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The Little Ignorant Slut (MF, Mf, fm, incest)

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on: November 08, 2018, 11:55:33 PM
The Little Ignorant Slut

Story Summary - This is the tale of Jane, the little ignorant slut. It is a silly, whimsical story about a young girl with a peculiar overactive sex drive.

This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy.  It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

Jane was a little ignorant slut. There was no denying it. She possessed all the traits of a typical dumb blonde stereotype; pretty, sexy, and stupid. She was also very young and very horny – very, very, horny!

Jane was a petite fourteen year-old goddess. She had bright blue eyes, long blonde hair and ripe, perky breasts. She had a generous ass that she loved to show off. A cute little pussy that she kept shaved. And plump, red, cock-sucking lips. Not to say she wouldn’t slurp on a juicy pussy too, when given the chance.

Her family knew she was a total sex-craved slut. They were aware that her brain was somehow wired different. It was apparent from a very early age. She was very oral as a child, craving and sucking on her mother’s breasts until a time when most other children had long ago been weaned. As she grew older, her sexual curiosity was very strong. She was always inspecting her little holes, rubbing herself, spying on the older children when they were getting dressed and she especially loved spying on her mom and dad when they were having sex. It seemed she somehow knew when they were fucking. Whenever her dad started pounding her mom’s pussy with his long, fat cock, it wouldn’t be long before they would hear the door creak open and see her spying on them from the hallway. Her parents attributed it to a natural, albeit strong, sexual curiosity.

Once she began puberty and her overactive female hormones began raging, she became insatiable. She was fascinated by her swelling breasts and puffy nipples and would constantly play with them. Her parents wouldn’t buy her bras because she wouldn’t wear them! Her little pussy was constantly craving attention and she took to wearing dresses without panties so she could scratch her itch whenever she needed to. They had to home school her because of all the attention she received in class. They didn’t teach her much, since sex was all she cared about. They figured her good looks and love of sex would get her thru life just fine. At home, they had to be constantly on guard to keep their horny young sons away from her; and not always successfully. More than once they found her walking out of a room licking fresh cum from her lips and the boys quickly adjusting their pants and whistling nonchalantly.

Now that she was older, she was no longer satisfied with just watching her parents fuck from the view in the hallway. She began to stand by their bed while they fucked, rubbing her hot little pussy, squeezing her sensitive breasts and orgasming along with them. When she would try to climb up into bed, her parents would have to repeatedly push her away. However, David, her father, began waking up with his daughter’s lips wrapped around his cock. Jane would wait until he fell asleep, then imitate her mother, sucking on his pecker with adoration. He decided enough was enough, and it was time for a change.
He spoke to Dottie, his wife, and they both came to the conclusion they would have to accept it. There was no way they could keep Jane from joining them on the matrimonial bed. After that fateful day, David would fuck his wife every night with his daughter watching from the corner, go to sleep, and wake up a short time later with his daughter sucking his cock and licking all the pussy juice and fuck cream from his shaft. He no longer pushed her away and simply lay back and enjoyed it. He was amazed at his daughter’s naturally developed skills at coaxing a hot load of cum from his balls. Jane loved sucking cock and devouring his warm, salty, sperm.

David took her cherry that summer. His wife was having her period with bad stomach cramps at the time. “Why not fuck Jane?” she said, as he was trying to talk her into having sex. “Hell, she wants it so bad and I can’t keep up with you anymore! She might as well start helping me out around here!” He finally consented to having her join them in the big bed every night, and he would take turns fucking them and getting his cock sucked by them, often both of them together, with Jane sucking his big, heavy balls and his wife slurping on his thick cock. Jane discovered she loved fucking and couldn’t get enough of her father’s hard, fat cock pounding her tight, juicy pussy. She would often suggest it was time from bed even though it was in the middle of the day! “Isn’t it time for bed yet?” she would whine.

One night, after David shot a big messy load into his wife, Dottie started complaining about having to get out of bed to go clean up. “Shit, that’s not a problem,” he said, “Hey, Jane! Crawl between your mother’s legs and suck the cum out of her cunt!” It became a regular thing for her to do. Dottie taught her how to eat pussy like a champion and she learned to be a fantastic cock-sucker under her father’s gentle instructions.

It wasn’t long before her two older brothers and older sister began using her regularly for their enjoyment too. It started when Jack, the oldest boy, complained to his father that he had a case of the ‘blue-balls.’ Jack’s girlfriend was a real cock-tease and always left him with a hard-on. His father knew it wasn’t healthy for his son so he convinced his wife that Jane should be allowed to help Jack and her other siblings too.

“Hell, the less the kids have to worry about chasing around after boys and girls for sex, the better decisions they will make when it becomes time to pick the right mate! Besides, I’d rather the boys use Jane out in the open, instead of trying to hide it behind our backs. Hell, the same goes for me. Jane is always trying to get my cock out of my pants!” he reasoned.
Their mother quickly agreed, seeing the logic of it. She was tired of always having to keep an eye on Jane and her two horny sons. Besides, David often wanted a mid-day fuck or a quick blow-job after work and she always felt guilty about rejecting him if she was too busy, or the kids were around. Selfishly, she considered how enjoyable a nice long pussy lapping in the middle of the day would be for her. Jane was always ready and willing! It would be for the best, they both decided.

“Jack, Bill, Tracy, Jane! Come in the living room!” he yelled. They quickly arrived and David began to tell them of the new, relaxed rules in the house. “Now, everyone knows that Jane here is different.” He put his arm around her and cupped her bra-less breast and pinched her nipple. Jane smiled happily. “Hell, half the neighborhood and everyone at school knows she is different,” he muttered. “Jane has ‘special needs,’ and we all know that’s OK - we love her and we know she can’t help herself. Your mom and I have been doing what we can for her, but it’s time you all start helping us out around here. It will be good for you all too.” He took a deep breath and told them the good news. “Your mom and I will allow you to have sex with Jane whenever you want, as long she is OK with it.”

Jane couldn’t help but blurt out, “All right!” She looked at her hot brothers and sister and her pussy began to tingle.

“But, if Jane says ‘No’, then it’s ‘No’, is everyone clear?” David added.

“Daddy, I would never say ‘No,’ silly!” Jane shook her head, disbelievingly. She began to absentmindedly play with her nipples and squeeze her thighs together.

Tracy spoke up. “Do I have to have sex with her too, Daddy? That just sounds a little too ‘icky.’”

Dottie quickly answered her. “Honey, if you’ve never had your pussy licked, you will like it. Jane here is real good at it.”

Jane smiled, embarrassed.

“Your father and I really want you to have sex with Jane, especially before you have a date. You don’t have to, of course, but boys and girls can do stupid things and get into trouble when they start thinking with their cocks and pussies, instead of with their brains.”

David spoke up. “There are other benefits too, guys. Jack here is suffering from a case of the ‘blue-balls’ right now because his girlfriend won’t fuck him, suck his cock or jack him off!”

“Poor Jack!” Jane exclaimed. She looked at her suffering brother, very eager to help him.

“Jack, if it ever happens again, just let Jane here help you. Or, like I said, use her before you go out. Or both before and after, if you need to. She won’t mind.”

“No, I won’t!” said Jane, nodding her head vigorously, “Ever!” she added.

“Do we have to do it in our rooms only, daddy?” asked Bill. He shared a room with Jack and sometimes wanted privacy.

“If we have company over, yes. Otherwise, we don’t care where you do it. Not in the front yard, for goodness sake!” He looked at them, to make sure they understood the rules. “One more thing, guys. If you make a mess, clean it up. I don’t want to find cum stains and pussy juice all over my furniture! If I do, no Jane for a week! Everybody got it!”

“Yes sir!” they all shouted.

“Dad,” said Jack, “when can we start?” He was rubbing his hardening cock thru his pants.

“Ah, hell boy, you are such a dumb-ass,” he barked. “Jane, go suck your brother’s cock before he shoots a load all over his pants!”

Jane jumped up and ran to her brother. She knelled before him and began tugging on his belt. “Come on Jack, stand up!” she said. She couldn’t wait to suck her brother’s cock! Jack stood up and Jane expertly undid his belt, unzipped his jeans and pulled his pants down. His underwear quickly followed.

The whole family watched in awe as Jane began to work. She admired her brother’s cock briefly. Jack had a nice, thick cock. Not as long as his father’s but large nonetheless. Tracy looked a little envious of her sister, and began rocking her tightly crossed legs, stimulating her warming pussy.

“Nice cock!” Jane said sincerely, pretending he had never seen it before. She sucked it down to the base, working her throat muscles and wrapping her tongue around it to make it harder.

“Oh, fuck!” Jack exclaimed. “That’s the way Jane. Damn, you’re good!” He looked around the room to see his family nodding in agreement. Jack never had the luxury of thoroughly enjoying a blow-job from his sister. He was always too nervous and scared that his parents would discover them and give him a stern lecture and a hard spanking. He would typically have to wait until his mother was busy washing dishes with Jane by her side, jack himself off until he was ready to blow, then entice Jane from the hallway by waving his hard dick at her, only to blast off quickly into her mouth after a few quick bobs of her head.

This time, it was different. It was wonderful! Jane quickly worked on his cock until it was hard and throbbing. She pulled her lips off of it with a loud ‘pop’ sound, and admired her handy-work. Then, she slurped it back into her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down, like she did for her father. The sound of her sucking his fat cock filled the room.

Jack moaned again, “Ah, shit Jane! Suck my fucking cock!” He looked up at the ceiling, feeling felt his cock throbbing and his balls tingling.  He clenched his thighs and hunched his rock-hard member into his sister’s sucking mouth. He hadn’t come in days and was ready to blow!

Jane loved the encouragement and began to tickle Jack’s balls with her fingers as she rocked her head faster and faster. She began to suck a little harder, sensing his urgency. She only paused only a moment or two; to lick and suck on his heavy balls before quickly working on his swollen glans and slurping up his leaking pre-cum and then popping his throbbing cock back into her sucking mouth.

“Ah, I’m going to cum! Don’t stop, Jane!” he said, as if anyone could stop her now. Jack felt his balls tingling and his cock hardening. The world centered around his trembling crotch and Jane’s sucking mouth as he felt himself orgasming. He began spurting gobs of hot, thick cum into his sister’s hungry mouth.

“Oh! Ah! Yes! Finally! Ugh! Oh! Yes! Fuck! Oh yeah! Suck it!” he grunted as he came.

Jane didn’t miss a beat and continued sucking, slurping, and licking his dick. She swirled his tasty cum around on her tongue and his fat cock-head before swallowing it down. She sucked his shaft and swallowed spurt after spurt of potent teenage splooge, and didn’t spill a drop.

When she noticed the cum had stopped spurting into her mouth, she paused and inspected her brother’s spent cock, giving his shaft a gentle squeeze and lovingly licking the final drop of cum from her brother’s sensitive cockhead.

Sensing her family’s presence, she turned away from her brother’s cock to notice her family staring at her, stunned, and strangely proud of her uncanny cock-sucking abilities.

Jane was embarrassed at being the center of attention, and put her head down shyly, grinning sheepishly; horny, yet proud of her families adorations.
Then she suddenly looked up, as if she had a great idea.

“Hey, does anyone want to fuck me now?” she asked excitedly.

End of Introduction to "Jane, the Little Ignorant Slut"

© Copyright Undeniable Urges, 2015 - 2018. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Undeniable Urges, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.
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Reply #1 on: November 09, 2018, 08:35:37 PM
I hope Jane fuck and licks everyone in the family.  Family fun night should be everyone sharing Jane on the living room floor. 

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Reply #2 on: November 10, 2018, 12:05:01 AM
+1 for a great story start. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Extinguishing the Flame is available on Amazon and supports Australian Bush fire relief.

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Reply #3 on: November 10, 2018, 01:46:22 PM
The Little Ignorant Slut 2 (Mf, mf, ff, Fm, M+f, incest)

Introduction: This is the continuing tale of Jane, the little ignorant slut. It is a silly, whimsical story about a girl with a hyperactive sex drive.

If you haven’t read the introductory story first, I recommend it.

This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy.  It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

“Does anyone want to fuck me now?” Jane asked, looking around the living room.

After her father had announced to everyone in the family that they were free to have sex with Jane - a petite, fourteen year old beauty with an overactive sex drive - Jane immediately sucked off her brother Jack. She was now anxious for someone else to help her with her 'special problem'.

“Can I fuck you?” Bill asked his little sister.

“Bill,” his father said. “Don’t be a dumb-ass like your brother Jack! She just asked for it, now get over there and fuck her, for goodness sake!”

“Don’t be mean, Daddy!” Jane said. She was already stripping, flipping the short dress over her head in one quick, practiced motion. She was naked in under a second. She gave her bald little pussy three quick strokes, opening up her pussy lips and getting herself slick for her brother. She sucked the remnants of the fuck-juice off her fingers, leaving a visible smear of pussy juice on her cunt lips. She looked at Bill, wiggling her naked body and sucking her fingers suggestively. “Of course you can fuck me, Bill. Just hurry up and take off your clothes.”

Jane jumped on the couch, scooted her hot pussy to the edge and spread her legs wide. She began playing with her naked tits, pinching her nipples and then sucking one, then the other. Bill hadn’t even taken off his shirt yet! Seeing how far behind he was, he quickly flipped off his shoes, took off his t-shirt, and dropped his pants and underwear. He rushed over to Jane wearing nothing but his white socks, his stiff cock bobbing up and down.

“Gosh, Jane!” Bill said, looking at his sister; first staring at her breasts and then her slick pussy. “You are beautiful!” He leaned in closer to get a better look at her slit. He had never seen it up close before. Jane dropped a hand to her hot cunt. She spread her lips wide, making it easier for him to find her hole. The other hand she kept busy, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

“You have a nice cock too, Bill.” Jane said. It wasn’t as big as his older brother’s, but he was still growing. She hoped it would get at big as her father’s.
“Put it in, Bill, lets fuck!” She began to make humping motions with her hips. Her impatient pussy winked at him.

Bill’s cock was hard. It had been hard all the while watching Jane suck-off his brother and now, seeing Jane naked and spread before him, his young cock felt like a shaft of iron!

He stared in awe. He hadn’t seen Jane totally naked since she was little, besides quick glimpses of her naked ass and bald pussy from under her skirt. His parents had done their best to keep Jane’s brothers away from her, and insisted she wear clothes in the house, even if they did let her stay naked under her dress. He had felt her warm lips around his cock a few times, but that was only from frantic, hasty, blow-jobs in dark corners of the house – hard-earned and quickly given, by enticing Jane away from their parents from repeatedly and surreptitiously flashing his hard, teenage cock at her, like coaxing a dog with a treat. Now, it was going to be different. No more hiding in the shadows! No more peaking under her skirt! No more subtle gropes in the hallway!

Pre-cum began to ooze and drip from his piss-slit as he lustfully ogled at his sister. Hurriedly, he stumbled forward and tried to jam his raging boner into her slick cunt. He missed his mark, aiming too high and sliding his cock across her cunt lips and poking at her clitoris. Jane reached down and gripped her brother’s cock and gave it a gentle squeeze. She looked at Bill, gave her brother a sexy wink and positioned his cock head against her hole. He pushed it in. His eyes widened with pleasure. He smoothly slid it in, all the way to the hilt, in one glorious motion.

“Oh, Jane!” he exclaimed. “Your pussy is so HOT!” Jane clamped down on his dick. “And so tight!” He slid his cock back a bit, and then pushed it forward again, hesitantly.

“Fuck me Bill! Do it! Fuck me!” Jane helped him by rocking her hips to get him into a rhythm. He soon began to slide his cock into his sister’s pussy, back and forth, back and forth.

“That’s it, you got it! Now fuck me!” Jane encouraged him, smiling up at her family as they watched.

Bill began plunging his cock into his sister with steady motions. His balls began to slap her with every thrust. The sounds of sex filled the room as his naked flesh smacked against hers. “Slap, slap, slap, slap”.

Jane’s pussy began to hum, sending mini-orgasms thru her body. It was always like this for Jane; once she was sexually stimulated, whether from fucking, sucking cock, or even playing with her tits; her body responded by giving her one, continuous, low grade orgasm. She could have ‘big’ orgasms too, but found she could be sexually satisfied for hours without getting tired. She closed her eyes as the small waves washed over her.
She rolled her head back, opened her mouth and let her eyes go to the back of her head as the good feelings came over her. “Oh, if feels so good…, It feels so fucking good to get fucked!” she moaned.

Bill began to get carried away and slammed her pussy hard, once, then twice! He was concerned for his small fragile sister and stopped suddenly and said, “I’m sorry, Jane. Did that hurt?”

"You’re not going to break me, Bill. I like it hard! Pound it! Pound my pussy!” Jane exclaimed, humping him impatiently.

Bill began giving it to her – hard! On every thrust, his balls smacked her ass and her head was driven back against the couch. Jane began milking his dick with her experienced cunt muscles, toying with her brother. He could feel her tight pussy gripping him and squeezing his cock-head with every stroke. It was all too much for Jane’s inexperienced lover.

“Ah, oh, ah, I’m gonna cum!” Bill closed his eyes and starting fucking his sister faster, his whole body tingling with sexual excitement.

“Give me your cum, Bill!” she pleaded. “I want your hot sperm inside of me!” She grabbed his ass with both hands and slammed him into her, humping his crotch with hers, helping his thrusts to go deeper and faster.

Bill exploded, drenching his sister’s pussy with a thick load of teenage splooge. “Ah, ah, ohhhh!” he moaned, as more strong blasts of cum erupted from his cock and shot deeply into her. Jane felt each spurt, loving the warm, delightful feeling of a nice load of cum in her hot cunt. Bill began to slow his thrusts, pulling out slowing, then giving one, two, and then three final, deep thrusts. He was satisfied, but sad it was over. Jane reluctantly let go of his ass and used her tight pussy to milk the last few drops from his cock. He finally pulled his slimy, spent shaft from her cunt, leaving a thick thread of cum connecting the two siblings’ genitalia.

Jane reached over to capture the cum-string, snagged it with her finger, and pulled it into her mouth once it snapped. She smiled at the familiar taste and then reached her hand down to her cunt. She began scooping up the fresh cum from her drenched pussy with two fingers and began slurping and licking her cum coated, slimy digits.

Bill looked at her incredulously and Jane noticed his reaction. “Dad said not to make a mess, dumb-ass!” she quickly retorted, scowling at him, like any sister would. She cleaned herself up as best she could, eating all the warm cum she could gather. Finished, she inspected her fingers and gave them a final lick. She looked around the room, glancing at everyone’s faces.

“Who’s next?” Jane asked. The family looked at each other questioningly.

Not one to wait around, her father stood up. “Watching you kids made your old man horny,” he said. “Keep ‘em spread, Jane!” He walked towards Jane, his fat bulge obvious to everyone in the room.

“Aw, Dad!” exclaimed Tracy. “I was going to have her lick my pussy next. I’m getting all hot and bothered watching all of this!”

“She can do both at the same time, can’t you Jane, sweetheart?” David knew she could; he and Dottie used her this way often.

“Oh, yeah, easy-peazy-pussy-squeezy!” she said. Jane flopped onto the floor and got on her hands and knees. “Sit here, Tracy!” She patted the wet spot on the couch where her ass had just been. “Put your pussy right in front of my face!”

Tracy stood up; a little embarrassed to get naked in front of her whole family. She fiddled with her zipper and glanced around the room. Jack and Bill were ogling her, waiting expectantly, playing with their still naked dicks, their mouths open. Her dad was staring at her too.

Dottie spoke up, sensing the situation needed some adult intervention. “Tracy, you go ahead and strip! Leave your shirt on if you want to.” Her mother knew Tracy was self-conscious about the size of her small breasts. Dottie added, “You boys behave yourselves or you can just start fucking each other and us girls won’t have anything to do with the lot of you. I mean you too, David!”

The three males hung their heads down, sufficiently chastised.

Dottie encouraged her daughter once more, “Go ahead Tracy, the boys will mind me if they know what’s good for them. And trust me, you will love having your pussy eaten.” She looked at her daughter and grinned wickedly.

“Yeah Tracy,” Jane said. “It’s OK! Everyone here knows what a pussy looks like.” Jane wiggled her ass and looked up at her sister from her position on the floor. “Come on, I want to lick your twat. I’ve always wondered what it tastes like. I bet it tastes GOOD!”

Tracy slowly shimmied out of her tight pants and then rolled down her cotton panties. She paused a bit before uncovering her gash. She then pushed her wet panties down quickly before she could change her mind, and kicked her panties across the room. Her pussy was nearly bare, with a cute patch of soft black fur just above and around her slit. Her large nipples were hard and taut, poking against her black t-shirt.

She walked over to Jane, swung a leg over her sister’s head and then sat down in front of her. She shyly covered her pussy with her hands, but Jane was having none of that nonsense and pulled her sister’s hands away, uncovering her cute, steaming cunt!

“I like your pussy, Tracy!” Jane put her nose in close and took a big sniff. “It smells nice too! I want to taste it!” Jane wasted no time and plunged her face into her sister’s hot fuck-hole!

“Ah, Jane! What the fuck?” she said, surprised by the sudden assault on her pussy. Tracy felt Jane’s warm, wiggling, delightful tongue against her excited slit. She closed her eyes, cocked her head to the side, and tried to concentrate on the wonderful feelings emanating from her twat. She felt Jane’s tongue licking, probing and then dipping deeply into her hole.

“Oh, Jane! It feels so good! Oh, mom you were right! Oh, god, oh god!” She grabbed Jane’s head with both hands and held on for the ride!

David stroked his hard, fat cock and knelt behind his youngest daughter. He watched for a moment longer, stroking and staring at Tracy. Tracy didn’t notice because she was mesmerized by her father’s big cock and stared at it in awe. David shook it up and down, showing off for his daughter, and then shuffled forward to slide his cock right into Jane’s slit, slowly, all the way in, until his heavy balls rested against her ass.

“Mmmmph!” Jane exclaimed, her mouth full of sweet pussy. She loved her daddy’s dick!

David began making long, slow strokes in little Jane’s fuck-hole. He locked eyes with Tracy, sharing this tender moment between them.

Jane arched her ass against the steady onslaught of her father's cock, and feeling his thrusts get harder, she grabbed Tracy’s thighs to keep her face firmly attached to her sister’s cunt. She licked as deeply as she could, driving all the sweet pussy juice into her waiting mouth. She sought out her sister’s clitoris and licked it gently, side to side. She licked back to her hole, then up and down her slit. Jane then placed her entire mouth over the top of Tracy’s pussy and clit and sucked gently.

“Oh, I never knew it would feel this fucking good! Lick me Jane, eat my fucking cunt raw!” Jane was encouraged by her words and worked harder to make her sister cum! She began licking and sucking her clit, smashing her tongue hard into it, then licking and sucking her gash up and down!

”Oh, mom, you were so right about having your pussy licked! When I get a boyfriend, he better eat pussy good, or I’m dumping him!” Tracy declared.

The sounds of hot, wanton, sex again filled the room. Jane slurped, licked and sucked on Tracy’s cunt and David steadily slid his hard cock in and out of Jane’s tight pussy.

Tracy too, was soon overcome with excitement. First, watching her brothers have hot sex with her little sister, then seeing her father’s hard, fat cock, and then having her own sister eat her juicy cunt. It was too much; she began to cum.

Tracy felt her clitty began to tingle. Her pussy and thighs began to spasm. “I’m cumming, Jane, I’m cumming! Ahhhh, ahhh, ahh!” Jane continued to work her magic. Tracy’s pussy flooded, covering Jane’s face with juice. She humped her cunt hard into her sister’s face while Jane continued to slurp up her flooding slit. Tracy came over and over, rolling her head side to side. Her pussy gushed, her legs squeezed Jane’s face and held her tight as she came! Once, twice, three times she felt the orgasmic waves of bliss wash over her entire bod, from her head to her curled and clenched toes! Her soft abdomen heaved a couple times, and then finally and slowly, Tracy’s orgasm lessened and she began to relax, taking a deep breath and giving a huge, satisfied sigh. Jane had slowed her exertions after Tracy’s last, huge climax, and finally relented entirely, allowing Tracy’s last tingles of her orgasm drift away from her.

“Whew! That was fantastic! Thank you Jane, you are the best!” Weakened and unsteady, Tracy extracted herself and curled up on the couch. She looked around and saw her brothers slowly stroking their hard cocks, staring at her. She didn’t mind so much now. She opened her legs a bit, so they could see her red, soaking gash. She put a hand under her shirt, lifted it up, and openly groped her small breast, letting her brothers see her pretty tits for the first time.

“Dad,” Jack said gutturally. “Are we allowed to fuck Tracy too?” He stared lustfully at his younger sister.

“Or mom?” Bill quickly added, glancing at his pretty mother. He always was a momma’s boy.

David kept slowly fucking his daughter as he dismissed their question. “Boys, we will talk about it later, I’m a little busy right now!” He continued to fuck his tight daughter from behind.

“Dad, hurry up! I’m horny again!” whined Jack. Even though he received a great blow job from Jane, all the excitement had made him ready for more. His fat cock was stiff again. “When are you going to be finished?”

“Jack, leave me alone when I’m fucking, you dumb-ass!” David was irritated at being interrupted. “I’m gonna be a while, if you can’t wait, Jane has two more holes and both hands free, pick one!”

“I call dibs on her mouth!” Bill shouted. He wanted to feel her lips on his cock, now that he had the time to enjoy it. He jumped up and took Tracy’s seat. Jane quickly began playing with Bill’s cock as her dad continued his slow, steady fucking.

“Can I fuck her ass while you are fucking her cunt?” Jack asked, not knowing how that would work.

“Damn-it! I’m busy here!” David hated for his fucking to be interrupted.

“Tracy?” Dottie said, “go in my bedroom and get the lube from the dresser, it is in the drawer with my vibrat…”

“I know where it is!” Tracy said quickly. She jumped up and ran to her parent’s bedroom room.

“And bring me back a vibrator!” Dottie yelled after her retreating daughter. “I’m hotter than a firecracker!” She began to slip off her sweatpants and underwear, rubbing her fat cunt lips, watching her husband and her youngest son's cocks getting pleasured by Jane.

Tracy came back hand handed her mother the lube and her vibrator. “I didn’t know which one you wanted, so I brought you the big one.”

“That’s fine, dear. Thank you!” Dottie said. “David, are you going to let Jack fuck her ass, or not?” She turned the vibrator on low, and began giving herself a gentle pussy massage. Tracy sat on the other chair and slipped out the other vibrator she had partially hidden in her hand. She spread her legs and began playing too.

“Please daddy, let him fuck my ass…” Jane took her lips off of Bill's cock long enough to turn her head and plead her brother’s case. Having done her part, she turned back and resumed sucking her brother. Besides, she had never had so many cocks available to her, all at once, anyway.

“All right, fine! Just a minute Jane, we have to change positions.” He pulled his cock out of her cunt and Bill pulled his cock from her sucking mouth. She sat up.

“Awww!” Jane said, disappointed that she had to stop sucking and fucking, even for a moment.

David lay down on the floor and said, “Jane, climb on! Jack, lube up her shitter and go at it!” He added, “But, go slow, she’s never been fucked in the ass before!” Then muttering under his breath, “It’s not natural, putting a cock where her shit is supposed to go...”

Jane said, “No, its OK Jack, my ass-hole can take you just fine.” She straddled her dad and sat on his cock, dropping down until her ass rested on his balls. She began riding his thick cock. “I’ve been practicing on my ass with vegetables; you won’t hurt me..., much… And if you do, it’s all part of the fun of getting your ass-fucked anyway!”

“Is that where all my carrots and cucumbers have been going!” Dottie exclaimed. “David, this girl is gonna fuck us out of house and home!”

David bellowed, “Let her use your vibrators, you have plenty of them! She can’t wear them out!”

Dottie yelled back, “She wears out the batteries!”

Jane asked, “Can I have two vibrators of my own, please daddy? One for my puss and one for my ass? Please, please, daddy?”

David closed his eyes, wishing he could plug his ears!

Jack said, “Can I fuck her ass now?”

“Sure can!” said Jane, her request temporarily forgotten. She leaned forward on her daddy, presenting her ass to Jack, still grinding on her fathers’ fat cock. Jack walked over and looked at Jane's tiny, exposed rose-bud.

“Hold still, Jane!” Jack said. He was having trouble lining up the bottle of lube with her little pink shit-hole. She paused, though it was near impossible for her do, what with a hard cock inside of her. Jack quickly squirted some lube and rubbed it in her hole, using two fingers. He took the excess and slicked up his cock, wiping his hand onto her ass cheek to clean it. He squatted down, admiring her round ass, tight ass-hole, and her cute twat, stuffed full of his daddy’s cock. He lined himself up and pushed his shaft up her little rose-bud, watching her hole swallow his fat cock! "Oh, it is so tight!" he exclaimed.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhh,” Jane moaned, loving the feeling of having her ass stretched wide. Jack’s cock slid all the way into her tight shit-hole. “Ah, I’m so full of cock! Thank you, momma! Thank you, daddy!” Jane was so grateful that her parents were letting her fuck the whole family. She was imagining her future days filled with hard cocks and wet pussies! The men quickly found their rhythm and began fucking her in earnest.

“Here Jane, suck my cock again!” said Bill. He stood over his daddy and fed his cock to her. For a moment, Jane was in heaven! She had never been so full of cock, a fat one in her pussy, a fat one in her ass, and another in her mouth! She wondered if she would ever have on in each hand at the same time as well.

Sadly, for Jane, It didn’t last long. David had closed his eyes to block out the sights and sounds of his families yapping, trying to enjoy his fuck. He finally opened them when he heard the slurping sounds of Jane sucking Bill’s cock. The sound was coming from right above his head! When he opened his eyes, he found himself staring up at his son’s ass, spread wide and squatting, so Jane could suck him off.


“But, dad!” Bill whined.

“YOU HEARD ME, BILL! GET YOUR SMELLY ASSHOLE AWAY FROM MY FACE!” Bill stepped away reluctantly, pulling his dick from Jane's sucking mouth. She didn't want to let go of it. David added, “Next thing you know, I’d have spit and sperm dripping on me!”

“I wouldn’t have spilled any cum, daddy!” said Jane sadly. They all knew it was the truth.

“Kids, don’t argue with your father, let him enjoy his fuck, for goodness sake!” Dottie said, always the reasonable one. She felt sorry for her little baby boy, not being able to join the fun. She said to him, “Bill, come over here and mommy will suck your dick.” She plunged the vibrator deeper into her cunt, and turned up the setting, until her fuck-stick began to sing.



Bill raced over to the side of her chair, getting a good eye and earful of the buzzing vibrators splitting his mother and sister’s cunt lips. He waved his hard cock at his mother’s face and began humping into her, banging her lips. She grasped his cock with her free hand, admired her boy’s penis for a moment and said, “Your little willy has gotten big, baby,” then sucked it deep into her mouth.

“Suck my willy, mommy, suck it!” Bill moaned, his childhood fantasies coming true.

David began to pound Jane’s pussy, and Jack her ass. One fat cock going in her pussy, while one fat cock slid out of her ass. Then, the hard cock in her pussy would slide out and the hard cock in her ass would slide in! Over and over, faster and faster, harder and harder. The good feelings in Jane’s body began to intensify.

“Slap, slap, slap” was heard, as the two men fucked her. “Buzz- mmm, buzz-mmm, mmmm-buzzzzz” came from the two vibrators, sliding in and out, changing pitch as the tight pussy walls gripped them. The occasional “slurp” was heard as Dottie sucked her son’s cock.

Then, the moaning began, as the family felt their orgasms begin. “Oh!” (slap, slap), “Ahhh!” (buzz, buzz), “Mmmm” (slurp, slurp). Faster and faster the sounds occurred. Louder and louder the moans became. The excitement in the room soon reached a blistering crescendo!

Bill said “I’m cumming mommy!” He shot his sperm into his mother’s mouth. Shot after shot of his hot cum went into the mouth of woman that birthed him. “Ahhh, mommy suck it, eat my spunk!” The sticky boy-cum spurted into her mouth and she swallowed her son’s tasty load. Dottie savored the last bit and rolled it on her tongue, cumming herself on the buzzing fuck-toy, moaning uncontrollably.

Tracy said “”I’m cumming too!” She moaned loudly and then yelled “Fuck her dad! Fuck her Jack!” Tracy came all over her vibrator, holding it tight against her clit, wishing her father was pounding her cunt instead of Jane's. “Oooohhhh!”

Jane gave one long continuous moan as one of her ‘big’ orgasms began. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Her moan lasted for 20 seconds or more, then, she moaned in staccato bursts as the huge waves of bliss crashed over her. “Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh!” Her body began shaking, her thighs quivering! Her pussy began contracting on her father’s cock, squeezing it, milking it! Her ass and colon clenched in unison to Jack’s thrusts, applying exquisite pressure to his shaft. David and Jack felt the cum being pulled from their balls!

“I’m cumming,” said David, as he erupted! His huge cock swelling and then spurting thick, hot goo into his daughter’s churning cunt.

“Me too!” said Jack, and blasted his cum deep into his sister’s ass, feeling weak in the knees.

As the hot cum blasted her bowels and her pussy simultaneously, Jane arched her back, lifted her head and rolled her eyes. She began to have convulsions, thrusting her hips on the thick cocks, feeling her holes stretched, her clit smashed, and the hot cum spurting deep within her. Her nether muscles squeezed their cocks, milking them, draining them, as she came and came, again and again. Finally, the stars exploded in her head, and she fell in a heap on her father, limp and drooling.

The family had watched her orgasm, unable to look away, and saw her go limp. Bill whispered, “Is she OK, daddy?” He was concerned for his sister.

“She is fine,” said David. “Jane sometimes passes out after a big one.”

“You kids watch out for her, you hear?” said Dottie. “You may have to catch her sometimes, or at least make sure she fucks on top of something soft, OK?”

“It’s one of our burdens,” said David, shaking his head, feeling weighed down with the responsibility of having a sex-crazed teenage slut in the family.

Jack pulled his cock from Jane’s ass. Bill pulled his cock from his mother’s mouth and the girls pulled the slick vibrators from their tired pussies.

“You kids go get a wet rag and clean up now, I’ll stay here with Jane for a bit,” said their father. The kids began to clean up the living room, with Jack and Bill wiping up any spills, and Tracy washing and putting away the vibrators and lube.

“They are good kids,” Dottie said to her husband, proud of her children for helping out so enthusiastically, without complaining.

“Yeah, I know.” He said. “That’s ‘cause we raised them right…” She looked at him holding his little girl gently, rubbing her back and naked ass with love.

“You are a good father too,” she said, feeling proud of her husband.

Jane finally awoke, still lying on her dad with his softening cock inside of her. She looked around and saw the near empty room. “I passed out again, didn’t I?”

“Yes,” said David.

“It was a BIG one,” said Jane.

“Yep,” said David. “I felt it…,” he nodded. “Why don’t you go and have a bath? That always makes you feel better after a big one.”

“OK,” she said, getting up. “And daddy?” she asked, “Can I maybe go take a walk after a while?” Jane wasn’t too bright, but she knew the right time to ask her daddy for something.

“Now Jane, you remember what happened the last time…”

“Is the town having another parade today?” she asked, excitedly. She had fun being in the parade. She was still not sure what everyone got so mad about. Some old, dried up bitties, anyway…

“No parade today, honey,” he said. “Go have your bath. Your mom and I will talk about letting you go outside for a while.”

Jane stood up, clenching her pussy and ass tight. Not a single drop of cum dripped out of her freshly creamed holes. She gingerly walked to the bathroom.

“Well honey, what do you think? Should we let her go?” asked David.

“Well, she needs to learn about the big, wide world, honey,” Dottie said. “And, she is of marrying age now; maybe she will find a man out there?”

“If she would only find one man, I wouldn’t worry so damn much, Dottie!”

© Copyright Undeniable Urges, 2015 - 2018. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Undeniable Urges, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow

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loved it.. i should have been so lucky growing up

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The Little Ignorant Slut 3 (f, Mf, best)

This is the continuing tale of Jane, the little ignorant slut. It is a silly, whimsical story about a girl with an overactive sex drive.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life, also, the author does not condone any sexual activity involving animals in real life.  It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

Summary of previous chapters; Jane’s mother and father had agreed to let Jane have sex with her two brothers and her sister, to allow them to help her with her ‘special problem’. Jane showed off her sexual prowess and enjoyed a tremendous, bone-shaking orgasm. Afterwards, she asked her father, if she could go for a walk.

“Go have your bath,” he said. “Your mom and I will think about it.”

Jane stood up, clenching her pussy and ass tight. Not a single drop of cum dripped out of her freshly creamed holes. She gingerly walked to the bathroom.

Jane cleaned out all of the tasty cum from her petite fourteen year old pussy and ass and then looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, grinning happily. She was so excited! Two more cocks and a pussy to play with! She fondly recalled the taste and feel of her brothers and sister. No more rubbing her little pussy raw, when the undeniable sexual urges overwhelmed her!

She took a nice, luxurious, soaking bath. The hot water eased her tight muscles and sore body. The effects from her massive orgasm now all but disappeared. Her pussy and ass-hole now felt soothed and healed. She shaved her pussy, removing any stray hairs and rubbed it for good luck. She then washed her long blonde hair and her sexy, tiny, teenage body, spending a lot of time on her firm breasts, round ass, tight little pussy and finally, her sensitive little ass-hole.

She pulled the plug from the tub with her toe, extending her long, smooth leg, to let the water drain out. She stood up and dried her firm, young body with a big, fluffy towel. She sat down, naked, at her desk, and brushed her hair and then sprayed a little perfume on her naughty-bits. Finally, she flipped a short sundress over her ripe and ready body. She was all set for her walk!

“I hope mommy and daddy let me go out,” she thought to herself. She liked to go outside and meet new people. And, she loved the attention from all the horny men. For some reason, men developed boners when they were around her, even without her trying! It made her feel sexy and it made her pussy so wet!

Jane walked into the living room where her mom and dad were sitting. She looked at them with her best pouty face. “Can I go out daddy?” she begged. “Can I mommy, please?”

David looked at her, softening his usual stern demeanor. “Your mother and I talked, and yes…”

“Yippee!” Jane shouted, interrupting.

“Let me finish, Jane,” he said, taking her hand. “You need to learn about the world outside, but not everyone you meet can be trusted. You have to be careful when you go out, understand?”

“I understand. I don’t like mean people…, except you daddy!” She wanted her daddy to know that she loved him. A lot...

“I know what you mean, dear.” David said. “But, you need to find a nice man.”

“All men are nice to me!”

“We mean a ‘special man’. One that will take care of you, and love you,” said Dottie.

“How will I know he is ‘special?’”

“Well, he will watch out for you and protect you. He will take care of you, like your family does, understand?”

“I understand, Daddy.”

“And, he will put your needs before his. That is what good men do for their women,” he added.


Her mother added, “He will make sure you cum too, honey.”

“OK! I’ll keep an eye of for any ‘special men’ that will take care of me and make sure I cum too!” She walked to the door, anxious to leave. “Can I go now?”

David and Dottie both sighed heavily. “Yes dear.”


Jane quickly went to the sidewalk and wheeled towards the park. She liked the park! She felt her nipples tighten in the cool air and relished the feeling of the breeze blowing up her short skirt, kissing her naked, moist pussy. A couple of cars drove passed her, blowing their horns and whistling at her. “Hi!” she said, and waved, but, they didn’t stop, to her disappointment.

When she entered the park, she was a little sad there were not many people; a mother and her children, a dog running loose, and a couple of joggers. She skipped over to the play area and enjoyed herself for a while, sliding on the slide (she had to remember to pull her skirt under her naked ass)! She swung a while; legs spread wide, feeling the strong wind against her hard nipples and her naked pussy lips. She soon became bored and decided to follow the path into the woods, to get out of the hot sun. It was cooler there, under the trees, and quiet too. She enjoyed her walk among the sun dappled shade, the soft breeze and sweet smell of wildflowers. She saw a bench up ahead and decided to sit, rest, and rub her pussy a while.

Jane loved to rub her wet pussy! She spread her legs and put her hand under her short skirt, sliding her experienced fingers up and down her juicy slit. She could spend hours playing with her cunt! Jane sat, diddled and daydreamed about cocks – all the different sizes and shapes she has seen. “Daddy has the nicest cock,” she said out loud, to no one in particular. “Jack’s cock is nice too! It felt so good in my ass! Bill’s cock is still growing, momma said. I hope it gets as big as Pa’s. Mr. Wilson has a long, thin cock, and Mr. Peabody, my old teacher, had a small one. It was still nice though, and he could make a lot of sperm!” It seemed as if she was trying to share her knowledge of cocks to an imaginary friend. She licked her fingers occasionally, coated with her juices, and wished she could lick her own pussy. She had tried, but her tongue wasn’t long enough! Jane sat like that for a while, daydreaming and playing with her pussy, enjoying the weather and the nice sexy feelings between her legs.

Then, she heard something coming down the path, kicking up mulch and stones as it got closer. She quickly pulled her fingers from her pussy, like her momma taught her, when there were strangers around.

Looking down the path, Jane saw a happy mutt of a dog trotting towards her. He was lean, and lanky but strong and friendly. He saw Jane and ran to her excitedly.

“Hello puppy!” Jane said. The friendly dog put his large front paws on the bench and began to lick her face. “Oh, what a friendly doggie you are! What is your name doggy?” She looked on his neck, but the dog did not have a name tag or a collar. “All doggies need a name. Maybe I’ll give you a name!” She petted the frisky dog up and down. The dog sniffed her and licked her in happiness. “What is a good name for you? Spot…? No.., Butch? No…”

The dog was a stray and craved attention, like Jane! He loved getting petted and found her fresh scent intoxicating. He liked her scent a lot! There was something about her… He sniffed around carefully, first her face and neck, trying to find the source of an elusive, musky odor. Jane patted his head, and he sniffed her fingers. There it was! He licked her fingers repeatedly, making Jane giggle.

“Oh, you like pussy juice too, huh? Just like me, doggie! I hope we can be friends.” Jane dipped her fingers back into her honey-hole and held it out for the dog once more. He licked her fingers feverously!

“Oh, yes, you DO like pussy juice!” She did it once more. Jane suddenly had a great idea! “Why let him lick pussy juice off of my fingers when I have a whole bunch of it between my legs!” She was proud of herself for thinking if it. “And daddy says I’m not too bright…”

Jane spread her legs, lifted up her skirt and showed off her naked, wet pussy, hanging off the bench seat. “Here doggie, have a sniff of this!”

The dog smelled the strong sensual odor, sniffed around, and quickly located its source. He jumped down and pushed his nose firmly against Jane’s gash, snorting deeply. “Oh!” Jane jumped, feeling the wet, cold nose press against her hot cunt. The excited dog began licking her soaking wet pussy like he was dying of thirst! “Slurp, slurp, slurp!”

“Mmmmm!” Jane moaned. “You are a dirty little pussy licker, too, just like me!” she said, repeating her mother's favorite pet name for her. The dog licked furiously up and down her hairless twat, searching out every drop of her nectar. Jane’s cunt flooded. The dog found her fuck-hole and plunged his tongue deeply into it, spreading her cunt lips wide and smashing her clit with his snout. “Oh, doggie, you are the best pussy licker ever!” Jane’s twat dripped juice faster than the dog could lick it up. Her secretions trickled all the way down to her ass-hole. The dog paused, found the slime trail, and began licking her perineum and then down to her bung-hole! He began lapping at her shitter and Jane obliged him by lifting her legs and spreading her ass cheeks wide! His fat tongue tried to push past her tight sphincter, tickling her in all the right places!

“Oh, doggie, lick me, lick my hole!” His tongue pushed passed her tight ring. It felt like a live, wet snake trying to crawl up her bowels. She felt a mini orgasm beginning in her toes. Jane was amazed at the licking skills of the dog. “Lick me, Lick me! Oh, what a licker you are, doggie!” she cried. Then realization hit her, “Licker!” she cried, “Your new name is Licker!”

The newly named “Licker” began to savor her pussy again, swallowing all the juices that ran out of her cunt while he was occupied with her tasty ass-hole. He was a fast learner! Licking her ass made her pussy get wetter! He plunged his tongue deep into her hole again, licking deep, left and right, up and down, then out again, up her gash to her clit, then driving his snout into her swollen bump again, pushing his tongue deeply up into her insides.

“Oh, oh, oh, I’m cumming, Licker, I’m cumming!” Jane reached up and pinched her nipples hard! She felt a ‘mini’ orgasm begin to quake inside of her. Then, her orgasm exploded! Jane saw stars and her legs began to quiver. Again, Licker attacked her ass hole, then her clit and fuck-hole with his long, hot tongue! “Ahhhhhh!” she cried, cumming over and over again! The dog attacked her clit once again, and Jane‘s body twitched once, twice, and then went limp.

Jane tried to keep her legs spread for her new friend, but it was too much for her. She clamped her legs together tightly. The dog looked at her, sad that he couldn’t get any more of her delicious cream.

“Oh, doggie, doggie, doggie! Oh Licker! What a good boy you are!” She petted the excited dog as he danced around her legs. Jane looked down and saw the dog’s penis extending from its sheath. Long and red, not like her father’s cock at all! Tired as she was, she was so curious, she had to inspect this interesting new development!

“Come here Licker and let me see your dick!” Jane squatted down on the path to get a better look.

“Hold still, Licker!” she cried, as the dog danced around her, licking her face, her neck, and shoving his nose down her neckline. She finally got him to calm down by petting him gently and saying his name. “Nice Licker, good boy!” She reached down and scratched his belly, then slid her hand along his hairy belly until her hand gently gripped his long, red shaft. “Oh, It’s nice, Licker! So hot!” Jane gently played with his cock until it became engorged. It was huge! Reddish-purple, gnarly, and long and thick. She gently cupped his balls, making the dog jump. She was puzzled by the large lump at the base of his huge, swollen cock.

“Well, Licker, you were so nice to me, what can I do for you?” Jane began to stroke his shaft again. “I’ve never played with a doggy-dick before,” she said aloud, and then added, “This is fun!” She felt his pre-cum spurting on to her hand, making it slick. She began to stroke his cock in earnest. The dog whined, loving the feeling the musky-smelling female was giving him. “I wonder if he will let me suck his cock too?” she thought.

Suddenly, Jane heard something else coming down the path! She quickly stood up and sat down upon the bench. Poor Licker didn’t know what to think! He tried to push his nose back into Jane’s pussy, but she held her legs tight. She noticed the doggy juice on her fingers and licked it off. “This tastes different, odd, but I like it!” she decided, then spreading and smoothing her wrinkled dress down upon her thighs.

A male jogger came around the corner and noticed the cute young girl sitting on the bench up ahead of him with her dog. Getting closer, he saw her braless nipples poking thru her dress and her shapely legs extending from her short skirt. A quick glance at the dog revealed the pooch’s red dick, poking out from under him, as he sat in front of his owner. “Very interesting,” he thought. The jogger quickly decided he needed to stop a moment to rest.

“Why hello, little girl, what is your name?” he said, sitting down next to her on the bench, rubbing the sweat from his eyes, and enjoying the vision of the young beauty before him and the cool shade of the looming trees.

“Jane.” Jane said politely, smiling brightly at the nice man.

“Why hello, Jane,” he said. “What’s your dog’s name? He sure looks happy!” The man glanced down at the dog’s softening prick and eager expression. He wondered if he had caught the girl in a compromising situation.

“His name is ‘Licker’,” Jane told him.

“Liquor?” he asked, “What kind of ‘Liquor’? Whiskey, scotch…?”

“Pussy,” Jane replied simply.

“Pussy…?” he asked confusedly. “Pussy Liquor…?” His cock pulsed, realizing what she was saying.

“Yeah, he’s a great pussy licker. Want to see?” Without waiting for an answer, Jane lifted her dress to expose her bald cunt. She scooted her twat forward and said to the dog. “Lick it, Licker!”

The dog immediately shoved his snout once again into Jane’s fragrant cunt, licking her happily.

The man stared at the vision before him. He considered that perhaps he was dreaming, or maybe losing his mind. The sunlight shone thru the leaves of the trees, the smell of earth and decaying leaves were evident, and his eyes beheld the vision of a young girl, a mere foot away from him, with her dress pulled up and her naked twat being eaten out by a horny, excited dog.

“Slurp, slurp, slurp…” Licker’s tongue searched deep into Jane’s hot, cunt. He sniffed and slurped licking her deeply.

“Ah…, you let him…I mean…, you like him doing that to you?” the stranger asked. It was a stupid question. The blissful expression on her face was evidence that she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

“Oh yeah, I love to have my pussy licked,” she said to the nice man, looking up at him happily. “I like it almost as much as fucking and sucking cock!” Jane smiled at the man and then looked down at Licker’s long tongue sliding into her twat. She spread her legs wider and lifted her cunt to allow Licker better access to it. She acted as if she was not even aware of the man’s growing bulge in his jogging shorts. She didn’t want to act too sexually overt, forward, or anything. Her mother didn't like it.

“Ah…, you like to suck…?” he stammered. “Co…, co…, co…, cocks…, penises?” he blurted out.

“Yeah, I like to suck co…, co…, co…, cocks…, and penises.” She paused, thinking this was a new word for a man’s dick that she had not heard before. “Do you want me to suck your co…, co…, co…, cock?” Jane asked. She looked him in the eyes and licked her lips excitedly, her eyebrows cocked, waiting for his answer.

“Su…, su.., su…, sure!” he exclaimed.

Jane decided the man had a stutter, and was a little sad that she hadn’t learned a new word for a man’s penis.

Jane quickly sat up, much to Licker’s disappointment. She dropped to her knees before the nice, confused man. “Stand up!” she ordered.

The man stood, and Jane quickly ripped down his shorts and jock-strap. His swollen cock and balls were suddenly exposed to the world. She could smell his dampness and sweat. She grasped his cock with her delicate fingers and aimed his member towards her mouth. Jane sucked him deeply into her warm, wet mouth and worked her magic on the stranger’s shaft. She sucked him firmly, pulling blood up into his fat cock head, stiffing him instantly. She tickled his sweaty balls with her hand and felt him come to complete hardness in her mouth. She expertly ran her tongue around his hard cock-head, searching out the hidden areas behind his glands. She lifted his hard cock out of the way, then licked, and gently sucked his sweaty ball sack.

“Oh, sweetie!” he said. He was so aroused and unable to vocalize the exquisite feelings the young girl was giving him. “Oh, baby…, oh honey!” Then, Jane throated his long shaft, licking his balls with her tongue. “SON-OF-A-BITCH!” he exclaimed. He had never had a blow-job like this. Not from former girl friends and certainly not from his near-frigid wife.

Licker smelled the sexual odors emanating from the two humans. The smell inflamed his unquenched desire. He walked behind Jane, sniffing at her exposed cunt, searching for the source of his potential relief. He lifted her skirt with his snout to get access to her hot, sexy musk pit! He sniffed her pussy and plunged his fat tongue deep into her, again and again. “That’s it! Lick it, Liker!” Jane encouraged, wiggling her ass. “Good boy!”

A few more licks and then Licker’s instincts took over. He climbed onto Jane’s back, wrapping his front legs tightly around her waist and he began to hump her ass, trying to find the sweet-smelling, tight hole he knew was there. In his solitary roaming, he had fucked a few bitches before. He knew the smell of arousal, and he had immediately recognized the submissive position his newest bitch was presenting to him!

“Oh, doggie, what are you doing?” Jane moaned. She knew exactly what he was doing; he was going to fuck her, but she felt she needed an excuse to pull her mouth from the stranger’s hard cock, to allow her to fully enjoy this new experience. She felt Licker’s cock poking her repeatedly high on her left ass-cheek, so she moved her hot, exposed cunt higher, and to the left, to accommodate him. With her expert guidance, his cock banged against her cunt lips once, then, on the next stroke, his fat cock penetrated her pussy! They both paused, feeling the connection between them, and then Licker thrust deeply and began to pound her cunt like only a dog could do; fast and deep, seeking to impregnate his bitch!

“Oh! He’s fucking me!” Jane exclaimed. Now that the dog’s cock was securely positioned within her tight snatch, she returned to sucking the cock before her. She had to release his shaft and nut sack from her hands in order to brace herself against the onslaught coming from behind. She struggled to keep both cocks in her holes, but managed to maneuver both of her lovers with her cunt muscles and experienced throat, until they were all in sexually harmony. She sucked the hard cock, in and out. Licker fucked her tight fuck-hole, in and out…

“Maybe you should call him ‘Fucker’?” the man suggested, watching in amazement as the dog frantically fucked the horny little girl. Jane thoughtfully considered his suggestion.

Licker’s cock swelled some more and Jane felt his knot sliding into her. It was not yet fully swollen. It felt fantastic as it pounded into her, the knot growing and stretching her fuck-hole, in and out, in and out.

Having never fucked a dog before, she relished the new sensations. “Licker’s cock is thicker at the bottom!” she remembered. His knot expanded even more and her cunt lips were forced apart as the swelling shaft and knot drove into her, and then back out again. If it got any bigger, she didn’t think her tiny hole could take it! Licker finally drove his fattening knot as deep as he could into Jane and then tightened his grip around her waist, tearing into her dress with his claws, keeping the two of them pressed tightly together. Once he was deeply inside her tight fuck-hole, his knot swelled even more!

“Mmmph!” Jane moaned, her mouth full of thick cock, her pussy full of fat dog dick. Licker drove his shaft deeper and deeper into her, his back legs scrabbling against the earth. He was not able to withdraw any longer; his fat knot wouldn’t allow it. They were tied. He could only go forward, driving his cock deeper into his bitch’s womb. His pointed cock banged against her cervix a few times before he yelped suddenly. He began to shoot his doggie sperm into her, filling her small cunt full of potent dog seed panting happily into her ear as he continued to hump his slutty, wanton bitch.

“Oh, he’s cumming! Licker is shooting his doggie-cum into me!” Jane exclaimed. She felt the hot, spurting cum blast into her. It was so hot! It was much hotter sperm than her daddy and brothers! There was so much of it! It felt like it was filling her up with dog-cum! Squirt after forceful squirt of hot, doggie fuck-juice released into her. She kept waiting for it to stop shooting into her, but it didn’t.

The jogger had reached his sexual limit. He watched Jane sucking his cock, driving his shaft into her throat. He watched the dog fucking her from his vantage point above, seeing the dogs hunched legs, raised tail and curled back, driving into the girl under him. He saw the obscene spittle drip from the dog’s tongue as he fucked his bitch and drooled on her neck. The man came as Jane slurped his cock.

The jogger shot two huge blasts of thick sperm into Jane’s waiting mouth. Then, as her lips loosened from the impact, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and jizzed the rest upon her face, pulling back and jacking his last four blasts upon the innocent, yet perverted girl he had found in the woods. He felt as if he was painting a portrait, using her for a canvas, in the surreal, but beautiful, landscape that surrounded them.

The first shot hit her eye, the next her cheek, the last two on her lips and in and around her opened, yearning-for-sperm mouth.

Licker continued to pump his potent doggie sperm into Jane’s womb. She felt the copious amount of cum filling her up, and she felt the dog’s fat, swollen knot keeping all of the thin, hot cum from escaping.

Her pussy was so full! The dog’s cock continued to slam into her, stretching her, hitting places deep within her that she had never had touched before. She came, feeling the stranger’s cum dripping on her face and the dog’s cum filling up her. The dog’s knot was fully expanded inside of her, locked into place.

Jane’s little pussy quivered as the orgasm hit her. Her cunt massaged the swollen dog shaft at the same time she tasted the sweet cum on her lips. The waves of intense feelings washed over her as she came and came again, her pussy constricting the fat dog cock and locking the dog's knot tight within her. Jane rode the orgasm over and over, wave after wave, until she passed out from the intense feelings emanating from her groin, her body convulsing until the blood left her brain to engorge her female organs, and then she fell limp and slept.

She became conscious a few minutes later, ass up and face down. She felt the fat knot still filling her cunt and the empty feeling in her mouth, cum still dripping and cooling on her face. She looked up to find that the stranger had deserted her. Her doggie lover, Licker, was still tied to her, ass to ass, in the cool shadows of the woods. She loved the feeling of having her pussy stuffed full of dog cock! She reached her hand down to her cunt, feeling their connection. She played her fingers and palm over the swelling of her groin, where she knew the knot to be. She rubbed her clit wanting to cum again. Jane felt Licker trying to pull away from her and clamped her pussy tight against his tugs, trapping his cock and keeping it from escaping.

“I guess that man wasn’t ‘special’, Licker,” she said, feeling vulnerable while she rubbed her pussy, remembering her parent’s words to her. A special man wouldn’t have left her alone, tied to a dog in the woods while she was rendered unconscious from her orgasm.
She licked his cum from her face and commented, “He wasn’t special, but you sure are!” She loved Licker and the way her little pussy felt so stretched with his fat cock. She really, really liked his cock, and couldn’t wait to play with it again! She held his knot inside of her for a long while, until she had cum again from her finger manipulations.

After a bit, Licker’s cock finally softened enough to separate from her without much pain. Jane loosened her cunt muscles, and his long, thick cock slid out of her cunt, knot first. “Ahhh!” Jane cried, as the thick ball slid out from her. A huge gush of dog cum and pussy juice spurted from her fuck-hole, soaking the ground below her, in one long, continuous stream. The slime continued to drip and ooze from her snatch as she clenched her loosened cunt muscles repeatedly.

Licker turned and immediately began to care for Jane’s sore pussy, licking her clean. Still on all fours, she pushed her pussy out towards him, giving him full access to her gaping cunt. Licker cleaned her up, and then sat down to clean his slimy, red shaft.

Jane stood up, wiping the dirt from her knees and said, “Let’s go home, Licker. I’ll ask daddy and mommy if I can keep you!” She had to have this dog for her own! She WOULD have this dog for her own! “I bet Tracy would like him too,” she thought, “and Momma!” If momma knew what a good pet Licker was, her daddy couldn’t say ‘no.’

“Come on, Licker!” She walked home from the park with Licker behind her the entire way. His nose up her skirt, trailing her, smelling her scent, and stealing licks from her pussy and ass. She led him along, all the way home, teasing him with her musky goodies. Finally, she reached her house. She gave her naked ass a final wiggle, bending over and pushing her crack right into his face. She let him sniff her hot pussy a moment, felt him lick her gash, and then led him up the walkway to her front door.

She opened the door, leading Licker inside, and yelled, “I’m home!” She shut the door behind them, and cried out, “Mom! Dad! Look what followed me home, can we keep him?”

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“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow

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Wish I knew someone like Jane growing up.

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Wow! That was a nice story! Are you considering adding more to it?

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Thanks for the 'whoo'!

Yes, I'm working on another chapter, and have a 'Christmas Special' in mind as well. Thank you, and everyone, for your encouraging comments.


“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow

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 :emot_penis: Good stuff :emot_penis:

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awesome.. can't wait to hear if she can keep licker.