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The Piano Teacher (F,f, oral, anal, reluc)

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on: August 02, 2018, 07:33:47 PM

[This is a work of fiction.  You must be at least 18 to read it.  The author and Kristen's Board do not condone under-age sex. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.]

We all have our dark side. Our carnal dark side. The one that links us to
our most base desires. For many of us, we might not discover it until we're
well into adulthood. For me, I found out about it when I met Miss Kessler,
my piano teacher.

I had started taking lessons from another woman, but she had moved, so my
mother found out about Miss Kessler and was happy to see she lived within
reasonable walking distance of our house.  Miss Kessler lived in a
worn-down looking home, rather dark. She was short and dressed in an
old-fashioned style, her hair in a bun. She spoke with a heavy accent and
talked slowly, enunciating her words very carefully. But her most striking
feature was her piercing blue eyes, which would she would keep fixed on me
whenever we talked.

During our first lesson, she showed me the notes on the piano and using
flashcards to teach me to read music. She said posture was very important
in learning how to play the piano. She said my posture was deplorable. I
could feel her warm, firm hands as she put them on my hips and shoulders,
making sure I was sitting correctly on the piano bench. Once, she put her
hand on my thigh. I remember it tickled ever so slightly.

During my third lesson, Miss Kessler did something different. She reached
down and touched my tail bone and then put her other hand on my diaphragm,
telling me that proper breathing along with good posture was another way to
improve my piano playing. She had me practice breathing exercises, while
she kept both hands on me -- my bottom and my tummy. But after taking
several breaths, I felt her hand move up from my stomach, gently passing
over my little breasts. She reminded me to concentrate on the music and my
playing, but all I could think of was how she had just fondled me.

After that lesson, my mind was a jumble of confused thoughts. I knew
something wasn't right, and yet my curiosity was starting to grow and I
felt for the first time ever, a new kind of excitement. It was summer and
when I got ready to go to my next lesson, I dressed just a little more
provocatively than usual. I put on my shortest shorts and a light blue
buttoned shirt. I don't remember consciously thinking about what to
wear. It was as if another force was leading me on. Instinctively, I
decided not to wear any panties or bra. I was trembling when I rang the
doorbell and when Miss Kessler let me in, she was smiling.

This time, when Miss Kessler's began checking my posture, I instinctively
opened my legs just a little. Sitting right next to me, she noticed, her
eyes cast down on my bare legs for a moment. As I practiced the scales, I
suddenly felt her hand on my bare thigh and then her fingers slide inside
the leg of my shorts, not stopping. Sweat break out on my brow as I played
on, and I could hear Miss Kessler's voice in the background, reminding me
to focus. But all I could think about was her fingers, now gently cupping
my vulva, fondling me. Finally, my fingers stopped moving on the now silent
piano keys. I closed my eyes and my legs began to tremble. After several
minutes of gently touching my sex, Miss Kessler spoke.

"You like it when I touch you like this Angela?"


"You know this is a secret, right?"

"Yes. Miss Kessler."

"Is there anyone you feel safe to tell?"

"No. I would be in trouble."

"So, Angela... when did you realize I wanted you... to touch you like

"I don't know. I guess last week."

"How did it make you feel?"

"Scared. I guess... I was excited though. It makes me feel sexy."

"Is that why you wore short pants?"


"Well, I want more."

With that, Miss Kessler slowly stood me up and gently pulled down my shorts
to the tops of my thighs, exposing my pristine slit. My labial lips were
unfettered by anything but a light dusting of fuzzy hair that was barely
visible anywhere except for a darkening tuft above my little clitoral
hood. Then she unbuttoned my shirt, and pulled it down, exposing my budding
breasts to the air. She sighed as she looked at them.

"Does this embarrass you, Angela?"

I just nodded, turning beet red as I stood there, shaking, my privates
exposed to Miss Kessler. I could feel her piercing eyes devour me.

"But it feels good too, right?"

As she said this, Miss Kessler began to rub my labia gently in circles just
below my clitoral hood. My mouth was too dry to talk and I could only nod
in agreement.

"We will do this every week, sweetheart. I love seeing you feel good. But I
want you to hold your breath for a few seconds every time I touch you, then
exhale slowly. It will feel even better. Ok?"

I just nodded, then I did as she was told. As my breath started to come out
slowly, Miss Kessler pressed directly on my little clit. The sudden
sensation made me gasp.

"I'm sorry dear, was that too sensitive?"

I just shook my head, wanting the sensations to continue. Miss Kessler
obliged, pulling my shorts all the way down to my knees. Suddenly, I felt
incredibly embarrassed and covered my face with my hands. I could feel her
warm breath on me, first on my labia and then on my nipples. I dared not
look.  Her fingers began massaging my nipples, which stiffened with
excitement. And then she moved back down and for the next 30 minutes I
stood like that in front of Miss Kessler while she caressed my pussy,
masturbating me. Her fingers rhythmically pressing on my clit as I breathed
slowly, bringing me close to my first orgasm ever. But not all the
way. Suddenly, the clock chimed and I knew the lesson was over.

The next week I hurried to Miss Kessler's home and my heart was beating
madly as I rang the doorbell. I wore my shorts again, leaving my underwear
at home. We quickly moved through the formalities of starting the piano
lesson, when she stood me up and pulled down my shorts to my ankles and
unbuttoned my shirt. She only spent a few minutes performing the breathing
exercise on my clit as I stood in front of her while she fondled my
pussy. After squeezing my breasts and licking my nipples ever so slowly,
her hands reached around and she caressed my rear, running them over my
cheeks before sliding her fingers inside my crack, touching my anus.  I
shuddered as I felt a new kind of electricity from her touches.

"Are you feeling nice Angela?"

Once again, I had my hands over my face in embarrassment, but I nodded.

"You know this is very naughty, what you and I do?"

Again, I nodded.

"Will you let me do even naughtier things to you?"

My nod this time was smaller and delayed, but it came, just the same. Soon
Miss Kessler had me completely naked, and made me lie back on the couch
with my fanny over the edge.

"Now, since you're my yummy dirty girl, I want you to show me your little
pussy and butthole so I can play with them. Will you do that for me? Just
spread your legs and hold your knees with your hands."

I blushed furiously, but with a little coaxing, I soon had my girlish
figure spread out for Miss Kessler to enjoy.

"I'm going to kiss your pussy now, and play with your bottom with my finger
inside it."

I remember breathing hard, my tummy rising up and down almost
spasmodically, as I waited for what was to happen next with nervous

"Make sure you hold your breath for a few seconds before you exhale, OK?
You can use your voice too if you want... while you breathe out. It will be
a lot more fun for you."

With that, Miss Kessler kneeled in front of me and quickly my legs began to
shake as I struggled to hold my knees open with my hands. I felt her tongue
on my pussy, and after a minute she stopped and said I tasted good. As my
wetness increased, Miss Kessler worked a moistened finger into my rear,
poking and wiggling it different ways. I felt my eyes popping open from the
new sensation and began moaning uncontrollably, but Miss Kessler didn't
stop. She kept fucking my rear with her finger while she licked my virgin
snatch, pausing only to alternately push her tongue up my vagina and suck
on clit and surrounding labia while swirling her tongue over them. By now,
I was moaning loudly and gasping.

"Don't just scream, Angela, use dirty words. Say "fuck me."

I had never used that word before. The first time I tried, it caught in my
throat and I could only let out a cry. But Miss Kessler's tongue licked me
more feverishly while her finger pushed deeper into my rectum. My moans
became louder, and then suddenly, I shouted, "FUCK ME," practically gagging
as the two words came out of my mouth. Miss Kessler pulled her tongue away
from my pussy long enough to encourage me one last time.

"Now, tell me when you cum, Angela. Tell me how your cunt feels when you

By now, I couldn't stop trembling, my bucking body was writhing completely
out of control. As my aroused body reached its peak, I cried out again and
again, "fuck me, fuck me." But suddenly my voice stopped, as I arched my
back and struggled to breathe. It felt like the wind had been knocked out
by someone slugging me in the gut. After what seemed like ages, I finally
gasped loudly for breath.

I could hear Miss Kessler moan with excitement as my pussy contracted along
with my anus. I couldn't see her, but it was like we were having
intercourse, our bodies in rhythm, our moans in sync. And then suddenly I
felt like I was going to vomit. I could feel bile coming up to my throat,
only it wasn't bile and I didn't vomit.

"Oh FUCK.... you bitch, you... FUCK... OH my FUCK!!!  OH....FUCK YOU,
BITCH! BITCH!!  in my

Miss Kessler forced her tongue into my pussy, pumping her face forward to
fuck my tight hole. Then, I screamed again as my anus locked on her finger,
and I felt my pussy gushing onto her face. Now it was Miss Kessler's turn
to cry out as she felt the full force of my first orgasm. As the spasms and
contractions rolled through my body, Miss Kessler held back her tongue just
long enough to speak in a husky voice, as if she was talking directly to my

"Yes Angela! Cum for me baby...  cum while I fuck my dirty girl in the ass
with my finger!"

She pushed her finger in deeply, pulling it out and pushing it in again,
hard, but not too hard.

"OH!! Oh!! OH!! OH!!" I screamed with each poke of the finger up my
rectum. "BITCH!...YOU... ARE... FUCK... ING... MY... BUM... OH!! OH!! OH!!"

"Yes Angela! Only dirty girls cum from butt fucking!"

I continued to moan and shake uncontrollably as my orgasm continued. When
it finally subsided, I started to sob, my legs flopped down and liquid
discharged from my pussy, streaming down the side of the couch. Miss
Kessler leaned over and scooped me into her arms.

"That was wonderful, Angela..."

I looked away.

"It was dirty. I'm so bad."

Tears were streaming down my face. I could feel that Miss Kessler wanted to
comfort me, but she knew she couldn't if things were to continue in the
future. She desperately needed to have me in her future. So, instead of
comforting me, she brought out the shame of what I had done. I didn't
realize it at the time, but she wanted to control me. She knew I needed to
hear about the shame of what had happened if I was to be her personal toy,
her sex kitten to play with whenever she wanted. She had to strike while
the iron was hot.

"Yes, you are a bad girl, Angela, a very, very bad girl. In fact, what you
just did was about the dirtiest, naughtiest thing I think I've ever
seen. Your mom would spank you so hard for something like this, so you
can't ever tell her, or anyone else. No one can know how bad of a girl you
are. It's really important. I have to keep you safe Angela. Do you
understand me?"

Tears ran down my cheeks and mucus drooled from my nose, but I slowly
nodded. I could tell she was happy with how she handled me at that moment.

"But being bad is OK if you're with me. I'm a little bad sometimes
too. Maybe not as much as you, but I won't ever make you be in trouble just
because you liking having stuff poked up your butt or because you don't
wear underwear because you want someone to pull your pants down and play
with your privates. The truth is, no one would ever understand you like
me. I truly, truly love the way you are. I love how dirty of a slut you
are. I just love you Angela... because you are filthy, naughty, and you
like fucking sex in your tight little cunt and butthole and all. I love you
just like you are. Come here and give me a hug."

All I could do was collapse into Miss Kessler arms, sobbing.

"I'm so bad!!!"

Miss Kessler soothed me, holding me close to her bosom.

"Were you bad at home or school today?"


"Then you're not all bad. You're really good, just like everyone else
already knows you are. You're talented, and you have friends. But now you
have a safe place that you can be bad. Just here. Just with me. Everywhere
else, you're so, so good. You should be so proud of that. Don't ever let
anyone make you feel bad or worry honey. What we have is a secret. I'll
never tell anyone, ever, ever, ever. And even here you're so good. You're a
fast learner at the piano too. Am I right?"

I looked at her with tear stained eyes and nodded. Miss Kessler hugged me
again and took a tissue to wipe away my tears and snot.

"Now, it's time to let the good little girl... the one I also love, shine
like a princess. We better do a little piano. We don't want you falling
behind. I think it would be fun though if you keep your pants off until
we're done though. Is that OK? I like having your naked bum on my piano
bench. OK?"

I nodded, and even thoughI knew I was a changed person, I somehow felt
happy about it.

"This was a really special experience for me and I want to kiss you like
that so much more. Please say you will. I love you, cute girl. Will you?"

"Yes, Miss Kessler, yes!

The End

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Reply #1 on: August 03, 2018, 01:58:23 AM
A rather hot story about a dirty girl and piano teacher... disgusting...but I love it! :roll:

vinney  :-*

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god that was erotic


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Reply #3 on: August 29, 2018, 02:29:57 PM
Very well written!

It's a rare person who has no secrets in their life.

Can't speak for anyone else, but I enjoy reading about other people's secrets, maybe just to see how they stack up against mine.

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Reply #4 on: December 31, 2019, 12:54:31 AM
What a great, well written story.
Please let me know where I can find more of your stories. I even read it twice as I liked it so much.
Keep up the good work.
regards, jamesemu

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Happy birthday Chrissy.

I hope you will find your way back to us and share more of your amazing stories.