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Author Topic: Shota Impregnator [bF,F,F,F,... shotacon, incest, M/s, happy, slow]  (Read 15860 times)
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[Hey, Clitical Thinking. Thanks for the comment. I hope you enjoy the continuing adventures... Smiley ]



"Aw, he looks so innocent. Wonder if Glen-" The yawn that interrupted her sounded like a moan I had heard from other women. My dream maker, before I fully woke, presented a last immersion - of Momma playing with herself while I sucked her breast. It faded upon her next utterance.

"Where's your watch?" Her top arm reached beyond me.

"Momma?" I woke, shaking off the arousing dream. My peter was as hard as it had been before sleeping. My eyes opened and blinked from sunlight leaking around the curtains.

Her hand tried to reach the floor, to see if I kept my watch there. Finding nothing She pulled back and felt around the cushions briefly, only to find one of my hands, a knee, and the hard penis poking through my pajamas. "Momma!" I said louder.

"Morning, Billy. I'm trying to find the time." The closest clock was on the stove in the kitchen.

"It's here." I reached up to the corner of the first cushion where it wrapped around the front of the armrest. I kept my watch under the protruding piece of cushion, in case of burglers. Pulling it out, woke it. My eyes were still adjusting to light. I couldn't quite make out the numbers.

"Seven forty five, I thought it might be late." She lifted the covers and tossed them at our feet. "Some of you is more awake than the rest." Amusement lilted her voice. By this time, Daddy had already fixed his own breakfast, took the lunch she had made him, and was on a bus to downtown.

"Moom." Embarrassment voiced itself.

"Should I get the coconut oil for you?" She teased.

"No." I grumbled. "It'll go down when I pee." I got to my feet and tottered to the bathroom, rubbing my eyes. Looking back, mother's naked figure called to me. She was more beautiful in ambient sunlight than under light bulbs. After our talk last night, the idea of her helping me to cum, though compelling, would probably be awkward again, like it had been in the beginning.

"I need the bathroom too. Shower and dress when I'm done."

"Yes, Momma."

After juggling our morning needs, she was wearing her pajamas. It was cool enough for them. "You only have time for cereal." She pushed a bowl of whole grain flakes topped with banana slices, to me. I sat clean and dressed. I poured milk and began eating.

"I'm sorry your dad and I can't discuss what Mrs. Abbey talked about. We need time to sort through it. But we will, and then it will pass, and the family will talk as freely as ever. I was serious, last night, when I said you're not in trouble."

"Okay." But her reminder made me feel even less proud of what I had done to Mrs. Abbey and her daughter. I ended the meal on a bright note though. "I hope someone asks today, to hire you."

"Thank you, Billy." Momma's voice quieted. "Me too."

 I looked forward to the distraction of school as I headed out the door and down the streets. I made myself think about Mrs. Lum, and how I was going to surprise her tonight and rape her in her own home. My penis liked those thoughts a lot. Then I had to stop thinking about raping her, because those thoughts made me want to cum, which I needed to save for her.

I got very adult and told myself to be careful with Mrs. Lum tonight. I had been selfish too much lately. I would give her a nice rape, then spend loving time with her, like Ms. Hennifer did with me after correction.

That got me thinking. How else could I be more adult? Full adults, like Daddy, had jobs. They worked and got paid for it. When Mrs. and Mr. Colkick decided to pay me for working with Momma, I thought that was a good start. Momma had been hesitant at first. Were they just humoring her? She had sounded more upbeat about it that evening. What other work could a middle schooler do? I promised myself to look up possibilities on the internet.

My deep thoughts cleared, and suddenly I was at school, reluctantly putting my watch in my locker. I grabbed my workbooks and headed to History.

"Today we're going to talk about the founding mothers and fathers..." Mr. Glouvert announced and split the class into two groups. "Using what you learned from the videos - that you all watched over the weekend -" His eyes scanned the room with suspicion. "One side will compile a list of ten things that colonial women did to help the revolution. The other side will list 10 things that men did."

He lectured the point of the exercise at the end of class. "Without the efforts of both groups, the American revolution would have failed. Oh, and I've said it before, without the French, the British would have stomped us. I like to call them the founding grandparents."

I was tired of lectures before I came to school. I welcomed the unemotional, pure logic of Science and Math. I didn't get a single erection when Ms. Hennifer checked my work, but upon entering the Science room, my class before Math, I got an epiphany boner. Mr. Yong, the teacher, was he the man Mrs. Shahidi was going to invite to Wenda's coffee shop on Wednesday? Crazy.

They left me ready for a peaceful lunch. After getting my sack lunch out of my locker, I went outside to enjoy my thoughts alone. If James had found and joined me, it would have been okay. He's pretty quiet.

"Little dude, whatever did you say to Trish, on Friday?"

"Huh?" I looked up from my sandwich.

Wendel and Al flanked me on both side of the picnic table.

"Yeah, after you left them alone, Trish was totally talking to Steve-" Al began.

"Halfway through her meal she got up with her tray and threw what she hadn't eaten into the garbage."

"She was pissed!"

"I dunno." I tried to remember. They waited. "Uh, I said something about playing video games with Steve. It was nothing."

"That all?"

"Steve's been avoiding us all weekend. We thought you might know something."

Something wrong occurred to me. "I thought you guys had left the cafeteria."


"We doubled back. Who would miss an epic throwdown between you and Steve?"

"I didn't stick around. Steve is an ass." I countered.

"Maybe to you." Al snickered. They briefly scanned the area around us, probably for anyone they liked who might have seen them talking to a freshman.

"Later, little dude." Wendel tugged Al's arm in the direction of the cafeteria. They left that way.

I ate slower and thought of strong willed Trish getting angry at Steve. Food tastes better when you're smiling.

Steve didn't trouble my thoughts further until after English. In which, Ms. Laghari started acting funny again. She aided me, when I raised my hand for help with a sentence I wrote that didn't sound right. She sounded a little nervous. "You're mixing tenses, past with future- I'm sorry, I mean past with present." She pointed out the mistake and hurried away. She gave the impression of not wanting to be around me for long.

Annoyed, I exited her class wondering what bug had crawled up her dress. I reached my locker trying to shake off undeserved guilt.

"Billy, we need to talk." Steve surprised me. He must have ditched class to be waiting at my locker.

"About what? You told me to fuck off."

A sort of fit took him. His face trembled. Gods, was he about to cry? "Yeah ... I-I shouldn't have." He turned his face away from me. "Are you gonna talk outside or not."

I first thought he might be trying to trick me, maybe a sucker-punch for what happened with Trish. My second thought was, fuck him. I had resolved not to be afraid of him. "This way." I headed to the front of school. He followed. It was the most public space outside, but you could talk privately if you stood at the edge of the wide steps.

Steve didn't look angry or sneaky. He looked kinda pathetic. "You tried to make things cool with me on Friday. I was a jerk."

I was tempted to say, tell me something I don't know. He probably guessed from my expression.

"What I want to say is, maybe Mom's right. You keep it together when shit comes down, like you did on Friday when I shit on you. Guys like Wendel and Al are fun, but they're like me. We puff up and act important. It's stupid, but I can't help it. I can't even talk to a girl without pissing her off." His face turned red from trying to keep his eyes dry. He must like Trish a whole lot to apologize to me.

I resolved not to be fooled. He seemed earnest, but he'd never shown he could be trusted. I didn't want to be a jerk. "You're dealing with tougher stuff that what you did to me."

"You mean, tougher shit." Steve angered. "Taking my dad was shit." Was he blaming me? He paused. "Sorry. He had problems. Don't everyone? But Pop was okay to me, plenty times. He didn't deserve being arrested."

My doubts drenched his words upon hearing them.

"You, I saw it. You put Trish at ease, the moment she walked up to the table, after taking shit from me. You've got a way about you. Mom thinks so too. That's why she wants you to join us and the cop lady."

"I dunno." I said without a specific thing in mind.

"Hell, you even got that doe eyed freshman girl following you around."


"You don't know?" Steve actually brightened, having something on his nemesis.

I looked around the grand steps to the school entrance.

"Not now, but at lunch. The guys said she almost sat at your table once."

Now I doubted him even more.

"Heh, don't believe me. You'll find out. She's terrible at stalking."

The fact that we were actually having a decent conversation for once wasn't lost on me. Steve saw his chance.

"So, if you don't hate the idea, Mom and I want you to come home with us and talk with the cop lady, tomorrow. I promise I won't rag on you." He looked pained. "I'll still cream your ass at video games." His attempt at levity didn't ease the strain on his features.

"Uh, I can't promise, Steve. Truth? I don't know. I 'preciate you saying that and asking again. Can I tell you tomorrow morning?"

More pain seeped into his face. It made me think of a term I'd heard once, sad sack. "You gotta do what you gotta do." He sighed. "Yeah, tell me tomorrow."

That said, he shuffled back to the school. I looked around again, for the mystery girl.

Yipe! I had to get to P.E. I barely made it! Throughout her class, Mrs. Lum kept using the word, persevere, and gave us exercises meant to exhaust us. I only caught her looking at me once when it didn't seem appropriate. Her eyes darted away.

I almost fell asleep in Music and Art. "Put more life into the tune, everyone." Darrin said, but he was looking at me.

I found a text waiting for me, on my watch in the locker. "Come home, right away."

I was out the door and running with my backpack in my hands.

"Uh, hi, Billy." I passed a soft voice. No time to look!

I made it to the first stoplight before stopping, breath rushing in and out like a steam train. The light changed in my favor three times before I caught my breath and donned my backpack. All those exercises in P.E.! I half jogged, half scurried the rest of the way home.

"What's going on, Mom?" Saying, momma, would have taken too long.

She put down a letter she was reading, and got out of her counter chair. Her face was grave. "You look pale."

Who wouldn't after 'persevering' all the way home. "It's okay. I ran, Momma."

"Come sit." She walked to the couch, a little unsteady I thought. She hadn't run several blocks. Something worse?

She patted the cushion beside her, but the hug I was use to didn't happen. She swallowed before speaking. "You're father and I weren't going to talk about this for a few more days, but today has been one bizarre moment after another. I'm not even sure how to begin."

"Is it bad? I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt them!" I blurted trying to take whatever was troubling her onto myself.

"Billy, who did you hurt?" Instantly, Momma pushed her troubles to the back of the train.

"Mrs. Abbey and Shannon, yesterday." I confessed.

"I don't understand. Charlotte said the three of you had a marvelous time."

She had? I froze. I had left myself wide open to all sorts of interrogation and retribution.

"We can sort that out later, Billy. I'm talking about the house."


"Don't pretend with me. Charlotte said she hadn't told you, but you must have guessed. My intuition tells me that the two of you have been, um, close. She didn't hint that she wanted us to buy the house?"

"That's impossible." I gushed barely audible. It was so expensive! My eyes dried from being wide open too long.

"The offer she made is incredible." Momma agreed. "Your father and I thought you had something to do with it."

Had I? It had been a game. I told them I had been pretending. I told Mrs. Abbey, I let go of her promise. Chaos filled my head. I must have looked bewildered.

"It seems," Momma began cautiously, "We've been unfair to you." She took me in her arms and rocked me. "My poor dear. I'm so sorry."

"I don't understand. We can't buy a house." I said.

"By the thinnest margin, and with a lot of luck, your father and I think we have a chance." She stilled our motion. "Since you left this morning, I've been on the internet and phoning-" Momma stopped.

Her grave voice returned. "The Colkicks told me I got job request this week."

"Wow, Momma. That's gotta help. You'll get lots of jobs when new customers talk about you."

"It was from Mr. Gorgev." Momma released me and put hands in her lap. Her head drooped at them. "He requested the same meal. His exact words were, 'The same everything, this Thursday night.'"

"NO!" I shouted. The same everything! I hated him. It hurt so bad, to be reminded. Now he wanted to do it again!

"I knew you would say that. I didn't give my answer to the Colkicks. I said that was up to you. They wanted to know why. I told them to talk with you. They don't know what happened. I only ever told them about Mr. Kampold. I didn't lie, I just refrained from mentioning it. You can tell them everything if you want. It'll be okay. They won't fire me or anything."

"I'll tell'm, Momma. Gimme your phone."

She took it out of her pocket but held it close. "The Colkicks are going to help us buy the house, a complication that is very difficult to explain." Momma wanted to, before I made the call.

My heart warned, I might be rushing into something again without enough caution. For some reason I thought of Steve, straining against his instincts and upbringing. My momma and daddy were wonderful compared to his. Although, his mom was nice. Despite the insight, my anger was difficult to shake. "Tell me, Momma." I must have sounded harsh. She flinched.

"Our biggest impediment to buying a house is the lease we signed. We agreed to pay rent here for a year. Your father thinks we can negotiate an early exit. I'm sure he's right, but I don't like going back on my word, especially to someone as good as Mrs. McDougal. This place may be smaller than our previous apartment, but I've never felt so unburdened, living here. The very air of the place is alive with possibilities." She turned her head to me. Her face glowed, eyes meeting mine.

"We don't have to move." I wanted to lift this burden from her. Her expression made me feel so proud.

"It's the opportunity of a lifetime, Billy. Even if I worked most nights a week, we couldn't afford today's value of that house."

I felt bad again. Mrs. Abbey must really want Momma and Daddy to buy it. She'd said she had two verbal offers yesterday. I imagined, at the asking price or higher. I don't think she pretended those. How could I be ungrateful to someone as special as her? Confusion returned, thrashing all of my thoughts, but it only dented my anger. "What does this have to do with Mr. Gorgev?"

Mom looked grave again. "That, the Colkicks can explain better. Just remember, they won't know what happened unless you tell them." She dialed their number and passed her phone to me.

"Hey, Faun!" Mr. Colkick answered.

"Hi, Mr. Colkick." I said, stunned.

"I apologize. This is Billy, right? How are you?"

"I'm okay." My brains remained scrambled.

"That's terrific news about the house. You must be really excited."

"Can I call you back?" I heard myself ask.

"Uh- hmm, I guess. You called me. Too excited to speak, huh?"

"I'm sorry. I'll call real soon." I hung up. The only thing I had communicated was my confusion. I had nearly blown up at Mr. Colkick. I needed to get a handle on my emotions. My mind was falling, flailing at a storm of feelings for a grip of something solid and good. I had lost all sense of control. If I didn't make ground to stand on, I feared an abyss would take me.

"I can't imagine what you're going through." Momma put her hands on my lap. "This is all my fault."
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"Momma, I don't like punishing you!" Now wasn't the time, and I was in no condition to prevent going overboard and hurting her. I punched up Mrs. Abbey's phone number on my watch.

"Take a deep breath, Billy. You need to stop yourself for five minutes, and not think about anything." Mother urged.

A madness took me. "I have to talk with Mrs. Abbey!" I tapped the phone number into her phone, hitting the wrong number! I beat the phone with my finger, harder, twice again the wrong number! My neck grew hot. "I need to task her about-" I stammered. "I mean, force her to TALK-" I gurgled, "TO TELL ME WHY she did this ... to me!" I blurted! My frustration and anger and confusion fused into an atomic bomb blast. I got it right, finally.

Just as I pressed the CALL button, mother yelled, "Billy!" She snatched her phone and threw it across the room! It stuck a wall, denting the plasterboard with gut wrenching crackles. "Calm down!" She yelled. Her arms hurtled around me and locked tight, tighter than I ever felt before. She stood, lifting me, arching her back to carry my weight. Momma was incredibly strong, holding me up crushing my chest against. "I'm sorry, Billy." She sobbed as her ams forced air out of my lungs!

"No, Momma!" I said with my last breath. I kicked her, hard!

Her body flinched, but she persevered with her asphyxiating hug. She was counting, ", eight, nine, ten, eleven,..."

I couldn't breath! My legs continued to flail , kicking her shins. I had a shin kicked while dancing Capoeira. It hurts! She continued sobbing and crushing me, until my body convulsed from panic. "Thirty."

Just as blackness crept out the corners of my vision, Momma dropped me to the couch. She collapsed on the floor, panting and holding her shins. "I'm so sorry! I've never seen you like that!" She sobbed.

I lay gasping, eyes wide, feeling as if I had been punched in the solar plexus. Stars danced as darkness fled. I was coming to. Everything was still in the room, my mind included.

"...could not answer in person. Please, leave your name, number, and reason for calling. I will return your call faster than you can recite all the state capitals." Mrs. Abbey's voice was jovial, if incredibly faint. Had the phone landed face down, the carpet would have muted it. "BEEEP!"

My lungs continued to heave. I managed to gasp, "You broke your phone."

"Don't think about anything, Billy. Too many things are hurting you. I should have guessed how hard they would hit you. Rest in that stillness place we talked about, please, just for three minutes."

It was over a year ago, that Momma had spent time with me playing the "weird thoughts" game. I was suppose to put boring thoughts out of my mind. Only she tricked me. Every thought is boring if you think about it for very long. After a week of trying, after she gave 'helping' hugs and kisses, I realized the state she wanted me to experience. We kept practicing. As my mind emptied boring thoughts, weird thoughts replaced them. When they got boring, I would cast them away. She stopped helping me when I could still my mind for ten minutes. Momma could do it for half an hour. She said Daddy could do it twice as long as her. I didn't like it very much, but I loved her hugs and kisses. Sometimes I did it before going to sleep, after a stressful day at school. I hadn't even thought about it since we moved.

Lying there, stars swirling, it wasn't hard to empty my thoughts. She had squeezed the rage out of me. Now she was breathing as hard as I was. I closed my eyes and tried.

"Billy." Mrs. Abbey coaxed.

"Billy." Mrs. Cherkle coaxed.

"Billy. Billy. Billy. ..." Voices of women I'd enjoyed called my name. I shook my head and sat up.

Mother had moved to the far end of the couch. "Billy?" The corners of her eyes and the top of her cheeks were red.

"Momma." I didn't know what to say.

"I got a letter today, from a Mrs. Guthrie. Do you remember meeting her on the train? I think you'd like to read it." She pointed at the kitchen counter. Her other hand held her phone, it's screen fractured like a spider web.

My breath slow and head clear, I got up. A moment of dizziness passed quickly. I ambled to the kitchen and turned the letter to face me.

"Dear Ms. Androni,

"I hope this letter finds you and your son, Billy, well and happy. I have had very happy news recently. I will no longer be an empty nester.

"The new is so wonderful, my new family is moving out of dreary downtown and into an affordable, residential neighborhood, before the prices go even higher. We already have eyes on a few, pleasant areas that might have spaces to rent. I would very much like to meet you and Billy, when I explore your neighborhood. If I remember correctly you reside in a recently renovated district. I would love to hear your stories about living there.

"Please contact me at the number below, and give hearty thanks to Billy. He made me realize I'm not as old as I've been telling myself. Because of him, a very special Dennis gave my life fresh meaning one night.

"your friend,
"Ellen Guthrie

Mrs. Guthrie's phone number was neatly handwritten at the end.

"Wow, Momma!" I exhaled. I secretly hoped my "one-night-Mommy's" mention of Dennis circumspectly revealed that I had made a baby in her. That would be wonderful! I added her phone number and name to my watch's contact list.

"I know. She sounds so alive but slightly mysterious. If you ask me, Mrs. Guthrie and this Dennis she met are looking for a place to move in together. I dare say, they might not marry." Mother chuckled.

Difficult thoughts can be paused for a little while. The amazing news from Mrs. Guthrie softened the impact when Mr. Gorgev's face crawled back from the pit I wished would swallow him forever. I took a deep breath.

"Momma, what happend with Mr. Gorgev was never your fault. It's all his fault. If I punished you again, that wouldn't help. I need to punish him. He chose to ruin your dress and hurt you and Daddy."

Mother stiffened. "I never asked to be punished, Billy. I accepted what you made me do, because I believed it would help you. I think it did, for a short while. Nor am I entirely blameless. I could have tried harder, to resist his will. It certainly won't happen ever again." Momma looked at the busted but somewhat operational cell phone. "No, Billy, instead punishment, let me help to make things right again. I want to earn my own forgiveness for my mistake. I'll do whatever you think is right, as long as you have your wits about you." Her voice remained resolute when she added, "Even if it's something unwise."

The spark of a plan kindled inside me. "I'm going call the Colkicks, Momma."

"You said you would soon." Surprisingly, her phone still showed the time when shook.

I reached for the wall phone. Mrs. Abbey's number was still on my watch. I would call her next. I shouldn't make Mr. Colkick wait.

"Hello! Meals on Heels and the Colkick residence." Ms. Colkick answered this time.

"Hi, Ms. Colkick. This is Billy."

"Billy! Harold said you had called but sounded stressed. I hope I can ease any worry you have over our offer to pay the mortgage on your new home."

Huh? Mother had said something about them helping, but the whole mortgage! That didn't make sense. Momma had also said working for them wouldn't be enough for the house's true value and that was with Daddy's income.

"How can you pay for the entire house? You can't work Momma that hard."

"We would never do that! Did she not explain?"

"Uh," I felt dumb then. I had called them. I could beg off and call Mrs. Abbey, but I might feel even dumber if I didn't know everything about the deal. "I got too excited. I didn't let her."

"It's probably best that I tell you then. If you get a different idea about the arrangement, than your mother, we can talk it out together." Ms. Colkick assured. "It's not simple, but the basic thing is, while your parents continue their apartment lease, Meals on Heels will make the mortgage payments, and use the house. We may rent out rooms or hold parties there, possibly as a way to grow our business. It's more efficient if your mother works nearer to her home, and at the same time we get to write the payments off as a business deduction." She paused. "Sorry, that was probably too much."

"No, Daddy calls me his little deduction. It lowers taxes. But I'm not that little anymore." I pouted into the phone. Daddy hadn't called me that in a while, though. I forgave him.

"The rest is pretty easy. When your apartment lease is over, your family moves into the house and takes over the payments."

So, they weren't going to buy the house for Momma and Daddy. They weren't just going to help. They would use the place for their own purposes, and we still had a year to live at Lady of the Lake. That sounded too good, but I thought of a catch. "How much does Momma have to work?"

"We asked her to work at least once a week. Additional jobs in the week will be paid to her according to our original contract." Her voice lightened. "Don't worry, Harold and I will still pay you for every job that you help your mother with. We decided on sixty dollars a night. How does that sound?"

I would have to mow a lot of lawns to earn that much in a week! I used to mow a couple lawns, irregularly, where we used to live. The new neighborhood didn't have many yards with big lawns. I still had to look on the internet for real jobs, I reminded myself. "Whoa, that's great, Ms. Colkick!"

Suddenly, a terrible catch in her offer remembered me. "You want Momma to work this week."

"Mrs. Abbey couldn't keep the window of her offer open any longer. Frankly, we're shocked at her asking price." Her voice changed from serious to extra serious. "Billy, if I find out that you had anything to do with this, I'm going to do something incredibly special for you. Harold won't know what hit him." She abruptly snickered.

"Ms. Colkick," I found strength to ask, "I know Momma said you had to talk to me about accepting Mr. Gorgev's request. Can I think about it a little longer?"

"I have to give him an answer tonight, but I don't mind accepting and then refunding his payment if you tell me before tomorrow night. Can we discuss why this might be a problem?"

"The problem is me, Ms. Colkick. I'm still unhappy about what happened, last time."

"Did something happen that we don't know about?" Concern filled her voice.

"Nothing that should bother you. I gotta go." I didn't lie. It wasn't her business, what happend. Well, I guess it was her business- OH, I think too much sometimes!

"I hope I've made things a little clearer."

"You did, Ms. Colkick, lots. And thanks for the job money! Goodbye."

"Good afternoon, Billy."

I hung up.

Mother walked over to me. Do you understand better now?

"If you don't work for Mr. Gorgev, you might not get the house."

"I don't care about that, Billy." Momma insisted, "I love you, and your father loves you, and that will never change, even if we have to live in a tent. Whatever decision you make, it has to be the best for you. Don't do it for us. We are happy with what we already have." She meant me, and she hugged me and kissed my cheek to prove it.

I enjoyed her warmth and ticklish lips, for a little bit. "I have to call, Mrs. Abbey." I said, internally brooding. There was no way I could decide if Momma and Daddy got the real-state lady's wonderful house, without thinking of how it would affect us all. It kept boiling down to, whether I let Momma work for Mr Gorgev a second time.

"Yes, Sweetheart. I'll see what we have for dinner."

I paged back to her number and pressed it into the keypad. The phone rang, and I got her answering message again. "Hi Mrs. Abbey. This is Billy. Momma's phone broke. Please call me at this number. I left the house one.

After returning the handset to the wall phone, I looked at my hands. They were calm. I had barely been able to tap in Mrs. Abbey's number, earlier. I felt more confident. I had stood up to Steve, and he eventually conceded. Could I stand up to Mr. Gorgev? Is that what a man would do? I wanted to punish him so bad. Mr. Gorgev had told Momma to show Daddy how much more of a man he was.

I only had an inkling of a plan. This new piece seemed to fit. I just needed to figure out a way to turn his words against him. "Momma?"

"Yes?" She rummaged through upper cupboards by standing on a step stool.

"Did you tell Daddy what Mr. Gorgev said, when you showed him your dress?"

"Billy, you had to be listening at our door to know that." She dodged calmly.

I didn't let her divert the discussion. "Did you tell him?"

"I didn't, Billy." She looked at me. "It's not like the man hypnotized me or anything ridiculous like that. I just didn't stand up to him. Clients have a lot of power and privilege. They are your boss for the night. Mr. Gorgev is especially charismatic. If I could have made up for the mistake I made, I already would have."

"If you did tell Daddy, would he be very sad?"

"Yes and no." I'm not lying. Your father is a complex person. He would certainly be saddened and hurt by what Mr. Gorgev said and by my lack of strength. However, he knows about my weaknesses, and he loves me for them, not despite them." Momma wanted to make that clear. "If you want to know more, you'll have to ask him."

"I might have to tell him."

"That is your choice to make. I know I'm repeating myself, but he will never love us any less."

My choice. It was mine. I liked the sound of that. Right then, I decided a different choice. "I changed my mind, about Steve, Momma. Tomorrow after school, I'm going to visit him and see if I can help him about his Dad."

Mother paused her quest for dinner. "That's a sudden change. Are you sure? We'll need to call Mrs. Dinty right away."

"I'm sure."

Momma paused her pause, to think. "Ah, she called the house phone, and I wrote her number on that pad."

I found the pad next to the phone. I had put Mrs. Cherkle's house key on it. My residual anger at Mr. Gorgev reminded me of Mr. Cherkle and his rudeness to Momma. Mr. Gorgev had done something far worse, but I remembered being almost as angry. Mr. Cherkle's wife and I had taught him how to behave better. I picked up the key. "Momma, would you call Mrs. Dinty for me? I'm going to Mrs. Cherkle's. You have to follow me, after talking with Steve's mom."

Momma was wary. "I have to?"

I nodded, was serious. "Yes, Momma."

"Okay." Her lips pressed tight together. She went to the phone.

I left the apartment, troubled from making her unhappy. I counted myself lucky that Mrs. McDougal wasn't squatting in the landing between the first and second floors. Without knocking, I used my key to unlock the Cherkle's apartment door.

"Billy, what's going on?" Mr. Cherkle saw me enter the main room. "You should have knocked, and waited outside." He called louder, "Colleen, you didn't lock the door!"

I didn't answer him. Instead I called out almost as loud, "Mrs. Cherkle?"

"Billy? I'll be right there. Let me wash and dry my hands." She answered. "Godwin, I told you, never concern yourself with Billy again."

"But he walked right in! It could have been a burglar."

"I gave him a key to the apartment. You enjoy your paper, while I see what he wants."

"I hope it's just cookies." Mr. Cherkle's grumbling died down.

She came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on a towel. Her smile lit up the room. Mr. Cherkle peeked from behind his newspaper. She waited, the question already asked.

People still read those things. Huh, I thought about the paper. My mind wanted to think of anything other than what I needed from Mrs. Cherkle. I stared at her belly. "Some more men said rude things to my Momma, Mrs. Cherkle. I want to know how to stop them."

"That's awful. You mother is a wonderful woman." Mrs. Cherkle had more to say, a more difficult thing. "I'm sorry, and maybe you have seen it happen to other women, but there are a lot of men in the world who think they can impose their imagination on women, especially one as attractive as your mother."

"Yeah." I thought of Mr. Stoneburger and Jacqueline and Tara. "How do I make them stop?"

She knelt down to my eye level. "I don't know the answer to that." She asked half seriously, "Why don't we ask an offender?" Her eyes darted at her husband. Paper rustled to hide his face. "You heard us, Godwin. Do men have to go through what we put you through, to understand women have every right to be beautiful and out of reach?"

"How long are you going to harass me about that one time I said something stupid?"

"It was never, one time, Godwin. The walls of these apartments still hold the rumors that ripple from your indelicate propositions."

"It just happens. I don't know I'm saying it, half the time."

"Then how could a young man like Billy prevent the other times?" Bullying her newly meek husband clearly amused Mrs. Cherkle.

The rustling of paper went silent. "Billy, a man stands up for his woman, when another man acts up."

Mrs. Cherkle blinked. She looked impressed. My attention tore into what he said, trying to assimilate it in a way that might be useful. A gentle knock interrupted. She went to the door and opened it. "Faun." She welcomed.

"Billy said he needed me."

"Um, okay. Please come in."

Before she reached me I started walking. "Come here, Momma. Mr. Cherkle is going to apologize." I stopped beside his easy chair. "Please put your paper down."

The shield lowered and folded on the big man's lap. Mother stepped up beside me. Mr. Cherkle looked afraid - of me.

Mrs. Cherkle muttered. "Now why didn't I think of that?"

"Go on." I prompted him.

He looked up at my momma, as if he was a little boy made to do right.

"Billy, this isn't-"

"Shhh, Momma!" I hushed her. "He has to say it, and what for."

The older man's eyes flicked at me before they steadied on my mother. "Faun, please forgive me. I was wrong to have come on to you, to have made you feel unsafe in your home." He knew exactly what he had done. Had recent events forced him to confront his transgressions?

Mother waited a few seconds, to show her respect. "I believe you are sincere, Godwin, but I also regret my part in the incident."


She continued, "I wish I had demanded an apology at the time, instead of retorting like an ass." Mother's voice sharpened, "In no way do I accept blame for your action, but if I had been able to confront you directly, perhaps we could have resolved the matter then."

"Truthfully, Faun, I'm not sure confronting me would have penetrated my thick skull and one track mind." Mr. Cherkle's admission touched even my heart.

"Godwin." Mrs. Cherkle sighed. The room quieted.

Mother broke the silence. "Billy?" She was asking if we were done.

"Yes, Momma."

"Say your good-byes and come with me." She returned to the open apartment door.

"Thank you, Mrs. Cherkle." I hugged her. I looked back at a very crestfallen man staring at a newspaper on his lap as if it had suddenly turned into sheets of mud. "Thank you, Mr. Cherkle."

"You did it right, Billy. Your mother is in strong hands."

I followed Momma out of the apartment and closed the door. She took my hand and walked slowly. "I-I've never felt like this, about you." Her words were thin and troubled.

"I'm sorry, Momma. I made you do something not wise?" The way she spoke scared me.

"It was very wise, Billy, like Mr. Cherkle said. You did it right." She spoke like a trembling, autumn breeze and walked slower. Her hand clenched mine. Its heat nearly burned.

"Momma?" I looked up.

She stared at the approaching stairwell. "I-I need your ... help. Please. Don't ask anything more of me, tonight. I'm afraid-"

What was the matter? Why was Momma acting so strange? Before I could ask, two things happened, almost simultaneously. The first nearly blew me away. Seconds after her quivering request, my pee pee went from soft to pushing out the front of my shorts as far as it possibly could. A wave of desire, for my mother engulfed me, despite my worry. Was my worry causing it?

The second thing crashed upon all thoughts and moods.

"There's a powerful moon in the sky, Faun." Ms. McDougal's voice rasped like never before. It would have cut the cement landing she squatted on if she had aimed it downward. I looked up from the courtyard. There was still light in the sky and no sight of the Moon.

"Gladys." Surprise returned strength to Momma's voice. "We didn't see you there."

"I heard you." The old woman glared at Momma.

I stepped up, worried. "You can't be mean to Momma."

"Mean?" The owner of Lady of the Lake grinned. "By no means, Boy, and by that-" Her eyes sparkled, "I mean, your mother has a strength in her that she's not ready to handle." Sparks showered lower, until they struck my waist. "And now you have one that, if you don't handle tonight, will cause your parents a lot of grief."

My face grew hot at having my tenting erection scrutinized by her intense gaze. Mother's head turned to where the apartment owner looked, but before she noticed, Mrs. McDougal snapped. "Go home, Faun. I'll take responsibility of him."

Momma's head turned back before sighting the sturdy bulge in my pants. "Uh, yes, of course." Momma let go of my hand. Just like that, at an old woman's barking. She asked, "You'll bring him home for dinner?"

"Not tonight." Mrs. McDougal shook her head slowly. "But I'll be sure he's fed properly."

"I'm sorry, Billy." Momma gasp but didn't look back before running up the stairs. Was she crying?

I dashed up after her, and crashed into a wiry, strong, wrinkled hand. "That's not what you need, just yet." Her other hand clutched one of my elbows.

"What did you do to my Momma?"

"Nothing, Boy. I'm protecting her from what you did."

"I stood up for her!"

"Did you?" She acted as if that was bad news. "That would do it."

"I hate you. Let me go to her. You made her sad."

"She's worse than sad, Billy." The crackle in her voice softened. "Your mother nearly lost her will and good sense."

"I don't understand."

"Part of you does." Her old eyes sparkled again.

Fresh embarrassment confounded my anger.

"You'll understand more, when you get some food in you. I'll buy you dinner." Her grip softened but I allowed her to lead me into the entry hall. We left the apartments. She let go and walked me to the Doggone Donuts Diner.

"It's closed." The sign at the door said so.

"This door, yes." She agreed. She led me to the alley behind the cafe.

The memory of what I had heard down the alley halted me. "Not that again!" I complained.

"Hush!" Mrs. McDougal snapped. "It's too early for that. They're still cleaning the kitchen. She went into the ally, to the open door. Light once more streamed out, but the garbage bin sat father away instead of blocking the alley. "Boone!" She called against the clamor of brooms and scrapers and dull, crooner music.

"Gladys?" A man's deep voice answered.

"I got another mouth to feed tonight."

"Do I need to call the police, Old Lady?" It was Wenda's voice, the waitress.

"Probably, but they'll need four sets of handcuffs."

"I'll put the chairs down at your table."

"You're a scoundrel and a gentleman, Boone." Mrs. McDougal whacked my butt, prodding me across the threshold.

Somehow, through all the weird stuff happening and my bronco-ing emotions, my penis remained as hard as ever.

We passed the bathroom and the back entrance to the kitchen, through a hall freshly mopped. The cook, wearing greasy, stained whites ambled into his domain by going around the counter.

"Sit, Boy." She pointed at a table with two chairs waiting. All the other chairs were stacked on their tables.

"What do you want, kid?" A tall, very fat woman with dark red hair entered looking as weary as wandering Jews.

"He doesn't like being called that, Wenda, and tonight he's earned the right. His name's, Billy. Not that that means anything to you. We're celebrating."

"Celebrations I can handle." The huge woman chewed as if she had gum in her mouth but without any gum. "What can I get you, Sir?" On corner of her mouth lifted in minute jest.

"Hamburger?" I didn't want to ask for too much. Despite her owning our apartment building, Mrs. McDougal always looked like she had to beg on the streets.

"You want pickles on that?"

"Can I?"

"HAH!" Wenda's laugh burst out like the sun. "Honey, you can have Oysters Rockefeller on your burger if Gladys is paying for it. Hell, I'd get naked and dive for the oysters myself."

"You'd only find pearls inside, Wenda." Mrs. McDougal decried, as if pearls weren't worthy of Wenda.

Wenda briefly looked unhappy. "How much bacon do you want on your liver and onions, Old Lady?"

"Handful." She rasped. "Boone's handful when he isn't being tight-fisted, and the kind of bacon with extra nitrites!" She suddenly cackled. "Cigarettes didn't give me cancer, why should bacon?"

"Fryer is cooling. You want chips instead?" The waitress asked me.

"Uh, Okay." The additional question startled me. The rigid state of my dick had once more captured my attention. Why wasn't it going down?

Wenda went behind the counter and called our order to the cook.

"Excuse me." I stood and headed to the bathroom

"That won't help, but words won't convince you."

She was right. I nearly hurt myself trying to pee into the toilet. I cleaned up the mess with paper towels and washed my hands, twice.

I returned absolutely convinced the witch had cursed me.

"Why?" I whispered at her.

"Mother nature has rules, Boy." She scrutinized my expression. "One of them is, breaking the rules is sometimes the most powerful thing you can do."

"I don't understand." I pouted.

"It's not my job to explain it, and people don't learn that way, anyway." She suddenly pulled an apple out of her smock and bit into it. "Want a bite?" She offered the unbroken side to me.

I shook my head.

"It's pretty sour at that." She took another bite and chewed.

"How long is it going to last?" I prodded.

"How long have you got?"

I fumed silently, until I remembered exactly what she'd said. "How am I suppose to 'handle it?'"

"Don't bullshit me, Billy. You've got the key in your pocket."

"Mrs. Cherkle?"

"Got any others that I don't know about?"

Two plates the size of swimming pools landed on the table, with twin thuds. My hamburger was as tall as a milkshake glass and as wide as a small bowl. It swam in a sea of potato chips. "I'll bring  coffee. You want soda?"

"Root beer." I nodded, my eyes unable to leave my plate, until the smell from Mrs. McDougal's dish hit my nose.

The pile of meat and onions on Mrs. McDougal's plate could have fed a dinosaur. It stank like roadkill. She attacked it with knife and fork, and her lips began smacking the instant the first gobbet sank down her gullet. "Greasy as a drip pan!" She smiled and stabbed another bite into her face.

Surely, a good meal would calm my nerves. That's what it had to be, just nerves forcing blood into my penis. My first bite of burger sent my hands stuffing chips and buns into my suddenly ravenous maw.

"Good, right?"

"Yeah." I sounded as bewildered as this strange, awful place's amazing food demanded. One thing saved me from begging the owner and waitress to adopt me. Momma's burgers were better.

I sucked out the last of my root beer through a plastic straw. The noise made me realize I was finished. My benefactor had only eaten half of her meal. "Wrap the rest up and give it to the next person who asks for a handout."

"Sure, Gladys." Wenda warned. "If you ever make these dinners a regular thing, the bums would line up like this place was a soup kitchen."

"Gotta keep the world guessing." Mrs. McDougal held out a wad of cash. She couldn't have counted it. Wenda walked away to the register, and the witch turned her pointy nose at me. "You may have all night. I don't. I'd offer myself after a few more cups of the coffee here, but you're not ready for that kind of experience." That's what she had said about Momma. "And I'm not as easy as I look." A cackle burst from her, as she primped her ragged hair.

This was the state of my life on the night I was suppose to rape Mrs. Lum at her house. I suddenly realized how dark the streets had become. It was no longer safe to go by myself, even though she only lived a couple blocks from the diner.
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I've been trying to think of some constructive criticism beyond 'Just keep doing what you're doing' but there aren't really any changes I could suggest. Many stories have older males with younger females, and while I really like some of them, having a boy try to make a baby in half the neighborhood and railway system is a fun and welcomed change of pace. Though Billy's been mostly with women several years older than himself, I'm also looking forward to how things between him and Shannon develop, as well as with his so-called stalker at school.

The amount of time Billy spends in his head and struggles between being a boy his age and trying to be more of an adult helps bring the character to life. Though there is no shortage of interesting characters in the story, and it's a big part of why I keep reading and looking forward to new additions. The slower pacing of the story and the great amount of detail I think helps readers become emotionally invested in Billy as well as the rest of the cast and their individual stories. I'm even interested in reading about what happens with Steve in the future.. well, as long as Billy gets to spend quality time with Steve's mother every once in a while, haha.

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[Thanks for all that insight. I really appreciate it, Clitical Thinking!]

My boner did more than its share of thinking that night. It's not like erections themself hurt. That would be stupid. The urge behind the erection prompted me to ask something I knew I shouldn't, of the wacky woman. "Mrs. McDougal, would you walk with me to a nearby house? I need to see my P.E. teacher." I was ready to cringe at her caustic reply, but I never would have imagined how she reacted. She looked completely surprised!

While she studied me with sudden curiosity, and no doubt pondering crazy things, I checked Mrs. Lum's address and map on my watch.

"Billy," She finally spoke and softly. "I'm torn between believing two ridiculous things. I may be a nosey, old bitch, but I'm actually against prying into private matters." She rolled her eyes slowly. "It's just that if I happen to hear something or see something private by chance, I might linger and pay attention. I have a thing-"

"Good- NIGHT, Gladys!" Boone called from the kitchen, as if we'd outstayed our after hours welcome. "Come again."

Wenda stood at the cash register and sighed. "Damn, me."

Mrs. McDougal shook her head and frowned. "She knows better, but she feels trapped." Her eyes pierced me, and she got up. "Sure, lead the way. Tell me only what I need to know about regarding your visit to your P.E. teacher, or everything. Cuz now I see you as a very different little man."

I thought about what I should or could tell her. The bottom line, of course was, I must never let Mrs. Lum get into trouble. We exited through the front door, and Wenda locked it behind us. She looked sad, yet her eyes glowed with need. I'd seen those eyes many times in the last few weeks. I suppose my eyes were no different. I wondered what Mrs. Lum's eyes would be like when I raped her.

"So nothing, then." Mrs. McDougal strode beside me. She wasn't much taller than me. I hadn't noticed that before. "After we arrive, am I invited in? If not, should I wait? How long?"

"You can go and tell Momma, for me, that I may be an hour or two. I can text Tanya for a ride home. She said I could, even if I had no money."

"That cabbie knows how to grow a business." The woman added, mumbling, "Guess I'm not invited in."

I chose to navigate by memory. I didn't want to flash my watch at night in the neighborhood. Mrs. McDougal had warned me. A block from Mrs. Lum's house I asked, "What do you know- I mean, what do you think about me and Mrs. Cherkle? I would never want her to get into trouble. The police-"

"Stop right there, Billy." The old woman put up a hand. "I think the police should pry less into people's affairs that don't harm anyone."

"But I'm not old enough, yet."

"You know what you're doing. If you get hurt, that'll be a lesson. There's always a chance of getting damaged though, and that's why adults need to make decisions for their children. I know the decision that your mother made about you and Mrs. Cherkle, and I imagine your father agrees. They trust that you are strong enough to not get damaged. Do they know about your P.E. teacher?"

"Momma said it was my business."

"That's what she told Mrs. Cherkle."

"How do you know that?" I was tired of her witch ways.

"I hear things. I told you. I like to listen."

"Are you like Mr. Cherkle, when he was listening at the door?"

"He's not the only man in my apartments, who listens at doors," She gave a light cackle aimed squarely at me. "But to answer your question, no. I told you, I don't like prying. That's why I busted Godwin's ass that night."

"You like to listen." I was catching on. If she could hear something when doing normal things, she felt she had a right to listen.

"Hah, yes." An even softer laugh. "I like to watch too, but I never peep."

That didn't make sense to me, but I felt it might be possible, at least for Mrs. McDougal. We crossed the last intersection, and we were walking down a street lined with old houses. Streetlights gave a peaceful look to the separated rows of varying designs. My erection never lost strength, however much I had been hoping. I stopped at the address I remembered. None of the front windows had light in them.

"She's not expecting you?"

"It's not like that." Was all I could allow myself to say.

She closed one eye to emphasize her other's stare at me. "I'm not leaving until I know you're safe."

Drat. Momma would want her to do that. "Uh, I'm going around back. That's how I'm supposed to get in. I'll flip the porch light to let you know it's okay."

"Why do I suddenly feel like I'm an accomplice to felony?" Mrs. McDougal said, but her sardonic expression bled any seriousness in her words. "You have ten minutes. Just don't walk out of there with a television."

Television? Why steal anything so useless? I wondered as I walked up to the backyard gate of Mrs. Lum's home. I peeked through the gap between the gate and the fence, but the yard was dark.

Opening and entering the gate as quietly as I could didn't deter squeaky hinges nor the clatter of its latch. Not too loud I hoped. I began looking at windows, using my watch for light. The house wasn't large, but it had several windows. It took longer that I expected because the watch's screen at its brightest was nearly useless. I wished I had looked at the time when the witch had allowed ten minutes. I searched faster, stumbling over a potted plant. I didn't fall, but it rattled on the cement. In startling response, nearby branches shook. My body flinched, and I spun my head in that direction, behind and farther into the yard.

A dark line of shrubbery lined the back fence. Had it been a cat, or was Mrs. McDougal shadowing me? I felt a chill. I gave serious thought to giving up. My penis, however, would not. I almost laughed then. Mrs. Lum hadn't left a window unlocked. She'd said her back door would be. I grinned at the tent in my pants. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" I whispered!

I crept to the door and tried the knob. It turned silently. The door's hinges squeaked too. I quailed despite knowing that I was expected. Inside, a small kitchen opened to my left and a utility nook lurked to the right. Ahead, a dark hall waited. My watch was a little more effective in the enclosed space, but I slept it. A slightly brighter light seeped in from a cracked door in the hall. The wood floor creaked only loud enough for me to hear. I walked slowly and peeked into the lit room. A nightlight plugged into the wall was her bedroom's only illumination. The curtains were closed, and Mrs. Lum lay tucked in and asleep. I carefully walked past, into the living room. At the front door, I flipped the porch light on and off twice. I peeked outside, but didn't see Mrs. McDougal. Had she followed me?

Was she standing right behind me? The hairs on the back of my neck prickled, and I shivered. The thought paralyzed me. A surprise cackle would have made me jump through the ceiling!

When that didn't happen, I dared to look behind me. Only the light from Mrs. Lum's bedroom waited there. I walked to it and looked in again. She continued to sleep. Her short hair was silver. I entered and scanned the room. Slippers, a wardrobe, a closet, a tall dresser and a short one were the inhuman occupants.  The short dresser had a mirror had a chair. On it's lacquered surface were several jars and bottles. Shadows hid their labels. I also saw a coil of stretch bands, the kind Momma would use to strengthen her back muscles. My hardon lurched at the memory of her chest thrusting forward, as her hands and arms swiveled behind her and strained against the elastic band. Inside the coil's circle lay three condoms. It was the sign I needed to be sure that I could rape Mrs. Lum for a second time.

It was difficult to hold back. My penis may have led me to this bounty, successfully, but if I hadn't controlled my urge to leap on Mrs. Lum and tear into her bedclothes, I would have acted like a foolish child. I went to the bed and leaned over her. A trace of flowery scent taunted me. She breathed slow and shallow. Her lips rested with a faint smile. I looked her over carefully, to decide how best to proceed. The blanket and sheet covered every part of her except her head neck and one arm. She wore a cotton nightgown. Roses had been stitched around the cuffs. In the dim light, I couldn't tell its color.

Momma wore something similar but not on warm nights like this one. Again my hard prick lurched. It took all my self-control to slowly peel back and work the blanket and sheet out from under Mrs. Lum's arm. The elbow bent slightly, and I almost clapped my hand over her mouth, ready to fight. After several, fast heartbeats of waiting, I continued turning back the blanket. It peeled to the foot of the bed without further reaction.

Mrs. Lum lay peacefully on her side, facing away from the window. Her ankle length nightgown had bunched at her knees. I wanted to explore beneath it, but that might have woken her. She had left the elastic bands for a reason. I took one, double looped it around her ankles, and tied half a knot without tightening it.

Her wrists lay a little farther apart. Both were behind her neck. I suddenly realized, she wasn't using any of the four plush pillows standing against the headboard. Her head rested on the crook of her elbow, supported by her arm and forearm. I decided against tying them individually to the top corners of her bed frame. I wanted to bind her differently than Mrs. Abbey and Shannon had been on their bed. I double looped another band around her wrists and half tied it loosely.

Climbing off of the bed, I studied my handiwork and mentally practiced how to cinch the two bands before she resisted. While I worked it over in my mind, I removed my clothes. My hard dick sprang out in the dim light. It counseled against further delay or planning. When I was entirely naked, I took a deep breath and pounced!

SLAP! One hand clapped over Mrs. Lum's half smile. My other hand tugged at the band around her wrists and cinched it tight. "MMMNGGH!!" She shrieked into my hand! I held her head while my other hand completed the knot and secured her arms behind her head. Her body started to flail.

"Don't move, Mrs. Lum, or I'll hurt you!" I told her ear. "And be quiet too!" I was swift to grab the ends of the band around her ankles and tugged. The two loops brought her struggling legs securely together. Unfortunately, I was too far from the knot to fully tie it with one hand. "You better not scream." I warned. "I'll slap your face, and that's just for starters." I eased my hand from her lips.

"I-I won't scream, Billy. Don't hurt me, please!" She breathed hard and fast, trying to keep her impassioned voice low. She started rambling, fear shaking her words, as I bent to finish tying the band around her ankles. "How did you get in here? Did I leave the back door unlocked again? I can't believe you sneaked in here and tied me up in my bed!" She suddenly blurted. "Oh, GODS, you're naked!"

After testing both knots, ankles and wrists, I answered her. "I have to rape you again, Mrs. Lum. I've been cursed by a witch. I've had a boner for hours, and if I don't get release soon, I just know it'll explode!"

"No, Billy, you mustn't, not again! Raping people is wrong. I told you last time. I prayed that you understood."

I slapped her face! "I told you to be quiet." I slapped her again, not really hard though. "I have to, because of the witch!"

"They're no such things as witches, Billy. If your erection is causing a problem, we can talk about it. Let me help you, but don't take your frustration out on me! Not like this!!" She wailed.

I tugged on her hair, just enough to make her yip. "Hush, Mrs. Lum. All I can think about it stuffing my hard pee pee into your puss. Stop trying to confuse me!"

"No, Billy. Please, it was so wrong the last time. You'll only make it worse for me." She tried to curl up, but I kept tugging on her hair.

I swatted the firm butt under her nightgown as hard as I could! "Don't hide from me. You have to do what I tell you, or I'll get something worse than my hand." I threatened.

"OW!" She stopped curling but didn't straighten either. I wanted to spank her more, and I looked around for something that would hurt but not injure her. That urge fell to the wayside as my hard dick screamed for release. I couldn't put off its need any longer.

Flopping down behind Mrs. Lum, I pulled my naked body into a spoon against her warm nightgown. I reached around her waist and bunched the gown's hem up from her knees.

"You can't keep doing this. What if you start to like it too much, Billy, what then? Will you become a hunted criminal, breaking into homes and raping nice, older women like- My my!" Her rant switched topics. "I can feel how hard you are. How long has it been like this?"

"Since late this afternoon. It won't go down?"

"Were you thinking of me, the whole time?"

That was a difficult question. I didn't want to lie, but I wouldn't tell her how Momma's strange disposition had put iron into my peter. I kept the whole truth to myself. "I did think of you, Mrs. Lum. I'm sure that raping you will make it work normal again. You can break the witch's curse, because you are really strong, and it feels so good when I rape you." I managed to get her gown up over her hips. I felt the front of her waist, to find her pubic mound and thatch of hair covered by wide panties.

"I'm not strong, Billy." She suddenly confessed. "That's why I need you to stop. I am lonely in my bed, every night. I wish you could couple your wonderful penis into me, the normal way, legally, but raping me is my only option!" She sniffled. "I worry that you'll like raping too much, and you'll really hurt someone."

"I won't Mrs. Lum. I only want to rape you." My hands dug urgently into the waistband of her panties. Her hips flinched when my fingernails scraped them.


"That's what you get for wearing panties when I come to rape you." I justified scratching her. My arms pushed them down to mid thigh. My dick bobbed and twitched, aching to fit up between her rear cheeks. I stabilized her writhing waist with one hand, to let my prick find purchase from behind. My other hand flashed up to her pubes and dove between her thighs. My fingers felt her hot vulva. Like the first time, she was incredibly wet.

"I-I wish I could believe you, Billy, but your prick feels so hard, like it could puncture any woman's clothes and easily break into their unwilling bodies. You would only have to desire them a little bit, to go too far and leaving a terrible legacy. One last time, don't do this. Be a good little boy."

She knew I didn't like being called that. She'd said it on purpose. I knew that. It was part of the game, to let me know what she really wanted. Of course, that wouldn't save her from my wrath. I grinned. My fingers between her meaty thighs opened them a little, allowing easier access from behind. My hips hunched with all my strength, stuffing my demanding stiffness deep into her dripping sex!

"OH, BILLY!" Her head twisted back, yelling it. I showed her my grin, and pumped cock in and out of her puss. I almost missed the brief thing. For an instant her eyes flicked past me, behind me. Then they locked on mine. She frowned and groaned at the same time. "You're doing it, Billy! I couldn't stop you. You're raping me!" She wailed. Next she shouted. "BILLY, YOU'RE NOT WEARING A CONDOM!"

I had forgotten. She had even left some on her dresser for me. Suddenly I was fucking her faster. Hearing her earnest cry of concern, made me feel like I was truly raping her. Perhaps I was, but my mind was too crazy with lust to know right from wrong. Plunging my intensely hard cock in and out of her slick, hot cunt tore at my sanity. I wanted to rape her forever! Despite the incredible sensation, I knew I wouldn't cum soon. I think my dick was literally too hard to actually cum. I would have to wear it down with fucking before it would release the painful pressure mounting behind its shaft. There was no way, I was going to stop to put on a lousy condom! I shouted the first excuse that came to mind. "It wouldn't be rape, if I wore a condom, Mrs. Lum!"

"It's too dangerous, Billy. Pull out. I don't want to give you anything."

"I have to risk it, like a real rapist." I argued. I bucked the hardest prick I'd ever felt, into her yielding flesh, now truly against her will. From what she had told me about her one positive result on a test, she might not be contagious. There was a risk, but I thought she was too nice of a lady to be dangerous.

I was so naive, back then, despite the fact that Mrs. Lum never gave me anything more than a cold. Inspired to be an even better rapist, I plunged my hands up her gown and grabbed her soft, dangling titties. I groped them with strength and flicked her firm nipples.

"Ohhh, those are really sensitive!" Her body started to lurch against my thrusts, forcing deeper penetration. "You should be wearing a condom." She whined and moaned. I think, by then, lust had overwhelmed her concern.

My pounding shaft filled her, repeatedly spreading her swollen lips wide. I flexed my prick, still getting used to the wonderfully hot, tight sheath. Mrs. Lum's puss abruptly clenched around my cock, gripping it like vice.

"So tight!", I panted, feeling how she clasped me like a hot little mouth.

"Just do it!", She relented, humping her hips back at me in frustration, obviously very horny now and eager to sink deeper into her lust. I needed no encouragement to help. The pleading look on her face was all it took.

I dug my fingers into her soft, boobs and stared into the aging woman's wild, glittering eyes.
"Oww. That hurts, but hold me tight, Billy!"

I changed my rhythm to long, deep, powerful thrusts, slamming myself up against her rear push-backs, with a savage vigour that made the P.E. teacher squeal with ecstasy. Spurred on by her cries of pleasure, I clenched my ass-muscles and bucked prick into her with all the strength I had, pounding her juice-filled cunt into a creamy froth.

Mrs. Lum moaned incessantly from the deep, powerful penetration. Soon, she began to moan louder and gave a kind of rhythmic squeal. By the look on her face I knew Mrs. Lum was about the have a powerful orgasm. So I kept fucking her solidly, grinding the base of my prick behind her clit. As the climax overtook her, I felt contractions deep within her cunt and plundered her soaking nest harder, using long, deep strokes which felt like they penetrated her very womb.

"AAAAHHH, I'm coming, Billy!... Yes! Yes, you rape me so good, yes!... I'm cummmmming!!", screamed the lust filled woman. She hunched and jerked her cunt around my pistoning cock, wagging her hot ass as I fucked her through the screaming orgasm.

As she squirmed and shuddered, I rammed hard into the tight, spasming hole, urging her on. "That's it, Mrs. Lum!", I panted. "You're cumming because I'm raping you!!"

"It's truuuuu!!!!" She wailed.

Like the flick of a light switch or the click of dial, the cement gate damming my pent up cum broke free of the lock my prick's hardness had imposed. The rigid pole raping incredible pleasure into Mrs. Lum, shifted from incredibly hard to just loose enough to make way for my impending ejaculation.

The woman's loud cries, no longer filled with fear, gained the sound of mild sobs. "I warned you, Billy! OOoooohhh!! You're making it worse for me!"

I didn't understand, and I didn't have the presence of mind to try. As her cunt convulsed around my cock, my balls tightened. My prick switched its method again, rapid firing a burst of deep thrusts between heartbeat pauses. Like jacking up a car to change the wheel, this alternation of pounding and pausing ratcheted up the sensations burning through my nerves and scorching my brain. The concrete gate at the exit of my urethral bulb began to crack from the pressure behind it. I needed to cum so bad!

"If you keep raping me, Billy, I'll start to like it more and more, and then I won't be able to guide you. You're raping me into loving it too much! AAAAAAAA!" She screamed again from a more powerful, second orgasm!

I felt my own release approaching as her scream continued like a siren. I shouted, "OOOHHHH, Mrs. Lum, I can't stop raping you. It feels too goooooo!!!!" Her puss clenched and rippled, desperately trying to keep my darting shaft deep within. It only served to increase the explosion about to happen. The dam burst and my cum flew. With a final lunge, I pulled her body to me, by gripping her dangling boobs. My hips bucked up, imbedding me as deep and as close to her cervix as possible.

The first glob to eject was by itself large enough to fill the tightly packed space and squirt out around my lightly haired pubis.

"You're cumming inside me, Billy! Oh, how I wish I could have your baby. I want my rapist's baby!" Mrs. Lum spouted utter nonsense. She had said before, that her body had entered menopause. If it hadn't, my second injection would have forced its way through her cervix's clench and coated the walls of  her womb. The third, fourth, and fifth would have filled it. Instead, my cum washed out each previous burst with fresh, hot goo. After those backed up clogs of cum, had been freed to seek an egg, the rest of my ejaculation's sperm gushed forth and soaked into every crevice of her vagina.

I moaned on and on as my body attempted to clear the curse with an intense orgasm. Hot juices, mine and hers, mingled and dripped between our legs. Our bodies shook independently, triggering through our tight connection, final throes of pleasure.

We rested, breathing fast and deep. I released her breasts. I feared I had bruised them in my frantic effort to rid the curse. Guilt gnawed at me, for that and for having forgotten to wear a condom. I knew, once Mrs. Lum returned to reality, she would give me a sound lecture if not muscle draining discipline. None of that mattered. As we cuddled, the juices soaking our legs cooled, and my incredible erection began to soften. I sighed loudly.

"How are my hands and feet, Billy?" Were her first, rational words.

"They're not dark."

"You tied them very well. I can hardly move my arms. I can only bend my knees."

"I'm ... sorry, Mrs. Lum, for saying that stupid thing about raping without a condom. Actually, uh, I was in too much of a hurry and forgot."

"We'll talk about that another time." Anger simmered at that, but she kept a calm front. "Right now, I need you to reassure me."

I hugged her to me and kissed the back of her neck.

"Mmmm, that's nice. I need that too, but I was talking about you. I need to believe that this isn't twisting you into thinking you can do this to anyone."

"No, Mrs. Lum. Never. I swear." I answered earnestly. "This is just for you."

"And for you, my darling lover." She craned her neck to smile at me. Once more her eyes glanced past me. This time, I looked where she had. There was only the curtained window.

"Billy, I-I need you to do one more thing."

I turned to her. "Yes?"

"Last time, you left me tied up. You shouldn't have left until I was free and safe."

"I'm sorry."

"I know. However, the act of abandoning me surprised me with a final orgasm. I want you to do it again, tonight, but before you do, I hid a small kitchen knife under that pillow. Her finger pointed. I'm not sure I can reach it. You tied me very well."

"Okay." I reached up and gently tested for the knife. I found it under the second pillow I tried. I pulled it into the open. Suddenly I thought, supplying a tool to free herself wasn't what Mrs. Lum needed. She wouldn't feel helpless. However, I didn't want her to be tied up all night. I decided she needed to get back in the mood, at the very least.

"I got your knife, Mrs. Lum." I sounded mean. "It's mine now, and you need to learn your place."

"What do you mean?"

"You gotta remember who's in charge." I climbed over her, my wet dick sticking out if less hard. I walked my knees up to her face and I grabbed her hair. "I'll cut you if you don't suck me clean."

"Billy! We had our fun already. Why are you doing this?" Alarm crept back into her voice.

"I'm giving you what you need, Mrs. Lum." I poked my half hard prick against her lips. "Don't even think of biting me." I tugged her hair.

"That's not what-" SMACK!

I slapped her ear. "Shut up and suck me, Bitch." I growled.

Her eyes expanded at my insult. Tears seeped into them. "You're being mean-"

SMACK! with another TUG! "I said, suck me!"

"OW! Okay okay." She sniffled and opened her mouth.

I sank my dick into her face and she closed her lips around it. Her tongue licked up and down as she sucked off my cum and her vaginal juices. Her eyes winced at the taste. I didn't need to cum again, but my dick hardened, not too much, fortunately.

I pulled out before she gagged on my elongating prick. "You did a good job, Rape Bitch." I patted her mussed hair.

"You're really worrying me. First you say you won't rape anyone but me, but after raping me, you make me suck you, like I was just a toy for you. That's a terrible thing, Billy."

I only snorted and dropped the knife in front of her. With her hands tied behind her back, she'd have a lot more trouble getting free. But she was very flexible, being a P.E. instructor. I was sure she would, if after a few minutes.

I got up and dressed, ignoring her obvious but silent concern. My sperm dotted her chin and lower lip.

As I strode out of the room, she sighed. "Ohhhhhh, I-I seeeee."

"GOTCHA!" a crackly voice cried outside the window.

"YIIEEEEE!!!" A woman screeched!

What the hells? Mrs. Lum and I must have thought the same thing.

"BILLY! You have to free me. This isn't a game anymore!" She was dead seriousness.

I agreed and ran back to her bed. I grabbed the knife but had presense of mind to cut her bonds carefully. The sharp edge parted the elastic easily. Mrs. Lum pulled her panties up and her gown down before rubbing her wrists. I imagined the mess on her thighs had spread all over.

POUND, POUND, POUND!! The back door exclaimed.

"I'll get it, Billy." She jumped up from her bed but wobbled on landing.

"No. I have to." I dashed out. That first voice was Mrs. McDougal's! What the heck was she doing? And who was that other voice?

"Billy! Stop. I don't want you to get the wrong idea!" My P.E. teacher ordered.

"No. It's my fault. I know it!" I shouted back just before reaching the door. Mrs. Lum scurried into the hall, fighting the sleep in her feet.

"Mrs. McDougal?" I called through the door. I had locked it after entering.

"Billy! I can't imagine how you arranged it, but you continue to amaze me."

"LET ME GO!" The other woman cried. There was something familiar about the voice.

"Who's Mrs. McDougal?" Mrs. Lum came up to me, eyes as wide as saucers.

"She's okay. You can trust her, but something happened out there, while we-" I reached for the knob before realizing who's house it was and catching myself.

"My wicked stars. What a mess this has become." Mrs. Lum reached past my halted hand and twisted the knob. It unlocked, and she pulled it wide open. "Shoona, I warned that yours was a terrible idea."

My English teacher, the beautiful Ms. Laghari, stood bent over from Mrs. McDougal's vice grip on her long, silky, black hair.

"I would have called the police, but she didn't look very scary." Mrs. McDougal cackled. "I'm pretty sure she saw everything." Her eyes shined like silver moons. It was just as certain, the crazy apartment owner had seen plenty too.

"Come in, whoever you are. If Billy vouches for you, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt." Mrs. Lum switched on the kitchen light. She pointed at four chairs around a small table. "Bring that foolish, too smart for her own good, woman in with you."

Mrs. McDougal released her grip on Ms. Laghari's hair before entering. The English teacher remained stooped over as she followed her captor into the kitchen. Mrs. Lum locked the door. "I'll make coffee."

"Burnt black, thank you kindly" Mrs. McDougal interjected upon sitting.

"Half, half-n-half, please." Ms. Laghari whispered and slipped into her chair.

I sat unable to speak. Mrs. Lum switched gears like a capable machine. No one said anything while the coffee brewed. Mrs. McDougal aimed a continuous, slow shake of her head at me. Ms. Laghari simply stared at the table, hands in her lap.


"No thanks."

A large glass of water thunked in front of me. "Drink! You need to replenish."

"I'll say." Ms. Laghari's sighed.

Three mugs quickly followed. I gulped half the water in my glass.

"No complaints, and no refunds." Mrs. Lum said of her coffee. She finally sat, warming her cold hands with the mug.

"If I'd known you were selling tickets..." Mrs. McDougal pulled off a perfect balance of cackle and sarcasm.

"I like you." Mrs. Lum nodded. She glowered at Ms. Laghari. "Thank your stars, we aren't in the pokey, right now."

"It was just for tonight. It was an acceptable risk. At night, I have the advantage." When she said that I realized that her clothes were as dark as her lovely skin.

"Phooey, Shoona. Act your age. First, you nearly blackmail me-"

"I didn't!" My English teacher erupted. "You accepted my terms without coercion."

"Express coercion, no." Mrs. Lum agreed gravely. "But it's not like you left any comfort to poor Gloria."

"Ms. Hennifer!" I gasped! What was going on?

"She's not in trouble, Billy. We stopped any chance of that." Mrs. Lum barked using the soft version of her coach voice. "Tell him."

Our every exchange was met with a sparkle in Mrs. McDougal's eyes. At the P.E. instructor's bark, they zeroed in on the teacher hunched over her untasted mug.

"Billy, no matter what permission your mother gave to Gloria, I still think this is all your fault." She looked at me, but neither her eyes nor voice carried convinction.

"Don't forget you're a guest in my home, English Teacher. Don't intimidate him."

"But it's true! I knew that was cum on her. You could smell it! They didn't fool you either."

"I wasn't foolish enough to confront her. You could have cost her her job!"

"Like you," Mrs. Laghari paused for emphasis, "I needed to know that it was consensual. I didn't know you'd been talking to Billy, let alone what you let him do to you!" She spoke impassioned, but her voice barely reached around the table.

"Until you dared to go to Principal Agincourt. That's why I told you about Billy and I, but you still had to find out for yourself!"

Their stories, fragmented and mingling, hurt my head. I couldn't follow any of it.

"Mrs. McDougal cleared the smoke emitting from the two teachers, with a simple, "Ahem." They looked at her. "So what you're saying is, Billy has made you all accomplices in his pubescent games."

"Who are you?" Ms. Laghari asked gingerly.

"I'm Billy's guardian angle, at least until he returns home. Which," She underscored. "Should have been an hour ago. I texted his mother before taking you into my custody."

"You're a cop?" Ms. Laghari exclaimed!

"She's my landlady." I almost added, a crazy one.

"What's your take on Billy's games, aside from stating the obvious?" Mrs. Lum prodded.

"Jealousy?" Mrs. McDougal smiled. "Envy? I always confuse the two."

"This is going to be a long night." Ms. Laghari drooped her head back over her coffee. She lifted the cup and sipped.

"Seriously?" My angel (who was actually a witch), continued. "I think before the end of the year, Lilith Middle School will be closed, condemned, and turned into a shopping mall, to bury what you otherwise amazing women have gotten into."

"If you're not going to say anything helpful-"

"Enjoy him while it lasts, Bitches." Mrs. McDougal set down her mug, having emptied it. She pushed back her chair and stood. "Billy, text Tanya. I'll pay the fare."

Before obeying, I looked at my two teachers. Mrs. Lum nodded.

Ms. Laghari bit her lip. "Billy, please give me another chance to explain. I'm sorry I blamed you."

"You have until the cab arrives." Mrs. McDougal bade me with a glance to write the text. "And why am I standing?" She looked around, spotted the pot of coffee. "Oh, that's why." She helped herself while I sent the text. Reseating herself, she sipped calmly. There was an unstated, "Well?"

"I was shocked at the mess you made on Gloria." My English teacher explained. "When I ran into Caroline, I only mentioned seeing something gross on your math teacher. She told me not to worry about it, and that she had seen it too. Of course I worried. If it affected one of my students, I needed to know about it."

"She came to me, threatening to include Principal Agincourt in her investigation. I convinced her to let me talk to Gloria."

"Convinced? You threatened me!"

"Now, now, Ladies." Mrs. McDougal cackled at her use of the word.

"That's the boring part, Shoona. Get to the heart of what happened."

"The three of us met, and we agreed that I should see for myself, that neither of them were harming you."

"And what do you think now?" Mrs. Lum got to the heart of the matter for her.

Unexpectedly, Mrs. Laghari straightened in her chair and looked defiant. "I think you need a new teacher, Billy."

"No surprise there." Mrs. McDougal said under her breath. The other women were too engaged to hear her.

Mrs. Lum just laughed.

"I'm serious. Billy's, um, activities, while I agree are ethical, are too lopsided. There's too much drama and intensity. Someone needs to provide balance."

"Have anyone in mind?" Mrs. Lum grinned.

"You said it yourself, and you weren't role playing, Caroline. Billy mustn't get overly accustomed to the thrill side of sexuality. There's so much more."

"I like where this is going." Mrs. McDougal didn't cackle, just smiled.

"Hey, I get to decide what I do." I felt left out of the conversation that was suppose to enlighten me.

"He's right, Shoona." Mrs. Lum called her co-worker's apparent bluff. "But you're not wrong." She looked at me. "Billy, would you like to learn more than your book knowledge? Shoona's culture is steeped in sexual bounty."

"Please." Mrs. Laghari angered. "I'm third generation American." She hedged. "And I never offered-"

"Bullshit!" Mrs. McDougal cut to the chase. "She's the only realistic option in your circumstances. Decide, Billy."

I noticed my English teacher hadn't withdrawn herself from consideration. Also her blush, which her half-n-half and coffee skin failed to mask, was not lost on me.

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I didn't like Mrs. McDougal's tone. She may have had Momma's permission to watch over me, but in this matter, I couldn't let her control me. I almost refused to decide, just to to show her! Except, the choice presented has already been made, by gut instinct.

Ms. Laghari was beautiful and smart and and pleasant and strong, and she did smell like jasmine. She was also an actor on my favorite podcast, Darling Dimensions, which unfortunately I hadn't had much time to keep up with. If Ms. Laghari could teach me new styles of making babies, I wanted to practice making them in her! I even dared to think that she would be a cool girlfriend. Did she already have a boyfriend?

The women waited. Amusement crept into their expressions as I blushed from imagining what I was about receive. "Please, Ms. Laghari, if you'd like to teach me good things about making babies, I'd really like that." I cautioned. "You're really sweet and pretty. I'm not sure how ready I am right now, but I'll try my best."

Three voices abruptly pealed with laughter! "Billy!"

What was the matter? I must have looked as confused as I suddenly felt.

"Oh, good darling." Ms. Laghari calmed but couldn't wipe the grin from her lips. "Not tonight!"

"Not here." Mrs. Lum, choked out.

That left only Mrs. McDougal's cackle to careen around the small kitchen. "Ahem." She finally tired of the joke. "What the Miss offers isn't a one night lesson." She turned to Shoona. "You aren't married, are you?"

"No. I've always been a bit too picky about that." Ms. Laghari shared. "I dumped my boyfriend before school started. He turned out to be a little more racist, than I could forgive."

"Forgive my calling you 'miss'. I never took to that half-assed, feminist moniker. While my husband lived, I liked men to know I had a man they could cuckold." She cackled. I was starting to tell her different peals apart. She laughed in jest.

Mrs. Lum snorted, saliva almost flying out of her grin.

Ms. Laghari kept politely silent until the jest expired. "It's true, Billy. There's a lot to learn. I don't know half of it, but I can at least open a door for you to explore. I would hate myself, if I let you spin around BDSM circles without experiencing the vast breadth of sensuality."

Her smile grew very warm. Again, I detected her blush. "Let us make a plan, when we have time to talk privately."

"Oh." My face lost all expression. That made more sense. Ms. Laghari was into planning. Her class syllabus was three pages long! "Okay, and-" My burning cheeks interrupted. "Thank you." I didn't ask, What's BDSM?

Her blush receded. "Maybe tomorrow-"

Beeps from my watch interrupted. Tanya had texted to say she had arrived.

After thanking my teachers again, and trading hugs, excluding Mrs. McDougal, she and I went to the cab waiting on the street. Tanya greeted her with a smirk, holding the passenger door open. "Hello, Baba. If I had known you were with Billy, I would have bought curse remover."

Mrs. McDougal rose to the challenge."Pour yourself a stiff one, later, and drink to my health, Tanya. I won't have you and 'water' in the car when you're driving Billy."

We climbed in and soon lumbered down the residential streets. "Why did she call you, Baba?"

"It means, Grandma. Except she didn't mean it that way." She huffed jovially.

"I can give privacy, if you wish to corrupt the young man." Tanya reached back and fingered the sliding panel between us.

"That's not how this male operates." Mrs. McDougal grew suspicious at me again. "But yes, he and I have something to discuss. Thank you."

Tanya drew the bulletproof looking, plastic panel shut, and relaxed into driving. Somehow, she knew we were not in a hurry.

"Why didn't you leave after I flicked the lights." I was more suspicious of her than she was of me.

"I owe you that one, Lad." Mrs. McDougal nodded." I was leaving when I heard a noise from behind the house, bushes rustling. I worried that your teacher had sent you packing. I had to check out the possibility. Heh! There I was, looking for you in the back yard, ready to take one for Team Billy, when I saw a shape creeping up to the house, from out of the far hedge. Ms. Laghari does hide well, but I have my nose when my eyes don't see enough. She smells like jasmine.

"I particularly like jasmine. So I didn't confront her right away. It wasn't my yard. I kept an eye on her. After a time, what she peeped in on made me aware of it. So I'll claim, as lame as it sounds, that I wasn't actually peeping, just catching glimpses and sounds while keeping an eye on the actual peeper.

"But the curtain was closed." I grumbled. My embarrassment of the event caught up with me.

"That may be what it looked like from the inside. Shoona was close enough to the window, she could look through a gap between the curtain and the edge of the window. I was farther away."

I couldn't not ask, "W-what did you see?"

"More than I wanted, but not as much as I now would like to have seen." She grinned.

As I sat processing that and my growing humiliation, she pounced. "You tell me. What are you going to do when the police come and take all your women away?"

"That won't happen!" Was she threatening me, or was it another curse?

"It might. People slip up and people slip down. All it takes is one damaged heart, to inform the authorities."

"Don't say that. I don't want to think that." I pouted.

"Fine. I suspect your luck will hold for a while."

"What are you going to tell my mom?"

"The truth, Billy."

My heart trembled. What would Momma think if she found out I had raped Mrs. Lum? Would that damage her heart? I knew begging wouldn't sway the witch. "I could say you put me up to it."

"Pul-lease, don't act more foolish than you already have. I'll tell your mother that I spoke with Mrs. Lum after she helped you. I did text her about your rendevous. Saying anything less might worry her." She took my elbow in her grasp. "You mother is very frightened after what happened this afternoon. You must look out for her."

"She's my Momma." I assured her. "I'll protect her."

"Don't, Billy. Your mother is a rare flower who blossoms in adversity. You may not understand this now, but never protect her. By which I mean, don't get in the way of her challenges. She needs them, just as I need to be a pest, to live the life I'm suited to in this world. Look out for her, instead. Support her. Ally with her. Never protect her."

She was right - I didn't understand, but she had never sounded more sincere, particularly about her being a pest. "I promise, Mrs. McDougal."

"Know this, Billy. I would lie without regard for my own safety, if it supports you and your family."


She laughed brightly! "Because I haven't had this much fun in ages!"

Tanya opened the passenger door for us upon reaching our Lady of the Lake. I scampered up to the entrance and keyed in the code. Mrs. McDougal paid with another handful of cash, as if her pockets created wads of it.

"You heard everything didn't you?" The older woman smirked.

"If I hear anything through that shield, I immediately tell myself to forget!"

That's not the same as actually forgetting. I realized. I blushed in the lighted entrance.

They said, "Good-bye." Mrs. McDougal walked me to my home. She yawned. "I'll talk with your mother in the morning, if she likes. I'm not going to chase her down."

"Uh," I kicked the welcome mat. "You were really great, Mrs. McDougal. You bought me dinner, and you cleared up that mess with my teachers. I-" I simply hugged her.

Her gnarled fingers reached under my chin and lifted. Our faces were inches apart as she looked at me with sweet, haggard eyes. "Careful, Boy." her voice rasped. "I canna let the curse you caught this afternoon, pass to me!" She cackled and flung herself away. I swear she flew, but I guess it was just how her black skirt hid her scurrying feet.

I unlocked the door and entered carefully, locking it behind me. The lights were off. Momma wasn't waiting up for me. That was unusual. I saw Daddy's briefcase on the kitchen counter. The light in their room was low. There was a sad sound behind their door. I crept close and listened.

"What do you mean, mistake, Faun? You never will! Can you tell me more? I can wait until you're ready." Father was comforting Momma. I could hear her soft sobs.

"Just promise, you'll blame me, if I don't escape him again." Momma cried in a low voice. No matter how low, my ears would always hear what Momma said. Escape who? Did she mean, Mr. Gorgev? I had promised Ms. Colkick, I would decide that by tomorrow.

"Your mother is very frightened after what happened this afternoon." Mrs. McDougal's sincerity smothered my panic.

Momma was afraid of me. My bones vibrated with horror.

"I won't blame either of you." Daddy promised.

"I don't deserve him." Momma snuffled.

"FAUN!" Dad burst! "You love him! I love him! But you and I are different people. How we love might not be the same, nor be a choice."

His passion sent me reeling one step from their door.

"I'm not strong enough to accept that. Why can't I be normal?" Mother wailed.

"There's no such thing, but I know why you feel that way." Daddy's voice calmed. "The person you are meant to be in this world, wants to come forward. Your conditioning to act normal is in the way."

He meant, in Mrs. McDougal's words, Momma needed to blossom. The witch had claimed, Momma needed challenges to live the life she was suited to in this world. I had promised to support her.

I went to the phone and called the Colkicks. Mr. Colkick answered with huffing breaths. "Huh- hello?"

"Mr. Colkick, Momma is going to take that job with Mr. Gorgev."


"Harold, you can't escape your- Wait. It's really him?" I heard Ms. Colkick in the background. Fumbling noises followed.

"Billy? Excuse my sl- er, husband. I'm, uh, exercising him." She spoke directly into the phone.

I repeated my decision.

"Okay. I know you're worried. I sense there something you're keeping to yourself. That is your choice, but at least I can make sure the client fully comprehends our policies."

"Yes, Ms. Colkick. Thank you."

"Oh, and if your parents know a good person who might rent a room in the house we're buying, while your family honors your apartment lease, please invite them to talk with us. Harold and I only need one room, and occasionally the ground floor for the evening. We'll reimburse their rent for those rare days. Our investors in Meals on Heels continue to support us, but we should make every resource count, and that house has like four, large bedrooms!"

"Whoa!" I suddenly realized. Things would move fast, regarding the house, now that I had made my decision to let Momma work this week. "I'll tell them. Thank you, Ms. Colkick!"

"I still think, it's all thanks to you, Billy." Her voice moved away from the phone. "Hear that, Harold? We're celebrating. You better have taken your vitamins. I'm going to run your brain out of dopamine tonight!"

"Thank you, my Executive." His voice answered, farther away.

"Good night, Billy."

"Good night." We hung up.

A wave of fatigue washed over me. I looked at my couch. Momma had made the bed.

Her voice startled me. "We heard you on the phone." She stood in a plain, light blue nightgown. It sorta reminded me of the one Mrs. Lum wore. Hers had been peach. She closed the bedroom door and waited.

"Ma!omma." My voice cracked. I froze at the sight of her. I wanted to run to her. I worried she was still frightened of me. She looked sad. Her cheeks were red from crying. I told her difficult news. "I decided Mrs. Colkick can accept Mr. Gorgev's job."

"Oh, okay." She nodded. Otherwise she didn't react. "Did you thank Mrs. McDougal for looking after you?"

"Uh-huh." I hadn't said thanks, but I had hugged her. That was better, right?

"Good." She walked up to the couch and sat down. She tried a joke. "No, I'm not going to sleep with you tonight." Meaning, she wasn't going to lecture me. At least, not much.

I sat beside her. I hugged her. She returned it, gingerly at first. Her warm arms grew stronger around me.

After a spell, "You did something very special for me, this afternoon. I did not- handle it well. I'm sorry, if I confused you."

"You didn't want Mr. Cherkle to apologize. I made you listen."

"That isn't what troubled me."

"What is?"

"The future. When Mr. Cherkle bent to your will, the future rattled my head. You were wonderful, Billy. I didn't thank you for looking out for me. I-I wanted to selfishly repay you, but I couldn't even thank you. I worried about what could happen in the future. I wasn't ready for those feelings."

I lost track of what Momma was trying to say, but she had been greatly moved when I stood up to Mr. Cherkle and made him apologize to her. That was enough thanks for me.

"I may never be ready for the feelings you inspired in me, but that's on me, not you." She bent down and kissed my lips. Hers barely brushed mine, but lightning struck through them. "Tonight, I told your father, that I'm going to open myself to new kinds of love. It scares me, what I might get involved with, in the future, but I can't deny the compulsion any longer. Will you continue to look out for me?"

My heart raced. My fatigue had been zapped by the thunderbolt from her lips. Strange as it may sound, my relaxed penis acted as if it had suddenly learned patience.

In my heart I knew Momma was talking about love, but she was also talking about sex. The merest hint of her involved with someone other than Daddy raised not only my hackles, but the painful rush of an oncoming  tantrum!

"Someone needs to provide balance." Ms. Laghari spoke in my head.

I wanted to hurt, Mommy. I wanted to rape her! But my penis refused to be provoked. I sat next to Momma, blood draining from my face. How could she do this to me?

"Would you like to learn more than your book knowledge?" Mrs. Lum had asked.

"Your mother is a rare flower who blossoms in adversity." Mrs. McDougal cut to the chase.

This wasn't about what I needed. I burst into tears. I felt incredibly ashamed while I sat there and bawled. I had promised Mrs. McDougal I would look out for Momma.

I wanted to break that vow! I wanted to call Ms. Colkick back and cancel on Mr. Gorgev. I had to protect Momma! She needed me and nobody else!

"You are too selfish." Mrs. Shahidi's smile shined on me, as it had on little Arturio. "Next you will want ice cream."

Momma waited, quietly, patiently. "I'm so sorry, Billy." She pulled tissues from a box on the lamp stand and offered them.

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I took the tissues and blew my nose. I stared absently at the wrinkled clump in my hands and tried to find that quiet place in my head. Just this afternoon, I had lost it in front of Momma. She'd had to physically arrest my panic, or I would have gone into shock. All my practice at trying to be an adult was blown away, because I had to decide between saving her from Mr. Gorgev or letting her and Daddy buy Mrs. Abbey's incredible bargain of a house. It had been too much for me.

This felt worse, Momma asking if I would support her decision to pursue new kinds of love. More tears fell from my eyes but fewer than when her words punctured my heart. It ached, and all of my mind's reassuring: knowing that she still loved me, that she cared enough to come to me, that she wanted my support, could not bandage the smallest tear her request had ripped.

When I think back, I am so grateful to have cried instead of acting up. It was the release I needed, to collect my feelings and accept them. The wonderful words of the women in my life saved me. However...

...babies cried. I didn't learn different until much later. I felt almost as embarrassed at having bawled in front of my mother, as having her save me from a terrible tantrum. I couldn't face her, but I continued to reflect on the day's incredible, emotional shifts. I was lucky for all my recent experiences. They had come about because I could be mature, when I tried, when I fought selfishness and was mindful of my partners.

I had to be very mature for Momma. I knew it, against all the pain I felt and all potential pain in the future. Mrs. Laghari hinted at an incredible number of ways to make babies. So I had to believe there were at least as many ways to love. Perhaps, I had to love Momma differently, to support her.

"Momma, I can't call you that anymore."

"Honey?" She didn't catch my meaning.

"Do you really want me to look out for you?" I asked with a last sniff.

"My asking has hurt you, Billy, very much. If you can't support my decision, I will continue as I have, out of sorts with my nature. I will do that for you."

Momma needed to blossom. "I don't want you to change, Momma, but I want you to be happy, cuz I'm selfish, and I'm never unhappy when you're happy. You need to find new kinds of love to be happy."

"Sweetheart." She hugged me.

"But I can't look out for you and still call you, Momma."

"What do you mean?" She thought I was being silly.

I was very serious, but I spoke from love. "Mommas look out for their boys. I-I still want you to look after me, but when you need support, you can't be worried about me. I want you to trust me, Mom. When you're not sure or are afraid, you have to trust me. I want you to be happy, and I'll always help you, but I may have to do things you won't like." This was the moment when I realized that happiness often requires doing things you don't like.

"That's so sad!" Her hug shuddered and my shoulder holding up her cheek grew wet. "I want to be your Momma always."

"You gotta to be my Mom from now on." I turned my head and kissed her neck. "You have to let me be the one who looks out for you."

She cleared her throat, humor returning to her. "Your father may have a few opinions about who looks after me."

"He can, when he's with us." I allowed. "Daddy will always be Daddy."

Mom read between my words. "I wish he was with us more often too." She relaxed her hug and retreated to meet my eyes. Hers were still a little sad. "Can you call me, Momma, when he's with us?"

I shook my head. That was the big price she had to pay. The lesser price would be trusting me to know what was best for her. "You have to promise me." I didn't have to explain what.

Mom's lip trembled. "I think I understand, Billy. I love you, and I trust you. I-I know you will make mistakes and more than you imagine, but I will promise." She took up my serious mantle. "Billy, I promise to let you take charge of me, whenever you think I need you to." That last part was very important. She wasn't giving me full control. She was trusting me to be judicious not capricious. That would be one of the first mistakes I made, not quite comprehending the difference.

I took my mom's cheeks in my hands and held her head. I leaned forward. "I promise I will look out for you and support you. I want you to be happy and to enjoy lots of kinds of love."

"Oh, Billy." Her body vibrated. Her face grew hot in my hands. I pressed my lips to hers and tasted her fear. It had a wonderful flavor compared to what I had overcome.

Our lips nestled gently. I released her. If I hadn't, I would have made Daddy very sad that night. There was a promise, underneath our promises, as if we had performed a ritual, one that comforted me very much. Our happiness had to come before all others.

"Billy? Faun?" Father had opened the door but remained inside. "I'm here if you need me."

"It's okay, Daddy." I gulped, surprised by his voice.

"I will always need you, Glen." Mom smiled.

"Are you okay, Billy? I heard you crying."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay, Son. I cried too."

Mother looked sad again. "I'll be there soon, Honey. Billy has a busy day tomorrow. I haven't asked how I could help."

"I'll leave you to your privacy." He said gently and closed the door gently.

It would be a very busy day. I had to call Mrs. Abbey and maybe Mrs. Guthrie. I had to talk with Mrs. Lagari. In the afternoon, I would meet Steve, his mother, and the Social Worker.

Then I should help Mom practice making Mr. Gorgev's dinner. Maybe not that last part, though. She had done it before, the exact same meal, without me. No, I needed to help her. She needed to know that I would be with her, looking out for her. Thinking about Tuesday brought only confused thoughts like those. I was emotionally drained. I had no energy to be mad at Mr. Gorgev with.

Overcoming my fear of losing Mom and her love, and finding and accepting a difficult solution, had spent all of my goodness. A selfish notion found purchase in my hurting heart. I wanted to know how much Mom trusted me. Just a little test, I told myself. I let go of her. My hungry eyes roamed her beauty.

She must have sensed the change in my mood. She looked at her hands which fidgeted while I looked for something she could do to prove what she had promised. Maybe something not so little, my wounded heart darkened with privilege and want. My penis lurched to life, its patience ended.

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I had to remind my erection, mentally, that it had proved itself perfectly capable of impregnating ladies. Making babies with my mother was the hardest thing I would ever resist. It was quite possible Mom would have simply refused. There had to be limits to what she trusted from me. Also I knew that she and Daddy had not yet agreed on having another baby, and if that baby ended up being mine, I was sure Daddy would be very, very sad, possibly for as long as he raised it.

Respecting that didn't make the act any less compelling. I had to chide my thoughts for quickly jumping to such an extreme. Doing so, however, alerted my attention to the fact that, after conceding ground to Mom's new direction, I had gone right back to being selfish. So I did what any, horny youngster would do, I rationalized being selfish. I was still driven to test Mom's promise, just not to an extreme. To combat my very selfish, first thought, I told myself that I must not take greater pleasure from Mom, than what she received from my test.

I also needed a clear reason that she would accept, to test her.

Mom looked at her trembling hands when she asked. "Did you want to talk about what you're doing tomorrow?"

"Not yet." I kept thinking. The movement of her hands, nestled in her lap, gave me the idea. Mom had gone through a lot, emotionally, tonight. She needed something to calm her, to reward her for being so open and daring and for making a risky compromise. I needed to convince her, she had done the right thing. Her hands inspired the perfect test. Next I had to find a reason.

"Mom, I'm going to come home after visiting Steve, tomorrow, and I'm going to help you practice making dinner for Mr. Gorgev."

"I'm not sure I need practice, Sweetie. I made the same meal just last week. The Colkicks won't have to spend for extra groceries."

"You do, Mom, because this time I'm going to be there. I want to be part of everything. What if Mr. Gorgev tries to separate us? I want to be so important, he can't have any say."

"You've really thought about this." Mom approved. Her hands calmed in her lap.

"I can't let him win, this time. So I'm going to take strong measures, to make sure nothing goes wrong."

"What else?"

I gulped, trying to sound as rational as possible. "It's you, Mom."

"What about me?"

"You promised tonight, to let me take charge, but what if he's too much for you, and you don't let me?"

"I told you, Billy. I should have resisted more. I'll be much more confident, especially with you there."

"I think so too, but I have to make sure." I played my card.

"I thought you trusted me." She sounded concerned at the direction our conversation was heading.

"Daddy trusts you, probably more than me. But Mr. Gorgev was too strong."

"I've admitted my blame for that, Billy. I even agreed to your punishment." Mother started to sound cross.

"You did, Mom." I backed off. "Daddy, and now I, know not to blame you, and I'm sorry I punished you."

"Then what are you talking about?"

"A test. Just a little test. I won't feel confident about working for Mr. Gorgev if you can't handle a test."

"Of my promise?" Her tone was skeptical. "Billy, you need to go to bed, and your father's waiting for me."

"That sounds like you're breaking your promise." I stood my ground.

"I don't need you to take charge of me, tonight. We need our sleep."

"You promised to let me decide, Mom. You can disagree, but if you don't keep your promise now, how will you keep your promise to resist Mr. Gorgev?"

Mom quieted. Her hands shook again. "It's true." She admitted in a very small voice. "After you kissed me, I worried how you would use my promise. You're scaring me, Billy, but you're telling the truth. I almost broke my promise to you." She pursed her lips and met my eyes. "I won't let you do just anything, anytime. If I ever think you're taking advantage of my promise. I will withdraw it."

"I'll try not to." I said, wondering if I had just lied to her. I told myself that I was doing this test because she needed it. I think now, I was right.

Her voice remained soft. "What do I have to do?"

"I'm going to tell you a little bit at a time. That's part of the test." Also I hadn't yet figured out all the steps. I'd only had one experience, but this time I would be doing it to my Mom.

I stood up from the couch and tried to look serious. It was a serious thing, but my boner was having none of that. Fortunately it didn't stick out into my pants but up. The zipper flap concealed the true state of my penis.

"Take off your slippers, first."

"Um, okay." She bit her lower lip to stop it from trembling. Her bare feet fled easily out of her matching slippers. The hem of her light blue gown swayed as she removed them. It fell to the middle of her calves. Mom frowned. She didn't like not knowning what I would ask next.

"Are you wearing panties, Mom?"

"Is that important?"

"Yes. Everything I say and do is important, until we're done."

"I usually wear a pair." She corrected herself. "Yes, I mean. I am."

"Thank you for telling me." She needed encouraging. "You have to take them off now."

Mom bent forward to stand up, while gripping her gown at the waist.

"No, Mom, you can't get up. You have to sit there and take off your panties."

"That's very embarrassing, Billy. You'll see everything. Is that what you want?"

"You don't have time for questions. You have to do as I say."

A small tremor flitted up her torso. She moaned, "Nngghh... Uh, uh, yes, Billy."

Her reaction surprised me. Had I done something wrong?

Mom reached lower on her gown and pulled the material up from her knees. The hem slid over and revealed her beautiful legs. She pushed her back against the couch and lifted her hips. Her hands continued to pull the gown to her waist, until it fully bunched there. Comfortable, white panties hugging her hips and groin appeared as she reseated herself on the cushion.

The last time I had her disrobe, I'd made her masturbate me until I came on her costume dress. This time, I wanted to give her pleasure. My penis lurched harder at the sight, even though I had told it, it wouldn't get off tonight. It wanted to rub up and down the indent where her vulva spread beneath the cotton panel. I couldn't let it sway me with such potential delights. "Take it off, Mom." I said a little harsh, but I was only angry at my imagination.

She saw me staring at her covered mound. Once more her torso trembled, but instead of a groan, Mom's face got very red. "I-I will, Billy. You picked this test because it wasn't easy." Her fingers fluttered over the waistband, found purchase and slipped around it.

"Uh, yeah, that's why I picked it."

Mom has nice hips, and it took some effort to roll the elastic over them. She gave a little grunt. Dark brown hairs, thick and twisted, popped up from behind the band. Her hands shifted for better leverage. The durable garment slid more easily down her thighs. All of her pubes appeared, a groomed vee pointing at her most intimate place. She stopped when her panties held her legs together just above her knees.

"You have to take them all the way off." I explained.

"I do, Billy?" She breathed a little harder. "Are you going to make me get naked all the way?"

"Shh, Mom. If you ask any more questions, I might have to give you a reminded to keep your promise."

"I'm sorry, Billy. I'll do what you say." She bent farther forward and pushed her panties to her ankles. The she stepped out of them, Her hands returned to her waist and grabbed the hem bunched there.

"You're really pretty, Mom." Although her closed thighs hid her sex from me, the bare skin of them pressed together formed three crevices. The most exciting part lay beneath where they met. My heart beat faster, and my dick pulsed at the sight.

She started to lift her gown. I knew her breasts were naked beneath it. But I couldn't let her anticipate my desires. She had to do what I said and no more. "Stop." I pointed at her hands.

"What's the matter?"

That was another question, but I let it slide. Anyone would have asked that in those circumstances. So I believed.

"I didn't tell you to do that."

"Oh." She must have realized my methods. "Sorry." Her eyes fell away from me.

"Sorry don't excuse doing it wrong."

"Billy, I understand you feel you have to do this, but please don't be mean."

"I may have to be mean, when you seem like you're going to break your promise. You need to understand that."

"Ooh, I don't know what to think when you get like this."

"Don't think. Do what I tell you, Mom." I reached out and slapped her face just enough to startle her. "Don't ask questions. Don't say you're sorry. Don't discuss anything. Do. What. I. Say." I raised my hand.

Her head flinched away. "Yes, Billy."

I made her wait. Her posture was that of a little girl on a chair beside the door to the room where she would be spanked.

When I thought she had learned her lesson, I told her, "Now spread your legs and your knees."

"Yes, Billy." Her hands continued to clench the hem bunched at her waist. They shook with a hint of worry. Mom opened her knees and spread her legs. The full beauty of her sex revealed like a succession of curtains parting. Mom's hairy puss waited in plain sight, trembling along with her fists.

Again, my prick lurched in my pants. I swear I could have cum, right then. I honestly think I would have, if I hadn't raped Mrs. Lum scarcely an hour previous.

"Push your bum forward, Mom, until your groin is at the edge of the couch. Keep your legs open."

Her eyes flew wide. "Billy, please tell me you're not going to put your penis in me!" She whined. "I can see how hard it is."

"No, but you have to push your puss to the edge of the cushion." I let her wonder if I meant, no I wasn't going to put my penis in her, or no I wouldn't tell her.

"Nhh, uuh-oh, Billy!" She prevented herself from telling me, "No."

Mom scooted her backside forward, in little steps. Her knees spread even wider, and her full groin cooled in the evening air. Something glistened along the line between her vertical lips.

"Thank you, Momma." I wanted to reward her for responding correctly, obediently. It wouldn't be the last time I reminded her that some part of me would always think of her as my momma.

"I-I'm afraid."

"It's going to be okay." I stepped over her closer foot and stood between her splayed legs. I couldn't prevent my hand from fingering the top button of my shorts.

"OOOW!" She whimpered, loudly. Her torso wobbled on the plush cushion.

"Shhhhh. Daddy might come out and have to watch us."

Mom had gotten wise to my games. She restrained her righteous rebuke.

When I felt she couldn't stand the anticipation, any more, I gave a gentle smile and slowly bent my knees. "You deserve this, Mom. I'm sorry I had to be mean. I know you've been through a lot, tonight, and you still kept your promise. Trust me a little more, please."

"Oh, Billy, what are you-" Her words died when I knelt between her splayed knees and leaned my head to her beautiful puss. I reached out and took her clenched fingers in my hands and held them."

Her hips lurched before my lips touched her sex. The involuntary spasm swiped her moist line across my lips.

"Ooooohhh." Mom moaned. "Thaaat! H-h-h-" She sputtered. "How-"

"Shhh, Mom. If you ask, I may have to remind you."

"N-no, I w-won't. No more- But you don't have to do tha- Uuuggghhh!" Her chest heaved from having merely brushed her vulva to my lips."

"Shhh, Mom!" I said as loud as I dared, but it occurred to me, she might not be able to constrain her cries, when I pleasured her. I looked around, afraid I would bring sadness to Daddy once more. I spied Mom's wide panties laying between her foot and my knee. I picked them up and got to my feet while leaning over her. They were damp with sweat and no doubt other excretions.

She looked at the panties I held out. She wanted to ask, but knew she mustn't.

I steadied myself with one fist punched into the cushion, beside her hip. "I'm sorry, Mom. I have to do this too. I didn't realize." I moved the panties close to her chin.

Her eyes pleaded.

"I want to love you. To give you joy. But I think you need this."

"I'll try to be quiet. Uh, I'll bite my hand."

"I don't want you to hurt yourself, Mom. Now open your mouth."


"Are you asking for them?"

She was not. She was begging to stop me. She grimaced, knowing my answer, before slowly nodding. "I-I was, Billy ... please." She relaxed her jaw and spread her lips. As her mouth opened, I could see her back, pearl teeth, and her wet, pink tongue. The latter receded to make room.

I pushed folds of her panties between Mom's salmon lips. My fingers wadded it into her mouth, until the entire garment filled it. I kissed her cheek. "I'm trying really hard to show how much your promise means to me."

Tears formed in her eyes. She mumbled and tried to smile, but she could barely close her small mouth.

I withdrew downward, until my head reached the level of Mom's crotch, where her groomed hair and wet puss waited. I stopped making my Mom wait and pushed my cheeks between her perfect thighs. My tongue slipped out and tasted her. To her outer labia, seeped the most amazing flavor. It would not have been easy to enjoy, except it was my mom's pussy that seeped it. I lapped at it and pressed my lips to hers.

Mom flinched, slightly wrenching my head and neck. I grasped her hips to try and control them. I felt her hands still clenching the fabric of her gown. I sucked the folds of her vulva into my mouth and pushed my tongue between them. Mother's body bucked! I managed to ride it out, holding her hips.

"MMMRRRRGGGHHH!!!" Mom howled into her gag.

I kept licking and sucking her puss. I stabbed my tongue inside her and slid it down and then up. When I finally found her clitoris, it felt as hard as the cock screaming for release in my pants. Momma's pleasure had to come first. I dragged my tongue across her clit before sucking it into my mouth.

"RRRRRHHHHH!!!!!!" She roared! I worried she was still loud enough to disturb Daddy, but he would have had to barrel in and pry me from Mom's quivering cunt. After giving an intense greeting to her turgid clit, I returned to stabbing my tongue into her puss and sucking on her lips.

By now, Mom's body was a wild thing, writhing and lurching. However it moved and bucked, it could not dislodge me from pleasuring her most sensitive flesh. I returned to massage her clit several times, between running my tongue wide up her slit and then penetrating to her inner hole, the opening to her vagina.

She groaned and shrieked into her gag, no doubt striving to keep her voice down but with little success. Juices now dribbled into my mouth.

After a dozen experiments, always returning to simple kisses, sucking and licking, between ideas, I settled down, attempting to give her the sensations that had always worked for me when I near the end of masturbating. I liked a steady pulse and stroke, starting slow.

Mom continued to writhe but her body began to tense up, constraining its reactions to my persistent licking and sucking. I recognized that her body was in the final throes before her major orgasms erupted. More and more fluid dribbled from her.

I used the full arc of my neck to swipe my tongue up her puss. By then enough of my spittle had mingled with her juice to make it taste more familiar, as if I had begun to own it. I planted my tongue between her vulva and used my neck muscles to drive quick strokes up their slit. When my mouth reached the base of her clitoris, my upper lip slid over it and pressed strong around it, until my downstroke flicked it out of my mouth. I pulsed my tongue as it pressed, rose up, licked and dragged down Mom's sex.

"Mllllyy!! NNNN- MLLLYYY!!!!" Mom's head shook back and forth as her body tried to turn to stone. I kept licked and sucking and rubbing my tongue into her puss, steadily but slowly speeding up as I grew more confident of my technique.

My head darted through her thighs, sucking up every drop of moisture her body sent to lubricate the action on her openings and sensitive places. I would not stop until Momma could take no more.

"GGGGGHHHHHH - UH- UHHHH!!!!!" Suddenly her body convulsed as if she had gone mad. Her hands flew to her mouth, covering it, pressing the gag solidly within. She shrieked and howled! I had to pull away or risk whiplash. Not to waste an opportunity, I stuck a hand into her crotch and pried three fingers into her quaking cunt. They wriggled in, between lurches, until I could safely fuck them in and out of mom while she wailed and thrashed.

I felt her cum hard a second time. She hollered through her hands and dirty panties intended to mute. My head involuntarily swiveled to my parents' bedroom door. It remained shut, Daddy inside.

My other hand moved to my imprisoned dick. It wanted to cum too, but I forced myself to save it for tomorrow. I didn't want to waste any. So I could shoot as much as possible into Ms. Laghari and Steve's mom, should the occasions arise.

My rutting fingers felt mom's third cum. Her body was nearly exhausted from the intensity of her orgasms. It merely flinched and twitched as she moaned and groaned into her gag. Her hands fell to the cushion on either side of her hips. "NNngggghh. Mmmmmnnnnnhhh." Mom's eyes twirled and blinked.

I pulled my hand free of her soaking puss. I didn't even mind sucking them, having gotten use to her powerful flavor. Mother may have cum as much as twice more, while I licked her juice from my fingers and watched her float down from the heights she had soared. Her body shuddered between pauses to catch her breath.

When finally, she landed on the bedclothes her gyrations had scattered, and the glaze in her eyes faded, I told her, "I love you, Mom."

Her hand reached up to her gag, but halted before reaching it. Instead, she opened her jaw as far as she could and lifted her head towards me. Her eyes asked politely.

I smiled and nodded. I reached out and tugged the soaking panties out of her mouth. I handed them to her.

Mom gasped heavily then, not saying anything, but she looked away from my beaming face. "Thank you." She panted. She didn't want me to see her blush.

"You were great, Mom." I sat down beside her. My jaw and neck began to stiffen. I rubbed my neck as best I could. I'm sorry I had to be mean." I reached for her hand and brought it to my lips.

"I need to ask-" She found sufficient breath to speak.

"It's okay, now, Mom. I won't doubt you when we make dinner for Mr. Gorgev." Upon saying the vile man's name, a stone in my heart fell out. I had truly feared how Mom would react to his advances. That fear left me like a tumor flushed from my body.

"It's not okay, Billy." She looked stunned. "It was wonderful. I never realized how it might feel, with you. I couldn't allow myself to even imagine."

"You came a lot, Mom."

Mom turned bright red. Her breathing shallowed. She swallowed. "It's late." She looked around, occasionally blinking. "We'll have to talk about tomorrow, in the morning." With that, Mom struggled up off of the couch and to her feet. Her nightgown fell down her wet thighs, past her shaking knees to end halfway upon her beautiful legs.

I got up to steady her. She flashed a palm at me. "I have to go. Now get some sleep."

I had to remake my bed. I tried to plan my Tuesday, but it was impossible to escape the excitement and pride I felt after giving something wonderful to Mom. My only worry was, how was I going to fall asleep without succumbing to my boner's demand. To my relief, it sorted itself out after going to the bathroom. As I was leaving, I noticed Mom's soggy panties hanging from the inner handle on the door that led to the main room. Had she left them there for me?

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The dangling panties were a missed opportunity. If I had seen them upon entering, I would have happily wrapped them around my stiff peter and filled them with lots of cum remembering the taste of Mom's pussy. I could smell that fragrance, however diluted with her saliva. I saved my cum for better purposes the next day. Perhaps Mom had only hung them there to dry. Although she had never been shy about hanging her underwear from the shower's curtain rod, when they the dryer hadn't fully dried them.

Mom washed the family laundry during the week while I was at school. I hadn't been in the basement where coin operated machines were used by most of the residents at Lady of the Lake.

However, a missed opportunity was not necessarily a lost opportunity. I set an alarm on my watch, for early morning, before Daddy would wake. If Mom had hung her undergarment to dry, I didn't want it to get moldy, crammed under the couch or somewhere. I went to bed and dreamed of Mom's muffled cries.

Beep. Beep. Beep. I woke up and reached for my watch. After stopping the alarm, I unplugged the charging cable and put the watch on my wrist, as if I were getting up normally. I ambled into the bathroom.

"Billy." Mom flinched. She sat on the toilet, her gown bunched around her hips like last night.

"Sorry, Momma." I said the wrong name out of habit and backtracked.

Mom relaxed and smiled warmly. "I'll be done soon."

I closed the door. A question popped out of me, unexpectedly. "Mom, why did you leave your panties on the door?"

"They were wet."

"You didn't wash them, though."

"Come back in here, Billy. It's okay." The toilet flushed.

I opened the door and peeked in. Mom stood, her hem falling to her calves. She folded the lid down, and sat on it. Timid lips hesitated before speaking, "You, uh, surprised me, last night. I thought you were being selfish again. Instead, you gave me something wonderful, without gratifying yourself. I-I just thought you might like to- Um, I mean, after Mrs. Cherkle left hers..." Her voice dwindled before finding itself again. "But you didn't use them. Maybe that's something you don't want from your -- Mom."

I rushed to wrap her in a loving hug. "I do want them, Momma!" Again, the word just blurted out. "I was letting them dry until now."

"You woke up just to get my panties?" 

"I did." I nodded.

She returned my embrace. "You can keep them as long as you like, until you want me to wash them."

"I want to keep them, but Daddy found them, last time. I don't know where to put them."

"That is a problem. Your father is always poking around the house, when he doen't have much to do. It's important to let him relax like that, but good 'ol Mom knows a place he never looks."

"Where's that?"

"At the bottom of the hamper."

The family laundry hamper was tucked into the entry closet. It barely fit, and it was annoying to move aside the hanging coats and whatnot to open the lid. "What if I don't want you to wash them?" I blushed at my naughty thought.

She patted my head and whispered. "Then Mom will leave alone any panties in the bottom of the hamper. If you want, you can cover them with that ugly windbreaker that your father never wears. I was going to donate it, but that might be a better use. What do you think?"

"That'd be great!" I beamed and broke our hug.

"Do you have to use this?" She stood from the toilet, then smirked, "Or did you need to use that?" Her eyes glanced at the door handle to the main room.

My blush deepened. Until she'd asked, I hadn't realized how badly I needed to pee. "Go, Mom." I urged suddenly.

She yawned and left through her door. After relieving myself, I took Mom's panties and hid them at the bottom of the hamper, under Daddy's old windbreaker.

I went back to bed and slept until Daddy woke me by touseling my hair. "You look after your mother, today. I have to work very late tonight."

"Yes, Daddy."

He kissed my forehead and left.

Mom had already said that we would practice making Mr. Gorgev's meal, tonight. So there wasn't much to discuss before I called Mrs. Abbey. She answered in person, this time.

"Billy! I'm sorry I haven't called back. The paperwork for your house is crazy, too many parties involved."

"You're having parties before you sell it?" The notion distracted my reason for calling.

"No, silly, your parents, the Colkicks, and I'm the one financing it, are the parties involved. I had to rope Shannon into researching our unique transaction."

Thinking of Shannon being roped wasn't helping me to get back on track. "What about those first offers? They were much higher. I thought you knew I was playing a game. I'm sorry. I never meant this to happen."

Mrs. Abbey took a second to answer. "I, for one, am happy it did. Now listen to me carefully, and respect what I say. My offer to your parents has nothing to do with the naughty trick you pulled. Don't ever think that again."

"Then why?"

"It was what Shannon said, the anti-capitalist, little mutt. You may not remember, but she scolded me in a particularly insightful way. I'm sure the circumstances had a little to do with it but not you. Bottom line is, I am well off, with too many houses. Keeping this one off the market for so long was one less house that people in even slight need, should be able to use. I can afford to sell that house, at a price that covers my expenses and would be lost interest on my capital investment, over those years.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to get all wordy. Just so you know, Billy. Your parents deserve a break, and I'm gaining something much more valuable than wealth, in giving it to them. I'm absolutely thrilled I can do this much. I'm even thinking of directing my business to helping more, good people who just need a break, to own their own home. Shannon's an amazing girl, but you better not pay more attention to her than me!" Mrs. Abbey laughed.

"Wow." Was all I could say.

She went on, full of mirth. "And should that special room in the house become your bedroom, I may have to plan more visits to your neighborhood. There are even extra rooms that your parents could rent, if they need to bolster their income. Oh, Billy, its difficult to describe how alive I feel. I urge you, never worry about me and the sale price ever again."

"Um, okay." I felt dumb, happy for her, and a lot happier myself, but dumb. I thanked her before having to end the call and go to school.

"That sounded, one sided." Mom raised an eyebrow. However much she respected my privacy, that didn't mean she wasn't extremely curious.

I blushed and made excuses to leave early. Two blocks from school, Mom texted that the social worker wouldn't arrive at Mrs. Dinty's house until five pm. Steve's mom had called her to say, I might not get home until seven. Mom wrote she would make herself a little something for dinner until we could practice the 'client's' full meal. Mrs. Dinty would fix a healthy snack before taking me home.

I wrote back, "Okay." And upon entering the school building I made a beeline to Mrs. Lum's office. She was making the day's exercise schedule for her classes. "You wanted to see me?" I clicked the door shut behind me.

Mrs. Lum put down her pencil and closed her day calendar. I made a difficult decision, this morning, regarding what happened last night-"

"I'm sorry Mrs. McDougal messed up everything." I blurted my first thought. Mrs. Lum sounded like she might be upset with me, after thinking over what had happened last night."

"It's not that, Billy. I found your apartment owner quite refreshing. I hope I can measure up to her bluster when I'm her age."

I frowned. "What decision?"

"I'm going to send you to Ms. Hennifer, after school, Billy. I'm very sorry, but you did something last night that I would have solidly reprimanded you about, had we not been interrupted, however entertaining it became.

I thought over my deeds. She had called me mean, for trying to replicate how she felt when I abandoned her the first time. "I thought you wanted me to be mean."

"That's the right something." She acknowledged. "I'm impressed that you guessed it, but you don't really understand what you're doing wrong. This morning is already too late to call you to task and ensure that you learn what you need, to enjoy more times with me. So I sought the best help I know."

"Ms. Hennifer?" My stomach sickened. I knew then how serious Mrs. Lum was about correcting me.

"When Shoona and I confronted her about the event between the two of you, a week ago, she explained, your mother had given her permission to discipline you as she saw fit. I don't have that power, nor do I particularly believe in its effectiveness, but she swore you have matured quicker for it. I have great respect for your math teacher, Billy. She has one of the finest minds for education, in the state."

"But it's not fair!" I wailed, a minor tantrum took me. I had raped this woman, last night, but she didn't sound grateful at all! "Just tell me what I did wrong!"

Mrs. Lum sighed, ignoring my childish outburst. "I will tell you. Ms. Hennifer will too. I won't have you making the same mistake three times." She studied me then, to see how worthy I was, I realized.

Fighting back my angering confusion. I took deep breaths and waited.

"That's better." Her expression softened. "I'll explain. You take too much on yourself, when we're playing. The problem with last night is similar to the first time. I enjoyed what you did, after coitus." She knew I knew that word. "It's a problem because my enjoyment reinforces your dangerous behavior." She took paused shaking her head, at herself I sensed. "Excuse me, I should have began with that.

"Billy, the game we play has rules, despite how one-sided it may seem to you. The most important rule is that we communicate. When you forced me to clean you, there was no communication, and there needed to be! I asked you to abandon me, but clever you realized that wouldn't be enough. I would have rewarded you for thinking of that, except you acted immediately without any input from me. Everything that happened up until then, was fine but only because we had discussed how you could rape me."

 She was right. I did have trouble understanding. I sorta did. Maybe I should have discussed with her, how I changed the scenario that she had requested, but why pretend to rape someone if I had to get their approval? That didn't make sense! For such nonsense, I would have to suffer Ms. Hennifer's loving punishment this afternoon. I didn't even have the excuse of going to Steve's house, right after school! I pouted mightily.
 "I'm sorry I couldn't explain it better." Mrs. Lum sighed. "You do have a choice, and I promise to accept your decision. If you refuse the lesson I've asked Gloria to administer, we will have to stop playing our, already dangerous enough, game."

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I had survived Ms. Hennifer's punishments before. My math teacher honestly cared to do right, but couldn't help herself from going too far. I think I was beginning to enjoy her hugs and soothing because she hurt me so much. She had promised, that my cum would help her to remember to be more careful. I'm not sure I trusted her completely, but I trusted her sincerity.

Raping Mrs. Lum was a unique pleasure. I would never again find someone who wanted me to rape them. It was a special game for me. However, she sounded really serious about what I had supposedly done wrong. Not that I disbelieved, I didn't understand. Ms. Hennifer might do her worst to me, if my mistake was really serious.

I considered asking to spread my correction over several days to reduce the severity of each one, but that would multiply the risk of Ms. Hennifer going overboard. I sighed. In the end, I could only ask Mrs. Lum, "Will you be there?" Maybe she would take pity on me before Ms. Hennifer got carried away. "I'd like you to be."

She frowned. "That would be up to Gloria. She has to be in charge." Mrs. Lum shook her head. "I'll ask her. If you go, I'll be there, if she allows it."

I pouted. "Okay. I'll go. I'm sorry, Mrs. Lum. Isn't there any other way?"

"I wish there was, but it's very important that what we do, we do absolutely right, and you need to learn as quickly as possible."

There wasn't anything more to say. I excused myself and went to my locker. Steve was waiting for me.

"Took you long enough, Squirt. Class is almost starting."

I guess "squirt" was a better insult than what he'd called me previously. "What's so important you can't wait for lunch?" It's not like he was going to get his ass battered for raping the P.E. teacher in the wrong way.

"Did you're mom call you about the Social Worker?"

"She texted."

"Whatever. Anyway, Mom will pick us up from school at four pm. So you gotta stick around until then." The school harp sang.

"I see. Uh, thanks for letting me know early."

One side of his face grimaced. "Yeah. Probably just a bunch of boring talk, talk, talk."


We skedaddled to our classes.

By second period, my science class, I was already sweating about going to math next. Mr. Yong talked about semi-solids. "These substances are firm if struck but yields to gentleness." He handed out a few bowls of wet cornstarch as the example, with packages of towelettes.

When a bowl came to me, I slapped it first. Then I sank my fingers in slowly. The way it gripped them would have felt familiar if it had been really warm. I handed it to the kid next to me.

"Thank's, Billy." It was the girl named Kelly. A slight blush crossed her face when she accepted the science example. I remembered her sitting further back, not that I paid attention to dumb girls, but she often had good answers for the teacher. So she kinda stood out.

I opened the towelette package and wiped my hands. The school's harp sang us to our next class. Ms. Hennifer smiled just like she always did when I entered class, the same smile for every student. I couldn't bring myself to ask her any questions about work in our lesson exercises. Instead of feeling glad to leave at the end of class, I fretted worse about seeing her after school. If I had asked for help, maybe she would have said something to ease my worry.

So, uneasily, I went to Ms. Laghari's room. She was about to go to lunch. "Can I talk with you?" I asked.

"Billy?" She looked around her empty room before realizing it and forced herself to respond. "Let's talk elsewhere." She left her room, me in tow. Halfway into our brief walk, I knew we were headed, to Mrs. Lum's office.

Ms. Laghari knocked, but no one answered. She produced a key then. "She guessed you might talk with me." Her eyes twinkled at my lunch sack. "Did you bring enough for me?"

We entered and she locked the door behind her. I handed my lunch to her. I had no stomach for eating.

"I was just kidding."

"I'm not." I tried again.

She took the bag with a grin and peeked inside. Ms. Laghari plucked out an apple. "If all the apples given to all the teachers, could talk..." She bit into it cheerfully and handed back my sack. "Mnestly, mm meet-" She swallowed. "Less than this for lunch." Was that how she stayed so thin? "Okay, Billy, I'm not one for wasting energy. We have about forty minutes." She set down the apple on Mrs. Lum's desk. "Come here." She opened her arms.

Her boldness was not as surprising at it sounded. She was like this in class too, as if she had planned what would happen between us down to the last sperm produced.

I entered her embrace and happily returned it. "You feel nice, Ms. Laghari."

"You feel a little stiff." She wasn't talking about my boner. I didn't have one. Despite her beauty and warmth and softness, my penis stayed close to me, in case this was a trick.

"I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault. I'm going to help you relax." She brushed her lips across mine. It didn't spark like when Mom did it, but it sure felt nice. "If we had time, I would give you a massage, but a kiss is as good a start as any." She brought her lips back to mine. The pressed lightly and stayed there, until mine relaxed and softened. The breath from her nose was shallow but hot. "Mmmmm." She hummed into my lips.

I tried humming back. She broke the kiss gently. "That's nice. I don't know what you're expecting today. So let's talk about it."

"Are we going to make babies?"

"Caroline said you liked to call it that. It's a wonderful term, but no, not right away. I should make clear, Billy. What we are going to do is going to feel very much like teasing, but I promise that's not what this is about. I'm going to try lots of little things with you and learn how you respond. Once I get an idea of what you like, I'll be sure to please you." She pursed her lips. "That may take several days."


"Think about that for a couple minutes. Imagine me teasing you, for several minutes each day. How do you feel about that?"

"I'm gonna get real frustrated."

"That may happen, at first, but if I do what I pledged to, you'll discover new ways to deal with that frustration, including enjoying it."

That didn't sound possible, but Ms. Laghari was pretty smart. She had pledged to teach me about other ways to enjoy sex that would balance my current, intense experiences. That didn't sound all that fun, but I was already enjoying being in her arms. She was a really good kisser, too. My penis had taken notice and gained some confidence.

Ms. Laghari whispered in my ear. "Keep your arms around my chest and feel me breath." My English teacher took a slow, deep breath. She exhaled just as slowly behind my ear. "Just pay attention to my breathing."

I liked how her breasts flattened against me while she took another deep breath. Somehow she guessed. "Please Billy, pay attention to my breaths." She began another.

I tried. It was kind of like paying attention to my own breath, in the wild thoughts game that Mom had taught me. Less than a minute into the exercise, I realized that I was breathing opposite of her, exhaling when she inhaled and vice versa. I also realized my penis was very hard. Realizing that disturbed my attention. As I returned to her breathing, she said. "Gooood." She spoke softly on every exhale. "You got it right-" Breath. "The first time." Pause.

My body felt light, probably from all the oxygen in it.

Over many breaths, she said. "Now shift your attention to your breathing. I'm going to kiss you. Breath out when I breathe in, and in when I exhale, just like you're doing now." Ms. Laghari pulled her mouth from my ear. "Hold my head to you, Billy. For as long as you can, don't let our mouths come apart, and keep breathing. The pace will speed up naturally. Let it." She kissed me with an open mouth, just as I was exhaling. She sucked all of my air into her lungs. I took her head in my hands and held her to me. When it was time for me to breath in, she gave back the breath I had given her.

The lungful of air passed between us two more times when I felt her hands between us. I felt two other things. She was opening my pants. Also, there was something in the air we exchanged, a living thing, it seemed.

The oxygen in my blood began to thin, making me breath harder, but I kept her mouth to mine. We shared four more breaths, breathing faster each time. She kept up with my speed. The the life in our one breath radiated a strange energy, electricity that charged my sense of self. As my body began to demand fresh air, I felt her grasp my naked penis. She held it with warm hands.

Tiny motes of light prickled around the edge of my vision, and I knew I would have to let go, for fresh air. That energy between us crackled across those stars. Somehow I held on for two more breaths. She was stroking me to our rhythm. Somehow the arousal mixed with the edge of my panic, fostering a strange kind of pressure in my nervous system.

I let go of Ms. Laghari's head and sucked in fresh air! She took heaving breaths too. Our energy flashed into my soul. My groin lurched in her hands and an orgasm ran up into my head. It threw handfuls of pleasure across my brain. My body shook and I continued to gasp for air.

Like me, Ms. Laghari panted, but she was smiling. I looked shocked. "That's a bit edgy for a first exercise, but I wanted to prove this isn't about teasing you."

"What happened?"

"Some people force themself to the very edge of asphyxiation, but don't do that. You can lose brain cells."

"I came."

"Did you?" She smiled and held up her hands. They were dry. I looked at my softening dick. It hadn't cum.

"But I felt it."

"Probably not very strong, but was it good?" Her smile relaxed.

Not particularly but not bad, I almost said. Suddenly I looked at her in utter disbelief. I was entirely, incredibly relaxed! Thinking about this afternoon didn't tense one muscle. "Uh, yeah..." I replied, astonished. My body felt renewed as if I had just woken up.

Ms. Laghari smiled again and picked up the apple. She went to the door and unlocked it. I hurried to pull my pants up. "You can eat your meatloaf sandwich here. I'm a vegetarian. Oh, and I left the office key here. Lock up and bring it to class." Biting the apple, she winked and went out the door.

"Yes, mizz..." I sank into a chair. My body buzzed with energy. I didn't want my sandwich. I sat and simply enjoyed the sensation of being incredibly relaxed. Ten minutes before lunchtime ended, I ate my sandwich, got up did as Ms. Laghari asked. I had just enough time to get my English workbook out of my locker.

"Thank you." She accepted the key in plain sight of half of the class. The rest of the class arrived and we began.

In P.E. Mrs. Lum taught a new step to the Capoeira dance. I didn't feel tired at all during class. James was sweating hard and out of breath. Jumping around is harder when you're overweight.

Darrin complemented me twice, during Music and Art. I felt so alive, it infused everything we created with energy. At the end of class, my body was still buzzing.

"Hi, Ms. Hennifer." I walked into her class, not without worries, but somewhat confident. That internet catch phrase came to me. I can do this. Mrs. Lum was not present.

"Lock the door please, Billy, and bring a seat over here."

"Yes, Ma-am." I obeyed.

Before I sat, she walked up with half a frown and hugged me. "I'm sorry, Billy, that this has to  happen."

You're sorry? I kept quiet but returned her hug.

"And it has to remain private between us." Ms. Hennifer continued to hold me in her strong arms. "Mrs. Lum is an amazing woman. She's had to deal with significant losses in her life, and I'm glad you have brought her more than a little relief."

"I have?"

"You mean a lot to her. That's why you're here."

Now I really didn't understand. I told her so.

Ms. Hennifer sat down in a chair next to mine. "The first time I punished you, it was because you didn't care enough about others. The second time, you were lacking in empathy for others. Those are similar reasons." She sighed. "Today's matter is not much different, and I worry that you aren't understanding how your mistakes are connected."

"Mrs. Lum tried to tell me, but I didn't understand." I admitted. Why did I do that! Had she trained me to reveal everything?

"I'll do my best then." She took my hands in hers. They were very warm. "Mrs. Lum and you play a very special game. It's quite dangerous, actually, and I've told her that she is expecting too much from you, Billy. I almost refused to correct you."

"You like correcting me." I shouldn't have said that either, but she resisted perceiving intent aside.

"Aye, Lad." A sad admission. "The nature of your mistakes could have repercussions outside of your relationship with Caroline, and I fear that my method is inadequate and cruel." Ms. Hennifer took a deep breath and exhaled. "This will be the last time I punish you, if your behavior doesn't improve. To be honest, I think it has, but I'm biased.

"If I ever hear that you act indiscriminately again, I will know that I have failed, and that I have wronged you greatly. I will bury my paddle in my back yard and grow mushrooms from it.

She made me sad. I didn't want her to punish me, but I didn't want to be her failure, not ever. "What's indsrimnatly?"

"Sorry. I'll try to explain. Mrs. Lum said, during your game, you took the initiative without consulting with her, to make her do something she wasn't prepared for."

"But that's part of the game!" I whined.

"Yes and no." Ms. Hennifer said flatly. "I can understand your confusion, but if you learn your lesson this afternoon, your mistake will stand out like a sore bum." She cleared her throat to suppress a laugh. "The basic you mistake that both of you have made, is she never told you that she is the one in charge of you raping her."


"She doesn't want to tell you that, because that would make the game less for her. So, she is somewhat to blame, but today I'm going to punish you for what you did wrong, not her." She took another deep breath. "If you fully cared about Caroline and had used more empathy, you would have instinctively checked in with her, before you took the initiative and made her clean your nasty cock." Her voice shot out sharp the last word. Ms. Hennifer breathed faster. Pink tinged her face.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Hennifer. I won't forget next time. Please don't hurt me very much." It was time. I stood and leaned over her desk. Before placing my hands on the smooth surface, I unfastened my pants and pulled them and my underwear, down from my bottom. She liked to spank a naked bum, but I doubted that would lessen my lesson. My hands went to the desk, to hold myself up during my punishment. One brushed against her wicked paddle. It stung fear into me. I was breathing faster, mouth still dry, heart thumping.

"I love you, Billy." She stood and grasped her instrument. Her voice was strangely hoarse.

"I know, Ms. Hennifer. I love you."

CRACK! The board sounded lounder than it hurt. It did hurt.

That was the first time I did not cry out in pain. It hurt like crazy, but I remained mute. I was, however, already crying tears. "One." I remembered.

"I gave you fifty, last time, and that was too much." Ms. Hennifer announced. "I'm going to give you fifty again, but I'm going to pace things better." She promised. Would she keep it?

WHACK! I sensed she was warming up to full swings.

"MMnnggg!" I grunted, "Two."

CRACK! Seasoned, lacquered wood stung my young ass. It was the hardest strike yet, but not her strongest. My body flinched and I groaned, "Three."

Ms. Hennifer had never mentioned where I should look, but I always peered ahead, never at her while she whupped my bottom. I'd have said, "whipped," but she wasn't using one. I didn't want to see her swing. WHACK! "OWW!" I blurted. "Four."

Her strikes hit harder, but she continued to hold back. I didn't know why until I had counted to ten.

"Let's see how we're doing." She was still breathing heavily. I did look then. Her eyes had little flames in them. She reached forward and handled my erect penis. I hadn't noticed it get hard. "You're learning nicely." Her words were laden with heavy breath. She fondled me, and I no longer minded the pain in my bum, but she stopped, stepped back, and raised her paddle. I looked ahead.

SMASH! The tan board struck like a wrecking ball! "OWOWWW!!!" I yelled! The difference in pain was night and day. I nearly forgot to count. "Ele-ow-ven." My body started twitching as the impact bounced around my insides. She didn't wait for it to settle. SMASH!

"OOWWW!!!" I tried to say twelve, but I couldn't breath. "Eehhllvvee." I gasp.

SMASH! "Speak it, Lad!" She urged, "Twelve."

I yelled again, somehow finding my voice. "T-ttwelf!"

SMASH! "Close, Billy. Don't make me start over. I would like that too much."

"AAAAA!!!" I wailed. Tears flew from my eyes. She had never hit so hard! "TTWWWEELVVEE!"

SMASH! "Count!" She commanded, but was I suppose to say twelve again or thirteen? Instead, I cried out, "YYYIIIEEE!!!"

"Say it, Billy." She gulped. "Say it!"

"Thu-huur-" I started again. "Thu-hur-ten!"

SMASH! How could she do this to me! Had she been holding back, the last time? I yelled louder, and my body tried to slump.

"Straighten up, Billy!" That gave me a second to remember where I was.

"F-f-fu-horteen!" I pushed out my flaming bum.






Ms. Hennifer beat successively. My body fell to the table, and I wailed, suffocating from pain! How many? My mind struggled. Was it four - or five - or six? I picked the middle number "F-f-fi-" stopped just in time. "N-nighteen."

"Say, 'Nineteen', Billy." She coaxed. "Say it."


"OOOWWWW!!!" Panting frustrated me. I had to say it or she would kill me. "NIGH-NTEEN!!" I cried.

SMASH! The powerful blow sent me crashing against the table. My soft penis bounded into the lip of the top. I hardly felt it. By letting go, surrendering to the pain, I managed to say, "Twen-ty." I lay huffing, my rear scorched.

"Good lad." She panted at a tenth of my speeding, too shallow, breathes. It was like I was breathing in space. There was nothing for my lungs. Her hand touched me intimately again. I didn't care. She kissed my burning arse, but her soft lips felt like a brand searing into me.

"I had to do my best, Billy. I told you what the stakes are." She would never punish me again, because I would have failed her. "I'm checking in with you. I can tell you're suffering worse than ever. We're not done, but tell me before I resume. Will you check in with Mrs. Lum, before you impose your will on her when she isn't expecting it?"

I wanted to delay, but Ms. Hennifer would know it, and she would increase my swats, if not by swinging harder, by adding more. She was already three over twenty. "M-Ms. Huh-hu-hennifer, please. I won't- I mean, I will do that, HHHH, with M-Mis Lum."

"I'll give you some time." She released my cringing penis. "But you have to get up from my desk and in position for more, or I'll start right away."

"Y-yes, Ma-am." I struggled back to bending over, hands holding up my body. Pushing out my battered rear inflamed it. I winced and whined. I closed my eyes and simply breathed. Perhaps, if I played the wild thoughts game, that might help. I listened to my heaving lungs.


I yelped in pain!

"Don't go away from me. If you aren't present, you won't learn." SMASH!

"UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH!!!" I cried. "T-twenty wh- uh, TWO!"

SMASH! I almost fell again. I righted myself as I hollered. I managed, "T-t-twe, hh-nty tweee."

SMASH! "Count better, Billy. I can't discern your words." She meant, that one didn't count.

"AAAAA- hurts so bad." I couldn't think.

SMASH! "Twenty three, Billy, or we'll start from one."

"NNNNNGGGGGHHHH!!!" I wailed. "T-twen-ty, hhh, three."



I fell on the desk again. The room spun. It was too much! It was half of last time, and it was too much.

"Say it, Billy..."


SMASH! "AAAA!!" I had no breath to yell.

"Please, say it." She sounded odd.

"Tttww, hhhh...."

SMASH! "Billy!" Her voice was frantic. I could only grunt. My vision dimmed.


I grunted. Agony overflowed. More didn't change that.

"I-I'm so sorry, Billy." She bawled. Ms. Hennifer was crying. "I have to start over."

I fell unconscious.

As pain swirled me to wakefulness, a minute sensation tickled from my loins.

"Mmmgglll." It was Ms. Hennifer. She had crawled under me, between the desk and my legs. She was sucking on my soft penis. It twitched from her urgent effort, when I understood what was happening. Her head turned, letting my peter slip out. "Billy?"

"Ms. Hennifer." I sounded drunk. My ass hurt terribly, but the fire was gone. The air on my naked bum felt cool.

"Can you tell me, Billy, what I need to hear?" She sat where I could not see her, on the floor beneath my hips.

"Twenty, hhh five?"

"I'm sorry, Billy, I pushed ye too hard, but new it's too late. I hae ta keep me promise."

She was going to give me the full, fifty swats if they killed me, I thought. My crushed soul didn't care.

"What - do you want me to say?"

"Ye lesson." She sounded adamant.

"I-I'm sorry. I d-didn't give Mrs. Lum a chance to say anything b-before I f-forced her."

"Thank you." She sighed. Ms. Hennifer crawled out and stood. "This be going to hurt." She said and opened the drawer to her desk.

How could anything hurt me, in that awful pain. I didn't believe. She took hold of my chest and lifted. She was strong enough to make me stand. My butt felt like buttery cheese. I would have fallen if she hadn't stabilized me.

"You have to sit on my desk." She pulled out a handful of napkins and spread several layers on the edge of the desk. She spun me around and told me to sit.

"OOOWWWW!" I sustained a long groan.

"It hae ta be, poor lad." She held me in place, to prevent an immediate fall. "I canna hit ye ther any more."

My butt screamed into my body, and I continued to whimper.

Ms. Hennifer reached back into her open drawer and withdrew a wooden ruler. "I'm going to start with ten." She stepped before me and raised the metal edged length of wood to her right. Her eyes focused on my half hard penis.

"Ms. Hennifer, NO!"

THWACK! Her arm swept across, striking the side of my minimal erection! I shrieked!

"Count, Lad. I'm begging ye."

"One..." I continued to cry.

Her arm swung back, this time connecting against my outer thigh on that side. THWACK!

My tears switched from terrified and broken, to incredible thankfulness. "Two." I whimpered with relief.

"Good Lad." She swung the ruler and struck the outer side of my other thigh.

"Three." I winced as the wooden pendulum swept back, but it missed my penis and tagged the inside of that other thigh. "Four!"

"Five," was a strike to inside of the first thigh she'd hit. They stung, but were flea bites compared to the radiating pain from the weight of my swelling ass on the hard seat.

Her arm took a last backswing and struck my penis. "AAAAA!!" I screamed.

She hit it from the other side, before I could shout, six! "AAAA!!"

"Keep up, damn ye." Ms. Hennifer sniffed.

"Seven- Oooww."

Her cycle repeated, four cracks on my thighs and two on my penis, one on each side. She hit each with the same strength, but I couldn't help but shout when the wooden end swatted my dick.

Instead of tens, we were counting twelves. After the second left and right strikes on my penis. She paused. "This is the best I can do for you, Lad."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I blurted.

She sank once more to her knees and sucked in my peter. She had to keep it hard for every twelve swats of the ruler. They were bliss filled moments between harrowing pain. She was careful to hit different places along my thighs and penis, spreading the pain.

I wept but counted through a second, twelve strokes. My body quivered from constant pain interrupted by sharp bashes. I barely felt her lips revive me a second time.

Her first swing of the third set, sent panic through me. It was twice as fast as before! Wood bashed across my hurting dick! I shrieked! "OOWWWW!!!"

"Say it, Billy!" She pleaded.

I almost didn't.

"T-twenty- aaa- five."

CRACK! It hit my thigh, and I was overwhelmed with relief for three more strokes. As hard struck as they were, my thighs could take anything compared to the agony in my sagging, darkened penis.

Somehow I survived that third, excruciating set of twelve strokes. The pain surging from my ass melted from my mind. "Thirty- hhh- hhh-six." I was panting again. I doubted my dick would rise again, even if the beautiful, sexy woman had fucked me.

She knew it too. "Stand up, Billy." She sighed and grimaced. "We're nearly there."

Change was bad. My nerves were already shot to hell, but what next? It was going to get worse. She couldn't leave well enough alone. My terrified expression brought no sympathy from her. She helped me up and turned me to, once more, face her desk.

"Bend over, Billy." She was sounding hoarse again, excited. Change was bad, but she was terrifying!

I resumed my original position. Having rested, my legs and arms could support me again. I caught a peek of my inflamed ass, but I couldn't' see anything because the napkins she had put down had stuck to me! I closed my eyes, begging her silently to strike with love.

Her hand surprised me. First it pulled off the clinging napkins. I noticed they had stuck from a cream she must have used after I fell unconscious. Thank her for small mercies. Then her hand reached through my legs and pulled both my penis and scrotum. "Put your legs together and clench your thighs, Billy."

I didn't dare refuse. Obeying, my junk hung out behind me, kept out by the back of my clenched thighs. What the-

CRACK! Her ruler slammed into my nut sack, and I screamed!

"Count." She reminded.

"Thirty seven." I managed. Stars flew across my vision again.

CRACK! She hit my balls harder!

"YYYIIIIIEEE!!!" I shrieked. Then I had two seconds, to prevent another reset.

"Th-th-thir- Thirt-ee- hhhh- sven."

"NO!" She cried, without tears this time. She had lost control.


"THIRTY SEVEN!!!" I screamed, breaking through all suffering and the intense blow across my testicles.

"THAT'S IT, LADDIE!!! YOU'VE DONE IT!!!" Ms. Hennifer shrieked like a mad woman.


"THIRTY EIGHT!" I achieved an incredible state of suffering and lucidness, that cut through her raining blows.


"THIRTY NINE!" I screamed.


CRACK! She probably cracked my nuts for real, I imagined, but I bellowed, "FORTY!" But the intensity overwhelmed me. I nearly fell.

The ruler clattered to the floor. "THANK YE, LAD!" I heard her pick up the heavy paddle. "Ten last ones!" She had never sounded more excited.

My knees buckled. It was all too much. My mind nearly broke. How I reacted then, surprised both of us. I fell before her and grabbed her legs. "LOVE ME, MS. HENNIFER! LOVE MEEE!!" I was sobbing - out of my mind. I crawled to her legs and hugged my cheek to her calf. "PLEASE, PLEASE!" I wept. "You promised."

Her body convulsed. A heavy length of wood flew through the air and cracked against a whiteboard, twenty feet away.

"OH, BILLY!!!" Ms. Hennifer dropped like a stone and wrapped her arms around me as I curled into a fetal ball to make my body a barrier around my aching genitals.

We lay there for ten minutes, a ball wrapped in another ball.

"You didn't remember, Ms. Hennifer. You promised to love me. You promised Momma!" I was angry, but I had no force of will.

"I know, Billy." She sobbed. "Yer too -- vulnerable. So sweet, perfect, and I wanted ta hurt ye so bad." She sniffed and swore. "I broke my promise to ye, and ye mum. I canna do wit, nay agin."

Hearing that made my heart sieze up. Time stopped. My sense of self contracted to a singularity. "You must." My voice found strength. "I can't fail, or everything you've done won't count for anything." My body unfolded, against her hug. I pushed at her. "Let me up."

"Billy?" She choked on tears.

I grabbed the closest chair and strained, wobbling to my feet. "You have to, Ms. Hennifer." My ass was a living thing of pain attached to my body. My balls and dick throbbed from suffering. I took a step and nearly fell again. I took another and threw out my hands. I caught the lip of her desk. "You only gave me forty." I winced and clenched my eyes shut. Somehow I managed to stick my ass out. "Swat me, Ms. Hennifer. Hit my ass, my pee pee - it doesn't matter. You have to give me ten more."

"I can't, Billy. I've broken my vow. I don't deserve your mother's trust anymore."

"You do. I know it. You just made a mistake." My voice strengthened. "I-I'll punish you -- after. I'll teach you. I-I promise." I sniffed and coughed. "Just don't give up."

"Oh, Billy!" She sobbed. "How?"

"I can't think, but you have to trust me."

"O-okay." She panted. "I-I do trust you, but how can I trust myself."

"You're okay, now. You - broke free. You love me again."

"I'll use my hand-"

"No!" I hated the righteousness that filled me. "You have to give everything you've got." My eyes shut tight, my ears waited.


A step.

Two more steps. She walked to the dented whiteboard. I heard the paddle leaving the floor.

Steps returning to me - halted behind me.

"I'm so sorry, Billy." She wailed. SMASH!

I cried out. "FORTY ONE!"

I don't remember anything else, but later, Ms. Hennifer swore I took every hit and counted perfectly. I woke lying on my side, across the top of the desk. She had swiped everything on it to the floor. One of her hands spread more cream over my tortured behind. The other hand cupped my balls and stroked cream into them and my soft member.

"I love you, Ms. Hennifer." I whispered.

"Oh, Billy, I love you so much!" She was still crying. She kissed my cheek and my neck.

My watch Beeped. Mrs. Dinty, Steve's mom had texted. "I'm leaving the house now. Make sure Steve is waiting. Traffic is slow. May take me twenty minutes." It was four-thirty. A fresh surge of energy fought its way through my burned out nerves. A thought broke through my dull awareness.

"My stars, Billy! You're getting hard."

"Keep stroking me, Ms. Hennifer." I gulped from piercing certainty. "I promised to punish you." I took a deep breath. "I know how."

"Billy?" Worry overtook her voice. "You should rest."

"It's okay." I assured. "You keep masturbating me."

"Uh," She cleared her throat. "Yes, Billy." Her hand felt stronger on my unfurling cock.

"That's good, Ms. Hennifer. Now I'm going to check in with you. I'm going to tell you, but you either accept or you'll never learn your lesson."

"Billy." Awe filled my spoken name.

You have to make me cum, Ms. Hennifer."

"Okay." She sounded surprised at something so trivial.

"But you have to take off your panties, and make me cum into them." I repeated myself, to be sure she understook. "You have to fill them with my cum, and then you have to wear my cum in them, until morning."

"BILLY!" She blurted. "That's not safe! I could get pregnant."

"That's your punishment, and your lesson, Ms. Hennifer. I know you're afraid, and you know the risk isn't much, but you won't forget, ever again, to control your urge. Because, I'll cum in your panties, every time you lose control. I know how much my cum will worry you, and that's why I'm checking in. If you say no, then everything you've done, to help me could be for nothing."

"Oh, Billy! That's awful!"

I didn't respond. I knew. It was perfect.

"No, Billy, anything else. I'll suck ya. I'll let ye cum in my bum. Ye kin take me anywhere, any-time, but please, don ever put yer cum near me fertile crevice."

I shook my head and frowned. She knew the truth. She would never lose herself again, while my cum was squishing between her panties and her puss.

She stopped begging but continued crying. Ms. Hennifer leaned back to wall. She unbuttoned and unzipped her slacks and pushed them down. She took off one of her platform flats and pulled that leg out of her pants. Then she removed her other, elevated sandal and stepped free, nearly half naked. I watched as she unpeeled her panties down her thighs, revealing her thick, golden bush.

After pulling the sweat tainted garment free from her legs, she shuffled up to me. Ms. Hennifer wrapped her light green, unadorned panties around my cream slicked penis and placed the head of my cock squarely into the crotch panel. It was still warm from her excited sex. Her hands trembled.

I was too sore to reassure her. My spike of strength fled upon her capitulation. I simply nodded and smiled up at her.

Her freckled face turned red. She gulped and began to stroke the panties swaddling my hard prick.

I moaned from the first pleasure I had felt since Ms. Laghari had made me orgasm but not cum. I was suddenly, incredibly thankful to my English teacher, imagining I would cum even more into Ms. Hennifer's panties, because I hadn't earlier.

"How does that feel? Is the cloth too rough?" It was meant to rub over her nest and sex and bum all day. Its soft weave felt fabulous paired with the cool, thick cream she had applied to my bare shaft.

I moaned, "That feels so good." I closed my eyes and imagined what it would be like to make babies with Ms. Hennifer. The chance was tiny, but there was a chance that I might impregnate my math teacher as soon as she pushed a sopping crotch panel of cum up against her hairy puss.

"I'm glad, Billy." Her voice shook. She rubbed her panties up and down my slick shaft.

My body trembled from the pleasure pumping against the resounding pain in my ass. The bruises on my dick quickly relented to the wonderful sensation of her hand and her panties and the cream combining to pleasure it.

"I'm going to make a baby in you." I teased. Humor returned to my consciousness, pushing out one dreary node of sorrow.

"Don't, please." She didn't want to hear it.

"This is your punishment, Ms. Hennifer. This is your lesson."

"I-I know." She turned her head away from her stroking hand. My dick was hard in her hand. It wanted to repay her for hurting it with a wooden ruler!

"Tell me, Ms. Hennifer. You need to say it too."

She bit her lip and nodded. "I know ... but it's hard for me. I'm so afraid."

"You agreed to this."

She nodded again and swallowed her latest tears. "I-I want you to cum in my panties, Billy. So I can wear your cum, uh, all night." She sniffed.


"I need to wear your cum. So I won't forget, ever again, to lose control when I punish you or are tempted to punish any of my students." She rubbed my dick faster. The soft cloth and slick cream doubled their sensations, slowly turning away the hurt inside of me.

"That's right, Ms. Hennifer. You said it right, but do you believe it?"

"I do. I know, I-I'll never stop being afraid of having a baby. I want my students to be my children and no one else." She sobbed. "Your cum will never let me forget. I have to wear it, to never hurt anyone again when I crave to punish."

"I love you."

"I-I love you too." Now her hand swept up and down as fast as she could stroke me. "Please, Billy, cum. I need it." She wailed.

"Ooohh, Ms. Hennifer. I-I can feel it." My suffering balls did not foresake me. They stoked pressure behind my aching prick, now full of joy and eagerness to spurt into the light green sheath pleasuring it.

Her hand was a blur on my cock. My body trembled continuously as pressure mounted. "OH, MS. HENNIFER! I-I'm gonna c-cum so HARD!" My body tensed. Pain roared out of my butt as it involuntarily clenched! "AAAAAHHHH!!!!" I cried out.

Like a repeating cannon, heavy, solid, thick bolts of cum exploded out of my turgid prick!  "OOOHHHH!!!" I groaned. Each load slammed into the last, splattering the previous glob and filling the wide crotch panel!

My hips bucked, launching another volley of hot sperm into her panties.

"Incredible! Your ejaculations are pounding against my panties!" Ms. Hennifer exclaimed. "I can see it bulge with each shot! There's so much of it! Oh, Billy, it's too much!" She wailed. "I can't wear that much cum!"

"You have to! Don't back out now!" I managed to groan through the ecstasy flying around my head.

"I won't, Billy. I won't, but please let me scrape some- YOUR STILL CUMMING!!" She cried! her hand, however never slowed as my peter continued to spew thick, white blobs into her panties.

"You made made me cum hard, Ms. Hennifer!" I wailed. "But you have to wear it all!"

"Noooo." She whined. Her hand slowed but did not stop. It felt every pulse of cum filling her naughty wrapper.

A final gush of thinner fluid sprayed against the permeable barrier. Hot cum soaked into every inch and overflowed into her hand and all along the panties surrounding and pleasuring me. My body bucked one last time, and I rested. For a brief time, the ache in my as was barely tolerable. "Thank you, Ms. Hennifer. I love you." I rested, huffing and puffing.

She looked at her hand with a mixture of fear and disgust and amazement. She unclenched her fist and slowly withdrew it.

"You have to put it on, quick, Ms. Hennifer. You can't let it cool. You have to wear my cum while there's the best chance possible to get pregnant."

"Please, Billy, let me wipe some off. I have more napkins. Let it cool. You're so young and you came so much!"

"Were you lying when you said, you understood?"

She grimaced and whined. "No." She sobbed. "But I'm so afraid."

"It'll be okay."

"You're going to get me pregnant."

"Not this time, probably." However much I wished otherwise. "It hasn't been 28 days since your last fertile time." It had only been two weeks. "Go on." I told my math teacher. "You have to wear my cum, right now."

"I-I know." She used both hands to unwrap my deflating penis. I noted she was careful to preserve as much cum in the crotch panel as possible. Tears flowed down her cheeks. Freed from their life giver, she took her panties and spread them open, always keeping the cum filled panel from tipping and spilling it terrifying cargo.

Leaning once more against the close wall, she lifted one leg after another and inserted them through soaked, elastic bands. Ms. Hennifer then, very carefully worked her cream laden garment up her legs and her thighs. When the discolored bands found their resting place, to hold the panel firm against her groin. She mewled. "It's still warm." Tears spilled down her cheeks.

"Good." I smiled. "Maybe you'll learn your lesson this time."

"Yes, Billy." She sobbed. "I will. Th-thank you."

I glanced at my watch. It was fifteen til five. I had to get dressed and meet Steve and his mother. I never put on clothes more slowly. As if we were in some sex comedy, my teacher and I ended up racing to see who could dress slowest. She grimaced continuously as she drew her pants glacially up her legs until it touched her cum bearing underwear. They added even more pressure to the liquid pressed up against her vulva. I imagined my sperm making ladders and ropes to climb inside her and find an egg to quicken.

"I have to go, Ms. Hennifer. I'm sorry that you had to wear my cum." I was sorry, but I was incredibly excited too.

"I'm sorry for losing control, Billy. I deserve this. It's nothing compared to what I put you through." She frowned. That would have been true for most any other woman. For her, the mere idea of young, fertile cum soaking her vulva was more terrifying than a hundred of her own, hardest swats. She had stood perfectly still, after dressing. The slightest movement might work my warm cum closer to her womb.

I unlocked the door to her classroom and shuffled as fast I could to the parking lot.

"Where have you been, Squirt?" Steve put his phone in his pocket. His mother hadn't given him my watch's email / texting ID. He noticed my pained expression when I didn't answer him. "Did something happen?"

"I hurt myself." Was all the truth I dared say.

"Don't tell me you're gonna back down." Steve angered. "Mom's all happy that you said you'd come."

The word put a brief smile on my lips.

"Finally, there she is." Steve tapped my shoulder and trudged down the front stairs. I tried to walk normally. I only had to make it to the car. I didn't fool Mrs. Dinty, much.

"Are you okay, Billy?" She saw my face wince as I sat in the front passenger seat. Steve had only complained a little bit, when his mom told him to ride in the backseat. "I'm a little sore from a lesson." I told her.

"Aw." She reached out and put her hand on my shoulder. "I'll get you an aspirin when we reach the house."

Steve snorted and looked out the window.

"Thanks, Mrs. Dinty."

She smiled and drove away. "How was your day, Steve?"

"Okay, I guess."

"Billy?" Her voice lightened.

"It was all right, I guess, except I got sore because of Mrs. Lum, my P.E. teacher."

"For a woman, she can take as good as she gives - probably a lesbian." Steve muttered.

"Please, Steve." His mother rebuked. I think he said it just to shut her up. She didn't say anything after that, and I was too occupied cringing from the welts on my bottom as the SUV bumped and rattled the vinyl seat against them.

Reaching home, she pulled into the driveway. There was an old, Ford Taurus parked at the curb in front. The Social Worker, Ms. Yvonne Nurhea stood at the door. I looked up her name on my watch. I had entered her info from the card she had given. She was a tall, dark haired woman wearing a very light grey, casual suit with a broad black belt around her middle. Her hair was shoulder length in the shape of a wave. She had black eyes and dark lips and her skin was slightly tan. She was trim but not skinny, with nice hips, but her suit hid the size of her breasts. They weren't huge.

Instead of pulling into the garage, Mrs. Dinty parked on the driveway and got out to greet her guest. Steve climbed out and and asked, "Mom, can I drive into the garage?"

"That's fine, Steve. Let Billy out, first." She opened the door and led Ms. Nurhea inside.

"Doesn't even trust me to drive twenty feet." He climbed into the front seat. I got out and took my time, shuffling to the front door. I saw something on the lawn, near the parked Ford.

Steve started the engine and revved it in neutral, while the garage door opened.

I wandered over to the curb and saw a leather bound, year planner. It was the size of my history workbook. Steve drove into the garage and managed to squeak the tires stopping. Then the garage door began clanking shut. I picked up the planner and opened it. One the social worker's cards was tucked into a slot made for it, to designate the owner. I turned the first page as I walked gently to the house. Along every line on the first day's two pages, the same two sentences had been written.

January 1
"This year, your special phrase is, Wrapped in a Bamboo Snake."
"You can be in control as long as you're not, Wrapped in a Bamboo Snake."
"This year, your special phrase is, Wrapped in a Bamboo Snake."
"You can be in control as long as you're not, Wrapped in a Bamboo Snake."
It sure was strange. I looked at the next page, but it only had normal stuff about clients and law. I didn't understand any of that.

I closed the planner and went inside. "Ms. Nurhea, I think you dropped this." I held it out to her.

"Oh my! It must have slipped out of my grip while carrying the box and bag." She indicated a shallow office supply box and an army green, gym bag. "Thank you!" She accepted the planner and placed it on top of the box.

"What is all that for?" Mrs. Dinty asked.

"That is just my work planner. The box has papers for you and Steve. Some of them are letters from your husband. The bag has a couple, special tools of the trade." She gave a secretive grin.

"Can I get you coffee?"

"Yes, please. The important thing to do today, is to get to know each other." She sat in the middle of the couch.

Steve entered from the direction of the garage. He frowned as seeing the social worker. He sat down in the one, large lounger. He looked like a middle school elf sitting in the rotund Yule giver's seat, a not at all happy elf.

I sat beside Ms. Nurhea, closer to Steve's chair.

Mrs. Dinty entered with a large tray. It had saucers, cups, two glasses of lemonade, a sugar cube bowl, and a cruet of cream. She set the tray on the coffee table and looked around. She pursed her lips. "Would you mind shifting, Yvonne? I'd like to be near my son."

Steve rolled his eyes and sighed.

Ms. Nurhea shifted. I scooted over too. So Mrs. Dinty could have my cushion. "Thank you, Billy." The mom sat very close to me, her hip and thigh touching their full lenght along mine. She smiled at me sweetly.

"This is a lovely serving set, Mable."

"How nice of you to say. It was on special, over the last holidays." Mrs. Dinty picked up a white tablet from the tray and said, "Here's your aspirin, Billy."

I washed it down with a gulp of lemonade.

"Headache?" M. Nurhea asked.

Mrs. Dinty answered for me. Did she suspect that talking was difficult for me? I could hardly think over the searing heat in my britches. "He said he was sore from P.E. class."

Ms. Nurhea asked Steve. "Steve, do you have a favorite class?"

"P.E. I guess." He looked bored. That was probably better than his previous, uptight

"Billy? Do you have a favorite teacher?"

Why did Steve get the easy question? I love history! but Mr. Glouvert was only interesting when he was talking about history. I was tempted to say, Ms. Laghari, because she was the only teacher who had been nice to me, really nice, that day. They were all great teachers, but the truth was undeniable. I honestly felt love for Ms. Hennifer. "My math teacher is really pretty - and nice."

The social worker grinned, "You know what they say, Billy. The way to a math teacher's heart is paved with good additions!" She laughed. It was a dumb saying, and I think she made it up. I laughed with her with minimal jostling. "Steve, have you had Ms. Hennifer?" Ms. Nurhea knew my math teacher's name. She must have studied our class records.

"Yeah, second period. I don't like math."

"I hear you like Basketball."


"Steve was on the school team, last year." His mother elaborated.

Ms. Nurhea "You must be very proud of Steve." The social worker again talked at length with Mrs. Dinty.

What was I even doing here? I could have been practicing with Mom, to make Mr. Gorgev's dinner in two days.

"You know, Steve, I played some basketball, but I was alway better at baseball." Ms. Nurhea revealed from out of the blue.

"Not softball?" Steve thought he had gotten a zinger off at the boring guest.

It didn't faze her. "That too, but I have great arm for either. The one game I pitched a no hitter was in high school on our co-ed baseball team."

A high school, no-hitter could not be dismissed by Steve. He wriggled uncomfortably in the chair too big for him, but his voice was a little impressed. "Dang."

Ms. Nurhea reached down to the gym bag. "I've my mitt and a ball signed by Gregory Gregg, in here. Care to throw a few with me to escape my tedious blather?" She grinned.

Mrs. Dinty's body stiffened against mine. Something was up. "I've even heard of Gregory Gregg." She sounded impressed.

Steve couldn't hide the brief smile that crossed his lips. He gave a single, restrained laugh. "Did you buy it?"

"I don't have a picture of him and me when he gave signed it, not on this phone at least. Go get your mitt."

"I'll entertain Billy, while uh, you two see who throws faster." Mrs. Dinty knew how to nudge her son. She patted my sore thigh with a hand. Steve didn't see that, but he had seen the writing on the wall. He went to his room.

"I brought an extra mitt. Billy can join in."

"Billy?" Mrs. Dinty looked more excited waiting for my answer, than she had at the social worker's mention of Gregory Gregg.

The aspirin must have started working. I could actually consider their offers, instead of the lingering ache between me and the couch.

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I was pretty sure Mrs. Dinty wanted me to play with her, but it had been a busy day, as Mom had predicted, and it wasn't over yet. I hadn't even looked online for a possible, real job! Standing sounded better than hunching my hips between Mrs. Dinty's thighs - in front of them or behind! Sitting any longer was not an option. I stood up and grunted.

"If you're sore, Billy, stay here." Ms. Nurhea advised.

"It's better to stand, I think."

The social worker pulled two mitts and a ball out of the dark green bag. It really was signed by Gregory Gregg, not that I knew his signature, but when Steve caught up with us, he gushed, "Wow!"

"Coming soon to a mitt in your hand." Ms. Nurhea smiled.

We exited to the back yard. It was bigger than Mrs. Lum's. We separated to the far corners. Ms. Nurhea hoisted the ball and said, "Let's make this an interesting game. Whoever has the ball must say something before they throw it. They have to say something that they don't like. I'll start." She took aim at Steve and called out, "An asshole client tried to hit on me this morning!" She hurled the ball.

Steve almost missed it. He wasn't expecting her to cuss!

"You don't need catching lesson's do you, Steven?" Ms. Nurhea grinned. "It's okay if you swear. Let it all out."

It sounded like a dumb, girl game to me, except you could cuss, but I was curious what Steve would complain about.

He muttered something and threw the ball to me. I caught it, disappointed.

"Now, now." The woman chided. "Billy, throw it back to him. We can't bend the rules and say things under our breath."

I wasn't sure of the rules. Did I have to say something before giving the ball back at him? I had a fun notion. "This sure is a dumb game!" I threw the ball.

Steve caught it perfectly. He even grinned at me.

"Good catch, Steven, and well done, Billy." Ms. Nurhea delighted. "Now let it all out, Steve!" She held up her mitt.

"I'm bored!" Steve hurled the ball at the social worker. She caught it easily, calmly. She cried, "Steve can do better than that!" She complained and threw at me.

I'm not great at baseball, but she threw it straight, if fast. It struck my mitt, precisely where she had aimed it I think. At least I kept it from bouncing out.

"Show him how it's done, Billy." She encouraged.

I thought for a second. There was something I wanted to say. "I hope Mr. Gorgev goes to the worst hell!"

Steve caught my mediocre throw but froze for a second. His eyebrows knitted. Who was Mr. Gorgev?

"Don't think too long. Just say the first thing that pops in your mind!" Ms. Nurhea rallied him.

He stood straight, studying her. "I hate what you did to my dad!" He rocketed the ball, possibly hoping to hit her.

Her hand snatched the ball out of the air like it was badminton shuttle. She turned to me and cried, "I want to kill the shithead who almost sideswiped my car on the way here today!"

The ball cracked into my mitt. I fumbled but didn't drop it. Steve snickered. I didn't realize I was on a hair trigger until that moment.

"You're a butthead!" I threw the ball.

"STOP!" Ms. Nurhea shouted after Steve caught my lousy throw. "Billy," She said calmly. "This game is for letting go of anger, not giving anger to someone else. Now, apologize."

Steve looked surprised. Then he looked sorry for me. It was a stupid game. We both thought it. I could have called him much worse, and he would have laughed.

I felt more anger then, which I had to bottle up.  I could have been making babies with Steve's mom and suffered less. "I'm sorry, Steve."

"Thank you, Billy." Ms. Nurhea sighed. "I should have told you both, before we started. I have to ask for forgiveness too. Please toss the ball back to him, Steven. Give him and me another chance."

I caught his easy toss. I considered my next outburst carefully. I turned to her and threw, "I hate what you're doing to Steve."

Ms. Nurhea's hand caught the ball despite her surprise. She paused to take deep breaths. Then she did a pitcher's, full speed throw. "I hate having to do it!" She shouted. I barely saw the ball streak across the yard. Steve's hand came up too slow, and the ball slammed against the cinderblock wall behind him.

"Wow!" Steve exclaimed. He chased the ball, but his amazement had vanished when he held it up.

Ms. Nurhea explained, "If people were less shitty to each other in this world, it wouldn't need my job." She nodded at Steve. "You still in the game?"

His eyes bounced between her and me. He threw it at me. "I'm sorry I was shitty to you."

The ball sailed past me and struck the back door. I ran after it. It had been a fine throw. I had simply let it pass, stunned by Steve's apology. I picked the ball up and threw it at Ms. Nurhea. "I hate being sore!"

To Steve, "I hate cilantro!"

To me, "I'm sorry my dad was shitty to you." His eyes glistened.

To Ms. Nurhea, "I hate people who think crying is lame!" I yelled.

To Steve, "I do too!" She said.

Steve hollered, "I hate my dad!"

I caught the ball.

"STEVEN!" His mother shouted, looking out through the back door!

"OKAY, that's enough for a day." Ms. Nurhea declared. "Mrs. Dinty. Remember what I told you."

"Uh," The housemom sputtered. "Oh yes. I'm sorry, Steve. I shouldn't have yelled." She recanted.

Her son stood, growing bright red. His eyes were still wet. He covered them with an arm and ran through the door ignoring his mom. "Go away! All of you!"

His mom left the door open, to chase after him. "I'm sorry, Honey!"

I underhanded the ball to Ms. Nurhea. "I really hope you do get Wrapped in a Bamboo Snake!" I said with venom.

My weak toss struck her in the chest, and she fell down like a collapsing building. "Nooo!" The strong woman whimpered.

I ran to her. "I'm sorry, Ms. Nurhea. I didn't mean to hit you. Are you okay?"

"Is that what you want?" Her voice was soft and light, a big change from confident and in charge. She was actually kneeling and bowing forehead to Earth. Grass had stained her knees upon impact with the ground.

"What's the matter, Ms. Nurhea?" I patted her shoulder.

"You read my journal, Billy. That's the matter." Her voice remained low.

"It was just the first page." I tried to assure her. "I didn't understand any of it."

"That phrase is suppose to be a secret, my secret. My therapist and I worked so hard to seal my weakness away. It was my New Year's resolution. I had made such progress. I thought I wouldn't be dangerous to myself, ever again." She babbled. "Do you understand now?" She had explained, I realized, in response to my declaration of innocence.

"Oh." What had speaking her secret phrase done? "Uh, yeah? Um, maybe, Ms. Nurhea?"

"Is that okay, Billy?" She asked, rising out of her bow, looking like a scared bunny. "I'll tell you anything you want."

Unlike Mrs. Abbey or Mrs. Lum, I knew in my heart, Ms. Nurhea wasn't playing a game. This was very serious for her. What did I want? I wanted the well intentioned social worker to be okay. She had made me mad, but now I felt kinda good about throwing the ball with her. She had wanted Steve to play, to get him to say what he normally couldn't.

"What am I suppose to do, Ms. Nurhea?" I hoped she could answer that.

"If you don't know, Billy, I might drift away and get hurt again."

"Who would want to hurt you? I don't."

"Thank you, Billy. But before I went into therapy, and for the first few years of working with Dr. Lattery, some people discovered I could be pushed around."

"Why couldn't you stop them?"

"I didn't know it was possible. I even liked it, but after some close calls, I realized I needed help. Dr. Lattery uncovered a traumatic experience I had in college. A lot of terrible memories surfaced from my childhood as she helped me to reign in their power over me."

"Can you stop being pushed around now?"

The physically strong and attractive woman bit her lip and slowly shook her head. "Not right now, but I could before you triggered me."

I had said her secret phrase, and now I could push her around. Could anyone, I wondered? "What's gonna happen to you when you get home?"

"Anything. If I don't recover and you can't help, I might go looking for someone to handle me."

"What do you mean by 'Handle?'"

She blushed then. "I-I may need someone to tell me what to do."

"Can't you tell yourself?"

Ms. Nurhea resumed shaking her head.

"I want you to recover." I told her. "Can you do it now?" I hoped.

"I'm not even sure if I can make it home." She confessed, "I think you wouldn't hurt me, but I have thought that about a person before and was mistaken. I'm sorry, but nobody's ever triggered me since the new year. Maybe if you gave me my book I could recover."

"Okay." I nearly dashed right off. "Uh, stay here, Ms. Nurhea."

"Yes, Billy."

I ran inside. Pain flared up in my sore behind, but I couldn't let that slow me.

"Billy?" Mrs. Dinty called from the hall. She waited in front of Steve's door.

"I'm-m - okay, Mrs. Dinty." I groaned. "How's Steve?"

"He's barricaded his door and won't talk." She stepped away from it, as if accustomed to her son's seclusion. "You're in pain!" She gasped moving quicker.

"I gotta fetch Ms. Nurhea's book." I found it under her gym bag. Hoisting it, I groaned again. "I'll feel better in the morning." I ran past her, tears welling in my eyes.

"Billy." She hurried to follow me.

The social worker remained on her knees.

"Here's your book." I handed the leather bound tome to Ms. Nurhea.

"Thank you, Billy. I have to read it, alone, I think." She clutched it and shuddered. "I-I don't want to be alone."

"Yvonne, I need Billy to come in. He's not well." To me, Mrs. Dinty said, "I'm calling your mother. You go lie down on the couch or in my bedroom if you want privacy."

There wasn't anything terrible that Steve's mom could tell my mother. I worried more about Ms. Nurhea. "I have to go inside. You study your book. Okay?" I hoped that's what she needed to hear - to do ... Oh, I didn't know what!

"Yes, Billy." I'd never seen a more grateful expression. In an instant, the stern, professional woman ceased to look plain attractive. A loveliness lit her up from within.

"Come inside, Billy. Now." Mrs. Dinty used her practiced authority. I shuffled to the house. "Ms. Nurhea," She told her. "You're free to get your things or whatever you need. You're going to need spot remover on those grass stains." The house mom noted.

"Thank you, Mistre- Uh, Mable." Ms. Nurhea cleared her throat.

At my entrance, Steve's mom pulled out her phone. I kinda wanted to go home, but she had invited me to lie on her bed. I hadn't realized it while dealing with Ms. Nurhea's strange problem that I had caused, but my penis had gotten really hard! Suddenly I felt how incredibly horny I'd become.

The plump but sexy, deprived wife wasn't going to let me leave her sight until she drove me home. Maybe if I stayed, I could see if Ms. Nurhea got to her car okay. Maybe my penis was telling me to intervene in her recovery.

Steve, well, I bet he wasn't going to leave his room until I left his house.

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My shallowness intervened as I watched Mrs. Dinty dial her phone. Ms. Nurhea had a nicer body than the housemom, but she was an unknown. She had come across coldly, despite being friendly. She had been doing her job.

Mrs. Dinty had a hidden, wild streak that had excited me when she offered to let me use her bum for sex. My erection was eager for either woman. I was very lucky to have the choice. Ms. Nurhea, in her strange state was almost begging for someone to make her do things. I looked out the back window. She sat on the grass, studying her workbook. Her lips moved as if reciting something. My penis wanted her to be reciting all over it, not words.

"It's Mable Dinty, Faun." Steve's mom paused. "Well, things could be better, but they're not bad. I think the social worker made some progress with Steven, but I'm calling about Billy. He seems to be in some pain." A briefer pause. "Yes, of course." She looked at me. "Billy, your mother is asking if Ms. Hennifer was involved."

I pouted but gave a small nod. She asked me, "It wasn't Mrs. Lum?" I said, "No."

 She told my mother. "He says so. I'll give him the phone- No?" Mrs. Dinty listened. "I seee." She drew the word out. A single chuckle followed. "Okay. I'll ask him.

"Billy would you like to go home?"

"What did Momma say?" I felt like a little boy, ashamed of having been spanked by my teacher. She must have told Mrs. Dinty, but I asked anyway.

The plump woman grinned. "She said, whatever happened was your business to discuss." Her grinned widened. "I wish I could be a mom as cool as yours."

Mom was right. What I decided was my business. I told Mrs. Dinty, "I'd rather lay down instead of ride in a car, if that's okay."

"I'll bring him home after dinner." She told mom and pocketed the phone.

I went to her bedroom, but before lying down, I texted Ms. Nurhea. "You should call your doctor." My aching bum reminded me why I had been punished. I shouldn't take advantage of the social worker or disturb her intense reciting. Then I took to the bed, like Mrs. Dinty had offered and lay face down. My erection put a dent into the comforter. The next thing I knew, a hand was jostling me awake.

"Billy, please show me what happened. I want to help." Mrs. Dinty had guessed were my pain was, um, seated.

I reached between the bed and my pants and unfastened them. I had to lift my rear to push them down my hips. My penis was as stiff as it had been before I snoozed. Although, Mrs. Hennifer had punished it and my thighs, the pain in my bum silenced the hurt in my pee pee.

"Oh my!" The housemom gasp. "I've never seen anything so horrible!"

I worried for a second that she might call the police. "I asked for it, Mrs. Dinty. I did something mean to Mrs. Lum, and she gave me a choice. I could have got away after being mean to her, but I wanted to prove that I really cared."

"Still," The deep purple across my cheeks continued to troubled her. "I can't imagine a fine teacher like Ms. Hennifer-"

"That's my business, Mrs. Dinty. Please don't bother her."

"After what your mother told me, I-I suppose I shouldn't."

"Thanks, but-" I turned on my side to face her. My erection bobbled. Her eyes locked onto it. "If you want to help, do you have any cream to soothe me?"

The sexy lady gulped. "Eh, what do you want me to soothe, Billy? There are, hm, different creams for different purposes."

"My bottom hurts the most." I told her.

She patted my cheek with an assuring smile and went to her dresser.

As I waited, my watched flashed with a message from Ms. Nurhea. "I'm much better, now, Billy." On the street curb, a car started up. "Please don't tell anyone what happened. I owe you a big debt. We should talk. I'm usually free most evenings and on weekdays. Let me know, okay?"

Mrs. Dinty returned with an open jar of cold cream. She giggled. "I brought your salve-ation." She sat behind me and had me lift up again, to put a towel under me. Then she began to apply the cream to the worst of my bruises.

"That makes it feel much better, Mrs. Dinty."

"I'm just so sorry for you."

"Please, don't be. It was my fault." I didn't tell her Ms. Hennifer had lost control. That was my business. Her hand was as gentle as it was careful. "Thank you."

She looked over my hip. "I-I can't believe you can be so, er, hard, Billy." Her hand rubbed slowly.

The relief was incredible! I sighed and sighed. "It just happened." Actually I was pretty sure, imagining taking advantage of Ms. Nurhea's strange condition had gotten me hard.

She bit her lip, wanting to say something, but she refrained. The astonished woman kept soothing my burning bum.

Another thing, just happened. A tingling started at the base of my penis. It matched the rhythm of her hand. The tingling grew as pain subsided in my rear.

"I don't understand, Mrs. Dinty, but you're making me feel good in front as well as back there."

"It's normal for feelings to get mixed up, Billy. I'm feeling-" She quieted, and let her hand talk for her. She was really sad for me. My hard peter jerked. Now I was more horny.

Eventually, the urge in my loins spoke louder than the pain in my rear. "Mrs. Dinty, can I ask you to use another cream on me?"

She pulled her hand away. "Is this one not working?"

"It feels great, but now I need your pussy cream, Mrs. Dinty. I need you to soothe the pain in my front."

"Oh, Billy!" She gasp. "Your poor penis looked hurt too, but I was too shy to ask." Steve's mom stood up and rushed to undress. Her blouse and pants were quickly shucked. She worked at her large bra. "I want to sooth it, Billy. All this time, I've been hoping you would put your cream inside me, like you did, last time. I didn't think to offer my own cream to make you feel better. I'm sorry for being selfish."

"I think you're really nice and helpful, Mrs. Dinty."

Upon unfastening the sturdy undergarment, her wonderful, big breasts fell free. Her hands flew to her plain, white panties. "Please, Billy, now that we're going to be lovers again, would you call me, Mrs. Camden?"

That was her maiden name. I remembered. I thought she didn't want me to remind her that she was married. "I will, Mrs. Camden." Now I know the name meant something else to her. After all, "Mrs." is only used by married women who want the title.

Bending down and tugging, Mrs. Camden got naked. She lay down on her back beside me. "Oh, Billy, I want to make you feel good. I want you to feel so good that you'll give me all of your young, hot cream."

"I owe you, Mrs. Camden, for all the wonderful cream you used to rub away the pain in my bottom." I climbed on top of the curvy woman. She spread her legs, and I pushed my hard penis into her wet puss.

"Ooohh!" We moaned at the same time. I kissed one of her large, spread out breasts.

"I'm going to make a baby in you, Mrs. Camden." I pumped my dick slowly. I wanted hump her faster, but despite her dripping slickness, the welts from Ms. Hennifer's wooden ruler complained as they rubbed her silky insides. I grunted and looked away.

"What's the matter, Lover?"

"It's nothing, Mrs. Camden. I-I can't tell you how my peter feels in you. I'm embarrassed." I dared not work my penis faster in the groaning woman.

"Oh, Childe!" She hugged me to her breasts and kissed my forehead. "It feels wonderful to me too. You don't have to be shy."

Another strange sensation arose in my hard penis. Although, pushing and pulling, in and out of the sexy woman's body, hurt, somehow it made my dick even harder, and I wanted to fuck her faster! Desire welled up from my loins. "Ohhhh, Mrs. Camden." I gushed. "But I couldn't face any more pain." My loins eased hard cock through her slippery vagina.

"You're driving me crazy, Billy, moving slow like that." She grunted.

"I-I want to drive you crazy." I told her, instead of revealing my embarrassing pains. I continued to slow hump the trembling woman beneath me.

"I've never felt anything so- so different." She avoided hurting my feelings.

I felt bad for her, thinking that my cautious pace was only teasing her. I grunted from pain flaring out of the spots where my hard penis had been abused. I moved slower through her twitching cunt. It was the pace I could handle.

"Are you really feeling okay, Billy?"

"I love this, Mrs. Camden. I-I want to make it last and last." I fibbed. Our unsatisfied bodies continued to writhe from my cautious strokes.

"Unnngghhh!" Her body twitched beneath me. "Wh-what's that?"

"Are you okay?" I worried.

"I'm feeling something, Billy, th-that I've never felt before. It must be- because you're loving my intimate place so gently."

"What is it, Mrs. Camden?" My sliding peter twitched. That tingling I had felt was returning. I clenched my arms around her chest and held her close, never slowing or speeding the pace of my rutting pecker. Her puss gushed and gushed its juices around me, but they could only prevent half of the pain that our motion elicited. I kissed her neck and stroked her arm.

"I-I don't know ... it's a kind of tingling."

Was she feeling the same thing that had returned to my erect prick? What was happening? I concentrated my thoughts on the base of my cock, where the tingles had appeared. Each slow push into Mrs. Camden's wet slit, and every slow withdraw, was like a puff of air into a fire. It stoked the tingling, causing the strange sensation to spread up my shaft and through my loins.

"I want to feel it more, Billy!" She gasped. "It's something special, I hope, I think. Keep sliding your peter into me, just like that." Her body wrenched again. "Ohhh!" She groaned. "Kiss me!" She lifted her head passionately.

Our lips met with electric sparks zapping our mouths. The tingling inside of us grew as I pumped my trembling prick, carefully in and out of Steve's mom.

My hands rubbed over her nipples and breasts and the sides of her torso. We kept kissing, moving our lips all over our faces and necks. I slow humped hard prick through the sexy lady's body that wouldn't lay still.

"Suck on my nipples, Billy!" She urged.

My mouth clamped down, and I nibbled one and licked and sucked. Responding to her next gasp of pleasure, I switched to her other titty and sucked and bit.

"AAA!!" She yipped. "Bite it again!" She kissed my ear. It turned red and grew hot. I desperately wanted to fuck faster, but something special was happening, and I needed to find out what.

I heard Ms. Laghari's voice then. "What we are going to do will feel very much like teasing, but I promise that's not what this is about."

Her wisdom calmed me when I nearly lost control and fucked Mrs. Camden with abandon. "It's tingling in me too, Mrs. Camden!" I finally admitted. "I'm going to fuck like this until we go crazy."

"We won't, Billy. This feeling is frustrating. I want to fingerfuck myself like crazy. It's all I can do to stop myself, but you are a special, little man. Your hard cock saved me, last time, by flushing out all of the horrible ways Bob used me to escape his torment." She whispered in my ear. "I trust you, Billy, even if we do go crazy."

Her kind words fueled the tingling taking over half of my body. I nearly lost control again but managed to keep rutting my, lady juice slicked erection in and out of her hot puss, slowly and steadily.

"It's happening, Billy!" Mrs. Camden's naked, pump body lurched and jiggled beneath me. "UUUNNNGGGHHH!!! OOooo!" She suddenly grunted and gasped.

Just as unexpectedly, from the storm of tingles growing inside my young form, a lightning bolt struck out, searing incredible pleasure into my senses! "AAAaaaahhh!" I exclaimed softly.

My miserly thrusts unleashed additional bolts through our writhing, intersecting bodies. We groaned and gasp and panted. It was the most incredible sex I'd ever had. Each orgasm prompted me to fuck faster. Without the pain, I might have. I climaxed half a dozen times without a single spurt of cum flying out of my cock and into her dripping cunt, but I managed to maintain our incredible, slow intercourse.

"I can't take much more of this, Billy!" She huffed between orgasms. "You're amazing! Now I want your cream. You have to cum, Billy, deep inside me. I want you to put a baby in me." Her eyes flew open and burned into mine, upon saying that.

Her heart changed then, grew selfish. I couldn't have guessed what drove her to do what she did next. She reached down and behind me- SMACK! Her hand struck my greased but inflamed ass!

"I need you to fuck a baby in me!" The meek, gentle woman sported an unknown cruel streak.

I yelped, "AAAA!! That hurt, Mrs. Camden!"

Tears formed in her eyes. "I-I'm sorry, Billy, but you're driving me crazy! I-I can't help myself. This cunt is burning for your cum!"

My body jerked, interrupting my steady pace. SMACK!

"OOOWW!" I howled. Then I knew, it didn't matter how much my penis hurt, sliding through her slick hole, I had to fuck her faster or she would make me suffer worse pain. "I-I will!" I cried. I grimaced upon pulling back and thrust as hard as I could into the lady.

"OOOOHHHH!!!" She groaned. Her greasy hands flew to my back and hugged me close, trying to stuff as much of my prick as possible into her starving cunt! She bit into my shoulder and shouted, "FUCK ME, BILLY!"

My penis howled with pain as I drove myself to pound dick in and out of her still juicing fuck hole. For some insane reason, the pain made my cock harder inside of her.

"Oooh, BILLY!" She wailed. "You feel incredible. More, more!" Her hips hunched up against my fierce thrusts. My heart was pounding, and my head was dizzy from lingering pleasure and sharp stings along my dick.

Somewhere, deep in my mind, pain and pleasure merged, and my awkward, forced pounding steadied. My suffering prick flew rapidly between the desperate lady's pussy lips. My body soared from that incredible, combination, and I fucked her like a machine set on maximum.

"I-I'm going to cum again!" She cried, thrusting her meaty hand into her little mouth. When she screamed, the whole neighborhood would have heard her.

Her body lurched one last time, impaling herself on my steel pecker.

Without warning, my groin exploded! I cried out from an intense orgasm that hurled sperm straight out of my churning balls! Or so it seemed.

I planted myself like a steam shovel deep into her soaking recess. Cum blasted out of my prick and cascaded backwards as it filled her. Unlike my normal globs of thick sperm, my cock simply hosed hot fluid into the wailing Mrs. Camden. Spurts of it flew from her dicked slit and soaked both of our pubic tufts, hers thick, mine sparse.

"You're cumming, Billy!" She pulled her hand from her mouth and hugged me close. "Fill me, Lover. Fill your dirty, cheating, friend's mom with your hot spunk!"

I don't how long my embedded prick soaked her innards with fertile goo. It felt like hours! Finally, I collapsed on top of the sobbing woman, agony and ecstasy swirling through my entire being.

"I'm sorry!" She repeated, petting me. "I'm so sorry, Billy."

"It's okay, Mrs. Camden. I wanted to make a baby in you." I did not lie. The moment my seed exploded out of me an into her, I imagined it swarming up her womb to find an egg or a dozen of them. That reassuring image brought me out of the terrible reverie that might have consumed my heart.

We held each other in silence for many, happy minutes. My pains submitted to the pleasures we had invoked.

A distance voice called. "Mom? Are you gonna make supper? I can do it, you know."

Mrs. Dinty answered. "Shhhhh, Billy's sleeping! I'll be there after I wipe up. I've been, um, exerci- uh, stretching!"

Steve's mother dressed quickly then. Before donning her skirt, she pushed her fingers into her crotch. That way she could tuck her panties into her vulva and keep much of my cum inside her. "Stay here, Billy. I'll tell Steven you were crying out in your sleep."

I had learned on my first visit here, that her family was different than mine. They didn't dare tell embarrassing truths to each other, no matter how awful it made them feel.

I fell asleep again, but it couldn't have been for long. She woke me by washing my cum stained crotch. Mrs. Dinty used a cloth, but half of the time she would suck my spent, limp pee pee for the fun of it. "Dinner's waiting." She licked her lips.

I got up and dressed and met Steve at the kitchen table. There were steaks and steamed greens and mashed potatoes on our plates. I dug in with a hunger, chiding myself for not waiting to help Mom practice making Mr. Gorgev's dinner.

"I didn't know you were hurting that bad." Steve asked. "What did old Lady Lum do to you?"

"She taught me a lesson that was my own fault." I answered.

He shut up for a while. We ate, but talked little. My bottom cheeks felt numb, sitting on the wooden chair, as if they had run out of pain. I was grateful for small miracles. My mouth twitched occasionally, almost into a smirk, when I imagined all the sperm, that I had shot into his mother's womb, wriggling to their target while we ate.

When I had cleaned my plate, Mrs. Dinty said. "You can have any dessert you find, Steven. I have to take Billy home." She got up to collect her things.

Steve leaned over to me and whispered. "Come to my room, quick!" We bolted from our chairs.

Inside the room where I had shot my first batch of cum into his mother, Steve fumbled around in his closet and produced a small bottle. "My dad gave this to me. Maybe you can use it."

"What is it?"

"GHB." He shrugged. "That's what Dad called it. I don't want it anymore. Maybe you can use it to send that Mr. Gorgev you hate, to hell."

I was stunned, so much so, he placed the bottle into my hands and wrapped my fingers around it. I didn't resist. "Dad said it would make me a man. He said it would let me fuck any girl I wanted, if I could get her to drink it."

Steve looked as if he was going to cry. "I read some of Dad's letters, while you were sleeping and Mom was stretching. He said he had been wrong. He wanted me to throw it away, and I was going to, but you sounded like you hate that guy a lot. Maybe this will help settle your score with him."

"I'm sure I've kept you way too long, Billy." Mrs. Dinty called from the living room.

I dashed out of Steve's room, my fingers unable to let the bottle go.

In their SUV, as Mrs. Dinty drove, she asked how I was feeling.

"Numb." Was all I could say. We kissed whenever the car stopped.

She dropped me in front of the Lady of the Lake apartments. I tried to sneak in my home's front door.

"Billy!" Mom came around the corner as I was reaching into the laundry hamper in the entry closet. I deposited the bottle under Daddy's old windbreaker. "OH!" Mom's eyes lit up. "Don't let me disturb you." She smirked.

"I was, uh, adding something..." My voice trailed off.

She turned her head away. "I'm sorry for butting into your business."

"It's okay. I'm sorry I was late. Did you practice for Thursday already?"

Mom's smirk tilted slightly. "I'm not the one who needed to practice, according you you."

I went to her, hoping she would hug me. Momma always knew.

Her arms curled gently around my waist. She nestled my head to her neck. "Do you want me to take back my promise to Mrs. Hennifer?"

"No, Momma." I began crying.

We went to the couch where we could snuggle more comfortably. I lay on my side, head in her lap. She gave my face and ear sweet kisses.

When Daddy came home, Mom didn't budge from our rest.

"Tough day?" He asked sincerely.

Mom nodded.

Daddy grinned, "For which one of you?" He went to the refrigerator and pulled out the meal Mom had made for him.

I got up and greeted him with a hug. We embraced until the microwave dinged. "You're my son, Billy. Us Wimbleys can survive anything when we understand our limits."

Mom entered the kitchen. "The Colkicks were able to get my phone replaced in one day." She pulled it out and beamed.

"Any new clients?"

"Not yet." Mom sighed. "We're okay for this week." Neither of them mentioned the one client's name. Two days remained, to plan my stand against Mr. Gorgev. The pain in my bum gradually returned.

After Dad's brief supper, they went to their room. I didn't have the heart to listen. That was their business, I told myself.

I watched videos before going to bed. The day's excitement and terrors would not let me sleep. Mom walked out of her room holding a jar of cold cream. "Are you still hurting?"

In other circumstances, she might have asked how I wished her to use it, but she knew.

I fell deep asleep while she smoothed the cool balm over my bare, darkened bottom. My penis attempted an erection against Mom's thigh but lasted less than a minute. She gave no sign of noticing.

Father woke me with a pat on my head. "And here I told my boss that I would be late this morning. So I could spend quality time with my son!" He laughed.

I had overslept. I wished he had woken me sooner. He went out the door with a sigh. I struggled to get into my morning routine. Mom wished, "Have a wonderful time, today."

Walking to school, I looked up, "Jobs for Teens."

Thousands of results appeared ... "Amazing Opportunity - No Experience Required - Out earn Your Parents." The results scrolled endlessly upon my watch's tiny screen.

My butt continued to ache. I met with Mrs. Lum and Ms. Hennifer, at different times between classes, but before lunch.

"I'm sorry I couldn't have been there." Mrs. Lum apologized. "I won't say anything more about the matter. It's settled. Should you feel like showing me what you've learned, give me a couple days warning. So I can be sure to unlock the back door." She offered a kind smile.

Ms. Hennifer almost wept when I found her outside the teacher's lounge. "It be fair, Lad, what you did to me, for the awful I did ta ye." She trembled, still terrified of my sperm that had soaked her vulva. I was not kind.

"I need to check if you kept your promise."

She grimaced but nodded. For a brief moment when the hall was empty of students and faculty, I reached into her slacks and felt my cum sticking to her groin. She was still wearing yesterday's panties. I guessed it hadn't dried because of her sweat and other crotch excretions. Pulling out my hand, I kissed her shoulder. "I wish there could have been another way."

"I love you, Billy."

Someone walked around the corner, and I scurried to my next class.

I don't know how well Ms. Hennifer's methods had taught me, but my peter had certainly learned its lesson. I met Ms. Laghari in Mrs. Lum's room for lunch.

"Let's get naked and explore our bodies." She had suggested. "Most people spend too much attention on their genitals, when every nub of flesh is ready to be aroused."

That's when I discovered just how beautiful my English teacher was. She cautioned though, "I want to practice, asking for permission, today."

I was instantly grateful I hadn't rushed to touch her perfect figure and gorgeous, brown skin. She started first, "May I touch your hair?"

I nodded, trying not to shrug. Ms. Laghari grinned. "Your turn."

"Uh, can I touch your hair." I hadn't thought to, until she had run her fingers through mine. I loved Mom how petted me, like she had last night. My English teacher's hair was amazing, as fine as Mom's but silky to the extreme.

We examined and touched each other for several minutes before she said. "Now I want you to explore your body, touch it and tell me how it feels. I'll do the same."

"It's better when you touch me."

"That's not wrong, but only you know exactly the way you like best to be touched. Keep that in mind."

I tried, and to my surprise, she was kinda right. Except for when I was making babies, I loved to jack off. Not even Momma knew all the ways I liked to touch myself. I applied the same theory to touching the other parts of my body. I revealed delights like: petting the top of my feet, scratching my chest, and nibbling the crooks of my arms.

Ms. Laghari told me how she loved to tickle her underarm hair. She didn't like anyone else to do that. "Mine are too sensitive, but many people love to have their underarms licked and nibbled."

She talked about rubbing her belly and caressing her neck, massaging her arms and shoulders. "But what you really want to know is how I make love to my pussy, right?" She winked.

I nodded enthusiastically. She had a trim but thick patch of hair between the top of her thighs. I had looked at it close up, and after asking for permission, touched her demure, outer lips.

Ms. Laghari sat on the edge of Mrs. Lum's desk. She looked up at the clock when she spread her legs and rested her hand between them. "We still have a few minutes." Her lighthearted voice steadied. I saw her looking at my penis. It hung like a sleeping soldier in a hammock. "And here I worried you would think I was teasing you again." She frowned.

"I-I'm sorry." I didn't know what else to say, certainly not that Ms. Hennifer had whacked it repeatedly with a ruler before I had long, painful but intense sex with my bully's mom.

Ms. Laghari touched her hair with the hand not between her legs and she glanced away. "If my body isn't a kind you like, it may be difficult for you to get much out of these lessons."

"I like your body, really!" I blurted. "You're so beautiful!"

"Uh, is there something troubling you?" She shifted out of sexy teacher mode and into concerned teacher.

"I-I- No." I tried - deciding not to tell her. There wasn't much time left, and I suddenly felt it was imperative to prove that I thought her body was incredible! "Please, let me kiss you, Ms. Laghari." I asked for permission.

"Um, okay." The confused teacher held one cheek out for me.

I sank down to my knees and tugged her hand out of my way!

"Billy!" She tapped my diving head, not quite a slap. "I thought you meant-"

My tongue shot into her groove and I licked slowly up. "Please?" I looked up at her.

She blinked, not happy but not angry. "Today's lesson was suppose to prepare for, but leave close intimacy for another session. Maybe I was teasing you." She considered.

I waited, not wanting to take advantage of our miscommunication.

Another glance at my wilted penis brought confusion to her face.

"I'll do it however you tell me, Ms. Laghari." I thought of a compromise.

She looked at the clock again. "I guess I can accept that, but next time," She warned, "Be more specific when you ask for permission."

"Yes, Ma-am."

"Your tongue felt really nice, Billy, but I want you to take it a little slower. Instead of diving right into me, or even kissing me, I want you to simply rest your fingers along my vulva's groove.

I reached up and held my fingers to the mouth of her puss.

"Your hand is just the right size for me, and it's good and warm." She smiled down at me. "My body is already responding to your touch."

I hadn't realized, something as simple as a hand held to a lady's vertical lips could be so arousing. I waited.

"Now move your hand gently, just a little bit along my sex."

I slowly petted her puss. A little wetness greeted one of my fingers.

"Mmmm, that's nice, Billy." She closed her eyes. "Try kissing me there, now."

I moved my hand out of the way and pressed my lips to her leaking lips.

She inhaled deeply. "Yes, but not for too long."

I pulled an inch away.

"Touch it with the tip of your tongue. Tap me with your tongue, right where my vulva closes."

I exuded a curled tongue and teased her five or six times.

"Nngh.You're doing fine." She sighed. "Now touch your tongue to my clitoris."

One of the things I had learned earlier was how different pusses could be. Ms. Laghari's clit was very small and tucked farther back into its hood than the women I'd known. I worried that she might not find my tongue very pleasurable. Quite the opposite.

She suddenly sucked in air when my tongue flicked at her hidden treasure. Her hands clasped the side of my head before she released me. "Sorry." She pulled her hands back. "I love having my clitoris licked!" After she releasing her breath, she said. "Please, don't stop."

She flinched again when my tongue tapped her clit, but she didn't grab me. "Ooohhh." She groaned at my repeated stimulation. "That's all I can handle for now. Next, I nee- I mean, please lick up the groove of my vulva. That will feel good but take the edge off of your incredible clit work."

I proceeded to lick her dainty sex. More fluid seeped out of her. I lapped it up. The flavor wasn't as strong Momma's. Mrs. Shahidi's sex was almost nasty by comparison. However, each woman's taste excited me for different reasons. The market lady's strong flavor was like a dare, that bringing her to climax had proven me worthy. Ms. Laghari's juice tasted like a wild flower in some romantic adventure. As for Mom, there was nothing about Momma that didn't overwhelm me with love for her.

"Mmmmm. Keep licking, please." Her hands patted my cheeks. Her loins shivered. "I'm going to cum very soon."

That surprised me. I had had to work on the other two wonderful pussies for twice as long. I licked and even tried sucking on her flavorful vulva. "Uuuunnngghhh!!" Her hips flinched, compressing my face. "A little initiative, sweet Billy, I approve. Mmm."

I felt tension building in her tan frame, as I licked and occasionally sucked on my English teacher's pussy.

"Just a little more, Billy. Please don't tire on me, or strain yourself." She held my head, her fingers slowly stroking my hair. "Remind me to, uh- mmmm, give you some yoga poses to strengthen your persistance- UHNG! After- ooooohhh."

I pressed my tongue deeper into her groove and licked faster. "YOU SEEM TO- KNOW." She cried. "Aaaahhhh!" Her groin bucked against my darting tongue. "QUICK! Stick two fingers into me and fuck me with them, but send your mouth and tongue back to my clit!" She nearly shouted.

As instructed, I shot two fingers deep into her slick lips, quickly finding the entrance to her dripping vagina. I cranked my head up and latched my mouth over the hood protecting her clit. My tongue darted into it as I sucked and finger-fucked Ms. Laghari's pussy.

Both of her hands flew to her mouth. She cried loudly. "YEEAAAAA!!!" Her body convulsed, but I managed to keep glued to her exploding sex.

And by exploding I mean the surprising thing that happened.

From out of the flailing, orgasming woman, shot spurts of clear fluid. A gush of juices sprayed all over my face and bare chest and arms, before I recoiled and pulled my hand out of her.

"OOOHHHH, BILLYY!" She exclaimed into her hands. "YOU DID IT!"

I stared stunned, her amazing juices trickling down my nakedness.

"I'm so sorry!" She quieted, as her body's shaking slowed. "I would have warned you if I thought you would make it happen!"

"What happened?" I felt like I had broken her. I reached for my shirt to wipe her watery, oddly smelling cunt juice, but saw a towel nearby. The watery fluid tasted milder than her earlier secretions.

She blinked, still feeling the pleasure from her intense cum. "I've never had anyone make me squirt. Only I could make myself cum like that!" She saw my bewildered expression. "I should explain.

"Many women but not most, when they climax, may loose control of their bladder. It doesn't matter how much we pee before having sex, our body can fill the bladder with that clear stuff right up to orgasm.

Bladder? I suddenly felt violated. "You peed on me?"

"Sorta?" She looked sorry. "I didn't know that would happen, but it's not dangerous, or even very dirty. I did pee before arriving here. So most of what I squirted you with is super diluted." She looked at the clock. "I am sorry, and to make up for it, and give you time to shower in the gym, I'll write a pass. So you can skip my class today." She reached into Mrs. Lum's desk for a pen and the appropriate form.

We wiped ourselves with towels Mrs. Lum kept in her office. As we dressed, Ms. Laghari suddenly kissed me on the lips. "That's more like it." She pulled away grinning at my crotch as I pulled up my underwear. My sad pee pee had grown to half mast without me noticing. "Next time, Billy, you can teach me what you like."

Before leaving, the English teacher turned to me. "I meant to ask earlier. How do you feel about last time, when you orgasmed but didn't ejaculate?"

"I loved it!" By not cumming when I didn't need to, her technique had saved my cum for making babies!

"That's good, Billy. If you keep taking the lessons from me, you're going to enjoy making babies more than most men ever dream of.

That sounded pretty amazing. I actually regretted not being in her class that day. Ms. Laghari really was an awesome teacher.

I had time to walk the halls and check my watch in my locker. The pass gave me full range on school grounds, for that period.

"We're going to get a bus soon." Tara had texted. "Ms. Jackie Skimp-meister doen't understand what it means to celebrate!"

I hadn't dared think of meeting the first women who carried my children. All that day I tried to distract myself. Only for a brief moment with Ms. Hennifer and for half an hour with Ms. Laghari, had I succeeded. It made me want to skip the rest of my classes, but showing up at the coffee shop early would just be lame.

Even with Mrs. Lum's encouraging presence and Derrick's steady patience, my last two classes dragged on for days it seemed.

When the school harp sounded, I burst out of school like a bat out of hell. After two weeks, of a range of physical activities, I only had to catch my breath four times before reaching Doggone Donuts Diner.

"It's Mrs. McDougal's little friend, Bobby." Wenda Williams greeted me with a big smile on her big face.

"It's Billy, ma-am." I didn't complain about her calling me, "little."

"You're very polite correcting me, Billy. Take a seat at the counter, and we can get to know each other."

"I'm going to have two friends here soon."

"Oh." Her eyes widened. "Then take that booth." She pulled a dish towel from her apron and wiped down the table. "I'll fetch utensils, napkins, and whatnot." She waddled away.

The booth looked old. Its bench seats and backs were solid wood, but the backs were cushioned with vinyl clad padding. A few tears marred their surface. Wadding peaked out of the tears.

The table between the benches was also wood but heavily lacquered. Decades of scrapes, scratches, and intentional cuts made the surface look as tired as I felt. My bottom was not comfortable on the hard seat, but my excitement easily outweighed its drag on my emotions.

"It was like the perp just walked into your arms like a naughty child knowing they did wrong." A man's voice from the booth next to me spoke.

"You can learn to do that, Andy. Too many people in the service think with their tasers before they think with their hearts." A woman responded.

"Where have I heard that before?" Andy sounded insulted. "Oh yes, from every instructor in the academy."

"Hah!" The woman's voice erupted. "You'll be fine. Not everyone responds to sincerity. I need you to back me up when I accidentally electrocute myself!" She laughed again.

They were two police officers enjoying a break. I felt nervous around them. I sought refuge in the television aimed at the counter. Some eggball game was being discussed by two men who never stopped talking.

The door opened and Mr. Yong my science teacher walked into the diner, looking lost or afraid. None of the sparkle he exuded during class followed him. He smiled painfully when Wenda greeted him. "Sit where you- Oh. You must be Spencer." She gulped. "There's a quiet table for you." She led him deeper into the small diner.

She brought him coffee, but that's all I could see. The one waitress circulated regularly but spent more time at Mr. Yong's table. I wish I could have heard them talk. Mrs. Shahidi had set up their date.

I strained my ears to eavesdrop, but other than her occasional laughter, their privacy remained secure.

The door opened, and I rushed out of my seat. "Jacqueline! Tara!" I fell between them, nuzzling my face into their beautiful, bodies, by which I mean their jackets. They hugged me and cooed.

All eyes in the room stared at us.

"Okay, I'm ready to go." Tara extracted herself from our tangled limbs. "I got what I came for."

"Pooh." Jacqueline puffed. "This place is very quaint."

"We got a booth." I pointed and ushered them to it. Wenda had invisibly set the table, including mugs and saucers and sugar and cream. She had even found a vase with a flower in it, fake but it was a nice touch. Jacqueline sat beside me. I couldn't help but place my hand on her thigh. She returned the favor.

Tara leaned across the table and whispered. "Careful what we say, kids. The po-po got big ears, right behind you."

Jacqueline laughed.

"Coffee, kids?" Wenda appeared at the end of the table holding two glass pots of black liquid. "I got dark roast and dangerous."

Tara smiled like good liar, I'll have what Billy's having, hot chocolate.

"That'll be one minute, after I convince the cocoa machine with my fists." Wenda waited for my one time girlfriend.

"Dangerous, please." Jacqueline pushed her mug and saucer at the fat waitress.

Tara's head jerked back, disapproving but said nothing. When Wenda left to run the hot cocoa machine, Tara rebuked her friend. "Jackie, you don't know where that coffee's been, in a place like this."

"It's going in my mouth, that's all that matters." The train conductor lifted her mug to her lips and tested the dangerous fluid. She took one gulp, lowered the mug to the table and looked sickened. "It's awful."

Tara shook her head from disappointment. "You try to enlighten people about the better things in-"

Jacqueline lifted the mug back to her mouth and took a bigger swallow.

"Why did you do that?"

"I guess I wasn't thinking." The normally polite but confident Jacqueline answered with sass.

I tried to say something. "The owner of our apartment-"

Two mugs full of watery cocoa hit the table, loudly, but without spilling a drop. "In a place like this, we serve the best that we can make." Wenda gave a wicked smile. "Have you had a chance to look over the menu?" She didn't wait for an answer but moved to serve the police officers.

Tara's eyes bulged after the heavyset peer. She grabbed a menu and buried her face in it.

Jacqueline and I shared one. She drank another mouthful of coffee.

When Wenda returned, we ordered. Tara wanted waffles. Jacqueline asked for a chef salad. I pointed at the fried chicken.

"Excellent choices!" Wenda went to the kitchen to pass our order to the cook, Boone Crumb. She did everything by memory.

"I can't believe you're still drinking that."

"It's growing on me." Jacqueline smirked. "And she topped it off while we were ordering."

"She did?" Tara looked unhappy that something had happened in a diner that she hadn't seen.

"It's a little warmer now." She dared Tara to have a taste.

Tara accepted. Her face screwed up into a ghastly mockery of her fairness. "I wouldn't serve that to a rat. Traps are more humane."

"Did you ever find that critter in your rail car?"

"I still think you made that story up." Tara huffed. "What we should be talking about..." She smiled at me. "Hi-" She whispered. "Daddy."

Suddenly Jacqueline fell over me crushing my face to her modest boobs. "Oh Billy, you've made me so happy!"

"Hormones." Tara quipped. "She jumps from depression to joy at the bat of an eyelash." Without realizing it, the railway cafe operator reached for her friends mug and took a sip.

Jacqueline left me with three lipstick marks on my face. She daubed her napkin in her coffee and wiped them off.

"Don't burn his skin. That joe's got more acid than water." Tara looked at Jacqueline's mug. A queer expression crossed her face. She called out, "Excuse me, Ma-am. I'll have the coffee she's having."

A 'fresh' mug arrived seconds later. Wenda gave me a wary look. She returned to her duties.

"Something about it, right?" Jacqueline prompted when Tara took a heavy pull from her second mug, the first untouched.

"It is warmer." Was all Tara admitted.

I sipped my cocoa and pushed it away. I considered trying the coffee. When I reached for Jacqueline's, she swatted my hand.

"Sorry, Billy, the FDA would not approve."

"I hate to think what this is going to do to our babies." Tara interjected.

"Don't even."

They both bolted slugs from their mugs. Five seconds later, their cups had been topped off while I talked about school.

"How many other hearts have you broken so far?" Tara pouted.

"Don't listen to her." Jacqueline, "I'm the only one happier than her, for what you gave us."

I blushed.

Three plates landed on the table. "Have I seen you girls before?"

Jacqueline and Tara looked at each other.

"They were on the TV a week ago." I beamed.

"You two wore those crazy t-shirts." Wenda's eyes narrowed.

Silence sent our server scurrying back to her rounds.

"Billy, you shouldn't have said that." Tara huffed.

"I'm sorry." I said out of politeness. Why was she suddenly upset?

"It's fine." Jacqueline assured me. "Nobody's gonna hassle us here."

"I shouldn't have barked at you." Tara apologized to me.

"Hormones." They blurted together.

We dug into our food. It was nothing like the fabulous dinner Mrs. McDougal had treated me to. The chicken was greasy and undercooked.

"These waffles are made with recycled paper." Tara shook her head. She cut another bite and doused it in syrup. "They're not awful."

"The salad is okay." Jacqueline said without spirit.

I had let down the two most important women in the world at that moment. They saw my frown.

"I just want to say how much I admire you two, fine ladies." Wenda returned.

Ladies? I wasn't sure how that would go over with my friends.

"Let me fix these meals." Wenda was a force then. No one dared object when the big, smiling waitress took our sampled meals away.

A minute later, we heard a single phrase burst from the kitchen. "OR ELSE!"

Jacqueline and Tara drank more coffee. Each time they set down their mugs, Wenda returned with her two glass pots of endless coffee.

"I gave the cook the what for, ladies. You'll get what you came for." Wenda promised, "And it's on the house, today."

"Uh, thanks?" Tara tried to look happy.

"If you don't mind me butting into your business..." Wenda butted. "How did you win against the system? I got my own rat bastard hounding me, but if he got me pregnant, the law would laugh in my face." She turned her head to the two police officers, "Except you, Rachel."

Andy muttered something about being a shadow.

"Wenda, how many times have I told you not to drink the coffee here?"

"I'll trade jobs with you any day."

"I wouldn't do that to the criminals in this city. They would all escape justice by claiming police brutality."

Wenda moved to the cop table but avoided discussing her coffee consumption, with the police woman.

She lingered longer at Mr. Yong's table, giving us a reprieve.

"She's amazing." Jacqueline stared.

Tara shook her head. "I'd shoot myself if I had her job."

"I liked your cafe better." I once more tried to get into the conversation.

"Thank you, Billy." Tara smiled again. "But don't blame that waitress for the bad food. That's all the manager's fault."

"Probably the same guy who's hounding her." Jacqueline sounded genuinely concerned. She had been in Wenda's shoes. She was lucky things had worked out they way they had.

"I'm sorry I let your cups go empty." Wenda appeared with piping hot plates adorning her fat arms. She deposited them like she was dealing cards. Each plate skidded to a halt in front of the one who had ordered it.

They all smelled amazing.

Tara's eyes bugged out. "What did you do, press gang a cook from a fancy hotel?"

"Boone gets sloppy when he ain't got nothing to live for." Wenda left again.

We were so busy eating, we didn't notice that coffee had returned to my friends' mugs. They drank little of it. The food was so delicious. Who wanted nasty coffee? They did, for the contrast in flavors.

We laughed and chatted between mouthfuls. I told them about working with Mom, but not about Mr. Gorgev. I told them we were going to buy a house.

"The same, Mr. Colkick I nearly threw of the train?" Jacqueline squeaked. "That's incredible!"

"His wife sounds like a workaholic."

"Wait until she has kids!"

"That'll prove her mettle."

"She's nice. She's gonna pay me sixty dollars each time I work with Mom."

"I remember you calling her, Momma." Jacqueline teased. "Has school made you all grown up?"

I blushed and focused my eyes on my plate, but it was empty. I looked around. Tara and Jacqueline sat back, mugs glued to their lips.

"That was heavenly, Billy."

"That's twice now. " Tara's eyes gleamed.

Jacqueline looked scared, suddenly. "I don't want to leave."

"Like I said earlier, this meal is on Boone's tab." Wenda appeared like a fallen angel. "He broke your first orders. He pays. But I gotta ask, can I get your emails? Honestly, I really want to ask you some personal stuff about what happened." Wenda looked sad, but she smiled through it. "You know, one cafe server to another?" She looked at Tara.

Tara nodded and wrote her email on a napkin. "I can't let you have my friend's email." She was serious about looking out for Jacqueline.

"This is more than I have a right to ask." Wend pocketed the napkin.

After she left. We collected our backpack and purses. It struck me then, that my friends hadn't taken off their jackets. The day was quite warm, and the fans in the diner barely helped.

We were halted at the door by the presence of my science teacher. He blinked at Wenda, having paid his bill. "Can I see you again?"

Wenda chuckled, "Whenever the Open sign is in the window." She noticed Tara and Jacqueline before turning her eyes back. "I'd like that, Spencer."

He brightened at that and walked out the door, never once noticing me.

"This time we're calling a gig driver." Tara insisted.

"I know a nice lady who drives a cab. She gives Mom and me a discount."

"Of course she does." Tara sighed. We exited the diner, and I texted Tanya.

As we waited, two arms, from opposite directions, curled around my body.

"I'm horny." Tara whispered. "And hot." She wriggled in her heavy jacket but never loosened a button.

Jacqueline's arm twitched. Her hand pawed me. The heat of it burned through my shirt.

My penis grew very hard.

Jacqueline said. "You have to come with us, Billy. I'll pay for your ride back home." Her voice trembled.
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