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Author Topic: Greyhound Girls (gf Cuts Virg)  (Read 242 times)
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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« on: October 26, 2018, 07:45:17 PM »

I held it as long as I could, then asked the driver "How much further to the next stop?"

"A few more miles."  She checked her watch.  

"Uh!"  I had to hold my knees together all the way down the bus, but I was seriously about to burst.  Then, wouldn't you know there was someone in there, but as soon as I tried the latch, she unlocked it.  I just held my nose, and got my underwear down.  "Uh!  Huh."  My knees knocked a little, but it's so gross and chemically in there.  I just got so thirsty at the last stop, because it's desert, and I spent too much money on a bottle of soda.  So, I figured why not get the biggest one?  

Even with the best price per ounce, $2.50 for a liter is insane.  I had to hold my breath, since I can't hold my nose, and pull my pants up, but at least there's purel in this dispenser.  I want to take a shower in it after being in that disgustingly filthy place, but even when the door closed, I gagged with the first breath.  So, I had to hold my nose again on the way back, but then I saw that girl again.

She pulled her shirt sleeve down again, when she came out, but now she's feeling her wrist on her knee, and looking out the window.  "Huh!"  She looked up, and pulled the sleeve back down over the cuts, and the scars from older ones.  Stuck her thumb in the hole to keep it pulled down, just like the other side.  "Why do you do that?"

"I don't know, for attention?"  I sat down.  "Uh!"  She rolled her eyes, and turned back to the window, but she's the only other girl on the bus, besides older women, and I guess little girls with their families.  

"Traveling alone too?"  She shrugged.  

"I was being sarcastic, about wanting attention."

"Well, if you want to sit alone."

"Huh, it's okay."  She grabbed my arm.  "You don't have to go, if you want someone to talk to."  Held on tight until I sat back down.  "Yeah, I am.  Going home, I guess."  She keeps looking out, as if there's anything new to see outside.  Not mountains, just flat prairie, and the occasional bunch of cows eating grass.  "Huh, to see my mom.  I'm going back to stay with my mom, from the summer."

"Oh, where did you spend the summer?"

"With my dad."

"Oh, they're divorced."  No wonder she's so sad.  "Uhm, if you don't mind me asking this, just tell me if it's too personal, but you're not suicidal?"

"Huh!  No, I don't want to die."  She pulled her thumb out, and showed me.  "If I was serious, I'd got the other way."  Felt down, and shivered.  She's not super hairy, but her brown hair is dark, enough to see them stand out on her arm with the goosebumps on her pail skin, even though they're tiny.  She laughed, quietly, "The funny fucked up thing is, I like to think it makes me feel more alive."

"And you're not worried about it getting infected, in there?"

"I just went in there for privacy, but no.  I didn't do it in there.  I, huh!  I thought about it, but then it turned out to be too dirty, so yeah."  Another shrug, "I guess I did, think about getting them infected."

It's stupid to ask her if it hurt, of course it does.  I can't imagine even the tiny little cuts, but then I notice the old ones.  The scars, they're longer, and they look deeper.  Higher up her arm, still on her knee instead of the armrest, but then she looked up, and turned it over.  Biting her lip, while some guy walked back to the corner booth of stench, and germs.  "And the pain?"

"Huh, yeah.  I like that."  We keep our voices down, since it's a pretty private conversation.  "HhuhH!"  She shivered, and scrapped the freshest ones with her nails.  

"Oh, it's."  Now, I have to whisper.  'sexual?'  She held her breath, and nodded.  Now, I notice her neck is really red, and she's got her eyes closed.  Really rubbing her thumb in hard, right in front of me?  Oh, and she's got her legs crossed, and I think she's squeezing them?  At the same time.  

"HUH!"  Her eyes flew open, and she swallowed.  Sniffed real loud, and shivered at the same time.  "SnhHhH!  HhuhHhn!"  She moaned, and I swear, she had a orgasm, right there on the bus.  Then her eyes fluttered, and she turned away.  Not to look out the window, but just to let her head down.  Against the glass, and her hair practically crackled against the seat with static electricity.  "Huh, snh!  Huh, I'm sorry."

"What for?"

"You didn't have to see that, I just.  HhuhHhUhH!"

"God, you're.  Amazing, Imean that was incredible.  I can't believe it, but it's cool."  Try to play it off.  "Or whatever.  I'm cool with it.  It's not like, weird, or whatever."

"Hihnehahuh!"  Wow, the grin on her face, with the sleepy eyes, and her cheeks still red as roses.  her lips puffed up with blood too, so it looks like she just put on makeup quick while she was turned away to the window.  "Yeah, it is.  It's freaky, but that's what makes it exciting."

"I wish I knew that trick, with your legs?"  I tried crossing them like she did, and squeezing them, but now I feel hot, and I bet I'm real red too, just because of how much my ears are burning.  Especially when the lavatory door kluncked, and the man started back.  She pulled her sleeve out over her thumb, before he got here, and whispered.

'well, there's a secret to it, i can't show you on here.'  She whispered, and winked sitting back.

"Snh?"  She smells, super sexy too.  I didn't know somebody could even smell sexy like that, especially another girl, but now I'm feeling really bicurious, and thinking about what her secret could possibly be, but the driver said a few more miles, and at about 60, that's the same as a few more minutes, right?  'good grief, i'm hot.'

'how old are you?'  I like the attention too.  From her, especially being an older girl, and so sexual it's sexy.

"Thirteen?"  I opened my eyes, and as good as my sweaty thighs rubbing together feel, I don't think it's going to be enough to get a orgasm like she just did, but maybe that's what the cuts are for?

She half frowned, and raised her eyebrow at the same time, which made me giggle.  Looking me up and down, "Okay," I could be a late bloomer, "Eleven, but."  I have to whisper.  "Snh?"  And smell her hot neck again, 'i've never even been horny before.'

"Oh yeah?"

"Mhm?  I never met a girl like you before, I mean.  Well, I guess all girls are different, and I have friends."  Glancing down at her sleeve.  "Huh, they never could tell me why they did it neither, but none of them.  It never made any as sexy as you are."

She leaned over, grinning, 'you think i'm sexy?'

"HhuhHhuh?"  I never made that sound before, either.  'you are, the sexiest girl i ever even seen.'

"You too."  She just patted my knee, but it was such a shock, I thought I'd burst right then and there, but false alarm.  Then, some shops and stuff went by the windows, and the driver turned on the Microphone.  "We're just going to stop, for."  Checked her watch again, "38 minutes, you can grab food at the truck stop, but we have to leave, at six thirty to catch your connections at the next station."

"Let me grab my things."  I got up, shaking, and weak kneed, but I shouldn't have left my purse up there with all my money in it in the first place.  Even though the driver lady would probably see it if anybody went and got into it on the front seat, that man behind me looks pretty shifty, and maybe he could reach it between the seats.  

"Huh!"  No, good.  My billfold and everything is still in there, along with my cash, and the debit card for the trip.  
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Freakishly Strange

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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2018, 08:29:47 PM »

She's 11, which isn't too young, if I'm anyone to judge, but is she ready?  Yeah, I can tell.  She didn't hit on me, but after I showed her, what pleasure I could get out of this long boring trip?

Okay, Fanny.  She's not a natural masochist.  She grabbed her purse, though, and went right around back, so I discretely pulled my plug out of my pants, and dropped it in my carryoff to follow her.

"Huh!"  She backed up, wide eyed in the corner of a fence, and the back wall.  Right out in the open, sort of, but if you look around.  Maybe somebody way out there has binoculars, or something.  I'm sure they just wait around in the grass, just hoping that a couple girls come around to get sexy, but she puckered right up, and closed her eyes long before I leaned down to kiss her.  "Snh!"  Felt up between her legs, which she spread, and leaned back more so she could bend her knees.

Up under her skirt, I got to her panties, and they're dry on the outside, but as soon as I got the crotch out of the way, I could feel dampness inside, and follow it straight to the seeping hole.  "Uh!"  Her eyes flew open, and I stopped.  Right at her barrier.  She took a deep breath, and nodded.  

"You're a virgin."  Slip out, and swipe up the middle.

"UH!"  Loud, the best thing to hold over her mouth is mine, but my pinky is more than wet enough to scrub up and down until it dries off on her clit.  "Snh, hm!"  Just holding our mouths together tighter, but not daring ti stick my tongue in where she can bite it.  Out cheeks puffing out with the grunts, and sucking in gasps through her nose, but i have to go back for another dip anyhow, so i switch fingers, and go for the long one.  Swirling it around to swab more juice out, and loosen her, then back up to scrub it dry, and force more grunts out roughing up her clitoris.  "SNH! UPH! SNUPH!  Awool!"  Her tongue shot out, and swirled around, which i took as a hint to enter her, but I felt her pubes, and rubbed thum hard with my thumb.  Pinching, and scrubbing as hard, and fast as I could until she shook, and stopped humping.  Her tongue went numb, and slowly slipped back down, from gravity as much as anything.  "SnhHhHhHhHhH!  AGH!"  Her eyes flew open, and her knees clamped together.  "NRHhnhnhnhnhn!"  Clamping tight around my first knuckle too, in spasms, and the color washed right out of her cheeks.  

She went cold, still clutching, and relaxing with painful vaginal spasms, I could barely remember from mine, but I found that out much younger.  So much younger, it's hard to believe that I could even orgasm, especially so dry until the blood seeped out enough to coat her finger, and she kept pumping it in and out until it turned dry, and sticky inside me, then washed me out in the potty room.

"Hhuhhhhh'  I just let her down.  Gently, the chain link rattling from her shoulder, and the red plastic stripes stuck diagonally through it, but I made a lap, and turned her.  Held her, shivering, and crying.  i hate to ruin her first orgasm like that, but I learned the right way to do it is to wait for that overwhelming pleasure, so the pain.

Well, I am a natural masochist.  I was born that way, and she didn't have years fucking my first love, the seesaws.

"Huh, it's okay."

"No, snh!  That was amazing.  Better'n I ever even imagined.  Huh, thank you, so much for making my first time.  Mhn?"  She relaxed, and opened her mouth, to let my tongue slip in.  "Snh?"

Then, I kissed her eyes, licked her tears off her cheek, and let her suck my finger first.

It's her blood, after all. I can finger out some more, but she gets to taste it first.


^That is a fantasy.  Not mine, her's.  No matter how willing her victim may seem to be, when she tells the story, she only sounds more willing.  Regardless, of being underage herself, this is statutory rape.  As a serial child molester, she knows all the tricks to make them believe for years after that it was all their idea.  She's not going to share them, though. 

The author, and site do not condone statutory rape, regardless who who is doing it to whom.  The characters, however, make excuses.  Both of them, the victim doesn't even get a chance to think about it until long after her deflowerer gets into her head, puts her feet up, lets her hair down, and raids the fridge.
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Feedback is always welcome.
Freakishly Strange

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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2018, 10:00:13 PM »

I wish we had more time, but she showed me her thing.  Waiting in line at the McDonalds Express, on the side of the truck stop, but good thing the dumpsters were around the other side.  So, we weren't anywhere near there, but she had it in her purse. 

It doesn't look like a sex toy, at all.  So, there's no reason not to hold it out, and look at it, until the lady payed, and went off to wait for her food to come up.

"Uh, can I get some chicken nuggets?"  I dropped it in my purse, and got out my debit card. 

"What size?"

"The biggest."

"That will be $10.79."  Turned out to be a 50 piece, which means plenty to munch on for miles, and miles, but when I got back to the bus, she was up front.  Right across from the driver, and over by the window again. 

"Not hungry?"

"Not yet."  She shook her head. 

"Well, I got plenty to share later."  I didn't get any sauces, neither.  "So, what is it?"  She said it was her secret, to getting off with thigh squeezes, but not just them.

She leaned over to whisper.  'it's a mold of my pussy, so it fits perfectly, and it rubs everything.'

I swallowed.  "Oh."  Didn't get a drink, because the last thing I wanted was to go back, and experience the disgusting corner of the bus.  Funny how the blood was, well just my blood.  It still hurts a little, but I got it out quick before anybody else got on.  "It must be really hard rubber."

"Oh, no.  It's just rubber coated Marine Tex."

"What's that?"  I'm starving right now.

"It's an industrial grade epoxy, you mix to seal stuff like pipes, or conduit.  Then it hardens, but it's stronger then steel."

I just chewed, and nodded.  "Mhm?"  I might finish the whole thing.  Then she sighed, and started telling me her whole story.  I guess she had to let it out, but I didn't even have to ask her.  It was really interesting, and made all my problems seem so small, I feel a little silly for crying over them, but her daddy got caught cheating with her kindergarden teacher.  So, her mom left, and by the time the divorce was all over, Fanny was in 3rd grade.

She wasn't her teacher any more, so she married her father to keep molesting them.  I swallowed.  "Who?" 

"Oh, me, and my girlfriend."  I ate another nugget, but then the bus driver got on, and drove off.  She sighed, and mostly talked to the window, but her voice is low, and there's nobody behind us.  They met on the playground, but instead of having sex, they used to seesaw together.  They couldn't really have sex yet, before they're six, but they still enjoyed the pain of hitting their privates as hard as they could. 

There was this bar, on the seesaw, or 2 of them.  One on each side, but made out of pipe, with a pipe T threaded on for handles, and endcaps out both sides.  Her girlfriend liked spanking too, but good spanking.  Their teacher said there's good spankings, for when she's good.  Her girlfriend, that is, but Fanny didn't like to be spanked. 

She liked to sit on her lap, but then she had an accident.  Not when she was getting molested in her teacher's lap, but later.  She didn't have to pee, she had to poop, and she couldn't find a place to even pop a squat until it was too late.

Oh well, I ate more than half of the chicken nuggets, anyway, so it's a good thing I didn't get the 20 piece.  That's when she got the idea, though.  The dookie got squished up in there, but it was a really solid one, so it reminded her of playdough.  Only not as stinky, and they started packing playdough in their underwear for recess, to ride the seesaw together. 

Then, her teacher quit, and the sex scandal.  Just her cheating on her husband, with fanny's daddy, but they stayed in touch, and her teacher moved in with them until the divorce, so they could get married.  Brought her son over, but he didn't know about it.  He never even tried to touch them, but once they got married, she had a place for her girlfriend to come over, and play sex games with her.

She was her first virgin, but oh yeah.  Good spanking was in the middle, so she could slap her pussy, and I never understood that.  Tie me up whip me beat me S&M games before, but I never gave sex that much thought.  It still hurts a little, inside, and all the way around the inside, so she really got it out good.  With her pinky nail, but what with my first orgasm, and how she kept rubbing hard with her thumb.  The electric tickles in my clit overpowered everything she did, and "Huh!  I'm glad that's out of the way."  I put my head on her shoulder, and lowered my voice. 

"My doctor, well my gynecologist, she's a girl, not my regular doctor.  He's a boy, and so is my dentist, but she said the reason why my period took so long to come out is I didn't have very big holes, and only 2 of them.  She said she could, perforate?  Yeah, like a sheet of paper, surgically cut it in between, so I had a better opening, but mom, and dad wouldn't let her.  I tried to do it myself, with my finger like you did, but it hurt, and I'm not as brave as you.  But I'm glad, now that it's over.  I'm not in any hurry to get on with the next one, but when it does, I'm sure it'll come right out, right away.  Like some of my friends, they ones that are getting them, but they get done in a couple days.  Some of them, my friend Allie, she's real lucky, because it's just spotty, and doesn't even happen every month, but.  Huh."

I don't know why, but I just babbled on and on about my period until I fell asleep.  It was nice to have someone to talk to.  I wonder if any of my friends want to try any sex games when i get back?  Now that i know how to do it, and it feels really good, but I don't know if I can do it that way.  With one finger in, and my thumb on top to pinch, and rub it so hard my clit buzzes, and shocks me into an orgasm.

I hope they all feel like that, but now i definitely see why lesbians, and bisexual girls do it, instead of just playing with yourself.  I think, maybe.  i don't know, my arm probably is long enough, but it sure would be easier to do it on another girl, if she's right in front of me.

I just wonder which ones would let me do it, and do it on me too?  I bet we can both do it at the same time.  That would be nice, until boys start to pay attention to us.  Beats cutting.

Feedback is always welcome.
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