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Teenagers Of The Corn (M,F, mast)

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on: September 03, 2018, 06:43:36 AM
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A few days ago in the games section, a question was asked in the topic "Guilty or Innocent?"  The question was Have you ever been spotted having sex in the cemetery?  I answered Innocent.  And started to list one of my few outdoor experiences.   As I was typing it out, I decided that special time many years ago deserved more than just a short paragraph.  So here goes.

It was 1992.  My parents kept their travel trailer in a gated storage facility.  It was my senior year the first time I ever snuck in to it.  Security cameras caught my boyfriend and I intruding, but we didn't know it at the time.  As I screamed while losing my virginity, the police interrupted us with a knock on the door.  It was quite embarrassing, but luckily my boyfriend was friends with the little brother of one of the officers and we were able to get out of there without my parents being notified.

That boyfriend and I broke up shortly after, with that night being our only sexual experience together.    Something I did discover was that the trailer would prove to be a great spot to sneak into and party at, but we'd have to be more careful in the future.  I discovered that we could just park on the other side of a cornfield that butted up to it, walk through the corn, climb the fence, enter the trailer, and have our fun.   It worked out great for a private hideaway. 

I ended up meeting my next boyfriend at the trailer of all places.   My friend brought along her cousin one time.  He went to the high school across town, while I had just graduated from mine.   Craig was really cute.  He was kind of shy in social scenes but in our little group he'd really open up.  Funny, cute, innocent.  I liked him.

Craig and I were getting closer and there was a lot of heavy petting going on in our make out sessions.  One evening we decided to sneak out to the camper the following day.  Just the two of us.   

I grabbed a blanket, snuck a couple of bottles of my dads beer, and we headed across town.   We parked in an abandoned driveway on the opposite side of the corn field and headed in for our half mile walk through the corn stalks.   When we got to the fence, there was some construction work going on right near my parents trailer with a few workers.  So we turned back.   I was a little sad as we walked down the rows of corn.  When we were half way back to the car, I had an idea.

I told Craig to stop and instructed him to pull a few of the corn stalks out.  I then asked him to pull out a few more in the row next to those he had just pulled.   We were left with enough open space for the blanket to be spread out.   After laying the blanket down we both knelt and I opened the beers.   It was so cool with the corn stalks standing 7 feet about us.  We had our own private little area.

After some small talk, and Craig not making a move, I leaned over and kissed him.  We were soon laying on the blanket.  There were some wandering hands and Craig soon worked up the nerve to touch my breast over my t-shirt and bra.  A moment later I sat up and pulled the shirt over my head so that I was just in my bra and shorts.  I suggested he remove his shirt.  He did.   We resumed kissing.  I loved running my hands over his bare chest and back as we kissed, I was very excited by it.

We stopped making out at one point and we both sat up.  Craig was quite shy when he admitted he had never been with a girl before.   He said he wasn't sure what to do.   Well, I had just lost my virginity 3 months earlier, but it was in the dark and while I kind of knew what to do, I didn't know the slightest thing about a boy's body.   I didn't admit to losing my virginity, but I told him I didn't really know much either.   There was a long awkward silence.

"Have you ever even seen a naked female?"

"No, have you ever seen a naked guy?"

"No, not in real life."   I was truthful, it was in the dark and I hadn't seen a thing the night I first had sex.   And we both grew quiet again.   We finally made eye contact and I asked him if he wanted to see me naked.  He said he did. 

I reached behind my back and undid the clasp on my bra.   Looking down, I let the straps slide down my arms and I set the bra on my t-shirt.   When I raised my eyes, Craig was looking at me, his eyes locked on my chest.

Craig finally broke the silence by telling me I was beautiful.   I scooted up next to him and we began to kiss.   My chest against his was the most amazing thing I'd ever felt up to this point in my life.

That was pretty much all we had done that day.  We ended up getting dressed and leaving.  I was a bit disappointed he didn't push it further.

The next day, I called Craig and suggested we go out to the corn field again.  I packed a little picnic basket with some fruit, peanut butter and jellies, and a couple cokes.   

We couldn't find our spot, so we cleared some more corn stalks and spread out the blanket.  Kicking off our shoes, we knelt down and I started things off by kissing him.   He wasn't making any moves again, so I reached down and began to pull his shirt up.  He let me pull it off.   I waited for him to try and remove my shirt and when he didn't, I lifted it over my head.  I was about to undo my bra when he said he wanted to say something.

I stopped and waited for him to proceed.

"I really like you Julie, but I don't think it's a good idea that we have sex."

I was a bit shocked by what he said, and just sat staring at him.

"I mean, I just think we're too young for this and I don't want anything to happen that we will later regret.   You know, like an accident."

So here I am ready to give myself over to this cute boy I like, and for the previous 3 years I'd had to fight boys off every time I was alone with one of them.  I thought what a nice boy Craig was and told him that I really appreciate his honesty and have appreciated him not being too forward with me since we had begun seeing each other.

He admitted to being quite nervous when I removed my bra the previous day and he didn't know what to do.   I said that I didn't know what to do either.  There was some more awkward silence and I was thinking about putting my shirt back on.   Then, out of nowhere I said, "Maybe we could teach each other about each other's body's."

He didn't say anything and I said, "I can show you what to do, you know, what feels good."

He just nodded.

I reached back and undid my bra and took it off.  I reached for his hands and guided them to my chest.   "Just rub them really soft.  Kind of like tickling them," I instructed.  I guided his hands to different parts of my breasts and then let go, letting his hand roam by themselves.   He continued running his fingers around, avoiding my nipples.   My nipples got hard and he looked up at me, as though he needed an explanation.   

"I like what you're doing.  You're giving me goosebumps," I said, holding my arms out to show him the hairs on my forearms standing on end.

I then suggested he touch my nipples.   One of his fingers found my nipple and pressed it to the side.   He did the same on my other breast.   I loved it.   I had felt my breasts many times laying in bed by myself, but this was totally different.  "Feel them between your thumb and finger," I suggested. 

Craig squeezed first one nipple, then the other.   It sent a shock through my body.  My eyes were squeezed shut and my mouth opened a bit.   He let go.

"That felt good," I said.

"Can I see the rest of you," he asked.

"I'll undress if you do," I said.

And we both stood up and removed our clothing.   He had an erection and red pubic hair all around the base of his penis.   I thought it was quite large, but it was the first one I had ever seen in real life.    He looked up and down the length of my body.

I asked him if I could look at it closer.  He just nodded.   I knelt down on the blanket in front of him.  The first thing I noticed was a line running the length of it along the underside of his penis.   "What's that," I asked.

"I don't know.  It's just there."   (I never did find out what it was until just now, during the writing of this story.   It's the penile raphe.)

I left it at that, and looked at him very closely.   The head, the 'worm ring' just below the head, the shaft, the sack.  It was all so interesting. My first up-close penis.

"Do you want to look at me now," I asked.

He answered he did.   He knelt down as I stood up.  At his eye level, he looked at my sex, which was mostly covered by my pubic hair.  I knew he wasn't seeing much.   I knelt down in front of him and our eyes locked.   Totally naked, in the middle of a corn field, I leaned forward and kissed him.    The kiss lasted quite a long time.  At one point I suggested he feel my chest as we kissed.   His hands came up and awkwardly squeezed my boobs.

We finally stopped and I asked if I could touch 'his thing.'    I didn't know what to call it.   I knew the technical term, but I couldn't quite bring myself to say it.

He said I could.   I sat back on my heels as he remained kneeling.   I reached out and wrapped my hand around it, it was so hard and the skin stretched so taught.   With my other hand I felt his sack.  I was surprised that I could feel his testicle.  I knew what it was, but didn't know I would be able to feel it.

I asked, "Do you masturbate?"

He responsed, "Do you?"


"So do I."

He asked, "Can I look at you closer?"

How could I say no.  I was sitting there with his shaft in one hand, and his balls in my other hand.  "Yes."

I let go of him and sat back.   I spread my legs a little bit.   Then further.  He crawled forward between my legs.  I felt his hairy thighs rubbing the the inside of my thighs.  I suddenly had a flashback of the night I lost my virginity.   I recalled his thighs rubbing the inside of my thighs and moments later he started jabbing in my pubic region before finding his mark.

"Can I touch you.  I don't want to hurt you," Craig said.

"You won't hurt me Craig."

He didn't do anything, so I reached down and using both hands, opened myself for him a bit.  I was watching his face and his eyes opened wide as he looked at me.  He rubbed his finger tips through my pubic hair.  Then up and down both sides of my labia.  I could feel that I was wet and wasn't sure what he would think when he touched me inside.  I was feeling very excited knowing Craig was looking at me.  Then he touched me gently.  Too gently even.  His finger slid up and down the length of my opening.  He touched my labia minora and felt it, massaging it between his thumb and index finger.  I laid my head back.  It felt so good.

I remained opened to him as he explored.   I was distracted by a single engine plane flying over.  Not close enough to see us, but I suddenly felt so exposed being outside.  I snapped back to reality and realized he was no longer touching me.  I let go of holding myself open.  I was no longer exposed for him.   He didn't move.  I got up on my elbows and looked at his erection and suddenly wanted to see him masturbate.

"Can I watch you touch yourself," I asked.

"Can I watch you touch yourself," he responded.

I nodded.

He reached down and started stroking himself.   It was so sudden and he was going so fast.  I was completely caught off guard by it.  I assumed it would be slow, soft, and tender like I touched myself when I masturbate.

When I hadn't started, he stopped and stared at me.

"Let me watch you first, and then I'll do it," I suggested.


I had him move back so he wasn't between my spread legs.  I sat up, while he sat down on his rear end.   He looked at me and I waited, expectantly.   He spread his legs and reached down and began stroking himself again, a little slower, but still with some urgency.   About a minute later I noticed the pace of his breathing had picked up.   I also noticed the head of his penis getting redder.   

Craig slowed down at one point and started stroking very slowly.   Then he quickly sat up and crawled to the edge of the blanket and let out a grunting sound.  His back was to me and he ejaculated into the surrounding dirt.   I noticed his butt cheeks clench up tightly and thought how cute and white it was.   His arm continued its rapid movement.  He slowed the stroking motion and then asked if I had a napkin.   I reached into the basket and pulled out a couple of paper towels that I brought and handed them to him.   He took them and I assumed he was wiping off the residual.

When he turned around, his cheeks were beet red.   He was still trying to catch his breath.   Craig held the paper towel over the end of his shaft.   He finally let go and I noticed his erection was no longer standing at a 80 degree angle, it was now sticking straight out.   I watched as it slowly began to lower even more.

"Did it feel good," I asked.

"Yeah," he said shyly.  He sat down with his legs crossed and leaned forward, suddenly feeling self-conscience, I assumed.   I could no longer see his penis.   He continued to try and catch his breath.

"I have a coke in the basket," I said.  "Would you like it?"

He nodded.  I reached over to the basket, unzipped it, and retrieved the can of soda.  I handed it to him.   He opened it and drank half of it down.   He set it down and looked at me.   

"My turn I guess," I said.

He didn't respond.   I just laid down in front of him and spread my legs as before, my ankles inches from his knees.   I leaned back, supporting myself with one hand.   The other hand I reached down and began to touch myself.   I kept my eyes closed the whole time and at one point laid back flat.  I reached down and used my other hand to hold myself open to Craig, and so I could more easily access myself.  I massaged and rubbed and poked for his viewing pleasure.  When I felt my time approaching I opened my eyes. Looking straight up, green corn stalks stood tall all around me.   In the framed blue sky a passenger plane flew over.  I imagined what the view must look like if they were able to see me.  That thought put me over the edge and I felt the warmth start at my belly and spread down to my vagina.  There was an immense heat and I could feel my legs twitching.  I fought to keep them open.  I was enjoying doing this for him, and happy he was looking.  It was something I had never done with anybody, not even my best friend.   It felt like an electrical shock and my clitoris seemed to explode.  I let loose a little scream, something I don't normally do.   It no sooner happened and I rolled to my side, closing my legs as I did.  I curled up in the fetus position and laid there as the waves continued to wash over me before finally subsiding.

At some point, Craig asked, "Are you okay, Julie?"

"Yes," I said, laying on my side, unable to look him in the face.  Suddenly feeling very embarrassed.

"Do you want a drink of my coke."

I couldn't help but laugh.   "Yes, I would, please."   He handed it across my body and I took it.   Then I felt his hand on my bare hip.   He rubbed up and down and across my hips.   It felt so good.  He rubbed from my ankle, up my leg, across my thigh, my hip, along the side of my stomach and ribs, then my arm.   He kept rubbing the side of my body.  I was wishing he'd never stop.

"That was beautiful, Julie."

I didn't respond.   

I finally sat up after a short time, unable to look Craig in the eye.   I noticed his penis was more erect then it was the last time I looked at it.

I put my underwear on.   Craig did also.  I didn't put my bra on.   Without asking, I took out the food and the remaining coke.   We ate.   Craig asked me what it felt like and I described it the best I could.   I asked him and he described what he felt.    After eating we began making out again.   We left shortly after.

I masturbated in bed that night thinking about his body and what I had done for him.    We returned two days later and had a repeat performance.  This time I watched his ejaculation exit the end of his penis.

I was disappointed it rained a few days over the next week.   The field was muddy. 

We finally made a return visit and I asked if I could stroke his penis and bring him to orgasm.  He instructed me how firm to squeeze it and without instruction from him, reached below with my other hand and fondled his testicles.   We were in the middle of the blanket with him laying down.  I was fascinated by it.  It wasn't long before he announced he was going to come and I didn't know what to do.   I assumed he didn't want it on his belly, so I held my hand in a cupped form and he released his sperm into my hand.   I was shocked at the warmth of it, and at the silkiness of it, and later the stickiness of it.   All we had for clean-up was the blanket, I had forgotten napkins for our lunch.   After dumping the majority of it into the dirt, I reached back over as he gripped his penis and coaxed some more out.   I told him I wanted to do it and took him in my hand.   I got another tablespoon into my hand, dumped it in the dirt and used the corner of the blanket to wipe my hand clean.   The stickiness remained.  We used the blanket corner to wipe him down too.

Then I said, "Your turn."   I told him how to touch me.   I taught him about the clitoris and how to touch it.   It took a long time, but I finally had my O.

The next day, as I was stroking him, I leaned over and kissed it on the end.   Then I took his head in my mouth for a moment.   He told me how good it felt.   I licked and kissed the side of his shaft.   I never spent more than a second or two with my mouth or tongue on him, but I did it many many more times.   He soon orgasmed.  Like the previous time, I let him release in my hand.  I did that every time after, too.

When he took his turn to touch me, he asked, "Do you want me to kiss you, too?"

"If you want," I said.   He just nodded and began touching me.

A minute or so in, I got the feeling he was hesitant to put his mouth on me.  So I egged him on.

"Kiss or lick just my clitoris," I suggested.   

He leaned forward and when his lips touched me, I involuntarily bucked my hips forward.  Then he licked me and I let out a little scream.

"Did I hurt you?"

"No, it felt fucking great," I answered excitedly.

He laughed and leaned forward and did it again.   

"Swirl your tongue around it."   

Craig did as I asked.   

"Put your finger in me, but not deep."   This is something we had never done.  There had been no penetration by him up to this point.    He slipped his finger in to the first knuckle.  I was very wet and he slipped in with no problem.

"Further!   To the second knuckle."   

He did.   

"Wiggle your finger and lick me again."

He slid his finger in a little deeper and began swirling it around.  I could feel the warmth in my belly beginning to build.  He leaned forward and licked my clitoris.  Then he applied the flat of his tongue to me and held it there as he twirled his finger around.   

I came harder than I ever had in my life.

It was a few weeks before school started.  Craig and I spent the remainder of the summer teaching each other more about each others body's.  We never had intercourse during that time.

Once school did start, we didn't see each other very often.  He was a senior in high school and played for the football team, while I was busy with my first semester of college and with work.   He called me one day and told me he cared for me very much but he had feelings for a girl in his class.   I told him to go for it and that I would always love him as a friend.   I was happy how my summer went and happy we were moving on.   We saw each other many times over the next year but never hooked up again.

I used to refer to this experience as "Night Moves", which was a song by Bob Seger.  Some of the lyrics are below.

         "Out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy
          Out in the back seat of my '60 Chevy
          Workin' on mysteries without any clues
          Workin' on our night moves
          Trying' to make some front page drive-in news
          Practicing our night moves in the summertime, oh
          In the sweet summertime
          We weren't in love oh no far from it
          We weren't searching for some pie in the sky summit
          We were just young and restless and bored
          Living by the sword
          And we'd steal away every chance we could
          To the backroom, the alley, the trusty woods
          I used her she used me but neither one cared
          We were getting our share
          Practicing on our night moves
          Trying to lose the awkward teenage blues"


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Reply #1 on: September 03, 2018, 07:18:36 AM
That Craig sounds like a real sweetheart!


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Reply #2 on: September 03, 2018, 09:34:35 AM
You write very well MJ.

Believe it or not, even old as I am, I still remember just what Craig was thinking and feeling (besides you) during those adventures.


PS: Should I be a goof and point out that there is a specific forum for True Sex Stories by members? :emot_laughing:

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Reply #3 on: September 05, 2018, 07:49:15 AM
Loved this story. Very well written, looking forward to reading more from you mj.

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Hey Jules,

What a great memory to share so openly on here. Those experiences gave a real insight into those first times together.

So we'll written with such erotic overtones. Quite exciting really... lol.

Thanks for sharing. It started my day really well...


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Reply #5 on: September 06, 2018, 03:58:51 AM
Wow!  Great story of an unforgettable experience.  Thank you for sharing.

If you are so inclined, it would also be a great starting point for a part 2 of "what could have been" had the sexual relationship continued.

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Reply #6 on: September 06, 2018, 05:24:09 PM
Thank you guys.  Though I have written of numerous life experiences (mainly in PM), I have only relayed two of them publicly.   

Fiction is not going to happen though, Lev.  I tried once and I thought it was so corny.

A few months ago there was one that I had written I was considering sharing.   I'll have to think about it.  There is a prequel to it that I would have to remove references to and I just haven't felt up to it.  Maybe if I get a slow day at work I'll consider rewriting it.

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Good story. It kept my attention.

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Fiction is not going to happen though, Lev.  I tried once and I thought it was so corny.

So?  Corny is good, we could use some more corny around here.  You could even throw some cheezy on those chips, and make nachos.

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At the risk of getting a boo, MJ, I am going to disagree with something you have said in other posts.  You are a writer.

What a wonderful telling of a real life experience.

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Omg teenage sex is the best. Please keep posting stories like this. Great story.