stirrups.

“Time to go for a swim,” he said pulling me up (not by the stirrup). “Those babies have been in the sun too long. The metal’s quite hot.”

I felt much better once I’d got in the water.

I got us some lunch and while we were eating it I told Ryan that I was starting to like being naked all the time, even in the back garden there. With the weather being so nice it just seemed so natural.

“I told you that you’re an exhibitionist.” Ryan said, but I managed to convince him that just because I liked being naked doesn’t mean that I’m an exhibitionist.

He had to agree, and told me that maybe I was a nudist as well as an exhibitionist.

“I’m not an exhibitionist.” I said.

In the afternoon we decided to go for a walk. Ryan wanted me to wear just a skirt but I wore my bikini top as well. The shape of my nipple jewellery was visible – if you looked; I just hoped that no one would.

We walked quite a way towards Palma Nova and had to stop at a café for a drink. I didn’t realise at the time, but when I sat on the chair at the table I was quite lazy (and a bit tired) and sat on the front edge of the seat without crossing my legs.

After we’d been there for about 10 minutes Ryan told me that 3 young men sat in front of me had been looking up my skirt for the last 5 minutes. My immediate reaction was to cross my legs but Ryan stopped me. He told me that they wouldn’t see anything that they hadn’t been staring at for the last 5 minutes.

Ryan ordered us some ice creams and kept talking about my pussy and telling me what the 3 young men would be seeing. Without realising it I had let my knees part a bit. Ryan kept going on about how my pussy starts to get wet and swollen; and how I start getting all excited and randy.

In the end I did get all wet and had to confess that I was enjoying him talking about my pussy, and the 3 men looking at it.

“That’s 8.” Ryan said.

“Okay, okay; for once you’re right, but just one moment of pleasure doesn’t make me an exhibitionist.” I said.

After he’d got my confession we paid and left.

Towards the end of the long walk back we decided to walk along the water’s edge on the beach. We took out shoes off and walked in the sea. It was lovely.

Just before we had to turn off the beach we sat on the dry sand looking out to sea. Ryan sat first and sat with his knees up. When I sat next to him I sat the same way, completely forgetting that I didn’t have my bikini bottoms on under my skirt.

We were so engrossed in our conversation and looking at all the other people on the beach and in the water that I wasn’t taking any notice of the man lying in the shallow water in front of us looking up towards us. I’d seen him, but thought nothing of it. I’d actually looked at him a few times and wondered what he was looking at but didn’t put 2 and 2 together.

It was only when Ryan looked at the man and said,

“I bet that he daren’t stand up.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, with the view that he’s been getting for the last 10 minutes he must have a hard-on.” Ryan said.

I felt a sudden wet rush and tingle in my pussy. When Ryan asked me if I was wet I tried to deny it. Ryan obviously didn’t believe me because he leaned over to kiss me and quickly snuck one of his fingers to my pussy.

“Your little female lie detector says differently, so that’s 9.” Ryan said, “One more and you’ll be completely naked down here. Will that be today, tomorrow or the day after? I’m looking forward to this.”

“Not going to happen.” I said, and put my legs flat on the sand.

“You might want to straighten your skirt,” Ryan said, “I can see your jewellery.”

That night we decided to go to a nightclub Ryan wanted me to wear my 2 tube tops again. It was a good job that it was dark because as soon as we got outside Ryan eased my skirt up a bit. When I put my hand down to my pussy it made contact with my bare flesh. The skirt wasn’t even covering my pussy or my butt cheeks.

We had a great time, when the foam came Ryan fucked me standing on the dance floor with people all around; and none of them had the faintest idea.

On the way back to the villa Ryan carried me over his shoulder. My bare butt was there for everyone to see – not that there were many people around at 3 a.m.

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 06 - House Sitting – Week 2

We didn’t get out of bed until lunch time and then crawled out to lie on the sun loungers. It took another hour for us to wake up enough to jump into the pool.

After a quick, lazy swim we went to a café to get some breakfast. Ryan got me to wear my bikini top and underwear thong. I just couldn’t be bothered to argue with him.

With some food inside us, and feeling a little better, we walked along the sea front and then back along the beach. I had to keep pulling the thong out and down as it kept creeping forwards and up giving me a front wedgie and a couple of young men noticed. Of course Ryan just laughed.

About 100 yards from the villa Ryan stopped me and gave me a long kiss. What I hadn’t realised was that as he was kissing me he was gently unfastening the thong. When he pulled away he pulled the thong right off me as well. Before I could stop him he was running off down the road and back to the villa. I had to chase after him wearing just my bikini top.

At least it was worth it, we had great sex in the pool.

That night we went for another walk through town. Ryan got me to wear just his string vest, and one of the remote controlled vibes. We didn’t get far as Ryan kept the vibe going quite fast and I’d cum 3 times even before we got near town. The people who saw us must have thought that I was some sort of mental nut or ravished with some sort of horrible disease the way I was sweating and jerking about.

I was so pleased when Ryan turned it off when we went into a bar for a drink. It might have been early (about midnight), but in one corner of the bar there were a few drunk teenagers struggling to stay awake. There were girls with all sorts of wardrobe malfunctions; skirts up round their waists (no knickers), tops hanging off, and one girl was spark-out on the floor with her legs wide open, letting everyone nearby see her bald pussy. Another drunk girl was holding a beer bottle to her pussy and looking like she wanted to see how much of it she could get up her. We didn’t hang around to find out.

As soon as we left the bar the vibe was back on and my juices were running down the insides of my legs again.

Why does Ryan love doing that to me?

After I pleaded with Ryan to stop he turned it down and took me back to the villa.

The pool man came back – again. If I could speak Spanish I would have asked him why he was coming so often and why he had someone different with him each time. This time when he came we were in the shallow end of the pool, both of us totally naked and I was giving Ryan a blow job. I was a little busy and didn’t see them arrive, but Ryan did. He didn’t tell me and let them watch for goodness knows how long.

When I’d swallowed Ryan’s seed I lifted my head and went to kiss him. It was then that I saw the 2 men. The regular one, and yet another man that I’d never seen before. Was this man bringing all his friends to have a look at me?

I had 2 choices of what to do; I could get out and walk to the villa, or get out and run to the villa. I chose the latter; covering my bits with my hands as I ran.

Ryan got out and walked to the villa.

In the kitchen Ryan wrapped his arms round me and hugged me; his cock getting harder as he did so.   

Ryan backed away and put his hand to my pussy. His middle finger rubbed along my slit and he said,

“You’re wet aren’t you?”

“Of course I’m wet; I’ve just got out of the swimming pool.” I said.

“That’s not swimming pool water, that’s come from inside you, taste it.” Ryan said as he lifted his finger to my mouth.

He was right, that was the familiar taste of me.

“That’s 10.” Ryan said; “You know what that means?”

“Shit! Okay, a bet’s a bet. When and how am I going to deliver?”

The pool man and his ‘assistant’ got forgotten as Ryan went through a few options. All the time that he was talking and suggesting ways and times that I would be naked on the beach and then the streets, I was very nervous and apprehensive. I really didn’t want to do it, but I knew that I had to.

Out of the options that Ryan gave me I chose to do it late afternoon. My theory was that people would have spent the whole day on the beach or doing something else, and be a little tired and want to get back to their hotel to get something to eat; therefore not being as alert as they could be and hopefully not notice the naked girl walking along.

We agreed that I would do it that afternoon. At lunchtime we got something to eat then went to the beach. I wore my bikini top and swimming skirt and we had a good afternoon swimming in the sea and sunbathing.

When people started to drift off I got real nervous because I would have to do it soon. Ryan loved every second. It was about a half mile back to the villa and I was going to walk that half mile totally naked – well, apart from my piercing jewellery.

The time finally came and I started by taking my bikini top off. No real big deal, there were dozens of topless girls there. No one took the slightest bit of notice of me, not even when I squeezed my nipples. Why do I do that every time that I expose my nipples?

Then it came to the time to drop my little skirt. Ryan kept telling me to get on with it and to do it as if it was something that I did every day. I knew that he was right, but actually doing it took a bit of courage.

The crazy thing was that when I gave my skirt to Ryan no one noticed that I was naked.

Ryan put the rest of our things in our bag and we walked off, holding hands.

On the beach I only saw one man look at me, and he didn’t look for long.

Once we got off the beach and started walking along the road a few more people looked at me, but no one said anything. I wanted to walk faster but Ryan held me back.

“Look as if you do it every day.” He kept saying. He even got me to stop and look through some clothes outside one of those sell everything shops. I saw a sarong that I liked and made the mistake of telling Ryan that I liked it. He decided to buy it for me and a pink scarf that he said would look great as a skirt. I had to stand around in amongst the racks of clothing while he went and paid for them. A couple of people saw me, but neither of them said anything or stared at me.

As we left that shop Ryan told me that he nearly bought me a kid’s bucket and spade. He told me that we looked just like a father and his little girl coming back from a day’s fun on the beach.

When we got back to the villa Ryan dipped a finger in me and I was pleased to see that I was quite dry.

“I told you that I wasn’t an exhibitionist.” I said.

“10 to 1 – I think that the odds are on my side.” He said.

I tried different ways of wearing the sarong and decided that I could easily wear it as a skirt or a dress. The only thing with wearing it as a dress is that in bright lights it’s just a little bit see-through. Ryan likes that bit. Ryan also liked the scarf – that is when I wore it as a bikini cover-up. He could see everything underneath it.

DAY 10
We decided that we should really see some of the capital of the island so in the morning we got the bus to Palma.

Ryan got me to wear my tennis skirt – did he know that it was going to be windy in Palma? He originally wanted me to wear one of the vibrators, but I managed to persuade him that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate and walk too far with one driving me crazy all day. He did insist that I wore one of the little chains hanging from my clit jewellery. It hangs just below the hem of that skirt, but when I’m stood up it’s difficult to see.

We spent the day wandering around the old town, marina and promenade. It was a very pleasant day, but also embarrassing. That wind kept blowing my skirt up and I spent ages holding it down, or pulling it down.

We stayed in Palma until after dark and had a couple of drinks in the crowded bars before getting a late bus back.

DAY 11
Ryan decided to start the day by getting skype working on the PC that we found there. He tested it by connecting to one of his work colleagues. The thing was, when he got it working he called me in to see it working. He didn’t tell me that the video was switched on and I walked right in front of the camera to see what was on the screen. His colleague got a full frontal of my naked body and piercing jewellery.

We spent the rest of the day on the beach and in the sea. Ryan got me to wear my underwear thong and thankfully no one looked close enough to realise that it was see-through. When we went swimming I took it off (before Ryan could) and tied it round my wrist so that we could fuck under the surface.

DAY 12
Ryan kept teasing me all day, getting me worked up then backing off. After the first few times I told him that I wanted to cum. He told me to wait, telling me that it would be so much better if I held back for a while. That went on all day and about 9 in the evening Ryan decided that we were going out. When I told him that I wanted to cum he just told me that I would soon. Ryan got out a couple of tube tops for me to wear. The smaller one round my chest and the bigger one I wore as a skirt. Okay it was short, but no shorter than those that a lot of girls would be wearing.

We walked down the main street and as we got near the erotic dancing club Ryan persuaded me to go in, saying that it would make me want to cum even more, and when I finally did cum it would be mind-blowing.

That made some sense so in we went.

The place was more like a little theatre with tables at different levels, all looking down to a little stage. There were a couple of girls wearing just a thong, dancing on poles on the stage. The other thing that I saw was that there were about 15 big screen televisions all around the place. All were showing close-ups of the dancers.

Ryan ordered us some drinks and we sat watching as the girls took their thongs off and danced naked.  All the time Ryan had a hand on my thigh and was gently caressing my clit.

After a while a woman got onto the stage, introduced herself as Jackie and welcomed everyone to the club’s amateur live show night. She announced that they had a very special girl for the audience to watch that night, but to get things warmed up they had an act that would get us in the mood.

“I wonder what that was.” I said to Ryan, then, “Bloody hell, look at them.”

Two very hunky men dressed in just a man’s thong came onto the stage followed by 4 girls wearing just a bikini top and micro skirt. They danced in a very erotic way, simulating having sex. After about 10 minutes the men pulled off the girls clothes and again simulated having sex.

“Wow, that’s hot,” I said as Ryan continued to tease my clit.

The act finished and Jackie came back onto the stage.

“Right ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the star of the night. Please give a big hand for Tanya.”

There was a long silence and no one moved. Who was this woman with the same name as me?

“Tanya, don’t be shy, come on down.”

This Tanya woman was somewhere in the audience so I looked all around. No one moved.

“Boys, please go and get Tanya.”

The 2 hunks appeared and started running up the stairs. Shit, they were coming my way. They can’t possible mean me. How could they even know me? I looked at Ryan. He was grinning. He leant over to me and said,

“Go for it TT. I know what’s going to happen and I’m okay with it.”

“Fuck Ryan, what have you done?”

I didn’t get an answer because the 2 hunks picked me up and held me high in the air. My legs were open wide and my skirt had rolled up to my waist.

They carried me down onto the stage and stood me next to the woman.

I quickly pulled my skirt down to cover my pussy as Jackie said,

“Ladies and Gentlemen, as you can see this lady looks very young. I know that some of you will want to know just how old she is and some of you won’t. I’ve seen her passport and have written her age on this card. Close your eyes now if you don’t want to know. After a second I saw her lift the card up. Before she turned it round I could see that it had my correct age on it. How did she know that? Ryan! What the hell had he let me in for?

I heard a few gasps then the card came down.

“Right girl and boys, let the fun begin.”

Some music came on and the hunks started dancing. They held my arms and got me to join in. Soon afterwards one of them reached for my top and pulled it right up over my head. I was topless and was scared that I was going to end-up naked. At the same time my pussy was tingling and wet enough to drown someone. What the hell was wrong with me?

It wasn’t long before one of them got hold of my skirt and it too disappeared.

The music stopped and the 2 hunks picked me up in a sort of fireman’s chair but with my legs wide open. I had to put my arms round their necks to stop myself from falling off. They then carried me all round the place letting everyone look at my spread pussy. As we got near Ryan I saw him mouth,

“I love you.”

The hunks carried me back to the stage. As we got there I saw an addition to the stage. It was a large wooden ‘X’ with loops at each end. The ends of the ‘X’ that were at the back of the stage were raised up and there was a bit for me to rest my head on.

I guessed what it was going to be used for and started screaming,

“NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!”

The hunks took me to the ‘X’ and strapped me down. I was still screaming ‘NO’ as Jackie came over and strapped a microphone round my neck. I started to hear my NOs being echoed around the place.

I tried struggling, but there was no way that I would get lose so I stopped. I looked at the 2 hunks. Their faces were emotionless but they were both rubbing their thongs and large bulges.

They came over to me and started caressing me everywhere except my tiny tits and pussy. It felt good. My AF had been about an 8 before this had happened, but I was so scared when it did start that it went down. Now it was going back up.

Some sort of oil was dripped all over me and the caressing felt good; so good that I started cumming. The caressing continued as I arched my back and screamed. I dropped back onto the ‘X’ and started shaking and moaning.

I looked round and saw one of the big television screens. There must have been a camera focused on my pussy, it filled the screen.

The caressing stopped but 2 microphone shaped things got lowered from the ceiling. The hunks got them and one of them put his to my pussy. FIH, it was some sort of vibrator, and fuck, did it feel good.

The other hunk put his microphone vibrator to one of my nipples. Shit, I wasn’t going to last long.

I started moaning and moaning. It wasn’t long before I wanted to be fucked and I let them know.

“FUCK ME PLEASE!” I shouted.

But they didn’t. They continued to torture me with those vibrator things. I seemed to be having a continuous orgasm. Even when they took it in turns to stop and take their thongs off I kept cumming. To be fair, the sight of their massive cocks probably made my orgasms stronger.

I looked up at the big television screen again and it was still filled with my pussy. All of a sudden, as another wave of my orgasm hit me, I saw fluid squirting out of my pussy. I’d squirted before so I knew that I wasn’t pissing myself.

One of the hunks came round to my head and started rubbing his cock on my face. I opened my mouth ready for his cock, but he just teased me with it. I moved my head to try to reach the cock but every time I got close it moved.

Fuck, did these guys know how to tease a girl?

The teasing went on and on. I was screaming to be fucked as my orgasm kept finding another level.

Then it all stopped; the music as well.

“FUCK ME - PLEASE!” I shouted and heard it echo round the room.

“What do you think people? Shall we grant Tanya her wish?” Jackie asked.

I heard lots of things that basically meant ‘yes’.

“Are you sure?” Jackie asked.

After the chorus of ‘yes’, Jackie turned to me and said,

“What was it that you wanted Tanya?”

“FUCK ME - PLEASE!” I again shouted.
And they did. Not with their cocks but with a huge black dildo. In and out it went, teasing me more and more. That just made me cum again.

“I WANT A COCK.” I shouted.

One of their cocks started to fill my mouth and I sucked and sucked; well until it started going down my throat. Fortunately the hunk knew how to throat a girl and let her get her breath.

I felt the other cock start to invade my pussy.


The cock in my pussy started going in and out and my pussy tried to drown it with my juice. My orgasm got even stronger.

Both my throat and pussy filled at the same time as the 2 cocks shot their loads in to me.

Both hunks backed away as I lay there totally knackered. The 4 naked girl dancers came back onto the stage, untied me and carried me off the stage.

They carried me to their dressing room, put me down on a sofa and went back to the stage. I heard Jackie telling everyone that the show was over and thanking me for my magnificent performance.

Performance I thought; that was real, what the fuck was Ryan going to think of me? Why had he put me in this horrible, humiliating position?

I was starting to get angry; angry at Ryan and angry at myself for enjoying it so much.

The door opened and Ryan and Jackie came in. If I could have I would have got up and hit him. I started to have a go at him but Jackie shut me up and said,

“Tanya, you were gagging for it when you came in here tonight and you loved every second of it so don’t blame him. He knew what you REALLY wanted and he organised it for you. You should be thanking him.”

I calmed down a bit and asked if I could have a shower.

I watched Ryan talk to Jackie as I relaxed in the warm shower. She was gone when I came out. My skirt and top were on the table so I put them on then turned to Ryan.

“You’re one hell of a bastard, but I love you.” I said and put my arms round his neck and gave him a long kiss.

“For one minute I thought that I’d got it wrong and gone too far.” Ryan said.

“No, no, you know me better than I do. Is there a DVD of it?“ I asked.

Ryan hugged me and we left to walk back to the villa – slowly.

DAY 13
I was a bit sore when I woke up and got out of bed before Ryan woke up. I was out on a sun lounger drinking coffee and letting the sun heal my sore pussy when Ryan got up. He wanted to know if I had any regrets about the previous evening or if my feelings towards him had changed. All I wanted to know was did he think any less of me because I had been fucked by another man.

Everything was good and I stood up and gave him a big naked hug. His cock got hard and we both wanted to fuck, but I asked him if he could wait for a couple of hours, until I was less sore. He laughed and said that he could wait for as long as it took.

As Ryan was going back to England the next day we spent the whole day sun bathing and swimming and having sex at the villa.

DAY 14
I woke Ryan by giving him a blow job and then riding him for a long satisfying fuck.

Day 14 was a bad day. Ryan had to fly home to go back to work. He wanted to say goodbye at the villa but I wanted to go to the airport with him. I won and we both went and got the bus.

It was a tearful parting; after all, we hadn’t been apart for more than a few hours since we got together nearly 2 years ago. 

I wasn’t a happy bunny for the rest of that day.

When I went to bed that night I used the vibrator to take my mind off my loneliness.

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 07 - House Sitting – Week 3+ part 1

DAY 15
I spent most of the morning naked on the sun lounger missing Ryan and thinking about what we’d done and what Ryan had said about me being an exhibitionist. Could he be right? I didn’t think so, but maybe he is; he isn’t usually wrong.

Perhaps I should do some experiments to see how I react to certain situations? But what could I do? Could I even do anything at all? It’s one thing for someone to accidentally see my pussy or to get naked because I lost a bet or a dare; but to blatantly open my legs and let someone stare at it was something else. I just didn’t know if I could do it. When I exposed myself at the hotel in London I’d had a couple of stiff drinks so that didn’t count. Perhaps I should try it with and without some alcohol to see what happens.

Even if I did it and did get aroused, what’s to say that just about every woman in the world wouldn’t have got aroused in the same situation? If they did it would mean that nearly all the women in the world were exhibitionists too.

Or maybe I’m just a nudist? After all, I like being naked when it’s warm enough; and I like getting an all-over tan; but that doesn’t make me an exhibitionist.

I was confused.  I needed a plan. I decided that I should look for a situation where I could expose myself and see if I could go through with it and then take it from there.

I decided that a few walks were called for, each one getting more and more daring, to see how far I could go towards walking around naked. Okay, I’d walked back from the beach naked, but that was with Ryan by my side. For these walks I wouldn’t have the security of him being at my side.

For my first ‘self-challenge’ I decided that I’d go for a walk along the beach and back through town wearing my swimming skirt and white top – the one with the lace band round the top. I’d take my nipple piercings out and pull my nipples through the holes in the lace. The swimming skirt is light material and ‘A’ shape and there would be a big chance that the warm breeze would cause a few ‘accidents’; nothing that I could be blamed for.

I went and got ready then decided if I wanted a drink before I went. I decided on water.

I was quite nervous as I left the villa. My nipples were hard but my pussy was quite normal. Yes, the warm, gentle breeze on my lower lips was nice but I wasn’t aroused.

A couple of times on the way to the beach I felt the skirt go up but I ignored it and kept walking.

The closer that I got to the beach the more people I saw. They all seemed to ignore me, which made me relax a bit. After all, I was just a girl who probably looked like a kid walking to the beach. As I passed a café I felt the skirt go up, and I saw a man looking at me with a smile on his face, but he could just have been smiling at the little girl walking by.

The beach was much the same. Everyone was in their own little world and taking no notice of the little girl walking along the water’s edge.

Walking back through the town was much the same and I didn’t feel aroused even once.

For my next walk I decided to be a bit more daring. I decided to wear my bikini top with the bikini bottoms that cover part of my butt. That would be very much the same as a lot of girls on the beach would be wearing, but I would wear my piercing jewellery. The shape of the barbells and stirrups would be clearly visible.

I got ready and set off. All the walk did for me was to give me some exercise and help with my tan; no one took a blind bit of notice of me. I may as well have been invisible.

That was enough for one day; I needed time to work out what my next outfits would be.

That evening I skyped Ryan and we had a mutual masturbation session. It was nice, but a bit weird. Afterwards I told him all about my confusion and the walks. He thought that the walks were a great idea and told me that I should also experiment when I went out for a meal each evening. He told me that I should put on my shortest skirts and wear the underwear thong. I was to have an alcoholic drink and when I ordered my food I was to flash the thong to the waiter. Sometime during my meal I was to undo the side-ties of the thong, slip it off and leave it on the table, on top of my bag. Then when the waiter came to clear away I was to flash my pussy to him; and do the same again when I paid the bill.

I told Ryan that I didn’t think that I had the courage to do that, but he got me to promise to try.

Ryan also told me to wear just his vest when I went to the local shop for bread and water. I’d done that just after we arrived there, the young man serving had seen me and got all flustered and I’d thought it was a bit of a laugh so I agreed to do it again.

When I went out to eat later I put on my tube top skirt and a halter top – and the thong. Flashing the thong was easy. With that skirt being so short all I would have to do was to sit carelessly. When I got there I sat on the front of the chair with my knees slightly apart; which meant that the thong was on display to anyone that looked.

When the middle-aged waiter approached I watched his eyes. He definitely saw the thong, but didn’t show any reaction.

He saw the thong again when he brought me my beer; and again when he brought me my food, and my second beer. I was nervous about what I was going to do and needed a bit of courage.

Half way through my food I looked round to see if anyone was watching me. There was, and I chickened-out of taking the thong off there. I didn’t want to disappoint Ryan so I went to the toilet and took it off there. I walked back to my table with my thong balled-up in my hand.

I put my bag on the table and the thong on top of it.

As I sat down I automatically sat like a lady is taught to – well back in the chair and legs crossed.

As I finished my food I started thinking about what Ryan had asked me to do. I had to go through with it and shuffled down the char; my bare butt sliding over the plastic chair. I un-crossed my legs and opened my knees a few inches. My pussy was there for all to see.

“Come on waiter; come and get my plate before I chicken-out again.” I thought to myself.

It wasn’t long before I saw the waiter heading my way. I opened my legs a bit more as he got close. I saw that he’d seen my pussy and I got a wet rush. I was enjoying seeing him looking at my pussy.

As I got a wet rush, my first thought was that Ryan was right, I was an exhibitionist. Then I remembered that I’d had a couple of drinks.

“Ha!” I thought, “That wasn’t my fault; that was the alcohol talking to my body; so that doesn’t count Ryan.”

I smugly flashed the waiter again when he brought me my change.

As I walked back to the villa I let the skirt ride up so that my pussy and was exposed. It was dark and no one would be able to tell, but the warm breeze felt sooo good.

When I got back to the villa I heard kids and splashing. Going to investigate I saw a girl about 13 and a boy about 12, in the pool in the villa next door. I had some neighbours.

Leaving them to it I went to bed and held the business part of the remote vibe against my clit until I had a satisfying orgasm before going to sleep. 

DAY 16
I woke early and went and lay on the sun lounger to catch some morning rays.

I dozed a bit and was woken by the kids next door splashing in their pool. I decided to get some bread and make some coffee.

Putting a skirt and top on I started to leave then remembered what Ryan had said. I went back to the bedroom, stripped naked and put just Ryan’s blue string vest on. Picking up my purse I left, checking that no one was watching as I walked down the road.

In the shop the young man wasn’t there; instead there was a young girl. I got my baguette then had a naughty thought. I went to the fruit and veg area and found a cucumber. They had some thick ones and some thin ones. I chose a thin one, but still big compared to all the cocks that I’ve seen.

At the till the girl stared at me, or should I say my jewellery, as she served me, but she didn’t say anything.

Back at the villa I took the vest off and took my jewellery out – I was considering spending most of the day by the pool and I didn’t want the sun to heat the metal and burn me. I got my breakfast ready and went out to the sun lounger.

I had just finished my breakfast when I heard a woman’s voice saying ‘hello’.

I looked round and saw a 30 something woman looking at me over the wall between the 2 villas. I got up and put my hands in the classic cover-up position.

“I do hope that my kids don’t disturb you, they can be a bit boisterous.” She said, “Are you here with your parents?”

“Well, err.” Stalling while I thought, “I’m here with my dad but he goes out early each morning to play golf. I’m on my own most of the time.”

The woman wasn’t at all upset by me being naked as she introduced herself then called the kids over and introduced them. Then she told me that we could all play together anytime that I wanted.

She finished by saying,

“Don’t worry about not having any clothes on, we often don’t bother with them at times; I’m surprised that these 2 have got some on at the moment.”

And off she went.

I told the kids that I’d see them later and went back to the sun lounger thinking,

“Great, that’s all I need, more people who think that I’m 12 instead of 21.”

I lay on the sun lounger, listening to my mp3 player and hoping that my neighbours would go out for the day.

While I was listening to my music I was daydreaming and started thinking about some of the porno videos that Ryan and I had watched. In one of them a girl was at a villa a bit like the one I was at. She was sat on some steps and was pushing a running hose pipe up her pussy.

When I was watching it I thought that I would like to try it but there was no chance of trying it in England because I didn’t have anywhere where I could do it, and the water in hose pipes in England is way too cold.

I remembered the hose pipe that the pool man had used and decided that I was going to try it. I went and found the hose and took the end off. Then I turned it on. Yes, the water was slightly warm.

I took the hose pipe over to the sun lounger and lay down then I gently eased the end of the hose pipe into my hole. Wow! I realised that the girl in the video wasn’t faking enjoying it. I soon felt full and bloated, but the pressure wasn’t enough to hurt me. When I was ‘full’, the water seeped out round the sides of the hose pipe. The pressure felt nice, and the constant flow of water felt good as well.

I played about a bit and had fun filling myself then squirting it out. I managed to squirt it about 10 feet. I was proud of myself.

I lay back on the sun lounger and relaxed. Unfortunately I relaxed too much and the hose pipe slipped out and splashed all over my stomach and legs. I needed something to keep the hose-pipe in place.

I saw a small rock (about the size of a brick) and carried it over to the sun lounger.

I got back on the sun lounger and pushed the hose pipe back inside me then placed the rock on the hose pipe near my feet.

It worked!

I lay back and relaxed again. The hose pipe stayed in place and I slowly dozed off. I was fast asleep with water running into my pussy.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, but I woke up with a very nice feeling in my pussy. I heard a noise and decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea to be caught with a hose pipe stuck up my pussy so I pulled it out and put the hose pipe away thinking that I’d do that again.

I relaxed in the sun again, kept listening to my music and decided that I wanted to do at least one walk that day and that it would be late morning when there were quite a few people around; but what should I wear?

I went through lots of options and finally settled on what I’d worn the previous night; Ryan’s vest and the underwear thong.

That settled I relaxed and dozed off. When I woke up everything was quiet; the family next door must have gone out. My thoughts drifted to Ryan’s cock, then the cucumber. My pussy started getting wet, then wetter, then soaking. I decided to christen the cucumber. I went and got it and went back to the sun lounger. It was going to get christened outside in the sun.

I got a bit vocal as the cucumber went in and out and I started to cum. It was only as the waves of pleasure started to recede that I noticed 2 faces staring at me over the wall between the villas.

“Shit, that’s all I need.” I thought; and got up and went inside.

It was a bit earlier than I had planned, but I put my jewellery in then Ryan’s blue string vest and the yellow underwear thong on and looked in the mirror. The yellow thong stood out quite well under the blue string vest. I turned and looked at my back and saw the yellow strings quite clearly. Perhaps the contrast of colours would attract attention.

They didn’t. As I walked down the street and onto the beach no one took any notice of me. At the end of the beach where I normally turn off and head into town I decided to be a bit adventurous. Instead of heading to the town I turned and walked back along the beach; but before starting walking back I took the vest off, leaving me wearing only the see-through underwear thong.

Okay, wearing only a thong on that beach was nothing new, a lot of girls do it; but I felt exposed, totally naked in a place where others were not naked. Perhaps it was because I thought that my visible jewellery would attract attention to me, or perhaps it was because my slit was visible to anyone who cared to look.

As I walked along the water’s edge I started to think that I was invisible. I’d expected a virtually naked girl to attract some attention, but I didn’t. I certainly wasn’t aroused.

When I got to the point where I usually turn inland I stopped and sat down looking out to sea. The warm sand felt good on my bare butt.

As I stared at a ship in the distance I wondered if I should just pull the strings of the thong and get naked. I didn’t have the courage so I settled for a couple of flicks of my clit under the thong. That felt good, but didn’t give me any courage.

I stood up, put the vest on and headed back to the villa. As I walked I wondered if I would have the courage to be naked on the beach if I looked more like a young kid. Okay, my body looked like a 12 year old girl’s, but how many 12 year old girls have nipple and clit jewellery?

I decided that if I stood any chance of getting away with it I would have to remove my jewellery and carry something that a kid would have. On impulse I went into one of those sell everything junk shops. I looked round and found a Barbie towel and a pink bucket and spade. Okay, perhaps the bucket and spade were a bit young for a 12 year old, but they’d certainly make me look young.

I walked back to the villa, stripped, removed my jewellery, put my hair up in pigtails and went for a swim to relax before my first naked walk, on my own, in broad daylight.

I’d just done a few laps of the short pool when I surfaced and saw the 2 kids from next door. The boy had a little swimming costume on and the girl had just some bikini bottoms. I looked at her chest and saw that her little tits were bigger than mine. They were about an ‘A’ cup and she wasn’t bothered about them not being covered. ‘Good for her’ I thought.

I said hello the got out of the pool. The girl said,

“My dad thought that you might like to hang out with us for a while.”

“Well, please thank your father for thinking about me but I was just about to go and spend a couple of hours on the beach; maybe some other time.” I said, hoping to get rid of them.

“Great,” the boy (Jake) said, “we haven’t been to the beach yet; is it far?

“We’ll just go and ask if we can come with you,” the girl said as they both ran off.

Bloody hell, the last thing I was thinking of was babysitting a couple of brats.

Then I thought that having a couple of brats with me would add to my cover of being a kid going to play on the beach.

I gathered my things together and started to put them in a big bag then changed my mind and just put the smaller items in a small bag. I wanted the towel and bucket and spade to be visible.

I was just locking up when the kids appeared with a bag. I was pleased to see that the girls still only had her bikini bottoms on.

“Are you going like that?” The girl (Kate) asked.

“Yes; why?” I asked.

“You haven’t got anything on.” Kate said.

“You’ve haven’t got a top on.” I said.

“Okay, how far is it?” Kate asked.

“It’ll only take about 10 minutes.” I said, and off we walked.

Three kids, albeit one girl being naked; didn’t attract any attention and we made it to the beach okay.

As we walked through all those people on the beach I felt nervous and proud of myself. I didn’t feel at all aroused.

We dumped our things, ran into the sea and splashed each other.

After a while we got out and started digging holes in the sand. At one point I was sat with my legs wide apart and digging a hole in front of me. In a way I was enjoying myself. It took me back to my trips to the coast with my parents; except that in those days I always had a thick one-piece swimsuit on; and the weather was never that good.

Anyway, as I was digging away I saw a man standing watching me. He only watched me for a couple of minute (I guess that he didn’t want to risk being called a paedophile), but it was long enough for my pussy to react and start getting swollen and wet.

Kate was sat next to me digging her own hole in the sand and said,

“Tanya, aren’t you embarrassed being naked?”

I responded by asking her if she was embarrassed by being topless. When she said no because lots of other girls were topless, I said,

“I’m not embarrassed either.” I lied. “It doesn’t bother me, and I don’t care what people think; besides, it feels so good in the water, no wet bikini to worry about.”

“Yeah, my mum and dad let us go around without clothes on sometimes, but not so often these days now that I’ve grown these (pointing to her little tits) and I’ve got a few hairs down here (pointing to her pussy) now. You’ll get some soon I guess.” Kate said.

I laughed a bit and said, “Yeah, I suppose I will. You want to try swimming without any clothes, it feels sooo good.”

“Tanya, did that hurt when you put that cucumber in your thingy this morning? It sounded as if it hurt.” Kate asked.

“Well yeah, it did hurt a bit, but it was a sort of nice hurt. Hey, let’s go for another swim.” I said trying to change the subject. I didn’t want to talk to a 13 year old about sex.

We swam and splashed some more before Jake decided that he was hungry and wanted to go back.

We got a few more people looking at us (me probably, but maybe Kate’s cute little tits) as we walked back to the villa.

I was well pleased with myself for doing the naked walk, and I frigged to a nice orgasm before getting a shower and waiting for the time to skype Ryan.

I fucked myself with the cucumber as I told Ryan all about my day. He told me that I needed to do it again, on my own. He also told me that I needed to go and get something to eat that evening with one of the remote vibes pleasuring me. I wasn’t sure about that, I told him that I didn’t fancy cumming right when a waiter was serving me, or taking my order.

Ryan laughed and told me that I’d be just fine.

So after I switched the PC off I went and showered and decided what to wear. I was still feeling a bit randy and chose the tube top skirt and a loose fitting crop top. I also wanted to wear the nipple and clit clamps to keep me horny.

I put the clamps on then the top. When it came to putting the skirt on it was so tight and short that it pulled on the chain and the clit clamp hurt me. Then I had a brainwave. I took the clit clamp off, put the ’skirt’ on then put the clamp back on with the chain outside the skirt. I tightened the clit clamp until it made my clit throb a bit. Then I looked in the mirror.

Wow, I looked good, but did I look too slutty? It was obvious those 2 chains were hanging from my nipples and that they joined the one that was attached to my clit. Everyone who looked for more than a second would know. Could I really go out like that? I needed a drink.

As I downed a large vodka I remembered that Ryan had said that I should wear one of the vibrators as well. I chose the one that is on all the time – set on medium.

Taking one last look in the mirror and thinking that I really did look like a slut, I went out.

As I walked down to town I wondered if I’d get any comments about my outfit, and how long it would be before I had an orgasm; not long by the way I was feeling at that moment.

I actually made it to a café and had just ordered a drink when I succumbed to my first orgasm. I was still up there when my drink arrived. The waiter had stared at my chains, right down to my uncrossed (but squeezed together) legs, when I ordered my drink, and he had another good look as he put the drink on my table. I wasn’t really in a fit state to thank him for bringing my drink.

When he came back a few minutes later to get my food order I had relaxed a bit and was lying back in my chair. As I ordered he got a good look at what the chain was attached to.

It was a good job that I didn’t order much as I found it difficult to concentrate and eat with the vibe simmering away in my pussy. I really did wish that I’d brought the remote control with me, or at least set it on low before I left.

I made it to the end of my meal and started walking down the street. I’d got about 50 feet when I had to find something to lean against as another orgasm arrived.

As I leaned there with a contorted face and one foot off the ground as I squeezed my pussy muscles, a couple walking passed asked me if I was okay. I couldn’t get anything out of my mouth (if I’d opened it I would probably have screamed), so I just nodded and off they went.

It was too much for me and I went back to the villa; having another orgasm half way there.

As soon as I got through the door I squat down and squeezed the vibe out before having a shower and going to bed to make myself cum again before going to sleep.

DAY 17
I went for bread and another (larger) cucumber wearing just the vest again. The girl was there again but she didn’t get to see my clit jewellery because I hadn’t got round to putting it in that morning. As the girl held the cucumber I blushed as I wondered if she knew I was going to use it for.

When I got back to the villa I moved one of the sun loungers out of the sight of the kids next door. They aren’t bad kids, and I’d enjoyed using them as cover for my nude trip to the beach, but that was it. There was no way that I wanted to spend more time with them; after all, they are 8 and 9 years younger than me.

After breakfast I went and lie on the sun lounger, put my sun glasses on and dozed off. I still had a bit of a hang-over to sleep off.

I woke up feeling horny and decided to do something about it. I started by going and putting my nipple and clit jewellery. The feeling of handling my nipples and clit to put them in always makes me feel good. Then I went and got the new cucumber, my sunglasses and my mp3 player. I set myself up to have a long slow session fucking myself with the cucumber on the sun lounger.

About 10 minutes into my session I was well on the way to relieving the tension when I opened my eyes and saw the pool man. Him and yet another assistant had walked right passed me without me knowing.

What’s more, they were watching me fucking myself with the larger cucumber.

I had 2 choices; I could panic and run inside, or I could ignore them and keep going. I was so horny and close to cumming that I chose the second option. The 2 men watching me just heightened my pleasure and within a minute I was cumming; hard and noisy.

As I calmed down I kept moving the cucumber in and out. I wanted to cum again. It took me about 5 minutes but I was definitely getting there. All the time I was watching the 2 men watching me. One of them was slowly moving the net, to collect floating rubbish, round and round in the same little circle.

After I’d cum for the second time I left the cucumber deep inside me and relaxed as if I was going to have a satisfied snooze. After about a minute the 2 men stopped staring and got on with their job, but they kept looking over to me.

Eventually they finished whatever they were doing – if it ever needed doing in the first place, and left. To get out they had to walk right passed me and get a close-up of my pussy with the cucumber sticking out of it. How it managed to stay in me for all that time I will never know. My pussy was producing so much juice that it could have floated out.

That took me to early afternoon and I was still felling horny. I searched my brain for something to do that would let men be able to see my pussy. I wanted to get in a position whereby I would cum just by being looked at; but how.

I went and washed the cucumber then got myself a drink. I figured that a bit of alcohol might give me some ideas – and courage.

The alcohol got working and I decided that I would go for a walk, totally naked, on my own and see how far I got. I took my nipple and clit jewellery out because I wanted to look as much like a 12 year old as I could and put my hair up in pigtails. I had one more drink as I covered myself with sun tan lotion then set off.

I wanted to saunter along looking like a bored kid - like I did when I was a kid going home from school and in no rush because I knew that my mother would be a real pain in the ass when I got there.

As I got near the beach a car pulled up beside me and I got ready to run. All of a sudden I heard a woman shouting my name. I turned to look and see who it was and saw Jenny, the woman from the villa next door. In the back of the car were Kate and Jake.

“Hi Tanya, what are you doing down here without any clothes on?” Jenny asked.

“I err….. I went for a short walk and ended up here.” I said.

“You shouldn’t really be out on the street like that on your own Tanya. Tell you what, we’re on our way to the Water Park, do you want to come with us?” Jenny asked.

“Er... I can’t, I haven’t got my swimsuit, towel or any money with me.”

“Oh don’t worry about any of those things, your father can pay me back later and as for a swimsuit, I’m sure that they won’t mind you being like that. If it makes you feel more comfortable, Kate and Jake can take their swimsuits off and all 3 of you can go in naked.”

“MUM!” Kate said, “I can’t go in there naked, people will see me.”

“It’s no big deal Kate; you’ve been swimming without clothes on lots of times.”

“But mum, I’m getting big now.”

“Kate, there’ll be lots of topless girls and women there, and it isn’t as if you have any pubic hair anymore, it was you that wanted to shave it all off last night, remember? You’ll look just the same as Tanya here.”

“But mum, I’m older than Tanya.”

“Kate, everything will be fine; trust me. Tanya, come on, get in the car.”

This was a crazy idea, but what did I have to lose? What was the worst that could happen? This woman had assumed responsibility for another kid – me. If anyone was going to get into trouble then it would be her, not me. The alcohol was dumbing my embarrassment and making me braver. I opened the car door and got in.

Kate glared at me as if to say, “This is all your fault;” and in a way she was right; but I thought that it would be a great chance to be seen naked by lots of people, and to find out if I would get aroused by it.

Jake had a bit of a grin on his face.

Jenny drove off, and about 15 minutes later we arrived at the Water Park.

“Right, Jenny said, “Kate, Jake, take your clothes off, we don’t want our guest feeling the odd one out, do we?”

Kate glared at me then slowly took her bikini off. Jake took his trunks off revealing a little cock that looked a bit hard.

Jenny was right, Kate’s pubes were bald; her pussy looked just about the same as mine except that my clit was sticking out a bit.

“Right Kids, let’s go.” Jenny said and we all walked towards the entrance.

At the kiosk the woman inside looked at us and then said something to Jenny. Jenny laughed, said something back in Spanish then we were let in.

“I told you that it wouldn’t be a problem.” Jenny said to Kate; “and stop drawing attention to yourself Kate, put your hands down.”
I looked at Kate; her hands were in the classic ENF positions.

Jenny led us all to the Kid’s Waterland and found a place on the grass for Jenny to put everything down.

“Right you 3,” Jenny said, “off you go and have some fun, but remember, stay together.”

As we walked away, Kate said that her mum was right; no one was taking any notice of us. What’s more, we saw 2 or 3 other kids that were naked, albeit, all looked under 10.

Kate started to get used to being naked and it wasn’t long before we were going down the first slide.

Over the next 2 hours we managed to go on quite a few slides and rides, but most of the time was spent queuing. In those queues a few men looked at us and when we climbed up the steps some men behind us must have had a great view of our pussies. I don’t think that Kate realised what they could see because she never turned away or tried to get in front of Jake.

Two or three times I wondered why I wasn’t aroused. Even when it was obvious that a man was looking at my pussy I never felt that familiar tingling or wet rush.

That changed when we went on the Wild River, a so called rapids ride. We were laid back on the rubber rings with our legs slightly open on the other side of the ring. We got to a part where the water was calm and the rings needed someone to push them on to the next part. There were about 3 young staff men doing that and when one of them came to me he turned my rubber ring so that he was at my feet. He was holding on to my ring for ages, and when I looked at him he was staring at my pussy.

My heart rate increased and my pussy started to tingle. My AF increased a few numbers.

I glanced over to Kate. Another man was holding her rubber ring by her feet as well; but Kate didn’t look like she realised what the man was looking at. Jake had already gone through.

I felt my vulva and clit swell as I stared at his expanding shorts; then all of a sudden I was moving away from him.

At the bottom we went and had another go on the Mega Slide and the Big Hole. The queues were long and it took ages to get started. Jake screamed as we went down the Big Hole.

After that we went and found Jenny. She gave us a drink and some snacks before taking us to watch the Divers Show.

When that finished Jenny asked us if we wanted to go back to the villa; neither Kate nor I were bothered either way but Jake wanted to go back; so we did.

I expected Kate to rush to put her bikini on when we got to the car, but she didn’t, even when we got back to the villa she walked in carrying it in her hand. Jenny asked me if I wanted to join them for some food, but I declined – and thanked her for a wonderful time.

In a way I did have a great time, but not one that I cared to repeat. I’d been looked at by dozens of men and only once got aroused; and that was when a man stared directly at my pussy from only a couple of feet away. What woman wouldn’t have got aroused in that situation? I was happy that I had reinforced my belief that I am not an exhibitionist.

That evening when I skyped Ryan and told him all about my day he tried to convince me that I was wrong, but I was having none of it.

Ryan changed the subject and told me to go and get the cucumber. Guess what I did next?

When we talked about what I was going to do the next day I told Ryan that I fancied going horse riding, I’d seen it advertised in a couple of these ticket shops but I told him that I thought that it cost too much. Ryan told me to get one of the flyers and phone the place direct. It would probably be cheaper; he also asked me if I was planning to do a Lady Godiva. I laughed as told him that there was no chance, but I would have to wear a skirt and that I had no plans to wear anything underneath it. I told him that I fancied bouncing up and down with my legs spread wide, my bare pussy against the leather saddle.

Ryan also told me that I had to wear a tube top as a skirt if I went horse riding, and one to go out for my meal that evening. The thing was he told me to wear the tube top that I normally wear as a tube TOP. It’s only 6 inches long and when I tried it on it was impossible to cover my butt AND my pussy. I needed to top-up my alcohol level to go out wearing that as a skirt.

And that’s what I did. I also decided that I needed to feel horny to be able to do it so I inserted the constant vibe, set on low, my piercing jewellery and the little chains that hang from the stirrups. I felt good. I put on a little top that ties in the front, said goodbye to Ryan (he likes watching me get dressed), and left.

As I walked into town the skirt rode up front and back. Since it was dark and no one was around I left it up round my waist until I got to the lively part. I stopped just before I got there and was pulling the skirt down to cover my butt and pussy when a couple walked passed me from behind. I have no idea how long they’d been following me or what they’d seen, but they never said anything.

I wandered around, in amongst the hundreds of happy young people, until I found a ticket shop and got a horse riding leaflet. The shop was down a few steps and the ‘skirt’ rode up as I climbed down and then back up. I’m sure that the man in there had a great view of my pussy, butt and dangling chain.

I found a café that I fancied and went to a table. As I sat down the skirt went up to my waist. I sat upright and crossed my legs so that the waiter and anyone else who was passing wouldn’t be able to see my pussy. The metal of the chair felt cool on my bare butt.

While I was drinking and waiting for my food my thought drifted to the vibe purring away inside me. My AF crept up and I uncrossed my legs. When the waiter brought my food he had a good look at my bald pubes but he wouldn’t have been able to see any more.

After I’d finished my food I ordered another beer and sat watching the world go by and thinking about my hot pussy.

My AF reached the highest possible level and I started to cum. My quiet moans would have been drowned out by the ambient noise but anyone who looked at me would have seen my contorted face and my pussy and my knees drifted apart.

When the waves died down I called the waiter and paid – after closing my legs.

I adjusted my ‘skirt’ to make me decent before standing up and walking off down the street.

I wandered around, constantly pulling the ‘skirt’ down, and came across the bar that has the mechanical bull. I decided to go in and watch the fun. 

I got another beer and found a good place to watch.

I watched 6 people show (or not) their skills at staying on. Only 2 of them were men. The 4 women were all a bit tipsy – like me, and all were wearing skirts and tops.

The man controlling the bull was brilliant at teasing the riders. Whenever the girls looked like they were going to fall off he’d stop it and let them get properly back on before starting it again. Whenever their knickers (or lack of) were on display he’d keep going so that they didn’t have a chance to pull their skirts down. Whenever their tits were in danger of popping out he’d wobble bull so that they did pop out, and he’d keep on going so that they’d bounce all over the place. When every one of then finally fell off they ended up on their backs with legs spread and tits still on display. Two of them stayed like that for ages before finally getting up and correcting their wardrobe malfunctions.

Needless to say that the mainly male audience loved every second of it.

By the time that I’d finished my large beer I’d decided that I wanted a go. I went to the toilet to empty my bladder so that I couldn’t have an accident, and went to see the man controlling the bull. He looked me up and down then told me to stand behind another girl who was also waiting her turn.

When I finally got my chance one of the staff had to help me get on. As my leg went over the bull my ‘skirt’ went up round my waist. I was exposed even before I’d started - much to the delight of the cheering audience. I was embarrassed, but I didn’t care.

I wrapped the rope round my hand, put my other arm up in the air and waited. As I sat there I could feel the slippery leather saddle on my bare butt. I wondered if I was sat on the other girl’s pussy juices.

The bull started slowly and I relaxed a bit. It was easy to stay on so far. Then the pace increased and the movements got more erratic.

As I got thrown all over the place I realised that the knot holding my loose fitting top together had come undone. I caught glimpses of my nipple chains as they bounced about.

The controller leaned the bull right back. I was horizontal with my top wide open and my ‘skirt’ round my waist. Camera flashes were going off everywhere. I was held me there for ages, presumably to let all the guys in the audience have a good look at me and get lots of photographs. My AF increased.
I remembered the vibe and was grateful that it hadn’t slipped out, after all, my pussy was wet enough for it to float out.

The controller then leaned the bull right forward and my naked butt up went up in the air. The people behind me would have had a great view of my spread butt and pussy. What’s more, my unfastened top slid up over my head and off my free arm. It was just round my arm that was hanging on to the rope for all I was worth.

The controller held me there for ages and I could hear the audience cheering and make rude comment to the virtually naked girl on the bull. Eventually the controller slowly raised the bull’s head and I managed to get sat on it properly. When it started jerking again I could feel the nipple chains bouncing against my chest.

All of a sudden I realised that I was about to cum, right there with dozens of horny young men staring at me and lots of them taking photographs, and maybe videos. As it hit me my concentration to stay on the bull disappeared and I got thrown off. I was left spread eagle on the mats with everything exposed, and jerking away as I now rode the waves of my orgasm.

It was a good job that the audience were cheering and shouting all sorts of comments because it was a loud orgasm.

When I started to calm down I looked up and saw one of the staff men standing above me. He asked me if I was okay, then put his hand out to help me get up. As he pulled me up I tried desperately to get my top back on. When I was firmly on my feet I managed to get decent then went to get my bag.

As I walked over to the bar, and when I was at the bar I had a constant stream of men trying to hit on me. They’d seen me naked and assumed that I was up for a bit of fun. I kept telling them to go away and eventually the stream stopped.

The barman gave me a free drink and complimented me on my show. Even half-drunk as I was I still blushed.

I watched 2 more girls have a go on the bull. It must have been no knickers night because both of them let the audience see that they weren’t wearing any. One of them had ginormous breasts and they nearly gave her a black eye as they escaped and bounced free. I heard a lot of people laughing at her. It made me feel grateful that I will never have that problem.

As I walked back to the villa my ‘skirt’ rode up and exposed me front and back. I couldn’t be bothered to pull it down and no one stared at me or said anything.

DAY 18
I was late getting up and probably still a little drunk because I put on just the see-through underwear thong to go to the shop for some bread. I bought another cucumber as well. The young girl was on the checkout and I saw her eyes open wide when she realised that she could see my slit and jewellery; but she didn’t say anything.

A couple of hours later, when I felt better, I went next door to give Jenny the money for the water park. I hadn’t bothered putting any clothes on (but I had taken my jewellery out before having a shower) because Jenny and her kids had seen me naked the previous day. I got embarrassed when Jenny’s husband answered the door. He told me that Jenny wasn’t there so I gave the money to him telling him that my dad had some important golf games, but he’d come and see them in a couple of days to thank them.

He told me that they’d had trouble getting Kate and Jake to wear any clothes since we’d got back from the water park. All the time that he was telling me this his eyes were going up and down my naked body. Did he know my real age?

I looked out the back and saw Kate and Jake running round the pool. Both were naked. I excused myself and left.

I decided to have another hour relaxing by the pool to get back to normal. Thankfully the kids didn’t bother me and the pool man didn’t come.

I got something to eat then decided that it was time for another naked walk. Although this time I was going to keep away from the road that my neighbours might use.

I covered myself in sun tan lotion, put my hair up in pigtails and set off. I planned to get out of the area around the villa and then start sauntering along like a bored kid.

All went well and the few people that did see me just ignored me. Then I had a problem; I got lost. I thought that I knew where I was and how to get back to the villa or down to the town and beach, but every time that I turned a corner I didn’t recognise anything.

There were a few more people around and one or two of them stared at me. But that was all.

When I turned one corner I was confronted by a group of English men and women about my age.

“Hey kid, haven’t you forgotten something?” one of the men said.

I ignored him.

“Leave her alone. Are you okay luv?” One of the women said.

“Excusar.” I said.

“Are you lost? Are you looking for your parents, err padre?” Another of the women said.

“Si, La Playa por favor.” I said.

“Oh, you’re trying to get to the beach?” another said.

“Si, playa err betch” I replied.

“You’d better come with us.” Another said.

Blankety blank! What was I getting myself in to?

I started walking with the group of 5 English young men and women. They thought that I was just a naked Spanish kid. I wonder what they would have thought, and said, if they knew that I was the same age as them.

“It’s a bloody good job this is Spain,” one of them said. “If we’d been back at home we’d all of got arrested for being paedophiles.”

“If this had happened in England I’d have crossed the road and ignored her,” another of the men said, “you can get arrested just for looking at a kid that age, never mind a naked one.”

Within minutes we were on the beach. Why couldn’t I have worked that out? I looked around and realised where I was.

“Can you see your parents anywhere?” One of the women asked.

“Gracias damar.” I said and ran off.

There I was, on my own, on the beach surrounded by hundreds of young people, completely naked. This was different from when I was there with the neighbouring kids. I was on my own instead of being with real kids that gave me cover. I was nervous and scared, and really wanted to cover my bits; but if I did it would attract attention. A little kid wouldn’t be embarrassed and trying to cover up.

I took a deep breath and started walking. After a couple of minutes with no one saying anything or really staring at me, I started to relax a bit; and even enjoy it. It felt good being naked amongst all those people wearing something, even if some of the girls were wearing just skimpy thongs. It wasn’t really sexually exciting, just good. I’d go so far as saying that just walking in amongst the people my AF was only a 1 or 2.

I wandered quite a distance, sometimes going for a swim in the sea before walking some more. My AF did increase one time after I’d just come out of the water; I was sat on the sand about 10 feet from the water’s edge with my knees up and open wide letting the sun tan my pussy when I saw a man lying on his stomach half in and half out of the water. He was pretending to look down the beach but I could tell that he was staring at my pussy. I left my legs open and quickly realised that I was getting wet. I have to admit that I was enjoying him watching me.

Does that mean that I am an exhibitionist?

Anyway, after a couple of minutes I decided that enough was enough and I stood up and walked on.

As I got close to the point where I needed to turn inland I stopped and again sat down looking out to sea. I hadn’t realised when I sat down, but I’d sat close to 2 English girls about my age. After a couple of minutes one of them said hello. I said hello back and she then said that I was brave being naked.

I said, “I’m only a kid and nobody cares.”

“I think that you’re older than you look.” She said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, the way that you were walking and then how you sat down, to me you act like someone much older than you look.” She said.

“What are you on about Clara?” the other girl said.

“How old do you think I am?” I asked.

“The way that you’re talking as well, I reckon that you’re about 20 or 21. Am I right?” Clara said. “What do you think Emma?”

“Now that you mention it, I see what you mean.” Emma said.

“Okay, busted.” I said. “I am 21, so what?”

“Hey, don’t get pissed, I’m just curious as to what you’re up to.” Clara said.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound upset, it’s just that I’m a bit surprised that you can tell. I’m just so used to people treating me like a 12 year old that I thought that I’d pretend to be one for a while.” I said.

“But why naked?” Emma asked.

“It started with me losing a bet with my boyfriend and having to strip off on the beach and walk back to where we’re staying. I decided that I’d enjoyed it and wanted to do it again. My boyfriend has had to go back to England and I just decided to see if I could do it on my own.”

“So you’re an exhibitionist then.” Emma asked.

“That’s what my boyfriend says, but I don’t think that I am. I just like being naked. It feels so free and natural.”

“I think that you’re incredibly brave.” Clara said.

We got talking about all sorts of things and before long I had forgotten that I was naked. Both Clara and Emma were topless, Emma wearing only and ‘normal’ bikini bottom and Clara only a side tie thong.

We even went for a swim together and had a good time messing about in the water, me not even remembering that I was totally naked.

After a couple of hours, Emma decided that she needed a drink and both of them decided to pack-up and got to a café. As they started to put their bikini tops on I asked them,

“Why don’t you leave the tops in your bag and go like that?”

Clara though for a minute then said,

“Tell you what Tanya we’ll go like this if you come with us.”

“Clara!” Emma said.

“I haven’t got any money with me.” I said.

“Don’t worry about that Tanya, it’ll be our treat. Besides I want to see you sat in a café dressed like that.”

Emma giggled.

Clara and Emma gathered their things together and we set off. Nobody took any notice of us as we left the beach and walked to a café. As we sat down Emma tried to cover her boobs, but Clara told her act normally.

Clara has the sort of breasts that I would like to have if I had proper breasts; ‘B’ cup, solid, shaped like cones, sat high and proud on her chest with small brown areolas, cute big nipples and not a hint of sag anywhere. Emma’s breasts are a ‘C’ cup and do sag just a little bit.

The waiter was obviously looking at their boobs when he took our order, and when he brought our drinks (alcoholic).

We stayed there for about an hour (and 3 drinks) before Clara and Emma (still topless) headed off back to their hotel and I set off back to the villa. We agreed to meet at 10pm that night in a particular bar.

As I walked back I didn’t try to hide, or look like a kid, I walked quite normally without anyone saying anything.

Back at the villa I showered, had a quick nap then skyped Ryan. As we slowly masturbated I told him all about my day and Clara and Emma. Ryan told me that I should invite them back to the villa to go skinny dipping. I asked him if he wanted me to skype him when they were there so that he could watch 2 more naked girls. Ryan laughed then said that he did.

After we’d both cum we talked about what I should wear when I went out to meet Clara and Emma that night. Ryan told me to wear one of the remote vibes. At first he said just the random zap remote controlled vibrator and nothing else, but in the end we agreed on the vibe, a tube top skirt, a sheer front tie top and my piercing jewellery with the chains hanging from the stirrups.

Ryan watched me as I got dressed. The last thing that I did before blowing Ryan a kiss, and switching the PC, off was to slide the vibe into my pussy and switch it on.

I got the first zap as I locked the villa before setting off to get some food.

As I walked down the street I could see and feel the chains dangling from my nipples and feel the chain attached to my clit hood banging against my thighs. I couldn’t see it, but the chain was dangling about 2 inches below the hem of my ‘skirt’. I felt good.

By the time I got to a café to get some food I was feeling quite horny but managed to eat without any incidents or embarrassment.

After that I went to the bar that I’d arranged to meet Clara and Emma. I got myself a drink and searched for them. I asked a guy what time it was and discovered that I was early so I climbed up onto a stool at the end of the bar to wait. As I climbed up my ‘skirt’ rode up and I was happy that it was quite dark in there as the ‘skirt’ was up round my hips. I shuffled it down a bit when I got on the stool but I was pleased that I was facing the bar as I couldn’t cover my bald pubes because crossing my legs would have made my display worse (for me that is).

A couple of guys tried to hit on me and I got another drink bought for me before Clara and Emma arrived. Clara was wearing a nice flowered, wrap micro skirt and a loose fitting tie-front top that left a big gap between her ‘B’s. Emma was wearing a tight fitting denim micro skirt and a loose fitting, short tube top that has elastic round the top to stop it falling down; with little tents showing where her nipples were hard.

As they got close to me Clara said that she was surprised to see that I had some clothes on, then she saw my nipple jewellery and the chains hanging from them and grinned,

“I want to get a closer look at those later.” She said.

I’d swivelled a bit on the stool to face them and Emma said,

“That makes 3 of us that are going commando tonight. Hey, what’s that down there?”

I pointed to my left nipple and said,

“I’ve got one of these hanging from my clit as well.”

Clara put her hands on my thighs and eased them apart. I didn’t resist and my whole pussy soon became visible to both of them.

“Nice!” Clara said, “And it looks like it’s making you horny as well.”

She put a finger to my pussy and slid it the full length of my slit and said,

“Definitely getting horny.” And she licked her finger.

It was the first time that a woman had done that to me and I was a bit shocked at first, then just as I was thinking that I got zapped by the vibe again. My face screwed-up for a second and I shivered.

“Sorry,” Clara said, “I didn’t think that you’d mind me doing that.”

“No, no, I quite liked it, it wasn’t you that made me jump; it’s this damn vibrator inside me that zapped me.”

“What!” Emma said.

I got off the stool, pulled my ‘skirt’ down to cover my butt and pussy and said,

“Let’s get a drink and find somewhere a bit quieter so that we can talk properly.”

We got the drinks and went and sat at a table outside, away from the speakers. As I sat down my ‘skirt’ rode up but I didn’t pull it down or cross my legs, leaving my bare pubes on display. Both Clara and Emma crossed their legs.

“Come on Tanya, spill, what’s this about a vibrator zapping you?” Clara asked.

I told them all about both vibrators that I’ve got, and some of the fun that I’ve had with them. They both loved it when I told them about my fun in the hotel in London.

By that time we’d had another couple of drinks and we were all ‘happy’. Emma wanted to move on so we left and walked down the road. We came to the bar that has the mechanical bull and I suggested that we go in and have a laugh at the people trying to ride it.

We got a drink and went and stood near the barrier watching. We had a good laugh when a man wearing running shorts with nothing underneath got thrown about and his cock came out of the bottom of his shorts. It started getting hard as it bounced about and the man looked as if he didn’t even know. He certainly looked shocked (or pretended to be) when he got thrown off and saw what was sticking up.

When a girl’s tits fell out of her top and she let everyone know that she too was going commando, Clara decided that she wanted to have a go. She also persuaded Emma and me to have a go as well. I didn’t tell her that I’d had a go a couple of days before.

We went and joined the queue to have a go and I saw that it was a different man operating the bull so there was no chance of the operator remembering me.

While we were waiting we saw 3 other girls ‘accidentally’ exposing themselves, only one of them was wearing knickers.

Emma went first. She looked quite scared as she was helped on and wrapped the rope round her hand. Her tight denim micro rode up so her bare butt was sat on the saddle and we could all see that she shaves her pubic hair off.

This bull operator was just as good as the one when I was there a couple of days before. It didn’t take him long to get her top up above her tits and her skirt up round her waist. Her ‘C’s really did wobble and bounce about quite nicely, much to the delight of the crowd. When he tipped the bull’s head right down there was a lot of cheering as that side of the room got a great view of her shinny butt and pussy.

When she got thrown off she quickly got to her feet and got herself decent again.

It was Clara’s turn next, and as she lifted her leg to use the man’s hands to help her on I got a glimpse of her bald pussy. So did a lot of other people.

I turned to Emma and said,

“This is going to be good.”

“I hope so; Clara loves to have an excuse to flash her goodies.” Emma replied.

Clara had her right hand wrapped in the rope to hold her on and was using her left arm for balance. Shortly after the bull started I saw Clara’s left hand go to her right hip and quickly do something to the fastener on her skirt. He left arm went back up in the air and nothing changed. A few seconds later her arm came down again and when it went up again her skirt fell undone. The next time her butt lifted up her skirt fell right off and on to the floor.

The cheers went up and the camera flashes seemed to be non-stop. The bull started going faster and more erratic. Emma turned to me and said,

“I just knew that she’d do something like that.”

The bull bounced and jerked about, but Clara’s ‘B’s stayed solid. It wasn’t long before her top came undone and her ‘B’s and rock hard nipples were on display.

That was the operator’s cue to start the bull dipping at the front and back. As the head went right down the same thing happened to Clara as it had to me; her butt went up in the air and her top slid over her head and off her free arm. Clara was now more naked than I had been.

The operator held the bull in that position and slowly turned it a full 360 degrees so that everyone of the audience got a great view of her butt and spread pussy. As her head went passed Emma and I, her face had a big grin on it, but at the same time she looked terrified.

When Clara had done the full 360 the operator raised the head and a very naked Clara was grinning from ear to ear.

The bull started jerking about and Clara’s grin disappeared. Instead she treated everyone to the sight of her very naked ‘B’s.

Just as Clara looked like she was about to fall off the operator raised the bull’s head right up, making Clara lean right back. Her legs went up to help her balance and she slid back on the saddle a bit. She was almost flat on her back with her legs spread and lots of people looking at her. Her only saving grace was that her right arm was partially covering her pubes.

The operator slowly spun her for a full 360 degrees so that everyone got a good look. As her head passed us she had that big grin again.

The operator lowered the bull’s head then jerked the bull so much that Clara went flying. As she flew through the air her top came off her wrist leaving her totally naked on her back on the floor. Of course she made sure that her legs were wide open, giving the boys close by an excellent view, and something to photograph.

The man went and helped Clara up and brought her back to Emma and me.

“My clothes?” Clara said. The man turned and went and found her top and skirt. When he got back Clara got dressed.

That left me, and I got zapped just as I put my foot on the hands of the man who was there to help me up. I stood there shaking with the man looking at my pussy and the chain hanging down.

As I regained my composure I heard someone shout,

“Ride it backwards!”

I looked at the man and asked him what that was. He explained that it meant sit on the bull facing its backside, not its head. I thought for a second and decided that I could do that. I told the man that I wanted to do that and we changed positions so that he could help me up.

I knew that it was a mistake as soon as I got on that bull. My tube top skirt went right up round my waist and looked like a belt. I lay along the bull on my back with my legs together on top of it. I wanted to keep some modesty, but I soon realised that I would have to put my legs down each side. That was it; my wide open pussy was on full display even before the thing even moved.

At least when I was the ‘right’ way round my right hand holding the rope was covering some of my pussy, but this time I was completely exposed.

The man got hold of my right hand and moved it behind me to the rope. He wound the rope round my hand and backed away.

I put my left hand up in the air and while I waited for the bull to start I was thinking that this was going to be the most embarrassing few minutes of my life.

As soon as the bull moved I felt the chains in my nipples bounce against my chest.

Round and round I went and just as was starting to feel dizzy, the bull stopped. Then it started bouncing. I felt my top getting looser and managed to look down and see that knot was coming undone.

“Oh no,” I thought, “not my top as well.”

But I could do nothing about it and as the knot un-tied itself my top opened displaying my nipples and jewellery for everyone to see. All my goodies were now on display.

The camera flashes were bright on my eyes and the cheers were deafening.

At last the bull stopped, but not for long. The bull’s head went right up and I lay there on my back, head high and legs low; virtually naked for everyone to see and hanging on for dear life. Right in the middle of that I got zapped again, that time it was a long, hard one.

The orgasm hit me. I don’t know if the operator realised what was happening or
if he just intended to keep me lying there for everyone to see while I was having my orgasm, and getting my photograph taken, or what; but he kept me like that as wave after wave of orgasm rolled over me.

I was still on the high when the bull moved again went round 360 degrees. It was as if the operator wanted everyone to see me hanging there, legs spread wide, just about totally naked, and having an orgasm.

As soon as the bull started jerking about again I went flying off. I landed right in front of Clara and Emma and was I still cumming as I looked up into their faces. Both their mouths were wide open, probably not believing what they were seeing.

The man came over to help me up, probably believing that my wobbly legs were because I was trying to walk over the inflated mat. He helped me over to Clara and Emma where Clara said,

“I might have known that you’d end-up just about naked Tanya. Your birthday suit seems to be your favourite outfit.”

Clara helped me put my top back on properly while Emma pulled my ‘skirt’ down to its proper place.

As we walked by the operator he told us that there was a free drink waiting for us behind the bar. As we walked there we got hit on a few times and groped quite a bit.

After finishing our drinks we decided to leave. Emma wanted to go for a midnight swim in the sea but Clara told her that there was a good chance that we’d get arrested because it was illegal. She’d seen cops patrolling the beach at night.

I told Clara and Emma that we could swim in the pool at the villa and we headed off there. On the way Clara took her skirt off and was waving it round her head.

“Trying to do a Tanya?” Emma asked.

“No I wasn’t,” Clara said as she took her top off. “Now I am.”

We all laughed and Clara stayed naked until we got to the villa. I let us in and we all went straight out the back. Clara was first in the pool as Emma and I had some clothes to take off. I also had the vibe (with flat battery) to squeeze out.

After a bit of splashing about Clara surfaced in front of Emma and started kissing her. I stared as th

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Part 07 cont

After a bit of splashing about Clara surfaced in front of Emma and started kissing her. I stared as they started making out. In the still water I could see their hands all over each other.

A couple of minutes later I slipped out of the pool and went inside, leaving them to it. I grabbed a towel and dried myself as I switched the PC on and skyped Ryan. He took a long time to answer and I suddenly remembered that it was the middle of the night and he had to go to work in a couple of hours.

When he answered I was full of apologies but he was really good and listened as I started to tell him all about my night.

I was about half way through when a still naked Clara and Emma walked in.

“There you are Tanya, we got worried about you. Is this the hunky Ryan then?”

Clara said, looking at the screen. Ryan was sat on the sofa with his laptop on the coffee table; just as naked as we were.

I introduced everyone and saw that Ryan was happy to see 2 more naked girls.

“Are you going to play with it?” Clara asked Ryan.

“I will if you will?” Ryan answered.

Clara put her hands over my shoulders and down to my nipples.

“Sorry we neglected you Tanya; please let us make up for it.”

When I said nothing, Clara gently pulled me up by my nipple chains and turned me round. Then she kissed me full on the mouth, and I mean a proper lover’s kiss, tongues and all.

It was the first time that I’d ever been properly kissed by a girl, and I’d enjoyed it. When we broke the kiss I turned to the screen and looked at Ryan. He was grinning and I just knew that he was happy for me.

Clara pulled me over to the bed and as we lay down she told Emma to turn the webcam to face us then to join us. She wanted Ryan to watch the 3 of us making love.

I was nervous at first as I’d never been with a girl before, never mind with 2 girls. It didn’t take long for Clara and Emma to get me relaxed and we were soon enjoying each other’s bodies.

I managed to look over to the screen at one point and saw Ryan wanking as he watched us. I hoped that he was recording the video.

I did a few ‘firsts’ that night; including using the cucumber on another girl (2 actually).

It was nearly dawn when I woke up.

DAY 19
I got up and remembered the PC. The skype call had ended but there was a message telling me to skype Ryan at work. I went and had a pee, cleaned my teeth and put some coffee on.

I went back into the bedroom and saw that Clara and Emma were still asleep so I skyped Ryan. When he answered I saw that he was in his cubicle at work and he had his earphones on so that no one else could hear me.

As he was asking me how I’d enjoyed myself the night before, one of his colleagues walked up to him and started watching me. I was still naked but all he could see was from my neck up as I was close to the webcam. I saw his face light up and looked at the window showing what they could see. I could see Clara had woken up and was sitting on the side of the bed, just as naked as I was, but showing a lot more than I was.
I backed away to let Ryan and his colleague have a better look at Clara and Emma who was just waking up.

“Got an audience again have we?” Clara asked.

“Sorry,” I said, “It was just Ryan but his work mates seem to be gathering round him to have a look. I hope you don’t mind?”

“Hell no, the more the merrier. There can’t be as many as there were last night; and I enjoyed that.” Clara said.

Emma put her arms round Clara and pulled her back flat onto the bed saying that it was too early. That left Clara’s pussy staring at the webcam. She must have known, but obviously didn’t care.

I remembered that only Ryan could hear me so I told him that everything was good and that I’d talk to him later. I then got on the bed and started caressing Clara’s pussy, just as much for mine and Clara’s enjoyment as for the audience.

What followed was almost a repeat of what happened a few hours earlier, except that we couldn’t find the cucumber. About half an hour later I looked at the PC to see that the skype call had ended.

We got up, got some coffee and went and sat by the pool. About an hour later we were all awake enough to think about what we were going to do. Clara and Emma both wanted me to join them in whatever we decided to do.

To help us decide we jumped into the pool for another skinny dipping session. While we were in there I saw the kids next door looking at us. If Jake had been old enough to appreciate what he was looking at he would have been a happy little bunny.

Eventually Clara suggested that we all go on their Hotel Rep’s Pub Crawl; but that wasn’t until that evening. In the meantime, both Clara and Emma wanted to go back to their hotel for the 3 ‘S’s and to clean their teeth. Clara said that we may not get back to the villa until the next day so we should sort out something for me to wear for the pub crawl.

Clara and Emma went to look through my clothes while I emailed Ryan to tell him that I may not be able to skype him that evening.

I had a quick shower then went to see what Clara and Emma were up to. Clara was wearing my material-less thong while Emma was still naked.

“Hey, I like this, can I borrow it please?” Clara said and left it on.

“Sure.” I said, “Have you found anything for me to wear tonight?”

“Yeah!” Emma said holding up Ryan’s blue string vest. “You’ll look good in this, and the guys will like it.”

“Right, what else will we need?” Clara asked.

I went to the drawer with the remote vibes in and held both the business parts up.

“How about these?” I asked.

“If it’s going to be a teasing night then I need to get off without a real cock inside me.” Emma said.

“Right,” I said as I unscrewed them and put new batteries in. “We can fight about who draws the short straw later.”

“Will you wear your jewellery tonight?” Clara asked me.

“If you want me to I will.” I replied.

“Yes please, and I’ll help you take it off for now.” Clara said as she moved in on me and started unscrewing one of my nipple barbells.

When she’d got both my nipples free of jewellery she pushed me back onto the bed and dived at my pussy. My legs automatically opened wide as Clara was unscrewing me she said,

“Every time I look at you pussy from this angle your hole is open and inviting me to dive in. Is it always like that?”

“I’ve noticed that as well.” Emma said.

“Yeah, always has been,” I said, “but the hole gets bigger the more aroused I get; and that’s before anyone touches me.”

“Wow! I wish mine was like that.” Emma said.

“Me too.” Clara said.

When Clara had finished removing my jewellery she flicked my clit (which made me gasp, especially as she’d been rubbing my pussy as she removed the jewellery), and said,

“Put those in your bag along with the vibes. Now, what else have I found?”

Clara went to the drawer and pulled out my chains with clamps on the ends and said,

“Are these what I think they are?”

“Probably.” I said and took them off her. “Shall I demonstrate them on you, me or Emma?”

Clara looked me in the eye then both of us smiled and turned to Emma, and in stereo said,


“Guys, at least let me put them on.” Poor Emma said.

We pushed Emma back on the bed and held her down because she was struggling a little bit. Clara was at Emma’s head and she managed to get on top of her and pin her arms down with her shins. Clara was facing Emma’s feet with her butt about a foot above her face.

Emma was still struggling so Clara lowered her butt until Emma’s face was full of her pussy. Emma stopped struggling.

She moaned a bit as I attached the nipple clamps. When I went to attach the clit clamp her clit her pussy was all wet and slippery. I had to go and get a couple of tissues to dry her before stretching her clit to put the clamp on.

All Emma’s struggling was long gone, but when I touched her clit she spread her legs wide and bucked her hips. I could hear muffled moans as I tightened the clamp.

I stood up and looked at them both. Clara was enjoying been eaten by Emma and Emma’s legs were wide open and inviting. I didn’t wait to be asked and got between Emma’s legs and started eating her dripping pussy.

They both orgasmed about the same time and I stood up and watched them jerking and shaking.

When they calmed down I said,

“Right girls, shall we get going?”

Clara rolled off Emma and said,

“I’m ready.”

“Are you planning on going to the hotel like that?” Emma asked Clara.

“Yeah, why not, and Tanya is going in her favourite outfit.”

“No I’m not; I’m going to put something on.” I said,

“Oh no you’re not young lady, you’re going just the way you were yesterday. No little sister of mine is going to wear any clothes.”

“What!” I said.

I started thinking. I’d been naked in public with the kids next door, even gone naked to the water park with them; and been naked in public on my own the previous day. Going naked with 2 adult looking girls would be easy.”

“Okay then, “I said, “but you (Clara) have to go wearing only my material-less thong and you (Emma) have to wear only the thong in that drawer.”

“Right, it’s settled then.” Clara said.

“Right then,” Emma said, getting up off the bed. “But I’m taking these off first. Tell you what; there are 3 of us, 2 vibes, and these clamps. Let’s take it in turns to wear these and the vibes tonight?”

Clara turned to me and said,

“Okay, I’m sure that we’ll be able to clamp these (squeezing and pulling my left nipple) even when they’ve got the other jewellery in.”

Emma finished unclamping herself and went to the drawer to get the thong.

“There’s only 1 thong in here, and it’s totally see-through.” Emma said.

“Yeah I know, I only own 2 pairs of knickers and you 2 will be wearing them.” I said.

While Emma was rummaging through the drawer my pink scarf fell out. Clara held it up and said,

“Can I borrow this too? It’ll make a great skirt.”

I said that she could and we gathered Clara and Emma’s clothes and put them in the bag. Satisfied that we’d got everything that we’d need, we locked-up and set off down the street. Emma was wearing only my see-through thong, Clara only my material-less thong and me totally naked.

As we passed the shop that I’d been getting groceries from, I asked Clara and Emma if they were hungry. When they said that they were I told them that I usually got a baguette for breakfast at that shop. We all stopped and went in.

It was the young girl serving and you should have seen her face when she saw us as we stood in front of her at the checkout. As usual, she just stared and did her job.

We ate the baguette as we walked.

As we got closer to the centre of town I saw a few people looking at us; well Clara and Emma. Why would they want to look at me when Clara and Emma’s tits leading us down the street? I don’t think that I was jealous.

We made it to their hotel and through reception without incident. While we waited for the lift Emma was looking at one of the notice boards and suddenly said,

“Shit, it’s a Fancy Dress Pub Crawl tonight.” 

“That’s fucked-up my plans for what to wear.” Clara said.

In the lift were a couple of guys that they knew and they complimented them on their outfits without even taking their eyes off their tits.

As we walked along the corridor to their room Emma said that she was thinking of writing on her chest ‘up here guys’ and drawing an arrow pointing to her face.

In their room we sat on the balcony as they took turns to do what they had to do. As Clara came out after her turn in the bathroom she was rubbing lotion into her pubes and saying,

“That’s better, smooth as my baby sister’s bum.”

We all laughed.

Looking down to the pool area I saw that there were only young people around the pool. I mentioned it to Clara and she told me that there were no kids there. The whole place was full of 18-30s.

“Ah! That’s why no one said anything when we walked through reception virtually naked. That must happen quite often.” I said.

“Yeah!” Clara said, “it’s not the first time that I’ve been naked down there although the other times I was a little drunk.”

When they had both finished in the bathroom we sat there thinking about what we could wear for the Fancy Dress Pub Crawl. Both Clara and Emma wanted me to wear just my jewellery, but what could I be (un)dressed like that. They both wanted to have a turn at wearing the clamps and chains; and they both wanted to have the vibes make them cum in public.

They only way that any of us could think of incorporating all those requirements was for us to go as slaves; but could we all be slaves, or would one of us have to be a female Master.

We were just pondering that point when the 2 young men in the next room came out onto their balcony and started talking to us 3 naked girls. We were all talking as if it was something that everyone did every day. Maybe it was for Clara and Emma, but not for me; I was embarrassed by the 2 men staring at me.

Emma asked one of them (Lewis) if they were going to the Fancy Dress Pub Crawl. Lewis said that he and Dylan were, but they hadn’t sorted out a costume yet.

“How about we 3 go as your slaves?” Clara said.

Lewis and Dylan looked stunned for a minute then both said that they would be happy to. We then talked about what we could all wear. Emma said that we must have the full works, collars, leads and handcuffs. She said that if we were going to do it then we were going to do it properly.

Lewis and Dylan could hardly believe that they were going to lead 3 virtually naked girls around town.

Clara dampened their enthusiasm a bit by saying that we didn’t have any of the equipment that we needed and might have to change our plans.

Lewis and Dylan took the hint and set off to find what they could.

When they were gone Clara said that as long as they could find something like rope we could improvise for the rest. I said that I was a little concerned that we would be naked out in public in an area where there would be quite a few policemen. Emma laughed and said that they’d seen quite a few naked girls around the bars and that as long as we weren’t causing any problems then we’d be okay. We relaxed knowing that everything was sorted.

After a while Emma suggested that we go down to the pool for a while. We agreed and Emma went and got my 2 thongs. She gave the underwear thong to Clara and told her that it was her turn to wear that one.

I asked what I could wear. Clara laughed and told me that I could wear my favourite suit, the one I was already wearing - my birthday suit.

I was apprehensive, but a little excited as we set off down the corridor. We didn’t see anyone until we got out to the pool. There we walked round the pool to where there were 3 sun loungers free. As we walked some of the guys there said hello to Clara and Emma. One guy asked who the kid was. Clara told him that I was her little sister and to keep his hands off.

We lay on the sun loungers and ordered a drink when the waiter came round. None of us crossed our legs and the waiter must have had a good look at our pussies (Clara had pulled the underwear thong up at the front), so must the steady stream of guys that came to chat with us. It turned out that Clara and Emma had spent quite a bit of time by that pool and had become quite popular with the guys. I wondered how many of them they’d screwed.

Most of the guys praised both Emma and Clara on their choice of bikinis.

The constant stream of guys all stared at me, some of them even talking to me. It was quite embarrassing listening to them talking to me and watching their eyes that were glued to my pussy. When one cute guy started talking to me with his eyes on my pussy I felt a wet rush and involuntarily opened my legs a bit so that he could get a better look. After he’d gone Clara told me that she’d seen what I did and that she’d have to keep an eye on me. She didn’t want her little sister getting herself fucked.

Emma laughed and asked me if it was a case of ‘what happens on holiday stays on holiday’.

I told them that it wasn’t and that I wouldn’t do anything without Ryan’s permission; that he’d wanted me to get fucked by the 2 hunks in the erotic dancing club.

“What!” Clara said, “You didn’t tell us anything about that. Come on, tell us all about it.”

So I did.

When I’d finished I had a very wet pussy.

Emma asked me where this club was, saying that she wanted to go. I told her and promised to show her later on.

My pussy was still wet and my clit was more swollen than normal when the next guy came to talk to Clara and Emma. When he sat on the end of my sun lounger to talk to them I realised that my legs were quite wide apart again. What’s more, the guy kept looking at my pussy and open hole. One time that I was watching him watching me (my pussy), my pussy twitched and the guy’s eyes opened wide for a second. I hadn’t planned on doing that, it just happened, but with the reaction that I got I decided to do it again, and again.

The man left shortly afterwards and I saw a big bulge in his shorts.

Clara turned to me and told me to stop teasing. I laughed and said sorry.

“Don’t be.” Said Emma, “It’s fun doing things like that.”

I looked over to her and saw that her knees were about a foot apart as well.

We went for a swim and joined an impromptu game of water polo. It quickly became obvious that it was just an excuse for the guys to grope the girls, but none of us were complaining (there were 3 other girls in there as well as us, all were topless). I wasn’t complaining either, especially when one guy put some fingers in my hole with the palm of his hand on my pubic bone. He lifted me right out of the water with that hand.

After the game descended into more groping than polo, someone suggested that we change the setup so that each of the guys had a girl on their shoulders. I got paired with a cute guy and when he dived to get between my legs I came up out of the water wrong way round on his shoulders. I screamed for help as he started eating my pussy.

I didn’t scream for long, and as everyone else watched he continued to eat me while I pulled at his hair. The bastard made me cum right in front of everyone. Everyone cheered, but as soon as he released his grip on me I dropped off him and swam away from him.

I stood at the side of the pool while the guy promised to play nicely, and properly. When he lifted me onto his shoulders the proper way round we joined in the game.

When people started losing interest we got out and went to the sun loungers. It was then that I noticed that Clara had lost my thong. Someone had untied it and it had floated off.

I told her and she went and walked round the pool, totally naked and looked for it. When she saw it she dived in and retrieved it. She didn’t put it back on.

The sun loungers were the type that have straps stretched across them and when I went to lay on one that time I lay face down. I wanted to work on my back tan. I hadn’t spread a towel over the sun lounger and when I lay down my nipples went through the gap between 2 straps. I quickly realised that there was no pressure on my nipples and looked over to Clara and Emma. Clara was laying the same way. The thing was, one of the straps on her sun lounger was missing and her tits were hanging through the gap. She looked real cute.

Emma was sat up on her sun lounger and after a few minutes she asked me if I ever kept my legs together. Without realising it I had opened my legs and had my feet over the sides of the sun lounger. I turned my head to face Emma and said,

“I don’t like white patches between my thighs; besides, Clara is laying the same way.”

“Same as Tanya.” Clara said.

After a while another guy came to talk to us. I should have closed my legs but I didn’t. Instead I asked myself why I always opened my legs when a guy was around. It’s like my pussy wants to be seen, like I want these men to look into my hole.

I had to smile when I looked at Clara she too had kept her legs open. Emma was sat up, and she too had open legs. Maybe it’s some natural instinct that women have.

The guy got dismissed by Clara, but shortly after that Lewis and Dylan appeared. Both Clara and I turned onto our backs, but again, we both had open legs. The guys told us that they’d got everything sorted, but that it would cost us. When Clara asked what it would cost them Lewis grinned.

Clara knew what he meant and both she and Emma went off with them, leaving me to stay on the sun lounger alone. It wasn’t long before a couple of guys tried to hit on me. It was embarrassing laying there naked with my legs open and these guys standing next to me looking down at my naked body. My brain was telling me to close my legs but they just wouldn’t move.

Each time one of them looked at my pussy I wished that it was Ryan standing there looking at me. One of the guys looked a bit like Ryan, and sounded a bit like him, and I felt myself getting wetter thinking that it was Ryan.

It was the guys that stood at the foot of the sun lounger that embarrassed me the most. I just knew that they were looking right into my hole. Why wouldn’t my legs close and stay closed?

Eventually (probably about 30 minutes) Clara and Emma returned looking quite happy. I said that it wasn’t fair that they were paying Lewis and Dylan and I wasn’t doing anything. Clara told me not to worry, they’d enjoyed it, and they’d told Lewis and Dylan about Ryan, but they’d also promised that I’d give them both a blow job later.

I blushed and said that I didn’t know if I could do it.

Emma said,

“Don’t worry about it Tanya, by the time that they want it you’ll be gagging for something to happen.”

Clara giggled.

We stayed there for about another hour before Clara said that we should go and get something to eat before we got ready for the Pub Crawl. She said that we had better go and put some clothes on before going out, so we went up to their room and found something to wear.

Clara used my pink scarf as a skirt (totally see-through) and my bikini top which was so small that it only just covered her areolas. Emma wore my underwear thong and one of her string bikini tops; and I wore Ryan’s string vest.

We went to a café and had a big meal because we knew that we were probably going to drink a lot later.

On the way back to Clara and Emma’s room I stopped at the hotel’s internet PC and emailed Ryan to tell him what I was doing and that I probably wouldn’t get back until very late.

Ryan must have been sat waiting for me to skype him because I got a message back almost straight away telling me to enjoy myself and do whatever I wanted to do.

I emailed him back with love and kisses.

As I went up to Clara and Emma’s room I realised that Ryan was telling me that I could fuck someone if I wanted to. I didn’t think that I wanted to.

When I got to the room both Clara and Emma were in the shower – together. They told me that we had to get ready as Lewis and Dylan would be there in a couple of minutes to get us dressed.

They got out of the shower and I got in. Three minutes later I was drying myself as I walked out of the bathroom to see 2 naked girls stood in front of Dylan and Lewis.

“Come on Tanya, Lewis is about to handcuff us.” Clara said.

“Wait!” I said, “I’ve got to put my jewellery in.”

“I’m sure that Lewis or Dylan will do that for you, won’t you guys?” Emma said.

“Our pleasure.” Lewis and Dylan said in stereo.

I stood next to Clara and put my hands behind my back. The next thing that I felt was Lewis crossing my wrists and putting a big electrical cable tie on them. Thankfully he didn’t fasten it too tight, telling us that he couldn’t get any proper handcuffs, but the cable ties would do. He didn’t fasten them too tight as he didn’t want to hurt us. He said that they were loose enough that we should be able to get out of them if we lubricated our hands and wrists.

When he was putting the cable tie in Emma’s wrists she grabbed his cock through his shorts and said,

“Will this sort of lubrication do?”

Dylan started putting proper dog collars on us. They didn’t look very nice, but they were genuine dog collars. Lewis clipped proper leads on to the collars and let them hang down our fronts.

“Now, what’s this about some jewellery?” Lewis asked. I told him what and where it was, and he went and got it.

“I guess that we’d better do what the lady asks.” Lewis said, giving some of it to Dylan then telling me to lie back on the bed.

They both found the holes in my nipples okay, but they had real trouble finding the hole in my clit hood. Well at first I thought they were having trouble, but as they massaged my clit I decided that they were only playing with me.

Fortunately they ‘found’ the hole before I had an orgasm and screwed the barbell tightly on with the chain on the stirrup.

“Thank you guys,” I said, “can you pull me up so that I can tell you how to get Clara and Emma ready.”

They did then Dylan said,

“I didn’t know that either of you 2 have piercings as well.”

“We haven’t,” Emma said, “Tanya’s got some other goodies that you will have to put in and on us.”

“What, inside you, what the hell have you got Tanya?” Lewis asked.

I told Lewis to go into my bag and get out the two stainless steel bullet shaped things. When he found them I told him that they had to push one of them up each of Clara and Emma’s vaginas.

“I’m going to enjoy this.” Lewis said as he pushed Clara back onto the bed and opened her legs.

“Oww! That’s cold.” Clara shouted. Emma gasped.

“Push them right up as far as you can.” I told them.

Both Lewis and Dylan took the opportunity to play with the girls pussies, but they both stopped once they’d got them worked up.

“So what do they do?” Dylan asked.

“In my bag you’ll also find 2 little black boxes with switches and knobs on them, can you get them please?” I asked.

When Lewis had them I explained what the switches and knobs did then told them to switch them on and set them to low. I got Lewis to set the random zap vibe to constant, just like the other one.

When they burst into life both Clara and Emma gasped in surprise then settled to a smile.

“So both those bullet things are now vibrating inside their pussies?” Dylan asked.

“Yes, and they will keep going until the batteries run out or someone switches them off.” I said then asked Lewis to put the controls back in my bag.

“One more thing Lewis,” I said, “in my bag you’ll find some chain with 3 little clamps on the ends, can you get them out and lay it out on the bed please?”

When he’d done that I explained what it was and then asked them to decide who was going to wear it first.

Lewis and Dylan decided to flip a coin, Emma lost and they moved in on Clara.

“Pull her nipples to get them to their full length first.” I said, and watched as Clara enjoyed hands from 2 different guys on her ‘B’s.

“Oww!” Clara shouted as Dylan tightened his clamp too tight.

He loosened it a bit and asked if Clara was okay.

“Now the clit clamp.” I said.

Lewis and Dylan flipped a coin again and Dylan spread Clara’s legs even wider.

“Make sure that her clit is hard before you put it on. Lewis, can you get Dylan a tissue, Clara’s clit needs to be dry when the clamp goes on.”

“That’s going to be difficult the way her pussy is gushing at the moment.” Lewis said.

“Make her cum then you’ll have a short time to get it on before she starts gushing again.” I said.

“Tanya, if you’re trying to embarrass me you’re failing, I’m really enjoying this.” Clara said.

“I can see that you are.” I said as Lewis got to work on her clit.

Lewis started finger fucking her as well. As Clara started to cum Lewis told us that he could feel the vibrator throbbing away. 

Clara started to come down from her high and Lewis quickly dried her clit and put the clamp on.

“Tell me if it’s too tight.”

“Oww! Not so tight please?” Clara asked.

“Okay, were done, will you 2 help us up then go and get ready yourselves?” Emma asked.

We were stood up and the guys disappeared.

“Wow, I can’t believe that were really doing this.” I said as Clara went to the mirror and looked at her self.

“Believe it Babe,” Clara said, “it’s really happening and we’re going to love every minute of it. By the way, where did you get this? I want one.”

A few minutes later Lewis and Dylan arrived back. Both of them had togas, made out of bed sheets, on. They both had belts on to keep them in place, but Lewis hadn’t got his sheet right round him and it was obvious that he wore nothing underneath.

“Right girls, one more thing to stop you screaming and complaining.” Lewis said as he pulled something from behind his back.

He had 3 table tennis balls with string going through them.

Lewis gave one to Dylan and they put a ball into Clara and Emma’s mouth and fastened it in place with the string round their necks as I stood there mesmerised. I’d never even seen one of those, even on the porno movies that Ryan and I had watched on the internet.

When Lewis came to me and told me to open my mouth I just did it without even thinking. When he’d finished I tried to talk but it sounded like garbled rubbish.

I started having visions of lots of guys gangbanging us and us not even being able to scream.

“Relax girls,” Lewis said, “You’re not going to come to any harm. We’ll stop anyone from doing anything that you don’t want. If you want us to stop anyone from doing anything all you have to do is shake your head sideways and we’ll stop them.”

I relaxed a bit as Dylan and Lewis led us out of the room and down the corridor.

We were to meet the rest of the Pub Crawlers in the hotel bar and when we went in the whole place went silent for a second before everyone started cheering. All of a sudden we were the stars of the party. That didn’t stop me from being sooo embarrassed.

I looked round, most of the guys were wearing togas but one was in some speedos with a priest’s collar round his neck. Another guy was in speedos and had the superman logo painted on his chest. Most of the girls were in very skimpy costumes. Two were in suspenders, stockings, thongs and push-up bras. Three more were dressed in schoolgirl outfits, one with a skirt that didn’t even cover her bare butt. One was wearing a sarong as a toga that was see-through and obviously way too small for her as it didn’t cover much at all. I couldn’t see any underwear.

There was another girl across the room wearing tight fitting shorts and a matching top. They looked good but something didn’t look quite right. I didn’t get to work out what it was because someone moved and blocked my view.

Lewis and Dylan got us a drink with a straw and we discovered that they could push the straw alongside the table tennis ball and we could suck the drink. At least we weren’t going to die of thirst.

Some of the single guys came over to us and tried to talk to us. Couldn’t they see that our mouths were a little full?

After a while a holiday rep came in. When she saw us she stared for a few seconds then said,

“Well, that’s a first, you’d better keep a low profile, I don’t want to have to bail you out of jail tomorrow morning.”

I started to get worried as she started to organise us and tell us where we were going. A few minutes later we all set off behind the rep. I was glad that it was dark outside.

As we walked with Dylan and Lewis almost pulling us by the leads, some of the guys were saying rude things to us. One of them grabbed my ass and held it for a few seconds before letting go.

At one point Emma just stopped and jerked her lead free from Dylan. She just stood there and started shaking. She had an orgasm right there in the street with loads of people around.

Dylan, Lewis, Clara and I stopped and waited for Emma to get capable of continuing. Fortunately it didn’t take long and we managed to keep up with the rest of the group.

Clara’s first orgasm hit her just after we got into the first bar. It was crowded and people were brushing up against us. Dylan and Lewis went to get us all a drink leaving us 3 very helpless near a pillar. One guy got in front of Clara facing her and I could see his hand groping her pussy. I don’t know if he was tugging the chain clamped to her clit or not, but all of a sudden Clara’s eyes opened wide and she started shaking and jerking. The guy had a big grin on his face.

Emma looked as if she was getting groped as well. So was I. A guy stood next to me was gently pulling one of my nipple chains. I was trying to tell him to stop but of course he couldn’t hear what I was trying to say.

He did stop, but his hand slid down my front to my pussy. He found my chain and started playing with it, gently tugging it then pushing the end of it into my hole along with his finger. His other hand was on my butt and squeezing me.

It felt good and I was getting wetter, probably an AF of 5; but it wasn’t Ryan. I was happy, but scared and unhappy. I was looking at Emma and guessed that she was cumming again.

Lewis and Dylan got back to us and told the gropers to go away. They had 5 bottles of beer in their hands and soon realised that we couldn’t drink them.

“Sod it!” Lewis said and gave Dylan the 2 bottles that he was holding.

He loosened the knots on our ball gags just enough so that we could push them out and let them hang round our necks. They then held the beer bottles to our mouths so that we could drink the contents.

Dylan seemed to think that I wanted to drink the whole bottle in one go and I had a bit of trouble stopping myself from choking; letting some of the beer spill out of my mouth and run down my body.

When we’d finished the beers Lewis and Dylan put the ball gags back in our mouths. I suppose that we could have pushed them out again, but none of us did. I’d also tried to slide one hand out of the cable tie round my wrists. I got close to succeeding, and thought that I could get free if I tried a bit harder, but instead I pushed my hand back the other way so that I was still tied up.

There was a bit of dancing going on in one corner of the bar and Lewis and Dylan pulled us over there and told us to dance.

Have you ever tried to dance with your hands tied behind your back? We tried, and moved our hips around, but I felt stupid and must have looked stupid as well.

While we were dancing I saw the girl in funny looking matching shorts and top. She was dancing close to us with a man and as I looked at her I realised what was funny about her outfit. It was paint. She was as naked as we were.

After a few minutes the group started leaving and Dylan and Lewis pulled us out of the bar. As we walked along the street in amongst the crowd Emma had another orgasm, the vibe was working well in her pussy.

Fortunately we were just outside the pub that the group was going in to so we followed when we could. There were 2 bouncers on the door and they both smiled as Lewis and Dylan led us in. I wasn’t as embarrassed as I had been, probably because the alcohol was starting to work.

Lewis and Dylan left us stood in front of a table with just guys sat at it while they went for some drinks. Emma was stood with her back to the table itself while Clara and I had our backs to guys that were sat there. It didn’t take long for them to start grabbing our butts.

When a finger started going down my butt crack to my butt hole and pussy I automatically spread my feet to about shoulder width. My brain told me to clamp my thighs together, but my feet just moved apart. From behind me I heard a man say,

“Fucking hell, the slut wants me to finger her; she’s just spread her legs for me.”

He was right, I had, but I hated myself for doing it.

The man started finger fucking me. He was skilled in doing that and I started cumming.

Some other guys came and stood in front of us and one tugged the chain clamped to Clara’s right tit. She started to cum. The guy couldn’t believe what was happening. He might have if he’d known what she had purring away up her hole.

Lewis and Dylan got back and the guys moved off. The guy that was finger fucking me kept going, probably knowing that Lewis and Dylan couldn’t see him.

This time Lewis and Dylan had got us some shot as well as the beers and when they pulled the ball gags out they fed them to us quite quickly. I nearly choked a couple of times.

We didn’t stay long in that bar and moved on to another one. This one was quite big, and not very busy. Well it wasn’t until we all arrived.

Lewis and Dylan took us to the quiet part of the pub then lifted us up and sat us on the deserted end of the bar. 

 “It’s time to move a few things around.” Lewis said and told us to spread our legs wide.

Lewis went in between Clara’s legs and put his finger round her clit clamp. He pulled it and twisted it round as Clara moaned and cringed. Just as she started cumming Lewis took the clamp off.

Clara sounded to be saying,

“Noooo!” as if she wanted him to leave it there.

I looked round and saw that we had an audience of about 10 guys and girls.

Lewis ignored them and removed the clamps from Clara’s nipples. Then he turned to the audience and asked for a volunteer to suck some life back into Clara’s nipples.

A geek looking guy stepped forward and Lewis told him to get on with it.

While the geek was working on Clara’s nipples Lewis took the clamps to Emma and clamped her nipples. When that was done he lifted the front of his toga, wiped Emma’s pussy dry then pulled her clit as far as it would go and put the clamp on it. Emma let out a muffled scream as Lewis tightened the clamp.

Then Lewis told Emma to squeeze the vibe out. Emma struggled and Dylan told her to pretend that she was giving birth. The vibe eventually slid out and Lewis managed to catch it. As it touched his hand he shouted,

“Woah! Blood hell, that’s been doing that inside your pussy since we left the hotel. I’m surprised that you’ve only cum 3 times.”

Lewis turned to the audience and asked for another volunteer. The geek’s geek mate stepped forward and Lewis gave him the vibrator. He nearly dropped it when he realised that it was vibrating.

“Put that inside Tanya.” Lewis said to him.

My eyes opened wide. Lewis had just told a complete stranger, a geek at that, to push a vibrator up my pussy. I really wanted to clamp my thighs together, but they wouldn’t move.

Geek 2 asked which one of us was Tanya then came over to me and gently pushed the vibe into my open hole. It was a good job that my hole was open and visible because Geek 2 looked as if he’d never been near a girl’s pussy before.

Geek 2 gingerly pushed the vibe just inside me then stepped back. It wasn’t far enough in and was in danger of sliding out. I tried to use my pussy muscles to pull it further in but was struggling as Lewis told Geek 2 to push it right in.

Geek 2 stepped forward and slowly slid a finger inside me and pushed it a bit further in.

“No, no, push your whole hand in and get it right up her.” Lewis said.

My eyes opened wide.

Fucking hell, Lewis was telling Geek 2 to fist me. I looked down and was glad to see that Geek 2 had small hands.

Thankfully, Geek 2 didn’t know what he was doing and left his thumb where it normally is. He only got his fingers inside me but his thumb was pressing on my clit. This was enough to make me cum. When I started shaking and jerking Geek 2 jumped back wondering what the hell was going on.

Just about everyone else in the audience knew what was happening and laughed at poor Geek 2.

Lewis pulled Geek 1 away from Clara’s tits telling him that her tits were well and truly alive now. They looked rock hard and very wet with Geek 1’s saliva. I wondered if he’d thought to chew them.

Dylan appeared with a tray of shots and beers and Lewis pulled our ball gags out of our mouths. They stood in between our spread legs and poured the drinks into our mouths. Just before they put our ball gags back in our mouths Emma said that she had to go and pee. Clara and I said that we needed to go as well so Lewis and Dylan lifted us off the bar and led us to the Gents toilet.

I was expecting to have to stand over the toilet bowl and pee, but Lewis told us to stand in front of the urinals, lean back and pee. That was a first for me and at first I found it difficult, but by the time I was about finished I was able to direct my pee where I wanted.

Another first for me was that when I’d finished Lewis got a piece of toilet roll and wiped me. He did the same for Emma and Clara as well.

A guy came in while we were there and just stood there in amazement until we left.

Shortly after we got back to the bar the group moved on to the next bar.

It was another big one but it was busier, and it had a little stage there.

Again, Lewis and Dylan got us some drinks while we were left to get groped. We were there for long enough for us to have 2 rounds of drinks. Just as we were finishing them the holiday rep got on the microphone and announced that they were going to judge the fancy dress outfits.

There must have been about a hundred people gathered around that stage.

The holiday rep got some silence the held up a piece of paper and said that it was a list of people who wanted to enter the fancy dress competition. I hoped that we weren’t on that list.

One by one the people on the list were called up to the stage and 4 reps (2 male, 2 female) looked them over. The girl in the painted shorts and top was called up and she got a lot of cheers, especially as she stood up there with her legs apart. Everyone could see the shape of her labia and clitoris.

When the rep announced that there was only one more entry on the list I started to relax believing that it must be one person. My heart dropped as she read out,

“Lewis and Dylan and their slaves.”

The vibe inside me was getting me close to cumming and the last thing that I needed was to have to go up on the stage for a hundred or so people to have a good look at my naked body; but Lewis and Dylan moved forward pulling us behind them.

The crowd burst into cheers and rude comments as soon as the 3 of us climbed on the stage.

We had to stand there as the rep asked Lewis and Dylan all sorts of stupid questions. It didn’t help when Lewis told everyone that it was our idea for us to be naked and tied up.

What I hadn’t realised when we first went on the stage was that I had stood there with my legs about 2 feet apart. When I realised how I was exposing myself I cursed my body. It was ruling my brain – again. My body was deliberately exposing my pussy; this time to about 100 people. Why are women’s brains so stupid when it comes to being naked in front of men?

Half way through the stupid questions the vibe took me over the top and I closed my eyes and started cumming. If I could have screamed I would have. It would have been a mixture of embarrassment and pleasure. Why does my body crave embarrassment and humiliation?

Anyway, the 4 judges chose us as the winners and gave us 2 bottles of what was probably very cheap champagne.

The holiday rep thanked everyone and told us that the guided Pub Crawl was over and we could do our own thing. She told us that she and the other reps were going to a club and that we could join them if we wanted to.

Before she left the stage, the rep came over to us and asked us if we were going on the Bike Ride in a couple of days. Clara pushed the ball gag out of her mouth and asked,

“What Bike Ride?”

“The WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride) Magaluf leg,” the Rep said.

Emma’s eyes lit up and I turned to make sure that I was hearing right.

“It’s a Bike Ride from one end of Magaluf to the other and all the riders have to be naked. It happens in just about every big city in the world and we’ve decided to have one here as well. We thought that lots of you young people would be up for it. We’ve reserved 50 bikes and places are going fast.”

“When is it?” Clara asked.

The rep told her then Clara turned to me and asked it that was the day before I went home. When I nodded, Cara turned back to the rep and told her that we’d have 3 places and that she’d sort out the money the next day.

I had mixed feelings about riding a bike, naked, through Magaluf. I’d enjoyed my bike rides with Ryan and the exercise bike in the hotel in London, but naked through the main street of Magaluf with hundreds of people watch; I wasn’t sure.

I didn’t have time to dwell on it for long because Lewis and Dylan led us down from the stage and told us to sit on the front edge of the stage. Lewis then told us to lay back. For some strange reason, when we did, all 3 of us opened our legs wide, it was if we wanted everyone to come up and have a close look at our dripping pussies.

I certainly wasn’t expecting what happened next. Lewis opened one on the bottles of champagne. When I saw him do that I expected him to offer us a drink, but he didn’t; he put his thumb over the top and shook the bottle. What he did next really surprised me even more. He held the bottle to my pussy and as he pulled his thumb off he pushed the neck of the bottle into my pussy.

The champagne erupted into my pussy and gave me one of the strangest feelings that I have ever had; strange, but nice.

Lewis then did the same with Emma and Clara. When he did it to Emma she had an orgasm.

The next thing that Lewis did surprised me as well. He shouted for 9 volunteers.

“What the hell is going on?” I thought.

When he had the 9 (6 young men and 3 girls) he split them in to 3 groups of 3. He then told 1 of each 3 to go behind us and hold our backs to their chests. Each one of them held us by our breasts (nipples in my case).

The other 2 with each of us were instructed to stand outside our legs then lift us up to about their waist height. Naturally each pair held our legs wide apart.

He then told them to carry us all round the bar, letting anyone play with our pussies if they wanted to.

Believe it or not, the girls were worse than the guys. The young men just wanted to finger fuck us, but the girls pulled and twisted our clits as well as finger fucking us hard. One slightly drunk girl fucked me with the bottle of beer that she was drinking. I felt it hit the vibrator that was inside me.

The 3 carrying me even took me outside on to the street and told a passing young man that he could finger fuck me.

God, I really did want to be fucked after that. Towards the end of that tour of the bar the vibe and the excitement got the better of me and I had about my fifth orgasm of the night.

Eventually we were taken back to the stage and put back on our feet. I was knackered. Clara and Emma looked knackered as well. Lewis and Dylan must have seen that as well because they decided that it was time for us to head back to their hotel. They weren’t being that nice to us because they left our wrists tied and the ball gags in our mouths until we got back to Clara and Emma’s room.

It was so good to be back there. After they freed us the first thing that I did was to squeeze the vibe out; right there in front of Lewis and Dylan. Clara needed a bit of help getting the vibe out of her pussy, but Emma managed to free her nipples and clit on her own.

Clara and I went for a shower leaving Emma having her nipples and clit sucked back to life by Dylan and Lewis. When we got out of the shower the 3 of them were all asleep on Emma and Clara’s bed.

“Shit,” Clara said, “I was hoping to get fucked tonight.”

“Will I do?” I said.

“Of course you will, but it’s not the same as a real live cock.”

“I know.” I said and we went next door and flopped onto one of the beds.

We started making out, but we never finished because we both fell asleep.

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 08 - House Sitting – Week 3+ part 2

DAY 20
I woke up to the sun shining through the window and wondered where the hell I was. There was a clock on a table and I saw that it was nearly 12 o’clock. Then I saw Clara, curled up with a sheet over her.

I rolled over to her and started kissing her all over. After a few minutes she woke up and we finished what we started the night before.

We went next door and found Emma riding Lewis’s cock. Dylan was still asleep.

Clara and I looked at Dylan then each other.

“Do you want him?” Clara asked.

“No it’s okay, you have him, I’ll watch.” I said.

Clara move in on Dylan and sucked his cock until he woke up, then she mounted him.

It was fun watching the 4 of them and before I knew it I was masturbating as Dylan watched both Clara and me.

All good things come to an end and the boys decided to go back to their room.

We showered and decided that we were hungry. I still had all my jewellery in/on and decided to leave them where they were.

We also decided that we needed a few quiet hours so we put some clothes on, gathered all my bits and headed for a café on the way to the villa. We knew that we could have some peace and quiet there. Just for a laugh we put the dog collars on as well.

I was wearing only Ryan’s vest, Clara was wearing just a thin micro skirt and thinner, see-through top that came to half way down her stomach; while Emma wore a pleated skirt that didn’t completely cover her butt and a spaghetti strapped thin cotton top showing her pokies.

We found a café and had a late breakfast and coffee. When we got moving again we all felt a little better. We passed the street with the erotic dancing club and Clara saw a sign for it and asked,

“Is that the place that you were talking about, where you got well and truly fucked in front of Ryan?”

“Yeah,” I said, “do you want to go and have a look?” I asked.

We walked down the street and as we got to it I saw Jackie, the woman host come out carrying some posters. She saw us and said,

“Oh Hi Tanya, how are you?”

“Okay thank you, and you?”

“I’m good thank you,” Jackie said, “these 2 must be the other 2 slaves from last night, how are you both?”

“How did you know that?” Emma asked.

“I was in the bar last night watching the fun you were having.” Jackie said with a big grin on her face.

All 3 of us blushed.

“Tanya, do you fancy having a repeat performance sometime, you were amazing the last time,” Jackie woman asked.

“Err no, Ryan isn’t here and I couldn’t do it without him here,” I said.

“Shame, has Tanya told you about her little exhibition?” Jackie said looking at Clara and Emma. “How about you two, do you fancy having a bit of fun? I’m looking for some girls to take part in the show tonight and after last night’s performance I’d say that you 2 were just the sort of girls that I’m looking for. I’ve got a couple of regulars but some new girls would make it so much better.”

“I’m not an exhibitionist.” I said.

“Of course you’re not, you just like having a bit of fun just like the rest of us.” Jackie said. “Girls, how about it, do you want to have some fun?”

“I’m up for it.” Emma said.

“That’s 2 of us.” Clara said, “Come on Tanya, I’m sure that Ryan won’t mind, after all, it was his idea to bring you here last time.”

“Well yes, but I’ll have to talk to him before then.” I said.

“Great, that’s fixed then. Be back here at 10 o’clock. Oh, Tanya, it may be best if you don’t wear that or those.” Jackie said pointing to my pussy then my nipples.

“What shall we wear?” Emma asked.

“Nothing!” Jackie said as she turned to finish changing another poster.

We walked off and Emma said,

“Shit, what have we let ourselves in for?”

I laughed and said,

“I’m not sure, but I’ll guarantee that we’ll enjoy it.”

We had a great afternoon at the villa doing nothing but talk and swim and topping up out all-over tans.

The sun started to go down and we felt a little hungry. After a shower and teasing our girly parts a bit I decided to skype Ryan and bring him up to date; and tell him that I loved him.

Clara and Emma left me alone with him for a while and I told him all about my adventures as a slave and what I had let myself in for at the erotic dancing club. Ryan said that he hoped that I would enjoy myself as much as I had the first time.

We’d started masturbating for each other and I was getting close when Clara and Emma burst in. They were still naked too. They looked at Ryan, made a couple of nice comments about his cock then told him that they’d come to ‘pleasure his girlfriend into going out for a drink with them’.

Ryan asked if he could watch. Emma adjusted the webcam so that it had a good view of the bed and then they pounced on me.

I have to say that being made love to by 2 beautiful women is something that every girl should experience. It was heaven.

When they’d had their way with me we went to the PC and Clara stuck one of her tits right in front of the webcam.

“That’s it sweetie,” she said, “we’re going to hit the town now, next episode tomorrow evening;” and she shutdown the PC

Clara and Emma put on what they wore to the villa (the only clothes that they had there) then got some clothes out for me. They dressed me in the pink see-through scarf for a skirt and my bikini top. Before they let me out of the door they put all 3 barbells and stirrups in, and all 3 chains on my clit stirrup. They really did want things bouncing against my clit.

As we walked down the main drag looking for a café I asked Clara if she could see my chains dangling.

“Of course,” she said, “if I couldn’t I would have taken that scarf off you.”
For once I was glad that I was wearing a see-through ‘skirt’.

We ate and drank, rejected a few hits on us and then took a couple of bottles back to the villa to wait until it was time to go to the club. I started getting nervous and said that I didn’t have anything to wear. Emma laughed and said that Jackie had said that we weren’t to wear anything.

“We can’t go there naked.” I said.

“Why not?” Clara said, “We’ve been round town without any clothes on before, why should this be any different?”

“It’s a night club with selected customers.” I said.

“Jackie DID say that we were to wear nothing.” Clara said.

“She must have been joking. She wouldn’t expect us to arrive there naked; would she?” I said.

“Why not? Let’s do it.” Emma said.

“That’s settled then.” Clara said.

We had another couple of drinks (I needed them if I was going to do what I suspected I might have to), and shortly before 10 o’clock we stripped, removed my jewellery, locked up and set off, all 3 of us totally naked.

On the way we passed a group of young men who came out with a few suggestions as to what they would like to do to us but we just ignored them and kept going.

When we got there Jackie and a bouncer were at the door greeting their customers.

“Actually girls, I was only joking when I said that you were to wear nothing, but now that you are here I’m sure that you’ll fit in quite well. You’ll find a reserved table at the back with your name on it Tanya. Tell the waitress who you are and she’ll get you some free drinks. Not that you have any money on you anyway.”

The bouncer opened the door and we went in.

Clara and Emma stopped dead in their tracks just inside the main room when they saw all the big screen televisions. A video of a girl hanging spread eagle, and having her butt whipped was playing on them all.

“Fucking hell!” Emma said, “I don’t know if I want to be here.”

“Don’t be silly Emma; you know that you love it when I spank your bare butt.” Clara said.

“Yeah, but…..” Emma replied.

“Come on, I need that drink.” I said and grabbed Emma’s hand to pull her to the table.

The naked waitress found us, got us the drinks and we watched the place fill up. No one took and notice of us, probably because they were more interested in what was been shown on the big screens.

When the place was full the lights dimmed and the dancers came onto the stage. They were dressed in the same skimpy outfits as when I was there before. Clara and Emma seemed pleased with the virtually naked male dancers.

After they’d finished their act Jackie came onto the stage. After introducing herself and welcoming everyone she told them that they had a fun packed evening ahead, not only did they have a completely new, one off, show, they had 2 new girls taking part and 1 who had made her debut on that stage only a few days ago.

I blushed and remembered being tied spread eagled on that stage being fucked by the biggest cock I had ever seen.

Jackie went on to tell everyone that since it was the London Olympics they were going to have their own Sex Olympics with girls from London being the contestants.

That part was a lie, but what the hell, we didn’t care.
Jackie then said,

“First of all I invite Tanya to come down to the stage.”

I didn’t move, and a few seconds later Jackie said,

“We had the same problem with Tanya the last time she was here. I suppose I’ll have to send someone up to get her again.”

That was the cue for 2 hunks to come running up to us and grab me. They carried me down the same was as they did the last time – one of them either side of me with their nearest arms under my butt and their outside arms holding my legs wide apart. As with the last time they carried me all round the tables letting everyone get a close-up of my pussy.

By the time they stood me down next to Jackie I was bright red with embarrassment and quite wet.

“Hi Tanya.” Jackie said, “I see that you’ve ready for action this week.”

I went even redder and for some stupid reason I shuffled my feet a few inches apart.

“This next bit is for those of you who weren’t here the last time that Tanya entertained us.” Jackie said.

“As you can see, Tanya looks quite young. I’ve seen her passport and written on this piece of paper is her age. If you want to know keep your eyes open, if you don’t want to know then shut them now.”

Jackie waited a couple of seconds then held up the paper with a big 21 written on it. A couple of seconds later she screwed it up and threw it on the floor.

“Right, now that we’ve got that sorted I’d like to welcome one of Tanya’s friends. Ladies and gentlemen, a big round of applause for Clara.”

The 2 hunks ran up to our table and picked Clara up the same way as they had me. A minute later Clara was stood between Jackie and me.

“Welcome Clara, I see that you too have come ready for action. Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome Tanya’s other friend Emma.”

That was the cue for the 2 hunks and Emma was also brought down with her legs spread wide. I looked at one of the television screens to see Emma’s torso filling the screen. Where were those cameras, and how many of them were there?

Jackie continued,

“Welcome Emma. What is it with you London girls? Did you leave all your clothes back in England?

Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome our last 2 contestants, regular girls Maria and Anna.”

Maria and Anna ran on to the stage wearing skirt, tops and knickers.

“Oh, we can’t have that, Maria, Anna, please go out into the audience and invite someone to take your clothes off.”

Maria and Anna did so and returned completely naked like us 3.

Jackie and the 2 hunks then fitted a radio microphone round each of our necks.

“Right ladies and gentlemen, let the games begin.”

The curtains opened and 5 big objects were covered in sheets.

Event 1
“Our first event of the night is a bike race. The winner will be the girl who completes 3 miles first. Before you get visions of these 5 lovelies racing around Magaluf on bikes, the bikes here are exercise bikes, but with a slight modification.”

I had visions of my bike rides with Ryan and the exercise cycle in the hotel gym.

We were then told to go and stand behind our bikes. On a count of 3 we had to pull the sheets off our bikes. It was then that there were quite a few gasps, (me included) as we saw the exercise bikes. Each one had a dildo sticking up through the saddle. What’s more, when I touched the pedals the dildo moved up. I did a quick rotation of the pedals and saw the dildo do a full cycle of up and down.

“Right contestants, mount you bikes and get ready to start.” Jackie said.

The room went quiet as the 5 of us gingerly got on the bikes and impaled ourselves on the slippery dildos.

Jackie then asked us all if we were ready. When we were she shouted go and we all started pedalling. I started very slowly, not knowing what to expect, but before long I settled into a comfortable position and increased my speed.

I looked over to the other 4 girls and saw that they all were pedalling fast. Emma and Maria both had a pained expression on their faces.

This was nothing like the cycling that I’d done before, but it was good, very good. I could feel my AF rising.

Looking at the controls on the handlebars I saw that I’d got close to 1 mile. I heard Maria scream and looked over, She’d stopped pedalling and was leaning over the handlebars.

Next to stop was Emma. She shouted,

“Of fuck,” and started shaking.

I pedalled on at a steady pace but knew that I was close to cumming.

Anna suddenly stood up on the pedals and Jackie announced that she was disqualified.

That left Clara and I. I looked at Clara; she had a pained expression on her face. She was obviously close to cumming and was fighting it. Jackie came and looked at our controls.

“You’re getting close girls.” Jackie announced.

Getting close, I got there 2 seconds later and started jerking, shaking and shouting,

“Oh fuck, oh fuck.”

I stopped pedalling for a few seconds then slowly started again. I still had a few yards to go and I was determined to get there first.

Jackie shouted,

“We have a winner!” and put her arm round Clara; but Clara kept pedalling.

“You can stop now Clara.” Jackie said, but Clara kept going.

About 20 seconds later Clara did stop, just as an orgasm hit her. I could hear Clara’s moans loud and clear, I could also see her pleasured face filling the television screens.

Jackie waited until Clara relaxed and then told us to get off the bikes. She once again announced that Clara was the winner.

Event 2
Jackie announced that the second event was the pole vault. How the hell were we supposed to do that in there; and how could that be called a Sex Olympic sport? I was confused. I got even more confused when Jackie announced that we all had to have our hands cuffed behind our backs.

A girl wearing only a belt sized skirt came onto the stage and cuffed our hands behind our backs. Jackie had us all facing the audience as something was happening on the stage behind us. When Jackie told us to turn round we were confronted by 5 naked men, all lying on the floor with their feet facing the audience. All had erections that were only a couple of inches over their stomachs.

Jackie explained the game to us and the audience.

One at a time we had to go to each man in turn and impale our pussies on the man’s cock. We were to be timed and the girl to impale herself on all 5 the quickest was the winner. If we hadn’t completed the task in 5 minutes we were disqualified.

At first it sounded easy, but when I thought about it I realised that it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. Because our hands were cuffed behind our backs we couldn’t use our hands to guide the cock into us and we wouldn’t get any help from the men.

That meant that we would have to lie on the man, either on our backs, or our fronts, and move our hips around until we could get the tip of the cock just inside our holes. Then find a way to push ourselves up so that we could fully impale ourselves.

Anna was selected to go first, and everyone laughed as she kept trying everything that she could think of. It took her 4 minutes to get the first cock full inside her and the laughter changed to cheers.

Her 5 minutes was up just as she managed to get the tip of the second cock in her hole.

Clara was chosen to go second and she had more success. She managed 3 in the 5 minutes. Her technique was to sit on the man’s stomach with her back to the man’s face and her knees bent. Then she lifted her butt and moved her hips about until contact was made. It was then easy to push up enough to fully impale herself.

Emma went third. Her approach was to lay face to face on each man with her knees each side of his hips. She then lifted her hips up and down until the cock tip made contact with her hole. The problem then was that Emma found it very difficult to raise her body to fully impale herself. Emma ran out of time just as she managed to get the second cock inside her.

Maria went next and she got the first cock inside her in seconds, but after that she just lost it and couldn’t get any more before time ran out.

That left me and I decided to use the same method as Clara. For some unknown reason I found it a lot easier than Clara. I found it easy to squat over the man’s stomach then gyrate my hips until I felt his cock at the entrance to my hole. It was then easy to use my legs to pull myself and the cock up then slide down do impale it all the way.

I managed to get 4 of the cocks inside me before my time ran out. I’d won.

Event 3
The third event was a beer bottle race. 5 beer bottles were lined up at the back of the stage. With our hands still cuffed behind our backs we were told that we had to carry our beer bottle to the front of the stage. We were told that we couldn’t use our mouths. That meant that the only way that we could do it was to sit on them, effectively impaling them in our holes, stand up and walking forward.
The belt girl was on hand to stand up any bottles that fell over.

I was certainly quite aroused and wet and I guessed that the others would be as well so it was going to be difficult.

We lined up behind the bottles and when Jackie started the race we lowered ourselves down and the top of the bottles disappeared. I was pleased that Ryan had made me wear the remote vibrator so much because I had to use my pussy muscles to keep it in.

As I stood up with the beer bottle sticking out of my pussy I heard the sound of a bottle dropping on the floor. Someone had had a bad start.

Clara looked like she did that sort of thing every day as she waddled towards the front of the stage not letting her bottle drop out even once. Mine slipped out just once and I came second. The others all kept the belt girl busy.

Clara had now won 2 events.

Event 4
The fourth event gave our pussies a rest. It was a blowjob race. Jackie announced what the event was and asked the men in the audience to stand up if they wanted one of the competitors to give them a blow job. Lots of men did stand up.

Jackie then got the belt girl to remove our handcuffs while she told us that when she gave the word we had to go into the audience, select a man and give him a blowjob. The winner would be the competitor who got back to Jackie first with the man’s cum all over her face.

I looked round the room and saw that most of the men there were quite old. I saw a couple of guys that looked to be in their twenties, so when Jackie said “Go” I ran to the guy that I’d selected. Unfortunately he was quite a way back from the stage, but he was stood beside his table.

As I got close to him I saw the woman that was with him. Shit, I never thought about that, was she happy that her man was about to be given a blowjob by a naked girl that she’d never seen before.

I needn’t have worried. I knelt down and unzipped the man’s trousers and took his cock into my mouth. As I was sucking I felt 2 hands on my hips gently pulling me up. The hands weren’t hurting me and were not aggressive in any way so I kept working on the cock and slowly got to my feet. I was bent at the waist as the hands went to the inside of my legs and pushed my feet apart.

I lost my rhythm a bit as some fingers started playing with my soaking pussy. I started getting finger fucked while I my head was bobbing up and down on this guy’s cock.

I don’t know if this guy had taken Viagra or not, but it took forever to get him to cum. I finally felt his cock harden even more so I backed off him and 2 seconds later my face was dripping in his cum.

As I turned and ran back to the stage I saw Anna and Emma stood next to Jackie with blobs of white cum all over their faces and chest.

Clara was last, and later on she told me that the man that she’d chosen must have taken a double dose of Viagra. Either that or she’d lost her touch. She told me that she needed to find another man to prove that it wasn’t her.

Event 5
This was another oral sex race. While we were in the audience giving the blowjobs, 5 benches had been put on the stage and Jackie asked the audience which women wanted to be eaten by the competitors. When she said that I had a horrible vision of me been lumbered with some 80 year old granny.

Fortunately Jackie selected 5 youngish looking women and they were asked to come on down to the stage. They were then asked to select a competitor and go to a bench and lay down with their feet facing the audience.

When Jackie said “Go” we had to remove the woman’s lower clothing and dive onto their pussies.

Unfortunately I was chosen by a woman wearing trousers and they took ages to get off. Fortunately she wasn’t wearing knickers; and she shaved. When Jackie told us what the event was my other horrible thought was that I’d get lumbered with a woman with a horrible, matted jungle.

I filled my mouth with saliva and got to work licking and chewing her clit. I didn’t think that I was doing too bad as the woman was moaning and moving her hips up and down. I started tasting her juices and pushed my tongue into her hole then went back to her clit.

She started bucking up and down and pulled my face harder into her pussy and I felt a rush of her juices on my face. The woman relaxed and let go of my head.

I stood up and saw that Emma was already stood next to Jackie. I went and stood next to Emma and we watched the others finish off their woman.

When the women went back to their tables only 3 of them got dressed before doing so. The other 2 went back bottomless.

Event 6
This was announced as weight lifting. When Jackie said that, my heart dropped. All the others were much bigger than me. I didn’t stand a chance.

I got a little happier when Jackie uncovered what we had to lift, and explained the competition to us.

On the table were 5 identical dildos and some small wrights. On one end of the dildos was a bulb about 3 inches in diameter and on the other end was a ring for the weights to be attached.

We were each given one of the dildos, told to stand in a line with our feet well apart and inset the dildo into our pussies.

Jackie gave the weights to belt girl and told her to go to each contestant in turn and keep hooking weights on the end of the dildo until it fell out. When they fell out Jackie would count the number of weights that were hooked on.

I was in the middle of the line and watched 3 girls go before me. You should have seen their faces as they strained to keep their dildo in. To be fair, my face must have looked the same when it was my turn. I have never tried to squeeze my pussy muscles as much as I did then.

When my dildo dropped out my pussy I felt as though I’d been fucked for 24 hours non-stop. The thing was, after my go I still stood there with my legs open. What was I thinking of? Even when I realised how I was stood I still stayed like that.

The other 2 girls had their turn then Jackie announced the results. I was truly amazed when Jackie announced that I had won. I guess that all the walking around with a vibrator in my pussy had paid off.

Event 7
Jackie announced that there was only 1 event left, and that 2 of the contestants had won 2 events each. The last event was to be a tie-breaker.

I did a quick check in my mind of the events so far and realised that both Clara and I had won 2 events each. The tie-breaker was between Clara and me.

Jackie then said that the easiest way to describe the final event was to say that it was a test of staying power and pleasure level breaking point.

The curtain behind us opened and there were 5 Sybian machines lined up.

Now I’d seen these machines in action on the internet and often wondered what it would be like, but when I was faced with using one in front of dozens of people I got all nervous and embarrassed. 

Jackie explained that the red button on the little box that was on the floor in front of the Sybian machines was the ‘stop’ button. The winner of the contest was the girl who hit their red button last.

We were then told to mount our Sybian and hit the green button when told to do so.

As I impaled myself on the machine I felt a bit of it rest on my clit. It felt good, and that was before I switched it on.

Jackie gave the word and I hit the green button.

“Ooow, arrrgh, ooooh, arrrgh, fuuuuuck, arrrgh.”  Wow! That was amazing. I instantly decided that I wanted one of those machines. When I’d got over the initial shock I managed to turn and look at Emma and Clara. Both of them were in heaven.

I relaxed and sank into my own heaven thinking that I could stay there for ever.

After a couple of minutes belt girl came to each of us and adjusted the controls. It turned out that all the machines had been set on low and belt girl had turned them up to full. My AF started going up quicker than I could count and I started cumming.

OMG! I couldn’t stop cumming. ON and on and on it kept going and I kept cumming. I was totally oblivious to everyone watching me and what was going on around me.

In the end it was a case of pass out or hit the red button. I chose the latter and sat there for ages before managing to look around. I was surprised to see Anna and Maria standing next to Jackie and Emma just pushing herself up on to her feet. The only one still cumming was Clara. She kept cumming for about 2 minutes more before she hit her red button; and it took another 2 minutes for her to manage to get to her feet.

The curtains on the stage closed and Jackie announced the results of the Sex Olympics; Emma was third, I was second and Clara was the winner.

The curtains opened again and I saw the medals stand. We were told to go and take our positions for the medals presentation.

Belt girl came out with a tray covered with a cloth. Jackie then presented Emma with her bronze medal; but it wasn’t a conventional medal, it was a bronze coloured dildo with a ribbon attached.

Jackie then presented me with a silver dildo and Clara with a gold dildo while the audience applauded us.

When things went quiet Jackie announced that there would be a 10 minute interval then the winners would get the second part of their prize.

None of us could be bothered to ask Jackie what the second part was and we were very grateful to be taken to a table to sit and have a long drink.

Five minutes later Jackie took us to the changing room round the back and told us to have a very quick shower.

Part 2 of the evening was a bit late starting and 3 naked and slightly refreshed girls were led on to the stage by Jackie. When we stood there I looked down at all our legs and saw that we were all standing with our feet about shoulder width apart. Why had we all done that?

Jackie then announced that the 3 medal winners were about to receive the second part of their prize.

The curtains opened and there were gasps of surprise from the audience. Jackie told us to turn round and I too gasped. There were 3 of the large wooden ‘X’s that I had been strapped to when I had been there with Ryan. Stood at the front of each ‘X’ was a very muscular hunk wearing just a thong that was struggling to conceal what was underneath. I just didn’t think that I could survive another session like the last one I’d had on one of those ‘X’s.

I looked at Clara and Emma. Both had big grins on their faces.

While we were standing there belt girl appeared and strapped the microphones round our necks again.

The 3 hunks walked up to us and led us to the ‘X’s, lifted us on, and strapped us down. I looked up and saw each of our pussies on the big screen televisions.

I’d had a shower 5 minutes ago but my pussy was just as wet as it had been when I came off the Sybian.

Oil was dripped on my body and my hunk massaged me, everywhere except my pussy and nipples. It felt good and I tried to relax but I just couldn’t, probably because I had a good idea of what was to follow.

I wasn’t disappointed either.

A magic wand (that’s what Clara had told me the microphone vibrator thing was called) was lowered and the hulk used it on my nipples.

The anticipation had kept me simmering just at an AF of 9, and shortly after the magic wand touched my very sensitive nipples I started cumming. My body rose up (as much as it could) and I was shaking and jerking. I started getting a bit vocal and I could hear myself begging to be fucked. I could also hear Clara and Emma begging to be fucked over the loudspeaker system.

Once when I opened my eyes for a second I could see all 3 of our pussies on the television screens.

The ‘torture’ got worse as the hulk moved the magic wand to my pussy.

I was screaming my head off. I really did need that big cock inside me.

The hulk was really teasing me. He’d massage my pussy for a minute, then back off and make me wait. He did this over and over. I was so frustrated.

One time when I opened my eyes, when the wand wasn’t touching me, I looked at the big screen and saw my pussy muscles having spasms like they were trying to suck something in. I saw Emma’s pussy doing the same. Another time when I looked I saw my pussy squirt some liquid out.

The hulk moved to my head and teased my face with his massive cock. He ran the end of it all over my face. When I tried to get my mouth over the end of it he backed off. This was a totally different type of cock teasing to what I’d come across before.

He moved back to my pussy and ‘tortured’ me some more with the magic wand. Just as I was thinking that I might pass out I got my wish. That massive cock invaded my body. At first I just sighed with relief then as his cock started to move in and out my orgasm went to another level.

In and out that cock went as my body convulsed and strained against my restraints.

Was that man taking triple doses of Viagra? On and on his pounding went. It was only when my body started to run out of the ability to jerk about that I felt his cock release its load into me.

The cock pulled out of me and I lay there unable to do anything other than breath. After what seemed like hours I looked at the screen and saw that Emma was like me. Clara though, was still being fucked by her hulk. She looked just like I had felt a few minutes earlier. The only difference was that her magnificent breasts were going up and down as her chest took dozens of quick, deep breaths.

Clara got her satisfaction and the screens displayed 3 limp, totally satisfied, naked girl’s bodies, all with cum seeping out of their pussies.

Jackie came back on the stage and said that she hoped that we had enjoyed our prize. None of us answered.

What Jackie did next surprised me, but I was in no position to say or do anything about it. She invited members of the audience to come up onto the stage and inspect us.

People from the audience came up and stood around us. As first I was too knackered to care, but I soon started to get embarrassed. I was covered in sweat, my hair was all matted with sweat, my nipples were rock hard, my pussy was spread wide with juices running and dripping out, and I was strapped down to that big ‘X’. I felt like a slab of meat on the counter in a butcher’s shop.

People started talking about me as if I wasn’t there; then they started touching me. I thought about the butcher’s shop again.

One man felt my nipples and I heard a comment about how hard they were.

Another asked a female stood next to him if her hole stayed so open after she’d been fucked.

Some fingers spread my labia and said,

“Look, she’s had her hood pierced.”

I was trying to ignore all this by looking at the television screens. I watched as men and women prodded Clara and Emma’s solid breasts. I guessed that some of the women were jealous.

Eventually, Jackie asked the audience to return to their seats and belt girl came and released us. We all had red marks all round our wrists and ankles.

Belt girl led us back to the changing room where we all had another shower.

We were just sat there, still totally naked, when Jackie came in along with a middle-aged man that I’d never seen before. Jackie asked us if we were okay, thanked us for all our help then asked us if we had enjoyed ourselves. We just grinned.

Jackie then introduced the man as Clive. He told us that he’d really enjoyed the show then asked us if we’d be interested in some more fun.

Clive continued to tell us that he was making a film and that he was looking for some extras for a couple of days. Clara asked what the film was about.

“It’s about life in a college for young ladies and gentlemen where the ladies must be totally naked all the time but the men are fully clothed all the time.”
Clara asked if the college was called ‘Blanke Schande College’.

Clive laughed then continued,

“No, but my film is sort of based on it but with lots more sex and punishment.”

Clara sat up straight and looked quite interested.

“It’s extras that I’m looking for,” Clive said, “but there will be quite a bit of sex involved for the extras, and I have a scene in mind that will be so much better if you; Tanya isn’t it, will be in it.”

I looked up, wondering what he was on about, but before I could ask, Emma asked Clive when it was. Clive told us that he needed us for 24 hours starting at lunch time later that day.

“That’ll fit in with you won’t it Tanya?” Clara asked.

“Yes, but….” I replied, but Clara cut me off by asking,

“What time, where, and what do we need with us?”

“12 o’clock, shall we say outside this club, and you don’t need anything with you, we’ll provide all the clothes, food and drink.” Clive said.

Clara told Clive that we’d be there and Clive left.

“I need some sleep.” Emma said.

We got up and walked to the exit with Jackie. When we got to the door Jackie again thanked us. Clara turned  to Jackie and thanked her saying that she had made one of her fantasies come true, and introduced her to someone who was about to make another of her fantasies come true.

We quietly walked back to the villa. It was around 3 o’clock in the morning and we saw no one.

DAY 21
I woke up and saw that it was 10:30. I felt a lot better, but my pussy was a little sore.

Clara was in the shower, but Emma was still asleep. I woke her.

While Emma and I had a shower Clara went to get a baguette for breakfast. When she got back I asked her if she’d gone dressed like that. She said that she had, and that a man had served her.

Clara was wearing just her see-through top that stopped half way down her stomach leaving both her butt and newly shaved pussy exposed.

While we were eating we talked about the previous night and what we were about to do. We were all happy about everything, but a little nervous about what we were about to get in to. One urgent question was what we should wear to go to meet Clive.

Clara’s answer was ‘nothing’, on the basis that Clive had said that we didn’t need anything with us.

Both Emma and I weren’t sure, but in the end Clara got her way.

Before we set off I skyped Ryan at work and gave him a quick update, promising to give him the full details the following night. Ryan wasn’t too happy but it wasn’t because of what I had been up to, or what I was about to do; it was because we weren’t having much time together, even on skype.

I promised that I’d make it up to him when I got back home.

We all walked out of the villa and down the street, totally naked – again. This time it was mid-day with more chance of people seeing us.

People did see us, even a police car that drove passed; but we got to the club without incident.

We’d been sat on the little wall outside the club for about 15 minutes when a minibus pulled up and Clive got out.

“Do you girls ever wear any clothes?” he asked.

“I thought that you said that you’d provide everything?” Emma said.

“And I will, when we get to where we’re going.”

“Whatever!” Emma said as we got in to the minibus.

There were 4 other girls and 3 guys in there. All were wearing clothes. I got embarrassed.

As the minibus drove out of Magaluf we got talking to the others and discovered that they too were going to be extras; and they too didn’t know more other than that sex was involved.

I looked at the guys,

“Not bad,” I thought, “getting fucked by them could be quite nice.”

Clara was obviously thinking the same, her nipples were rock hard and she was sitting with her knees apart.

The journey took about an hour and we arrived at a big villa just outside a little village up in the hills. Someone had a lot of money.

We went in and Clive told us to get some food and gather at one end of the pool. There were 12 girls and 8 guys there

When we were all there he told us that the film was a documentary to promote the college and that he was going to shoot a number of scenes that on face value would mean nothing to us. Shooting would go on until the sun went down, and start again as soon it came up again. Some of the shooting would be at the villa, some in an unused school just down the road, and some in the village.

He told us that there would always be food and soft drinks where we’d already got some and that no one was to drink any alcohol. If we weren’t needed for a shoot we were to hang around the pool and not to go wandering around the place. Girls were to stay totally naked all the time and the guys were to wear speedos round the pool. When clothes were needed they would be provided.

The girls that still had clothes on and the guys were told to follow him to wardrobe. A few minutes later naked girls and guys in speedos re-appeared and spread out around the pool.

Scene 1
Clive appeared and told all the girls to follow him. He led us to the old school and into one of the classrooms that had been cleaned-up. It still had about a dozen desks (with books on them) there, all facing a blackboard. There was a man dressed in an academic robe standing at the front.

We were told to sit at a desk and look like we were interested in the lecture. One girl who had sat on the front row was told go and sit at the back and what I presume was one of the female stars (totally naked) of the film came in and sat in the now vacant seat.

The fake lecture started and the camera scanned round the room. It then focused on the star, who was messing about and opening her legs to tease the lecturer. This went on for a couple of minutes then the star was told to stand up and bend over her desk.

She then had her butt caned until there were red marks all over it.

‘Cut’ was shouted and we were all told to go back to the pool.

Scene 2
Clara and 4 of the guys were selected and they disappeared.

When she got back she told us that she’d been and had a shower. Emma and I both looked confused until Clara explained that there was an open shower in one of the rooms and that she was told to take a shower while the 4 guys, dressed in trousers, shirts and ties, and carrying school books were told to walk passed her as if they were going to another lecture.

Scene 3
Emma, 3 other girls and 5 guys were selected and disappeared. Emma later told us that the guys got dressed as college students while the girls were taken to the old school where a large room that had been rigged up as a big bathroom. There were showers, a bath, sinks and a toilet, all along one wall. No partitions anywhere.

One girl was sent to sit on the toilet and told to pretend to be having a shit.

Another was told to take a shower.

Another was told to wash her hair in one of the sinks

The last girl was told to stand next to the bath with one foot on the side of the bath and to insert a tampon when the cameras rolled.

The guys were told to walk passed and quickly look at all the girls.

While that was going on Clara and I were in the pool swimming and talking about the previous night. I told her about my butcher’s shop feelings and she laughed. She told me that she’d loved it when the men and women were prodding her tits. She said that it made her feel good and proud of her sold tits.

I told her that she should be proud of them, that they were perfect.

Clara kissed me full on the mouth, a long one.

Scene 4
The old school still had what was left of a kitchen and lunch room. We all had to take some food with us and sit round tables in mixed groups eating our ‘meal’ while the camera rolled.

Scene 5
This one was more fun. We were told to split into male and female pairs and spread round and in the pool. The girls that weren’t lucky enough to get a guy were to get together in pairs.

Clara was quick off the mark and got a cute guy. Both Emma and I weren’t as quick and ended up together.

We were then told to have sex with our partners and that it could be real or simulate; but if it was simulated then it must be good.

From what I could see, it was all real.

Emma and I did a 69 on one of the sun loungers.

A male and a female star came out and had sex in the shallow end of the pool.

Scene 6
Clive came to the pool and told me to go with him. He explained that he wanted me to do a scene that was about how the college got some of its new students. We went to the wardrobe room and I was given a school dress to wear. It was quite short on me, only just below my pussy.

Clive, me and a cameraman went down to the village in a van. It was getting towards sundown but Clive said that we had enough time to do the scene before it got dark.

I was then told to slowly wander round the village looking lost. I also had to play with the hem of my dress and whenever I got near anyone I was to lift my dress enough for the locals to see my pussy.

Blood hell, he was telling me to expose my pussy to complete stranger, some of them were bound to be old and miserable.

I got out of the van and started slowly walking. The village wasn’t that big and as I walked towards a shop an old man came out and walked towards me.

“This is it.” I thought and pulled the front of my dress up to my waist. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the cameraman filming me and the man.

The poor man just looked and kept walking.

Just along the street was the village bar with tables outside. What’s more, most of the seats were occupied with old men. As I got close I pulled my dress up. This time the locals weren’t so quiet. Some of them were talking at me, but it was Spanish and way too fast for me to understand. I just kept slowly walking, not letting my dress drop until I was round a corner.

Shortly after I got round the corner the van that we’d come down to the village in screeched to a halt beside me. The side door opened, a man jumped out, grabbed me and pulled me into the van. As soon as I was the van sped off. I was quickly told to take my dress off and it was thrown out of the van.

A hundred yards down the road the van stopped and slowly backed up to get the cameraman. 

Back at the school I was taken to what had been the headmaster’s room and was filmed with the ‘headmaster’ welcoming me to the school and telling me that I would be there for a few years and that he was sure that I would quickly get to like it.

‘Cut’ was said and I was told that I could go back to the villa. I walked back there alone think that the place was really quite nice. If things had been different I would have liked to live there.

Back at the villa it was getting dark, but all the extras were still by the pool.

As I was telling Clara and Emma what I had been up to, Clive came and told us that we weren’t needed until the next morning. He told us where beds had been laid out for us and he told us not to make much noise as he still had some filming to do.

We got taking to some of the others, messed about in the pool and ate some more. All the girls stayed naked while the guys kept their speedos on. At times some of the speedos did bulge nicely.

About 10 o’clock some people drifted away from the pool and went to bed. It wasn’t long before we went to bed. The beds were just mattresses on the floor with a couple of blankets. The 3 of us pulled 2 mattresses together and cuddled up together. We had some sleep to catch up on.

DAY 22
It was still dark when we were woken up. We were told that we could go to the toilet but not have a shower.

Scene 7
We were all given a pair of trainers and the guys were given some running shorts and T-shirts

As the sun came up we were taken out onto the road and told to slowly jog behind one of the female stars.

Off we went through the village. We only saw one local and he just stopped and stared. We also had to stop and stand at the side of the road as a bus drove passed. I have no idea how many people were on that bus, or if they saw us.

As we jogged along I looked round at all the girls. A couple of them were having real problems with their breasts bouncing up and down. Emma’s were wobbling a bit, but Clara’s weren’t moving at all, not even a millimetre.

Just outside the village we turned off the road onto a track. A few hundred yards up that track we came to an open area where we stopped.

We then had to line-up and do a variety of physical exercises. Of course the camera focussed on the girl’s pussies and tits.

After that Clive told us to stay close, and start making out with someone of our own choice. One of the guys grabbed me and started kissing me then groping me. I tried to not think about Ryan as the guy started finger fucking me. I looked round and saw Emma riding another one of the guys. I couldn’t see Clara.

Thankfully Clive shouted for the action to stop and the fingers left my pussy.

The scene was over and we walked back to the villa. Emma had a smile on her face, so did Clara. I was feeling a little guilty.

We had some breakfast and went and sat by the pool.

Scene 8
This was about how the college punished their students when they’d done wrong. Clive came and got me and 2 other girls. We were taken down to the old school and to the headmaster’s office.

The camera started rolling with us 3 girls stood at the back of the room. The ‘headmaster’ called me over and gave me a lecture about not sticking to the rules. He told me that as it was my first time that he’d had to punish me and that I’d only get 2 strokes of the cane.

My eyes went wide open. No one said anything about getting caned. Shit, was this going to hurt.

I was told to step forward and bend over the desk. The ‘headmaster’ went to a cupboard and brought out this thin cane. As he walked over to me he flicked the cane in the air. It made a horrible ‘wooosh’ noise.

I did get scared. The crazy thing was that I felt myself get wet as well. What was that all about? I was about to get my butt caned and I was getting aroused. My body is so mixed up.

The ‘headmaster’ stood behind me and brought the cane down on my butt. I jumped and stood up holding my butt. It had hurt. I was told to get back down and stroke 2 hit me.

Again I jumped up and grabbed my butt.

I was then told to go and stand next to the other 2 girls with my hands behind my head.

The other 2 girls were called forward and given a lecture and told that because they had been brought to him way too often their punishment would be more severe.

I was thinking that my ‘punishment’ was severe enough; my butt hurt like hell.

The 2 girls were then told to clear the ‘headmaster’s’ desk and lay back on it. Their legs were over the front edge making their bald pubes stick up. The ‘headmaster’ then eased their legs wide apart with the cane as the camera zoomed in on their spread pussies.

“How is he going to cane them with them like that?” I thought.

My answer came quite quickly. The ‘headmaster’ then told them to raise their legs right up so that they could hold their legs with their hands. He wasn’t satisfied that their legs were pulled back enough so he went round to the other side of the table and pulled their ankles right down to the table and as wide apart as they’d go.

“Hold them there.” He ordered.

Wow, I could see everything; so could the camera. It reminded me of the art college modelling that I’d done; but at least I hadn’t been about to be caned.

The ‘headmaster’ came round to the front of the desk and looked down at the lewdly displayed girls.

“That’s better.” He said, and within a second he had brought the cane down hard on both their butts. The thing was, neither girl even flinched.

“No, this isn’t enough; I’m going to set an example to the rest of the college and we’re going to finish this in a more public place. Get up and come with me; you too.” The ‘headmaster’ said looking at me.


We were then told to go back to the pool but to wait at the end near the villa.

As we walked back I asked the 2 girls if they were okay.

“Oh yes,” one said, “we knew that was coming and we’re looking forward to the next bit, that’s why we’re here; we’re both into pain.”

“Rather you than me.” I said.

Back at the swimming pool a table was brought out and the 2 girls were told to get into the position that they were in on the headmaster’s desk.  I was told to stand next to the table with my hands behind my head. All the other girls and guys were told to gather round and watch. Why did I stand with my feet apart?

I could see one or two pairs of speedos getting a little uncomfortable to the wearers.

The ‘headmaster’ made a little speech about discipline and then turned to the 2 girls. Their butts were still lewdly exposed. Alternatively, each butt got 20 strokes of the cane. Neither girl cried out, but their faces did have quite a few expressions on them. They seemed to go from pain to indifference to pleasure. At stroke 15 I saw one of the girls start to have an orgasm.

Wow. That was an amazing site.

When the 20 stokes were over the headmaster told the 2 girls to stay where they were. He walked round to their heads and stood right up to one of the girl’s head. I was half expecting him to get his cock out and make her give him a blowjob, but he didn’t. Instead he brought the cane down hard along the length of her pussy.

I jumped a bit in shock at what I’d just seen. So did most of the other girls there, although Clara didn’t. She just stood there with a grin on her face.

The cane came down on the girl’s pussy again and she too started to cum. Two more strokes and the girl was having trouble keeping still.

The ‘headmaster’ stopped and watched, along with everyone else, as the girl moaned and jerked. Everyone could see her pussy spasms.

When the girl stopped moving the ‘headmaster’ gave her one more stroke then moved on to the other girl. I guess that the anticipation had been building in her because she started cumming after the first stroke; but the ‘headmaster’ didn’t stop. He went straight on and gave her 4 more strokes.

The orgasms got stronger and stronger and at one point she squirted; but the liquid was yellow so I presume that she lost control and pissed herself.

She was still convulsing as the ‘headmaster’ told everyone that they could expect something like that if they weren’t good.


The first girl let go of her legs and slowly got on to her feet. I helped her get the other girl up onto her feet and they both walked to the pool and jumped in.

“Let me see your butt.” Emma said to me.

“You’ve got 2 red lines right across both cheeks.” She said. “Does it hurt?” she said, touching one of them.

“Just a bit,” I said, “but not as much as those 2; 1 of them told me that they were into pain but they must be in agony.”
We jumped into the pool as well, and Clara gently massaged my butt.

About 15 minutes later Clive came out and announced that he needed one more take of us all enjoying ourselves. Everyone took that to mean fucking and started looking for a partner. We were close to a group of guys and one of them grabbed my hand and told me to go with him.

We got out of the pool and he took me to one of the sun loungers. When we got there he sat me on the end, gently pushed me flat on my back, lifted my legs over his shoulders and entered me. It happened so quick that he was in me before I realised it.

As he fucked me he said that he would have loved to see me up on the table getting what those 2 girls got.

“No chance.” I said.

The unknown guy pounded away at my pussy. For some reason I just couldn’t get into it, although when the camera came close to us I did something that I’d never done before and faked an orgasm.

“Cut.” Clive shouted then told us that he didn’t need us anymore and that we could get a lift back to Magaluf in the minibuses.

Everyone jumped into the pool for one last quick swim then all the others went to get their clothes. Clara, Emma and I went straight to the minibus and got in. A short while later 4 girls and 2 guys came and got it and we set off.

On the way one of the guys asked us if we’d come there undressed like that.

“Yeah, why do you ask?” Clara said.

“No real reason,” he said, “I just think that it’s cool.”

Clara got the driver to drop us at their hotel and we walked in getting a couple of comments of praise from some guys in reception.

We went and sat on the balcony of their room and talked about the last 24 hours. We all agreed that we’d enjoyed ourselves but I told them that I wasn’t too happy about getting fucked by a guy when I didn’t even know his name.

Emma said that I should forget it, and that I didn’t have to tell Ryan if I didn’t want to. I knew that I would.

Emma looked over the railings and saw quite a few people having fun in the pool and said that we should go and join them. We agreed and we got up and headed for the door.

“Aren’t we going to put any clothes on?” I asked.

“Why?” Clara asked, “It’s been nearly 48 hours since we’ve had any clothes on so why start now?”

I couldn’t argue with that and we went down to the pool. I didn’t feel at all embarrassed walking passed the people in reception without any clothes on.

It was refreshing and fun in the pool but it did turn into a groping session quite soon. The thing was that I didn’t resist much. I just let the guys finger me as much as they wanted.

One time when I got out to get the ball one guy asked me what the red marks on my butt were. Clara was nearby and told the guy that I’d been a naughty girl and had punished. He asked me if that was true and I told him that it was.

We stayed in or by the pool even after the sun went down. The bar staff keeping us supplied with drinks. 

Some of the girls and guys that had been by the pool with us earlier came back down and joined us for a while. They’d got changed and were going to hit the bars. When they left we went up to Clara and Emma’s room. Drank some more then fell asleep.

DAY 23
Naked Bike Ride day

I woke early and went and sat on the balcony watching the start of another glorious day.

After a while Emma and Clara joined me. One of the things that we talked about was the length of time that we’d gone without wearing any clothes. Both Clara and I said that we wanted it to go on for as long as possible, but Emma said that she wasn’t bothered. Bearing that in mind Clara asked Emma to go and get us some food for breakfast. She put a skirt and top on and left.

While we were waiting for Emma to come back Lewis and Dylan came out onto their balcony. We talked to them for ages, telling them most of what we’d been doing. The thing was, never once did I think about being naked in front of them, nor get embarrassed.

They disappeared when Emma got back and we enjoyed the food.

We showered and did all the things that young women do, and it was soon time to go on the bike ride.

We decided that the only thing that we were going to take with us was a bottle of water, and we went down in the lift wearing absolutely nothing, and carrying only a water bottle. In reception there were about a dozen other young people. Most were naked, but 1 guy was wearing shorts, and 1 girl was wearing just bikini bottoms.

After a few minutes the female rep walked in and welcomed us all to the Magaluf leg of the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR). She explained that we would shortly be taking a short walk round the back of the hotel to a bike rental shop and we’d all be given a bike. She said that there was a designated route for us to ride and that the reps would lead the way.

Someone asked if there were any hills on the route and was told that there was only a couple of little ones.

One of the guys asked the rep why she still had her clothes on. She said that she probably wasn’t going on the ride.

She shouldn’t have used the word ‘probably’. The guys took it to mean that she was doing it and they gathered around her and ‘persuaded’ her to strip.

A naked rep led us out of the hotel for the walk to the bike shop. When we got there a male holiday rep looked surprised to see his colleague naked, but as soon as he saw her he dropped his shorts.

At the rental place we were all given a bike. There were a couple of people there renting bikes who knew nothing about the WNBR and were really surprised when all these naked guys and girls waked in.

By the time that Clara, Emma and I got our bikes there were only men’s bikes left. What’s more the saddles were the wrong height for us. One of the male holiday reps (also naked) told us to take the bikes and that he’d come and see us before we set off and alter the saddle height.

As we were waiting Clara got on her bike and stood with the cross bar pressing on her pussy. She pushed he bike back and forwards saying,

“This is nice.”

I reminded her of the bike riding that I’d done at Ryan’s parent’s house when the saddle had been set way too high.

When the rep came to adjust our bikes we asked him to lock the saddles so that we could only touch the ground if we leaned over. He looked puzzled at first, but he set Clara’s first and she started riding round to try it. She soon had a nice smile on her face as her bull had to slide from side to side as she pedalled.

The rep was watching her and grinned and said that he understood.

Two other girls were watching us ride round enjoying ourselves and got the rep back to re-adjust their saddle height.

The group eventually set off and were soon joined by groups from 2 other bike rental shops. There must have been over 50 naked or nearly naked cyclists pedalling along.

Fortunately the pace was slow and we were able to make the most of the saddle height. I know that my pussy was dripping and judging by the smile on Clara and Emma’s face, they were enjoying it as well.

Quite a few people stopped and watched all the naked cyclists as they pedalled by but not one of them said anything.

It felt good riding along, so free. I didn’t want it to end. I suppose it helped that the sliding from side to side on the saddle was slowly bringing me to an orgasm. That orgasm hit me at a road junction where there were a couple of cars stopped to let us go by, and to watch us.

As the orgasm hit me I stopped and slid onto the crossbar. The orgasm felt better with the crossbar pressing on my clit.

A bit later we had to stop while Clara had an orgasm. She was a bit behind us and Emma shouted,

“Are you cumming again Clara?”

I’m not sure how many people heard her, and how many understood which meaning of cumming she meant, but 3 or 4 people turned and stared at her.

We were behind all the other naked riders and in danger of losing them and out way. Emma told me that she’d go on and wait for us at the next road junction while I waited for Clara.

When Clara was in a state to continue we pedalled off down the road and found Emma. She told us which way the rest had gone and went after them. We got to another road junction and couldn’t see the others anywhere.

“I know where we are,” Clara said.

She pointed down one street and told us that their hotel was just down there. Then she said that she didn’t want to take the bikes back yet; she said that she wanted to have some more fun on the saddle and flashing people.

I said that I wasn’t keen on the last part but I got out voted and we pedalled off away from the hotel.

I have to admit that I was enjoying riding the bike and sliding from one

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Part 08 cont

I have to admit that I was enjoying riding the bike and sliding from one side of the saddle to the other. It felt even better doing it totally naked and outside in the sun. I don’t think that anyone was counting how many orgasm we all had, but it was quite a few.

We even pedalled along the sea front. Two youths asked us what we were doing (stupid question). Clara stopped so we had to too and Clara told them about the WNBR and that we’d got lost. All the time the youths were looking up and down our bodies. I got a bit embarrassed and tried leaned forwards on the crossbar so that they couldn’t see my pussy. The problem was that the more I leaned forwards, the more pressure I put on my clit.

Eventually Clara said that we were going and we set off again.

We got to the end of that road and went along a pedestrian area. A policeman on foot stopped us. My heart started pounding and I had horrible visions of being in a police cell.

Fortunately he spoke a bit of English and he had heard of the WNBR. Clara asked him which way it was to our hotel and he told us. He wasn’t at all upset and was even smiling as we pedalled off.

This time it was Clara that was out voted and we set off back to the bike shop.

The man there seemed a bit pissed that we were late back, but what could he do. It wasn’t as if we had any money with us.

We walked back to the hotel and went up to Clara and Emma’s room.

It was my last night in Magaluf and Clara and Emma wanted to make it special for me. They got all dressed up and walked me, still naked, back to the villa for me to put on my best outfit. I hadn’t taken many clothes with me so my choice was limited.

As it was my last night I didn’t care who saw what so I opted for the pink scarf as a skirt, and tight, white spaghetti strapped top.

I’d just about got ready to leave when someone knocked on the door. I hadn’t a clue who that could be, but before I could ask who it was, Clara opened the door.

There was a cute looking man wearing white trousers and a white T-shirt. Clara whispered something to him and then let him in.

“What’s going on Clara?” I asked.

“Tanya, we’ve had an amazing time these last few days, a lot of which wouldn’t have been possible without you. As a small token of our appreciation we’ve got this guy here to give you a professional, full body massage.”

I didn’t know what to say, but Clara didn’t give me a chance to say anything. She held my hand and led me into the bedroom and told me to get undressed while she spread a big towel on the bed.

For some reason I didn’t get embarrassed as I stripped off and lay on the bed face down. My head was to one side and I saw Emma on the PC, then I saw Ryan in one of the windows. She must have skyped him.

What followed was an amazing massage. I was so relaxed and didn’t have a care in the world. When the masseur told me to turn over onto my back I did so without a second thought.

He did my arms, legs and head then moved to my torso. He lightly touched my little tits and nipples, but there was nothing sexual about it. Even when he massaged round my pubes I wasn’t thinking about sex, just relaxing.

Then things changed. His hands went back to me chest and he started on my little tits and nipples again. This time he concentrated on my nipples. He pulled and squeezed them for ages and I started to get aroused.

More oil was dripped on my pubes and the man spent ages working all around the outside of my pussy. He seemed to be trying to get behind my pubic bone.

My legs were spread as wide as I could get them as he massaged all around my pussy, slowly getting closer and closer to my clit and vagina. He was teasing me something rotten. I wanted him to touch my clit and finger me but he just kept away from those 2 love points.

Round and round my pussy went his fingers, he was driving me crazy.

Then he did it, his fingers found my clit and he tortured me for ages. I had one orgasm, then another; and his fingers didn’t stop. I’m sure that I squirted because I heard Emma ask Clara if I’d peed myself.

After my third orgasm his fingers went inside me. They started probing around inside. I think that he was using his middle 2 fingers because I could feel him pressing on both sides of my pussy as well.

The palm of his hand was on my pubic bone and those 2 fingers moved around inside me.

I suddenly realised that my butt was in the air. I was being lifted by my pubic bone while those fingers worked their magic.

I just couldn’t take any more and another orgasm hit me; but this one was different. I had total lost control of my whole body and I was giggling.

The convulsions and spasms were amazing, I just couldn’t keep still.

The masseur stood back and everyone watched me as I giggled and writhed about on the bed.

Apparently I was like that for about 5 minutes before things started to calm down. When I was able to, I looked round the room, the masseur had gone, Emma and Clara were just stood there and Ryan’s face filled the screen. He’d watched it all from over a thousand miles away.

“Hey Ryan! How you doing?” I asked.

“Not as good as you by the looks of it.” He said.

“Okay guys stop the lovey, dovey stuff. You’ll have plenty of time for that tomorrow. We’re taking this little sexpot to have a shower then taking her out for a drink. You sit there and have a wank and watch us get ready.” Clara said as she stripped off in front of the webcam.

Emma was also getting naked. They then helped me get up and slowly took me to the shower.

“That was sooo hot.” Emma said as they soaped and shampooed me; “I’ve got to have one of those before we go home.”

When we got back into the bedroom Ryan was still on the screen. He was just sitting there with his soft cock laying on the top of his leg.

“Good wank?” Clara asked.

We got dressed with Ryan watching us then Clara said,

“Good night lover boy. Hope to catch up with you again soon. Keep this little lady happy.”

With that she switched the PC off and we went out.

We walked to town with me constantly thanking the 2 of them for such a wonderful time.

We had a relatively quiet evening just talking and drinking in cafés and quiet bars.

As we left the last bar it was time to say goodbye to Clara and Emma. I was quite sad, I’d had a great time with them, and done things that I never would have done on my own. I felt that I owed them.

We all promised to keep in touch and I slowly walked back to the villa torn between getting back to Ryan and the fun that I’d had with them.

DAY 24
I woke up and went straight for one last swim.

My flight was early afternoon and I had to pack and get myself to the airport by 12 o’clock. I decided to wear my short tennis skirt and a white, spaghetti strapped top. Okay, I might get a couple of little tents in the front if I got aroused, but I couldn’t foresee that until I got to the airport in England and saw Ryan.

I got packed and ready then started thinking about the journey. I was sure that I was going to get bored so I started thinking about what I could do to stop that. I decided that I needed more than my mp3 player and that I would wear all of my jewellery and the constant vibrator, on low. That lot should give me something to think about. I hadn’t worn either of the vibrators for days and was missing them.

I stripped naked, put all the above on/in then put the same clothes back on. I looked in the mirror and saw my nipples poking out and could just make out the barbells and chains. I rejected the idea of changing my top as I was sure that my nipples would go down and no one would be staring at me enough to see the jewellery.

I looked down to the hem of my skirt. I could only just see the end of the chain in the mirror. I was happy that I wouldn’t have a problem so I did my final checks and waited for the house sitting agent. She arrived on time and took only a few minutes to check the place out and hand me our deposit cheque back.

I then set off to get the bus to the airport.

All went well, and I hadn’t had an orgasm, until I got to the security check. It was then that I remembered my jewellery and the vibe. Was I going to get through the arch without triggering the alarm?

I put my bag on the conveyor and mentally crossed my fingers as I was asked to go through the arch.


Shit! The security guard called me over and told me to stand on the 2 foot prints. My heart was pounding. This could be sooo humiliating.

He passed that wand thing that they have along my arms then my legs then he started at my head and moved the wand down. When it got to my nipples the wand alarm went off.

The guard looked at me, then over to a woman security guard. I looked too. She was big, fat and ugly. The thought of her strip-searching me terrified me. What could I do to stop it happening? I suddenly though that if I showed the male guard in front of me my jewellery then he wouldn’t need the female guard.

I pulled my top down below my nipples and said,

“Hey, this is what set off the alarm.”

The guard did a double take then held the wand in front of my chest again,

“Bueno.” The guard said and started moving the wand down as I quickly pulled my top up.

When the wand got in front of my pussy the alarm went off again.

Fuck! I was going to have to show him my pussy. Either that or have to go and get that ugly dyke probing around inside my pussy.

I lifted the hem of my skirt to just above my pubic bone. My body betrayed me again and I automatically slid my feet apart.

The guard did another double take and as he held the wand in front of me again I just prayed that the barbell, stirrup and chain would trigger the alarm and that I could get away with the dyke not delving in and pulling out the vibrator.

“Bueno.” The guard said and I dropped my skirt. I held the big sigh of relief until he waved me on passed him.

The next ‘incident’ was in the departure lounge. It was quite busy in there and I managed to get a seat on one of those rows of horrible plastic chairs. It was on the end but one seat of a row with another row facing me. I sat there with my bag on my lap and listening to my music.

After a few minutes the woman on the end seat got up and left. Shortly after, the man on the end seat opposite left as well. Within seconds the seats were taken by a young couple. The guy sat next to me and the girl opposite him. As the girl sat down I noticed that she was wearing a top that left a few inches of skin visible between her top and her black leggings.

I thought nothing of it until out of the corner of my eye I saw her shuffle down in the seat and uncross her legs. She then opened her legs just like men and girls do if they are wearing trousers.

No big deal; until I heard the guy next to me sigh. I turned and looked at him and saw that he had a big grin on his face and was looking directly at the girl’s crotch.

I looked over to her to see what he was looking at and saw that her leggings were quite see-through and that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. I could see every detail of her pussy.

I looked again and saw that the leggings were made of the same material as the woolly tights that I used to wear when I went to school. I’d never seen leggings made like that, but there again, I’d never looked at leggings in the shops for years.

The girl caught me looking. She didn’t close her legs, instead she smiled at me. I smiled back and then did something really stupid. I slid down in my seat, opened my legs and put my bag on the floor between my feet. I couldn’t see my pussy, but the girl sure as hell could. She licked her lips then moved her eyes from my pussy to her man. She did this over and over until he got the message and leaned forward and looked back at my pussy.

I suddenly felt really embarrassed, but I didn’t move. Not even when the man directly opposite me looked at my pussy as well. I felt my AF quickly rise and I started to cum; right there in the airport departure lounge.

I managed to keep quiet, but I couldn’t keep still. My movements must have attracted the attention of the next guy opposite because he too started staring at me.

As soon as I was able, I got up and went to the toilet. I’d had enough humiliation for one day.

I cleaned myself up and wandered around until my flight was called.

As I was waiting I realised that as soon as I told Ryan about that girl he’d have me going round all the shops looking for leggings that were small enough for me, and that would be see-through like hers were. I was sure that Ryan would want me to be exposed like that girl was.

As bad look would have it I ended up behind that girl as we walked out to the plane. She wasn’t at all bothered that I, and anyone else who cared to look, could see right through those leggings to her bare butt and the valley between her cheeks.

Thankfully she sat further down the plane than I did.

When I sat down on the plane my skirt was up above my butt leaving my bare butt on the seat. I hoped that the wet patch what was bound to appear would be a small one and that no one would notice. I kept my bag on my lap all the way back to England.

As I sat there in the window seat I stared at the clouds going by and started thinking about Ryan saying that I was an exhibitionist. Okay, a lot of people saw my little tits and pussy, but every time could be put into 3 categories. The first was by accident and the second was alcohol. If I’d been completely sober there was no way that I would have done those things. The third category was me being horny. Surely anything that I did when I was horny doesn’t count; well, not in my mind; so no, I think that Ryan’s got it wrong, I am not an exhibitionist.

The vibration of the aircraft and vibe purring away inside me had the inevitable effect and about half way through the journey I realised that I was about to cum. I fought hard to stay quiet and still but the pained expressions on my face attracted the attention of the middle-aged woman sitting next to me and she asked me if I was okay.

I lied and told her that I had a bit of a headache.

After the plane landed and everyone started to get up and leave I looked down at the seat and saw a little wet patch. If Ryan had been with me it would have been a big wet patch.

I was so impatient when I was waiting for my case to appear on the conveyor in arrivals. At one point I ran to the toilet and squeezed the vibe out and hoped that we could find somewhere quiet for Ryan to fuck me quite soon.

When my case finally arrived I almost ran through customs and started looking for Ryan. As soon as I saw him I ran straight to him, let go of my case at his feet, and jumped up onto him. My arms went round his neck and my legs went round his waist. As I kissed him I felt his hand on my bare butt as he held me there. The end of his fingers found my pussy and pressed on my clit. I nearly came, right there in the arrivals area.

When I finally broke the kiss Ryan let me slowly slide down to the ground. His hands were still on my bare butt and as I slid down I felt my skirt stay above his hands. I was too happy to care about my exposure.

We went to the station and caught the train home. As soon as the train left the station we both went to the toilet (fortunately it was a disabled toilet) and Ryan gave me his special ‘welcome home’ present.

Needless to say that Ryan and I didn’t get much sleep that night, and Ryan woke me up next morning by fucking me from behind. I was so happy being back in my own bed with Ryan.

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 09 - Back home to Ryan

I was right about the see-through leggings. Ryan did have me going round the shops looking for some. After just about running out of shops that I knew I found some on a market stall. They were for a 10 year old. The first time that I put them on they were so tight and felt so restrictive.

Ryan took me to the pub that night and he sat opposite me staring at my pussy all the time. The worst thing about them is when Ryan takes me shopping round town on a weekend and takes me up the escalators. He always times it so that a man is right behind me going up. Those men are able to see my bare backside just as well as if I was naked.

Ryan came home from work one night with a pair of black tights that he’d bought for me. I opened them and found that they were very thin and had been made with no seams, gusset, or thicker pants part.

I put them on and quickly realised that they were even more see-through than the leggings. What’s more you could see from a distance that they were see-through. I was pleased when Ryan admitted that I couldn’t go out in public wearing those as leggings without a top long enough to cover at least part of my butt. Needless to say that Ryan looked through my clothes and found a top that just about covers my butt and we’ve gone for a couple of walks with me dressed like that. All it takes is for me to bend over even slightly and my virtually naked butt and pussy become visible.

I don’t like wearing the leggings or tights. They just feel so restrictive. I much prefer the freedom of being knickerless under skirts.

Slave Girl
After I’d told Ryan more about my evening as a slave in Magaluf he asked me to wear the dog collar sometimes. He also bought some proper handcuffs and a proper ball gag. One night after we’d eaten he got me to wear my full Magaluf slave girl outfit, with his extras. It certainly brought good memories back for me, and made Ryan as horny as hell.

We’ve certainly had some good sex when I’ve worn it round the apartment. One evening just before Ryan was due home I put the full outfit on and was stood there when the door opened. It was late when we ate that evening.

Ryan’s told me that if we get invited to a fancy dress party then he was going to take me dressed like that.

I thought that I’d try and kill that idea and told him that we’d (well me) would get arrested because the police in England aren’t as tolerant as they are in Spain. His answer was for me to wear something over the top of it until we got to where the party was.

Another idea that Ryan had for me for a fancy dress party was for me to go as that slave girl Leia out of the star wars movie. That doesn’t sound as embarrassing, although I don’t know how we’ll get round the problem of my lack of tits.

That problem was closer than I imagined. One month later Ryan’s boss had his annual barbeque at his big house and it was a fancy dress one. Fortunately Ryan thought that a naked slave girl was a little too much for his boss so he resorted to plan B – Leia.

I had to trawl round all the fancy dress hire shops for a Leia costume, and a storm trooper costume for him. The fifth fancy dress hire shop had a sci-fi section and I managed to find both costumes. I hired the Leia costume there and then, but had to go back with Ryan to get the storm trooper one.

The Leia costume was designed for a size 10 or 12 girl with ‘B’ or ‘C’ cup breasts, way too big for me, but looking at it I thought that I could adapt it to fit. The bra part wasn’t as difficult to modify as I thought, but the big problem was the cups. They were made of spiralling plastic bars in a cone shape with a cap inside the tip to cover the nipples and areolas. There was a gap in between the spiral that had a pink lining. Ryan got me to take that out. If I’d been a ‘B’ cup a spiral of flesh would have been visible, but my tiny tits were totally lost in those cone shaped spirals. In fact anyone who looked closely could see straight in to my nipples. The straps of the top were made of springy plastic so they just ‘hung’ on me.

The bottoms presented another problem. The material was way too long and there was no way that I was going to cut it. What I did instead was to find a couple of purple scarfs in the local market. They were only 10 inches wide and a little see through, as they would be bunched up a bit I didn’t think that I’d have a problem. The sides of the bottoms were also made of springy plastic that just went round me, the springy part holding them in place. The thing about them was that because I am so small they sat very low on me. The front part only just covered the top of my slit.

If anyone had just gently pulled the top or the bottoms they would have come right off me.

As I’m sure you will know, the Leia bottoms are designed to be worn with nothing underneath and Ryan said that I wasn’t going to be an exception. He also told me to cut the scarf that was going to be on the front down to just 5 inches. I told him that I thought that 5 inches would mean that my pubes would be showing a lot but Ryan said that because I shave it wouldn’t matter.

I felt sooo naked when we went to that party. Most of Ryan’s colleagues stared at my nipples through the bra, and I caught a few of them standing beside me trying to look under the material at the front. Perhaps some of them did see my pussy. None of them said that they did, but there again what man would admit to it if they had.

Oh, Ryan looked good, and stupid as a storm trooper. He kept complaining that he was too hot whereas I was almost naked and not very warm.

The other Parties
Talking of parties, some of Ryan’s work mates seem to be taking it in turns to have a party. We’ve been to 2 so far, and we’ve had one at our place as well. Fortunately they’re not fancy dress parties but that didn’t mean that I wore lots of ‘decent’ clothes. Ryan has this ability to persuade me to go out wearing next to nothing. If he wants me to wear something that could easily get me arrested he teases me to get me so sexually frustrated that I will agree to anything in the hope that he’ll let me cum quite soon.

First Party
Before the first one Ryan woke me up in the nicest possible way and continued to fuck me until I’d cum 3 times. Then he had me wear one of the remote control vibes all day with just a micro skirt and halter top. He teased me continually while we were at home and out shopping but he wouldn’t let me cum. If he’d told me to drop my skirt and rip my top off in the supermarket and fuck the nearest man then I would have done, I was sooo desperate for a cock to fuck me and make me cum.

We finally got to the party with me still desperate for his cock. I was clinging to him as we chatted to people and he kept calling me his ‘horny little slut’. Technically he was right about the first part, the second part is correct; but the third part was wrong, I only wanted him.

Ryan had let me take the vibe out just before we got there, but he’d got me to wear my 3 barbells, stirrups and chains. The ones in my nipples were slightly visible through my top, and whenever I bent forwards anyone in front of me could see them.

The chain hanging from my clit hood was showing below my skirt and whenever anyone mentioned it Ryan got me to lift the front of my skirt to show whoever the whole thing. I was that horny that I just lifted up my skirt up. I suppose the alcohol helped as well.

Ryan left me talking to some girls while he got talking about a work problem with some of his mates. We girls got talking about clothes and short skirts. One of the girls (Karen) couldn’t understand how I could wear a skirt so short without any knickers.

My response was to bet Karen that I could get her to be bottomless or perhaps even totally naked, in that room, within 1 hour. All she had to agree to do was to put a little dildo in her pussy and pretend that it wasn’t there.

One of the other girls there (Emma) knew that I meant a remote controlled vibrator and backed me up with the bet. Karen looked confident and I agreed when she said that both Emma and I had to get naked if we lost.

I went and got the vibe out of Ryan’s pocket and Karen, Emma and I went to the toilet. After we’d all had a pee, I gave Karen the ‘dildo’ and challenged her again.

“Easy,” she said, “that’s not much of a dildo; I won’t even feel that little thing.”

As she started to pull her thong back up Emma told her to put it in her bag instead.

“No problem,” Karen said, “I’m looking forward to seeing you 2 completely naked with all those men looking at you.”

We went back to the main room and split up with me going back to Ryan. I whispered to him telling him what was going on and his hand went into his pocket to the control.

Karen was talking to a man that she and Ryan work with when the vibe started. You should have seen her jump. Her face was a picture of shock, amazement, pleasure and pain. It took a couple of seconds for her to realise what had happened, and what was still happening.

Now Ryan has had lots of practice taking me to the edge then backing off, and he used all those skills on Karen. The poor girl got redder and redder. The man near her just couldn’t understand what was going on.

Shortly after Ryan started working on Karen, I went and stood next to Emma. Whenever she looked at us we just put our hands in the air to show her that we were doing nothing – and smiled.

Karen was so consumed with what was happening to her that she ignored the concern from the man next to her. Emma went over, pulled him to one side and explained what was happening. With a big grin on his face he stood back and watched Karen.

Ryan was on top form and after about 30 minutes of torture Karen looked desperate to cum. She kept looking at the crotch of every man in the room.

Emma went over to Karen and whispered,

“Get naked and you can cum.”

“Noooooo.” Karen said.

“Okay then.” Emma said and walked back to me.

Ten minutes later Karen’s hand went to the zip on her skirt. Her hand was shaking as she tried to unfasten the hook and zip. All the time she was moving her weight from one leg to another.

Eventually, Karen’s skirt hit the floor leaving her bottomless and anyone in the room who hadn’t noticed her suffering was now staring at her.

“Pleeeeease!” Karen mouthed at Emma and I.

Emma shook her head sideways and pretended to take her top off to tell Karen to take hers off.

After the next quick blast from Ryan, Karen took her top off. She wasn’t wearing a bra so she was now naked apart from her shoes. She was stood there, shaking, tits wobbling and with juices running down the insides of her legs as her audience cheered her on.

“Pleeeeease!” Karen shouted this time.

I looked over to Ryan and nodded my head.

The vibe obviously went up to full and stayed there because Karen went,

“Arrrrrgh, fuck, shit, oooooow, aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!”

He body was covered in sweat and her juices and she was having convulsions. Ryan kept her on a high for ages and at one point I thought that she might collapse or have an epileptic type fit.

Her audience was mesmerised.

Eventually Ryan must have decided that she’d had enough and switched the vibe off. As she calmed down Emma and I went and held an arm each and led her to the sofa. Telling a couple of men to get up, we sat Karen down so that she could relax. She sat with her legs wide open, not caring who could see what.

Someone brought her a drink of water and about 5 minutes later she looked up at Emma and I and said,

“You fucking bastards, you fucking, wonderful, bastards.”

After another 5 minutes she told us that she needed a shower and asked us to help her up.

Karen went off to get a shower, forgetting to collect her clothes as she went.

Ryan came over to Emma and I and I reminded him that he still hadn’t made me cum and that watching Karen had made me more desperate.

“Okay, Ryan said, “get naked and I’ll make you cum.”

“What, here, in front of all these people.” I asked.

“Yeah why not? Karen’s just stripped and came in front of everyone so you can as well.”

I just stood there not knowing what to do. I really didn’t want to take my clothes off right there, but at the same time I did need to cum. Ryan had kept me on the brink for most of the day.

In the end I didn’t need to make a decision, Ryan made it for me; he undid my top and let it drop to the floor. The couple stood close to us just stared as my minute tits and jewellery became visible for all to see. I just stood there as Ryan unfastened my skirt and let that drop too.

I sort of came to my senses and put one arm across my nipples and the other hand to my bald pubes.

“Don’t be shy TT.” Ryan said; “put your hands down and act normally.”

“Please Ryan,” I said, “Please make me cum so that I can get dressed again.”

“All in good time my love.” Ryan said.

The bugger then started talking to the couple next to us leaving me just standing there with the man, and goodness knows how many others, staring at me.

I felt my nipples get harder and my pussy get even wetter as all those men (and a few women) were staring at me. I didn’t know whether to run or finger myself right there. While I was making up my mind Emma said,

“I like the jewellery Tanya.”

“Err, thank you Emma.” I replied.

“Hey, relax Tanya. Unless your man is going to fuck you right here and now you’ve nothing to worry about.” Emma said.

“He might just do that. It’s not the first time he’s fucked me in public.” I said.

“Wow! Lucky you! Emma said.

Emma started telling me about the time when she got fucked with a dildo by Karen on a bench in a shopping centre when Karen came back into the room. She was still naked and had a big rosy grin on her face. She came over to us and held out her open hand with the vibe on it.

“That was a cruel trick you pulled on me, but I’m glad that you did it, where did you get that thing from, and how did you control it?”

By that time Ryan had turned to get a better look at his work colleague’s naked body. His hand went into his pocket and he pulled out the remote control. With a big grin on his face he said,

“Do you want to get your revenge?” Ryan asked.

Karen’s naked smile got bigger and her hand closed.

“Turn round and bend over TT.” Ryan said.

I looked at Karen, then at Ryan and said,

“No. I can’t!”

“Yes you can Tanya,” Ryan said, “Do it!”

I resigned myself to a similar fate to Karen and turned and bent at the waist.

“Open those legs girl.” Karen said.

When I did, Karen let me stay like that for ages and I was getting more and more embarrassed as I thought about all those people looking at my spread, very wet pussy with the chain dangling from it.

All those eyes were burning my pussy and it was lubricating more and more to put out that fire.

Eventually I felt Karen’s fingers probe my pussy and then the vibe sliding in.

Someone’s hand was on my back keeping me bent over. Finally the hand lifted and I stood up just as Ryan passed the remote control to Karen. She switched it on and even though I watched her do it I was still shocked when it started up. I gasped and shook all over. I felt my nipple chains bounce.

Karen turned the vibe up to full blast and within seconds I had convulsions and completely lost it. My legs gave way and down I went. The thing was, I was stood near a sofa with people on it and I collapsed onto them. Lying along their laps I was shaking and moaning as I had one orgasm after another after another. My whole day’s sexual frustration was coming out of me in one mind-blowing session

When the orgasmic waves started to recede I managed to open my eyes and see the faces of the people (2 men and 2 women) I was lying on. All had smiles on their faces.  As soon as I was capable I said that I was sorry to them all, but one man said,

“The pleasure was all mine.”

“I really don’t think so.” I said as I rolled off them onto the floor.

I stood up and looked round the room for Ryan. Just about everyone was looking at me. I got sooo embarrassed again. When I saw Ryan he was just grinning. Our eyes met and he put out his hand for me. He pulled me to him and gave me a big hug and a long passionate kiss. I forgot my embarrassment.

“Worth the wait was it?” Ryan asked.

“Yes and no.” I replied. “Yes because I had REALLY good orgasms, but no because there was so many people watching me. It’s embarrassing and humiliating.”

“Yes, but that’s what makes it so good.” Ryan said.

What could I say; I knew that he was right.

“Can I get dressed now please?” I asked Ryan.

“Not yet my darling; I want people to see that you’re proud of yourself.” Ryan said.

“I’m not.” I said, “I’m embarrassed. It’s so humiliating cumming in front of strangers.”

“But it makes your orgasms so much better.” Ryan said.

Ryan wouldn’t let me get dressed for about an hour. What’s more, he introduced me to all the people that we hadn’t got round to talking to by then. I had to stand there naked making small talk as they stared at me. Just about all of them wanted to talk about my jewellery and I got fed-up with telling people why I’d had the piercings and what it was like having the chains bouncing about. One cheeky man even got hold of the chain hanging from my right nipple and gave it a couple of gentle tugs. If they hadn’t already been rock hard those tugs would have made them hard.

About half way through that hour Ryan switched the vibe onto low and my AF started to rise. By the time Ryan let me get dressed I wanted Ryan to fuck me. I had to wait until we were on the bus going home.

On the way home from the party Ryan confirmed what I’d guessed about Karen, she’s a lesbian. Emma is Karen’s live-in girlfriend and an orthopaedic nurse. She works for an agency and is called in as and when needed.

Second Party
The second party wasn’t so ‘pleasurable’, although I did end up naked again. It started off quite quietly with people just drinking, talking and dancing. Then someone suggested playing some party games. Quite a few of us had met up in a pub before going to the party and most of us were quite happy.

I was wearing a mini dress that night and in the pub I’d caught a couple of the guys looking up my dress. I’d told Ryan about it and he’d told me to ignore it. He told me that it was ‘natural instinct’ for men to try to look up girls skirts, particularly if they were on cute young women. He said that I was in that category so I should be happy.

I was, not because of the 2 guys, because of Ryan’s complements.

Anyway, at the party the games started with the boring ones, passing something from chin to chin and the likes. The games got a bit embarrassing when balloons had to be passed between peoples legs. Needless to say that the guys had to help the girls pull their skirts up a bit (any excuse).

I just knew what would happen when someone produced a Twister board. I told Ryan that I didn’t want to play but he told me not to be a prude and to get on with it.

The inevitable happened and I ended up with my dress up around my chest, letting everyone see that I wasn’t wearing any knickers. In a way I didn’t feel too bad because 2 other girls were going commando as well.

Somehow all 3 of us commando girls got through to the next round and only lost in the final. By that time our bald pussies had been seen by everyone there.

After that game we split into teams of girls vs. boys and we all had a series of team challenges. Most were boring, but handstands and headstands were some of the challenges. All the girls that were wearing knickers showed them to everyone as they attempted to stand on their hands and heads. There were big cheers as the other 2 commando girls did their headstands and handstands. One of the commando girls spread her legs wide and got lots of cheers and applause.

I’d deliberately kept to the back of the room hoping that I’d somehow get over-looked, but it wasn’t to be. Someone called my name and I had to go to the front and stand on my head. I’ve always been quite good at it but I’d never done a headstand (or a handstand) at a party before, never when I’d been wearing only a loose fitting dress and never when I was half drunk.

Anyway, I knew that I had to do it, and I knew what would happen; and it did. My dress slid down to round my neck leaving me naked from the neck down (up).

Everyone cheered at my exposure as I just stood there on my head with my legs firmly together. Ryan came over to me and told everyone that I could stay like that for ages and that I could move my legs all around without falling over. Of course everyone wanted me to show them that I could do it.

Ryan got down on the floor and told me to show them; for him. He just knew that I can’t refuse a request from him, so I did. First I lowered my legs forwards. I knew that my pussy would be showing but Ryan wanted me to do it.

Then I spread my legs wide. People probably thought that my red face was because of the blood running to my head but it was partially embarrassment. I knew that my pussy was all wet and that everyone would know that I was aroused. I didn’t want to be but I just couldn’t help it.

After about 5 minutes I’d had enough and I got back onto my feet and my dress fell back into place.

I started to feel better but someone told me that I still had to do a handstand.

“Shit!” I said to Ryan.

“Go on TT, I know that you can do it.” Ryan said.

It wasn’t the handstand that worried me it was that I knew that my dress would end up on the floor round my hands. I didn’t want to be naked again, but I knew that I had to do it.

The inevitable happened and as I moved my hands to keep my balance I walked right out of the dress. What’s more I saw someone pick it up.

“Open your legs!” Someone shouted.

I knew that I’d have to do it sometime so I figured the sooner that I did it the sooner that I’d be back on my feet and back in my dress. I opened my legs wide letting everyone get a closer look at my wet, swollen, open pussy.

The cheers got louder but some of the audience got too close, knocked my leg and I fell over.

Ryan got to me and helped me up, but we couldn’t find my dress. I had to stay naked for ages as Ryan kept telling me that it would turn up.

Ryan and I became more popular and people kept bringing us drinks so that they could get a close look at me. It was a good job that the alcohol was numbing my embarrassment.

As people started to leave I started getting a bit worried about how I was going to get home without any clothes. A woman coming out of the bedroom, where all the coats were, had my dress in her hand and she told me that she found it under her coat.

Third Party
The third party was at our place. When Ryan told me he asked me to be the perfect host. Of course I agreed, but then he told me that the perfect host would be his Magaluf naked slave girl. I froze and my jaw dropped.

After a few seconds I said,

“You mean that you want me to be completely naked all the time.”

“No,” Ryan said, “my slave wears a dog collar and lead. She would wear her handcuffs but you can’t serve drinks wearing those.”

“Are you serious?” I asked.

Ryan nodded and I knew that he meant it. I also knew that I’d do it. I didn’t want to, but I’d do it, for him.

I was nervous as hell as we got everything ready. About an hour before we were expecting the first guests Ryan told me to go and take a shower. I was just about finished when he came in and fucked me hard before telling me to get dried and dressed (ha!).

When the first guests arrived they just stood and stared at me for a few seconds before coming in.

“I didn’t know that it was fancy dress.” The woman said.

“It’s not.” Ryan said, “I just wanted to have the perfect host for us.”

“Well, she’s definitely perfect.” The man said.

That made me feel a little better, but I was still embarrassed and nervous. As I got them a drink I had one myself. By the time 4 couples had arrived I was starting to relax. That was until I opened our door and saw our neighbours, John and Sandra. I just stood there with my mouth open.

“Hi, come in,” Ryan said, “darling, I invited our neighbours. It seemed wrong not to.”

“Of course,” I said, “what can I get you to drink?”

Sandra grabbed my arm and led me to the kitchen. As we were getting the drinks she said,

“Well Tanya, I’ve seen you go out quite a few times wearing risqué outfits, and I’ve followed you up the stairs a few times and seen what you don’t wear under your skirts; but I never expected this. Are you some sort of submissive Tanya?”

“No, no, I love Ryan and I’ll do anything for him. It’s just that he likes to embarrass me by showing me to people. It’s harmless fun. It’s not like he hurts me or anything. He loves me, and the sex afterwards is out of this world. Besides, I enjoy it as well.”

“It’s a good job. I could never live with myself if my neighbour was a wife-beater.” Sandra said.

“Ryan has NEVER hit me and he NEVER would. Well, that’s excluding him spanking my bottom a few times.” I said.

Sandra smiled and said,

“I’m sorry Tanya, but I had to ask. You know, John used to spank me sometimes when I’d been bad, on my bare butt too.”

“That’s okay Sandra, and thank you for caring.”

“The sex after a spanking was great too.” Sandra added.

We finished getting the drinks and went out to the rest of the people. John started telling me how good I looked but I never heard much of it. I was thinking about what I’d just said to Sandra. I’d admitted that I liked Ryan showing my naked body to people. Did that mean that I really am an exhibitionist? No it couldn’t mean that. After all, I only agree to do it for Ryan, not for me.

The doorbell brought me back to earth and I went and let some more people in. It was Karen and Emma.

“Wow Tanya!” Emma said, “Are you trying to upstage us before we even arrive?”

“No, no,” I said, “It’s Ryan, he wanted a naked slave girl to be the host and guess what?”

“Well you certainly play the part well Tanya.” Karen said.

The party got going well with people sitting on the few chairs that we have, and on the floor. I threw myself into getting drinks for people in the hope that I would stop being so embarrassed. It didn’t work. My mouth and pussy had been dry at the start of the party, probably because of my nerves. I’d solved my dry mouth problem with a few drinks but my pussy was getting a bit wet.

After a while of serving drinks Emma (who was sat on the sofa) asked me if I was enjoying being naked in front of all the people. I said that I wasn’t and Emma told me that I was.

“I am not!” I said.

“Your pussy tells me that you are.” Emma said.

I hadn’t thought about it before, but with Emma (and others) being sat on the sofa, their eyes were at my pussies level. I looked down to my pussy and realised that it was quite wet and shiny. What’s more, my vulva was all swollen.

I hurried back to the kitchen. As I stood there I started thinking about my pussy. I was getting horny, my AF was rising. I tried to take my mind off it by taking more drinks out to people, but as I stood in front of the people sat on the floor I got hornier and wetter as I realised that they were actually looking up at my pussy.

Why was my body betraying me? Again! I had to have another drink.

The party went on as most parties do; and there was no sex, well not that I saw; although I couldn’t stop thinking about it. We did play a few party games but my embarrassment was pushed to one side by the alcohol. At one point Ryan had to tell me to ease up on the booze. I do remember Emma being naked at one point. Next day Ryan told me that we’d played truth or dare and that Emma had been dared to get naked. Then Karen had borrowed one of the remote vibes and used it on Emma to make her cum in front of everyone.

Before I knew it the party was over and I was in bed with Ryan pleading for him to fuck me.

The next morning I woke up before Ryan and crawled (still naked and still wearing the dog collar) through to the kitchen to put the coffee on. As I came out of the kitchen to go and have a pee I realised that there were bare legs hanging off both end of the sofa.

WTF I thought and went over to see who it was. I lifted the blanket and saw Karen and Emma. Both were naked, and both had their heads near the other’s pussy. They looked like they’d been eating each other as a late supper and fallen asleep.

I covered them up and went for the pee.

I took a cup of coffee back to bed and drank it before falling back to sleep.

When I woke up again I could smell bacon cooking. I turned over and Ryan wasn’t there. I found him in the kitchen (wearing just his boxers) with a naked Emma, getting us some breakfast.

“I wasn’t dreaming then!” I said.

Karen crept up behind me and made me jump when she said,

“No, Ryan told us that we could crash here last night. I hope you don’t mind. I assume that it was you lifting the blanket earlier and not that perv of a boyfriend of yours.”

“Hey, stop calling me a perv. I wasn’t the one stripping off and trying to get everyone else to strip as well.” Ryan said.

“Did I really do that? Wow! It was a good night.” Karen said.

“Err, are you guys okay being naked with Ryan here?” I asked.

“Yeah, of course, Ryan knows that were not available to him, we’ve joked about it enough at work; besides, he’s crazy about you, you should hear him going on about you at work. He thinks that the sun shines out of your arse; well your pussy. We’re not embarrassed if he’s not. Isn’t that right Emma?” Karen said.

“Yeah Karen; even if his cock is as big as it looks through those boxers, I don’t want it.” Emma replied.

Emma and Ryan finished cooking the breakfast and the 4 of us (3 naked girls and Ryan wearing only his boxers) sat round the table eating and talking.

Karen and Emma are quite nice people really. When they found out that I didn’t have a full time job Emma told us that she only worked a couple of days a week and that we should get together sometime.

I asked Emma where she worked and she told us that she usually worked in the broken limbs department at the local hospital, plastering people up.

“Do you mean putting broken arms and legs in plaster?” I asked.

“Yes, mostly arms and legs.” Emma said.

“Think what it would be like to break both your arms and both your legs.” Karen said.

“One poor teenage girl did just that the other week. We sent her home wearing nothing but 4 heavy Plaster of Paris lumps. The poor kid would have to have everything done for her for a couple of months; and I mean everything.” Emma said.

“I’d like to try that sometime; just for a few hours.” I said, “Think what it would be like to have someone doing everything for you.”

“Careful what you wish for Tanya, I could easily arrange it for you.” Emma replied. “The nursing school are always looking for volunteers for the new recruits to practice on.”

“Hey, do you guys know that there’s a man with a telescope in that block over there?” Karen suddenly said as she looked out of the window.

“It’s alright, he can’t see anything.” I said.

“I think that he can.” Karen said as she got up and went to the window and waved.

“Look, he’s waving back.” Karen said.

“Ryan, you told me that he couldn’t see us.” I said sounding annoyed.

“Well, it’s too late now. No point in changing our habits, he must have seen us dozens of times by now.” Ryan said.

“But he’s probably watched us fucking all over the place, even on this table.” I replied.

“Yew!” Emma said.

“He couldn’t have been that upset if he’s still looking at us; and we’re still alive so it hasn’t done us any harm, has it.”

“Well no, but that’s not the point. I don’t like people seeing me naked, never mind fucking. We’ll have to get some curtains.” I said.
Karen laughed,

“What do you mean you don’t like people seeing you naked, you were naked all last night with dozens of people getting a close-up of your pussy; and you were certainly enjoying being looked at.”

“No I wasn’t.” I said.

“That’s not what you’re pussy was saying last night girl. You looked like you were going to cream yourself any second.” Karen said.

I blushed as I vaguely remembered realising how wet my pussy was during the party. Why the hell do I get so aroused when I’m naked in public? Why can’t my body listen to my brain?

“Anyway loves young dream, Emma and I have things to do today; any chance of a quick shower before we leave?” Karen asked.

“Yes, of course,” Ryan said, “you know where it is; I’ll get you some fresh towels.”

Karen and Emma went off to the bathroom and a few minutes later I heard them giggling a bit.

“They’re quite nice those 2 aren’t they?” I said to Ryan who sort of grunted. What are we going to do about mister perv, as Karen called him, over the road? I don’t want him watching me while I haven’t got any clothes on.”

“Why not? It hasn’t been a problem for the last umpteen months so why should it be a problem now?” Ryan asked. “Just ignore him like you have been doing.”

“Well okay, but I’ll keep thinking about him and looking to see if he’s looking. When I see him I’ll get embarrassed.” I said.

“You meant that you’ll get turned on knowing that he’s looking.” Ryan said.

“No I won’t.”

“Yes you will.”

“No I won’t.”

“Yes you will. Come on TT admit it; you’ll enjoy it.”
With that Ryan took me over to the window and stood me right in front of it. The man was there looking though his telescope. Ryan stood behind me and put his hands on my little tits. As he squeezed my nipples I got a wet rush. Ryan kissed my neck and hugged me from behind. I tried to turn round to face him but he held me firm. He obviously wanted mister perv to watch my front.

“I bet that you’re getting wet and all tingly aren’t you?”

I didn’t answer him and after a few seconds his right hand slid down my front to my pussy. His index finger parted my lips and slid straight into me.

“Told you. You’re red hot, all swollen and wet enough to drown someone. I’ll have to take care of that when those 2 have gone.”

Ryan left me standing there as he started clearing the table. Half of me was saying run and hide, but the other half was telling me to masturbate for the man, right there in front of the window.

I did neither because Karen and Emma came out of the bathroom just then. Karen asked,

“Has either of you 2 seen our clothes?”

“Look under the sofa.” Ryan shouted.

They got dressed and as they left Karen said,

“Remember to put on a good show for mister perv.”

Ryan had finished clearing the table and he took me over to it and bent me over it.

Guess what he did before we started to clean the place up?

A couple of days later Ryan came home from work and told me that everyone had really enjoyed my party outfit and that they’d all agreed that at the start of each future party there would be a quick splitting of a pack of cards to pick the lucky person who would have to get naked and spend the whole party naked.

My first thought was to hope that it wouldn’t be me again. My second thought was to hope that it would be one of the men. I looked forward to seeing one of the men embarrassed with a hard-on all night. Ryan told me that one of the guys had renamed the parties as the OON Parties. OON being Only One Naked.

There’s another party coming up in a few weeks. I wonder how that will go.

Ryan invites his friends round
After the party at our place Ryan told me that he wanted to invite a couple of his mates round for a few beers, watching football on the television and electronic games. I told him that it was okay with me; in fact it was good that he was making new friends – not that I didn’t want him to myself; but I realise the importance of friends.

That was when Ryan dropped the bombshell. He told me that he wanted me to be the same type of host that I’d been at our party.

“Fucking hell Ryan; you want me to serve the food and drink whist NAKED! You’re kidding me right? It’s one thing being the only one naked when there are lots of people, male and female; but it’s different when there are only 3 or 4 MEN. What if things get out of hand and they want to have sex with me, do you want them to rape me?”

“No, no, it would never get to that. I just thought that it would be quite nice for them to look at your gorgeous body.” Ryan replied.

“But it would be humiliating for me.” I said.

“Hey, you managed okay at the party, in fact you enjoyed it.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Your pussy said otherwise; and you were as horny as hell in bed afterwards.”

“But what if one of then tries to kiss me or touch me up or even fuck me?”

“Do you want them to fuck you?”

“NO! You know that I only want you.”

“But you get so horny when other people see you without your clothes on. Are you sure that you don’t want other men to fuck you?”

“NO, NO! I can’t help what my body does, just like you can’t control when you get a hard-on. Just because my pussy gets wet doesn’t mean that I want someone other than you to fuck me.”

“Wet! You get so wet that I think you might drown me; and you sometimes cum when you’re naked in front of others too; and by the noises you make you are certainly enjoying it.”

“I know, I know. I can’t help it; it just happens. Of course I enjoy cumming; just like you do; but I only want to be fucked by you my love. And by the look of that, you want to fuck me now.”

I went up to Ryan and hugged him; his hard-on pressing against my stomach. I just hoped that he didn’t remind me of Magaluf. I really did want those hunks to fuck me; and Ryan knew it too.

“Hey, I only want what you want TT. If any of them try to do anything that you aren’t happy about, tell me and they’ll be out of the door before you can say ‘Tiny Tits’.

Ryan had done it again, he’d talked me into exposing myself - again.

“Can I think about it?”

“Okay, you’ve got the 3 seconds that it will take for you to bend over the dining table.”

Ryan rammed his hard cock into my pussy from behind. I gasped and said,

“Okay, okay, I’ll do it.”

Ryan leaned over me and put his arms round my chest. He then lifted me up and held my back against his chest, then walked over to the window with my pussy impaled on his cock and my feet dangling in the air.

My face was almost touching the glass when Ryan said,

“Can you see mister perv?”

“What! Shit, is that dirty old bastard looking again? Get me away from here.”

“He’s probably there; let’s give him a good show.”

Ryan held me up with one arm and used his other hand to play with my clit. Neither of us lasted long and we came just about together.

After we’d both cum Ryan said,

“You’ll do it then.”

“When do I ever let you down?”

“That’s my girl, come and sit on my cock while we watch the news on the television.”

That was how I got talked into it. When it came to the first time that they came over I was as nervous as hell. Ryan put the dog collar on me just before they arrived and I was in the kitchen getting the snacks ready when the doorbell went.

Ryan let Pete and Mike in and brought them into the kitchen to say hello. My hands automatically went to cover my pussy and little tits.

I turned and saw them and we just stared at each other. I wanted to run to the bedroom and hide but Ryan came and held my hand and asked me if I remembered them.

“Of course, hi Pete, hi Mike.” I said.

“Hi Tanya,” Mike said. “You always wear the nicest of outfits.”

“I half expected that you were into candaulism Ryan.” Pete said.

“Into what?” Ryan said.

“Candaulism; It’s when a man exposes his wife or partner to other men.”

“I wouldn’t say that, Tanya does it because she wants to, and she enjoys it.” Ryan said.

“Don’t listen to Ryan,” I said, “I’m only doing this because Ryan wants me to. I’m finding the whole experience very embarrassing.” I said.

“Whatever the reason;” Mike said, “I’m enjoying it.”

“And I’m certainly not complaining.” Pete said.

“Can I get anyone a beer?” I said, trying to distract them from staring at me.

I have to say, when Mike and Pete were staring at me I did get a little wet rush; but I guess that any woman would.

The guys went and got on with their electronic games with both Mike and Pete staring at me as much as they could. Ryan seemed to be winning all the games; maybe Ryan wanted me to be naked to distract Mike and Pete. I kept them supplied with drinks and snacks and got a little less uncomfortable, but still embarrassed. Every time that I was stood directly in front of Mike or Pete I could feel my face burning – and my pussy getting wetter.

Anyway, their staring was taking its toll on my pussy. After about an hour I was quite wet, and my AF was rising. I tried going into the kitchen or bedroom to take my mind off their staring, but my mind kept going back to their eyes glued to my pussy.

I was in the bedroom one time when Ryan came in. He’d been for a pee and came in to check on me. He kissed me and thanked me for making him happy. Then he put his hand on my pussy. His middle finger easily slid inside me.

“I don’t know why I’m thanking you; you’re getting more out of this than me.” He said as his finger went further inside me.

“It’s embarrassing.” I said.

“And that’s part of what makes it so pleasurable my love.” Ryan said as he pulled his finger out. “We’re going to watch the match now; can you keep us topped up please?”

As Ryan pulled away from me I put my hand on his crotch. He was hard so I said,

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

“Of course, just you wait until they’ve gone.” Ryan said.

A little later I went and got them more beers and snacks. I couldn’t think of anything else to do in the kitchen or bedroom so I sat on the only available chair and watched the game.

The chair was quite close to the television and I was watching at a funny angle – not that I found the game very interesting. I kept glancing over to the 3 guys. Ryan was fully focused on the game, but both Mike and Pete kept looking at me. Our eyes met a couple of times and we smiled then their eyes went back to the game.

I suddenly realised that I had un-crossed my legs; what’s more my knees were apart. What was wrong with me? How could I do something so stupid? I quickly crossed my legs again, but as I did so I felt my wet inner thighs come together. Blood hell, I was soaking wet.

I had to get out of there so I got up and went to the bathroom to dry myself. After that, instead of going to the bedroom to cool off, I went straight back to the lounge and sat in the same chair, and for some strange reason I didn’t cross my legs.

At least my inner thighs were dry. If (when) Mike of Pete looked they wouldn’t be able to tell that I was aroused. I glanced down to my pussy; shit, my clit was sticking out further than normal. I squeezed my thighs together, but that made it worse, I was getting wet again and my clit was starting to throb.

I thought that if I close my eyes and think of anything but sex then I would calm down; but my mind just kept thinking about Mike and Pete looking at my pussy.

About 5 minutes later I just knew that I was going to cum. I stood up and nearly ran to the bathroom. As soon as I got there my hand went straight to my pussy and within seconds I was cumming; but I did manage to keep reasonably quiet.

When I calmed down I cleaned myself up ready to go back out. My nipples were rock hard, so was my clit, and my lips were swollen. Hoping that none of them would be able to tell that I’d just had an orgasm, I calmly walked back out and asked the boys if they wanted another beer.

I sat down again and didn’t close my legs. It was if I just didn’t care anymore. I put my head back, closed my eyes and relaxed. I started dreaming of the good times I’d had in Magaluf. I remembered the naked bike ride, being naked on the beach when everyone else around me was wearing clothes, the mechanical bull, and those hunks in the erotic dancing club. Oh, oh those cocks! I suddenly realised that I’d been dreaming about the wrong things; I was getting aroused again.

I opened my eyes, and sure enough, Pete’s eyes were glued to my pussy. I had another wet rush.

I had to escape again. Just as I stood up Ryan asked me to get them another beer. Why didn’t I buy bigger bottles? When I was handing the bottles to the boys I had to stand right in front of them. Pete had a big grin on his face and I realised that he must be able to see my wet thighs and protruding, swollen clit.

I had another wet rush.

Mike was just as bad and I quickly moved on to Ryan who put his hand on mine, keeping me from moving away.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you TT?”

I said nothing.

With his other hand Ryan reached out and touched my clit. I gasped then said,

“Stop it Ryan, you’ll embarrass Mike and Pete.”

“No he won’t.” Pete said.

“Well he’ll embarrass me.” I said; hoping that Ryan would leave my pussy alone.

He didn’t. What he did do was to squeeze my clit.

Instinctively I opened my legs a bit to give him better access. Within seconds I was cumming with Mike and Pete sat there watching and listening. Ryan kept playing with my clit and kept me cumming for ages. My whole body was convulsing, and how I stayed on my feet I will never know; but I did.

As the waves subsided I looked at Mike and Pete and felt so humiliated. I wanted to run but Ryan held onto my hand until I stopped trying to pull away. He pulled me down onto his lap and I had to sit there looking at Pete and Mike who still had big grins on their faces.

Thankfully the match ended soon and Mike and Pete said that they had to leave. When we stood up I looked at Ryan’s jeans; they had a big wet patch where my pussy had been.

As Mike and Pete set off down the stairs I heard Mike say,

“FIH, Ryan’s a lucky bastard. I wish that I had a girlfriend who will walk around in the nudie and let me make her cum in front of my friends.”

“Me too.” Pete said.

As I shut the door Ryan grabbed me and fucked me up against the inside of the front door.

A couple of weeks later Ryan told me that he’s invited another 2 of his mates, Dave and James, over for another games night. When he told me I managed to get him to promise that he wouldn’t finger me in front of them. He didn’t say anything about me being naked while they were there so just before they were due to arrive I started to put a dress on.

“What are you doing?” Ryan said.

“Getting ready for Dave and James.” I replied.

“But you’re supposed to be naked again.”

“Oh no, please don’t ask me to do that again. It was soo humiliating when you made me cum with them watching.”

“Relax TT; I’ve already promised not to finger you, in fact I’ll promise not to even touch you.”

“Do I have to?”

“Please Tanya, for me.” Ryan said in his cute pleading voice.

“Oh okay, but keep your hands to yourself.”

“Thank you TT, I’ll make it up to you afterwards.”

“You better had.”

“Oh, can you wear your nipple and clit jewellery instead of the dog collar please?”

I wasn’t keen on that as I knew that they would attract eyes to them, but if it meant that Ryan would keep his hands off me whilst they were there then it was okay with me.

When I heard the doorbell ring Ryan came over to me and said,

“Just a minute TT; there’s one more thing that I have to do before you open that door.”

He gently pushed me down onto the sofa and opened my legs wide. Before I realised it he had pushed one of the remote vibes up my pussy. Thankfully it wasn’t switched on and I rushed to the door.

Opening it and feeling embarrassed, Dave said,

“It’s true then; hi Tanya, you look ravishing. I like the chains.”

James brought one of his hands from behind his back to reveal a big bottle of my favourite wine.

“Just for my favourite nudist.” James said.

A smile came to my face and I thought that perhaps the evening wouldn’t be so bad.

“I’m not a nudist.” I said.

“You certainly look like a beautiful nudist to me.” James said.

I blushed and got embarrassed again.

“Come on in guys.” Ryan said from behind me.

The evening started very much the same as the one with Mike and Pete, except that I was drinking some very nice wine. As the evening settled into a pattern I could have gone into the bathroom and squeezed the vibe out but I didn’t; why I didn’t I will never know because I just knew what Ryan was going to do to me. What was I thinking?

Before long I’d forgotten about my embarrassment; and the dormant vibe in my pussy.

After getting the guys about their fourth beer I suddenly jumped and gasped. Then I giggled as I realised that Ryan had switched the vibe on, on low. Both James and Dave looked over to me for a second before getting back to their game.

I got the guys some more beers and lined them up with the ones that they still had; then sat on the chair opposite them. The wine (and the vibe on low) had relaxed me and I sat lazily on the front edge of the chair without crossing my legs.

Ryan looked over to me, smiled and winked at me. Then his hand went into his pocket and I felt the vibe increase. I giggled and closed my eyes. I was feeling happy. I knew what was going to happen and I didn’t care that Dave and James were there.

My legs opened, my hand found its way to my pussy and a started frigging. My eyes may have been shut but I just knew that all 3 of them were watching me; and I didn’t care. All I wanted was to cum. And I did. Just as I did I felt the vibe increase. Ryan was going to keep me cumming and I wanted him to. I wanted him to fuck me but I knew that wasn’t going to happen so I was happy to settle for lots of orgasms.

My body got active and my mouth got vocal. I was enjoying it and I didn’t care who knew it.

One orgasm melted into another as one after another they hit me. I could feel the sweat all over me.

I lost count of the orgasms, and the time, sometime after the fifth one hit me.

Eventually Ryan must have decided that I’d had enough because the vibe died and I finally started to get back to normal.

When I opened my eyes all 3 guys had stopped their game and were staring at me. I smiled at them and said,

“Fuck, I needed that.”

“That was the most amazing sight that I have ever seen.” James said.

“Amazing!” was all that Dave could say.

“Next time that I tell you that Tanya is going to cum for you’d better believe me?” Ryan said.

Blankety, blank; Ryan just said that he’d told them in advance that I was going to cum in front of them. He’d planned it! I didn’t know whether to be annoyed or happy. Ryan really does know me, possibly better than I know myself.

I settled for enjoying the post orgasm pleasure and just lay there with my legs wide open.

The guys went back to their game and after a few minutes I decided that I needed a shower. I was just about to get up when the vibe kicked-in again – on full.

“Bastard!” I shouted as I squeezed my legs together then sighed. Before long my legs slowly opened as I felt yet another orgasm build.

Things happened the same way as they had a few minutes previous, only quicker; except that this time I kept my eyes open and both hands gripping the chair. Both Dave and James sat there with their mouths wide open while Ryan was grinning from ear to ear. He was enjoying my pleasure.

Ryan eventually switched the vibe off and let nature take its course.

This time as the wave receded I decided to get up and run to the bathroom before Ryan could hit me again.

I made it and sat on the side of the bath for a while before getting into the shower to wash the sweat off me.

Feeling much better, and quite sober, I wrapped a towel round my chest and went back to the guys. The beer bottles were empty so I replaced them with full ones. As I passed Ryan he stood up and kissed me; and un-wrapped the towel. As it fell to the floor Ryan slapped my butt and whispered, “Love you.”

I was still feeling a bit horny as I got another glass of wine and went back to my ‘torture’ chair. I held my wine glass in my right hand and used my left hand to pull the chain attached to my left nipple in all directions. It felt good.

I was still doing that when Dave suddenly said,

“Shit, is that the time? Sorry mate, but we have to be going.” He turned to me and said,

“Tanya, it’s been a real pleasure. You really do make the most perfect, entertaining host. I really do hope that I can meet someone like you one day. I really don’t want to go but I’ll be in dead trouble if I miss that bus.”

James protested a bit, but Dave wasn’t having any of it and they made their excuses and left. As soon as the door was shut I pushed Ryan onto the sofa, made him get that damn vibe out of me, and impaled myself on his cock.

As I slid down onto him I said,

“You really are a bastard aren’t you? You really do know how to manipulate me. No vibrators next time – promise.

As Ryan promised me I realised that I’d just told him that I was willing to be naked the next time that he has some of his mates round. What the hell was I thinking about?

There is going to be a next time, Ryan is planning it but he’s having trouble getting a date that is convenient for all of us. I’m trying to think of ways that Ryan might make me cum in front of his mates so that I can get him to promise to not do whatever it is that I think off.

Emma phoned me a few days after the big party at our place. She was bored and wondered if I’d like to go for some retail therapy. I told her that I didn’t have much money, but a wander round the shops would be great.

As the weather wasn’t too bad I put on just a dress and jacket and set off to meet her in town. I was pleased to see that she was wearing similar clothes as me.

We had a great time trying on clothes. We usually shared a changing room and sometimes left the curtain open. I never saw any men looking at us, but a couple of women gave us filthy looks – miserable cows.

When we stopped in the food hall for a coffee we talked about the type of clothes that we normally wear. I was pleased to find out that both her and Karen dress in a similar way to me – no trousers or shorts. Between them they only own about 6 pairs of knickers and about 5 bras. Most of the bras belong to Karen as she has to wear one for work.

While we were in the food hall Emma started flashing her pussy at men that were there. She said that she loved teasing them, knowing that there wasn’t a cat in hells chance that they’d get close to it.

Emma got me to do it a couple of times as well. Why I did it I don’t know, but I have to confess that I did get wet.

Home Alone
I’d never thought much about anyone looking into out un-curtained windows before Karen spotted mister perv. Since then I’ve kept looking up towards his window. I know that Ryan has told me to ignore him but I can’t. I hate the thought of him seeing me naked but I just can’t stop going to the window and looking for him.

Every morning after Ryan has left for work I go to the window and look for him. The thing is; I don’t put any clothes on before I go to the window. It’s like I want him to see me naked. Well my body does, every morning I go to get a T-shirt to put on but I never do it.

I get wet when I’m looking for him and when I see him I reach for a nipple and my clit. I haven’t told Ryan yet, but I’ve frigged to orgasm twice when I’ve seen him watching me.

One day when I was coming back from jogging I went into the block where he lives and worked out what number he lives at. I then went up the stairs to the floor above his and waited. After about 45 minutes his door opened and my heart started pounding. I followed him out of the building and down the street.

I wanted to see what his reaction would be if he saw me on the street so I waited until I saw a shortcut that I’d found and ran round it so that I could jog back towards him.

He saw me coming and just stood there staring at me. I didn’t look at him or even smile. I ignored him but I was lucky enough to see his reflection in a car windows. He was watching me run away from him.

Since then I have a more accurate image of the man that is watching me as I walk around my home, and when Ryan is fucking me on the sofa or table or floor.

Part Time Shop Model
I started doing this again straight after I got back from Magaluf. I’ve had a couple of ‘interesting’ experiences recently. Before I tell you about them I have to tell you that the room that I use has been decorated and big full length mirrors put on the walls.

One of the ‘interesting’ experiences was a man who brought his 15 year old son along with him to help him choose what get for the 13 year old sister. He said that the brother knew more about what his little sister would like than he would.  That was probably true, but what 15 year old boy wants to go shopping for clothes for a younger sister?

Anyway, they came into the room with a bundle of clothes and gave me the first outfit to model. I went behind the screen and started putting it on. What I hadn’t realised was that the son was walking around the room and had discovered a mirror that he could look in and see me in all my naked glory. It was only when I stepped out and saw his grin and red face that I realised what he had been looking at. I blushed as well, but got on with the job.

The son had found the place that he wanted to glue his feet to the floor and I had to endure him watching me every time that I got changed. In the end I just gave up and let him watch.

I had another domineering man in one day and before I knew it he had me getting changed right in front of him. Why do I let things like that happen to me?

The thing was, that day I was wearing my barbells and stirrups (no chains). When the man first got me to strip naked in front of him he saw the jewellery and got me to stand in front of him while he had a good look. I felt my nipples harden and pussy get wet as he looked at me. When he told me to open my legs I felt my juices leak out as he stared at my pussy.

“Does your mommy know that you wear those?” the man asked.

“No, my daddy bought them for me and he likes to put them in for me each morning before I go to school.” I lied, just to wind him up a bit.

He got a bit confused for a few seconds then we continued.

One skirt that he’d brought in for me to model was way too small (even for me). When I couldn’t get it on he told me to go and get one the right size.

“I can’t go out there like this!” (I was naked).

“Yes you can, you’ll only be a minute or so and no one will mind.” He said.

Stupid me. Why did I do it? I was looking at the sizes of similar skirts when I came to my senses. I grabbed a handful of the skirts and almost ran back to the changing room. On the way I nearly knocked into a man and a woman. As I continued I heard the woman shout,

“Stupid girl. What’s she doing out here without any clothes on. What on earth is her mother thinking?”

Temp Jobs
I’ve done another couple of these.

The first was a sales assistant in a jewellers shop, a shop worker. It was for 2 weeks while 2 of the regulars were on holiday. Yeah, one temp replacing 2 full time workers. You explain it.

Anyway, I had to be smart so I wore white blouses and black skirts. The blouses are quite baggy and I never fasten them all the way up. It was only after about the 5th time that different men asked me to show them rings from a bottom shelf that I realised that they were looking down the top of my blouse.

When I told Ryan that night he asked me if it had made my nipples hard. I confessed that it had and he told me to start wearing my nipple jewellery for work, chains as well; and to keep letting men look down my blouse. He asked me if I had to bend down at all. I told him that I often had to bend down behind the counter. I knew what he was going to say so I told him that I’d never seen anyone looking at my butt when I bent over.

Another temp job was at an accountancy firm. When the agency told me about it I jumped at it; it was just what I was looking for. I decided that I was going to really throw myself into it and hope that they’d keep me on at the end. I even dressed in my smartest business-like skirts and tops. I wanted to create an impression, but not as a slut.

The 2 weeks went well but there was no offer of a job. What they did do was to take my contact details because they were considering taking on an intern in a few months. I told them that I was very interested. When I discussed it with Ryan that night we decided that we could just afford for me to work for nothing for a few months, providing that I did some part time work on an evening and weekend – if the internship got offered.

The agency phoned me one day and offered me a one night job as a model for a photography club. The pay was good, but I had reservations and told them that I’d think about it and phone them back the next day. I discussed it with Ryan who a

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Part 09 cont.

The agency phoned me one day and offered me a one night job as a model for a photography club. The pay was good, but I had reservations and told them that I’d think about it and phone them back the next day. I discussed it with Ryan who also had reservations about me doing anything like that with him not there.

I was a bit worried that I’d been asked because I still look like a 12 year old. I had visions of a room full of paedophiles lusting after a little girl’s naked body. Ryan said that he’d had the same thoughts at first but he’d decided that I should do it just so long as he was there. He said that I should treat it like I had the Art College modelling job.

I reminded him that I’d had to expose my wide open pussy to them and that I’d been terribly embarrassed doing that job.

“Think of the money.” Ryan said.

Well yes, we could certainly do with the money, that was for sure; but could I cope with the humiliation and embarrassment again? I wasn’t sure, but Ryan persuaded me that it was worth it for the money. He reminded me the sex afterwards had been really good.

The next day I phoned the agency and told them that I would do it, providing that I could take Ryan along with me.

One evening about a week later, Ryan and I went to this pub about 3 miles from where we live. The photography club hold their meetings in a back room.

We walked into a room full of nerdy looking men of all ages, all talking about their latest camera purchase and showing each other lots of boring photographs. No one took any notice of us for about a minute; then one man came over and introduced himself as Michael.

Michael told us that there was a chair over in one corner where I could sit and pose for them. He told me that all I had to do was sit there and that people would tell me how to pose for their shot. Michael told me that he would make sure that I wasn’t bombarded with requests. I looked over and saw the chair and a handful of lights on tripods facing the chair.

We went over to the corner and I stood by the chair as Michael got every ones attention and introduced me.

I was nervous as hell with all those men looking at me. I wasn’t sure that I could go through with it. I looked over to Ryan who smiled and winked at me. I felt a bit better.

When Michael told everyone that we were about to start, I looked at Ryan then unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. The dress and my shoes were the only things that I was wearing so I was naked from the ankles up.

There were a number of gasps from the room and Michael said,

“Oh! I wasn’t expecting a nude model; it was only supposed to be head and shoulders; but now that you’ve stripped off I’m sure that everyone will be a lot happier. I’m not sure that we can find any more money though. I’ll check with the members and let you know.”

I felt a right fool; an embarrassed fool; I wanted to quickly pull my dress on and run, but that would have been worse; so I just sat down on the chair and looked over to Ryan. He had a big grin.

The gasps died down, but the eyes didn’t stop staring at me. I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me.

“Okay everybody,” Michael said, “Same rules as always, we’ll start at the door and go round everyone in turn. You’ll each have 4 minutes to get Tanya into the pose that you want then we’ll go onto the next person. Peter, you start.”

The bright lights were switched on and I had trouble seeing who was talking to me. The poses were quite tame to start off with, just getting me to pull different faces; but as time went on they started asking me to push my chest out, then one asked me to squeeze my nipples to get them harder.

As soon as I touched my nipples I got this tingling in my lower stomach.

“On no!” I thought as I squeezed; “Please don’t get aroused; I really don’t want to have an orgasm here; not in front of all these geeky, middle-aged men.”

Unfortunately, the cycle had started. Touching my nipples and knowing for definite that the men were staring at the intimate parts of my body started me going. I tried really hard to think about other things but I didn’t stand any chance.

When one of the men asked me to sit on the front edge of the chair and open my legs I just knew that the inevitable would happen.

My AF went to 9.5 when one man asked me to pull my clit to see if it would stick out any more.

Shortly after I pulled on my clit I felt myself start to cum. I sat there gripping the arm rest of the chair to try to stop the convulsions. I couldn’t of course, and I vaguely aware of an increase in people moving in front of me.

As I started to calm down the heat from the lights and my embarrassment was overpowering. I was really pleased when the spotlights went off and Michael came to the front and said,

“Well Tanya, that was a wonderful climax, oops, sorry, no pun intended, to the evening. On behalf of all club members I would like to thank you for going that extra mile to provide us with some excellent material. Thank you.”

There was a round of applause and I got even more embarrassed. The next thing that I knew was Ryan standing in front of me holding out my dress. I quickly stood up and stepped into my dress. As soon as it was zipped Ryan put his arms round me and gave me a big hug.

“Just you wait until we get home.” He whispered.

As we left Michael gave me an envelope saying,

“We had a whip round and this is for you for going further than anyone could ever have expected.”

As we walked down the street I had a look into the envelope and saw that it contained something like 200 pounds.

“Wow!” Ryan said, “You’ll have to do some more sessions like that.”

“You know that I don’t like cumming in front of anyone other than you. Besides, we still don’t know if any of those photos will end up on any paedophile sites.” I replied.

“They’ll have been conned then because you’re certainly no kid.” Ryan said as he put an arm round me and squeezed one of my nipples through my dress.

Putting things in my Pussy

Golf Balls
Ryan came home one evening with a bag of golf balls. I joked with him that he would need some clubs if he was going to take up golf. I was a little puzzled when he told me that the balls were for me.

“What the hell would I want some golf balls for?” I asked.

Ryan looked at the golf balls, then at my pussy, then at the golf balls, then at my pussy.

“You’ve got to be joking!” I said.

“Nope! I want to see how many we can get inside you, and how many you can take and still walk.” Ryan replied.

I have to admit that I was intrigued. I suspected that the answer to each of Ryan’s questions was one, but I was game to find out. After we’d eaten we decided to push one in and see how I felt. I lay over the end of the sofa with my pussy up in the air.

Anticipation had already got my pussy quite wet so we weren’t expecting to have any problems with the first one.

“Take it slow and easy.” I said to Ryan.

He did take it slow, but my pussy didn’t. Ryan held the ball to my pussy and very slowly pushed. Ryan swore and told me that my pussy had almost grabbed the ball from him and swallowed it.

Ryan asked me how I felt and if I was ready for another one. I was so Ryan offered another golf ball to my vagina’s entrance. With just the slightest pressure my pussy pulled the ball in.

Not only was Ryan amazed, but I was as well. I never expected my pussy to react like that. Okay, I’d felt like it had tried to suck Ryan’s cock in before but the way it sucked those golf balls in was amazing.

“Can you take a third one?” Ryan asked.

“There’s only one way to find out.” I replied.

That third ball went in just the same as the second one did.

“How about a fourth one?” Ryan asked.

I told Ryan that I wanted to try moving around with just 3 inside me before we attempted a fourth. Ryan literally picked me up and lowered me onto my feet.

I felt full, like I had an aubergine inside me. I took a step forward and felt okay. I took another step; and another.

“Okay,” I said, “I certainly know that they’re there but I didn’t think that I could go shopping with them inside me.” I said.

As soon as I’d said that I regretted it. I just knew that I’d accidentally given Ryan an idea.

“Can we try for a fourth ball?” Ryan asked.

I walked over to the end of the sofa and lay back so that my pussy was again pointing to the ceiling. Ryan held the fourth golf ball to my pussy and gently pushed. I felt my pussy muscles trying to swallow the ball. I tried to control my muscles but they had a mind of their own.

“It’s in.” Ryan said. “No, wait a minute; it’s coming out on its own.”

“Quick, push it back in.” I said.

Ryan pushed and back in it went.

“Push it further in.” I said; then I yelled “STOP!” as Ryan pushed too hard.

When Ryan backed off, the golf ball started to come out again. This time I tried pushing it in. I got it about as far as Ryan had then tried pushing at different angles. Every time I stopped pushing with my finger, my pussy slowly ejected the ball. 

“I’ve just got to video this.” Ryan said and he went to get his phone.

As I slowly squeezed all the golf balls out Ryan setup his phone on a stool near my pussy and we started all over again. Ryan kept saying, “Amazing” as my pussy grabbed and swallowed the balls. I was really looking forward to seeing the video.

We gave up on the fourth ball again but Ryan decided that we were going to the pub for a drink with the 3 golf balls still inside me. I said that I wanted to watch the video but Ryan wouldn’t let me until we got back.

It was a slow walk to the pub and back and I could only manage 2 glasses of wine before I just had to slowly walk home.

When we got there I collapsed on the sofa and got my pussy muscles working. It took ages but they slowly came out. I was knackered by the time I’d finished and we went to bed not having sex for the first time since I’d been in Magaluf on my own.

We woke up early the next morning and I loaded the video onto Ryan’s laptop. Taking the laptop to the bedroom I impaled myself on Ryan and we watched the video. I was totally amazed watching my pussy grab those balls. I had absolutely no control over my pussy as it grabbed the balls. It was like childbirth in reverse. My body just did it.

After we’d both cum Ryan put 2 of the golf balls back inside me and told me to keep them in all day.

I was glad that I didn’t have to go out that day; and glad that Ryan hadn’t brought tennis balls home.

I wondered if Ryan was going to show the video to his mates at work.

Ben Wa Balls
A couple of days later Ryan did bring some other balls home to put in my pussy. He told me that they’re called Ben Wa Balls. They’re silver heavy metal balls about half an inch in diameter. They were cold when Ryan pushed them in but they soon warmed up and I could hardly feel them. That was until I started walking and they started bouncing against each other.

Each time that they met a little shock went through my pussy. The more they clanged together the more nice jolts I got. I can compare it to a remote controlled vibe set very low. The difference being that I had control over the Ben Wa Balls. To stop the jolts all I have to do is stop moving, whereas Ryan usually has the control to the remote vibe so I have no control over it.

I explained all this to Ryan, and his reaction was to take me on a walk to the pub. By the time that we got there my AF factor was somewhere near a 7. In some respects I was happy to sit down in the pub; but on the other hand I was enjoying the experience; and my wet pussy testified to that.

Ryan walked me home the long way round and going up the stairs took me over the top. I was leaning against the wall next to our front door have a very enjoyable orgasm. Ryan kept telling me to keep the noise down unless I wanted to disturb our neighbours.

As soon as I was able I squatted down, squeezed the balls out and dragged Ryan to our bed.

A couple of days later I decided to go for a jog. I started jogging again soon after I got back from Magaluf. I want to try to keep in shape and we haven’t got any money to spare on a gym membership. Anyway, too many things happen to me when I go to a gym so I reasoned that I’m better off just jogging round the neighbourhood.

So far I haven’t had any embarrassing experienced but I have had my little tennis skirt blow up a few times. I just try to ignore it and keep going. The skirt is so light that I think that it sometimes blows up without me knowing it.

Anyway, as I was just about to go out of the door I remembered the Ben Wa Balls. If walking to the pub and back made me cum, then what would jogging round the streets do to me?

The only way to find out was to try it, so I went back into the bedroom and pushed them up my vagina.

I felt good as I almost ran down the stairs and out onto the pavement. With every step that I took I felt the balls clunking together inside me; each one drawing my attention to my pussy. Jogging down the street meant that this was happening very frequently and on a regular basis and the effects soon became obvious to me.

I felt my AF rise slow and steady. By the time I’d covered about a quarter of a mile I got that familiar feeling of an aching pussy and wet inner thighs. I knew that I was going to cum soon. I kept running, not even thinking about whether or not my skirt was blowing up in the breeze. Not even being aware of any people around me. I didn’t care.

I’d just turned a corner when the first orgasm hit me. I stopped running and leant against a road sign for support. I was shaking and I wanted to scream out, but managed to keep the noise to quiet moans and gasps.

As soon as I could I started jogging again, but those damn balls, those wonderful balls kept clunking in my pussy. I only managed about another half mile before I had another orgasm. The problem was I was now on a busy street with lots of traffic and a few people walking by. Also, there wasn’t really anything that I could lean on for support to I bent over and put my hands on my knees. I was shaking and I wanted to scream out, but I managed to keep the noise to quiet moans and gasps.

After a few seconds I realised that a group of youths that had been walking towards me had passed me and stopped to look at my butt. My skirt was up above my butt and my knees were about a foot apart. I knew that the youths were looking at me because they started making rude comments about my pussy and what they wanted to do to it.

As soon as I was able I was off, albeit at a slower pace.

I decided that I needed to sit down and recover properly so I headed to the nearby park. I jogged to a quiet part and sat on the grass. My skirt was so short that my butt was on the grass, some of which was tickling my pussy.

I sat there for ages before lying back to fully get my breath back. I knew that I had about the same distance to go to get back home.

The weather was reasonable and before I knew it I had dozed off. I came round to the voices of the same group of youths; they’d followed me there and were stood not far from my feet looking at my pussy. Even if I had crossed my legs they would still have been able to see my pussy, but as it was my knees were apart and they could see what I could feel – my wet, swollen pussy that was aching for Ryan’s cock.

As I came round my eyes didn’t open so I could hear the youths but they didn’t know that I was awake. I don’t know if I was too terrified to move, or if maybe Ryan was right, I wanted them to look. I think that it was because I was terrified.

Anyway, as they looked at my pussy and rock hard nipples tenting my tight, thin top, I started to get aroused again. The youths rude comments made things a lot worse; the things that they said really did make me horny.

The worse the comments, the closer I got to cumming. Even as I started shaking and convulsing the list of things that they’d put in my pussy got longer and wilder.

Lots of the objects that they mentioned just wouldn’t fit, but the idea of even trying kept my orgasm cumming.

In the end I heard one of them say,

“Fuck, it’s a copper!” and things suddenly went quiet.

I sat up and closed my legs; I didn’t want to get arrested.

After the policeman had gone I got up and started jogging back home; going a shorter route. I managed to get thought our front door before another orgasm hit me.

I decided that I liked going jogging wearing my Ben Wa Balls; and I’m going to do it again soon. I’m definitely going to tell Karen and Emma about them.

Ice Lollies
One Saturday when we were out shopping Ryan had this crazy idea. He decided that he wanted to put one of these tubed shaped Ice Lollies up my pussy.

“Bloody hell Ryan, it’ll be freezing. I’ll catch my death of cold.” I complained.

“No you won’t. I’ve heard of others who’ve done it and they said that it was a real turn-on.”

“For the bloke maybe; but what about the poor woman? She must have felt horrible.”

“Come on TT; At least try it. If it’s too much for you I promise that I’ll stop straight away.”

“Well okay then, but you’ve got to pull it out if it gets too much for me.”

After we’d finished the shopping we walked to the nearest park and found a shop near-by where we could get the offensive weapon. Once we’d got it we rushed to a quiet part of the park and to an area of trees and bushes. When we were confident that no one else was around I lay back against a tree, opened my legs wide and held my skirt up.

I was already wet but I gasped and almost screamed when the Ice Lolly touched my pussy.

FIH, it was cold. A shiver went right through my body as Ryan eased in inside me. I started by nearly screaming, but that quickly changed to arousal. I could feel the ice deep inside me and realised that I was going to cum.

I told Ryan just before the orgasm hit me. The cold, the heat and the pleasure; it was slightly different to anything that I’d felt before; even when Ryan had pushed an ice cube up me. But it was nice.

Ryan fucked me with that Ice Lolly until there was just the stick left. By that time I’d managed to pull a few chunks of hair out of Ryan’s head.

As I calmed down I realised that I had a sticky mess down the inside of both my legs. Ryan got down on his knees and licked my pussy clean, causing me to have another orgasm as he did so. I was real glad that I glad a packet of tissues in my bag and I cleaned my sticky thighs as best I could, but I was glad to get home and into the shower.

Ryan declared that the experiment had been a success and promised to do it again, sometime when I’m not expecting it.

The next time we went to the supermarket we bought a box of Ice Lollies.

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 10 – Life goes on

Orthopaedic Mannequin
A couple of weeks after the party at our place Emma phoned me. She told me that she’d bumped into her Nursing Tutor and mentioned that she might know a volunteer for the plaster casts application training. The tutor had begged Emma to follow it up and Emma wanted to know if I was still interested.

Emma’s phone call was in the evening and Ryan was there so I had a quick word with Ryan then told Emma that I was game for it.

At 8 o’clock on a sunny morning 2 days later I met Emma outside the nursing school and in we went. I was a little apprehensive, but I trusted Emma when she told me that it would be fun and that there would be no pain.

Emma introduced me to the tutor (Mandy) who talked me through what I would have to do (just lay there), telling me that it was much better for the students to learn using a live model rather than a shop mannequin. Mandy then surprised me by producing a document and telling me that the nursing school would pay me 50 pounds for my trouble if I signed a waiver contract. I was a little concerned about the waiver part but Mandy told me it was a standard contract that was used for medical drug guinea pigs and that I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

Mandy also told me that I could keep my bra and knickers on if I wanted to, but there was a good chance that they would get some plaster on them. Before I could say anything, Emma told Mandy that it wouldn’t be a problem. She didn’t tell her that it wouldn’t be a problem because I never wear a bra or knickers.

After I signed the form we went into the lecture hall and I immediately saw that it was more like a workshop with 3 medical tables at one end of the room. Mandy gave me one of those medical gowns and pointed to a door and told me that I could get changed through there. I opened the medical gown and saw that it was small. It must have been for a little kid because it was small even for me. When I put it on it only just came below pussy and the back was all open.

I went back out to Emma and we sat in one corner as the student nurses filed in.

For some reason I was only expecting there to be girls and was a little shocked when a few young men walked in. I turned to Emma and said,

“What are they doing here? I don’t mind girls seeing me naked, but I wasn’t expecting there to be men as well.”

“Of course there are men here. There are male nurses and doctors as well. Doctors have to know how to put a cast on, even if they’ll never actually have to do it. Don’t worry Tanya, they’re professionals, they’ve all seen naked girls before.”

“Not me they haven’t.” I said.

“Just look at their faces and imagine that it’s Ryan that you’re looking at; and when they touch you imagine that it’s Ryan’s fingers on you.” Emma said.

“I can’t do that, I’ll cum, and that’s the last thing that I want to do here.” I said.

Emma laughed.

Mandy started the lecture but I wasn’t listening. I was thinking about Ryan’s fingers touching me. That was probably a bad thing to be doing because I started getting wet.

All of a sudden Emma elbowed me.

“They’re ready for you Tanya.” Emma said then she told me that she’d be back in about an hour or so.

Mandy called me over and introduced me to everyone, then told them that I had volunteered to let them put casts on both my legs and both my arms. She then told me to take the gown off and climb up onto the middle table.

The moment of truth; I was nervous as hell as I let the gown drop and climbed up. As I lay back I suddenly remembered that my thinking about Ryan had got my pussy wet and I hoped that no one would notice.

I lay there looking up at the ceiling as Mandy split the students into 4 groups and allocated one of my arms or legs to each group. Some came to look at me while others got the materials they needed.

A couple of the girls said “Hi” to me; and one man did too, but not before he’d stared at my pussy for ages. I blushed as he looked at my face and said “Hey.” I felt sooo exposed.

All of a sudden my arms and legs were being lifted up, some sort of grease was coated on my arms and legs then this sort of soft, gauzy, stocking things were being pulled onto me. They put them from my ankles to mid-thigh, and wrists to my arm pits.

As I was being man-handled I felt my pussy get a little wetter and had a horrible vision of me cumming as they all worked on me. I blushed.

As I looked up at the students I saw faces change as different students did different things to my limbs.

I felt eyes burning into my pussy and nipples. Were they staring at my goodies; or were they just getting on with their job? I wasn’t sure. I was glad that I wasn’t wearing any of my jewellery.

Some sort of padding was wrapped round my limbs then the plaster started appearing. The student’s hands were covered in it, and some of it was splashing all over them, and me. Mandy sent one group away telling them to add more powder to their mix to get it to a more workable consistency.

With there being so many of them working on me I hadn’t really noticed that my legs had been spread quite wide and high; and that some of them were taking it in turns to hold my hands and feet high up so that others could plaster underneath my arms and legs. For some reason my arms and legs felt quite warm.

I don’t know if it was all those hands working on me, or the fact that I was virtually naked in front of all those people, but I was getting aroused. Not heavily aroused, but enough for me to notice, and for my pussy and nipples to show the effects. I’d had my eyes closed hoping that the feelings would go away, but I suddenly heard a man’s voice whisper,

“I can see that you’re enjoying this, are you going to cum for us?”

My eyes opened wide as I looked to see who had said it but no man’s head was close to my head. There were 2 young men working on my arms but neither were showing any signs of being guilty of the inappropriate comment.

I shut my eyes again and tried to think of anything but sex, but my thoughts kept coming back to me being naked with all those people being so close to me. My brain really did regret telling Emma that I’d like to experience having plaster casts on my limbs; but my body craved those eyes, and that man whispering to me made things worse.

I felt my AF rising.

Why oh why did my body take control of my brain.

Then all of a sudden it was over. I heard Mandy tell everyone to step back.

“Thank you, thank you Mandy.” I thought to myself as I breathed deeply.

Mandy came and inspected the students work and made a couple of comments to them. The students had left me with my legs wide open and I was about to ask Mandy if she could close them for me but before I could she turned to the students and started talking to them about something that I didn’t understand.

About 5 minutes later she dismissed the students then came over to me.

“Thank you so much for that Tanya. Emma has volunteered to cut the casts off you. Don’t worry she does it every day so she won’t hurt you. She should be back any minute. Sorry, but I have to go, I have an important meeting that I have to go to.

Mandy put an envelope by my head and was off.

I was left virtually naked with my legs wide open, alone, in a big room.

I thought that I could at least protect my modesty a bit and I tried to slide my legs together, but they wouldn’t close. I raised my head and saw that there were 2 bowls between my legs. I thought about sitting up and moving them but I remembered that my arms were all plastered and heavy.

There was nothing that I could do so I relaxed and hoped that Emma would be back soon.

A few minutes later I heard the door open and sighed with relief. It was going to be over soon.

But it wasn’t. I heard a man say,

“You didn’t cum for us!”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I thought as 3 of the students, 2 male and 1 female came and stood at my feet.

“Can you get my gown and cover me please?” I asked.

“We want to see you cum for us first.” The girl said.

“No I won’t.” I said. “Please put my gown over me.”

The 3 of them ignored me and started describing every bit of my pussy and tiny breasts. Not in medical terms, but in crude, vulgar terms. Then they described what they wanted to do to me and picked up some of the tools that they’d used that were still laying around.

My brain was thinking,

“No, no, go away, leave me alone, you can’t do this to me; fuck off!”

But my body was preparing for an invasion. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as the tirade of descriptive comments kept coming.

6, 7, 8, 9. I felt my AF quickly rise; then it hit me. Even though my legs and arms were restrained by the casts, my body still racked with convulsions and spasms. My head was going from side to side as I moaned and shouted all sorts of obscenities.

“Wow, she squirts too; very nice young Tanya.” The girl said.

“Yeah she squirts. Now fuck off and leave her alone.” I heard Emma shout.

They did, and Emma came over to me and stroked my head.

“Are you okay, did they hurt you?” Emma asked.

“No, no, I’m okay. It’s just that their standing there looking down at me telling me what they wanted to do to me; and me being so helpless; I just couldn’t help myself. I just came, hard.” I said.

“What am I going to do with you? You’re enjoying flaunting your naked body in front of those poor, innocent students. I know what I’ll do, I’ll take you shopping.”

“I like that idea, cut these things off me and we’ll go and have some fun.” I said.

“No, I’m taking you shopping like this. You must be getting hungry as well, how about a Mickey D's on the way?” Emma asked.

“You can’t take me like this, I can’t walk. Hell, I probably can’t even stand up on my own.”

“Oh, that’s not a problem you stay there for a minute; I just need to get something.”

With that, Emma was gone. A couple of minutes later she was back, banging a wheelchair through the door as she came in.

“I can’t sit in that, I can’t bend my knees.” I said.

“Not a problem, look at this.”

Emma reclined the chair (I’ve never seen a wheelchair like that before), then she clamped a couple of leg supports to the sides of the chair.

“Okay, I could fit in that chair, but I haven’t got any clothes on; I can’t go out like this, I’ll get arrested” I said.

“Don’t worry Tanya, we’ll cover you up.” Emma said.

“Who’s ‘we’?” I asked.

“Me of course,” a voice from near the door said.

I turned my head and saw Karen walking in. What’s more she was wearing a nurse’s uniform.

“What the hell are you doing here? Why aren’t you at work with Ryan? He’s not here as well is he? Whose uniform is that?” I said.

“Too many questions my little patient. Patients are supposed to relax and get better. Just relax and let it happen.” Emma said.

“But there’s nothing wrong with me; well apart from these lumps of plaster.” I said.

“You know that, I know that, but the people who see us pushing you round town won’t know that. They’ll see 2 nurses taking a very unfortunate little girl for a day out round town. You just relax and enjoy it.”

As Emma was telling me that, she and Karen were cleaning bits of splashed plaster off me. Karen took her time cleaning round my inner thighs and pussy, which didn’t help my AF. The thought of being pushed round town like that wasn’t helping. I was so scared and excited.

By that time I was on my feet with Karen holding me up on one side, and Emma and the other.

“At least put some clothes on me before we go.” I pleaded.

“With those casts on your arms we won’t be able to get your dress on and the only other thing that we have is that kid’s hospital gown. Tell you what, when we get you sat down we’ll tuck it down your sides. You’ll be just fine. As I say, everyone will be thinking about how unfortunate you are and not thinking about your clothes.”

Emma and Karen virtually carried me to the wheelchair and eased me on to it. Then they lifted my arms and legs up and rested them on the supports. I was laid back with my legs spread. I just wanted Ryan to kneel between my legs, hug me, kiss me, and fuck me.

It wasn’t to be. Karen started pushing me to the door.

“WAIT!” I shouted; “cover me up.”

“Oh yes, can you get that gown please Karen?” Emma asked as she pushed me out of the room and into the corridor.

“STOP!” I shouted; “people can see my private bits.”

“Stop fussing Tanya. Everyone here is a medical professional; they’ve all seen lots of naked girls before.” Emma said.

“Not me they haven’t; and what about those visitors over there?”

“Oh, I didn’t think about visitors, but not to worry, this is a hospital, they must realise that there are naked people here. I’m sure that they’ll understand.” Emma said.

Karen caught us up and draped the gown over me. I felt instantly better. Not for long though; Emma pushed me into an elevator to go down to the ground floor. It was one of those big elevators, big enough to take a hospital bed; and as we went in I looked ahead of me and saw that the walls of the interior were covered in mirrors. I looked at myself and saw that I looked ridiculous. That was bad enough, but the gown wasn’t covering me properly and I could see my pussy glinting in the bright light.

Emma turned the wheelchair round so that we were ready to go out and I saw 3 men and 1 woman walking in. Thankfully only 1 of the men was looking down at me. As the door closed he stood with his back to the door staring down at me; to be more specific, my pussy.

I felt my face go red and warm, and my pussy get wet. I didn’t dare ask Emma or Karen for help covering me in case it attracted the attention of the others. One person looking at my pussy was bad enough, but 3 more would have been really bad.

When the door opened and the others got out Emma pushed me towards the exit to the street. As the exit doors opened automatically a gust of wind caught the gown and blew it right off me.

“Ooops!” Karen said as she chased after it and brought it back to me.

“Quick, quick Karen, please get me covered. If you’re going to put me through this horrible humiliation, at least get that thing on me properly.” I pleaded.

“Okay, okay,” Emma said, “don’t get your knickers in a twist.”

“Very funny,” I said, “are you trying to make me wish that I’d never stopped wearing them?”

“No, no,” Emma said, “we can’t have you wearing knickers in Mickey D's. Tell you what; if it’ll make you happy we’ll put that gown on properly for you.”

“Thank you Emma, thank you.” I said. I really wanted to be wearing one hell of a lot more than that stupid kid’s gown but at least that would cover my little tits and pussy.

Right there in front of the main entrance to the nurse’s training school Emma and Karen lifted me out of that damn chair and managed to get me standing on my feet. People walking in and out of the building looked at me. One young man asked if he could help us. Thankfully Karen declined his offer.

Karen started to put my arms through the big arm-holes of the gown. Something didn’t seem right so I asked Karen if she was doing it right.

“Of course I am!” Karen said, “How difficult can it be; it’s only a stupid hospital gown.”

Well Karen hadn’t got it right. When she stepped back to straighten it out I realised that she’d put it on like a blouse. It was all open, right down the front.

I heard Emma laugh then say,

“Haven’t you ever worn one of those things before Karen? It’s supposed to be all open at the back, nor the front.”

“Oops!” Karen said, “Never mind, it’ll do; Tanya will only be wearing it for a couple of hours.
Emma giggled a bit then said,

“Let’s get her back in the chair.”

The pair of them put be back in the chair as I protested, telling them that the gown wasn’t covering me.

“Yes it is Tanya,” Karen said as she pulled the gown closed on my front.

“See! I told you.”

Okay, I couldn’t see my pussy or tits, but all it would take was one small gust of wind and I would be exposed again.

“Oh! I nearly forgot,” Karen said as she put her hand in her (Emma’s) uniform pocket. “Ryan gave me this for you; he said that you love wearing it.”

I looked at her in horror as I saw that she had the business part of one of my remote vibrators in her hand. My legs were on the leg stands of the chair so Karen moved in between my legs and pushed the vibe into my wet pussy; right there in the street.

“No, stop it! Not here; there are too many people around.” I shouted, but Karen ignored me and I felt the vibe and Karen’s fingers invade my pussy. I was so relieved that it wasn’t switched on. With a bit of luck I could just ignore it.

“Bloody hell girl!” Karen said, “It’s like a swimming pool in there; Ryan WAS right, you really do get off on being naked in public. It looks like you’re going to have a very knackering couple of hours; but it looks like you’re going to enjoy every second of it.”

“Right then girls, are we all ready then?” Emma asked.

“Yep!” Karen said.

“No! Please don’t do this to me. It’s so embarrassing.” I said; as Emma started pushing the wheelchair along the footpath.

We’d only being going for seconds when the wind caught one side of my gown. The whole left side of my body was exposed.

The inevitable happened and my other enemy, the wind, did its bit and the gown slowly opened further and by the time we’d gone 50 yards my whole torso was exposed.

I looked up to Karen. I didn’t need to say anything because she said,

“Don’t worry Tanya; we’ll cover you up if we think that we need to.”

It was pointless pleading with Karen and Emma so I went into a bit of a sulk. As I sat there watching the passers-by looking at me, or should I say my pussy and little tits, I realised that my AF was rising. No, Ryan couldn’t be right I WAS NOT enjoying this. But why was my pussy so wet and why was I getting aroused?

There got to be more and more people on the street. Some were ignoring us (me), some were staring at my bits, some were shocked; some even looked disgusted. When we stopped at a street corner a middle aged couple stood next to us waiting for the lights to change. Of course they both looked at me. Then the woman looked at the 2 nurses with me. Karen obviously saw the woman looking at her and said,

“A bad car accident; the poor girl has just come out of 3 months traction and has been so depressed. The doctor thought that it would be a good idea to give her a change of scenery and get her out in the fresh air for a couple of hours.” Karen said.

“She’s certainly getting plenty of fresh air.” The man said.

The woman bent down to me and put her hand on my shoulder and said,

“You enjoy the change. I’m sure that you will get better soon; you’ll soon be back at school with your mates.”

I really did want to tell the stupid cow where to go; but I just couldn’t be bothered.

We crossed the street and turned a corner.

“Nearly there!” Emma said.

I looked up and saw a McDonalds.

“NO!” I pleaded, “Please don’t take me in there. I’m not hungry and I don’t want all those people staring at me.”

“Don’t be silly Tanya. You must be hungry, you haven’t eaten for hours.” Karen said. “Here, I’ll cover your goodies so that you can eat before you have your first orgasm.”

“WHAT! I’m not going to cum in there; it would be too humiliating.”

Karen had a big grin on her face as she bent over me and pulled the sides of the gown over my front.

That McDonalds is one of the ones that are in a converted old building. When we got through the door I saw about a dozen tables then a lower floor that has the serving counter, cooking area and more tables and chairs.

Emma wheeled me to the front of the raised area and told me to stay there while they went and got the food. I watched them walk away and down to the queue. Karen turned and looked back at me. We made eye contact and Karen smiled. Then her eyes went down and she grinned.

My eyes went down my body. I breathed a sigh of relief as I realised that I couldn’t see my tiny tits and pussy. But wait, the overlapped hem of the gown was too high and flat across my stomach.

“Shit!” I thought. That meant that it wasn’t properly covering my pussy.

I looked back to Karen, and horror of horrors she now had the remote control for the vibe in her hand.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! I mouthed the words,

“Please don’t.”

Karen had a big grin on her face as I saw her turn the knob up to full and I immediately felt the vibe start-up.

“Oh fuck!” I quietly said as I realised what was going to happen. I looked round to see who was looking at me. Either side of me people were just getting on with their business, but in front of me, on the lower floor, were 2 teenage couples; 2 girls and 2 youths. What’s more, they were all looking up at me and my pussy.

I looked over to Karen. The mischievous grin on her face told me that it was pointless saying anything and that she was going to humiliate me in the worst possible way.

I looked back to the 2 couples as I felt my AF rising quickly. Both the youths had stopped eating and were staring at me; so was 1 of the girls. The other girl looked confused. Either she was sympathising with the poor girl who had both her arms and legs in plaster, or she didn’t realise what was going on. Her friend said something and a grin appeared on her face.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I muttered. These 4 teenagers, and goodness knows how many others, were going to watch me have an orgasm and there was nothing that I could do about it.

I fought it as hard and as long as I could; gritting my teeth, thinking about the story in a book that I’d read, anything to take my mind of the inevitable.

My breathing got heavier and my chest went higher with each deep breath. As I got closer my body rose up and I felt the gown open. I started moaning even though I was doing my best to keep quiet so as not to attract any attention to me. As it hit me I felt my arms and legs jerk and my pussy spasm. It felt like I was squirting and I hoped that I wasn’t.

Then I felt a hand on my head, stroking my hair and the vibe stop.

As the waves receded I heard Emma giving the same spiel about me that Karen had given at the street crossing, but she added some medical words that I didn’t understand. She also added that the ‘little fit’ was just the excitement of being out of the hospital for a while after being cooped up there for so long.

When I was capable I looked round and saw that just about everyone was getting on with eating their fries and whatever; everyone except the 2 couples in front of me; all 4 of them were still staring at my pussy; and 3 youths in the queue waiting to be served.

I had a little after-shock and felt my pussy spasm.

I felt so embarrassed, so humiliated; yet so happy. Why had I cum so quickly? Why had I cum at all? Did I really like being seen naked? Did I really enjoy being watched while I built up to, and had an orgasm? What was wrong with me?

Karen arrived with our meals and she and Emma sat either side of me. As I looked at the food Emma said,

“Don’t worry Tanya, we’ll feed you.”

“Can you cover me please?” I asked.

“Sure I can, we’re not cruel you know, we’re only doing what you know that you enjoy.”

“I don’t enjoy it, it’s horrible.” I said.

“Tanya darling, that orgasm was out of this world. There’s no way that you weren’t enjoying it.” Emma said. “I can’t remember having one that good.”

With that she stuffed a couple of fries in my mouth to shut me up then pulled the gown closed over my front.

At last I had some privacy; well, excluding the 2 couples down in front of me. I looked down at them and saw that they were just gathering all their bits onto a tray so they could leave.

In between mouthfuls I pleaded with Emma and Karen to take me back and get those damn plasters off me, but they were having nothing of it. Just as we were about finished I looked down to the table where the 2 couples had been and saw that 3 youths were sat there. What’s more, they had realised what they could see by looking up at me.

I felt a little gush and hoped that Karen and Emma hadn’t noticed. It wasn’t my lucky day; I felt the vibe start-up again.

“No, please don’t make me cum again.” I pleased with Karen.

“Come on Tanya, you know that you want to.” Karen said.

“No I don’t!” I said, but Karen just ignored me.

Emma gave me one last drink of my cola as the vibe went up to full. I just knew that I couldn’t last long.

I looked down to the 3 youths and saw that they had stopped eating and were just staring at me. That didn’t help my resistance and I felt my AF rise. It didn’t take long before I was cumming again. Somehow I managed to look at the 3 youths and their stares and grins made me cum even harder.

At one point I heard Emma apologising to other customers again.

I was so relieved when I felt the wheelchair moving as we left McDonalds.

We turned another corner and the wind blew the gown up.

“Please Karen?” I asked.

“No, you can stay like that. Tell you what, since it’s a reasonable day, shall we go to the park instead of the shops?” Karen said.

Emma said that she was happy with that and I thought for a minute. I guessed that there would be less people in the park so I felt a little happier.

I got some really funny looks as we went along but no one actually said anything.

That was until we passed a college on the way to the park. The college entrance is lower than the road and there are about 20 steps down. What’s more there were lots of students coming out and up those steps.

Just as we got to the top of the steps Karen saw someone that she and Emma knew. Emma was pushing the wheelchair and she stopped and turned the chair to face the college entrance. The first thing that the students saw as they came to the top of the steps was a wheelchair with a virtually naked girl in it with both her arms and legs in plaster; and her legs spread wide.

My pussy was being displayed to all the students as they left the college.

Both Emma and Karen were talking to a girl while I was getting more and more embarrassed. And why was I getting aroused? I certainly wasn’t enjoying the experience.

“Emma, please can we move on?” I pleaded.

“In a minute.” Emma said.

“Can you at least cover my pussy for me?” I again pleaded.

“Stop worrying,” Karen said, “no one here is going to call the police.”

“It’s not the police I’m worried about.” I replied. “I’m naked and embarrassed.”

“Hi there little girl, I’m Lisa.” The girl who knew Karen and Emma said; “I’m so sorry about your accident.  I bet that you’re pleased to be getting some fresh air. Those hospitals can be so stuffy.”

“It’s where I’m getting that fresh air that’s the problem.” I said, “Could you pull the gown back over me?”

Lisa looked down at my bare pussy and said,

“Oh, I see the problem.” Lisa said then grinned; “It looks like you’re enjoying the little ‘problem’ so I’ll just leave you like that.”

With that she bent forward and ran her finger along my soaking and swollen pussy. When she got to my clit she pressed hard on it. My AF went up a couple of notches.

“Definitely enjoying it; and such a young girl as well.” Lisa said; and turned back to Emma and Karen.

I turned to look at the students coming up the steps. When they saw me they had all sorts of expressions on their faces. Some looked sympathetic (mainly the girls), some just stared for a few seconds then moved on; some grinned at the sight of a wet, bald pussy; and a few even stopped their journey and moved to the side so that they could get an un-interrupted view; of MY pussy.

OMG! I was getting wetter and my groin was burning and drowning at the same time. I felt my pussy muscles twitch and spasm as I started to cum.

“NO, NO, YES, YES, Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!” I said in amongst the moans. I could feel my body go rigid within the restraints that I had.

As the waves receded all I could think was,

“Why me? Why does it have to happen to me all the time? Why can’t I have a quiet life with Ryan? Although I did have to admit that I’d enjoyed the orgasm.

I looked up to see Lisa looking down at me as if I was some sort of freak.

To Karen, Lisa said,

“Did she just……?”

“Yep! Actually, Tanya here is as old as we are, and she gets off by being naked where she shouldn’t be. This is all planned and she hasn’t broken anything.”

“FIH!” Lisa said; then to me, “You randy little bitch. A bit OTT with the casts thought; couldn’t you just streak down the street?”

“It’s not true; I don’t enjoy it and these 2 tricked me. I’m NOT an exhibitionist.” I said.

Lisa bent over me and cupped my pussy with her right hand. Her middle finger slipped easily inside me.

“Hmm! This tells me that you are. Good for you girl; I wish that I was as brave as you.” Lisa said.

“Can we go now; PLEASE; there’s too many people looking ate me.” I said.

“Okay, keep your knickers on. See you around Lisa.” Emma said as she turned the wheelchair and pushed me down the street.

“That was fun wasn’t it Tanya?” Karen said.

“NO!” I replied, but my body was telling me that I’d enjoyed it.

We arrived at the park and went in down the path. The place looked quiet, so I started to relax. At least I wouldn’t get humiliated there.

We followed the path until we came to an area where the path went alongside an area covered in bushes and trees. There was a bench there and Emma and Karen decided to stop there for a rest, claiming that pushing me was hard work.

I offered to let them take me back to the nursing school but they said that they weren’t finished yet. I didn’t dare ask what that meant. Karen was sat next to me and she put one of her hands on my leg above the cast. As we talked Karen’s hand found its way to my pussy and started stroking it and squeezing my clit. Emma saw what Karen was doing, smiled and said,

“Are you going to make our patient cum, here in the park?”

“Maybe, but first I need a pee.” Karen said.

“Yeah me too,” Emma said, “but there aren’t any toilets in this park.”

“I guess that you’ll have to go in those bushes.” I said, hoping to embarrass them for once.

Emma looked at Karen, Karen looked at Emma and without saying anything they stood up and walked into the bushes.

They took forever and while I was waiting I saw a dog wandering around. When it was about 20 yards away its nose went up in the air and it started walking towards me. When it got quite close I tried to shoo it away, but it ignored me.

That damn dog went straight to my exposed pussy and started sniffing it. I had a sudden flash-back of the time in the park near home when another dog started sniffing at my pussy and I was rescued by an old man.

I looked round to see if I could see anyone, but couldn’t. I tried shooing it away again, but it wasn’t interested in listening to me. All it was interested in was my pussy.

The damn thing started licking my wet pussy.

“Go away mutt.”

“Get lost.”

“Leave me alone.”

“Karen, Emma, help me!”

No help came and the damn dog licked and licked.

“Stop it you randy animal.”




“Stop it. I don’t want to cum.”


 “No, I don’t want to…”



“Oh fuck!”

“I’m cu…….”

My jerking didn’t put the damn dog off and its tongue was pushing into my hole to get at more of my juices.

I didn’t care anymore and I rode the waves of ecstasy.

All of a sudden I heard Karen shouting at the dog. She was obviously more threatening to it than I was and it ran off. 

“We leave you alone for 2 minutes and you’re getting a dog to get you off. I was going to do that but I can see that you couldn’t wait. It’s a good job that dog wasn’t any bigger; if it was it might have been able to get high enough to fuck you. Now that would have been a story to tell Ryan.” Karen said.

“No, please; please don’t tell Ryan.” I pleaded.

“Don’t worry little girl, nurses know how to keep secrets about their patients.” Emma said.

“Karen’s not a nurse.” I said, “Besides where have you 2 been? Did one of you pee on your knickers?”

“You can’t pee on something you’re not wearing.” Karen said.

“You didn’t say that you wouldn’t tell Ryan.” I said.

“No I didn’t. I guess that you’ll have to trust me. Besides, that little fact might be useful one day,” Karen said.

“You mean you’re going to blackmail me?” I said.

“I wouldn’t use that word and I have no plans at the moment, but maybe one day;” Karen said. “I guess that you’ll just have to keep doing what I tell you.”

“Can we go now?” I asked.

“Fuck Karen; I was hoping that you’d forgotten about that thing.” I said as I felt the vibe kick into life.

“Oh no my little cum slut, you’re going to be completely knackered by the time we start cutting you free.” Karen said.

As Emma pushed me out of the park back towards the nursing school Karen tormented me with the vibe. By the time we got out of the park I didn’t care that the gown had blown open all the way up. I didn’t care who saw my naked spread pussy and little tits; all I wanted was to cum.

Karen is nearly as good as Ryan at taking me to the edge and then backing off. She must have done it 4 or 5 times before we got to the hospital and the nursing school. Just as I could see the entrance Karen gave me my release. I must have looked like I was having some sort of epileptic fit as the spasms and convulsions racked my body and my moaning made a few people look at me.

I vaguely remember Emma telling her little story about me having an accident to a couple of people, but I didn’t care. I needed to cum and didn’t care who saw me.

Afterwards, as Emma pushed me into the lift I got so embarrassed as I realised what I had just done. Karen saw my face and said,

“The important thing is that you enjoyed it; right!”

“I didn’t enjoy it (I lied). It was horrible and really humiliating.” I said.

“Come on girl, your pussy tells me that you loved every seconds of it.” Karen said. “Besides, if you really didn’t like it you would have squeezed the vibe out right after I pushed it in.”

I kept quiet as the 2 of them lifted me out of the chair and onto the table. Karen was right, I could have squeezed it out but I didn’t. What does that mean? If I discuss it with Ryan he’ll just tell me that it proves that I’m an exhibitionist; but that can’t be right.

I got really scared when Emma got this electric grinder thing out and started cutting the casts. She told me to keep perfectly still and I was so scared that I just froze. It didn’t help when Karen kept flicking my clit; but all credit to Emma, she got all 4 casts off without cutting me.

When I was free Emma showed me the casts. She’d cut them off by splitting each one into two. She told me that I could take them home and that Ryan would easily find a way of putting them back on and sealing them. I wasn’t sure that I ever wanted to have them on again; but Karen was right; I had had some wonderful orgasms.

I was so relieved to be free again and I wanted to get up and dressed again quickly, but Emma insisted on washing the plaster residue off me with a sort of bed-bath. Karen made it take a lot longer than it should have by playing with my clit and nipples. Emma had to keep telling her to get out of her way.

Free and clean, and a bit horny, I jumped off the table and stretched my arms and legs. It felt wonderful. While I was doing that Emma went and got my dress, shoes and bag, and some big bags for the casts.

We parted with a kiss and promised to meet up again soon.

The casts weren’t easy to carry on the bus but I finally made it home in time to get Ryan’s meal ready. When I told Ryan all about my day he was ecstatic; I’ve never seen him so happy, for himself and for me. You should have seen how hard his cock was. He really wished that he’d been there to see me enjoying myself. I tried to tell him that I was humiliated and extremely embarrassed but he dismissed it saying that it was all part of the pleasure. He said that I get-off on embarrassment and humiliation, especially if it involves me being naked in front of clothed people.

He got me to admit that I had enjoyed the exposure, but I reasoned that any and every girl would have acted like me. I still do not believe that I’m an exhibitionist.

The sex that night went on forever and Ryan was late for work the next day.

More of Karen and Emma
Karen and Emma have just bought themselves a car. Both of them can drive and they are sharing it.

Last Saturday night Karen offered to take us for a drink at a pub in the country. Karen was driving so she stayed sober, but the rest of us had a few to drink. In the pub we started talking about our university days (Ryan, Karen and I) and Emma’s nursing school days; and the crazy things that we all got up to. It turns out that Karen and Emma both did things as crazy as Ryan and I did.

It seems that we all did things like streaking round the block for dares. That gave Ryan an idea that Karen supported him on. The idea was that Emma and I strip naked before getting in the back of the car for the ride home.

Karen dared Emma to do it and she agreed. The pressure was then on me to join her. Probably because of the alcohol I agreed to it.

I was glad that it was dark outside and that the car park was badly lit. Karen opened the car and the boot, and told Emma and I to strip and put our clothes in the boot. When we were naked Karen closed the boot and told us to get in the back. Ryan had a big grin on his face as he watched us.

I do admit that taking my clothes off in the car park did get me a bit aroused. As I opened my legs to get in the car I felt that my pussy was wet.

As we drove through the streets both Karen and I kept well down in the back. I had been worried about us stopping at traffic lights but when it happened I found that I was too low for anyone stopped next to us to see in.

On the pretext of feeling hungry Karen decided to stop at a McDonalds. Thankfully only the drive-through was open. That was the good news; the bad news was that at the window where you collect the food, Karen stopped about 3 feet further than she should have done. This meant that Emma had to wind down her window and collect the food.

Emma’s hands were occupied collecting the food, but I managed to cover my bits until Emma decided to pass some of the food to me. The poor guy serving us had a big smile on his face. Ryan said that it must happen a lot, but I wasn’t sure.

To add to our embarrassment Karen parked where the staff could see us while we ate our food. Two ‘would you like fries with that’ people came to the window and looked at us.

Karen told us to take the rubbish to one of the bins, but we both refused and she took it herself.

As payback for taking the rubbish, Karen did a really horrible thing to Emma and I. Karen pulled into a quiet, dark street and told us that we could get dressed, but that we would have to get out and get our clothes from the boot.

Emma and I got out and just as we opened the boot, Karen drove off leaving 2 very naked girls stood in the street.

We shouted after Karen and Ryan but they disappeared back onto the main road. Emma knew straight away that Karen wouldn’t be back for us, but I kept telling her to give it a couple of minutes and they’d be back.

About 5 minutes later a car did turn into the street but Emma quickly realised that it wasn’t their car. We both ran into some ones front garden to hide behind a hedge.

I started getting worried. I told Emma that I didn’t have a clue where we were, or how far it was to her home or my home. Thankfully Emma knew and she told me that we were about 1 mile from my home and 3 miles from her home.

We quickly went through all our options, soon realising that we really only had one option available. We had to walk, or run to Ryan’s and my place. I wasn’t happy, but what else could we do.

Trusting Emma’s sense of direction we set off walking and talking about where and how we could hide whenever we saw anyone. I was real glad that I had Emma with me because I think that I would have freaked-out if I’d been on my own.

Fortunately it was late at night and there weren’t many people about. There were none on the street we were on. We made it along 2 streets before we had to dive behind a parked car as some headlights approached. I watched the car hoping that it would be Karen and Ryan coming back for us, but it wasn’t.

Round the next corner we could see 2 people walking towards us in the distance so we ducked into someone’s front garden and hid behind their caravan. It took ages for those people to walk passed us.

As I stood there waiting I realised that I was aroused. My pussy was wet. What the hell was wrong with me? I looked at Emma, her nipples were rock hard. Also her right hand was cupping her pussy; was she playing with herself? Was she aroused too? I daren’t make any noise asking her.

The people passed and we started off walking again. My senses were working at 100% looking and listening for people and vehicles.

“Is this turning you on?” I asked Emma.

“Hell yes! I’m almost ready to burst. Aren’t you ready to cum as well?” Emma asked.

Before I had chance to answer we saw some headlights turn onto our road. We both sprinted to some wheelie bins and slid in behind them. My heart pounded even more when it seemed like the car was slowing down right near us, but it suddenly accelerated away.

Emma told me that when we get to the end of this road we have to walk passed a pub. She had a feeling that it was one that closed very late. Emma told me that if we had any problems we had to knee any men in the groin and run like hell.

I started to ask her what sort of problems as we turned the corner. There was no one in sight so we kept walking. Just as we got to the door to the pub 2 men came out and nearly bumped into us.

“Fuck!” Emma shouted, “RUN Tanya NOW!”

Luckily, the men were obviously a little worse for wear and their reactions were too slow to stop us. As we ran away from them I heard one of them say,

“Did you just see 2 naked girls?”

As we ran a car came the other way and we were caught in the headlights beam; but we kept running. We heard a car horn as we turned the next corner and ducked into some ones front garden and hid behind a bush.

“Fuck that was close.” Emma said.

I looked at her and saw that she was frigging herself. I started on my pussy too.

About 5 minutes later Emma looked at me and said,

“Wow! That was good. I’ve needed that since Karen drove off and left us.”

I smiled and said,

“Me too! How far is it Emma?”

“Not far, you’ll recognise places soon.”

And I did; as we turned the next corner I saw the shop just down the road from my apartment. I started to feel a bit relieved but soon heard the siren of a police car. What’s more it was getting louder. Both Emma and I looked for somewhere to hide. The only place quite close was a parked van.

“That will have to do,” Emma said and we ran for it.

My heart pounded even more as the police car started to slow down as it approached.

“Shit, shit, shit.” Emma said; then “Thank fuck for that,” as the police car turned a corner and sped away.

Two minutes later we were running up the stairs to our apartment. The door was open and Karen and Ryan were sat there with a drink in their hands.

“What kept you?” Ryan asked.

“Enjoyed that didn’t you?” Karen said.

“No I didn’t you bastards.” I replied.

“Come on TT,” Ryan said, “I bet you’ve cum at least twice haven’t you?”

Ryan had got me again and I quietly said,

“Just once!”

Ryan got Emma and I a drink and we sat talking for a while before Karen asked if her and Emma could use the sofa again. I got a quilt and a couple of blankets for them and left them to it. I was glad that Ryan wanted to fuck me before we went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to the feeling of Ryan fucking me again before we went and shared a shower. I went and started the breakfast as Ryan went and put some boxers on.

Karen and Emma were still asleep so I ignored them; but when Ryan came in he didn’t. When he saw that they were still asleep he pulled the quilt off them and slapped both their bare butts before coming to help me.

A short while later 2 sleepy naked bodies walked into the kitchen and asked if they could use the shower.

When they finally emerged, breakfast was waiting for them. We talked about the previous night’s events and both Emma and I admitted that we’d enjoyed it, even though I’d found it horribly embarrassing.

“How many CCTV cameras do you think that you were on last night?” Karen asked.

“Shit!” I said, “I hadn’t thought of that.”

Ryan decided to stir things up a bit more and said,

“Yeah, and how many of them recorded your every move; and how many of the fat old men watching them have taken a copy home to wank to?”

“Eew!” Emma said, “I don’t even want to think about that.”

We were getting towards the end of breakfast when Karen looked out of the window and said,

“I see the perv across the street is still watching you.”

“Yeah,” Ryan said, “we ignore him most of the time but we sometimes put on a bit of a show for him.”

I blushed a bit as Ryan went on to tell Emma and Ryan that I often stand right in front of the window and play with myself when he’s at work.

“I do not!” I said, but my face went even redder.

“You go for it girl!” Karen said.

Trying to change the subject I asked,

“Are my clothes still in the car?”

Karen smiled and said,

“Yep! But you’ll have to go and get them, so will you Emma.”

“Okay! Come on Tanya, there’s no time like the present.”

“But! But; it’s broad daylight, there’re lots of people about.”

“Then we might just make somebodies day.” Emma said.

Emma grabbed the car keys from Karen, then my hand and pulled me to the door. Two naked girls ran down the stairs and out to the car. I squatted down behind the car while Emma opened the boot and passed me my dress. I quickly put it on and breathed a sigh of relief.

Karen had followed us out and was laughing at us as we finished getting dressed in the street.

They drove off while I went back up to Ryan.

Local street carnival
Ryan came home one evening and told me that he’d volunteered me to help Karen and Emma with a nurse’s entry into the local street carnival parade.

“That sounds like fun.” I said, and asked him for more details.

All that Ryan knew was that the nurse’s entry was a netball team bouncing a ball between them as they walked along the street.

I asked Ryan to find out where and when I had to be, and what I had to wear. I got Ryan to check the time when he said that I had to be at a small warehouse near the start at 8 o’clock on the Sunday morning; and all I had to take with me was a pair of trainers; definitely no piercing jewellery. Everything else would be provided for me.

The early start puzzled me, but Ryan and I met Karen and Emma outside the warehouse just before 8 o’clock only to be told that Ryan couldn’t go in; he’d have to go home and come back when the parade started.

I was a little puzzled by that but kissed Ryan goodbye.

When we went it we met 3 other girls and 2 men fiddling with some big cans of what looked like paint.

“Where’s our team uniforms then?” I asked

Emma giggled and said,

“In those cans.”

“What! Are you trying to tell me that man is going to paint a uniform on all of us?”

“Yep! Great isn’t it?”

“But I haven’t brought a thong with me.” I said.

“Neither has anyone else.” Karen said. “We’re all going to be naked under that paint.”


I suddenly got all nervous; and a little wet.

“Won’t we get arrested?”

“Very unlikely.” Karen said. “I can’t see anyone complaining. It’s not as if we’ll be taking part in any sexual activity.”

I was still a bit shocked. I was going to walk naked along a public street with hundreds of people watching me. Not only was I shocked, I was scared; and excited.

While we were waiting for the last girl to arrive I was thinking about being naked on the street (I’m not counting Magaluf because that was a different world). The last time that it happened was when Ryan and Karen dumped Emma and I about a mile from home. That was late at night’ there was hardly anyone around and it was dark. This was going to be the middle of the day with hundreds of people close by; all there just to look at us.

I felt my AF rise quite a bit.

The ‘team’ was organised by a girl called Lucy who got all our attention then told us,

“Right girls, we all need to strip straight away. The artists have told me that we needed to give our skin time to get rid of any strap indentation. Also, if any of you forgot to have a close shave this morning there are some razors, wax strips and tissues on the table over there.

The artist tells me that we need to be dry ‘down there’ when the paint goes on so if any of you need any help to get off, then get dry, I’m sure that we can make a team effort to help you with that problem.

Another thing, can you get your nipples hard before he starts on your chest, I know latex paint is flexible but it’s best to get things hard before the paint goes on.”

At that point Lucy got interrupted by another girl saying that it was a shame that there weren’t any men in the team. After a couple of giggles Lucy continued,

“Once you’ve been done you need to stay stood up and not let the paint touch anything for an hour to make sure that the paint is dry. After that, make sure that you don’t rub against anything until after the parade. It’s Latex paint and should be quite tough but please don’t take any chances.

Oh! After the parade you will be able to peel the paint off quite easily.

Any questions?”

One girl asked if the warehouse would be open after the parade. It would.

Another asked if it would be open early the next morning. Karen asked her if she was planning on going home in just her paint. That prompted a couple of laughs and I could see Karen’s brain scheming something up.

All 7 of us stripped naked and stood around talking. Karen asked me if I needed some relief before it was my turn. I said no, but Karen was looking at my pussy when she said,

“Are you sure, because your pussy looks like it needs some attention; your lips look like a couple of wet balloons.”

Both Emma and I laughed at Karen’s analogy and I blushed a bit.

“Well, I am a bit aroused.” I said, “But I’ll be alright.”

“A bit!” Emma said, “Remember the last time you were naked in public, you were gushing.”

“So were you!” I replied.

“Yeah, but I’m dry now. Come on, let’s get you over there on that table and we’ll take care of you. Emma, you go and get some tissues.” Karen said as she led me to the side of the room.

There were some tables and chairs stacked there and someone had already lifted a couple of tables down.

“Up you get, and get flat on your back.”

I obediently did as I was told and before I knew it both Karen and Emma’s hands were at work on my nipples and pussy. Boy, do those girls know how to satisfy a girl? I started out feeling very embarrassed that Karen and Emma were playing with my private bits in a room with 4 other girls and 2 men there; some of them watching me; but it didn’t take long for my desires to override the embarrassment.

Everyone in the room stopped to watch me have my orgasm. I didn’t care, the whole world could have been watching and I wouldn’t have cared.

I did care after the waves started to recede. I got all embarrassed again, and looked round. Everyone was back doing whatever they were before my moans attracted their attention.

As I got off the table and picked up a few tissues, Karen said,

“Anyone else got a juice problem?”

No one said anything, but I saw that Emma was looking a bit guilty.

“Emma needs taking care of.” I said,

Karen looked at a now blushing Emma. Emma said nothing so Karen put her finger to Emma’s pussy.

“On the table girl.” Karen said.

Emma climbed on and opened her legs.

“Like to help me Tanya?” Karen asked.

Karen and I took care of Emma’s little problem while everyone stopped and watched.

I kept my hand on Emma’s pussy, with my middle finger still inside her, while she calmed down. When she had, Emma reached for my hand and pulled it to her mouth. She sucked my finger then said,

“I love the taste of my pussy.”

Karen passed her a wad of tissues and told her to clean-up.

After about 5 minutes 1 of the artists went up to Lucy and said something. They then went round all 6 of us naked girls (Lucy was the 7th) and checked each of our bodies. They selected 1 girl to be first and went over to where a sheet was spread on the floor. One artist gave the girl a mouth mask then put one on his mouth. Then he got started. 

The uniform consisted of a pale teal crop top like many of the tops that the girl athletes were wearing at the Olympics. The girl had largish breasts and the artist had to bend down to spray upwards. Her nipples were rock hard. The top looked a bit boring, but that would change.

Next he asked the girl to sit on a stool and open her legs a bit. He sprayed all over her pussy and around her butt hole.

“Will I still be able to pee?” The girl asked.

“Yes my dear you will, your legs weren’t spread that wide.” The artist said.

The girl then had to stand up while the artist sprayed a pair of those girl athlete’s briefs that look like a pair of boring knickers.

The latex paint gave her a beautiful camel toe.

The first girl was passed on to the second artist who added the trim to the knickers and top. Next he added a small while logo above her left breast and right hip. He finished off by adding the letters ‘GD’ in white, between her breasts.

The finished job looked good and I’m sure that someone would have to be quite close to realise that she was only wearing paint.

Two more girls got ‘done’ in the same ‘uniform’, but with different letters on their chest, ‘WA’ and ‘WD’.

Then it was Karen’s turn. She got the letters ‘GK’. It was then that I realised that the letters were Netball positions.

I was next and I got the letters ‘GS’. How I managed to get my pussy sprayed without getting wet I don’t know. That spray felt good. I’d remembered to tweak my nipples before the artist started on my chest; not that they needed it; they’d been rock hard since I took my dress off.

I went and stood in front of a mirror that someone had brought in and decided that I liked the look. Okay my camel toe was very obvious and when I opened my legs a bit my green clit was very visible, but I liked it. I was sure that Ryan would too.

We were then called back to the artists, told to take our trainers off and we had some black and white, knee length socks sprayed on. We had to wait 15 minutes before carefully putting our trainers back on and get someone else to fasten them for us.

We all spent that time discussing whether or not body paint was classed as clothes. Were we naked or were we clothed?

There were a few theories on both sides of the argument. The main one that I agreed with was that paint covers more than a lot of clothes that girls wear.

Why was I arguing that I wasn’t naked? What was wrong with me? I sure did feel like I was naked; but there again when Ryan gets me to go out wearing something see-through I feel naked as well. I think that just so long as first impressions don’t say that you’re naked, then you can get away with wearing anything. That theory has to apply to all these girls wearing leggings that you can see the shape and colour of their pubic hair through; or in some cases (like me) you can see their pussies clearly.

Anyway, it took over 4 hours for us all to be finished to the satisfaction of the artists, which just left us enough time to collect the ball and walk over to the start of the parade.

No one took any notice of the netball team as we went to find our place ready to start the parade. I guess that everyone there was too interested in their own fancy dress and equipment.

I wasn’t complaining about the lack of attention that we were getting as it gave me time to relax and try to convince myself that I was wearing a proper netball uniform.

On the way Lucy took us all to a hot dog stand to get something to eat and drink before we started. I don’t know if she’d paid them before she’d gone to get painted, or if she managed to get them free because of the way we were ‘dressed’; but she didn’t have any money on her when she came out of the warehouse.

Emma didn’t want to eat the bread roll of her hot dog so she pulled the sausage out and was holding it in her fingers while she ate it. One of the girls told her to be careful which open hole she put it in.

We took our place and the parade finally started. We started bouncing the ball between us and running round our moving area, just like girls do playing netball.

To start off with I managed to stay near the middle of the road, but as time went on I found myself getting very close to the crowd. A couple of times the ball went into the crowd and as I was nearest I had to go right up to people and stand in front of them while someone retrieved the ball and passed it to me.

When I was stood in front of a couple of young men one of them said,

“Fucking hell, I can see her clit.”

That made me blush, but I didn’t turn and run; I ignored him and waited for the ball.

There were a few other rude comments that we heard, but we all ignored them.

There were also quite a few policemen lining the route. None of them said anything about our state of dress, in fact I saw a couple of them smile at us.

Towards the end of the route I saw Ryan. He grinned at me and put both his thumbs up to show his approval for my ‘costume’. He followed us to the end of the parade then came over to us. He had his camera in his hand and was still taking pictures as he walked up to us.

Ryan came right up to me, put his arms round me and kissed me, long and hard.
When we broke the kiss I told him to be careful that he didn’t disturb the paint. He backed off and checked my paint. It was still intact.

“You’re amazing.” He said to me. “Look at you walking around the streets totally naked in broad daylight with all these people looking at you. I’m really proud of you.”

“I’m not naked I’m dressed in this paint.” I replied.

“If that’s not naked then I’m going to buy a few gallons of that stuff and we’ll ‘dress’ you in it all the time. You look fantastic.”

Ryan put his hand to my pussy and slipped a finger inside me.

“And easily accessible too.” Ryan continued as I felt my pussy get wetter.

We turned to Karen and Emma and Ryan said,

“You 2 look fantastic as well. Are you going to come to work dressed like that Karen?”

“I think that our bosses might just have a bit of a problem with that.” Karen said.

Ryan turned to me and asked me what the ‘GS’ on my chest meant. When I told him that it was ‘Goal Shooter, he said,

“Are you sure that it doesn’t stand for ‘ Get Stuffed’ or ‘Good Shag’ or ‘Great Stripper’ or ‘Girl Streaker’; yeah, at the moment the last one sounds good.”

We all had a bit of a laugh at that, just as Lucy came over and told us that we were free to leave so most of us started heading back to the warehouse. We got a couple of rude comments on the way, but in general people only stared at us.

When we got to the warehouse we found that it was locked. I had a quick panic attack but the others were quite calm. We decided that we’d have to go home on the bus and Emma promised to get our clothes the next day.

Karen, Emma, Ryan and I split from the rest of the group and started walking towards where we could catch a bus, but Ryan said that it would be a shame not to have a good look round the carnival while we were there. I wanted to go straight home but I got out numbered, and we started wandering round all the stalls.

I felt embarrassed at times, especially when someone said anything bad about our state of dress; but fortunately that only happened a couple of times. I did notice that I kept seeing the same group of teenage boys a few times. I guess that they wanted to see the naked girls as much of us as they could.

Ryan didn’t help either; he kept sneakily touching my clit and fingering me. A couple of times I had a quick look at my pussy to check that it was still covered in paint.

After about an hour we all decided to go home. I know that all Ryan’s attention to my pussy had made me want to go somewhere where he could fuck me.

We walked to the bus stop and Emma and Karen got on their bus (Ryan had given them some money).

When our bus came the driver stared at me. I thought he was going to say something and tell me to get off, but he didn’t and we went up the stairs to the top deck. I carefully sat down, hoping that the paint

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Part 10 cont.

When our bus came the driver stared at me. I thought he was going to say something and tell me to get off, but he didn’t and we went up the stairs to the top deck. I carefully sat down, hoping that the paint would hold.

When we went up the stairs Ryan went in front of me (as usual), and I was followed up by a young man. I tried to not think about the view that he must have had.

When we got off the bus the first thing that I did was to get Ryan to check my butt and back. Fortunately the paint stayed intact. As we climbed the stars to our apartment, our neighbours John and Sandra were coming down. We all said ‘Hi’ and I saw that Sandra had a big grin on her face. As we got further apart I heard John ask Sandra why she didn’t wear outfits like I did.

As soon as we got through the door Ryan pushed me against the back of the door and fucked me hard.

When we were done Ryan checked my paint and we were both surprised to see that it was still intact. Surprisingly it was so after a quick bite to eat Ryan decided that we were going for a walk. I wasn’t too happy, but as usual, Ryan got his way.

As we went down the stairs we saw Sandra and John coming back up with a couple of shopping bags. This time they got a full frontal view of my virtually naked body. I was still embarrassed, even though they had both seen me totally naked a few times before. Why is it always me that people see naked, and not Ryan?

We walked down the street with Ryan holding the hand of a very nervous and slightly excited girl.

We walked to the park with only a few people passing us; none of them said anything although a couple stared at me. Ryan kept telling me that I wasn’t naked, but I sure did feel naked.

There were a few more people in the park, including a group of youths playing football, Ryan dragged me quite close to them, but none of them took any notice of me.

We walked back home by a different route which took us passed a petrol station. As we approached it Ryan put his hand in his pocket and got some money out.

“Go and get us an ice cream please TT?”

I was a bit shocked at first, he wanted me to go into a shop and buy something, dressed in only a cup full of paint. I had been getting slightly used to being on the streets like that but this was something else. There was every chance that the person behind the counter would be a man, and there was a good chance that male customers would go in while I was there.

The other part of the problem was that I just knew that Ryan would manage to persuade me to do it.

He did. Three minutes later I was walking across the forecourt clutching a 5 pound note. A car drove in and stopped right next to where I was walking. Two men got out and stared at my butt as I passed them.

As I opened the door my worst fears were realised. A man behind the counter was staring at me.

With a pounding heart I went to the ice cream cabinet and opened it. A blast of freezing air blew up to my nipples and they got even harder. The nerves and embarrassment got a bit of a jolt as my pubic bone touched the cabinet as I leant forward and down to get the ice creams from the bottom of the chest cabinet.

I suddenly realised that the man behind the counter would be getting a great view of my bent over butt.

I quickly grabbed 2 ice creams, stood up, shut the cabinet door and turned round. Yes, the man was still watching me. I heard the doorbell ring and 3 men walked up to the counter in front of me.

Just my luck, each one of them wanted to buy something and while each one was getting served the other 2 looked at me. One of them smiled at me but I turned my head away. I was too embarrassed to make eye contact. What’s more, my pussy was getting quite wet.

Finally, they finished and left leaving me stood in front of the man behind the counter. I could see that he was looking right at my painted pussy.

I put the ice creams on the counter along with my money. This brought the man back to earth and he scanned the ice creams and took the money. I waited for the change and left. I almost ran back to Ryan.

As we continued our walk back home Ryan told me that he thought the man in the filling station would be copying the CCTV recording so that he could take it home and use it as wanking material.

We made it back home without any problems. I was feeling very horny and I pounced on Ryan just as soon as the front door was shut.

The next day
The next morning I was woken by Ryan getting dressed. He’d already had a shower and was about to leave for work. He asked me if my paint job was still intact so I got up and went to the mirror.

We were both surprised that it was, although the ‘socks’ were showing signs of wear. Just as Ryan was leaving he said,

“You should go out for a jog dressed like that before it starts to peel.”

I laughed a bit and said,

“No chance!”

As I drank a cup of coffee I started to think about what Ryan had said. I kept telling myself that it was a stupid idea, but the more I thought about it the more I realised that I was getting turned on, and that I was going to do it. I knew that this was a once in a lifetime chance as it was highly unlikely that I would get some clothes painted on me ever again.

I decided to not have a shower and think about it some more.

An hour later I put my trainers on and headed for the front door. Just before I got there I turned and went back to the bedroom to do another stupid thing. I pushed one of my remote vibes up my pussy and switched it on low. I knew what would happen but I still went ahead and did it.

As I ran down the stairs I was nervous as hell, but excited as hell as well. I even checked my pussy just to make sure that my juices hadn’t dislodged the paint.

Jogging down the street felt good and I started to relax, but not for long. The vibe was starting to have an effect

I guess that most of the people who saw me thought that I was wearing similar clothes to the girl athletes on the Olympic running tracks. It was only those who got close enough to see my camel toe, and realise what it was, that stared at me; but I just kept running.

I decided that I didn’t want to have any orgasms anywhere near any people so instead of going my usual route I headed for the park. Shortly after I got there I had to find something to lean on as my first orgasm hit me.

I decided to hide behind a big tree and leaned back on it. It had rough bark on it but I wasn’t worried by it hurting my back and butt a bit. When I started to calm down I looked round and was glad that I couldn’t see anyone.

I set off jogging again but it wasn’t long before the vibe raised my AF again. I saw the wooded area and headed for that intending to run through it on the path that Ryan and I had walked a couple of times before. In the wooded area the path splits and Ryan and I had always gone in the direction of the open ground that we could see. It was my intention to go that same way, but I guess that my mind was on other things and I missed the turning.

As I ran I was thinking that I didn’t recognise anything but my mind was concentrating on the feelings in my pussy. Before I knew it I hadn’t a clue where I was. I kept going until I just had to stop again. I found another tree and leant back against it. This time I fingered myself and had a wonderful orgasm, even screaming out.

As the waves receded my hand left my pussy and I saw some of the paint on my hand. I leant forwards, looked at my pussy and saw that the paint on my vulva and clit had come off; so had some of it on my pubic bone.

I had a quick little panic as I realised that most of my pussy was uncovered. I moved my hand to the top of my bottoms and pushed the paint. Shit! It started to come off. I put my hand to my right nipple and gently pushed. The paint came off.

I had a sudden thought about my butt and back. I’d leant against that first tree and then against the second. I stood up straight and turned round. Shit, shit; there were a couple of big bits of paint on the tree and judging by their position they were from my butt. I tried looking over my shoulder to see how exposed I now was, but of course I couldn’t see my butt.

After a few seconds trying to decide how I could get home without being seen I decided to keep going along what must be on some sort of nature trail. I was real glad that I hadn’t seen anyone for ages.

Off I set, quickly wishing that I’d left the vibe at home - and myself.

That trail seemed to go on forever. After about 5 minutes I turned a corner and was confronted by an old man swinging a dog lead. He gave me a funny look as I smiled at him and wished him a good morning.

My AF was getting dangerously high when all of a sudden I saw the same man again. WTF; how was that possible.

I smiled at him again, and this time I saw him turn to watch me running away from him. He must have had a great view of what I suspected was my now bare butt. I got round the next corner and had a third orgasm. This time I didn’t lean against a tree. Instead I bent over and leaned on my knees.

When I could I started thinking about how it was possible for me to have seen the same man twice. The only explanation that I could come up with was that I was going round in a big circle and had missed a turning that would get me back to somewhere that I recognised.

I set off again and in a few seconds I saw an elderly couple walking towards me. As I got very close to them I heard the woman say,

“Oh my!” and the man say,

“Wow, remember when we did…”

That was all I managed to hear.

As I ran I tried to concentrate on the path; it was difficult.

I could see the same man in the distance and my heart sank; then I saw it. The path was in the shape of an inverted ‘Y’. I quickly went to my left and roughly in the direction that I had just come from.

That was it; I started to see things that looked familiar then the path ended and I was back on open ground that I recognised.

I was knackered and without thinking I sat down on the grass to have a quick rest. As soon as my butt touched the grass I knew that I’d made a stupid mistake. I didn’t think that things could get any worse that I’d just made them so I sat still to get my breath back and let my AF get back to a very small number.

I sat there with my knees up and well apart, and looked round. I couldn’t see anyone so my right hand went to my pussy. It was very wet and I felt a jolt as I touched my clit.

“Stop it you stupid girl.” I said to myself and lay back on the grass behind me. I closed my eyes and tried to think about anything but sex.

I was somewhat successful but when I opened my eyes and lifted my head I saw a workman standing about 20 feet away in front of me; and he was stood there looking at me. I still had my knees up and open. He must have been able to see everything.

OMG! I got to my feet and ran. Just as I started to run I looked down to where I had been sat and saw a few bits of green paint on the grass. As I was running I wondered just how much of my back and butt was still covered in paint.

By the time I’d got to the edge of the park the vibe had raised my AF dangerously high. Fortunately I hadn’t seen anyone else in the park but I had to go along a few streets to get home. I had flashbacks of the night that Emma and I had been dumped naked about a mile from home; and the places that we hid on the way. I was going to have to do the same to get home without getting arrested.

I mentally planned my route to include streets that had a lot of cars parked along them. I was probably going to need them.

I bolted out of the park and along the first street. Fortunately there were only a couple of people on the street and no moving vehicles. Whenever there was someone on my side of the road I crossed over and ignored them.

The second street was busier; but not that bad. Twice I had to duck down behind a parked car. Whilst behind the second I had to frig myself, My AF was at about an 11and I just couldn’t wait. I crouched behind a parked van and rubbed my pussy. Relief came almost instantly.

I turned into the next street that thankfully looked empty of people. I kept jogging and saw a big van at the side of the road on my side. I still couldn’t see anyone so I kept going. Just as I got level with the van 2 men in white overall and carrying tins of paint, stepped onto the footpath from behind the van.

I stopped dead and they stopped dead. We stared at each other for what seemed like hours, but was probably only a couple of seconds; then I bolted. I brushed passed the men and was off.

“Am I dreaming or did I ……” was all I heard from the men.

I had one more orgasm before I got home. It was as I was hiding behind a wheelie bin. My right hand touched my clit and my left hand was in my mouth stopping me from screaming.

I managed to get up the stairs to our apartment without incident and the first thing that I did was switch the vibe off. Then went and looked at myself in the mirror. About half of the paint was missing. I spent the next 15 minutes peeling most of the rest of it off before having a shower and relaxing for a while.

As I lay on the sofa I thought back. I confessed to myself that part of me had enjoyed it; and I’d never had so many orgasms whilst out jogging.

I jumped on Ryan as soon as he got through the door that afternoon. When I broke the kiss he asked me how easy it had been to get the paint off.

“Too easy;” but there’s still some on my back that I can’t reach; can you get it off please?

As Ryan obliged I told him all about my jogging expedition. As I got to the end of the account I asked Ryan why he thought the paint had come off so easily while I was jogging, but not the previous day. Ryan though that it might me a combination of the time that it had been on, my natural body oils, the sweat from jogging and my well lubricated pussy.

Ryan also said that next time I’d have to avoid going out in public the next day.

“The NEXT time!” I said, “What are you planning?

Ryan just smiled.

Party piece
A couple of weeks later Ryan told me that he’d invited another couple of his mates round for a games night.

“Please don’t make me stay naked for them.” I pleaded; but Ryan finally got his way again. To be honest, I didn’t protest that much for 2 reasons; firstly I knew that I’d give in eventually; and secondly, I knew that Ryan would find some way of making me cum in front of them; and I just love orgasms.

The big night arrived and I opened the door to a not so surprised Paul and Dan. Ryan must have told them to expect me to be naked.

I invited them in and offered them a beer. Both Paul and Dan complimented me on my outfit. I could see a bulge in Paul’s trousers.

The 3 men sat on the sofa and started playing their games so I went and sat opposite, put the television on and started drinking my beer.

The 3 guys were concentrating on their game, but as the game they were playing was only for 2 players they took it in turns to not play. Ryan was the first one to miss out, but he was watching Paul and Dan most of the time. Occasionally he would look across to me and smile or blow a kiss to me.

Ryan started motioning for me to open my legs and let him look at my pussy. As the other 2 were engrossed in their game I didn’t see any harm in it, so I did it. It felt good and my pussy got wetter.

After I got fresh beers for us all and put some snacks on the table I sat down again and Ryan indicated that he wanted me to flash him again; so I did.

This went on with me getting wetter and wetter until Ryan was back in the game and Dan sat out. Fortunately Dan seemed more interested in watching Ryan and Paul play than looking over to me.

I got more beers and it was soon Paul’s time to sit out. At the change-over Ryan motioned for me to open my legs again. The beers were loosening me up a bit so when the game started again I left my legs open; not too far, but enough for Ryan to see my pussy.

The game got going again and I soon noticed that Paul was looking over to me quite a bit. I was trying to decide if I should close my legs. I wanted to, but something was stopping me. I kept telling myself that there was nothing wrong with exposing my pussy; that Paul must see his girlfriend’s pussy every day so he couldn’t be interested in mine. I tried to convince myself that he would be more interested in his girlfriend’s tits than my nothing tits.

In the end I just thought,

“Fuck it; let him look, I know that it will make Ryan happy seeing him take long looks at my naked body.”

Shortly after that I realised that I was getting horny. I got up and got more beers.

Dan and Ryan’s game was over quickly, I think that Dan thrashed Ryan, and the guys decided to watch the football. It couldn’t have been a good game because they were all looking disappointed and spending more and more time looking at me.

In a way I felt happy that Paul and Dan thought that I was worth looking at. Ryan? Well his eyes looked like they do when he’s fucking me. They were full of lust and pleasure.

Anyway, after about 15 minutes the guys had had enough of the football. Out of the blue Ryan said,

“Tell you what guys, the game’s crap so why don’t we get Tanya to show us her party piece?”

My jaw dropped. I tried to think what Ryan was on about. I really did hope that it wasn’t what I was thinking that it was.

Ryan switched the television off and said,

“TT, why don’t you go and get that bag of golf balls?”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.” I thought as I stood up and started walking towards the bedroom. “Please don’t make me do this Ryan.”

But I just knew that I wouldn’t say that to Ryan; it was a waste of time because I knew that I would do it; anything for my lover.

When I got back to the lounge the guys were standing up waiting for me. Ryan told me to stand behind the sofa with my butt against the back of it. Ryan then came to me, gave me a kiss and lowered me backwards over the back of the sofa so my head and shoulders rested on the seat. My butt was resting on the back of the sofa with my legs dangling down.

“We need your pussy pointing to the ceiling TT. Can you open your legs and bring them back over your head?”

I did then Ryan told me to hold my ankles.

My pussy was now pointing to the ceiling and wide open.

“Good girl!”

The 3 of them came up close to me with Ryan standing in between Dan and Paul.

“Boy does that look good.” Dan said.

“It sure does.” Paul said. “I can feel the heat from here, and she’s so wet!”
Ryan took one of the golf balls out of the bag and put it on my pussy. It was a bit cold and my pussy jerked.

Ryan put a bit of pressure on the ball and my pussy opened to take it. Ryan felt it start to slide in and removed his finger. My pussy literally sucked the golf ball in.

“Fucking hell!” Paul said, “That’s amazing.”

“I’ve never seen anything like that before.” Dan said.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet!” Ryan said. “Squeeze it out TT.”

The humiliation was deafening me and Ryan had to say it again. I clenched my muscles and the ball started to come out.

“Fucking hell!” Paul said – again. “The whole area around her pussy is moving.”

Ryan caught the golf ball before it rolled off me and onto the floor then gave it to Paul.

“You do it; Tanya won’t mind.”

I certainly did mind; but I didn’t say anything as I felt the ball on my pussy and pressure being put on it.

As my pussy opened and swallowed the ball I could feel my AF rising.

“Here Dan, you try it.”

“Can she take 2?” Dan said.

“Sure. Go on, do it; but don’t push too hard, her pussy will do all the work.” Ryan said.

I felt another golf ball at my pussy then my muscles got to work and swallowed it.

“I just love the way you can see all the muscles around her pussy contracting and releasing to take it in. Tanya, are you controlling that or does it just happen?” Paul asked.

Before I could answer Ryan told Paul that it was totally involuntary. He said that he could probably put a golf ball to my pussy while I was asleep and it would swallow it.

I wondered if that was right.

Ryan gave Paul another golf ball and told him to have another go.

“Blood hell Ryan,” Paul said, “how much space is there in there.”

“Enough to take that.” Ryan said.

Just as the third ball touched my pussy I started to cum.

“Hold it Paul,” Ryan said, “I think that we’d better wait a minute or two.”

“Wow!” Paul said, “Look at those muscles go. The next time that I get a woman I’m going to watch her cum from this angle and see if she does the same.”

When the convulsions stopped Ryan told Paul to try again.

He did, and my pussy swallowed the third golf ball.

Ryan got a fourth golf ball out of the bag.

“Here Dan, your turn.” Ryan said.

“Never!” Paul said.

“Go on Dan.” Ryan said.

I felt the ball at my pussy and my muscles sucking it in.

“Awesome!” Paul said. “Blood hell. It was in and now it’s coming out. Are you doing that Tanya?”

I didn’t answer, but Ryan did.

“Push it in again Dan.”

Dan did, it promptly disappeared the re-appeared.

“You try it Paul.”

Paul did, and the same thing happened.

“I’ve never managed to get that fourth ball to stay in.” Ryan said. Then,

“Okay Tanya, push them all out.”

One by one I squeezed and out they all came. I was just thinking that my humiliating ordeal was coming to an end when Ryan started flicking and squeezing my clit. The inevitable happened and I came again with all 3 of them looking down at the spasms in my pussy and the convulsions that caused my legs to jerk.

“Man; that sure is a beautiful sight.” Paul said.

A couple of minutes later Ryan pulled me up onto my feet. I looked at Dan and Paul and my face got even redder. I wanted to run and hide, but Ryan put his arms round me and whispered “Thank you,” into my ear.

Thankfully, my ordeal was over for that night. Ryan said that I should go and have a shower. When I got out and went back to Ryan, bit Dan and Paul had left. Ryan was feeling very randy and he had me on the sofa before we went to bed.

The next morning I woke up feeling ‘different’, but nice. I soon realised that Ryan had pushed a golf ball up my pussy.

“Did you have to push it in?” I asked.

“Only a little bit, then your pussy did the rest.”

“Ryan,” I said, “I was really humiliated last night; please don’t ask me to do that again.”

Ryan hugged me and said,

“I only ask you to do things that I know that really want to do, things that I know that you’ll enjoy.”

The thing was, I did get quite a bit of pleasure out of it, those wonderful orgasms, so how can I argue with him? He knows what my body wants just as much as I do, maybe more.

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 11 – More humiliation

Impromptu Party
So there we were one Saturday evening, at home on our own. We’d decided to experiment with a bit of bondage and Ryan had ordered a couple of thing from the internet.

Early in the evening Ryan had stripped me and put the ankle cuffs on me and attached them to a spreader bar. He also put wrist cuffs on me and joined them behind my back. I was sat on the front edge of the sofa leaning back with Ryan teasing my nipples and pussy and slowly bringing to the edge then stopping, again and again. I was wearing my nipple barbells, but not my clit one, and Ryan kept pulling them.  He’d been telling me that he’d like to leave me like that in a public park or beach and watch people’s reaction to seeing me. That got me scared, and excited. So did his threats to get some workmen round to fix something or other with me like that.

Anyway, after about an hour or so of me pleading for him to give me the release that I needed, the doorbell rang.

“Who the fuck is that?” I asked as Ryan stood up. “You’re not going to the door to find out – are you?”

I started to panic a bit because I just knew that Ryan would open the door to find out who it was. He has no problem with other people seeing me naked; even though I get terrible embarrassed by it.

As Ryan opened the door I heard him say,

“Oh hi Karen, Emma; what brings you here?”

“We decided to go to that pub just down the road from here and wondered if you two would like to join ……….. Fucking hell Ryan, what are you 2 up to?” Karen said as she walked in and saw me.

“Bloody hell Tanya; I guess that this confirms that you really did enjoy being wheeled around town with those plaster casts on and your legs spread wide.”
“How many times has Ryan made you cum with you like that?” Emma asked.

“He hasn’t yet; he’s been teasing me for the last hour or so. Ryan, can you cover me up please?” I said.

“Don’t cover her up because of us Ryan,” Karen said, “we’ve all seen that gorgeous body lots of times before.”

Ryan didn’t cover me; instead he came and sat next to me while Emma and Karen sat opposite me.

They both stared at my pussy for a while then Karen said,

“Nice and puffy and wet Tanya; just how I like them. So, what do you two think? Do you fancy coming to that pub with us; or how about I go and get us some beer and we have a quiet night looking at Tanya’s pussy?”

“Ryan, get me out of these things and I’ll go and get some clothes on so we can go out.” I said.

“No, no,” Ryan said, “I like the idea of a few beers here.”

Ryan got his wallet out and gave Karen some money and she stood up to leave.

“You can stay here if you like Emma, I can manage on my own. You’re not going to release her are you Ryan?”

“Hell no.” Ryan replied.

“RYAN!” I said, knowing full well that he’d leave me naked in front of our friends,

“At least cover me with something.” I pleaded.

“I’ll get something.” Emma said, and off she went.

I felt relieved, and grateful to Emma. While she was gone I again asked Ryan to free me, but he leaned over me, kissed me, ran a finger up my slit and said,

“You’ll enjoy those two watching and maybe teasing you.”

Emma came back and put a little face cloth over my belly button and said,

“There you are Tanya, all decent now.”

Both Emma and Ryan laughed then Ryan bent over me and folded the towel double so that my belly button was exposed; then said,

“That’s better, I like looking at you belly.”

“So Emma, you know what we’ve been doing for the last hour or so, what have you two been up to today? Ryan asked.

Emma stared at my pussy, which got even wetter, as she told us about their day; how they’d got asked to leave a clothes shop for coming out of the changing rooms and going to get some more clothes to try on whilst still naked.

I started to relax a bit as the conversation moved away from me and my pussy. A short while later the doorbell rang again. Emma opened the door and let Karen and the beers in.

“Bloody hell Karen, you’ve got enough beer for a long night.” Ryan said as he went and helped her carry them to the kitchen and loaded-up the fridge.

Ryan opened some bottles and they came and sat down again. Ryan had brought me a bottle and he kept holding it to my mouth to let me drink.

As we talked I kept noticing Karen looking at my pussy, which kept it quite wet.

After about 10 minutes the doorbell rang again.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I phoned a few friends and invited them here.” Karen said.


In walked 4 men and 2 girls. All of them stopped and stared at me as soon as they saw me. I felt my blush extend from my face to my chest. My nipples got so hard that they hurt and my pussy gushed.

“Blood hell Karen, you weren’t joking.” One of the guys (Gary) said. Gary is another guy that works with Karen and Ryan. I’d met him before, but he’d never seen me naked before – well apart from on skype from Greece.

I didn’t know the others but that soon changed as Karen insisted on introducing them to me. They all stood in front of me looking down at my naked body as I blushed and gushed.

Ryan kept putting the beer bottles to my mouth and almost pouring it into me as everyone took it in turns to come and talk to us, and stare at me, my rock hard nipples and soaking pussy, I was sooo embarrassed.

Things got worse when Karen decided that I’d drunk enough. To stop me from having anymore she produced a ball-gag out of her bag and put it on me. I tried telling her not to but she ignored me.

“Something I was thinking about using on Emma later.” Karen said.

Everyone got a little drunk as I watched them watching me. After a while Emma brought a bottle of beer over to me and asked if I’d like some. I shook my head sideways and Emma said,

“I know where we’ll put it,” and she proceeded to push it into my hole as I shook my head pointlessly.

I was so wet that it didn’t take Emma long to get it so far in me that only the bottom inch was sticking out.

“That was easy.” Emma said loudly; attracting the attention of anyone who hadn’t noticed what she was doing.

“What else can we put in her?” Emma announced.

“What’s this about a little party trick that I’ve heard you’re good at Tanya? This is a party; how about you show us?” Karen said.

FIH had Ryan actually told Karen about the golf balls? I hoped not, but after a short pause Karen continued,

“Where’s the golf balls Ryan?”

“No, no, not here, not now.” I thought, and hoped, but Ryan stood up and walked towards the bedroom.

Ten seconds later he was back, with the bag of golf balls in his hand.

“Who wants to see how many they can get inside Tanya?” Ryan asked.

Of course all the guys did; and amazingly, all the girls did as well.

Karen grabbed the bag off Ryan and got down in front of me. I was shaking my head and trying to say, “No, no, please don’t do this,” but no one could understand the distorted sounds coming out of my stuffed mouth.

Karen pulled the beer bottle out of me and I felt my hole close (well nearly). Seconds later she held a golf ball to my hole and gently pushed. My hole opened wider and swallowed the ball, much to the cheers from most of the people watching.

Karen did the same with the second and third golf ball. Each time my pussy eagerly sucked the ball in.

“What about another Ryan?” Karen asked.

“Try it!” Ryan replied.

Karen did, and everyone watched as it disappeared inside me. Just as everyone was applauding I felt my hole open and the ball started coming out.

“Woah there Tanya, don’t push it out.” Karen said.

“We’ve never been able to keep the fourth one in.” Ryan said.

“How about if I try this?” Karen said as she pushed it back in and held it in with her finger.

Of course, with her finger in my hole the ball stayed put. She experimented by removing her finger a couple of times, but each time my pussy muscles started to eject the ball.

Karen held it in with one hand then started playing with my clit with the other hand.

“I wonder if it will still come out when she’s cumming?” Karen said.

“Oh no, please don’t make me cum in front of everyone.” I thought. My screams couldn’t get out and everyone was ignoring my head shaking.

I didn’t last long, and started to spasm and cum. My hips trust up and down as everyone just stared at me. Sometime in the midst of my orgasm Karen removed her finger and joined the other in just watching me. I could feel the ball coming out, and heard it drop to the floor.

As I calmed down I realised that everyone was clapping. I should have been happy that I had pleased everyone, but I was so ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated – and still horny. Why was I horny? I was ashamed of myself for being horny.

Things went quiet for a minute then Ryan said,

“Push them out Tanya.”

I did, and the applause started again.

I was so pleased that the ordeal was over. It is one thing being naked in front of friends and strangers but it’s so humiliating having things stuffed in my pussy and cumming as well. I wanted to crawl in a corner and die. 

But my ordeal wasn’t over.

“Who else would like a go?” Ryan asked.

Everyone moved forward. My screams went unheard again and my head shaking was ignored as Ryan took charge and said that everyone could have a go and he called for Gary to go next.

Gary was obviously a little nervous at first because he took his time and only held the golf ball to my pussy. After a few seconds Ryan said,

“Gently push it Gary.”

Gary did and my hole opened and grabbed the ball.

“That’s amazing.” Gary said as he presented the second ball to my hole.

“Don’t be shy Gary, play with her clit.” Karen said.

I saw Gary’s eyes look over to Ryan. He nodded and I felt Gary’s fingers squeeze my clit.

As Gary squeezed, flicked and pulled my clit I felt the other balls go inside me.

I started to cum again.

The same thing happened with all the 6 guests (ha!).  By the time I’d had 4 of the 6 orgasms I’d stopped trying to scream and object. I was getting tired. I was no longer able to squeeze the balls out and the last 3 (I think) people had to be content with just trying to get my pussy to keep the fourth one in. All failed as my pussy just wouldn’t accept it. The 2 unknown girls were the worst (or best); they really did punish my clit. When they had a hand free they tortured my nipples as well.

The only person that didn’t push those balls into my hole and make me cum was Ryan. He just watched with a big grin on his face and a big bulge in his trousers.

When they’d all had their turn I was totally knackered. I just lay there (not that I could go anywhere). Everyone started talking to each other and Ryan came and sat next to me and put his arm round my shoulder. I still had 3 of the golf balls inside me as Ryan told me that he was really proud of me; that he loved me so much.

Most of my ordeal was over. With my head on his shoulder I soon went to sleep.

I awoke about an hour (I think) later and realised that I only had 1 golf ball still inside me. I looked for Ryan and saw him talking to one of the girls. A couple of people had slices of pizza in their hand.

“Where did that come from?” I thought – then I went back to sleep.

The next time that I woke there was only Emma, Karen and Ryan there. Emma was getting undressed and Ryan was freeing me for my ordeal. I really wanted to tell him that I was really annoyed with him but after the pleasure that I’d experienced I just couldn’t do that.

“Come on gorgeous, Emma and Karen need the sofa.” Ryan said.

“I need a shower.” I mumbled as Ryan lifted me to my feet.

“Can I have that last golf ball please TT; I’m not going to fuck you with that still inside you.”

I opened my legs and squeezed. Seconds later there was a thump as the golf ball hit the floor. I didn’t even look at it as Ryan half carried me to the shower.

Ryan joined me in the shower and he helped me wash all the sweat and my bodily juices off me; but we didn’t have sex in the shower. After he’d towelled me and put me into our bed Ryan spooned me and I fell asleep with him inside me.

The next morning I staggered to the kitchen and made some coffee. As I took some back to bed I saw Karen and Emma on the sofa, and accidentally stubbed a toe on one of the golf balls.

A couple of hours later I woke again and put a robe on. Ryan was cooking breakfast and Karen was standing at the window (naked), looking to see if she could see if mister perv was watching us. I guess that she wanted to tease him.

Over breakfast Karen embarrassed me - again, by telling me that they’d ordered pizzas the night before and when the middle-aged Asian guy had delivered them they’d invited him in and let him have a good look at me as I slept. He’d been amazed when 1 of the golf balls came out of me while he watched.

Fancy Dress Party
We had another party at our place. Ryan decided that it was going to be a fancy dress party, and that people would only be allowed in if they were in fancy dress.

I kept suggesting outfits that I could wear but Ryan kept telling me not to worry, and that he’d sort something out for me. He even said that the night before the party, and I was starting to get a bit worried.

Anyway, a couple of hours before we expected the first people to arrive he disappeared then came back with this large cardboard box. It was the size of a coffin and I joked about it being a coffin.

I got a little worried when he said,

“Sort of.”

He stood it on its end and went and got a pair of scissors and some sellotape then started cutting a hole in the top.

I got more worried when he told me to go and have a shower and come back without getting dressed.

The box was on its side when I got back and Ryan told me to slide into it.

When I was in Ryan folded the flaps round my neck so that only my head was out of the box.

“I’m not going to have much of a party like this.” I joked.

“I promise you that you’ll have a fantastic party; one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.” Ryan replied.

I got a little more worried.

Ryan checked where my feet were then made some adjustments before sealing that end of the box. It was like I was in a coffin, but with my head out.

What Ryan did next really did worry me. He cut a hole about 6 inches in diameter right above my pussy; and a slot about 12 inches by 6 above my little tits.

Then he rolled the box over and cut another 6 inch diameter hole above my butt.

Next, he lifted the box up so that I was stood on my feet. I was stuck; all I could do was to move my head sideways. The only other thing that I could do, but didn’t want to do, was to lean on one side so that I fell over.

“Okay Ryan, fun over, can you let me out please? I need to get ready for the party.” I asked.

“You are ready for the party my love. That’s your fancy dress.”

“You’re joking; I’m in a bloody box. The only part of me that’s visible is my head, and my …… oh no..”

It dawned on me; Ryan wanted (was expecting) me to get groped through the holes in the box.

“Ryan please don’t do this to me;” I pleaded, “I’ll get embarrassed and humiliated.”

“And extra horny;” Ryan said, “I bet that you’ll be begging people to make you cum.”

“I will NOT.”

“Of course you will,“ Ryan said; “you love it when people see you naked and touch you.”

“Only you.”

“Liar,” Ryan said, “how many times have you cum while you’re naked in front of strangers, and when they’re touching you?”

“Hundreds.” I whispered.

“Right then, a few more times tonight then. You’ll love it”

And he was right. Okay I love the orgasms, but it’s still embarrassing and humiliating.

Just then the doorbell rang.

“Hang on a minute.” Ryan shouted.

Ignoring my protests Ryan went and got a blindfold and ball gag and put them on me. I resigned myself to a humiliating evening but at least I wouldn’t be able to see my tormentors.

I heard voices, some I recognised and some that I didn’t. I felt my right nipple get squeezed and Karen said,

“This is going to be fun Tanya. I’m really glad that you decided to be the entertainment tonight.”

I wanted to protest and put her straight but there was no point. She wouldn’t be able to understand my garbled voice.

The doorbell rang again and I heard more voices. Some were talking about me and occasionally I felt a hands come through the holes in the box.

As time went on more and more hands came through the holes and the hands started getting more adventurous. My nipples were really getting abused and fingers invaded my wet pussy.

I think that it was a girl’s hand that was the first that I realised was trying to make me cum; and she was good at it. Just as I realised that I was going to cum, the hand disappeared. After a few seconds it came back and took me over the edge.

There were big cheers as someone told everyone that I was cumming. As I calmed down I heard Karen say,

“Right, who’s next?”

The next thing I felt was me falling. Fortunately someone caught me and stood me up again. Ryan asked me if I was okay but all I could do was mumble.

More hands came into the holes and my body got tortured. Before long I was cumming, again and again. Someone removed the ball gag so that people could hear my moans and screams of pleasure; but the blindfold was left on. In a way I was glad that I couldn’t see who was pleasuring me; but at the same time, every time I saw one of our friends after that night I would be wondering if they had made me cum.

I don’t know how many orgasms I had, but eventually my legs started getting a bit weak. I felt the cardboard pressing on my neck. Somehow I managed to tell Ryan that it was hurting. He must have realised that I was serious because he stopped the people who were currently groping me and lowered the box onto the floor. Then he ripped the sellotape off the top of the box and freed my neck.

I was hoping that my torture and humiliation was over but it wasn’t. I heard Ryan say,

“Okay, you can continue now.”

The hands came back through the holes and I felt my legs spread as much as they could within the confines of the box.

I couldn’t fight it so I just lay there and took the pleasure that was being inflicted on me.

Eventually the hands and orgasms stopped and things went quiet. Then I went to sleep.

When I woke up Ryan was cutting the cardboard and freeing me. When the blindfold came off Ryan and I were alone.

Ryan helped me up and to the shower. All the time I kept repeating,

“You bastard; you bastard.”

When Ryan had dried me and put me on the bed the,

“You bastard” changed to “fuck me.”   

He did.

I never did find out if anyone who came to the party wore fancy dress. Whenever I asked Ryan, Karen or Emma they just changed the subject.

When I next saw Karen and Emma they kept telling me how lucky I was to have someone like Ryan who always wanted me to have lots of sexual pleasure.

I know that they are right; it’s just that I’d like to have a bit more say in how I get that pleasure. But there again, if I knew beforehand would these ‘events’ be as pleasurable?

They’re spying on me
One Saturday evening when we were out having a drink with Karen and Emma, Karen told me that she liked my new blue dress. After thanking her, I suddenly wondered when she’d seen it. I wasn’t wearing it that night and I’d only got it a couple of days before. I was confused and asked her when she’d seen me in it.

“Yesterday morning when you were trying on different outfits.”

“But yesterday was Friday, you were at work and I was at home on my own; how could you have seen me?”

“Ooops!” Karen said, and looked at Ryan.

“Thanks Karen.” Ryan said; then he turned to me.

“TT, do you remember me bringing those 2 webcams home a couple of weeks ago and trying to get them working?”

“Yeah, but you gave-up didn’t you?”

“Well no, I did get them working and then I hid them, one in our bedroom and the other in the lounge.”

“Switched on?” I asked.


“So who have you given the IP address’ to? Who’s been spying on us?” I asked as I remembered a frigging session on the sofa after trying on various outfits the previous morning.

Both Emma and Karen put their hands up.

“Who else?”

“Just some of the guys at work.”

“Ryan! You’ve been letting your mates spy on me. How could you?”

“They haven’t seen anything that they haven’t seen before. Besides, now that you know I bet that you’ll get all excited when we go to bed tonight.”

“Well yeah, but that’s because of you.”

“I bet that you get extra turned on tonight because there might be some man watching you.”

I shut up then, Ryan was probably right but I wasn’t going to admit to it.

“Hey babe,” Karen said, “You look so cute laying there fast asleep without the covers over you. If it wasn’t for Emma and Ryan I’d be hitting on you.”

I said nothing and when we got home I switched the light off as I went into the bedroom to get undressed.

It wasn’t long before Ryan had cheered me up, and before I knew it I was riding Ryan; with the light on.

I woke up the next morning in a happier mood. Overnight I’d come to the conclusion that I didn’t care that Ryan’s mates were seeing me naked. After all, they’d all seen me naked before. It’s like mister perv over the road; I’ll just pretend that they’re not there.

I didn’t want to think about Ryan’s mates giving the IP address to any of their friends.

On the Monday afternoon after I got back from the shops I was feeling a little lonely and horny. After I’d put everything away I sat on the sofa and started thinking about Ryan. Before long I’d taken my top and skirt off and was having a slow frigging session thinking back to our holiday and the fun that we’d had.

I had just cum and was enjoying the calm after the storm when my mobile rang.  I cursed at being interrupted. It was Karen and she told me that she was in meeting that had stopped because of me. She told me that she’d left a window on her laptop open and accidentally opened it when starting a presentation. Me frigging myself had suddenly been displayed on the projector screen and the 4 people there (not Ryan) had made her open the window again so that they could watch me.

Karen was phoning to thank me for the entertaining interruption.

I blushed, clamped my legs shut then ran to the bathroom. After getting over the initial shock I realised that I was still horny as hell and I went back to the sofa and did it again.

I have no idea if anyone was watching.

Sometimes when I’m walking around naked at home, or pleasuring myself, I do wonder if Ryan, or anyone else, is watching me. I have to admit that it does get me excited – not that I would ever admit it; probably not even to Ryan.

One warmish Saturday night
One Saturday evening a while back, when the weather was reasonable, we decided to walk to a nice pub that we know. Ryan wanted me to wear just one of my floaty summer dresses; the one that is about mid-thigh long with the top scooped and loose fitting. If I bend forwards anyone who looks can see my tiny tits and nipples.

In the pub we’d been sat opposite each other and Ryan had eased his legs between mine. I wasn’t bothered about that because the dress is long enough and there’s enough material to fall between my legs and for me not to be showing anything. The other thing was that the noise in the pub was such that I had to lean forward to hear Ryan at times. Again, I wasn’t bothered that Ryan was able to see my tits. I even felt good when I noticed where his eyes were looking. I never caught any of the men stood near us looking down my top.

Anyway, we had a few to drink and were a bit ‘happy’ when we left. We decided to walk home via the park where I’ve had a bit of fun in the kids play area.

When we got there we sat on one of those wooded benches that were there for the parents to watch their kids from. After a couple of minutes we started kissing and I turned sideways and sat on Ryan’s lap so that we could still kiss and Ryan could have easy access to caress my tits and pussy. It was late at night, and although the street lights were on, the place was deserted – or so we thought.

After a few minutes Ryan had opened the buttons all the way down and my whole front was exposed.

When we broke a kiss I suddenly thought that I saw someone in the nearby bushes. I told Ryan but he dismissed it saying that no one would be out there at that time of night.

A bit later when Ryan was finger fucking me I definitely saw someone, a man, and he was in front of the bushes. Then I saw another man not far from the first man. I told Ryan who looked and said,

“Oh good; let’s put on a show for them.”

“What! I can’t do that.” I replied.

“Yes you can TT, just pretend that they aren’t there.”

I knew that it was pointless arguing so I resigned myself to the men seeing me naked, and probably more. At least we weren’t directly under one of the street lights. If I concentrated on what Ryan was doing to me perhaps I could just pretend that they weren’t there.

Ryan soon got me close to an orgasm, but he stopped and just kissed me for a while as I calmed down.

Then he did it again. This time as well as kissing me he eased my dress off me so that I was naked.

When he broke the kiss he told me to stand up with my back to him. The 2 men got a full frontal view of me. Ryan told me to open my legs and stand either side of his legs; then he pulled me down. I’d been busy looking at the men and hoping that the street light weren’t bright enough for them to see my bits too well; and not realised that Ryan had got his cock out. When he pulled me down his cock found its home.

I gasped, then relaxed. There was nothing that I could do except enjoy it and think of England.

As I was bouncing up and down the 2 men came a lot closer. So close that I could have reached out and touched them – if I’d wanted to – which I didn’t.

“She’s so young.” One of the men said.

“Yeah, doesn’t she make you want to give her one?” The other said as he rubbed the crotch if his trousers.

“Cum for daddy.” Ryan said.

“Fucking hell!” The first man said.

The second man unzipped his trousers and got his hard cock out.

“No touching her; okay.” Ryan said.

Both men nodded.

I couldn’t help myself; I didn’t really want to have an orgasm in front of those men but I’d lost control of myself. I got quite vocal as the spasms hit me. I stopped caring where I was and who was watching me.

Ryan kept me going up and down until another orgasm was starting to rise; then he stopped and held me tight as he shot his load inside me. We just sat there for a couple of minutes as we calmed down.

I opened my eyes and saw the 2 men; they were both wanking as they stared at me.

“Poppet, isn’t this the playground where you said that the ropes had made you cum?” Ryan said.

I realised what Ryan was doing, and I’d already lost my inhibitions for the night.

“Yes daddy, but can I play on the climbing frame for a bit first?”

“Okay princess, but be careful.”

I lifted myself off Ryan’s cock and immediately felt our juices start to run down my inner thighs. Ignoring it and leaving my dress on the bench, I ran over to the climbing and started climbing.

I turned and looked back. The 2 men had followed me and 1 was climbing under the frame so that he could look up at me. I was glad that the street light weren’t as good as daylight.

I giggled a bit to myself as I realised that my pussy might be dripping onto the man.

I climbed all over that frame before Ryan said,

“Okay princess, show daddy how good you are at climbing the ropes.”

“Okay daddy.” I shouted as I got off the frame and ran to the ropes.

“Ooow, it’s cold.” I said as I jumped up one of the ropes and pressed my pussy onto it.

“Up you go.”

I easily climbed to the top then wrapped my legs tightly round the rope, pressing it against my pussy. My clit told me that it was enjoying the cold pressure.

“Slide down slowly Poppet.” Ryan said.

I loosened my grip, probably too much because I slid down quickly. I managed to stop myself after about 3 feet; just as my first orgasm (second of the night) arrived. I hung on for dear life as I screamed and shook.

Just as I started to get my composure back I looked down. Three men and 2 cocks were looking up at me. My grip automatically loosened and I slid down another 3 or 4 feet. This time the pressure on my clit felt REALLY good.

Another orgasm hit me.

I repeated this again before I lost my grip and fell to the ground. As it turned out I was only a couple of feet above the ground but I still fell flat on my back with my legs wide open. When I opened my eyes 2 cocks started shooting their load all over me. I got blobs of jism from my hair to my pussy, and Ryan was just stood there with a big grin on his face.

No sooner than they’d finished cumming, the 2 men were gone, leaving their calling card all over me.

Ryan helped me to my feet and gave me a tissue from his pocket. I’d gone out that evening without my bag so I didn’t have any more.

“You can use your dress to wipe the rest off.” Ryan said, but I couldn’t; we couldn’t find my dress; the bastards had stolen it. I was left naked in the park and still covered in strangers cum.

“Rub yourself on the grass.” Ryan said.

I did, well as best as I could. Then I started to panic a bit because I still had to get home. Ryan came to the rescue as best as he could; he was wearing a light jacket and he took it off and gave it to me. It only covered half my butt and not my pussy, but it was better than nothing.

Fortunately we made it home without any incident, although a couple of cars did beep their horns at us.

“We’ll have to do that again sometime.” Ryan said as we fucked in the shower before going to bed.

Halloween Party
Karen and Emma had a Halloween party; but only people who got dressed-up could go. Ryan said that he’d sort out a costume for me - again, and that worried me - again. I just knew that he’d get something indecent.

I was right.

The top was black and see through and had a white skeleton on it. Fortunately the white skeleton covered my nipples.

The skirt was a black tutu one. It flared out and my butt and pussy felt as naked as they were. Underneath I wore a garter belt holding up black stockings that had the legs of the skeleton painted on.

Ryan wore a black shirt, black trousers and a black cape; and he got me to put some ‘ghost’ and fang makeup on his face.

I felt exposed and foolish going to Emma’s and Karen’s place. I was glad that, for once, Ryan followed me up the stairs on the double-decker bus.

I didn’t feel out of place when Emma opened their door; she was dressed very much like me. Karen wore a pair of heels; that’s it.

Everyone else there was in fancy dress but Karen stole the show. That was until someone pulled at my tutu and it ripped off. I was left virtually bottomless. The tutu was beyond quick repair and Emma, and the alcohol that I’d consumed, persuaded me to stop trying to fix it and continue bottomless.

The guys there seemed to enjoy me being like that nearly as much as they enjoyed Karen’s nakedness.

Some of the other girls there were wearing skimpy costumes as well. One was wearing just a black bikini on which she’d painted a couple of bones, and she had fake blood runs down her front. Another just had a few strategically placed bandages round her. They didn’t look too secure and as the night went on one of her breasts got exposed and she never bothered to cover it.

Anyway, after my tutu got ripped off I tried to spend a lot of time sitting down, that way at least my pussy would be covered. As people got tired, more and more of them wanted to sit down. I had to sit on Ryan’s lap and it wasn’t long before I felt his cock get hard. I decided to tease Ryan a bit by grinding my bare butt on him. That was a mistake because it wasn’t long before he carefully got his cock out of his trousers, gently and slowly lifted me up, then lowered me back down; impaling me on his cock. He did it so slowly that the first I knew of it was when I felt him go inside me.

We sat like that for ages as we talked to the people around us. Emma even got us some more drinks as we sat there. She didn’t look as if she knew what was going on.

At one point I had my head on Ryan’s shoulder and I whispered that I wanted to cum. I felt Ryan’s cock get harder but that was all, he was busy talking to a man about motor racing.

I got a bit disappointed when Ryan’s cock started going soft with neither of us having cum; but I guess there were just too many people around us.

As the people next to us got up Ryan took it as a diversion and he lifted me up long enough for him to quickly put his cock away without anyone noticing. Or so we thought.

“Have you 2 been fucking?” Karen loudly asked.

I went bright red and said,


“You have. Why else would you blush like that?” Karen quickly came back.

“Hey everyone, this little skeleton has been boning her boyfriend on the sofa.” Karen announced to the world.

A couple of people started clapping and everyone turned and looked at me (and Ryan). I was still bottomless and I felt so embarrassed.

Fortunately everyone lost interest quite quickly and went back to whatever they were doing.

Ryan stood up and said,

“Thanks Karen; nothing like a good mate for embarrassing you.”

Karen leaned of to him, kissed him on the cheek and said,

“You’re welcome. You know she loves it; I bet she’s just got all wet.”

“Ryan’s embarrassed.” I thought, “what about me? I’ve just been fucked in front of strangers and you’re telling people that I loved it.”

I had actually; and those talking about it had caused me to have a little wet rush; but it was embarrassing with those people listening.

Ryan and I went into the kitchen and got another beer. I leant my side on him as we drank and we talked to a couple. Ryan’s spare hand found its way to my bare butt and gently caressed it. It felt good.

People started leaving and I suddenly realised that we had to leave as well; but I was bottomless. Emma came to my rescue, and after a bit of teasing, saying that I’d have to go home like that, she leant me one of her skirts.

We got an early morning bus home then got the relief that I needed while we were in the shower.

Another Nude Modelling Job
Ryan got a phone call a couple of weeks ago; it was from Dan, the Art College teacher who I’d been a naked model for a couple of times. Dan had wanted to know if I’d be interested in a session modelling for someone to pose at an art exhibition; naked of course. Dan had told Ryan that I would be perfect for the job.

Of course Ryan had said that I would be interested, without even asking me. I would have said no because those modelling jobs are so humiliating. Having to pose naked, in such lewd positions is horrible. Okay, I sometimes get turned-on by them but the embarrassment is horrible. This job was probably going to be more embarrassing because there would be a lot more people there.

Anyway, the dreaded evening arrived and we walked into the art gallery. I looked round and saw lots of drawings of naked people. A gay sounding man came up to us.

“You must be Tanya; I’m Nigel; you’re late. Thank you so much for helping us out.” The obvious gay held out a very limp hand for us to shake.

“This is your boyfriend then Tanya?” Before I had chance to answer Nigel continued,

“I don’t know what Dan told you but I need girls to take part in some sexual activities during the display. I’ll re-shuffle the girls so that you’re not with one of the male models. I’ll put you on the stand where you will be on display on your own. Will that be okay with you?”

I was going to say “No,” but Ryan opened his mouth before I could, and said,

“Of course it will; Tanya has no inhibitions about her body.”

I wanted to kill Ryan.

“Good, good, if you follow me I’ll explain everything.” 

As we walked Nigel was going on about some of the displays.

A totally naked man sporting a huge, erect cock walked in front of us,

“Excellent Trevor, just keep it like that for the rest of the evening. I’ll get to you later.” Nigel said.

I could see about half a dozen totally naked people around the place. All looked like they were about to indulge in some bondage and sex.

“Bloody hell.” I thought; “What have you got me into Ryan?”

Okay, there were loads of pictures around the place, and even some statues; but from what I’d heard and seen so far it looked like it was a sex show, not an erotic exhibition.

Then I saw a banner on one wall. It read,

“The Beauty of the Female Orgasm.”

I started to get worried.

Nigel led us to a table that was about 3 feet by 6 feet and 4 feet high. At each corner there were steel ‘D’ rings screwed onto the wood.

“Come on girl, hurry and get those rags off; the guests will be here in minutes. I thought you said that you weren’t shy about your body?”

“It’s Ryan that’s not shy about my body, but I am.” I thought but didn’t say.

I quickly took my top off, dropped my skirt and kicked my shoes off. Ryan picked them up as Nigel continued.

“Good, no horrible hair; everyone will want to see all of your girly bits. Put these on.”

I don’t know where Nigel produced them from but he handed me 4 velcro ankle or wrist cuffs. Each had a ‘D’ ring.

“Quickly please sweety.” Nigel said.

With Ryan’s help I quickly did as I was told.

“Climb up then.”

Ryan helped me.

“Right girl, on your back, we’ll start with the basic spread position.” Nigel ordered as he got some short lengths of rope from out of a box.

He threw 2 pieces to Ryan, telling him to try my wrists to the ‘D’ rings; at the same time as he pulled my legs apart and tied them to the corners. I was spread-eagled and very exposed.

“Right young man, she looks a little dry, play with her and get her all wet before the quests start arriving.” Nigel said as he picked-up a box and put it on the table. Written on the side was,


I looked at Ryan who he had a big grin on his face.

“You’re in for a pleasurable evening.” He said.

“Please stop this Ryan. I’ll do anything you want, but please don’t let this happen to me.”

“Come on TT; you’ll love every second of it. Think of all those orgasms.”

Well yes, the orgasms would be great, but there would be lots of people watching me; and goodness only knows how many people giving me those orgasms. I was, and I wasn’t happy.

Ryan leant over and kissed me, a long, nice kiss on my mouth. As he was doing that his hand slid up and down my body, playing with my nipples and then my pussy. My fear faded as I started to get wet and then aroused.

Ryan continued to the point where I was close to cumming then he stopped.

Just as he stood up and took his hand off me I heard I heard Nigel shout,

“Right kiddies, the show starts now, Get ready for some fun.”

A couple of minutes later people were filling the room. It wasn’t long before a couple came over to me and read the sign.

“It will be my pleasure,” the man said and reached out and rubbed my nipples.

Soon a few people were standing around me and basically, groping me. It was nice, but horrible at the same time.

Then I heard Nigel,

“Hey people these might help you get her going.”

I looked at him as he tipped up the box telling people to make me cum. Three dildos and 2 vibrators fell out onto the table. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

A woman picked up a dildo and gently pushed it into me before fucking me with it while a man was pulling and squeezing one of my nipples. I looked over to Ryan and saw a big smile and a big bulge.

Needless to say it wasn’t long before my body betrayed me and I felt my AF quickly climb. As I started to cum my body arched up and started shaking; and I got quite vocal.

As the pleasure started to recede the man and woman backed away and were replaced by 2 women. I looked at their faces and saw evil grins. I just knew that they were going to make me cum - again.

A hand pulled the dildo out of me and some fingers found my clit. That hand just knew what my clit needed and it gave it to me, over and over again. Multiple orgasms just seemed to merge into one never ending gigantic orgasm. After trying to fight it for ages, I just blacked out.

When I came round I saw Ryan and Nigel looking down at me.

“My my sweetie; that must have been a good one; I could hear your screams of pleasure from the other side of the room. Are you ready to move to the next position?” Nigel said.

Without waiting for an answer Nigel started un-tying the ropes attached to my ankles. He then told me lift my legs right up in the air. I was a little slow reacting to Nigel’s command and he said,

“Come on, we haven’t got all night; customers are waiting to play with your pussy thing.”

“PUSSY THING!” I thought; “that’s my pride and joy you’re talking about you little gay b………….”

My ankles were then tied to the same rings that my wrists were and pulled as tight as my body would allow; leaving my pussy stretched wide for everyone to see and play with. It wasn’t long before people (men and women) were using various dildos and vibrators on me.

That was just the second of four different positions that Nigel had me tied down in. Each one stretched my legs wide, and in each position people made me cum, numerous times; either with those toys or their fingers. I lost count of how many orgasms I’d had by the time Nigel finally released me. Thankfully (maybe not), I never blacked out again.

I lost sight of Ryan a couple of times. He later told me that he’d wandered round to see the other exhibits. He told me that he’d seen 5 or 6 women, all naked, and all being fucked by men with big cocks. There were a couple of women who were masturbating on tables with people watching them and one woman who was impaling herself on very large objects screwed down to a table.

I was totally knackered; and sore as well. Fortunately there was a shower in one of the back rooms but I had to wait in turn to use it. Ryan was hoping that he could join me but the queue was too long. The poor man’s balls must have been bursting.

When I was clean, dressed and slightly refreshed; we found Nigel, got paid and headed for the bus home. Fortunately, by the time we got home I was lively enough to enjoy Ryan getting his release, even if I was sore. I was still sore two days later, but I didn’t complain to Ryan.

The next morning as we discussed the evening over breakfast I had to admit that I’d enjoyed the experience. But I’d still been extremely embarrassed. The money had been good but I still wouldn’t admit to being an exhibitionist.

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 12 – More embarrassment

Ryan goes on another Training Course
Ryan had to go on another week long training course, and the bad news was that I couldn’t go with him. The other annoying thing (from my point of view) was that it was in southern France.

Ryan wasn’t happy and offered to let me go to the seaside for a few days. He said that we could afford for me to stay in a small hotel and that it would be a good opportunity for me to get out and get some good, fresh sea air, and some exercise.

I didn’t fancy a hotel and asked him if I could go to his uncle’s mobile home. A quick phone call and it was all fixed up.

We had 2 weeks to organise everything. The weather was still reasonable and we decided that I wouldn’t need many clothes with me. After all, I wasn’t planning on going to the pub or anywhere nice; I planned to spend the time reading, eating, exercising and sleeping.

Ryan downloaded lots of erotic stories for me to read and put them onto our kindle.

I was feeling quite sad as I got up on the Friday that I was to leave. After a last fuck and a shower I put a skirt and top on. Ryan stopped me and suggested that I put on all my piercing jewellery so that it might take my mind off us being apart.

I’d already packed my small bag and Ryan zipped it up after I’d put the jewellery on.

A final kiss and a fingering from Ryan, and I set off for the bus, train then bus journey.

On the train journey I was sat opposite a man slightly older than me. He kept staring at me so I looked down my front and saw that my nipple jewellery was trying to poke through my thin top. I hadn’t crossed my legs and there was a good chance that he might have been able to see my pubic bone or even my pussy. I was still in a sad mood so I just ignored him.

Day 1
As soon as I got to the holiday park I went to reception and got the key, then to the little shop for some essential supplies.

In the mobile home I stripped naked, made a coffee and went and sat outside the back to relax. I saw that the little fence between the mobile home and the path to the beach had been blown down. It was a small fence anyway and wouldn’t have stopped anyone on the path (if they looked) from seeing me, but I didn’t care.

I dozed off and woke a few minutes later in a better mood and decided to start my exercising. I took off my jewellery and put on my tennis skirt, a tank top and trainers, and set off along the beach. I must have run for about 30 minutes before turning to run back. None of the people on the beach took any notice (that I saw) of me as I ran passed them.

I decided to take a different path onto the mobile home, and continued running round the mobile homes back to mine.

I ran along close to the front of one mobile home and as I turned the corner I suddenly collided with two people. We all went down with me on top of a young woman. I opened my eyes and saw a girl about 18 years old; and she was mad.

“Get off me you stupid girl.” The voice was deep and sounded very threatening.

I pushed myself up and got onto my feet. I was stood between the legs of the girl and I could see her red knickers. They were very brief with side ties.

She got up and turned to a young man who was sat on the floor with his back to the van.

“Get up Tony,” she demanded. Then she turned back to me,

“Where’s your mother and father girl? You need to be taught some manners and to be more careful.”

“About 60 miles that way.” I said pointing inland.

“Don’t get clever with me you little shit…. So who are you here with?”

“I’m on my own.” I replied.

“In that case I’d better teach you a thing or two.”

The girl was tall and strong. She grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the door of the van.

“Come on Tony, the shop can wait.” She said as she pulled me into the van.

Once inside she pushed me against the table and told me to bend over it.

“Why?” I asked, “Who do you think you are anyway. It was an accident, no one is to blame; besides, you have no right to punish me; I’m leaving.”

“I’m Jenny, and you need to be taught a lesson. You WILL do what I say.”

She pulled me back and pushed me over the table.

“Hold her arms Tony.”

Tony went round the table and held my wrists. I was stuck.

I felt an almighty whack on my butt.

“Ooowwww!” that hurt.


“Bloody hell, a slut as well as a shit. Tony, look, she hasn’t got any knickers on. Where’s you knickers girl?”

“I haven’t got any.”

“What do you mean haven’t got any? Where are they?”

“I don’t own any.”

“You are a slut then. In that case you’d better take the rest of your clothes off. If you don’t we’ll rip them off you.”

I looked at Jenny, then Tony. They were both a lot taller than me and I wouldn’t have been able to fight them.

I started stripping. When I was done Jenny said,

“Right slut, get back over that table.”

Reluctantly I bent over the table.

“Open those legs slut.”

I did; and soon felt my butt hurt again. Jenny’s spanking went on and on and on. My butt was hurting and I was screaming and crying, but Jenny’s assault continued. My butt hurt like hell and I was sobbing loudly.

Jenny stopped her assault on my butt.

“Right slut, are you sorry for barging into us?”

I nodded.

“Say it slut.”

“I’m sorry.”

Sorry for what slut.”

“Okay, I’m sorry that I barged in to you.”

“I can’t hear you slut.”


“Well, that’s a start. Tony, you come and take over from me, my hand’s starting to hurt.”
Tony started on my butt. His hand hurt even more than Jenny’s did.

Oh the pain; it was horrible.

After a couple of minutes I realised that I wasn’t complaining about the pain any more. I was still crying but my butt had gone numb. After a few more slaps my pussy started getting wet and warm.

“Why was that?” I thought. “I couldn’t be enjoying it.”

But I was; I felt an orgasm building. I tried to fight it, but I didn’t stand a chance. All of a sudden it hit me. The spasms jerked my body all over the place. Tony stopped spanking me and just stood there.

“Is she….. ?” Tony asked.

“Yes, I think she is.” Jenny replied.

“She looks too young to have orgasms.” Tony said.

“Well the slut is having one now.” Jenny said.

As the waves receded and the spasms stopped, Jenny pulled me to my feet.

“Well slut, that was a surprise, I didn’t think that you had it in you. We’ll have to try that again to see if it was a one-off or if we can repeat it. In the mean time we have to get to that shop, there a couple of things that I have to get before we leave in the morning; and you’re coming with us. I don’t want you sneaking off.”

With that Jenny picked up her purse and told Tony to grab my arm. I reached for my clothes but Jenny told Tony to stop me and he pulled me outside without a stitch on.

“Please, please don’t do this to me. You’ve punished me enough already, please let me go. Please!” I pleaded.

“Girl, if you don’t stop winging I’ll give you round 2 out here. And don’t go trying to run off. I bet that Tony can run faster than you can.”

What could I do? With my head hanging down I followed them through the site to the little shop. We only saw one couple, and they ignored us.

“I’ll wait here.” I said as we got close to the shop, hoping that I’d get the chance to run away.

I didn’t get the chance; Tony pulled me right into the shop. I just stood there with my head hanging and my hands covering my pussy.

“What have we here? The shopkeeper asked Jenny.

“She’s been a naught girl and she’s being punished. Girl, come over here and show the nice man your butt.”

I walked over and Jenny told me to turn my back to the man.

“Wow, it’s good to see some old-fashioned corporal punishment. The world would be a better place if more of that was doled out.”

“Bend over slut and let the man get a proper look.” Jenny said.

I did, and hoped that the man couldn’t see my pussy.

“She’s been told that she has to stay naked for a week so that everyone can see her red butt. I hope that you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, and I can’t see the owners having a problem with it. We tend to agree with what’s wrong with the world today.” The shopkeeper said.

“All week! It’s a good job that I’m only staying here for a few days. I’ve got to escape from these 2 morons.” I thought; “Anyway, I thought that these 2 shit-heads said that they were going home tomorrow.”

Jenny bought a couple of things and we headed back, Tony holding my arm all the way.

“Right slut,” Jenny said, “get over that table again; I want to see if your last performance was a one-off or not.”

“No please, you’ve done enough, I won’t barge into you again, I promise.” I pleaded; but it was to no avail as Jenny pointed to the table.

I reluctantly bent over the table again and my butt got tortured again. With my butt already being red and painful, it didn’t take long before first, I was balling my head off; and secondly, I got wet and felt another orgasm building.

I didn’t want to cum again; not with them forcing me; but they were determined to humiliate me some more.

The orgasm waves started and I started shaking. My muscles were jerking and I was moaning and screaming with pleasure. I think that Tony was still spanking me, but I wasn’t sure.

Eventually the waves receded and I looked round to Jenny. She had a big grin on her face.

“So it wasn’t a fluke slut. I guess that you’re starting young. Don’t think that you are done here. I’ve got other things for you to do. Get down on the floor, flat on your back.”

The floor was cold on my hot and sore butt but I did as she said, keeping my legs together and covering my nipples with one arm.

What happened next both amazed and scared me; Jenny started taking her clothes off. Her lower half looked good, slim legs and flat stomach; but as her top came off I nearly laughed at her rather large, ugly bra. And when it came off I really did appreciate the fact that I have no tits. They were like 2 floppy footballs. How she manages to walk around with them amazes me.

Anyway, Jenny knelt down with her knees over my shoulders. The scary bit came next; she lowered her pussy onto my face.

“Eat it slut; and you better be good.”

What choice did I have? As her hairy pussy came into contact with my mouth I automatically opened my mouth and closed my teeth round her clit. I decided that the sooner I got it over with the better. I decided that since she’d been rough with me then I was going to be rough with her. I chewed hard and almost bit her clit off. She was loving it and she soon started cumming. It was quite a small orgasm – by my standards; she didn’t seem to be letting herself go.

All the time Tony was just watching, but as soon as she could she told him to play with my pussy, but warned him not to fuck me.

“You don’t want to end up in jail,” she said.

As soon as I felt Tony’s hand touch my pussy I opened my legs.

“Why did I do that?” I thought. “Why did I make it easy for him?” There was no way that I was going to cum with him touching me.

I was right. Despite his probing and squeezing he was hopeless. I nearly smiled when I realised that if that was the best he could do then poor Jenny.

Why was I feeling sorry for her?

When Jenny got up she told me to get up and onto my knees.

“Here’s a treat for you Tony. Open your mouth slut; and Tony, unzip and get it out.”

I kept my mouth shut; even when Tony got his cock out and pressed it against my mouth.


The pain on my butt made me gasp and Tony’s cock went in.

“Suck slut.” Jenny said.

What could I do? I sucked. In less than a minute I felt that Tony was about to cum.

“I don’t want to swallow his cum.” I thought.

Just as I was resigned to having to swallow, he pulled out and shot his load all over my face and chest.

“Thank fuck for that.” I thought.

“You could have cum insider her mouth Tony, I wouldn’t have minded.” Jenny said, then added,

“Right slut, we’re going for a shower. Tony, go and lock the door. I don’t want this slut escaping. I’ve got more planned for her.”

They both went to the bathroom and I heard the shower start. I suddenly had a brainwave. I grabbed my clothes and went to the big window. It opened. I had an escape plan.

I threw my clothes out and was just about to climb out when I had another brainwave. I ran to the suitcase that was still open on the floor and rummaged through it. I pulled out every pair of knickers, tights, bras, trousers and shorts that I could find. Remembering to pick up the red knickers and bra that Jenny had been wearing, I threw the lot out of the window and climbed out.

I quickly picked up everything and ran.

I spotted a litter bin and dumped all Jenny’s clothes into it. With a satisfied feeling I picked up my clothes and ran to my mobile home. I quickly locked myself in and breathed a sigh of relief. As I started to think about what had happened I moved to a chair to sit down but as soon as my butt touched the seat I stood up again; it was too painful. That brought me back to the here and now. I needed a hot shower. I wanted to get rid of every trace of those 2 horrible people.

When I finished drying myself I put the kettle on and stood there thinking.

It all started because of a simple accident. I didn’t want to crash into them. That girl’s reaction had been way over the top, but in a weird way I’d enjoyed part of it. Yes, my butt still hurt like hell but the orgasms that I’d had when they were spanking me were amazing. In a way I’d enjoyed eating her out, and giving him the blow job but I certainly didn’t enjoy having their pubic hairs stuck in my throat. I needed a coffee to clear that problem.

Being dragged to the shop while naked was horrible. The man in the shop had only seen me a couple of hours previous when I bought some supplies. I was amazed that he didn’t pick up the phone and call the police. But there again, he must get quite a few scantily clad people in there at times; maybe some of the parents let their kids run around naked. Oh, just remembered, the last time that I was there with Ryan we did see a few kids running around naked, so maybe that’s why the shop man wasn’t freaked out. I wondered how many kids bare butts that he had seen that were as red as mine.

Maybe I should go to the shop naked again. I don’t want to think about that anymore at the moment.

I know that I’d been wrong to steal that girls clothes but she deserved some punishment. Perhaps she might learn something from it.

As I got to the end of my coffee I went and got my phone, I wanted to talk to Ryan before he left for the airport.

When I told Ryan all about my ordeal he was very sympathetic and offered to cancel his training course and come straight over. I explained that I was okay and that it wasn’t necessary. The conversation lightened up and Ryan suggested that perhaps I should do what Jenny had said (if the weather was okay) and stay naked for all the time that I was there. He wanted me to walk around the site naked, and go to the shop again, naked. He reminded me that I still look like a 12 year-old and can get away with doing these things.

The more that I said that I didn’t want to, the more Ryan said that I should. As usual Ryan got his way. Then he asked me if I’d unpacked my bag yet. When I said that I hadn’t he told me to go and look in the bottom of it. When I did I found my Ben Wa balls and a new remote controlled egg vibrator.

He then gave me another challenge for my holiday. He said that it was something else to take my mind off being on my own. The challenge was to have more than 15 orgasms each day using any method that I wanted. He said that for every day that I succeeded he would treat me to a new dress, pair of shoes or a handbag.

That was a challenge that I liked and quickly agreed to it without realising that I’d be out and about naked and maybe having orgasms whilst outside. Ryan said that this challenge would help me with the staying naked challenge.

After the phone call ended I started thinking about what I had agreed to do. Why the hell had I agreed to do the ‘naked all the time challenge’? I was mad; but I had agreed, and I always keep my word. I just couldn’t not do what I had agreed to do. I needed to think about it; but quickly realised that I had already started; I’d never got dressed after my shower.

I decided to get something to eat and stood up eating my food.

I went to bed early that night, going to sleep face down with my right hand under me, holding my pussy.

Day 2
I woke up next morning in very much the same position, except that my fingers had obviously been at work on my pussy during the night, my legs had spread wide and I was quite wet.

I looked at the clock and discovered that it was still early. Feeling refreshed I decided to go for a run before there were too many people about. I had a pee and cleaned my teeth then went for my trainers, skirt and top. Just as I started to put the skirt on I remembered the challenges. I knew that trainers wouldn’t count so they went on.

I know that the 2 shit-heads had me walking around the site naked the previous day, and that no one had said anything; but Ryan’s challenge meant that I would be out and about naked on my own for the rest of the time that I was there. That thought was scary and I wondered what I could do to reduce the chances of me getting into trouble. I needed to look more like a kid. I remembered the other times that I wanted to look like a kid and that I’d put my hair into pigtails. I decided that it would be pigtails for the rest of the holiday. I went to the bathroom and put my hair up.

Then I thought about the cumming part and considered the vibrating egg; and immediately dismissed the idea. It would be way too much while running. I wouldn’t get more than 100 yards.

Ben Wa balls it was. Previous experience told me that I can run for quite a distance before they get the better of me. I remembered the incident with the workman getting out of a van and had a little chuckle.

After I pushed the balls home I looked outside to see if anyone was looking, then stepped out. It was still a bit fresh, but I knew that I’d soon warm-up – one way or another.

Off I went, heading straight for the beach and the path at the edge of the beach. I guess that it was too early for most people and I never saw anyone, but I did have to stop twice when my balls got the better of me. Two down, 13 to go I thought as I started running again.

As I ran back through the holiday park I saw a taxi with Jenny and Tony in. I had a little chuckle wondering how Jenny was getting on without any underwear.

I had a shower then got myself some breakfast. The sun was coming up so I went out the back and gently sat on the chair to eat and plan my day.

I’d done a little exercise and had 2 orgasms already; and I was still naked. So things were going well for Ryan’s challenges. I decided to swap the balls for the egg and do some reading. I took my plate and cup in and came back out with the egg and my kindle. Looking round to make sure that no one was watching I squat down and squeezed the balls out and pushed the egg in.

I didn’t switch the egg on, instead I went and got a towel to put on one of the sun loungers and lay there starting to read about Vanessa’s New Life. I wanted to relax before driving myself crazy.

It didn’t take long for me to start getting aroused. That Vanessa certainly threw herself into what she wanted for a new life. I started thinking about Ryan and I and how I’d changed since I met him. There was a little similarity, but unlike Vanessa, I could never get to like people looking at me naked.

I think that Ryan wanted me to read these stories to see if I will change my mind about being an exhibitionist. I doubt it. Even if I complete Ryan’s challenges I will be doing them while sexually aroused, when the sexual desires have taken control of my body; not when I’m not aroused.

I stopped reading and thought about Vanessa getting spanked by her father, and how she’d got aroused and actually had an orgasm. Then I thought about how I’d cum hard when I’d been spanked the previous day. I’d thought that I was some sort of freak reacting like that, but Vanessa had done the same, so maybe I’m not a freak, maybe it’s normal.

My arousal got stronger, up to an AF factor of 6 or 7. I decided to switch the egg on and let me have number 3.

That was the first time that I’d switched that vibrator on and it surprised me. It felt different; more ‘active’. It felt like it was dancing inside me.

I put the kindle down and lay back to let it happen.

It happened reasonably quickly and it left me covered in sweat. I had to go and have another shower, but left the switched off egg inside me. I’d decided that I was going to leave it inside me until the batteries needed changing.

Whilst in the bathroom I looked at my butt in the mirror. It was still quite red and tender. I still had to take it easy when sitting down.

I relaxed on the sun lounger and soaked up the not so hot, but pleasant sun.

After a while, and a quick nap, I decided that I needed to get a change of scenery for a while. I decided to go for a naked walk on the beach, taking the small remote control for the egg so that if I get a bit scared about being naked I can give myself a quick burst and move my attention from being scared to being aroused.

Walking onto the beach I saw a few people there, some with kids down by the water’s edge. As I walked close to some of them, none of them took any notice of me. That both pleased me and disappointed me. Pleased because it meant that everyone was treating me like a kid, and disappointed because everyone was treating me like a kid.

Yes, the same reason; I’m an adult and want to be treated like one but I didn’t want to get arrested like an adult would. I suppose that I want the best of both worlds.

At one point when I wasn’t close to anyone I switched the egg on and just stood there with my legs apart. The egg did its job and I soon started cumming. I bent over and put my hands on my knees to help stop me from collapsing. It was a good thing that I wasn’t close to anyone. I sure would have got some funny looks. As I calmed down I thought that the beach might be a good place to have the orgasms for Ryan’s challenge; quite public, quite big, but quite remote. If I picked my place no one would ever know what was happening.

Walking back to the mobile home I decided to ‘test the waters’ by walking through part of the holiday park. It was only when I got near some youths that I got noticed. They stared at me as I passed them. I didn’t look back after I had passed them so I don’t know if their eyes followed me. I didn’t hear any comments about my red butt.

I walked past the swimming pool and had a quick look in. There were a few people, adults and kids there, some on sun beds and some in the pool. No one looked at me as I went to investigate an addition since I was there a year ago.

It was an outdoor jacuzzi and by its looks it had hot water in it. I was definitely coming back there later.

I don’t know if it was because I’d had an orgasm a few minutes before or because I was walking passed people while I was naked, but I was starting to feel horny again. I knew that I should leave it until later, but I turned the egg onto low and kept walking.

I felt it building as I left the pool area and made another about 50 yards before it hit me. Looking around I saw no one and again bent over, put my hands on my knees and started shaking. The spasms were just dying down when I heard a youth say,

“Nice butt kid. It looks like you’ve been a naughty girl.”

As he started the second sentence another boy’s voice said,

“And pussy.”

I stood up straight quickly and started walking. My face felt like it was as red as my butt obviously was.

Back at the mobile home I got myself a drink and did a mental count. Five, I’d had 5 orgasms so far that day. I was still horny thinking that those boys had seen my pussy so I went out the back to the sun lounger and switched the egg on to full. I was going to try for 2 more in quick succession.

I got them, but I wasn’t quiet about it. At one point I thought that I saw someone looking at me but I was in the middle of something that I couldn’t stop so I ignored it.

The second orgasm started to subside so I switched the egg off; I needed a rest.

I had a short rest but quickly became restless. I needed to get out somewhere, and I needed more orgasms. I’d only had 7 so far that day and it was already mid-afternoon.

I didn’t fancy the beach or the swimming pool. I was going to save that pleasure for the next day so I decided to walk round the parts of the holiday park that I hadn’t seen so far. I had seen parts that looked different and I wanted to see what they were.

I had a decision to make, Ben Wa balls, egg and control unit, egg and no control unit – switched off, or egg and no control unit – switched on.

I chose the latter and set off totally naked, nothing in my hands and a purring in my pussy. How far would I get before I started having ‘problems’?

I hadn’t gone more than a couple of hundred yards when those damn youths appeared again; three of them this time. When they saw me they stopped and watched me walk past them. As I got just passed them one of them said,

“Still bright red I see.”

I ignored them, but my face was starting to go red. It was partially to do with the teenagers and partially the egg. I was starting to get aroused.

I kept walking and they followed me. I suddenly realised that I had an orgasm approaching and 3 youths following me. If it arrived soon they would be able to watch it happening. Now that would be embarrassing.

I started walking faster but time was running out. Turning a corner I saw the kids play area. I went straight to the swings and sat on one. Then it hit me.

The next thing that I knew I was sat there, hands gripping the chains for dear life; my legs were up, parallel to the ground and wide apart.

I looked up from my legs and saw the 3 teenagers in front of me staring at my pussy.

OMG! I closed my legs quickly.

“Noisy little slut isn’t she.” One of the teenagers said.

“Yeah, and look at that pussy; it’s leaking. What’s that white stuff?” Another one of them said.

“It’s like your jism, but for girls stupid. You have wanked and got white stuff out haven’t you?” The third teenager asked.

“Of course I have stupid.”

“But why’s she cumming? No one’s touching her or fucking her.”

“I don’t know. Why don’t you ask her?”

“Not me. You ask her.”

“Don’t look at me.” The other one said to his mates.

After a few seconds pause when they stared at me and I stared at them, one said,

“So how come you ain’t got no clothes on kid?”

I thought about ignoring them but decided that if I answered their questions they might go away and leave me alone.

“I’ve been naughty and this is my punishment.” I said.

“I’m glad that my mum and dad don’t punish me like that.” One said. Another followed with,

“Then we’d all have a laugh.”

“Fuck off.”

“So how long do you have to stay without clothes?”

“All week.”

“Can’t you just stay in your room?”

“No, they say that I have to be outside all day.”

I don’t know if it was the egg, or the fact that these 2 youths were talking to me, or both, but I could feel another orgasm approaching. I had to get away from them. I slid off the swing seat.

“I’ve got to go now; my dad will get upset if he sees me talking to boys.”

I walked away, and thankfully they didn’t follow. After a few seconds I heard one of them say,

“See you around nudie kiddie. I hope your butt doesn’t hurt too much.”

In between the silent moans I smiled a bit, my butt did still hurt a bit, but I didn’t think that it was noticeably red.

I turned a corner and saw that I was at the back entrance to the swimming pool. Could I make it to the jacuzzi before it arrived?

Not knowing whether the water in the jacuzzi was cold or warm I quickly slid over the side and into the water. It was warm.

I sat there with my eyes closed as my body jerked and bucked. Thankfully the water was up to my neck. I fought to stay silent but a couple of muffled moan did escape.

“I know that it’s nice in here, but I didn’t think that it was that good.” A man’s voice said.

I opened my eyes and instantly went red. There was a man sitting in the jacuzzi opposite me.

“Shit, does he know that I’ve just cum?” I thought.

After a few seconds pause I said,

“It’s all hot and bubbly, it’s tickling me.”

“You must be that little girl who’s being punished; you must have been a bad little girl.”

“Does everyone on the site know about me?” I thought.

I just stared at him.

“Never mind, the bubbles will make your backside feel better.”

I looked down at the water and saw that the bubbles were covering all of me. With the warm water feeling so good and no one being able to see my body, I decided to help number 10 on its way. My right hand went to my pussy and started playing with my clit. It seemed so naughty masturbating right in front of that man, even if he couldn’t possibly know what I was doing.

I slid first one then a second finger inside me. I could feel the egg vibrating away. It felt sooo good. I got my fingers round the egg and pressed it different ways until it pressed against different parts of me. Ooohhh so nice. I started cumming again.

I opened my eyes and saw that the man was still staring at me. Were my eyes giving me away, did he know what I was doing? At that moment I didn’t care, the pleasure was so overwhelming.

As I slowly got back to normal I suddenly realised that I would have to get out of the jacuzzi in front of the man. I could either stand up and walk over to the steps, in which case he’d see my pussy from the front, then my butt; or turn round under the water and climb out over the side. That way he’d see my pussy from behind as I bent over to climb up. Either way he’d see my swollen pussy.

I chose to climb out over the side; at least I wouldn’t see his face as he looked. However, things didn’t go to plan. As I turned and stood up my left foot slipped. I went flying forwards and ended up with my stomach on the edge of the jacuzzi, my butt in the air and my legs spread wide, half under the water.

For a few seconds as I recomposed myself the man must have had great view of my butt and spread pussy. I vaguely heard him say something, but I was more interested in getting out of there. I got myself together, climbed out and nearly ran out of the pool area.

It was only as I hurried away that I remembered that I was dripping wet and didn’t have a towel with me; and the egg was still purring away.

As soon as I got back to the mobile home I switched the egg off, dried myself and went to lie on my bed. I needed a rest.

I woke up about an hour later to find that I had a text from Ryan. In my reply I had to admit that I’d only cum 10 times. I was disappointed that I hadn’t achieved Ryan’s target and I’d missed out on a new dress or shoes. I vowed to try a lot harder the next day.

At least I had a few hours to relax without trying to make myself cum.

I got myself some food and relaxed on the bed reading. Sometime later I stopped reading for a while and reflected on my day. I’d gone the full day without putting any clothes on at all; I’d walked about in public butt naked; I’d had 10 orgasms and felt horny nearly all day. I knew that I had to try harder the next day. I still didn’t think that I was an exhibitionist. I wouldn’t have done any of that if I hadn’t been horny and Ryan hadn’t challenged me to do it.

I fell asleep reading more of Vanessa Evan’s New Life.

Day 3
When I woke the sun was shining through the window. I felt refreshed and ready to earn myself a new dress. It was Sunday and a potentially a busier day with regards to people being there. I felt a little apprehensive.

A nude run along the beach was my first pleasure of the day. I got ready (had a pee, cleaned my teeth and inserted my balls) and set off.

I had a good run and only saw one couple walking their dog. I had orgasms 1 and 2 of the day, both with no one around.

Orgasm 3 came with my fingers in the shower.

Orgasm 4 came when I swapped the steel balls for the egg. To check that the egg worked with the new batteries I turned it on to full and just had to see how long it took to make me cum. I came before I’d finished getting my breakfast ready.

After breakfast and cleaning my teeth again I dried my hair and put it into pigtails for the day. I looked good and the sun was shining so I went for a walk.

I was starting to get over the nervousness of when I step out of the mobile home naked and just set off down the road with just the remote control round my neck. Earlier that morning I’d had the idea of putting a bit of string through a hole in the control and wearing it round my neck. That way I had both my hands free and still have the control if I want to turn the egg up or down. I only hoped that I’d remember to take it off when I went swimming.

People were starting to walk about, but apart from a couple of odd looks, no one said anything to me. I was getting more and more convinced that most people on the park knew about the little girl who was being punished by having to stay naked.

I passed the swimming pool and it looked inviting so I went back and got a towel and my kindle. On the way back to the pool I decided that I’d better have number 5, I wanted to spread them out during the day and not have to give myself half a dozen all at once. I figured that if I did that I might not get so knackered.

I stopped round a corner where I thought that no one could see me and switched the egg to full. I was anticipating the sudden activity but I still jumped a little. I was just starting to cum when a dog, followed by an old man, came round the corner.

It was too late, I couldn’t stop. I think that the old man must have been a little deaf and blind; he just kept walking; although the dog did come and have a quick sniff of me before walking on. Maybe it was a gay dog and didn’t like the smell of human pussy.

Anyway, I got to the pool, claimed a sun lounger, took the remote control off and dived in. It felt good, a little cold, but good. My nipples were rock hard when I got out.

I dried myself and settled down for a long read.

I got very engrossed in Vanessa’s New Life and loved reading about her holiday in Ibiza. I really liked the part where they were standing in that bar and Jon slid his hand into her skirt and made her cum without anyone being able to see. I also loved it when they were in that dark bar and Vanessa was getting groped by different people.

All the pussy playing must have had a subconscious effect on me because I suddenly realised that my legs had drifted apart and my right hand was resting on my pubic bone. I wondered if I’d been fingering myself without realising it. I looked round and no one was staring at me so I guessed not.

What I did do though was to switch the egg on, on low. I wanted to feel good.

Just as I was getting to the end of Vanessa’s New Life I read about their fun with a vacuum cleaner. I remembered seeing one in the mobile home and wondered if I should have a play with it. The thought was getting me horny, so horny that number 6 was fast approaching.

I put the kindle down, got up and just managed to jump into the pool as it hit me. I put my hand into my mouth to stifle my screams.

At least no one would be able to know that I’d just cum.

After cumming in the pool with the water up to my neck I did a few of the short lengths then got out and turned the egg off. I wanted some peace while I started reading about Vanessa’s friend Debbie.

That too made me horny and again I found my legs open. I could easily see my swollen, shiny lips. Shit, I hoped that no one else noticed.

I quickly closed my legs and got back to reading ‘Debbie’s Pussy Power’ and got to the part where she showed her pussy at job interviews. I wondered if I should do that when I manage to get an interview.

All of a sudden I heard a man say,

“Hello Tanya.”

I stopped reading and looked up. It was the man who’d talked to us last time Ryan and I were there; the one with the 2 young kids.

“Shit, I don’t want to get lumbered with them.” I thought.

“Oh Hi, Pete isn’t it?”

“Yes, that’s right, are you here with your brother Ryan again?”

“No, Ryan couldn’t make it; I’m here on my own this time.”

“Wow! Your parents must really trust you.”

As Pete was saying that I looked at the kids stood next to him. Something wasn’t right. I remembered 2 young kids but these 2 were much older, about 17 or 18, one boy and one girl.

“Oh, these 2 are my oldest kids; the other 2 are at school this week.”

I looked at the kid’s faces and saw where they were looking. I looked down and realised that I’d done it again. Every time that I read about girls flashing their goodies my legs open without me realising and my pussy gets wet(ter). I looked at Pete’s face and his eyes were looking at my pussy as well.

I clamped my legs together.

“Tanya, this is Alfie and Freya.”

“Hi.” I said.

“Well it’s good to see you Tanya. I’ll let you get back to your book. Maybe see you around.” Pete said and they started walking away.

When they were a few feet away I heard Pete say,

“She was naked the last time they were here; apparently she has trouble keeping her clothes on.”

Alfie looked back at me and smiled when he saw that I was looking at him.

I blushed.

I needed something to take my mind off the possibility of Pete and his kids making a nuisance of themselves. I switched the egg on and started thinking about Debbie’s ability to control men by teasing them with flashes of her pussy. The theory was good but I could never do anything like that.

I got back to the story but it wasn’t long before I could feel number 7 approaching. I didn’t fancy the idea of cumming while I was laid out on the sun lounger; there were way too many people around. I looked round and decided that the jacuzzi was my best bet. I could see 2 heads there but I couldn’t decide whether they were male or female, or what age.

I switched the egg on to full and walked quickly to the jacuzzi. As I got close I saw that it was 2 youths; 2 of the ones that I’d come across the previous day. It was too late to change my mind and I quickly climbed in and sat down with the water up to my neck.

I put my hand over my pussy and pressed as reached my peak. Number 7

“Oh, that’s nice.” I thought as my legs started shaking. My other hand came up to my mouth to try to hold in the moans that were about to escape.

“Hey kid!”

“Is there anyone at home?”


“What, what did you say?” I said as I started to calm down and realise that the 2 youths were talking to me.

“I said ARE YOU FEELING OKAY? You’ve got that strange look on your face again;” one of the boys asked.

“Err yeah,” I replied, looking down to check that they couldn’t see my body through the bubbles. “I’m err, I’ve got a pain in my stomach. I’ll be okay.”

“Do you want me to rub it better?” The other boy said.

“Ignore him, he’s a moron.” The first boy said. “So you still can’t wear any clothes then?”


“Is your butt still red?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Stand up and turn round, I’ll check and let you know.”

How stupid could I get; I stood up and turned round.

“Yeah, that looks normal; apart from that bit.”

Before I could say anything the teenager reached over and touched my butt.

“Hey, get off me.” I said.

I turned round and sat down.

The 2 teenagers started asking me questions about who I was, where I came from, did I like having to walk around naked, did I like showing my pussy to people? I was getting sick of all the questions and I only gave brief answers.

Talking to them with the egg vibrating away inside me was getting me turned-on – again. I could feel that tingling getting stronger and stronger. I didn’t really want to cum in front of them again, but I was getting close and it looked unavoidable.

Orgasm 8 hit me like a bolt of lightning. It crept up on me then hit me when I wasn’t quite expecting it.

“Aaaaaaarrrghhhh, ooooooh, ffuuuuuuck.”

The 2 teenagers sat in silence as I told the world that I was cumming. When it subsided one of the teenagers said,

“How come your cumming? You’re not getting fucked and I can see your hands so what’s going on? Are you ill with some weird disease or something?”

“I’m not cumming,” I lied, “I’ve got this problem with my stomach; it hurts like hell as times.”

“It sounded like you were cumming.” One teenager said.

“How would you know? When have you seen a girl cum?” The other teenager asked.

Teenager one said nothing.

Just then a man appeared beside the jacuzzi and told the teenagers to get out and follow him. Peace at last.

I sat there and closed my eyes. The egg was still doing what it was supposed to and I waited for number 9. As I waited I felt a little chuffed. It was only late morning and I’d already had 8 orgasms. I day dreamed about the dress that Ryan was going to have to buy me.

Number 9 wasn’t as strong and number 8, but it was satisfying. My eyes were shut all the time so I didn’t see if anyone saw or heard me. I didn’t care.

After number 9 I realised that I was a little hungry so I got out of the jacuzzi and rushed to the sun lounger to switch the egg off and get dried. I said ‘rush’, but my legs were a little weak. Orgasms are tiring.

After getting some food inside me I felt better. So much so that I decided to go for a long walk on the beach. With the egg control hanging round my neck and nothing else with me, I set off. There were more people on the beach than I’d ever seen there before, well it was a Sunday, and the weather was sunny.

No one took any notice of me as I walked along the sea’s edge; not even a couple of older looking boys that were making sand castles. I thought one father may have been looking at me but he suddenly said something to his kids and turned away.

In a way I was slightly disappointed, but at the same time I was glad. As the people thinned out I decided that I needed a distraction, and number 10, so I switched the egg on to low. That felt nice.

I kept walking and a few minutes later I moved the switch up to full. Soon I was standing there shaking as orgasm number 10 hit me.

Oh, that was good. I decided to leave the egg of full and let it take me to another high. Just as number 11 hit me I became aware of 2 men on quad bikes coming towards me. My orgasm was in full flow with my arms and legs quivering and shaking; and there was no way that I could stop.

“Are you okay little girl?”

It took a minute or so before I could take in what was he’d said. The 2 men were policemen, obviously patrolling the beach on their quad bikes.

“Oh shit!” I thought, “I’m in deep shit now.”

“You don’t look too well, are you all right?”

“Err, yes, I think so.”

“Where are your parents?”

I pointed down the beach to where the holiday park was. I could only just see it. I must have walked for about a mile.

“You shouldn’t really be out here all this way from your parents, especially dressed like that. Come on, climb on, we’ll take you back.”

I just stood there, looking at the 2 men, not knowing what to do. My orgasm had subsided but the egg was still of full; I couldn’t last long before I’d have another one.

Stupid me, I didn’t think to turn the egg off, instead I climbed on the back of the quad bike. To do that I had to lift one leg over the seat, I just hoped that the other policeman wasn’t looking.

“Put your arms round me and hold tight.” The policeman said.

The quad bike slowly moved off towards the holiday park. It wasn’t long before the egg, the vibrations from the quad bike and the fact that my nipples were rubbing against that policeman’s back; took me over the top with number 12. I could feel myself squeezing the poor policeman’s waist.

“No need to be scared.” I heard the policeman say.

When we stopped at the first entrance path to the holiday park I just sat there still squeezing the poor policeman’s waist. My orgasm was just starting to subside.

“You can let go of me now and get off.”

“Hey Dave, does she look okay to you?” The policeman said to his colleague.

“Her face is all screwed up but apart from that she looks okay. I guess she’s just scared being on the bike.”

“Come on luv, time to get off.” The first cop said.

By that time I was getting back to normal. If you could call being naked and just having had an orgasm sat on the back of a police quad bike and holding onto the policeman, normal.

Anyway, I managed to stand up and climb off. As I stood there I looked at the bike that I’d just got off; there was a big wet patch on the plastic seat. I’d leaked and I just hoped that it would dry before the 2 cops looked.

“Okay, off you go to your parents, and don’t go for long walks on the beach without them, okay?”

I nodded and slowly walked into the holiday park with my head down and my right index finger in my mouth.

I went back to my mobile home and sat on the sun lounger out the back. I started realising how lucky I’d been, if they’d had any idea that I was actually 23 years old I’m sure that I would have been on the way to the police station right then. For once I was really glad that I look like a little kid.

I remembered how hard my nipples had got rubbing up against the policeman’s back and felt another orgasm building. I decided to let that one happen then switch the egg off, I needed a rest.

The thing was, for some unknown reason that orgasm was a double. Number 13 hit me, subsided, then number 14 hit me. I looked over to the path to the beach. A family was walking to the beach and the man was looking over towards me. I wondered if he realised what was happening to me.

After a little nap I woke up feeling restless. It was mid-afternoon and I needed to do something. I wanted to go somewhere, but where? Being naked my options were limited. Then I remembered walking to the nearby village with Ryan, when we’d first met Pete and his young kids. I’d been naked most of that day as well. The only difference was that Ryan had been there to protect me if anything had gone wrong. If I was going to do it again I’d have to make sure that nothing went wrong.

I decided to head towards the village and see how far I could get. After all, I could turn back at any time.

Wearing only the egg’s remote control round my neck I set off. Walking down the beach wasn’t a problem. I only saw one middle-aged couple and they both ignored me. As I headed inland I started to get a bit nervous. It was time to turn the egg on, on low, and let it take my mind off my nervousness.

The car park was quite full of cars but I only saw one couple, about my (real) age. They both looked at me, but were more interested in each other. I wondered if she was going to have an orgasm on that beach.

As I left the car park I needed more of a distraction so I switched the egg onto full for a few seconds. That took my mind off where I was.

A couple of ‘beeps’ from a passing car’s horn brought me back to reality, but I was too far gone to turn back. Too far gone as in it was a shorter distance back to the holiday park if I kept going; and too far gone in that I was getting close to cumming.

I looked for somewhere ‘private’ to have number 15. There was nowhere, I was on the side of a public road totally naked. Any number of cars, cyclists or pedestrians could appear at any second; but it was too late, number 15 had arrived.

As my body spasmed I was oblivious to anyone who may, or may not have been there. I was in a different world. With me bent over and my hands on my knees I let it happen – not that I had any choice.

As I recovered I saw a pair of bare legs in front of me. I looked up and saw that it was that girl, Pete’s daughter, what was her name, oh yes, Freya. She was wearing a red string bikini and some flip-flops.

“Hey!” Freya said, “Are you okay, you don’t look too good.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve just cu… err, had a pain in my stomach.” I replied.

“There’s a seat over there, let’s go and sit there for a minute.” Freya said.

Freya got hold of my hand and led me over to the seat, which was in the kids play area; the one that Ryan and I had been to the last time that we were there.

As we crossed the road I used my other hand to switch the egg off. I didn’t want to have another orgasm with her there.

We sat on the seat and Freya said,

“How are you feeling now Tanya?”

This girl has such a friendly, soft voice. She seemed like such a nice girl. For some strange reason I liked the girl and felt comfortable with her.

“Yeah,” I said, “I’m much better now.”

“What was the pain?”

“It wasn’t a pain, I was having an orgasm.”

Why had I just said that?

“Well, I did wonder. I recognised the signs.” Freya said. “You’re not really a kid are you?”

I shook my head sideways.

For some reason I felt better knowing that my secret was out. I’d been alone for a couple of days and I guess that I needed to talk to someone. I sat there and told Freya the whole story. As I was doing so Freya kept saying things like,


“That’s amazing.”

“I wish that I could do that.”

“That Ryan seems to be a really cool guy.”

“I wish that I was you.”

“I’m jealous.”

It was so easy talking to Freya. I wasn’t at all embarrassed saying some of the things that we / I had done. She took it all in, and when I’d finished Freya said,

“Tanya, you are one amazing woman, I’m so jealous of you and your life. I only hope that I can find someone like Ryan.”

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed, and it was nothing to do with my state of dress.

There was a bit of a pause in the conversation and I realised that time was getting on and it was cooling down a bit. I shivered a bit and Freya said,

“Yes it is a bit, shall we head off back.”

I felt so relaxed walking with Freya, she was wearing only her red sting bikini and I was totally naked. We walked right through the front gates of the holiday park and no one took any notice of us.

We got to the place where Freya had to go one way and me another. Freya asked me what number mobile home I was staying in and promised to come over first thing in the morning. Apparently her brother and father were going off playing golf the next day so she would have been on her own for the day.

I was feeling happy as I walked those last hundred yards, so happy that I switched the egg on to full. I just made it back before number 16 hit me.

As it subsided I switched the egg off and went for a shower.

After that it was a long text to Ryan; so long that I had to go up it and delete some of it so that I could finish. I even forgot to tell Ryan how many times that I’d cum that day.

I was hungry and had to decide what to eat. I was undecided as to what to do about food. I could make something for myself, go to that takeaway part of the on-site restaurant; or phone them and get them to deliver a pizza or something.

I chose to go to the takeaway. I also chose to switch the egg on to low just before leaving.

I felt good walking around the site in the partial darkness of the evening.

I made it to the restaurant just as number 17 hit me. I dodged into a shadow and let it happen – not that I could have stopped it. I dashed in and placed my order. The man behind the counter stared at me, but never said anything.

It took ages to get the food ready and I was dangerously close when I final got my food.

The same shadow saw number 18 arrive.

I switched the egg off and continued back to the mobile home. I ate in peace then had another shower before collapsing into bed. I was knackered.

Day 4
I woke to the sound of someone knocking on the door. I opened it to see Freya standing there.

“Good morning my little exhibitionist.”

“I’m not an exhibitionist.” I mumbled as I turned to the kitchen to put the coffee on.

Freya was wearing a miniskirt, tank top and trainers. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“It’s 7 o’clock. Dad and Alfie have already left so I thought that I’d come and see my little exhibitionist.”

“I’m not an exhibitionist.”

“Of course not. So what have you got planned for today?”

“Well, after a coffee I usually go for a run. Do you fancy joining me?”

“You go like that then?”

“Of course, how can I keep to Ryan’s challenge if I put some clothes on?”

The kettle boiled and we were soon drinking coffee. As soon as we’d finished Freya said,

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Err Freya, how about you strip before we leave?”

“I don’t think that I could do that.”

“Why not? I’m naked.”

“Yes, but you look like a kid. I’ve got these.” Freya said as she cupped her tits.

Freya’s tits are probably an ‘A’ cup so I said,

“So what? No offence, but there’s boys out there with tits bigger than those. Come on, get em off.”

“I don’t know, people might see me. I’ve got my bikini in my bag, I can wear that?”

“No. On my runs the last couple of days I’ve only seen one old couple and they totally ignored me. It’s too early for most people so come on, get ‘em off.”


“No buts.”

“Well, I know that I said that I was jealous of you being able to walk around naked, but I don’t know if I can do it.”

“No buts, there’s only one way to find out.”

“I don’t know.” Freya said, but as she was saying it her hands were already gripping the bottom of her top.

Freya’s top came off and she started undoing her skirt. As it dropped to the floor I said,

“No knickers Freya. There’s hope for you yet.”

“I thought that I’d give you a bit of moral support. I never expected to have to put it on display to the world.”

“I think that you’re going to enjoy showing the world your bald puss more than I do. Oh, nearly forgot, I’ve just got to put these inside me.”

I picked up my Ben Wa balls and squat down.

“What are those?” Freya asked.

I told her.

“How do they work?”

I told her.

“Won’t they fall out?”

“Not if you clench your pussy muscles.”

“Can I try them?”

“Of course, but when we get back. It being your first time I don’t want to risk one dropping out on the sand; we might never find it again.”

“Fair point. Can I try them when you put your egg in please?”

“Of course.”

“Good, I don’t want you to be the only one having fun all day. Talking of which, how many did you get to before going to bed?”

“18 – That’s 1 new dress that Ryan owes me….. I wonder if he’ll let me use an average of each day?”

“Come on my little exhibitionist; if I’ve got to do this then the sooner the better.”

“I’m not an exhibitionist.”

With that we opened the back door and stepped out.

“This feels so weird.” Freya said.

“Don’t worry, you’ll soon get used to it.”

“I don’t know if I do want to get used to it.”

“Just act like you are doing something that you do every day and that millions of other people do it as well.”

“It’s alright for you to say that, you’ve done it hundreds of times. This is my first time.”

“Just follow me.”

With that I started jogging along the edge of the beach with Freya in hot pursuit.

After about half a mile of seeing no one, the balls in me were really working well. My AF was rising quickly. Another couple of hundred yards and I had to stop as it hit me. Bending over like I usually do my body started shaking. Freya stopped too and stood next to me, looking at me and grinning. She was still grinning as I calmed down.

“That the first for today? Only another 14 to go.” Freya said.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” I asked.

“Of course; but not as much as you.” Freya joked.

Freya wasn’t as used to jogging as I am and she wanted to go back. I agreed and we turned round. My second orgasm of the day hit me just before we got back.

When I made it back inside, Freya was already in the shower. I waited for her to finish then went in myself.

When I’d finished I went into the lounge and saw Freya with her towel wrapped round herself.

“A bit late for modesty isn’t it?” I asked.

“I guess so, force of habit I guess, when you live with your mom, dad, brother about the same age and 2 much younger kids, you tend to keep yourself covered up.”

“I can understand that, I’m lucky, there’s only Ryan and me so we often walk around our place totally naked. I like looking at his cock and see it go hard and soft again, and everything between. I’m glad that I’m not a man, it’s so much easier for us girls to hide our arousal.” I said.

I got us some breakfast and while we were eating I asked Freya,

“So Freya, how did you enjoy your first nude run?”

“Well, you were right about soon getting used to it, although I don’t know what I would have done if we’d seen anyone. It was sort of exhilarating; I mean it was a sort of turn on.”

“Try it with a couple of steel balls clunking away inside you.” I interrupted.

“I suppose I kind of enjoyed it.”

“Tell you what,” I said, “If you wear these balls today and you don’t have any accidents, you can wear them tomorrow when we go for a run.”

“Who says that I’m going for a run with you tomorrow morning?”

“Your choice.” I said.

“So I can try those balls today then?” Freya asked.

“Yes, of course you can.”

“Good, I don’t want you to be the only one having fun.”

“Anyway, you never did tell me how you knew that I wasn’t a kid?” I asked.

“Well, the first clue was when I first met you at the swimming pool. You were lying with your legs open and your whole pussy looked way too developed for a young kid. The second clue as the way you talked to my dad. You didn’t say much but it was the way that you said it; it wasn’t like a kid would have said it. The third clue was your kindle. What kid would be reading a book in a place like this? The fourth clue was as I watched you walking around; you just had a more ‘adult’ look to the way you walked. Finally, when you were bent over cumming, you just looked like you’d done it lots of times before. A young kid would probably be still getting used to it.”

“Oh, you’re an expert on what women look like when their cumming are you?” I asked.

“No, no, it’s just that you looked like you’d done it hundreds of timed before.”

“I have.”

We both laughed a bit.

Breakfast over, and cleaned away, Frey said,

“Okay, what’s your plan for today? I want to watch you have these hundreds of orgasms.”

“Well… If you hadn’t been here I’d probably swapped these balls for the egg then gone outside and read for a bit.”

“Can I try that egg before you use it? I’ve never used anything like that before.”

“Yeah, sure,” I said, “I just need to put some more batteries in it.”

I went and got the batteries. When I got back Freya had taken the towel off and was fondling the egg in her hands. She gave me it and I put the batteries in.

“Are you ready for this?” I asked.

Freya shook her head; she looked a bit nervous as she squat down.

“Put some spit on it so that it’ll go in easy.”

“I don’t think that I’ll need that.” Freya said.

“You must be as horny as me.”

Freya gently pushed the egg up her vagina.

“As far as you can get it.”

Freya’s finger disappeared, came out then she slowly stood up.

“I feel full.”

I smiled and picked up the remote control.

“Are you ready for this?”

Freya nodded so I switched the egg onto low.

Freya gasped then her face settled to a contented smile.

“Ooow, that’s nice. I’ve got to get one of these things.”

I let it run for a minute then turned it up to full.

“Aaarrrggghhh! Bloody hell, that’s wonderful.”

Thirty seconds later she started cumming. I thought that I could be loud, but Freya was unbelievable. I thought that the neighbours might come over and complain.

Freya put out an arm for me to help steady her; she did look as though she might collapse into a quivering pile of jelly. I switched the egg off.

When Freya got some way back to normal she said,

“Bloody hell Tanya; I think that I could get up to 15 in less than an hour with that thing. I really do have to get one of those.”

I let her wallow in the aftermath for a few minutes then asked her for the egg and added,

“If I

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Part 12 cont.

I let her wallow in the aftermath for a few minutes then asked her for the egg and added,

“If I don’t get started soon I won’t have the energy to get to 15.”

Freya squat down and squeezed. On the third attempt the egg popped out and fell on the floor. I rinsed the dirt from the floor off and squat down and pushed it in. When I stood up I gave Freya the Ben Wa balls (which I’d taken out when I was in the shower) and said,

“Your turn.”

Freya took them and pushed them in.

“As far as you can.” I added. “Remember, if you feel them slipping out, stop and clench your pussy. You should be able to keep them in with a bit of practice.”

When Freya stood up she grabbed the egg’s remote control and said,

“I’m going to have some fun with this.”

I’d only known Freya for less than 24 hours but I trusted her, but at the same time I wondered if she had a cruel streak that I hadn’t seen before; I hoped not.

“If you’re going to read a book then I’m going to listen to my mp3 player.” Freya said as she picked up her bag and we went out the back and set ourselves up on 2 sun loungers.

As we settled Freya told me that she’d never sunbathed naked before and was a bit worried that someone might see her.

“I’ve done it the last couple of days, and the week that we were here last year, and I’ve not had any problems.” I said.

“Yeah, but you’re an exhibitionist.”

“I’m not an exhibitionist.”

I’d just got into reading about Vanessa’s Holiday in the South of France when Freya switched the egg on to low. I jumped a bit, smiled at Freya then got back to the story.

Five minutes later I couldn’t concentrate on Vanessa and her friends having a race carrying wine bottles in their pussies and put the kindle down. I let Freya bring me to my third orgasm of the day. It was a good one, causing my muscles to spasm and my mouth to let out long moans.

As my body returned to normal and the Freya turned the egg off, I looked at Freya and saw a big grin on her face.

“I’m enjoying this; I’m going to have some fun with you today my girl.”

“I enjoyed that as well, but please don’t make me cum in front of strangers, it’s so embarrassing.” I replied.

“We’ll see, I think that perhaps you secretly enjoy things like that.” Freya said.

“No I don’t, please don’t do it Freya.”

“We’ll see.” Freya said as she switched the egg back on, on low.

It was pointless picking up my kindle and I just lay there waiting for the inevitable fourth orgasm. I was just getting close as Freya turned the egg off.

I groaned and asked her why she’d done that.

“I want you to be a horny little exhibitionist all day. Besides, I don’t want you to get worn out, or should I say orgasmed out too soon. Can a girl get orgasmed out? I’ve never had more than 4 in 1 day. What’s the most that you’ve had in 1 day?”

“Eighteen, yesterday; I think. If I’m having lots all together I tend to loose count. I suppose that spreading them over a day helps me to keep track of how many.” I said; “and I’m not an exhibitionist.”

Freya grinned,

“Of course not. Oh, these Ben Whatsit balls aren’t doing anything for me, I can hardly feel them.”

“You won’t, not just lying there. You have to move around to get them clunking together.” I said.

“Shall we go for a walk then?” Freya asked.

“Okay, but it will have to be round the holiday park; I don’t want to risk losing one of the balls.”

“I can’t go round the park, not like this.”

“If I can then you can.”

“No I can’t, I don’t look like a young kid.”

“Tell you what, let’s just go for a walk round this mobile home and see how it goes?”

“I can’t.”

“Yes you can.”
As I said that I got up I grabbed Freya’s hand and pulled her up.

“No, I can’t do this.” Freya said.

“Yes you can.” I replied; pulling Freya towards the end of the home.

“See, no one’s looking. Move your hands; you’ll attract attention to yourself.”

“I thought that you said no one was looking.”

“They aren’t, so drop your hands.”

We continued walking and Freya said,

“I can feel the balls clunking together. It feels nice.”

We made it back to the sun loungers without incident and as we sat down Freya said,

“I enjoyed that, I’ve got a tingling.”

“Shall we do it again?”

“NO! Once was quite enough for me; get back to your kindle.”

I did, but 5 minutes later Freya turned the egg back on, on low.

I smiled and continued reading.

A few minutes later the egg vibrations increased. Two minutes after that number 4 arrived.

I got back to my kindle and started reading about Vanessa’s trip to London. That reminded me of my time in a London hotel while Ryan was on another training course.

I was still wet from my previous orgasm, but instead of the fresh air drying me I was getting wetter; and hornier. If Freya didn’t turn the egg off number 5 would arrive soon.

Freya must have seen what state I was in and instead of turning the egg off she turned it up to full. Number 5 hit me as I lay there with my legs open and Freya staring at me. Not content with giving me 1 orgasm, she left the egg switched on full until I’d had number 6. I was so glad when she finally turned it off; I was knackered.

“Enough, please Freya, I need a rest. I need to do something different for a while.” I said. “How about we got for a walk?”

“Okay,” Freya said, “I’ll just put some clothes on then we can go for a wander around the site.”

“I was thinking more of once more round the mobile home then out onto the beach. It’s still only mid-morning and I haven’t seen anyone go down to the beach yet.”

“Okay, give me a second to put a skirt and top on then we’ll go.”

“No, you can come like that, you’ve been round the mobile home, and out onto the beach once today without any clothes on so you can do it again. You know that you want to Freya.” I said.

“Yes and no, I like the idea but I don’t want to be seen by anyone.”

“Come on, I bet that you won’t regret it, and those balls will take your mind of your lack of clothes.”

“Weeeeell, okay then, can you go and have a look to see if anyone is out there?”

“Okay then.”

I said and got up and went round the corner. I didn’t go all the way, only out of sight of Freya. After standing there for a minute I went back and told her that no one was there.

“Let’s go!” I said.

“Are you sure that it’s clear?” Freya asked.

“Would I?”

“I’m not sure; I think that you’re trying to turn me into another exhibitionist, like you.” Freya said as she got up and walked over to me.

“I’m not an exhibitionist.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

We walked round the corner, out onto the main path through the site and I was both glad and sad that there was no one else there. Glad because I didn’t really want anyone to see me, and sad because there was no one to see Freya. I wanted her to know what it was like to be naked in public.

We got round the back of the mobile home and then went onto the path to the beach. There were a few people there, but way off in the distance.

“We’ll turn back before we get to them.” Freya said as she walked swinging her arms.

After a minute or so she said,

“These balls are funny; every time they knock together I get this little jolt. I can see why you like them.”

“So you’ve never been naked in public before Freya?”

“Not before today.”

“How are you enjoying it?”

“It’s a nice feeling and a scary feeling. I like the feeling of the warm air all over me, the freedom of having no clothes. I don’t want to be seen by anyone but I do want to be seen by lots of people, especially men. I don’t really understand it.”

“Wait until you try swimming naked; now that IS a nice feeling.” I said. “You’re getting a bit turned-on by this, aren’t you Freya?”

“Well yes, but I think that might just be the clunking in my pussy, how can you tell?”

“Your nipples are a bit of a giveaway.”

Freya giggled then said,

“You must be turned-on as well then.”

With that she turned the egg onto low. I saw her hand go to up to the control that was still hanging from her neck so it wasn’t a surprise when it went on.

We kept walking. As we got closer to the people that were sunbathing, I expected Freya to say that she wanted to turn back, but she kept walking; even when we got close to a couple of teenage lads.

I looked at Freya’s face, she was blushing, but she had that wanting, lustful look. I was sure that she wanted the lads to look at her. Her nipples certainly did, they looked rock hard.

As we got passed the lads Freya said,

“OMG! That was awesome. Did you see their faces as they looked at me? I could tell that one of them definitely had a boner. Oh shit, I’m gonna cum. Are they still looking at me?”

“Do you want them to look at you?”

“Fuck yes.”

“Turn and look at them Freya.”

Freya did turn, and she stood there shaking as the waves rushed over her.

I wasn’t doing any better (or worse); the egg and Freya’s condition got me cumming as well. I reached out to Freya and we held each other’s hand as Freya’s second and my seventh orgasm of the day took control of our bodies.

All that time Freya was staring at the lads. I wondered if they creamed their pants – that was if they knew what was happening.

We got control of our bodies back and started walking again.

“That was fucking awesome.” Freya said; “now I know why you like being naked all the time.”

“I don’t like being naked all the time, I told you; it’s Ryan that talks me into doing it.”

“Whatever. You can’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy that.”

“Of course I did, but I wouldn’t have been here if it hadn’t of been for Ryan. Oh, and can you turn the egg off please.”

“It was your idea to go for a walk on the beach with both of us naked, and these things inside us.”

I couldn’t argue with that.

“Let’s do it again.” Freya said.

“What! No, no, I don’t want to.”

Freya grabbed my hand and we set-off running – away from the lads. After about 100 yards she turned us round and we set-off back, towards the holiday park, and those lads.

All of a sudden I felt the vibrations in the egg increase and realised what Freya was doing. The running was to get Ben Wa doing his job so that she was ready to cum again, and the turning the remote control up was to make sure that I’d cum as well.

We got closer and closer to the lads, and I could tell that I couldn’t last much longer. I wanted to keep running past the lads but Freya stopped right in front of them. She was still holding my hand as she turned so that we were facing the lads. She’d timed it right and we both started cumming again. Freya’s third and my eighth orgasm of the day. This time Freya got vocal; and I let out a couple of low moans.

The 2 lads just stared. One had a blank expression on his face but the other was grinning from ear to ear. As I calmed down I saw a wet patch on one of the lads shorts grow. I wondered if he’d creamed his pants.

When Freya was back to normal she said,

“Did you like that boys? Shame that’s all you’re going to get.” 
With that Freya pulled my hand and we walked off. When we were out of hearing range Freya said,

“That was fucking awesome Tanya. Have you ever done anything like that?”

“If you turn the egg off I’ll tell you about some of the times that my so-called friends have made me cum with people watching me,” I said.

We walked back to the mobile home with me telling Freya about just a few of my humiliating experiences. On the way we saw 2 couples walking in the opposite direction. Both of the men looked at Freya’s tits. Thankfully, none of them took any notice of me.

Back on the sun loungers Freya was really enjoying my humiliating memories. When I’d finished she said,

“Think of all those men who were lusting after your body, think of all those orgasms, and the fucking that you got afterwards. You really are a lucky girl.”

“I don’t feel it.”

“You should, I wish that I had done half of what you’ve done.”

It was lunchtime and we were both felling hungry. I didn’t have much food in the kitchen

“Do you think that I could get away with going to the shop naked?” Freya asked.

“No, not naked, your bald pubes look like a little girl but those tits are too big for you to be a little girl; but you might get away with topless; people seem more tolerant at the coast.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I saw a couple of topless women at the swimming pool the other day. Alfie couldn’t take his eyes off them. Maybe I should let him look at mine; and my pussy. It’s a long time since we saw each other without clothes on and I want to see what his cocks like these days.”

“How will he seeing you naked get you to see his cock?”

“I’ll do the ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ thing. We can do it tomorrow, dad’s going out but Alfie is supposed to be staying here, to keep me company.”

Freya put on her skirt then said,

“Can I try on one of your skirts, this one is so heavy that there’s no way that I’ll be able to flash anyone.”

I took Freya to where all the clothes that I brought with me were. There were 3 skirts and a few tops. Freya said,

“You didn’t bring much with you; I guess that you knew you wouldn’t be wearing much. Can I wear this as a skirt?”

Freya was holding the tube top that I’d brought.

“That’s a top.” I said.

“I know, but it will make a great skirt, just what I have in mind.”

“Well okay, but it will look more like a belt than a skirt.”

“That’s what I’m hoping.” Freya said.

And it did look like a belt. The top of her butt crack was showing and I’m sure that if she bent over, even the slightest bit, her butt would be showing. As for the front, With Freya stood up straight I could just about see a hint of her vulva. I wondered how much would be showing when she walked about.

We set of to the shop with me wearing absolutely nothing except for the egg; and Freya wearing only my skirt and my Ben Wa balls.

We got about half way there when those damn youths appeared again. This time they seemed more interested in Freya’s tits. I saw Freya’s hand go up to her chest, but it wasn’t to cover her breasts, it was to switch the egg on. I wasn’t expecting that and I jumped a little and gasped.

“Like what you see boys?” Freya asked them.

I don’t think that they were expecting Freya to be so ‘up front’ and they just stood there staring and watched up walk passed them.

The egg was still purring away inside me as we went into the shop. There was only the man serving in the shop. He looked at both Freya and I but he never said anything about our state of dress. Freya must have decided to try to tease the man because she decided to bend over (at the waist with straight legs) to check something on a low shelf.

I nearly let out a gasp as I realised what both the shopkeeper and I could see. Freya’s pussy was all swollen and wet. I looked over to the man and saw a slight grin on his face.

The show only lasted a few seconds before Freya stood up and said,

“I think that we’ll just get a tin of sardines and a baguette;” and she went and got them as the man and I just watched.

“Tanya, can I have some money please?”

I went to the counter and opened my purse. As I gave the man some money I wondered if he could hear the egg vibrating away inside me. That thought made my AF rise. I had to get out of there. I certainly didn’t want to have an orgasm standing in that shop, in front of that man.

We got about 10 yards away from the shop before it hit me. I was shaking and moaning. The problem was that those damn youths were still there.

“Is she cumming again?” One of the boys said.

“Err yes, but how did you know? It’s her ninth time today.” Freya said.

“Because we saw her on the swings yesterday and she cumming then.”

“Tanya! You’ve been cumming in front of these teenagers; how could you? Haven’t you got any morals?” Freya said.

I couldn’t answer her. I was a little pre-occupied.

When I could talk I said,

“Listen who’s talking, remember what you did on the beach a couple of hours ago. I bet that if I told you to go and sit on the swings and show your pussy to these teenagers you would, wouldn’t you?”

“Come on Tanya; and come on boys. That’s if you don’t want to miss the show.”

Freya grabbed my hand and almost dragged me to the kid’s play area. Fortunately it wasn’t far away, and there was no one there.

Freya took me to the swings and told me to sit on one of them. As soon as I was sat down she pushed me so that I was swinging backwards and forwards. The thing was, Freya hadn’t turned the egg off. It was still on low, but Freya turned it up to full.

Freya got on the next swing and started swinging back and forwards. As she swung, her legs were wide open. I was sat on the swing next to her and I could see her pussy so the boys in front of her must have had a great view.

The egg got the better of me and I had my tenth orgasm of the day. Like the last time on the swing I was hanging on for dear life. I remember moaning and cursing as the boys just stared.

As the waves subsided I said,

“Turn it off Freya, pleeease.”

Fortunately Freya took pity on me and turned the egg off.

“That was fun, now watch me.” Freya said.

Freya’s swinging was quite slow by then and she was able to let go of the chain with her right hand, which moved to her exposed pussy. She started frigging herself while the boys and I watched.

Freya’s AF must have been high. Either the balls were working over-time, or she gets really turned on just by boys looking at her, because it didn’t take long for her to cum.

All the time the teenagers just stared at her.

When she was done Freya got off the swing, pulled her ‘skirt’ back over her butt and told me to get off my swing. Then she turned to the teenagers and said,

“Okay, shows over; go and have a wank somewhere.”

With that she picked up the bag with our lunch in it, grabbed my hand and we walked away, leaving 2 stunned youths.

As we got out of earshot Freya said,

“That was fun; we’ll have to do that again before we leave.”

“And you call me an exhibitionist.” I said.

We got back to the mobile home, made lunch and sat on the sun loungers eating. Oh, Freya had taken her ‘skirt’ off as soon as we’d got back.

“So how many are you up to today Tanya?”

“Ten;” I replied, “Only another 5 and I’ll get another dress out of Ryan.

“Good,” Freya replied, “We’ll have to get the next 5 over quickly; I’d like to borrow that egg – if you don’t mind.”

With that Freya turned the egg on to full for a few seconds.

“Don’t want you forgetting what’s coming, or should I say cumming.” Freya said.

Lunch over we decided to go to the swimming pool. Freya decided that she’d go topless, but couldn’t decide whether to wear her bikini bottoms or my tube top as a skirt again. In the end she decided on my tube top, taking her bikini bottoms in case she wanted to go for a swim or into the jacuzzi.

When we got to the pool we commandeered 2 sun loungers and lay there, Freya listening to her music and me starting to read about Vanessa’s life. We’d both crossed our ankles when we’d got on the sun loungers and after a few minutes I saw that Freya was rhythmically squeezing her legs together. I wondered it that was making the steel balls clunk together.

About 15 minutes later I realised that I had uncrossed my legs and my knees had drifted apart. Vanessa’s adventures were getting me horny.

Freya must have noticed because I suddenly felt the egg start vibrating.

“Oh no, not here, not with all these people around.” I thought, but it was too late. Freya had got me started again, and she turned the egg up to take me to my peak.

I put the kindle down and gripped the sides of the sun lounger waiting for the inevitable. Freya was ignoring me but she had a slight grin on her face. She was looking around to see if anyone was looking at me.

I was beyond caring as number 11 hit me. My knuckles went white as I tried to stay still and quiet. I just about managed it and I don’t think that anyone noticed.

As I returned to normal I looked at Freya. The grin was still there, her nipples looked very erect and her legs were no longer crossed. Anyone who cared to look must have been able to get a great view of her pussy. I guessed that it would be nearly as swollen and wet as mine.

Then I saw that Freya’s stomach was jerking to a constant rhythm. After a few puzzled seconds I decided that she was clenching and un-clenching her pussy muscles. I guessed that doing that was clunking the steel balls together inside her. I continued to watch her, occasionally looking round to see if anyone was looking at us. No one was.

Freya started shaking and she too gripped the side of the sun lounger. I grinned as Freya reached her climax. Fortunately she managed a quiet one. I hate to think what would have happened if she’d been as noisy as she’d been earlier.

The egg was still on full throttle and I approaching number 12. I was getting tired as well. My knuckles went white again as I fought to stay still and quiet.

I think that I managed not to attract any unwanted attention.

“Time for a swim Freya;” I said, “and please switch the damn egg off.”

Fortunately, Freya did then she said,

“I’ll have to change into my bikini bottoms.”

With that she got the bikini bottoms out of her bag, stood up, pulled her ‘skirt’ right off then put the bottoms on. She may only have been totally naked for a couple of seconds, but she did attract the attention of one man who I saw staring at her.

We dived in and it was so good to relax knowing that the egg was switched off and that the control was in Freya’s bag.

We stayed in the water for about 15 minutes before Freya wanted to go into the jacuzzi. As we climbed out I noticed that Freya’s bikini bottoms were hanging quite low, she’d probably not tied the strings very tight and when the material got wet it had slid down revealing the top of her butt crack and part of her hairless pubes.

The warm bubbles felt great; if the swimming pool was relaxing then the jacuzzi was heaven. I sat there with my head back on the edge of the jacuzzi and my eyes closed. It was wonderful.

When I opened my eyes and looked at Freya I saw her bikini bottoms in a heap on the side of the jacuzzi. One of her arms was out of the water and the other was under the water. By the look on her face that hand was frigging her pussy.

After a minute or so Freya’s face got a satisfied smile on it. A few seconds later Freya said,

“Your turn; I want to see you cum again my little exhibitionist. How many is it so far today then, 11 or 12?”

“Twelve actually; and you’ve got the nerve to call me an exhibitionist after that little display on the sun lounger. Wearing that belt and showing what you were showing made you look more naked than actually being naked. At least I look like a kid. With those tits you definitely look like a gorgeous woman…  And how many are you up to today?”

“I think it’s about 5 or 6, I’m not really counting. Come on then, I want you to get up to your 15 so that I can borrow that egg.”

It was only early afternoon and I was up to 12 orgasms. I thought about another new dress as my right hand descended to my clit.

I was just getting worked up when a middle-aged man came and climbed into the jacuzzi. I looked down and checked that the bubbles were hiding what I was doing then continued. As I frigged myself I looked at the man. I hadn’t seen him around the pool so I wondered if he realised that he was sat opposite 2 naked young women.

I looked at Freya and saw a glazed face; I smiled and assumed that she was doing the same as I was.

When number 13 arrived I managed to keep my mouth shut and the jerks and shaking were all under the bubbles. My face however wasn’t, and I must have had a few unusual facial expressions as the man asked me if I was okay. I waited until I was capable of giving a coherent response and told him that I was okay.

After a few minutes rest I decided that I was going for number 14. I’d just got into it when Freya decided that she was getting out. She tuned and picked up her bikini bottoms the stood up. The expression on the man’s face was priceless. There was no way that he was expecting Freya to be naked. Freya’s pussy was about 2 feet from his face for a couple of seconds before she climbed out and walked back to the sun lounger with her bikini bottoms screwed-up in her hand.

When she got there she wrapped her towel round herself and sat down. I saw her reach for the remote control and was surprised that it could communicate with the egg with me being in the jacuzzi. The egg burst into life, on full blast.

It wasn’t long before I was cumming again, but this time my hand was cupping my throbbing pussy under the water. Number 14 was a really intense one and the man opposite was staring at my screwed-up face all the time. At least I managed to stay quiet.

Freya must have realised that I’d just cum because I saw her grinning and holding the remote control up. She switched the egg off and I relaxed. After a minute or so I decided to join Freya. I wanted to get out and over to the sun lounger without anyone seeing me but that was impossible so I just did what Freya had done.

I didn’t look at the man as I put my pussy 2 feet in front of his face. I just climbed out and walked.

I lay on the sun lounger next to Freya and breathed a sigh of relief. I told Freya that I wanted to go back to the mobile home. Freya agreed and stood up; the towel still wrapped round her.

Somehow we managed to get back to the mobile home without either Freya switching the egg on, or her taking the towel off and showing the world her tits and pussy.

Once there Freya dropped the towel and led me out the back.

“How many are you up to Tanya?”


“Oh goody; 1 more to go. Come on.”

Freya grabbed my hand and the 2 naked girls walked out onto the beach. Just as we got on to the sand Freya switched the egg on. Fortunately there weren’t that many people near us because I jumped a little.

“I want your last egg induced orgasm of the day to be outside, in totally natural surroundings, with perhaps the odd 1 or 2 strangers watching you.”

“Please Freya; can we go back to the mobile home? I’m tired and I was to rest for a while.”

“No my little exhibitionist you’re going to cum right here; at one with nature.”

With that Freya turned the egg up to full blast and I had no choice but to accept the inevitable. Freya was still holding my hand and she slowly led me along down the beach to the water’s edge.

We didn’t make it because I stopped and started shaking; my arms and legs jerking as number 15 hit me. I nearly collapsed onto the sand but Freya held me up.

A passing young couple must have thought that I was having some sort of epileptic fit because the woman asked Freya if I was okay. When I heard the woman ask I was expecting Freya to tell her what was really happening, but instead she said,

“Yes, thank you, she’s just practising for play that she’s in. She plays the part of a girl that fakes illness to get money out of people. Thank you.”

The couple obviously bought it because they kept walking.

Freya left the egg on at full blast as my spasms subsided a little then rose up again. I dropped to my knees (spread wide) and let out a few low moans. I wanted to scream out but I wasn’t going to do that out there.

Finally Freya turned the egg off as she stood in front of me grinning. As I calmed down she said,

“Your pussy’s been blowing little bubbles in your juices as they’ve been flooding out; look.”

I looked down and saw that there were some little bubbles in my juices. I quickly stood up and squeezed my legs together.

“Now you’ve got your 15 can I borrow the egg please? I want some of that fun.” Freya asked.

“Yes, but I’m not squeezing it out, down here; let’s go back to the mobile home.”

We walked back and then squeezed out the foreign bodies that were inside our bodies. I cleaned them up then put new batteries in the egg. Passing it to Freya I held it out and said,

“Swap this for the control; I want to make you suffer like you did me.”

Freya grinned, passed me the control and said,

“I hope so.”

“So where and how do you want to start Freya?” I asked.

“How about right here and now?”

I switched the egg on at low power. Even though Freya was watching me she still jumped a bit.

“Let’s go for a walk.” Freya said, and headed outside and towards the beach.

I was glad that she chose the beach because there was more chance of her getting away with being naked on the beach than in amongst the mobile homes.

We hadn’t got more than 50 yards when Freya asked me to turn the egg up, so I did, on to full. Thirty seconds layer Freya stopped walking and started shaking.

“Oh fuck, shit, fuck, fuck, aaarrrggghhhh, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Freya put out a hand for me to grab, she needed a bit of support. I turned the egg down but Freya said,

“No………. back up to full……… please.”

So I did, and Freya dropped to the sand. She lay there on her back; legs spread wide, and just shook and jerked. It was a good job that no one else was nearby. I could see her juices flowing out of her pussy.

After a good 30 seconds there was no sign of Freya’s spasms stopping. After another 30 seconds I decided to turn the egg off, Freya looked like she was about to collapse and die. It took another minute for the spasms to stop and for her to look almost normal.

“That was fucking amazing.” Freya finally said, “It was like I was on a different planet; nothing seemed real. It was wonderful.”

“Ready for another?”

“No, yes, no; give me a minute please. Let’s go back to the mobile home; I want to find a man to do that in front of him.”

“You can’t go walking around the holiday park like that; you’ll get arrested. You’ll have to put your bikini bottoms on.”

“I’ll wear your tube top as a skirt again; I don’t want my pussy covered. I want a man to see it as I’m cumming.”

“Bloody hell girl. Listen to yourself; and you’ve got the nerve to call me an exhibitionist.”

“I never said that I wasn’t one.”


“Besides, I wasn’t one until I met you. Look what you’ve turned me into Tanya.”

“Don’t go blaming me Freya; I didn’t ask you to strip off and flaunt your body in front of those young men.”

“No you didn’t, but if you hadn’t been naked then I wouldn’t have thought of doing it.”

“Hey Freya, that’s not my fault, I didn’t want to spend all my time naked and to cum 15 times a day.”

“Yes you did, you want those new dresses.”

“Well yeah, but………”

“But nothing; you wouldn’t have done it if you didn’t want to Tanya.”

“It was a bet, a challenge’ of course I’ve got to do it.”

“Not if you really didn’t want to.”

Fortunately we’d got back to the mobile home by then because I didn’t know what to say; so I switched the egg back on, on low.

“Take that bitch.” I said.

“Slut.” Freya said; and turned and kissed me full on the lips, before turning and picking up a towel off a sun lounger.

“Can you rub the sand off my back and butt please Tanya?”

When I’d finished I went and got the tube top for Freya to wear as a skirt. She put it on and we walked out onto the main path through the holiday park.

“Oooow, that’s nice.” Freya said as she rubbed her stomach.

I hadn’t noticed before but Freya’s nipples were very big and they looked hard. I smiled and felt mine remind me that they were there.

A couple of people passed us and didn’t take any notice of our state of dress. By the time we’d got near the entrance Freya’s skirt had ridden up and her pussy was on display.

“Let’s go out onto the main road.” Freya said in a kind of suggestive way. The egg must have started to get at her and I wondered what exhibitionistic thing she was thinking of.

As we walked down the road a car with a couple of young men in it beeped its horn and the men shouted something at us. I couldn’t understand what they actually said, but I could guess what sort of thing it was.

“Can we go back now?” I asked.

“Not yet, I haven’t cum yet.” Freya replied.

“I can soon fix that.” I said, and turned the egg up to full blast.

Freya’s arousal had been simmering nicely and it didn’t take long for her suddenly shout,

“Oh fuck!” and she start cumming.

No sooner than she’d started, a car pulled up alongside us. It was the car with the 2 young men it that had passed by a couple of minutes previously. One of the men started to ask for some directions, but stopped speaking as soon as he saw Freya shaking all over.

“Is she okay?” He asked.

“Oh yeah, she’s just cumming.” I replied. It was really nice to not be the centre of attraction.

The 3 of us just watched Freya shaking and listening to her moans and expletives. She went on for ages and I was wondering if it was because she was stood there, naked, in front of 2 unknown young men. Then I remembered that the egg was still on full blast. I reached for the control and switched it off.

Freya’s reaction was almost immediate. She started coming down from her high.

When she was just about back to normal, the young man asked us where some place that I’d never heard of was. I told him so and grabbed Freya’s arm and started pulling her towards the holiday park.
“Was that good enough for you?” I asked Freya.

“That was so cool; I want to do it again.” Freya replied.

“The chances of 2 more young men stopping their car alongside us in the next 5 minutes are so remote that it just ain’t going to happen. Let’s get back to the mobile home.”

Freya didn’t object as I led her though the park to the mobile home. We passed a few people but no one took much notice of us.

No sooner than we’d gone through the door Freya took her skirt (my tube top) off and asked me for the control. She switched the egg back on and went out the back and lay on one of the sun loungers.

Freya was obviously craving more orgasms because she was jerking about in pleasure for the next half hour or so. I just lay on the other sun lounger, rested, and read Vanessa’s story ‘If only I knew then what I know now.’ That got me horny and about half way through the story I realised that my hand had gone to my pussy and my fingers were playing with my clit.

By the time that I got to the end of the story I was so close that I just kept going and gave myself number 16. As I calmed down I saw that Freya had stopped making herself cum and was watching me with a contented look on her face.

We both lay there for a while, soaking up the late afternoon sun. It was Freya that broke the silence by saying,

“Let’s go for a gentle stroll, no egg and no Ben Wa balls; just a relaxing stroll.”

“Okay, but you’ll have to take it out, and put a skirt on Freya.”

“Okay.” Freya said and she stood up, squat down and squeezed the egg out. Catching it she put it to her mouth and licked it.

“I taste quite nice really.”

We went inside. Freya put the egg on the table then my top round her hips and we left. We slowly wandered round the paths, talking about boys, sex, orgasms and her brother Alfie. Apparently Freya’s father was going off golfing on his own the next day, leaving both of them behind. I asked Freya what she was going to do but she hadn’t decided. She wanted to spend the day with me but didn’t want to abandon Alfie.

“Bring him along.”

As soon as I’d said it I realised that I was inviting a 17 or 18 year old young man to look at me naked all day. What’s more, if I was going to complete Ryan’s challenge, and get myself another dress, I was inviting that man to watch me have 15 orgasms. What the hell was I thinking?

“Yeah, I could,” Freya said, “he hasn’t seen me without clothes on for years, maybe it’s time to educate him. What about you Tanya, could you put up with a horny teenager staring at you all day?”

“Yeah no problem.” I stupidly replied. Of course I minded; I didn’t want a young man watching me cum multiple times. Even once was once too many.

We found ourselves near the kids play area and those 2 damn youths were there again. They weren’t on the equipment; they were messing about near some big trees at the other end. One of them was trying to climb up a tree.

For some reason, Freya guided me over to the teenagers. As we got close I looked over to Freya and saw her tweak her nipples. The minx wanted them to see her nipples all hard. I looked down at mine and saw that they were already hard. I also saw that my top had worked its way up a bit and the front of Freya’s slit was on display. I guessed that this was going to be a ‘Freya showing-off’ session. I didn’t mind that, at least it took the attention away from me.

“Whatchya doin?”  Freya asked.

“What does it look like?” One of the youths replied.

“I bet that either of us 2 can climb higher that he can.” Freya said pointing at the youth just off the ground in the tree.

“Bet you can’t.” Another youth said.

“Right then, you see how high you can get then we’ll show you how it’s done.”

“Yeah right.” One of the youths said. ”Get out of the way Ben I’m going to show these 2 girls what a man can do.”

I smiled to myself and had a good look at the tree. The branches started quite low and there were enough of them; although some looked quite far apart. I reckoned that I could climb it.

The first problem that the youth had was getting onto the first branch. Its height was such that the youth had to jump up, grab the branch and pull himself up onto it. It was difficult for him, but he managed it.

Five minutes later he was as far as he could get and he started to come down.

“Beat that.” The youth said.

“Off you go Tanya, you can get higher.” Freya said.

“Why me, you were the one saying that you could beat the youths.” I said.

“I’ll climb it in a minute, you go first.” Freya almost ordered.

I went to the tree and jumped up. I grabbed the branch and pulled myself up so that my waist was over the branch. Then I swung my right leg out and up, and got my foot on the branch. All I had to do was push myself up so that I could start climbing from there, but Freya suddenly shouted,

“Stop! Hold it there Tanya; I just need to do something.”

The thing was, my left leg was hanging straight down and my right leg was at 90 degrees with my foot on the branch. In other words, my pussy was spread wide.

“Hey youths,” Freya said, “time for a human anatomy lesson.”

“What! No Freya; don’t do this; let me climb up.”

But Freya grabbed my left leg and stopped me from climbing. Meanwhile the 2 youths had moved in close and were looking up at my spread pussy.

I felt Freya pull my pussy lips apart then she started describing all the parts using the medical names and the slang names. When she got to my clit she pulled on the hood and said,

“What have we got here? Tanya, have you been pierced?

“Err yes, my nipples too.”

Freya then explained to the youths what piercing was before pulling and pushing my clit to let them have a good look. All that attention to my clit got my juices flowing and they started seeping out of me. My now wet pussy gave Freya the excuse to explain to the youths why I’d got wet and what the effect it had for something going into a pussy. She started to finger fuck me right in front of these 2 teenage youths.

Fortunately she stopped before I got close to cumming. I didn’t want the humiliation of cumming with their faces a couple of feet from my pussy.

Anatomy lesson over, Freya let go of my ankle, slapped my butt, and said,

“Go girl; show these 2 how to climb a tree.”

And I did, I got a bit higher than the youth had before deciding that the point was proved, and climbing down.

When I landed on the ground I turned to Freya and said,

“Okay, Freya, prove that you’re good at climbing trees as well.”

Freya grinned, looked at the 2 youths and said,

“Watch closely gentlemen.”

Freya jumped for the first branch and stretched her leg up, then stopped, as if she was waiting for something. I suddenly realised that she was waiting for me to do to her what she’d done to me. I grabbed her ankle and said,

“Okay boys, come over here and show me what you’ve learnt. Touch each part and tell me what it’s called.”

One youth stepped forward and hesitatingly put a finger out close to Freya’s pussy.

“Go on, it won’t bite.”

The youth touched Freya’s labia and she let out a soft moan.

“Don’t be shy; use both hands to open her up.” I said.

The youth got more confident and started telling me what each part was called. When he got to Freya’s clit I said,

“Rub it, and pull it; she won’t mind.”

I watched as Freya’s pussy got wetter and more swollen. A couple more moans escaped from her mouth.

“Do what she did to me.” I said.

The youth looked nervous so I said,

“It’s okay she likes it when you do that. Listen to her moaning; that’s a happy moan.

The youth’s index finger slowly disappeared inside Freya.

“Move it in and out.” I instructed.

He did, and I saw Freya get wetter.

“Okay, stop now. It’s time to let your mate have a go.”

Youth one stepped back and youth two eagerly moved in. He was more confident and quickly went through naming Freya’s bits. When he got to her clit he rubbed and pulled and squeezed. Freya’s moaning told us that she was enjoying it.

“Okay, that’s enough of that, finger fuck her.” I instructed the youth.
Freya was getting really turned on, but when I thought that she was getting close to cumming I stopped the youth.

“Okay, female anatomy lesson over. Now just look.”

“Tanya, why did you stop him I was just getting close?” Freya asked,

“I know.” I said with a grin on my face.


Freya pulled herself onto the branch and just stood there with her feet wide apart. I could see her very wet pussy and inner thighs. If I could see that then the youths could see it as well.

“I’ve decided that I don’t want to climb this tree anymore; instead I’ll just frig myself right here.” Freya said, and she did.

As the 2 youths and I watched she masturbated to an orgasm with her right hand while her left hand was used to stop herself from falling off the branch.

Personal satisfaction taken care of Freya jumped down and started walking off.

“Come on Tanya, I’m starting to get bored here.”

As we walked off towards Freya pulled her ‘skirt’ down so that her pussy and butt were covered.

“So Tanya, have you got your clit and nipple jewellery with you?” Freya asked.


“Will you put them on, or is it in, when we get back?”

“If you want, but I daren’t wear it outside the mobile home because it will attract attention and people might start thinking that I’m not a little kid.”

“Wear it all day tomorrow; it’s your last day here and it doesn’t matter if you get asked to leave.”

“Let me think about that, I don’t know that I want the attention. Besides, aren’t you going to have Alfie with you tomorrow?”

“I’m sure that he won’t mind.”

“Yeah, but I might.”

We were soon back at the mobile home and realised that we were starting to get hungry. While I went and got my jewellery Freya phoned the on-site restaurant and ordered a pizza to be delivered. I told Freya that I’d stay in the bedroom while it was delivered. Freya laughed and said that she’d better get ready. Her version of ready was to get totally naked.

“I’m going to enjoy this;” she said then added “So did it hurt when you got pierced?”

“It did a bit, and I was sore for a few days, but it wasn’t that bad,” I told her.
Freya had one of the barbells and stirrups in her hands and was unscrewing it.

“Doesn’t it feel funny when you have those chains dangling from your nips and clit?” Freya asked.

“At first it does, then you get used to it; but when the chain slides against your skin, or bounces against it, it reminds you that they’re there, and what they’re attached to. It’s even better if something or someone gently tugs on the chain.”

By that time the chain was dangling from my clit and Freya reached over and gently tugged it.

“Like this you mean?”

“Yeah, just like that.” I replied.

Freya continued gently pulling the chain in all directions. When it rubbed against my clit it felt good.

“Stop it, I said, “I can’t concentrate on getting this through the hole in my nipple.”

“Let me help.” Freya said.

Freya started playing with my left nipple, slowly teasing me as she slowly inserted the barbell and hooked the stirrup and chain on. Then she started gently tugging on each of the 3 chains in turn.

“Have you ever cum just by someone playing with the chains?”

“No, but if you don’t stop doing that there might be a first time.”

Freya didn’t stop. She kept going and my AF kept rising.

“I’m gonna cum.” I said and just started to cum when someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Freya shouted.

The door opened and in came this gorgeous young man. When he saw us he stopped dead in his tracks and just stared. I wasn’t so lucky; I couldn’t stop cumming with number 17.

Freya stood back and the pair of them watched me.

“Looks good doesn’t she?” Freya asked the man.

“So do you.” He replied.

When I finally calmed down the man looked at me and said,

“You I recognise, I’ve seen you walking around the site. I take it that you’re still being punished? Was that little performance part of the punishment? And what’s with the chains?”

Before I could answer – even if I’d wanted to, the man turned to Freya and said,

“I haven’t seen you before. Are you being punished too?”

“No, I just want to be like this. I like men looking at me.” Freya said.

“Wow! We don’t get many like you out here. I’d look at you two all day if I could. Are you going to put on a bit of a performance like your friend here?”

“And what sort of performance were you thinking of?” Freya asked as she walked over to the man who still had the pizza box in his hand.

The man adjusted his cock in his trousers as Freya continued,

“How about I give you a blowjob while my little friend here makes herself cum again?”

“Works for me.” The man said.

“Oh, and we get the pizza for free.”

“You do what you just said and we’ve got a deal.”

The man put the pizza box down as Freya went and knelt in front of him. I hadn’t wanted to frig myself in front of the man, but Freya had done a deal with him; besides, he’d just seen me cum, so I kept Freya’s side of the bargain. I was still ‘high’ from cumming a couple of minutes previous, and the sight of Freya getting the man’s hard cock out of his trousers and engulfing it with her mouth made making myself cum with number 18 quite quick and easy. I guess that the man watching me helped as well.

It wasn’t such an intense orgasm, but it certainly was one.

It didn’t take Freya long to make him cum, and she swallowed every drop.

“Do you want a go Tanya?” Freya asked.

“No, it’s okay, my boyfriend wouldn’t approve.

“Shame.” The man said as he put his softening cock away and zipped up.

“Thanks for the appetiser.” Freya said as she led the man to the door.

When he was gone I said,

“Wow Freya, I wasn’t expecting that. You certainly do like exposing yourself, and me.”

“Yeah, and I didn’t think that you mind; you certainly seemed to enjoy it.” Freya said.

“Can we have the pizza now please?”

“Yeah then I’ll have to go, dad and Alfie will be back soon.”

“Are you going back dressed like that?”

“I’d love to, but I don’t think that my father would approve. As for Alfie, we’ll see tomorrow.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“I’m not sure yet, but whichever way it goes I know that we’ll all have a good time.”

I was a bit concerned by that comment, but I let it go. We finished the pizza and Freya put her (her) skirt, tank top and trainers on and left. In a way I was looking forward to the next day, but at the same time I didn’t want it to happen.

I cleared up, had a shower, texted Ryan and settled in bed with my kindle. Reading about Vanessa’s adventures got me gently playing with clit and brought myself to a slow and gentle nineteenth orgasm.

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 13 – Even more embarrassment

Ryan goes on another Training Course – continued

Day 5
I woke early and, the weather looked reasonable, I decided to go for my morning run. Pushing the Ben Wa balls as far as I could up my vagina I stepped outside and set off. I was still wearing the barbells, stirrups and chains. The bouncing of the chains helped to raise my AF and I had my first 2 orgasms of the day on the deserted beach. It was good to let it all out, rather than trying to keep quiet. 

When I got back I got straight into the shower then dried myself; I was putting the kettle on when I heard someone knocking on the door. It was then that I remembered that Alfie would be with Freya. I quickly started to take the jewellery off, but the door opened and Freya and Alfie walked right in.

Freya came in first, dressed in a miniskirt and tank top; closely followed by Alfie.

“Hi Tanya, you remember Alfie don’t you?” Freya said; “don’t be shy, move your hands, Alfie’s seen you naked before, remember?”

“Errr yes, but not like this.” I said.

I realised that it wouldn’t be long before Alfie knew my secret and slowly lowered my hands.

“Bloody hell Freya, what have you been doing to the kid?”

“Alfie,” Freya said, “today is going to be a very educational day for you. You’re going to learn things that you never even dreamed about. When did you last see me naked?”

“What’s going on Freya?”

“Just answer the question Alfie.”

“Okay, I suppose it was you when we 4 or 5 and we had to share a bath.”

“Yeah, you used to undress me when I couldn’t get my dress undone, remember? How would you like to see me naked again?”

“Freya; I’m your my brother.”

“So what! You’re a normal man and I’m a reasonable looking woman; answer the question.”

“Of course I’d like to see you naked, but you’re my sister; it’s not right.”

“Stop being such an old fuddy-duddy; there’s no harm in a brother seeing his sister naked, is there Tanya?”

“Err, I guess not.” I said.

Before I’d even finished those few words, Freya was peeling her top off. Her pert little tits and hard nipples came into view. Poor Alfie just stood there mesmerised by Freya’s exhibitionism. He didn’t know what to say, but I saw movement in his shorts.

Freya threw her top onto the sofa and unzipped her skirt. Letting it drop to the floor she stepped out of it and kicked it onto the sofa not far from her top. Apart from her sandals she was naked and hairless from neck to toes.

Freya turned to face Alfie, parted her feet and just stood there for a few seconds before saying,

“Well Bro, what do you think?”

“Fucking amazing, I know that I’ve seen you in your bra and knickers a few times recently, but this is just amazing.”

“Okay Alfie, don’t get too excited; well not yet, I don’t want you creaming your pants; there’s more revelations for you. Look at Tanya; how old do you think she is?”

I blushed as Alfie turned to look at me. I also got a wet rush and hoped that Alfie couldn’t tell.

“Well, when I saw her at the pool the other day I guessed about 11 or 12, but seeing her this morning with those rings and chains; I’m not sure. I’ve never heard of girls of 11 and 12 having piercings; well not those piercings. I don’t know. Just how old are you Tanya?”

Sheepishly I told him. My face went all hot as I told him that he was about 10 years out.


“It’s true.” Freya said. “There are tell-tale signs; Tanya jump up on the table and lay back.”

I should have refused, but I didn’t think and just got on the table, and lay back, and opened my legs. Freya hadn’t even told me to do that last bit but I just did it automatically.

“Look at her pussy Alfie. Little girl’s pussies don’t have lips that big; and I’ve never heard of an 11 year old having a clit like that; and look closely, her hole is open a bit. If you had a torch you’d be able to see inside her.”

Freya picked up the end of the chain and gently pulled my clit hood up revealing all of my clit to Alfie. I felt myself getting quite red, and quite wet.

Little girls don’t get as wet like that either.

“Wow!” was all Alfie could say for a minute or so, then,

“But she hasn’t got any tits.”

“Not all women have tits Alfie. Most who haven’t wear bras stuffed with whatever so that no one can tell. Tanya here isn’t ashamed of her lack of breasts, are you Tanya?”

“So you really are 23 Tanya. So how come your walking around without any clothes on?”

Before I had a chance to say anything Freya said,

“Her boyfriend challenged her to do it. He also told her that he’ll buy her a new dress for each day that she has at least 15 orgasms. She’s getting 2 new dresses so far and she’s going for a third one today aren’t you Tanya?”

They both looked at my face and I quietly said,


“How many have you had so far today Tanya?”


“Shall we make that 3 right here and now?” Freya said.

Freya didn’t wait for me to answer. If she had I would have said that I didn’t want to because Alfie was there and staring at me as I still lay on the table. Also, I still had the Ben Wa balls inside me and I’d never had both the balls and the egg inside me at the same time.

The next thing that I knew Freya was pushing the egg into my vagina and Alfie was asking what it was.

“It’s a vibrator; you’ve heard of those haven’t you?”

“Of course,” Alfie said, “but it hasn’t got a switch on it.”

“It’s a remote controlled one, like those damn cars you used to have.” Freya said as the egg disappeared out of sight.

Freya held the control up then passed it to Alfie.

“You switch it on.” She said to Alfie.

“How will I know if it’s on?” Alfie asked.

“Maybe you will, and maybe you won’t; watch Tanya and see if you can tell.”

Alfie turned the egg on and my body jerked even though I was expecting it.

“Wow, a vibrator can do that to a girl.” Alfie said.

“And more,” Freya said; “you play with that control and watch Tanya.”

Alfie did, and the inevitable happened. My AF went up and up. The egg vibrating against the steel balls seemed to intensify the effect.

I didn’t want to cum in front of Alfie, but I had no choice in the matter. I got vocal and my body got active as the spasms hit me. At one point only my heels and shoulders were on the table. Why is it that having an orgasm in an embarrassing and humiliating situation always makes it a stronger one?

As my third orgasm of the day subsided Freya said,

“Well done Tanya, we’ll soon get you up to 15 today. Oh Alfie, you can turn the egg off now.”

Freya had to remind Alfie what she’d just said because he was stood there in some sort of daze. Maybe he’d never seen a woman have an orgasm before. For some weird reason I just lay there letting him stare at me.

After a couple of minutes Freya said,

“Okay Alfie, you’ll get plenty of time to see Tanya naked later; she’s not going to start wearing anything now. Neither am I so you’ll be spoilt with 2 gorgeous naked ladies in front of you all day. So Tanya, what did you have in mind for today?”

“My plans have all gone out of the window.” I said, “Originally I planned to spend every day lazing around the site, a bit like yesterday; but now that there are 2 of you, and that 1 is a man, I’m not sure what to do. Have you any ideas that don’t involve any of us getting arrested?”

“Well,” Freya relied, “I guess that Alfie will want to look at us both all day, so how about we start by going for a walk along the beach?”

“Fine by me.” I said.

“You’re going like that Sis.” Alfie asked.

“Of course, Tanya’s been walking along the beach like that, and the other day she even got a lift back by a policeman. Yesterday morning we both went for a naked jog along the beach.”

“Cool,” Alfie said, “but she looks like a kid, you don’t. You might get arrested.”

“No I won’t. I didn’t yesterday.” Freya said.

“You went out on the beach like that yesterday. Bloody hell; I wish that I hadn’t gone with dad yesterday.”

“Well Bro, you’re going to see me naked on the beach today, so let’s go. Oh, and put that control in your pocket – if there’s any room in there at the moment.”

We went out the back and down to the beach. I could see that Alfie was uncomfortable in his shorts; and that Freya had noticed too. The beach was quite deserted and when we got down near the water’s edge Freya whispered to me,

“Can you do cartwheels and handstands?”

I nodded.

“Come on then, let’s tease Alfie.”

With that Freya did a cartwheel right next to Alfie. He must have been able to see everything. Then it was a handstand and she spread her legs. She was like that for ages while Alfie just stared at her; well her pussy anyway.

When Freya got back on her feet she told me it was my turn. I did the same as she’d done but when I was walking on my hands I saw Freya go over to Alfie. Seconds later I collapsed onto the wet sand. Alfie had turned the egg on and the shock had caused me to lose my balance.

“No, please, not here.” I thought, but the egg stayed on. I got to my feet but I knew that I didn’t have long. As I stood there both Freya and Alfie came over to me. Freya got hold of my clit chain and gently moved it in a circle.

“Pull one of her nipple chains Alfie.”

Alfie went one better and reached over and pulled on both of them. He tugged then let go, over and over. After a while, when I was getting close to cumming, Alfie let go of the chains and rolled both my nipples between his thumbs and index fingers while Freya did the same with my clit.

I lasted only seconds before my fourth orgasm of the day hit me. I started to fall, but Alfie caught me and held me up. With my orgasm peaking I looked up to his grinning face. He has that same sadistic (but nice) streak that his sister has.

As my legs got stronger I pulled back and stood there calming down.

“Four down; 11 to go.” Freya said, “You can switch the egg off for now Alfie.”

Alfie did, and we walked on in silence.

After a while Freya said,

“You want to see me do that Alfie?”

“Bloody hell Sis, it’s one thing you being naked in front of me, but to have an orgasm. Christ, you’re my sister.”

“So what! Tell you what; when we get back to Tanya’s place I’ll make myself cum in front of you, then you do it in front of us.”

“I don’t know; it doesn’t seem right.” Alfie said.

“It’s not like I’m asking you to fuck me Alfie.”

“We’ll see.”

From the way that Alfie said that I just knew that it was going to happen. I just hoped that it didn’t turn into a threesome with Alfie fucking me. I definitely didn’t want that.

We turned round shortly after that and headed back. Half way there Freya said,

“Time for number 5; Alfie, turn that egg on; and turn the knob to full; I want it to be a quick one so that we can get back and I can have one.

I didn’t have any say in the matter as the egg burst in to life. I stopped walking and let out a big gasp. I shivered as the egg started to do its job. Freya came and hugged me as the egg quickly got the better of me. I screamed as it hit me and it was a good job that Freya was holding me as I would have got covered in wet sand if she hadn’t have been.

Alfie just watched as I peeked then subsided with my fifth of the day. Fortunately he’d switched the egg off as I reached my peak.

When I was able we continued walking. As we got closed to the holiday park a middle-aged couple came in the opposite direction. The woman didn’t look at us but the man sure did. He was smiling as we passed. I wondered if he’d got a hard-on and if his wife was going to get it later.

Back on the sun loungers Freya lay there with her legs wide open and Alfie stood between her feet. He obviously wanted the best possible view of his sister masturbating.

“God, I’m so horny.” Freya said as her hands found her tits and pussy. “Watch and learn brother.”

Both Alfie and I did watch Freya frig until she came. Not satisfied with just cumming, Freya reached out and put her hand on the front of Alfie’s shorts.

“Show me.” She said.

Alfie’s incestuous guilt completely disappeared as he dropped his shorts and underwear; his hard cock pointing up to the sky. Both Freya and I stared at it for what seemed like ages before Freya sat up and reached for it. Freya sat up then rubbed it up and down a couple of times before opening her mouth and lowering her head onto it.

I sat there and watched, my right hand’s fingers playing with my clit, as I watched Freya give her brother a blow job.

Poor Alfie must have been close to cumming as he soon grunted and jerked. Freya didn’t lose a drop and swallowed the lot. I guess that poor Alfie had been tormented by the sight of his naked sister for so long that he probably would have creamed his pants quite soon if she hadn’t done what she did.

I kept frigging and watching, as Freya kept sucking and it wasn’t long before Alfie got hard again. When Freya next took a breath she turned to me and said,

“Your turn,” to me then to Alfie,

“Give Tanya some of that wonderful cock.”

Alfie came over to me and knelt beside the sun lounger. His cock was inches from my face. In automatic mode, I opened my mouth and moved my head forward. Thinking about Ryan I started sucking, my head bobbing back and forwards.

Freya must have got up and found the eggs remote control because it suddenly burst into life. I managed to hold off the orgasm until Alfie shot his load down my throat. I had all on not to bite his cock as the waves of pleasure of my sixth orgasm of the day hit me.

It was still only mid-morning and I’d had 6 orgasms. I was doing well. For a while I dreamt about another new dress.

As I lay back on the sun lounger I thought about Ryan. I’d just given another man a BJ. I was pretty sure that Ryan would understand and forgive me.

“You’re doing well Tanya. That’s 6 now isn’t it?” Freya asked.

“Yes, having both the egg and the steel balls inside me makes me cum faster.” I said.

“You’ve got both the egg and the Ben Wa balls inside you?” Freya asked.

“Yeah, that’s nothing; you should see what I can do with a couple of golf balls.” I replied.

As soon as I’d said that I knew that I shouldn’t have because Alfie said,

“I’ve got lots of golf balls back at our place. Let’s go there and you can show us.”
“Ooh goody;” Freya said, “but I think that you’d better take the jewellery off Tanya; we’ve got to have you looking the part. Alfie, do you want to do it?”

Before I could object Alfie came over to me and was attacking my right nipple. I enjoyed the fondling as Alfie discovered how they were put together. I got so close to cumming again when he took the clit one off.

Just as the last bit of my jewellery came off Alfie asked what Ben Wa balls were so I told him that I’d show him when we got to their place.

“You can’t go out there like that,” Alfie said to Freya.

“But I don’t want to put any clothes on.” Freya said.

“The only way that I get away with it is to look like a kid. Do you think that you could get to look like a little girl?” I said.

“It’ll be difficult with those tits.” Alfie said.

“They’re not that big.” Freya said.

“You’d have to do something about your hair, and it’s a good job that you’re not wearing any make-up or nail varnish; and that you shave your pubic hair. Do you think that you can walk and act like a young girl?”

“Of course I can.” Freya said.

Freya walked across the room and back lazily, and sucking her left thumb.

“Very good, you have to remember to act like there’s nothing wrong with walking around outside with no clothes on, no covering your tits or pussy with a hand.”

“Yeah, okay; I can do that. Have you got any bands that I can use to put my hair in pigtails Tanya?”

I looked in my bag and found 2. Somehow I’d managed not to lose any over the last few days.

Freya put her hair up and said,

“Okay, let’s go.”

With that Freya went out of the front door. She was as naked as I was, and we were about to cross over to the other side of the site.

I have to admit that Freya did look like a kid. She even kicked a pebble and swung round a lamp post. The only problem was her tits.

I followed them to their mobile home. It was almost identical to the one I was staying in. Inside Alfie disappeared, presumably to get some golf balls. Freya cleared the table then told me to get on it. Without thinking, I lay on my back and opened my legs wide. Why do I always do that; it’s as if I want people to look at my pussy; which I certainly don’t.

Alfie re-appeared with a big bag of golf balls.

“I hope that you’re not expecting to get all those inside me.” I joked.

“We’ll try.” Freya said then, “but first you need to push the egg and the steel balls out. Alfie, come and watch. Tanya, go to it.”

I looked at Freya then Alfie. I got all embarrassed about what I was about to do.

“Come on Tanya.” Freya said.

I started squeezing my pussy and the egg slowly appeared, then popped out onto the table.

“Goody, I want to borrow that.” Freya said as she picked it up, squat down and pushed it up her hole.

Poor Alfie didn’t know who to look at; his eyes kept going from my pussy to Freya’s.

Both steel balls made a little thud as they dropped onto the table. Alfie picked them up and said,

“So how can these 2 possibly turn you on and make you cum?”

“Easy,” I said, “watch.”

I sat up and got the balls from Alfie and formed a ball round them with both hands. Shaking them about you could hear the clunking.

“You do it Alfie.”

Alfie did and then smiled.

“Aaah, I see. I wish there were similar things for men.”

Freya picked up the bag of golf balls, got one out and gave it to me. Feeling confident I lay back onto my left elbow and put the golf ball to my slightly open vaginal entrance. As I gently pushed my vagina opened wider and swallowed the ball.

In stereo, both Freya and Alfie said,


“Got another one?” I asked.

Freya picked up a golf ball and put it to my pussy.

“Gently push.” I said, and the second golf ball disappeared.

“Can I do the next one?” Alfie asked,

Alfie put the ball to my vagina and pushed.

“Not so hard, let me do the work.” I said.

As the third ball disappeared Alfie flicked my clit the gently pulled it.

“Aaaargh, don’t.” I said.

“Keep going Alfie;” Freya said, “we may as well giver her number 7 while she’s in that position.”

Alfie continued teasing my clit and my AF rose even higher. I did manage to tell Freya to try to get another golf ball inside me.

The ball disappeared then came back out again. Freya tried again, and again, and again. But each time my pussy wasn’t having it. Freya even tried as I had my orgasm but I still couldn’t keep it in.

Eventually, Freya and Alfie stopped and let me relax. When I was able I told them that I’d never managed to get the fourth one to stay in.

“That’s one hell of a party trick.” Alfie said.

I laughed then told them about the party where Ryan had let a few people try to get the fourth golf ball to stay in. After that Alfie asked how I got them out.

“Easy,” I said; “watch this.”

One by one I squeezed those 3 golf ball out then put the egg back in. Alfie picked-up each golf ball and swore that he’d treasure those balls forever. Then he said,

“I’m getting a bit hungry; how about we go to the café?”

“We need to make you look as if you have a reason to be naked.” I said, “How about we pretend that you’re being punished like I was?”

“But you had a red butt.” Freya said then looked at Alfie.

“No, no Alfie, you can’t.”

But it was too late; Alfie had grabbed Freya and pulled her over the back of the sofa. Her butt was sticking up and Alfie was giving her a good spanking.

“Want a go?” Alfie said after a few minutes.

Poor Freya was in tears. She’d given up fighting and was just taking it. What’s more she’d got her reason; her butt was bright red.

Finally, Alfie let go of Freya who immediately turned to me and said,
“You’re not getting off with it.” She grabbed me and pushed me over the back of the sofa.

Freya gave my butt the same treatment that Alfie had given hers; and I too was reduced to tears. As she kept going I again experienced the disappearance of the pain and the pleasure starting. As I started to cum Freya started to finger fuck me. First one, then two, then three fingers were pounding in and out of my pussy. My eighth orgasm was a very satisfying one.

All that time Alfie was just watching. I smiled to myself and wondered exactly what he was thinking of.

When things got back to normal, Freya said,

“Come on, I want people to see me.”

“How about we go to the café-cum-bar, I’m getting hungry.” Alfie said.

I wasn’t too sure because it would put Freya stationary for quite a while. I told them that there would be more time for people to stare and wonder if we were really kids. I was out-voted and we set off to the sound of me reminding Freya to act like a kid.

Thankfully no one took any real notice of us until we entered the café.

There was an oldish woman there who smiled when she saw us.

“Still being punished I see. How’s your butt?” she said with a bit of a laugh.

“She’s been at it again;” Alfie said. “Turn round and let the lady see your butt.”

“Oh my; that looks painful.” The lady said. And who’s this? Have you been naughty as well?”

Freya was looking down at the floor, hands at her side. She nodded.

“This is Freya, Tanya’s younger sister, although you wouldn’t think that by looking at her; she started developing early; probably due to them having different fathers. Our mother caught her smoking this morning and decided that the same punishment was appropriate. Turn round Freya.” Alfie said as Freya slowly shuffled round while still looking at the floor.

“Oh my; I’ve never met your mother but I already like her; she certainly knows how to treat her kids. Wait until I tell the other people who work here.”

“Can we get something to eat please?” Alfie asked.

“Sure, pick a table and I’ll bring a menu over.”

The woman laughed and walked off. When she came back she was carrying 2 cushions.

“I thought you 2 might appreciate these.” She said as she put the menus on the table, laughed and walked away saying that her husband would be over to take our order in a few minutes.

Both Freya and I picked up a cushion and put them between our butts and the chairs. My butt didn’t feel so bad.

“Tanya, slouch down on the chair and open your legs. Let’s see if the waiter looking at your pussy can make you cum.”

I did as I was told and noticed that Freya was doing the same. When the waiter did arrive the poor man didn’t know where to look. It was obvious where he did want to look because his eyes kept going back to either Freya’s or my pussies. I know that mine was all swollen and wet and I guessed that Freya’s was as well.

Just as the man had managed to write down what we wanted (both of us girls ordered kid’s meals), Alfie switched the egg on, on low. I wasn’t expecting it and I jumped a bit and clenched my pussy muscles. I hoped that the man hadn’t noticed.

I went through the meal with Alfie randomly switching the egg on for a few seconds. I should have been used to it because of the random zapping vibe that I have at home, but I wasn’t. One time that Alfie did it I’d just gotten a mouth full of my burger and the whole lot went ended up back on my plate; much the amusement of Freya and Alfie.

Just after I’d finished eating Alfie took me over the top. Probably because of the long build-up number 9 was a strong one and I was glad that we were the only ones in the café.   

As we walked out of the café a youngish couple walked in. I was pleased when I noticed that neither of them was looking at me. They were both looking at Freya. It was nice to not be the centre of attraction. It meant that I could relax a little. Not that I could relax that much with the egg inside me and Alfie still giving me random blasts of full power.

We’d only walked a few yards when Freya turned to Alfie and asked him how much money he had on him. When he told her she told us that we were going on a bike ride. On our left was the little shop that I’d been in. It also doubled as a cycle rental shop.

Freya walked in, bold as brass, and told the man that we’d like to hire some bikes. The man just stared at Freya, then at me.

“Oh, it’s you; still being punished I see; and who’s this?”

Alfie went through the same story as in the café, getting us both to turn round so that the man could see our red butts. Shaking his head and laughing he told us that he’d go and get his son who looked after the bikes.

The son came out and stopped and stared. He was no older than me. I blushed and wanted to cover my chest and pussy but I managed to resist the urge. Alfie told him that we wanted 3 bikes for a couple of hours.

“Oh, right, err were a bit short on girls bikes at the moment but we’ve a few boy’s bikes if they don’t mind getting their leg over.”

I don’t know if it was intended to be a pun but I smiled a little as Alfie told him that boy’s bikes would be fine. The young man went to the back room and came back with a bike. It looked a bit big for me but the young man wheeled it to Freya. I knew what I wanted and said,

“That’s more my size.”

I went over and lifted my leg up and over. I didn’t care who could see all of my pussy as I lifted my leg. I wanted that bike. I stood with the crossbar of the bike pressing hard on my pussy and my toes just touching the floor.

“It’s a bit big for you young lady.” The young man said.

“No it’s not. I want this one.” I said.

“Well okay then.” The young man said then looked at Freya.

“I suppose you want one that’s big for you as well?”

Freya looked puzzled but she could see me nodding my head.

“Err yes, like my sister.”

The young man looked a bit confused, so did Freya and Alfie.

“Trust me,” I whispered, “you want one like this.”

I was still on the bike with my pussy pressed on the crossbar. As Freya and Alfie watched I wheeled the bike back and forwards a few inches. Freya smiled and nodded. She understood, but Alfie hadn’t a clue.

The young man wheeled another bike out and we all got a good look at Freya’s pussy as she lifted a leg over. As she tried to straighten the bike she said,

“Ow, that’s too big.”

It was, she couldn’t get the bike upright because her pussy was pressed hard against the crossbar. She lifted her leg up and over, giving the young man another look at her pussy.

“Have you got one just a little bit smaller?” Freya asked.

As the young man wheeled the bike out of the room Alfie gave me another blast of the egg. I bent my knees a little so my pussy pressed harder on the crossbar. Boy did that feel good; so good that I felt orgasm number 10 coming on.

I didn’t see much of Freya, or Alfie getting their bikes; it was all a bit of a haze as I fought to stay quiet. As I started to get back to normal I heard Alfie say,

“Come on Tanya, pay attention, what’s wrong with you?”

I put one foot up on the high pedal, lifted myself up and started pedalling out of the shop. The young man was holding the door open and as I went passed him he told me to have fun.

If only he knew.

I pedalled standing up until I caught up to the others. When I sat on the saddle I thought,

“Oh yes, this is going to be fun.”

I looked at Freya and saw that she’d discovered the fun that a girl with no knickers on can have on a bike that’s too big for her.

We rode out of the main gate, down the road a few yards then onto a trail through the woods. I was sure that Freya was getting the same feelings as our pussies slid from side to side over the narrow saddles. My clit was getting systematically rubbed by the seat. In a way I was glad that Alfie had stopped randomly zapping me with the egg, but at the same time I wondered how much I could take before number 11 would hit me.

I managed to make it about 3 hundred yards into the woods before I screamed and stopped pedalling. I slid off the seat and pressed the crossbar hard against my clit as number 11 got the better of me.

As the waves receded I looked over to Alfie. He was watching us both. I wondered if his cock was as hard as I thought it would be. Freya was stood straddling the crossbar but bent over the handlebars with her pussy trying to fuck the pointed front of the saddle. She wasn’t having much success and after a few seconds she sat on the saddle and started pedalling.

“Come on you 2. We need to find somewhere.” Freya shouted as pulled away from us.

We eventually caught her after passing an elderly couple out walking. I wondered if they’d realised that 2 naked girls had just passed them. They didn’t say anything, and I couldn’t see their faces.

Freya had stopped near a gate to a big meadow. She was getting off her bike when she saw us.

“Come on; I’m going to enjoy this.” She shouted as she climbed over the gate. 

 Alfie and I caught her when she lay out spread eagled on the grass.

“This is so beautiful, so natural, so erotic.” She said.

A minute later Freya got up onto her knees and reached over to Alfie. As she unfastened his shorts and pulled them and his pants off she said,

“You’re going to enjoy this. Get down on your back.”

Freya continued to strip her brother completely naked, even his trainers. Freya and I both looked down at his cock with the pre-cum seeping out of the end. A couple of seconds later Freya straddled Alfie and impaled herself on his cock. After a loud satisfying sounding sigh Freya said,

“Oh that’s so good. I’ve wanted to do that for years. Tanya, stand at Alfie’s head and kneel over his shoulders. Lower your pussy onto his face.”

Not even thinking of Ryan I did what I was told. I hovered over Alfie’s face feeling his breath on my pussy before Alfie’s hands found my hips and pulled me down.

Alfie started eating my pussy as Freya started going up and down on his cock. Both Freya and I reached out and fondled each other’s tits. For a second I wished that I had some tits like Freya’s but that thought didn’t last long as I felt Alfie’s tongue invade my vagina.

I was in heaven and it wasn’t long before number 12 hit me hard. My body jerking as the spasms took control.

I came back to my senses in time to see Freya cumming hard on Alfie’s cock. Judging by Alfie’s stomach jerking up and down I guessed that he was cumming too.

A few seconds later 2 knackered girls collapsed onto the grass. The only problem for me was that Alfie had managed to switch the egg on. I didn’t have any say in my pussy throbbing away and slowly, but surely taking me to my thirteenth orgasm in less than 6 hours. It was no wonder that I was knackered.

As the body spasms took control of me I screamed,

“NO! NO! YES! NO!”

But Alfie wasn’t going to help me by switching the egg off. Even if he did it was too late.

Finally my body stayed still and Alfie switched it off. I was too knackered to move. Freya rolled over to me, kissed my forehead and stroked my hair.

“That was beautiful. Look, it’s even got Alfie ready for more action. Do you want him to fuck you?”

I did, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to be disloyal to Ryan.

“No, you ride him again while I watch.” I said.

Freya rolled over to Alfie, took his cock into her mouth and sucked him for a minute or so before getting up and straddling him again. As she rode him I watched him play with her tits, pulling and twisting her nipples. She loved every second of it.

The rest did me some good and I managed to get up, just in time to see 2 men standing at the gate watching us. When they saw that I’d seen them they both clapped their hands. They’d obviously been watching us for a while.

Freya heard the clapping and looked over. When she saw the men she waved at them and seemed to increase her speed of bobbing up and down on Alfie. She obviously loved being watched by strangers.

Freya was getting close to cumming and also getting vocal. I was sure that she could be heard back at the holiday park she was that loud. She was cumming and she wanted the whole world to hear her.

Alfie obviously hadn’t cum by the time Freya stopped moving. She collapsed off Alfie again and I saw that Alfie was still hard. I really did want to ride him the way Freya had, but instead I knelt next to him and sucked him until he gave me a load to swallow.

I lay down again and looked at the 2 men. They must have assumed that the show was over as they turned and walked away.

About 15 minutes later Freya was the first to stand up. She looked down at us both and said,

“I hope that you enjoyed that as much as I did.”

Alfie grunted and I nodded my head.

“Come on you 2 lazy bones, I want some more fun on that bike.” Freya said.

That girl is insatiable. I had a quick count and realised that I only needed 2 more orgasms to get another dress.

“Freya wait, you can have the egg now. I need to rest for a while.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh yes, I’m knackered.”

I squat down and squeezed the egg out onto Freya’s hand. She was that eager that she’d put her hand on my pussy waiting for it.

The egg went straight from my pussy into hers. I relaxed knowing that I was going to have a relatively relaxing time for a while.

“Switch it on please Alfie.” Freya said.

Freya gasped a little then smiled.

“Right, I’m ready, let’s go.” She said and started walking again.

Alfie got to his feet and covered his soft cock with his pants and shorts before following us to the bikes. Freya was already sat on her bike with her pussy pressing on the crossbar when we got there.

“Come on.” She said, and started pedalling away from us; her butt sliding from side to side on the too big bike.

Alfie and I got on our bikes and chased after Freya; my pussy enjoying the sliding over the saddle as I went.

A couple of minutes later Freya started shouting obscenities; she was clearly having an orgasm as she peddled.

We passed an old man out walking his dog. The poor man just stopped and stared as we approached then passed him.

When we got to the road Freya was there waiting for us.

“That was fun, I might do that again tomorrow, shame that you won’t be with us Tanya.”

“Come on,” Alfie said, “we’d better get these bikes back.”

I was a little disappointed because my fourteenth orgasm of the day was building. Never mind, I only needed 2 more for that dress and I knew that I could easily manage 2 more in the 8 or so hours before I went to bed. Maybe I could have the fifteenth as I texted Ryan later.

We cycled along the road and back into the holiday park. Only 1 can beeped at us. Probably because us 2 girls were naked; our bike riding was good, even though both of us were siding from side to side on the saddles.

As we approached the cycle shop the young man was outside waiting for us. He watched Freya and I as we slid off the saddle and pressed our pussies onto the crossbar for the last time, then lifted our legs over. I tried to do it without him getting a good look at my pussy. Unlike Freya who seemed to have her leg in the air for ages.

As the man took our bikes off us he looked at the very wet saddles, smiled, and asked us if we’d enjoyed ourselves.

“Definitely,” Freya said. “We’re going to the swimming pool to have some more fun in the jacuzzi. Care to join us?”

That was the first I’d heard about the jacuzzi but I didn’t mind. It would be nice to relax in the warm water for a while without the egg torturing me.

We’d only managed to walk a few yards from the shop when Freya stopped and put one hand on each of us. He face went red then she started shaking. Alfie must have left the egg switched on.

“Careful Freya,” I said, “if you’re not careful you’ll have as many as I’ve had.”

After a minute or so Freya said,

“Oh, I do hope so.”

When she was back to normal she let go of Alfie and me. I said,

“Remember, you need to act and sound like a little girl if you don’t want to get in trouble.”

“Please turn it off for a while Alfie. I need to get into the jacuzzi in one piece.”

Alfie’s hand went to the control and Freya gave a sigh of relief.

No one took any notice of the 2 naked girls that walked through the swimming pool area and got into the jacuzzi. Alfie had been hanging back and I saw him put the remote control on the wall before he joined us. From the expression on Freya’s face Alfie must have switched the egg on before leaving the control.

There was a middle-aged couple in the jacuzzi when we got in. Neither seemed bothered by Freya and I being naked. We all settled and relaxed in the warm water. A couple of minutes later the couple got up and left; and Alfie moved and sat between us; his hand resting on my thigh.

Shortly after that his hand moved up to my pussy. Without thinking I opened my legs giving him access. Why did I do that? It was Alfie, not Ryan.

Alfie’s finger got to work as my head went back and my eyes closed. I was sooo relaxed.

At one point I opened my eyes and saw that Freya was enjoying what the egg, and probably Alfie, was doing to her. I heard the unmistakeable sound of a girl cumming.

Alfie brought me to my fourteenth orgasm of the day as I sat there, legs wide open and eyes closed.

It was only when I finally opened my eyes that I saw that we’d been joined by a man about my age. He had a big grin on his face. My face went red as I wondered if he had realised that I’d just had an orgasm right in front of him. I turned to look at Freya; she looked as if she was still having one.

After a couple of minutes I felt a soft hand touching my thigh. I looked at Freya and she said,

“Your turn.”

I moved my hand to hers under the bubbling water. She’d leant over Alfie and was holding the egg. It was still vibrating. Realising that she’d obviously expelled it and wanted me to put it up my hole; I took it from her and opened my legs even wider. As I pushed it up my vagina I realised that it was the first time that I’d put it in while it was switched on. It felt good.

Number 15 came quite quickly. I kept my eyes closed and concentrated on trying to keep a straight face and my mouth shut. Fortunately my little moans were drowned by the sound of the bubbles bursting.

While I was occupied with my own pleasure, Freya had moved to sit on Alfie’s lap. She had an arm round his neck and was a little higher in the water. Her tits were just out of the bubbles and were being stared at by the man.

I wondered if she’d got Alfie’s cock out and was being fucked as well as being stared at. I didn’t mind, at least the man wasn’t looking at me.

Number 16 was just starting to build when Freya stood up and turned to Alfie and said,

“Can we go home now? I need to go for a pee pee.”

I nearly burst out laughing as I saw that Freya was standing right in front of the man. Her pussy was only inches from his face. At least I don’t do that deliberately.

“Okay,” Alfie said. He turned to me and continued, “Come on Tanya, I suppose you want to go to the toilet as well.”

“Can you just wait a minute? I’ve just got to …….”

I said as number 16 took control of my body. It was a good job that I’d been totally relaxed before Freya gave me the egg otherwise it might have been a long orgasm. Instead it was just a quickie, and I managed to keep quiet.

When I got control on myself back I opened my eyes; Freya was still stood with her pussy inches from the man’s face. I wondered what his hands were doing under the bubbles and giggled a bit.

“Okay, we can go now.” I said; and one by one the 3 of us got out and headed out of the swimming pool area. The egg was still vibrating inside me and I was glad when we were away from all the people.

Just as we got to my mobile home Alfie switched the egg off.

“Getting close were you?” Alfie asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Good, I want to fuck your mouth one last time, and it will be better if you’re cumming as I do it.” Alfie said.

“Wow, you’re getting a bit confident.” I thought. I wondered if he was going to be that dominant with Freya. I had visions of the 2 of them fucking like rabbits when they get back home, with Alfie thinking that Freya was doing what he wanted. I smiled as I wondered if he realised that Freya would be calling the shots, not him.

Alfie led me over to the table and told me to lie on it with my head bent backwards over the edge. As I got into position I realised that I’d automatically lay there with my legs, and my mouth, wide open; and Freya was moving between my legs.

Alfie dropped his shorts and I saw his cock heading straight for my open mouth.

Alfie’s cock went straight down my throat and he started fucking me, his balls banging against my face as he thrust forward. Meanwhile, Freya’s mouth and fingers were working on my pussy. The pair of them soon had me cumming.

Alfie lasted quite a long time; he must have been short of jism, having cum so many times already that day. Meanwhile I had orgasms 17 and 18 in quick succession before they withdrew and let me calm down. Alfie also switched the egg off. I was pleased about that because I was knackered.

As I lay there I watched both Freya and Alfie get dressed. I imagined Freya’s nipples poking through her top at her father and her ‘accidentally’ showing him that she wasn’t wearing any knickers, wondering what he would think; then wondering what he would say if he caught Freya and Alfie fucking.

“Don’t get up Tanya.” Freya said. “We’ve got to go now, and I suppose that you’ll have set off home before we emerge tomorrow; so have a good trip, give Ryan hell when he gets back home, and make sure that he buys you those dresses; you’ve certainly earned them.”

We said out goodbyes and I was left there still on my back on the table. I put my hand to my pussy and touched my clit. As I did so I got a little after-shock that brought me to reality.

I slowly got off the table, expelled the egg and went for a shower. I needed to relax for a while.

With a towel wrapped round me I went out the back to lie on a sun lounger to enjoy the last of the day’s sun.

When I woke up it was starting to get dark. The towel had fallen open and my right hand was playing with my pussy.

“Stop it Tanya.” I said to myself. “Give it a rest; you’re turning into some sort of nymphomaniac.”

I smiled and got up to see what food was left in the fridge. Seeing nothing, I decided to go to the takeaway. I was feeling good and wanted to look good as well so I got my piercing jewellery out and put it in then combed my hair and let it flow. I’d had enough of the pigtails.

It was only when I got outside that I thought about the little girl look.

“Sod it!” I thought. “I’m going home in the morning; what’s the worst that they could do if the realised that I’d been conning them about my age?”

I laughed to myself and kept walking.

I made it to the takeaway without seeing anyone, but those damn youths were hanging around just outside. They stared at me as I walked passed them.

“Fucking hell!” one of them said.

Inside the takeaway were the man serving and a young woman, about my age, getting served. They stopped talking and looked at me for a few seconds before finishing their business. For some strange reason I didn’t feel at all embarrassed about being naked and having the chains hanging from my nipples and clit. I thought about Ryan telling me that I was an exhibitionist and thought, for once, that there may be a little truth in that.

“You look different tonight; what can I get for you?” The man said as the woman left.

I suddenly felt embarrassed.

“Yes, my mum’s been experimenting with me. Do you like it?”

“It makes you look a lot older.”

“Yeah, I like it too. I just wish that she’d let me wear some clothes.”

“You look great just the way you are.” The man said as he packed my order.

My face burnt as I walked out knowing that the man’s eyes would be glued to my butt. I wondered if he could see the chain dangling between my legs.

The youths had a couple of rude comments for me as I passed them again; but I ignored them and kept walking.

I was eating when Ryan’s text arrived but I’d finished by the time our text conversation had finished. I was knackered and decided to have an early night.

Day 6
I woke early to find a wet pussy and fingers playing with it. I decided to have one last run along the beach before getting ready to leave. The steel balls did their job and I had to stop twice to get capable of running again.

I cleaned the place up, showered and packed my things. It didn’t take long because most of my clothes never even came out of my bag. As I decided what to wear I realised that I hadn’t worn any clothes for nearly 5 days. I didn’t know if I was happy or sad. What I did know was that I’d certainly enjoyed myself. I’d never had so many orgasms in such a short time. My pussy tingled at the thought.

As it looked like it was going to be a reasonable day I decided to wear a cotton tank top and a little floaty skirt; and my jewellery and Ben Wa balls. I wanted to feel good on the journey home but at the same time I knew that I’d have to be careful in that skirt.

I didn’t see Freya or Alfie as I walked to reception, but I think that I saw their father driving off.

“Punishment over?” the woman in reception said as I handed her the key.

“Yeah, and we’re going home today.” I said.

“You look a lot older with your clothes on; quite pretty. We’re going to miss seeing you walk around.”

I blushed and quickly left.

The trip home was quite uneventful, I was making a mental list of everything that I had to get done before Ryan got home. I didn’t want us to have to go out for the whole weekend. I had things that I wanted us to do which didn’t involve clothes.

Talking about clothes, I thought about the new dresses that Ryan was going to buy me.

I went to the airport to meet Ryan and as soon as I saw him I ran to him and jumped on him. I had my arms around his neck kissing him and my legs round his waist. My skirt must have ridden up at the back because I could feel his hands on my bare butt, but I didn’t care; I was so pleased to see him. After a couple of minutes of non-stop kissing one of his colleagues said,

“Hi Tanya, I can see your butt again.”

Ryan lowered me down and I straightened my skirt.

We never did go out that weekend, and Ryan did forgive me for giving Alfie a blowjob. Oh, and I did get 3 new dresses.


My new haircut
It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it didn’t take me long to realise that I’d made a mistake.

I really liked my new look, nice and short and easy to manage. Ryan said that he liked it too, but soon after he saw it he got this look on his face.

“TT, we haven’t been swimming for ages, do you fancy going this weekend?” he asked.

“Yeah, okay, I’ll wear the bikini top and swimming skirt again.”

“No, I’ll get you something new to wear.” Ryan said.

I got worried. I remembered the last time Ryan bought me a ‘swimsuit’; it turned out to be a see-through thong – no top.

As usual Ryan made me wait until the very last second before letting me have my new swimsuit. We were both naked in the changing cubicle when he gave me the bag with my new costume in. I opened the bag and all I could see was a pair of swimming shorts.

“Oh, you got yourself a new pair of swimming shorts as well.” I said.

“No, those are for you.” Ryan replied.

“What, I’ll look stupid wearing those and a bikini top.” I said.

“No you won’t, there’s no top.”

“Are you trying to say that you want me to wear just those shorts; you can’t be serious, I’ll get kicked out.”

“No you won’t. You’re always saying that your tits are so small that you look like a little girl; well now that your hair is so short you’ll look like a little boy.”

That’s when I started regretting getting my hair cut so short. Ryan wanted me to pretend to be a young boy and expose my little tits. Okay some young boys these days have moobs bigger than my young woman tits and my front does look like 2 sultanas on an ironing board but I’m an adult woman. I can’t walk around a public swimming pool with no top on.

As usual Ryan got his way. I was nervous as hell as we opened the door and walked out into the public area. I wanted to hold Ryan’s hand for moral support but we didn’t want to attract any attention. It was going to be difficult to keep our hands off each other.

The strange thing was; Ryan was right. No one did take any notice of me. I really did look like a boy. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. What I do know is that I felt incredibly horny.

Ryan had us swim hard to try to take our minds off me being topless. It sort of worked but we sure as hell had some good fun in the changing cubicle afterwards.

Ryan must have told Karen about our swimming session because a couple of days later Emma phoned me and invited me to go swimming with her. Once I’d agreed she told me that I had to take my boy’s swimming shorts. She said that she wanted to go swimming with ‘her little brother’.

We went and I had a good time. That was until showering afterwards; Emma talked me into taking my shorts off and showering naked. There was a man in the showers and he was facing us when I took them off. You should have seen his face when he realised that I was a girl. Emma insisted that I soap myself in front of the man. I wasn’t happy but I did it, and I was so happy when Emma said that we could go.

I’ve got a job! – at last
It seems like it’s taken forever but I finally managed to get a proper job. It’s with a big accountancy firm and I work in an office with about 20 others.

In a way I’m glad that I don’t have to do the modelling kids clothes job for that store anymore, but at the same time I did enjoy parts of it. I used to get so embarrassed when people saw me naked; but at the same time I used to get so turned-on; especially when one of the fathers got so dominant and told me to take my clothes off in front of him; or worse, when they took the clothes off me and had me stand there totally naked in front of them. It was even more humiliating if they did that in front their teenage sons.

As soon as I got the phone call I phoned Ryan and we went out and celebrated. The next weekend we went out and bought me some more skirts and blouses. I wasn’t too happy that Ryan would only let me buy miniskirts; but I was grateful that they weren’t micro skirts.

The people there are really nice, but it wasn’t long before someone discovered that I don’t wear underwear. The problem is that the new girl has to work at a table, not a desk, and I keep forgetting to cross my legs. It didn’t take long for me to be known as ‘the girl with no knickers.’  They know that Ryan calls me TT, but they don’t know what the TT stands for – yet.

Being the new girl I have to do all the GDB (general dog’s body) jobs; including the filing (not much I’m happy to say) and the general running around. I have to be really careful not to show too much leg. Ryan just laughs and says that I’ll get used to it.

Whenever we have to go upstairs to the conference room my boss insists on letting me go up the stairs in front of him. I don’t think that he can see my butt, but I’m not 100% sure.

There’s a pretty good social life at my new office, for starters just about everyone goes for a drink after work each Friday. I’ve been with them a couple of times and it was fun. I declined the offer of going on to a nightclub, but I might go soon, if Ryan can come.

Sharing Photographs
Ryan bought a colour printer because he needed to print some quality presentation material for work. After printing that lot he decided to take some photos of me; he wanted them to be of me naked and in some almost pornographic poses. I was expecting him to keep them in a folder on his laptop. He put them there okay, but then he decided to print a couple of them on the new printer. He printed quite a few copies and when I asked him why he told me that he was trying to get the colours right.

What I wasn’t expecting him to do was hand them out at work. When he told me I nearly threw a wobbler. When I asked him why he’d do such a thing he said that he was proud of me and that he wanted the world to see what they were missing.

I love him when he says things like that, but these were photographs of me with my legs wide open and with a dildo sticking out of me!

When I said that I’d never be able to look his friends in the face he again he repeated what he’d just said and added that all his friends think the world of me. He said that I should just think about it as another nude modelling session.

As usual Ryan’s words brought me round and before long we were at it like a couple of rabbits.

At least I was wearing my nipple and clit jewellery.

Ryan’s younger brother Tom
During one of Ryan’s phone calls to his family Ryan volunteered our sofa to Tom for a few nights while he came to look round our city and see what the university is like. I like Tom; he’s a nice young man so I had no problem with Ryan’s offer.

It was only when we were in bed that night that I realised that I’d have to be careful what I was wearing, and where. I was so used to being naked all around our home. Ryan just laughed and said,

“It’s our place and you can wear what you like, where you want. It’s not as if Tom hasn’t seen you naked before. Do you remember that time when you asked him to rub suntan lotion all over you then you asked him to finger fuck you?”

“Hey, that was a mistake, I had my eyes shut and I thought that it was you.”

“Yeah, but the point is that he’s seen you naked, so what’s the big deal about him seeing you naked again?”

“Oh shit!” I thought, “Ryan’s going to have me naked in front of Tom again.”

I wasn’t happy, but as usual, Ryan got his way.

A couple of weeks later Tom arrived. As I was getting him a drink Ryan came into the kitchen and whispered,

“Relax TT, it’s no big deal; pretend that he’s a mini-me.”

I laughed then said,

“Okay, but don’t think that he’s going to fuck me.”

“Hell no, that wasn’t what I meant. What I meant was that you shouldn’t put clothes on just because he’s here. When it comes to clothes, just pretend that he’s me.”

“I think that I know what you’re saying; I’ll try.”

I kept my clothes on for the rest of the day but that evening when we were all watching television and drinking beer, Ryan started getting a bit passionate with me. He got me sitting on his lap and he started to undress me in front of Tom.

I whispered for him to stop but Ryan just reminded me of what he’d said earlier. It was a good job that I’d had a couple of beers because before long I was totally naked. Tom was pretending to be cool about it but his eyes kept going from the TV to me.

I buried my face in Ryan’s neck to hide my embarrassment as he started to finger fuck me. He made me cum while Tom watched.

More of Tom’s visit later.

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 14 – More embarrassing experiences

Ryan’s younger brother Tom
Toms come to stay with us for a few days while he checks-out the city as a potential university city for himself. On his first night with us Ryan undressed me in front of Tom and finger-fucked me until I had an orgasm. I wasn’t too happy about that but I have to admit that when Ryan took me to bed he really did fuck me hard. My second and third orgasms of the evening were wonderful. I suspect that Tom would have heard us, but at that point in time I didn’t care if the whole world heard us.

I woke up the next morning to Ryan spooning me with his cock inside me. It’s a wonderful way to wake up.

Forgetting that we had a visitor I went to put the coffee on without putting any clothes on. As I walked onto the lounge I saw Tom looking at me from the sofa, I quickly covered my bits and apologised to Tom.

“That’s okay Tanya; it isn’t as if I haven’t seen you without clothes on before.”

I blushed and quickly got to the kitchen.

Having started the coffee I quickly walked back to the bedroom, not even looking at Tom.

“You could have reminded me that we had a visitor.” I said to Ryan.

“Why? He’s seen you starkers before.”

“Yes I know, but those times were all your fault. I don’t want him to think that I’m some sort of exhibitionist.”

“You are!”

“No I’m not.”

Ryan pulled me to the bed and fingered my pussy.

“You must have enjoyed him seeing you.” Ryan said as he held his shinny finger up for me to see. Putting it into my mouth he continued,

“Told you.”

I wanted to say that his finger was wet from the fucking that he’d given me earlier but instead I just sucked his finger.

Ryan and I went to work that day leaving Tom to go and see whatever he wanted. When we were all watching television and drinking beer that evening, Ryan started getting a bit passionate with me. He started to undress me in front of Tom.

I whispered for him to stop but Ryan just reminded me of what he’d said that morning. It was a good job that I’d had a couple of beers because before long I was totally naked. Tom was pretending to be cool about it but his eyes kept going from the TV to me.

It wasn’t long before Ryan was finger fucking me in front of Tom again. He made me cum while Tom watched. Ryan wasn’t satisfied with that and he shuffled me around on his lap and before I knew it I was sat with my back to Ryan, legs wide open and I was bouncing up and down on Ryan’s cock. Somehow Ryan had got us fucking in front of his brother with my whole front exposed.

The next day was Saturday and we’d decided to show Tom a few places that he hadn’t found yet. It was a bit of a windy day and I put on a tight miniskirt but Ryan ‘persuaded’ me to change it to a thin, ‘A’ shaped cotton, shorter one. I just knew that I’d have a day of holding my skirt down.

I was right, just as soon as we went outside my little skirt started blowing up.

We walked to the bus stop and I leaned against the shelter with my hands on my thighs. When the bus came Ryan got on first and paid for us. Then we followed him up the stairs with me sandwiched between them. While we’d been waiting for the bus I’d decided that if I could keep getting between Ryan and Tom there was less chance of other people seeing me if my skirt blew up. What I’d forgotten was the stairs to the top deck of the bus. Tom must have had a great view of my bare butt as we went up those stairs. 

Tom and Ryan were talking to each other when it got time to get off the bus and as we went down the stairs Tom kept turning back to say something to Ryan. I tried to ignore the fact that Tom’s face was at about my knee height and when he looked up to say something to Ryan he must have seen my pussy.

The day went well from Tom’s and Ryan’s point of view. In a way I was pleased as well, but I wasn’t happy about my skirt and my constant blushing whenever it blew up. I have no idea how many people saw something that I didn’t want them to.

We decided to have a pizza before heading home and I was relieved to get out of the wind. Ryan led us to a table at the raised part of the seating area. I sat next to Tom with Ryan opposite me.

Half way through the pizza I felt Ryan’s feet opening my legs. It was under the table so I wasn’t bothered. That was until I looked town at the tables below and saw a couple of teenage girls with an older man; all looking up at my legs. By that time Ryan had worked them wide apart. The 3 of them must have been able to see my pussy. I tried closing my legs and tugging my skirt down but Ryan just prized my legs apart again. He must have known that the girls and the man were looking at me.

On the bus back Ryan manoeuvred himself so that Tom followed me up the stairs again. At least they weren’t talking when we got off.

That evening the boys found a movie that they wanted to watch and we settled with some snacks and a few bottles of beer. About half way through the film Ryan pulled me onto his lap. I thought about the previous night and hoped that Ryan wouldn’t do that to me again. Even though I’d had a couple of beers I still blushed at the memory.

Ryan shuffled me round on him so that I was sat with my back to his chest and my legs, together, on top of his. After a while I felt him get hard and his right hand started wandering up my top.

“Please don’t strip me in front of Tom again.” I thought; as Ryan’s hand started working on my little tits and nipples.

Before long both Ryan’s hands were pulling and tweaking my exposed nipples and my top was round my neck.

I did and I didn’t want Ryan to keep going and as his right hand slid down my bare stomach to my skirt buttons I just knew that he was putting on another show for Tom.

I stupidly lifted my butt for Ryan to easy my skirt off.

“Please don’t.” I whispered to Ryan; but I just knew that he would.

Ryan’s right hand went to my pussy and as soon as he touched my clit I felt my legs opening and falling either side of his.

He played with my clit and finger fucked me for a couple of minutes before moving his hand in between our bodies. Why did I lift myself up so that Ryan could free his cock? What was I thinking?

Tom had given up on the film and was staring at my spread, very wet pussy.

It did feel good when I lowered myself and felt Ryan’s hard-on pressing on my butt.

Ryan’s right hand went back to my pussy while his left hand left hand continued teasing my nipples.

I tried to forget that Tom was watching as Ryan whispered for me to sit up. As I did so his hard-on pressed against my pussy. I couldn’t stop myself; I lifted up and held his cock so that it went inside me as I lowered myself down.

I bottomed out with a long sigh. It really did feel good.

Human instinct took over and Ryan and I fucked hard while Tom sat and watched. When we’d both cum I just sat there getting my breath back. After a while I looked at Tom and my face went bright red.

“Why the hell had I just let Ryan do that to me in front of his brother? What was wrong with me?” I thought. “How could I get out of there quickly?”

“I’m going to bed.” I said as I quickly got up and walked out.

I was asleep when Ryan came to bed.

The next morning I blushed when I saw Tom.

“What must he think of me?” I thought. I was glad that I’d remembered to put some clothes on before leaving our bedroom.

I busied myself getting breakfast ready.

I had a shower after breakfast and Ryan was in the bedroom when I got back there. He was in a playful mood and kept grabbing me, tweaking my nipples and fingering me. I said that we needed to be quiet so that Tom wouldn’t hear us. His response was to get a gag out of our ‘toys’ drawer and put it on me. That started his brain going in sexy play mood and before I knew it I was naked, spread-eagled on the bed with my wrists and ankles secured to each corner.

I tried to remind him that Tom was in the next room but the words were all muffled. Ryan got a blindfold out and put it on me. Then it was my mp3 player.

I was secured, naked, blind and deaf. Now let me tell you that is a strange feeling. I felt so helpless. I knew that Ryan would never let anything happen to me but never-the-less I was a bit scared.

For ages nothing happened; I was waiting for Ryan to jump on top of me and fuck me silly but it never happened. After forever, one of my ear-buds was removed and I heard Ryan say that he and Tom were going to the pub. I tried to ask Ryan to release me but it was all garbled.

The ear-bud was returned to my ear and I was all alone in my little world again.

There was nothing for what seemed hours. To start off with I had visions of burglars coming in and raping me. Fear of the place catching fire. You name it; every bad scenario went through my head.

Eventually I calmed down and before I knew it I was fast asleep.

The next thing I knew was a hand was sliding up my leg. I tried to shout to Ryan to tell him to stop teasing me and fuck me. The hand slid all over my body, except for my tits and pussy, for ages. I started getting hot and wet.

Then it stopped and there was nothing for ages.

Then it started again. This time my tits and pussy weren’t ignored. The hand teased and squeezed and flicked and rubbed and poked. My AF was close to a 10.

The hand kept going and took me over the edge. I felt my back and butt lift off the bed as tha spasms took control of me.

Just as I was starting to calm down the hand started again. It worked its magic and I was getting close again. But this time it stopped just before I was about to cum and then I felt the bed move and the insides of my thighs felt someone’s bare legs.

“At last, Ryan’s going to fuck me.” I thought.

And get fucked I was, that cock pounded in and out of me for ages before it emptied its load into me. That hot feeling of a cock cumming inside me made me cum as well.

Ryan collapsed on top of me and we lay there for ages before he rolled off me and got off the bed.

Ryan had not said a word all that time. I wondered if he wanted me to think that it had been a burglar.

My mp3 player kept playing and I eventually dozed off into a satisfied sleep.

The next thing that I knew was Ryan taking the blindfold off me and asking if I’d had a good nap.

“Two actually;” I said, “and the second was so nice after you’d finally fucked me.”

“What are you talking about? I’ve only just got back from the pub with Tom.” Ryan said as he continued releasing me. “I thought that we could go into town and get something to eat.”

“Ryan stop messing, you just fucked me a while back.”

“No I didn’t, but I will now if you want.”

“You did.” I said as I put my hand to my very wet pussy. “Look I’m all wet.”

“Are you sure that you didn’t have another wet dream TT?”

“No……. Well I don’t think so, it seemed so real.”

“Well, do you want me to fuck you now?” Ryan asked.

“No, I think I need another shower.” I said and dashed to the bathroom.

When I got back Ryan asked me to wear the remote controlled egg and my clit and nipple jewellery under a tank top and skirt. The tank top that he chose for me is a bit thin so Ryan and Tom would be able to see the shape of my nipple barbells and chains. When I mentioned it to Ryan he dismissed my concerns saying that nobody would be looking. I wasn’t so sure but I still put it on.

We went and joined Tom and talked for an hour or so. Thankfully Ryan left the remote control in the bedroom.

Ryan got a little hungry and we decided to go for a Chinese and then a drink. As I climbed up the stairs on the bus I heard Tom say

“Nice chains TT.”

I’d forgotten about the chains and wondered if that was all that he could see.

In the Chinese we ordered our food and while I was taking a sip of my drink I saw the control for the egg on the table and blushed as I realised that I was probably going to be in for a bit of a rough time.

Ryan picked up the control and asked Tom what he thought it was, saying that he’d found it the other day. Tom took it, looked at it then turned it on.

I was watching them but I still jumped a bit and gasped.

“You okay TT?” Tom asked.

“Yeah, yeah, I just got a cold shiver.” I lied.

Tom played with the control for a minute or so then our food started to arrive. Tom put the control down but it was still switched to low. I started to think that maybe I wasn’t going to eat much.

After a couple of minutes I reached for the control and managed to switch it off without Ryan complaining or stopping me.

After the meal we walked to a pub that we like and had a pleasant evening; except for the fact that Ryan had brought the remote control with him and started playing with it. Tom gave me some funny looks but he didn’t look like he knew what it was. After our second drink Ryan gave the control to Tom and asked him if he could play with it and see if he could work out what it did.

Tom didn’t know it but he was driving me crazy. At one point I just wished that he’d put it on full and put the damn thing down. I really did need to cum and I was so desperate that didn’t care if I was in a crowded pub.

The egg was defeating me and I didn’t want to cum sat at the table so just as I was getting to the edge I mumbled something about going to the toilet and got up and walked out. I just made it into a stall when it hit me. Boy was I glad that I was alone; that egg was still on full and I came 3 times.

The egg was still torturing me when I got back and I was glad that the control was in front of where I was sitting. I quickly switched it off and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Are you okay TT?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah, I feel much better now; thank you.”

I looked at Ryan’s face; it had a big grin on it. I put the control in my bag.

Both Ryan and I had to go to work the next morning and Tom was heading back home. The boys decided that they both needed a pee before we left and off they went leaving me on my own.

Tom had left his phone on the table and feeling a bit naughty and nosey I picked it up and started looking through the photos he’d taken. Imagine my surprise when I saw 3 photos of me, naked, spread-eagled on our bed with a blindfold and gag on. One was a real close-up of my pussy.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ryan and Tom coming back. I quickly put Tom’s phone back how I’d found it.

I didn’t know what to do. On the one hand I was embarrassed and humiliated that the 2 of them had tricked me like that; but on the other hand, Ryan had obviously been the ring-leader and he could probably have talked me into posing for Tom anyway.

Then it hit me. Had it been a wet dream; or had one of them actually fucked me? If so which one? Had Ryan let his brother fuck me? I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I didn’t get the chance to do either as soon afterwards Ryan decided that it was time to head back because we all had to get up early.

There was no TV that night so Ryan wouldn’t be stripping me or fucking me in front of his brother. I was relieved; but Ryan did fuck me in bed before going to sleep.

The next morning Ryan was up first and went for a shower. I put one of Ryan’s shirts on and went and got breakfast ready. When Ryan emerged I went to our bedroom, took Ryan’s shirt off and went for a shower.

When I opened the door I got a shock. Tom was in the shower with the curtain open and was wanking away.

Tom didn’t see me at first; I guess that he had other things on his mind. I just stood and stared. When Tom did see me he grabbed the shower curtain and pulled it closed saying that he was sorry.

I told him that it was okay, that he’d seen me naked before so it was only fair that I see him naked. Tom didn’t say anything so I turned and went back to our bedroom. When I heard the bathroom door open and close I went and had a shower and then got dressed for work.

We parted at the bus stop with Ryan kissing me on the lips and Tom kissing me on the cheek.

Cum on Command
One night just after we’d fucked on the sofa, just after Tom had gone back home Ryan told me that he’d been doing some research about girls Cumming on Command. He told me that a lot of people, girls included, had said that it was quite easy to achieve. Ryan told me that the most popular way to achieve this was for the girl to say the same word over and over again, whilst she was cumming. It didn’t matter what the word was just so long as it was said over and over whilst she was cumming. The theory was that the girl’s brain would associate that word with cumming and start an orgasm every time that she heard the word.

I was a little sceptical but was willing to give it a go. Ryan said that he had no idea how long it would take and guessed that it depended on how often the girl had orgasms.

I laughed and said,

“Two days then.”

We both laughed then chose a word. That’s not as easy as it sounds because it had to be a word that wasn’t used in everyday conversation. I didn’t want to suddenly find myself cumming during a meeting at work.

After a lot of debate we decided on the word ‘treadmill’. As neither of us ever intended joining a gym we thought that it would be a good word.

From then on every time that I had an orgasm I’d say the word ‘treadmill’. If I forgot Ryan would slap my butt and remind me.

After a couple of weeks, at breakfast one morning, Ryan suddenly said ‘treadmill’. It didn’t make me cum but I certainly got wet. We decided that we needed to practice some more; not that we needed an excuse to fuck.

We kept on practicing.

The Massage Guy
I don’t know what was causing it but I started getting bad neck ache. It went on for a couple of weeks. Ryan was talking about it to his mates at work and one of them recommended someone and Ryan decided to treat me to a neck massage.

When we got there I wasn’t at all sure about it. The place was a small house and didn’t look at all inviting. Ryan assured me that it would be okay so in we went.

The man who came to the door wasn’t much older than us and was dressed in white trousers and white T-shirt.

We were taken into the front room where we saw a doctor’s style table covered in a white sheet and all sorts of bottles on a little table next to it.

The man asked us what he could do for us and Ryan told him about my neck. The man then went on to tell us how neck ache could be caused by problems as far away as the feet and recommended that I have a full body massage to see if he could pinpoint the problem.

It didn’t sound very feasible to me but Ryan said that it sounded like a good idea and agreed to pay the man.

The man then told me to take my clothes off and climb onto the table. I was a bit shocked, and not too happy, and looked at Ryan. He nodded at me so I slowly took my top then skirt off. Kicking my shoes off I climbed up and lay on my stomach wondering what I had let myself in for.

I felt some oil being dripped on my neck and shoulders then the man’s hands got to work.

Oh, it did feel good. Within seconds I was relaxed and enjoying those hands. I gasped a bit as the man’s hands worked on my neck.

“I thought so; you’ve got quite a knot in there. Don’t worry I’ll soon take care of that.” The man said.

And he did. It felt sooo good. After about 10 minutes the man asked me how it felt. I lifted my head and turned it from side to side.

“That’s much better, thank you.” I said and started to get up.

“No, no, that’s just the start. I need to see if I can find the cause, lay down again and I’ll finish the job.”

I looked at Ryan who nodded, so I lay back down on my stomach.

The man then started to massage all my skin that was exposed. I have to admit that it felt good.

When he told me to turn over I was so relaxed that I just did it. It was then that I remembered that I was wearing the barbells in my nipples and clit. I was glad that I’d left the chains at home; but there again, I was so relaxed that I didn’t really care.

The man started on my arms and shoulders. I had my eyes closed but I could feel how hard my nipples were. My clit was feeling good as well. Had some of the massage oil run down from my butt into my pussy or was I getting naturally wet. I decided not to think about it.

My chest was next. It felt sooo good when he massaged my little tits and nipples. The moisture in my pussy was natural and there was getting to be a lot more of it.

I was a little disappointed when the hands left my torso and moved to my feet and legs. I could feel the man’s eyes staring at my pussy as he lifted and spread my legs. I jerked a bit when the side of the man’s hand just touched my pussy as he massaged my thighs.

When he’d massaged both my legs I was wondering if that was the lot. On one hand I wanted him to stop, but on the other hand I needed relief. I wanted Ryan to give me that relief so I was getting ready to get up when I felt some more oil drip on my pubic bone. I guessed what was coming next and opened my eyes and looked over to Ryan. He had a grin on his face and when he saw me looking at him he nodded. He was okay with what I guessed was going to happen.

Those wonderful hands worked all around my pussy. I was close to cumming even before my pussy had been touched.

When his fingers went inside me I started to cum, and cum, and cum.

“Treadmill; treadmill; treadmill.” I shouted.

Those fingers kept on going. I felt my butt rise up off the table as I tried to push my pussy closer to the man.

On and on it went; one orgasm after another. I was totally oblivious to anything else except those orgasms.

I vaguely remember the fingers leaving my pussy but I was still whimpering and shaking and jerking. I’d totally lost all control of my body.

I have no idea how long I kept cumming or shouting ‘treadmill’, without being touched.

When I started to think that I was starting to get some control back I felt something on my pussy. I looked down and saw the man holding a magic wand against my clit.

I totally lost it again as that amazing piece of Japanese technology took me right back up there. The whimpering got mixed with screams and giggles and grunts. For some of the time the only parts of my body that were touching the table were my feet and shoulders.

The magic wand was taken away but I still kept cumming.

“Treadmill; treadmill; treadmill.” I kept shouting.

When I started to calm down a bit the wand was returned to my pussy and I was soon back up there.

I have no idea how long it went on for but when I finally came back to earth I was totally knackered. I looked round and the man was gone. Ryan was stood there still with the grin on his face.

“Are you back in the land of the living?” Ryan asked.

“I think so but I’m totally knackered. What the hell just happened? Where has that man gone? Can you learn how to do that please?”

“Slow down there TT. I take it that you enjoyed that.”

Ryan moved closer and touched my clit (my legs were spread wide); and my body jerked.

“Fuck Ryan, that was unbelievable.”

“Do you think that you can stand-up?”

I slid me legs over the side of the table, slowly sat up and slid off the table. At first my legs gave way and Ryan had to grab me but on the second attempt I managed to stay up.

“I’m knackered.” I said.

“I can see that. Here, let me towel you down then dress you.”

I just stood there and let Ryan do as he’d said. It reminded me of the times when I worked in that dress shop and the dominating parents would change my clothes for me as if I was one of their little kids.

Ryan ‘accidentally’ touched my clit as he put my skirt on me and I jerked again.

“I hope it’s still like that when we get home, I’m looking forward to a good fuck.” Ryan said.

“Me too.” I replied.

Ryan told me that the man had told him to let ourselves out so we left and slowly walked to the bus stop. On the ride home I told Ryan that he had to tell Karen and Emma about the effect that the man’s hands had on me.

My clit wasn’t quite as sensitive when we got home, but that didn’t stop Ryan fucking my brains out.

I slept well that night.

Unfortunately I haven’t had neck ache since.

My Job
This is going well; everyone is so nice and helpful. What’s more I’ve moved to a proper desk and I no longer have to remember to cross my legs every time that I sit down. Apparently, according to one of the other girls, I still accidentally flash my pussy and butt at times (probably going up the stairs). I do wish that Ryan would let me wear longer skirts.

The management must be happy with my performance because they invited me to go on the sections ‘team building’ weekend. It’s a sort of outdoor challenge weekend where success is only possible if the groups work as a team. The also told me that I was going on a training course in London.

It was an amazing weekend where I did things that I’ve never done before and I got to know some of the others that I work with, a lot better. I guess that they got to know me a lot better too. Not only did I end-up telling them some of the things that Ryan and I have done I told them all about me pretending to be a 12 year old girl when we were house sitting in Spain and me being naked for 5 days at Ryan’s uncle’s holiday home by the coast.

Thankfully the weekend’s weather meant that we had to wear waterproofs for most of the time. I didn’t want any of the blokes persuading me to get naked; although after I’d been stupid enough to tell them about my naked exploits I did hope that none of them would try to blackmail me by threatening to tell my boss.

The training course was good. I enjoyed the course, and the posh hotel that I was put up in. I was the only one there from my company so I didn’t know anyone else in the hotel.

When I found out which hotel I was staying in Ryan looked it up on the internet to find out more about it. He was pleased when he found out that it had a leisure centre and he told me to pack my swimming skirt and bikini top. He also got me to promise to wear my barbells and chains for the whole week. What’s more he packed my case for me and when I got there and un-packed my little case I found that he’d only packed very short skirts and baggy blouses; and the random zap remote controlled vibrator.

The train journey down on the Sunday afternoon was uneventful except that I was already missing Ryan. I had to cross London on the underground and I quickly remembered the strong breeze that often blows in them. I had to hold my skirt down as I went down one of the escalators. When the train arrived it was preceded by that breeze and I felt my skirt lift but my hands were holding my case and bag. I just had to hope that it would fall back into place quickly.

On the train I found a seat and sat with my case between my legs and my bag on my lap. I didn’t want the man opposite looking up my short skirt.

I skyped Ryan from my tablet as soon as I arrived in my room and while we had skype sex he got me to promise to wear the random zap vibe all the time that I was in the hotel. I must have been crazy. Why do I agree to these things when I’m aroused?

My first excursion from my room was down to the restaurant. I put the vibe into my vagina and switched it on. Even though I was expecting it I still gasped when it gave me the first zap. I quickly realised that I was in for a tough time.

The second zap came just as I was walking into the restaurant. I don’t think that anyone saw me. It was a posh restaurant and I felt a bit out of place there, even though the staff were very friendly.

After eating I decided to go for a wander to see what was where. I discovered that the hotel has lots of big room that were being used for all sorts of exhibitions and meetings. I found a sign that told everyone what was happening where. I decided to check that board each day to see if there was anything interesting.

I went back up to my room and collected my swimming skirt and bikini top and headed for the leisure centre. Just as I was signing in I got zapped again and I got a funny look from the girl there. Going into the ladies changing room I stripped and when I put the bikini top on I remembered that it was see through and the barbells, chains and my areolas were clearly visible. Too late to do anything, I put the swimming skirt on went out the other end.

I wandered around the place and found everything that Ryan had said was there. I also saw a young woman in the sauna, she was naked and masturbating. She didn’t even stop when I opened the door. ‘Interesting’ I thought.

After looking round the rest of the place I went back to the sauna. The girl was still there but she’d stopped masturbating. She was however sat with one leg up on the bench exposing her bald pussy. I sat at the other end and after a minute or so the girl started talking to me. She was quite nice and friendly.

The chat was all idle chit chat at first but then she said that it was okay to be naked in there; that no one cared. She said that she’d seen my jewellery and suggested that I take my top and skirt off to get a ‘real’ sauna experience. She smiled when she saw that I had nothing on under the skirt.

She (Carrie) complimented me on my nipple jewellery and asked to have a closer look at my clit jewellery. I was so surprised that I just turned to face her and lifted my leg up onto the bench so that she could see my pussy. She got off the bench and came to have a closer look.

As she was looking at my pussy the door opened and a man walked in wearing just a towel. I wanted to close my legs but Carrie was still between them. She smiled at me then went back to where she’d been. For some strange reason I didn’t close my legs.

Carrie put her leg back up on the bench so that her pussy was fully exposed, and promptly started masturbating again.

I was shocked and just stared at her. So did the man. I could see a bulge starting in his towel.

As I watched I got zapped again and instinctively put my hand to my pussy. Without realising I left my hand there when the vibe stopped and was idly rubbing my clit. By the time that I realised what I was doing it was too late, my AF was rising. The poor man didn’t know which way to look and after a minute or so he grunted and his stomach jerked.

Carrie smiled, she knew that he’d just cum and she started panting and spasming.

The man got up and left.

When he’d gone Carrie laughed and said,

“I just love doing that. Go on, finish yourself off. It’s not fair that only 2 of us have cum.”

What could I say or do other than keep frigging. Shortly after that I orgasmed too.

“Treadmill; treadmill.” I shouted.

“Well, that was fun; but what the hell is ‘treadmill’?”

I felt my pussy jerk again and it suddenly got even wetter.  Before I could think of what to tell Carrie she continued,

“Okay Tanya, I’m in here most evenings if you want a repeat session.” And she got up and walked out.

I was stunned at what had just happened. I couldn’t believe it. I was still sat there with one leg up when the door opened again. This time it was 2 men, both wearing towels. I was just about to put my leg down when I got zapped again, this time it was a long one. The 2 men looked at me as my pussy and stomach twitched. They must have thought that I was cumming but I wasn’t. Well not then.

I didn’t dare move and just sat there as the 2 men stared at me. Eventually the heat got too much for me and I picked up my skirt and bikini top and walked out, leaving the 2 men to watch my disappearing bare butt.

I needed to cool down so I had a shower, put my skirt and top back on and went to the pool. I dived in and swam a couple of lengths. I dived down and saw a glass wall and a couple of faces looking in. Where the hell were they? I hadn’t seen that when I was exploring the place. Then I saw some workout machines. It was the workout room. Shit, anyone in the workout room would be able to see that I had nothing on under my swimming skirt. No they wouldn’t, the glass wasn't that clear. I felt relieved but I knew that I’d have to go into the workout room to confirm that.

I swam another couple of lengths them climbed out and went to the steam room. Unsurprisingly the visibility in there wasn’t too good and I didn’t see anyone else in there. Shortly after I went in I got zapped again and decided to make myself cum again.

I was quietly frigging away when I realised that the steam was clearing and a young couple were sitting opposite me and watching me. As soon as I realised I clamped my legs together then got up and left.

I went to the sauna to see if I could get some alone time to finish the job that I’d started. No luck there, there was a man and a woman there, both were naked and they looked to be talking to each other.

I went to the jacuzzi next. There was a man in it but I knew that the bubbles would hide what I wanted to do so I climbed in. At first I sat on a higher ledge but I saw the man looking at my chest and remembered that my top was see through so I slid down onto the lower ledge and put my right hand to my pussy to give it the relief that it needed.

I closed my eyes and let my hand do what was needed. My mind soon disappeared into dreams of Ryan fucking me and it was only when I started to cum that I opened my eyes and realised that the bubbles had stopped and the man was staring at my right hand. My skirt had drifted up and was being held away from my pussy by my arm. The man could see everything.

“Treadmill; treadmill; treadmill.” I said, hoping that he couldn’t hear me.

I couldn’t stop myself cumming and the vibe didn’t help when it zapped me right in the middle of me cumming.

“What the hell does a girl have to do to find somewhere quiet to bring herself off.” I thought as I held my hand over my pussy and shut my eyes. I didn’t want to see the man looking at me. 

I waited until the man had got out then I got out and went and got changed. I’d had an interesting and tiring evening. I needed some sleep.

When I went for to the breakfast room I was surprised to see 3 or 4 people were wearing bath robes. I didn’t know if they were on their way back from a morning swim or if they’d just got up.

I had a big English breakfast that tasted great.

To get to the training course I had to take an underground trip. That was no problem except for the crowded trains and the strong breeze blowing up the escalators. With Ryan only packing short skirts for me there was in real danger that they would blow up and expose my naked butt without me even knowing it.

The trains were crowded and I had to squeeze in. I just knew that sometime that week I was going to get groped; especially as I was wearing such short skirts.

I made it to my stop without being groped and went and found the training centre. It’s a nice new building, all open plan; even the stairs up to the second floor where my course was.

I didn’t think anything of it at the time but the room was filled with tables, not desks. There were no modesty boards. About half way through the morning I realised that the instructor was looking at my legs; and probably up my skirt; maybe even seeing my bald pubes.

I tried to ignore it and concentrated on the course material. Later on the instructor started walking round the room while he was talking. He seemed to hover at my left and I wondered if he was trying to look down my top. It was a bit baggy and as I never wear a bra he could probably see my nipples and jewellery.

I told myself that I was imagining it and to stop thinking that he’d even want to look at my body.

At lunchtime I got talking to the only other girl on the course. She seemed a bit ‘prim and proper’ and was wearing a trouser suit. In spite of her looks she’s quite nice really. She asked me if I knew that the instructor was staring at me. I dismissed the idea asking her why he’d even want to look at me. She didn’t answer me.

I made it to the end of the day. It had been hard work but I’d actually enjoyed it and learnt some things.

As I was going down into the underground I felt my skirt blow up to my waist. I looked round to see if anyone had noticed. Happily no one was looking at me.

The tube journey was hectic and I made it back to my hotel without getting groped; but I have no idea if my skirt got blown up and someone saw my bare butt, or worse, my pussy.

I skyped Ryan when I got back to my room and told him all about my day as I held my tablet between my legs with the camera pointing to my pussy as I played with my clit.

Ryan told me that I should flash the course instructor some more to make sure that I got a good grade. He was serious and I thought about ways that I could do that. Ryan also asked me what I could see outside my room window. When I told him that I could only see another hotel across the road he persuaded me to leave the curtains open and to pretend that Mr Perv from across the road from our place was watching. Ryan had long ago got me to ignore Mr Perv and just pretend that he wasn’t there.

When I said that there could be a few Mr Pervs Ryan just laughed and told me to ignore the lot of them. After all, they’d never see me face to face. 

I told Ryan about Carrie and that it seemed normal for people to be naked in the sauna. Ryan told me to take my skirt and top off before I went in there. What was okay for others was okay for me he said.

When I told Ryan about the people wearing bath robes at breakfast he persuaded me to wear my robe to breakfast for the rest of the week, telling me that there was no way that I could spill anything on my work clothes if I was wearing my robe. I could see the logic in that.

The thing is; my robe is nothing like one of those hotel robes. Mine is so short that it only just covers my butt, falls open when I sit down and is slightly see-through. If anyone looks close they will see my areolas and jewellery; and the front of my pussy slit. That’s okay for at home, but would I get into trouble at the hotel? I asked Ryan and he told me that it was so unlikely that it wasn’t worth worrying about.

The lunch that was provided at the training centre was quite adequate and I’d filled myself so I decided to skip an evening meal and maybe get something in the bar or through room service later. I decided to head for the leisure centre

Before I left my room I remembered what Ryan had said about the curtains and went and opened them, nets as well. I left the light switched on when I left the room.

I was wearing just my swimming skirt, bikini top and trainers (all that I had with me to wear in the leisure centre) and when I got there I decided to check-out the workout room. As soon as I walked in I saw the big glass wall of the swimming pool. I was surprised at how clearly I could see a couple of people swimming passed the window.

There were 4 men of varying ages in the workout room, all busy getting their exercise.

I decided to get a sweat on by using one of the exercise cycles. Without even realising it I adjusted the seat so that I’d slide from side to side as I pedalled. Before I knew it my AF was rising.

I decided to stop cycling and do some sit-ups. My tummy needed a workout to counter the extra food that I’d be eating that week.
I was making a lousy job of the sit-ups when a young man came over to me and introduced himself as one of the hotel’s personal trainers and asked if I was okay. He followed that by asking if my parents knew I was in there and did I want any help.

“Here we go again.” I thought. My mind went back to the hotel in London when Ryan had been on a training course. There was no way that I was going to end up masturbating in front of some hotel staff and featuring in a hotel video as the naked girl in the leisure centre again.

“Err yes please;” I said, “I don’t seem to be able to keep my legs flat on the floor.”

With that the man knelt down beside me and offered to hold my legs down.

“Please.” I said.

“It helps to open your legs a bit; it’s easier for you to get the balance right.”

I felt my legs open and looked at my skirt. I couldn’t see my pussy so I hoped that he couldn’t see anything either.  How stupid was I; of course he could see my pussy; and my jewellery. Never the less I started my first sit up.

“Harder isn’t it, but that proves that it’s dong more good. No pain, no gain; as the saying goes;” the man said.

“I’m George.” The man said as I started my second sit up.

“Tanya.” I replied when I could.

“How old are you Tanya? I’d guess at about 12 or 13.”

“Yeah, I suppose that I do look that age.”  I said.

“And your parents do know that you’re in the leisure centre on your own?”

“Of course, I’m not a little kid.” I said.

“I can see that.” George said.

I blushed but figured that George would think I was going red from the exercise.

I did 5 more sit ups before the vibe zapped me. I gasped and screwed my face up.

“Are you okay Tanya, do you want to stop?”

“No, no, it’s nothing; just something my father is making me do.” I lied.

I started the sit ups again and did another 5 before telling George that my tummy hurt too much.

“How about exercising your arms a bit?” George asked.

“Okay, come and lay on that bench with your shoulders under the bar.”

“Isn’t that dangerous, I might not be able to lift the bar or it might come crashing down onto my face.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll show you how we put safety measures in place. Let me get on the bench first and I’ll get you to do what I’ll do with you to stop accidents happening.”

George got onto the bench and lifted the bar up.

“Okay Tanya, you come and stand at my head with your feet about shoulder width apart and grab hold of the bar.”

I did what George told me without thinking. It was only when I grabbed the bar that I looked down at George and saw that he was looking up my skirt to my pussy and chain. I couldn’t move in case I dropped the bar on George so I had to grin and bare it. Oh, it’s already bare.

Anyway, after a few seconds that seemed like hours, George said,

“Okay Tanya, you try it.”

As George got up I got down. As I was laying back I realised that my legs were open and anyone near my feet would have a great view. Just as I lifted my arms to the bar the vibe zapped me again.

“Are you sure that you’re okay Tanya we can stop if you want.”

“No, I’m okay.”

George moved in close to my head and as I looked up I’m sure that I could see his cock. Was he going commando as well?

Holding the bar up at arm’s length I looked towards my feet and saw a man just coming in through the door. He stopped and stared at me; or should I say my pussy.

“Oh shit!” I thought and looked up at George. He was looking down at my chest and my rock hard nipples were poking up through my transparent bikini top at him.

I lowered the bar and said,

“Sorry George, I don’t want to do this anymore.”

As I got up George said,

“How about exercising your legs a bit Tanya; how about some cycling?”

“I’ve already done some of that.”

“Well how about 10 minutes on a treadmill then?”

All of a sudden I started cumming, right there in the workout room. My legs must have started to buckle because George put his arm round my bare waist and held me up as I started shaking and moaning.

“Treadmill; treadmill.” I said.

“What’s wrong Tanya? I heard George say.

After a long pause, during which I started to calm down, I said,

“I’m okay George, thank you; it’s just something that my father persuaded me to do. I’m not in pain; it’s just inconvenient at times. Really, I’m okay.”

George still had his arm round my bare waist and I slowly felt him release me.

“I think that I’ll go for a slow swim. Thanks again George.”

“Okay, I’m in here just about every evening if you need any more help.” George said as I walked towards the door.

As I was walked I noticed a couple of the men looking at the pool window. I looked too and saw Carrie swimming totally naked; I could clearly see her tits and pussy. I decided not to think about that, or me swimming the previous evening.

I decided to go and sit in the sauna for a while. Following Ryan’s ‘suggestion’ I left my skirt and bikini top in the changing room, wrapped a towel round me and went out to the sauna.

I took the towel off and hung it on one of the pegs and was just gong in when 2 Japanese (I think) girls walked in from the swimming pool. They were both wearing big bikinis and they stopped and stared at the naked me as I disappeared into the sauna.

I sat on the lower bench with my back to the wall and my legs on the bench and bent. I was on my own and I didn’t care if my pussy was on display. I heard the 2 girls talking and giggling but couldn’t understand a word that they were saying.

A couple of minutes later the door opened and the 2 girls walked in. They’d taken their bikinis off but their big black bushes did a good job of hiding their pussies.

I sat there not caring that 2 girls could see my goodies, and my chains. They however, were staring at me and talking. I didn’t know what they were saying but I got the impression that they were talking about my lack of body hair and my jewellery.

After a while I went for a cold shower then went back in. I’d only just closed the door when Carrie walked in. She was as naked as I was and the 2 Japs kept looking at her as well.

Carrie and I started talking and the conversation got round to swimming. I asked Carrie if she knew that the pool had a glass wall and that people in the workout room could see people in the pool.

“I certainly hope so; I’d hate to think that I was wasting my time.”

I smiled and thought about Ryan calling ME an exhibitionist.

Just then the vibe kicked in again. This time it was a long one.

Carrie said,

“Okay Tanya, what’s going on, you were screwing you face up like that last night as well. You look like you’re about to cum. Have you got a vibrator hidden up your cunt?”

“I am getting a bit hot,” I said, “can we get out of here and talk Carrie?”

We both went out and lay on 2 of the sun loungers that were in the reclining position.

In the next 10 minutes I told Carrie loads of stuff about Ryan and I; especially about the vibe inside me and what Ryan had ‘persuaded’ me to do all that week.

As I was telling her all about George and the workout room I saw that her legs had drifted apart and she was playing with her clit. Before I knew it I was doing the same.

“Christ Tanya, I thought that I was a tease, but I’m an amateur compared to you. I suppose that you do have your childish looks on your side.”

“On that subject,” I said, “George guessed that I was 12 or 13 and I didn’t correct him. I do that to try to avoid men hitting on me. Do you think that you could avoid telling him my real age please?”

“Sure, there’s no reason why he should know.” Carrie replied.

“Thank you.”

We were still masturbating as the 2 Jap girls came out of the sauna. While they were staring at us the vibe zapped me again. This time I followed through with an orgasm. As I moaned and my body trembled I shouted,

“Treadmill; treadmill; treadmill.”

I could feel my pussy muscles pulsing as if they were trying to suck something in.

“What’s this ‘Treadmill’ stuff?” Carrie asked as my body spasmed again.

When I could, I explained Ryan’s theory about Cumming on Command. The 2 Japs stopped staring and disappeared into the changing room.

“Wow!” Carrie said. “So every time you hear someone say ‘Treadmill’, you cum.”

I moaned as I had a little orgasm.

“Blood hell, it works. Treadmill; treadmill; treadmill; treadmill.” Carrie shouted.

I orgasmed again and squeezed my hand onto my pussy.

“Sorry!” Carrie said. “Come on, let’s go for a swim.”

“I’ll go and get my swimming skirt and bikini top.” I said.

“No you won’t, you don’t need them. Anyway, what’s with the swimming in a skirt thing?”

As we walked out to the pool I explained the freedom of not having my pussy covered and that if you get the right material it falls down each time that you get out of the water and makes you decent.

“I’ll have to try that, but not here; I ain’t going to wear anything here.”

We dived in and swam around for a bit. I stayed away from the window to the workout room, and from the 3 other people that were in the pool. None of them seemed to care that we were naked (if they even realised).

“Come on Tanya, don’t be shy, come over here and tread water near this window. Or should that be Treadmill the water.”

I’d heard her and my pussy started spasming as another orgasm hit me. So did the vibe which prolonged the orgasm. It was a good job that I’m a good swimmer.

We got out of the pool and went back to the sun loungers. Carrie got there first and sat with her knees up and wide apart. I automatically did the same and we continued talking about the things that I’d done. She was amazed by my exploits in Majorca.

While we were talking a man a few years older than us and wearing only a towel, walked through and into the sauna.

Carrie whispered,

“Give it a minute and we’ll follow him in.”

When we did we saw that the man had spread his towel in the middle of the bench and was lying there stark naked. My eyebrows went up as I saw his soft cock.
Carrie steered me in the direction of one end of the bench while she went to the other. She sat with one leg up, displaying her spread pussy. I instinctively did the same. When Carrie started rubbing her clit I did the same.

The man had obviously been sneakily watching us and when our spread pussies went on display his cock started to twitch. Before long he had a full hard-on but he didn’t try to hide it. It looked to get harder and harder.

I was starting to get randy. If it had been Ryan I’d have jumped on him right there and then. I was thinking about Ryan while rubbing my clit when I heard,


I started cumming and my fingers started fucking my hole. Just as I started to calm down I heard,


My fingers worked harder.

Thankfully Carrie didn’t say that word again and I managed to calm down. I looked at Carrie and the man. Carrie’s fingers were busy and the man had blobs of his cum all up his chest. I smiled and thought of Ryan.

Both the man and I watched Carrie make herself cum before the man got up and left.

“You are a naughty girl aren’t you Carrie?” I said.

“I do love doing that.” Carrie said. “That was a good one, most of them try to hide their pricks and that’s only the third one that I’ve seen shoot his load all over himself this month. I guess that I’ve got to thank you for that Tanya. We must do it again, soon”

I laughed a bit then said,

“How about tomorrow night?” I joked.

“It’s a date.”

“Hey, have you been for a massage yet?” Carrie asked.

When I asked her about it she told me that I definitely MUST have one, and that I MUST have a full body massage from a masseur called Manuel; he was the best. I wondered how many massages Carrie had had. I wondered if the full body massage was like the one that I’d had when I had neck ache. In a way I hoped so and I felt a wet rush in my pussy as I thought about it.

I was over-heating so I told Carrie that I had to have a shower. Carrie said that she should go; that she had somewhere that she had to be. We parted promising to meet again the next evening.

I wasn’t quite ready to leave and I decided to go for another swim. When I dived in I went down and looked through the window. I could see 2 men looking at me. I had to surface when I got zapped again. I wondered what it would feel like to cum underwater with them watching me.  I dove down again and finger fucked myself until I ran out of breath.

Feeling proud of myself I got out and went back to the sun loungers. I lay flat out with my feet on the floor either side on the lounger. I relaxed and soon dozed off.

I woke up the next time that I got zapped. I looked up and saw George looking down at me. I was flat on my back, legs spread wide with 3 inch chains hanging from my nipples and clit. I felt sooo embarrassed but I was still being zapped. What’s more I started cumming. I couldn’t stop it and my back arched and I was shaking and jerking. When I calmed down I looked at George. He was stood at the foot of the sun lounger looking down and me – and my pussy.

“OMG! I’m so sorry George. I didn’t mean to, it’s not my fault; I was tired and I just lay here for a minute. Please don’t report me.”

“Hey Tanya, relax, it’s alright, you’ve done nothing wrong.” George said as he squat down to get to my height. His face was getting a lot closer to my pussy.

“But…. But.”

“Hey, first things first; are you hurting?”


“Is anyone forcing you to be here?”


“Is anyone forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do?”


“And these chains, why are you wearing them?”

“I like them and daddy says that they make me look more grown-up.”

“Is anyone hurting you Tanya?”

“No but daddy gets me to put this vibrator thing inside me. It makes me get all, you know, horny. He sometimes spanks me but that usually ends up with me having one of those orgasm thingies. You know, where you feel really good.”

“Where’s your daddy right now?”

“He’s at home; I’m here on my own. I’m going to day lessons at this posh school to see if I like it.”

“Wow Tanya, you dad seems like quite a man. So you’ve got a vibrator in your pussy? Is it switched on?”

“Well yes, but it only comes on every so often. Most of the time I forget that it’s there.”

“Wow. And this treadmill thing, what’s that all about?”

I suddenly started cumming.

“Ohhhhh, aaaaargh, treadmill, shiiiiit, treadmill, aaaaaargh.”

My body was shaking and jerking and I could feel my pussy muscles contracting. George’s face was inches from my pussy. He must be seeing my pussy muscle spasms. That thought kept the orgasm going a bit longer.

“Sorry,” I said, “daddy has helped me to learn how to have one of those orgasm things every time that someone says that word. I get to feel good at some very unusual times.”

“I bet you do; so Tanya, no one is forcing you to do anything you don’t want to, no one is hurting you and you’re happy being here like this. Is that right?”

“Well yes, I’m not happy about men looking at me, but it does make me feel good.”

George stood up and came round the side of me before squatting down again.

“So how come you haven’t got any clothes on?”

“It was my new friend Carrie; she told me that I’d like it more in the sauna if I took my clothes off.”

“And do you?”

“Oh yes, and swimming is much nicer too; I feel all free.”

“Carrie is the daughter of the hotel owner; she gets away with doing anything that she wants. But you’re a guest so you can do whatever you want to too.”

“So I’m not in trouble then? And the management don’t mind girls walking around the hotel without any clothes on?”

“No and no; you’re not in any trouble and we’ve had quite a few girls wandering around the hotel without any clothes on. You enjoy yourself while you’re here. Maybe see you in the workout room tomorrow?”

“Probably.” I said as George got up and walked away, taking one last look down at my pussy that was still wide open.

I lay there for a while wondering what I had just done. What had I let myself in for? I just knew that when I told Ryan he’d persuade me to be naked most of the time that I was there.

I’d had enough for one day and decided to go up to my room and switch the vibe off. I needed some sleep.

While I was getting my clothes out of my locker I thought about Ryan telling me to stay naked all the time. I knew that he would so I decided to start straight away. I wrapped my bikini top, skirt and trainers in a towel and went out of the door into the leisure centre’s reception. The girl there looked up at me and stared for a couple of seconds before looking back down to whatever she was doing. I hoped that it was my jewellery, not the fact that I was naked.

When I got back to my room I switched the lights on and, remembering what Ryan had said, I pushed the curtains back as far as they would go. I looked out and thought that I could see a Mr Perv but I wasn’t sure.

I looked at the clock and saw that it wasn’t too late so I skyped Ryan. He must have been working on his laptop because he answered within seconds.

I quickly told Ryan about everything that had happened in the last few hours. He loved every second of my tale and said that he wished that he was with me. He told me that I should take the opportunity and use the gym each evening; he said that the exercise would do me good.

I was right; he did want me to stay naked all the time that I was in the hotel; with one exception. He said that I should wear my robe when I went there.

After some more skype sex I shut the tablet down put it on charge and went to bed. It was warm in there so I lay on top of the bed. I couldn’t be bothered to get up to switch the light off and I was asleep in seconds.

When I went for breakfast on the Tuesday no one took any notice of me wearing only my robe; not even the waitress noticed my exposed belly and pubes when she poured my coffee. On the way back up to my room a man got in to the lift before me and then turned to face me. He was staring at me when the vibe zapped me and I started shaking. His eyebrows rose when my shaking caused my loosely tied belt to come undone and the front of my robe fell open. I got so embarrassed and was glad that he got out on the floor below me.

During the underground part of my journey to the training centre I felt a hand on my butt over my thin skirt. Happily the hand didn’t try to go under my skirt.

My day was good, except for the instructor looking up my skirt and down my top. I just tried to ignore it. I stuffed my face at lunch time again.

As I came up the underground’s escalator I was sure that my skirt had blown up and that the youths behind me had got what they were probably hoping for.

When I phoned Ryan I remembered that I hadn’t told him what Carrie said about having a massage. I said that I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go for one because he (Ryan) wasn’t there. Ryan told me that I should go for it because it should be okay, the hotel couldn’t afford for it to be anything other than legitimate.

Ryan told me that he’d thought of a way that he could watch me while I was having a workout. He told me how I could change the settings in skype so that the video feed that he got was from the tablet’s rear camera, not the front one. He then told me to take the tablet with me, turn the volume right down, and prop it against a wall in the workout room where he could see most of the room. He told me to put a towel on the floor in front of it so that the tablet looked to belong to someone in there. I liked the idea of him being able to see me so I agreed.

I’d skyped Ryan as soon as I’d got into my room and while we were talking I’d stripped and put the vibe in me. Just as I switched it on Ryan said,


And I started cumming. Ryan watched me until I was able to talk to him again before telling me,

“Go on my little exhibitionist, you need to exercise and then relax. Don’t forget to call me just before you go into the leisure centre.”

As soon as I’d cut-off the call to Ryan I picked up the hotel phone and booked a massage with Manuel on the Wednesday evening.

I picked up a towel to cover the tablet and opened my door. In a way I was glad that I had the tablet with me because it gave me somewhere to keep my room’s card key, and I could relax on a sun lounger and read some more of Vanessa Evan’s fictional stories. I thought that I’d start her story about Amy the Exhibitionist. Not that I’d be able to relate to it.

When the lift arrived and the doors opened I saw 2 teenage girls staring back at me.

“Haven’t you forgotten something?” One of them said.

I looked at the tablet and towel and said,


“I like the chains.” The other girl said.

“Thank you.” I replied.

I got zapped a few seconds later and started moaning and shaking. Just as the lift got to the leisure centre level one of the girls asked.

“Are you cumming?”

I didn’t answer, instead I almost ran out of the lift towards the leisure centre. An elderly man was coming the other way and he didn’t even look at me.

Just before I went in I switched the tablet on and skyped Ryan. He reminded me to turn the volume down and keep the screen covered. When I walked in the girl on reception glanced at me then turned away as I signed-in then went straight to the workout room.

George was there and he smiled when I walked in. Two men on machines stopped and stared at the naked girl. George came over to me and said,

“Hi Tanya, have you come for a workout?”

“Yes, but before I start can I apologise for my outburst yesterday.”

“There’s absolutely no need, you haven’t done anything wrong. I see that you’ve decided to do a Carrie.”

I blushed and fe

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Part 14 cont.

“There’s absolutely no need, you haven’t done anything wrong. I see that you’ve decided to do a Carrie.”

I blushed and felt my pussy get a little wet.

“Well thank you George. I’d like to try all of the machines, can you help me please?”

“Of course, but I think that there are too many for one evening. Oh, are we going to get interrupted by that little thing inside you?”

I blushed again, got a little wetter and said,

“Probably, but I’d appreciate it if you didn’t say the ‘T’ word.”

I looked over at the treadmills and George said,

“Ah yes, I’ll try. Okay, where shall we start?”

I looked round and selected a wall to put my towel and tablet against. Deciding that the best one was the wall with the window to the swimming pool I went over and quickly arranged the tablet. As I was doing so I whispered,

“I hope that you’re getting this.”

Going back to George I said,

“Right then, which one’s first?”

No sooner than George had said that I got zapped. Fortunately it was just a quickie and I managed to almost ignore it.

George talked me through using a couple of machines then told me that I needed to work on different parts of my body and suggested doing some sit-ups.

While I was flat on my back, the girl from reception walked in carrying a pile of towels. She smiled at George and walked right by me. She was wearing a very short skirt and I was sure that I caught a glimpse of her bare pussy. Maybe part of the uniform was to go commando.

Next it was an exercise cycle. As we walked over to one George said that the seat height would probably need adjusting.

“That’s okay, I’ve got it.’ I said, and set the seat as high as it had been the previous day. As I climbed on George suggested that the seat maybe a little high for me. I told him that I didn’t think so.

As I started pedalling George said,

“Argh, I see. Shall I leave you alone for a while?”

I nodded and just as George turned away I got zapped again. I slowly pedalled as I shook.

“Treadmill, treadmill.” I quietly said to myself. Getting massaged inside and out was nice. When I was able I looked over to my tablet and smiled. I just hoped that the call was still running and Ryan was getting it all. I wondered if he was wanking.

I kept sliding from side to side as I pedalled. Looking round I saw 3 men on machines. All kept looking towards me. Just having had an orgasm and with another building, I didn’t care.

“You should try going faster Tanya; it’s better for the legs.’ I heard George say.

“That’s not all it’s better for.” I thought; and pedalled faster.

I came again before getting off and telling George that I’d had enough for the day. Collecting my tablet and towel I went into the ladies changing room and locked the tablet in a locker then walked out the other end.

Passing the sun loungers I went to the pool and did a couple of lengths. I stopped near the window for a few seconds and wondered if anyone was looking. It felt naughty doing that but at the same how could it be bad if I couldn’t see anyone looking at me?

Suitably cooled down I headed back to the sauna. Opening the door I saw Carrie and a man. Both were naked, the Man had a hard-on that he was failing to cover with his hands, and Carrie was masturbating with legs wide open.

“Hi Tanya, I wondered if you’d be joining me tonight. Come on in and get started.”

“Hi Carrie.”

I don’t quite know what she was referring to but I went and sat at the other end of the bench and put one leg up on the bench. The poor man didn’t know which way to look; his head going from side to side.
“Tanya, come and sit here; we can talk better and there will be no neck ache.”

Bloody hell, Carrie was inviting the man to look at both our pussies at the same time.

Stupid me, I went and sat on the bench above Carrie and opened my legs wide.

“Go on, get started.”

Wow, this girl is bold.

I couldn’t help myself, my right hand went towards my pussy but the vibe beat me to it. I got zapped and felt my pussy spasm.

“Battery not flat then.” Carrie said.

I blushed as my fingers slowly massaged my clit.

The man didn’t last; he suddenly got up and almost ran out holding his cock.

Carrie laughed, licked her finger and put an imaginary tick on an imaginary board in front of her.

Carrie and I started talking about everything and nothing. A couple of minutes later the door opened and the 2 Japanese girls walked in. Not only were they naked, but their pussies were as bald as the day they were born. They went and sat at the other end and started talking in Japanese (I presumed).

A minute later an old Japanese man came in with a towel wrapped round his waist. The girls parted and the old man sat between them. They both turned to him and all 3 were talking to each other while both of the girls were rubbing their tits on his arms.

“I bet that he’s their sugar daddy.” Carrie whispered.

“I’d assumed that he was their father or grandfather.” I replied

All the time Carrie was idly rubbing her clit. My fingers were doing the same but a lot slower.

“Come on Tanya, let’s go and have a swim.”

I was glad that she said that, I was getting a little hot.

We joined 3 others (one girl and 2 men – all wearing swimming costumes) in the pool. After a couple of lengths Carrie stopped in front of the window. I dived down and swam over to her. While I was underwater I saw that she was playing with herself, facing the window, and I could see a couple of the people in the workout room watching her.

When I surfaced Carrie said,


I grabbed the rail along the side with my left hand whilst my right hand went to my pussy. I rubbed my clit while I was cumming.

When I calmed down I remembered that I was facing the window. I wondered how many people had seen me cumming and playing with myself.

“Bitch!” I jokingly said to Carrie.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist it.”

Carrie came closer and kissed my cheek. While she was doing that one of her hands found my pussy and tugged my chain a little bit.

“You enjoyed it didn’t you?” Carrie said.

“Of course,” I replied; “but everyone in there saw me.”

“That’s what makes it so good.”

I was still a bit embarrassed but I had to agree with what she said; I always cum harder when I know that I’m being watched.

Just then I got zapped again. My body shook.

“I’ve got to get one of those things.” Carrie said. “Imagine being in one of those boring trust meetings and a vibrator inside you burst into life. Wow; that must be really cool.”

“Talking of meetings, have you booked a session with Manuel yet Tanya?”

“Yes, tomorrow evening.” I replied.

“Good, I just know that you’ll have a good time. I’m going to see him now. Will you still be around later?”

“Yeah probably; if you’re off there now I think that I’ll relax for a while.”

“Not with that thing inside you.” Carrie said as she swam to the steps and climbed out.

I sunk down in the water and looked through the window. I could see George and a few other men ignoring me, and 1 man and 1 woman looking at me. I moved my hand from my pussy and swam to the steps.

I went and got my tablet and then sat on one of the sun loungers. I bent my legs and tried holding the tablet between my knees so that I could start reading without bending my neck. It worked and I started reading about that exhibitionist girl who fucks her brother.

A couple of people walked through but I just ignored them and kept reading, only stopping whenever I got zapped. I’d just got to the part where Amy describes how she exposed herself at a waterpark in Torremolinos when Carrie re-appeared. She sat opposite me, immediately spreading her legs and frigging herself.

I thought that my pussy demanded a lot of me, but that girl is insatiable. I wondered if she had a brother and if she was fucking him.

“Oh, that was good,” Carrie said, “I’m still tingling now. You really are going to enjoy yourself tomorrow, but you’d better take that thing out before you go; you don’t want anything in the way of his fingers.”

Bloody hell, it sounds like Manuel is like that neck ache masseur. I made a mental note to check with Ryan before booking a session.

A little while later a man came out of the changing room and went into the sauna. When the door shut Carrie said,

“You ready to tease another poor sod?”

“Hang on a minute.”

I got up and went and put the tablet in my locker and went back. Carrie was stood there tweaking her nipples.

“Got to make them look their best for the man.” She said.

Why did I go and do the same thing as we walked in. I also pulled on the chains to make sure that they were stretched as far as they would.

The man was sat at one end of the bench. He had one leg up and his soft cock was resting on his leg. Carrie climbed up onto the top bench and sat like she always does – pussy spread wide.

“Lay down on that bench Tanya.” Carrie said, pointing to the bench that the man was sat on.

She could only mean with my head near her foot and my feet not far from the man. I sat on the bench, twisted round and lay back; making sure that I kept my legs together.

“You really will enjoy your session with Manuel,” Carrie said, “his hands are magic; and he’s got one of those wand things; he’ll keep you high for ages; just like being on a treadmill.”

“No Carrie.”

But it was too late. I started to cum and a second later the vibe zapped me, a long one.

I started moaning and saying,

“Treadmill, treadmill, treadmill.”

I felt my legs open and my butt rise up. My hands went to my little tits and squeezed my nipples.

It was strong one and my back arched and my legs drifted apart. The poor man must have had a great view of my pussy as it tried to suck in a cock that wasn’t there.

When I calmed down I felt something gooey on my feet. I looked towards my feet and confirmed that the man had shot his load and some of it had landed on my feet. I looked at the man; He was making a bad job of hiding his cock behind his hands. After a couple of minutes he got up and left.

“Another success.” Corrie said.

“So how many men have you watch shoot their loads in here then Carrie?”

“Absolutely no idea; I stopped counting months ago; but I still love watching every one. Some of them have amazing looks on their faces, especially if they hold out until they see me cum. They really do like watching you cum.”

“I do wish that you wouldn’t make me cum Carrie; it’s so embarrassing and I don’t like it.”

“Of course you like i