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Sloppy seconds. MMF

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on: October 03, 2018, 12:38:40 PM
This is a continuation of my adventures in the wife sharing scene, my second encounter. A true story only names and places have been changed. As before hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment

I had had my first experience with the mature couple from Lincolnshire, as told in 'my first time', I was no longer a virgin. In the weeks following my encounter all I could think about was doing it again, I had lost touch with bill and Sarah. And so I began looking again, using the magazine, I subscribed to it and once a month a copy was delivered in a 'plain brown envelope'.

I looked for single women but as before most were looking for a couple or had a 'fee' which was actually against the magazines policy. I had more success with the couple's section, as it turns out, there is a lot of guys that like watching their wife with another man!

After several more weeks looking I got in touch with a couple called Tina and john, they were more local which suited me perfectly, Tina was 41 John 48, they lived in Leeds, a short journey down the motorway for me. We arranged everything by letter this time, giving me their home address. It was all set for a Saturday night, this wasn't to be a sleepover just a discreet nocturnal visit.

And so it was I set off one Saturday evening with the usual heady mix of emotions, extreme excitement, extreme fear! They lived in a suburb of Leeds which proved very difficult to find as there were road works with a diversion and, in the dark pumped full of adrenaline and a knackered old A-Z, inevitably once again I got lost!

After asking a taxi driver directions I was soon back on track and quickly found myself parked outside Tina and John's house. It's strange what you do and don't remember, I recall a ginger cat sat on their wall as I opened the front gate and walked down the path, my heart beat faster as I knocked on the door.

John answered after the second knock, he greeted me with a friendly hello and warm firm handshake, he was a tall slim chap with fair hair that was starting to recede, I was invited in, followed John into the living room and was offered a very comfy seat on their sofa chair. 'tina will be down in a mo' he informed me as he ploncked downs on the settee.

I was offered a drink which I accepted and then for a few moments we made small talk, I was just in the middle of explaining about the diversion when suddenly the living room door opened and in walked tina, she smiled and said hello and approached me for a handshake which I stood up to do, 'you see' she quiped at her husband, 'this is a gentleman, see how he stands when the lady enters a room'! We had a giggle at that and it broke the ice.

Tina sat down next to her husband, I was immediately impressed with her, she was attractive, dark eyes and hair, nice figure, full looking boobs under her blouse, her skirt was short but not 'tarty' and her legs bare, no stockings or tights, she was also bare foot.

We talked for a long time, maybe 2 hours, about all-sorts. The tension was killing me! I wondered when they would get round to what I was here for and realised with a growing apprehension that they may want me to make the first move!

I didn't have to wait much longer as the conversation veered towards sex. They were very interested in my first experience with bill and Sarah, asking a lot of questions about it. As we talked I think they realise how inexperienced I was and how naive.

Although I'd had only a small can of lager, they had both been drinking quite a bit and I could tell Tina was getting a bit tipsy. She suddenly got up off the settee and came to me, without any warning she leaned down and kissed me on the lips, I kissed back, putting my hand behind her neck, I could smell the wine and her perfume, feel our tongues touching, it was electric!

Just as suddenly she broke off, looking at John she said 'are you going to put the music on?' I watched John get up and stroll across to a music system they had at the far side of the room!? Music on?? What did that mean?

I can't remember exactly what it was he put on but it had a nice beat, the sort of nice beat you could dance to.
John sat back down grinning broadly 'your guna like this' he was telling me. My, our, attention was directed at Tina who, having put her drink down had positioned herself in front of the fireplace right in front of us, she was starting to dance, slowly, swaying her hips from side to side, her hands stroking up and down herself!

I watched with great interest and growing (amongst other things) excitement, I couldn't believe my eyes as she began a very sexy striptease right there before us. I glanced at John who was looking back at me, the look on my face must have said it all, 'told you' he said, grinning from ear to ear.

I'd never seen a striptease before, at least not one a few feet away, she seductively removed one item of clothing after another until completely naked, her eyes were closed as she gyrated before us, her hands eventually settling between her legs, she rubbed her pussy while she danced, I could tell she was getting more and more excited.

It's hard to believe the next thing that happened, I could hardly believe it myself at the time, she stopped dancing for second, turned and got a small ornamental bell from the mantlepiece then continued playing with herself this time using the handle end of the bell like a dildo, pushing rapidly in and out of her wet pussy, her eyes closed tightly and her hips suddenly thrust forward, I remember the bells tinkling noise as her movements increased speed, she let out a loud cry as she withdrew the glistening bell handle.

I've never seen this before or since but when she came it was like when a guy comes, it sort of shot out of her! I remember the soft 'pat' noise of her juices hitting the carpet, I've since learned this is called 'gushing'. There was a lot of it, i could see also some running down the inside of her leg.
I was in awe 'oh ye that's it baby' John was saying excitedly, I noticed he was rubbing himself while he watched.

After a moment Tina regained some composure and sat open legged in the chair next to mine, she looked straight at me, her face was flushed and she was smiling contentedly 'come on then, give me a lick'!
We had talked earlier about things I'd like to do but hadn't yet, one of them was giving oral to a lady.
It felt quite surreal as I stood up out my chair and prepared to taste my first pussy.....
To be continued in part 2.
I will put part 2 in this thread as instructed.

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Reply #1 on: October 05, 2018, 01:27:51 AM
Part 2                                                                                                                  As I got to my feet, I was aware of 2 things, firstly the pain of my stiff erection conflicting with my now standing position and john, who was hastily undressing,  i quickly did the same, accutely aware of Tina watching me. There was that familiar odd feeling of being nude and sporting a hard on in a stranger's home.

I now focused on Tina sprawled in her chair legs open, I knelt down before her and buried my face between her soft warm thighs,  she shifted position pushing her bottom forward to the edge of the seat to allow me better access, after a moment of amateur fumbling my tongue found its mark.

I recall getting at first a mouthful of hair then as I probed deeper I tasted her slit, my tongue probing into her lips, the smell, the feel of her silky warmth, my senses were flooded, overloaded, it was the most incredible sensation. I probed, licked, kissed, I was in heaven! I could have spent hours down there.

As I gorged myself on her, I suddenly remembered the 'magic button' that I'd learned about before, I found Tina's with my thumb, she had already been moaning gently at my slurpings but this made all the difference, I felt her shift position, pushing her hips forward, one hand on the back of my neck the other opening herself up even more to my eager tongue.

She moved up and down rhythmically as I rubbed her clit and licked, her moans grew louder more intense. At this point I realised something, I had been so preoccupied with what I was doing to her I hadn't fully realised what her foot had been doing to my groin! This is a true story and accidents happen, there was no way to avoid it, I tried to hide my climax as I came all over her foot.

Luckily she was in another world approaching her own climax so didn't notice, there was no time to be embarrassed as she moaned and gasped at my attentions, suddenly she gently pushed me back whilst getting up out the chair, 'i want you' she said giving me a lustful look.

She quickly got laid down on her back in front of the fireplace, it was now the time to be embarrassed! She noticed my flacid cock and asked if I was ok, I told them about the accident, I felt awful, ashamed.
Fortunately they were very understanding and made me feel ok again.

As I was not able to perform at that moment John quickly took my place on top of her, I was knelt very close by with Tina's outstretched hand between my legs massaging me to another erection, I could feel his thrusts into her vibrated down her arm, he was really giving her it, much to her delight, god! She made a nice noise.

After a few moments my cock was stiff again and John"s time was up, he became very vocal as he pounded hard and fast into her, Tina's legs wrapped tightly round him, then he just thrusts forward and yelled 'argh'. I couldn't tell if Tina had cum but she was noisy.

After a short time panting and catching there breath John got up off her, I was sure I heard a 'wet' noise from between her legs as he withdrew, John stood up and went for a sit down on the sofa chair, Tina turned her head to look at me, still laying there, she squeezed my hard cock in her hand it, 'i want yours' she said, I've never seen a more lustful look!

It was my turn.
 I waisted no time getting into position between her legs, as I did so I looked down at her pussy, I could see John's pearly white cum leaking out and dribbling down the crack of her bum! I had no time to think about that as Tina firmly grasped the back of my neck and pulled me down on top of her, our bodies pressed together her other hand guiding me in.

I instinctively pushed my lower half forward and my cock just slid all the way in with an audible 'schlock' I immediately felt wet all over that area, also a wetness on my balls which, at the back of my mind I knew what it was but at forefront was Tina and oh my god, she came alive! The difference between having a condom' on and bareback is immense! It felt so much better without! John and Tina had told me they didn't need me to wear one.

Sarah was my first and was very special but Tina was like something possessed, she moved with me so much, she bit, dug her nails in, she was LOUD, I thrust in and out lasting longer because I'd just cum, it gave me an edge, I could feel her beneath me growing more and more excited, she gripped me so tightly with her legs I could no longer move.

Then it happened, she came hard on my cock, her body first stiffening and then that trembling all over, she slowly released her grip and I was allowed to continue, i was quickly approaching my climax thrusting into her soft warmth faster and faster, she knew I was close, 'do it' she gasped in my ear, 'i want yours'.

That sent me over the edge, as I came in her, I could vaguely here John in the background, he was talking loudly, 'oh yes!, That's it, give her it, that's what she wants'.
I 'came to' all of a sudden to loud panting noises, coming from myself and Tina.
John was still enthusiastic in the background.
I had done it I had creampied her, added mine to his.

I quickly learnt through the next couple of hours that's what she loved, wanted. She loved the sensation of a man coming in her, over and over. And that's what we did, we took it in turns on her. I've heard this term before and since but it always reminds me of this occasion, of Tina, 'like a hitch on heat' she was insatiable.

I can't recall how many times exactly we did it, I know I came about 6 times John not as many but tina, she came the most. I had her mostly missionary, I think the ladies like that the. best, also my first doggie style! Wow love the feel and sight of that position. I recall doing it on the sofa, Tina on her back, her ankles on my shoulders, she loved that!

At the end of the night we said our goodbyes and I headed off home in the dark. I would see them again several times, Tina was always 'the wild one'
I were to meet several more very nice couples and one very nice single lady from county Durham who was my biggest age gap, I was 19 she was 52, there's a LOT to be said for older women!

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Reply #2 on: July 09, 2019, 12:08:35 AM
Great tales.  I loved hearing about both your first and second.  I hope you post many more.

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how often did he go back to Tina