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Author Topic: Teeter Toddler (gF Class Kinder)  (Read 985 times)
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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« on: October 11, 2018, 06:38:56 PM »

This is a work of fiction, and not intended for minors.  The narrator's excuses are lies, in denial, to rationalize her actions.  We do not condone sexual contact with children in the care of a trusted adult, for any reason.  Also note, the victim's name, and any identifying features (Hair color...) other than age are left out.  To protect her innocence first, then to protect her own guilt, but thee's no clear line between where she stops acting like a responsible adult, and starts lying to cover up child abuse.


Mrs. Darcy (gF Nepi Toys)

I knew something was wrong when she came back from recess in tears.  So, once the class was down for naptime, I took her aside, and asked her.  "What's wrong?"  Quietly, by my desk, but once they were out, you don't have to shout, nor whisper, just keeping our voices down will do.

She stopped crying, and her tears were gone, but her eyes were still puffy, and red.  She sniffled and said that the "Teeder Todder spanks me!"  I knew that was her favorite thing on the playground.  Some kids run around to this and that, others would rather slide over, and over, while still others would prefer to swing all through recess, if they can find a playmate to push them.  

That is hardly ever the case, of course.  Which is why we teach them to share, however I thought that she might be lying, to protect a bully.  "Has one of the boys been hurting you?"

"Uh uh, tedder todder."  She grinned, and nodded, "It hurts my sparkler."  Another thing children do, innocently enough is put their hands between their legs.  She squeezed both together, and went "Uh!"  Winced, and then broke into a grin.  "It's fun!"

I blinked, because she hurt herself.  Right in front of me, but I had to lean down.  "Remember to keep your voice down, the other children are asleep."  She nodded.  "Okay, this sparkler, when it hurts, uh."  I have to chose my words wisely, because especially with things in private places, it's far too easy to lead them into admitting something innocent.  Which can then is interpreted as something Adult.  "In your underwear?"  That's how a lot of innocent things can get blown up into sexual allegations, because people misinterpret something a child is saying.  

"In my pisser."  I sat back, shocked, and for a moment tried to decide between chiding her for saying that word, in class, and getting to the.  "But not the pee hole."  She shook her head.  "Up in the."  At a loss for words, she had to think.  "Nose?"

"You have a nose in there?"  She looked down, and pulled her overalls up.  Bending with her hips forward the way children do to look between their legs.  Again, they're children, kindergartners, when they need help in the potty, for instance, you sometimes have to remind them to wipe.  So, they turn around, or try to look down there, because it's down there, and require contortions to see it.

"It looks like a little biddy nose, but it sparkles when you hit it."  She grinned, "It's fun."

"But," that narrowed it down, "Doesn't that hurt?"  To the one thing I could think of, that might look like a nose, in there.  

"Uh huh!  It's fun."

It's, "Fun?"  Hitting her clitoris, so hard it hurts, and coming back from recess with tears running down her face, and a big grin, from riding the.  "Huh!"

Teeter Totter.  "Now, you haven't had anyone else.  Touch you anywhere near.  Your sparkler, or anything around that.  General, area."

She looked confused.  Thought.  "Uhm?"  Shook her head.  "Teeder todder.  It's fun, it hurts fun, and makes me sparkle."  She thought.  "Uhm.  Tingle?  Pins and needles, when your foot goes to sleep, but then you wake up, only I wasn't asleep, I was wide awake, and it's naptime."  She nodded.  Blinked.  "Mrs. Darcy?"


"I'm not sleepy."


"I need to go potty."

"Huh!"  I'm hesitant to, but at the same time, I have to be sure she's not damaging herself.  For one thing, the teeter totters.  I even wrote several letters to the ISD, because they're old.  Wood, and worn enough that I don't have to worry about splinters, but also the bases are beat up, and could split.  They have plastic seated ones that are more ergonomic, and would clamp right to the same bearings.  I called the company and checked, but also the swings are starting to crack around the triangular rings that hang from the chains, the welds on the slide are wobbly with a sharp edge on one pipe, though it's up under the top where the children can't reach, nor even climb up to, but when she was finished tinkling, she just pulled a couple squares off the roll, and carefully folded them.

Honestly, she was well enough potty trained that she just needed help with her overalls.  I winced, expecting some sort of pain when she wiped.  That's another thing the school board can't afford to invest in, the big rolls of toilet paper are not only too large for some of the children to pull easily, and so far away from the potty sized toilet that they can fall off attempting to, but also not Tissue paper.  Honestly, it feels more like newspaper, and I'm.  A grown woman, with fully mature parts, not a 5 year old.  That jumps on the teeter totter, even when she can't get a friend to share it with her, and scoots forward so her crotch hits the blued steel plumbing pipe they have welded to a T for a handle.

She just wiped, dropped it in, like a normal little girl.  Without a hint of pain, or discomfort, as if our conversation not 2 minutes ago was completely forgotten.  Pulled up her Unicorn undies, with prancing unicorns every which direction like wallpaper, and needed help buckling up her overalls.

Then, she ran out to the classroom, rolled out a mat, and laid down for a nap.  Which left me, wondering what exactly to do about it?  Other than get out the school supply catalog, and decide.  It's not my responsibility, to pay for playground equipment.  My responsibility is to the children, which includes keeping them from getting hurt.  She's hurting herself, but it's Not Safe.  That medieval contraption looks like a torture device for the Spanish inquisition, and the plastic replacement seat is only $59.99.  "Huh!"  With shipping and handling, but when I get the parents here for a conference again.  Surely some of them will have to agree that the playground isn't safe, and needs funding to fix, and replace the more dangerous parts.

Honestly, isn't Mr. Grosser a welder, or a pipe fitter?  Whatever that is, some sort of plumber, that involves welding.  Stephanie said something about the bright light, so bright she's not supposed to look at it, and her daddy wears a big mask like Darth Vader.  Surely, he can look at the slide at least, and if not pay for a full replacement, fix it so it's safe for his daughter?

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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2018, 08:21:58 PM »

So, after cleaning up the classroom, I called home to tell my husband that I would be late.  "I have to stop by the Library," then got out the Councilor's card.  The child psychologist for the District, because I don't consider myself even a rank amateur, so I don't know where to look.

"Hey, this is Darcy, and I noticed some disturbing behavior from one of the students."  To protect her identity, I couldn't be any more specific than that, but thankfully before I packed up my things, and put on my jacket, he called back.  So, I hung it up again, and sat down with a crayon to take notes.

"What sort of behavior?"

"I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I can't help this feeling that it might be somehow sexual, when child sexuality isn't."  At a loss for words, "I don't even know which questions to ask, but I'm afraid that the pain."

"So, some sort of sadistic, or self destructive behavior?"

"I'm not sure.  Isn't 6 too young for, S&M?"

"Alone, or with friends?"

"Alone, however in front of the other children, so there's also concerns about them getting ideas."

"What exactly are we talking about?"

"Hitting, the groin, and general genital area.  Also, using the word 'pisser' isn't a significant sign?"

"Boys often repeat words they hear from older boys."

"Oh," he can't see me shake my head, but reviewing the conversation so far.  "Go on?"

"Also, while not technically Sexual, some sexualities, or gender issues may present themselves as early as age six.  However, that's a rough estimation."

"I know.  Children typically stop bedwetting by the time they are seven or eight, however it's no reason to suspect anything abnormal if they have an accident."

"Is he bedwetting?"

"No, not on naptime."

"Playing with fire, or being cruel to animals."  Still thinking in terms of snips, and snails, puppydog tails.

"No, nothing like that."

"He hasn't shown any signs of sexual arousal?"

She's 5, "Giggling, and crying at the same time?  If you mean an erection, no.  I didn't look, but."  I should have, honestly when she had her pants down I went in there to make sure there weren't any bruises, but then I couldn't because honestly the idea filled me with such horror I couldn't bring my eyes to bear on the.  Area, in question.  "Instead He laughed, and said it was Fun."

"Well, sometimes, usually a few years older, boys discover their testes, and the pain of wracking.  It may be a way to quote/unquote toughen up.  Out of peer pressure, but that's not typical of the developmental environment of a Kindergarten, unless emulating older students, but does he have an older brother?"

"Hm?"  That's way off base.  "No, but I'll ask Him about bullies, or boys he might have seen, doing.  That sort of thing."

"If you would be comfortable talking to him about it.  If not, I'll be available."  He checked his schedule.

"Only if He's not comfortable talking to Me."  She might not want to discus this with a man.

"How are you feeling about it."

"Uh!"   Roll Eyes  Head doctors, "I don't know yet, still confused, and understandably worried, but I have to get to the library.  So, if you could recommend any books on Child Sexuality in particular."

"That they have at the library?  You said disturbed."

"No, I said disturbing."

"Now you're sounding defensive."

"I'll talk to you in your office, tuesday a week."  I have the schedule right here, "Now I really have to go."  I hung up.


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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2018, 08:52:38 PM »

Honestly, I put it out of my mind until a few days later.  Maybe 3, or 4 when something Dr. Williams said came back to me about any sign of sexual arousal?

She was fidgeting, on the corner of her chair, smiling, and her cheeks lit up with this.  Obvious sign of sexual pleasure.  I thought I had some idea until I called her up to speak with her, and something fell out from under her skort.

"Yes, Mrs. Darcy?"

A piece of pencil.  Broken off, so that I could see the plastic end clearly.  Not the big red erasor end, the writing end, with the point rounded off from rubbing on the paper.  "Mrs. Darcy?"

"Oh," of course, with her skort on, she couldn't have had it inside her.  Unicorn panties.  "May I speak with you privately?"

"Uh huh?"  When I shut the door, she just looked up at me.  Down at my crotch, "Do you need to use the potty?"  I just sat down on the toilet, to get closer to her level.

"I have to talk about what you're doing in class.  Just now, with the piece of pencil?"

"It's fun!"

"Yes, I know but it's.  Not appropriate in class, and I'm a little worried that you could hurt yourself."

"It's fun, it hurts."  She nodded.  As if those weren't 2, completely conflicting statements.  

I shook my head, "Let me see your elbow.  Your left, no this elbow."  My hand is shaking.  "See this?"  I just pointed at the bruise on the underside of her forearm.  "Like this?"

She poked it, then suck her hand up her skort, and winced.  Then broke into that, incredibly creepy nightmare grin, and shook her head.  "I don't like it.  When it hurts like this."  She poked the bruise again.  "Ouchie."  She rubbed it, and pouted.

"So, that is a bad kind of hurt, but you like a."  I can't call it good, "Different kind of hurt."

"My itty bitty nose, it sparkles!"

"When you do that, with your hand through your overralls, or your shorts."

She shook her head, "It's a skort!"  Like a spork you can wear.

"Or the crotch of whatever you're wearing with you hands?"

"Pinch it.  Pinch it hard!"

"No, I won't do that to you.  Just settle down, and focus.  Now, when you look down there, is there any discoloration?"


"What color is it, did it turn purple, or blue?  Green like the bruise on you arm?"

"Um," she things.  "Pink, and pretty!"

"Okay, that's normal?"  I think, not one to actually look too closely to children's genitals, but at least the color had left her cheeks.  "Any swelling?"  

She shook her head.  "Uh huh?"  Nodded.  

"You're not sure."


"Okay," try to think of any other signs.  "Any, wetness?"

"Uh uh.  Just when I pee."

"That's normal."

"Sometimes, I feel like I hafta pee, and then I don't.  Is that normal?"

"I don't know," if any of this is normal, but I can tell you what I found out when I tried to look it up in all the reference books on Child Psychology.

Sexuality:  None.

"Huh!  Now go back to class, but remember they're called Privates, because they're supposed to stay Private.  So, I can't have you playing with anything down there in class."


So, she waited for recess, again.
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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #3 on: October 11, 2018, 09:39:59 PM »

"Oh shi'nmh!"  I ran out, and stopped him.  "What do you think you're doing?"  Took the switch away.

"She likes it!"

"Get in there NOW!"  Before I'm tempted to show you what it feels like to get beaten with a stick.  I threw it over the gutter to clatter on the roof.  "Where the'hemn.  Are the other teachers?"

"She made me do it, she wanted to play Bad Girl, but it was just pretend."

"I'm sorry."  I jumped, but she followed us into the open door.

"Sit in the corner.  NOW!"  He sniffed, and started crying.

"Not you, come on.  What did I tell you about playing such games?"

In the restroom.  "I didn't put anything in there."  Thankfully, she just pointed at her skort, "Or in class?"

"I know, I'm sorry I got upset, but in public means anywhere, with anyone else, and now he's got the idea in his head that it's okay to be violent towards other girls.  Don't you see that, the other girls don't like to be hurt the way that you do, and now I'm going to have to talk to him and make very sure that he understands what he's done."

"I'm sorry."  Now she's crying too.

"Are you hurt?  Permanently?"

"It still hurts."  She nodded.  "I need help."

Turning around, she still had stripes of dirt from the dirty switch across her bottom, and the buttons in the back.  Begged the question, "Does your mother buy you clothes you need help with, to keep you from taking them off?"  That's not all that uncommon.  This?  Is insane!

"I don't know?"

"Hold still, let me, just."  Gently, "Take a look.  Huh!"

"Is it bad?"

"Doesn't it hurt?"

"Uh huh?"  Predictably enough, "Id's fun."  She still has trouble enunciating her tees, and here she is, engaging in public Caning in the corner of the schoolyard!  I admit, when the Child Psychology books provided nothing, not even a footnote on sexuality, just didn't mention the Existence of it, I decided to settle for a few that I could find on adult sexual behaviors.  She didn't even start to cry, until I yelled at her and hurt her feelings, but SM-101 was very clear that Caning is much more advanced than bare handed.

"Hm," she bent over slightly, and pushed back into my hand.  I snatched my hand back as if she'd burned it, but not because I could feel the actual welts.  I just touched her, sexually, and signs of sexual arousal?

"Snh?"  Check.  That's not her, but "We'll have to wait, and see if it bruises, butt."  Uh!  "Huh, just.  Go out and play on the teeter totter."  I have to fix the 2 buttons on the back, careful not to touch anything, but excruciatingly aware of the fact that it's not because I'm afraid it might hurt her.  Nor even because I know, with some certainty now that it is sexually arousing.  To her.

Now, I have to go talk to him, and explain why that's a problem.  Without getting reported for using corporal punishment, when for all the world, I just want to smack some sense into him!
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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2018, 10:20:02 PM »

Fortunately, he came to pick up Stephany in his work truck.  Like a pickup, only the entire back is made out of toolboxes.  "Excuse me."  I stopped at the gate.

"Is something wrong, Ms. Addler?"  He gave his daughter a dirty look.

"Oh no.  It's not Stephanie, she's doing just fine.  The problem is I can't get Maintenance out here unless there's an order from the school board, and I don't have any tools."

"Well, what's the problem?"

"Over here." I held the gate, "Well, honestly there are several problems but this one in particular."  I picked up the T handle, and showed him.  "It's split, right across the seat, and with the wear and tear."

"Christ, they still have these from when we went to school here?"

"I'm sure I don't know.  I didn't go to school here, and they don't have records on any playground maintenance.  While I have a replacement on order, it's a safety hazard.  For the children."

"Well, it's just a couple U bolts," He stood up from looking under the board.  "Looks like a half inch deepwell autta do it."

"Thank you, so much.  So," making conversation, "Stephanie mentioned that you're a pipefitter, and a welder?"

"Well, I have a welder, I use at work, but yeah.  I can weld."  He got out a long handle, and stuck a socket on the side to make it a wrench, then carried it back.

"Well, the slide is welded too, and it's gotten so wobbly that the boys have taken to rocking it back and forth, together."

"That ain't good."  He squatted down, and started ratcheting it back and forth.

"I'm afraid it's cracked, around the weld, and since the frame is made out of pipes.  What does a pipefitter do, exactly?"

"Well, I'm basically an industrial plumber.  They have a lot of pipes, ducts, and."  He dropped a nut, and moved over to the other side.  Started cranking.  Hard, with a grunt until the handle turned.  "Mgh!  Conduit, but the tolerances are a lot tighter than residential or commercial plumbing."

"That's why he makes the big bucks!"  Stephanie chimed in.  "Are you gonna fix the slide too, daddy?"

"She loves the slide."

"Well, let me finish taking this off, and I'll take a look."  He turned, and looked back over his shoulder.  Stepping over the plank, and squatting down again to start on the other side.  "Well, I can't just get out the welder, and fix it right now.  Especially with all these kids around."

"You can't look, it's too bright."  Stephanie covered her eyes, but peeked between her fingers.  Like See No Evil.  

"But I can come back maybe saturday, on my day off?  Free of charge, mind you.  There."  He just stood it up, on the end, and walked his hands up to the pipe bent over to the concrete post holes in the ground.  "Mind if I take this?"

"I don't have anywhere to put it."  I shook my head.

"Well, hop in your car seat, and buckle up, Steph.  I'll see you here saturday morning.  Say about 11:ish?  That way we can sleep in, and grab some breakfast."

"That sounds perfect.  The new teeter totter should be here in friday."  He just slit it on top, between the ladders, and flipped it over so the T handles hung down.  Then, he threw the wrench in, and locked the lid on the side.  Went around, and drove off.

Now, what to do about the swing seats...

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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #5 on: October 14, 2018, 12:47:43 PM »

The playground was empty, and I glanced at the long box, under the eaves. On my way back in, but then Stephanie was right there, crying.

"Oh, what's wrong?"

"Snh, there not coming.  Mhn they forgot me, and no one's coming to get me."

"Oh, no.  I'm sure that's not the case, come here, uh!"  I sat down with her in my lap, and she cuddled up against me.  Quietly crying, and for some reason my heart.  It didn't race, but beat so hard, it started pounding in my ears, and pulsing in my bra.  For the life of me, I thought I could feel milk, welling up into my nipples.  Even though I dried up, and my children weaned years ago.  My youngest was already in 10th grade, and this is Stephanie.

"Huh," her legs feel so smooth, though.  And her bottom so round, squished on my leg, and my hands aren't shaking at all.  Like they did when I felt the welts, and then again when I checked to make sure she didn't have any bruises on her bottom.  "Feel better?"  She wiped her eyes, and sat up.  Her hair tilted down, and I could smell it.  "Snh," the young odor of a child, Stephanie.  Not just any child, but if her father caught me, touching her sexually.

"I feel funny."

"Here?"  In her underwear.


"I'm sorry."  I touched her.  "Here, let me try ringing the house."  I fumbled with the papers, and brushed the hair out of the sweat, sticking to my face, but I'd done it.  Despite never, even being tempted, and even disgusted by the very idea of a man taking advantage of a child.

Boo, boo, boo...

"Ms Darcy?"

"Yes, Stephanie."

"I feel funnier in here.  Nhm!"  Under her skirt.  "May I use the girl's room?"

"Yes Stephanie."

Boo, boo, boo...

She's in there, playing with herself.  And then when she gets home, she's probably going to keep playing with herself until somebody catches her, and then they're going to ask where she learned that from, and then I'm going to be arrested, and go to jail for molesting them.  I'm a child molester, a dirty kindergarten teacher, and I'll probably be exposed on the news as a bad example.  All the parents will hate me, and my own children, what will become of them?


He knocked on the window again.  Waved.

"Oh!"  I got up, "Mister Grosser."

"I see your replacement seat came in," he looked in the door.  "Where's Steph?"

"In the restroom.  You bring your tools?"

"Yeah, uh."  He scratched his head.  "About that, my truck broke down.  Probably a CV joint, on the driver side felt like.  So, I had it towed, and the wife picked me up."  In the hatchback, with the Child Safety seat.  "I got a half inch socket at home, but with one thing, and another, I forgot to have her bring it when I called her."

"Oh, that's perfectly understandable."

"Daddy!"  She ran out, and he squatted down for hip to run into his arms.

"There you are, did you have fun today?"

"Uh huh?  I drawed a dinassore with Timmy."

"That's terrific."  She ran back in, to grab the paper.  

"Look look, see?"

"That's fantastic."  He picked her up, and she cuddled up on his shoulder, all the way to the car.  Good, it looks like she'd forgotten.

"Huh!"  Back inside, I had work to do, but first I put up the Lincoln Logs.  The life sized plastic ones, they were big enough to stick the long piece, with 3 notches over one of the short pieces to teeter totter on.

Such a smart little girl.
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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #6 on: October 14, 2018, 08:15:28 PM »

Continued over in Incest Stories
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