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My Boyfriend likes to expose me (MF,exhib)

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 26 – Not all Ryan’s fault

First the bad news – Tom and Jenny have moved out. Tom decided to finish his degree in a London university and Jenny, of course, transferred with him. I’m, WE are going to miss them. I did give Jenny my old clit ring just before they left and Tom promised to squeeze it onto her clit just as soon as he could.

My new clit ring
Ryan had quite a bit of fun fitting it on my clit. For starters he strapped me onto the Sybian for a good 30 minutes. That got me super worked-up and a bit tired. Then he carried me to the stainless steel table in the back garden and strapped my arms and legs spread-eagled on to it. What’s more, he put a big strap over my hips as well. I’ve never felt so helpless in all my life. After that he went and got a ball-gag just in case I tried to disturb the whole neighbourhood.

Basically what happened next was the same as for putting the old one on the second time but without the ice to numb my clit. It hurt like hell when he squeezed my clit with the tweezers and because I was already on a high, I started cumming. I was in an orgasmic trance as the new clit ring slid down the tweezers and onto my clit.

Ryan took great pleasure in pushing it down as far as he could get it; all whilst I was cumming over and over. As soon as he was happy he switched the thing on at full blast and left me there while he went and got a drink or something.

When he got back to me I must have been close to passing out because I don’t remember him unstrapping me or carrying me upstairs and putting me in a warm bath.

He left me there and I fell asleep. When I woke up the water was starting to get cold but Ryan was there to lift me out and carry me to the bed.

The new ring is great, and Ryan lets me carry the remote control about with me. The agreement is that I only turn it off if I’m going in to a meeting. That sounded fair and so far that is what I’ve stuck to. If I do break the agreement I will tell him, and I’m sure that he’ll find a way to punish me.

The gym
I still love going there and I still go to work early so that I can build up flexi-hours and have at least one afternoon at the gym each week. Whenever I plan to go to the gym in the afternoon I’m still going to work in the morning with one of my remote vibes in and switched on. The gym is so much more fun if I’m as horny as hell when I get there.

Kieran got his first obstacle course challenge organised. Eight girls entered (including me), and the event took place one Saturday afternoon. Needless to say word got round the guys and there must have been something around 30 men and a few of the girls (all naked of course) there watching. Darren said that he’d never had so many people there at once.

Kieran split us into 4 pairs, the plan being that the 4 winners would go again then there would be a final of the last 2.

Picking up a megaphone Kieran asked for some male volunteers. He didn’t tell them what for and when he’d got enough he took them round the course and explained what he wanted them to do. After that he shouted the rules for being a spectator: -

Don’t get within 6 feet of any competing girl.
Don’t block the way from one challenge to the next.
No touching a girl unless she asks you to.
Photographs and videos are permitted and you can zoom in as much as you like but you must observe the 6 feet exclusion zone.

Then he said that the second rule didn’t apply to the volunteers doing their specific task. That made some of the guys groan because the implication was that the volunteers would be touching the girls.

Kieran announced the knockout rules and that the winner wasn’t necessarily the first girl to cross the line because 10 seconds would be deducted from each girl’s time for each orgasm that she had on the way round.

That last comment got a few puzzled looks and a few smiles from the audience.

Kieran then announced that Tanya (me) would do a circuit before the competition started so that everyone could see what was expected of the competitors. He turned to me and told me that I could compete in the last group so that I had some time to rest.

I was quite surprised by that as Kieran hadn’t given me any warning of what he was going to do. I suddenly became a bit nervous but that was countered by the sexual frustration that was built up inside of me. You see, after our morning fuck Ryan had teased my pussy something rotten. He’d pushed one of my remote vibes inside me and kept taking me sooo close to cumming then he switched it off. On top of that he’s fingered me, pushing the vibe all around inside me, teased my clit, and got me to leave all my clothes at home. When we got to the gym I had no clothes with me and I was so desperate to cum that I was sure that if someone touched my clit I would have instantly cum all over their hand.

As I moved over to the start I looked round and saw 30 + men, and a few other naked girls, all staring at the naked me. I nearly orgasmed before I’d even started.

The camera flashes started as soon as I got into the crab position.

At the next challenge I’d forgotten about the man that would check to see that I’d got right down when I did the splits and at first I wondered what the man was doing as he got down in front of me and moved his hand to my pussy. As his hand touched the front of my pussy, and pushed to my clit, all the pent-up frustration exploded out of me in a truly magnificent orgasm.

I screamed out and fell back onto my back. My body started jerking about as I totally lost it.

When I finally calmed down I realised that everything was silent. Opening my eyes and looking round, every single eye in that room was focused on me and my pussy. I felt a mixture of pride, embarrassment and pleasure. I had a little after-shock.

When I was able, I got up and did the other 4 splits. I was half expecting to cum again when the man pushed his hand under my pussy but somehow I didn’t.

I ran to the net and scrambled under it, rubbing my aching nipples along the floor, hoping that the friction didn’t make me cum again.

The rope certainly made me cum again, 3 times.

Over to the bar, I jumped up, and couldn’t reach the bar. I tried it 3 times before a man came up behind me, put his arms round my waist and lifted me up. Grabbing the bar I pulled myself up and waggled my legs and butt about until my pussy was in line with the dildo.

Lowering myself down I gave out a satisfying moan but I doubt that anyone heard me. I kept going down until I felt it hit my cervix then pulled myself up, then down 4 more times before pulling myself up and kicking the cone that the dildo was mounted on, out of the way.

My arms ached a bit as I ran over to one of the dildos that was screwed to the floor. I squat down and impaled myself, letting out another moan. I moaned again as a man dropped down in front of me and slid his upturned hand to my pussy to see if he could get it under me. He couldn’t but his fingers did push against my clit causing me to gasp a little. I got up as quick as I could and did a jumping jack.

Five times I did that then ran over to the bowling alley pin. I stood over it with my legs spread and paused for a few seconds to get my breath; then squat down and impaled myself.

Clenching my pussy muscles I stood up and waddled forward. I made it most of the way before the copious amounts of juices that I was producing, caused me to loose grip and the pin clunked onto the floor.

A man ran over and stood the pin up between my legs and I squat down again. Gripping the pin and standing up I made it to the end without further mishap.

I’d made it. I stood there, legs spread, hands on hips, chest going in and out, heart pounding, rock hard nipples aching, and my juices running down the insides of my thighs. I was knackered.

Ryan came over, hugged me then backed off so that Kieran could stand beside me.

Kieran thanked me then said,

“Well Tanya, that round was magnificent, I’m sure that the other girls will have trouble bettering that, especially that first orgasm. However, the rules say that I have to take only 10 seconds off your time for each orgasm and that first orgasm lasted for 51 seconds. Subtracting just 10 seconds for that first orgasm, and 30 seconds for the 3 orgasms that you had on the rope and you are left with a time of 18 minutes and 17 seconds.”
Turning to the girls Kieran continued,

“That’s the time that you’ve got to beat girls; are the first 2 ready?”

Kieran walked over to the start where the first 2 girls were waiting. As he walked Ryan put his arm round me again and said,

“That was magnificent TT.”

“That was your fault buster.” I replied; “If you’d have let me cum just before we got here I wouldn’t have exploded like that.”

“Perhaps, but you can’t deny that you enjoyed it; all those people staring at you for 51 seconds while you had a magnificent cum.” Ryan said as his hand went round me and squeezed my little tit.

He was right of course; he always is.

We went and watched the 2 girls have fun going round the course. The only problem was that all the men and the other girls were following them round the course as well. The spectating naked girls were squashed between the guys eager to see how much the other girls were exposing themselves and enjoying the contact with all those men whilst they were naked.


The first 2 girls were Jude and another girl. With cameras flashing they got down into the crab position.

Walking on their hands, Jude spread her legs wide which got even more cheers.

When it came to the jumping jacks the other girl was obviously the one that got the cheers because her breasts were much bigger than Jude’s and the poor girl must have been in agony.

The jumping in the air after going down into the splits was ‘interesting’.

The 2 volunteers checking that they girls were right down in the splits had a busy time. Jude got right down but the man’s hand wasn’t in the right place. Jude had to wait while the man pushed his hand between the floor and her pussy. He did it palm down the first time, then for the second time he realised that he could get a finger in Jude’s hole if he did it palm up. Jude’s eyes lit up when he first did that.

The other girl couldn’t get quite as low and she had to stretch a bit more to get so that her ‘volunteer’ could touch her pussy and the floor at the same time. That happened all 5 times and Jude finished her fifth one while the other girl was just jumping up for the fourth time.

Jude had wriggled on her stomach and was out from under the net just as the other girl was getting under the net.

Although Jude made it to the top of the rope just as the other girl was starting to climb; the other girl was down and running to the next challenge while Jude was still having her second orgasm. She’d obviously decided that cumming was more important than finishing the course first.

Jude just about managed to catch up the other girl on the bar; she had the strength to jump up to the bar whereas the other girl had to have some help. Jude had more arm strength to pull herself up of the dildo as well and they both finished the challenge at the same time.

The 2 girls were neck and neck as they impaled themselves on the dildos screwed to the floor.

Over to the bowling alley pins and that was where the other girl got the better of Jude. Her pussy muscles were obviously stronger than Jude’s; or Jude was producing a lot more lubrication; because Jude dropped the pin 3 times whereas the other girl dropped it only once.

The other girl finished the course first but Jude was declared the winner because she came twice on the rope. 

Round 2 was Kate and another girl and things went just about the same as the first round, with Kate also cumming twice on the rope. Unfortunately, Kate had real problems with the bowling pin and the other girl was declared the winner.

Round 3 was with 2 other girls. Neither of them had orgasms probably because they hadn’t worked out what the girls who had orgasms on the ropes were doing; but both entertained the audience with their large breasts bouncing about.

Round 4 was me against Ella. Thankfully I was feeling quite refreshed by then, and not very horny, by that time. Those who hadn’t seen Ella before, and her gaping pussy, soon got their cameras going; not that gave me any advantage.

We were neck and neck right until we climbed the rope. Ella was by far quicker but she only managed 1 orgasm whereas I managed to give myself 2. Ella stayed ahead of me right until the bowling pins. Ella’s permanently gaping pussy was a big disadvantage to her, or did she just like having a man bend down in front of her while she had her legs open letting him look up her gaping hole.

I had finished long before Ella did.

Round 5 was Jude against the girl who had beaten Kate. I think that Jude wanted revenge for beating her sister because Jude flew round the course in the fastest time so far.

Round 6 was me again and the girl who won round 3. Thankfully she was more tired than I was because she struggled on the rope and the bar. She finished just before me but because I’d cum twice on the rope, I was declared the winner.

Ryan had to tell me that I was in the final against Jude. Thankfully, Kieran gave us a 20 minute break before the final. Both Jude and I went and had a relaxing sauna then short swim before going back. Both the sauna and the pool were deserted and for what was probably the first time, neither of us played with our pussies in the sauna.

As Jude and I lined up for the start we looked at each other, hugged each other and wished the other one good luck.

Although we are very good friends, each of us wanted to win and when Kieran set us off we both went for it.
We were neck and neck as we started climbing the ropes; then it hit me; my clit ring came on at full blast.

I cursed the thing’s timing as I started up the rope. By the time I was half way up, the ring was still vibrating and Jude was near the top.

“It normally doesn’t last this long.” I thought as I battled to ignore it.

By the time I got to the top of the rope Jude was on her way down and having an orgasm as her pussy rubbed against the rope; and I started cumming without even the rope touching my pussy.

I clung to the top of the rope, shaking with the ring still tormenting my clit.

When I started to calm down I looked down to where I’d last seen Ryan. The bastard was standing there, grinning and holding the clit ring’s remote control in his hand.

“FUCK!” I said to myself and started sliding down the rope.

Stupidly, I slid down the rope the same way that I always do, with my pussy rubbing against the rope. If I’d used my brain I could have got closer to Jude who was already well lowering herself down onto the dildo sticking up from the traffic cone. Instead I came 4 more times before I finally reached the ground. How my hands managed to grip the rope through all that I will never know. 

I walked over to the bar and got there just as Jude was pulling herself up for the fifth time.

I stood there, looked up and jumped for the bar. My hands just touched it and I dropped back to the floor. I jumped again, but again my hands only just touched the bar.

The men who had been assigned to help on that challenge both stepped forward, one either side of me. Each put a hand round my upper thigh and the other hand on my ribs below my tiny tits.

I felt the hands on my thighs lift me up but as they did so their hands slipped on my slippery, juice and sweat covered thighs, and slid right up to my pussy. I felt pressure on my pussy and clit and instantly came again.

My arms dropped and I started shaking; the men still holding up in the air with their hands under my pussy. Their other hands having slipped up and holding on to my little tits.

Wow! In that highly aroused state I was in heaven; two reasonable handsome men both holding my tits and both having a hand (well part of) on my pussy; another 30 plus men, and a few naked girls, staring at my naked body; and what’s more I was cumming, and cumming, and cumming.

I have no idea how long that orgasm lasted but it seemed to go on for hours. When I finally started coming down I looked round to the 2 men who were still holding me up in the air, then I saw Kieran and Jude in front of me.

“Are you all right Tanya?” Jude asked.

After another little aftershock I managed to say,

“No, can you put me down please guys?”

They did and as their hands left my pussy they rubbed it a bit and I had another mini orgasm. My legs gave way and I started going down. Fortunately, one of the men grabbed me, putting his arm round me, his hand on my tit.

It was then that Ryan finally turned my clit ring off; peace at last.

The man held on to me, and my tit, for a few minutes until I managed to put all my weight on my legs.

I thanked the man and he reluctantly let go of me and my tit. I then turned to Kieran and Jude and said,

“Congratulations Jude, you win.”

Jude stepped forward, put her arms round me, pulled me into her and gave me a big kiss on my lips. Then she said,

“It wasn’t really a fair contest, you were knackered when you started and I saw what Ryan was doing to you.”

“What was that?” Kieran asked.

“Oh nothing Kieran.” Jude replied.

Kieran went and got his megaphone and announced that we had a winner. He held Jude’s hand up then asked for 4 volunteers to carry Jude around the course on a victory lap.

Four men lifted Jude high up in the air. Holding her legs wide apart they walked round the course, stopping a few times for other men to take photographs of her; usually with the men standing between her legs.

Victory lap finished, Jude was put back on the ground beside Kieran and me.

“Feel like some wrestling girls?” Kieran asked.

Jude and I turned to look at Kieran, gave him a filthy look, and in stereo said,


I then added,

“Can we postpone it for now please?”

Kieran lifted the megaphone and told everyone that the wresting part of the event was postponed because he hadn’t appreciated just how much the event so far would take out of the girls. He then told them to watch the notice board for the re-scheduled date, and for the date of the next obstacle course race.

Ryan, Ella and Kate joined Jude and me, and I said that I needed a shower. As we walked out I heard Jude tell Kate that she’d let her win the next time.

Instead of heading to the changing rooms for a shower, I turned the other way and went to the showers near the sauna. Jude joined me then we both went and joined Kate, Ella and Ryan in the sauna.

Within a minute Ryan was watching 4 girls play with their clits, and staring right up Ella’s gaping hole.

Another interesting thing that happened at the gym was that one day when I was stood in reception talking to Darren, 2 girls walked in and asked about joining. Both produced IDs to prove that they were 18 but one of them, Aria, according to Darren, has the same problem as I have. She too looks quite a bit younger than she actually is.

Hypnotics 101
One of Ryan’s work colleagues found a hypnotism app that he downloaded to his phone. When he told Ryan he downloaded it too.

When Ryan came home that night and told me about it he wanted to try it on me. We were alone a home and I knew that Ryan would never harm me so I agreed to let him try it on me.

He got his phone out, started the app and stuck it in front of my face.

As I looked at it I saw lots of swirling coloured lights and shapes. They were sort of addictive as you stared at them. After a while this very sexy, deep, male voice started telling me that I should relax and that I was sleepy and to just blank my mind. It went on and on saying the same thing and telling me that I was going into a deep sleep.

It was relaxing, but there was no way that I was getting hypnotised by it. As I started at the little screen I decided that I’d play along with it and see what Ryan did.

After a good 5 minutes the voice told me that I would obey the next voice that I heard and keep doing so until I heard the word ‘Constantinople’. After that I would wake-up and not remember anything from the time that the app started.

“Okay.” I thought, let’s see where this goes.

I continued to stare at the screen, motionless then Ryan said,

“Hello Tanya, can you touch your head please?”

Keeping a straight face, I lifted my right hand and put it on my head.

“Very good Tanya, now I want you to put your right hand on your pussy and rub your clit until you cum.”

I did, just staring ahead as if I was waiting for the next command and rubbing my clit.

After I’d cum Ryan said the word ‘Constantinople’ and I turned and looked at him and after a couple of seconds I said,

“See, I told you that it wouldn’t work.”

Ryan just smiled.

I thought that that was the end of the hypnotism idea but a few weeks later we were invited to a house-warming party at Tim’s (my boss) house. There were about 6 or 7 work colleagues there and some of them had their partners with them. The subject of hypnotism came up and Ryan was suddenly full of enthusiasm about the app that was still on his phone, and the ‘fact’ that he had proof that it worked.

He went on and on about how good the app was and before I knew it he said that he’d demonstrate it on me, saying that it had worked on me before.

I was left with a dilemma; did I confess that it had never actually worked and that I was just playing along to please Ryan, or did I let him try to hypnotise me again.

After a few protests I decided not to make my boyfriend look stupid, and go along with it. With a bit of luck it would work and I’d never know what silly, harmless things that Ryan got me to do. At least that way I wouldn’t know if he got me to do anything embarrassing. If it didn’t work I would just have to hope that he didn’t get me to do anything embarrassing.

Ryan sat me on a dining chair and everyone gathered around. I was only wearing a short dress and I really hoped that no one tried to look up it as I sat there, legs side-by-side, knees together.

The app fired up and Ryan held his phone right in front of my face. As I stared at it I couldn’t make up my mind up. Would it work or not; if not would I pretend that it did to avoid making Ryan look stupid.

It didn’t work but I didn’t want to make Ryan look stupid so I again pretended that it did work.

Ryan got me to do a couple of stupid, harmless things that I went along with. As I did them I decided that I just had to keep pretending regardless.

I regretted that decision later.

The next thing that Ryan said started getting me a bit worried. He said,

“You know, I bet that Tanya would take her dress of if I told her to. What do you think? Shall I tell her to?”

FIH; my boyfriend was going to make me strip naked in front of some of my work colleagues; and my boss. I was just about to throw my arms up and say,

“Fooled you, it didn’t work!” when Ryan said,

“Watch this folks; you’re going to see what most of you have probably seen before, but this time, all of it at once. Tanya, please stand up and take your dress off.”

I did the most stupid thing that I’ve done for a long time. I stood up, unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. As soon as the dress hit the floor I thought,

“What the fuck am I doing? Why the fuck did I do that? Why didn’t I just tell everyone that the hypnotism hadn’t work?”

But I love Ryan.

I stood there, naked apart from my heels, in front of about 7 of my work colleagues; and my boss; and their partners.

“Look, she’s blushing.” One of my work friends (male) said.

“Fucking hell!” I heard another say.

I thought about how many of them had seen me naked before. Three or four had, and Tim, my boss, had seen me naked, on skype from China, and when I’d shown him that position that I had to get into when I walked into a room with men in it, in China. Then I remembered Tim saying that he’d seen my bare pussy up my skirt a few times at work. If he had then probably most of the others had as well. Maybe things weren’t quite as bad as they seemed. I was glad that I’d already had a few drinks.

Then I heard a voice say,

“Let’s play some party games.”

That seemed to go down well and I thought about how the naked me would be affected. I thought about ‘twister’ and thought that it couldn’t be that bad; after all everyone there had already seen me naked.

I started to get a little worried when someone suggested a game of ‘tickle torture’, and then asked for volunteers. Of course no one did so Ryan volunteered me; which I just knew that he would.

Ryan told me to lie on the floor then a few people got down round me and started tickling me. Now I’m quite ticklish and as soon as someone touched me I started laughing and struggling to get out of their way.

Before I knew it my arms and legs were held down and what seemed like a thousand hands were tickling me all over. The thing was, when whoever decided to hold my legs down did so, they’d spread them to about shoulder width and someone was tickling my pussy; then someone else was as well.

I was in hysterics, and getting a quite turned on.

This went on for about 5 or 6 minutes (I think) then someone decided that I’d had enough.

Another one of the girls there (Grace, who also went to China) got volunteered and she too had to endure what I had. Ryan had told me to sit on a chair (still naked apart from my heels) and I was just staring at the poor girl. She too got tickled on her tits and pussy, but on top of her clothes. Well her tits on top of her thin top, but her skirt had ridden up showing that she too wasn’t wearing any knickers so the tickling was on her bare pussy.

That was when things started getting quite bad (or good). In the silence as everyone was thinking about what game to play next, Ryan told everyone that we’d been using a form of hypnotism for a couple of years. When someone asked him what he was on about he told everyone that it wasn’t hypnotism like he’d just used on me, but a different type of mind control.

I instantly knew what he was talking about and really hoped that he’s stop right there; but he didn’t.

Ryan went on to say that over a period of 6 months or so we’d trained my mind to give me an orgasm whenever a certain word was said. Some people were impressed and others just didn’t believe him. When someone asked him to prove it he turned to me and said,


Of course, I had an orgasm while I was sat there on that chair.

Someone said that I was faking it, and someone else said that I couldn’t have been because I was still under the hypnosis.

Then someone else said,


Then another; after about my 4th orgasm one of the girls shouted,

“Enough; leave the poor girl alone; she’ll be knackered when Ryan wakes her up.”

Thankfully everyone listened to her but that left the silence as people tried to think of another game.

After about 30 seconds a Pete (who I work with) suggested a game of ‘pass the pussy’. Surprise, surprise, Pete was the only the person who knew what it was. He went on to explain that it was a cross between musical chairs and pass the parcel.

People were still confused so Pete got everything organised.

People were still confused as he got all the chairs from the ground floor and put them in a circle facing out. Then he got volunteers to sit on them. All became clear as Pete asked Ryan to stop and start the music that was playing in the background, and then me to go and sit on the lap of someone on a chair.

He told me to sit with my back to their front, and to sit with my legs open, outside theirs. Then he told me to get up and start walking round the circle and when the music stopped I had to sit on the nearest lap.

As I slowly walked round, Pete told everyone that a naked girl would soon be sitting on their lap, with her legs open; and that everyone had 2 hands.

No one needed any further explanation and as soon as the music stopped and I sat on the nearest lap, one of the man’s hands went to my tits and the other went to my pussy.

Ryan had been given a way to let me get groped by whoever he wanted, and he was controlling how long they groped me.

When I sat on Tim’s lap Ryan left me there for ages, and when I first sat there Tim whispered,

“Oh Tanya, Tanya, you’ll never know for how long I’ve been wanting to do this. I’m really glad that you won’t be able to remember it on Monday.”

He also whispered,


Tim’s right hand was furiously rubbing my clit, his left hand was mauling my left tit and I was cumming. It was a good one and as I’ve said, it went on for ages.

Sixteen times I had to sit on a lap, some of them women, and every one of them played with my pussy and / or my tits.

I came twice more before my ordeal was over; well that part of it.

Finally it was over and I just hoped that Ryan would tell me to get dressed and say that word. He did tell me to sit down, but only while everyone discussed what the next game was going to be. I just sat there staring straight ahead, still naked.

Ryan had another idea. He asked Tim if he played golf. When he said that he did, Ryan asked him if he had any golf balls at home. With a puzzled look on his face Tim got up and went to find them; and I wished that I hadn’t got out of bed that morning.

Ryan told me to get on the floor, lay back and lift my legs straight up. Then he told me to put my legs behind my shoulders.

I hadn’t done that for quite a while and I wasn’t sure that I could still do it. I twisted my upper torso and pulled first my right leg behind my shoulder then I did the same with my left leg.

My butt and pussy were obscenely displayed to everyone there. Just to make it worse, Tim put the rest of the lights in the room on.

As I lay (?) there waiting for what I just knew was cumming, I wondered how I’d be able to face everyone at work on the Monday.

Tim re-appeared carrying a box with lots of golf balls in it.

“Why don’t you do it Tim; unless of course your wife objects?” Ryan said.

“Do what?” Tim asked.

Ryan picked up one of the golf balls and rested it on my upturned pussy.

“Push it in.” Ryan said.

Tim looked over to his wife then back to me – well my pussy.

“Do it!” someone shouted.

Tim slowly pressed on the golf ball until my pussy opened up and sucked the ball in.

“Fucking hell,” Tim said, “she just about snatched it out of my hand.”

“Push it out Tanya.” Ryan said.

With one almighty squeeze the ball shot out and a few inches up into the air.

Tim’s hand shot out and caught it just before it came back down onto my pussy.

A few swear words were heard as a few people just didn’t believe what they’d just seen.

“Put it in again.” Someone said.

Tim put the ball to my hole and gently pushed. My vagina opened up and sucked it in again.

“Another one.” I heard someone say.

Tim picked up another ball and my pussy swallowed it up.

“Another one.” I heard the same person say.

Tim picked up another ball and my pussy swallowed that one as well.

“Another one.” I heard a female voice say.

Tim picked up a fourth ball and did it again. This time my pussy was a bit reluctant and Tim had to push a bit harder. He got it in but as soon as he moved his finger the ball started coming out.

“Push again.” The same female voice said.

Tim did and this time he held his finger on the ball inside me. Then Tim started moving his finger round inside me. Tim removed his finger and this time the ball stayed in; well for about 5 seconds then it came shooting out and bounced down onto the carpet.

“Again.” A male voice said.

Tim did, this time moving his finger round harder.

That was it for me; I started cumming and as Tim took his finger out of me all 4 balls came shooting out in quick succession.

I could feel the spasms in my pussy as it contracted then relaxed. My body tried to jerk about but in the position I was in the movement was slight. When I calmed down I opened my eyes and saw Grace pressing a golf ball into me. As our eyes met Grace said,

“I want to see this close up before I try it at home; Tim can I borrow some of your balls please?”

I just stared at her as she made all 4 golf balls disappear. She too held her finger in me but I didn’t cum again.

I didn’t cum when the next 3 people did the same thing. I’m guessing that some of the others wanted to do the same but were either too scared to come forward, or felt sorry for me going through all that; even if they were thinking that I would never remember it.

“Stay like that Tanya.” Ryan said after I ejected the last ball.

Everyone was talking and drinking and occasionally looking down at me, still with my legs behind my shoulders. Thankfully it wasn’t uncomfortable even when Darrell pulled an ice cube out of his glass and placed it on my pussy.

It slowly melted and dribbled down the crack of my butt then my back.

Then I heard one of the women suggesting that I give all the men a blowjob. Now I like a good blowjob; if it’s Ryan on the receiving end, but ALL the men?

Everyone liked that idea but when one of the men suggested that they do it slightly differently I got a lot more worried.

The suggestion was that I lay on my back on the table with my head hanging off the end. All the men could then fuck my mouth, and if the women wanted, they could put their pussies over my face and Ryan would tell me to eat them.

“I’ve never deep throated a girl before.” I heard a man say.

Everyone laughed when someone else said,

“You’ve deep throated a man then.”

“Shouldn’t we blindfold her first so that she won’t know who she’s blowing?” another asked.

“No, don’t worry,” Ryan replied; “she won’t remember any of it.”

“Fuck, could I really do this?” I thought. ”Did I want to do it? I could just pretend to come out of my trance all on my own but I’ve never heard of that happening. How could I get out of this without making Ryan look stupid?”

Before I could find the answer Ryan came over to me, un-hooked my legs then lifted me up and took me into the dining room. The table had been cleared and Ryan put me on it with my head just hanging off one end.

My heart was pounding as I laid there in the required position, automatically having spread my legs wide. Meanwhile everyone was discussing who was going first, and what order the rest would go in.

It was all agreed that Tim would go first because he was the boss and it was his house.

“Fuck!” I again thought, “my boss was about to ram his cock down my throat. That was my career going down the tubes.”

Then I smiled to myself as I remembered that my throat was a tube.

Two minutes later Tim walked in and as he unzipped his trousers he said,

“It really is a good job that you won’t remember this; but I sure as hell will.”

His cock loomed over my face, my mouth automatically opened and his bell-end hit my tonsils; then kept going.

Fuck; was his cock long. After his balls hit my eyes he backed off then started thrusting in and out as his hands pulled and tweaked my nipples. Fortunately he gave me chances to breathe and before long he stopped deep inside me, twitched and then shot his load down my throat.

I think that it was 6 more men that came and fucked my mouth; the only girl that came to me was Grace. Instead of putting her pussy over my mouth as my head hung over the end of the table she pulled my legs so that I was squarely on the table. Then she hitched up her skirt, climbed on the table and 69d me.

Grace was so soft and gentle and really knew what she was doing. She’s not a lesbian because we often talk about her boyfriends but I now guess that she’s bi.

We both made the other cum before she climbed off, straightened herself up and left.

I was glad when the last of the men left me because my mouth and throat were a bit sore. After a few minutes rest, Ryan came and got me. He looked me over, probably to see if I had any cum anywhere on me (I hadn’t, it was all in my stomach); straightened my hair the led me back to the others.

Everyone was smiling at me as Ryan picked up my dress and told me to put it on.

Then he asked the others where I’d been sitting when he put me under.

Someone moved and Ryan sat me down with him beside me. Ryan gave me a glass of whisky and told me to drink. Next he took the glass from me, got his phone out then said,


I stayed with a blank expression for a few seconds then turned to Ryan and said,

“I told you that it wouldn’t work.”

There were a few quiet laughs but I ignored them.

No one at work said anything about what had happened and I sure as hell wasn’t going to; Ryan still believes that he’d successfully hypnotised me, twice. The only semi reference to it during the rest of the party was me saying,

“Blimey, is that the time, where’s it all gone?”

That got a couple of little sniggers but no one said anything.

I was quite quiet for the rest of the evening; that was because I was thinking about the consequences of what Tim had done to me and what some of my other colleagues had done to me. At one point I thought,

“At least I know what half the cocks in the office look like now.”

I dreaded going in to work on the Monday; okay, everyone thought that I was being hypnotised when I did all those things but what if someone knew the truth? That would have been just too much for me.

What if people started treating me differently because of what I’d done? What would I do if people started talking to me about the things that I’d done? 

I was so worried when I walked into the office, but I was really lucky; the most that anyone said about the party was that it was a good one. I was really glad that no one said that running machine’s name.

The only slight reference to the party was that I found a golf ball on my desk after lunch on the Monday. Someone was letting me know that they hadn’t forgotten.

By the time it got to the Tuesday night I was looking forward to having the Friday afternoon off and going to the gym.

The Lord Mayor’s Parade
Ryan came home one night and told me that his boss had announced that the company was entering a float in the local mayor’s parade through the city. For some weird reason, the company had decided on a theme of television programs. He’d said that he wanted suggestions for the programmes and idea for the displays.

Karen had the idea that if they wanted people to look at the float then they should have Baywatch as one of the programmes. Their boss had liked that and asked Karen and Ryan to come up with some more details.

Later, in bed, Ryan had asked me what I thought of the idea of having 3 or 4 girls in the famous red, one-piece swimsuits. When I said that it sounded good he said that I would be great as one of them; using the illogical argument that I was a good swimmer and had actually saved a couple of people from drowning.

I could see where Ryan was going and resigned myself to having to stand on the back of a lorry wearing a red swimsuit, as it slowly drove through town. At least I wouldn’t be alone, and it would be a one-piece swimsuit.

Ryan spooned me and went to sleep with his cock between my legs.

A month or so later Ryan announced that the lord mayor’s parade was the next weekend and that everything was organised except for a couple of girls. Karen had volunteered herself and Emma and Ryan had volunteered me; but they wanted 2 more. Ryan suggested that I ask around at the gym but my mind immediately jumped to the twins. I was sure that they’d volunteer, even if they did have to wear something. I got on the phone and I was right, Jude and Kate were up for it.

I asked Ryan about the swimsuits and he told me not to worry, that it was all organised. He’d ordered some on the internet and that they were stretchy so one size would fit all of us.

That sounded good. I asked him about what we’d have to do and he’d told me that we’d just have to dance on the back of the lorry and hand out leaflets to the crowds along the route.

“Easy-peasy.” I thought and put it to the back of my mind.

The big day arrived and we went to pick-up the twins on the way to the starting place. On the way Kate asked about the swimsuits and Ryan said that they’d be waiting for us when we got there. Jude asked if she could do it naked.

When we got there the place was buzzing; about 25 lorries and hundreds of people were running around putting the final touches to their floats. We met Karen and Emma and asked Ryan where the swimsuits were, and where we could get changed.

Ryan got an A4 bubble bag, addressed to their company, from one of the boxes on the lorry and gave it to Karen.

“Where’s the rest of them?” Emma asked.

“They’re all in there.” Ryan replied.

It was then that I started to get a little worried; 5 swimsuits in a bag designed for a few sheet of A4 paper wasn’t a good omen.

Karen opened the bag and pulled one of the little clear bags out. At least the swimsuit was red. She gave the bag to Emma who opened it and held up this red, minute swimsuit.

“It’ll stretch to fit.” Ryan said as he took the bag from Karen and handed them out.

“So where can we get changed?” Emma asked.

“I’ll go and find out.” Ryan said, and disappeared into the crowd.

Five minutes later he was back and told us that we should have arrived already changed. He then said that we could get changed on the back of the lorry and put our clothes into one of the boxes up there.

I was the last to climb up and get in between the props. The others were already stripping off so I got started.

When it came to putting the swimsuit on I quickly discovered that it was made of a very fine mesh. Yes it did stretch to fit, but when it stretched it became VERY see-through. What’s more it was more like a thong leotard and going up our sides it didn’t start until the sides of my tiny boobs. My butt cheeks were not covered at all and I could clearly see my areolas, nipples and jewellery. I suddenly became glad that I’d not put my chains on that morning. When I looked down to my pussy I could clearly see the front of my slit and my clit hood jewellery; and my clit. To anyone within about 15 feet of me I, and the others, we may as well have been naked.

I looked round to the other girls and saw that they too were taking in their exposed state. Kate and Jude had big smiles on their faces.

“I take it that Ryan ordered these.” I asked Karen.

“Yes he did, I should have known that it was a mistake to agree when he volunteered to get them.” Karen replied.

“I like them.” Jude added.

“Me too.” Kate chipped in.

We’d just about got our clothes stored away when Ryan’s boss appeared.

“All set ladies? Oh…. Very nice outfits girls.” He said as he looked round at all the tits, slits and bare butts. “I think that the costume party afterwards will be quite fun.” 

We stood on the lorry on the sand that was supposed to be a Baywatch beach and watched the others sort out their displays. Five minutes later we started moving. It was then that Karen told us that 2 of us we had to hand out the companies leaflets and the other 3 were to dance on the ‘beach’.

Kate and Jude both volunteered to take the first stint handing out the leaflets and quickly jumped down onto the road and started handing them out.

I got in between Karen and Emma and started dancing.

It was then that Ryan must have turned on, and up to full, my little vibrating clit ring. I let out a little yelp, but it was drowned out by the music.

Ten minutes later, the twins climbed back on the lorry for more leaflets. They said that they wanted to go back down and hand out some more but Karen said that we should all take a turn. She gave a big wad of leaflets to Emma and me and told us to get off the lorry and start handing them out.

Thankfully, my clit ring had got me a bit aroused and I wasn’t as embarrassed as I first had been when I put the swimsuit on.

As I handed out the first few leaflets a young man shouted ‘nice pussy girl’ at me. I blushed a little and moved on but as soon as I was a few yards away I looked down to remind myself just how see-through the suit was.

OMG! The crotch of the swimsuit had slipped to one side of my clit hood barbell and stirrup. It was like I just had a string going from my pubic bone, down between my vulva and up between my butt cheeks.

I quickly held the leaflets in front of my pussy and re-arranged the swimsuit so that my pussy was covered; even though it was with the see-through suit.

I needn’t have bothered because with 50 yards my pussy was exposed again.

After re-arranging it 3 times I gave up and was grateful for Ryan turning my little clit ring on and up to full blast.

Accepting that I couldn’t do anything about it I just got on with handing out the leaflets and hoped that no one complained to the police. I also wondered if Kate and Jude’s swimsuit had bunched up between their lips as they walked along. 

After about half a mile I had to stop for a minute or so as an orgasm took control of my body.

For some reason, Karen left Emma and me handing leaflets for most of the route. It was only near the end that Kate and Jude jumped down to replace us. As they climbed down I saw that their pussies were exposed as well and I just knew that they’d be happy about that and not do anything to try to cover-up.

At the end of the route we were met by Ryan and his boss who told us that we were going straight to a pre-arranged party at a pub to celebrate the day. He insisted that we stay in our swimsuits for the party.

The pub wasn’t that far away and we all walked there. I was conscious of how much of me was exposed, the only thing that I was grateful for was that 4 other girls were there just as exposed as I was, and that my clit ring was making me happy. On the way I did look at the crotches of the other girls and was a little relieved to see that al 5 pussies were exposed.

In the pub, Ryan and Emma’s boss bought us all a drink and we managed to get a table in a corner. Quite a number of Ryan’s male colleagues kept coming over to congratulate us on our display. I wasn’t sure which display they meant.

Five pairs of nipples were all rock hard and making tents in the thin, red, transparent, mesh swimsuits. I was glad that we were all sat down so that our pussies weren’t on display.

After a while Karen told her boss that Ryan had told her that while we were on holiday we had formed a dance group called ‘The English Roses’, and since there were 3 of the members there perhaps we could entertain the party.

Of course Ryan was in full agreement; and so were the twins; what choice did I have? Ryan organised some decent music while Karen and her boss cleared a space for us.

I was nervous as hell as the 3 of us lined up and waited for the start. I hadn’t bothered straightening the crotch of my swimsuit because I just knew that it would be all bunched-up within a couple of seconds of the start. I saw that Kate and Jude hadn’t re-arranged theirs although I suspected that they hadn’t because they wanted their pussies to be uncovered.

As soon as our routine started and our legs spread, the camera flashes started. They never seemed to stop all the way through the routine. I managed to ignore them but at one point I wondered what we’d do at the end of the routine where 4 of us picked up the 5th, spread her legs and rubbed her pussy into the face of a man in the audience. The last thing that I wanted was to have my pussy rubbed into the face of Ryan’s boss. Being just 3 of us I decided that we’d stop before that point and end it when we were down on our spread knees; without the masturbation part as well.

However, it didn’t work out that way. When we got down on our spread knees my right hand automatically went to my pussy and I started rubbing my clit. I didn’t want to but I just couldn’t stop myself from teasing my clit until I orgasmed; right there in front of Ryan’s boss and lots of his colleagues.

As I started to come down from my high I looked to the twins and saw them both getting close to cumming themselves.

I felt really embarrassed as everyone stared at the twins as they orgasmed but I had to wait still down on my spread knees until they were ready to get up.

I wasn’t the only one waiting. As soon as the twins turned to look at me, 6 big handsome guys came up and in 2s they lifted up and held our legs out wide. They then proceeded to walk round the whole pub giving anyone, and everyone the chance to look at and photograph our very wet pussies.

I tried to complain and get the guys to put me down but they just ignored my pleas.

After what seemed like hours they took me back to our table and I was able to sit down and hide my pussy. Ryan put his arm round me and told me that I was wonderful and that he really loved me. As I took a drink I looked for the twins; both of them were still in the arms of the guys carrying them around the room. Both looked happy.

The drinks were flowing well and it wasn’t long before just about everyone was quite happy. I even stopped thinking about how little I was wearing and even volunteered to help Ryan’s boss get a round of drinks back to our table.

While we were waiting at the bar Ryan’s boss told me that he loved our swimsuits and that Ryan was a lucky man. Looking down at my chest, and through the see-through swimsuit to my rock hard nipples he said,

“You’ve got an amazing pair of Itty, Bitty, Titties there Tanya; I can see why Ryan thinks so much of you.”

I’m sure that I actually blushed, even though I was half drunk and quite aroused.

It was only at the end of the evening that Ryan produced a bag with our clothes in, but both Kate and Jude told him to keep them until they had to get out of our car. Karen and Emma took theirs but didn’t put them on. I was too far aroused and drunk to want to put mine on as well and Ryan and 3 nearly naked girls walked back to our car.

Going back to China – maybe
About 4 months after I’d got back from the cultural exchange in China, my boss, Tim, told me that Mr Chang had asked that someone go over to China to train the office staff in the ways of England and our company. Mr Chang had requested that that person be me.

I was shocked; I had just never seen that one coming.

Tim let me take it in for a couple of minutes then he asked me what I thought and if I had any questions.

My first question was if it was back to the place that I’d been to before. Thankfully it wasn’t. I asked Tim where it was and he told me that the Chang Empire had a big office block on a smallish island not far from Hong Kong. The Chang Empire owned the whole island and most of the five hundred or so people who lived there worked in a Chang factory or Chang offices.

My next question was if I’d have to be naked all the time. Tim didn’t know the answer to that one.

Then I asked if I would be the only one going. Tim said that they only wanted one person.

Finally I asked Tim how long it was for. Tim said 2 or 3 months dependent on how it went.

I couldn’t think of anything else and I asked Tim if I could discuss it with Ryan and get back to him. He gave me a couple of days.

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 27 – Some of it was my fault

My Job
Things have been slightly different since that party at my boss’s house. Nothings actually been said but I keep seeing some of the guys talking about me (they keep looking over to me as they’re talking). I’ve now had 5 golf balls appear on my desk and I’ve had a few brochures from gym equipment manufacturers emailed to me. Thankfully, it hasn’t affected the way anyone treats me professionally; in fact some of the guys who used to ignore me are now a lot more friendly and helpful.

As for my boss (Tim), he’s a true professional. It’s as if he had never seen me naked; or fucked my mouth, or pushed 4 golf balls into my pussy.

One thing that has happened was the annual salary review. I was one of the last to go into Tim’s office and he asked me not to tell anyone that I had got a bigger pay rise than anyone else. When I asked him what I’d done to deserve more than the others he told me that it was because of how well I’d done in China. I wasn’t so sure because I later heard Grace telling someone what percentage she’d got and it was less than mine.

I wanted to discuss it with Ryan but I couldn’t because I didn’t want him to know that the hypnotism at Tim’s party hadn’t worked and that I knew what Tim had done to me.

I really do hope that Ryan forgets about that hypnotism app that he’s got on his phone.

Ryan’s Job
Since the Lord Mayor’s Parade, Ryan’s been promoted; so has Karen. Whether or not it has anything do to with the way us girl ‘volunteers’ were dressed or the performance of ‘The English Roses’ is a very debatable point.

I’m just glad that I had a few drinks reasonably quickly as soon as we got to the pub. I haven’t been out drinking with Ryan’s work colleagues since then, and I’m sure that it will be embarrassing when it does happen.

A Trip to London
Ryan had to go to London for a 2 day training course and he got the okay from his boss to take me with him. The plan was to go down by train on the Tuesday evening, have 2 nights in the hotel then travel back home on the Thursday evening.

As soon as Ryan told me I got all excited at the thought of a couple of days shopping in central London, but Ryan put a bit of a dampener on it when he told me that he wanted me to dress as a school girl for all of the 2 days, except for when he took me out on the evening; for that he’d pick one of my long dresses. The other part that I wasn’t at all happy about was that he said that I had to spend quite a bit of time in different Starbucks or other coffee shops flashing my pussy to lots of other customers. As you can imagine, that part didn’t go down too well and at first I refused to do it.

The row that followed left me agreeing to do it providing that I could wear one of my remote controlled vibes all day, as well as having my little clit ring fully charged and the random blast mode set to frequent. That was the only way that I could imagine that I could do it and not die of embarrassment. Anyway I figured that I could go to a Starbucks and just sit there drinking my Caffè Lattes and surfing the net on my tablet. Ryan would never know that I’d kept my legs together all the time.

The big day arrived and Ryan packed our little case and took it to work with him. I met him at the train station and we were soon zooming down to London.

No sooner than the train started moving Ryan opened the case and got out an old school satchel that I hadn’t seen before. He gave it to me, telling me that it had my school uniform in it. He asked me to put it on saying that the sooner I got used to it the better.

The satchel was bulging so I thought that maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. He wanted me to put it on there and then but I refused saying that there were too many people walking up and down the train.

When I opened the bag in the toilet I wasn’t happy. The only parts of my old school uniform that I thought that I’d be wearing were my white ankle socks, my black flats and my old school tie. The rest I had never seen before.

The pleated, plaid skirt ended about 2 inches below my pussy and the blouse was nearly transparent. What the bulk was in the satchel was a school blazer. I’d never had one of those and I quickly put it on hoping that it would cover my little tits that I could clearly see through the blouse. Unfortunately, the blazer was so small that it wouldn’t fasten and the length was such that it stopped half way down my butt.

When I’d got everything on I was glad that my little clit ring had got me a bit aroused. If it hadn’t I’m sure that I would have been even more embarrassed as I left the toilet and walked back to Ryan; the blazer opening up every time that I had to twist to get round the fat people who were over-flowing their chairs.

Ryan had a big grin on his face as I walked towards him with a slightly red face. I was so pleased that there was no one sat on the seats facing us. As I sat down the back of the skirt went up and I was sat on my bare butt.

“You look fantastic TT.” Ryan said. “Tomorrow can you finish the look by putting your hair in pigtails?”

“Okay,” I replied; “I will if you’ll fuck me before we get out of bed and let me wear one of my remote vibes all day.”

“It’s a deal!” Ryan replied; “I only wish that I could follow you round all day and watch the people watching you. I hope that you’re going to let half of London see your pussy tomorrow.”

“Of course dear; and it will be oozing with my nectar all day as well.” I lied, not having any intention of flashing anyone.

With the train not being very full, Ryan spread my legs and played with my pussy for most of the journey while I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure that he was giving me.

I must have dozed off for a few minutes because I suddenly woke-up, opened my eyes and saw a ticked inspector standing over me. He was looking down at pussy which was exposed because Ryan had pushed the front of my skirt up so that he could get better access to my pussy.

“Tickets please.” The man said.

I turned to Ryan, expecting him to pass the tickets to the man but Ryan was pretending to be asleep. I picked-up the tickets and passed them to the man. He took his time doing his thing; and looking down at my pussy (for some stupid reason I hadn’t closed my legs).

After what seemed like 30 minutes, the man passed the tickets back to me and said,

“Thank you, have a nice journey.” The man said, lingering for a few seconds more before moving on.

A few seconds later Ryan turned to me and said,

“The first of many in the next couple of days my love.”

His hand reached over and a finger went inside me for a couple of seconds. When it came out he held it in front of my face, smiled and said,

“I see that you’re going to enjoy the next couple of days as well.”

Then he put his finger in my mouth.

I soon got reminded of how breezy the London tube stations can be as we took the short journey to the hotel. At that time of the evening it wasn’t that busy. Maybe less people would have seen my butt and pussy if it had been more crowded; although if it had been more crowded I might have got groped on the tube.

The Radisson Blu hotel was quite old, but quite smart. We didn’t see any sign of a swimming pool or gym; not that it mattered as we wouldn’t have time to go there.

When we checked-in the young woman said,

“Just the one double room sir?”

“Oh yes, my daughter will be sharing with me.”

Realising that the woman had thought that I was Ryan’s daughter, and that he was playing along with that assumption, I added,

“But daddy; I haven’t brought any pyjamas or a nighty or even knickers.”

“Don’t worry Princess, I haven’t either.” Ryan replied.

The woman’s eyebrows rose up a little but she didn’t say anything.

Just to keep up the charade that Ryan obviously wanted to play, I skipped over to the lift. I felt my skirt bouncing up and wondered if the woman; or anyone else was able to see my bare butt.

The room was quite nice, but the view from the window wasn’t up to much; a busy, wide street; but there again, that didn’t matter.

We decided on a Chinese meal that night and went out and found a restaurant not far away. It was a bit dark in there so I had no fears of anyone seeing anything that I didn’t want them to.

I woke-up the next morning in the best way possible; Ryan had spooned me and the thrusts of his cock going in and out of my pussy had shaken me awake. I rolled on top of him and rode him until we’d both cum.

Knowing that I always take longer than him, Ryan let me use the shower first. I was just about finished when Ryan joined me. I teased him a bit and got him all hard before I got out and got dried.  Leaving the towels in the bathroom I went to dry my hair and put it in the pigtails that Ryan thought would complete the schoolgirl look. I’d just finished when the doorbell rang. I went to the bathroom to get a towel to wrap round me but Ryan wouldn’t let me have one.

“Go on TT; give the man a thrill; make his day.”

“It might be a girl.” I replied.

“You might give her a thrill then.”

I was still on a bit of a high from cumming with Ryan inside me so I thought,

“What the hell; he’s probably had hundreds of naked women opening the door to room service; he probably won’t even look at me.”

So I did; and no, the young man didn’t even raise his eyebrows. He carried the coffee in and set it down on the table. He turned, stood in front of me and handed me a pad, not even looking below my face.

“Please can you sign for it?”

Remembering Ryan’s father / daughter game I shouted,

“Dad, the man wants a signature.”

After a few seconds of silence with me looking towards the bathroom, Ryan said,

“Can you bring it here please Princess?”

I walked to the bathroom, wondering if the waiter was watching my little butt.

Ryan kissed me, he tweaked my nipples (I had my barbells in but I’d left the stirrups and chains back at home – Ryan’s suggestion), slid a finger along my slit then signed the pad.

As I walked out of the bathroom I saw the waiter’s eyes rise up from my body to my face. I got a little wet rush as I handed him the pad then watched his butt as he left the room.

Pouring 2 coffees I turned to see Ryan walk out of the bathroom sporting a nice hard-on.

“If you’re lucky buster, I’ll take care of that before you have to leave to go to wherever it is you’re going.”

We drank our coffee as we got dressed to go down for breakfast. Ryan told me to leave my blazer in the room and as we stood in the brightly lit lift I looked at the mirrored walls and my nipples got hard again as I watched them through my nearly see through blouse. I hoped that no one would notice.

I guess that no one noticed because everyone seemed to ignore the schoolgirl in the ultra-short plaid skirt.

Back in our room we cleaned our teeth then Ryan got the remote vibe out of our case and told me to get on the bed and spread ’em. I did, and he slid it in quite easily. I sat up, unzipped his trousers and soon had him cumming in my mouth.

“Hmmm,” I said, “I’ll have that taste with me all morning.”

As we left the hotel, Ryan with his briefcase and me with my satchel containing only my tablet, phone and purse; I felt the cool draught of air on my pussy and my nipples harden. We walked the short distance to Warren Street tube station with no one taking any notice of the schoolgirl with an ultra-short school skirt, holding onto the arm of her father.

The tube station was where we were going to part and after we’d bought the tickets Ryan kissed me and told me that he’d meet me at the Starbucks down the road from the hotel somewhere between 5 and 6 o’clock.

No sooner than I’d turned my back on him and smiled to myself because the vibe wasn’t switched on; it burst into life. I stopped in my tracks and silently swore at Ryan. My peaceful shopping day had just disappeared.

Thankfully, Ryan had switched the vibe on to the slow mode. If it had been on full blast I’d have been knackered before lunchtime.

I walked towards the Northern line for the couple of stops to Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street. It was rush hour and very crowded. Even though I was squashed in the tube I didn’t feel even one hand touching me. I was both pleased and disappointed.

Going up the escalator and stairs I felt the draught lift my skirt but the blazer stopped my whole butt from being put on display; not that anyone would have seen; everyone was way too close to each other.

Out on Oxford Street I decided to go down one side then back up the other. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular; just girl shopping to see what I could find. As I stopped to look in one shop window I realised that the vibe was starting to make me as horny as hell and I just hoped that I wouldn’t be driven to do anything that would get me arrested. The other thing that it was doing was making the insides of my thighs wet; I was going to need those coffee breaks.

It wasn’t long before I saw a denim skirt that I liked in a shop window. It was in one of those narrow little shops with a window just about wide enough for a couple of mannequins; and one of them had this cute little skirt on it.

I went in and looked round the racks and piles of denim for the skirt. After a while this Asian man came over to me and asked me what I was looking for. When I told him he led me to a pile of skirts. I looked through them and found one in my size but I wanted to try it on. There was no way that I was going to buy it without trying it on.

I looked round and saw a little curtained-off area. I looked at the man then the changing area. The man nodded so I went over and pulled the curtain behind me.

I guess that it was because I was so horny, or maybe because it was what Ryan always told me to do, but I stripped naked above my knees and tried the skirt on. The label must have been wrong because it was way too big for me.

Being so aroused must have affected me because I dropped the skirt, pulled the curtain open and walked over to the pile of skirts. I was checking each one when the man came over and said,

“Come on kid, you’re not getting the skirt for free; put your clothes on and get out of here; get back to school.”

That brought me out of the aroused trance that I was in and I turned and ran back to the changing area. I quickly got dressed. Picked up my satchel and ran out.

What the hell was wrong with me? Why the fuck had I stripped and then walked out into the shop? I must have walked quickly passed 3 or 4 shops before I slowed down. I needed a drink to calm me down.

I crossed the road and went down Wardour Street and saw a little coffee house. I went in and got a Latte then went and sat down. The place was more practical than luxurious; wooden tables down each side with benches either side of the tables.

I sat down and held my Latte; then it hit me; my first orgasm of the day (excluding Ryan fucking me). I closed my eyes and just shook. When I started to calm down I opened my eyes and saw that I was being stared at. What’s more I had instinctively opened my legs and the 2 young men on the table opposite were looking under my table.

“Fuck!” I thought; “Ryan was getting his way and he wasn’t even with me.”

It was too late then; and I was still a bit high; so I lay back against the wall, leaving my legs open. They’d already seen most of my pussy so I may as well show them the lot.

I sat there, sipping my coffee staring at the young men who were staring at me; well, my pussy.

They were still there when I’d finished my coffee; so were a couple of girls on the next table to the young men; and they’d noticed that my legs were wide open. I didn’t think that they could see that I was bare under my skirt from the angle that they were sat at so when I saw one of them looking again I twisted a bit on the bench and gave her a good look. She smiled then nudged her mate.

Putting my empty cup down, I lifted my satchel onto the table and got my tablet out. Powering it up I started a game and pretended to concentrate on it.

After about 5 minutes the 2 men decided that they had to leave. As they got up I wondered if I’d made them late for anything. One of them couldn’t resist having a closer look. As he came round in between our 2 tables he squat down and re-tied a shoe lace. I obliged him by opening my legs a bit further and clenching my pussy muscles a couple of times.

He had a big smile on his face as he got up and chased after his mate.

I looked over to the 2 girls and saw that they’d seen everything. I got back to my tablet then a few minutes later the 2 girls left. One of them looked at me as they passed me and said,

 “Shouldn’t you be in school little girl?”

“No more than you should.” I replied.

I decided that I’d had my bit of fun and put my tablet away and left. As I walked back to Oxford Street I smiled as I thought that Ryan would have been proud of me. I also felt the cool breeze on my pussy as I walked. I didn’t think that my skirt was blowing up but I didn’t check; I just walked.

Back to the shops I window shopped and browsed round a couple of shops; both of which had escalators up and down. I didn’t look to see if anyone was trying to look up my skirt, but I did see a young man following me a couple of times. One time that I thought that he was close behind me I ‘accidentally’ dropped my satchel and bent at the waist to pick it up. If he was there he’d have had a great view of my bare butt and pussy; so would anyone else who was looking.

When I’d gone passed Oxford Circus tube station I saw a little sign for a Starbucks. I followed it thinking about what Ryan had said, and found myself near Hanover Square outside the Starbucks. I went in, got myself a Caffè Latte and a chocolate muffin then looked for a seat. Just at that time I saw a woman vacate one of the tables in the window.

I quickly went and sat at it, moving the chair so that I was facing the street. Then I thought about Ryan and what he’d said about Starbucks.

“Sod it.” I thought; “I’m not moving into the main part of the room and looking for someone to flash; I’ll just watch the world go by while I drink my Latte and eat my muffin.”

It wasn’t long before I felt a bit warm so I took my blazer off and put it with my satchel on another chair. Looking down I was reminded that my blouse was just about see through. I smiled to myself and again thought ‘sod it’.

Getting my tablet out I folded the case so that it was upright and switched it on. I was going to play that damn game again to try and distract me from my throbbing pussy but a pop-up appeared saying that it had found an open WiFi so I connected and started browsing the internet.

A young man came and sat on the bench outside the window and looked in. When I saw him in my peripheral vision I automatically lifted my feet and put them on a bar under the table; feet about 18 inches apart; all without looking up from my tablet.

Moving my eyes, but not my head, I could see that my bare legs and pussy had attracted the man’s attention. He seemed to be shrinking down to get a better view.

Ignoring him and pretending to be glued to what was on my tablet’s screen, I absentmindedly (ha) moved my right hand between my legs and the index finger circled my clit.

The inevitable, combined with the vibe purring away inside me, and my little clit ring; happened and I started cumming - again. As I sat there shuddering and struggling to keep quiet, I turned my head to look at the man outside but he never saw me; his eyes were glued to my pulsing pussy. What I also saw were 2 other guys who’d been passing and had looked in, spotted my flesh and decided to stop and watch me.

I don’t know if it was those 2 extra guys, the vibe purring away in me, my index finger pressing on my clit or a zap from my clit ring but just as I started to come down from my high, I went back up there. How my body spasms or my moans didn’t attract some attention inside the coffee house; and get me thrown out, I will never know but it wasn’t long before I was back to normal, albeit with my hand still on my pussy and the 3 guys outside still looking at it.

I kept staring at my tablet and moved my right hand back onto the table and eventually the 2 guys who had been walking by moved on. That just left the one guy on the bench, still bent over and staring at my exposed pussy.

I finished my muffin then put my feet back on the floor, restricting the man’s view. He finally had enough and decided to move on.

I too thought that I should get going, after all, it was the middle of the day and I hadn’t bought anything yet.

I left the coffee shop and headed back to Oxford Street; there were still quite a few shops that I wanted to look round. As I went outside the fresh air reminded me (not that I needed any reminder) that I had on an ultra-short skirt and no knickers. The breeze felt nice and I didn’t even think that the skirt might be blowing up or bouncing up.

Back on Oxford Street I started going into shops. Unconsciously I was looking for escalators to go up hoping that someone behind me would be getting a god look at my butt and pussy. In one shop, just as I got on one escalator, I thought that I saw a man pointing his phone’s screen at my legs. A couple of seconds after I started moving up I turned round looking over the man. Glancing down I saw that he looked like he was videoing up my skirt.

Still being on a sexual high, I spread my feet to shoulder width and felt my lips open.

“That’ll give him something to wank over tonight.” I thought.

I stayed like that until the top of the escalator then turned and walked towards the women’s clothing section. As I turned round some racks I saw the man again. A few seconds later I saw him again; he was following me.

“Okay,” I thought; “I’ll put on a little show for him.”

I went over to the shoes section and selected a pair. Taking a quick look to see that he was still behind me, I dropped the shoes on the floor then bent at the waist to try them on. Looking back through my legs I could see him with his phone in his hand. I smiled and continued putting the shoes on knowing that he was probably videoing may bare butt and pussy. My already dripping pussy got a little wetter.

I gave him another look as I changed back into my own shoes then picked-up the new ones and put them back on the shelf.

Moving off, I went and found a skirt and top that looked okay then went to the changing rooms. They were ‘women only’ changing rooms but I didn’t care, I wasn’t there to flash a man; I just wanted to play with my pussy and cum again.

The room was long and narrow with cubicles down each side; 8 on one side and 6 on the other. I went to one of the furthest from the door and quickly stripped off and leaned back against the mirror and got my fingers busy.

I was just getting to the point of no return when the curtain flew open revealing a young woman standing there looking at the naked (apart from shoes and knee socks) me furiously rubbing my pussy.

The young woman was wearing the stores uniform and her name badge told me that she was the shop floor manageress. After a few seconds silence whilst we both took in what we were seeing, the woman said,

“Well, what have we got here?”

Another silent pause followed.

“A little slut playing with herself while she’s planning on how to steal some clothes.”

“No.. No.. I’m not stealing anything.” 

“How old are you anyway? And what the fuck have you done to your tits? You’re way too young to be getting that done. You, my girl, are in serious trouble; I think that you’d better come with me.”

“I… I wasn’t steeling anything. All I’ve done wrong is what you saw when you opened the curtain.”

“That remains to be seen. Put your clothes on.”

I started to get dressed while the woman watched me. I looked at her in the mirror as she watched me and she reminded me of the Karen that works with Ryan; but a more dominant version.

When I’d got my blazer on the woman said,

“No underwear I see, and with that skirt no wonder you were getting yourself off. Get that skirt and top and come with me.”

As we walked out of the changing room and to the back of the store I went over the situation in my head. I hadn’t stolen anything and the only thing that I had done was masturbate in their changing room. That may well be against their company rules, if they had anything written on the subject, but it certainly wasn’t illegal. No, I was going to be alright.

The woman led me to a big office that had 2 desks and a big table and boxes piled all over the place. No one else was there when we went in. The woman told me to stand in front of one of the desk that she went round and sat at.

“You know that you’re in serious trouble don’t you? It’s company policy to prosecute all thieves to the maximum extent of the law; even minors like you.”

Going into little girl mode I said,

“I haven’t stolen anything. That top and skirt haven’t left the shop and were hanging on the hooks provided and I have nothing else on me.”

“That remains to be seen young lady. Take your clothes off – again, and I’ll search you properly.”

I glared at her for a couple of seconds then started getting undressed. She’d already seen me naked so I didn’t care.

As my blouse came off she said,

“Do your parents know that you’ve had your nipples pierced?”

“My daddy took me to get them done.”

“Hmm; I see.”

As my skirt came off the woman said,

“And did your daddy take you to get that done as well?” The woman said in a descending tone.


“Wow! That’s some father that you’ve got there kid; it maybe explains a lot. Socks and shoes as well girl.”

When I was completely naked I put my hands together in a ball and held them at my mouth.

“Go and sit on the end of that table.”

I did, and instinctively opened my legs so that my knees were about shoulder width apart.

I watched as the woman got out a pair of latex gloves and put them on as she walked over to me.

“Lay back and spread those legs girl.”

I did; then heard the woman say,

“Fucking hell, what the fucks that?”
I felt the woman touch my clit then she said,

“Fuck! It’s vibrating. No wonder you’re soaking wet.”

I felt my clit being pulled and pushed then it hit me; an orgasm hit me like a train. I screamed, my back rose up off the table and I started shaking and arms and legs jerked.

When I finally came down from my high, I looked over to the woman. She had a big grin on her face and was licking her lips.

“Fucking hell girl; what are you, 12 or 13; and you cum like that? Shit, I wish that I was like that when I was your age. So where did you get that thing from, and how did you get it on there?”

After a few seconds pause I replied,

“My daddy got it off the internet and he put it on there.”

“Your father put it on? What did your mother say about that?”

“Nothing, she doesn’t know.”

“Kinell kid; you’re unbelievable….. Right, back to the job in hand. I’m going to check in both your holes to make sure that you haven’t hidden anything up there. I normally tell the girls to relax and use some lube but I can see that you won’t need any.”

I felt first one then two fingers penetrate me then the woman said,

“What the hell have we got here? Have you got a vibrator in there?”

I didn’t answer then felt more fingers going inside me. I nearly came again as they probed round inside me then came out of me holding the vibe up for us both to see. I felt so empty as the woman put the vibe on the table and we both watched it dance around. The woman laughed then I felt a finger being pushed into my ass hole.

I gasped at the sudden penetration; then moaned as the finger probed around. When the finger came out the woman said,

“Good, not stealing anything but that doesn’t excuse the lewd behaviour. You can’t just get yourself off in public changing rooms.”

“Daddy tells me that thousands of women do it every day; so why not?”

“Well yes, but you’re a kid; you’re too young to be doing that.”

“Didn’t you do it when you were my age?”

“Well yes but…”

Just then the door opened and another two other young women came into the room; one wearing the same store uniform. The woman stood between my legs turned and saw who it was.

“Got another one Trish; oh, it’s her again. You skipping school again Danni? I won’t be long with this one Trish.”

Trish spoke to the girl that she’s brought in,

“Right Danni, this must be about your fourth time, you know the drill, get naked.”

Trish came over to me and the manageress and said,

“Not seen this one before.”

“No, it’s her first time, and look at this.”

The manageress flicked my clit causing me to moan.

“Bloody hell; what the fuck’s that!”

“It’s a vibrator and her father put it there; and look at that; I pulled that out of her as well. It’s so easy to make this kid cum; watch this.”

“Bloody hell, another incestuous kid coming here for relief. Does your father fuck you too Danni?”

Danni nodded and the manageress picked up my vibe and pushed it into me. I gasped as contact was made, then moaned loudly.

By that time Danni had got naked and was stood at the table next to me watching what was going on.

“This is going to be fun.” The manageress said as 2 pairs of hands found my body and started rubbing me all over.

As you can probably guess, it didn’t take long for me to start cumming again and just as I was starting to relax the manageress told Danni to get on the table and straddle me. Within seconds her pussy was descending on my face.

Thankfully, she shaved and was already turned on so my mouth didn’t take long to make her cum. All the while the 2 staff were working on my pussy and easily made me cum twice more.

When the staff were done with me they told Danni to get off me and me to stand up next to Danni.

“Danni,” Trish said, “we haven’t given you your cavity search yet, you’d better get on the table.

Danni obviously was looking forward to having a cavity search because she quickly got on the table, spread her legs wide and lifted her legs right up.

I watched as Trish put on some latex gloves and probed her holes. When Trish was done she rubbed Danni’s clit until she came again.

At one point I turned to the manageress and saw her standing there and rubbing her pussy up against the corner of the desk.

“Your lucky day Danni; you got to cum twice. Now get dressed and get the fuck out of here.”

“You too whatever your name is; get out of here.” The manageress said to me.

Both Danni and I quickly got dressed and got out of the shop. In the street I turned to Danni and said,

“I get the impression that you go there to get your rocks off. Is that right?”

“Yeah, it’s fun and occasionally they let me have a top or a skirt for free. It beats paying for it; how about you?”

“Well yeah, I guess that it is.”

“That thing on your clit; does it really vibrate all the time.”

“Yes, it does.”

“Fuck girl, I want one of those. Where did you get it from?”

Staying in little girl mode I said,

“My dad got it off the internet; and does your dad really fuck you a lot then?”

“Hell yeah, and he’s good at it as well. Sorry. But I gotta go; I’ve got to be outside the school gates when my dad comes to pick me up or he’ll beat me up. Maybe I’ll see you here again sometime; it’s fun in there isn’t it? See ya.”

With that the girl turned and ran to the bus that was filling up just down the road.

I just stood there for ages just taking in what had just happened. It was only when a policeman asked me if I was okay that I came back to reality and realised that the vibe was making me horny again.

I asked the policeman what time it was then thanked him and told him that I had to get going.

As I wandered along Oxford Street I wondered what to do next. I was getting a bit tired of the shops (yes, amazing isn’t it?) but was it too early to head to the Starbucks where I was going to meet Ryan. At the same time I was still horny as hell and getting my tiny skirt blown up revealing my butt and pussy to anyone who may be looking wasn’t enough. I needed to cum with a man, or men, staring at my spread pussy.

I found myself outside Tottenham Court Road tube station and went down the steps. I think that I was subconsciously heading towards the Starbucks near the hotel. The breeze through the underground tunnels felt good on my pussy. It was warm, but still cooler than my pussy.

As I was going down the escalator a man below me kept turning round and looking at me. I didn’t know if he could see my pussy under my skirt but I spread my legs just in case he could.

On the train I sat on one of the side bench seats. There was no one opposite me but if there had been they’d have easily seen my pussy. At the next stop a young couple got on and sat opposite me. The guy noticed what he could see almost immediately and he nudged his girlfriend.

“Sod it,” I thought, “I’m getting off at the next step so let them look.”

I opened my legs a bit more and stared straight through them.

The thing was, when the train stopped at the next station I didn’t get up to get off; I just sat there letting the couple look at my pussy. When no one got on the train I stayed exactly as I was. I saw the girl raise her eyes to my face, our eyes met and we stared at each other.

No one had come to sit near us and my right hand drifted to my pussy and my index finger got to work on my clit.

Still staring straight at the girl’s face my finger went faster and faster until I started to cum. I even stared at her as I moaned and almost screamed; my body jerking about. I wondered if either of them could see my pussy pulsating round my hand that was still busy.

When I reached my peak I pulled my hand away knowing that both of them could definitely now see my contracting pussy muscles.

As I came down from my high the staring match continued in silence; all I could hear was the train rumbling on.

The train slowed and the spell was broken; the girl and the guy looked at each other and as if they’d spoken using telepathy they both stood up at the same time and moved to the door. My eyes followed them and as the doors opened the guy looked back at me and mouthed the words ‘thank you’.

I smiled and watched to see if anyone got on. One woman did but she turned and went the other way. As the door shut I put my head back and took a deep breath; still with my legs open.

At the next stop a couple of old men got on and sat opposite me. As they approached I closed my legs but when they sat down and one of them smiled at me I let my legs drift apart. The old man looked down and smiled again; and nudged his mate.

“Finished school early today?” the first old man asked.

“Leave the poor girl alone Fred; she doesn’t want to talk to a couple of old codgers like us.”

“No, it’s okay, I like talking.” I said in my little girl voice.

“That’s not all you like doing is it?” the second man said, looking down to my pussy again.

By that time my legs had drifted far apart.

“Do you like looking?” I asked.

“Is the pope a catholic?” man one asked. “Of course we do; it makes our day to see such a beautiful young girl’s body.”

I was feeling more confident and relaxed. These 2 men wanted to watch me and I wanted them to watch. I pulled the front parts of my blazer wide apart so that they could see my tits through the nearly see through blouse; then I started un-buttoning it.

The 2 old men both stared as my tiny tits came into view.

“Just exquisite.” Man one said.

Man 2 nodded.

My right hand moved to my pussy and my left hand to my left tit.

“Absolutely perfect young lady.” Man one said as I started to go back up there.

The train stopped at the next station and I’m sure that all 3 of us were glad that no one else got on. I don’t know what I would have done if they had as my hands never stopped working. As the train jerked a bit to start moving again, I started cumming again. It was just as good as the previous one and the 2 old men appeared to enjoy it nearly as much as I did.

“That was soo beautiful my dear;” man one said; “it’s been way too many years since I saw anything so wonderful.”

I smiled and said, “Thank you kind sir; I’m so happy that I made you happy.”

“You certainly did that;” man 2 said; “I haven’t had a hard-on like this for years. I just wish that you could take care of it but we have to get off at the next stop.”

For one split second I was seriously considering getting off the train with them and finding a place that I could give the 2 pensioners a blowjob.

As they got up and left the train, both of them thanked me and warned me to be careful. I thanked them back and told them that I would.

As they got off, 3 middle-aged women got on and went to sit not far from me. As soon as I saw them get on and turn my way my legs clamped together and my arms pulled my blouse and blazer closed.

As they passed me one of them looked down at me and gave me a filthy look.

I fastened my blouse and pulled my skirt down as much as it would go.

At the next stop I got off and went round to the other side of the line to get the next train back to where I was supposed to get off. As I went down onto the platform I was suddenly in the middle of a group of about 20 teenage boys. They had an older man with them who seemed to be in charge of them because one or two of them commented on my short skirt and the fact that the draught was blowing it up. After the second comment the older man shouted to the group to behave and leave me alone.

When the train came we all piled into the same carriage and I was surrounded by some of them standing at the end of the carriage. The leader was down at the other end of the carriage. I suppose that I could have tried to get through them to a seat but I didn’t want the hassle. Besides, I liked the idea of being surrounded by horny young men.

I reached up and grabbed one of the over-head straps to steady myself when the train started wobbling about. I was sure that if any of guys who had sat down could have seen through their mates they would have been able to see my pussy.

A couple of the guys started to talk to me. When I stayed silent, the one that was stood on my left put his hand on my butt. When he realised that one of his fingers was on bare flesh his hand slid down then back up under my skirt.

I moaned a little as he squeezed my bare butt.

I should have turned and told him to get off me, but I didn’t; I just stood there.

The guy took my inaction as permission to explore and before long his fingers were rubbing along my very wet slit. Instinct took over and I spread my legs.

“Fuck girl;” he whispered in my ear, “you’re gushing you randy little slut.”

I wanted to say that I wasn’t a slut but the rest was right; but I didn’t; I stayed silent.

The fingers found my clit and toyed with it; then they found my hole and invaded me. Fuck, it felt soo good. I took a better grip of the overhead strap and put all my weight on that arm, bending my knees slightly and pressing down on the hand.

“Fuck you’re good kid.” The guy whispered.

I was in the middle of cumming yet again, when I heard the guy’s leader shout for them to get off at the next stop. The fingers started fucking me even faster until the train stopped and they all piled off. The guy with my juices all over his hand never even looked back at me.

A middle-aged couple got on and the man stared at me as he passed. When the train started moving I went and sat on one of the forward facing seats.

I just sat there with my legs closed, thinking. Okay, I’d already worked out, and accepted that when I’m sexually excited I’m quite happy to, and want to flash my tiny tits and pussy and that it makes me cum quite easily. I’m sure that nearly all women are like that, but once I’ve cum, why do I want to cum again, again and again? Is there something wrong with me? Are other women the same or is it just me? Am I some sort of nympho freak? Is there something physically wrong with me? Have I developed that ’Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder’ (PGAD) whereby I cum just about all the time? No it can’t be that, if I had that I’d cum every time that someone touched my clit. Hell, I do; well no I don’t; not every time.

I was still thinking and staring out of the window at the black walls when I realised that we were stopping at Warren Street tube station. I jumped up and ran to the doors before they closed.

Going up the escalator I heard a young man say,

“Fucking hell Ben, look at that.”

Instinctively I moved my feet further apart and leant forwards a bit.

Up on the street I asked an old man where the nearest Starbucks was. I was sure that he was watching my butt as I walked off in the direction that he told me. As it turns out it was just down the road past the hotel.

When I got there I went and ordered a Latte then I had to decide where to sit. My first reaction was to find a table at the back of the shop. Instead of turning that way I turned towards the door and saw that the table in the window to the left of the door (looking out) was vacant. I put the Latte and my satchel on the table then moved one of the chairs so that I was facing the door with my left shoulder close to the window. As I sat down I told myself that it would be easier to see Ryan when he arrived but I just knew that I was doing it again; putting myself where anyone coming in could look through the glass door and see up my skirt. What’s more, anyone sat at the first table outside or people passing by in one direction would be able to see up my skirt.

All in all, half of me figured that I’d got the best seat in the house.

I shuffled my bare butt to the front of the chair and lay back; then I pulled the front of my skirt as far down as it would go, which was just hiding my pussy from my sight. Next it was my tablet then adjusting everything so that I thought there would be a clear line of vision from everywhere that I wanted.

I settled back, sipped my Latte and pretended to use my tablet.

I kept looking up and outside and realised that most of the people passing looked like students; I remember that look and wondered if there was a college or university nearby.

It wasn’t long before a couple of young women walked in; one glanced at me; then looked again before going to the counter.

Then a young couple came in. The guy saw me and smiled. A few minutes later they were back near the door, the guy trying to persuade the girl to sit outside. He won and they went to the first table outside. The girls sat with her back to the shop but the guy sat in front of and to her right. As he sat down I watched him shuffle his chair a bit as he kept looking over to me.

“Got one!” I thought and opened my legs a bit more. For the next 10 or 15 minutes I flashed my pussy and scratched an imaginary itch near my pussy; all the time glancing around to make sure that no one who shouldn’t be looking was looking.

The vibe, my clit ring and my imaginary itch finally got the better of me and I started cumming again. Biting my bottom lip I managed (I think) not to attract any unwanted attention. The man outside was the wanted attention; his eyes were glued to my pussy.

As I calmed down I realised that the vibe had stopped purring. I guessed that the battery had finally run flat.

Another guy leaving the shop stopped dead in his tracks as he opened the door and looked over towards me. He stared at my pussy for a good 5 seconds before shaking his head and continuing outside. As he walked away he turned and looked back but I doubt that he could see my pussy any more.

The next guy to look at me was coming in. As he opened the door he was looking round and when he saw me he let go of the door, stared and me and grinned. My response was to open my legs as wide as I could get them. He moved off then came back a couple of minutes with 2 lattes. Sitting on the chair next to me he put a hand on my pussy and slid a finger inside me.

“Hello there pussy;” he said, “I hope that you’ve been a good little girl and let lots of naughty men look at you today.”

I squeezed my legs together and replied,

“She sure has DADDY. Want to hear all about it?”

I opened my legs a bit to let Ryan have his hand back then sat up straight and asked him how his training course had gone.

Drinking our coffees, I told him just a bit about what I had been up to. We drank quickly because we both needed to get back to the hotel quickly. We both needed his cock inside me; and quickly.

As we quickly walked back to the hotel Ryan told me that we had to get changed; he told me that we were going to see a show then get a meal. We rushed up to our room and I had to stop Ryan from fucking me while I still had the vibe inside me. His fingers quickly delved in and fished it out before bending me over the table in front of the window and taking me from behind. All that flashing in the coffee shop must have really turned him on. I was still as horny as hell and him making me cum again only added to it. I could see that it was going to be a long time before I calmed down; if Ryan would let me.

We quickly showered and I let my hair down. I didn’t want to look like a schoolgirl that night.

Ryan had brought one of my few long dresses for me to wear. It’s red, backless, has a halter style top that is very small, and the skirt part has a split right up my left leg to my waist. What’s more, it’s made of very light, silky material. It looks amazing when I’m just stood there but when I walk the front opens up and people would be able to see my knickers – if I ever wore any. When I sit down I have to keep pulling the material back over my legs because it slides off revealing my pubes and stomach without me even moving.

As we walked out through reception, me wearing just the dress and a pair of 4 inch heels, the doorman wished us a pleasant evening and then said,

“That’s a pretty dress young lady; your father must be very proud of you.”
I giggled; did a twirl in front of him then thanked him. I wondered if he’d seen my bare stomach as the light material flared out and parted at the split as I twirled.

It was getting late so Ryan stopped a taxi and we were soon walking into the theatre. It was great show but I was grateful for the time sitting still and not feeling too aroused.

When the show ended we walked out onto the street. Ryan had been recommended a restaurant that wasn’t far away and we decided to walk there. Okay, the walk was only about 10 minutes but a cool evening breeze had got up, and my skirt was blowing up behind me which meant that most of my legs and stomach, and the front of my slit was on display most of the time. I was dark and I just ignored it but I did spot a couple of men doing a double take.

The other thing that Ryan pointed out was that the breeze was pressing the thin material of the halter against my tiny tits. He could see the shape of my nipples and barbells.

The restaurant was quite nice. It wasn’t very bright in there and Ryan was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t do any flashing.

We got a taxi back to the hotel and I wondered if the taxi driver knew what the squishing sound was as Ryan finger fucked me for most of the journey.

I know that the doorman saw my bare legs, right up to my waist, as we climbed the steps up to the hotel entrance. The look on his face gave him away. We all wished the other a good night and we went up to our room.

After an energetic fuck Ryan spooned me and his cock got hard and entered me again as I told him some more about the days adventures.

I must have fallen asleep sometime during my story because the next thing that I remember was that light was coming in through the window and Ryan’s cock was pounding my pussy. I had my first orgasm of the day and thought that I was very lucky. I’d gone to sleep being fucked, and woken up being fucked.

We repeated the flashing of the room service guy before getting dressed and going down for breakfast.

We parted at the tube station with the same arrangements as the previous day; me with a fully charged clit ring and a new, long-life battery in the vibe; both switched on.

It was only a short journey to Oxford Street but standing in the crowded train I did feel one hand slide up the back of my skirt. Unfortunately, we arrived at Oxford Street before the hand had the chance to explore further.

The first thing that I looked for in the shops was some sunglasses; I wanted to be able to watch the voyeurs easier than the previous day. I quickly found some and braced myself for another (hopefully) orgasm filled day.

I wandered around a couple of shops before the vibes first got the better of me. I leaned against a concrete pillar until I was able to walk on.

As I walked along Oxford Street I came across the store where I’d got caught masturbating in the changing room. Without even thinking I turned and walked in. I went to the ladies clothing department then wandered around looking at nothing in particular. I came across the shoes section again, and looked around to see if there were any men close by. There weren’t so I kept walking. As I got near the changing rooms I stopped and thought,

“Shall I?”

Five seconds later I was walking to the back of the changing rooms with my nipples so hard that they hurt and my clit throbbing. As I got near the end cubicles I could hear someone moaning. As I reached the last 2 I looked first to the right then to the left. In the left cubicle was a totally naked girl who looked to be about 15, fingering herself and squeezing a nipple. She saw me; smiled and kept going.

I turned into the right cubicle and started getting undressed. We watched each other as we brought ourselves to a climax. Just after that I heard a slow hand clapping then a voice, Trish’s, saying,

“Very good girls, did you plan the stereo cumming of was that just coincidence? Pick up your clothes and follow me.”

“Can I get dressed first please?” the other girl asked.

“No, walk quickly.”

We couldn’t because Trish was walking slowly and I for one wasn’t sure where we were going. What’s more, there were people in the shop and they were watching the 2 naked girls following the woman in the staff uniform.

It was the office that we were led to. As I walked in I saw the manageress sat at her desk with a naked girl stood in front of the desk with her head bent forward.

“So that’s what happens if you get caught stealing stock at this store; and it’ll get worse if we catch you again, as these 2 are about to find. Now get dressed and get out of here.”

The girl looked at me and the other girl; then quickly put her clothes on. I watched her and noted that she didn’t put any knickers or a bra on. The later she didn’t really need as her tits were only slightly bigger than mine.

Trish told us to put our clothes down and stand in front of the desk. As we stood there we watched Trish setup 2 video cameras; both high up and pointing down to the table. Just as she looked satisfied with her work the manageress looked up and said,

“I see that business is good today. I wonder how much we’ll get for the videos?” she said.

“I guess that it depends on how good these 2 little tramps are.”

The manageress went round the front of the desk and looked at the other girl.

“Lizzy; good to see you again; glad to see that you got naked before we even get started; I guess that some of the customers enjoyed your little show.”

Then she turned to me.

“Oh, hello again, I thought that you might be back; you certainly enjoyed yourself yesterday. What is your name anyway?”

“It’s Tanya Miss.” My little girl voice said.

“Did your daddy put that little vibe inside your little cunt before you left home again this morning?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Well you won’t need it for a while so take it out.”

“Yes Miss.”

I squat down and squeezed it out, letting it drop on the floor, picked it up and put it on the desk then watched as it danced around.

“I see that you’ve been doing your exercises; did your daddy teach you those?”

“Yes Miss.”

“I like this one, she’s so polite.” Trish said.

Just then the door opened and 2 young men in suits walked in then stopped dead in their tracks.

“Oh sorry Ms Roberts I didn’t realise that you were busy, shall we come back later?”

“No, no; come in gentlemen; you’re just in time to see how we punish girls that we’ve caught stealing. It’s usually quite effective as the theft figures for this department are the lowest in the store. Close the door please.”

The 2 young men came in and stood alongside the desk that the manageress was sat at; both looking at Lizzy and me. Lizzy had moved her hands to cover her pussy and was looking down to the ground. I was looking at the increasing size of the bulges in the men’s trousers.

“Right girls; do you know each other?”

Lizzy and I both shook our heads sideways.

“I thought not. Now’s your big chance to put that right; turn and face each other and have along, sexy kiss. And get those tongues working.”

Both Lizzy and I turned and looked at the manageress in surprise. I think that both of us hadn’t seen that one coming.

The manageress gave a hand gesture telling us to get on with it. I stepped closer to Lizzy, bent my head back and sideways a bit the leant forward and our lips met. A couple of seconds later my tongue probed Lizzy’s lips, which opened, and my tongues found hers.

The kiss suddenly got a bit more passionate and our arms went round each other.

Lizzy’s ‘B’s? felt warm against the top of mine and I could feel her hard nipples pressing against me.

Another couple of seconds later I slid my hands down her back to her butt and gave both cheeks a squeeze.

“Okay; that’s enough for now.” The manageress said.

We broke the kiss and stepped back. I looked over to the 2 men and felt a wet rush.

“Right; cavity search time; Tanya, get on the table. Gentlemen, would one of you like to do this?”

I got another wet rush as both guys said ‘yes please’ at the same time.

I went over to the table, jumped up, lay back, spread my legs and lifted them right back so that my knees were at the sides of my head.

The manageress gave one of the men a pair of latex gloves and told everyone to go over to the table.

“Tanya here is very obliging; as you can see she likes to make herself easily accessible. Start with her pussy, have a good probe around to make sure that there’s nothing else in there.” The manageress said to the man who was just finishing putting the gloves on.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you; Tanya had that dancing vibrator that’s on my desk inside her when we caught her.”

Both men looked over to the vibe that was still dancing around.

I moaned as the fingers touched my pussy and as my pussy stretched to accommodate what felt like 10 fingers going into me I started cumming.

“Just stay like that;” the manageress said to the man; “she’ll calm down in a minute or so.”

It was a good job that I was holding my legs down because there was a distinct possibility that the spasms would have caused me to straighten them and I might have hit the man.

A minute or so later the manageress told the man to continue. As the probing started again I had a little after-shock which caused the man to jump a bit.

When he was done he was told to probe my butt. That gave me another orgasm which seemed to please everyone.

When I looked able, the manageress told me to get off the table and Lizzy to get on. Lizzy appeared a little reluctant and the manageress had to shout at her to get a move on.

Lizzy just lay there and had to be told to open and lift her legs. As she slowly did so, Trish went round to Lizzy’s head and pulled her ankles right back. Lizzy gasped.

She also gasped and moaned when the second man’s fingers entered her pussy.

“Not as wet as the first girl looked to be.” The man said as I watched him probe at all angles.

Then I presumed that he found her G-spot because all of a sudden Lizzy screamed and started cumming and swearing and cumming. It looked every bit as good as the best of mine.

The only response from anyone when the man probed her butt hole was from the man; he said,

“She’s tight.”

Cavity searches over, the manageress told me to get on the table again and for me to get in the 69 position over Lizzy. Neither of us needed to be told what to do and we both got on with it.

Two orgasms later, the manageress told us to get on our hands and knees, butt to butt. I wondered what was going to happen, but not for long; Trish got a long, floppy double-ended dildo out of one of the desk drawers and leant over and pushed one end into Lizzy’s pussy and the other end in mine.

“Right girls;” the manageress said; “backwards and forwards until I can’t see any of that thing.”

We took a couple of attempts to get going backwards at the right time and it wasn’t long before I felt Lizzy’s butt meet mine.

“Keep going.” Trish said.

We did and we were only told to stop after we’d both cum.

After that we both had to stand in front of the desks with our hands on our heads while the manageress gave us a lecture on good and bad behaviour. I thought that it was a bit ironic with what the woman was doing to us.

When she’d finished she told us that we were going to get what all bad girls should get. She didn’t tell us what but she stood up then told the 2 men to take 2 chairs into the open space where we were stood. She then told them to sit on the chairs.

By that time I was beginning to see what was coming next. I was right; Lizzy and I were told to lie over their laps. From where I was I could see Lizzy’s butt and her shinny pussy. You see, we’d both spread our legs as we lay down. Also, as I lay down I felt the guy’s hard-on pressing on my stomach.

Just then there was a knock on the door and when Trish opened it another staff girl pushed another young girl into the room.

“I caught this one just out on the street.”

“Okay Ann, we’ll take it from here.” Trish said and shut the door. She turned to the newcomer and said,

“Being caught on the street with unpaid for goods is a crime. You’ve got 2 options young lady, either we can call the police now or you can accept whatever punishment we chose to inflict on you. Which is it to be?”

Trish stepped back letting the girl have another look at the 2 naked girls lying across men’s laps. She burst out crying the started to get undressed.

Everyone watched until she was naked then Trish told her to watch closely.

The 2 men were then told to spank our butts until she told them to stop.

When the first swats landed I let out a grunt followed by a moan. Lizzy however, screamed and grabbed her butt. The manageress wasn’t too pleased and came and gave her a swat of her own.

The swats continued with me grunting with each one; well, to start with. After a few of them my butt was getting quite warm and then I realised that my pussy was gushing; I was starting to like it.

A few more swats later and I started cumming but the swats didn’t stop. On and on they went. In between my orgasms I heard Lizzy having one. At least I wasn’t a freak for being turned-on by the pain.

When the manageress finally told the guys to stop and for Lizzy and I to stand up I’d had 4 more orgasms. As I got up I looked down at the man’s trousers; there were 2 dark spots; one just below his belt where the zip was, and the other on his trouser leg where my pussy had leaked on to him.

I put my hands on my butt; it was on fire but I couldn’t feel any damage. I glanced over to Lizzy’s butt. It was bright red but apart from that it looked okay.

“No lasting damaged then.” I thought.

“Okay girls, that’s your punishment just about over but we’re now left with a problem, or should I say 4 problems; we have 2 young men who have been very helpful this morning but they’ve been left with blue balls. Assuming that there are no objections, your final punishment will be to relieve those blue balls with your mouths.”

I looked over to Lizzy and saw a puzzled look. I, on the other hand knew what I was expected to do and as the man in front of me stood up I got on my knees and unzipped his trousers. As his cock sprung out I looked over to Lizzy. She’d realised what she had to do and was following my lead.

I took the man’s cock in my mouth and started bobbing up and down, taking more and more of the cock each time. It didn’t take long, the poor man must have been wanting to cum for ages. He held my head on him as I felt him swell in my throat, but I didn’t want to swallow all of it. I pulled back and off his cock just as he exploded all over my face, some of it going in my mouth and some into my left eye as I looked up to hi

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Part 27 cont.

I took the man’s cock in my mouth and started bobbing up and down, taking more and more of the cock each time. It didn’t take long, the poor man must have been wanting to cum for ages. He held my head on him as I felt him swell in my throat, but I didn’t want to swallow all of it. I pulled back and off his cock just as he exploded all over my face, some of it going in my mouth and some into my left eye as I looked up to his face.

“Clean it.” I heard Trish say.

I sucked his cock until there was just my saliva there then rubbed my left eye and licked as much off my face as I could.

I looked over to Lizzy and saw that her face was covered in cum as well.

“Right you 2;” the manageress said; “that’s your punishment for today. Although I’m guessing that you’re both serial offenders and that it won’t be long before we see you again. Let’s just hope that you’ve learnt something today. Tanya, pick that thing up (pointing to my vibe that was still dancing around on the desk) and put it wherever you want; then get dressed both of you and get out of here. I’ve got another criminal to deal with.”

Lizzy and I got dressed with me thinking that I sure had learnt something; but maybe not what she thought; my vibe went back where it belongs. I watched Lizzy put just a short, light weight mini skirt and a tank top on, no underwear, her nipples tenting the thin cotton.

As Lizzy and I left the room the poor newcomer was again crying. I wondered how long it would be before she was cumming.

Out on the street Lizzy got some tissues out of her bag and we cleaned our faces. As we did so, Lizzy said,

“That was fucking awesome Tanya. It’s never been that good before. There’s never been men there before; just those 2 dykes.”

“My butt hurts.” I said.

Lizzy didn’t say anything; she went round behind me and lifted my skirt up.

“It doesn’t look too bad; give it a couple of hours and you’ll have forgotten all about it.”

“Have you been spanked before?” I asked.

“Hell yeah; my dad spanks me all the time.”

“So do you cum every time?”

“Not every time but usually these days.”

“What does your dad do after he spanks you Lizzy?”

“He usually finger fucks me to make me cum again. What about you Tanya?”

“I don’t get spanked very often but when my dad does do it he always fucks me straight afterwards.”

“Wow, I wish that my dad would fuck me……..  Hey Tanya what are you going to do now?”

“I was thinking about going to a coffee shop to think about what just happened; and maybe have a bit more fun; how about you Lizzy?”

“I’ve got nothing planned; I’ve just done what I came into town to do. Hey, I know a McDonalds where we can have a bit of fun, the tables are split on 2 levels and I’ve flashed my pussy there a couple of times before. It’s getting near to lunchtime so there should be plenty of men in there.”

“Sounds like a plan to me; let’s go; I’m getting wet already.”

Lizzy hooked her arm round mine and led me to Oxford Circus tube station, walking at a brisk pace. I’m sure that both our skirts were bouncing up and that my bare butt would be on show. I doubted that Lizzy’s would be showing because her skirt was longer.

Lizzy fixed that problem as we were going down the first escalator; she rolled the top of the skirt so that it was as short as mine. The thing was, she didn’t have a blazer holding her skirt down and the line and material of her skirt were such that I was sure that she’d be showing a lot more than me very soon.

That was confirmed when we walked to the next escalator; as we passed a crossroads in the pedestrian tunnels her skirt blew right up to her waist. What’s more, she ignored it and kept walking. The same thing happened when we were stood on the platform waiting. My skirt blew up as well.

It was near lunchtime and the train was crowded; we had to stand at one end in amongst many other people. I decided to test something and put my hand on the back of Lizzy’s thigh; then I slid it up to her butt. It was then that I confirmed that it isn’t just me that opens my legs in a situation like that; Lizzy’s right foot slid a few inches sideways.

I slid my fingers down her butt crack to her pussy and flicked her clit. She didn’t even flinch but a few seconds later she turned her head and looked at the man stood on the other side of her.

We had to change trains at the next station and as we waited on the platform I asked her if the man beside her on the last train had touched her up. Her reply was,

“Yeah, it happens all the time; you get used to it. I don’t know what all those miserable bitches complain about; it’s quite nice; and it’s more fun when your skirt’s as short as this one is now.”

She called me a sneaky bitch when I told her that it was me. On the next train she got her own back; well I think that she did; I got groped but when I later asked if it was her she denied it.

It wasn’t far from the tube station to the McDonalds and after we’d got our food and drinks we got a table on the higher section of the eating area. At the edge of the higher area is a glass partition about 3 feet high. The tables are in lines, the lines continuing on the lower level, so when we sat down we were right next to a table with 4 young men on it, albeit them 3 foot lower than us, their heads just above our legs.

Of course that meant that all the men had to do was to look towards us and they would get an eyeful of our bare legs; and more, when we let them.

Needless to say that we both perched on the front of our chairs and lay back with our knees a good foot apart. I’d put on my sunglasses so that I could watch them without them knowing.

It didn’t take long for the guys to realise what was on display and I watched them moving around so that they could get a better look. That excitement, and the vibe took me over the top and I sat there biting my bottom lip and cumming.

When I calmed down Lizzy asked me if I’d just cum. I nodded.

“You lucky thing; I want one of those vibes.”

I told her that my daddy had got it for me off the internet but that there must be a few places in London where you can get one. I then asked Lizzy to tell me about herself. What she told me was: -

She lived with her father and 2 older brothers; her mother having done a runner when she was 8.

Her father was a long-distance lorry driver and often was away for the whole week or longer if he was on a long european run.

Her older brothers had brought her up but she had to do most of the cooking and housework.

That her father often spanked her if the house wasn’t tidy when he got home and that her brothers usually watched it happen.

That she always had to strip naked for her spankings.

That it was shortly after she reached puberty that she discovered that she liked the spankings.

That she’d first had an orgasm when getting spanked when she was 13.

While she was telling me all that the vibe and my fingers had made me cum twice; and Lizzy’s fingers had made her cum once. About half way through Lizzy’s life story we’d both turned sideways a bit so that the guys could get a better look; and one of them had disappeared for about 10 minutes. When he came back I heard him tell the others that he’d moved the van so that they didn’t get a parking ticket.

When Lizzy had finished I got up and went and got us another coffee. While I was in the queue one of the guys came up behind me and started to hit on me. He wanted us to go with them and have a good time. I told him that it was a case of ‘look but don’t touch’ and that if they didn’t stick to the rules we’d stop playing.

When I got back to Lizzy I saw that the 4 men had all changed seats. I smiled knowing what they were doing. Lizzy also told me that she’d made herself cum one more time while I was getting the coffees.

I sat back on the seat almost sideways again and watched the men through my sunglasses as we talked and drank.

About 30 minutes later my phone rang. It was Ryan and when I answered I said,

“Hello daddy.”

The conversation was very one-sided as he quickly realised that I was with someone. He asked me who it was and I told him that I’d made a new friend and that her name was Lizzy. He asked me a few questions that I could answer with either yes or no; then he told me that he had some bad news.

He went on to tell me that the training course had been extended to 3 days because the instructor had screwed-up the timings. When I asked him what we were going to do he told me not to worry because he’d got it all sorted out. Our hotel booking had been extended for another night and, even better, he’d spoked to Tim (my boss) and got me another day’s holiday. We were now due to travel back home on the Friday evening.

When I hung-up Lizzy asked me what was wrong. I put my phone down and noticed that my legs were still wide open and that my left hand was still diddling my clit.

Then I told Lizzy that daddy’s job had changed and that we were staying another day.

“Well that’s good news isn’t it? It means that we can have another day flashing guys like these.” Lizzy said.

“Yeah, and we can get some more revealing clothes than these as well.” I replied.

“That’s going to be a challenge, the only thing more revealing is our birthday suits.”

We both giggled and I started to cum again. That vibe was certainly earning its keep.

One of the white shirted staff walked by and gave us a filthy look. As he walked away Lizzy said that maybe we should leave; after all, we could now come back tomorrow.

We left and were followed down the road by the 4 guys who were probably getting an eyeful of our butts as our skirts got blown up. We lost the guys when we went down into the underground as we headed to Warren Street tube station. We’d spent way too long teasing those guys at McDonalds and it wouldn’t be long before Ryan was going to be at Starbucks.

When we got to Starbucks I got us yet another coffee and waited until we could get 2 stools in the front window and put our drinks on that long plank like table.

It didn’t take long and we climbed onto the stools, the backs of our skirts over the back of the stools; our bare butts on the stools. Then, facing the street, we both opened our legs letting anyone who passed; and those sat at the tables outside, have a great view of our pussies.

I had to laugh when one guy sat outside realised what he was looking at and nearly spluttered his drink all over the woman who was sat with her back to us.

Surprisingly, not many people walking passed stopped to stare at us. Okay, a couple did a double take before moving on; until one guy stopped and had a good long stare. I was looking around inside for potential ‘victims’ when Lizzy told me about the man.

When I turned round I saw that it was Ryan and my legs automatically spread as wide as they could go and I started cumming. I just knew that it wouldn’t be long before his cock was inside me.

Ryan just stood there for ages, his eyes going from my pussy to Lizzy’s.

“Make yourself cum for him.” I said.

Lizzy did, her hand going like a pneumatic road drill.

“Fuck that was good.” Lizzy said as Ryan broke his stare and came into the shop. He ignored us and went and got a coffee; then he came and stood between Lizzy and I, put his coffee and briefcase down then his left hand came to my pussy and his right hand went to Lizzy’s pussy.

“Hey pervert, get your fucking hands off. I’ll call the police.” Lizzy said.

Ryan’s fingers rubbed our clits.

“Stop it you paedophile; were only schoolgirls.” Lizzy said but I saw that her legs were still wide open. She was enjoying it.

I decided that it had gone far enough and I didn’t want Lizzy attracting any unwanted attention so I leaned forward so that I could see Lizzy’s face and said,

“It’s okay Lizzy, this is my dad, Ryan; he isn’t going to rape you.”

“That’s a shame Tanya; you didn’t tell me that he was cute as well.”

Ryan took his hands away from our pussies and put them round our shoulders.

“Shall we go to that table outside and talk?” Ryan said.

We did, us girls sitting on chairs with our backs to the shop window. Ryan was facing both of us and I couldn’t help notice that Lizzy was perched on the front edge of her seat and her legs were spread wide.

Ryan asked Lizzy how long she’d been exposing herself to people. After she gave him a brief history of her life and family Ryan said,

“So you don’t walk around naked at home then. I would have thought that you would have started with your brothers and your father. That would have been a good way to start, get over any nerves in the comfort of your own home.”

“I never really thought of that,” Lizzy replied, “they’ve all seen me naked but only when my dad spanks me. I always went to my room straight after that. You’ve got me thinking now. I think that I should be thanking you.”

Ryan smiled then turned to me and asked,

“Have you told her?”

“What about?” I asked.

“The truth about us; it sounds like she deserves to know, and besides, if you’re going to spend all day together tomorrow it’ll make it easier for you.”

“What truth; what do I deserve to know?” Lizzy asked.

I then told Lizzy the truth about Ryan and I and my age. Lizzy just sat and listened, but she didn’t close her legs.

When I was done Lizzy said,

“I just knew that something wasn’t quite right but hey, we all tell little fibs when it suits us don’t we? I’m a year older than I told you.”

We all laughed a bit then Ryan asked,

“So are we all good then?”

“Fuck yes; I haven’t had this much fun for years. Now that you’re staying for another day can we do the same again tomorrow? I can easily get another day off.”

Ryan replied,

“I’m sure that both my ‘daughters’ will have a great day and cum many times; maybe we should have a competition to see who can have the most orgasms in one day.”

I suddenly realised that the 2 of us weren’t on an equal playing field.

“Ryan,” I said, “I think that I need to leave my vibe out tomorrow; Lizzy hasn’t got one; and do you mind if I dump the blazer; it’s too long and stops my skirt blowing right up.”

“Hmm;” Ryan replied, “come on, finish those drinks, I have an idea.”

We did, and Ryan led us to an ‘adult’ shop that he’d seen on his way to meet us. Ryan bought Lizzy a little remote controlled egg and 2 ‘naughty nurse’ outfits, telling us that we could wear the skirts that were about the same length as my school skirt, and would definitely blow up with not much of a breeze. Ryan said that I could wear it without the blazer even though my blouse was virtually see through. I couldn’t wait.

Ryan also bought something that I hadn’t seen before, one for me and one for Lizzy. The heading on the packaging said, ‘Vaginal Kung Fu’. They are marble eggs, chicken egg size, with a chain attached to the thick ends. The chain is about the thickness of a strong neckless and about 2 inches long. On the other end of the chain is a little carabiner.

Lizzy was puzzled when Ryan gave one to her, but I instantly knew what it was. When I explained it to her she laughed and said that it would be dropping out all the time.
“Try just hooking small things onto the carabiner to start off with; perhaps you could go to school with no knickers and something small hanging under your skirt.” I suggested.

“That’ll mean wearing a longer skirt.” Lizzy replied. “I’ll experiment in front of the mirror.”

“You can do that at work as well.” Ryan added.

As we left the shop Ryan said the he had an idea. He went on to tell Lizzy that I used to use a code to let him know how aroused I was, and as, he assumed, we’d need to communicate that information to each other, we should use that code as well.

I explained to Lizzy that it was called Arousal Factor or AF for short and that it was a number from 0 to 10 where 0 was ‘the thought of any sort of sex at the moment disgusts me’ through to 10 was ‘I’m about to explode’. Lizzy liked the idea so we agreed to adopt it.

After that Lizzy said that she’d have to go, there was something that she had to do that night. We arranged to meet Warren Street tube station at 08:30 in the morning and exchanged mobile numbers. Ryan told her not to run the eggs battery flat before the morning.

Ryan and I headed off back towards the hotel but Ryan was hungry so we stopped at a restaurant where the waiter gave me the children’s menu.

While we were there I told Ryan all about my day. In the middle of telling him all about it I had an idea. I asked Ryan if we could stay in London until the Sunday evening. He grinned and asked me what I was thinking about. I told him then got my phone out and looked-up the phone number of the hotel that I stayed at when I was on a training course a couple of years ago; the one where I had been given a car because I saved a Japanese girl from drowning in the swimming pool.

I dialled the number and when someone answered it I asked if Carrie still worked there. I was told that she did and that they’d get her for me.

“Hello, Carrie speaking, how may I help you?”

“Carrie, this is Tanya Turner, I stayed at your hotel a couple of years ago; do you remember me?”

“Tanya, Tanya my love, how could I possible forget our own little hero? Why haven’t you called before? I miss the fun that we had.”

I explained our predicament and without even asking Carrie offered to give us a room for free. She told me that she was really looking forward to seeing me again, and meeting the man who was responsible for me being the way that I am.

I asked her if the hotel was still ‘clothing optional’.

“Of course it is, I’ve just been skinny dipping and I’m stood here in reception without even a towel.”

“Great, that’s just what I wanted to hear. I’ve made another London friend and we’re having a competition to see who can cum the most times in one day; would you mind if I brought her along as well?”

“Of course not, I’ll reserve one of our suites for you so it doesn’t really matter how many of you there are just so long as you all sleep in the one bed. I’m just looking through the list of who we’ve got booked in this weekend and it looks like there will be lots of young men here so I’m sure that we’ll all have a good time. I don’t know what your Ryan is going to do though.”

I laughed and then told her not to worry about Ryan and that Lizzy and I would be there in the morning.

I looked at Ryan and said,

“Sorted, but I don’t know what you’re going to do all weekend.”

“Hmm,” Ryan replied, “let’s see, you’ve invited a cute young lady to be naked with you all weekend, and to sleep with us; and it sounds like there will be other naked young ladies there, one the daughter of a rich hotel owner. I think that I’ll be able to keep myself entertained.”

I got a little wet rush and reached over and squeezed Ryan’s hard cock.

“Better ask Lizzy?” I said and phoned her.

She was ‘excited’ to say the least. She said that she’d never stayed in a hotel before and I’d just invited her to spend the weekend in a 5 star posh one; and that she could be naked most of the time; she couldn’t wait.

Ryan and I went back to our hotel, checked-in again and went to bed. I was tired and it looked like the next 3 days were going to be very tiring.

Having said that I went to sleep and woke-up the same way as the previous night.

I teased a different waiter on the Friday morning; different waiter probably because we were in a room on a different floor.

I got another complement from the doorman as we left. I was wearing just my see through blouse and my new, white with a red waistband, nurse’s skirt and when I did another twirl for him the skirt flew up parallel to the ground. I wondered if he saw my pussy. The pussy that was wet with the anticipation of the day ahead.

Ryan and I parted at the tube station again and I waited for Lizzy. This time I had our little suitcase and my satchel with me, but that was only until we got to Carrie’s hotel.

Lizzy snuck up behind me and sharked me. I screamed and quickly pulled my skirt back up.

“First flash of the day Tanya?”

“No, I flashed the doorman at the hotel.”

Lizzy was wearing the same white skirt, with red waist band, as me and a white tank top; her hard nipples were clearly visible through the thin material.

I told Lizzy where we were going but she didn’t recognise the hotel name. When I told her where it was she knew exactly how to get there and we headed off into the tube station.

As we walked I asked Lizzy if she’d tried her new egg vibe.

“Fuck yes; I put it in as soon as I got home. I experimented with it while I watched some telly with one of my brothers. My dad’s away on a trip and my other brother was down at the pub with his mates. I was still wearing what I was yesterday with the skirt still rolled at the top.

It didn’t take long for me to start cumming. My brother (Dylan) was too engrossed in the telly and didn’t even notice. I was so horny by then and I thought about what Ryan had said about getting naked in front of my family. I decided that I’d let Dylan see me without my clothes. After a bit of thought I went and took a shower then got dried. I’d decided that I’d do the washing and filled the basket with my things.

Still naked, I carried the basket into the lounge, put the basket on the sofa then asked Dylan if he had any washing. He was still ignoring me after I’d asked him twice so I went and stood in between him and the telly.

“Fuck sis, what are you doing; where are your clothes?”

“I’m doing the washing and I wanted to wash all my dirty clothes; have you got anything to wash?”

“Why didn’t you put something clean on?”

“Haven’t got anything.”

“You should do the washing more often then.”

“Well, have you got any washing then?”

Dylan went off and got his dirty clothes and put them in the basket then he watched me as I went into the kitchen, loaded the machine and set it running. I then went and sat on the sofa opposite Dylan.”

“So how long did you stay like that?” I asked.

“Until I went to bed, but Dylan kept looking over to me. After a while I went to my room and switched the egg on, to full; then went and sat on the sofa again. Dylan had watched me walk out, and then back in.

The egg did what it’s supposed to do; twice, before I went to bed. As I got all worked-up again my legs spread and I started playing with my tits. By then, Dylan had lost interest in the telly and was staring at me. I just went for it and gave him a good show.

When I got up to go to bed Dylan said,

“Fuck sis I didn’t realise that you were so hot; can you wash all your clothes every night?”

I just said,

”Shut-up perv, I’m your sister.”

“And a fucking hot one at that.” Dylan replied.””

“So are you going to flash him again?” I asked.

“FLASH him! Hell no; I’m going to start being naked all the time. I’m going to drive him and Adam crazy.”

“So is the egg still inside you?” I asked.

“Yeah, I tried to get it out last night but I couldn’t get it. I just switched it off then back on just before I left home this morning. The control and a few essentials are in my bag.”

“I’ll show you the exercises that you can do to make it easier to squeeze things out, and practicing lifting heavy things with you Kung Fu egg will help as well. I’m sure that Ryan will help you get it out until you can do it yourself.”

“That sounds nice; I’ll look forward to that.”

By that time we were stood on the platform waiting for the train; our skirts having blown up a few times but neither of us had pulled them down; we waited for gravity to work.

As the train approached the breeze got stronger and 2 girls with skirts round their waists got on the train.

Two train rides, skirts blown up 3 times, 2 vibrator induced orgasms and only Lizzy getting groped later, we arrived at Carries hotel.

We went in and I told the receptionist who I was. Two minutes later Carrie came running over. She was wearing a business suit similar to the ones that I wear for work but I was sure that hers cost ten times what mine do, even if the skirt was as short as mine.

“Tanya, Tanya; it’s so good to see you again.” Carrie said as she hugged me.

When she let me go I introduced Lizzy and Carrie hugged her as well. When she backed off she looked us both up and down then said,

“Are you two in some sort of club wearing the same skirts; oh, I know, you’re both Naughty nurses aren’t you? You both look cute.”

Then Carrie turned to the receptionist and said,

“These two, give them anything that they ask for; I’ll sort out the bill. Make 2 keys for the Yorkshire suite please.”

The 2 key cards quickly appeared, Carrie clicked her fingers and a porter almost grabbed the case out of my hand.

All the way up in the lift Carrie was asking all sorts of questions.

When the porter opened the suite door I just stood there and stared, so did Lizzy. It was the biggest hotel room that I have ever seen, and through a double door was a gigantic bed.

“It’s got its own sauna and jacuzzi through there;” Carrie said; “but I doubt that you’ll use them. I’m guessing that you’ll be down in the leisure centre within half an hour. It was quite busy a short while ago with plenty of ‘victims’ for you.”

The porter left and I told Carrie that I’d like to pretend that I was 13 years old again, and that Lizzy was my 15 year old friend.

“Yes of course,” Carries said, “I’ve never told anyone your true age so that won’t be a problem. Are you going to tease all those nasty men again you little minx?”
“Yeah, it’s more fun that way and we can get away with more. Is Manuel still here? I’d like to book us a couple of massages if that’s okay with you.”

“Tanya my darling, you can get away with anything that you want while you’re here and yes, you can have as many massages as you want; just have a word with the girl down there; but Manuel has gone back to Spain; his son Jacob has taken over. His technique isn’t quite the same but he’s got an amazing right index finger. I can guarantee that he’ll drive you crazy; he does me. Sorry, but I’ve got to go now, another damn meeting, but if you want anything, just ask. I’ve reminded everyone what you did for the hotel and I’m sure that you’ll have a great couple of days.”
“And it’s okay to be naked anywhere in the hotel?” Lizzy asked.

“Of course, I frequently wander all over in my oldest suit.”

With that Carrie was off, leaving Lizzy and I to have a look round the room; but not before we took our clothes off.

Five minutes later we were walking down the corridor to the lift.

“Are you sure this is okay? I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m a bit nervous.” Lizzy asked.

When the lift doors opened a couple of middle-aged men got out. They looked at us and smiled but didn’t say anything. As we went down I told Lizzy that I had a few things to show her in the leisure centre.

Lizzy was still quite nervous as we walked into the leisure centre. I asked her what her AF was and she said it was about a 6. I told her that mine was an 8 because I knew what was coming.

“Oh Hi Tanya, do you remember me? I was working here the last time that you were here. Is your father here with you this time?” The leisure centre receptionist asked.

“He’ll be along later; he’s got some business to sort out. This is my friend Lizzy; she’s not been to a leisure centre before.”

“Well hello Lizzy. I’m sure that you’ll have a great time here. If there’s anything that I can help you with just ask, okay!”

“Err yes, thank you.”

“Oh, while we’re here, can we book some massages with Jacob please; one for each of us, this afternoon, tomorrow and again on Sunday please Sophie?” I said, reading her name badge; I didn’t remember her.

“And can they be one after the other; we want to go there together.”

“Of course, I’m sure that I can arrange that for our famous hero.”

I grabbed Lizzy’s hand and pulled her away.

“See, that wasn’t too bad was it? I’ll show you around the place then we can decide what we’re going to do first. Relax girl, or I’ll go back up to our room and turn that egg up to full.”

“No, please don’t do that; that would be ‘death by orgasm’.” Lizzy replied.

We went to the workout room first because it was the nearest.

“Is that a swimming pool through those windows?” Lizzy asked.

I said that it was just as I saw George; he had his back to us and was adjusting something on a machine. As we walked over to him Lizzy said,

“They’re all looking at us.”

I whispered back,

“Yes, good isn’t it?”

“Hi George.” I said.

George turned around, saw me, and said,

“Oh hi there Tanya, I heard that you were coming, oh sorry, I should have said that differently; here, let me have a look at you.”

He picked-up my hands the stepped back so that our arms were straight. Slowly looking me up and down and said,

“You’re even more beautiful than the last time I saw you, but you haven’t grown at all.”

I pulled my hands back then put them on my tiny tits, squeezed them then pulled my nipples out as far as they would go.

“Not even these George?”

“Nope, but I love then just the way they are.”

“Hmm, so do I.”

As I said that I rolled both nipples between index fingers and thumbs; my AF going up to a 9.

George turned to Lizzy, did the same thing with his hands; and while he was looking her up and down he said,

“And who’s this gorgeous young lady?”

“George, this is Lizzy; she’s my 15 year-old friend. I’m 14 now by the way.” I added.

“I’m so pleased to meet you Lizzy; you are just as gorgeous as Tanya even if you are bigger.”

Lizzy put her hands on the bottom part of her tits, wobbled them up and down a bit then pulled and rolled her nipples. She’d obviously been watching when I did that.

“No, I was referring to your height, but I have to admit, those are very cute; not big and ……. Oops, I shouldn’t talk about female parts like that; sorry.”

Lizzy blushed again and I thought that she was going to cum.

“George, leave her alone.” I said; “we’re both here to have FUN.”

“Does your daddy still make you put that thing inside you?”

“George, you shouldn’t ask a lady such things; but yes, and Lizzy has got one as well; and I’ve got a little something on the outside as well.”

“I can’t see anything different.”

“If you’re lucky you may see it later, and maybe even touch it.”

George’s eyes lit up and the tent in his shorts got bigger.

“Can I be your personal trainer during your stay please?”

I looked at Lizzy, she was blushing and her nipps looked as hard as mine felt.

“Yes of course George but I’ve got some stretching exercises that I want to show Lizzy; perhaps you could help us.”

“Whenever you’re ready Tanya, just shout.”

“Thanks George, I’m just going to show Lizzy round the rest of the place then we’ll be back.”

As we walked out and down the corridor Lizzy said,

“I’m getting close to a 10 Tanya; that was sooo cool; all those men looking at me, and George, I nearly orgasmed when he touched my hands never mind him talking about my tits.”

“Wait until he touches your pussy. I think that we’d better go to the sauna next, there’s something that I need to take care of.” I told Lizzy.

Lizzy looked a bit shocked when we went into the sauna, there were 2 men and 1 girl there; she was naked and clearly masturbating while the 2 men watched. I think that she might have been a bit pissed when 2 naked young girls walked in.

I climbed up to one corner and sat with my feet on different levels and I nodded my head for Lizzy to do the same. Automatically, my hand went to my pussy and quickly gave me the relief that I needed. Lizzy had followed my lead and she too came quite quickly; both of us before the other girl who had lost the attention of the 2 men. I looked down at her and when she looked up to me I said,


She smiled then turned her head back forward, her right hand still busy at her pussy.

Both Lizzy and I sat there idly rubbing our clits until I thought that Lizzy was getting too hot. I kicked her foot and nodded towards the door. We climbed down and went to the shower; both of us going into the same cubicle.

“Ever been in one of those before? I asked.

“No; never.”

“I thought not. I had to get carried out of there the first time that I went in. Just don’t be afraid to admit that you’ve had enough.”

“Is that what girls are supposed to do in saunas then?” Lizzy asked; “and what about the men? Are they supposed to wank as well? Those 2 men were just looking at us?” Lizzy asked, then I replied,

“Not always, it depends on the sauna; some are good like that, others are not. I can tell you some really good stories about saunas.”

“Go on then; will they make me cum again?”

“Both of us; come on then; let’s go to where we can talk.”

I turned the shower off then led Lizzy to the sun loungers. I lay back, bent my knees and parted them about a foot. Lizzy did the same and then I started telling her some of the good times that I’d had in the sauna and on those very sun loungers the last time that I was there.

While I was talking we both got interrupted a couple of time when our vibes got the better of us. Also when people walked passed us going to and from the sauna. One of the men quickly came back out of the sauna and went and sat opposite us and stared at our pussies for the rest of the time that we were there. He never spoke a word so I don’t know if he could understand what we were saying; but I didn’t care; I just wanted to cum again.

Our desire to cum in front of that man got interrupted by Sophie; she came and told us that it was time for our massages.

Sophie introduced us to Jacob; he’s probably in his late teens or early twenties and quite cute, nice and slim with black hair. His English was perfect and he had a London accent so he’d obviously grown-up in London.

On the way there Lizzy had told me that she was nervous so I told her that I’d go first and that she could just watch.

Jacob got me on the table, on my stomach and gave me a long, slow massage from head to foot. I orgasmed when he did my thighs and he just stood and watched until I stopped shaking.

When he asked me to turn over I looked to Lizzy; she was sat there with her right hand between her legs. Without thinking, I spread my legs to the edges of the table as soon as I was on my back; even though Jacob started on my head and shoulders.

I came again as he worked on my tiny tits; this time though, he kept on going right through it; which of course prolonged my pleasure. As he worked down to my stomach what Carrie had said about his index finger was causing my pussy to gush so much that I was starting to feel like I was laid in a puddle.

I was slightly disappointed when his hands left my stomach and went to my feet. One at a time he lifted them up and massaged them. My eyes were closed but I could just feel his eyes burning my pussy.

His hands worked up my left leg and I moaned as he lightly touched my pussy before starting on my right leg. This time when he touched my pussy I had another orgasm. As I calmed down I prayed that he wouldn’t stop because I’d just cum.

I lay there for an eternity not daring to open my eyes just in case I saw Jacob walking away from me. It got to the point where I was convinced that my heart was still pounding, not because I’d just cum, but with the hopeful anticipation of what I hoped was still to come.

I gasped and had a slight after-shock as I felt something lightly touch my throbbing clit. I felt it again, sighed and exhaled, letting all the tension go out of me. 

Within a minute I had decided that I just had to get Ryan to do that to me; Jacob’s touch was just so light.

My next orgasm built so slowly, but so beautifully. I felt like my whole body was tingling. It slowly built up until I finally exploded. My butt must have risen about a foot before crashing down as I jerked all over the place.

As my high started to subside Jacob’s middle 2 fingers easily slid inside me and bent up searching for my g-spot. They found it and I was instantly back up there; his hand keeping up with my bodies movements.

Jacob kept those fingers working for a life-time before pulling them out. I lay there, gasping for breath as my body continued jerking about. In amongst the usual noises that I normally make I realised that I was giggling and I couldn’t stop myself. 

Jacob had backed-off and was just watching my body slowly get back to normal.

When Jacob finally told me that I could get off the table I sat up, swung my legs round then just sat there for a few seconds as my head got used to being higher than my body again.

Jacob asked if it was okay if he took 5 minutes before the next massage and I nodded. He went out of the room leaving just Lizzy and I.

“I’ve no need to ask if that was good Tanya, the look on your face tells it all.”

Just then I heard Jacob talking. I turned to see if the 5 minutes was up but Jacob hadn’t come back into the room. He hadn’t closed the door properly and it had drifted open about a foot.

“Hey man, had any good hotties in there lately?” I heard an unknown man say.

“You should see 2 that I’ve got in there at the moment Liam; both as naked as they can be. I’ve just done one that looks about 12 or 13 and she cums like a pro.”

“Are you taking the piss Jacob?”

“What’s more she had a vibrator up her cunt and it was switched on.”

“You’re having me on.”

“No I’m not. When I go back in I’ll leave the door open for a couple of seconds and you can have a look.”

“If you’re right you are one hell of a lucky bastard Jacob. I think that I should have become a massage therapist instead of an electrician.”

“It’s not all good Liam; imagine having to massage a 20 stone ugly pensioner with so many rolls of fat that you have trouble find her jungle covered pussy.”

“Oh fuck; give over, you’re gonna make me puke. Maybe you can keep your job. I’m out of here.”

I quickly told Lizzy to come and stand next to me facing the door. I wanted to see what Liam was like; and let him see us.

Jacob came back in, apologising for taking so long. He left the door wide open then pretended that it was by accident and turned round to shut it. For a couple of seconds I saw Liam; and he was looking at us; well our bodies.

“Okay, Lizzy isn’t it; you’re on next; hop up. Are you okay Tanya, you still look a little flushed.”

I nodded my head and sat where Lizzy had been.

I sat and watched Jacob give Lizzy the same treatment as he’d given me except that he had more to work with on her chest. Her pussy was leaking as much as mine was. I know that because I compared the size of the wet patches on the sheets that covered the table.

Her final orgasm was as lively and loud as mine was – I think; I’ve never watched myself in a mirror; maybe I should get Ryan to video us when we come back for round 2.

Jacob gave Lizzy a few minutes to relax before we left him, telling him that we’d be back for more the next day.

As we walked out of the massage room I suggested that we go to the workout room for me to show Lizzy some of the stretching exercises that I’d mentioned to George. He was still there when we got there and we went to the open area and I started showing Lizzy a couple of the exercises that I do at the gym I town.

I told her that I’d start with an easy one and got into the crab position and walked round a bit. When I got up Lizzy said,

“I can do that, we used to do it at school, but all those men are looking; they got a good look at your clit ring.”

“Isn’t that the idea; we are here have some flashing fun.”

“Yeah, but that’s just so obvious.”


“Well, okay, but don’t blame me if I cum and collapse in a heap. I’m back up to a 9 already.”

“I hope that you do; then I’ll have to make myself cum to keep the count equal.” I said.

“You’re counting!” Lizzy asked; I lost count ages ago.

I showed Lizzy another couple of exercises then decided to do the splits. When I got down I called George over and asked him to check to see if I was completely down. He promptly got down on his hands and knees in front of me and looked at my pussy.

“Looks good to me.” George said.

“No silly, that’s not how you check; slide your hand under.”

George looked up at my face, smiled then slid his hand under my pussy; palm up.

“That’s it; that’s how to do it George.”

I said as George was finger fucking me.

I lifted myself up an inch or so then lowered myself again a couple of times then got to my feet.

“That’s how to do it George; you’re learning.”

“What is that on your clitoris Tanya, and is it vibrating?” George asked.

“Err yes; it’s a little ring that daddy put on me, He says that it’s to remind me that I’m his daughter.”

“Wow, can I have a closer look at it?”

“Later George, later; now it’s Lizzy’s turn to do the splits.”

Lizzy struggled a bit but the thought of George finger fucking her must have convinced her joints to go that extra bit. As George slid his hand under her pussy and presumably finger fucked her Lizzy suddenly said,

“Ten!” and promptly fell backwards. 

George; myself and 3 or 4 of the other gym users watched as Lizzy’s body jerked about for a few minutes before she looked up and her face went even redder. She quickly got to her feet and said,

“Sorry…. I couldn’t help myself.”

“No need to say sorry Lizzy;” George said, “It was a wonderful sight and I can’t see anyone complaining, can you?”

Lizzy looked round the room then said,

“I need to get out of here.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room.

“What was that Lizzy; I thought that you wanted cum with people watching you?”

“Yes, I do, it’s just that it was such a shock. It was a killer and I wasn’t expecting it to be that bad, I mean good. It was wonderful. I…. I want to go back and do it again.”

“Slow down there girl; let’s go and cool down a bit first. Let’s go and see what’s new in the swimming pool area.”


As we walked in, a man saw us straight away and stared at us.

“So, is this the pool where you saved that Japanese girl?” Lizzy asked.

“Yeah, no big deal, it was easy, she was as small as me. Come on; race you to the other end of the pool.” I challenged.

“Err Tanya, I can’t swim.”

“You can’t swim, wow; didn’t they take you at school?”

“No, they only did it for year 5 and when I was in year 5 the local pool was closed for repairs.”

“Okay, how about I give you a quick lesson and see how you like it. Hang-on, I’ve got a better idea; how about I see if I can get a man to teach you. He’ll put his hands all over you.”

“That sounds like fun; just so long as they know what they’re doing.”

“Oh, they’ll know their way round a female body all right.”

“No, I mean know how to teach someone to swim.”

“I know, I was just joking; let’s go back to reception and see what they can do?”

Sophie was really helpful. I told her that Lizzy needed 2 instructors because Lizzy was so scared of the water. She phoned 3 guys and 2 were successful.

We couldn’t hear both sides of Sophie’s phone calls but each one started with,

“We’ve got a naked girl down here that needs a swimming lesson.”

Closely followed by,

“14 or 15.”

“Yes, naked, she’s with another naked girl who can swim.”

“13 or 14.”

Both guys promised to be there in 15 minutes. I told Sophie that we’d meet them at the jacuzzi.

As we were going there we had to stop for a lean on the wall while Lizzy had another one.

It was the first time that Lizzy had been in a jacuzzi and she loved the way that the bubbles tickled her pussy.

When the guys arrived they were brilliant; they talked Lizzy into the water and both promised to hold her as she practiced the strokes. It certainly wasn’t the way that I would have taught someone to swim, but there again, that wasn’t why they were there; they knew just as well as Lizzy and I knew that they were there to grope Lizzy.

They had Lizzy on her stomach while they held her up, one on each side of her. Each guy had one hand on a tit and the other under her thigh; right up at the top. Lizzy later told me that both her nipples were being played with all the time and she thought that they were taking it in turns playing with her pussy. When she asked them why they were holding her there, one of them told her that it was to relax her and take her mind off the danger. Then he’d told her that it was BREAST stroke that they were teaching her.

About 10 minutes after they started Lizzy told them to put her down and she stood with the water up to her neck. I could see her biting her lip and her face was all screwed-up.

While that was going on I was sat on one of the sun loungers with my feet on the floor either side; and the index finger of my right hand idly toying with my clit.

Lizzy had been in the water for about 20 minutes when Sophie appeared beside me. She told me that there was someone in reception asking for me.

Suspecting that it might be Ryan I quickly walked there. As I turned the last corner I saw him. I shouted ‘DADDY’ and ran to him. I jumped up onto his front putting my arms round his neck and my legs round his waist.

I started kissing all round his face. He in turn put his hands on my bare butt and held me up; the ends of his fingers on my pussy.

That was too much for me and I orgasmed right there in reception; burying my face on Ryan’s shoulder until it passed.

When I slid down Ryan’s front I looked behind Ryan and saw Carrie. She was still in her business suit.

“Carrie, this is Ryan; my DADDY.” I said winking at her. “Ryan, this is my amazing friend Carrie.”

“No Tanya,” Carrie said, “you are the amazing one; and we’ve never had a young lady who likes to ‘enjoy’ herself as much as you do.”

“Yes,” Ryan replied, “she does like exploit her good, youthful looks don’t you my love?”

“Hey,” I said, “I hope that you’re not saying that I’m an exhibitionist buster; and you Carrie, I’ve seen you having as much fun as I do.”

“Perhaps, but I don’t get the chance very often these days; this damn job is taking way too much of my time.”

“Oh, and I’ve just checked to see who we’ve got booked in over the weekend; we’ve got 2 football teams and Star Trek convention; so you should see a few weird outfits around the place.”

“More weird than this?” I said sliding my hands down my side.

“You are not weird Tanya; you have a beautiful body and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.”

“But you will find the time to join us in the sauna later won’t you?” I asked.

“I’ll do my best; I need some relaxation time. Ryan, Tanya will take you up to your room; I hope that it’s okay for you. And here’s another key card for you, Tanya and Lizzy have a problem with where to carry theirs.”

Ryan thanked Carrie and kissed her on her cheek then I led him to the lift. There were 3 men in suits waiting to get in as well and when we all got in I turned to Ryan and said,

“Daddy, will you come and help me with my swimming lessons, I like it when you hold me up, you know, with one hand on my chest and the other between my legs.”

Ryan smiled and said,

“Of course I will princess.”

As soon as the men got out of the lift I jumped up on him again and gave him a long proper kiss until we got to our floor. I practically dragged him along the corridor and started taking his clothes off just as soon as we were inside.

When he was naked I pushed him onto the bed and was about to jump on him when I remembered the vibe. I quickly squat down, squeezed it out and left it vibrating on the carpet as I impaled myself on Ryan’s gorgeous cock.

Thirty minutes later I washed the vibe, put it back where it belongs then went to find Lizzy; Ryan saying that he’d come looking for me when he was ready.

I found Lizzy relaxing on a sun lounger the same way that I had been. The only difference was that there was one of Lizzy’s swimming instructors sat at the bottom of the sun lounger between her legs. I wondered if she’d cum while he was sat there.

I was stood beside Lizzy with the man sat on the sun lounger making his head at about my pussy height. As his eyes went up and down me I automatically spread my feet a bit so that he’d get a better look.

A couple of minutes later he took the hint and excused himself.

I took the man’s place on Lizzy’s sun lounger and while we brought each other up to date I reached over and rubbed Lizzy’s pussy slowly.

Up to date on everything, I asked Lizzy if she was ready to go back to the workout room and spread her legs for the poor sods who were trying to work-out. She said that she was and that she wouldn’t freak-out this time so we went up there.

George smiled as we walked in and we were clocked by a couple of young guys just as soon as we walked through the door.

Lizzy was game to try a few more of the exercises that I do in the gym back home and both of us put our stretched pussies on display for an increasing number of guys that stopped to watch us.

We both had to stop at one point to have yet another orgasm.

When we stopped, George came over and asked if he could show us how any of the machines worked. I said not but asked him to adjust one of the exercise cycles for Lizzy. I asked him to set the saddle a bit too high so that Lizzy had to stretch her legs and slide from side to side to keep them on the pedals all the time.

George smiled and gave me that knowing look just as Lizzy said that she couldn’t ride a bike.

“It’s okay Lizzy,” I said, “you won’t fall off these bikes.”

George stayed and watched Lizzy as she pedalled and orgasmed; I orgasmed again too.

After that I think that George wanted to watch Lizzy’s tits bounce up and down because he suggested that we spend some time on a treadmill. As soon as he said that word I orgasmed again.

“Oh sorry Tanya,” George said; “I forgot about ‘that word’; it still works then?”

I nodded, trying to catch my breath. Lizzy just stared at me; she hadn’t a clue what was going on.

George started the treadmill for Lizzy then stepped back a bit so that he could watch her chest. As we jogged Lizzy asked about ‘that word’. I explained it then Lizzy said,

“So, what is that word Tanya?”

I tried nodding down to the treadmill but Lizzy didn’t get it; so I stopped running and then whispered,


As I started to calm down Lizzy said,

“Did you say ‘treadmill’ Tanya; the music’s a bit loud.”

As I went up there again Lizzy realised what the trigger word was and I vaguely remember hearing her say that she was sorry.

Lizzy had got George to stop her treadmill by the time so that I could talk again and I told Lizzy that we were going to the pool area where we could talk.

Getting on two sun loungers, Lizzy spread her legs with her feet either side on the floor. I did that without realising and I wondered if Lizzy did the same because I sat like that or if she automatically exposed herself without thinking.

Anyway, without saying the word ‘treadmill’ I explained how Ryan and I had trained my brain to associate that word with orgasms. Lizzy loved the idea and said that she was going to try it herself. I asked her not use the same word, or if she was going to use the same word, to say it to herself for the rest of the weekend. She said that she’d whisper it to herself.

We lay there for a while, watching about 8 fit looking young men come in, stare at us, then dive into the pool. All of them kept looking over towards us.

About 20 minutes later Ryan arrived, wearing just his boxers. I again jumped up and ran to him shouting ‘DADDY, DADDY’ and jumping up on his chest. His fingers again found my pussy and my back was to the fit looking men that Lizzy and I had decided were from one of the football teams that Carrie had told us about.

Ryan was obviously getting a little excited and he carried me to the pool and jumped in, still holding me to his chest.

I wanted Ryan to fuck me but he wasn’t too keen on the idea, too many men watching him. What he did do was push me away and we started messing about like any parent and kid.

After a while Ryan said that he had an idea; he squat down so that only his head was out of the water then told me to get on his right shoulder. Then he explained he wanted me put my left butt cheek on his right shoulder facing the same way as him. He would use his right hand, palm up, under my butt to support me. He told me that once I was there he would stand up lifting me up out of the water using just his right arm.

I said that it probably wouldn’t work, but hey, I’ll have a go at anything.

The first attempt failed miserably with me slashing into the water. Most of the footballers were watching and as I surfaced they were cheering and giving Ryan tips on how to do it.

We tried again and this time Ryan got me up in the air. As I went up I felt Ryan’s thumb enter my vagina. What’s more, I spread my arms and legs to try to help me balance. Ryan started walking with me up there, going round in a circle.

As I looked down I realised that the footballers were getting a great view of Ryan’s thumb in my vagina. I orgasmed again, causing me to lose my balance and fall off Ryan’s hand.

Fortunately I’m used to getting dunked and I could feel myself shaking in the calm of being under water.

I slowly surfaced to hear one of the footballers say that he could hold me up there for a longer time. The other’s joined in, saying the same.

Ryan looked at me then said,

“Okay then, let’s see who can hold my daughter up in the air the longest.”

One of the footballers had a watch on and promised to time everyone.

Ryan swam out of the way and the footballers formed a big circle around me.  After they sorted out who was going first the lucky guy swam to me and I climbed on.     

Eight thumbs in my vagina and 3 more orgasm later; Ryan thanked the guys for looking after his daughter. One of the guys asked me if my friend would like a go. Lizzy had obviously been watching and listening because she said,

“No, No, I can’t swim.”

It took a few minutes but we all managed to persuade Lizzy to have a go. I think it helped when I reminded her that I’d already saved a girl’s life in that very pool.

Anyway, in she went and walked over to the smaller circle; the guys promising that they’d catch her if / when she fell. I think that she liked the idea of being man-handled by those cute, fit guys.

Lizzy was a bit nervous at first but she soon got into it. I guess that the thumbs and hands helped her to relax. By the time she’s been lifted 3 times she was virtually running to the next guy.

All the fun took time and by the time the footballers had finished it was time for them to get ready for dinner. One of them did say that they’d be back later on if we fancied another round.

Lizzy just said,


Lizzy had got used to the water a bit by that time and she asked Ryan and me if we could help with her swimming lessons. I realised what she wanted and when Ryan and I got to her I told Ryan how we had to do it.

Ryan was quick on the uptake and I supported both her thighs while Ryan finger fucked her and we both played with her tits.

We were still pleasuring Lizzy when Carrie walked in. The meetings must have finished because she was as naked and I was.

“Come on guys, let’s go to the sauna, I need some relief and relaxation.”

 As we entered the empty sauna Carrie said,

“I didn’t think that you’d be the shy type Ryan; are you going to please the 3 of us and get those shorts off?”

Ryan’s not the shy type around women and 5 seconds later the boxers were on the floor and 3 naked girls were staring at his semi.

By that time Carrie had got up into one corner Lizzy up to the other corner; I sat in between them and Ryan lay on his back on the bottom bench.

“I thought that you 3 might just enjoy me laying here.” Ryan said.

Both Carries and Lizzy smiled and their hands went to their spread pussies; and Ryan’s semi started getting harder.

“Do you want me to start wanking or does one of you want to take care of it? Ryan asked.

I had an idea,

“No lover, just lay there and watch us 3; let’s see how long it takes for you to cum without anyone, even you, touching it.”

“I like your ideas Tanya.” Carrie said.

Ryan’s eyes rotated round the pussies of the 3 masturbating girls and about 4 or 5 minutes later his cock jerked and his cum started squirting out.

“Oh fuck,” Ryan said as his cock jerked to get the last drop out. His cock started getting softer then before it got totally flaccid it started getting hard again. I guessed that the sight of the 3 masturbating girls was too much for him. I climbed down and gave him a blow job.

Afterwards Carrie told us that she’d expected me to mount him; and that she’d looked forward to seeing us fuck. I reminded her that I had my vibe in and that it would probably have hurt both Ryan and me if I’d impaled myself on him.

Then I invited Carrie to come up to our room and watch us fuck. Ryan added that she could join in if she wanted.

“Sounds nice, I might just take you up on that offer,” Carrie said.

“Come to think of it, there’s only 1 bed in our room; where am I going to sleep?” Lizzy said.

“Don’t be silly Lizzy, that bed’s big enough for all 4 of us; Ryan won’t know which way to turn.”

By that time both Lizzy and Carrie were close to cumming. Ryan was still watching them and he said,

“Maybe I can help you with that ladies.”

Both said,

“Maybe later.”

Carrie had to go and take care of some hotel business and the 3 of us went for a cold shower; we’d all been in the sauna for quite a time.

We lay on the sun loungers (Ryan having put his boxers back on); Lizzy and I both bringing our knees up for a while then Ryan asked if either of us was hungry. Both Lizzy and I said that we were so Ryan told us to stay there for a while then go to the bar; that we’d be able to get something there.

As Ryan got up I asked him to bring the controls for the vibes down with him; that I needed a rest.

Ryan laughed and said “Okay.”

Before we left the leisure centre both our vibes did their job; and 5 or 6 people walked passed it; the guys looking down at both our pussies.

We got a couple of strange looks as we walked into the bar and got a seat at a table but no one said anything; well not about us being naked, one guy came over to us and tried to hit on us but when I told him that I was only 13 he soon made his excuses.

Ryan arrived and I asked him to turn both vibes off before he went to the bar to order us some food and drinks. I hadn’t realised just how hungry I was.

Food and drink finished, Lizzy and I went to the ladies then we talked about what we were going to do next. Ryan wanted to let us girls go and do some more teasing and I have to admit that at that point in time I was quite happy to be with just Lizzy and flashing my pussy so we agreed to go our separate ways.

Outside the bar we spilt and as we walked away from Ryan he switched the vibes back on. After an initial gasp I shouted to Ryan,

“I hope that you’ve got some more batteries for these.”

Yes, we went back to the leisure centre; Lizzy said that one of the footballers had told her that they’d be there after they’d had dinner. I joked with her saying that she just wanted to get their thumbs back inside her. She laughed and said,

“And what’s wrong with that? A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.”

I told her that if she played her cards right Ryan would fuck her later.

“You’d let him do that?”

“Of course, I know that it’ll be me that will be going home with him on Sunday; he loves me; so why not?”

Lizzy stopped me walking and gave me a big hug.

“You’re the best Tanya Turner; now let’s go and flash some guys.”

It was a bit quieter in the workout room; only 2 guys there. It looked like George’s shift had finished. I showed Lizzy some more of the stretching exercises that I do in the gym back home then had the idea of showing her part of ‘The English Roses’ routine like I’d done with the twins after the lord mayor’s parade.. Of course we couldn’t do all of it but 2 girls doing a synchronised routine that displays their pussies a lot is bound to attract the stares of men even if it wasn’t that good.

We spent the next 45 minutes or so practising and entertaining the 2, then 3 guys that were there. The entertainment included them watching us cum again; the vibes getting the better of us yet again.

Lizzy was a bit disappointed that the footballers hadn’t re-appeared but by that time we were both getting a bit tired. We decided that it was time to go and get some sleep.


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Part 27 cont again.

Lizzy was a bit disappointed that the footballers hadn’t re-appeared but by that time we were both getting a bit tired. We decided that it was time to go and get some sleep.

Ryan was on his laptop when we got to our room but that soon got put away when I asked him to switch the vibes off. I squeezed mine out and Lizzy attempted to do the same but she just couldn’t do it. She looked at Ryan and said,


She collapsed on to the sofa and spread her legs wide as Ryan walked over to her and got down on his knees. I left them and went to have a shower. Shortly afterwards Ryan came and joined me, his cock pointing to the ceiling.

After I’d taken care of Ryan we got ourselves then shouted for Lizzy to come and join us. When she got there she said that she hadn’t wanted intrude on our privacy. I reached out for her hand and pulled her into the walk-in shower that was more than big enough for all 3 of us.

Lizzy had a happy look on her face as both Ryan and I soaped and shampooed ALL of her body; Ryan rising to the occasion but we all ignored that and concentrated on Lizzy. We dried her then Ryan carried her to the big bed.

It wasn’t long before both of us were on top of Ryan; Lizzy riding his cock and me with my pussy on his mouth and my hands on Lizzy’s tits.

We went to sleep with Ryan spooning Lizzy and me spooning him.


I woke up feeling Ryan finger fucking me. I was flat on my back and my legs were open. When I turned my head I saw Lizzy, on her back with Ryan’s head between her legs. I reached over and caressed one of her tits. When she looked over to me I smiled and blew her a kiss.

After Ryan had made Lizzy cum he swapped over to me and did the same to me.

When I’d cum he stood up and Lizzy looked at me and said,

“Can I?”

I smiled and nodded; Lizzy pulled Ryan down onto the bed and tried to swallow his cock while I gave him a long, passionate kiss.

A slightly crowded shower followed by Ryan getting dressed and us girls drying our hair. Knowing me very well, in the middle of me drying my hair, he pushed me back on the bed, got between my legs and pushed my remote vibe up my vagina. Switching it on, he turned to Lizzy and said,

“She needs that to get her turned-on a bit before we leave the room to avoid her feeling all embarrassed. Do you need yours putting in?”

“I’m not expecting to be embarrassed but you can put it in for me please. Have you put new batteries in it? I don’t want it going flat half way through the day.”

Lizzy jumped on the bed and spread her legs as Ryan got her egg and eased it in while I watched.

“They’ve both got new batteries in and they’re the long-life variety. With a bit of luck they’ll last but I’m going shopping later so I’ll get a good supply.”

We both winced a bit when Ryan switched the vibes on, but still managed to finish drying our hair ready to go for some breakfast. Lizzy decided to put hers in pigtails as well, saying that she wanted to look younger as well.

As we left our room I told Ryan and Lizzy that I was a bit nervous going to the restaurant totally naked. I told them that the last time that I’d been in there I’d worn my little robe. Ryan laughed and said that I may as well have been naked because it doesn’t really cover anything. He’s right but at least it’s something.

Anyway, no one took any notice of the 2 naked, young girls. That was until some of the footballers came in. They were obviously talking about us; and they kept looking at us. By that time the vibe had raised my AF to a level where, not only was I not embarrassed, but I quite liked being looked at. Lizzy obviously loved the attention and she turning to face them and was smiling at them.

When we got back to our room we found an envelope under the door. When Ryan opened it he found 3 tickets to the Star Trek convention. The previous day, after Carrie had told us about the convention I’d decided that we would just try and walk in but the tickets meant that we shouldn’t have any problems; apart from where to put the tickets.

We talked about what it might be like in there and Ryan said that we should pretend to be aliens. He suggested that if anyone said anything we should just say,

“We are from the planet Taresia; we have come here to observe you earthlings.”

Both Lizzy and I practiced saying it in an emotionless, toneless, robotic voice. When we both said it at the same time it sounded quite good.

Ryan also told us that we should walk and act in a sort of robotic way and whenever we stopped we should stand with our feet about shoulder width apart with our hands by our sides. If we had to talk we should not do any contraction of words, always use both words.

We practiced it a bit, trying not to laugh, and stopped when Lizzy’s vibe got the better of her and she collapsed onto the sofa.

Ryan headed off to the shops and Lizzy and I went down to the leisure centre. We figured that there wouldn’t be many people at the start of the star trek do so we’d go and flash a few men in the workout room and maybe the sauna.

George was there and managed to convince us to let him talk us through using some of the machines. The only one that Lizzy liked was the leg spreader and she giggled each time she spread her legs, letting George and the other 3 guys in there that had stopped to watch, have a good look before she closed them again.

Of course, I did exactly the same (without the giggling).

After that Lizzy had had enough of the machines but wanted a go on an exercise cycle, telling me that her AF was up to an 8 and she wanted to do something about it.

Lizzy asked George to adjust the height of the saddle and it took ages for him to get it to the height that she wanted it; she kept having to get off for another adjustment. Each time that she got on or off she did so like men do; lifting her leg over the back; probably because George was stood at the back of the cycle.

Meanwhile I’d adjusted my own saddle and pedalled myself to an orgasm before Lizzy even started. I pedalled to another one round about the time that Lizzy reached her first one.

As we slowed down Lizzy said,

“Let’s go on the treadmill and see how long it takes us to run a mile? Oh shit; I forgot; sorry Tanya.”

A couple of minutes later I was able to tell her not to worry about it; that I’d enjoyed it. So had George and the other guys in there; all of them watching our every move.

We did use the running machines but we gave up at half a mile.

After a short rest and a drink of water we went through the stretching exercises. By that time our audience had doubled and 2 of them followed us when we decided to go to the sauna where we both assumed the position in the top corners. When the 2 guys arrived both our clits were getting rubbed.

They watched us make ourselves cum whilst we watched the tents in their shorts get bigger.

After that Lizzy decided that it would be nice to have another swimming lesson so we went to the reception and asked if either of the swimming instructors were available. Unfortunately, neither of them was anywhere near the hotel and just as Sophie was giving us the bad new George walked by. I had an idea;

“George, what are you like at giving swimming lessons?” I asked.

“Tanya, you can swim; I’ve seen you; and you’re a lifesaver as well.”

“Yes, but Lizzy can’t swim and she wants a lesson. Sophie managed to get a couple of men yesterday but they’re not available today and I was wondering if you could give her a lesson.”

“I would have thought that you were better qualified to teach her than I am Tanya.”

“Maybe but Lizzy wants a man to teach her.”

“Hang on a minute,” George said; “I’ll just have a word with my boss and check that it’s okay.”

Lizzy and I stood around in the reception area and waited. As we did, a few more people arrived; all staring at us but not saying anything. Not even when Lizzy suddenly gripped my arm as her vibe got the better of her.

When George re-appeared he was already changed into some swimming shorts.
“I take it that it’s okay then?”

“Of course; I didn’t think that it wouldn’t but I just had to clear it with my boss; shall we go then?”

We followed George down to the pool and I dived in. When I surfaced both George and Lizzy were in the water; Lizzy hugging him with her legs round his waist.

“Please don’t let go of me George.” I heard her say.

I started doing some lengths and watched George slowly get Lizzy onto her stomach. It was obvious that he had one hand on one of her tits and I could see some of his fingers come up between her thighs; right next to her pussy.

I got out of the water and lay on a sun lounger in the usual way; and Lizzy getting pleasured by both George and her little egg.

After about 30 minutes they got out and came over to me; both had smiles on their faces. Lizzy lay on the next sun lounger and George squat down between the 2 sun loungers.

George tried to persuade us to go back to the workout room but we told him that we had other things to do. All the time that he was trying I watched his eyes. All the time they were going from our eyes to our tits to our pussies; and back to our eyes. This went on until he gave up trying to persuade us.

Lizzy and I lay there talking for a while before we decided that it was time for us to become aliens. We left the leisure centre and went up to our room. On the way we saw a group of people dressed in various star trek outfits; some of them looked really stupid. Most of them stared at Lizzy and I, 2 turning and watching us as we walked passed them.

Ryan wasn’t in our room so I assumed that he was still out shopping. We visited the bathroom and got ourselves looking as much like aliens as we could. All we could think of was using lipstick and eyeliner to put black and red circles round our areolas and an arrow from our belly buttons down to our pubic bones.

Not wanting to cum as soon as we got there I found the remote controls and turned them both up to full and left them there until we’d both cum. Then I turned them back to where they were.

Satisfied that we looked stupid, and that we weren’t going to cum again within the next 15 or 20 minutes, we picked-up 2 of the tickets and went looking for all the trekkies. As we went down in the lift we practiced talking in that emotionless, toneless, robotic voice.

At the table where we had to hand in the tickets, A Spock looked us up and down and said,

“So who have you 2 come as?”

We looked at each other then, in stereo, we said,

“We are from the planet Taresia; we have come here to observe you earthlings.”

Spock didn’t crack his face, but the guy in some Enterprise crew uniform next to him smiled.

The hotel had opened the sliding doors between the 2 biggest conference suites and there were a LOT of people in there. Just inside we stooped and I reminded Lizzy that we had to walk in a sort of ‘formal’ way and only talk in that stupid way; and to stand with our feet apart like Ryan said.

“What if, err, when I cum?” Lizzy asked.

“Just bite your lip and keep as quiet and as still as you can.”

“Easier said than done.” Lizzy replied.

“I know, I’ll be just as bad, or should I say, just as good, as you.”

We started slowly walking down one side of the big room. It didn’t take long before we got noticed and within the first 5 minutes we got asked 3 times which characters we were. Each time we came out with the agreed reply.

Again, it didn’t take long before someone wanted to take a selfie with us; news of the 2 Taresian females was spreading and it seemed like everyone wanted selfies with us. Each time we remembered to stand with our legs apart; I doubted that the photographs would show our wet pussies.

All those photographs took some time, and seeing the people who would have images of me naked, for ever, soon started turning me on. Well. I guess that the vibe helped. My AF was rising at a steady rate.

When my orgasm arrived I was stood between 2 geeky trekkers in different uniforms as a third one took a photo. As I returned to normal one of the geeks said,

“Have you just cum?”

“The word ‘cum’ is not in my database; please explain?” I said in my best Taresian voice.

“Err, err, it, it err means orgasm.” The geek replied as if he was embarrassed to say the word orgasm.

“In that case then, yes, I have just cum.”

I was looking at Lizzy as I said that and I saw a slight smile appear on her face.

We wandered around posing for lots of selfies and each of us cumming twice before I suddenly gasped and turned to look at Lizzy. She too had a startled look on her face. We were stood between 3 more male trekkies waiting for yet another photograph to be taken. In her best Taresian voice Lizzy said,

“I have just been turned up to full power.”

“So have I; our leader must want us to orgasm again.” I replied.

The trekkie taking the photograph had to take another one because the ones on either side of me turned to look at me with their mouths wide open.

As we walked on I told Lizzy that I thought that Ryan must me somewhere around; telling her that it was the sort of trick that he would do.

The next hour or so was tiring and it certainly would have been embarrassing for both of us if we hadn’t been so worked-up; and kept like that.

I lost count of the number of times that I had to say,

“Our leader has just made me orgasm;” in my best Taresian voice of course.

Eventually both Lizzy and I needed a rest and had got a stomach full of people in funny outfits. As we went to the exit there was Ryan, with a big grin on his face. As soon as I was close to him I asked him to turn the vibes down which he thankfully did. Then he asked us what time our massages were scheduled for. When I said 2 o’clock he told us that we had 15 minutes to get to the leisure centre.

“Wow!” I said; “we were in there longer than I thought.”

We rushed to the leisure centre and into the ladies changing room where we washed the makeup off. Ryan was waiting outside and he gave me his phone, asking me to take some photographs and videos of us getting our massages.

When we went into the massage room Jacob and that Liam guy (the electrician) were there. Jacob welcomed us, introduced Liam and asked if we’d mind if he stayed and helped, saying that Liam was his assistant.

I smiled then said that we didn’t mind just as long as they didn’t mind us taking photographs and videos.

I let Lizzy go first whilst I watched. Liam seemed reluctant to touch Lizzy’s naked flesh to start off with but as time went on his hands were going everywhere that Jacob’s were. I took a photograph of Lizzy’s face, her eyes closed and a very relaxed, satisfied expression beaming out.

I put the phone into video mode as the 2 guys took it in turns to massage her tits. That was too much for Lizzy and she orgasmed; as her body jerked about Liam backed off but Jacob kept massaging her tits and rolling her rock hard nipples between his index fingers and his thumbs.

Lizzy came again as Jacob worked his magic on her clit while Liam continued to massage her tits.

I got it all on video.

As I got on the table for my turn I passed Ryan’s phone to Lizzy and asked her to record it all.

I had a relaxing and wonderful time as the masseur and the electrician brought me to 2 amazing orgasms. As it came to an end I decided that Jacob is a worthy replacement for his father.

Ryan was waiting for us outside the sauna and when we went in I was exhausted and just lay there as Ryan and another man watched Lizzy bring herself to yet another orgasm.

After that it was back to our room. Ryan had decided that we were going to eat in the hotel’s restaurant that night and that both Lizzy and I were going there wearing just our shoes. Both of us girls were very nervous. Okay, I’ve eaten in cafés whilst naked before but not a posh restaurant; and the best that Lizzy had done was the previous night in the bar.

When I told Ryan that both of us were nervous and that I wasn’t sure that we should go there naked, he told us that he’d checked with Carrie and that she had said that it would be okay.

Lizzy and I took over an hour getting ready. Ryan couldn’t understand why it took that long, asking why because we didn’t have any clothes to choose or get ready. Men will never understand us girls.

Anyway, with Ryan looking very handsome in his suit with a naked girl on each arm; at least one being very nervous and sexually excited; we walked into the restaurant.

The Maître d didn’t even bat an eyelid as he organized a teenage girl to take us to our table. The same couldn’t be said for some of the other diners; we got quite a few stares and heard one old woman say, ‘sluts’; and a man say, ‘lucky bastard’, but I didn’t care, I was so turned-on that if Ryan had asked me to climb on a table and make myself cum I would have.

Just as our first course arrived we were joined by a naked Carrie; apparently she’d asked to be told when we got there. As it turned-out we had a great time and drank a few bottles of champagne. The restaurant was about empty when we left to go up to our room.

I asked Carrie if she’d like to join us but she declined saying that Ryan would have his hands full with both Lizzy and I. Looking at Ryan I think that she might have been right but I doubted that he would have admitted it.

The 3 of us had another enjoyable night but poor Ryan was worn-out.

The next morning Lizzy and I were up and finished in the bathroom before Ryan woke-up so I woke him up giving him a blowjob then riding him while Lizzy watched and played with herself.

We had to wait while Ryan had a shower before going to breakfast. Just as we were about to leave our room Ryan got our vibrators and told us to lay back on the bed. We both had grins on our faces as Ryan slid then in to us then turned them up to full.

There were only a few guests there when we got there and, although we got a couple of funny looks, no one said anything about the 2 naked girls and it was really difficult eating with those things working away inside us but we both managed to get back to our room before cumming. I wanted Ryan to fuck me again but he refused saying that he wanted us both to be worked-up before the day really got started.

There were about half a dozen men having a Sunday morning workout when we got to the leisure centre. Ryan went to the machines while Lizzy and I practiced out stretching exercises. It soon got to a point where Ryan had the choice of any of the machines because all the others were watching Lizzy and me.

When we got round to doing the splits I was so worked-up that I asked for a couple of volunteers to check that we’d got right down. Ryan had a big grin on his face as both Lizzy and I got finger fucked; both of us cumming again.

After that it was to the pool where Ryan gave Lizzy another swimming lesson while I watched from a sun lounger and idly played with my clit.

Our last massage was next, with Jacob (on his own) living up to the high standard of the previous 2 days while Ryan went and sorted out the room and our limited luggage.

Just after mid-day Lizzy and I went up to our room for a shower before putting some clothes on. Lizzy was looking so unhappy that I whispered to Ryan,

“Would you like to give her one last fuck?”

The bulge that appeared in the front of his trousers answered that question and I sat on the sofa and watched as Lizzy squeezed her little egg out on her own then climbed on Ryan’s hard cock.

We asked for Carrie when we went to check-out but were disappointed when we were told that she’d had to go out for some business meeting.

Both Lizzy and I were near to tears as we parted at the underground station; both of us promising to phone soon. Giving Lizzy the control for her little egg, Ryan told Lizzy that she had to get naked at home more often and to make sure that both her brothers and her father got used to seeing her naked and to maybe get all 3 of them to fuck her. Then he dared her to put her Kung Fu egg in and dangle something from the carabiner while she was naked at home.

Lizzy smiled and looked like she was thinking. Then she said to Ryan,

“Thank you so much for the vibe and the kung fu exerciser; they’re going to get used quite a lot, even at school. I’ve had an awesome time with both of you; thank you so much and I hope that we can do it again some time.

With that she turned and quickly walked off; her little skirt fluttering in the breeze and giving us flashes of her bare butt.

I slept on the train for most of the journey with my head on Ryan’s chest; thankfully, Ryan had seen how tired I was and had switched my vibe off. When I woke-up I discovered that he’d pulled my little skirt up so that most of one of my butt cheeks was on display. I didn’t ask him how long it’d been like that; I didn’t care.

In our own bed, after a long slow fuck, Ryan asked me what I thought of the idea of Darren getting all the girls at the gym one of the Vaginal Kung Fu eggs and a load of weights. We could then exercise our pussy muscles in front of all the men there. He added that Kieran could add a weights moving challenge to his obstacle course.

Being still on a high from the fucking, I thought that it was a wonderful idea. Ryan also got me to agree to try wearing the egg under my work skirts. Ryan agreed to help me check what I could hang from the carabiner and it not be seen whilst I was stood up. 

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Reply #44 on: July 31, 2018, 11:26:32 PM
Well I'm only through Chapter 13 and I must say this story has my juices flowing.

Thank you

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Reply #45 on: August 05, 2018, 03:44:19 AM
An awesome story, very erotic and well written. I started reading and couldn’t stop untill I had read all part of it. Thank you!


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Reply #46 on: August 05, 2018, 08:10:28 AM
Wow, who knew one girl could have so many sexy adventures. Thanks for sharing.

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 28 – Not Ryan’s fault at all

The gym
I’m still having lots of fun there.

Ryan easily managed to convince Darren to buy a Kung Fu vaginal muscle exerciser for each of the girls. In the workout room there is now a bench with 10 weights (1 through to 10 kg) on one end; all with rings on them so that we can hook our carabiners onto them and try to lift them from one end of the bench to the other.

The guys seem to like watching us, especially when we get to the point where we can’t do it and the marble eggs slide out and clunk onto the bench. So far there’s always been at least one guy who wants to put them back in for us.

I’m doing quite well; I guess that all my kegel exercises are now paying dividend; I can lift the 8 kg weight and get it to the other end of the bench.

Ryan is trying to talk me into wearing it to work and carry something heavy round all day. So far he hasn’t suggested something small enough to not hang below my skirts.

Kieran final got the wrestling off the drawing board. There was another obstacle course challenge which was followed by each of the 4 girls taking on a man in the wrestling ring.

Kieran has changed the wrestling rules a bit. They still have to pin their opponent’s shoulders down for a count of 3 and there’s still the no hurting rule; but the rules now say that if a girl wins she can do whatever she wants to her opponent for a full 2 minutes. If the man wins he has to put the girl over his lap and spank her butt for the 2 minutes.

None of the 4 men chosen to take on the girls had a spanking fetish so they all chose to lose their match and let the girls take advantage of them.

One of the girls chose to sit on top of her loser and rub her pussy into his face while wanking him with her hands.

A second girl chose to make her loser eat her pussy whilst she gave him a blowjob. The other 2 chose to ride their loser cowgirl style, one in reverse.

All this was whist they had an audience of about 30 people.   

I went in that big room one day during the school holidays and found the twins wrestling in the ring. I watched them for about 5 minutes before they ended up in the 69 position. I left them to it but Kieran was there and he loved every minute of it.

Ryan wants me to enter the next challenge.

Lizzy (from our recent Trip to London)
Lizzy and I have been phoning each other. We became great friends when we were caught masturbating in that big store in Oxford Street and were made to do all sorts of fun thing; then having naked fun at Carrie’s hotel. I wrote all about our trip in part 27 but a couple of sites that I post on have restrictions on what can be posted so a dramatically cut-down version had to be posted. If you missed out on our awesome fun and want to read all about it just use your favourite search engine and you will find it quite easily.

Lizzy has followed Ryan’s instructions, (well that’s what he thinks, I know that she would have done it anyway) and started being naked at home most of the time. Her brothers drool over her body and she’s sure that she’s become what they think about when they’re wanking.

Her father was a bit more of a challenge. With him being away from home quite a lot she got her brother’s used to seeing her without any clothes on before she exposed herself to her father. He was home for a weekend and when he got home on the Friday evening Lizzy was in the shower. Instead of putting some clothes on she just wrapped herself in a towel and went to greet him.

As they hugged, Lizzy un-tucked her towel so that when they broke contact the towel fell to the floor leaving her naked in front of him. Lizzy just stood there pretending to be shocked but not trying to cover herself.

“Wow Lizzy, you have grown up haven’t you?” her father said.

“Daddy, of course I have;” Lizzy said as she picked-up the towel and wrapped it around herself; “I’m not that little girl that used to share a bath with her brothers and you used to soap me all over anymore.”

“I can see that; you’ve grown into a beautiful young woman Lizzy.”

“Yes she has.” Dylan her brother added.

Lizzy then proceeded to get a meal ready for her father, still wearing only the towel, while her father went for a shower.

When he returned, Lizzy served the food, accidentally letting the towel drop a couple of times; each time she quickly put it back round herself. The third time it happened, Dylan was there talking to her father.

“I don’t know why you bother sis; it’ll only come off again.”

“Maybe,” Lizzy replied, “but I can’t have both of you seeing me naked.”

“Why not?” Dylan asked; “we’re all family and it’s not like we’re going to rape you or anything.”

“Well yes, but I can’t, it’s not right is it daddy?”

“Hey Lizzy,” her father said, “after a week inside that bloody lorries cab, the sight of a naked woman is just what I need, even if she is my daughter. As Dylan says, it’s not like we’re going to rape you.”

“So you wouldn’t mind if I don’t wear any clothes at home then?”

“Lizzy girl, this house is yours just as much as it is mine, as I’ve always said, ‘live and let live;’ you wear as much or as little as you want.”

Lizzy leant over and hugged her father; the towel falling off as she did so. Her brother was stood behind her and she got a tingle in her pussy as she heard him groan a little because of what he must have been able to see.

When she stood up her naked front and bald pussy were inches from her father’s face.

After that she did the washing-up in the nude then went and sat next to her father on the sofa to watch television and catch up with the bits of news that her father had.

She didn’t wear any clothes for the rest of the weekend before her father had to leave early on the Monday morning.

During the next week Lizzy started openly masturbating in front of her brothers, and at the end of the week a couple of Dylan friends had called round to see him. That was unusual so Lizzy guessed that Dylan had invited them to go and look at her so she put on a bit of a show for them.

When I could get a word in, I told Lizzy more about the gym and the obstacle challenge and the wrestling. Lizzy said that she’d love to have a go at that.

When I later told Ryan what Lizzy had said, he suggested that I invite her up to stay with us for a while; maybe during the school holidays.

If I didn’t know better I’d think that he just wanted another pussy to fuck – again. 

When I phoned Lizzy after I got back from my trip to China (see below), she told me that her dad had fucked her. It was the school half-term holidays and she’d been at home on her own on the Tuesday; her brothers being out working, when her father arrived home. He’d been on what was supposed to be a week-long trip round Europe but something had happened and it had been cut short so his boss had sent him home for the rest of the day.

Anyway, when her father arrived home Lizzy was on the sofa, totally naked, and rubbing her pussy with one hand while fucking herself with a cucumber with her other hand.

Lizzy had just frozen but her father had told her to keep going. She did and she had a wonderful orgasm but when it subsided the embarrassment took over and she apologised to her father. He just laughed it off saying that it had been a long time since he’d seen a girl do that.

That evening her father got a phone call from his boss telling him that he had to go on a trip up to the top of Scotland. It would mean that he’d be away for a couple of nights, sleeping in the cab as he usually did. Lizzy had a crazy idea and asked him if she could go with him. He reminded her that they’d have to sleep in the cab and that they’d be in the middle of nowhere.

That was what Lizzy was hoping. When they left in the morning Lizzy was wearing only the white nurse’s skirt that Ryan had bought her, a skimpy see-through top and shoes. What’s more, she didn’t take any other clothes, or even a bag of any sorts.

Her father’s boss whistled at her when they went to pick-up the lorry.

When it came to park-up for the night Lizzy went for a walk. When she got back to the lorry her father was under the quilt trying to get to sleep. It was a good hour before he did get to sleep because Lizzy got naked and climbed in with him.

The inevitable happened and 2 happy people finally got to sleep; but not for long, they fucked again; and again before it was time to move on.

During the next day they had the predicted father / daughter talk about what they shouldn’t be doing and that Lizzy could never get pregnant but Lizzy’s lust had been released and there was no way that she was going to stop fucking her father.

The second night was just as much fun and when they got home Lizzy swore that she’d always sleep in her father’s bed when he was at home.

Of course Ryan wanted me to go back to China; the thought of me having to spend 2 months working in a foreign country and be naked all the time really turned him on even though I told him that I might not have to be naked.

After spending those 2 days mulling it over, I told Tim (my boss) that I would go. He seemed quite happy and so did Mr Chang. When he came to our offices a couple of days later he made a point of coming over to see me and thank me for volunteering. I didn’t dare ask him if the traditions of the area that I was going to would require me to be naked all the time, or expose my pussy every time that I went into a room with men in it.

When I was talking to Tim about the trip the next day he told me that Mr Chang had asked him to tell me that I needn’t take many clothes with me. I asked Tim if that was because the weather was good or because I wouldn’t be allowed to wear them. Tim couldn’t answer that one. What he could tell me was that I’d be working at the Nuwa Corporation headquarters which is on a little island about a 2 hour boat trip from Hong Kong and that the Nuwa Corporation is the islands biggest employer with a factory and a big office complex. Tim told me that Mr Chang is a regular visitor there.

He also told me that most of the Nuwa Corporation’s staff from all over China, that were involved with trade with the UK, would be at the headquarters at some time during my visit and that I would be training them in the accounting practices that we use; similar to what I’d done on my last visit but on a much bigger scale.

The big day came and I found myself on a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong after a tearful parting from Ryan at Heathrow airport. Ryan had put quite a few of my toys and a good supply of batteries into my suitcase. He said that I should be prepared for a couple of months without his cock, adding that it was alright with him if I found a substitute; after all, we’d both arranged for the twins to visit him at least twice a week to keep him from going crazy.

As I entered the ‘Meeters and Greeters’ hall at Hong Kong airport I saw a man holding a card up, with the name ‘Tanya Turner’ on it, and went over to him and he bowed and took my case from me. As we walked out into the open air I was pleased to see (feel) that the weather was good and that I wouldn’t need any warm clothing.

I was chauffeured through Hong Kong to a port where I was escorted onto a smallish ferry and told that I would be met at the other end.

The 2 hour boat ride was very relaxing; especially as I’d gone to the toilet and put a vibe inside me.

I was half expecting to be transported to my hotel on the back of a motorcycle but instead, the man led me to a pedal tricycle for the slow, 20 minute ride to the hotel. On the way I saw quite a few naked young women, and a few naked men; all walking about as if it was perfectly normal; which I guess it was for them. It was when I saw the first naked young woman that I guessed that I had brought lots of clothes for nothing.

The next even bigger surprise came when I checked-in at the hotel, Mr Chang was there. When I’d got over the surprise he asked me to join him for a drink. He took me over to an area with a few sofas and ordered a ‘cooling (herbal) tea’ for me.

As I drank the rather strange tasting tea Mr Chang explained the cultural and social things that I would have to observe whilst I was there, and what was expected of me at the Nuwa Corporation’s offices. He explained that the island observed the same cultural laws that applied in the place where I had been before; i.e. that all unmarried females, from when they reached puberty until they were 40, had to remain naked at all times.

I asked if that applied to visitors as well, hoping that I would be exempt. He said that there were no exceptions so I asked when I had to take my clothes off. He smiled and said,


I stood up, looked round and slowly took my top, then my skirt off. I’d got my barbells in but not the stirrups or chains. As my tiny tits got exposed I instinctively rolled then pulled my nipples getting them hard and causing my pussy to tingle.

After folding the clothes that I wouldn’t we wearing again for a couple of months, I sat down again and asked what else I needed to know.

“I see that you are still wearing the clitoris ring Tanya; is it still performing well?” Mr Chang asked.

“Oh, err yes Mr Chang, thank you so much for it; it was very generous of you.”

“My pleasure Tanya, you are a real asset to your company and your performance last time you were in China was superb.”

The next thing that he said really did surprise me. As a guest of the Nuwa Corporation I was entitled to have the services of a Courtesan girl or boy or both, for the duration of my stay. When I asked Mr Chang what the duties of a Courtesan girl or boy were he told me that their role was to provide for my every need; a bit like Japanese Geisha girls. He told me that after school they’d all spent 2 years in Courtesan College and had to pass a strict written and practical exam before they were allowed to be employed.

My mind was running wild as Mr Chang explained that being a Courtesan girl or boy is a respectable profession and a reasonably well paid one as well; that these girls and boys are expected to be with their Masters 24 x 7 for the duration of their stay on the island and that they would do whatever they were told to do.

Mr Chang clapped his hands and within seconds, 5 girls and 4 boys were stood in front of me. All were totally naked and hairless below their necks. All stood with their feet about shoulder width apart and their head bent down.

I looked at Mr Chang; was he really expecting me to choose one of those 9 young people to be my ‘slave’ for the next couple of months.

He was.

“Don’t worry my dear,” he said; “if you get bored with the first ones that you choose you can just tell reception and they’ll let you pick another one.”

I was shocked and a little turned-on. I WAS getting what could / would be a couple of sex slaves for 2 months. Then I realised that I had to choose right there and then. Did I pick a girl or a boy, 2 girls or 2 boys, or one of each?

“Get up and inspect them Tanya.” Mr Chang said.

I slowly stood up and walked over to them. I ‘inspected’ the girls first. All had tits only slightly bigger than mine, flat butts, were quite skinny and each pussy looked like that of a pre-pubescent girl.

The boys were skinny too. I stood in front of the 4 of them and looked at their penises. All were flaccid and smaller than Ryan’s and all 4 were circumcised. One started to get hard as I looked at them. It attracted my attention and I watched as it got harder and harder until it was pointing to the ceiling.

Just then the effects of my 2 vibrators got the better of me and I had an orgasm while I was stood looking at the boys. I don’t think that Mr Chang realised.

I turned to Mr Chang who smiled as I pointed to the hard cock.

“Do you want a second Courtesan Tanya?” Mr Chang asked.

“Err, I’m not sure.”

“Choose one Tanya, and if you subsequently decide that you only want the one boy, one you can dismiss the other.”

After a minute’s thought I picked one of the girls. My logic being that if there was another naked girl with me all the time she might take some of the attention off me.

“Don’t worry Tanya,” Mr Chang said; “they all have thorough medical exams after each assignment and they all take a daily herbal pill that keeps them sexually aroused all day; the equivalent of the west’s Viagra pills.”

He then said something in Chinese and all but the hard cock and the girl that I had chosen turned and walked away.

“One more thing Tanya,” Mr Chang continued, “all men are not equal here, you only have to assume the position in front of managers and council members, and only when they tell you to; so your pretty little knees should not get dirty very often. 969 and 132 here will explain anything else that you need to know when needed. I have to go now Tanya, an important meeting; I’ll see you at the office in the morning. 969 and 132 have to go and do something; they’ll be back in a minute and take you up to your room.”

He said something in Chinese and the 2 naked teenagers briskly walked away.

With that Mr Chang stood up and left. I was in a state of shock. I’d half expected to have to be without clothes but I had never seen the Courtesan thing coming. I took another sip of the strange tea and decided that I needed something stronger.

Looking up I saw the 2 naked teens walking back towards me, the cock on the boy waving about. When they were stood in front of me the girl said,

“May I get you anything madam?”

‘Madam’? Bloody hell, there was no way that I was going to let them call me that. I was also pleased that she spoke reasonable English.

“My name is Tanya; and that is what you will call me; what is your name?”

“My name is 132 Tanya.” The boy answered.

“And my name is 969 Tanya.” The girl answered.

“No; your proper names.”

“The numbers are the names that we were given when we graduated college and that is what we are to be known by whilst we are employed as a Courtesan Tanya.”

“Oh,,, alright then; 969 can you get me a drink, a vodka please?”

969 scurried off and I stared at the cock on 132. It was pointing to the ceiling with pre-cum leaking out of the tip.

132 returned with my vodka and I downed it in one.

“Take me to my room please; I need to freshen-up.” I said to neither of them in particular.

Standing up, I watched 969 pick up my clothes and handbag whilst 132 got my case. They led me to the lift, up to the third floor then to my room. 132 opened the door to let me go in. As he did so I asked him where my room key was.

“There are no locks on any of the doors in the hotel ma.. err Tanya; nothing ever gets stolen and nothing is private on this island.”

The room was bigger than I expected with a nice big bed and a proper bathroom and a proper toilet. There was a balcony with a great sea view too. I was going to enjoy staying there.

Deciding that I needed a shower I went into the bathroom and turned the shower on. 132 followed me in, and into the shower where he picked-up the soap saying,

“Let me wash you Tanya.”

I just stood there whilst his hands soaped all of my body; yes, all of it. He paid special attention to my pussy and before I realised what was happening he’d made me cum, his hard-on pressing on my thigh.

He even dried me with towels before I went and opened the balcony door then lay on the bed; grateful that the weather was warm and that I wouldn’t need my clothes.

“Can you disappear for an hour or so please, I need to have a nap.”

“Yes ma,, err Tanya. Please phone reception when you need us.” 969 said before they both left.

I squeezed the vibe out, lay on top of the bed and stared at the blue ocean. I tried to get some sleep but the events of the last hour were running wild in my head.

After about 15 minutes I gave-up trying to get some sleep and got up and went and opened my case. It was empty. Looking around I realised that 969 had put all my belonging into the wardrobe and drawers.

I found my tablet out and as soon as it was up and running it had found a Wi-Fi signal and connected me without a password so I skyped Ryan. The Wi-Fi speed was amazing and I got through in a couple of seconds. Ryan was just getting up and was about to get into the shower when I called. Soon after our greetings one of the twins walked behind Ryan; shouting ‘Hi Tanya’ as she passed; she too was naked.

“You didn’t waste any time getting them into your bed.” I said.

“Couldn’t help it TT; they knocked on my door at 8pm yesterday and asked to stay for the night; what was I supposed to do?”
“Exactly what you did my love; assuming that you fucked both of them. I’ve got some amazing news, I’ve got a naked young man to cater for my every need whilst I’m here, and he takes Viagra every day.”

“Kinell TT, you are going to have fun while you’re there aren’t you? Tell me all about it.”

I did, not missing out anything.

“So you’re going to get this 132 to fuck you every day then?”

“You don’t mind then?”

“Of course not; you make the most of it my randy little exhibitionist.”

“I’m not an exhibitionist; oh never mind.”

“Are you going to get them to fuck each other in front of you as well?”

“I don’t know yet.”

“Can you get them to do it with skype up and running? I want to watch.”

“Can you do it a bit later in the day so that I can let all the guys at work watch?”

“Ryan; you’re a perv.”

“Yeah, and you love it don’t you?”

“I guess so; I suppose the upload speed here is good enough.”

“Yeah, it is good; there’s no latency at all. I’ll be able to record it all quite easily; even the sessions with you getting fucked or making yourself cum. Can you do that for me now please TT?”

“God, you really are a perv at times.”

It didn’t take much for me to make myself cum because I was already playing with my clit. When the waves of pleasure had passed I asked Ryan if he had recorded it but he hadn’t; then he asked,

“Can you get your hands on some of those pills that 969 and 132 are taking TT? You said that they’re herbal so they should get through English Customs okay.”

“Why, do you want to be able fuck me non-stop all day?”

“Hell yes, and if you get sore I can go straight into the twins without stopping to get hard again.”

“Fuck Ryan, go and fuck Kate or Jude, or both, so that you can get sex out of your head for a bit.”

“No chance.”

Jude (well I think it was her) must have been close by because I saw her hand reach over and grab Ryan’s cock.

“I’ll leave you 3 to it lover; I’ll call you back later; bye everyone.”

I thought about what Ryan had said about getting some of those pills that 969 and 132 take and decided that I would ask them. Maybe they’d make me horny as hell all the time instead of having to use my vibes. Maybe I could use both and see what happens.

It was still the middle of the afternoon and I was feeling wide awake so I phoned reception and asked then to send 969 and 132 up. I just had time to slide one of my remote vibrators in before there was a knock on the door and I let the 2 teenagers in.

“How long will it take to have a tour of the island?” I asked.

“A quick tour can be done in about an hour, but it’s best to take a slow tour; you can see much more that way,” 132 replied; “there’s plenty of time for the slow tour before it gets dark Tanya.”

“Good, it’s the slow tour then; can you organise it please?”

“That’s easy; you can get a motor tricycle outside the front door madam.”
“It’s Tanya 132; and WE will get a tricycle; you 2 are coming as well, but first can you get me one of those pills that keep you all hard 132 and you all wet 969. I want to take one every day that I’m here, and take lots of them home with me; do you know where I can buy them?”

“I do Tanya,” 969 replied, “and you can get them shipped to England if you want.”

“Good 969; you can take me there tomorrow. Let’s go.”

I switched the vibe on to low and we went down to reception where 969 went and got me one of those pills, and another vodka. After downing them both, 3 naked people left the hotel and climbed onto a motor tricycle. 969 and I sat facing the front while 132 sat opposite, facing me and 969.

My eyes kept going from the scenery to 132’s cock then back to the scenery.

The village / town was typical of what I’d seen the last time that I was in China except that this place is by the sea. The tricycle trip went along the coast round the island and I saw a few beaches that would be great to sunbathe on. I presumed that the locals didn’t do that because the beaches were all deserted. The quieter ones would have been great for Ryan and me to swim and fuck on.

Perhaps I could get 132 to fuck me on one; or more. I got a wet rush with that thought and shortly afterwards the vibe got the better of me and I orgasmed. We were still bouncing along the road so I don’t think that 132 or 969 noticed.

The Nuwa Corporation headquarters is a 3 storey building; quite new, and when we passed it lots of people were leaving. I was pleased to see quite a few naked young women coming out with all the other people; at least I wouldn’t be the only naked woman there. The factory is behind the offices but I couldn’t see much of it.

I don’t know if it was my vibe, or the pill that 969 had got me, or the fact that I was on a naked tour of the village, or the vibrations of the motorbike; but my arousal stayed up at about an 8; roughly where it had been since Mr Chang had got me to take my clothes off .

It was still at an 8 when we got back to the hotel and I remembered that I’d left my bag at the hotel so I couldn’t pay the tricycle driver.

“132, can you run up to my room and get my bag please?” I asked.

“There’s no need Tanya;” 969 said, “all rides that you take whilst you’re here get charged to the Nuwa Corporation.”

I was about to ask how the drivers would know it was me but I remembered that I did look a little different to all the other naked girls.

Back in my room my mind was involuntary concentrating on my pussy so I decided to test the fucking situation. I sat on the edge of the bed, lay back, spread my legs, squeezed the vibe out; then said,

“132, my sexual tension need relief, will you fuck me please?”

He didn’t hesitate; his still hard cock entered me and started going in and out. Meanwhile, 969 had got on the bed and sat on her heels with her knees either side of my head. She leant forward and started massaging my tiny tits.

They brought me to a wonderful orgasm, 132 not stopping fucking me; when I coherent enough I told him to keep going; I wanted to cum again.

I did, that one being slightly stronger than the first.

“Stop!” I shouted just before I reached my peak.

132 pulled out of me and they both watched me go over the edge then slowly get back to normal. When I was able to think straight I realised that 132 hadn’t cum. He was just stood there, still with a hard-on.

Not caring about that, I closed my eyes and promptly fell asleep.

I woke-up probably an hour later with a mouth eating my pussy and another one teasing my nipples.

“Wake me up that way every day please.” I said as my conscious level increased.

“What time is it?” I asked.

Anticipating what I was going to say next, 969 said,

“7:30pm Tanya; the restaurant is about to open.”

“Good, I’m starving.” I replied.

I went to the bathroom to freshen-up, 132 and 969 following me. Sitting on the toilet (I’d half expected the toilets in the hotel to be the old-fashioned stand-up type), I pee’d then started to shit. As I sat there looking at 132 and 969 looking at me, I suddenly wondered if they were expecting to wipe my butt. I didn’t give them the chance; I got some toilet paper and did it myself without looking at them.

969 did however turn the shower on before I’d finished and when I stepped into the shower she paid particular attention to my butt and puss as she soaped me all over. She didn’t make me cum though.

Now I’ve been in restaurants before without any clothes on, but this was weird. For starters I had a teenage girl and a teenage boy (with an erection) following me. Then there was the fact that most of the rest of the diners were middle-aged men, most with a naked teenage girl or a naked boy next to them. The remaining 4 diners were women with naked teenage boys sat next to them; one of the women was also naked.

Everything just seemed weird.

As I was waiting to give my order I looked round and saw that none of the teenagers were eating; just watching their ‘Masters’. I asked 969 why that was and she told me that Courtesans only ate when they were excused, and only in the hotel staff room. She also told me that all Courtesans were on a strictly controlled diet designed to keep them slim and horny.

The waiters were obviously used to there being naked customers as they totally ignored us being naked, and 132’s hard-on.

It was a bit embarrassing being watched when eating; especially as my mind was thinking about 969, 132, the fun that I could have with them; and what it would be like at the Nuwa Corporation for the next couple of months.

After dinner I went for a walk, 132 and 969 following me. No one seemed to care that I was naked or that I had 2 naked teenagers following me.

It was only a short walk as the events of the day were catching up with me and we were soon back at the hotel. I passed the bar on the way to the lift and saw some of the men and women that I’d seen in the dining room. All had their naked Courtesans with them.

I lay on the bed, too tired to think about any sort of sex with either of the teenagers. Before I knew it I felt mouths on my pussy and tiny tits. Realising that the sun was shining, I opened my eyes to see 969 and 132 pleasuring me.

I just let it happen, a wonderful orgasm causing my butt to lift up off the bed as my body jerked about. As the waves receded I just said,

“Fuck me;” and 132 did; him not cumming as I reached my second orgasm then I told him to stop. 

969 was sat on the bed caressing my tiny tits, and as I calmed down I reached over and found her wet pussy. As I rubbed it her body reacted, her breathing got faster and deeper and her pussy oozed. Before long she lost control and orgasmed; her body jerking a little.

I was pleased to see that the pills that they took didn’t stop girls from having orgasms.

“132 fuck 969.” I said. I wanted to watch them and see if 132 would cum.

He did; at the same time as 969 did. I wondered if Courtesan College trained them to be able to cum at the same time. 132 stopped thrusting only for a few seconds and I watched his scrotum contract like Ryan’s does when he cums. I also wondered if they trained boys to only cum on command, a bit like I can.

When 132 started thrusting again I told them to stop, wondering how long they would have kept going for.

My shower was ‘interesting’. 132 soaped and shampooed me then he insisted that he shaved me ALL over. He made me cum again as he worked around my pussy.

Down at breakfast it was a smaller version of the previous evening; the only real difference being that there was a little box waiting for me. When I opened it I saw a little blue, circular pill. 969 told me that it was one of the ones that she took every day. I swallowed it along with some mango juice.

Back in my room 969 put some toothpaste on my brush but I wouldn’t let her brush my teeth for me.

I couldn’t make up my mind about wearing one of my vibrators for my first day working at the Nuwa Corporation. After my fucking and 132 making me cum for the second time that day I was already quite aroused so I didn’t notice any effects from the little blue pill; well to start off with. I wanted to stay aroused, particularly for the first day, so that I wouldn’t feel embarrassed about being naked.

Not wanting to take the chance of the pill not working, I slid a vibe into my pussy and switched in to the ‘low’ setting just before leaving. 969 got me a motor tricycle and insisted that 132 (still with a hard-on) and her ride with me.

Five minutes later I was getting off the tricycle and telling 969 and 132 that I would see them back in the hotel.

As the tricycle disappeared I turned and looked at the Nuwa Corporation. There was a steady stream of people, about 50% being naked girls, walking in. Assuming that the majority would be going in through the main entrance, I followed them.

Inside there was a reception desk with a naked girl sat behind it. She smiled at me and said that I must be Tanya Turner, again in quite reasonable English. She got me to sign-in and then took me to a little office where she took a full-frontal photograph of me which quickly appeared on an ID card that she asked me to wear at all times. When I looked down at my naked body she apologised and got a card holder and lanyard for me.

I looked at the ID card; it was 3 times the size of the credit card sized ones that we use in the office back in England. There was a full frontal photograph of me taking up most of the card. As I looked at it I asked myself why I’d stood with my feet about 1 foot apart. I could clearly see all 3 barbells and my clit poking through my clit ring. It was going to be so embarrassing letting people look at it. I had a little chuckle thinking that it was a good job that we didn’t have ID cards like that back in England.

The receptionist then told me that the CEO of the company wanted to see me. She led me up the stairs to a big office. Just before she opened the door she told me that I needed to ‘present’ myself to the boss.

Before I had a chance to ask her if that meant I had to get on my knees and ‘assume the position’, she opened the door and ushered me in.

At the other side of the office was a big desk with an elderly gentlemen sat at it, writing away.

Gesturing me to go over to the desk, the receptionist turned and left.

I slowly walked over to the front of the desk then got down on my knees. Putting my bags down, I spread my knees, lay back and waited, and waited, and waited.

After what seemed like hours, during which my vibe was slowly getting the better of me, the CEO finally looked up, saw my head, then got up and walked round to the front of his desk.

He slowly walked round me, staring down and my very exposed body. After he’d stood between my legs for a couple of seconds, he said,

“You must be Tanya Turner; welcome to the Nuwa Corporation headquarters. I am Mr Nuwa, CEO of the Nuwa Corporation. Mr Chang informs me that you did an excellent job on your last visit to China, which is why you are here. He also tells me that you are an easily excited young woman and that you can get quite vocal at times. I do hope that you are going to honour our traditions like you did before. You may stand up now Tanya.”

I did, then replied,

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit you wonderful country and your corporation. I will do my best to honour your culture and traditions and will willingly submit to any punishment if I dishonour you in any way Mr Nuwa.”

“Good, good;” Mr Nuwa said, “In light of your previous infringement of our culture’s rules, the first thing that you will do each morning when you get here, is to come to my office and release any built-up sexual tensions that you may have by getting down on the floor and masturbating to an orgasm. If you cannot manage that I will get someone to do the job for you. With a bit of luck that will negate the need for you to pleasure yourself during the day. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yes Mr Nuwa; each morning I am to come to your office, assume the position and masturbate in front of you.”

“That’s it Tanya, now let’s see you perform for me.”

Kinell; the man was as much a perv as Ryan is. Not wanting to upset him, I assumed the position again and started rubbing my pussy. It didn’t take long for me to start cumming and just as I did Mr Chang walked in. He and Mr Nuwa exchanged words as they both looked down on me as the waves of pleasure hit me then disappeared.

“Good morning Mr Chang.” I said when I was able.

“Good morning Tanya, Mr Nuwa has explained what is expected of you each morning. If he is not available you are to find another manager and perform for him. Let’s try to avoid another public humiliation for you. Right, come with me and I will show you where you will be working.”

Mr Chang led me to a small meeting room that had 5 PCs setup on the table. He told me that 4 people would join me each day and I could run through my training with them. When they were happy with using the system I was finished for the day and could do anything that I wanted.

That didn’t sound too bad; with a bit of luck I could get some beach time each day. I quickly got setup and checked that everything was okay. It was 30 minutes before the first 4 people were due so I decided that I would ‘release any built-up sexual tensions’ as Mr Nuwa had described it. My vibrators and the little blue pill that 969 had got me had raised my AF to an 8 and I didn’t want to cum in the middle of giving a lesson to 4 strangers.

I was sat on a chair with my legs wide open and rubbing my pussy when the door opened and a naked young girl walked in. She saw what I was doing but ignored that and asked me if I wanted a drink of coffee. I of course had stopped rubbing and clamped my legs together.

The moment was lost but I was still feeling horny. Fifteen minutes after the lesson started I just had to give the 2 men and 2 naked young girls something to do and escape to the toilet to ‘release any built-up sexual tensions’.

The rest of the lesson went well and as I was shutting down the computers Mr Chang arrived and asked me how it had gone. He then told me that as it was approaching 2pm he would take me to the Quality Control department.

As we walked I asked him why we were going there.

“Oh, Mr Nuwa didn’t tell you then; all naked girls have to go to the Quality Control department at 2pm every day. It is their duty to test some of the products that the company produces. We like to produce products that do what they are supposed to do; and for many years, and the only way that we can be sure that we are doing that is to run long-term tests of the products. The girls at head office test the products of our Feminine Care division. They spend one hour every day using the products and are closely monitored by members of our Quality Control department.”

Suddenly realising what was probably coming, I excused myself and went to the toilet where I squeezed out my vibrator; and had a pee. I didn’t want the embarrassment of having to do it in front of lots of people if my suspicions were correct and that I was going to get girls toys put inside me very soon.

Mr Chang introduced me to Mr Tay who is the head of the QC department; then he told me that he’d be back to collect me in about an hour. Mr Tay then told me that I would be joining the other un-married young girls who ‘volunteered’ to test the company’s latest products. I later found out that the girls didn’t get employed if they refused to volunteer.

Mr Tay opened the door into a big testing room. It’s quite big, and down one wall I could see 5 gynaecology chairs, complete with feet rests. Passed those were 10 stainless steel tables.

At the far end of the room I could see 5 sybians; all looked exactly like mine. I wondered if Ryan had got mine from the Nuwa Corporation.
On the other long wall were 3 different fucking machines, a treadmill, 2 mattresses (no beds, and 2 of them had fucking machines at one end), and a big space. Another thing that surprised me was that all down the middle of the room were cameras on tripods.

Just near the door that we’d just come through were a couple of the same, long stainless steel tables with lots of plastic boxes on them. Each one had a label on it with what turned out to be girl’s names on. Two men in white lab coats were un-stacking the boxes; presumably for the young girls when they arrived.

Mr Tay said something to one of the lab coats and he went and got a box without a label. While we were waiting for him to return Mr Tay told me, in broken English, that it was good to have a western girl in his lab. He said that western girls are a lot more vocal and active than Chinese girls when they are being pleasured. He told me that he knew that because they have a girl working there who has an American father.

When the lab coat returned he gave me a marker pen and a label and I wrote my name on it. While I was doing that I saw a brown paper covered box inside the plastic box.

A bell rang and about 20 naked young girls walked in, most talking amongst themselves. One of them had brown hair instead of black hair. Her breasts were much bigger than the other girls, probably a ‘B’ cup, and her butt was much more bubbly. All the girls went to the table with the plastic boxes and picked one up, presumably the one with their name on it, then went to stand at a chair or table or other place where they presumably had to test their item.

The lab coats then went to each girl in turn, got them into the required position, switched whatever on then inserted them into the girl’s pussy. At the sybians the girl just impaled themselves and waited for a lab coat to switch them on. The girl on the treadmill had a remote controlled vibe put inside her then she started walking on the treadmill. Seconds later her body jerked but she kept on walking.

Mr Tay took me over to the one place that was vacant, one of the mattresses, and told me to lie down.
As I got down I was feeling confident that I could cope with anything that they gave me. A lab coat came over to me and indicated that I should spread my legs wider than they already were. Picking up a tube of lube, he looked at my pussy then put the tube back in his pocket. I’d dried my pussy when I’d gone to the toilet a few minutes before but it was again soaking by the time that I lay down.

The lab coat got the brown paper covered box out of the plastic box and un-wrapped a metal egg with a wire coming out of it. On the other end of the wire was a little black control box. That had another wire coming out of it that went to plug that he pushed into a socket on the wall. I wondered why the metal egg couldn’t run on battery power.

As the lab coat eased the metal egg up my vagina I thought that it was going to be just like have one of my vibrators purring away inside me.

It was, well for the first couple of minutes. Then I got the shock of my life; literally. I screamed, not knowing what had happened, but when I got over the shock I realised that I’d had a shock; an electric shock; inside my pussy.

My pussy reacted by getting wetter and raising my AF.

The vibrations continued and after another couple of minutes I got another electric shock and my AF went up another notch.

Ten minutes later, a fourth electric shock took me over the edge and my body arched up then shook all over; my body expressing itself in a stream of loud expletives.

The process repeated itself over and over, the gaps between my orgasms got shorter and shorter as the vibrations alone made me cum until I was almost having one long continuous orgasm. I was sure that I was going to back-out; but I didn’t.

The vibrations finally stopped and I just lay there, covered in sweat and feeling totally knackered. After a few minutes a lab coat came over to me and I gasped and jerked as he slowly pulled the metal egg out of me.

I looked round and saw lots of other knackered looking girls; the American fathered girl on a sybian with her head hanging forward. I guessed that they too had been pleasured / tortured for the full hour as well. As my eyes reached the door I saw Mr Chang stood with Mr Tay; both were staring at me, smiling and talking.

I got onto my knees, not sure that my legs could hold me up. After a couple of minutes Mr Chang came over and held a hand out. I gripped it and pulled myself to my feet.

“You have done well Tanya; Mr Tay is pleased; apparently our Chinese girls black-out after about 20 minutes.

As I walked over to Mr Tay I saw one of the lab coats putting the shocking vibrator in to the plastic box with my name on it.

“Thank you Tanya,” Mr Tay said, “that was most interesting. We will repeat that for the next few days and see how the device stands up to its continued use.”

I looked at Mr Tay then Mr Chang, undecided if I wanted to go through that again. Okay, the orgasms, the pleasure was un-real but to say the least, it WAS extreme. I couldn’t wait to tell Ryan.

Mr Chang led me out of the room; the air conditioning instantly reminding me that my nipples and pussy were uncovered.

“That’s it for today Tanya, you have the rest of the day free to enjoy as you wish. Your Courtesans should be waiting for you at the gate; use them as you wish.” Mr Chang said; then walked off leaving me just stood there.

The other girls were coming out of the room in dribs and drabs; all looked as knackered as I felt. The American’s daughter smiled at me as she walked by and I couldn’t help but notice her very prominent, hard nipples leading the way.

I slowly walked out of the building and to the gate where 969 and 132 were waiting for me, 132 still with a raging hard-on. 132 passed me a bottle of water which I readily accepted and drank half of it while 969 took my bags off me. We all just stood there until I felt a little energy return.

“Right,” I said, “let’s go to the beach; a swim will do me the world of good. Can one of you get a motor tricycle and get him to take us to that little cove that we saw yesterday; oh, tell him to go via the hotel and one of you can go up to my room and get my suntan lotion?”

“No need mad.. Tanya,” 969 said; “I have some here in my bag.”

I smiled at her as we climbed into the tricycle; 969 and I facing the front and 132 facing us again. I was still highly aroused and without thinking, I sat with my legs open. I caught 132 looking at my pussy; not only did I get even wetter, but I watched 132’s cock as precum formed at the tip.

It only took minutes to get to the beach. As I climbed out of the tricycle I looked round at the beautiful sandy beach, inviting sea and lovely blue sky. No one else was on the beach and I wished that Ryan was with me.

I walked straight over the beach and into the warm sea where I splashed about and swam for about 15 minutes before getting out. 132 and 969 were stood watching me, one of them having spread a towel for me to lie on.

I lay on my back, legs slightly open and soaked up the sun; it was so peaceful and relaxing.

After about 30 minutes I remembered that I hadn’t skyped Ryan or my boss, Tim. Feeling a little guilty I got my tablet out of my bag; I wasn’t expecting to get a Wi-Fi signal but at least I could say that I’d tried.

I was very surprised when I did get a signal, a strong one. My surprise must have shown because 132 said,

“There is free Wi-Fi all over the island; the Nuwa Corporation pays for it.”

Forgetting that I was naked and on a beautiful beach, I skyped Ryan. I got through in seconds; Ryan was in a meeting room with the rest of his 4 man team working out a strategy to do something or other.

At first I could see only Ryan and hear him and the other guys talking shop. Ryan plugged in his ear buds and I started telling him all about my day. After a couple of minutes Ryan asked me where I was, so I did a 360 with my tablet, letting him see the scenery. As the tablet passed 132 and 969 Ryan asked me to get them to fuck each other. Not being able to think of a good reason not to, I told 132 to get on his back and 969 to ride him.

They did, and after a couple of minutes Ryan asked me to put the tablet between my legs. Folding the tablet cover so that it stood-up on its own, I placed it on the towel and adjusted the position until Ryan could see my pussy and up my front to my tiny tits.

Not waiting to be asked, I started rubbing my wet pussy and teasing my nipples.

It was only after I’d cum and was calming down that I heard one of Ryan’s colleagues say,

“That was fucking amazing Tanya; I wish that I was there with you.”

Another voice said,

“Can you turn the camera so that we can see your slaves fucking please?”

It was then that Ryan told me that he wasn’t using his laptops built-in camera but a separate USB camera that he had set so that I could only see him but all his colleagues could see what my webcam was capturing.

I gave Ryan a few choice words, but didn’t move my tablet until the same voice asked me to point my laptop at 969 and 132 who were still fucking.

We all watched 969 ride 132 for ages. After wondering if Ryan would be able to stay hard as long as 132 could after he’d taken one of those little blue pills, I turned the tablet and put it back between my legs.

I let them look at my pussy for another minute then said,

“I’m going to cut you off now perverts; I’ll skype you again tomorrow Ryan.”

Without thinking about where the tablet was pointing, I skyped Tim. He too answered quite quickly and as soon as we got connected Tim said,

“Kinell Tanya; what’s going on?”

I suddenly realised that he was getting a screen full of my pussy so I picked-up the tablet.

“Sorry about that Tim, I was just talking to Ryan.”

“And letting him see what he’s missing.” Tim replied.

“Err yes, sorry.”

“Don’t be Tanya; I’ve told you before that Ryan’s a lucky man and I stick by that statement. Anyway; how’s it going, what’s the hotel like, what’s the Nuwa Corporation HQ like? I see that the weather is good; and the beach.”

I told Tim all about things so far; well not ALL about it. I missed out the bit about the product testing. When I told him about the Courtesan’s I turned the tablet so that Tim could see 969 still riding 132.

For a couple of seconds Tim was speechless; then he said,

“And you just told them to do that; out there on the beach?”

“Yeah, the place is deserted.”

I did another 360 with the tablet, but as it pointed to the end of the beach I (and Tim) could see 2 naked girls walking along the water’s edge.

“Bloody hell Tanya; I’ve got to wangle myself a trip there.”

I laughed then continued telling him about the business side of things.

As the conversation came to an end I turned the tablet to face the 2 girls again. They were only about 10 feet away by then and Tim must have had a great view. The 2 girls were watching 969 bounce up and down on 132 and had slight grins on their faces; obviously not at all upset at the sight.

I put my tablet back into my bag and told 969 to get off 132; then told them to rub some suntan lotion on me. I lay on my stomach and relaxed.

As masseurs, 969 and 132 aren’t bad; nowhere near as good as Jacob in the hotel in London (see the full version of part 27), but not bad at all.

When they asked me to turn over they brought me to a wonderful orgasm then left me to enjoy the sun.

When I woke-up the sun was starting to go down. I woke myself up with a quick swim then got 969 to get a tricycle. The first one to arrive was a pedal one and we had a slow ride back to the hotel.

That was my first 24 hours on that amazing island; it set the scene for the next 60 days. Below are the notable events of my stay.

Daily masturbation in front of Mr Nuwa
Most of the days started with me being pleasured by 132 and 969 then masturbating in front of Mr Nuwa when I got to work. He was obviously enjoying the sight but he never tried to touch me.

If Mr Nuwa wasn’t there I had to find another manager to ‘perform’ for. Most just watched me but one of them got me to do it on his desk and he played with my tits and pussy, delaying me making myself cum. He wasn’t rough with me so I never complained to Mr Nuwa or Mr Chang (when he was there).

Unfortunately, he was the only manager that was there at that time of the day on 11 of the days so I got groped 11 times.

I never did work out if those masturbation sessions stopped me from cumming at inappropriate times or not.

Those little blue pills
Every morning when I went down for breakfast there was a little blue pill waiting for me. Yes, just 1 per day does make me wet and horny all day. I found myself not needing to wear my vibrators very often. Those pills, my little clit vibe and the hour product testing each day were enough to keep me horny all day.

After work on the third day that I was there I got 132 and 969 to take me to the shop that sells the pills and I was surprised just how cheap they are. What’s more the shop sells them on eBay and accepts credit card payments. I got them to ship a thousand to Ryan immediately, and another thousand 4 weeks later. I also got a box of 50 to use whilst I was there (as well as those that 969 got me).

Whenever I took a second one I was so horny that I made use of 132’s hard-on 2 and sometimes 3 times that day. I’d taken all 50 by the time I flew home.

The first batch arrived in England about 3 weeks later. I guess that the UK customs accepted that they were only herbal. Ryan took one when he got home from work that night because the twins were going round to see him. The next morning when I skyped him he still had a hard-on and was wondering which suit to wear for work as he didn’t want everyone at work noticing the bulge.

The twins were still at our house and Kate (I think), thanked me for a wonderful previous evening.

Passion Flower
The American man’s daughter was on the fifth training session that I gave. Her English is very good and we quickly got talking like friends.

After her training session, followed by the product testing session (see below), we met on the way out of the offices. I offered her a lift home in the tricycle and when she agreed I dismissed 969 and 132 and off we went, talking 19 to the dozen.

During the training session she’d told me what her Chinese name was but also added that it translated to English as Passion Flower, so that was what I called her.

When we got to her house I met her parents and her younger sister. Her father looked pleased to meet me, telling me that it was great to talk to someone in ‘proper’ English.

Of course Passion Flower’s sister was naked but I was surprised to see that her mother was naked too. When I asked Passion Flower (PF) why that was she told me that her parents had refused to get married just so that her mother could stay naked. Apparently quite a few couples are doing that these days. Her mother is 36 and they were planning to get married when she reaches 40 and has to start wearing clothes.

Another thing that PF told me was that young girls couldn’t wait to have to get naked. Some of them spent ages trying to convince their parents and teachers that their breasts or pubic hair were starting to grow so that they could strip off.

When a girl does reach puberty there is a little celebration in school where the girl has to take her clothes off in front of the whole school; then the whole school gets the rest of the day off.

PF’s sister was ‘curious’ about my 3 barbells and asked me the usual sort of questions that I get, but her last question was to ask me if they made me feel sexy. I’d not been asked that one before. When I opened my legs and showed her my little clit ring she asked me if it made me cum all the time.

While she was asking those questions the mother and father were right next to her; her father with a big grin on his face.   

One time that I was at PF’s house her sister came home after getting into some trouble at school. The standard punishment for the 2 girls is a spanking; what’s more, if one got spanked then the other got spanked as well. Apparently it was to deter the other from committing the same crime.

Anyway PF’s father was waiting and as soon as the little sister came in, she was taken back outside and onto the street. PF’s mother followed then with a chair in her hand. PF followed with me close behind. There was a lot of talk in Chinese then PF’s father sat on the chair and the young girl proceeded to lie across his lap.

What followed was the quickest and hardest 20 swats that I have ever seen, or heard, or felt. The father is a big man and he looked like he could have administered 100 swats within a minute without breaking sweat.

What happened next was quite amazing; the mother poured some sort of lotion on the girl’s very red butt then the father rubbed it into her flesh. Okay, reasonable so far, but the girl spread her legs and the rubbing moved to her pussy and before I knew it the father was finger fucking his daughter. He kept going until she orgasmed and until she calmed down.

By that time some of the neighbours and people passing by had stopped to watch the spectacle.

The young girl got up and went to stand by her mother. Without being told, PF got over her father’s lap and the process was repeated.

I was still in a bit of a state of shock when PF got up and told me that I had to do the same.

I protested, but whilst I was doing that I moved over to the father and lay across his lap. The thing was I automatically spread my legs before the swats started. It was like I wanted the father to swat my pussy.

He didn’t, but he did give me a painful butt then made me cum, and it was a strong one.

When I got up the parents and audience just returned to doing whatever they were before it all started. I was left standing in the street with 2 other naked girls; and me wondering what the hell had just happened.

PF later told me that was the way that most girls got punished. The making the girl cum was supposed to stop the pain but I couldn’t help thinking that it might just make me be naughty more often.

The three of us went to the beach and I skyped Ryan them Tim. I showed Ryan, all our red butts.

Passion Flower and I spent many hours talking on the beach after work. She wanted to know all about England and found it hard to understand why girls wore clothes all the time.

Most times I got 969 and 132 to join us. PF, and her sister, were fascinated by 132’s hard-on. They’d seen their father’s quite often and knew that male Courtesans usually had hard-ons but she didn’t get to see them often. She loved it when I got 132 and 969 to fuck or give each other oral sex. After a couple of weeks PF asked if she could join in. The following day I send 969 to get some condoms and I suppose we had a few orgies on that usually deserted beach. It was a good job that 132 took those pills.

I used my time at the beach each day to skype Ryan and Tim. I know that Ryan let his work colleagues watch the little orgies that we had, even when 132 fucked me. Yes he was jealous, and I was jealous of him fucking the twins but our love is stronger than that; we both knew that after the 2 months we’d be back together and fucking non-stop for the first few days; especially if he took one of those little blue pills.   

Tim got used to seeing me naked, not that he wasn’t before, and seeing the little orgies with me cumming at least once each day. I never asked if he was letting my work colleagues watch and I never saw them on Tim’s camera, but I was pretty sure that what Tim was seeing was also being seen by some of the people that I work with. Whenever the thought crossed my mind I just ignored it; I decided that I’d worry about it when I got back to England.

Product Testing
The product testing sessions took place every day. I was told that I would spend the hour with different products just about every day. I quickly realised that the girls, and me, were not allowed to use the devices on themselves. If constant holding or moving the device was required then it was a lab coat that did it. If the device had to be inserted in, or extracted from the girl’s vagina or anus then again, it was a lab coat that did it. That last fact alone often brought the girl, and me, to another orgasm.

When it was my turn to use the treadmill (no one called it that there), it was ‘different’. The lab coats put a remote control vibe inside me and got me to spend the hour jogging. Ask any girl that you know if it’s easy to run whilst you’re cumming. I was thrown off the back of the treadmill a couple of times and was grateful that there were rubber mats all around the machine.

One afternoon then I went into the product testing room I saw 2 men in blue overalls assembling something. I was allocated to one of the gyno chairs and one of the lab coats came and inserted some sort of vibrator inside me. He switched it on and moved on to the next girl.

As the vibe slowly raised my AF, I watched the 2 blue overalls assemble what looked to me like some sort of automatic spanking machine. It was ‘different’ because there were scaffold type poles all over the place. I kept watching as I had first one, then a second, then a third orgasm. After the third one, Mr Tay came over to me, switched the vibe off and asked me to follow him. A lab coat that had followed him retrieved the vibe from inside me then I got up and followed Mr Tay.

He led me across the room to where the blue overalls were working. As we watched them finish off Mr Tay told me that the Nuwa Corporation were expanding into the pun

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Part 28 cont.

He led me across the room to where the blue overalls were working. As we watched them finish off Mr Tay told me that the Nuwa Corporation were expanding into the punishment market and that what we were looking at was their first product. I wasn’t sure what it was so I asked Mr Tay; he confirmed that it was a spanking machine.

I still couldn’t work out how it would work because of all the poles, so I asked Mr Tay.

“I’m glad that you asked that Tanya, we would like you to be the first girl to experience it.”

I’d walked into that one and couldn’t make up my mind if that was a good thing or a bad thing. My pussy obviously thought it was a good thing because it was dripping.

Anyway, when the blue overalls were ready I was told to go and bend over the end of a weird looking table. I got a little worried when the blue overalls restrained my wrists and ankles so that I couldn’t move.

I had to wait as the blue overalls made numerous adjustments that I couldn’t see; then I heard a motor run for a couple of seconds then a noise and almost instantly my butt hurt like hell. I screamed.

Then it happened again.

Mr Tay came over to me and told me that they had got the settings set to maximum pressure and that they were going to reduce it and use some of the different attachments.

Over the next 20 minutes my butt got swatted with different attachments, ranging from what I guessed to be a belt to a table tennis bat. I don’t know if it was the machine not swatting me so hard, or the attachment didn’t hurt as much, or what, but the pain got less and less. My pussy got wetter and wetter and I could feel my AF rising.

Just when I started thinking that I was going to cum soon, Mr Tay stopped the testing. I thought that it was over, especially as the other girls had left, but Mr Tay told me that we were moving on, to phase 2.

The blue overalls released me then motioned me to turn round. As I lay back on the table thing I saw Mr Tay and about 15 lab coats, all watching me.

The blue overalls lifted my arms above my head and restrained them, then moved to my ankles. Pulling my legs wide apart, they tied my ankles to the legs of the table. I was spread-eagled in front of lots of men, most of which I didn’t even know.

I could see what was going on by then and I got really scared as the business end of the machine got moved around so that it was alongside my chest. I correctly guessed that my tiny tits were going to get whipped.

I screamed again as a thin very flexible bamboo cane came down on my nipples. Fuck did that hurt; I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I could also feel the heat from my pussy on my legs and that really strong indescribable feeling inside my pussy.

My nipples were on fire as well and I could see a red line across then and my tits.

I was so busy assessing the damage to my tits that I missed hearing the motor wind-up the elastic band or whatever it was, and all of a sudden my nipples and tits were on fire again; but I didn’t scream. Instead I made a grunting noise.

“Good,” I heard Mr Tay say; “that obviously works well; can you try the other attachments now please?”

My tits got swatted with a table tennis bat with along handle, a broad leather belt and a tawse. When the belt landed I had an instant orgasm. My hips went up in the air and I let out a long, deep groan.

That didn’t seem to impress the blue overalls as they just continued loading the next attachment.

Mr Tay came over again and I was expecting him to say that my ordeal was over, but that wasn’t what he told me. He told me that there was just one more phase before I would be released.

The blue overalls moved the motor to above my stomach.

“No. No.” I shouted, realising what was coming next; but my pleas went un-answered and 2 minutes later I screamed again as that very flexible bamboo cane came down on my pussy.

When it came down again my hips again rose up but this time they stayed up as another orgasm hit me.

After that the blue overalls changed the bamboo cane for a wide strip of leather and again got the machine to bring it down hard on my pussy.

By that time my pussy was throbbing more than ever before, even when Ryan torments me with orgasm denial.

After one more orgasm, it was finally over. I was so relieved when I saw the machine being un-plugged from the wall socket. 

Thankfully, Mr Tay left me alone for a few minutes so that I could get my breath back and compose myself. My butt, tits and pussy hurt like hell but I didn’t think that there was any permanent damage.

When the blue overalls released my restraints I stood up and looked down at my front. The 2 men were looking as well. Then Mr Tay told me to lift one foot up onto a chair so that they could look at my pussy.

“No blood;” Mr Tay said, “but I think that we need to reduce the pressure before we get the other girls on it. I don’t want any formal complaints.”

Mr Tay agreed then turned to me and told me that I could leave.

I walked to the front gate slowly, and when 969 and 132 saw me they both just stood there staring at my tits. I just said,

“Take me to the beach, quickly.”

Nothing was said as we rode in the tricycle or when we got off; I just walked straight over the beach and into the sea.

Naked swimming always makes me feel good and that time was no exception. Okay, I still had the red wheal marks and my pussy lips were still swollen, but apart from that I was good.

On the towel, both 132 and 969 rubbed lotion all over me front before asking me to turn over. I stayed on my hands and knees while they put lotion on my back and legs.

Meanwhile I got my tablet out skyped Ryan. All he got to see at first was my face as I told him about my day. It wasn’t until he asked to see my red marks that I picked up the tablet and showed him. I got 969 to hold the tablet behind me so that he could see my butt.

At first Ryan was annoyed and said that I should tell them that I wanted to come back to England but then I told him about the amazing orgasms that I’d had. It was then that he asked me how much one of those machines would cost.

“So, you want to pussy whip me do you?” I asked.

He said that he did and as he started to tell me how he’d do it and how he’d fuck me afterwards I realised that I wanted to be fucked right there and then. I was still on my hands and knees so I told 132 to fuck me.

It was a bit painful when he first entered me but I soon got over it. Ryan was grinning as 132 kept thrusting in to me.

I said bye to Ryan and tapped on Tim’s name. I was in mid-orgasm as Tim answered, and the first thing that Tim said was,

“Tanya, good to speak to you…….. Are you cumming?”

There was a silence until I was able to talk.

“Err yes Tim, sorry; it’s just that I’ve had a very unusual and tiring day and I really needed to get rid of some tension.”

“Yes, well err Tanya, never mind about that, how’s the training going?”

As I was telling him, Tim interrupted and said,

“Why are you rocking backwards and forwards Tanya.”

“Oh, err, nothing Tim; I’ve got to go, call you again tomorrow,”

With that I tapped on the disconnect button and put the tablet down.

Just as I reached another orgasm I saw PF and her sister walking over to us; both had big grins on their faces.

A short while later I showed my red marks to the sisters and explained how I’d got them. Strangely enough, both of them said that they wanted a go on that machine.   

I got 132 and 969 to rub more lotion into my red bits when I went to bed. After they’d made me cum I fell asleep and the next thing that I knew 132 was on top of me fucking me, 969 was massaging my tits and the sun was shining through the window.

Nothing was said about my red marks that day but I noticed a few people looking at me and whispering.

When it came to product testing Mr Tay looked at my tits and butt and said that he’d turned the pressure down a bit so the marks shouldn’t last as long the next time.

Thankfully (I think), I wasn’t told to use that machine that day; no one used it. I was put in a gyno chair and had a lab coat pump a big rubber dildo in and out of me for the hour.

A couple of days later PF was put on that machine and I heard her shouting and screaming. On the beach later I saw her red marks; they were nowhere near as dark red as mine had been; and they’d gone 24 hours later.

For the rest of the time that I was there I only saw 4 girls use that machine; PF being one of them. The truly Chinese girls were nowhere as loud as PF and I were; they just lay there whimpering. I had to go on it twice more but the red marks always disappeared sometime the next day.


The even more public exhibition
The Nuwa Corporation has an ‘open day’ every year. According to PF it’s just an excuse for the company to push their dominance on the island and to have a big thank you party. As luck (maybe not) would have it, it happened during the fourth week that I was there.

One thing that they do put on is a display of all the products that the company produces in all their factories all over China. The Feminine Care division is no exception.

Usually they only manage to get one or two girls to volunteer to demonstrate the products, but this year they wanted to show off their new departure unto the female punishment market.

Mr Chang had suggested to Mr Nuwa that I would be the perfect person to demonstrate the new machine. Apparently he’d suggested me because I am less reserved than the average Chinese girl when it comes to showing my pleasure. Mr Nuwa had agreed but told him that they were going to setup both machines and he had to get Mr Tay to find a second volunteer. He’d asked around and the only volunteer was PF.

The big day arrived and I have to admit that I was nervous. It’s one thing walking around town naked, even working naked; but to be strapped to a machine and whipped on my tits, butt and pussy in a VERY public place with lots of people all around me is something else.

As we didn’t have to be there until 10am I asked PF to come to the hotel. She arrived whilst I was having breakfast and the receptionist brought her into the restaurant. I dismissed 969 and 132 and told them to come looking for me when the open day was over. PF was a little disappointed as she wanted to watch 132’s hard-on, and I suspect, get it inside her.

Anyway, PF admitted that she too was nervous, she was going to be strapped onto one of those machines and most of the town were going to be there and see her spread out, getting whipped and probably cumming. What’s more, her parents and little sister would be there and knowing him, her father would probably go up to her and finger fuck her.

I’d already taken the little blue pill that was on the table but I decided that it would help me to get through it if I was REALLY horny. I opened my bag and got another pill out and took it.

Thinking about PF, I got 2 more pills out and gave them to her. She took them, admitting that she’d never taken them before, although I had told her about them before when she asked how 132 managed to keep a hard-on all day.

I took my bag up to my room and then we set off, completely naked, not even shoes or a bag, for the 15 minute walk to the Nuwa Corporation offices. The open day was being held on some open ground just outside the gates.

As we walked, PF told me that she was getting horny.

When we got there the place was buzzing with activity. We walked round and saw the 2 machines; a couple of blue overalls were finishing setting them up and testing them. We both cringed as we saw, and heard, a test swat of a bamboo cane. I also felt a wet rush in my pussy.

“Kinell, anyone would think that I was looking forward to the public humiliation.” I thought.

We walked on, and a couple of minutes later we met Mr Tay. He told us to go over to the 2 machines. When we got there the machines looked ready for us but 2 of the lab coats had bowls of water and towels near the tables.

Mr Tay told us that he needed to make sure that our bodies were in the best possible state for the display. Not knowing what he meant by that I asked him and was told that we were going to be shaved before the display started.

I tried to tell him that I’d already been shaved that morning (by 132 and 969) and I couldn’t see any evidence that PF needed shaving but Mr Tay insisted. He told us to jump up on the tables and lay back.

We did and 2 of the lab coats proceeded to soap and then shave both of us.

Even though the little blue pills had got me quite aroused I still felt embarrassed, firstly at having my pussy shaved by a man that I didn’t know and secondly, we were out in public with strangers watching. What’s more, the end of the tables where our heads were was higher than the other end. We could see everything that was going on.

I looked over to PF and her face was red; she was taking deep breaths as well.

When it was over we slid off the tables and stood there. Mr Tay came over and I asked him what the plan was. After bit of thought he told me that one of us would be strapped on face up and the other face down. We’d stay like that for a couple of hours then swap over.

“Does that mean that our tits and pussies will get whipped for 2 hours solid then our butts for another 2 hours?” I asked; getting quite worried.

“No, no…. Well yes, but you won’t be whipped all the time. What we will do is give you 5 swats every 20 minutes, rotating round the different implements. In between swats we will allow the people to come and inspect the new marks on your body. Oh and don’t worry we’ve decreased the pressure so that the swats won’t be so hard.”

“Was that last bit supposed to make us feel better?” I asked PF.

“It didn’t work for me.” PF replied; can we back-out please?

“Don’t worry PF,” I replied; “think of all the orgasms you’ll have.”

“Well I am feeling VERY horny, it won’t take much.” PF replied.

I was feeling incredibly horny as well; I could feel my juices on the insides of my thighs and my pussy was really aching for attention.

“Okay girls,” Mr Tay said, “get into position.”

We did, PF opting to go face-up for the first half so I bent over the end of the table and spread my legs as the 2 blue overall moved in and fastened the ankle and wrist straps.

Just as they were finishing I saw 969 in front of me holding a bottle of suntan lotion.

“Well done 969, I’d forgotten about that.”

As she finished covering me I asked her to do PF as well.

“No need Tanya, 132 is doing her.” I turned my head and saw that he was, his hard-on pressing against the table; well he was rubbing her pussy so I assumed that he’d already done the rest of her.

We were then left for what seemed like ages, me bent forwards with my legs spread wide, and PF on her back with her legs spread wide. I could hear people talking behind me and I wondered how many of them were staring at my spread pussy.

Eventually, I heard the motor backing up the swat arm then I screamed. Then I heard PF scream.

“I thought that you’d reduced the pressure.” I said, but there was no one near enough to hear me. Then I felt hands on my butt.

“Bloody hell,” I thought, “Mr Tay wasn’t joking when he said that people would ‘inspect’ our bodies between swats.”

I felt hands spread my butt cheeks a bit more and fingers poking into both my holes. Someone was pulling my clit from one side to the other; I guessed that they were inspecting my clit ring; one set of fingers really finger fucked me. Then nothing; then the motor; then I screamed again.

The groping and the swats continued until I’d had the 5. I knew that I could rest for a while but my butt was on fire on the outside and my pussy was on fire on the inside. Behind me I could hear people talking and feel hands prodding, pulling, finger fucking and generally groping me. I wondered if PF was getting the same treatment.

Two fingers went in and out for a few seconds then they bent over and found my G spot. That was just too much for me and I started cumming, getting quite vocal and my body jerked about.

As I started to calm down, the voices of the people behind me sounded different; I got the impression that they’d enjoyed watching me cum.

More hands groped me for a while before things went a bit quieter then I heard the motor again.

This time it felt like I was swatted with a wide strip of leather, the pain was more spread and not as strong. I didn’t scream but I did groan.

More groping followed then the motor noise.

That went on until I’d had 5 from the leather strip. My butt was burning and my AF was an 8 or 9 but I didn’t cum. The hands groping me raise my AF a bit more but I didn’t cum again until I’d had 2 swats from what felt like a table tennis bat.

I was cumming as more hands started groping me again. My butt was getting quite tender and the groping was starting to hurt.

I had 5 swats from 2 more ‘things’, I couldn’t see what, lots more groping and poking and 2 more orgasms before Mr Tay finally came over and said that we could have 30 minutes rest before swapping over. The lab coats appeared and undid our restraints but I just lay there.

132 appeared and started rubbing some sort of cream on my butt, the tip of his hard-on occasionally touching my leg. I heard PF gasp, presumably because 969 was rubbing the cream on her pussy.

I stood up and looked at 969; the poor girl’s tits and pussy were bright red. I helped her up and asked 132 to get us some water.

The cream that 132 and 969 had used was working, and after about 5 minutes most of the pain had gone.

“It looks like you’ve had the worst bit.” I said.

PF looked at my butt and replied,

“I’m not so sure; you should see your butt.”

We both laughed and had another drink.

Ten minutes later, Mr Tay arrived and told us to get ready for part 2. As we got into position 132 and 969 moved in and rubbed more lotion on the exposed sides of our bodies. 969 was doing me and she paid special attention to the bits that were about to be abused. I don’t know if it was suntan lotion or something to help with the red marks or pain or what; all 3 I hoped.

I didn’t realise just how exposed PF had been; my legs were spread really wide. Because the table was angled, I could see all down the front of my body and to my clit hood barbell.

It was then that I realised that I would be able to see EVERYTHING that was going to happen to me. I had been lucky when it was my backside that was getting whipped.

It seemed to take for ever for the second half to start; it was as if Mr Tay was delaying it just to make us suffer the horrible anticipation. My pussy wasn’t suffering like my head was; the lust, the anticipation, the humiliation, the embarrassment, the desire to be fucked hard; even right there with hundreds of people watching was driving me crazy. I was sure that if the delay went on much longer I would just start cumming without anyone or anything touching me.

The machine was setup to whip my tiny tits first, and I could see the thin very flexible bamboo cane hovering above me.

Then it moved up and away from me.

I tensed up knowing that in a couple of seconds my tits would hurt like hell. For some strange reason I didn’t close my eyes, I just looked at my rock hard nipples.

I was expecting to see the very flexible bamboo cane hit my tits but I didn’t; it all happened way too quick for me. It was just a case of my tits suddenly hurting like hell. A red line going over both nipples suddenly appeared.

Before I really had time to get over the shock a few of the crowd moved in and started groping me. Stupidly, I had assumed that they would only go for my tits, but no, I felt a finger, no, 2 fingers invade my vagina.

I looked up and saw PF’s father attached to the fingers; and boy, did he know how to use those fingers; they found my G spot and I started to cum.

I didn’t really feel the hands that were groping me, nor the next swat with the bamboo cane, although that did bring me back to the real world.

Five times that bamboo came down on my tits and I got my tits and pussy mauled before we had a break. 132 and 969 moved in and rubbed cream on my tits and PF’s butt. Strangely, and unfortunately, PF’s father only made me cum after the first swat of that cane. I think that I would have preferred to have been in close, post orgasmic bliss when that cane hit my tits again.

After the short break it was 5 swats with the broad strip of leather. They didn’t hurt as much, and PF’s father did his trick with my G spot only after the first swat.

I don’t know why, but the third set of 5 swats to my tiny tits were with the same strip of leather. Again, PF’s father did his bit only after the first one.

By the time that the third set was over anyone could have done whatever they wanted to my tits and it wouldn’t have hurt; they were numb.

Whilst 132 was putting the cream on my tits I found the courage to look around. PF’s face was completely blank and I could see Mr Nuwa and another man looking at me and talking. I felt a little ashamed knowing that they were about to see my pussy get whipped. I have to admit that I felt a wet rush and a little of my juices run down to my butt at the same time.

The blue overalls finished moving the business end of the machine to directly above me and loaded the bamboo cane into it. Seeing them do that and knowing that the cane was about to come whizzing down and inflict pain on my pussy in a couple of seconds was not a nice feeling; although it was a bit arousing. My AF which had dropped down to about a 7 was rising again.

I made the mistake of tensing up as the motor burst into life and the cane reared up. There was silence for a second as I held my breath, then the next thing that knew was that my pussy hurt like hell and I was cumming.

I was still cumming as the public moved in and PF’s father’s fingers invaded my vagina again. My body was arched up and I was swearing like a trooper as those fingers kept me up on a high.

I never felt any hands on my tiny tits but I could see hands on them. 

I wasn’t tensed-up for the next 4 swats, I wasn’t looking and I tried to concentrate on the noise from the crowd around us. By the time the rest period came I was thankful that I only had to endure 1 more set of 5 swats. 132 rubbed some more cream on my pussy but I didn’t know if it was helping or not.

The last 5 swats were similar to the previous 5; PF’s father again making me cum after the first one. By the time it was over, my tits were still numb, and my pussy had joined them; no pain, no feelings. I think that I was beyond that.

The blue overalls released us but I just lay there; I just didn’t want to move. Even after 132 had held a bottle of water to my mouth, I just lay there. I eventually started to find some energy and looked round. Mr Nuwa and the other man were still looking at me. People were no longer standing around, but were walking by and looking over towards us as they went.

Eventually I pushed myself up onto my elbows and 132 held a bottle of water so that I could drink again. My legs were still spread wide; subconsciously I think that I didn’t want to risk closing them in case it hurt. PF was stood up and I could see her red butt, but there didn’t look to be any blood or permanent damage. Her father had his arm round her and under her arm. I couldn’t see but I wondered if he was holding her tit.

As I slid off the table I had to stop my legs from crumpling under me, then I took a deep breathe at took stock. Okay, I was knackered, my butt, tits and pussy were starting to really hurt, but apart from that I was okay. I tied to do a quick mental count of the number of times that I’d cum but I soon lost count and gave up.

Then I heard Mr Nuwa talk,

“Tanya, we made the right choice asking you to demonstrate our new venture; you did a magnificent job, no one could have wished for more.”

I laughed to myself; I certainly wished for less pain.

“As a small token of our appreciation I have arranged for Mr Tay to fit you with the mark 3 version of your clitoris ring. It has improvements that I am sure will give you more pleasure. Don’t come to work tomorrow, then the day after go straight to Mr Tay. He will perform the procedure.”

With that he turned and walked off.   

I had a quick flash vision of me spending a whole day on the beach doing absolutely nothing.

I turned to look for PF but she was gone. I guessed that her father was taking her home to rest.

132 and 969 were hovering close by so I told them to take me to the beach; I needed to be in the sea.

Swimming and floating in the sea was great; it seemed to take most of the pain that had appeared as the numbness subsided, away; and the cool water seemed to give me some energy. So did the lotion that 969 and 132 rubbed on my red bits.

I got them to take me back to the hotel and get some food sent up to my room. After I’d eaten I sent them away and went to bed.

I awoke to that lovely feeling of someone eating my pussy and the sun shining in through the open patio doors.

When I got out of bed I looked in a mirror and inspected my wounds. Actually, I was quite surprised how little all the red hurt; and it was red not purple. I decided that I’d got off quite lightly and wondered what PF was like.

After breakfast I decided to take Mr Nuwa up on his offer of a day off. I got 132 and 969 to get me some food and drink then drop me off at my favourite beach. A quiet day on the beach, on my own, was just what I needed.

I’d had one swim, a nap and a couple of chapters of my favourite Vanessa Evans erotic story, when I heard a familiar voice,

“I thought that we might fine you here Tanya.”

I looked up and saw, PF, her father and her little sister.

I stood up, hugged PF then backed away and inspected her body. She obligingly spread her legs so that I could check her pussy. She was in a similar state to me and told me that she only hurt a little.

We sat and talked whilst her father and little sister went for a walk. PF too had been given the day off, and a pay rise. She said that she’d happily do it all again if she could get another pay rise.

When the father and little sister got back I started talking to the father (Chuck). He said that it was good to talk to a westerner; especially a gorgeous naked one. I remember blushing a little. Then I asked him why he’d finger-fucked me and made me cum only on the first swat of each part of the whipping. He laughed and said,

“I wanted to give you something to think about instead of the next 4 swats. It’s okay, I did it to PF, as you call her, as well.”

“It worked for me.” PF added.

Little sister said something to Chuck in Chinese then PF translated it for me. Apparently she was jealous that PF had been finger fucked so many times and that she hadn’t. She was also complaining that her father still had his clothes on.

I laughed and told him that I didn’t mind if he took them off.

“Thank god for that, I hate clothes.” He replied; then stood up and took his clothes off.

As he stripped there were 3 girls waiting for his hard cock to spring free and I guessed that all 3 pussies got somewhat wet. I was quite surprised at his size; okay, be was a big man (height and weight) but his cock was slightly bigger than Ryan’s.

“Do you take those blue pills?” I asked.

“Hell no; I’ve got 3 naked women around me all the time that take care of all my needs; I don’t need those.”
“Lucky you, but I bet that you’re thinking about fucking one of those 3 right now aren’t you?”
“Hell yes girl, after seeing you perform yesterday, what man wouldn’t want to fuck you?”

“I was thinking more about your wife but if it’s me that you want to fuck, go ahead; I haven’t had a good fuck since I left England.”

As I said that I stretched my arm out and put my hand on his cock and said,

“What do you say big boy?”

“I thought that you were never going to ask Tanya, get on your hands and knees and brace yourself.”

I was glad that I’d leant back a bit because he really did ram his big cock into me. After he got a rhythm going I looked over to his daughters, both were staring at us with a smile on their faces and a hand on their pussies.

Chuck has lots of stamina and I’d cum twice before I felt him shoot his load deep inside me.

We both lay on our backs getting out breath back. As soon as Chuck was on his back both his daughters were at his side using their hands and mouths trying to get him hard again. When he was, they took it in turns to ride his cock. I watched as both daughters fucked their father. Both gave me the impression that they’d done it a few times before. I went for a swim and left them to it.

All 3 eventually came and joined me and we splashed and messed about for ages before getting out. PF insisted on putting suntan lotion all over me.

After about an hour of sunbathing PF and her family had to go leaving me to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the deserted beach, sea and sun.

When I left the beach I had a nice, long, slow walk back to the hotel. A couple of tricycles stopped to offer me a lift but I wanted to walk. No one seemed interested in the naked girl walking along; after all, I wasn’t the only one.

Back in the hotel room I sat on the balcony and skyped Ryan then Tim. I told Ryan everything and showed him everything, probably some of his work colleagues as well knowing Ryan; but with Tim I kept it to business; except my role in the Nuwa Corporation’s open day. Of course Tim could see me naked, and probably my pussy as well because I’d setup the tablet on the table on the balcony. He didn’t ask about my red marks and I didn’t offer to tell him.

I had a pleasant evening without 969 and 132; the next time that I saw them was when they woke me up the next morning in the way that I’d asked them to.

My 3rd Clit Ring
When I went to work I went straight to Mr Tay who smiled at me then told me to follow him. He led me to a little room that had a doctor’s type table in the middle. He told me to get up on it and wait for him. I did, automatically spreading my legs. He watched me climb on the table, saying that he was glad that most of the red marks had gone.” 

Mr Tay went out of the room then came back a few minutes later with 2 lab coat men. One was carrying a little package and the other a small bottle with a cloth.

I have no idea what was in that little bottle but seconds after one of the lab coats dabbed some on my pussy I realised that I couldn’t feel anything around my pussy; it must have been some sort of anaesthetic.

I watched as Mr Tay and the lab coat were working on my pussy. I couldn’t see exactly what they were doing but I wanted to make sure that they didn’t perform some sort of FGM on me.

They didn’t, and after a few minutes Mr Tay told me that they were finished. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked at my pussy. My old clit ring had been replaced by one with a thicker ring, it must be nearly an inch in diameter.

Mr Tay gave me the box that it came in, that included the remote control and a set of instruction; thankfully, there was version in English.

As well as having an option for random zaps there is an option for random shocks; I couldn’t wait to try that one but it would have to wait. I only had 10 minutes before the training course.

On the beach that afternoon I read the instructions and gave myself a shock. It wasn’t that bad, but it still made me gasp and jump a bit. It certainly made my clit go even harder and start throbbing. I wondered how many times it could shock or zap me before the battery went flat.

The instructions say that the battery will last a week without excessive use and that it uses body heat and light to slowly charge the battery; yet another reason why I was glad that I don’t wear knickers and only wear short skirts. I decided to expose my clit to the sun as much as I could to see if it charged the battery enough so that I wouldn’t need to hold the charging pad over it. It must have worked because I didn’t have to charge it until 4 days after I got back to England.

The Senior Management Dinner
About a week after my ordeal on the punishment machine I saw Mr Chang in the dining room at breakfast. After telling me that he’d just got back from England and that my boss and colleagues sent their regards, he told me that he’d heard that I was doing well and that Mr Nuwa was pleased. He also told me that all the senior management were descending on the island for a big meeting. He also told me that they were having a big dinner in the hotel that night.

When I said that I was sure that 132 or 969 would be able to take me elsewhere to eat he said,

“No, no Tanya; you don’t understand. You will be coming, you will be our honoured guest and star performer; you will be the only female there.”

I wasn’t sure what to make of that; what did he mean by ‘star performer’? I hoped that he called me that because of the work that I had already done.

As the training got underway I forgot all about what Mr Chang had said, but as I was leaving the product testing session Mr Chang was waiting for me. He told me to be in the hotel reception at 8 p.m. that evening.

I got the butterflies in my stomach and a tingling in my pussy. What was instore for me?

I went to the beach with 132 and 969 again, and whilst I was there I skyped Ryan and Tim. Tim hinted that he knew about what was going to happen at the dinner and told me that I was representing the company and should be proud of the opportunity. I was starting to get a little worried.

After a shower, in which 132 made me cum, they both pampered me and got me ready for whatever was instore for me.

At 8 p.m. they led me down to reception then left me with Mr Chang. As I walked up to him I could see quite a few elderly gentlemen, all in formal suits, walking down from their rooms and going to the big function room.

Mr Chang took my arm and led me in to the function room. As we went in I could see over 20 middle-aged and elderly gentlemen all stood around talking; and a couple of young girls (naked) carrying trays of drinks.

Mr Chang walked me to the top table where someone shouted something then Mr Nuwa then all the others took their seats. Mr Chang took me to a seat between himself and Mr Nuwa.

Gawd, I was sat next to the main man. I didn’t know whether to be happy or nervous.

Mr Nuwa stood and started talking in Chinese. His talk went on for ages and at one point it became obvious that he was talking about me because he turned and looked down to me, and most of the other men were looking at me as well. He must have cracked a joke because everyone laughed whilst still looking at me.

I felt embarrassed.

Eventually, Mr Nuwa sat and the naked girls served the food. It must have been traditional Chinese food because I didn’t recognise any of it; nothing like the Chinese restaurants back in England. What’s more, I didn’t like most of it so I got very little to eat.

At the end of the meal, Mr Nuwa got up and talked some more. Again, I didn’t understand a word that he was saying but I did understand when Mr Chang told me to stand up go round all the tables. He told me that he wanted me to show everyone my new clit ring.

“You want me to go to each table and spread my pussy so that all of them can have a look at my most private parts! Are you serious?”

“It’s not your pussy that Mr Nuwa wants them all to see; it’s the mark 3 clitoris ring and the effect that it has on you. And it’s not every table; it’s every person. Mr Nuwa believes that all his senior managers should know how all the company’s products work. Start on that table over there Tanya.” Mr Chang said, pointing to a table at one side of the room.

When Mr Chang had started telling me what was expected of me I became terribly embarrassed at the thought of what was expected of me. I also got very wet and tingly; I felt my nipples and pussy start throbbing.

“OMG!” I said to myself as I slowly stood up and slowly walked to the first table.

“What was I supposed to do at each table?” I thought.

That was answered as I got there. Someone had arranged for a food trolley to be brought out and one of the men gestured for me to get on it. It was just big enough for me to perch my butt on one end and lay back on my elbows. Instinctively, I spread my legs so that my pussy; my dripping pussy, was on full display.

“Kinell!” I thought; and wished that Ryan would come and rescue me.

Just as I got settled into that obscene position, the mark 3 clit ring gave me an electric shock. I gasped, jerked a little and wished that I hadn’t spread my legs on the beach that afternoon; I wished that the battery was flat.

Slowly, the naked girl, that had brought the trolley out, pushed me all around the table, stopping at each man so that he could lean over my pussy and have a good look; and a feel.

Whoever had the remote control must have been close by because just as I moved to the next man I got another shock. The shock that I got when I arrived at the fourth man was enough to take me over the top and I started cumming.

I have no idea how long it took for that girl to push me round all the tables, or how many times I orgasmed, or how I stayed on the trolley, or how many electric shocks my clit got; but what I did know was that I was knackered by the time I’d gone round the last table. My pussy had been groped over 20 times.

The naked girl had to help me get off the trolley and back onto my seat between Mr Nuwa and Mr Chang who leaned over and whispered,

“They like the way your clitoris protrudes through the ring and then swells to what looks a bit like the end of a small penis. It looks very sensitive Tanya.” Mr Chang said.

“It is; especially as someone has a remote control for it and is constantly zapping and giving me electric shocks.” I replied.

“Are they? I’m sorry about that; but you certainly looked like you were enjoying it Tanya.” Mr Chang said. “Everyone loves the noise that you make and the way that your body reacts to your orgasms. Please Tanya, have a drink and relax.”

I did, and as I went to pick-up my glass I saw one of the clit ring remote controls on the table near Mr Nuwa. It must have been that dirty old sod who was zapping and shocking me.

The rest of the evening was quite boring for me; everyone was talking in Chinese and laughing, occasionally looking over to me. I didn’t really care; I was too knackered.

There was a sort of follow-up to that night; at the product testing the next day, some of the senior managers were there watching us girls. Mr Tay put me on the punishment machine. It was set so that it hurt like hell and I was strapped on, on my back. What’s more, one of the lab coats had pushed a vibrator (on full power) up my pussy before the first swat. The senior managers were treated to the sight of my naked body writhing about and screaming all sorts of expletives.

The sea, 132 and 969 soothed my red marks away on the beach afterwards; and afterwards I got 132 to hide his cock inside my still dripping pussy.


Going Home
My last day at the Nuwa Corporation started much like all the others. Mr Nuwa was at work that day and I went to his office and assumed the position. As usual, he kept me waiting for a couple of minutes before walking round his desk and standing in front of me between my legs.

“You may begin.” He finally said.

My right hand went to my pussy and started rubbing. As usual, the effects of the little blue pill at breakfast were already kicking in and it didn’t take long for me to start cumming. All the while Mr Nuwa was stood there watching me.

When the waves of pleasure subsided, I looked up at Mr Nuwa.

“Tanya,” He said, “This is your last day here and I have to say that you have done an excellent job, and you have provided amazing entertainment for me, my senior managers, and indeed, the whole town. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to go a little further and please this old man a little bit more?”

“I’m not sure what you mean Mr Nuwa, but I will be honoured to do anything that you wish.”

“Surely he couldn’t want to fuck me; maybe it was just a blowjob, or maybe it wasn’t anything sexual at all.” I thought; “those little blue pill were making me think about sex every minute of every day.”

I smiled to myself thinking that my pussy and Ryan’s cock are going to take one hell of a hammering just as soon as I got back home.”

“Tanya, one of my companies manufactures surveillance equipment; cameras so small that we can put them just about anywhere and they’ll never be noticed. Since the first day that you arrived, we’ve been videoing you all the time; even at this minute your wonderful performance has being recorded and will be stored on the company’s servers. I was wondering if you would agree to us using some of the videos for training and sales promotional purposes?”

“You mean that you’ve been videoing me EVERYWHERE!”

“Yes Tanya, even at the beach. Our media department have WiFi enabled cameras all round this building, the hotel, your room; even the beach. Your whole stay here is stored on the servers.”

“O.M.G!” I exclaimed. 

“Don’t be embarrassed, or upset; you’ve done nothing illegal or to be ashamed of. Quite the reverse; you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful body; you should be proud of yourself. Now, will you sign this wavier please?”

My AF was still quite high, and with all the blue pills that I’d taken over that past couple of months I figured that I’d do absolutely anything that anyone asked of me. If someone had asked me to fuck them in the middle of the town square in the middle of the day, I would have done it. I soo wanted to be with Ryan.

Without even reading the document, I signed it and passed it back to Mr Nuwa.

The rest of the day went the same as all the others; even the product testing (I spent the hour on a sybian); then I met 969 and 132 and they took me to the Docks to catch the boat back to Hong Kong.

I was still naked when we arrived at the Docks and 969 had to remind me to put some clothes on; she’d already got one of my summer dresses and some shoes in a separate bag. For some strange reason I left the Nuwa Corporation ID card hanging round my neck.

It felt a bit strange wearing clothes; after all, the only thing that I’d worn for the past 2 months was that ID card. I was still wearing it when I went through security to catch the night flight to England.

Unfortunately, when I went through the metal detector the alarm went off. At first I hadn’t a clue what had caused the alarm, after all, I’d had to take my shoes off and the only thing that I was wearing was the dress and my plastic ID card.

As the guard told me to hold my arms up, I realised that my new clit ring must be the reason because I’d gone through metal detectors with my barbells and my old clit ring on before without any problems.

As the wand reached my pubic area, and buzzed, I moved my right hand to hold out my ID card. The guard looked puzzled so I spread my feet and lifted the front on my dress so that he could see my pussy and the ring.

He smiled, pointed to my pussy then the ID card and said,

“Nuwa Corporation.”

I wondered if Mr Nuwa had sent any other girls through Hong Kong wearing one of the rings.

I slept for most of the 12+ hour flight. Just as we were getting into London a noise woke me up. I found that I was covered in a blanket that I hadn’t put on me. I was leaning against the window with my butt facing the aisle, and the man next to me. The thing was, my dress was up around my waist (under the blanket). As I straightened myself out I wondered if my bare butt had been on display and one of the cabin crew had put the blanket on me. The lecherous look on the man’s face told me that he wouldn’t have covered me.

Ryan caught me as I jumped up onto him in the arrivals hall and we just stood there kissing for ages before I said,

“Take me home and fuck me hard lover.”

We made it as far as the carpark. Ryan had reverse parked (up to a wall) on the second floor of a multi-story. We went round the back of the car where Ryan loaded my case. As I leaned over to put my bag in Ryan moved behind me and before I knew it my dress was up over my head and on my out-stretched arms.

I spread my legs and let Ryan take me from behind as his hands grabbed my little tits. I nearly banged my head on the car as Ryan’s first thrust lifted me off my feet.

“Fuck that’s good Ryan;” I said, “you don’t know how much I needed that.”

“Even when that Yank, Chuck and that 132 kid were fucking you?” Ryan asked as he thrust in and out, lifting me up in the air each time.

“Hell yes, I was imagining that it was you fucking me. Did you take one of those blue pills this morning Ryan?”

“And another before I left home; I want to give you the best fucking ever.”

It must have been 15 or 20 minutes, and 2 orgasms from me, before Ryan finally shot his load deep inside me. During that time I’d heard a couple of people walking by, and 1 young man telling Ryan to give it to me hard; but I didn’t care; for once I was being an exhibitionist.

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist no longer in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 29 – The Admission

Okay, I admit it, I AM and exhibitionist. After I stripped naked and fucked Ryan on the back of the car in the airport carpark when I got back from China, and stayed naked all the way home, then fucked Ryan again in the hallway with the front door still wide open; we went to bed and when Ryan fell asleep I started thinking.

I’d been living and working totally naked for 2 months in China and I’d loved every seconds of it (apart from when I thought about Ryan). The fact that people were looking at all of my body, all of the time, and that I’d orgasmed in public so many times; got me thinking that maybe I do like being naked and being seen by other people.

Those thoughts got me thinking about all the hundreds of times that Ryan had almost forced me to get naked, expose me to others, and do things to my pussy. Okay, at the time I’d put my excitement down to the fact that I was aroused (what girl wouldn’t have been?), but maybe I’d actually wanted Ryan to put me in those situations? Maybe my lack of serious objections to his requests hadn’t just been because I love him and would do anything for him. Maybe I’d secretly WANTED to do those things.

I was having trouble getting to sleep because of all the excitement, but the more that I thought about it, the more that I realised that I HAD wanted Ryan to expose me. Ryan hadn’t forced me to go to the Gym during my Flex-time off work; okay, if I’d discussed it with Ryan I’m sure that he’d have encouraged me to go, but, thinking back, I’d really wanted to go. I’d wanted to get naked in front of those men, I’d wanted to fuck myself on the dildo in front of them, I’d wanted to stretch my legs wide and put things into my pussy in front of them, I’d wanted to cum while they were watching me.

Was I a whore? Was I a slut? No; I didn’t (and never would) go around fucking any man who asked me, only the ones that Ryan wanted me to. I was just a girl who got off by being seen naked, exposing my pussy to people, and cumming in front of people. I was just one of about 10% of girls who love doing just that.

I realised that I was proud to be one of those 10% and wondered what was wrong with the other 90%. They just don’t know what they are missing.

Finally, and with a very wet pussy, I fell asleep; only to be woken-up in what seemed like 5 minutes, but was actually 6 hours, to the feeling of Ryan’s cock pounding in and out of my pussy. Two hours later we managed to get out of bed and go for a shower.

We made it through breakfast further orgasms, but we were soon on the sofa with Ryan closely inspecting my new, thicker clit ring. I got the control out of my bag and Ryan used it to make me cum twice more before I decided that we needed to go to the supermarket to get some food.

On the drive back I asked Ryan if the twins (Kate and Jude) had managed to keep him satisfied whilst I was away. I was sure that they would have, but Ryan was a true gentleman and told me that only I could truly satisfy him. As if on cue, when we got back home and I walked into the kitchen, I could hear girly moans, and seconds later, just after I’d taken my dress off, a totally naked pair of twins came bounding in and hugged and kissed me.

When their excitement subsided, Jude (I think – I still can’t tell the difference most of the time) said,

“We thought that you’d like to fuck Ryan’s brains out before we came over, but we couldn’t wait any longer.” 

“Oh,” I replied, “I’ve done that a few times already; but what about you 2? Has he been keeping you satisfied?”

“He certainly has,” Kate (I think) replied, “apart from the last couple of days, he said that he wanted to save his energy for you.”

“Well, he was certainly full of energy when he fucked me on the car in the airport carpark.” I replied.

“On the car? Airport carpark?” Kate said. “Couldn’t he at least wait until you got into the car?”

“That was Tanya’s fault.” Ryan said. “She fucked me with all those people walking by and watching.”

“I’m not surprised;” Jude said, “You’re such an exhibitionist.”

I just smiled, remembering my thoughts from the previous night.

“I must talk to Ryan about that.” I also thought.

The 4 of us spent the next couple of hours in the bedroom doing lots of talking, interrupted by lots of pleasuring each other. Poor Ryan, he was exhausted by the time us girls got up to get some food ready.


It felt strange putting some clothes on to go to work, especially as the weather wasn’t too bad and I’m sure that I could have survived the cooler English weather. The thought of everyone staring at me as I travelled about the streets naked got me all wet.

Everyone at work was really nice to me and they all wanted to know all about my trip. I didn’t have the chance to tell anyone anything because as soon as I’d switched my PC on, Tim, my boss, called me into his office.

“Welcome back Tanya;” Tim said, “I trust that the journey was okay. I can’t help but notice that you look really healthy; the weather must have been good.”

“I think that the lack of clothes helped as well.” I interrupted.

“Yes, well.”

“And it was good of you to organise the video calls Tim;” I again interrupted, “Ryan and I really appreciated being able to talk and see each other.”

“Yes Tanya, it was good to see you whilst we talked.”

“Yes, I enjoyed you, and the others seeing me when we talked.”

As I said that last sentence I wondered if Tim interpreted it to mean that I liked them seeing my naked body.

“Quite; Tanya, I went to a meeting at head office last Friday with my boss, Mr Nuwa and Mr Chang and we’ve agreed that I will setup a new department to work exclusively on the Nuwa Corporation contract. Mr Nuwa said that he was very happy with your knowledge and efforts whilst you were over there, and the way that you adapted to the Chinese culture. He’s asked that you head-up the new department.”

“Wow!” I replied, “I don’t know what to say. Is there really enough work for an exclusive department?”

“That was my reaction at first but Mr Nuwa continued to tell us that they were about to put a lot more work our way; so yes, I’m happy to setup a specialist ‘Nuwa’ department. Okay, we’d start out with just 2 or 3 people, but as the work-load increases we’ll increase the staff levels. What do you think?”

“And you’d want me to run the department?”

“Yes Tanya, you’ve proved that you’re capable and that you understand and appreciate the cultural ways of the Nuwa Corporation. Of course it would mean a promotion and a 50% pay increase for you.”

“Err Tim, the female staff at the Nuwa Corporation all work totally naked; would you expect me, and my staff to work the same way?”

As I said that I felt my pussy tingle and get wet.

“Well, Mr Nuwa did tell us that he’d expect the new department to embrace the Nuwa culture; so yes, working naked would be one of the desired requirements of the staff in the new department; its manager as well.”

“Oh, I don’t know;” I replied, “Is it even legal in this country? And I’m assuming that you’d only want women working in the department.”

“As long as it isn’t compulsory and the nudity is kept on company premises then we wouldn’t be breaking any laws. And yes, if we had a man working in there he wouldn’t be very productive would he? Chinese men may be able to ignore the fact that their female work colleagues are naked but English men would find it a big distraction.”

“Unless they were gay.” I replied.

“Hmm, let’s not even go there Tanya, Mr Nuwa requested females, so females it is.”

“But we’d have to share the same facilities, the break room, the conference rooms, the toilets and I’m guessing that I’d have to have regular meetings with you and the other managers in the company and I doubt that they’d want to all gather around my desk.”
“Well, I guess that you would; would that bother you Tanya?”

“Well, just about everyone here has seen me without my clothes on during some of the video calls whilst I was over in China; by the way, thanks for that Tim, I’m sure that some of the guys will have really appreciated that.”

“Did it bother you Tanya? I suppose that I should have asked you first but knowing you as well as I do, I didn’t think that you’d mind.”

“Relax Tim, I didn’t mind. After all, most of them see up my skirt or down my top just about every day, and most of them have seen me naked on more than one occasion. It’s a good job that I’m not some stuck-up prude.”

“I don’t think that you’ll ever be one of those Tanya.”

I smiled to myself as I felt my pussy get even wetter and thought that I was sure that he was right.

“And where would this new ‘Nuwa’ department be located Tim?”

“Well, I was thinking about that vacant office out by the landing.”

“I didn’t think that that room was part of our lease.” I replied.

“It isn’t, but I’m sure that the company would be prepared to expand into it. We could soon get it modified to meet our, your, requirement. What do you think Tanya?”

“It’s a bit public; I mean that there are people going up and down the stairs all day and the people in the other offices on this floor are always out on the landing. They’d be able to see us every time the door opened or one of us comes into the main office.”

“Don’t they use the lifts?”

“I’m sure that some of them do, but …...” I replied.

“So Tanya, can I assume that the fact that we’re talking about office space means that you’ll accept the offer?”

“Hmm, naked at work all day long, all my work colleagues seeing me naked, people going passed my office all the time and seeing me, having to attend meetings and presentation that are almost totally attended by men. I’m not sure Tim.”

“I thought that you’d jump at it Tanya, after all, you’re such an exhibitionist.”

“I’m not an ex………… Well I suppose that it is a promotion and you did say that I’d get a 50% pay rise. I’ll have to discuss it with Ryan. Can I give you my decision tomorrow?”

“Yes of course you can Tanya. I’m guessing Ryan will want you to go for it; after all, he’s persuaded you to get naked in public so many times and it’s obvious that you like it. Do you remember the time you and Ryan came to the party at my house and Ryan hypnotised you and you ended up naked and sitting on everyone’s lap?”

“No I don’t; that’s a bit of wishful thinking on your part Tim. Ryan just had me do a couple of stupid things.”

“Is that what he told you? Okay, maybe my memory isn’t that good.”

I’d got a big wet rush when Tim mentioned his party. I remember every detail, including Tim putting his golf balls (yes, actual GOLF balls) in my pussy and his long cock into my throat.

“Okay Tanya, we’ll talk again tomorrow.”

I had tons of work to get done that day but I didn’t get much done. What with Tim’s proposal and my clit ring torturing me, I just couldn’t concentrate.

Of course Ryan was happy when I told him. It wasn’t long before he was planning what we’d do with the extra money. He wants us to move to a bigger house with a secluded back garden. That idea sounded nice.

When I went to give Tim the good news the next day, my pussy was dripping, I wanted to get naked there and then but of course I couldn’t. I had to settle for turning my clit ring up and running the battery flat before I went home.

Tim was so confident that I’d take the job that he’d already told his boss that everything was going according to his plans. He told me that the building’s owners had agreed to us renting the extra space and that we could have the key later that day. Then Tim asked me about staff.

“Well,” I said, “I was thinking about Grace. She’s been working on the account for nearly a year now and she’s been to China. Having to work without any clothes over here shouldn’t be too much of a shock for her.”

“Good choice Tanya, any ideas about a second girl?”

“I was thinking maybe Emily; okay, she’s quite young and new to the company but she’s bright and picks things up quickly; and I’m sure that Mr Nuwa and Mr Chang will appreciate her shape. Yes, I know that that’s discrimination but those laws seem to have gone out of the window for my new team.”

“Hmm, Tanya’s Team, that sounds good; Emily eh? Do you think that she’ll cope with the nudity; she does appear to be a little mousey and shy; and I’ve heard that she still lives with her parents.” Tim replied.

“I think that I might just have the way to resolve any nudity issues and she’d just have to get used to getting undressed when she gets to work and dressed again when she leaves.” Tanya said.

“Okay, let’s leave it at just the 2 of them for now.” Tim said, “We can easily recruit more when the workload increases. Now, as for accommodation; I’ll get the key this afternoon; assuming that it’s habitable I think that we should get you moved in tomorrow then workout what needs changing. We can get that done along the line; assuming that you 3 will be able to work okay with few tradesmen in there for a while as well.
As Grace and Emily will be reporting to you Tanya, I’ll let you make the job offers to them this afternoon. If you get positive replies by tomorrow lunchtime I’ll call a big meeting in the conference room tomorrow afternoon and make the announcement. Does that give you enough time to prepare yourself for your new working situation?”

“Yes, sure, I was naked all the time in China so it won’t be a problem.”

“Actually, I meant working in your new office, but okay, it’ll be good to see all of you again Tanya. Oh, I don’t think that any of you should strip-off until the formal announcement. It might be good for company moral if the 3 of you strip-off during the announcement.”

“Sounds good to me Tim, can I have the use of your office to make the job offers, it might be a bit awkward with some of the guys listening?”

“Yeah, sure, just let me know when.”

“How about 2 o’clock?”


At 2 o’clock I went and asked Grace to come with me to Tim’s office and as soon as the door was shut Grace started asking me what I got up to in China and had I been forced to do anything humiliating. I told her about the product testing and the time I was strapped down and whipped in the town square.

“Fuck Tanya, I wish that we both could have gone, I’d love to have done all that.” Grace said.

As she was listening to me I couldn’t help notice that she was squirming in her seat.

“This is going to be easier than I thought.” I thought; then said,

“Well Grace, an opportunity has arisen that I think might just appeal to you; and if you accept the offer that I’m about to make you your salary will increase by 50%”

“WHAT! Spill Tanya; spill.”

Grace’s face was a picture as I told her everything that Tim had told me. She squirmed about much more and had one hand pressing on her stomach. Her nipples were so hard that I could see them tenting her bra and blouse.

“So Grace, are you interested in becoming part of my team?”

“Hell yes, when do I start? When can I get naked?”

“Woah there, slow down; don’t you have to think about it, and don’t you have to talk it over with a boyfriend or someone?”

“Hell no, it’s my life and my body; I make the decisions and I want in.”

“Excellent Grace, you’re in, but can you keep it quiet for now. There’s going to be a big announcement about it tomorrow afternoon.”

“Okay, it will be difficult but I think I can manage that. Oh, will there be just the 2 of us?”

“I’m not sure yet; ask me again tomorrow.”

Grace went off to the toilet, probably to give herself some relief; and I went and got myself a coffee before asking Emily to join me in Tim’s office.

As I started to explain the situation to Emily it was clear that she was shocked; but at the same time her nipples told me that she was excited even though she too had a bra and a blouse on.

“Naked!” Emily exclaimed; “You’re going to be naked, here, every day, with all these men around?”

“Yes Emily, it’s the way things are at Nuwa HQ and we’re embracing their cultural ways.” I replied.

“So why are you telling me all this? I thought that announcements like that would come down to us either by email or some branch gathering.”

“Okay, crunch time.” I thought; then said,

“I’ve called you in here to tell you this personally Emily because I’d like to offer you a position in my department.”

Emily’s jaw dropped and she just sat there too shocked to speak. I let her digest the offer for a minute or so then added,

“Everyone in my department gets an immediate 50% pay rise.”

Emily just sat there.

After another couple of minutes her mouth closed, then opened again,

“I…. I…. I don’t know what to say, I’ve heard rumours that you sometimes take your clothes off at parties and I have noticed that you don’t wear knickers or a bra, so you I can maybe understand you, but me!? I don’t know that I could do that. I mean, I’ve been naked anywhere apart from my bedroom and the bathroom.”

”It won’t be just the 2 of us, there will be a third girl and maybe more later and we’ll be working in that vacant office near the stairs.”

“But we’d still have to come into the main office quite a bit with all these men there?”

“Yes, don’t forget the 50% pay rise and there will be plenty of opportunities to advance your career.”

“By being naked in front of all those men?” Emily asked.

“Emily, I can assure you that promotions and pay rises, apart from the 50% loading, will be based entirely on your work performance.”

“Good, that’s nice to hear.” Emily replied.

“So what do you think Emily? Are you interested in joining my team?”

“Can I think about it for a while?”

“Of course you can Emily; but by asking that question I’m assuming that you’re not ruling it out.”

“No, err no, it’s just that it’s a bit of a shock and I need to think about it.”

“I can understand that Emily, do you have a boyfriend or partner or maybe your parent that you can talk it over with?”

“No, I live on my own now. I’ve just rented a little flat not far from here and I could never tell my parents; they’d just die.”

“Tell you what Emily, I’m going to the gym after work tonight, do you fancy coming with me? It will give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you think of during the day.”

“Okay, I’ll have to go home first to get my kit, but yes, that would be nice.”

“Don’t worry about your gym kit Emily; the gym provides everything that you’ll need. Grace will probably be coming with us, although I haven’t asked her yet.”

“Does that mean that you’re going to ask Grace to be part of your team; she’ll be working naked as well? She was in here a while back, have you already asked her?”

“Yes Emily, Grace is going to be part of my team; do you have a problem with that?”

“No, no; I like Grace and we get on well together.”

“Would you like to take an hour or so and go for a walk to think about all this Emily; I know that it’s a lot to take in.”

“Err, yes, that would be nice, will Tim mind. Oh, does he know that you’re asking me to be naked all day, every day?”

“Yes he does, and he thinks that you are the ideal person for the job. He has every confidence in you.”

“Oh, err, yes; I’ll go for that walk.”

Emily slowly got to her feet and walked out. Tim must have been watching because he came straight in and said,

“I’m guessing that things didn’t go too well with Emily.”

“Oh, I don’t know; she wasn’t overly shocked and she hasn’t said ‘no’. I hope that you don’t mind, but I’ve told her to go for a walk to think about it.”

“Sure; no problem. By the look on Grace’s face I take it that she’s in?”

I laughed then said,

“Yes Tim, she’s in; it won’t be long before you’re looking at her naked body. That is if you didn’t when she was in China.”
“I err.” Tim started to say something.

“Don’t worry Tim; I understand what you men are like.”

“What are you going to do if Emily turns down the offer Tanya?”

“I’m not sure, I haven’t really thought about it yet because I haven’t given-up on her yet; I’ve got a plan.”

“Are you going to tell me about it?”

“No, it’s not a work-time plan so I’ll keep it between us girls for now.”

“Sound intriguing.”

“Fun actually, let me just call it a girly bonding plan.”

“Okay, let me know how you get on in the morning.”

“Will do; now I’ve got to have another word with Grace then get on with some work.”

I went and had a quiet word with Grace and she was up for an evening at a gym. When I told her that she didn’t need to take anything with her she said,

“We’re not going to that gym where the girls are naked are we? I should have known that you’d go there. You know, I’ve thought about looking for it but I’ve always chickened out.”

“Well tonight you’re going to go there, and I guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself. Straight from work at 5 o’clock, okay Grace?”

“Try and stop me.” Grace replied. “I saw Emily go into Tim’s office earlier and you were in still in there; have you asked Emily to join your, sorry, our team?”

“Yes, but she’s thinking about it. I’ve invited her to the gym tonight but I haven’t told her what she’ll be wearing. She’s agreed to come with us but can you keep quiet about what we won’t be wearing?”

“Yeah sure, no prob boss.”

About an hour later, Emily walked back in. She still had a sort of ‘stunned’ look in her face so I went over to her and asked if she was okay and if she wanted to ask me anything.

“Oh hi Tanya, err yes, I suppose that I’m okay, I’m still a bit shell-shocked. Can we stop at a bar on the way to the gym? I need a stiff drink.”

“Yeah, sure, but only one, I need you to be thinking straight when we talk.”

At 5 o’clock the 3 of us met up and walked out to the bus stop. Grace was trying to quiz Emily about why she hadn’t said ‘yes’ straight away. She was still at it when we got to the pub just down the road from the gym.

Listening to Grace and Emily talking it became clear that Emily was worried about the embarrassment of being naked in public, and of what her parents might think. Although she wasn’t really against being naked, her mother had always taught her to be a ‘good little girl’ and that nudity was for only for the bedroom and bathroom.

When we were about half way through our drinks I told Emily, and Grace, just how bag my mother had been, that she’d made me wear industrial strength knickers and bras even though I had nothing on my chest that needed any kind of support.

By the time that we left the pub Emily was a bit more relaxed, and Grace was a bit more excited.

When we entered the gym Darren immediately got up and came round to greet me. He wanted me to tell him why I hadn’t been there for so long. I quickly told him that I’d been away on business then introduced Grace and Emily.

“They want the free membership option I presume?” Daren asked.

“How come it’s free?” Emily asked; “how do you make a profit?”

“Hundreds of male members that pay over the odds.” Darren replied; “hasn’t Tanya explained how it works here?”

“Explained what?” Emily asked.

I turned to Emily and said,

“Trust me Emily, I’m your boss and I know what’s best for you.”

“You’re not my boss yet, I haven’t said ‘yes’.

“You will in about an hour.” Grace said.

“Just fill-in that form like Grace is doing, it’ll all become clear in a few minutes.” I said.

Grace and Emily got busy while I looked at a smiling Darren. Neither of the girls saw the naked Lucy walk out of the changing room and disappear into the workout room.

“Tanya,” Darren said, “we’ve got a new piece of equipment in the workout room; it’s supposed to help you girls with those stupid heeled shoes that you all wear.”   

Grace and Emily finished the paper work and Darren gave them their little black, plastic tubes.

“Sorry Tanya, I’ve run out of the eggs, I’ll let you have them as soon as the delivery arrives.” Darren said.

“What are these for?” Emily asked as the both followed me into the ladies changing room.

“Patience little one.” I replied, causing Grace to laugh.

“Tanya,” Grace said, “we’re both quite a bit taller than you, and both your tits would fit inside any one of ours.”

“Yeah, okay, pick a locker and put your clothes in it.” I replied.

“So where are the workout clothes for us to put on?” Emily asked as she took her top off.

“Patience little one.” Grace said.

When all 3 of us were naked I looked them both up and down and was pleased to see that both were fully shaved. Then I said,

“Right, we’re ready, let’s go ladies.”

“Go where?” Emily asked; “we need to put some clothes on.”

“No we don’t.” Grace replied and started following me towards the door.

“You mean? No, no, you can’t mean that. I can’t.”

“Yes you can Emily, come on. You did say that you trust me so come on girl, you’ll be fine. There will be lots of other naked girls out there.”

“And men.” Emily replied; “I can’t, they’ll see me.”

“Ladies, apart for getting some exercise, the men come here to look at naked girls, and the girls, especially me, come here because they like to be looked at. You’re perfectly safe here, if any man even touches you he will get beat-up by the other men and he’ll NEVER be allowed in again. Trust me Emily, you’ll soon realise what power you have over the men.”

“What? I…. I….” Emily stuttered.

Grace didn’t give Emily the chance to say anything else; she grabbed Emily’s hand and pulled her out of the changing room.

“See,” I said as a young man walked passed us, only giving us a quick look, “The world hasn’t come to an end and that guy looked at you. Put your hands down girl, or do you want us to hold one hand each?”

Darren was sat at his desk and watching us.

“Emily isn’t it?” Darren said, “They’re right; I can guarantee that the next time that I see you, you will be wishing that you’d found this place months ago.”

I mouthed ‘thank you’ to Darren and pulled on Emily’s hand. I led her, and Grace, to the workout room. We stood just inside the door while Grace and Emily took in what they were looking at. There were 5 other girls in there, all exercising, all with legs spread wide. Six guys were in there as well, all pretending to work-out, but all watching girl’s pussies either, for real, or on the big monitors.

“Fucking hell,” Emily said, “what the hell is this place, some sort of knocking shop?”

“No Emily, I’ve told you, deliberate physical contact is NOT allowed. This place is for everyone to work-out and for the girls to tease the men. Come on girls, let’s get on the exercise cycles before someone calls us voyeurs or something.” 

As usual, I set the saddle way too high then told Emily to get off her cycle before raising her seat.

“What are you doing?” Emily asked. “Trust me girl. Try that.”

Emily got back on and peddled, her groin sliding from side to side.

“This is too high.” Emily said.

“No it’s not.” Grace replied. “Doesn’t it feel good?”

“I guess that it does; but my tits are bouncing all over the place.”

“Hey,” I said, “they look good.”

“Relax girl, enjoy the attention that you’re getting.” Grace said.

“Yes, the men are all looking at me. I guess that it’s kinda nice knowing that they want to look at me.” Emily replied.

“They want to do more than look at you Emily.” I replied; “every one of them wants to fuck your brains out and you could get every one of them to do whatever you want.”

“You think so.”

“I know so.” I replied.

After a few minutes Emily said,

“I’ve got to stop this Tanya; I’m starting to get turned-on.”

“That’s the idea,” I replied, “I’m about to cuuuuuuuum.”

“Did you really just have an orgasm Tanya?” Emily asked, a minute or so later.

“Yeah, and by the look on Grace’s face she’s having one right now.

“Can we stop now and maybe have a go on the treadmill?”

The inevitable happened and I started to cum again.

“Wow, twice in about the same number of minutes.” Emily said.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet girl.” I replied. “Forget the running machine, come and do some stretching with me.”

I led Emily to the floor mats and said,

“Do everything that I do Emily. Don’t think about it or think about the men watching; just do it!”

“Okay, okay; I might have to get used to taking orders from you Tanya.”

“So have you made up your mind yet Emily?”

“Maybe; I guess that I’m still on the fence. Hey, I can’t do that, I can see right into your hole.”

“I told you Emily, don’t think, just fucking do it girl; and relax.”

As I held my leg way up in the air and started to slowly hop round in a circle I realised that I was being a bit bossy with Emily. I looked at her and saw her bright red face. Then I looked down to her pussy. It was spread wide open like mine and just as wet as mine. Then I looked to my right and saw Grace doing the same. She had a big smile on her face and was looking at the guys looking at her.

Ten seconds later Emily collapsed onto the floor in a heap. As I lowered my leg and bent down it was obvious that Emily was cumming. Her body was jerking about and she was almost shouting, ‘YES, YES’.

“Relax guys,” I said to the half a dozen or so guys that had gathered around us; “she’s okay, she just needs a minute.”

Two minutes later, a relaxed Emily looked up at me and said,

“Oh shit Tanya; that was soo embarrassing. What the hell am I going to do?”

“Do it again, and again, and again; as often as you can.” I replied. 

Emily smiled then lifted her hand up towards me. I reached for it and pulled her up to her feet. Giving her a big hug I said,

“Come on, I’ve got another probable first for you.”

I led Emily to the sauna, closely followed by Grace, opened the door and saw Liz up in one corner, legs wide open and rubbing her pussy. Three men were watching her. Emily just stopped dead in her tracks but Grace jumped up onto the bench below Liz and introduced herself.

“Up you go Emily,” I said, “and sit like Liz is.”

Emily looked at me with a face that looked like she was about to say,

“You’ve got to be joking.”

“Go on Emily.” I said.

Emily slowly climbed up and sat with both her legs up and facing Liz. I climbed up below her, sat with one foot on the same bench that my butt was on, and the other on the bench below. Then I reached up and grabbed Emily’s nearest foot. Pulling it down I got only a little resistance and soon there were 4 pussies on display.

Looking over to Liz I said,

“Oh, sorry, Liz, this is Grace and Emily from work. They’re new here and are about to start working on the same project as me.”

I looked up to Emily and saw that she was staring at Liz’s gaping vagina as her hand rubbed her clit. Grace had taken Liz masturbating to be a sign that it was okay to do that in there. It helped when I started doing it as well.

“Which project is that Tanya, the one between your legs?” Liz said, then asked me why she hadn’t seen me for so long. After that she said,

“So does ‘treadmill’ still work with you Tanya?”

“Ye………….” I started to say as the orgasm hit me.

When I calmed down I saw 2 men, with tents in their towels, getting up and leaving. That left just 1 man and he was staring at Liz’s pussy. That and her rubbing took Liz over the edge and everyone stared at her as she lost control then slowly regained it.

That was it for the man; he groaned then quickly got up and left.

As the door shut both Liz and I laughed and I said,

“Only 3 that time, next time we’ll have to stay outside until we see the place fill-up with men before we come in.”

“So is this some sort of game that you 2 are playing?” Emily asked.

“Well, yes and no. Okay, we love teasing the men and letting them see what they can’t have, but we also like getting-off in front of them as well. It feels sooo good.” Liz said. “I see that ‘treadmill’ still works Tanya.

“Stop it Liz.” I said when I was able.

“So what’s this about a treadmill?” Emily asked.

I explained it to Emily and Grace then asked them to promise not to say that word at work. Grace just smiled whilst Emily said,

“Sure thing boss.”

I looked up at Emily and smiled. I couldn’t help noticing that Emily’s right hand was a little busy.

A couple of minutes later Emily said,

“I’m too hot; I’ve got to get out of here.”

We all climbed down and I led Emily and Grace to the showers. Liz jumped in front of me, had a quick rinse then told me that she was going for a swim.

After the 3 of us had rinsed and cooled down, I led them to the sun loungers. There were only 4 of them out, 2 facing the other 2. One was occupied by and elderly man wearing only a towel and lying with his knees up and bent. I guessed that anyone sat on the lounger opposite would be able to see his junk so I quickly pointed sat on the lounger next to the man and told Grace to sit opposite me. That left Emily to sit opposite the old man.

I lay on the lounger as I always do, reclining and with my feet firmly on the floor either side of the lounger. Grace watched me then did the same. Emily was more reserved, she kept her feet on the lounger, but with her knees up and bent. 

From where I was I could see her pussy; it looked all swollen and shiny.

“Hi ladies, it’s nice to see young girls enjoying facilities like this; most of the gyms that I’ve been to in the past were usually full of women older than me. I’m Harry by the way and I’ve just joined. Only just moved into the area actually, and no one told me what to expect here. I was only expecting to get a workout today but you 3 and the other girls have really made my day. Is this just a one-off, or are girls like you here all the time?”

“I’m Tanya, this is Emily and Grace; it’s their first time here too and I think that they’re enjoying the scenery too.”

I was looking at Emily and could see that she was looking up Harry’s towel. I wondered if he was hard.

Harry was the talkative type, a salesman he said, and I could imagine that he was a good one; he could talk for England; and he has the knack of getting the people that he was talking to, to talk to him.

As he talked and got Emily and Grace to talk, I noticed that Emily’s feet were slowly sliding apart. Before long her feet were on the floor and her pussy was as spread as Grace’s and mine.

“I sure do love this place, and where do they get those videos from; I want some of them.” Harry said.

That reminded me of the big monitors around the place.

“Oh, I forgot about those.” I said looking up at the one in front of me and seeing a girl on one of the leg spreader machines. “They’re not videos, they’re live; there’s cameras all over this place.”

That last comment got Emily and Grace to look up just as the display switched to a girl’s pussy as she lay on a sun lounger. Both girls gasped a little and Emily’s hand moved to cover her pussy. She sighed and looked like she wanted to say,

“Thank god it’s not mine.”

I lifted my butt up and thrust my pussy up towards the camera that I knew was opposite me.

“That’s me!” I said.

“But what’s that metal ring thing?” Harry said, “I haven’t seen one of those before, what is it?”

“It’s a little vibrator and it gives me little electric shocks.” I said.

“Wow girl, that must hurt, but how the hell do you charge it?”

“I sit on a pad.” I replied, then to Grace and Emily,

“It’s one of the Nuwa Corporation products; I might be able to get one for you.”

“Cool.” Grace said.

“Oh I don’t know,” Emily said, “I could never wear one of those.”

“How do you know; you’ve never tried one have you Emily?” I asked.

“Well no, but.”

“You’ve got to try one Emily; vibrators are a girl’s best friend.” Grace said.

Harry sat up and looked over to my pussy.

“Hell girl, that’s a vibrator; and it gives you little electric shocks as well. When I was your age the best we had was a baseball bat. Isn’t modern technology a wonderful thing? How do you switch it on and off?”

“It’s pre-programmed to come on at random intervals but it also has a remote control to over-ride it if you want.”

“Well I’ll be damned; so I could fuck you while that little thing is driving your clit crazy, and if it gave you an electric shock whist I was fucking you would I get a shock as well?”

“You could; but you’re not going to, on both counts.”

“Well no, of course not; a beautiful little thing like you wouldn’t be interested in an old codger like me. I was just thinking and dreaming.”

While I was saying that I looked over to Emily, then Grace, both their right hands had drifted to their pussies and they were slowly rubbing away.

Emily had obviously decided that it was time to ditch her inhibitions because her hand rubbed faster and faster. Soon, all 3 of us were treating Harry to the wonderful sight of 3 girls masturbating. I wished that I’d taken my charging pad to work and sat on it all afternoon but my right hand was well up to the job and I was soon cumming just like the others.

When things settle down, Emily asked me what the little plastic tubes were for. I asked her if she’d noticed Liz’s gaping hole.

“I did.” Harry said.

“Well,” I continued, “Liz is like that all the time and my boyfriend thought that it would be a good idea if all us girls could have gaping holes like her so he cut up some plumbing pipe and Darren gives them to all the girls. Come on, let’s go and put ours in then we can go back to the workout room and flash our insides to the guys as well.”

“I can’t.” Emily said.

“Yes you can; come on.” Grace said.

As we walked back to the changing rooms I told Emily that it was good to see her relaxing a little.

“Yeah,” Emily said, “I am starting to enjoy it here.”

When we all slid our little black tubes into our pussies Emily said that it felt like a dildo that was blowing air into her. She sat on a bench in front of a mirror and said that she could just about see her cervix.

“And so can all those men.” Grace said. “I wonder if there’s a camera somewhere that will be able to look right inside me?”

That gave me an idea. I decided that on another day I’d go round all the machines that have cameras pointed at the user’s pussy and wait until my pussy got displayed on all the big screens. If the camera was directly in-line with my vagina I’d ask Darren if he could get a little LED torch mounted next to the camera. I got a little wetter thinking that my insides would be all lit up on the monitors.

“Push it in a bit more Emily,” I said, “it’s best if the outer ring is just inside you. That way there’s less chance of it sliding out, especially as you walk around.”

“I’ve never walked around with a dildo half inside me before,” Emily said, “It feels a bit strange; nice, but strange and all exposed.”

“Isn’t that the whole idea?” Grace replied.

“Yep, come on girls; time to let some guys see inside us.” I said as I walked towards the door.

In the workout room Emily was still a little shy but she started to relax a bit when she got on one of the leg spreader machines and got a couple of compliment from a couple of the guys watching her. When her pussy got displayed on one of the monitors she said,

“That’s me!” she almost shouted, causing a couple of the guys to look up and smile.

She just stared at it for ages before closing her legs again. It was like she was examining herself. I remembered my idea about a bright light.

After about 20 minutes where both Grace and Emily really relaxed and enjoyed themselves teasing the guys, I told them that I was just going to remove my tube because I wanted to try the new machine that Darren had told us about.

When I got back I went over to one of the floor mounted dildos and did the splits and impaled myself, cumming as I bottomed out. Then I got up and looked at the new machine. It quickly became obvious how it worked, and I smiled as I read the notice on the wall next to it: -

Please ensure that you are not alone when you use this machine. There is a chance that the electric shocks could cause you to faint or even go unconscious with the obvious problems if that should occur.

Basically, the machine is a knobbly, metal dildo on a metal pole. In front of where the pole is secured to the floor is a black metal box and either side of the pole are 2 feet rests. Each foot rest has a loop for your big toe and a big wedge under your heel. These wedges are about 6 inches tall so your feet are angled like when you are wearing 6 inch heels. The wedges are on springs and you can see a little contact switch in the middle of them. Pressing down on one of them I could see the switch presumably, turn on.

Coming out of the black box is a cable to a smaller control box with a lanyard so that obviously goes around your neck so that you can’t drop the control box.

The control box has 2 turn controls on it. One lowers and raised the dildo, and the other, presumably, increases and lowers the level of the electric shock that the metal dildo gives you.

I lowered the dildo then put my feet into the 2 foot rests. Transferring my weight from my heels to my toes, and back, was effortless and silent. I couldn’t tell if I had activated the switches or not.

Checking that the shock level was set to zero, I raised the dildo until it penetrated my vagina. The knobbly bits felt nice and I gyrated my hips and thought that I could easily make myself cum doing that.

Ignoring that, I transferred my weight to my toes then turned the shock level up; and waited, and waited.

I soon got bored and started gyrating my hips again. Then I bent my knees a little then straightened them over and over; effectively fucking myself on the dildo.

Without realising it, my weight had slowly gone back to being on my heels and all of a sudden I got an electric shock inside my pussy and I screamed and went back up onto my toes.

Grace and Emily, and 2 men who had been watching me, all jumped a bit, Emily stepping forward and putting her arms around me.

“Are you okay?” Emily asked.

“Yes, yes thank you.” I responded. “I was so not expecting that. I’ll be okay now that I know what to expect.”

And I was. I soon got back to fucking myself and even raising the dildo a bit more. When my feet gave way again, and I got shocked again, I froze and groaned, trying to suck up the pain for as long as I could before pushing up onto my toes again.

I repeated the process again, this time cumming when the shock hit me. The shock lasted longer as I couldn’t immediately control myself to push up onto my toes.

I turned-up the power of the shock and did it again, cumming again as soon as the increased electric shock hit me.

Then I did it again, and had yet another orgasm.

That was it for me, I was worried that I might faint if I got another shock like that, and I certainly didn’t want to collapse with that dildo inside me. I turned the shock level right down, relaxed on my heels and just stood there for a few seconds before lowering the dildo.

I got off the ‘heels’ and leaned against the wall, not saying anything for about 30 seconds, then I turned to Grace and Emily. Liz had appeared next to them as well. I said,

“That was fucking awesome; you 3 have just got to have a go.” I said.

“You’ve got to be joking.” Emily said.

“Maybe next time that I come here.” Grace said.

“Been there, done that and not sure that I want to suffer that again.” Liz said, then continued,

“You’re only the third girl that I’ve seen on there and you lasted a lot longer than the others; and me.”

“Aww, come on Liz,” I replied, “I don’t believe that you didn’t enjoy it.”

“I did, but I was scared that I might hurt myself.”

“Just get a couple of the guys to stand next to you so that they can grab you if it gets too much for you.”

“I suppose that it’s one way to get my tits groped.”

“Yes, and I’m sure that at least one of them will volunteer to kiss better the parts of you that got the electric shock.”

“Stop putting ideas in my head Tanya.”

Just then I felt 2 hands on my hips (from behind) and slowly slide up my body and squeeze my tiny tits.

“Hey pervert, get your hands off her.” Emily said.

I leant my head back and confirmed that it was Ryan that was squeezing my nipples then looked to Emily.

“It’s okay Emily; this is Ryan, my boyfriend. Ryan this is Emily, and I believe that you’ve met Grace before.”

“Oh yes,” Ryan replied; “Good to see you again, you were wearing some clothes the last time that I saw you. So are you 2 Tanya’s new team then? I guess that I’ll be seeing a lot more of you then.”

“I don’t think that there’s any more of us to see.” Grace replied.

“Err no.” Emily replied, sliding her hands to cover her nice bits.

“Relax Emily.” I said, “It’s only Ryan, he’s no different to the other men that you’ve been flaunting your body in front of.”

“I have not.”

“Come on Emily, you’ve been quite relaxed for the last hour or so. You’ve even cum in front of some of these guys. Ryan’s just another man; tease him like you did the others. You’re going to have to get used to Ryan seeing you now that you’re going to be working for me.”

“I guess so.” Emily replied, slowly relaxing and letting her arms drop down.

“Right girls;” Ryan said, “I need about 30 minutes to get my heart pounding before I take you home. My heart will pound even more if you 3 put on a little display for me while I get some exercise.”

And that’s what we did. I got Grace and Emily to follow my lead while I flashed my pussy to all the guys in there, having another couple of orgasms as I did so.

The next morning at work I told Tim that I needed his office for a few minutes then asked Emily to join me. She soon confirmed that she did want the new job, and the 50% pay rise, but she admitted that she was nervous as hell about having to get naked in front of all our work colleagues.

I lied and told her that I was too, but added that together we’d all get through it and soon be wondering what we were worried about.

Ten minutes later Tim told me that he’d only just got the key to the new office so we went and had a look inside. It’s big; very big. Three desks in there would only take up a small part of the office. Tim and I agreed that we’d setup at one end then Tim suggested that Mr Nuwa had an idea for the other end of the office. When he’d been told the size he said that he’d like to use the space for a display of his company’s product.

My thought immediately went back to the product testing room in China and I wondered, hoped that he’d replicate that here in England. 

Tim went off and organised some Mr shifters to move our desks and a techie to move our phones and computers. When Grace followed her desk in she asked when we were going to get naked. I laughed and said that I didn’t know; that there was going to be a formal announcement that afternoon in the conference room.

At lunchtime I saw Mr Nuwa, Mr Chang and another Chinese man arrive. They went to Tim’s office shortly followed by one of our head office top guys; then 15 minutes later I got asked to join them.

The 3rd Chinese man got introduced as Dr Yang but no one told me why he was there. Mr Nuwa thanked me for accepting the new position then told me that he was sure that I was the right girl for the job. We then talked business for a while before Mr Chang told us that we were all going to a restaurant for lunch where we talked about more business issues.

When we got back we all went into the conference room, closely followed by everyone else. I wondered if I, and Grace and Emily, would have to get naked as soon as the announcement was made and my pussy got wet in anticipation.

The guy from our head office started and announced the reorganisation, my new position and who would be working for me. Then Mr Nuwa took over and talked about the exciting opportunities and how he was pleased that our company had decided to adopt the Chinese cultural ways of working. That statement got a few smiles and a few puzzled looks.

Mr Chang took over and the first thing that he said was that the Nuwa team would all be working wearing almost the same attire as the girls in the Nuwa Corporation headquarters do. He asked me to join him at the front then told everyone that I was about show everyone what he meant by that. He looked at me and told me to show everyone.

Kinell; what a rush. Okay, most of the people there had seen my tiny tits and bald pussy before, and some had even seen me totally naked before. A couple of them had even seen me perform the odd sex act that Ryan had got me to do, but this was different; I was about to get totally naked in front of the whole office, people who I’d worked with for a long time; and I was nervous and incredibly excited. My pussy was gushing and I just knew that it wouldn’t take much to make me cum. I didn’t want my clit ring to zap me at that moment, but at the same time I did.

There was total silence as I unbuttoned my blouse and took it off. My hard nipples started throbbing just as soon as they got exposed. Anticipating what I guessed was going to happen that day, I’d put my barbells and stirrups on my nipples but had left the rest of my intimate jewellery at home. I looked around and saw lots of faces staring at me, some smiling and some obviously thinking what they’d like to do to my body.

I unfastened my skirt and let it drop, leaving me naked apart from my 5 inch heels. I wondered if anyone could see my translucent grool (as Ryan has started to call it) running down the insides of my thighs. I was loving every second of it but I didn’t want everyone to know that, so I just stood there looking down at the carpet.

The silence didn’t last long because Mr Chang asked Grace to join me at the front. Grace didn’t wait to be told to strip. Her top was off in seconds revealing a very see-through bra which soon joined her top on the table.

As her skirt hit the floor everyone could see her very see-through thong. That too was soon on the table.

Then it was Emily’s turn. I looked at her and saw that her face was bright red and she looked as nervous as she could be. She slowly, almost shuffled, to the front, looking down to the floor all the time.

Emily came and stood in between Grace and I and I reached out and squeezed her hand. The silence in that room was deafening as Emily slowly un-buttoned her blouse and took it off revealing a boring white bra. It was like everyone knew how embarrassing that it was for Emily to strip in front of them. Her face got even redder when the bra came off revealing 2 very hard nipples.

I looked around the room and wondered if there was a cock in that room that wasn’t hard.

Slowly, Emily’s skirt hit the floor revealing a lacy, red pair of bikini knickers. There was a few seconds pause before Emily found the courage to slip her fingers inside the top of her knickers and slide them down.

“This ladies and gentlemen,” Mr Chang announced, “apart from the shoes, is how girls at the Nuwa headquarters work; and this is how the Nuwa team here will be working; and as a reward for their courage and dedication to their work, Mr Nuwa is pleased to present each of them one of our new, mark 4 clitoris rings.
As Tanya and Grace know, each new Nuwa Corporation girl has to undergo a medical examination on their first day. Dr Yang will perform that examination right here, today, and it will be repeated once per month to ensure that team members are medically fit enough to perform their duties. At the end of their examination, each girl will be fitted with her new clitoris ring. Tanya, please get up on the table and lay back.”

I had guessed what was coming but it was still so embarrassing, so humiliating, yet such a turn-on. I really did want to put my hand to my pussy and make myself cum right there on that big table.

Before the doctor stepped forward, Mr Nuwa continued,

“I like the shoes Tanya (I was wearing 5 inch heels); I think that all of the Nuwa team should wear shoes like that.” (Tim later told me that Mr Nuwa had told him to give each of us a £200 monthly shoe allowance).

Doctor Yang proceeded to give me a physical examination right there, in the conference room, in front of my 20+ work colleagues. He even got me to spread my legs while he gave me a gyno examination.

The first time that he touched my clit I lost it and orgasmed right in front of everyone. When I’d calmed down he just continued as if it hadn’t happened.

I’d forgotten what Mr Chang had said about the clit rings and when doctor Yang backed away from me I assumed that it was all over. I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the table ready to get down.

I looked to doctor Yang as he turned back to face me and saw his hands. In one was a clit ring and in the other was a syringe. When Mr Chang had said that the 3 of us were getting one of the mark 4 clitoris rings I hadn’t thought about how they were going to get put on us. I suddenly got all nervous as I saw the needle and wondered where he was going to inject me.

Doctor Yang motioned for me to lie back down and I automatically opened my legs. I soon discovered that the injection was going directly into my clitoris. I had another orgasm as I felt the needle go in. Then I started having this strange experience. In all the thousands of orgasms that I’ve had I could feel my pussy throbbing and the muscles around it contracting and relaxing. This orgasm started the same way but within a couple of seconds I could feel nothing between my legs yet the rest of my body was still having convulsions; so weird.

As my body relaxed I could see the doctor doing something to me but I couldn’t feel a thing. A few minutes later the doctor tapped my leg and said,

“Up; all done.”

As I got off the table the doctor gave me the box that the clit ring had come in. I looked into it and saw the charging mat to sit on and the remote control. I decided that I’d leave those at work. I could sit on the mat all day and leave the control on my desk. Maybe a visitor would play with it and drive me crazy.

The doctor only had to look at Grace for her to almost jump onto the table. Ten minutes and 2 orgasms later Grace was back stood next to me with her legs slightly apart.

Then it was Emily’s turn. It took 2 requests from the doctor before she slowly climbed onto the table. Her face was so red as the doctor probed and poked all of her body. When it came to the gyno part she looked over to me. Her face gave the impression that she was asking me if she really had to go through with it. I smiled at her, nodded and mouthed,

“It’s okay.”

She too orgasmed when the doctor touched her clit.

The look on Emily’s face when the doctor held up the syringe was priceless. She really did look as if she was about to shit herself. The doctor must have realised what she was thinking because he flicked her clit a couple of times causing her to cum again.

By the time she’d calmed down the ring was where it belonged and the doctor was indicating for her to get up.

As she walked back to Grace and me she whispered,

“I can’t feel a thing.”

It was Tim that spoke next.

“Right ladies and gentlemen; that’s it except to tell you that I expect every one of you to treat the ladies in the Nuwa team EXACTLY as you did before this meeting. Any form of sexual harassment will result in the offender immediately leaving the site and their P45 being put in the post that night.”

With that Mr Nuwa led the management party out of the room and the rest of the staff followed leaving Emily, Grace and myself just standing there.

“What the fuck does this thing on my clit do?” Emily asked.

“Torment you, tease you, please you, shock you; and generally drive you crazy; but you’ll love it. It’s just the latest version of the one you saw on me last night.” I replied.

“We’ll switch them on when we can feel out clits again. Right ladies; are you ready to face the world?”

“No.” Emily said.

“Hey,” Grace said, “you can do it. Just remember the gym last night. You’ll be having fun teasing all those cocks in no time; trust me.”

She was right, but I had slight concerns about how much our productivity would drop. I was pretty sure that mine would. 

It did; so did Grace’s and Emily’s. We had a constant stream of visitors for all sorts of pointless reasons. Emily started to relax and by the end of the next day she didn’t think twice about going to ask someone a question or to get some prints from the printer that hadn’t yet been moved into our office.

Emily had got quite a shock when she switched her clit ring on; she’d never experienced anything like that before but she soon got used to it and then enjoy it. Before the end of the week she was sitting on the charging mat all day and experimenting with the control. She didn’t get much work done.

When Ryan and I went shopping on the Sunday, I bought 3 big boxes of tissues and took them to work on the Monday. Putting one on each of our desks I told Grace and Emily that it was okay to cum while they were sat at their desks; there was no need for them to keep running off to the toilet.

We had quite a bit of fun teasing the tradesmen who came to remodel the office. I think that the job took twice as long as they’d originally estimated. After they’d finished, the walls between our office and the main office, and the walls between our office and the stairs had been replaced with a glass ones. We were now on show to everyone in the main office and everyone using the stairs to get to and from their offices. When I told Ryan about that he laughed and said that the voyeurs would at least get a little healthier.

As I mentioned earlier, our new office is a lot bigger than it need be just for the 3 of us. That gave me a problem of where to put our desks in it. Originally they had been put at the end near our main office, and that gave our colleagues a great view of us, but I couldn’t help think that we might have been better off having our desks at the other end which would have meant that outsiders going up and down the stairs and into and out of their offices would have a better view of us. I decided to leave things as they were for a while, to get Emily and Grace more used to being on display. I also decided that I’d find excuses to go into the main office as much as I could at the times when the stairs were busy.

After a couple of weeks the whole situation was starting to settle down as people got used to having 3 naked girls around all the time. It was at that time that Mr Chang visited us again. After talking to Tim for a while he came to the Nuwa team’s office and I got up to welcome him. After looking around for a few seconds he told me that from then on, whenever he or anyone else from the Nuwa Corporation arrived he expected the 3 of us to show them the respect that is given to male superiors in China.

“You want us to present ourselves to them?” I asked.

“Yes, I do. Please demonstrate it to you team.” He replied.

I called Grace and Emily over to the large open area, explained what was required of us. I then got down onto my spread knees, sat back onto my heels and thrust my pussy up at Mr Chang while putting my hands behind my head. 

I then told Grace and Emily to do the same.

Emily looked a little uncomfortable having her spread pussy on display like that.

Before Mr Chang left he told me that he was getting some Nuwa Corporation products sent over, along with some demonstration tables. My thoughts immediately went back to China and all the girls on the tables either making themselves cum or having someone make them cum. I wondered if he’d get Tim and our other colleagues to make us 3 cum, and if we’d be visible to the people going up and down the stairs. I nearly orgasmed right there and then while he was still telling me.

After Mr Chang had left I talked to Emily and told her to just imagine that she was at the gym and not to worry if she started to cum while she was like that. I told her that I’d cum when I was presenting myself to just about every one of the Nuwa Corporation’s senior management when I was in China.

I then asked her if she was coming to the gym with Grace and me straight after work. She replied saying that she had a few things that she wanted to get done that evening but she’d meet us in the pub.

“I hope that I don’t have to make these gyms trip compulsory.” I said.

“No, no; I want to come; I’m starting to enjoy myself more. I’m thinking of going there on a weekend as well.”

I squeezed her forearm and replied,

“Good girl, you’re learning quickly.”

Shoe Allowance
This didn’t turn out like I expected it to. About a week after my department was officially started, the 3 of us got an email from Tim telling us to be at a shoe shop in town at 18:00 on the first Monday of each month.

Now that particular shoe shop is a bit ‘up-market’ for where I usually get my shoes, buy hey, the company was paying.

On the designated day, the 3 of us all left work together and headed to the shop. Grace and I had quickly got into the habit of just wearing a coat to travel to and from work because it made things so much simpler and quicker but Em

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Part 29 cont.

On the designated day, the 3 of us all left work together and headed to the shop. Grace and I had quickly got into the habit of just wearing a coat to travel to and from work because it made things so much simpler and quicker but Emily still undressed and then dressed when arriving and leaving work but I’ve got her into the habit of just putting her coat on when we go to the gym and I guess that we’ll be adding visits to the shoe shop to that small list now.

Anyway, when we got there the sign on the door said ‘closed’. I knocked and soon a young man in a suit came and opened the door. I could see him looking us up and down as he invited us in.

Once in, he told us that his name was Dave and I completed the introductions. Then he explained that he’d have to measure our feet then show us the range of shoes that we could select a pair from each month.

“Hmm, a free, new pair of expensive heels every month; that works for me.” I thought.

“Right ladies, in this store we measure our clients in a more sophisticated way than your average shoe shop, because we mainly sell high heeled shoes we have to measure the effect that each heel height has on the muscles in your legs. To do that we ask our clients to put on each different height heels then walk up and down in front of some laser cameras. They monitor your muscle movements and let us know if there will be any problems. Of course, to be successful your legs must not be covered when the cameras are working. I hope that your company asked you to bring some shorts with you.”

“We’ve brought what we usually wear for work, and that isn’t shorts, trousers or skirts.”

“Oh …….. okay; we also have to measure your feet in different height heels as well. We do that by getting you to put your heels on different sized blocks and let a computer scan your bare feet.”

“My bare everything.” I heard Grace whisper.

“Okay, who wants their feet measuring first?” Dave asked.

“I’ll go first.” I quickly replied, wanting to get naked in front of Dave as soon as possible.

“Okay Tanya, come over here and get yourself comfortable.”

As I followed Dave I unfastened my coat, took it off and when Dave turned around and saw me he said,

“OMG; when my boss told me that the fitting was for some naked ladies I didn’t believe him. I guess that I’ll have to apologise tomorrow.”

“Calm down Dave, all 3 of us are naked all day at work so it’s no big deal for us.”

But it was for Dave; the rapidly growing bulge his trousers told us that. Just the effect that I was hoping for.

“Hmm, okay Tanya, please can you stand on those footprints and then follow my instructions?”

“Sure thing Dave; relax, we won’t bite you, will we girls?”

“I might.” Grace said; Emily blushed.

The footprints were about a foot apart so when Dave knelt down in front of me to guide my feet to be actually on the footprints (naughty me), and he looked up, his nose was right in front of my pussy.

Dave stared for a couple of seconds then said,

“W.w.what is that? That thing on your ……”
“Oh that thing, it’s a clit ring, it’s a vibrator and it gives me electric shocks every few minutes. It makes me cum about a dozen times a day.” I replied.

“OH MY GOSH. I’ve never seen ………”

“That’s okay Dave, just try to ignore it.”

“I’m not sure that I can that, I mean, it’s so ……. so.”

“So hot? Yes I know, you’ll get used to seeing them Dave. We all have, and so have the guys that we work with.”

“You work with men around you?”


“Are they naked as well?”


“Wow; where is it that you work?”

“Relax Dave; it looks like you’ll see us once a month; and you may just have to measure our feet each time. Feet do change shape all the time don’t they?”

“No, err, I mean yes err, yes, I think that I’ll have to check them every month. We don’t want you to be uncomfortable do we?”

“No Dave, we don’t. So can you lift your head and look at my face and tell me what you want me to do?”

“Oh yes, sorry.”

“That’s okay Dave, we don’t mind you looking at us do we girls?”

When I said that, both Dave and I turned to look at Emily and Grace. Both had shed their coats and were as naked as I was.

“Oh my.” Dave slowly said.

Dave managed to compose himself and get on with the job. He had me lift my heels to different heights whilst the computer scanned my feet and legs. I saw 4 red lights move over my feet each time.

Then he went and got a few pairs of different height heeled shoes and asked me to go and walk along a white line that he pointed to. First on my bare feet then in some 2 inch heels then 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and finally 6 inch heels. Each time I could see red lights presumably measuring my muscles as I walked.

Dave explained that the machine would tell him if it was not recommended to me wear heels above any height.

At the end of it he told me that he had all the measurements to get shoes made for me and that I would be okay wearing heels up to 6 inches high; which I already knew because I’ve got some.

Dave did the same with both Grace and Emily as well before we left after showing him the designs that we liked. We each left with a pair of 6 inch heels. They fitted okay but Dave told us that our next pairs would be more comfortable. He also told us that he was looking forward to our next meeting.

As we walked down the street I said to Emily,

“You fancied him didn’t you Emily?”

“He is quite cute isn’t he?” Emily replied.

“I guess that he is,” Grace replied, “why don’t you ask him out?”

“Oh I couldn’t.”

“Yes you can.” Both Grace and I said.

Monthly Check-ups
At the end of our first full month, I got an email from Tim telling me that there would be a meeting of all employees in the conference room where I was to present my departments progress, and then the 3 of us would submit to our first monthly check-up. I told Grace and Emily about it and started compiling my presentation. Emily was a bit nervous, saying that she didn’t really want all her co-workers seeing her examined so intimately by a doctor again. I reminded her that she was quite happy to spread her legs for all the guys at the gym to have a good look at her.

“But this is different,” Emily said, “these are the guys that I work with; they see me every day.”

“Yes, but they are still men; and of course a few girls, and they’ve all seen your pussy close-up before Emily. Just pretend that they are all your lovers and that you want them to see you.”

Emily was still a bit unsure so I reminded her about her 50% salary increase.

At the meeting, Tim conducted all the company’s other business and news, then there was a short break as we waited for Mr Chang to arrive. I’d expected him to bring the same doctor with him and was looking forward to being spread and intimately examined, and hopefully cum, in front of all my colleagues again.

What I hadn’t expected was a different doctor and a photographer.

As they walked in, us 3 naked girls got down on our knees and ‘presented’ ourselves to Mr Chang. This, of course, went down well with our male colleagues, especially as Mr Chang took his time telling us to get up.

The 3 of us then stood by the white wall whilst I gave my short presentation. As I was doing so, I saw My Chang get out one of the clit ring remote controls and I soon realised that it was one that covered the frequency of all 3 of our rings. All 3 of us were squirming and trying not to cum as our rings tortured our clits.

I managed to get through to the end without cumming and I’m pretty sure that Grace and Emily did as well.

After I’d finished, Mr Chang switched our clit rings off then stood up and thanked me. Then he said,

“As I said a month ago, each member of the Nuwa team would be subject to a monthly medical examination. Those examinations will commence in a minute. On a completely different subject, if Tanya remembers, each Nuwa Corporation employee has to carry an ID card all the time that they are on Nuwa Corporation property. Tim has agreed to that rule be extended to the Nuwa team hear in England. With that in mind, after the medical examinations, each girl will have photographs taken for their new ID card. They will be issued with a lanyard and they will carry their ID card with them at all times. These ID cards will conform to the latest Nuwa standard that is being introduced at all Nuwa locations this week. To get the desired photographs we will require the services of a number of men. I do hope that enough of you will volunteer to help us.”

Four male colleagues immediately put their hands up to volunteer, even though Mr Chang hadn’t yet asked for volunteers, and they didn’t know what they were volunteering for.

“Don’t get excited yet gentlemen,” Mr Chang continued, “let us get the medical examinations out of the way first, our photographer, Mr Wang will be photographing the examinations.”

Then came the part that I was really looking forward to; Mr Chang waved me up onto the table, the coffee cups that were on it rapidly being removed by everyone around the big table.

The examination that followed, went very much the same as the first one the previous month, except for 2 things, firstly, Mr Wang’s camera was clicking away nearly all the time. The doctor even getting out of the way at times so that Mr Wang could get really close to my pussy take photographs, even of my insides as the speculum spread my vagina so wide that it started to hurt. That speculum must have been a special one that can spread vaginas really wide.

The second difference was that Mr Chang was playing with a remote control all the time. It must have been a different control because I didn’t see Grace or Emily orgasming like I was. Four times I came before the doctor finally said that I was finished.

I, of course, loved every second of it and was disappointed when it was over.

Grace was next and she too looked to be really enjoying the experience.

At first, Emily didn’t look to be enjoying herself, but after Mr Chang made her cum with the remote controlled clit ring the first time, she relaxed and she too didn’t look like she wanted it to finish.

After the 3 examinations were complete, Mr Chang spoke to Tim then Tim announced that there would be a 15 minute break then he wanted 6 men to come back to the conference room to help with the ID card photographs. He didn’t tell them how they would be helping, and during the break, Grace, Emily and myself wondered what was going on.

With 6 men waiting outside the room, and probably still not knowing what they’d volunteered for, the photographer lined each of the 3 of us up against the white wall and started taking photographs of each of us from all 4 sides.

All 3 of us automatically posed with our feet about a foot apart.

When that was complete, the photographer told us 3 girls to perch on the edge of one corner (each) of the table and to lie back so that we were lying alongside the edge of the table with our butts just on the edge. Then we were told to close our eyes, and keep them closed, and open our mouths, my imagination ran wild and my pussy tingled and flooded.

It was then that the 6 men were called in and they found out how lucky they were. Tim told everyone that our new ID cards were to include close-up photos of cum leaking out of our open vaginas and of our cum-covered faces.

I heard Emily gasp a little but then she went silent as I felt my pussy get another big wet rush.

The 6 guys probably couldn’t believe their luck and at first there was just silence until Tim told them to get on with it.

I turned my head ready to receive a cock and waited for 2 of my holes to welcome an invader. I didn’t have to wait long as 2 cock, attached to guys that I knew well, but couldn’t see who they were, invaded me. As they both started pumping, I wondered 2 things, firstly what Ryan would say when I told him that part of my new job was to get fucked by male work colleagues; and secondly, what Grace and Emily were thinking. Was this gong a bit too far for Emily? Although I couldn’t hear any protests from either of them.

It didn’t take long for me to cum, nor the 2 cocks pounding in to me; and before long I felt the cock in my mouth pull out then warm cum splash onto my face, and get deposited inside my pussy. Then I heard few camera clicks above me then from the direction of Grace and Emily.

As I heard 6 zips closing I had an idea. I guessed that we were expected to keep our legs spread so that the cum would slowly leak out of us and Mr Wang could get some good photographs, but what if I could use my pussy muscles to stop the cum leaking out of me? Would Mr Chang get Tim to get another guy to fuck me so that there was more to leak out? Would he get Tim to fuck me? Would he fuck me himself?

I squeezed my pussy muscles, happy that I still did my Kegel exercises.

I still squeezed as I heard camera clicks from the direction of Emily then Grace and guessed that their pussies were leaking. Then they were told that they could go and get cleaned up.

Tim, Mr Chang and Mr Wang were obviously stood close to me and as I felt the cum on my face start to dry then Mr Wang say,

“Maybe we should get someone to put some more inside her?”

Mr Chang then said,


“What me?” Tim replied.

“Unless you’d rather get someone else? You do have sex with the more beautiful members of your staff don’t you? And you do punish them whenever you want to don’t you? All the managers in China do.”

I was still laid there; eyes closed and clenched pussy muscles as I heard another trouser zip open. Then I felt another cock at my vagina entrance.

I relaxed as I felt what I guessed was probably Tim’s cock enter me. I came again as the cock pounded my pussy until I got another load of sperm deposited inside me.

This time I decided to relax and let nature take its course and a few minutes later I heard camera clicks.

When Tim told me that I could go and get cleaned-up I opened my eyes and looked at the 3 men. The 2 Chinese men had stern looks on their faces and Tim had a straight face as well.

In the ladies room, as I cleaned myself, I thought,
“Who were the 2 guys that first fucked my pussy and mouth? And was it Tim or Mr Chang or Mr Wang who fucked me when we were alone? And had Mr Chang just told Tim that he expected him to fuck me and punish me; and maybe Grace and Emily too? Wow; what a morning I’d (we’d) had.”

I went back to the conference room but it was empty and only Tim was in his office; Mr Chang and Mr Wang had left.

“So when do we get our new ID cards Tim?” I asked.

“I’ve just emailed the photos to the printers; our printers can’t cope with cards this big. We should get them tomorrow or the day afterwards.” Tim said.

“Did I hear things right Tim?” I asked. ”Does Mr Chang expect you punish me and to fuck me, or Grace or Emily, on a regular basis? And what form would that punishment take? Spanking? The Nuwa Corporation sells a spanking machine, it’s quite big but there would be room for it in our office; or maybe they do a small portable version that I didn’t see.”

“Well, he certainly implied that I should be fucking the beautiful girls Tanya; and as we have 3 beautiful girls in your team I guess that he expects me to fuck all 3 of you. Did you see any evidence of that going on when you were over in China?”

“No I didn’t, but I guess that I’d better clear some space in the stationery cupboard for you to fuck us, or will you be doing it in the open in our office? That could be fun. Do you want to work out a rota of who you will fuck and when, or shall I?”

“Won’t Ryan complain?”

“I doubt it; he’ll probably ask me to setup a webcam in there.”

“Err yes, okay, I’ll let you know. Oh, I’ve copied all the photographs onto the Shared Drive, to a folder called ‘Nuwa staff photos’.

“The drive that everyone has access to Tim?”

“Oh yes; I’ll move them to your encrypted drive.”

“Don’t bother Tim; it isn’t as if we have anything to hide anymore and 6 lucky ones got to fuck us; and I’ll bet that most of the rest of them were watching on the video cams.”

“Hmm, I guess that nothings a secret anymore Tanya.”

“If you do get a spanking machine and put it in our office, would you time the punishments so that a lot of the other people in the building watch us as they leave to go home?”

“Wow Tanya; I’m starting to think that you’d like that. What happened to you in China? Did something change you? Before you always gave the impression that you didn’t like to be exposed and only did what Ryan told you to do. Now you seem to be wanting to be naked in public, and to get your ass whipped in public by the sound of it. Does that mean that you’d take responsibility for every mistake that your staff make, and take all the punishments?”

“You always told me that a good manager is responsible for everything that their staff do Tim. Have you changed your mind?”

“Well no, but I mean, to get your naked ass whipped, and in public Tanya? That really is taking one for the team.”

“My responsibility boss.” I replied.

Two days later, 3 6x4 ID cards arrived and got passed around the office before they were given to us. Each has a full frontal photograph on it, along with one of our cum covered faces and one of our cum leaking pussies. Emily went all bright red when she saw hers and Grace smiled. I nearly orgasmed when I saw mine and Ryan jumped on me when he saw it.

Oh, I was right about what Ryan would say when I told him that I had to get fucked at work. He did ask if we’d got a camera in the stationery room and one wherever becomes our spanking place.

My Admission to Ryan
I’ve spent years denying that I am an exhibitionist and Ryan has spent those years persuading me to expose myself. I now really do thank Ryan for knowing me better than I knew myself and I now need to talk to Ryan to see if / how he can help me to expose myself even more. Even though Ryan will lose what must have been the excitement of almost forcing me to expose myself, I’m confident that he will continue to help me even though I have lost the reluctance that I stupidly had. I LOVE THAT MAN, and I must talk to him about it.

One night about a week after I got back from China, we were in bed having post orgasm talks, I got round to admitting that I was an exhibitionist. All Ryan could do was grin and say,

“Told you.”

I asked him if he would help me expose myself and if he’d miss having to persuade me to do things.

“Hell no, perhaps now we can get you doing a lot more risky things and I’ll be able to watch you and the almost forced voyeurs more.”

“How about we have another party? It’s the twins 16th birthday coming up soon, and it’ll be Halloween soon. We could use those as an excuse to make it a Halloween Full Face Mask party with all us girls being naked. You could invite all your work colleagues and I could invite some of mine. How about inviting Karen and Emma?”

“They’re lesbians.” Ryan interrupted.

“So what? They like fucking guys as well, and if / when the fucking starts no one will know who they’re fucking, especially if we all swap masks every 30 minutes or so.”

“All the guys will know if it’s you they are fucking Tanya.”

“How? I’ll be wearing a mask as well.”

“You’re a lot shorter than all the other girls TT and those gorgeous, tiny little tits are pretty unique; and your clit ring sort of gives it away. And what about your body jewellery?”

“Grace and Emily have for clit rings as well, but your right, I am a bit different to most girls. But hey, I’d want everyone who fucked me to know that it was me. That’s assuming that you wouldn’t mind other men fucking me.”

“Of course not, it’s your body and you can do what you want with it; besides, I’ve already fucked the twins lots of times and it’ll be good to fuck your new staff members. That Emily has a really nice body. I might even get to fuck Karen or Emma. I’ve know them all these years and never yet got inside their cunts. And it’ll be nice to watch you getting fucked.” Ryan replied.

“Karen’s and Emma’s pussies do look nice and inviting don’t they? They taste nice as well.” I said, jokingly trying to make him jealous that I’d already 69’d both of them.

We went to sleep with Ryan’s cock still inside me.

Kegel Exercises
I’ve been doing these for years now, and I do believe that they work. My pussy always feels tight whenever anything (and everything) goes in to it and I can grip Ryan’s cock and even stop him shooting his load into me if I try hard. Anyway, about a week or so after I got back from China, I got home one night to find that a package had been delivered for me. I hadn’t ordered anything so I guessed that Ryan was responsible.

I opened it and was surprised to see something called a Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Toner, complete with something that looked like a gauge and what turned out to be 4 different vaginal probes.

Ryan and I had quite a bit of fun playing with it that evening, and a few times since. It’s really encouraged me to work my muscles, even at work when I’m just sat there.

I can’t use any of the probes at work because they and the cables to the power-pack would be seen so I use them when I have to wear a skirt and I hide the power-pack on a hook inside my skirt waistband.

I’ve worn it when we’ve gone to the supermarket and into town quite a few times. I usually end up with wet inner thighs, but that’s quite common for me, especially if I’m wearing a vibrator.

I’ve been practicing a lot and I think that I can now make myself cum just by working my muscles. It’s either that or the clit ring kicking-in.

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist no longer in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Part 30 – Living with my Admission

Naked at Work 1
Work is going great. I’d never thought about it before but there are quite a lot of people working in our building and the number of them that use the stairs appears to be increasing on a daily basis.

Of course, I just love that and I quite often arrange things so that I’m walking about at busy pedestrian traffic times of the day. I’ve also discovered that it’s a great time to go and stand next to Grace or Emily and bend over to show them something.

After I got back from China the only body jewellery that I wore for the first few weeks was my nipple barbells; after my second monthly check up (again in front of all the other members of our branch), I decided that I’d put my clit hood barbell and stirrup back in and go back to having a little chain dangling from it. This got quite a few comments (good ones) from the guys at work and Tim suggested that I put the stirrups back on my nipple barbells, so the next morning I did.

About a week later, one of the guys asked me if his memory was right and that I also had little chains for my nipples, so I’ve started wearing them as well. I couldn’t remember if any of the guys had seen the chain that links my nipples to my clit hood. I hoped not because if I start wearing that at work I risk catching it on something and a sharp tug on that would be very painful.

Tim has started taking one us 3 girls into the stationery cupboard just about every day, and yes, he is fucking us. He prefers it doggy style. The first time that he called Emily to go there she was a little reluctant, but she had a big smile on her face when she came back.

At our third monthly meeting, and after each of us had had our medical check-up Tim announced that it is now current practice at the Nuwa HQ in China for girls who do not meet their monthly targets to get a spanking. If they miss their target 2 months in a row the spanking is administered in the public square.

When Tim said that, I got flash-backs to the public spanking that I got from that big Nuwa spanking machine. I also got a big wet rush and a strong tingling feeling in my pussy.

Tim went on to say that he was introducing a similar system for us although he was going to have to do all the spankings on company property. He got a bit of a laugh when he said that he would have liked to do the public ones outside the town hall but he didn’t believe that he’d get away with it. He said that he’d have to settle for administering them in our offices and that anyone was welcome to come and watch. The glass walls were the nearest that he could get to them being in public.

I got another wet rush when I thought about all the people going up and down the stairs and looking in and seeing me getting spanked.

The Workwear Party
The party that I mentioned in the last part of my story happened just after that monthly meeting and on the Friday evening nearest to Halloween. Ryan invited quite a few of his work colleagues telling them that it was a Halloween-cum-Work Wear party and that everyone had to wear full face masks. Karen asked him if I was going to be naked and when he said that I was she said,

“Excellent, I’ll make sure that Emma is too.”

When I invited the twins I told them that it was their 16th Birthday-cum-Halloween party and that they just might get lucky. They arrived with identical Baby Spice face masks so there was no helping identifying who was who.

Grace was up for it but Emily wasn’t too sure. When I told her to get a full face mask she seemed a little happier knowing that her face would be covered. Even though she’s displayed her body to dozens of men at work and the gym, she still seems a bit shy at times. I’m not sure if she realised that her clit ring would let everyone know that she worked with me and I was sure that Ryan would have told all his colleagues about what was happening at my work.

Anyway, the party went well. Some of Ryan’s colleagues instantly knew that it was me wearing the Miley Cyrus mask and they guessed that it was Emma wearing the Ellen DeGeneres mask; but none of them recognised Emily (Britney Spears) and Grace (Emma Watson) (when they were stood with their legs closed); or Kate and Jude. I think that a couple of them realised that it was Karen’s friend Emma under the Lindsay Lohan mask because most of them had seen her naked before.

After the pleasant shock of partying with 7 naked girls, the guys soon settled down and it was a typical party until the alcohol started taking control of people’s brains. Somehow, the topic got round to our work situation, that the 3 of us worked naked and how we were going to get spanked if we didn’t meet our targets. I can always reply on Ryan to tell everyone about me being naked.

Ryan thought it was a good idea when one of the guys suggested that they have a trial run of the spankings. Of course that idea went down well with everyone except Emily. She’d had a bit to drink and it didn’t take long for everyone to persuade her that it would be good practice for her and that her next spanking at work wouldn’t be so bad.

Anyway, one of the guys said that he couldn’t tell who my 2 work colleagues were so he said that all the girls should get spanked. Kate and Jude were happy to go along with that and Karen volunteered Emma but refused to join in herself.

So, 5 minutes later there were 6 naked girls lying over the laps of 6 of the guys and 6 butts getting red. As none of the girls were really complaining, the guys took the opportunity to let their hands wander and I’m sure that all 6 pussies got finger fucked. I know that mine did, and I orgasmed when Ryan (not one of the 6 with a girl on their laps), bent over me and whispered,


Of course, the couple of guys who hadn’t done any spanking wanted their turn so Grace, Emily and I had to have a second spanking; all 3 of us orgasmed that time as we again got finger fucked and our clits rubbed.

Meanwhile, one of the twins had gone into the garage and returned with the sybian. Needless to say that all the guys wanted to see all of the girls take their turn using it. After a bit of discussion amongst the guys, everyone agreed to a competition to see which girl would cum the quickest. Ryan got all girls to agree not to fake anything. He also announced that it was time to take the face masks off which pleased me because I was getting a little hot in there.

While I setup the sybian Ryan acted as a bookmaker and took bets on who would win.

I cheated a bit because just before it was my turn I went to our bedroom and turned my clit ring on and up to full blast. I lasted only a couple of minutes before screaming,

“Oh fuck; I’m cuuuuuuuuuuuming,” and my body jerked all over the place. All the other girls orgasmed in around the 5 or 6 minute mark. I guess that the spankings and the nudity had got them all aroused.

Next it was a competition to see who could stay on the sybian the longest with it turned up to full blast. That competition took quite a while as each of us was determined to win. Emma won in the end, but by that time most of the girls were giving blowjobs while the guys watched the girl on the sybian.

I don’t remember much after that but the next morning there were 5 naked girls and 5 nearly naked guys sprawled out in our lounge.

As people gradually came back to life they all wanted to have a replay the next weekend.

Naked at Work 2
Our shoe allowance scheme is going well. I can easily see that I’ll have a good collection of expensive and very comfortable shoes quite soon. Emily has dated Dave a couple of times but she didn’t want to invite him to the party. She thought that he might get frightened off if anyone started talking about the gym and what she gets up to there. Oh, the 3 of us are still going to the gym every Monday evening and Emily is really starting to relax and enjoy herself.

Just before the next monthly meeting the Nuwa Corporation moved a whole load of their product into the end of our office and they sent someone to put it all on display. In the sex toys section were a whole load of vibrators including one of the clit rings that Emily, Grace and me wear. There were also 4 stainless steel eggs which were a bit of a surprise because there was only one of everything else. Unfortunately, all the packaging and instructions were in Chinese so we couldn’t work-out what was so special about them that they needed to display 4 of them.     

One other thing that surprised us a bit was some sort of metal framework with a motor on it about 3 feet from the floor. I joked that it could be part of a spanking machine because there were some similarities to the one that I’d seen in China. Poor Emily looked horrified when I said that.

“You mean that I might get spanked by a machine?” Emily asked.

“If that is a spanking machine then yes, you will. Don’t worry; Tim might set it so that it doesn’t draw blood.” I replied.

“WHAT!” Poor Emily exclaimed.

“Relax Em,” I replied; “I’m only joking; I hope.”

At the next monthly meeting; and after our monthly medical check-ups by yet another doctor, Tim produced 3 of the stainless steel eggs and put them on the table in front of us. With them was a leaflet in English; it was headed ‘The Ultimate Girl’s Best Friend’.

Tim then told us 3 girls to perch on the edge of the big table, lean back and spread our legs wide. I was expecting him to push one of the eggs up each of our vaginas but no, he called out the names of our 3 youngest members of staff (one was a girl, Daisy) then told them to do the deed. All 3 of us had cum during our medical examinations and the eggs went in quite easily.

Then Tim surprised us all. He produced a control box then told everyone that he could switch the eggs on and off from it. When he switched them on I felt a little jolt then nothing. Tim continued talking saying the eggs had taken over a year in development and that they could now detect the wearers arousal level. Once it got to a certain level a motor would kick-in and raise the wearer’s arousal level to just below an orgasm then switch off. One of the guys interrupted Tim,

“So the clit ring can easily get the girl aroused then the egg will kick-in and torment her by taking her to the edge, over and over again?”

“Yes that’s right Aiden. Each egg has its own controller but this one controls the eggs and the clit rings; either individually or all together.”

“Wow Tim, you’re going to have a lot of fun with that.” Aiden replied.

“So are the girls.” Damen added; which got a few laughs, from me as well.

“Don’t worry girls, I’m not going to torture you all day every day; I need you to do a bit of work too.

“I can see that we’re going to be very tired by the end of the day.” I replied.

“And happy,” Damen added.”

“Two more things ladies;” Tim said, “Firstly, the egg’s batteries charge from the same mats that you sit on; and secondly, that metal frame thing in your office, is a portable spanking machine. If any of you don’t reach your targets for the next month, Mr Chang will attend the monthly meeting and he’ll be bringing the Paddle and the Cane that weren’t delivered with the rest of the machine.”

I could see Emily’s face and she looked a little shocked. Grace’s face was expressionless and I had smile on my face and a tingle in my pussy. I was sure that I was going to get spanked with lots of people watching again. I felt a little jolt from the egg inside me then a constant vibration with the occasional little electric shock.

“This is going to be fun.” I thought.

The rest of the staff were dismissed leaving just Tim and us 3 girls; then Tim said,

“What I’m going to do girls is to switch your clit rings on first thing each day then when I’m ready I’ll switch 2 of your rings off and the same 2 girls eggs on. The girl who doesn’t feel her egg burst into life knows that it’s her lucky day and she will go and remove her egg and meet me in the stationery cupboard. Bring your egg with you and I’ll put it back in before you leave.”

“Wow Tim, you’ve got it all planned out haven’t you?” I interjected.

“I think so.” Tim continued, “I’ll switch the eggs off at the end of the day. You can either take them out and leave them here, or take them home with you and have some fun with your boyfriends. It’s up to you.

If one of you is on holiday or taking Flextime, the stationery cupboard sessions will continue. Oh, and don’t think about pinching this controller will give you any relief; there’s an App version that I’ve got loaded on my phone. Anyone got any questions?”

“Will I be able to wear the eggs when I go to the gym or I go swimming?” Emily asked.

“Yes, they’re totally waterproof; but don’t go trying to squeeze it out and let it drop on the floor, we don’t know how shock-proof they are yet.”

There was another surprise for us when we got back to our desks. We quickly realised that each of our desks had had a camera screwed under the middle of it when we’d been in the meeting. From the way that they were pointing it was obvious that whoever was on the other end would be looking directly at our pussies. For a split second I was mad; then I got a little electric shock from my clit ring and thought about the cameras at the gym. Then I said to Grace and Emily,

“Nothing different to what we’ve got at the gym then. I’ll go and see Tim and find out what’s going on.”

I walked straight to Tim’s office and plonked myself down on a chair.

“What’s with these camera’s then Tim? You’re spying on us now are you?”

“Not just me, they’re webcams, and anyone, anywhere in the world can view the feed; if they’ve got the IP address, username and password.”

“So who’s got those details then?”

“Mr Nuwa, Mr Chang and me; that’s all – as far as I know.”

“And me too please Tim. I want access.”

“Okay, I can’t see that being a problem.” Tim replied and typed the detail into an email; then clicked on ‘send’.

“So what can you see right now Tim?”

Tim clicked on a few button then swivelled his monitor round. The program scrolled round each of the cameras, pausing for about 5 seconds on each one. Two were showing pussies, one with a finger working away. One was showing a desk chair and the glass wall behind my desk; the fourth was showing the other end of our office.

“That’s where the spanking machine is going to get setup I take it?”

“Yes Tanya, I thought that you’d want it where all the people passing by could see.”

Just then the egg started vibrating a little faster, I got a little electric shock and I thought that I was about to cum. But I didn’t; the egg suddenly went into standby mode.

“Did you just cum Tanya?” Tim asked.

“No, no, but nearly, if that’s what these eggs are going to do to us then I’m going to need some extra staff, and soon.”

Tim got his phone out of his pocket and tapped a few times.

“Yes, this is telling me that you just got to the edge then it switched off. Grace is getting close as well. Now I know which video feed belongs to each of you. Look, if I tap here we can see Grace’s busy hand.”

I did, and he was right.

“Wow, isn’t technology wonderful?” I said; and thinking that Ryan was going to love it. All I had to do was get the App for his phone.

That part was easy; Tim had left the .apk file to the Nuwa shared drive and I copied it to a memory stick before I went home. Ryan loved it and after he’d filled my pussy he installed it and entered the setup details. We could see the same 4 video feeds that I’d seen on Tim’s monitor except that Grace and Emily had gone home too.

It didn’t take long for the 3 of us, and Tim, to get into a routine. We’ve discovered that if we really concentrate on our work we can get quite a bit done, but all that it needs is some small thing to make us think about sex and the egg will detect it and start to torture us. Being naked all day makes it very difficult for that small thing not to happen.

I could say that the rest of that month was quiet but how can a workplace with 3 naked girls who wear eggs that torment them to a point where it could easily be called torture; and who get screwed by their boss on average once every 3 days; possibly be called normal?

Anyway, at the next monthly meeting I presented my department’s report and it wasn’t that good; none of us had met our targets. Mr Chang had arrived with yet another doctor carrying a long package; and the 3 of us immediately dropped to presentation position. He quickly motioned for us to get up and the meeting continued. 

After all the usual business was complete it was time for our medical check-ups. All 3 of us were wearing our eggs, not having thought to take them out; and the doctor was a little surprised when his finger first probed my pussy. After a few words in Chinese to Mr Chang, Tim was charged with getting the eggs removed.

He told Grace and Emily to get up on the table as well then he got 2 male and 1 female members of staff to delve into our pussies and remove them. Emily must have been quite aroused because she orgasmed as the fingers groped her insides.

The medical continued but this doctor seemed to concentrate on how sensitive our clits are. He didn’t stop toying with our clits until each of us had cum 3 times; not that it took long.

After the doctor had finished Tim announced that we had failed to meet our targets and that, as described at the last monthly meeting, each of us was going to get spanked. While Tim was arranging for the spanking machine to be carried in and setup, Mr Chang spoke to me. After asking me how I was, he told me that he was pleased with how well things were going and how well we were adapting to the Nuwa Corporation way of working. He also asked me if we were going to have any problems with tha latest addition to that way of working.

I wasn’t sure if he was talking about the fuckings by Tim, the eggs, or the spankings. I wanted to tell him that we’d had a not so dry run of the spankings at a party, but instead I just said that each of us was prepared to comply with the regulations.

It hadn’t taken Tim long to get the machine ready, and to attach the 4 inch wide, very flexible plastic paddle. As the team manager I volunteered to be the first and, on Mr Chang’s command, I bent over the table and spread my legs.

It was Mr Chang that made the final adjustments to the machine, showing Tim how to go it, and he pressed the button for it to administer the first swat.

“Oooow!” I exclaimed as that first swat landed and pushed my pubic bone against the edge of the table. It wasn’t as painful as I remembered from that machine in China.

The first 5 or 6 swats hurt, but then my butt seemed to go a bit numb. By the time I’d received the 8th I could feel my stomach tingling and my pussy getting wetter. The 9th and 10th swats made me tingle more and I wished that my egg or clit ring had been switched on and wondered how many more swats I was going to get.

As it turned out, it was only the 10; and I was told to stand up.

Grace was next, and she grunted each time that the paddle landed. I wondered if my butt was as red as hers.

Emily wasn’t as tough, she almost screamed when the first swat landed and by the 4th or 5th I could hear her crying and begging for it to stop. Of course it didn’t, and when it came for her to stand up I could see her mascara running down her face. I really did want to hug and comfort her but I thought it best not to; I’d do that when we were in the ladies room.

I was expecting Tim or Mr Chang to say a few words then the meeting to end; but instead, Mr Chang told everyone that in China, team supervisors get a more severe punishment when all their team fails to reach their targets. As he said that my eyes opened wide; what was he talking about? How could he punish me more?

I soon found out when Tim told me to get back bent over the table. I could hear something going on behind me then I heard the machine start up.

Then I felt it. It hurt more than the previous swats; something was different.

More swats landed on my butt and it hurt like hell; but there was no way that I was going to cry. Instead I settled for deep grunts as each swat landed. Well, for about half of them.

Then the pain started going and the tingling started again. Then I realised that I was about to cum. When the next swat landed, a really strong orgasm hit me. My fingers spread wide, my feet lifted off the ground and my whole body started shaking. If I’d let my mouth say anything it would have been screams of ‘YES! YES! YES!”

I never felt the rest of the swats and when I started to recognise my surroundings again there was only Tim, Grace and Emily in the room; I’d missed the closing of the meeting.

“Are you okay Tanya?” I heard Tim ask. Then he repeated himself.

“Err yes, I think so.” I managed to reply.

Then Grace said,

“We’ll look after her Tim.”

I looked that the spanking machine and saw that the paddle had been replaced with a cane, well I call it a cane but it’s more like a fibre-glass rod. No wonder it hurt so much.

“Is my skin broken? Is there any blood?” I asked.

“No, just dark red lines.” Grace replied, “Your ass will look great again in a couple of days.”

“That thing really made you cum didn’t it? I don’t know if it would me.” Emily said.
“I’m sure that I can arrange for us to find out Emily.”

“Err no thank you. I’m going to work extra hard this month.”

“Can you walk to the ladies room Tanya?” Grace asked.

“Yeah, of course I can, I just need to take it slow so that I can get used to walking with my butt hurting.” I replied.

“Good,” Emily said, “then I’ll get you cleaned up and put some lotion on your butt.”

“Don’t rub it too much; you’ll make me cum again.”

Back in our office I slowly sat down then asked Grace and Emily what they’d thought about their spankings. Grace said that it had been quite nice and Emily said that it wasn’t as bad as she’d expected. Both admitted that they’d started to get turned on by it.

I told them that I didn’t want my butt to hurt that much very often even though the ‘distraction’ was great.

Emily asked if we should use the flexitime system to get lots of work done before the others, Tim in particular, arrived. I said that it was a good idea and that it meant that we could leave early and go to the gym more often. Both girls liked that idea. I also told them that I was going to talk to Tim about getting someone else to help us; maybe one of the young ones who isn’t a qualified accountant yet. Emily asked if it could be a girl because she didn’t want a man staring at her all the time.

“So you’d be happy with Daisy or Olivia then?” Grace asked Emily; “Olivia’s a lesbian and she might stare at your cute boobs and pussy all day; and she’s a bit fat. We don’t want a fatty in here.”

“A lesbian, I didn’t know.” Emily replied. “I don’t mind girls staring at me; they’re not intimidating like men are.”

“You like that Dave from the shoe shop staring at you when you’re dressed like you are now.” Grace said.

“That’s different, he’s cute.” Emily replied.

“Are we still going to the Darren’s gym tonight Tanya? I want to show my red bits to all those guys.” Grace asked.

“Of course,” I replied, “I want those guys to look at my red butt too. It’s a shame that I didn’t get my pussy thrashed.”

“You’ve had your pussy spanked?” Emily asked. “I bet that hurt.”

“Yes it did; you think that rubbing your clit is good, try getting it caned. Now that’s one hell of an experience.”

“I’m not sure that I want to try that.” Emily replied.

I did talk to Tim about getting another person in my team, explaining that I didn’t want my team to suffer the humiliation of being spanked in front of everyone again and that we had to make the targets more realistic. If they couldn’t change the targets then I told him that I needed an extra person, a junior who could do most of the simpler tasks.

Tim agreed that a female junior would be best. I’m not sure if he agreed from a professional or personal point of view. Maybe he just wanted another pussy to look at and fuck.

One night when I met Ryan after work and we went for a drink and a meal before going home, the subject of hypnotism came up. Ryan started bragging about how he’d hypnotised me one time and got me to do a couple of crazy things in front of his mates. I didn’t want to upset him by telling him that it hadn’t worked and that I knew exactly what he’d got me to do, so I just played along with him.

Then Ryan said,

“Now that you’ve come out and admitted that you just love flashing that cute little cunt of yours, let’s try and think of ways that we can get you exposed in public.”
“But if I’m hypnotised I won’t remember being naked in public; that wouldn’t be any fun for me.”

“Hmm, good point…. What if I were to pretend to hypnotise you and you go along with it? Then I could tell you to strip off and do whatever we can think of?”

“Interesting,” I replied, “but we’d have to be careful what you told me to do, I don’t want to get arrested for flashing my little bits.”

“They might be little bits but they’re all girl.” Ryan replied as he reached over, slid a hand inside my coat and squeezed my right nipple.

“Here’s a question for you Ryan, would I be legally responsible if I were to walk down the high street total naked whilst hypnotised? I mean, I could say that I was fully clothed and that my boyfriend had just told me to go for a walk; and would the same apply if you sent me to rob a bank?”

“Good question, I don’t know, but it would be a good excuse. Maybe the cops would get so confused that they’d just tell you to go away. But anyway, if you were to walk down the street stark naked people would think that you were just a kid messing about. You’ve done that before and got away with it. Remember those holidays around the Mediterranean, and at my uncle’s holiday home. You were naked out in public for days and no one took any notice; you even got a ride on that cop’s quad bike back to the holiday site.”

“Yes but I wasn’t wearing any jewellery on those occasions and besides, those places were at the seaside where people expect to see girls wearing very little.”

“Yeah TT; for once I think that you could have more fun if you were taller and had bigger tits.”

“No thanks, I’m quite happy with my body as it is.”

“So am I.” Ryan said as he slid a finger up my wet slit (I was wearing just a coat and heels to work that day and hadn’t any other clothes to put on, and the front of the coat was open up to my pussy; and as I never cross my legs he had easy access to me). “I guess that we’ll just have to think of other ways for you to get some extra kicks. Maybe more orgasms in public; if you wear that new egg that you’ve got and we turn your clit ring up to full you should be up there and going over the edge all the time.” 

“Yeah, that would be great but it would have to be for short periods at a time. I don’t want to be knackered all the time. I’d be falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.”

“I could always fuck you while you sleep or I could invite the twins to stay at our place.”

“Don’t you do both of those anyway?”

“Well yes but….”

“Relax lover; I’m not complaining.”

“Good, I prefer fucking you when you’re responding anyway.”

“I’m pleased to hear that.” I said as Ryan slid a finger along my wet slit again.

“How about you spread your legs a bit more and bring yourself off right here and now?” Ryan said.

“Can I finish my steak first please?” I replied.

“Talking about the seaside,” Ryan continued, “I think that we should start thinking about our next holiday. I want to see you walking around naked in public all day again.”

“So do I, I miss the weather and the lack of clothes like when I was in China and Spain. Can we go somewhere where there are lots of men to see me naked all the time?” I replied.

“It might have to be Spain again because the Spanish are more liberated when it comes to female nudity.”

“Yeah, you’re right; there are lots of nice places around the Med. Oh, and I don’t want to go to a nudist resort. I don’t want there to be lots of naked girls around.”

“Yeah, okay, on a different subject, how about we go shopping this weekend?” Ryan asked. “We could get you some more skirts, ones that are so tight that they ride up when you walk, and ones that bounce up as you walk, and light weight ones that will blow up when it’s windy?”

“All so short that they only cover my butt and pussy when I’m just stood still you mean?” I added.

“Is there any other type?” Ryan replied. “And you could put on a bit of a show for me and anyone else who happens to be outside the changing rooms.”

“That’s if I go into the changing rooms to try them on,” I replied; “I might just strip off out in the middle of the shop.”

“Nice. Perhaps we should try to find a nice little women’s clothes shop that wouldn’t mind you getting naked in the middle of their shop. Perhaps you could offer to be a mannequin for them.”

“You mean a mannequin that hasn’t got any clothes on?”

“Of course; then I could come and stand in the street and just stare at you or maybe have the remote control for your clit ring or a vibrator and make you cum over and over again while you just stand there in the windows trying to keep still.”

“Yeah, you would torture me like that wouldn’t you?”

“Of course; and you’d love every second of it.”

“Yes I would.”

“On the subject of cumming whilst you’re being watched; I know that you cum when everyone is watching you have your medical exams at work; but have you thought about cumming in front of that new camera that’s under your desk?”

“Been there, done that.” I replied.

“Good girl, but have you practiced your kegel exercises for the camera? I’m sure that Tim, Chang and that Nuwa guy would love to see your pussy muscles at work. Maybe the sight would get them to cum in their pants.”

“Hmm; there’s a thought. I must remember that tomorrow.” I replied.

I did, and it’s become a regular thing for me to sit at my desk, legs spread and my pussy muscles contracting then relaxing. I can do it subconsciously now and Ryan tells me that it looks good on the webcam. I wonder what Tim and any of the management in China think.

“There are another couple of things that I’d like to do but I’d need your help to arrange them for me.” I continued.

“Okay, if I can, I will; you know that TT.”

“Yes, that’s one of the reasons why I love you. The first thing that I want is to be tied down and be made to cum dozens of times by lots of men; and for them to keep going even if I pass out. You do know that a girl can orgasm when she’s unconscious don’t you? I want them to continue making me cum until I’ve cum 100 times.”

“Wow, what’s the second thing?”

“I want to be the only one naked in a very public place.”

“Right, okay, I might be able to fix something up at the Rugby club; a guys only night.”

“The same Rugby club where I got gang-banged?”

“Yes why?”

Can I be their little fairy on top of their Christmas tree again this year?”

“Maybe, and I’m sure that they’d be up for another gang-bang, do you think that some of the other girls will be interested?”

“I’m sure that the twins will want a repeat performance.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to the Mike and see if he can organise a men only night where you can be tied down and played with. After that we’ll see about another gang-bang.”

“Ow goody; I’ll enjoy it more than the last time; it’ll be different this time.”


“Because last time I only did it because you wanted me to do it. This time it’ll be because I want to.”

“You’re not going to try to tell me that you didn’t enjoy it the last time are you?

“Fuck no, I loved it; but this time it will be different.”

“I’m not sure that I understand the logic in that but never mind. I’ll see what I can arrange.”

“How many players in a game of poker Ryan?”

“What! Err half a dozen or so, why?”

“I was thinking that you could invite half a dozen mates over; I could serve them with drinks and snacks, naked of course, and then you could start to lose and then bet my body on the last game. Of course you’d lose and then all the guys could gang-bang me on the dining room table or outside on that stainless steel table out in the back garden.”

“I like that idea and it would be easy to set up. What about the being naked in public part? You’ve done that before too.”

“Hmm, okay, stand up and take your coat off.”

“What? Here? Now?”

I looked round and reminded myself that the restaurant was quite busy. Then I stood up, unbuttoned the 2 buttons fastening my coat and shrugged it off my shoulder. I was naked in a restaurant.

A man on a nearby table said,




And one of a table of 4 young women,

“Try it again when you’ve got some proper tits.”

I laughed to myself as I thought,

“I certainly wouldn’t call those melons proper tits.”

Then I sat back down, on my coat.

“There,” Ryan said, “that’s number 2 taken care of.”

“No, no, that, this isn’t what I meant; I meant a really public place with hundreds of people there.”

“Like a football stadium.”

“Yes, that’s the sort of thing that I mean; like Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl but fully naked and not just a quick flash of one of my tits.”

“Hmm; that room full of car salesmen in that hotel in London or at that Star Trek convention wasn’t good enough for you?”

“Well yes it was, it was great but again, I was only doing that because you wanted me to do it.”

“I didn’t even know about either of those exhibitions of yours until after you’d done them so how could I have asked you to do them?”
“But you would have asked me to do them if you’d known, wouldn’t you?”

“Well yes, but the point is that you did them without me asking, regardless of what I may have asked you.”

“Well yes but…”

“Okay sexy little lady, put that coat back on and we’ll go home.”

We never did find an answer about people doing things when they are hypnotised, but there was one time a couple of weeks later when I met Ryan in the pub with a few of his work mates and he pretended to hypnotise me then got me to hike my tiny skirt up and sit on one of the guys cocks. The poor guy didn’t last long and I was soon feeling his cum squirt deep inside me while I just sat there talking to the other guys.

When Ryan realised that his mate had just cum inside me he asked if anyone else wanted me to sit on their lap. Three more of them shot their load inside me before we left. Unfortunately, with them being static fucks I didn’t cum but Ryan turned on my clit ring when we got on the bus, and as we rode home I came twice and left a big puddle of the guys cum on the seat.

Another time when we again met some of his workmates in another pub, Ryan again pretended to hypnotise me and as the pub had a pool room Ryan told me to hop on it and let the guys try to shoot a ball right into my pussy. Of course they couldn’t but any guy who got the ball to hit me square on the pussy got to push it inside me then fish it out. Three of the guys made me cum as their fingers delved about inside me.

Of course, on both occasions when Ryan clicked his fingers I pretended to know nothing about what had just happened.

We’re going to play this game a lot more times.   

Darren’s gym
As you’ve gathered from the above, I’m still going to the gym, at least twice each week. One day, shortly after I got back from China, I realised that the sign outside the door had changed. It now reads: -

Darren’s Gym
The place where Exercise is Fun

“Ain’t that the truth;” I thought.

One time when I was there on my own I saw that old salesman again; the one who hadn’t realised what the girls don’t wear at that gym. He was relaxing on one of the sun loungers and wearing only a towel. When he said hello I went and sat on the sun lounger opposite him; with my legs spread wide of course.

After about 5 minutes the man’s knees went up and I could see everything that he’s got. As we kept talking I stared at his balls and hard-on.

I couldn’t help myself, (didn’t want to), my right hand slowly moved to my pussy and started rubbing. We both stopped talking as my climax got close and then arrived. After I’d calmed down the man thanked me then then said that he hoped to see me again. Then he got up and left. I assumed (hoped) that he meant that he hoped to see my pussy again.

Darren hasn’t added any more equipment but membership has increased; both men and girls. There are now quite a few girls that I don’t know.

Every time that I go there now I make sure that I do the splits down onto the dildo that sticks up from the floor, and I spend some time on the machine where you stand on your toes with a metal dildo inside you. When your feet relax and you heels go down you activate a switch and your pussy get an electric shock. I want to train myself to be able to take a lot bigger electric shock and for a longer period of time.

I’ve managed to get Grace to have a go on that machine but Emily is proving to be a challenge. The twins love that machine and I’ve had to wait for them a couple of times.

The other thing that both Emily and Grace are now enjoying is the ‘Vaginal Kung Fu’ challenge. Emily can carry 5 Kg hanging from her marble egg whereas Grace can only manage 3 Kg. I can easily manage 7 Kg which I put down to my kegel exercises. I’ve explained all about them to Grace and Emily and the both say that they’re going to do them.

Kieran’s still there, (why would he want to leave), and he’s still running the obstacle courses and the wresting.  I’ve entered the obstacle course competition once since I’ve been back from China and I’m going to enter a wrestling match. I’m waiting for the biggest audience that I think will be there so that I can either cum (hopefully) when the man spanks me if I lose, or grind my pussy into his face until I cum if I win (he lets me). Either way I’ll enjoy the man hands all over me.

Kieran has also incorporated a ‘Vaginal Kung Fu’ (see part 27 of this story) section into the course. He’s given all us girls a handicap based on a trial run that he makes us do before the actual obstacle course. He takes all competitors to the workout room and starts us with the 10 Kg weight and then goes down 1 Kg at a time until we can’t carry the weigh the length of the bench. He then adds 1 Kg to get the weight that we have to carry on the obstacle course. To make it even more ‘interesting’ the distance that we have to carry the weight on the obstacle course is 4 times the length of the bench in the workout room.

Just after I first took Grace and Emily to Darren’s gym, Darren took on a receptionist’ she’s called Poppy. Darren advertised the job not mentioning that just about all girls there were naked. I’m also assuming that there was no way that a boy or a fat girl was ever going to get the job.

Apparently, Poppy was a little surprised when she saw some naked girls when Darren showed her around the place but she was desperate for a job and accepted Darren’s offer that included nudity as optional. 

Darren’s told me that for the first week Poppy worked wearing a polo shirt and sweat pants, and she used the gym in her free time wearing those; but after watching the other girls have so much fun she decided to join in the fun.

She now sits at the front desk, often next to Darren, totally naked. Apparently the postman appreciates the new receptionist.

Naked at Work 3
Tim gave me approval to offer a job to Daisy and when I made the offer to her in Tim’s office she was shocked. Even though she’d seen us 3 for months, watched our medical examinations and even played a small part in them she never imagined that she’d ever be one of us one day.

The poor girl was shocked and just didn’t know what to say. Well that’s not quite true, she kept saying that she couldn’t do it, that she’d be too embarrassed and that her parents would never approve; but she never actually said ‘no thank you’.

That fact, the look on her face and the fact that she kept squeezing her legs together made me think that maybe she did want the job but was too shy to say so.

“Tanya, what exactly would I be doing in this job?” Daisy finally asked.

“The same as what you’re doing now but just for the Nuwa Corporation.”

“What about my accountancy exams?”

“You can still take them Daisy.”

“And what about the medical examinations that you 3 have, they look so embarrassing and humiliating.”

“They are, but they’re fun and rewarding.”

“They don’t look it.”

“Girls shouldn’t always let men know what they’re thinking Daisy. Could you discuss this with your parents or perhaps a sister or brother?” I asked.

“Good grief no;” I just couldn’t.

“What about a friend, a boyfriend perhaps?”

“No, no. My boyfriend is always asking me to leave my underwear at home but I couldn’t; it’s just not right.”

“Why not Daisy?”

“Well my mum always used to say that good girls always wear underwear and that they never let anyone see it.”

“That’s a 19th century religious belief; did you know that women didn’t start wearing underwear until the end of the 18th century?”

“No, I didn’t know that.” Daisy replied.

“Yes, it’s true, google it. My mother was, is, like your mother, brainwashed by celibate priests who believed that if they couldn’t enjoy themselves then why should others; she also had me wearing industrial strength knickers and bras and look at me now.”

Daisy giggled a bit.

“You’re a big girl now Daisy, you need to make your own decisions and do what you want to do. If that means upsetting family and friends then that’s their problem not yours. We only have one short life so you need to enjoy it how YOU want to.”

“Tell you what, don’t give me your answer yet, think about it over the weekend and on Monday, and come to the gym that I know with us on Monday evening. Then give me your decision on Tuesday.”

“I’ve never been to a gym before, well, except for the school gym.”

“This gym is nothing like a school gym; well except for some of the equipment.”

“If I took the job I’d have to move out of my parent’s house. I just couldn’t live there anymore. They’d kill me if they found out.

“Don’t worry about that Daisy, a girl your age shouldn’t really be living with their parents. You need some independence. I’ll help you find somewhere to live.”

“Okay, thank you Tanya.”

When I was updating Ryan in bed on the Saturday morning he said that he wanted to see Daisy without her clothes on and that he hoped that she’d take the job. When I told him that she’d have to leave home he said,

“Well, I suppose that she could come and live with us until she found somewhere.” Ryan said.

For a split second I felt jealous, that he wanted a younger model. Then I remembered the twins and came to my senses. Ryan may look at and fuck other girls, and I may do the same with other guys, but Ryan and I are destined to be together forever.

 I cornered Daisy late on the Monday morning,

“How are you Daisy?” I asked, “I’m guessing that you’ve done a fair bit of thinking about my offer; have you talked about it with anyone?”

“I tried to talk to my boyfriend about it but he went mad. He finished with me saying that he couldn’t go out with a girl who didn’t wear any clothes at work.”

“Well I’m sorry to hear that Daisy. Didn’t you say that he wanted you to go out without underwear?”

“Yes I did.”

“Bit of a dual standard wasn’t it? I guess that he was jealous that someone else would be looking at your body. Unfortunately there are lots of stupid men like that. Some even want their girlfriends to flash the flesh right up to them getting married; then they get upset when their wives wear a bikini. Why should any man think that he has the right to tell a girl what to wear? I think that you’re better off without him.”

“Maybe your right Tanya.”

“Stick up for your rights Daisy. Come to the gym with us tonight and we’ll empower you, let you see that you can control men and take charge of your body and life.”

“Wow; that sounds amazing. I’ve brought my school gym kit with me today, will that be okay?”

“Not really, but don’t worry, you’ll have to fill in a form when we get there but after that just do what we do and I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself. Then we’ll talk again tomorrow morning.”

After work, the 4 of us went to the pub, had a couple of drinks then went to the gym. I’d asked Grace and Emily not to say anything about the gym before we arrived so it was a bit of a shock for Daisy to see the topless Poppy sat at the desk as soon as we went in. She was even more surprised when Poppy went to the cupboard to get a black tube and an egg for her and she saw that Poppy wasn’t just topless.

“So how does membership here cost?”

“Well,” Poppy replied, “assuming that you’ll be wearing the same as us 3 then nothing.”

“She will.” I said.

As we walked to the changing room Daisy asked me where she’d get some clothes from.

“You’ve already got the right suit.” Grace replied. Daisy looked confused.

Emily, Grace and I quickly got naked (it doesn’t take long to take off a coat and shoes) and we all watched Daisy undress.

“You’ll have to get rid of that.” Grace said, pointing to Daisy’s landing strip. Come on, we’ll take care of it for you.”

Grace and Emily pulled Daisy to the sinks, lifted her up onto the worktop, spread her legs and opened one of the new individually packed razors that Darren provides and started getting rid of the hair.

Poor Daisy just didn’t know what to say or do. She started to say,

“What? Why? …”

But she never really got the chance to finish what she was trying to say; the landing strip was gone. When she finally put a sentence together it was,

“So where do we get some clothes from and what’s this tube and lump of rock for?”

“Well Daisy, we’ll show you what the tube and egg are for later, but as for clothes, at this gym girls wear only their birthday suits.” I said. “Now come on, time for a workout.”

With that Grace and Emily each took one of Daisy’s hands and the 3 of them followed me out of the changing room.

“What are you doing?” Daisy asked; “this is crazy.”

“Yes it is.” I replied; “and you’re going to love it.”

When we walked into the workout room Daisy just stood there, obviously very shocked. Her hands were covering her bald pussy and tits.

Grace and Emily went and started some exercising while Daisy looked round the room. Two girls were on leg spreader machines, both with guys stood staring at them. One guy was on his back on a bench lifting weights with a girl spotting him with her legs either side of his face. One girl was doing the splits down onto the dildo. Another was trying to carry a weight hanging from the egg in her vagina; with a guy sat on the end of the bench watching her. And another was riding one of the exercise cycles with the seat set too high; and obviously in the middle of an orgasm.

That’s not including Grace, Emily and another girl who were on the mats stretching and doing yoga poses with their legs spread.

“Fucking hell Tanya, what is this place? Some sort of knocking shop?” Daisy said; then,

“And why is there porno films showing on those TV screens? And is that a swimming pool on the other side of that window? I can’t be in here.”

Daisy turned to leave so I grabbed her hand and led her out and to the relaxation room by the sauna, where it was quiet. I sat her down then said,

“Daisy, I’ve told you about your, our mothers having being brainwashed and then them trying to brainwash us. They didn’t want their daughters to enjoy themselves because they didn’t. This is the 21st century and girls are entitled to have some fun. With the help of my boyfriend I’m now having fun, lots of it; and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t as well. Do Grace and Emily look like they’re enjoying themselves; and those other girls in there, did they look happy? And I bet that most of their mothers would be horrified if they saw them.

The way I see it is that most girls have great bodies for about 25 years, providing that they look after them, until bits start sagging and the weight starts pouring on; so we’ve got to make the most of those years. We’ve got to have fun, cum thousands of times and control men as much as we can. We can get what we want out of life if we just use what we’ve got to get it; while we can.”

“Bloody hell Tanya; are you a member of some women’s lib organisation or something?”

“Hell no, most of them are idiots. I just want some fun and I’m having fun. Look at the way those men were drooling in front of those girls with their legs spread wide. I bet that if those girls asked those men for a thousand pounds they’d have given them it. Daisy, forget what your mother tried to brainwash you with and have some fun; use your body to have some fun. You’ll soon realise how much fun you can have.”

“Oh, and forget that prat of an ex-boyfriend; he’s the idiot, not you; you can do a lot better than that girl.”

“Wow Tanya; that was some speech, how long did you practise it?”

“I didn’t Daisy, I’ve never even thought about it until just now. The point is, you have a beautiful body and there’s nothing wrong with using it to have some fun, while you still can. There’s millions of old, fat women who now wish that they’d had more fun when they were younger; I don’t want you to turn into one of them.”

“You’re very convincing Tanya but its’ so embarrassing being naked with men looking at me, and I’d die if they saw my pussy.”

“No you won’t Grace; just do what other girls around you are doing and you’ll soon get used to it, and I bet that you’ll soon find that your pussy is tingling and wet. Just come back with me and try it. Okay, keep your legs closed to start with but just try and relax. Tell you what, you stay with me and try to relax and I’ll bet you £10 that you have at least 1 orgasm before you leave tonight.”

“Okay, I’ll take your money.” Daisy replied.

“And when you do cum you’ll tell me that you’ll take the job. Okay?”

Daisy though for a second then said,

“Okay, you’re on.” Daisy replied. “I just can’t imagine me having an orgasm tonight.”

“Yeah, right, new member of the team secured.” I thought then stood up and grabbed Daisy’s hand. 

“Let’s go.” I said then led her back to the workout room.

“Just do as much of what I do as you want Daisy; okay?”


I led Daisy to the exercise cycles, raised the seats on 2 of them then told Daisy to get on one.

“The seat’s too high Tanya.” Daisy said as we started pedalling. “I’ve got to slide from side to side.”

“No it isn’t, just pedal; trust me.” I replied.

A couple of minutes later Daisy said,

“This is nice.”

“Yes it is.” I replied, my pussy having started to get very wet and my arousal factor rising.

About 5 minutes later I was getting close and Daisy said,

“I’ve got to stop. It’s getting too much for me.”

“No, no; keep going Daisy.”

“I can’t, I’m going to cuuuuuuuuuuuum.”

And Daisy had her first orgasm closely followed by me. As we climbed off the cycles I said,

“I guess that you’ve got something to tell me Daisy.”

“Maybeee. I have to admit it; that was nice.”

“And you were watched by those men.”

Daisy turned and looked to where I was looking.

“Oh my gosh!” I didn’t see them.

“Did you see yourself on those big flat screens?” I replied and looked up.

“Oh shit!” Daisy said as she realised that the picture on the big screen was another girl’s pussy as she cycled another bike. “Is there a camera on the bike that I was on?”

“There’s one on just about every machine in here, and all over the rest of the place; even in the changing rooms.” I said.

“So when Grace and Emily were shaving me I was on one of those screens?”

“Probably; see, you’ve been flashing your pussy to all those men and the world hasn’t ended.”

“Oh my g……”

“How about we go and get those lumps of rock as you called them, stick them up our pussies and let’s see how strong your pussy muscles are Daisy.”

“Oh, err, I don’t want to do that, I’m err, err, a virgin.”

“Now it’s my turn to be surprised Daisy; I wasn’t expecting that. Okay, not a problem. We’ll just avoid anything going inside you tonight, but we’ll have to discuss that later. How about stretching your legs – sideways?”

“You mean on one of those?” Daisy said pointing to the leg spreaders. “I can’t, that’s too much, maybe next time.”

“So there’s going to be a next time is there?”

I asked, but Daisy didn’t answer so I continued,

“Have you ever been in a sauna Daisy?”


I grabbed Daisy’s hand and led her down the corridor.

“It’s hot in there Daisy, very hot; don’t be frightened to admit that you can’t take any more. When you come out you can take a cool shower and just relax on one of the sun loungers.”

When I opened the door and went in I saw 2 familiar faces up in the 2 back corners. Bothe Kate and Jude said ‘Hi’ and kept rubbing their pussies. There were also 2 men in there, one looking at each pussy.

“Hi Kate, Jude (I got their names right because I could see Kate’s mole), this is Daisy, a friend from work.”

One male head turned and looked at Daisy and me, then back to the pussy. I told Daisy to go and sit on the bench below Kate and I sat on the bench below Jude and spread my legs. Daisy sat with her legs together.

After a minute or so Jude said,

“It’s okay to jill-off Daisy, all the girls do it in here.”

“That’s my sister;” Kate said, “always straight to the point.”

“Or clit.” I replied.

One of the men stood up, tent in shorts, and left.

Daisy’s right hand went to her pussy and her legs opened enough for her hand to get in.

“Go for it Daisy,” Jude said, “you’ve got to cum in here, it’s compulsory.”

That was enough for the second man and he too stood and left, leaving just us 4 girls.

“So,” Kate said, “I guess that this is your first time here Daisy; what do you think?”

“Gobsmacked is about the best word that I can use.” Daisy replied.

“Yeah, it is amazing isn’t iiiiiiiiiiit.” Jude added as she started to cum.

“Concentrate on that cute little pussy of yours Daisy.” I said as I started to get close.

Kate was next to cum and the 3 of us watched Daisy as she slowly built up to an orgasm.

“Gotta get out of here; so hot.” Daisy said as she started to come down from her high.

She got to her feet, wobbled a bit, put her hand out to the wall and pushed on the door. I jumped up and put my arm round her and led her to the shower. After a cooling shower we went and sat on the sun loungers any lay back on the raised end. Me with my knees up and feet spread; Daisy, knees up and feet together. I wondered if she realised how much she was still showing.

“So Daisy, what do you really think of this place?”

“It’s err…… amazing; I never even thought about there being a place like this, never mind one actually existing, and being in this city. You girls are so, so open, so free, so unashamed about your bodies.”

“Yeah; Daisy, this is the 21st century; women do what they want and have fun. They tease men and the men love it. All this crap about being a good little girl, keeping everything covered-up and not having sex until your married is crazy. Have fun wherever and whenever you can; and you’ve got to do something about that virginity of yours; it’s stopping you from having fun.”

“Tanya, if I take the job will I have to have sex with Tim? We all know that you, Grace and Emily do.”

“Yes Daisy, letting Tim fuck you is part of the job description; so is letting him eat you, giving him blowjobs and getting spanked. If that frightens you I’m sure that my boyfriend will happily break you in gently if you want. He’ll be here later and you can decide then.”

It was only as I was saying that last bit that I realised that I was lining-up a virgin’s cherry for Ryan.   

“Well, the money sounds good, and the shoes; and I’m starting to realise that there’s more to life that being ‘a good girl’ as my mother describes it. Perhaps I should take the plunge. You 3 and the other girls here certainly seem to be having fun. But I’ve still got the problem of my mother; living with my parents sort of restricts me a bit; a lot actually.”

It was then that a man walked through the room and looked down at our bodies. My right hand’s fingers were playing with my clit, and when I looked at Daisy’s knees I saw that they’d drifted apart and that her right hand was on her pussy.

“Daisy; that offer of a room for as long as you want still stands. I’m 100% sure that Ryan won’t mind. You can ask him when he gets here if you like. We’ll even come and collect you in the car so that you can bring anything that you want.” 

The door opened and this time 2 men walked in. I don’t know if they’d planned to sit on the sun loungers opposite us, but they both looked down as us then sat opposite us. I saw Daisy’s hand press on her pussy so I whispered,

“Relax Daisy.”

And she did, before long I could see her fingers moving; and her feet had slid apart. She was putting on a show for the men.

“Good for you girl; you’re learning.”

I thought as my right hand worked a little harder. It didn’t take me long to cum but Daisy wasn’t there yet.

The door to the pool opened and Kate and Jude walked in, waved and went back into the sauna. The 2 men got up and followed them; I heard one of them say,

“Those twins always put on a good show.”

I smiled and thought,

“Yeah, I can believe that.”

I looked at Daisy and saw that her hand was still.

“Spoilt it for you did they? Never mind, I’m sure that there’ll be more opportunities later. Fancy a swim?”

Daisy nodded and we got up and did just that.

After a few lengths I stopped where I knew one of the windows to the workout room was and was treading water when Daisy swam over to me. She was doing the same as we talked for a minute then Daisy said,

“Is the workout room the other side of this wall?”

When I said that it was she ducked down and looked at the wall below the water level. When she surfaces she said,

“You stopped here on purpose didn’t you?”

“Yep; got to let the guys see what they can’t have.”

Daisy smiled and shook her head sideways; but she didn’t move away.

“It’s nice swimming without any clothes on isn’t it Tanya?”

“Yeah, so natural; and the water ruching passed you pussy feels goo doesn’t it?”

We got out of the pool and lay on 2 of the sun loungers that have the feet end at the edge of the pool. This time both of us lay with our knees flat, mine open nearly to the edge of the lounger; but Daisy’s were only open about half way.

We were the only people in the pool area so I suggested to Daisy that she finished what she’d started in the sauna room. She raised her head, looked around then started rubbing her pussy. I did too, smiling at the thought that Daisy didn’t realise that she was on camera.

About 5 minutes later a male head emerged from the water at Daisy’s feet. I saw that it was Ryan and I put my finger to my mouth telling him to be quiet. Daisy hadn’t heard or seen him (concentrating on what she was doing), and she kept going until she let out a deep moan then her body shook.

As she calmed down she opened her eyes and saw Ryan. Her legs quickly closed, almost squashing her hand. I looked at her now red face then down to Ryan; and winked.

“See Daisy; that was fun wasn’t it?” I said.

Daisy’s face went a shade redder but she didn’t say anything. Ryan pulled himself out of the pool and sat on the side of my sun lounger and put a hand on my bare hip as Daisy’s eyes opened wide, obviously wondering what was going on.

“Daisy,” I said, “this is my boyfriend Ryan; Ryan, Daisy; possibly my new recruit.”

Ryan put out his right hand to shake Daisy’s but her right hand stayed firmly over her pussy.

“No point in covering that beautiful pussy Daisy,” Ryan said, “I’ve just watched you make yourself cum, the most beautiful thing a woman can do for a man without actually touching.”

Daisy thought for a couple of seconds then slowly mover her right hand from her pussy, to Ryan’s still outstretched hand.

“Pleased to meet you Daisy; I look forward to seeing more of you.”

I laughed then said,

“Not much more of her to see is there?”

Daisy smiled and blushed – again.

“TT, have you looked at Daisy’s pussy, it’s like that of a 10 year old. It makes her look as young as yours makes you look.”

Daisy’s face went a deeper shade of red.

“Ryan,” I said, ignoring his comment about Daisy’s pussy, but having a look at it; he was right. “Daisy might be joining my team. If she does she’s going to have to move out of her parent’s house. I told her that she can have our spare room until she can find a place of her own. That is okay with you isn’t it?”

“Absolutely.” Ryan replied then turned to Daisy and continued. “Just so long as she observes

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Part 30 cont.

“Absolutely.” Ryan replied then turned to Daisy and continued. “Just so long as she observes the house rules about women and clothes.”

“And what may that be?” Daisy asked.

“That we don’t wear any.” I replied.

“Oh;” Daisy said, “I’m not sure about that.”

“Daisy,” Ryan said, “after I’ve just watched you orgasm, and the fact that you’ll be spending all day naked at work; will that really be a problem?”

Daisy laughed and shook her head sideways.

“Right, just let me know when and I’ll help you move.” Ryan said. “Okay, are you ready to leave yet?”

“Is it that time already,” I said, “give us 10 minutes. Have you seen Grace and Emily?”

“Yes, they were shining up ropes in the school gym when I looked in earlier. They’re in the showers now, look.” Ryan said, pointing up to one of the big screens.

“There’s a camera in the showers?” Daisy asked.

“The only place that I haven’t seen one is in the toilets.” I replied.

Fifteen minutes later, Ryan was driving Grace, Emily and Daisy home. No one asked Daisy what she was going to say at my meeting with her in the morning.

The Rugby Club
Ryan was good to his word, the Friday evening 2 weeks after we’d talked about it, Ryan told me to get a shower then go with him.

I walked out to the car still naked and we drove off. When we pulled into the car park at the Rugby club there was only one other car there. We got out and walked in to see Mike sorting out a few things behind the bar.

“Oh good, she hasn’t chickened-out then Ryan.” Mike said when he saw us. “I’ve found some nice cotton rope and a little pillow. All we’ve got to do is put a couple of table together then cover you up.”

“Cover me up?” I asked; “what’s that all about?”

“I thought that it would be more of a surprise for the lads if you have a big sheet over you then when everyone’s here I can whip the sheet off and let them lose on you.” Mike replied.

“They’ll be able to tell that it’s a woman by the shape.” Ryan said. “Or a blow-up doll.”

“Thought of that mate; I’ll put a few beer crates under the sheet and they won’t have a clue. Is that okay with you Ryan?”

“What about me?”

“Oh sorry Tanya, of course, only if you’re happy.”

“Yes Mike, leave me with a drink and a straw and I’ll be happy. The anticipation will get me all worked-up.”

“So Ryan, give me a hand to join a couple of tables then up you get Tanya.”

They did, then Ryan went back to the car to get my box of toys, Mike went to get the rope and I went to the toilet. I didn’t want to need a pee for a few hours. Both Ryan and Mike were waiting when I got back and climbed on the tables and spread my legs.

“Ready?” Mike asked; “last chance to change your mind.”

I shook my head sideways then they got busy. Mike and Ryan tied my wrists and ankles to the corners of the tables, beer crates, my drink and straw appeared then the sheet covered me. It was a bit like being in a tent.

Everything was quiet for a while then I started to hear male voices. Males that I hoped would be abusing my body quite soon. I felt my pussy get wet.

My arousal rose as I heard more and more voices.

Then I heard Mike say,

“Right gentlemen, I think that we’re all here now; Pete, can you lock the door please. Okay, some of you may have been wondering what’s under that sheet, well it’s a naked woman.”

The anticipation was amazing, my heart was pounding, my pussy was tingling, a lot, and it was flooding. Then I heard cheers then Mike continued,

“She’s tied down and you are not to fuck her or stuff your tiny little dicks into any of her holes. What you can, and must do, is to make her cum with your fingers, your tongues, or one of the toys that are in a box under the sheet. None of you can go home until each of you has made her cum. That bit is important so make sure that each of you makes her cum at least once.

Another couple of things before I take the sheet off and let you look at her. Firstly, that thing on her clit is a clitoris ring, not a clit hood ring that some of you may have seen before. This clit ring gives her random vibrations and random little electric shocks. It won’t kill you if it goes off when you’ve got your finger or tongue on it. Don’t try to take it off.

Secondly, for the ignorant little morons amongst you, a woman can have an orgasm while she’s asleep or unconscious, so if she looks like she’s passed out just keep going. And no hurting her. Okay lads?”

There was more cheering but I managed to hear footsteps getting nearer, then the sheet was suddenly whisked off me. I quickly looked round and saw about 25 guys, all with smiles on their faces. Then Mike and Ryan started moving the beer crates and what was left of my drink away as some of the guys moved over to get a better look at my body.

It didn’t take long for a few hands to start exploring my body. As my clit got touched for the first time I orgasmed, the anticipation and all those men touching me was just too much.

Some of the hands backed-off and I heard a voice say,

“That was too quick, it doesn’t count. I’m doing it again.”

And he did, and so did more of them. My pussy was really getting hammered, and so were my little tits; and the count started rising quickly. I was glad that I’d taken all my jewellery off because I’m sure that my nipps and clit hood would have been stretched until they got damaged.

The orgasms kept coming and I hoped that Ryan was counting; I wasn’t capable.

The faces that I could see changed, some of them looked quite young and I guessed that they were the newer members of the team. I wondered if they’d seen me on top of the Christmas tree. I wondered if some of the younger ones had actually seen a naked woman before.

I seemed to go through phases of being more, or less sensitive. Maybe it was me or maybe it was more experienced guys working on me.

Tongues started caressing my nipples and pussy and I went to another level. It could easily be called heaven.

As I went over the top again I suddenly felt all dizzy then nothing. The next thing I became aware of was a nipple hurting and a tongue probing inside my vagina. Then I came again.

The orgasms got more intense and at times I realised that my body was shaking and rising up off the table. Well, from my shoulders down to my ankles.

The sweat was pouring off me.

On and on it went and I’m sure that I passed out at least one more time.

Finally, I was aware of a lack of hands or tongues on me. I opened my eyes and saw no one. I was too knackered to even lift my head up to look round the room.

Then I heard Ryan’s voice,

“Oh hi TT; back in the land of the living? I’ll get you a drink. You did good girl.”

After Ryan held my head and held the glass of water to my mouth I closed my eyes again and just felt movement at my ankles before going to sleep.

When I woke up I was in the home team’s shower, lying on the floor, shower on, with one of the younger team members slowly soaping me all over. Looking round I saw Ryan and Mike watching. Ryan said,

“Duncan here won the raffle to lean you up.”

I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

When I woke up again I was at home, in bed with daylight coming through the window.

Doing a mental examination of my body I discovered that the only parts of me that were sore were the parts that I expected. I lifted the quilt and saw my red, swollen nipples. Touching one I decided not to do that again for a while.

I moved my hand to my pussy, spreading my legs as I did so. Then I moaned as my fingers touched my swollen vulva and clitoris.

“Not going to touch that again for a while as well.” I decided.

Ryan appeared and said,

“Good morning record breaker. How are you?”


“I’ll get you a drink then we’ll decide what the plan for today is.”

Ryan lifted my head and I drank the whole glass of water. Then I went back to sleep.

That afternoon I managed to get out of bed and slowly went to find Ryan. He was sat on tha sofa with a naked Kate on one side and a naked Jude on the other.

“Hi Tanya;” Kate, or was it Jude, said, “So you had 26 orgasms last night did you; I want a go at that.”

“Hey.” I replied; “26 was it, I lost count. Move over, I need to sit down; and can someone get me some breakfast please?”

Ryan jumped up and disappeared into the kitchen. I flopped down and rested against one of the twins. The other twin said,

“I wonder if you should have had someone from the Guinness book of records there.”

“Naw,” I replied, “that can’t have been a world record.” 

From the kitchen I heard,

“No it wasn’t, some woman in California managed 134 in one hour.”

“Fucking hell;” I said; “the poor woman. Did it kill her?”

“Don’t know; and that was in one hour.”

“I feel inadequate.” I said.

“Hey,” Ryan said from the kitchen, “you’re anything but inadequate TT. I guess that it all depends on what you count as an orgasm. You count everything that hits you once you’re up there as one orgasm whereas some girls count each pelvic contraction or each jolt as an orgasm. You can easily have 5 or 6 contractions or jolts each time that you’re up there so maybe we should multiple your 26 orgasms by 5 or 6.”

“I wonder how many I can have in an hour?” One of the twins said; “and what makes you such an expert on female orgasms Ryan?”

“Years of giving them and a gorgeous girlfriend who loves having them.”

“I bet that I can have more than you.” The other twin said.

“I guess that we’ll have to do a proper, timed competition sometime.” I said just as Ryan brought me a cold bacon butty and glass of mango juice.

Naked at Work 4 - Decision time for Daisy
Half way through the Tuesday morning I asked Tim for the use of his office then called Daisy in.

“So Daisy, what do you think? Are you in?”

“Well, I want to say ‘yes’ but there’s a few things that are putting me off.”

“And what are those, maybe we can address those for you. What’s the first challenge?

”Well, last night at the gym ended-up as fun, but to get naked at work in front of all those people that I’ve known and worked with for about a year now will be so embarrassing and humiliating.”

“Okay, I can see that; but that embarrassment will only last for a few minutes, a ‘one-off’ hit just like you had last night. There’s only one guy out there who won’t look at you without either jealousy or lust, and that’s gay boy Joe; and even he will admire you for the way you look after your body. You’re a beautiful young lady with absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Won’t those couple of minutes be worth it for the shoes and the extra money?”

“I guess that you’re right, it’s just the initial moment.”

“We’ll be stood next to you Daisy. It’ll be over in seconds. Okay, what’s next?”

“My virginity; I’m coming round to think that keeping it until I get married is a stupid idea. I think that I might not technically be a virgin anyway. I drew blood one time when I was experimenting with a marker pen. And I don’t really fancy doing it for the first time in a stationery cupboard.”

“Hmm, yes, I can understand that last bit. As far as I’m concerned, if you haven’t had a penis in your vagina then you are still a virgin. I’m sure that I can talk Tim into leaving you alone until you’ve found the right man to fuck you for the first time. Okay, what else is there?”

“My parents; they’ll be horrified when they find out. I just couldn’t keep it from them; they’d find out if I live at home.”

“You need to get a place of your own Daisy. Come and live with Ryan and me until you can find a place. It will be harder for them to find out if you’re not living there, and even if, or when they find out, if they can’t accept you making your own decision then that’s their problem, not yours.”

“Yeah you’re right. I am fed-up with mother always telling me what good girls can and can’t do. Are you sure that I can have one of your rooms? I’ll pay you.”
“Maybe you could earn your keep by doing the cooking or washing; but let’s not worry about that at the moment? What else is there? ”

“What about those monthly medical exams, will I have to have those?”

“Of course, but they’re no worse than your average gyno exam. You have had one of those haven’t you?”

“Yes, but there was only the doctor and me there that time. Yours are in front of all the people that you work with; and the doctor makes you cum.”

“Daisy, I’m sure that you’ll soon come to think that having an orgasm in front of all those people is the best part of the day.”

“Maybe, but what about those spankings?”

“If you don’t meet your targets you will get spanked.”
“Will I have to have one of those clit rings fitted?”

“Probably, I’ll have to check with Tim but it doesn’t hurt when it gets fitted and they give you a lot of pleasure.”

“When would I start and when would I have to get naked?”

“Well, I’d have to talk to Tim to see when you could be made available but I can’t see that taking long, maybe a day or so, maximum of a week I would say.”

“I guess that it’s crunch time Tanya, I’m still not sure; what would you do?”

“I can’t make a decision for you Daisy; it has to be what you want.”

“Well, after last night I was sure that I was going to say ‘yes’, but thinking about what we’ve talked about today I’m not so sure. I don’t know if I could cope with all the embarrassment.”

“Daisy, embarrassment is short lived. You were embarrassed when you first got naked at the gym, but soon passed didn’t it?” 

“Not totally, but yes, it wasn’t half as bad when we left.”

“Even when Ryan saw you masturbating?”


“Well, I can guarantee that your first day being naked will be just like your evening at the gym. By the time you leave to go home you won’t be hiding and you’ll be walking up to the men and standing there letting them look you up and down and thinking. ‘Yes, it’s a nice body isn’t it? I bet that you’d like to get your hands on it, but you can’t; not unless I want you to, so just drool sucker.’”

There was a full minute’s silence then Daisy said,

“Okay, I’m in. Do I strip now or what?”

“Err no Daisy, I guess that you’re a bit nervous, that’s understandable, as I said earlier it will take a few days to get things organised so until then you just go about your work as if nothing has changed. I’ll let you know when you start. Do you want to take me up on that offer of a room?”

“Oh, yes please, I’ll give my parents the good news, about moving out that is, tonight. Can I arrange things for the move this weekend?”

“Yes, sure, just let me know and Ryan and I will come round with the car to collect your things.”

Daisy and I hugged then she went back to work. I spoke to Tim and he started the ball rolling.

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me
or perhaps it should be called
The exhibitionist no longer in denial
by Vanessa Evans

Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the earlier parts. They will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 31 – Enjoying my new found liberation ---------------------------------------------------

Naked at Work
Work just gets better and better. Where else can a girl flaunt her naked body, get fucked and have countless orgasms; and get well paid for it as well?

Daisy was my next work challenge; she’d just agreed to join my team but there were a few obstacles to overcome before she transferred into my team. When I told Tim of her decision he’d agreed to delay her start until she was ready.  I told Tim that she wanted to do the job and everything that goes with it but she was shy and nervous and wanted to take things one step at a time. I didn’t tell Tim that she was still a cock virgin.

Once I told Daisy that she would soon be a member of my team she said,

“OMG; I’ve done it, it’s going to happen, I’m going to be naked at work. Shit, I’m so nervous.”

I asked Tim for the use of his office and got Daisy a coffee.

“Right Daisy;” I said, “what’s the first thing that we have to organise?”

“I guess that it’s somewhere to live. As I’ve said, I just can’t still live with my parents. They just couldn’t cope with what is going to be my new lifestyle.”

“Have you told them that you are thinking of getting a place of your own?”

“Yes, they agreed that someone my age shouldn’t really be living with their parents.”

“So you can go home tonight and tell them that you’re moving out tomorrow evening?”

“Yes, I can’t see any reason why not.”

“Right then, write your address on a bit of paper, pack your stuff tonight and Ryan and I will be there at 7 pm tomorrow.”

“Thank you Tanya, I’ll pay you the going rate for a room.”

“No you won’t, I’d rather that you save your money towards a flat or a house of your own. You can earn your keep by doing housework. Now what’s the next challenge?”

I don’t want to lose my virginity to Tim in the stationery cupboard.”

“Yes, I can understand that and I can tell you that it will not happen. Trust me, it will not happen.”

“Thank you Tanya.”

I don’t know if Daisy thought that she’d remain a cock virgin or what. I was planning on Ryan taking that from her.

“Next challenge?”

“I guess that the only other thing is the initial embarrassment of getting naked in front of the people that I’ve worked with for so long; and those medical examinations.”

Daisy shivered as she said that last bit so I re-assured her saying that we’d take it slow and that Grace, Emily or I would be with her all the time for the first few weeks.

“Can I come to the gym with you again? That err ‘experience’ certainly helped.”

“Yes it did, by the end of the night you looked like you were enjoying yourself.”

“I was.”

“There you go then, this place will be just the same. Maybe we should force you to get naked in front of everyone here.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that.”

“Don’t worry Daisy, I can guarantee that in a couple of weeks you’ll want to rush to work each morning, get naked and walk all around the guys out there.”

“I hope so.”

“You will; now, anything else?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Right Daisy; back to work, relax and think of the future good time; and the money. I’ll let you know when anything changes.”

As Daisy left the room she said,

“I can’t believe that I’m doing this.”

Later that day I spoke to Tim and asked if the announcement about Daisy could happen at the next monthly meeting which was in 2 weeks.

“Will she be ready by then?” Tim asked.

“No, it will be a case of jumping in at the deep end. She’ll be mortified at the time but an hour later she’ll wonder what on earth she was worried about. ” I replied.

Tim smiled, probably realising what I was planning.

The following evening Ryan and I arrived at Daisy’s parent house and were introduced to them. I was wearing a coat so they couldn’t tell that I was naked underneath. I couldn’t help but compare them to my own parents that I haven’t now seen for quite a few years. We loaded Daisy’s cases into the car and set off.

“So Daisy, how does it feel to be escaping after all these years?” Ryan asked.

“Good and bad; I’m going to miss them but I think that I’m ready for my new life.”

“You’re bound to miss them, but you can go back and visit them you know. You don’t have to throw away all your clothes, only the ones that you’ll never wear again.”

“Like knickers and bras you mean Ryan.” Daisy replied.

“Yes, you won’t need those any more. Your breasts are young and a nice small size so you’ll never have to support them, and your pussy is beautiful so it would be a crime to hide it.”

“Stop it Ryan,” I said, “you’re making the poor girl blush.”

“No it’s okay Tanya,” Daisy replied, “I guess that I’ve got to get used to comments like that.”

“They weren’t comments, they were compliments Daisy.” Ryan said, “Has Tanya told you about our house rule?”

“No, what’s that?”

“That all females have to be naked at all times.”

“Shit, is there any grace period for new residents?”

“Nope, not even visitors, well, if their skin needs ironing they are exempt. Hey, it isn’t as if I haven’t seen your body before is it?”

“I guess not.”

“And you are going to keep going to the gym with Tanya aren’t you?”

“Yes she is,” I said, “that is one of the compulsory parts.”

We soon got home and got out of the car. Each of us carried one of the small cases into the house, me putting mine down as soon as I got through the door, and took my coat off.

Daisy put her case down and just stood there.

“I guess this is it, time to get naked.” Daisy said.

“Yep,” Ryan said, “come on, get ‘em off girl.” Ryan said.

Daisy just looked at us for a couple of seconds then slowly started taking her clothes off.

“No need to be embarrassed Daisy;” Ryan said, “we’ve both seen you naked before.”

Daisy continued but stopped when she got down to her bra and knickers; both of which could never be called ‘sexy’.

After a moments pause the bra came off and Daisy put her hands over her bare tits. I’m sure that Ryan was about to say something, but Daisy rubbed her nipples, then pulled them both before putting her hands into the top of her knickers and pushing them down.

“That wasn’t too bad was it Daisy?” Ryan asked.

“I guess not.” Daisy replied.

“Right, I’ll take these cases upstairs whilst you go and get the last case.”

“What! Go outside like this?”

“Yep!” Ryan said as he climbed the stairs.

“It’s okay Daisy” I said, “do you want me to come with you?”

“No, I’ve got to get used to it. I’m sure that I’ll be okay, after all, it’s dark out there.”

Literally seconds later, Daisy was back with the last case and I locked the car door using the remote.

Upstairs in Daisy’s room, I kicked Ryan out and Daisy and I sorted through her clothes. About 30 minutes later I was carrying a bin bag containing all Daisy’s underwear and all her trousers and shorts, downstairs.

“Charity shop?” Ryan asked.

I nodded, then got all of us a drink. Putting them on the coffee table I asked Ryan to select a movie for us all to watch.

Five minutes later, Daisy came downstairs and sat the other side of Ryan who responded by putting his other arm round Daisy’s shoulder.

“You 2 are going to have to feed my drink to me.” Ryan said.

“Maybe we’ll let you die of thirst.” I replied as I pressed ‘play’ on the remote control.

About half way through the movie, Ryan pressed the pause button then went upstairs. When he came back down he too was naked.

Sitting in between us girls again, Ryan looked at Daisy, saw her surprised look, and said,

“Get used to it girl, you’re going to get a lot of that thing.”

“Hey, stop calling you penis ‘that thing’;” I said, “it’s beautiful isn’t it Daisy?”

“Err, yes, I guess it is.”

“You can touch it whenever you like Daisy.” Ryan said, “TT won’t mind.”

Daisy looked at me and I nodded.

“Everything is shared in this house Daisy.” I said.

“Everything!” Ryan replied.

Daisy hesitated a little then slowly moved her hand to Ryan’s flaccid cock. At first she just touched it with her index finger then she slowly wrapped her hand round it. As it started to respond, Ryan pressed the ‘play’ button on the remote and the movie resumed.

For a good 5 minutes, Daisy just held Ryan’s hard cock then I noticed that she was looking at me. Guessing that she was looking for my approval, I smiled at her then nodded my head.

Ryan was obviously watching both of us because as soon as Daisy’s hand started going up and down he pulled both of us closed to him. My hand slowly moved over to Ryan’s balls and the movie was soon forgotten and both us girls gave Ryan a hand job.

I could see that Ryan wasn’t too far from cumming so I stopped playing with his balls and said,

“Daisy, stop doing that and climb on top of him. Fuck him please.”

I was expecting / hoping that she’d kneel either side of his legs, facing him, and lower herself down on to him but instead, she got up then sat back on to him with her back to him and waggled her butt over his cock until it slid in to her. She moaned and lowered herself until she bottomed-out on him.

No sooner than she was down she started shaking and said,

“Oh fuck, I’m cuuuuummmmingggggggggggg.”

Meanwhile, Ryan’s hands had found her tits and were massaging her tits and nipples. About a minute later, Daisy got her composure back and she turned to look at me and said,

“Sorry Tanya, I just couldn’t help myself; I hope that you don’t mind?”

“Daisy,” I replied, “I’ve told you, we share everything in this house. You can fuck Ryan whenever you like.”

Daisy smiled, but didn’t lift herself off Ryan’s cock; and Ryan said,

“Come on ladies, we’re missing the movie.”

I slapped Ryan’s leg then slid my hand back up to his balls. His cock had softened a little but soon got hard again as I played with those 2 wonderful balls. As I did so my hand deliberately wandered up to Daisy’s still spread pussy and I gently rubbed my fingers all around Ryan’s cock where it went inside her hole. I kept going to Daisy’s clit and rubbing that just to keep her aroused and Ryan hard.

After about 15 minutes of that, Daisy’s chest started rising and lowering a lot more, pushing Ryan’s hands up and down as he kept playing with her tits, and her breathing got a lot heavier.

Then she orgasmed again.

“Oh fuck!” Daisy said, and I felt Ryan’s cock jerk as he too came.

As she came down from her high Daisy said,

“Sorry Tanya.”

“If you don’t stop saying sorry,” Ryan said, “I’ll have to spank your bare bottom Daisy.”

“That’s a good idea Ryan,” I replied, “Daisy needs some spanking experience ready for when that machine spanks her at work.”

“Don’t remind me Tanya, that thought really scares me.”

“Daisy,” I said, “I’ve told you, nothing that happens to you at work will be bad; okay. It may hurt a bit a first but you WILL enjoy it, I promise you.”

“Tanya has some of her best orgasms when she’s being spanked, don’t you?” Ryan said.

“That and when I ride my sybian and when you fuck me lover.” I replied.

“What’s a sybian?” Daisy asked.

“You’ve never heard of a sybian Daisy?” Ryan asked.

“No, what is it?”

“I’ll show you, I’ve got one in the garage.” I said.

“Not tonight ladies, if you get started on that you’ll be late to bed, very late; leave it until tomorrow will you? I need to get some sleep. If you lift that pussy of yours off me I’ll go to the bathroom, then to bed.”

“Okay, I’ll join you. It’s a bit small for 3 of in there at once but you’re welcome to join us Daisy.”

“No, it’s okay, I’ll let you 2 get done first.”

We did, and then Daisy went there. By the time Daisy was done Ryan and I were in bed, but as she came out Ryan shouted,

“Daisy, you can join us in here if you like.”

“Oh, err, if you don’t mind I’ll sleep on my own tonight, I’ve had a bit of a hectic day and evening and I could do with a good night’s sleep.”

“Sure, no problem.” I said, “If you change your mind just push Ryan over to me and climb in.”

I woke-up, on my side, to Ryan thrusting in and out of my pussy from behind, and at first I was a little surprised to find an extra hand on my hip. As I became more awake I realised that it was Daisy that had joined us sometime in the night. I put my hand on top of hers and squeezed it as Ryan brought me to my first orgasm of the day.

“That was nice.” I said when I was able. Then continued, “come on, we don’t want to be late for work.”

“Yes, I need to get showered then dressed.” Daisy said.

“No Daisy, you’re going to work wearing just your shoes and coat.”

“Does that mean that I’m starting working for you today Tanya?”

“No, put your clothes in a bag and you can get dressed at work. We’re going to take it slow to start with; Naked here, naked at the gym and travelling to and from work in just a coat. I’ll let you know when I think that you’re ready to change desks and loose the clothes.”

“Hmm, okay, I like the idea of taking it slow; being naked in front of all those guys at work will be hard for me.”

“Not as much as it will be for the guys that you work with.” Ryan added, “they’ll be hard all the time as soon as they see that body of yours.”

“Stop it Ryan;” I said, “you’ll make her blush.”

Just before we left I heard Daisy shout,

“Tanya, where are all my underwear, I forgot that I’d need some to go to work.”

“No you won’t Daisy,” Ryan said, “let those guys see your nipples trying to burst through your blouse.”

“Well; okay then, I guess that it’s a good start.”

“This feels weird Tanya.” Daisy said as we sat down on the bus.

“That feeling will soon go Daisy, and you’ll soon be looking for chances to tease these strangers by flashing lots of skin to them.”

“Maybe.” Daisy replied.

The rest of the week was quite uneventful unless I tell you that Daisy abandoned her bed and ours got a little crowded. Also, I introduced Daisy to my sybian and, unsurprisingly, she loves it.

On the Saturday morning, just as we were having breakfast, the front door opened and the twins walked in. By the time they got to the kitchen, both girls were naked.

“Hi Tanya, Ryan, We’ve just come round to play in your garage. Oh hi Daisy, I didn’t know you were coming round as well. Shall we have a little competition?”

“Kate, Jude; Daisy is going to be living with us for a while until she can find a place of her own.” I announced.

“Okay,” Kate, or was it Jude answered; “welcome to the sexy mad house.”

“Hey you 2, this is NOT a mad house.” Ryan added.

“So you 2 have come here just to play on the sybian?” Daisy asked.

“That and the bike; and maybe that thing between Ryan’s legs.” Kate, or was it Jude, replied.

“Tell you what ladies,” Ryan announced, “Tanya and I have to go to the supermarket but when we get back how about we all go to the gym. I know how much you exhibitionists want to show-off your fit bodies and I hear that Darren has got those 2 exercise cycles with the dildos back from repair. You ladies really were hammering them.”

“Just like I’m going to hammer the one in your garage.” One of the twins replied.

“Hey Daisy, do you want to come with us?” I asked. “It’ll be good for you wandering around the supermarket in just a coat. You can unfasten some of the buttons and see how many men you can flash. No, I’ve got a better idea, we can just put a short dress on, we’ll only be outside for a couple of minutes, we won’t get too cold.”

“Are you sure Tanya, it looks cold out there.”

“Yes, we’ll be fine, come on.”

I dragged Daisy upstairs and picked out a dress for her. It’s a short one that buttons right down the front. Just after I’d got one of my short dresses on I picked-up a pair of scissors and bend down in front of Daisy.

“What are you doing Tanya?” Daisy asked.

“Just levelling the playing field.”


“My dress is open up to my pussy so I’m making yours the same.”

“Oh, okay, I guess.”

“Tomorrow, the 3 of us are going shopping to get you some new dresses Daisy, all those in your wardrobe are way too long.” I said.

“Well, I suppose that I could do with some new clothes, and now that I don’t have to please my mother I guess that I can get some short ones; but not too short now that I haven’t got any knickers to wear.”

“The only dress or skirt that is too short Daisy, is one that doesn’t go below your neck.” Ryan said.

“I wish that that were true.” I added.

Ryan dropped us outside the front door of the supermarket and we rushed in with Daisy saying,

“Shit, that’s a cold breeze between my legs.”

“Nice isn’t it?” I replied.

We got a trolley and started shopping. I deliberately got Daisy to get the things from the bottom and top shelves hoping that someone would see her butt and pussy as her dress rode up. I saw 2 men looking at her and I hoped that there were others.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, I got Daisy to pass everything to me and I bent over the handle to put them in the trolley. With a bit of luck someone was behind me each time that I did it and they got a good look.

Back at home we unloaded the car then dragged the twins off the machines in the garage and went to the gym.

As always, Darren was happy to see us and he warmly greeted us as the naked Poppy checked us in. We had the usual great time and each of us came at least 4 times. Daisy is now more relaxed and getting to enjoy the exposure as much as the other girls. She even ‘spotted’ a guy who was bench lifting and put her pussy right over his face. She now does the standing splits almost as good as I do now and she’s looking at the men that are staring at her gaping pussy as she does them.

The next couple of week went quickly with Daisy settling in at our house and getting used to travelling to and from work wearing only shoes and a coat. On the Friday morning I called Grace and Emily to go with me to the conference room. It was the monthly review meeting again.

As we all marched in I winked at Daisy. She had no idea what was about to happen.

The meeting went just the same as the previous ones with Grace, Emily and me having our medical examinations by yet another doctor that Mr. Chang had brought with him, and only me getting spanked by the machine because Grace and Emily had met their targets. What no one knew was that I had being doing some of their work so that they’d meet their targets and I wouldn’t.

Just as everyone was expecting the meeting to wrap-up, Tim announced that Daisy was joining my team. I looked over to her, her head was down and she looked like she was trembling.

“Daisy, would you come over here please?” Tim said.

As she slowly walked over, Tim continued,

“Tanya, Emily, Grace, would you stand up and come over here as well please?”

Then he continued,

“Daisy, I know that you are very nervous and apprehensive about being naked for the first time, and that it’s usually best to just jump in at the deep end so we are going to help you do just that. Guys, would some of you like to remove Daisy’s clothes for her?”

There was nearly a stampede as about 8 of the guys stepped forwards and nearly knocked me over.

I knew that this was the best way for her to get over the embarrassment of being seen naked by her colleagues for the first time, but right at that moment I felt a little sorry for her.

A couple of the guys commented on her lack of underwear, and then again about her bald pubes. All the time Tim, Mr. Chang and the doctor were just watching Daisy get stripped.

“Up on the table.” Tim said when Daisy was naked.

The guys lifted her up then lay her spread eagled on the table. Daisy just lay there and didn’t move as the guys backed away; all of them staring between her legs.

“Doctor,” Mr. Chang said, “If you would please.”

The doctor stepped forward and gave Daisy a good check-up, although he did linger on her B cup tits for longer than I expected. The internal exam took a long time as well; and he made her cum twice as she lay there.

I think that all her inhibitions had disappeared when she was getting her tits examined because she never once started to close her legs.

The next thing that the doctor did surprised me a little because none of the previous doctors had probed up our butts; and Daisy looked as though she was about to cum again when his finger went in.

It didn’t last long, and Daisy lay there, still spread wide, as the doctor changed his latex gloves then opened his bag. I saw Daisy’s face cringe a little as the doctor produced a hypodermic needle and she closed her eyes as he injected the anesthetic into her clit.

As it took effect, everyone watched as he got a clit ring out of a little box, and with the help of a pair of tweezers, he pulled on her clit and let the ring slide down the tweezers and onto her clit. Still pulling the tweezers with one hand, he used the other to push the ring down as far as it would go.

Releasing the tweezers, the doctor said,

“All done, you may like to try it to make sure that it works whilst she’s still numb. I don’t want to have to give her another injection if it doesn’t work.”

Mr. Chang took the control out of the box and worked the buttons. Then he said,

“Tim, can you put your hand on it please; Daisy isn’t responding to anything. I’m hoping that it’s just the anesthetic; I don’t want her to have no feelings there for the rest of the day.”

Tim put his hand on Daisy’s clit while Mr. Chang played with the controls again.

After a couple of seconds Tim pulled his hand away quickly and said,

“Ouch; I don’t know how you girls stand that; and in such a sensitive part as well.”

“We don’t have a lot of choice do we Tim? But it is nice.” I said.

Daisy just lay there as Tim dismissed the meeting and as the last of our colleagues, Mr. Chang and Tim left, one of the Mr. Shifters that I’d seen before came in and said,

“All done, the new desk is in place and everything is connected up.”

As he was saying that I looked at his eyes and saw that they were staring at Daisy’s still spread pussy. I let him look for a few seconds, wishing that it was me up there on the table; then I thanked him, twice. It took the second one to wake him from his trance then he turned and left.

Turning to Daisy I said,

“Well Daisy, I decided as soon as you accepted the job that I’d have to throw you in at the deep end; you’re still alive and you don’t look embarrassed any more, especially as your legs are still spread wide, so I guess that you are now a fully-fledged member of the team. How does it feel?”

“Not quite Tanya,” Grace said, “she hasn’t been fucked by Tim yet.”

“Oh don’t worry about that Grace; I’m sure that she’ll take that in her stride.”

“In her pussy you mean.” Grace replied.

“Yes Grace, thank you for that. I’m sure that she’ll be just fine. What say you Daisy?” I said.

“Daisy!” I repeated.

“Oh yes, bring it on. Can you ask him to fuck me this afternoon please?”

“There you go ladies; she’s as keen as you are to get Tim’s cock inside you.” I said, “Daisy, you can shut your legs now and let’s get back to work. You may not have heard, but we’ve got a desk for you in the goldfish bowl. I’ll come with you to your old desk to get your belongings.”

As we walked into the main office Daisy got a few compliments and congratulations from the guys. I was expecting her to be a little shy and embarrassed but she walked in head held high and nipples rock hard.

As we collected her belongings she turned and looked at the guys and said,

“Okay guys, who’s got my clothes, come on, give them to me.”

As her blouse and skirt appeared one of the guys said,

“Where’s your knickers Daisy, can I have them?”

“I haven’t won any knickers for days now, and you didn’t even notice; and didn’t you notice that I wasn’t wearing any when you guys stripped me?”

“We noticed your nipples Daisy but you didn’t flash your knickers to us like Tanya flashed her bald pussy.” Another of the guys said.

“I wasn’t quick enough to get to you when Tim asked for volunteers to strip you.” The guy who’d asked for her knickers said.

“Well,” Daisy replied, “I guess that you’re going to see a lot more of me from now on guys.”


As we walked out and into Daisy’s new office I said,

“You handled that well Daisy, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m great. I think that your ‘in at the deep end’ method has killed-off all my inhibitions. Thank you Tanya, you’re looking at a new, liberated Daisy.”

“I like liberated girls Daisy.” I replied.

Just then Tim walked in with a camera in his hand.

“Daisy,” he said, “I heed to take some photographs of you for your ID card.”

After she’d posed for him he left, telling her that her card should be ready in a couple of days.

As Daisy started putting her things in and on her desk she suddenly said,

“Oh, no modesty board.”

Looking around she then said,

“None of the desks have one, I didn’t notice that before; and are those cameras screwed under the desks?”

“Yes they are, just ignore them for now, I’ll explain everything later.”


Tim and Mr. Chang went out for lunch and after Mr. Chang had left I went to see Tim and asked him if he could fuck Daisy before the day was out. I told him that I wanted her to become a fully-fledged member before she left to go home.

“Didn’t you say that she’s moved in with you and Ryan?” Tim asked.

“Yes, it’s only temporary until she can find a place of her own.”

“So she isn’t a virgin anymore.”

“Tim, are you suggesting that I’d let my boyfriend fuck a member of my staff? Yes, of course Ryan has fucked her; and I’ve tasted her as well. Satisfied? …… You men.”

“Does she taste nice Tanya, I might sample that later.”

“Yes Tim, she does.”

“Okay, let me get her camera, egg and her clit ring sorted out then I’ll switch the egg off when I’m ready.”

“So who’s got her egg?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, here it is, can you get her to insert it right away. I’ll sort that out first so that she’ll have a bit of time to get used to it before I switch it off.”

“Thanks Tim.”

I left and went back to my office and told Daisy to get up on her desk.

“Spread ’em girl, I’ve got another present for you.” I said, then gently pushed the egg into her.”

I then explained how the eggs and clit rings have 2 controls, one that I gave her, and another ‘master’ control that Tim can control from his PC or smart phone. I also pointed to the camera and told her who could be looking up her legs (well not everyone, I left out Ryan and whoever he’s given the App to). Then I explained what it means when your egg stops vibrating.

“So Tim will be fucking me this afternoon.”

“Probably, are you looking forward to it?”

“Well both Grace and Emily say that he’s good, so yes, I am. Oh, when do we go to the shoe shop? You 3 have some real nice shoes.”

Tim did fuck her in the middle of the afternoon, and while she was in the stationery cupboard Grace said,

“I hope that we’re not getting anyone else in the team, I’ve just gone down from getting fucked by Tim every third day to every fourth day.”

“Bloody hell Grace, if you’re that desperate come home with me and I’ll ask Ryan to fuck you.”

“Maybe you just need to get yourself some new toys or one of those sybian things or another type of fucking machine.” Emily added.

“Tanya, please can you ask Mr. Chang if the Nuwa Corporation make any fucking machines, and if they do can do we get a staff discount on them?” Grace asked.

Daisy came back from the stationery cupboard with a big smile on her face and she said,

“I wish that I’d said that I wanted to start my new job just as soon as you offered it to me Tanya.”

Daisy sat at her desk and shortly after that she squealed a little as her egg burst into life.

At the end of the day Daisy put her clothes into her bag and said,

“I guess that I won’t be needing to bring these to work anymore.”

“Yes,” I replied, “you’ve got to stick to the Nuwa Corporation dress code from now on.”

“What dress code?” Daisy asked.

“Birthday suits only whilst at work.”

“Oh that one; I guess that I’ll be saving on the clothes buying then.”

“And the shoe buying.”

“Do I have to get my nipples and clit hood pierced Tanya?”

“No you don’t have to, it’s entirely up to you Daisy.”

“Maybe later, I’m still getting used to working and being at your house in my birthday suit. I don’t want to start covering even tiny bits of it yet.”

Ryan’s formal works Christmas dinner ---------------------------------------------
Yes, Christmas was coming and we were going to his works Christmas bash. It was a very formal one with a few of Ryan’s bosses there from their head office. Ryan was up for a potential promotion and he really wanted to impress all of his bosses. I offered to go naked and to fuck all of them, but Ryan said not. What he said was that he wanted me to dress to impress, have some deliberate, accidental wardrobe malfunctions, and to tell them that I was Ryan’s one and only lover. He wanted me to give them the impression that I was ‘off-limits’ to them, but at the same time tease them with flashes of forbidden flesh.

That left me with the challenge of finding a dress that was, and wasn’t, very revealing.

We spent most of one day going round the shops looking for the right dress and enjoying a bit of flashing fun as we did so. I finally found the dress that I was looking for on the internet.

A couple of days later I got home to find a package had come through the letterbox. Not believing that a package that small could contain a dress I slowly opened it. When I saw something black I thought,

“The idiots have sent me a pair of black stockings by mistake.”

As I unfolded the material I realised that maybe it was a dress. The fabric was so thin that you could almost see through it even before I put it on, and it was like a long scarf; so thin. Puling it sideways I saw that it was stretchy and decided that ‘yes, it really was a dress.’

I decided to wait until Ryan got home to try it on and went to the kitchen to help Daisy start the meal.

When Ryan saw the dress on the table he said,

“Wow TT this is going to be interesting; is that really a dress?”

After we’d cleaned-up Ryan held up the dress waiting for me to try it on.

“You’d better take out all your jewellery first TT; we don’t want anything for it to snag on.”

After we’d eaten I did remove all my jewellery, but, of course, not my clit ring. It would take some anesthetic or a lot of pain to remove that.

I gently spread the garment at the waist, stepped into it and slowly pulled it up my legs. As I was doing so, it became obvious that there were 2 thickness’ of material there; the top was thinner and consists of 2 very deep triangles going up from the waist. I twisted the dress round so that the triangles were at the front. I then pulled the triangle up over my breasts and Ryan fastened the strings behind my neck. The triangles of the backless top covered my small tits and would have left a lot of cleavage – if I’d had a cleavage.

Looking in the mirror I saw the material hugging my erect nipples, even showing some of the little bumps on my areolas; and I could easily see the shape of my tits and the different colours of my nipples, areolas and tits.

“That’s going to knock them dead.” Ryan said.

“Yes, perfect for the look that I want.”

Looking down to the skirt part I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t quite as see-though as the top, but it was extremely thin. If I shut my eyes the whole dress was so light that I felt that I had nothing on.

I twisted the waist part round so that it was properly in line with the top and the waist to ankle split was just where I wanted it to be, half way between my pussy and the front of my right leg.

Just standing there, my pussy was covered, but as soon as I moved my left leg forwards the gap opened up and anyone to my right would be able to see my bald pubes; just the look that I was after.

Sitting down, both sides of the dress fell away leaving my legs naked, right up to my waist. I stood up, held the front of the dress in place and sat down again. The dress didn’t fall as far apart, but more than enough for me to realise that I’d need to hold my purse in front of my pussy if I didn’t want to flash whoever was in front, and to my right, all night.

As I stood admiring myself in front of the mirror Ryan said,

“I’m always amazed just how a girl can go from being total naked to looking a million dollars just by putting on 2 shoes and a flimsy dress. That dress puts a whole new meaning on ‘that little black dress’ phrase TT.”

The big night came and we walked out to the taxi. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the dress until I saw the taxi drivers face. Looking down I saw that the dress was wide open right up to my waist.

“Hmm, I’ll have to watch that.” I thought.

For the rest of the walk to, and later, from the taxi, I held the left side of the skirt part with my right hand.

The dinner was at a big hotel, in a room reserved for Ryan’s company, and as we walked in I saw quite a few people looking over to me. We mingled with the other couples, with Ryan steering me to meet all of his bosses one by one.

I really felt quite naked walking around that room and whenever I got introduced to a couple I looked at their eyes to see just what part of me they were looking at. Most of the men weren’t looking above my neck. I could have pulled all sorts of faces at them and they wouldn’t have had a clue.

Of course, my nipples had been rock hard ever since we opened our front door, and with all those men staring at my body they were tingling as well.

Just before we were all going to sit down for the meal I went to the ladies room to dry my pussy and on the way back Ryan’s top boss stopped me and said that I was brave to go there in a totally see-through dress without any underwear.

I managed to blush and say,

“No it’s not, I checked myself in the mirror at home and I couldn’t see through it.”

“Maybe you didn’t have the lights on at home?” the man replied.

“Now that you mention it, my bedroom certainly isn’t as bright as it is in here. It’s not see-through is it?”

“Actually, it is. I can see everything.”

“OMG, I’ve got to find Ryan, I’ve got to go home and change.”

“No you don’t my dear, you look absolutely divine; and I’m sure that no one here will complain.”

“But everyone will be able to see me.”

“Don’t worry my dear; everyone has already seen your assets and no one has said anything have they? And if they do, you just come and tell me and I’ll shut them up.”

“Well, that’s very kind of you sir, but I should really go and change, it’s so embarrassing.”

“Nonsense my dear, you are staying here and that’s the end of it.”

“Well, if you’re sure?”

“I am; now go and find that man of yours and come and sit at my table. I want you to tell me what you do with all your time.”

I quickly found Ryan and as we walked over to the dining tables told Ryan what had happened.

“Excellent,” Ryan replied as we looked for the man and his wife. “Old Mr. Moore has a reputation for the young women.”

As we walked up to the table Mr. Moore steered me to the chair to his right with Ryan and Mrs. Moore opposite us. Another of Ryan’s bosses, Mr. Wilson, sat on my right with his wife opposite.

As I sat down I didn’t attempt to hold the dress to cover my legs and I was soon bare up to my waist. I put my handbag on my lap but as soon as Mr. Moore saw it he said,

“Put your bag on the floor my dear; it will be safe there and it won’t get in the way.”

I did as I was told, wondering what my bag would get in the way of.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Even before the first course was served I felt Mr. Moore’s right hand on my left thigh.

“Naught, naughty Mr. Moore, I’m a good girl.” I whispered to him as I lifted his hand off my thigh.

Two minutes later, just as I was being served, the hand was back. As the waiter moved away I whispered,

“I’m a good girl Mr. Moore.”

But I didn’t lift his hand off my thigh.

“I certainly hope so my dear.” Mr. Moore whispered back.

I opened my serviette and covered his hand.

As we ate, drank and talked, and that hand kept returning to my thigh, getting higher and higher each time it came back. By the time we were well into the main course, Mr. Moore’s right little finger had touched my pussy. When it first made contact with my clit ring, Mr. Moore’s hand froze for a couple of seconds and he turned and looked at me. He smiled at me and without even thinking about it, I spread my legs enough for him to gain better access.

On my other side, it took until I had finished my main course for Mr. Wilson’s left hand to find my thigh. He too froze for a second when he first touched my clit ring.

I don’t know if there was some sort of telepathy between Mr. Moore and Mr. Wilson, or they’d pre-planned their assault on my body, or they’d had lots of practice doing it to other young women; but, without even looking, one hand came up to the table as the other came down to my pussy. The net result was that my pussy had a hand pressing and rubbing it all the way through the meal.

I did have one orgasm, but fortunately I managed to have it without making a noise or shaking all over. Ryan noticed though, and he gave me that knowing grin of his.

During the meal I was asked about my job. I told them what I did, and that I’d been on 2 trips to China to learn more about the Nuwa Corporation and the culture there. I also told them that I had to wear a uniform at work, but I didn’t tell them what that uniform consisted of; nor did I tell them about the medical check-ups or the punishments if we fail to meet our targets.

When I mentioned the Nuwa Corporation, Mr. Moore looked at me and smiled, but he didn’t say anything. I wondered if he knew anything about the Nuwa Corporation.

By the time that the meal was over, I’d stopped thinking about my dress. I still felt naked but I was used to that. The wine also stopped me thinking about my dress when I got up to dance with Ryan.

As we danced close, Ryan said,

“It’s nice dancing with a naked girl.”

I had to look down to check that I was still wearing the dress because I couldn’t feel it.

“You do know that Mr. Moore wants to fuck me don’t you Ryan?” I asked.

“Yes, he’s made that quite clear, but are you happy with that TT?”

“If it will help you get that promotion I am.”

“If you’re happy to fuck him them I’m happy to let you. I just hope that he’s not expecting me to fuck his wife, she’s fat and ugly.”

“I’m sure that you’ll find a way of avoiding that lover boy.” I replied.

A couple of minutes later Mr. Moore came over and asked to dance with me. Ryan stepped aside then disappeared, probably thinking of finding a way of avoiding Mrs. Moore.

Mr. Moore was quick to put his hands on me and they soon started wandering. I didn’t stop him and his hands were soon grabbing my butt.

“So you work on the Nuwa Corporation contract do you? I’ve heard about that company, they have some unusual ways of encouraging their female employees don’t they? “

“Well, if you mean that they pay well, then yes they do.”

“That wasn’t what I meant Tanya; I was thinking more about their unusual dress code and that ring that you’ve got on your clitoris. As soon as I felt it things began to fall in place. You’re used to being naked all the time aren’t you?”

“I don’t know what you could possibly mean Mr. Moore.”

“I think that you do Tanya. I’ve been thinking about visiting your company to discuss some business collaboration, maybe I should do that quite soon. Would that be a problem for you Tanya?”

“Okay Mr. Moore, you’ve got me, yes, the Nuwa Corporation demand that all females who work on their contracts work in the nude. So what, it’s no big deal; it’s the Chinese version of the Japanese Naked Mailgirls programme.”

“Maybe not for you my girl, but I’d love to get one of those programmes working in my company.”

“I don’t think that I can help you there.”

“Possibly not; but there’s something that you can help me with right now Tanya.”

“And what would that be Mr. Moore?”

He put his hand in his jacket pocket and pulled out a room door lock card. Putting it in my hand he said,

“Five minutes, okay?”

“What about your wife Mr. Moore?”

“Don’t worry about her, it’s a free bar so she’ll be happy trying to find a toy-boy for the night.”

With that he turned and walked off leaving me just standing there. As I collected my thought, I realised that the lights had been turned up. In fact there were spotlights moving around the room. When one came over me I looked down and could see the front of my slit. My dress was virtually invisible.

On the one hand I wanted to stay and let everyone see my body through the dress, but on the other hand I wanted to help Ryan by letting his boss fuck me.

Reluctantly, I chose to help Ryan and walked off the dance floor and out of the room.

When I got up to Mr. Moore’s room I knocked and got no reply so I let myself in. I was puzzled, then I realised what was wrong. There was no luggage or clothes; the room was ready for new guests.

I was about to turn and go back downstairs when the door opened and Mr. Moore walked in.

“What’s going on? I thought that this was your room.”

“It is, when I go to dinners like this I always book 2 rooms; just in case I get lucky.”

“Hmm; a bit presumptuous.” I thought, as Mr. Moore unfastened my halter top and let the whole dress drop to the floor.

It turns out that Mr. Moore likes it a bit rough. Before I knew it, I was face down on the bed and he was spanking my butt. He hit my butt hard and long; enough to make me cum. When he was done he flipped me over and looked down at me.

There was sweat all over his face as he stared at my pussy.

“Is that a Nuwa clit ring? Is it switched on?”

“Yes and no.” I managed to say before he put his fingers on it and tried to pull it off.

I screamed and he let go.

“So, the centre is quite small; how did they get it on you?”

“Anesthetic and a doctor.” I replied.

“Is it as good as they say?”


“Maybe we should get our girls to wear one.”

I smiled to myself, thinking about Karen.

“I thought that you got me up here to fuck me Mr. Moore.”

He didn’t answer me; instead he flipped me over again and pulled me up onto my knees. It was a good job that my pussy was well self-lubricated as he dropped his trousers and thrust deep into me in one fast move.

I gasped and then felt his hands grabbing and squeezing my little tits.

About 10 thrusts later, he squeezed my tits so hard that they hurt like hell, as he shot his load in to me.

Then he rolled off me and landed flat on his back beside me. I lifted my head off the bed and looked at him; fast asleep. I laughed to myself and thought,

“I hope that Ryan has more stamina when he gets to your age buster.”

I got up, went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. Then I put my dress back on and went back downstairs.

I quickly found Ryan who said,

“Thank goodness TT; that damn Moore woman keeps following me all around.”

“Maybe you should fuck her Ryan; her husband is done for the night.”

“Shit no, she’s fat and ugly. I’m going to hang on to you until it’s time to leave.”

We got another drink then went to dance. The spotlights reminded me just how see-through my dress was and a few of Ryan’s colleagues tried to butt-in but I declined the offer.

After a while we went and sat with Karen and Emma and they both complimented me on my dress.

“I hear that you’ve finally admitted the truth Tanya.” Karen said.

“Yes, I’m no longer the exhibitionist in denial.” I replied.

“So where are we going to take you Tanya so that we can show-off your cute little body?”

“Don’t take too long thinking of somewhere ladies, but please remember that it’s the middle of winter.” I said.

“And you both look good as well.” I continued, “Those dresses really suit you.”

We all got up to dance some more and we’d only been up for a couple of minutes when Mr. Wilson came over and asked me to dance. I accepted and turned to dance with him thinking,

“I wonder if he’s got a second room as well.”

Mr. Wilson is a lot more energetic than Mr. Moore and he danced all around me, his hands wandering all over me. At one point he was behind me and pulling me back in to him with his left hand. His right hand was round me and under the split I my dress. He was caressing my bare stomach and the front of my slit as we danced.

When the tempo slowed Mr. Wilson also handed me a room card key and whispered,

“Five minutes slut,” before walking off.

I found Ryan and as I whispered where I was going he grabbed my butt and squeezed it.

As I entered the room I saw Mr. Wilson sat on the bed.

“Strip slut.” He commanded.

I did, and then just stood there completely naked looking at him.

“Nice; I see what Ryan sees in you, cute and young looking, very young looking; my 12 year old daughter looks older than you do; I bet that you’d look good in a schoolgirl uniform.”

“They tell me that I do Mr. Wilson, especially one that has a skirt this short.” I said, holding my hand on my pussy.

“Are you sure that you’re not 12 or 13 Tanya, you look more like Ryan’s little sister or daughter.”

“I assure you Mr. Wilson, I have been to university, I have got a degree, I have qualified as an accountant and I have been working for the last couple of years.”

“Good, so Tanya, do you want Ryan to get this promotion?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“So what will you do to help him?”

“Anything Mr. Wilson; absolutely anything.”

“Good, get on the bed and get those legs behind your shoulders.”

As I did as I was told I was glad that I went to the gym and got into all those revealing poses. They’d kept my body supple and I could easily do what I had been told to do even though it left me quite helpless.

As I lay there watching Mr. Wilson get undressed I wondered what he was going to do to me and I made a mental note to get in to that position at the gym and then have to ask one of the guys to release me. Mr. Wilson’s cock was hard and pretty average from what I’ve seen.

“Does your 12 year old daughter do this for you Mr. Wilson?” I asked.

“I wish.”

“Maybe you should ask her. Little girls like to please their daddy.”

“Yes, she is quite cute. Her little tits are a bit bigger than yours.”

“Have you seen them Mr. Wilson?”

“Not like I’ve just seen yours.”

“Maybe you should ask her to undress for you; give her a bath like you used to when she was a little girl. Rub her tits and her pussy; I’m sure that she’d like that. Would you like to do that Mr. Wilson?”

“Yes I would, but right now I’m going to spank that pussy of yours Tanya, then stick this champagne bottle in it.”

“Is it still full Mr. Wilson? Shouldn’t we drink it first?”

“I’ll drink it out of your pussy. I wonder how much it can hold.”

“I think that we’re about to find out.” I said.

Mr. Wilson was stood there looking down at my pussy.

“So Tanya, that clit ring is from the Nuwa Corporation is it? So is that how people can tell that you’re a Nuwa girl?”

“Yes, I guess that it is.”

“I’ll have to get Ryan to tell me all about it.”

“Mr. Moore knows all about Nuwa girls, he told me so earlier.”

“Maybe I should discuss a potential merger with Mr. Moore then.”

As soon as he’d finished saying that Mr. Wilson’s hand came down on my butt. He likes to hit hard and it hurt.

“Ouch!” I said.

Then his hand swung down again, and again, and again.

My butt hurt like hell for the first 6 or 7 swats but then it started to get numb and warm. I was starting to enjoy it. After 4 or 5 more swats I started to cum. My body wasn’t in any position that it could jerk about but Mr. Wilson certainly knew that I was cumming.

“So you’re enjoying this are you Tanya, let’s see if you enjoy this.”

The swats changed from landing on my butt to landing on my pussy. It was on fire by then and although the swats hurt, they also intensified my next orgasm, and the next one.

“Fuck Tanya, you’re a real pain slut. Let’s see how you like this.”

Mr. Wilson took a swig from the champagne bottle then laid the bottle neck along my slit. In one swift move he tipped the bottle up and the top of it disappeared into my hole. Unfortunately, not quick enough to avoid some of the champagne spilling out and running down my front and back.

Mr. Wilson fucked me with the bottle as it emptied inside me. I couldn’t see the level in the bottle decreasing, but I could feel my insides filling up. Just as I was beginning to think that I couldn’t take much more the pain stopped getting any worse but the fucking with the bottle didn’t stop. Mr. Wilson was determined to get as much of that bottle inside me as he could.

As it went in and out the bottle gradually went further and further into me. Just after the widest part of the bottle started to disappear I screamed in pain. Thankfully, Mr. Wilson stopped pushing but still fucked me with it until I started to cum again.

He realised that I was cumming and whipped the bottle out of me. As it came out some of the champagne came out in one quick squirt. It landed on Mr. Wilson’s face because he was bending down to put his mouth over my pussy.

Glad that I can control my pussy muscles, I managed to not let any more out until the waves of pleasure receded then I released the champagne in a series of little small squirts. Some of it must have gone into Mr. Wilson’s mouth but some leaked out and ran down my front and back.

I kept squirting until it was all out and Mr. Wilson stood up.

“That was good Tanya; not many girls can control the release as good as you did. You must have been practicing.”

I smiled at him as he leaned over me and released my legs.

“On your hands and knees slut.”

No sooner than he was happy with my butt facing him, he rammed his cock into me.

I moaned, then said,

“I bet that you’d like to do that to your 12 year old daughter Mr. Wilson?”

He rammed his cock into me even harder and kept going until his jism filled parts on me previously occupied by champagne. He just stood there until I felt his cock start to soften then he pulled out of me.

“You can go now slut.”

“I need a shower first, that champagne has made me all sticky.” I replied.

Mr. Wilson lay back on the bed and I went into the bathroom.

I was pleased to find that the shower head was detachable from the mounting and I managed to shower without getting my hair wet. I held the shower head under my pussy and had another orgasm as I washed out the remains of the champagne and Mr. Wilson’s jism.

Back in the room I saw a sleeping Mr. Wilson so I put my dress and shoes on and left to go and find Ryan.

I found him still with the others. As I sat next to him he whispered,

“So have I got the promotion?”

“You better have, it’s cost me 2 fucks and a sore butt so far.” I whispered back. “Did you know that he’s got a thing for young girls?”

Before anyone else could say anything, one of Ryan’s colleagues came over and asked me to dance. As I turned to face him I realised that when I’d sat down I hadn’t held my dress in place and it was open right up to my waist.

“Nice.” Ryan’s colleague said as he looked down at me.

I looked down pretending not to know what he was talking about.

“Oops, sorry about that.” I said as I stood up.

“Don’t be Tanya; it isn’t as if I haven’t seen it, and more, before.

I looked up at his face and realised that he’d been to some of our parties and that he’d seen me having golf balls, and other things, pushed inside me.

As we danced he leaned down and said,

“Nice dress Tanya, you may as well be stark naked, I can see everything. Pity you didn’t wear any of your jewellery, it really draws people’s attention to your tits and pussy.”

I should have been annoyed at his comments but I wasn’t; I felt good. I was really pleased with my choice of dress.

“Thank you,” I replied. “I’m pleased that you like the dress. I wanted to wear my nipple jewellery but I was worried that I’d snag the dress, it’s so thin and delicate.”

I wanted to take the dress off and dance naked but I didn’t; it’s a posh hotel and there were a lot of Ryan’s colleagues and their partners there. Some of them may be prudes and could make life difficult for Ryan. Instead I found the man’s hands, pulled him close and put his hands on my butt.

“Nice and firm.” He whispered to me as he squeezed my cheeks.

When a slow number started, I pulled away, turned round and pulled his hands to my hips. We were right in front of, and facing the table with Ryan and Karen and Emily and no one else seemed to be looking at me so I moved his hands to my pubes and pulled the left side of my dress under his hand so that he had 2 hands on my flesh.

The man didn’t waste any time and as his left hand rubbed my stomach, his right index finger found my clit. I was in heaven as I watched Ryan, Karen and Emily watch one of their colleagues make me cum right in front of them.

When I’d calmed down I thanked the man and sat next to Ryan again. This time I sat with my knees apart and lay back in the chair.

“God I’m knackered.” I said as I picked up Ryan’s beer and finished the half pint in one go.

“I’m not surprised,” Ryan said, “It’s getting late and you’ve had a bit of a hectic night.”

“Hey Karen,” I said, “did you know that Mr. Wilson likes little girls, he wants to fuck his 12 year old daughter.”

“Maybe I should start going to work dressed as a school girl.” Karen replied.

“I like the new, true you Tanya.” Emily said; “I think that I’ll have to organise somewhere for you to flash all your goodies to lots of people. Maybe another trip round town with plaster casts on all your arms and legs?”

“Yes, that was fun wasn’t it?”

“You didn’t think that at the time.” Emily replied.

“How stupid could I have been?” I said.

We all laughed then Ryan got up and said,

“Come on Tanya, time to get you home and to bed.”

“Your turn to fuck your girlfriend is it?”

“Karen, I didn’t know that you were like that.” Ryan said.

“I’m not, and you know that Ryan.” Karen replied.

“Yeah, I know, sorry about that Karen, but this young lady is knackered.”

“Go Ryan, take her home, put her to bed and fuck her while she sleeps.” Karen said.

“And be careful with that dress Ryan,” Emily added, “I’m sure that she’ll want to wear it again.”

Ryan did take the dress off me carefully, and he did fuck me after I went to sleep on him (so he tells me). The he woke me up the next morning by fucking me whilst Daisy watched. She later told me that she wanted to be woken up that way every day.

The Rugby Club
I love my Ryan. One night in November he told me that he’d booked me to be the fairy on the top of the Rugby Club’s Christmas tree again. I squealed with delight and gave his cock a little squeeze. I squealed again when he told me that there was going to be a gang bang after the meal – again. I asked him how many girls Mike wanted as nude waitresses and then to take part in the gang bang. He said that 3 or 4 would be enough and we started suggesting names for 2 of them. It was a given that the twins would be 2 of them – again; but this time it would be legal as they’d recently turned 16.

Daisy over-heard us talking about it and asked if she could be one of the girls.

“Are you sure that you want to do it, it’s not just the naked waitressing, these dinners usually end with a gangbang. You’ve only been fucked by Ryan and Tim so far.” I asked.

“And what better way to put that right than a gangbang with lots of hunky men?” Daisy replied.

“Well, if you put it like that then you’re in. Now that leaves one other girl. Any suggestions?” I asked.

“How about what’s-her-name?” Ryan asked, “the one with the permanently gaping hole.”

“You mean Ella; she helped us last time if you remember Ryan.”

“Oh yes, I remember; she was as bad as you for wanting the gangbang to go on all night.”

The next time that we were at the gym when she was there I asked her and she was up for it. I reminded her of the address and a time to be there.

“What shall I wear?” Ella asked.

“Nothing, me and the others will be arriving there naked so it’s up to you.”

“I’ll be there.”  Ella replied.

The twins got a sleepover pass from their parents and the 5 of us, 4 naked girls and Ryan, piled into our car and drove to the rugby club.

When we arrived Mike smiled as he looked at the 4 naked girls.

“Ready for action I see girls; I remember you 2; that makes 3 of you who don’t look old enough to be here.” Mike said looking at the twins. Just how do I tell you 2 apart?”

“You have to look here.” Kate said as she spread her legs a bit. “I’m the one with a mole just below my pussy.”

“And you are?” Mike asked.

“I’m Kate and she’s Jude.”

“Okay, each time that one of you wants to talk to me you have to show me that part of your body, okay?”

Both Kate and Jude giggled a bit, then in stereo the said,

“Okay Mike.”

“And who is this gorgeous young woman?” Mike asked as he looked at Daisy.

“I’m Daisy; I’m new to all this being naked all the time thing so please excuse me if I get a little shy at times.”

“Don’t you worry about that Daisy, by the time you go home tonight being shy will be the last thing on your mind. Now, has Tanya told you that she’s going to be our fairy on the top of our Christmas tree? We have to get her ready. Come on, you 3 can help me.”

Mike led us to the ‘home team’s’ changing room where he’d got everything that we needed. He stood me on a big polythene sheet and gave me 2 little bits of cotton wool telling me to stuff them up my nose. Then in 10 second bursts he sprayed my face and neck with gold paint; allowing me to breathe between each burst.

“Going gold this year are we Mike?” I said.

“Yes, I really wanted gold paint a couple of years ago but I couldn’t get any then.”

“How do you get it off?” Daisy asked. “Do we have to get some big scrubbing brushes and scrub her all over?”

“You’re not taking big scrubbing brushes to my body.” I replied. “If it doesn’t wash off I’ll be going to work like this.”

“I can just see you walking into work covered in gold paint. Maybe you could travel to work like that then no one could say that you weren’t wearing anything.” Daisy said.

Mike told me to hold my arms out and he continued spraying me. As he got lower I stopped him and asked Ryan to get a tissue for me. When he got back I wiped my pussy telling everyone that I wanted the paint to stick to me.

As Mike got to nearly finishing me he told me to bend over and spread my legs. He then put the finishing touches on my pussy and between my butt cheeks.

“Right Tanya, don’t touch anything for 10 minutes.”

“Have you got a First Aid kit?” One of the twins asked.

“Yes, why?”

“Are there any circular plasters in there?”

“Probably, have you cut yourself?”

“No, can you go and get them please?”

A couple of minutes later Mike returned holding a handful of plasters. Giving them to the twins they quickly removed the backing and stuck them on their nipples.

“Can you spray our little tits please Mike?”

He did then one of the twins said,

We’ll remove the plasters in 10 minutes.

Mike laughed the said,

“And I thought that you were going to hide them from us.”

“Hell no, just make them stand out a bit more.”

While the paint was drying Mike showed everyone the rest of my outfit for the first part of the evening. The wings were the same ones as from a couple of years ago.

“Where’s my wand?” I asked.

“No wand this time Tanya, you’ll need your hands to hold on.”

“Hold on to what?” I asked.

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Part 31 cont.

“No wand this time Tanya, you’ll need your hands to hold on.”

“Hold on to what?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, it will become obvious later.”

Just then there was a banging on an outside door.

“That’s probably the food arriving.” Mike said; “Can you come and help get it in and into the ovens?”

“Not you Tanya, I don’t want to risk damaging your delicate outfit; but you can come and watch, I’m sure that the caterers will enjoy the sight.”

Judging by the looks on the 2 caterers faces they did enjoy the sight of 4 naked girls. Daisy and the twins listened as the 2 men explained what was what. Just as they finished a naked Ella walked in.

“Bloody hell, how many naked girls are going to be here? Maybe I should take up rugby.” One of the guys said.

“Thank you guys, the empty container collection is scheduled for noon tomorrow right?”

“That’s right.”

“Okay then see you tomorrow.”

The caterers left and Mike asked Ryan and me to follow him to the tree. I looked up at it and saw that on the top was a bigger dildo and above it, about 4 or 6 feet apart, were 2 small loops of rope.

“They’re for you to hang on to when you go up and down on the dildo and to stop you falling off when you lose control.”

“You mean when I cum Mike?”

“Yes, and I think that you’ll be cumming a bit more often this time. I’ve made a couple of minor changes.”

“I can see one of the changes, it’s bigger.”

“That’s not the only change. Come on, lets get you up there; we’ll bring your wings and tiara once you’re in place.”

Mike had left some big step ladders next to the tree and I climbed up and slowly got onto the first one, then both of the little platforms that were screwed to the wall.

I put my hands through the rope loops then said that I was ready.

“Do you want to impale yourself first?” Ryan asked.

“I’ll do that whilst Mike is getting my wings.”

And I did. Yes, the dildo was bigger but my lubrication was enough for me to take it easily, and while Mike carried my wings and tiara up I went up and down on the dildo a couple of times.

“This is nice.” I said as Mike put the tiara then my wings on me. “Did you say that there was another change Mike, I can’t see anything.”

“You’ll feel it when I switch it on.”

“That sounds fun.”

“I’ll switch it on when the first people arrive. In the meantime, you relax, you’re going to be up there for about 90 minutes.”

Mike climbed down and moved the steps away while I slowly fucked myself on the dildo and watched Ryan smiling at me.

“Hey Ryan,” I said, “I’ve just had an idea.”

He came over to me and I told him to tell the girls to do some of the exercises that they do on the mats at the gym in between serving the courses; that they could do them on the little stage below me.

“Good idea TT,” Ryan replied; “that should improve some appetites. I’ll go and get the big box of condoms out of the car ready for later. Have fun up there lover.”

Ryan went and got the condoms and put the box at the bottom of the tree.

“Nice Christmas present for the guys.” I thought as I started going up and down again.

The girls came out to have a look at me and one of the twins asked Ryan if he’d brought his camera. He then took some photos of me and the girls lined-up on the stage. It was one of the twins ideas for the girls to spread their legs and thrust their pussies at the camera.

Just then Mike told the girls that the first people were arriving and that they should get back into the kitchen. He went behind the bar and poured drinks for the girls and Ryan while he greeted the arrivals.

It was 2 couples in their early twenties.

“I see that we’ve got our fairy back this year.” One of the young women said to Mike when they went up to the bar.

“Popular demand Tracey.” Mike replied.

“Isn’t that the girl that fucked half the team last time?” The woman asked.

“Her and 5 others; and it was the guys that fucked them. All the girls did was provide a willing receptacle.” Mike replied.

“Yeah right,” The woman said; “I suppose that this evening is going to tun into a fuck fest as well?”

“Probably. You can get up there and join them if you like Tracey.” Mike said in a mocking voice.

“In your dreams mate.”

Just then the door opened as a lot more people arrived. The noise in the room got louder but not loud enough to drown my scream as Mike switched something on.

I’d had a quick electric shock from the dildo, much stronger than any I’d had from anything before; and the dildo was now vibrating as well. Mike was right, I would need those rope loops to hang on to. 90 minutes of that dildo would leave me totally knackered.

I vaguely remember hearing a couple of comments from people arriving but that dildo sent me to heaven in seconds. The vibrating was continuous and the electric shocks must been about a minute apart. The result was that I had orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

My body was jerking about and I remember my hips rotating. I’m not sure if I was seeking relief or more pleasure. I also remember my legs turning to jelly and sliding off the little platforms that Mike had screwed to the wall. My whole weight was hanging on those 2 rope loops and the dildo had gone further in to me. I was glad that it had been a bit of a struggle to get my hands through the loops because I was hanging on by my wrists.

I vaguely remember seeing the naked girls on the stage spreading their legs and displaying their pussies to the audience like they do at the gym and I vaguely remember Daisy calling out my name; but I didn’t answer, I couldn’t.

Then the dildo stopped vibrating and stopped giving me electric shocks.

After a couple of minutes I saw Mike move the steps over to me then I got hit with a little after-shock orgasm.

“Tanya, Tanya; are you alright?” I heard Mike say.

My head was bent forwards, blankly staring into the audience, most of whom were talking and laughing amongst themselves.

“Tanya.” Mike almost shouted.


“Are you okay?”

“Can you switch it on again please?”

“No Tanya; you need to lift your feet up and stand on the platforms.”

I looked at Mike blankly for a few seconds then I pulled up with my arms and lifted first one, then the other foot onto the platforms. Slowly, I transferred my weigh back onto my feet, lifting myself off the dildo.

“When you’re ready Tanya, I need you to stand up straight then get your left wrist out of the loop, then swing your left side round so that your left foot is next to your right foot.”

I did that then felt a little more ‘normal’.

“Okay Mike, I think that I’m okay now, you can climb down and I’ll slowly follow you.”

As soon as I was on the floor Ryan gave me a pint glass full of water. I downed it in one.

“I don’t know whether to count that as one 90 minute continuous orgasm, or about 60 or 70 different ones, sorry, but I lost count of the number of times that you went over the edge, and it didn’t help when your feet slipped off those platforms.” Ryan said.

“That’s okay Ryan, I certainly know that it was a record for me, and I doubt that I will ever beat it.” I replied.

“How about next year we leave you up there for 2 hours?” Ryan replied with a big grin on his face.

“Can we go and touch up the paint please. Some of it has come off where my juices were running down the insides of my legs.” I asked.

As Ryan helped me to the changing room I looked round and saw the naked girls wandering around the room and getting into lots of poses that the prudes of the country would call obscene but the rugby club players and their partners certainly didn’t call obscene. They were cheering them, photographing them and reaching out and touching them.

It didn’t take Ryan and Mike to touch-up my gold paint and I had regained my energy (well most of it) by the time that we went out into the main room. I was about to join the other girls letting everyone have a close-up look at my pussy when Mike announced that there was a virgin in the room.

That of course, got lots of cheers then Mike asked the virgin, Oscar, to join him on the stage. To lots of raucous cheering, the embarrassed Oscar walked up and stood next to Mike.

By that time, all us naked girls were up on the stage and standing behind Mike and Oscar. Mike embarrassed Oscar with a couple of stories about times that Oscar had failed to lose his virginity; then he announced,

“Tonight is your lucky night Oscar. By the time you go home tonight you will have lost your virginity and fucked more girls than a lot of men fuck in their whole lives. Which of these lucky girls would you like to turn you into a man?”

Even though Oscar had obviously had a few drinks he was still a bit embarrassed as he turned round and looked at all us girls. After looking at us for a few seconds he said,

“The golden one.”

I was a bit surprised because I’d expected him to pick one of the younger girls, someone nearer his age which looked to be 17 or 18. Anyway, there were lots of cheers then Mike asked the girls to strip Oscar.

We pounce on him and as we stripped him I heard a man in the audience say,

“I bet he can’t manage more than one of them.”

Then another say,

“I bet that he will, I slipped a couple of viagra into his drink.”

As Oscar’s hard-on sprung out of his boxers there were some more cheers from the audience and one of the twins put her hand on it.

“Careful girls,” Mike said, “we don’t want it to end before it’s even started. Get him on the floor then let our golden fairy turn him into a man.”

Half a dozen girls’ hands pressed on Oscar until he was flat on his back. As he went down I steered him round so that his feet were facing the audience. I wanted the audience to get the best possible view of me taking that rock hard cock.

Ella got one of the condoms out of the big box and rolled it down his average sized cock as I straddled Oscar and squat down so that my pussy covered his face. I felt his tongue lick my pussy so I lifted up a bit so that his extended tongue just couldn’t reach my pussy then I tormented him by going up and down for a few seconds before going down his body and kneeling over his cock.

Holding his cock straight up, I teasing him some more by lowering myself until his cock was touching my pussy; then I went up a little. After I’d done that a few times I felt a girl’s hands on my back. Glancing over my shoulder I saw Ella lowering her gaping hole down onto his face.

Then I went straight down onto his cock all the way. I bottomed out for a couple of seconds before riding him, leaning back a little so that the audience got the best possible view of my pussy going up and down.

I rode Oscar until I had another orgasm. It didn’t take long because my pussy was still super sensitive from my time on the top of the Christmas tree.

All 5 of us girls took it in turn to tease Oscar’s face with our pussies then move down to ride his cock for a while. I guess that it was the viagra that was stopping him from cumming but we were half way through round 2 before he suddenly groaned then filled the condom that was inside one of the twins at the time.

The audience had realised that he’d cum and there was lots of raucous cheering.

From somewhere in the audience I heard a man shout,

“I’m still a virgin, can I have the same treatment.”

Mike answered,

“No Bob, you can’t, and I watched you fucking one of these girls a couple of years ago. Haven’t you had it since?

Oscar, can you hear me? Are you back in the land of the living yet?

Well Oscar, you’ve just become a real man but don’t you go believing that it’s going to be like that every time. There aren’t many places where you will find 5 girls to do what they did to you; well, not without you having to pay them a small fortune.

Bob, what you can do, is to grab a condom and start the gang bang. These girls can’t wait for you guys, and you girls, to get up there and start fucking them.”

Some of the guys didn’t need to be told again and there was nearly a few spilt drinks as a whole bunch of them got up and moved forwards.

Within seconds all 5 of us girls were getting taken in all holes and in lot of different positions. Our bodies were getting put moved about like rag dolls.

I don’t know how long the gang bang went on for but I do know that I, for one, was knackered and a little sore; there were some ‘big’ cocks stretching my pussy.

When things finally came to an end there were 5 exhausted girls laying on their backs on the stage, all with their legs spread wide; and the guests were starting to leave. Mike appeared with a tray of shots and beers which soon disappeared then there were requests for some more.

We’d all sat up to have the drinks, and when I’d downed mine I looked up and saw Ryan looking down at me.

“Enjoy that lover?” Ryan asked.

“Pull me up and hug me please?” I replied.

“No chance, not until you’ve washed that paint off, then I’ll hug you and fuck you, without a condom.” Ryan said, putting his arm out to help me get up.

A few minutes later, and another round of drinks, 5 naked girls were in the communal showers with Mike and Ryan watching and holding some towels. The other 4 helped me get rid of all the paint then as we went to get the towels one of the twins said,

“Come on girls; these two haven’t had their turn yet.”

Mike and Ryan didn’t stand a chance and before long they were flat on their backs on 2 of the benches with their clothes scattered around and one of us trying to smother their mouths with our pussies and another one of us riding their cocks.

We took it in turns to fuck them and give them blowjobs until they got hard again, and kept going until all 5 of us had fucked each of them.

Then it was 7 of us in the showers.

Mike thanked us all for a very entertaining evening, and with a promise for a repeat in 12 months’ time, the twins got into Ella’s car and we all drove back to our house where we got a few hours sleep wherever we could. The only exception being that Ryan, Daisy and I were in our bed.

The next morning Ella gave the twins a lift home after Ryan got us all some breakfast. Neither Daisy nor I got fucked before we got out of bed but we went back to bed later and made up for it.

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Days worth of reading here.  All of it pretty damned hot, and interesting.  Lots of variety, too.  I forgot how much I loved this long series, and I'm getting back into it.  I never read it all the way through, but you've got a gift, that keeps on giving...

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I'm still reading, but the story is fantastic so far.