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Author Topic: Kelsey plays "Tie Me Up" (MF gg/B BDSM NS Role Play.)  (Read 409 times)
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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« on: September 14, 2018, 03:53:22 PM »

This is a fantasy, my mind dredged up in my sleep.  You must be 18, or older to read sex stories, watch, or engage in BDSM play.  The Author, and Host do not condone Incest, even when it doesn't involve direct sexual contact with a child.

Don't try this at home.


Kelsey couldn't sleep.  Even turned away from the crack in the door, she had friends with night lights.  So, they didn't have scary shadows, and nitemares in their rooms, but that wasn't it.  She regretted not drinking a glass of water, because now her mouth felt dry, but that's better than waking up with a wet bed, and it was a warm night.  Sweaty, but finally she gave up, and threw the covers back.  

She thought she heard something downstairs, but too distant and quiet to make out a smack, until she got to the railing.  "You want another?"

"Nh," her mommy grimaced, red cheeked, and biting her lip, "Hm," but she nodded, and braced for the backhand.  Her hair flung out, from turning away, and taking most of the punch out of his knuckles.  If not the sting, but the warm rush of blood back into her cheek made it match the other one.

Oh,  Kelsey thought, There playing Tie Me Up.  Then went to get her glass of water, but she'd played it with some of her friends.  Without the slapping, that wasn't any fun, and she didn't like being it.  She liked tying up her friends, but upstairs she filled a glass from the sink, and wet her mouth.  The cool tap water swishing around, and between the gaps in her teeth.  She put down the glass, and went back out to the railing.

Mostly to wait for the water to pass through, but while she can't sleep, mommy, and daddy have been playing this game a long long time.  As long as little Kelsey could remember, not every night, but even if they did, she would usually sleep right through it.  She's a deep sleeper, it's just falling asleep in the first place she sometimes has a little trouble with.  Unaware of things like sex, or Convection.  For example the heat of the whole house rising out from the kitchen, under the bedrooms, then along the vaulted ceiling to make them warm in the winter.  It saves on heating bills, another thing which she's fairly ignorant about.  You can't expect too much from a 7 year old.

"Hihn, nyeah!"  Her mother was already out of breath, and her flush had spread.  Down her cheeks, and neck, across her shoulders, as her loving husband grabbed her hair.  "You like that, bitch?"

"Yes!"  Yanking her head back, and kissing her open mouth roughly.  As hard as he could, knowing the answer just as well as he knows her.  That for her, it was more about making her admit it.  "NHM!"  Eyes squeezing out tears as his grip tightened, slowly pulling it harder in his fist, until it became painful enough to make her cry out.  "AahHA!"  

"Yes?  What."

"Yes, Master!"  Grining, and so overcome with lust he could see it in her eyes.

Letting go, he chuckled.  "Hehuha!"  Forcing it out with his diaphragm.  Enhanced by his abdominal muscles, he'd worked hard to get it just right.  Took singing classes, and found that he was a pretty good baritone, to perfect the deep low creepy chuckle that makes her shiver, and her skin crawl.  "Huhuhaha!  Don't you forget it."

He's not a bad guy, in fact he had never had any interest in being Evil, per se.  He'd played the bad guy, cops, and robbers, and the hero as a boy.  He didn't really care which, he just enjoyed the game, but when he grew up.  Got married, had kids, he put such childish games behind him.  He had to admit, he loves the mature games his wife plays with him.

Upstairs, Kelsey hadn't heard her say it tonite.  She just knew it as playing "Tie Me Up," from hearing her Mommy say it before, and this was like watching a movie, on TV.  Or a play at school, and her parents were the Actors.  Pretending, she knew that.  This was just pretend, because her mommy loved this game best of all.

She could tell, just from the excitement in her voice when she heard her say "Tie me up."  She missed it that night, but then daddy was turning on her, raising his voice.  

"What's that?" not quite yelling, but stomping back across the room.  "I can't hear you."

"Ahn!"  her hair in his hands again, she opened her eyes, and relaxed her jaw.  Gritting her teeth, they appear in a grin, as she sniffs, and gives in to the sight of him.  Standing over her.  Looking down, his handsome sensitive smiling face, broad shoulders, thick biceps, and muscular chest.  His big strong rough hands letting her hair go, and cupping her face.  Wiping the tears off of her hot reddened cheeks.

"I love you."  Loud enough for their daughter to hear, eaves dropping unseen above, "Master."  Looking down, as much to see the throbbing hardness in his pants as to feign submission.  Ready to get what this was all about.  
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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2018, 04:44:39 PM »


Note: sub, and Mom are 2 different roles, she has to play.  Well, she doesn't have to play the Submissive captive, she loves it.  Likewise, her husband is also a father, and plays the role of the Master for her.  Sometimes, these different faƧettes of character come into direct conflict.  In this case, her sexual desires as wife with the responsibilities as a mother to their daughter, who's too young to understand the sexual aspects of what she's witnessed.  


"Huh!"  He left me, "HhuhHhuh!"  Here, tied to the chair dragged in from the dining room table.  Not that we have a dining room, just a table, but all I have to do is wait, expectantly.  Breathe.  "Huh, hHhuhH!"

Feel the hard nylon fibers of the rope tighten around my chest, the frayed ends poking between my breasts where they cross, and dig into my arms.  The warmed rich deep stained walnut of the arms, smooth from being polished with Pledge.

"Huh?"  The sound of the toilet surprised me.  Upstairs, where the door was almost closed, but slightly ajar, and the bedroom door wide open right next to it.  Then she came out, rubbing her eyes.

"Kelsey, what are you doing up?"

"I couldn't sleep, and I got thirsty, and then I had to pee."  She held onto the banister, walking barefoot down the spiral staircase in her nighty, and came around on the hardwood floor.  Walking up to the carpet, just looking at me.

Tied to a chair, in my lingerie.  All the hot wet arousal of our loveplay gone, I just stared back in silence, mouth wide open, and more than a little shocked at how she's taking the sight of her mother.  Tied to a chair, dressed up for sex.

It's just so strange, because she doesn't seem at all concerned for me.  Is that normal?  Shouldn't she be scared, or at least the slightest bit curious about my predicament?  "Are you done playing?"  She looked around, "Where's daddy?"

"He's gone to change."  I shook my head, "He'll be right back."

"Oh, okay."  She went to the kitchen, and pulled open the refrigerator with a grunt.  Got out her cooking step, she used to help me bake cookies, and gets a glass out of the top of the dishwasher.  Sniffs it on the way back to the refrigerator, then stepping up to get down the milk.

"Uhn!"  Another cute little grunt, lifting the gallon over the flat bar across the door, and carrying it in both hands over to the glass on the floor.  She sets it down, and takes the cap off, before bending over, and carefully pouring a cup.

Then, she took it back, put it away, and picked up her glass of milk to carry it back to the living room.


"Yes, Kelsey?"

"May I have a cookie?"  She thought.  "Please?"

"Yes, Kelsey."

It's just surreal.  I can't believe how normal all this is, my daughter just being Kelsey.  As if I'm not even here, tied to a chair, dressed up for sex then her father comes in in a trench coat.  His Master mask taken out of the storage closet by the parking space.  His manly hairy chest, and firm gut crisscrossed with black leather straps held together by a bright chrome ring, and his erection standing straight out of the opening like some perverted flasher.

Kelsey just walked out from around the kitchen island, carrying her milk, and cookie over to the stairs, Yawning.  He covered himself immediately, holding the coat tight around him, and ducking down behind the large planter.  I look back, but she just made it around to the top of the stairs.  Carefully balancing the cookie on top of the glass, then holding it in both hands, on her way over to her door.

"Nitenite."  She left it slightly cracked, and disappeared.

"Hhuh!"  He'd taken off the mask, so his hair was messed up, and I could see the dumbfounded look on his face.  Shaking his head, blushing with embarrassment, and still covering his crotch shamefully.  "Sleep walking?"

"No, wide awake.  She couldn't sleep, went to the bath room, then came down, and asked if she could have a cookie with her milk."

"What did you say?"

"I said yes, of course."

"What did she say about you, being,"  he pointed, and waved his finger around me.  "Like this."

"Nothing.  She didn't even mention it.  She noticed, she had to have noticed, but she just.  Didn't care?  What does that mean?"

"Hell if I know.  Let me untie you."

"Yeah, that ruined the mood, and I should probably go talk to her."

Unfortunately, by the time I had belted on my night robe, it was too late.  She was fast asleep, snoring lightly, as if nothing had happened.  The glass was empty, so I took it back to the kitchen, after brushing the cookie crumbs off her pillow, and kissing her cheek goodnight.

"How'd it go?"  He just threw the leather straps, and bracers in the trenchcoat, along with the cock ring, and wadded them up, so the metal bits clinked together.  Tied up the bundle with the belt, and put some pants on to take them back down to the storage locker.

"Fine."  I kissed him, and went up to bed, to take off the garter belt, wait for him to get back.

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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2018, 05:30:08 PM »

"Daddy?"  She waited for the show to switch to commercial, then I muted them.

"Yes Kelsey."

"Is Mister Master a good guy, or a badguy?"

"Huh!"  I've been dreading this conversation, but I don't suppose she could explain everything.  "He's a badguy, but you have to understand, that's not me."

"I know, that's just pretend."  She nodded,  "Daddy?"

"Yes, Kelsey."

"What's his super-powers?"

"Mr. Master?"  I never thought of him as Mr. Master, a supervillian, nor anyone.  Just my wife calling me Master, I had to get used to that, but she's right.  There's something surreal, and almost nightmarish about how well she's taking it.  Our marriage councilor says she seems to have a well developed comprehension of the difference between fantasy and reality for her age, but it's still more than a little disturbing.  That this makes us both so uncomfortable, and she's just.  I don't know, she just doesn't seem to care, she's just curious.  Waiting patiently, but moved over to sit on the coffee table, and stare at me.  

"Well," I thought, "I guess he has the power to control women, with the sound of his voice.  Or, he knows exactly what to say, to make them do his bidding."

"Like Simon Says?"

"Yes, like Simon Says."  It's a game to her, the only way she understands it is as a game we like to play, and nothing about how hot, and wet her mother gets being tied up, slapped, and her hair pulled.  I don't really understand it, either.  I just had to learn what turns her on, and how hard is too hard.

She thought, then looked down, and grinned.  That's another thing, like a Jack-o-lantern "That's why he hits girls, because he's a bad guy!"

"Well, in reality, I hit your mother because she likes it, but only if I don't hit her too hard."

"And she knows your secret identity."  She nodded.  Then she stopped, and her head tilted.  "Is that why he kidnapped her, so she can't tell anyone his secret identity?"

"Yeah," that's actually a pretty good idea.  "That's why he wears a mask, so the police don't know who to arrest."  We can probably work out a script, demanding to know who she told, who he is, and her insisting nobody, but he wouldn't believe her.  That's as good a reason as any for him to get angry, and more brutal, the way she likes it.  

"Oh," she got up.  "Your show's back on."

I need a shave.  Rubbing my chin, but I forgot the show, and it's a rerun anyway.  So, I turned the sound on, and thought about where I can take her.  Obviously, we can't do it here any more,  we don't have a basement, or attic to set up a dungeon, but I fhave an idea, and I think it's just about perfect.

I sure hope she likes it.


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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #3 on: September 14, 2018, 06:11:12 PM »

"How do you play it?"  

"Well, first you break the law, so I have to catch you, and arrest you."  She had to poke a hole in the belt to buckle it on, and pin the badge on her shirt carefully.  So she didn't poke herself with the pin, but I looked around.  

"What about stealing?"

"No, not Muffin McGuff!"

"Oh, sorry." I put it back, but she just giggled.

"Teheh!  It's okay, I'm just pretending."

"Oh."  I grinned, and looked around.  Stuck the stuffed puppy up under my shirt, and bent over.  Looked back closing the door, while she stuck the pistol in her belt like a cowboy, and picked up the grey plastic handcuffs.  "Hm."

I thought, maybe I should hide it.  So she doesn't catch me red handed with the evidence, so I went in the bathroom, and stuck it under the clothes in the hamper.

Her mommy has really nice underwear.  It's super pretty, and lacy, with frilly trim, and big big cups in the bra, too.  Before she came out of her room from dressing up, I ran out, and down the stairs, but all this running around made me sweaty.  So, I unzipped my jacket, and hung it up by the door.  

It's still raining, I can hear it outside the door, and looking across the living room, it's really pouring down on the patio too.  She lives in such a nice condo, it's more like a whole house then apartment, and there's such a great view from the balcony, when it's not raining cats, and dogs.  

Muffin doesn't even look like McGruff, the crime dog.  She's just a stuffed puppy, but so old and loved, the stuffing's gotten hugged, and cuddled out to a plush bag with a puppy shaped head on top, and floppy ears.  I see why she loves it so much, so I knew it would be the best thing to take, so she would care about it.

"Stop right here!"

"You can't catch me!  Ihihnihn!"

"Freeze!  Stop, or I'll shoot!"

I put my hands up, still giggling, then turned around, slowly.

"What are you wearing?"  She took off the dark blue pants, and pullover collar shirt, but now she had "A cape?"  

"I'm Super-Cop!"  She struck a pose, with the bed-sheet pulled, and twisted over her shoulders, criss crossed around her body, and tied on with the utility belt.  Like the Bat-belt, I guess, but she had on a white mask to match.  Also bedsheet, only tied on like a bandana, and eye holes cut through the hem, then sewed so they don't move around, and she can see out.

Sky blue tights, and bright red underwear.  On the outside, like superman.  Only super girl, if she wore tights, and not a miniskirt.

"Oh,, hihihn!"  But she put the gun away to hold her fists on her hips, so I could make my escape.  Giggling, I ran around the stove, and hid.

"You can't hide from me.  No-one can hide from Justice!"  I knew right were she was, and covering my giggles, I even saw her finger.  Point up in the sky with the word Justice!  Like the Statue of Liberty, which reminded me, of the statue in front of the courthouse.

"Justice is Blind!"  I ran, but she said "Freeze!"  Again.

"Don't move, evil doer.  Don't even breathe."

"Hihn hihn hihn!'  I couldn't help panting.  This was so much fun, like tag, Simon Says, Hide, and Seek all rolled into one!  "I want a mask!"

"Silence!  You have the right to remain silent."

"Ihihmhn!"  I nodded, and let her pull down my hands.  Clip the plastic on around them, and lead me off to the sofa.  "Have a seat."

I just plopped down, but she walked around to the other side of the coffee table, and sat down on the floor.  Her mask off, she pulled back her hair, and twisted it over her shoulder.  Then, she pulled out a pair of glasses, from out of nowhere, and put them on.

"Where is she?"  She leaned over, and held her hands together.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't give me that, we have you on camera, kidnapping a miss."  She pushed her glasses down.  Pretended to read something off the bare wood in front of her, and even looked right to left.  "Muffy McGuffin?"

"Oh," so it's not theft, it's kidnapping.  That's even better.  Then, I remember an episode of Law&Order I saw once.  Not real good, but I remember the part of, "Well, I have it set up, so that if.  Uhm."  I had to think, how would this work?  "If anybody tries to find her, she'll die.  Yeah, that's right, there's boobie traps,"  I giggled, remembering the bright red bra with the black trim I stuffed her under. "The whole room is rigged to blow, if you don't know the password."

"What's the password?"

"I'm not going to tell you."  She got up.

"Oh yes you will!"  She pounced on me, tickling me, and I couldn't do anything with my hands cuffed behind me, but struggle, and giggle.  "Ow,!"  they hurt my wrists, though.  "Nihehah!  No, stoahehn!  I'll talk ahehihn!  Hihm!"  I had to catch my breath, but she stood up, and straightened her face.  Picked up her glasses where she dropped them, and put them back on.  Pulling back her hair with a twist.  She forgot her hairty, so that's what she does to keep it from swinging loose.

"Upstairs, in the bathroom hamper.  Take these off, they really hurt."

"Oh sorry."

"It's okay, just.  Uh, hm!"  I rubbed my wrists, and she twisted around to put them away.  Pull the button out through the hole in the flap over the pocket.  Then she took off her cape, and went upstairs to put a shirt on.  Before anybody else saw her running around half naked.

Then, we went back down to the kitchen, and grabbed a snack.

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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2018, 07:00:50 PM »

"You want to play with us?"  My sister took off her jacket, and hung it up bye the hood to dry, but her friend, Kelsey.

"No?  I don't like girl games."  She kept her long raincoat on, and just dried off her hair when they got home.

"There not girl games, Crime and Punishment..."

"Like the book?"

"Did you read it?"

"No?  It's in Russian."  I think, I just remember seeing it up on the bookshelf, and the name.  Somethingoratherski.  That's Russian, right?  "How do you play it?"

"Well, I'm gonna go get dressed."  Robin took a black plastic belt, with a pistol holster, and other stuff molded in it out of the backpack, and went to her room.  

"Well, I'm going to play the bad guy."  She shook her head, "Girl, no.  You know, not like a bad girl, but.  Lady?"

"Bad Gal."  That's like a guy, but a girl.  Guys, and Gals, "Right?"

"Yeah."  She pulled out a piece of spandex, with a knot in it, and held it out like a shower cap.  Turned it around, so the eye holes were in front, and pulled it on over her hair.

"Like a super-villian, ess."  

"Yeah, uhuh?  Robin's gonna go get dressed up, then come and save you just as soon as you cry for Help."

"I have a Batman mask."

"You do?"

"Yeah, around here somewhere."

"With a cape, and utility belt?"

"Yeah, uh huh?  From halloween, it was a couple years ago, so it probably won't fit me, but you're.  7, right?"

She shook her head in the Zorro mask.  "I'm 8."

"Oh, sorry.  I missed your birthday."

"It's all right.  Now."  She sqautted down, in her trench coat.  I didn't notice, until she put the mask on because it was a rainy day, so she wore a raincoat, but now I could actually see her as a villianess.  I knew she was into crime stuff, Robin told me, but she dug through my toybox, and pulled out my Rambo knife.

"Oh yeah."  She just remembered, "If it starts to hurt to much, you can just say Bunny."

I laughed, "Bunny?"

"Yeah, and then I have to stop."

"Why Bunny?"

"Well, because it's not the kinda thing you say all the time, is it?"

"No, of course not.  Don't be silly."

She giggled, "Well, that's the exact point.  It's like sating Cut."


She poked her hand, so the plastic blade bent.  "It's fake, see?"

"I know, it's my knife."

"So, you can say no, stop, but it's just acting.  Or don't cut me?"

"Oh," now I get it, "But that doesn't mean cut, like making a movie."  I nodded, "But I can say."  I can't keep a straight face, "Bunny."  Shaking my head, "And that means stop."

"Exactly, that's called a Safe Word.  Now, put them up."

"Uh!"  We're starting already?  But I just put my hands up, because she had the knife up to my throat, but backwords so the saw teeth caught on my neck.

"Don't hurt me?"

"Do as I say, and you won't get cut.  Sit down."  She pushed me, and pulled out her belt.  "Put your hands behind you, and hold still."

She went around behind me, and tied me up, but when her coat flopped open, all I saw was her pale chest.  Just a glimpse, down the neck, but none of her top.  Then, she came around unbuttoning it, and I saw why when it flapped open.

She wasn't wearing a top, just black shoes, pantie hose, and a miniskirt she pulled up so I could see her white pantie hose through the tight bottom, and then she turned around with the skirt  stretched up under her arms like a tube top.

"Uh?"  I shook my head.  

"Silence, I don't want to hear a word out of you, mister!"

She winked, through the mask, with a little smirk before she put on her mad face again.  I just blinked, dumbfounded, especially at the way she was dressed.  Bending over to pick up her coat, I looked away from the pantie hose stretching tight over the white triangle.  Bent out by her bottom, but it's such a sexy outfit.

No, that's Kelsey under there, my sister's friend Kelsey, playing dressup.  I can just cross my legs, and hide the boner until it goes away, but you know how all the.  Well, Vilianesses are.  Badgals, instead of badguys.  The Heros, and Villains are all big and strong.  That's their power, but then you look at Catwoman, and she doesn't use her muscles to overpower Batman.  That would never work, because she's not juiced up like Bane, she has to use a different power on him.

Sex power, and she's dressed the part.  "Huh!"  I swallowed, or tried to, but the lump felt dry in my throat when she stood up in her trench coat and turned around.

I didn't have any trouble not looking at the crotch of her panties stretched tight by her black pantiehose.  Not with the whip she had in her hands, but I couldn't even think of the word Bunny.

"Help, help me!"

"I'll save you!"

Thank God, Robin burst in before she started beating me!
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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #5 on: September 14, 2018, 07:43:37 PM »

So, then it was Kelsey's turn, and we stopped bye the store on the way back.  To my place, her mom and dad kicked us out, so they could get romantic, but she said she wanted to do something "Real."

Bad, but "Not too bad."  She stole some shoelaces from the store, where we looked at boots, and purses.  "I'm not going to jail just for shoplifting."  She giggled, and sat down on the bench at the mall.  "If they caught us, they'd just call my parents, and I'd be grounded."  She shrugged, "Probably just for a week're two."

Holding the ends together, so she could cross them right in the middle, they were the square leather ones for boots, so they don't have the plastic things on the ends.  Then, she started tying them back and forth in knots.  More like a keychain then a friendship bracelet, but once she had them long enough, she held it by the handle, and tried it on her back.

"How was that?"

"Not too bad, through my raincoat, but come on."  She hopped up, and ran off.  To the parking garage, giggling, and took it off.  Bent over in the miniskirt she cut out of an old pair of biker shorts, but the seams weren't pulling out on that part.  The important thing is, her mom, and dad didn't spank her.  

They don't believe in that as a good punishment, it doesn't work.  I could have told them that, it never made me want to do anything, but cry until I stopped, but you can't be good all the time.  It's impossible, I guess you could be bad all the time, that's easy.

"Remember, start out light, then a little harder, until I say stop."

"Okay."  I barely even hit her, the first time.  "How's that?"

"Okay, now a little harder."  Then a little more, and a little more, until she said "Ow, stop!"

"Sorry."  I gave her back the little shoelace whip, and she put it in her pocket, but then it stopped raining long enough for us to run out from under the parking deck, and we almost made it before it stared coming down again.

I just put my hood up, and ran.  Then I got her a towel once I hung my jacket up to dry.  I got it for Christmas, and it's really warm in the snow, but in the rain, I just got sweaty.  My brother came out, and said "Oh, it's you."  

So, Kesley followed him back to his room, and asked if he wanted to play with us.  I guess Justice is kind of a boyish game, now that he mentions it, but it's just fun to us.  So, he agreed, and I took the police belt with me to my room.  

It took us a while of trying stuff for me to figure it out, but you know how Daredevil can see in the dark?  That's his superpower, he's got radar hearing, so even though he's blind, he knows right where all the badguys are, and he can still fight crime.

Well, I cut a ring out of the leg of the bike short, and I can pull it on over my hair without having to worry about catching it in a knot.  The best part is, it stretches over my eyes, so I can see through them, but from the outside, it looks just like a blindfold.  

Like the Statue of Justice outside the Police Station, you get it?  I don't know about the scales, we'll have to figure those out, and some ways to use them that's safe, because if you hit somebody with them, I bet they would really hurt, and we don't want to hurt anyone for real.  

But I got my wet clothes off, and changed my underwear, then put on a sheet like a Toga before I heard Todd yelling "Help, help me!"  

That's my queue, so I ran across the hall, burst through the door, and yelled "I'll save you!"

I guess he got so good at acting scared from playing with his friends, because there boys, but she held the whip up over her shoulder, just like we decided.  So, I could grab it, and take it away from her.

"Blind Justice!"  She backed away, and I looked around real quick for his sword.  

I knew he had it around here somewhere, but I saw the toybox open, and sure enough, "Here!"  I pulled it out, because Ms. Justice has a sword.  

Turning around, she put her hands up, but on my chest, and felt it.  "You don't have to hurt me."

I had to keep a straight face.  Looking over at Todd, squeezing his legs like that, then I remember my line.  Raising her sword, Blind Justice said:

"Your powers of Seduction won't work on me!"  Stabbing it in the air, and she giggled.

Then, I had to think a second, before I remembered her name:

"Ms. Demeaner."
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