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My First Time (MMF)

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on: September 19, 2018, 12:22:27 PM

This is a multi-part story.  Continue reading further in the thread for the continuation.


A few first's here,  long time fan of Kristen but first time posting a story, it's a true story about losing my virginiy which also happens to be my first threesome experience. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment. Names and places have been changed but everything else is true.

What can I say? I was the original shy, awkward, geeky teen and a late developer! I didn't lose my virginiy until I was 18, but it was to be an unusual way of doing it....
At the time, many moons ago now, I worked in a factory where magazines where sorted packed and distributed, these were no ordinary magazines, but dirty magazines no less! With titles like knave, fiesta, xs.
It was a great job to have when your a horny 18 year old guy.

As I said I was very shy and especially so around girls, I'd never had a girlfriend, I had tried but just went to pieces when I tried to get to know one, I was hopeless at 'chatting up' girls. I was a loner I suppose, I had urges of course and was desperate to have a girlfriend and to have sex. I made do for the time being with my right hand and a good supply of magazines.

At work the magazines were sorted out with any torn or damaged ones ending up in the waste pile which employees where aloud to raid and take home.. It was a bit embarrassing at first 'looking in the pile' but a lot of the guy's who worked there openly collected them, put them in a bag and took them home. So I did the same.

One afternoon while on my break and the waste pile area was quiet I had a look, amongst the usual mags I found something different, it was smaller than the others about half the size, curious, I picked it up and leafed through the pages, there were pics but not many it was mainly adverts, the ads had a description of the person advertising and the the type of person they wanted to meet, I had found a sex contact magazine.

I was fascinated, I read through half of the ads just on my break, I'd read all single ladies with nothing outstanding catching my eye, they were all too far away or wanted a couple. At this stage I was just looking for interest sake, I had no intention of looking seriously.

Later that day after work I got the magazine out my bag went upstairs to my bedroom and began looking through the couple's section. It was one of the first ads I saw and although it's been many years I still remember most of it and so I'll recreate it here, it went something like this.

As I read it I almost jumped! It was as though it had been written with myself in mind, I read it again and again with growing excitement. I checked the area where they were, it was a bit of a drive but not far. I stopped myself and sort of 'came to' it was like I was transfixed on that one ad, surely I couldn't be thinking about this seriously! I was still a virgin, terrified of girls and here I was thinking about responding to an add for a threesome!

I put the mag away and had something to eat. Then I went for a long drive in the country, all the time thinking about the wording in the ad, EROTIC FUN, SHY INEXPERIENCED YOUNG MAN. I couldn't stop thinking about it, I was so excited that by the time I got back I had to go up to my room and take care of the tension.
I decided that night that I would reply, even then I told myself it was curiousity but I knew it was something more.
I realised that although very shy around girls my own age I'd always been more comfortable with women much older than myself

The next day I sat down with pen, paper, stamps and envelopes and a postal order, how's that for nostalgia!
You had to put your private letter in an envelope put a stamp on it and the ad number in pencil then put that in another envelope and post it to the magazine. I didn't put a lot in my letter, just a few details about me and the fact I was very inexperienced and looking forward to hearing from them. I posted it and waited.

Just 4 days later I had a reply, my hands literally shook with excitement as I opened the letter, They were called bill and Sarah and sounded very nice, I don't know what I was expecting, maybe loads of dirty talk or even a naughty pic of the lady but  that's not how it was, they told me a bit about themselves and said they would like to meet me soon but if I wanted to write a while first that was ok.

Well, I was so excited later that day I wrote back my reply and posted it straight away. They didn't give me their address so I had to use the mags postal service, I said in my letter amongst other things that I was eager to meet them too! So much for curiousity, this was starting to happen, there was a lot that could go wrong of course but one thing was sure, I desperately wanted it to happen. As it turned out I didn't have to wait long...
Part 2 coming soon.
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Reply #1 on: September 19, 2018, 02:16:13 PM
Interesting start, can't wait to see how things went.


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Reply #2 on: September 19, 2018, 03:15:09 PM
Sometimes it's best to start with a bang?  I must admit, I'd answered many such ads when I was younger.  I look forward to reading how this turns out.

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Reply #3 on: September 19, 2018, 03:30:06 PM
I'm not one to usually read the stories, as I mostly skim them to make sure the author is following board rules. 

I must say, you have caught my attention, and left us with a little suspense for what happens next, though I have my prediction.  It's also the innocent young subject that has captured my interest.  I could see a boy pursuing this adventure, but likely not a girl. 

I'll be following along. 

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Reply #4 on: September 19, 2018, 05:46:43 PM
Looking forward to the rest of this one!  I love stories that remind me of my teenage self, though I don't know if I would have responded to the ad when I was 18.  Coincidentally, I'm now the right age to be part of the "mature couple", and while this scenario isn't something I'd initiate I could see myself getting into it with some prompting from my wife. 

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Reply #5 on: September 19, 2018, 06:29:42 PM
Ah, postal orders - those were the days.  Looking forward to reading how you got on with the mature couple.

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Reply #6 on: September 19, 2018, 07:40:55 PM
Thank you folks for the nice comments, it's a pleasure to finally have my own writing here on Kristen. I'll get on with part 2 asap. This happened a long time ago and I am now myself one half of a mature couple.

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Reply #7 on: September 22, 2018, 01:01:31 AM
We exchanged a few more letters, bill and Sarah replying directly, me through the magazine forwarding system, they were very secretive. I was asked to provide a phone number so we could arrange the meeting, it had already been agreed that I would stay the night, Sarah in particular was very interested in the fact I was a virgin, she expressed a desire to be my first, I said I would love for that to happen.

I decided to give them my grans phone number as I knew she always went shopping on a Saturday morning and wouldn't be in, also I had a key for her house, it would be perfect they were to call at 10. Saturday came and I found myself in her empty house, the time was 9.30 and yes it was the longest half hour of my life, i passed the time sweating and watching 'going live' a kids show but a good one, remember Gordon the gofer?

The clock eventually got to 10am, 10.01, 10.02, nothing! Then at 10.03 I jumped out of my seat at the shrill sound of the phone, hurriedly I answered and heard a cheery male voice, bill introduced himself and we chatted for a moment or so then he put Sarah on, my god she had a sexy voice! I was getting hard just listening to her. After agreeing on next Saturday she gave me instructions on the time and place, it was all set. Her parting words are still with me 'dont touch yourself, save it all for me'!! I don't know how I did it but I did, by the end of that week I was one frustrated young man.

It was a predictably long week! But Saturday eventually came shuffling round. I was buzzing with excitement and nervousness, actually a nervous wreck...with a hard on.
They lived near a village in Lincolnshire about 1hour 30 mins drive from me, I was to meet them at a car park in the village square at 7. I gave them a description of my car and I had there's. I'd made an excuse to my parents that I would be staying with a friend. It was more like a military operation than anything else!

So, one fateful evening in march I set off in my car absolutely shitting myself but spurned on by sheer lust. It was a long drive and every mile my heart beat a bit faster, it's a strange sensation, being excited and scared at the same time. Eventually I arrived at the village, I was late and it was dark and I couldn't find the car park! No sat nav, no Google maps, that's my excuse ????.

Although I didn't know it I was actually headed back out the village in my efforts to find the car park when the car behind me flashed it's lights repeatedly. I pulled over and as I got out was greeted by a friendly chap who shook my hand as he said 'thought you'd changed your mind there'.
His name was bill, they thought I'd chickened out and was headed home!
I quickly reassured him I was hopelessly lost. He told me to follow them back to the car park.

Arriving there I locked my car up and got in their car, I had to get in the back, I couldn't see much of Sarah in the gloom but was warmly greeted with 'how are you'? 'how was the journey'? Etc. We drove for about 15 mins out into the country to an isolated lonely lane which a long driveway led off, at one point as we passed a farmhouse I was asked to keep down in the back as they had a nosy neighbour, I just caught a glimpse of an elderly man locking his car up.

Eventually we arrived at their home and bill parked in the driveway, I got out and realised for the first time how vulnerable I was, nobody knew I was here, wherever here was, it was very isolated. We went inside and once the kitchen light came on I got my first look at Sarah, she was pretty, about 5'5" medium build, dark brown shoulder length hair, glasses, I noticed straight away how her blouse buttons straighned against her ample breasts.

I was warmly greeted and made to feel at home, offered a drink, which I accepted, a can of lager, I forget which one, I had other things on my mind. I was directed to the living room and we all sat down for a chat, it was bloody surreal! Bill even put the TV on! It was just like a couple of friends  catching up, we talked about all-sorts, cars, movies, fishing! The state of the country, it was just a normal conversation. I didn't know what to expect, was Sarah just going to start striping? Were they both going to start making out? I just didn't know, no pressure there then????.

The conversation did eventually turn to sex. They asked me if I'd had a girlfriend, what did I masturbate to? Did I use magazines? Etc, etc. Then they got on about what they liked, Sarah liked to 'dress up' she had some outfits, types were mentioned, nurse, schoolgirl, French maid etc, Sarah who was sat next to me on the sofa she leaned in close to me, her eyes studied me closely, 'which would you like?' At that moment face to face with her, I can tell you, I never felt more lusciously vulnerable in my life! It was great!! I quickly decided whilst inwardly and outwardly gulping 'french maid please' I managed to squeek, I'm a sucker for black stockings and short flared skirts, who isn't?

At that she gave me a deep meaningful look which actually made my balls tingle! Got up off the sofa and left me and bill alone, bizarrely as bill grinned at me and lowered his voice to ask what I thought of Sarah, the theme tune of casualty just going off was in the background on TV, in answer to his question I meekly replied, 'shes gorgeous' but a voice in my head said 'what the hell you got yourself into! She's going to kill you!' suffice to say I was more scared than I'd been in my whole life

We could hear her up there in the bedroom, getting ready, footsteps across old wooden floorboards, draw opening/closing, cupboard doors etc. All the while bill and I chatted away, both of us with one ear cocked slightly upwards, listening. After what seemed like 2 years, I heard, and I'll never forget this, the sound of footfalls coming downstairs, the conversation stopped, as the living room door opened behind me, Sarah entered the room.....

The final part to follow soon.

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Reply #8 on: September 23, 2018, 08:05:15 PM
Sarah came into view as she strolled into the living room, and my, what a view, she was hardly recognisable. The woman had walked out the room quite respectably dressed and now appeared before me, us, in a very revealing costume, the apron dress  looked amazing, complete with puff sleeves and black stockings, the dress so short I could see the stocking tops as she sat down next to me.

My face must have been a picture as she giggled a little, 'dont look so worried' she was saying, ' I don't bite, I might nibble a bit, but I don't bite' she moved closer to me, I glanced down at her ample cleavage, the top of the dress was Lace up and seemed to squash her boobs together, I'd noticed they were big before but now looked even bigger! ' well, do you like it?' she asked, her face inches from mine, I swallowed, I was a bag of nerves, 'you look amazing' I heard myself say, my voice sounded strange.

She giggled again, then put her hand on the side of my face and drew me towards her, she kissed me softly on the lips, broke away for a second then kissed me again, this time a longer deeper kiss, I felt her head move slightly to one side, her mouth opened and I felt her tongue probing my lips and mouth, i opened my mouth and our tongues explored each other, it was electric, my heart was beating real fast, my breath came fast through my nose, her perfume, her warmth, it was overwhelming.

She broke away, ' your a good kisser' she looked a bit flustered herself, 'so are you' I replied, slightly out of breath. We kissed again, this time for longer, her hand had moved from my face and was now stroking up and down my leg. By now my erection was as hard as rock, bulging the front of my jeans. We broke off again, 'wow' I said with a nervous laugh, 'wow indeed' she replied staring at the bulge in my trousers! Next thing I knew she had got hold of my hand and placed to right on her cleavage.

I immediately began exploring her breasts, her skin was so soft, so smooth, I could feel her nipples hardening through the thin material, 'mmmm' she purred 'i like that' as I fondled her she moved her hand over my bulge, squeezing gently, I gasped out loud, 'that feel good honey?' 'oh God yes' I replied enthusiastically! We all had a giggle at that, it kind of calmed my nerves a bit and reminded me that bill was sat just across the room, I'd been so absorbed with sarah, I'd forgotten he was there.

I decided to be bold and leaned forward so my face was buried in her cleavage, I licked and kissed her soft warm skin, it was heaven! All the time I was buried in there she was rubbing my hard erection through my trousers, I quickly realised I wasn't going to take much more of that, I pulled back and put my hand on here, 'whoa, that feels too good' I panted. She smiled warmly 'i think it's time we went upstairs young man'. With that she glanced at her husband, who got up and led the way, Sarah followed then me.

As we climbed the stairs I glanced up at Sarah's behind, I could see right up the dress and what a view, she had thick thighs, the milky white skin contrasting with the black stocking tops and skimpy black lacy knickers, I could see her bum cheeks they wobbled as she moved.

Once in the bedroom the door was closed and I was instructed to take off my clothes, I noticed bill was already stripping off. I quickly undressed, my super stiff erection now free of its denim prison stood proudly to attention at an acute angle to my belly, 'ooh that looks stiff' remarked Sarah staring at my manhood, it felt so strange, stood there nude! I noticed bill had got laid down on one side of the bed, Sarah instructed me to do the same.

And so it was that me and bill lay there on our backs, erect cocks on show, me on one side of the bed he on the other. Sarah just stood there for a moment looking from one of us to the other, 'well, well, looks like I'm in for an interesting night', she grinned as she loosened the laced up top of the costume and first scooped one boob out, then the other, they were beautiful! I watched intently as she crawled seductively up on to the bed, those magnificent boobs swaying as she moved, she crawled up so she was between us, then she grasped my cock in her left hand and bills in her right!

I gasped at the feel of her fingers wrapped tightly around my throbbing shaft, 'awww, you poor thing' she was saying in a soft seductive voice, 'thats soo hard, just relax honey, and I'll take care of it for you'. She started wanking  me off, her hand moving slowly up and down my shaft, then, increasing in speed, it felt amazing! Soon I was coming up to meet her, my hips thrusting upwards jerkily as my orgasm approached, I let out a loud 'argh' as I came, my cum landed mainly on my chest area but some hit my throat, I heard Bill in the background swearing, something like 'fuck me, man'

I sort of came to, looking down I could see the mess I'd made, Sarah's hand had my cum dribbling down it, Sarah was looking right at me with a huge grin on by her face, 'does that feel better?' 'oh God yes' I replied breathlessly.

After she'd wanked me off I watched her play with bills cock whilst cleaning myself up, he was bigger than me by about an inch plus a bit fatter but his cock never got as hard as mine. After a short time Sarah got laid on her back in the middle of the bed, I heard Bill say, 'its your turn now' talking to Sarah, he made eye contact with me and indicated for me to lay down next to him between Sarah's legs.

So here we both were face to face with god's greatest creation, and at the business end no less, I had my first good look at paradise, aka 'pussy' those silky white thick thighs gave way to a slit, a neat slit with just a little hair around it, perfect. There was an odour, a nice smell, the smell of success as they say, bill showed me her clit, or special button as he called it, then parted her lips, it was an amazing site, pink and shiny with her juices.

' put your finger in' bill said, I did just that, oh my god what a sensation! I heard her gasp as my finger slid easily into her, it was the most amazing sensation, it easily yeilded but at the same time was tight, almost sucking my finger. I instinctively worked my finger in and out much to Sarah's delight, she began to moan softly and move her hips forward to meet my finger, I was fascinated!

Bill told me to rub her clit at the same time as fingering her, which I did but it took a mo to get it just right, meanwhile he went topside, kissing her passionately and being (or so I thought) quite rough with her boobs, he was twisting and kneading her nipples quite vigorously, but she seemed to love it and was soon getting very excited and vocal, moaning and gasping.

Her whole body seemed to be moving, she got louder and louder, her hip thrusts became stronger and more rapid, I was busy with her clit and fingering just as bill had shown me when all of a sudden Sarah's whole body just tensed up! I didn't know what was going on, she made a loud noise, and brought her knees together sharply, then I felt my finger, inside her pussy sort of being squeezed, like a pulsing sensation, then her body shook, it was weird at the time but I kind of knew I/we had just made her cum.

It was a proud moment, even though I was still a virgin I felt a sense of achievement, I had brought a woman off, with the help of her hubby, it was  a wonderful experience.

After Sarah had rested a few moments she renewed her interest in our cocks, mine had recovered and was as hard as rock once more, bills was just the same! I watched as she took her husband's cock into her mouth, she was laid on her side, him kneeling, it was an amazing sight, she was really going for it, I heard the slurping sucking noises as his bell end disappeared and reappeared from her pretty lips.

Bill moaned and groaned but did not cum, I was in awe, I wouldn't have lasted 10 seconds of that! By now my cock was throbbing, it was once again so hard I could have put it through double glazing! Sarah broke off from bills lollipop and noticed my hard on once again, 'get me a condom' she said to bill, I freaked out! Was this the moment, was I going to fuck her right now?

No, she had something else in mind, it turns out to be a flavoured condom.
She came to me, rolled it down over my cock, I was by now on my knees like bill was, she, on her knees also took my dick in her mouth! Oh my god! Even with the condom the sensation was intense, her tongue found the very sensitive area just below the bell end and flicked rapidly across it over and over creating a tickling sensation, then, she would deep throat me, up and down the shaft.

I was in heaven, the pleasure just kept hitting me like big waves, just when I thought I was going to cum it peaked then started all over, she kept me on this edge for what seemed like hours, eventually it was too much and I exploded in the condom, filling it and leaking out the end. It had been so intense I actually hadn't realised that bill was behind her fucking her doggy style! I did wonder why she kept rhythmically bumping me, it was bills thrusts!

It took me a few moments to recover, I lay there panting absently watching bill have his wife in what is probably the best position? Answers on a postcard please lol.
She was loving it, moaning and gasping as he grasped her ample hips and pounded her.
I was brought back to party, so to speak by Sarah's imminent orgasm, I quickly got hold of her boobs and did what bill had done earlier, twisted her nipples vigorously, she went insane! Bucking her hips, almost screaming with pleasure, she shook from head to toe, and then collapsed in my lap breathing heavily and cursing.

It was a while later, I don't know how long maybe 20 mins maybe 30 before I had my turn.
Unbelievably bill still had not cum, Sarah had fully recovered and was sucking my now very hard cock teasingly licking my bell end. Suddenly she stopped and sat up, 'i want you' she said, giving me 'the look'. She got a condom' out the bedside table and 'fitted' me with it, she lay down on her back and opened her legs wide, suffice to say, I didn't need a written invitation.

I was 18, she was 43, her husband watched whilst playing with himself, he watched me fuck his wife, I remember the feeling as I sunk into her, as I sunk into a little piece of heaven, my god it felt good, unbelievably good! I lasted probably about 3 minutes, not bad for a virgin, I came with her legs wrapped tightly round me, I came hard and very vocal! She came hard too just after me, I was still sufficiently hard to 'finnish her off'.
We lay there panting for a while, enjoying each others warmth, it was a special moment.

Shortly after we disentangled bill had his moment, replacing me at the helm he gave his wife a cream pie whilst the kissed passionately! It was quite a sight.
During the whole thing she only took her knickers off, the costume stayed on.

It was over, I was no longer a virgin. I slept there that night and left the next morning. I never saw bill or Sarah again. That's how it is sometimes. I figured they just wanted me because I was a virgin. I didn't mind one bit, I'd had the time of my life! And I'd made them happy too. I was to meet another 4 couples in this way one couple in particular stand out, the lady was insatiable, a true 'minx' if you folks would like to hear about that encounter just let me know in comments.  

Finally, thank you for reading my story, it's a true story. I'm now part of a mature couple myself and yes I do fantasize about sharing her.

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Reply #9 on: September 25, 2018, 06:37:11 AM
A horror movie plot turns into something fun and educational - Love it!

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Reply #10 on: September 25, 2018, 06:09:08 PM
Am liking this.

ID card? I don't need no stinkin' ID card. I already know who I am.

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Reply #11 on: October 02, 2018, 02:34:36 PM
We used to have SLS for these kind of things, until earlier this year, when it all changed. Good story though.

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very nice. glad for you that you had such a wonderful 1st time. many times the guy just cums the first time his hard cock just touches his partner

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This was posted months ago, and nobody's asked to hear about the insatiable minx?

Good heavens!

I'm asking!  I want to hear about the insatiable minx!

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Hi bluebirds and thank you for the comment. The 'minx' appears in the follow up story 'sloppy seconds'. Also posted in true stories.

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