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Mother's Superior (fM Incest Halloween)

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on: September 24, 2018, 09:14:47 PM
This is a fantasy, if you're under 18 you shouldn't read it, and I can't condone daughters exploiting their mother's sexual compulsion.

Keep going. Am enjoying this.


Deloris (Mother, Daughter Seduction)

"Huh!"  I turned back from the sewing machine, and Margot let her hands slip down from her bra.  

"Hm," I held up the wimple, but she was hot.  "Try this on."  Flushed all over, and looking down.  I helped her slip it over her head, and settle the cowl over exposed chest, but she wasn't holding them protectively.  "How does this feel?"

"Mom, do you ever."  She looked up, right in my eyes.  "Play with yourself?"

"Sometimes."  I sat back, "Huh, it's the best way to find, satisfaction."

"What about dad?"

"Most times, he's all I need, but.  He's not always around, he can be too tired, and honestly.  When two people make love, it's intimate, but also can be a lot more involved."

"So, it's a lot simpler to take it into your own hands?"

"You need some time alone?"  She's obviously extremely aroused, but she pulls the white hood, and cowl off, and fingercombs out her aubern hair.

"How do you do it?"

"Well, that's something you'll have to figure out for yourself."

"I can't!" She's obviously upset, "I tried, and tried, and no matter what, I just get frustrated, and."  She squirmed.  "You know."


"Irritated?  It starts to hurt."

"You mean raw, and."  She just nodded.  "How long are we talking about here?"

"A couple years."

"I mean.  No, wait.  You've been trying for.  2 years?"  She nodded, "And you still can't."

"What's it feel like?"

"Climax?  Huh, that's a tough thing to describe.  Like nothing else, I can compare it to.  Just a rush of pleasure, and depending on the kind of orgasm."

"There's different kinds?"

"Yes, of course.  What have you tried?"


"With whom?"

"Oh, uhuhahihn?"  Shaking her hair, "I mean I could figure out on my own."  Just filled the air, and I could smell it.  I didn't even have to sniff.  "I haven't been with anybody else.  My clitoris."

"Snh?"  I caught myself, holding up my hair, and dropped it.  Crossing my legs, I have to admit, that's not just her I smelled.

"Snh?  Hm."  She let her's drop, and her eye lids.  Smiling, and that flush all over her face.  Not just her cheeks, but also her ears, even down her neck, and chest.  "Huh, sorry.  That's the part that gets the rawest."

"Wet, or dry?"

"Either way," she shrugged, but I have to keep forcing my eyes up to her face.  She's almost panting, and her voice has changed.  "Huh, I guess I can do it longer when I pee."

"Wuh!  Hm."  Clear my throat.  "Wet, with urine."  Nope, my voice still sounds husky.

"I told you, I tried everything.  Front, and back, side to side."

"Now, when you say, front and back."

She nodded.  "Anal.  You ever try that?"  Her head tilted to the side.

"Sometimes."  All of a sudden, I have to shift, and uncross my legs, to clench my buttocks.  I felt a little spasm, but relaxing doesn't do any good, because that just makes it loosen, and.


"Ooh," wave it off, "Excuse me."

"Do you enjoy it, too?"    Blink, and shake the image, of my daughter's anus out of my head.  

"Oh, hm.  Ahem.  Mhm?"  Nod, "Sometimes.  Your father.  Rather enjoys it."  Now it's quivering, hungrily.  Damnit, I'm sitting here, talking to my daughter about performing sodomy for her father, and my asshole.  "Hhuh!  Why don't you."  I close my eyes, and turn my head.  Give it a good shake.  No, NO!

"Can I show you?"

Damnit!  "That might be best."

"Huh!"  She jumped up, and hugged me?  "Oh, mom, you're really the coolest!"

"I am?"

"Omagahd, yes!  I swear, none of my friends' would be cool at all, if they even suspected they touched themselves down there, they'd be shipped off to a convent!"

"Oh!"  Wait, "Is that why, you chose to be a Nun this year?"

"Yeah, they're scary!"

"Yeah."  I was raised Catholic, parochial school, the whole nine.  That's why I decided to be so understanding, and liberal with my children, but I never even thought of myself as cool.  The cool mom, mothers aren't cool.

"Huh!"  She lay back.  "See, I usually start with my pubes.  Like this?"

"Mhm?"  Just think of this like a gynecological exam.  This is Margot.  My daughter Margot.  She just needs a little help with her sexual frustration.

"Snh!  HhuhHhuh!  Hm."  Another hard shake.

"But since I'm already horny."  2.  Right to the second knuckles.  "Hmn, yeah.  Huh!"  She just let her head fall back.  "Nice and wet."  They slipped out, glistening, and swiped back up to the top.  Rubbing in circles, and she can't see me licking my lips.  Am I drooling?
 "Like this?"

"Mhm?"  Biting my lip.  "Go on?"

"So, I go back and forth."  Dipping out her juice, to swap up, and her pages stretch, then wrinkle, and stick back together.  Rubbing against each other, a few times with a few circular passes around her clitoris, then.  "Inh!  Hmn."  In, to the knuckles.  "Mhnhnhm!"  Twisting, and twirling around, I can just imagine her fingers curling, and straightening.  Kicking like a swimmer, and working herself looser, then slipping back out to fill the air with fresh.

"Huh, would it be okay if I."

"No, go right ahead.  Oh!"  Her hand shook in mine.  "I thought you ment, diddle your self, too?"

"Uhn, lawmph!"  I blinked, but she just looked at me.  "Mh?"  The surprise just turned instantly into a smile, and she slipped her fingers back off of my tongue.  "Sliph!  Mhn.  Hm."  I regained my composure.  Momentarily.  "Uhm, ahem.  Hm, sometimes, saliva works better."

"Uh huh."  She nodded.  "You like to eat pussy?"

"Oh, I thought you'd never ask!"

"Oh, ahuhnahuh!"

"Sliph!"  I licked my lips, too.  But of course it tastes better straight from the source.

"You are bisexual!"

"Don't tell your father."  He knows that.

"That you're having sex with me."

"Don't be silly, I'm not having sex with you."

"Not yet."  She grinned, mischeviously.  "Okay."  She held up her hand.  "I promise not to tell dad."

"Good."  So, I grabbed her knees, and pushed her back to hold her up, and lick her from the asshole to pubes.

"Nah, woohahunh!  You like rimming?"  I didn't have to answer that, just go back down for more.  "Nehihn!  Nahuhahwhun!"  She kicked, and wiggled, and squirmed on my tongue, but that just made her pucker, clench, and spasm, so I continued back up to drive my tongue into my daughter's willing tasty cunt hole.  "Mom?"

"Mhm?  Lmhn!  You're delicious."

"Thanks, um.  When you're done with that, you want to help me naughty up my costume?"

"Of course.  You don't want to be a virgin for eternity.  Now, hold still."


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Reply #1 on: September 24, 2018, 09:43:14 PM
I lied.  About everything, being a virgin, unable to orgasm, and I finally had to tell her to "Stop, huh!  Stop."

So she won't get me off so easily, but I just panted, and spasmed her saliva out of both holes, so it dripped down, and ran into the seat.

"What's wrong?"

"Huh, aren't you hot?  At all."  Her face is like.  Not, even her unglossed lips.  They're wet, but not a shade redder.  

"Yes, of course."  She blinked, and she's just so.  Not there.  I mean, yeah.  I heard, but still.  I don't know what to believe, and what not to believe, but Miss Millar.

"Take off your clothes."

"Yes, of course."  I even shivered a little, but part of that was the pre-orgasmic rush, and the blood running back out of my chest.  The sweat down my back, and, "Whew!"

Stepford mom.  I found her pamphlets, for Sex Addiction, and yeah.  Okay, yeah.  Me too, I didn't even have to run down the list, but I understand that.  

It's not like a drug, it's better, then any drug.  I tried anyway, and I gave up looking for anything that might stack up, because all of those are the hard core life wreckers like junk, meth, crack, and Xtacy.  

Okay, I tried rolls, and I really couldn't get off, but I don't just blank out like that.  I had to ask, my most trusted mistress, and sure enough, she said no.  Not like her at all.  Oh yeah, and also the 1 woman who's been with both of us, so.

I don't guess asking her if she's bisexual is a lie, so much as pushing the button to make her lie, to herself.  She's not, or maybe she is, and that's a completely different thing, but she can't say no.  Nobody knows why, because she's not one to kiss, and tell, but I thought it was just the usual Catholic rebellion.

Thing, you know?  Some girls are born Catholic, and it fits.  Others go the exact opposite way, turn around, and run right into sin.  Diving in head first, and swim around in all the pleasure they can get, because they had it locked away until they got out.  Not just Catholics, but she's not a hedonist, neither.  

This is, more like Hypnosis?  Or maybe chemical interrogation.  I know Truth Serum is completely wrong on so many levels, and at the same time it's right up there with the elixer of life, and a potent aphrodesiac.  I didn't have to snap my fingers, I just had to get horny, and ask her for sex, enough times that she couldn't say no.

Until she said Yes, of Course.  Now, she's like a robot.  Like I'm not even here, she's over by the dresser, and fucking folding her blouse.  Her sweaty blouse, she just stunk up half the room with lust stench, and only because I was here to stink up the other half, but I keep looking at the mirror to see if it's fogged up, or starting to drip orgone.

"Huh!"  She's my mom.  I've seen her naked, half the neighborhood has seen her at least walk by the windows, because she doesn't pull the drapes, or even seem to think about them even being open.  I think she's sick, I know this is the most fucked up thing I will probably ever do in my life, but god damn it, I have my mother right here, and her puppett strings in both hands.

I can't stop, neither.  I don't want to, I've been thinking about this way too long, and I can't even give it serious thought until I'm fucked too exhausted to go on.

"Now, get on the bed."

"Margot?"  Shit.  "What are you."

"Mom?  My costume, remember?"

She snapped out of it.  Now, I have to start all over again.



Rediculously rare.  I can't even guestimate, but I've worked as a prostitute for 30+ years, and a sex therapist for almost 20.  I've met 2, sexually compulsive victims.  In my life.  Don't expect to ever find one, much less one who either doesn't already have a jealous master, or who isn't locked up as a danger to him/herself and others.  (Oh yeah, one was in a mental hospital, and the other one was in jail.)

Neither of them is going to be self aware enough to point out why Margot was kept in the dark about this.  Unfortunately, you can't hide things from your children forever.  You will never get the opportunity to try this at home, so don't even think about looking for her.  It's abuse.  That's why I call them Sexually Compulsive Victims.  They might as well have Rohypnol in their pituitary, that's released into their blood under the right triggers.

I won't tell you how to make one, either.
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Reply #2 on: June 26, 2022, 12:45:11 AM
Great story and very arousing.
J x