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Cock-Sucking-Sissy-Faggot-Cum-Slut (MM, MC)

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on: July 07, 2018, 04:41:06 PM
Cock-Sucking-Sissy-Faggot-Cum-Slut (MM, mc)

Summary - A man's descent into sissy-hypno cock-sucking depravity.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

I was standing at the urinal in a small, public restroom. I had just stopped my car in a small town off of the highway to take a leak and then get something to eat. There I was, minding my own business, when another guy walked in. The bathroom only had a toilet, urinal, a small counter, sink and mirror. No stalls.

I guess I didn’t lock the door properly. I was a little annoyed. It was obvious I was peeing, and it was a one-man bathroom, yet he came in anyway.

‘Oh well’, I thought, ‘there is room enough for two. He probably has to really go.’

We briefly locked eyes as he walked to the toilet next to me. He unzipped, stood a foot back and pissed. He really did have to go. I glanced at him, irritated, as he arched his back and let loose a strong, yellow stream. I then took a look at his cock. It was a good six inches long, thick, and only half-hard. ‘Wow, nice dick,’ I thought to myself.

Now, I’ve always been straight and I’ve never been with another man, however lately, I’ve been fantasizing about sucking a nice, hard cock, tasting a stranger’s cum, and even taking a stiff one up my ass!

Gay sex is not the only masturbation fantasy I have, of course. But this theme has been occurring more and more often in my daily jack-off sessions. I even bought a small collection of various sized cock-shaped dildos that I would sometimes suck, pretending they were a real cock. I had even begun fucking my ass with them while watching gay and shemale porn, imagining that it was me getting fucked! I bought frilly underwear too! I even wore my favorite pair of pink panties to work one day. I am so naughty. I don’t know what has gotten in to me lately…

I guess it started about six months ago, when I first watched a ‘Sissy Hypnosis’ video. I got so turned on by on it! Just hearing the hypnotic voices tell me over and over “You love cock”, “You crave cock”, “You love the taste of cum”, “Worship cock”, “You must have cock”, and, “Suck strange men to get cum”. All the while images of hard cocks being sucked by submissive, cock-sucking, sissy-sluts flashed on the screen. Watching submissive fag-boys, with their naked asses in the air, begging to be fucked with hard cocks filled my mind. Watching the faggots slurp up the huge, spurting cum-loads sent me over the edge! I had one of the biggest cums ever! I was hooked! I watched it over, and over again!

I then searched out and watched all the sissy training videos I could find. My favorite’s ones, and the ones that made me cum the hardest, were when the voices told me that I was nothing more than a “Sissy cock-sucker”, and that I was simply a “cum-dumpster for sperm”. I loved being told that I must “Submit to men, all men”, and to “Let them use your fuck-holes”. I was told that “Submitting to cocks makes you happy”, and “You must please men”, “You must suck any man’s hard cock”. In my jack off sessions, I’d play the cock-hungry sissy-slut, craving another man’s sperm, and worshiping cocks of all shapes and sizes. It never failed to get me off.

After cumming, I would lick the warm goo off of my hand, savoring it, just like I was ordered in the hypnotic-videos. I seemed to crave the taste of my own cum now, I don’t know why. It is a dirty little secret of mine, one that makes me feel sexy, desirable and horny. It is all just fantasies mind you, only innocent “cock sucking, sissy-faggot, cum-slut fantasies”. I had never shared it with anyone, or followed thru on my dirty, perverted thoughts.

However, lately, I would look at other men, glancing at their bulges, and imagining what their cocks looked like. I'd been hoping I’d get the chance to see one up close soon - like the pretty cock I was staring at now. I slowly realized he had stopped pissing some time ago...

“Like what you see?” I suddenly heard. He had been watching me while I stared at his gorgeous cock.

Damn it! I was daydreaming about my faggot fantasies and got busted staring at stranger’s dick! I felt myself turning red from embarrassment and quickly looked away.

“Ah, sorry,” I muttered. I shook the last drop of pee off my own stiffening dick, zipped up, and started to exit the men’s room.

“Wait,” he said. I stopped. I felt compelled to obey him. “It’s alright,” he added. I turned and glanced sheepishly back at him. I froze.

He then turned to me, still holding his cock in his hand. “Go ahead, take a good look, I don’t mind.” He took a couple steps towards me, putting his back towards the door, his long dick still hanging out. “I’m actually proud of it,” he said, while giving it a shake up and down.

I looked him in the eyes (quite handsome eyes, I should say). He was well built, toned and strong. He brushed his hair out of his eyes, he shook his dick at me again and said, “Go ahead, take a good long look at another man’s cock - you know you want to…”

I did want to! I stared intently at his cock. It was slowly getting harder, longer, and fatter. It was almost eight inches long now. It had a nice, well shaped head with dark veins beginning to protrude on both sides. It pulsed. It looked delicious… Why was my mouth watering?

He shook it at me again for a third time. I watched it grow. Subconsciously, I licked my lip, imagining how it would feel… Imagining how it would taste!

“Do you like it?” he asked.

“Uh, yeah, it’s nice.” I managed to croak. It was beautiful. It was perfect.

“it's beautiful..., It’s perfect...,” I said aloud, staring at it. I wanted it.

“Thanks,” he said.

There was silence in the small room while I stared at it. It was almost fully hard now, over eight inches of hard cock, long and thick! The flared head was slowly getting angry and purple. I watched it throb again.

Then, he asked me softly, “Have you ever touched another man’s cock?”

I shook my head ‘no,’ without taking my eyes off his hardening rod.

I had briefly played with my best friend’s small dick when I was young, and he with mine. But recently, I wished we had done more. I wished we had sucked each other off, and I wished he had put his hard little dicklet up my ass. However, I had answered honestly – I had never seen a man’s cock, only a boy’s stiff little pee-pee. And, now there was a man’s hard cock less than a yard away from me. My legs felt week. I couldn’t move.

‘Oh God, what am I doing?' I thought to myself. ‘Get out of here, now!’ But, I was mesmerized by his cock, by his perfect, hard, throbbing cock! I couldn’t move… I wanted it like I never wanted anything in my life… I was hypnotized, controlled, and dominated by a complete stranger and his magnificent cock. I was getting turned on…

“Touch it,” he said. I paused… “Go on, it’s OK, touch it,” he added softly, “You may never get another chance.”

I knew he was right. I had to feel it, to stroke it! I reached my hand out, and stopped. This was my last chance to back out. If I continued, I would become my fantasy; a sissy and a faggot!

“Do it!” he commanded.

Startled, I did as I was told. I slowly reached over and softly grasped it with my trembling hand. It felt heavy and hard. It felt alive in my hand. I stroked it gently. It felt familiar, but thicker and longer than my own shaft.

“Wow,” I said aloud, stroking the length of his cock.

To myself I thought, ‘It feels so hot. It feels so wonderful.’ My emotions shook me as I realized I was holding another man’s cock! I felt it throb in my hand as I continued to stroke it gently; cognizant of the softness of my touch, and not wanting to move to fast, or grip him to hard, knowing I was making him feel good. My perverted fantasy was coming true.

“I knew you would like it,” he said “You were staring at my dick like a cock-hungry slut.” His words shook me.

‘Yes,' I thought to myself, ‘I do like it. And yes, I am a cock-hungry slut.’ I could not believe it! I was fondling another man’s cock - in a public restroom! My head was spinning, but, it felt so right and I was getting so turned on. I felt my dick stiffening even more and I felt my last reserves of dignity leaving me. I tried to fight it. I made one last herculean effort to regain my sanity! Everything stopped….

“Um, OK, thanks,” I said, “That was real nice.” I had come to my senses! I loosened my grip, intending to leave. I was going to walk out and forget this ever happened.

“Don’t stop!” he said sharply, “Keep stroking it! Close your eyes and enjoy it! You know you want this…”

That was it; I was compelled to obey him. I was lost! I closed my eyes, giving in to the feelings coursing thru me. I stroked his cock and moaned “Yes…, oh, it is so hard…, so long…, and so thick!” I was really getting into it now. It was hot! I wanted this man’s cock. I wanted to make him feel good. I wanted to make him cum! I wanted to be a cock-hungry slut for this nameless stranger, to submit totally to this Alpha-male!

He moaned softly as I gripped him tighter “Yes, do it…” he said. Images of cocks and cum flooded my mind. I was a sissy-whore, doing what I was meant to do! There was no turning back now.

“Hang on second - don’t stop!” he commanded. He turned his upper body, reached behind him, and locked the door. The ‘click’ sounded ominous in the small room. I continued to stroke his cock.

“Now, let me get these out of the way.” He dropped his pants and then his underwear. They dropped down to the floor. He pushed his cock forward and lifted his shirt at the same time. I could see all of him - his flat abs, his hard cock in my hand, his big beautiful balls. So manly, so perfect!

I moved closer to him and cupped his heavy balls with my other hand. Desire washed over me. I could smell his sweat, his balls, and his sex! Pre-cum began to ooze out of his slit and I rubbed it over the head. His cock pulsed as the slick goo slimed over our skin.

He moaned again, as I applied more dick-juice to his cock. I was rock hard in my pants. I groped his shaft and gently tickled his balls with my other hand. The only sounds in the room was our heavy breathing, our soft moans, and the sweet, scratching sound of my fingers running thru the hairs on his heavy, cum filled balls. An eternity had passed. I was in heaven.

I knew what I would do next before he said it. “Suck it,” he said. “Suck my cock, you hot little bitch.”

I dropped to my knees immediately – just like a ‘hot little bitch’ should. I grinned. The world seemed to stop as I got my first close up look another man’s cock - the focal point of all my sissy desires! It was big, hot, and throbbing. Just for me and my faggot mouth! It was only inches from my face, it was really happening!

I moaned out loud as I prepared to worship my first cock! I reached out reverently and gripped it behind the head. It was beautiful! The image is still burned in my mind! It was hard and thick; the veins running along it were filled with blood. It was slick from the pre-cum where I had smeared it, now shining from the florescent lights above me. The balls were swollen and full - I knew they were full of cum! Hot, thick man cum! I squeezed it, and saw another large drop ooze out. Everything happened as if in slow-motion! Without thinking, I leaned in and licked the clear fluid dripping from his piss hole. It tasted like nectar! I stared at his cock. I was mesmerized!

“Get busy, slut!” he growled. “Start working on my cock…, faggot…”

‘Yes, I am a slutty faggot!’ I thought, and his words only flamed my desire to please him. I quickly licked around the head, savoring all of the salty ooze I had rubbed over his cock. It tasted wonderful, and I wanted more! At his urging, I put my mouth over the fat head, swirling my tongue around the thick ridge. I licked the head some more, and, gripping his cock tightly, moved it left, right, up and down, so I could lick all around and behind the flared head. I knew this was making him feel fantastic. I wanted to show this stranger what a good cock-sucker I was! I was going to do the very best I could do! I needed to make him proud of me! I was going to give him the best blow-job he ever had!

I took the head into my mouth again. For some reason, licking and sucking cock seemed like the most natural thing in the world to me, and I suddenly realized that I loved it! More than that, I wanted it. No, I needed it, I craved it! I had to have more! I was on fire!

“Call me a more names,” I begged, “Call me your little-sissy-faggot-bitch. Let me be your faggot-cock-sucking-whore,” I whispered.

Suddenly, he slapped me, hard, across the face.

 I looked up at him startled, ‘How did I displease him?’ I wondered.

“Shut up faggot!” he said, “Get busy sucking my dick, you cock-hungry whore! Suck it all the way down, bitch!”

Yes! This is what I wanted and what I have craved! To be degraded and used as a slutty, cum receptacle for anonymous men!

I started sucking him deeply into my hot, sissy mouth. I wanted nothing more that to please him, to make him cum, to be his perfect cock-sucking faggot! I began bobbing my head slowly at first, up, and then down. His thick shaft stretched my jaw to the limit as I sucked this cock the best I could! Deeper, and deeper, in and out, being careful to keep my teeth out of the way. I didn’t want to get slapped again!

“All the way faggot! Suck it all the way down!” he demanded. He then he put a wide hand on the back of my bobbing head and tried to shove his cock further down my warm, cock-gobbling throat!

“Mmmmphhhh!” I moaned in alarm. His cock forced its way deeper, filling my throat to its limit and suddenly cutting off my air supply! On the backstroke, I took a deep breath, my nostrils flaring, still sucking and not missing a beat.

Again, he pushed my head down, going deeper this time. “I’ll skull-fuck you hard if you don’t take all, slut!” he urged.

‘Could I do it?’ I thought? ‘Could I take his whole shaft down my throat? Breathe! Breathe!’ I thought to myself! If I was not careful, I would pass out from lack of oxygen. I had practiced this on my rubber cocks, and I could deep-throat all but the largest one. But, the cock plunging in and out of my throat was longer and thicker than even that one! But, I had to try; the overwhelming desire to please him consumed me!

I relaxed my throat, closed my eyes and took a deep breath! He sensed a change in me, and started going slowly. He gently forced his fat cock down my throat, past my gullet, until I felt my face touch his stomach. I did it! I held him there and then I swallowed, knowing he could feel my throat tighten around his cock. I slowly brought my head back, feeling his cock slide out of my throat. I took my mouth off of my prize, all without gagging the least little bit! It bounced before me, and I looked up at my lover.

“Someone’s been practicing,” he said, grinning at me.

I was in love! I slowly put him back in my mouth, taking him deeply in and out of my throat, over and over again. All the way down, all the way up!

“Oh yeah, you faggot! Damn, you are good. Oh, yeah! Keep sucking my fat cock, you dick-bitch, you fucking slut!”

I was so happy, so proud, and so horny! I continued to suck him as he began face-fucking me again, as if my mouth was nothing but a pussy to be fucked hard! I gasped for breath when I could, letting him have his way with me.

“Yeah, you fucking queer! You’re nothing but a cock-sucking sissy-boy! That’s it! Suck it! Damn, you were born to be a cock-sucking whore!”

His words made my dick harder. I felt like I would cum every time he called me a ‘fag’ a ‘whore' a ‘cocksucker!'

“Oh yeah, bitch,” he moaned. “What a great, fucking blow-job from a sissy-faggot-cock-whore.”

He kept up a steady stream of foul names. Calling me every name he could think of, “dick smoker”, “fag-hag”, ”knob-gobbler”. He asked if I liked cocks up my ass (I nodded), and then started calling me ”fudge packer”, “turd burglar”, “ass pirate”. “Are you cum- slut?” he asked. “Are you a cum-guzzler, a cum-dumpster?” All the while fucking my face relentlessly! Oh, how I loved it! I was in heaven!

His words spurred me on. Time to make him cum! I somehow got him to stop fucking my face by pulling away and saying, “Let me do it, let me make you cum all by myself, please sir?”

He slapped me again for my insolence, but that didn't stop me from sucking his glorious cock. To my delight, he stopped his thrusts, and allowed me to continue, as I made hot, faggot-love to his cock the best I knew how. Slurping sounds filled the room as I quickened my actions. Spit drooled down my chin as I worked on him. I wanted him to cum! I wanted to taste his cum spurting down my throat. I wanted to feel his hot cum blasting in my face. I wanted to be a cum-guzzling faggot whore! I bounced my face on his cock, faster and faster! All the way down, till I could lick his balls, then all the way back up! He didn’t have to fuck my face; I was doing it for him!

As his cock would leave my mouth-hole, I would jack his flesh with one hand, while rubbing his balls with the other. I would swirl my tongue around his sensitive head every time he slid out of my throat and into my hot, sucking mouth! I got a rhythm going, knowing I would be rewarded soon! Deep-throat his cock, swallow his cock, slide it out, jack it, tickle his balls, tongue his fat head, and repeat. Down, up, swallow! Jack, tickle, swirl! I was a cock sucking machine, with only one, no two things on my mind – his pleasure and my hot, slimy reward!

“I’m going to cum, you whore! Your faggot mouth is making me cum! Take it, queer-boy! Take my cum, bitch! Ahhhhhhhh!” he cried!

I felt his cock swell. The head expanded in the back of my throat - I pulled back until his flared gland was resting on my tongue - I wanted to taste it!

It swelled even more and I felt the cum surging up his shaft! The first blast hit the roof of my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his swollen head, tasting his hot spunk! There was so much cum! I bobbed my head slowly, savoring the taste as I cupped his balls and worked his shaft with my hand. I swallowed down the first slimy load!

Quickly pulling his cock out of my mouth, I continued to jack him off, and giving his cock a loving lick! I wanted to see it spurt! Aiming it at my open mouth, I watched as it jerked again and then he spewed a large wad of cum from his piss-slit. I watched it sail over my eyes, blast my forehead, and drip down my cheek. I quickly lowered my aim and watched another blast fly right into my open mouth! I kept it in my mouth, savoring the taste, as another blast hit my open lips and fell to my chin. I felt it drip to the floor. Not wanting to lose any more delicious cum, I popped his still spurting cock into my mouth, locking my lips tightly around his shaft. I sucked and swirled my tongue around his head until I felt the cum blasts lessen, softly spurting into my hot, sucking mouth, once, twice, and then slowly oozing a few more times. I swallowed as best I could as he erupted; only a little escaped from the corners of my mouth. So much yummy cum! I sucked the head gently, trying to get the last drops of ejaculate into my mouth.

I looked up at him, and slowly eased up on his sensitive cock head. I knew I was covered in cum and I had a bellyful of man-goo. It was heaven. I swallowed and savored the taste once again.

“That was great, faggot”, he said,” I think you have found your true calling.” He pulled his softening dick from my lips, squeezed out the last drop of cum and rubbed his cock back and forth against my lips. I stuck out my tongue to give him more pleasure and to help clean his cock. He then took that glorious cock from my lips and pulled up his underwear, hiding that magnificent shaft from my view. It was over way too soon!
He zipped-up his pants, unlocked the door and then turned to look at me. I was still on my knees, covered in his cum - still tasting him and still longing for more cock….

“Same time tomorrow, slut?” he said with a smirk.

I glanced at my watch, quickly noting the time. I could only nod my head eagerly, up and down, up and down - ‘yes!’

“Don’t be late,” he commanded. And finally, he turned and left. I heard him muttered “Fucking faggot,” and more softly, “Damn!" He was shaking his head as he walked away. I knew he loved it and that he would be back again. I had given him the blow-job of a life time!

I got up off my knees as the door closed behind him. I reached over and turned the locked. I needed to be alone for a moment. It was quiet in the room. My heavy, deep breathing was the only sound. My knees hurt, my jaw was tired, and my throat ached, but it was the best I’ve felt in years!

I turned to the mirror and looked at the cum-covered reflection staring back at me. Damn, I looked sexy! I felt my dick straining against my pants. I was amazed that I didn’t cum while sucking his cock. Too busy to focus on my own pleasure, I guess. But, I needed to cum now! I quickly dropped my pants, pulled out my slippery cock and began to jack off. I stared at the image in the mirror – looking at the little faggot cock-sucker I had become.

“Yes, you are a faggot! A cock-sucking-sissy-faggot-cum-slut!” I said to aloud to my cum-covered self in the mirror, as I jerked off.

”And, a very good, faggot, sissy cock-sucker you are too!” I noted. Seeing cum on my lips, I stuck out my tongue to taste it again. I got all I could reach, licking my lips and then the corners of my slutty mouth. I began reliving the whole, dirty experience in my mind.

“And, you are a cum-guzzling slut!” I moaned to myself, tasting his cum on my tongue, and jacking my dick harder. “You are a faggot now, you know? A cock-whore, now and forever…” I knew I spoke the truth, and it so turned me on!

I couldn’t believe it! Did I really just suck off a complete stranger in a public bathroom? I was staring at the evidence still spattered all over my face. I jerked my dick and I stared at what I had become - a cum-covered, cock-sucking faggot. I looked so good! Damn, I wished I had a cock in my mouth again. A thought came to me –“A cock in my mouth, AND, one in my ass! One to suck, and one to fuck! I’d be in queer-boy heaven!” I needed a hard cock in my ass right now; I needed one pounding my faggot boi-pussy. I pushed out my naked ass and imagined getting butt-fucked – hard - by the nameless stranger and his thick cock, while another man fucked my faggot mouth-hole.

My cock felt so good! I felt so good, so complete! I knew I wouldn’t last long. I felt my orgasm building in the base of my balls as my imaginary friends used me like the whore I was. The whore I AM!

“Feed me your cum! I NEED IT!” I cried, as I felt the cum churning in by balls. The good feelings were building up to a massive climax!

My asshole tightened, squeezing the imaginary cock I wished was back there. I could almost feel it slamming into my hole, again, and again. I opened my mouth, making an “O” shape, imagining it again filled with delicious, hard, throbbing cock. The only sounds were my moans and the stacco “Fap”, “ Fap”, "Fap” sounds as I beat off. I looked at my depraved reflection as I thought of a fat cocks filling all my holes! ‘If I only had a pussy’ I thought, ‘Then, I could take on three cocks! Five, with one in each hand, spurting come all over my ass, my face, my pussy, my cock!’

“I need cocks, I need more cum!” I nearly shouted it!

A few more strokes and I was there! I imagined all the hard, fat cocks spurting into me as I came!

The feelings tore thru me as I blasted shot after shot of boy-juice out of my piss-hole! I felt it shooting up from way down deep in my balls. I was cumming, like the imaginary cocks in my fantasy – they were shooting off in my ass and in my mouth, my face, and my hands - all over me, until I was covered in hot cum! “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” The sound felt like it came from my bowels, as I came. It was glorious!

My first and second shots arced up and over, landing on the counter, under the mirror. “Uhhh, Uhhh,” I moaned, as I blasted. The third, fourth and fifth shot I, managed to catch in my palm. I jacked until I was spent, and the waves of my orgasm slowly lessened. My orgasm was so strong! I could smell the cum in the air, my fresh cum, and the smell of man-sex that still enveloped me! My knees were weak, my head was spinning. I leaned against the sink, catching my breath, and squeezing last drops of cum into my hand. I felt so satisfied!

I recognized a different feeling as it washed over me, like a cleansing shower from a mountain waterfall - I was happy. I was content. This was the best cum I’ve had in a long time, but there was something else.

I knew my place now…

I had just given a total stranger a fantastic blow-job, and I loved it! I loved sucking a stranger’s cock and swallowing his sperm. I love the taste of cum and wanted more!

I realized that cock was what I had been missing in life! Sucking cock, swallowing cum, and being humiliated! Being a faggot and doing what I was told – this is what will make me whole and complete, just like the sissy hypnotic videos had suggested! What a coincidence!

I realized that there are many men out in the world! So many men with hard cocks who would love having a fag like me sucking their dicks whenever they wanted! Women wanted relationships, men wanted sex. I would be sucking stranger's cocks like only a true, sissy-faggot-cum-craver could!

I smiled as I again looked at my image in the mirror. And just like a true cum-slut, I thought of my lover watching me as I licked the thick, pool of cum out of my hand and swallowed it down. I noticed a slight difference in taste; between his sperm and mine. I was becoming a true cum-connoisseur! His cum tasted so much sweeter than mine. But maybe, I thought, you appreciate it more when you have to work hard for it!

I watched a drop of his cum fall slowly off my face, and land with a small ‘plop’ onto the counter. Damn, I looked like such a cum-whore! I stared longingly at the cum drop, wishing there were more. I noticed the stream of my own cum where it landed on the counter. I knew I would not waste a drop of it. I bent over to slurp it up…

“Wait!” I thought! I looked so sexy, so covered in cum that I had to remember this! I had to record it! I could use it to jack off again and again! My dick throbbed as I began thinking about it!

Taking my phone from my pants pocket (which were still around my ankles), I snapped a few pictures of my cum-covered face and then my tongue licking the cum-splattered counter. After taking some hot selfies to remember the moment by, I recorded a video of myself, saying what a cock-sucking slut I was! I began wiping the sperm from my face, and then sucking my fingers till they were clean. All l the while, I spoke to the camera telling it what had just happened. Admitting for all time that I had just become a faggot, cock-hungry, cum-whore!

I felt myself getting harder, as I recorded my every slutty action.

“Maybe he will fuck your boi-pussy, tomorrow, if you are lucky, faggot,” I said out loud, wiping the last of his cum off my face and slurping it up for the camera. I fingered my ass hole. I decided that I’d wear my favorite pink panties tomorrow, and bring some lube, just in case! I couldn’t wait! My cock became ridged, thinking about it.

“Hey, maybe he will bring some friends to fuck your tight little ass, while you suck his fat cock,” I said loudly and excitedly to the fag in the mirror, putting a lot of emphasis on the words “Ass” and “Cock”.

Just as the last word left my cum-stained lips, the door-knob jiggled loudly, as someone tried to get in.

‘Shit! Did I lock it right this time?’ I thought to myself, ‘Suck a fat cock? Is it possible someone just heard me say that?’

I panicked and tried to hit “stop” on the recording. I quickly smashed more buttons in an effort to hide my cum-splattered image from staring up at me from the phone. “Damn-it!” the phone slipped from my slippery, slimy, cum-covered fingers!

I turned around. My pants were still around my ankles and my quickly softening dick was dripping pre-cum onto the floor. There were the remnants of dried cum-stains still on my face.

The door jiggled again, and suddenly it opened wide! It was then I heard my own voice coming up from the fallen phone - my recent video had started playing, at full volume! I had pressed the wrong buttons!

“I am a faggot, cock-hungry, sissy-slut” I heard my recorded voice say. “I just sucked off a man in a public restroom, and swallowed his cum, and I can’t wait to do it again!"

I tried to cover my dick with my hands, but slowly began fondling it instead. I stared at the handsome man standing in the doorway. He was huge, and strong! He towered over me. I couldn’t help wonder what his cock looked like? ‘Was it big?’ ‘Was it fat?’ In any event, I knew it was loaded with cum! I was so ashamed of myself, so humiliated, and yet so horny!

The man came in and looked at me. He looked at my hands on my dick, and at my cum-stained face. We both looked at my phone playing back my recent video. A close up of me wiping cum off my face and lovingly, and loudly, slurping the goo off my fingers!

“Oohh, I’m such a sissy, cum-guzzling whore! I want to be used by men, like the fuck-slut, cock-sucker that I am!” the video continued.

The man smiled at me, rubbed his growing bulge, and closed the door. I heard the firm “Click” sound as he locked the door behind him. Since that moment, like Pavlov’s dogs, that sound never fails to turn me on!

I smiled coyly back at him and dropped down, once again, to my knees… The video played on.

“I love cock”… “I love cum”… “I’m a cum-dumpster for sperm”…”I must please men”…”I must suck cock”…”I love cock in my ass”…

I reached for his zipper. It was the best day EVER!

© Copyright Undeniable Urges, 2015 - 2018. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Undeniable Urges, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow


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Great story!  Thanks for contributing.

{PS:  The title could use a little work.  Just "Cum Dumpster (MM MC)" would cut it down, so it's too short to word-wrap.)
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Cock-Sucking-Sissy-Faggot-Cum-Slut 2 (MM, mc)
Summary - The hypno-video sissy adventure continue!

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

Summary of previous chapter – I had stopped at a small public restroom to take a leak, and suddenly found my gay fantasies becoming reality! I met a man who compelled me to be the cock-sucking, sissy, faggot, cum-slut I was meant to be - just like my favorite sissy hypnotic videos! After sucking my first cock, I was discovered by a second man who walked in on me as the video recording of my previous slutty action began playing. We both listened as I described what a cock-sucking slut I was. He rubbed his dick; I dropped to my knees and reached for his zipper…

Even on my knees I had to look up to reach his crotch! He was a big man! I could see his
bulge growing under his denim jeans. The outline of his swelling cock was obvious; it hung down and low, inside one pant leg. I reached up hungrily for his zipper, my fingers struggling with his tight jeans. He saw my difficulties and helped by quickly unbuckling his belt, loosening the material for me, as my video played on…

“Maybe he will bring some friends to fuck your tight little ass while you suck his fat cock,” were the last words we heard. We both paused as the video finally stopped. It ended with the sounds of the door jiggling, my soft cursing.  Silence followed. I was so embarrassed!

“So, you like to suck cock, eh?” he asked, arching one eyebrow.

“Yes,” I said. “I love to suck cock.” Subconsciously, my favorite sissy hypnosis video played over and over in my mind. I heard the rest of the line from the video echoing in the dark recesses of my mind as I undid the clasp;  ‘I like to swallow cum’, ‘I like to please men’,  ‘I am a sissy slut’, ‘I am a submissive and obedient cock whore’, ‘I am a cum dumpster for alpha men.’ I found his zipper and triumphantly pulled it down. “Zzzziiippp!” The sound echoed around the small room.

I reached up with both hands, preparing to grab his jeans from around his hips and pull them down, like a true, experienced cock-sucking slut! This was only my second time servicing a man’s cock, but felt as if I had been doing it forever.

Sucking one cock and tasting another man’s cum seemed to drive me further into sissy depravity. I remembered a line from one of my favorite sissy training videos. It said that once I tasted another man’s cum, there was no going back, and I would become a sissy cock-loving faggot forever, serving strange men with my mouth, hands and boi-pussy. I savored the recent taste of cum in my mouth and realized that I could live this way forever; sucking, fucking and serving men. I smiled at the continuing coincidences. It was as if the videos somehow foretold my future actions, but, how could they do that? It was weird!

I felt the need to further educate the owner of my next cock.

“I’m a faggot, cock-sucking sissy, and my sole purpose is to make men cum” I said, confirming my sissy status. I felt my own dick, or ‘my little clitty’, start to swell as I gleefully anticipated having his large cock, naked and erect before me. I quickly jerked his pants down! His magnificent man-meat danced as I impatiently pushed his clothes all the way to the floor. My actions brought my face close to his large organ, and I inhaled deeply, smelling his musk. It was intoxicating. I almost drooled as I stared in awe!
His cock seemed nearly as thick as my wrist, and so fucking long! How was I going to handle this one, I thought?  Whatever it takes, I decided. My mind raced - I wondered how long it has been since his last cum, how long he could last, and how much cum was stored in his ball-sack? I cupped his large nut suck and felt its weight, wondering if I could estimate future cum loads this way…

I grabbed his fat shaft lovingly and said, “Let me know what you like, Sir. And please,” I whispered, “Call me names, like ‘Faggot’, ‘Cock-Whore’, ‘Sissy-Slut’, and ‘Cum-Dumpster’, please Sir? I love to be degraded by strong, virile men who remind me of my place in life.” I looked up at him, meeting his eyes and licking my lips. I added, “I’m just a filthy cock-loving cum-slut that needs to be used by real men.”

He looked at me as if he was amazed at his good fortune. He smiled at me! I tore my eyes from his gaze and looked hungrily at his cock once again. He was not all the way hard yet, but that shouldn’t take long. My moth opened wide and I engulfed the fat head. I felt my tired jaw stretch wide once again. I made a mental note that I would have to start an exercise program with my dildos tonight. I needed to get into proper cock sucking shape!

I worked on his head with my tongue for a while, feeling it grow in my mouth.  I licked the sensitive underside of his prick a while, and tongued his piss-hole, before sucking him deep into my throat.

“Oh, yeah,” he said, “Suck my cock…,” I smiled as he added, “Faggot…”

I could tell he was getting into it now. Time to show him my stuff! I began sucking him deeper, determined to make him quickly blast a huge load. I jacked his shaft in time with my sucking, keeping my hand just below my lips. Down, up, down, up. I drooled some spit out of the corners of my mouth till his thick shaft was slick and slippery. I alternated that with some tongue action on his fat, purple head. Sucking it a little harder, and making a point of popping my lips around his flared helmet.

“Damn, you are one hell of a cock-sucker, you fucking sissy! Aaaahhh! Fuck! Suck it, Suck my cock you fucking fairy!” Each vulgarity he spewed at me made my fat clit twitch. He began thrusting his hips, and I tried to take him deeper.

I sucked him as deep as I could. There was no way I could take him all the way, but I let him slam into the back of my throat, thinking the repeated pounding would widen it somehow. We moved faster, in unison, him thrusting his cock down my throat, me sucking, jacking and tonguing his cock-head. This went on for quite a while, until I felt that he was getting close, so I cupped his nuts again and milked him behind his sack with my fingers. “Mmmmm-mmmm” I moaned, letting him know I was enjoying it as much as he was. I pulled away and sucked his hairy balls as I jacked him off. I went back to his hard cock and licked and tongued and sucked like a ten dollar prostitute. Moments passed…

“Uhhgg, uhhgg”, he finally moaned, pushing his thick cock further down my throat, faster and deeper with each thrust. I tried to keep up, ‘suck, jack, tongue, suck, jack, tongue’. My head bobbed up and down and the room echoed with my slurping, and the slick drool made my hand smack loudly on his hot flesh.

“I’m cumming, faggot, I’m cumming, you cock-sucking queer! Take my cum!” he cried.
I felt his fat rod swell in my throat, but I didn’t let up! Up, down! Slurping his prick-head, tonguing his piss-slit, licking the underside of his head, back down, back up, tickling his balls, jacking his rod.

“Aaaaahhhhh!” he cried, as I continued sucking him. “Take it faggot, take it”. I grinned inside. Another man was going be happy because of my cock-sucking skills. I waited for the cum to spurt into my slutty mouth, doing my best to keep his meat from going too far down my throat. I wanted to taste his cum, to savor it!

The first blast of sperm hit my tongue as I swirled it around his cock-head. I quickly took him down my throat, and back again, so I could have his second shot in my mouth as well. I was still savoring his spunk, rolling it around in my mouth when the second blast hit the roof of my mouth. I didn’t want to swallow it, I wanted to enjoy having a mouthful of hot man-goo, but the third blast was more than I could handle. Cum leaked out of my mouth and I reluctantly swallowed it down to make room for more! After all, with his fat cock, and all the thick sperm, there wasn’t much room left in my faggot mouth-hole!

“Uhhh, Uhhh” he hummed, thrusting his dick down my throat. “Suck it fag, SUCK IT!”

Slurp, slurp, sllluurrp! I responded, trying to capture all of his delicious cum. Two more blasts of spunk shot into my slut-hole. I kept my lips sealed tight around his prick so no more cum would escape. His last, smaller spurts I held in my mouth, letting his cum explode on my taste buds, as I gently softened my actions on his post-orgasmic, sensitive cock.

“Son of a bitch can you suck cock! Damn!” he exclaimed. “Fuck!”

I mouthed his softening cock for a few moments longer, enjoying the cum that totally filled my mouth. I reluctantly swallowed with an audible ‘gulp’, and removed my lips from his cock. I looked up at him, and began to lick up the escaped cum that had dripped down his shaft. I cleaned him up as best I could, and waited patiently for the last drop of cum to ooze out of his softening cock. I gave his prick a soft, milking -squeeze to force it out. I licked it up and looked for any more cum that might have escaped. I saw two drops on the floor that I quickly wiped up with my finger and swallowed, and noticed few drops on my shirt, where they had dribbled out of my fuck-hole. Too bad my shirt had soaked them up – they were only wet stains now.  I’d suck those spots tonight, maybe.

I looked up at my cum provider. He had been watching me.

“That’ll do fag. I have to piss”, he said. He pulled up his pants and walked to the urinal. I heard his stream hit the porcelain.

I yearned to ask him if I could hold his cock while he pissed. I wanted to feel his cock, to feel the piss flowing out of it, to know better how a real man pissed. However, I knew my place. I stayed on my knees, waiting...

He finished and flushed. He washed his hands at the sink. I stayed on the floor, head down, patiently waiting, anticipating…

He ripped a disposable towel from the dispenser and looked at me while drying his hands.

“You really like to suck cock, don’t you faggot?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied automatically. “I’m a sissy faggot cock-sucker. I like to suck cock, drink cum, and please men. Sucking cock makes me happy!” For some reason, I added, “My boi-pussy is always ready to please men.”  I’m not sure why I said that… But, it was true! I realized that my ass-hole had been much neglected today. But more curiously, I sounded like just like one of my favorite sissy, ass-fucking hypno videos. I remember hearing that phrase before. Images of submissive sissy-sluts, on all fours, presenting their sissy assholes to their masters, with their faggot hard cocks and balls dangled below flooded my mind. I needed a hard cock up my ass, I decided.

I waited for his reply. Would he want me to suck him again? Could I really take his thick cock up my ass? My ass would rip if I tried to take it today. I’d need to stretch my fuck-hole before taking his monster cock! I knew I had to practice first!

“I might be able to help you get cock, faggot”, he said. “I own a small bar in town. I’m thinking that you could come by and provide a service to my regulars, you know? Pretty much all the cock you can handle. What do you think? There would be no money involved, mind you, I’m not a pimp, and don’t want to break any laws. I sell more drinks and you get more cock, what do you think?”

“Yes! I’d love to!” I exclaimed. Wow! This is turning out great! “I love to suck cock! I love to take cock in my ass!” I added. “Can I get ass-fucked and suck a cock at the same time?” Gaawwd, I’d love that, I thought! My sissy dick was getting hard thinking about it.

“Uh, yeah, sure. All the cock you can handle. Shit, I’d fuck you now, faggot, but I have to get to work. Here is my card, call me tomorrow; we can set something up for the weekend.” He handed me his business card.

“Thank you” I said.

“You are welcome, fag. I might fuck your ass next time, if you beg me, fuck-hole!” he said, as he unlocked the door and walked away, taking his cock and any more cum I could hope for, with him.

I left the door unlocked as he left - in case someone else needed to be serviced. I used my finger to capture the pre-cum still dripping from my cock and licked it up. I pulled up my underwear and pants. I was a little depressed, knowing there was likely to be no more cum for me tonight! Just as well, my jaw was tired and I needed rest. I’d wait until I get home to jack off one last time, maybe twice. I picked up my phone, still on the floor, and put in into my pocket along with his business card. I decided to record another video after I got home, while the images were still fresh in my mind. I could still taste his cum on my lips! Damn, I thought, ‘I love cock, I love cum!’

His cock would be a challenge, make no mistake, I wanted his huge cock, again, and again, but it was so big! I had to learn to deep throat him, to take him all the way down my faggot throat, and to somehow take him all the way up my faggot-ass! I almost dreaded the sweet-pain that would bring to me! But, anything to serve! I must serve men, I reminded myself! I had to be careful not to rip my asshole too much on his cock, or I might not be able to fuck for a couple days. I had to plan ahead! It was almost too much, too fast!

I went home with the taste of cum on my lips, and dried stains on my face. I recorded another video before taking a nice hot bath. While soaking, I decided to shave my legs and crotch, just like a sissy-slut should.

I went to bed carrying my dildo collection. I put on my favorite cock-sucking sissy video and practiced deep-throating my biggest fake-cock for a while. I didn’t have any trouble taking it all down, but my throat was still a little sore. I’d have to buy a bigger one soon. I lubed it up and eased it slowly into my ass, stretching my hole for cocks-yet-to-come, or ‘yet-to-cum!’ I giggled like a girl!  I put on a pair of tight panties to keep the dildo from slipping out while I slept, and popped another one in my mouth to use as a sissy-pacifier. I started another sissy training hypno-video, and set the feature to ‘play all’, like I did most nights.  I liked to listen to them as I slept; they are so relaxing!  I rolled over, enjoying the full feeling in my ass. I was tired and I needed rest, it was going to be a big day tomorrow, with more cocks and cum, I hoped! I gently licked the cock in my mouth, tonguing the head before sucking it softly.

Hypnotic sounds washed over me, making me relaxed, “You are getting sleepy”,  “You are falling deeper into a trance”, "Deeper and deeper”, “You are being reprogrammed”,  “You must obey”, You are a sissy-slut”, “You love cock”, “You crave cum”, “You only exist to please men”, “You love cocks in your ass”, Sucking cock makes you happy,”  I smiled happily, and drifted off to sleep, anticipating sweet and sticky dreams…

© Copyright Undeniable Urges, 2015 - 2018. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Undeniable Urges, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow

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  Loved the way how your story had him a strait man taking a wiz to a full blown submissive sissie cum slut in just one short afternoon. His true self hit him like a slap in the face. I enjoyed thank you

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