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Tell Mommy What You Want (Fm, exhibitionist, Male Dominance, incest)

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Tell Mommy What You Want (Fm, exhibitionist, Male Dominance, incest)

Summary - This is the story of hot mother and her horny young son. He discovers his mother is an insatiable, submissive slut. What would you do in his situation?

Note - This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't fuck up other people's lives…

Sharon Taylor had a dirty little secret; she was constantly horny and loved to act like a submissive, sex crazed slut. Her fantasies involved being dominated, having all of her dirty little holes filled, and being ordered to do naughty, depraved sexually acts. But, after becoming pregnant at a young age, caused by living out those same fantasies, she gave it all up, moved away, and has since lived a respectable life.

She was now thirty-two, but if anything, she was sexier than before. She was 5’ ‘4”, with long black hair, large firm tits, a generous ass and a tight little pussy she kept neatly trimmed.

It was not always easy to control her desires, but the responsibility of being a mother and raising her son by herself weighed heavily on her. She learned to repress her sexual urges, except in the privacy of her own bedroom. She had a collection of sex toys, movies and her diary, where she described her past life, her youthful sexual encounters and all of the dirty fantasies and nasty thoughts she has had. It was her only release, and it kept her from living her life like the horny little slut she actually was.

Her son, Josh, now fifteen, knew nothing of her past. However, his young, teenage hormones were raging and he lived with a hot, attractive woman. After all, he was a teenager and was constantly horny and curious about the opposite sex. At 5’ 11”, he towered over his mother and he began to steal glances down her blouse, to ogle at her full breasts. He also loved her generous ass, and even tried to peek up her short skirts, to see the soft treasures she kept hidden from his view. Images of his mother began to creep into his frequent masturbation sessions.

Sharon noticed the extra attention from her teenage son, and naturally began flirting and teasing with him. It was part of her nature. And, she loved the tingle and the wetness it caused between her thighs. She began to wear shorter skirts and pushup bras to the office, and left them on for a while as she cleaned and cooked after work. She quit wearing her long pajamas and wore only panties and a long t-shirt for her night clothes. After all, she still had a tight body and appreciated that her son found her attractive.

She so enjoyed making him horny! She would bend over longer than she needed to, flashing her panties; she would absentmindedly rub her soft thighs and casually lift her dress to show off her beautiful legs; she would slip a hand under her bra and scratch at her breast and then push her full tit upwards, to show her rounded curves. Her favorite thing to do was to pinch her nipples before walking in to a room and watch her son’s reaction to her firm tits and tight, hard nipples.

She loved to slyly watch Josh’s lecherous face and see if she could get his cock hard enough to glimpse his nice sized bulge.  She would act innocent on the outside, all the while giggling on the inside as her son tried to hide his ever increasing boners. It was all innocent fun, she thought. She liked flirting and being admired, even if it was her own flesh and blood. He was almost a man, after all. And men liked to look at pretty girls.

She saw her son’s cock one day, accidentally opening the bathroom door on him to his shout of "MOM!" Her son had a long, thick cock. It was hanging down, fat and heavy after his shower. ‘OMG!’ she thought, ‘His balls are huge…, and full of thick, teenage cum!’ She stared at his crotch hungrily, for as long as she dared. She was strangely proud, knowing that one day soon, some lucky girl would be feeling his thick shaft plowing into her tight, young pussy. Her little boy wasn’t so little anymore! She turned around and walked out of the bathroom, suddenly needing to rub her dampening wet twat.

“Nice dick, Josh” she said as she was leaving, wanting to shock him. She lifted up her long shirt and scratched her naked ass, giving him a quick glimpse of her round, panty covered cheek.

Sharon found a pair of her dirty panties in his laundry basket that weekend, shoved down deep and wadded up tight, where he hoped she wouldn’t find them. She was shocked to discover them, and more shocked to feel the wetness on them. She gave them a sniff and it confirmed her suspicions. The unmistakable ammonia-like odor of male sperm! Her son had stolen a pair of her used panties and jacked off into them! Her nipples hardened. 'Did he like the smell?' she wondered. 'Did he taste them?' Sharon put her tongue to the wet spot, and licked it; getting only a hint of her son’s essence. 'Did he wrap my panties around his cock while he came, thinking about me?' It made her horny to think that her son lusted after her and had jacked-off fantasizing about her. She decided to give him some additional mental fantasy material to stroke to.

The next night, after dinner, Sharon changed into her long tee-shirt and wore nothing under it. She pinched her nipples, making them hard. Her pussy became wet just thinking about her son catching a glimpse of her vagina – the very hole he emerged from fifteen years ago. They watched TV together; Josh on the couch and Sharon across from him in the large chair. She crossed her legs slowly and slightly exaggerated. It got his attention. She had opened her legs wider than required before crossing them. She watched Josh pretending to watch TV. He was startled, but not sure if he had glimpsed his mother’s pussy or a pair of black panties. She waited a few moments and crossed her legs again, as if she couldn’t get comfortable. The long shirt bunched up around her thighs. Her legs spread open for a few glorious milliseconds as she paused before swinging her other leg over and then clamping her thighs together again.

‘Mom’s not wearing panties!’ Josh couldn’t believe it. He just saw his mother’s pussy clear as day! He saw her dark pussy hair and her pink, wet slit! He quickly glanced at her face. She was intent on the TV show. Her tits were tight against her thin shirt. Her nipples were hard. ‘Why are her nipples hard all the time?’ he wondered. ‘Maybe she is always horny like I am!’

During the next commercial, Sharon asked her son, “Joshie, do you want anything…,” She acted as if she was getting up from the chair; both legs planted on the ground. From his position, he could see right up her shirt. “…from the kitchen?” she added demurely.

“Ummmm,” he said, trying to think, while stealing glances between her thighs, hoping she wouldn't notice.

“Tell mommy what you want, baby,” She said. She paused, and then spread her legs wider before quickly standing up.

“A soda,” Josh croaked. His cock was suddenly very hard, straining against his shorts.

His mother walked into the kitchen. As he stared at her perfect ass, she reached down under her shirt and scratched a butt-cheek, lifting her shirt in the process. He saw the lower half of her ass and glimpsed a view of her hairy cunt peeking at him from below her beautiful ass.

Sharon rubbed her pussy the moment she turned the corner. How naughty she was! How wet her pussy is! 'I hope I wasn’t too obvious,' she thought. 'But, a girl has the right to not wear panties in her own home, right?' She wanted to rub one out right there in the kitchen, but knew better than to risk it. 'His cock was so hard!' She grinned, and, still feeling horny and sexy, rubbed her pussy, dipping her fingers repeatedly into her warm, wet pussy before grabbing two sodas from the refrigerator. He noticed her glistening fingers when she handed him the drink, and assumed it was just water. He swore he could smell her fragrant pussy from where he sat. Her her fingers had released the cold drink into his shaking hands and she had subtly waved her moist digits mere inches under his nose.

The next morning, Sharon decided to tease him some more. She put her robe over her naked body and tied it loosely.

“Josh, time to get up!” she said, barging into his room. He woke up, rubbing sleep from his eyes, looking at her. His mother began to pick up his clothes scattered about the room. Her robe became loose, as she knew it would. She walked to his bed and bent over right in front of him, her breasts popping out of her robe as she bent down to pick up his shorts lying next to the bed. “Oops!” she said, stuffing her large, round breasts back into her robe. “Tell mommy what you want… for breakfast Joshie,” she asked innocently. “Cereal or toast?”

“T-t- toast,” he stammered, stunned by the sight of his mother’s naked boobs. Her breasts were beautiful, big and full with dark areolas and soft, fat nipples. He couldn’t believe his luck. Last night he saw her pussy, and now her tits!

Sharon was thrilled with her actions. It was so much fun to be sexy with a man again. She had denied her flirtatious nature for far too long. It was so liberating!

Josh became even more infatuated with his mother’s body and suddenly found more opportunities to see her womanly charms. She had become more careless it seemed lately; forgetting to shut her door while she was changing, or not tying her bathrobe tight, or not at all! She seemed more comfortable around him too; going braless more often – her tits straining against her tight shirts; forgetting he was behind her while she cooked and cleaned – bending over, with her shirt riding up over her ass, and her fat titties dangling free. She also needed his help more than she ever did. His mother would ask him to help her zip up her dress in the morning, and then again need his help again to unzip it that night. She would let her dress fall to her waist while walking into her bedroom.

One morning, she even asked his help to pick out an outfit for work. When he walked into her room, she was standing in front of her closet wearing just her bra and panties, holding up two sets of clothes. She brushed off his look of surprise at seeing her in her underwear, "Oh Josh, put your eyes back in your head! We are both adults now. I'm sure you have seen lots of pretty young girls with less clothes on than your old wrinkled mother is wearing!" They both decided she should wear the more revealing outfit of the two she was considering. He figured that since he was growing up, his mother had decided to treat him more like a man, than a child. Whatever the change in her, he liked it!

Josh would jack-off every night, fantasizing about his mother’s tits, ass, pussy and her lips wrapped around his cock. He would spew his load into her pungent panties and hide them deep in the laundry basket, where he hoped she would not find them.

Every day followed the same routine. Sharon flirting and ‘accidentally’ exhibiting herself. Josh watching her coyly, and openly ogling her whenever her could.  Both of them ignoring the sexual tension. Then,  the night would end with both of the masturbating in their separate rooms.

However, everything changed when Josh found her stash of porn. Sharon had just left for the grocery store, leaving Josh alone in the house. He quickly ran into his mother’s room, searching for another pair of dirty panties. He figured he had at least an hour to spend with her fragrant lingerie! He found a pair lying right on top of her basket, almost like she was leaving them for him. When he touched them, he imagined them to be still warm from her body heat. He put them to his nose and sniffed deeply. They were fresh and pungent!

Holding them to his face, he turned to look at the bed she slept in, the bed where he imagined her being naked, her soft flesh exposed. That’s when he saw it, her private, secret box. It was just a large shoe box, barely hidden under her bed. He noticed that the lid was only half-way on, exposing the contents. What he glimpsed was not a shoe…

Sharon had gotten careless and failed to hide her treasures properly. After a long masturbation session the night before, she had fallen asleep, exhausted. She had intended to clean up her toys and put everything away, but had forgotten to push the box farther up under the bed.

Josh pulled out the shoe box, set it on the bed, and then took off the lid. He felt his cock swell as he stared at his mother’s secrets. He knew she must have owned a vibrator; he had searched for it before. However, she didn’t just have one, she had three! A vibrator, a rabbit, and a thick, cock-shaped dildo! He sniffed deeply of them, one by one, smelling her pussy, and what was the other odor? Her ass? His mother had put the toys in her ass too! His cock pulsed, thinking of his hot mother fucking herself with these very toys.

Images of his mother on her bed, fucking her cunt and stuffing her ass with the dildos quickly stiffened his cock. He set her sex toys on the bed and then pulled out her favorite movies, reading the titles out loud, “Submissive Sluts”, “Use Them and Abuse Them”, “Dominated Bitches” and “Obedient Little Cocksuckers”. He sneered arrogantly realizing his mother’s fetish.

Josh suddenly reminisced about his childhood and a lot of little things suddenly made sense. Sharon had raised her son well, but unintentionally raised him to be a bit on the dominant side. “Tell mommy what you want” was her favorite expression. If he wanted ice cream, she made him tell her, clearly and firmly. If he wanted a toy, he knew he only had to demand it, and more often than not, she would get it. He had remembered thinking that it was almost as if she liked to be ordered into action... 'She does like to be ordered,' he realized, 'She loves to be submissive!'

He found her diary lying on the bottom of the box and opened it up. The first page was dated two years before he was born. The words jumped out at him “I sucked my first cock tonight!”

Josh glanced at the clock, kicked off his pants and underwear, and climbed on her bed, giving her soiled panties a long sniff. He stroked his cock, and continued to read.

“I went out with Jimmy Clawson and he took me to the drive-in. He parked way out in back, where no one would see us. We made out like crazy! We kissed a while, and then he felt me up, played with my titties and he even touched my pussy! He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock! I could feel the hard lump in his pants! I pretended to resist, but he pulled it out and made me touch it! It was hard and HOT! He taught me how to stroke it, up and down. I loved it! Then, he kept pushing my head down to it and told me to suck it! He wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer (not that I really wanted him to!) I licked the head of his penis a bit and then I sucked my first cock! He was so forceful! I think that is why I like him so much! He kept his hands on the back of my head, pushing it in deep, and making me suck it up and down! He told me how good I was doing (Yay me!), then he moaned and shot his sperm into my mouth! He came a lot and told me to swallow it all! Yum! I am such a slut! I’m seeing him again tomorrow! I can’t wait!”

Josh was amazed! What a horny little nymph his mother was! She put out on her first date! He continued to read his mother’s most intimate, dirty thoughts. He read how she became a submissive slut for Jimmy, and how she began to crave sucking cock, eating cum and getting fucked - hard! She learned to love getting her ass reamed out and got quite a reputation in school (But she didn't care, it got her more dates)! She had multiple boyfriends and screwed all of them, sometimes more than one on the same day! She loved the feeling of having her holes pounded and feeling sore the next day. She realized that she was submissive and sexually insatiable. She loved to be ordered to do the most depraved, degrading acts. “It somehow makes me feel like I wouldn’t have done what I did, unless I was ordered to - the kinkier the better! I guess it is a way to keep myself from feeling guilty, I don’t know….” He read how her boyfriends would tell her to flash her pussy at strangers, suck their hard cocks in movie theaters, or have sex in public places.

She even fucked three guys at once, simply because she was told to! She felt so sexy and dominated with a cock in her pussy, one in her ass, and a third in her slutty mouth. “I tried to say ‘no’, but it was just an act,” he read, “They know I’ll do whatever they ask, and, even if they force me, I keep ‘cumming’ back for more!“

He learned about how she found out she was pregnant, not knowing who the father was, and decided to move away, determined to change her life. He read how her dirty thoughts still controlled her and how she masturbated every night, dreaming and fantasizing of a mysterious lover, who would take control of her, and make her do dirty, nasty sexual things again! “Last night, I had the glory-hole dream again, I’m such a whore!”

Josh was filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, he was shocked and disgusted, realizing that the sweet, innocent mother he knew and loved was nothing more than a wanton slut. On the other hand, he was extremely aroused and could not deny the hard, throbbing cock in his hand.

He flipped to the last few chapters, to read her most recent entries, knowing she would be home soon. He read voraciously, stroking his cock harder. “Josh has been peeking at me! I watched him stare at my ass and rub his cock! He couldn’t see that I was watching him from the reflection on the TV. He thinks his mom is HOT! I started teasing him and wearing sexier clothes, giving him a few glimpse of my breasts and my ass. I may flash him my naked pussy one day…”


“I saw Josh’s cock today. I opened the bathroom door and there it was! It was long and fat and his balls were heavy and full of thick, teenage cum! I couldn’t help it, I told him that he had a nice cock and wiggled my ass for him. I came so hard a little while ago, plunging my dildo into my pussy, fantasizing that it was Josh fucking me! I know it is so sick to fantasize about my own son! The forbidden aspect of it is so arousing. I can’t help myself. I had the best orgasm in weeks!”


“I found a pair of my panties in Josh’s laundry” Shit, she knew! “They smelled of his sperm! I bet he came all over them thinking about his mother! I’ve been leaving some ‘extra special’ pairs for him to find. The thought of him jerking his cock, shooting his sperm and thinking about my cunt, my ass, and my tits makes me cum so hard! I wonder if he is fantasizing about having sex with me?”

Josh felt the tingle beginning in his balls. He wrapped his mother’s panties around his cock-head, to spew his cum onto what had recently been pressed against her naked ass and pussy.

And finally, he read…

“I’ve been teasing Josh even more lately, trying to make him hard! It is so much fun to watch him become aroused and try to hide his huge hard-on. It makes my pussy so wet! At first, I would just make my nipples hard for him, like always, and maybe flash my panties at him. But, the other night, I let him see my pussy! And I flashed my tits at him the next morning! I’ve been leaving my door open for him to spy at me and have been letting him help me to get dressed, just to let him look at my body. Gawd, I’m such a little slut!

“At night, all I can think of is Josh’s hard, fat cock fucking my slutty pussy-hole and making me do the most depraved, perverting things to him! I am such a slutty whore! If he only knew what a filthy little fuck-hole his mother was! How I dream of having his cock slam into my cunt and pounding my ass until it is raw!”

Josh’s cock erupted and he spewed his cum into her panties. “SUCK IT MOM!” he yelled out loud, “SUCK MY COCK, YOU FUCKING SLUT!” Blast after blast of thick, hot cum soaked her underwear. His huge balls emptied as the orgasm washed over him, imagining himself fucking his slutty mother, hammering her tight ass-hole and having her suck his hard cock and swallowing his cum, even begging him for it! “YOU FUCKING WHORE!” he screamed, as his orgasm finished.

Totally spent, and breathing hard, he gripped his prick and squeezed out the last bit of cum from his softening organ and wiped the white fluid on his mother’s panties. 'Holy shit!' he thought, 'My mom’s a total submissive slut and wants my cock!’ He wondered if he could make it happen. He wanted her, but how? He needed to think. No matter what her diary said, he didn’t think she was ready to act on her thoughts, even though she fantasized about it. He needed to test her and plan it out. He knew he couldn’t mess up this golden opportunity. 'Hmm, she has been teasing me, huh? Time for me to tease the little slut back!' He would get her so horny she wouldn’t be able to help herself! He cock began to harden again, thinking of his sexy mother becoming his very own personal, slutty, fuck-toy!

Josh put away her things and tried to make everything appear as it was. Just as he pushed the box back under her bed, he heard the front door open. “Josh, come help with the groceries!” his mother yelled. He quickly walked out of her room, strategically placing the cum-soaked panties right on top of her dirty laundry. He grinned as he quietly shut the door behind him.

After putting the grocery’s away Sharon went to her room to change. She saw her crumpled up panties lying on top of her laundry basket, the very ones she had left for him, hoping he would find. She had worn them all night, getting them nice and smelly for her son. She had fingered her pussy wearing them, thinking of him and his cock. She had her nasty fantasies and decided that he deserved to have some too. She picked up the soiled panties and felt their abnormal weight. She smelled the fresh cum wafting up and sniffed them deeply. “His cum…,” she moaned, “He jacked off while I was shopping!” She clenched her twat tightly, feeling the gush of sudden wetness. Sharon opened the panties slowly, peeling back the fabric carefully. She stared at the huge globs of fresh cum, thick and white, against the pitch black fabric of her frilly, soiled panties.

She felt weak in the knees and sniffed her dirty panties again. She could smell her pussy juice and Josh’s fresh cum mixed together, like ambrosia. She stuck out her tongue and tasted the thick goo. She savored it a moment, then unable to resist, she sucked all of the fresh goo into her mouth! Mmmmm,” she moaned, tasting her son’s sweet cum and rolling it around on her tongue. “Oh god, it tastes so good!” she said aloud. She hadn’t had a mouthful of cum in such a long time! It was like lighting a fuse. All her old desires were re-awakening in her. She felt her pussy creaming. She wanted to fuck! She wanted to suck cock! She wanted to cum so bad right now but she had to wait till tonight, in the quiet peace of her room, where her passions could be free. She had to go now; Josh would be waiting for her, for another night of dinner and TV with his mother.

Mother and son had a quiet evening together. They were both quiet, pensive and on edge, both horny, both keeping secrets from each other…

Sharon prepared for bed still feeling horny. As she cleaned up after dinner she wondered about her son. Josh had been staring at her more than usual tonight. He had looked at her differently; it seemed to her, almost with a sexual hunger in his eye! And, he had scratched his heavy balls right in front of her while they were watching TV! She saw the outline of his balls, and saw his cock expanding down his pant leg. He told her to make them some popcorn and she jumped right up to do it. But, she felt so guilty about her dirty thoughts and the recent depravity of eating her own son’s cum that she couldn’t meet his glances, and had to look away from him repeatedly, ashamed of her recent actions, thinking he had no clue about the truth she was hiding.

Her little pussy was tingling as she went into her room! She was going to play with her soiled panties, soaked with her son’s cum, while she got off. She got on the floor to pull out her box of toys and discovered that she had neglected to put it away properly. She would have to be more careful! 'If Josh had found it…' her mind raced, considering the potential implications.

She wrote in her diary feverously that night while absent mindedly playing with her pussy. Moments later, she came hard, her vibrator plunging in and out of her wet cunt, moaning out her son’s name. “Fuck me, Josh. Please, fuck me! Fuck your slutty mother!”

Josh shot his second load of the night against her closed bedroom door, listening to the quiet hum of her vibrator and her soft moaning. His suspicions were confirmed, she gave herself an orgasm every night - her diary was truthful. He heard her begging him to fuck her and he erupted, shooting his cum while imaging his mother rolling on the bed a few feet away, plunging her vibrator in her cunt while thinking of him. He went to his room, his dick still hard, dripping a trail of cum behind him.

His alarm woke him the next morning a few minutes before his mother would be walking into his room to wake him for school. He threw back the covers, revealing his nakedness. He stroked his prick until it was hard and throbbing, thinking of his mother’s lips wrapped around it. He heard her coming down the hallway and pretended to be asleep, his hard cock and heavy balls waiting for her. The door swung open. “Josh…” she said and stopped and stared…

The light from the hallway and the dim morning sun filtering through the windows illuminated his bed, highlighting his hard cock and swollen balls. Sharon caught her breath. “Fuck, its huge!” she murmured. She glanced at her son’s sleeping face, listened for his heavy breathing, and tiptoed into the room for a better look.

His cock was beautiful! Long and thick with a large head, 'Perfect for sucking!' she thought. She wanted to cup his large balls, to feel their weight, and gently massage them. She needed it. She reached for his cock. Not to hold it, but to measure it against her tiny hands. More than two handfuls, maybe three handfuls of hard cock, she estimated. 'Perfect for fucking…'

Then, the bed moved! He was waking up! She walked quietly, but quickly back to the open door. She heard him moaning in his sleep. “Mom…”

She stopped. Josh continued to moan and mumble, “Suck it mom, suck my cock.” Her son was dreaming about her! He was dreaming of his own mother sucking his fat cock! She quickly went out to the hallway to gather her thoughts, her pussy twitching, not wanting to be seen. She caught her breath, counted to ten and marched back into his room, as if nothing had happened.

“Josh, time to get up!” she said loudly, banging the door opened. She had expected her son to be embarrassed and cover up, but she was mistaken. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, his cock still hard, as if he didn’t notice his obvious hard-on. She saw a drop of pre-cum oozing out of his piss-hole, and yearned to lick it off.

“Oh, morning mom!” he said, rubbing his eyes, pretending he has just woken up. “I was having the best dream…”

“I bet you were! I can tell,” she added, looking at his throbbing dick. She pretended to busy herself, picking up his dirty clothes, stealing glances at his thick cock. “Breakfast in 20 minutes, OK?”

“OK,” he said. “And mom?”

“Yes dear?” she asked. Sharon turned, looking in his eyes, then at his cock, then his eyes, nervously, waiting for his answer…

“I want pancakes this morning,” he said. It was a statement, not a request. Josh saw the hunger in his mother’s eyes. She couldn’t look away from his hard shaft.

“Yes dear.” Sharon quickly went to cook her son’s breakfast, happy to please him, all the while thinking about his cock. She licked her lips, anticipating her mouth wrapping around it.

After breakfast, Josh gave his mom a firm hug, nuzzling her neck. She felt his bulge against her stomach. “Thanks, mom, it was delicious.” He stood back and looked at her. “You are very beautiful…”

Sharon blushed, averting her eyes, but glancing at his crotch. He held her shoulders firmly. She kept her head down. She knew he was staring at her breasts because she saw the lump in his pants stretch and surge, blood pumping into his organ.

“Thank you, dear.” She felt so weak, so feminine, compared to her tall, strong son. She wanted him. It was wrong, but she wanted him, needed him.

“Mom, could you…?” Josh paused, struggling to get the words out.

“Yes dear…, what?” She looked at him, lovingly. 'Why couldn’t he say it?' she thought to herself. He had to do it, she knew she couldn’t…

Josh was fighting within himself. His hormones and emotions were boiling inside of him. He was horny, and there was a hot, sensual woman standing in front of him. He was a loving son, and it was mother was before him. His cock was hard, and his hands rested on the shoulders of a horny slut. All he had to do was push her down to her knees…

His unrequited lust was making him frustrated. His anger seethed within him. He was angry at himself, his slutty mother, and the entire world! How could this be happening to him? It wasn’t fair! He almost hated her for putting him thru this!

Sharon watched her son’s internal turmoil, concerned. As was her habit, she said what she always said to him… “What, Josh? Tell mommy what you want…” her throaty voice caught as she whispered it. She leaned against him, pressing her breasts onto his chest. Sharon looked at her son longingly. She batted her eyes and licked her lips, so sexy and submissive...

'I WANT YOU TO SUCK MY COCK, MOM!' is what Josh wanted to say. His mind silently screamed it at her. He wanted to take her, control her, and have his way with her. 'I WANT TO FUCK YOU RIGHT NOW! BEND OVER AND SPREAD YOUR ASS WIDE, YOU HORNY, SLUTTY CUNT!'

But, he couldn’t do it. This was his mother, the mother who had given up everything for him. She had worked hard to give him a good life, to give him everything she possibly could. He respected her too much to risk throwing it all away. If he was wrong, their relationship would be destroyed. He couldn’t bring himself to say what he so badly wanted to say. He couldn’t say what Sharon so badly wanted to hear.

“I want pizza for dinner tonight,” he finally said. She almost never let him have pizza. It would be a small, but hollow victory.

The sexual tension in the room deflated.

“Yes dear, anything else…?” Sharon waited, and hoped...

“No...,” he hated himself. “I’ll see you tonight.”

Sharon didn’t want to see him leave; she sensed their special moment was almost lost! “Are all teenagers so oblivious, so hesitant?” she wondered. She called out to him, making one last attempt. She put her hand on his shoulder as he turned to leave. He looked at her with internal anger and sadness.

“Ah, honey, I forgot. Mommy will be late tonight. I have a meeting until six o’clock.” She looked at him, questioningly, concerned for her son.

“Whatever... Bye mom.” Josh turned away.

“OK. I’ll leave money out for pizza, dear…”

Josh left, frustrated and angry at himself. He stormed out of the house, his cock hard, his teenage hormones surging. He was disgusted at his inability to take control. He was disgusted with his teasing, slutty mother!

After school, Josh came home to an empty house. He liked it better when his mother was there to greet him; to kiss him on the cheek while he glanced down her plunging neckline; to hug her tightly and smell her perfume; to watch her cook dinner in her short, tight skirts. 'Why couldn’t she be waiting for me, naked, when I got home from school?' he dreamed. 'Why couldn’t she be on her knees, right here, ready to suck his cock? Or be patiently waiting for him, bent over and ready to fuck, when he got home?'

He had been mad at himself all day. He knew his mother was a submissive slut, but he couldn’t bring himself to take advantage of it. “Shit, she fantasizes about my cock, and wants a man to control her, and I can’t do it!” He sighed dejectedly. He felt as if he was relegated to jacking off thinking about her. How could he make her fall over the edge of desire…? He had already put his hard cock in front of her and she didn’t act on it. What else could he do?

'Maybe she wrote in her diary last night?' he thought. Maybe something there could inspire him to act? His plan had been to tease her and get her horny. But, he didn’t know how to get to the next step! He could tell her what to cook, but how could he transition from that, to ‘Suck my cock’? He dropped his school books in his room, took off all of his clothes, and walked naked into his mother’s bedroom, his cock swelling, already anticipating another strong jerk-off session.

He saw the panties lying on her laundry basket, like before. This pair was soaking wet with her juices. She was playing with him… “Fucking bitch!” He breathed deeply of the intoxicating scent. Her pussy! Her hot, wet, slutty pussy! He gave them a lick, and tasted her essence.

He bent over to search for her private box, and found it right away. He retrieved her diary and flipped to yesterday’s entry.

“Josh found the panties I left for him. I picked them up and they were heavy. They were full of his cum! They smelled so good, I had to taste it. I ATE HIS CUM! I’m writing this while I’m lying in my bed, sniffing his cum from my panties, and rubbing my pussy with my vibrator. I’m going to close my eyes and fantasize about my own son fucking me! I’m such a fucking, sick, slut-puppy.”

Then, he saw an entry from this morning! He gripped his cock tighter.

“OMG! I went to wake up Josh this morning, and he had a hard on! His fucking cock was sticking straight up! His cock is so perfect! It is long and thick with a big, fat head. Just right for sucking and fucking! I walked up to it and measured it with my hands. It is longer than two, maybe three of my palms! I wanted to bend over and suck it. I want to feel it in my holes. The best part was, he was dreaming about ME! He was dreaming about me sucking his cock!

“He didn’t even cover up when I woke him. His cock was standing straight up! I swear, he ordered me to make him pancakes I almost creamed my panties! I love it when he is forceful with me.

“Before he left for school, he hugged me and told me that I was beautiful! His cock was hard. I knew he wanted to ask me something, so I begged him to ‘Tell mommy what you want’. I actually thought he was going to tell me to get on my knees and suck his beautiful cock! I would have too. Just the thought of wrapping my lips around my own son’s cock makes my pussy wet.”

His cock throbbed in his hand.

Then, what he read next made him stop and catch his breath!

“Josh, I know you found my diary and my toys. I know you jacked off on my door last night, listening to me cum and crying out your name.”

Josh couldn’t believe what he was reading! She knew! Was she putting him on? He stopped jacking his softening cock and continued to read, his hand trembling.

“Since you have read my diary, you know that your mother has a dirty secret and a sexual past that she has tried to keep hidden from you. But now, you know. I’m so sorry! I have always had a very submissive personality and I love sex. Those two urges have made me who I am. I’m so ashamed of myself, but I can’t change it. I hope you can forgive me, Josh, my sweet, sweet boy.

“I’ve tried to change, but I have been so horny and unfulfilled for so long! A large part of my being has been unnaturally suppressed, and I’m so close to losing control. Just smelling your scent in the house and knowing that I turn you on is so arousing to me! Finally, seeing your hard cock and tasting your cum has driven me over the edge and has awakened that part of me once again. I love you, and I want you to know that I will do anything for you. Anything…

“If you can’t handle what I am, and what I need, then just walk out of my room now, without reading any further. We will forget this ever happened and we can try to make everything normal again. Consider it as innocent flirtation between two horny people. So, just stop reading now and walk away…”

Josh’s eyes jumped to the next line immediately.

“If you want our relationship to change forever, stay. There can be no going back to the way it used to be. I will give you everything that a horny teenage boy needs. All you have to do is to be firm with me, control me, order me, and even force me, if you need to. I know you love me and would never hurt me. But I need you to make me do all the nasty things I so badly want to do, but could never do, unless you help. I need you to be the man of my dreams, to control me and love me, and tell me what to do. I want it. I need it. It will make me whole again. I know you will enjoy it too. It is what we both need right now. Become the firm, strong man you have to be, for both of us. Please?

“Honey, one more thing, I’m in the bedroom closet right now, watching you. All you have to do is ‘Tell mommy what you want’…”

The entry ended. The rest of the pages were blank.

“Mom?” he questioned, looking at the closet door. He could see it was opened a crack. “Mom, come out!” he bellowed, “Right now!”

The door slowly swung open. His mother stood there, eyes cast down. She was dressed in black, crotch-less panties with red trim and matching bra. She also wore fishnet stockings and garters, all meant to turn him on. Her face was made up, perhaps a bit too heavily – she looked very slutty. Her dark hair matched her black outfit. Her hair was soft, silky and freshly curled. Her breasts were nearly falling out of her bra. She was beautiful. She was hot. She was his mother, his slut, and she was standing before him.

The enormity of the situation hit Josh like a slap in the face. This was not a fantasy, it was reality. His submissive, slutty mother, the one he read about in her diary, was waiting for him to take control. His anger at her boiled over. “How could she be such a slut and a cock-whore?” he asked himself. 'HOW DARE SHE ACT LIKE THIS?' He decided right then that she needed to be punished. He would treat her exactly like she wanted to be treated. No, he would treat her like she ‘deserved’ to be treated! He would take control, dominate her and make his mother his personal fuck-toy!

Josh looked at her with disgust and arousal and said. “Come over here mom! NOW!”

Sharon jerked in surprise and quickly walked over to her son. She looked down at his naked body, his heavy balls, and his big, fat, beautiful cock!

Josh knew he could say it now. He could say what he couldn’t bring himself to say earlier. He knew he could tell her anything from now on, and that is exactly what he was going to do!

“Suck my cock, mom!” he said softly, looking at his slutty mother, “you know you want to...” He knew her pussy was wet. He waited… Sharon froze, licking her lips, staring at his huge cock. When she didn’t move he yelled at her. “GET ON YOUR KNEES AND SUCK MY FUCKING COCK, MOM!”

Sharon moaned and dropped to her knees, glancing nervously at her son. Her clitoris became engorged and her juices began to flow. Josh swung his legs over the side of his bed, so his cock now in front of her. Finally, after so many years, a hard, cum filled cock, all for her! She gripped his fat shaft and moaned again. It looked so big in her small hands. Hesitantly, she put out her tongue and licked his piss-slit, tasting his pre-cum.

She moaned at the taste and began to lick his glans, his frenulum, and then tongued his fat shaft down to his balls. She licked her son’s heavy sack, and then sucked each nut gently. This cock was special - it was real, not like her dildo - and, it belonged to her teenage son. She was going to savor it!

She tickled his balls with her fingers, scratching him gently with her long fingernails. She looked her son in the eyes, opened her mouth wide and sucked his fat cock-head into her mouth, tonguing it, loving it. She then sucked him deeply in to her throat!

“Oh, you are such a slut, mommy. My mother is a dirty cock sucking slut! Aren’t you mom?"

“Mmmmph, mmph!” she moaned in agreement, her mouth full of cock. She wiggled her ass and rocked her thighs, trying to stimulate her excited, wet, naked pussy.

“Ah, yeah, suck it, mom, suck your son’s cock! You are you a cock-hungry little whore, mommy. You have always been a slut. Now you are my slut only, understand?”

“Mmmmph, mmph!” Her son’s words made her cream. She was so horny, so dirty, and so slutty! This was what she had been craving! It felt so good!

“You know I’m going to fuck you every day from now on, right? I’m going to fuck your pussy. I’m going to fuck your ass. And, you are going to suck my cock whenever I want it.”

Sharon moaned, knowing her young, horny son would be dominating her every day, every morning, and each and every night... She reached her hand down to her hot pussy and began to finger herself. This was what she needed!

Josh continued his rant, imagining the nasty things he was going to do to her. “I may even make you fuck my friend Tim. Would you like that, my little mommy-slut? Would like me to order you to suck Tim’s cock? I might make you fuck both of us at the same time...”

She moaned thinking of how degrading it would be to fuck her son’s friend. She imagined Tim’s face, looking at her incredulously, as she crawled over to him and pulled out his cock, after her son ordered her to. Would Josh really make her a plaything for two teenage boys? Her poor pussy and asshole would be so abused! 'Oh GAWD!' her mind screamed! She had to stop fingering herself, or she would cum. She wanted to wait, to savor this moment and make it last.

“Maybe I’ll have a party and invite all the boys from my class? Maybe the football team? Or, maybe we should go down to the Adult book store and make you suck some strange cocks? Would you like to suck off a dozen men and swallow all their cum, mom? Suck them, fuck them and have them jack off on your slutty body until you are covered in cum? Or, I can post an ad and whore you out for money…”

Sharon moaned, “Mmmmph!” bobbing her head up and down on Josh’s cock, wanting to rub her hot cunt, imagining what her son would make her do, wondering what humiliating acts she would be compelled to perform for him. She was so aroused! She slipped a finger back into her dripping snatch.

It was too much for Josh. He watched his mother slurping his cock, remembering the many times he had jerked off to this very mental image. His balls tingled. He felt his orgasm beginning and grabbed the back of her head with both hands. He began to skull-fuck her, slamming his cock deep into her throat. He erupted into his mother’s mouth.

“Ah, I’m cumming, slut! Eat your son’s cum, you fucking cum-whore” Josh spurted a huge load into his mother’s hungry, slurping mouth. She moaned, tasting his fresh, sweet cream. Blast after blast of potent teenage splooge filled her oral cavity. There was so much cum it began to leak out of the corners of her mouth. He pulled out and shot onto her face, then pushed his spurting cock back into her mouth! She felt his cock pulse as he filled her slutty mouth with his cum again “Ah…! Ah…! Ah…!” he exclaimed, as he gave her mouth-hole three final thrusts, his cum spurts weakening in intensity with each motion of his hips. His orgasm finished, he panted, trying to get air into his lungs. He looked at his cum stained mother, still worshiping his cock between his knees.

Sharon savored the taste of his cum and eased her mouth off of his sensitive cock, licking his piss-slit and stroking him softly and lovingly. She slurped up the cum running down his shaft. She looked up at him, from her position on the floor, and licked the cum from her lips.

“Does my cum taste good, mom?” Josh looked down at his cum drenched slut, arrogant and proud of his new-found mastery over her.

“Yes, it tastes sooo good…, thank you, Josh” She suddenly regretted all the years she has wasted.

“Did you cum, my little mommy-slut?”

“Almost.  No… I wanted to wait… for you…dear.”

“Get on the bed; I want to see your cunt,” he told her.

“Yes dear.” Sharon climbed on the bed, her pussy leaking. She laid down and spread her legs wide, so her son could inspect his new toy.

“Your slutty hole is all wet, mom,” he said, “Just like the dirty panties you have been leaving for me.” He leaned in and gave her cunt a deep sniff. “Mmm, fresh pussy juice!” He plunged two fingers into her cunt! They slid in easily. He then placed his mouth over her twat and sucked her fat clit!

“Ahhh, Ow, Ow!” Sharon groaned as he sucked her swollen clitty with too much force. Josh continued to fuck her hole, trying to see how many fingers he could get inside of her. Two, then three of his large fingers stretched her cunt walls. Showing his mother no mercy, he continued to finger fuck her hard, all the while nibbling, sucking and biting her sensitive clit.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!" she exclaimed. Finally, she could be as vocal as she wanted to; she could cum loudly, like she used to! No more worrying that her son might hear her sexual moans. “AHH, FUCK, FUCK, FUUUCCCKKK!” she yelled, nearly screaming. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over her body. She needed this so badly! Her pussy clamped down on his fingers, her thighs quivered and she saw stars.

Josh felt complete control over her. He had made his mother cum. Now, it was his turn again.

”Show me your ass, slut!” he said. “Get on your hands and knees!” He cock was hard again. It was time to pound his mother’s pussy.

Sharon hurriedly presented herself to her son, ass up, face down. Josh got behind her and admired the view. Her round ass was before him. Her sexy, black lingerie showed off her soft flesh. He could see her ass-hole and exposed cunt. He slid his cock up and down her slit, feeling her heat and her wetness. He found her hole with his fat cock head and pushed it in. He didn’t stop until his balls rested against her crack.

“Ahhhh!” Sharon cried. “YES!” Finally, after days of fantasizing, she felt her son’s fat cock filling up her tight hole.

Josh showed her no mercy and began to drill her cunt. His balls slapped against her as he fucked her hard! “Slap, slap, slap!” was heard in the bedroom as his huge balls hit her cunt and swung up to smack against her clit. Her head was shoved deeper into the mattress with each thrust. Josh grabbed her ass cheeks, squeezing them, massaging them and then began to slap them.

“So, you like to get fucked, mom?” SLAP!


“Do you like your son’s cock in your slutty cunt?” SLAP!

“Oh, yes!”

“Tell me!”

“I like it! I like your cock in my slutty cunt!” She began to groan, “Uh, uh, uh!” with every thrust.

“Your ass-hole keeps winking at me, mom. Do you want me to fuck your little ass-hole?” SLAP!

“Oh, fuck…” she groaned, anticipating what was going to happen to her next.

“Answer me! Do you want me to fuck your slutty ass-hole?” SLAP, SLAP! He slapped his mother hard, once on each ass cheek. Sharon’s butt was turning bright red.

“YES, YES!” She cried. She loved to be ass-fucked! She loved to be spanked! “YES, FUCK MY SLUTTY ASS-HOLE!” she screamed, feeling both of her cheeks burning so nicely.

Josh pulled his throbbing cock from her cunt. He scooped up some of her flowing pussy juice, using three of his fingers to form a spoon. He slid them from the top of her pussy, first pinching her clit, and then down to her gaping hole, filling his hand with her cream! He smeared the slimy goo in and around her ass-hole, pushing his fingers in deep. “Ahhh!” his mother moaned, feeling her tight bung-hole being stretched! He gathered up more juice, put it in her ass, then finally smeared some on his cock-head, and then slicked up his shaft.

He looked down at her greasy ass-hole and pressed his fat cock-head against it. He paused, looking down at his submissive mother, making her wait for his cock to penetrate her. She turned her head to look at him, confused at the delay. He met her eyes, smiled, and pushed hard! His fat cock-head penetrated her sphincter, swallowing his cock-head.
He grinned, watching her eyes widen in surprise, her mouth opening uncontrollably, making a large ‘O’ shape as she began to pant, relishing the sweet-pain of her ass-hole being spread to its limits!

“Uuuunnngghh!” Sharon groaned, as he pushed his cock steadily into her ass. Deeper, deeper, and then he gave a hard thrust and his balls slapped against her cunt.

Josh paused again, enjoying the exquisite feelings of his mother’s ass-hole spasming around his cock!

“Do you like my cock in your slutty ass? SLAP!


“Are you my ass-slut, mom?” SLAP!


Do you like to be called a slut, mom?” SLAP!

“YES, Oh yes! I’m a dirty, nasty slut!” She screamed, “NOW FUCK ME!”

Josh pulled out his cock until the flared head began to escape from her tight hole. He slammed it back in, enjoying her moans. He did it again.

“Ohhh, yes! Fuck it, fuck my slutty-ass!”

“Take it then, you fucking slut, you whore, you cum-guzzling BITCH!” SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!

Josh grabbed his mother’s sensitive, red, ass cheeks and gripped them hard, one in each hand. He began to slam his cock into her ass, using his grip to pull her body back as he thrust his shaft forward. He concentrated on the feelings of his cock plunging into her tight hole, and felt his balls slapping against her with each thrust. He slammed as deep and as hard as he could! All his rage and sexual frustrations was being taken out on his poor mother’s ass. He banged her repeatedly, he used her unmercifully.

Sharon reached back with one hand and began to rub her pussy furiously! She pinched her clit and plunged her fingers into her pussy, feeling her son’s hard cock pounding her sensitive, willing ass. It felt so good!

“Ahhhhh, I’m coming Josh! Your mommy is coming all over your fat cock!” Sharon’s orgasm began somewhere deep inside of her, between her stretched and hammered ass-hole and her gushing, tingling cunt.

She felt her thighs quiver as her son’s cock continued to stimulate her hole. She worked her fingers in her gash... She closed her eyes and felt her head being tossed back and forth as her son, the fruit of her own loins, fucked her hard, just like she yearned and needed to be fucked. It had been too long, and it felt so good! The taboo aspect of it thrilled her. It wasn’t just any strange cock fucking the living shit out of her, it was her SON! It was so naughty, and so fucking HOT! She was so proud of Josh; his dominance, the size of his cock and the way he used her and degraded her for his own pleasure. She gripped his cock with her ass ring, striving to give him all the pleasure she could. She was rewarded, and felt his cock expand in her hole. “Ah, ah, ah, I’M CUMMINNNNGG!” she yelled. “Fuck me! Fuck me, Josh!”

Josh felt his mother’s ass squeezing his shaft, his balls began to tingle and his cock swelled! “Oh, you fucking slut, you fucking ass-whore! I’m going to cum in your ass, I’m going to shoot into your FUCKING SLUTTY ASS!” He gripped her cheeks harder, leaving finger marks. He slammed into her gaping hole, going deep, shooting his sperm with each forceful thrust! His balls began to empty, he felt his cum again surge up his shaft and shoot into his mother’s bowels. The intense orgasm tore thru him, the final culmination of his disappointment, sustained arousal, and new-found dominance over his mother. He grabbed her long hair, pulling her head back. “I’M CUMMING IN YOUR SLUTTY ASS, BITCH! TAKE IT! TAKE MY CUM, YOU FUCKING WHORE!” Sharon stared at the ceiling, her hair pulled tight, her body rocking. Josh watched his mother’s ass slamming back onto him, working his cock, helping him go deeper and he felt her squeezing his cock with her sphincter. “AAARRRGGGHHHH!”

Sharon felt her son’s hot cum blasting into her. One huge shot, then two more filled her up. She came again, feeling her pussy spasm around her fingers, as he shot his sperm into her raw and sensitive ass. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” she cried, as her orgasm washed over her. She felt him thrusting slower, deeper, then slower, even slower, then twice more, then once, and then, he stopped...

They were spent, drained and exhausted. They stayed together for a while, catching their breath and feeling the sweat drip from their exhausted bodies. Joshed pulled his still-firm cock from his mother and fell back upon the bed. Sharon joined him, cuddled with him, and kissed his face, his neck, his chest, running her fingers thru his chest hair, admiring the man he had become.

Now that he was finished, Josh felt a small twinge of guilt, but quickly disregarded it. Funny, he had almost felt bad for how he treated his slutty mother until he saw how much she loved it. He knew she loved him, and he still loved her, but things were definitely going to be different from now on…

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“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow


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Great premise!  I love the slight role reversal here, of a 15yo boy satisfying his sumbissive mom, and learning the dominant side of role play.  Something different from the run of the mill incest stories, that start to run together without something to tell them apart.

“His balls are huge!” she noticed, “and full of thick, teenage cum…” she though.

Speaking of which.  In the context of this paragraph, using "Quotes" made me think she said this out loud, right in front of her son.  Then she though(t) as an afterthought.

Just a minor quibble, but in an otherwise different, and engaging story.  You might want to try using italics to differentiate private thought from spoken monologue.  Just to avoid any confusion, but keep up the good work!

(Also, this is new.  Therefore a lot easier to edit without bothering RopeFiend or another mod.)
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Valid comments regarding quotes. As a new writer who likes to use a lot of dialog as well as describing internal thoughts, it can be challenging.
I researched this subject briefly some time ago and found a few recommendations; using italics is one solution, no quotes at all, or using double quotes if it is obvious. However, I agree, my use made the story a bit confusing.
This was one of my earlier stories, and I've tried to improve. I try to use double quotes when I can be clear that the thoughts are internal, but I also like to use double quotes for spoken words and single quotes for internal thought. I think the reader can pick up on that, though I can't find it in any 'official' recommendations. But I think it works.
I updated the story using the single quote for 'thoughts' concept.
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“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow


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I updated the story using the single quote for 'thoughts' concept.

Thanks!  That's great.  Either or, as long as you can tell.  Every artist has different techniques, and conversations like this is how we become better as writers together.

I typically write Stream of Consciousness, anyway.  So basically, it's all their internal monologue, except for "Quotes."  I also use apostropes for 'whispers' or "Quote 'subquote' /quote." when someone is quoting someone else out loud.

It's all confusing, but so is sex.  At least if you ask me, especially when you get into extremes like orgies, gangbangs, molestation, incest, 1st times, and underage victims that don't understand sex very well because they're not mature enough to be engaging in it.

So personally, I think a little confusion is actually pretty realistic.  

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What an AWESOME story..