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Author Topic: Dreadfall (Skyrim Fanfic)  (Read 183 times)
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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« on: October 02, 2018, 07:38:35 PM »

This is a FanFic. I claim no rights to the characters, events, nor places in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Tm 2011, all rights reserved) All characters herein, with the exception of the narrator are (c) Bethesda Softworks, and used without permission. Any resemblance to persons living, dead, or the intellectual property of a third party are purely unintentional. (And not my fault!)  I make no profit for this work, nor does the host.  It's purely for my own entertainment, and anyone who doesn't think it's a complete piece of garbage. It's intended as a tribute, with some subtle criticism of what is for the most part a fantastic game. There is no historical legal precedent for copyright, nor trademark infringement for the purposes of Fanfic where Slander, or Libel where not motivating factors. Should this change as it applies to this petty little work, it will be immediately dElited the moment it comes to the Author's (or I suspect Host's) attention, and no doubt promptly forgotten.

That out of the way, let me start off by saying she's barely literate, self deluded, and a liar.  So, the speling erors, and grammar are the Narrator's, written in Character:

Also, there's very little sexual content, but I for one think she's sexy.

She's a poser, and compulsively stops for screenshots whenever she gets a new piece for one of her outfits.

Especially weapons, which she wears like jewelry, including the 1 spell she cares about.

She wears armor for looks, and goes into harm's way in black clothing, because she thinks it has any affect on Stealth whatsoever.

^That^ is her in disguise.  The eye in the middle of the UI is basically the 4th wall.  I break for her to lampshade a bunch of things the NPCs don't seem to notice.  She's also basically a character written around a Game Balance:  I took all the OPness out of Stealth, basically by using 2 handed weapons, her Skyforge Steel Greatsword of Souls is renamed "Dagger" on enchantment.  No, that doesn't proc the bonus on Assassin's Blade.


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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2018, 08:09:55 PM »

Author Note:  She narrates the whole thing, so chapter heads are for the Location.  In game, you can see in the UI when you get to the door...



I always wanted to be a writer. My friends say I read too much, but I guess I never had anything to write about. Who would want to read the exiting adventures of a girl working in a Tavern? Not even up in the bar, where at least you get to hear exiting rumors, and gossip. Oh no, but down in the cellar, rolling out casks of Mead as they run dry, and practicing with the bung starter, imagining adventures she'd never have?

Or so I thought, whenever I got out, me Onmund, and Nevaris would spend all night playing Magelite tag. Onmund wanted to be a Wizard, just because his Da had an old staff he found in the attic. Anybody could use it, so we tried to shoot each other, and if you got hit, you were it! Onmund always said some made up incantation, pretending we was Bandits, or Soldiers, or something. Nevaris was so good at it, I always got caught, but he could just crouch in the shadows, and you'd swear he wasn't there with his Grey Elf blood.

So, I guess that's why we was friends. All misfits, a Nord who said he'd be Archmage some day, the only Dunmer in the hold for all we know, and me. A fatherless orphan reads too much.  So anyways, we was out all night, throwing rocks at the Archers out at Neugrad, and I think Onmund blinded one. Then, it started getting light when we got back to town, everbody was all excited about the Carts coming in. Not the usual supplies from Falkreath, or The Rift, but people.  Prisoners by the looks of their bonds, most of them Stormcloaks.  Imperials, I never seen so many, a Captain, and General Tullius by the way she addressed him.

"Ulfric Stormcloak," My heart lept, "Jarl of Windhelm." It was really him!  Trying to answer through his gag. I'd wondered, but it made sense. Why, they say he could shout a man to pieces with just his Battle Cry! "Some here in Helgen call you a Hero, but a Hero doesn't use a power like the Voice to murder his King, and Userp his Throne."

"Mmh!" I crept closer, rubbing at my tired eyes to get a better look.

"Who are you?" Behind me, another Nord in rags was talking to Sargent Hadvaar. He was always busting us for shoplifting, or breaking curfew. "You picked a bad time to come home, Kinsman."  Tchah!  "Captain, he's not on the list."

That bitch in the Captain uniform was like "Forget the list, he goes to the block!" And my jaw dropped. I looked over at Ulfric, but he was talking to the general, and this thief.  Lokir, ran, but the archers shot him.  I realized this is for real, it was like a nitemare, but I couldn't wake up!

Then what's her nuts pushed down this Stormcloak, and he was so brave. I mean, he never stopped talking back, even shut up that smug priestess, and hurried it along. He was so chill, I half expected his head to roll over in the basket, spit blood in her face, and say, "Is that the best you got, you milk-drinking snowberries?"

"Next," the Captain pointed, "The Nord in Rags!"  Well, the one that wasn't dead in the road with 2 Imperial arrows in his back.  He stood bravely, and silently, no doubt reflecting on his brief life as the Captain forced him down, with a boot on his back.  "What was that?"

Then, He came. I never got to see an execution before, turned away from the first one, but even with the ax hanging over him, I couldn't help but see how beautiful He was. Magnificent.

"Strun," he spoke to me, "Toor Kest!"

What power, his voice like a thunderbolt, even the skies heeded his cries, and stones rained down on fire! Jah, serious! The executioner got struck down by a bursting boulder, and his axe fell beside the block!

"Joink!" I grabbed it quick, and ran for the tower like a skeever with it's tail on fire.

"Legends don't burn down Villages," The first thing I ever heard Ulfric say.

Up the stairs, the wall burst open, and someone scrambled to jump past His massive horns.

"Jol," I didn't like the sound of that, "Toor'Shuul!" The tower filled with fire, so we ran back out, but at least The dragon wasn't still in the courtyard. A Stormcloak, and that Nord guy jumped between the tower, and the burning remains of Tzolt's house.

"This way!" Ulfric waved, and led the rallying Stormcloaks toward the East Gate. The Imperials were too busy shooting arrows, and fire bolts at the sky.  Brilliant, Imperial Battlemages.  Shooting at The dragon, with Firebolts!  Good plan!  So we managed to smash through right before some burning logs collapsed behind us. They headded for a camp, but I went North, to the only place I knew...
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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2018, 08:33:13 PM »


Note, if you want to play through, you can just Fast Travel from the mouth of the escape tunnel, back to Helgen, and head straight to Neugrad.  It's the castle on the map, this was what I actually did my first playthrough, before I even discovered Riverwood, and the Quest of the Golden Claw.)  


Skyrim (Also, chapter heads are Location names.  There's only on Narrator.)

It looks different by the light of day. With any luck, I could maybe sneak in, and find a place to crash. I know the place almost like Helgen, the guards, their usual paths, and the breaks in the walls. Just wish there was some shadows, or something to hide in.  I figured, I didn't have a place to stay.  So, might as well see if I can clean out the old fort, or at least one of the towers.

I held my breath while one walked past, and quick sprinted to the Prison. Not that many guys in there, as soon as I got over the snow glare, I looked around, but only found the stairs down. There was just one guy, wandering around between the boxes, and crates, and barrels, and stuff. I hid behind a pillar, gripping the haft of my axe, and waited.

Just like my Bung Starter, I guessed.  Only lighter, and sharp enough to cut a man's head off. How hard could it be? I swear, my heart was pounding so hard, I was sure he'd hear it. But he walked right past, muttering something about a whore.  So, I took a big breath, raised the axe, and "HUAH!" brought it down as hard as I could.

Like watching Torolf in the woodlot, THUNK! It rang in the haft, and he crumpled to the floor. Dead, I killed him. "I just killed somebody!" I jumped, and giggled. It wasn't that hard, but didn't feel anything like I always imagined. Didn't feel like anything, really, except the impact of the handle in my hands.

"What was that?" somebody ran up the stairs. "There you are!" Fire flew from his hands, and I just ran at him.

"Keep your," I swung like a stickball bat, "Filthy Magic," then back, "OFF of me!" And cut him down. "HRAUH!"  Oh well, they had some furry armor, so I gathered that up, spread it out behind some crates, and crashed out.  Found a sword though, looks like Steel.  I'll figure out where to put all this stuff tonight.

Neugrad Prison:

"Uhg!" I rolled over, but felt a little better, anyway. I tried on some of the armor, had to stitch the fur shoes tighter around my feet, but the rest covered me pretty well.

"I swear," I crouched again, "I'll find whoever did this..." Another one, where did they all come from? I snukt out, careful to watch my step, and hit her, hard. She fell, jerking my axe out of my hands, so I had to step on her back to loosen it. Never mind, she had a nice big iron sword, so I grabbed that instead, and gave it a few swings. It had better ballance, and I think I could swing it quicker anyway, so I just shrugged, and hung it on my back.

There was some gold down there, and a tunnel out, but I didn't really feel up for a swim. On the way back, there was a barrel, and some weird purple gems on it, but a bear trap in the way, so I left them. Up top, there was the door I came in, and a ladder up. I figured, if I could get on the roof, maybe I could take out an archer first, or jump down, and run. Thank Gods it was dark, and I could crouch up there long enough to see where everbody was.

There, the archers was way acrost the courtyard, and there was no way over there without jumping down, but I could see the door in to the main fort, so once there was nobody looking my way, I jumped, and ran for it before anybody saw me. I caught my breath, and crouched again. There was an Green Elf, right there, sitting with his back to me. I took down my sword as quiet as I could, and crept up.

"Huh?" he stood up, but I got some swings in, and cut him down before he could pull out his mace, and smash me with it. "You picked a bad time to get lost, friend!" I totally missed the archer across the room, but he got 1 arrow in my armor before I charged on top of a table, and jumped down in front of him. "Huah!"

"Agh!" his arms flew up, even as he fell with a slash across him. "We're under attack!" somebody upstairs yelled, so I quick hid in a dark corner. They all ran out, looking around, but I snukt quick through a side door, and around before they sawed me. "Hmh," down there, "Must've scared him off?" This was so exciting! I covered my mouth to giggle, but I sure was getting good at all this sneaking around stuff.

{Level Up!  Health, Stealth 1}

I ran in the first room quick, and shut the door before they started coming back up. Must be the boss's room, cause there was a real big chest, and stuff. Not even locked, I searched trough it to find a bunch of gold, and a real shiny battleaxe.

It had kind of a blue glow, so I stuck the old sword away, and pulled it out. Must be magic, I wondered what it would do? KLUNK! The door started opening, so I got down behind the bed, and this big guy in steel armor walked in. He had a warhammer on his back, but he left it there, and wandered over to the bookshelf.

THUNK! I don't know if the magic did anything, but it sure didn't kill him, so I swung back, and forth before he could turn around, and get out his hammer. He raised it, sideways to block, and even hit me with it, but just the haft, so I had to take a step back.

He swung, so I beat him to it, and hit him first. He fell at my feet, and I took a minute to pick up his hammer. It was heavy, heavier even then my bung starter, tho it had a smaller head. I guess it was on account of it being iron, and all.

"Hey," the archer at the table turned around, and got out her bow, so I charged, and struck her down. Man, but that thing was clumsy! I shrugged, and went back to my new axe, I like it much better. Anyway, nobody heard, so I snukt around, and there was another table with some guy sitting with his back to me.

Easy breezy, I didn't have to hit him twice, but the door bust open, and this lizard guy started shooting sparks at me. He threw up some magic shield, but I cut right threw it, and the other guy circled around with his handaxe. I blocked like his boss did, and hit him with the handle to get a shot in. He recovered, but just hit me once before I backhanded him down.

"Ow!" I rubbed my arm, and put away my sword. The boss had a nice bed, so I took a quick nap until I felt better, and looted some more. Now I found some potions, a bunch of healing ones, some blue juice I don't need, and a couple of the green ones. I wished it were more, that stuff is as good as skooma for staying up all night.

Oh, and a key, so I went to see if there was a lock it fit. It was downstairs, acrost from the front door, and down the stairs was a wizard. A real one with black robes, and everthing! He stopped shoting sparks as soon as my magic axe cut through his ward, and he had to take a step back, so I cut him down.

There was another chest, but the key didn't fit it, so I left.

{Incidentally, that was an Iron Battleaxe of Drain Magicka I found in the Chest.}

Okay, I managed to find a fairly dark corner to hide until the first archer walked past, but as soon as he fell, the alarm went up, and I had to fight my way out. Okay, I didn't have to clean out the whole place, but I had some idea that I could make this my personal base, and then got overwhelmed. Once I made it down to the gate, I could at least get 2 of them at a time, with the nice stone walls to stop all the arrows.

I had to block, a lot. If I bash one, I can hit the other while he's stunned, then get my guard back up, but then another stepped over the body, and it was back to 2 on 1. Whatever, so not worth it, I ran. What I really needed was some help, so I kept going east, and found a camp full of Stormcloaks. Yeah, He was there, but left immediately, and I was invited to go see Him in Windhelm to join the cause.

Thank you for all your help. Whatever, I was headed north all ready, so I kept going to the end of the valley.

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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2018, 08:49:20 PM »

I just found this Barrow Arch, but it had, like 3 bandits in it. Camped out, I took the first one out by beating through his shield, then the mage blocking the door to get to the archer inside. Nice little camp, and I had this book I found in the bottom of Neugrad, so I figured it was a good time to start my journal while I was taking a break.

[Finally, some adventure!] Now I got something to write about, and most of the books had just a couple pages, so it was easy to rip those out, and start over.  Unfortunately, there were more under the stairs, so I kept getting interrupted.  I guess I better check out the door they keep coming out of...

Skybound Pass

Right under the barrow arch was a door, and down a little from there was a couple more bandits. They heard me coming, but I blocked, bashed the one with the dagger, and quick cut down the one with a sword. The other got a couple slashes in, so I took his armor. Archer, I guessed from the bow, and kept headding down to where they had 2 full sets of Fur Armor, leather boots, and a locked chest. "Joink!"

I suck at picking locks, but I finally got it open to find a few potions. Anyway, I kept headding down, and opened a door. This corridor is full of webs, and egg sacks, so I expected spiders. Make that 1 humongus spider! Wow, I never believed the stories about them getting that big! I kept blocking, and bashing it back, then quick popped potions when I could instead of swinging. I went through all my green ones, and still wound up exhausted.

Got some Venom, though. Never know when that'll come in handy! Then came a couple more guarding a chest. I ran in to take out the archer, then the other one ran down with a shield. I bashed him, but he still blocked, so I bounced my sword back, and cut down over my head to flatten him. Not even worth it, the chest had some weird stones, and a little gold in it.  So, I kept going. Up some spiral stairs, I crouched at the top, and looked around before going up, but there was nobody there. Just more stairs, "Great." Would this place never end?


Okay, so the next door led out to a tower thingy, and there was a sort of trail after that, but when I went down it, this ghost came out, and started shooting these whispy glowing balls at me. They didn't fly straight, like arrows, but circled around me, and it was so cold. I swung all around, but then I got one, and it exploded, freezing me more.

I ran, she was coming, and now there was 2 more, and they were shooting more of those flying ice-balls things.  So, I just ran for the edge of the cliff, scrambled down, and hoped they didn't come after me.  There were a couple more bandits here, but I saw their fire first, and managed to get a drop on the archer.  Now, I'm taking a break, but I think I see Whiterun below, or a roof between some high rocks.  It's got to be around here somewhere, but can wait until morning.  I think I got enough money for a room at the inn.

I wonder about these bandits, or all of them, really. I mean, they're not real tough if a 15 year old girl who never picked up a real weapon before yesterday can take them on 2, or 3 at a time. Maybe that's why they're bandits, it's not like you have to be good at anything, just hang out, and wait for someone to rob.

Anyway, I decided that was as good a place as any to stash my stuff a while, since it's way out in the middle of nowhere, and I can come right back. I could see a little village down there, so I changed back into clothes, so they wouldn't think I was raiding them, and climbed down.  Got a cool hood off of that mage chick back at the Keep, so there's that. 

I had a little money, and it was light by the time I got in there, so I went in the inn, got a room, and tried some mead. They never let me have any up in Helgen, since they all know how old I am, or they did, any way. Ah well, I don't figure I ever really liked that place anyways, but I got to wonder if Nevaris got out?

It'd be real sad, if he was dead. Onmond just missed it, left for school right before the Imperials showed up, I hope they accepted him. His da always said he should use his smarts. I'm pretty tired, though, so I better get some sleep, and see what I can find out tonight.

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« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2018, 09:17:16 PM »

{I hope you don't mind me skipping the whole Smithing tutorial?  Good, she stopped by the whetstone, and got everything up to (Decent.)  Also sold him a Fur helm, and added an Iron Dagger to her Inventory.  Also note, she's not the Dragon Born.  You know that guy, the Nord in Rags, can't decide between Iron, and Hide armor?  Yeah, he's continuing on his quest to stop Alduin, in parallel, but their paths cross from time to time.  Moving on...}

I was hanging around the forge, waiting for the old guy to wander off, when I met this guy, Sven. The Smith said as long as I was moping around, maybe I could help, but he only gave me enough to make a wee dagger, so i sold it back to him.  

He's like a Bard, I guess, but he had the hots for some Imperial chick. Said if I was looking for work, they could use some help over by the mill, so I went to check it out before it got dark, and everbody went to bed. I'm not much of a day person, but just had a good nap anyway.  Anyway, there was already this elf guy, cutting some wood, and he asked if he saw me talking to Sven.

I told him I wasn't interested, and he seemed to like this Camilla lady too, but it turned out he liked her too! "Huh," a little Elf, and an Imperial, eh? "Nice bow," I guessed. I grew up around them, like any Nord kid, but never really got the hang of them. Just another way to not fit in.

"Here," he handed me a folded piece of paper, "Since you're going to see her, anyway, do you think you could give her this," he looked away, "And tell her it's from Sven?" Oh, tricky! I looked it over on the way, and it seemed clever enough. I was mostly curious to see if it would work.That guy from Helgen was there, looking at some Golden Claw thingy, but he had on a mix match of Stormcloak, and Imperial armor so I hardly recognized him.

She was so upset, sayed she'd never speak to Sven again, which Faendal thought was wonderful. Whatever, he said he could teach me to shoot, but I sayed "I'm not really interested, but I could use a good shooter on my adventures, if you're bored with this sleepy little town?"  

"What sort of Adventures?" So I told him about Helgen, and Neugrad, and how I came to be here. He allowed as how, "The bandits Have been becoming a problem around here lately," and rubbed his bare chin. I dunno, he wasn't nothing like Nevaris, but I never knew a brown elf before, and there didn't seem like anybody better around anyway. "Sure," he nodded, "I'll give it a shot."

I had some fur armor left, a full set with even the cap, so he accepted it, and took me by his house to grab some more stuff.  "Grab your axe, and shield," I suggested.  "Never know if they might come in close."  How I handle Archers.  He rolled up his furs, and hung them under his bow.  Amazing he can carry all that.  I had quite a few spares I figured on selling down the road, or to replace my damaged armor, but I let him have enough for a full suit at the Skinning Rack.

[Bandits bandits, bandits!  "You picked a bad time to get lost, Friend."  Shor's bones, if only they were worth some decent money, but Faen got his arrows in.  "Hearh!  Huh."  While we're at his house, maybe I should have gotten some rest.  Never bedded a brown elf, before.  Just an Ash Elf, I wonder if they look any different, besides the color underneath?  Missed my chance, he changed while I was running back to the camp for all the swords, axes, and hammers to sell to Alvor, but alas.  He's his heart set on that Imperial chick.  

That nord, from Helgen.  He was in the shoppe, talking about some dragon claw, and buying some armor.  Iron, or Hide, pick one?  He still looks rediculous in the piecemail, only now with a dorky helmet!  Didn't catch his name, but all this fighting, and killing's got my blood up.  Especially since that Sabercat by the waterfalls, and we went the wrong way.  Ran into some Standing Stones, Haadvar was there, looked like he was waiting for something.  Didn't ask, neither did Faen, but he was nice enough to tell us Whirerun's the other way.

Shrine to Talos, figure I could use all the help I could get.  There was one of those Gold elves with the black robes.  Ask me what he's doing, hanging around a shrine to Talos.  He fell!  Didn't even finish his spell, just said this "Who ha!" and tried to conjure up something.  Too slow, nice black gloves though.  "Joink!  Godless Elves."

"Well," Faen said, "Not all Gods.  Only Talos, actually.  He was a man, Tiber Septim, and the first Emperor of Tamriel.  No one worships Dagoth Ur."

"Not any more.  My friend, Nevaris, he told me about his grandcestor.  He stopped him, but they worship Alamexia, and she was a Mera before she became a Goddess."  

Good to know, though.  That must be Talos on the Septim then.   Um, let's see here.  Anything else?  I forget, I should stop to write this stuff down more often.]

"Uhm, I think I'll go for a swim.  Want to join me?"  By the moonlight, but he just drew his bow, put away his axe, and shield.  "Wait Here," then.  So, I rolled up some clothes, and my blackest blade to take with me:

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« Reply #5 on: October 02, 2018, 09:58:28 PM »

Wow, the big city! I never been in a hold capitol before.  I bet Falkreath is even bigger! Anyway, after a quick meal at the inn, Faen helped me figure the next step might be to head up here to talk to the Jarl about the bandits. The guards stopped us at the gate, but when I told him why we were there, he let us in.

There was some Imperials talking to some lady in a Blacksmith's apron about more swords, so when they were done, I asked her if she could maybe sharpen my axe for me. It's not too slow, but if it's not going to be as quick as a sword, it should at least be sharpened, right?

She told me the same thing the guy in Riverwood sayed. Well, he wanted to get back to his nephew, while she told me it was late, and she'd already been kept up with the Imperials, but also my axe is enchanted, so she can't sharpen it. Maybe Eorlund, up at the Sky Forge could, tomorrow.

Couldn't even tell me what it was enchanted with, blue usually means Magicka, but besides that, she's not an Enchanter. "You could try Farengar, the court wizard, and while you're headded up to Dragonsreach, you could help me out if you deliver this sword to my Father, the Jarl's steward."

Yeah, I was so impressed. Anyway, she said she'd be grateful, and I hoped that ment money, or at least a discount later, when she could be bothered to pick up a hammer. She handed it over, and walked to the Inn, so I checked it out on the way to the palace.

Must be steel, I turned it over in my hands, maybe not as fine as the Legendary Eorlund's, but nicely balanced for all it's weight. "Have you tried Mercenary work?" some guy almost ran into me at a circle around some big tree, "Might suit you."

"You're one fine judge of character," I grinned at him.  Leanup by the tree, and smiled.  "I never met a Hammerfellur before."


"Pardon?"  Maybe it's this light, but he looks more Black than red.

"We'er Redguards, we come from Hammerfell."

"Oh."  He got offended, "Lets say if I was interested, where would I go to sign up?"

"You want to talk to the Companions," he pointed, "In the great hall of Jorvaskr." Hm, I just might, after I take care of a little business.  Now, what to wear?  It looks like there's so rocks to hide behind, down by the river. 

Dragon's Reach:

I had to wait. The Jarl was talking to some guy, looked kind of familiar, and then went to talk to the Wizard, so he was busy too. Great, at least the Steward wasn't occupied, he sure looked Imperial, like his daughter. He thanked me for the sword, anyway, and kicked me down some Septims, but just 25.

"So," the Jarl came out, "What can I do for you two?"

Faedal did most of the talking, which is great, because he was the one who's face went red, when the Jarl laughed at him. "I've got Dragons to worry about, and you bother me with this?" He slumped back into his throne.

"Actually," I stepped up, "I'm from Helgen, and since I got my home, family, friends, and everything I've known burned out, I can't count how many times I was attacked just to get here."

He straightened, a little, "I was not aware that many escaped, are we to expect more refugees to be heading our way?"

"Not if they're all killed by bandits," I grinned, "But let me offer an easier solution for you." He stopped, closed his mouth, and waited. "My friend, and I," I patted Faendal's shoulder, "Would be more than happy to deal with this problem if you could find it in your heart to compensate us for our trouble."

He thought a moment, "All right," he turned, "Avenicci, write up a bounty of 15 coin per head?" he looked back at us, and noddeded, "For each bandit between here, and Helgen until this refugee crisis is resolved."

"That's great," I got out my journal, "I have here a record of all my travels since I left."

The Steward haggled shrewdly for each one, since Neugrad is south of Helgen, he wouldn't pay for them, and the pass east to the Rift is a different Hold, I just got credit for the ones in Skybound Pass, and the small camp overlooking Riverwood, but he gave us another 5 each for some wolves we ran into on the way from there.

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Faendal decided to go home, for some rest, but as I didn't want to get a room for the night, and wasn't tired, I said goodby, and went up to the Companion's longhouse. There was a brawl going on, but everbody was just watching, and not breaking them up, so I didn't neither.

The girl beat up the Grey Elf, "Yeah!" then they all seemed to notice me. The girl, Nadja didn't seemed impressed with me, even if I was rooting for her, so I talked to the big guy with the steel greatsword. He sayed that I had to go down to talk to Kodlak, even though they all say they don't got a leader, he's the one they all listen to, and who decides who get to join them. I didn't ask.

Anyway, he was down in the basement, and told this guy Vilkas to go "Test her arm." Okay, I got out my axe, and bashed his shield until he said "Okay, maybe you can make it, but I won't go so easy on you next time." Whatever, he didn't even take a swing at me, but he made me take his sword up to the skyforge, and I got to meet Eorlund. He said I had to prove myself before I could get him to do any smith work for me, and gave me a shield to take to Aela.

Whatever, I guess everbody had to do this stuff when they joined, but I couldn't help but think they was thinking "Sure little girl, you can be one of us, no take these dishes to the kitchen." OoohhH! I wanted to punch someone, but Aela was nice. She joked around a little, asked if I could take Vilkas in a real fight.

"Idaknow," I shrugged, "I never seen him fight."

She frowned, "You might be smarter than you look." I swallowed it. "Farkas!" the guy with her called, and that guy with the great sword came up. He showed me where I could crash, and asked if I was looking for work.

"Yeah!" I wasn't tired yet, "That's what I'm here for!" So he sent me down to the stables to beat some guy up. "Okay," I shrugged, went out to find him, and beat him up. He was so weak, barely scruffed the fur on my armor, so I went back to see him, and he sent me back to Skjor. Then, me, and Farkas went out for a real mission. Finally, all this running around wasn't very tiring, but it sure was boring.

Dustman's Cairn

"So what's the plan?"

"I'll follow your lead," he grunted, but at least outside, he didn't smell so.  Strong.

So, I snuck in, just to see what we're up against.  "Bandits," Searching for something.  "Neat looking swords."  I squinted.

"Silver," he snarled under his breath.  "They may be effective against.  Draugr."  He shrugged, but pulled his Skyforge Steel one down.

I shrugged, maybe Silver is worth a little more gold, and maybe I can add one to my collection.  Either way, it's time to go to work.  

"Quit sneaking around like a coward!"

"FARKAS!"  I blocked, "Ruh!"  Bashed, and followed through.  Like that green elf from Neugrad, with the warhammer, and the big chest.

Thump!  Bows too, and PWHWHWHWH!  Flames from another one's fingers.

"Great," but one of them went after Farkas with his sword out.  So, I jumped over the one I felled first, and caught him while Farkas blocked.

THUNK!  "Hey!"  I pulled an arrow out of my shoulder.  "Ow?"  Charged, and missed when i tried to hit him, but he spun around, and swung with his sword.  I blocked, and hit him with the pommel.  "Whew!"  Caught my breath, and cut him down before he recovered.

"HRRRUGH!"  Fakus charged in, and cut down the Mage before his Flames could even scorch his armor.

"Damn, and Blast!"  I looked down.  Forgot to put on any, but "Well, that's the last of them."  So, I shrugged, and pulled the laces on my dress.  "Don't get any ideas skeever breath.  Go check on ahead, I need to put some armor on."  Let's see here, I really like the Imperial dress.  It's light, and just as good as Fur, but the bracers are just ew.  So, some nice Leather ones, with studs to match the ones in the skirt, and the leather hood I got off that Imperial Torturer guy.

Spoiler  (Companions Questline)

Oh, "Uh."   emot_weird  "You dropped your sword?"

"Keep it," he shrugged, and picked up my iron one.  "From what i saw, you need it more then me."

"Wow," I'm not going to argue with that!  "Really?"

"Just don't tell anyone what you just saw, and it's your's."

"Okay, your secret's safe with me!"

"Come on," he took off, "There's still the Draugr to worry about." Oh yeah, Draugr. I heard about them, but all the crypts, and halls of the dead I ever been in before just had Bandits raiding them, or at worst skeletons, but these ice mummies sure were tough! As soon as we came down a level, two of them even blew frost from their hands, and sapped my arms. Yeah, that had to be it, I'm just not used to this kind of fight, like that freezing ghost, thing, whatever up on the mountain.

But most of them were laying in the shelves, so it was almost as easy as backstabbing bandits.  I like the look of their swords, but I figured I could find another, and the silver is more valuable.  Wish Faen came along too, but Farkas wouldn't touch them.

But ooooh, as soon as I got to swing that Skyforge Steel, I knew what everbody was talking about. I was in love, for the fist time in my life, I wasn't scared, all I needed was this, and something to swing it into. Draugr, Silver hand, didn't matter. They all fell to the might in my hands!  

{Level Up!  "Backstabbing" Draugr, laying on the shelves is 2H Xp, and Sneak at the same time.  Piles of it, but she's been practicing her block, so I put a point in that.  Also, she's racist.  "Green Elf" means Ork.  She also calls Dark Elves grey Elves, Ash Elves.  Altmer Gold Elves, because honestly she doesn't know what they're called, much less the fact that her favorite gloves are Thamor, and they have no Armor value.  They just look cool to her.  Picking clothes/and Armor more out of fashion sense than understanding of the game mechanics.  She really does get in over her head, rushing in completely unarmored, and only saved herself this time by saving a Levelup!  Oh yeah, and that one went into a point of Barbarian.}

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This time I got some spiffy armor from some Bandits, Farkas called "Foresworn."  So, I thought I'd see the Jarl, and find out if they're worth 15 Septims for my trouble.

"Farengar!"  He called down from the war room.  

"Uh!"   Roll Eyes

"My Jarl?"  He ran up the stairs.

"Tell him where you got that armor."

"Uhm."  I looked over the map, "Let's see, this is Whiterun, so that must be."  I pointed.  

"Fort Greymoor?"

"Yeah, over by there."

"I had no idea they were this far east."

"Neither do I."

"Well, you're a Breton, right?  And they're Bretons, so you should know."

The wizard shook his head.  "They're renegades, savages.  They have about as much in common with I as you with."  He waved at me, "A frost troll."

"Hm!"  I rubbed my chin, "Wait a moment.  Have you seen any other refugees, from Helgen?  A Nord perhaps, named Onmond."

"Why yes, actually he came bye here, the day of the attack.  You just missed him."

"Did he say where he was going?"

"Yes, he took my advice, and got on the next cart to Winterhold."

"The college of Winterhold?"  Good, that's a load off.  

"If you're planning on visiting him."  He waved to me, "I could send a message to an agent.  Ah, hahah.  I mean, a colleague of mine."

"Of course.  There might be some gold in it.  If I do?"  

He bent over his desk.  "He's a Merchant, of sorts.  However, he mostly resides in the hall of Attainment, or the Frosen Hearth in."  He talked, while writing.  An impressive feat, i must say.  "A Bosmer, named Enthir."

While we talked it over, I put on something a little warmer.  Just being in here with all this majic, but he had a screen I could stand behind.

"Bosmer, that's a gold elf?"  I've still got those nice black boots, and gloves.  The black warn off the bracers, so some brown leather shewn through.

"No, Wood Elf."  

"Oh, right.  I know one of those."  My green breeches, and a tunik.  Twas white until I tried to wash the blood out, so bloodstained, and my headclotht.  Tucked in the collar as a hood, instead of tied back over my hair.

"Take this to him, however."  He handed me a paper.  "Do you know any magic?"

"Uh,"  Shake my head, "Uh?"  My blood chilling at the thought of it.

"Well, depending on who's duty it is, to guard the gate.  You may be asked to demonstrate some arcane skill."  He rubbed his chin.

"What language is this?"  I turned the paper all directions, but couldn't make any sense of it.

"You can read?"

"Jah?"  I'm insulted.  "Of course!"

"Well, perhaps a scroll can fool them, however that may be hard to cast.  So, perhaps a Summon."  He thought, sitting down, and dipping his pen in a blue potion.  "Hm, no.  A Frost Atronach would be attacked on sight, you wouldn't make it through the city."

"What about a magic weapon?  Ooh!"  I just remembered, and pulled out my magic axe.  "What's this do?"  He touched it, and dropped it.  "It's not that heavy."

"No, it drains Magicka.  It shouldn't have drained mine, unless you attacked me with it."

"Ha!"  Some wizard he is!

He snapped, "Got it!  you read Nordic Runes, right?"

"Of course."

"Try this."

"Fra Svartalfheim beklager jeg en dæmones økse!"

WHO HA!  Vrhmn!

"Enough!" The Jarl wan't impressed.  "Irileth, tell this, whelp I don't have time for this."

She didn't say anything, just raised her hands, and balls of light crackled in her fingertips, outstretched like claws.

"All right, all right, I'm going."

He's probably seen a conjured battleaxe before, anyway.  "How long's this last, anyway?"

"Only a couple minutes, but it disappears if you let go."

"Huh!'  I dropped it, to fade to nothing.

"Here's another one, if you need it, they won't believe you didn't conjure it for yourself.  Nobody makes Scrolls of Bound Battleaxe."

"Why not?"

"We're wizards, not Barbarians."
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