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Author Topic: The Invitation (fg, ff, fdom, oral, anal, violence)  (Read 463 times)
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This is a work of fiction. You must be age 18 or over to read this story. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under the age of 18 in real life.

The Invitation

      Avery Mason slid the invitation back into the envelope and tapped it against the top of her desk.

      The heavy vellum envelope, with nothing more than her name handwritten on the front, had been slipped into her locker earlier in the day and she had looked at it curiously after school before sliding it into her backpack unopened.

      At home she had propped it against her desk lamp and looked at it at least ten times while she forced herself to finish her homework, which had taken longer than it should have, given her curiosity about the contents of the envelope.

      Finally, her homework was done and she used her letter opener to carefully slice the top of the envelope open and then pulled out the contents.

      The matching paper inside was an invitation which was hand-written in a careful precise script. It read:


      You will be initiated in MHLB at 6pm Friday at the home of Marcia Conroy.

      Please be on time and bring an overnight bag.

      Avery shook her head and read it a second time. Then she slowly read it a third time, her confusion mounting with each perusal. It seemed like a terse invitation to a slumber party, except for the initiation part. She had no clue what that was about.

      Marcia Conroy, she thought. She’s got a lot of nerve after what she did in middle school. Then she frowned as she wondered, What the devil is MHLB?

      Avery and Marcia, along with two other girls, Julie Gates and Bonnie Suzuki, had a long history. The four had been the best of friends from the first day of kindergarten and as the years passed, they became closer than many—if not most—siblings.

      They all knew about each other's most shameful moments. For example, how embarrassed Avery had been when she had accidentally wet her pants at school when they were in the third grade.

      Avery was now 14 years old, a freshman in high school. She was 5-feet, 3-inches tall and weighed 108 pounds. Her stunning auburn hair, which hung to the middle of her back and was naturally curly, set off her dark green eyes. Well into puberty, her bra size was 32-B.

      All four girls knew that Marcia’s older sister had started bullying her when she was eight and her sister was thirteen. As it turned out, they didn’t know as much about that as they thought they did, but more about that will come out later in the story.

      Marcia, also a 14 year old freshman, was two inches taller than Avery and weighed 114 pounds. Straight golden blonde hair, down to just past her shoulders, and bright blue eyes gave her the classic look of a surfer girl. Also a B-cup, her bra was a size 34.

      The group knew how humiliated Bonnie had been when she had farted one day in their fourth grade classroom, so loudly that the teacher had flinched and blurted, “What was that?”

      Bonnie was a nisei who lived next door to Avery. Her parents were now naturalized citizens, having come to this country from their native Japan as college students, where they met, married and started a family.

      Bonnie, at the age of fourteen, had probably reached her full adult height of 4-feet, 11-inches. For almost two years she’d been weighing herself and hoping to see triple digits, but the scale relentlessly recorded her weight at 99 pounds.

      Her long silky raven hair just touched the top of her round little bottom. Slender and petite by any definition, her small breast mounds didn’t really need the support of her size 30-A bra.

      The circle of friends knew how mortified Julie had been the first time she’d let a boy put his hand inside her bra. That’s because said boy had pulled out a handful of tissues, which Julie had forgotten about putting inside the cups of her training bra.

      That had happened in the sixth grade, and they were all surprised that it had taken that long for Julie to get felt up since Julie had been absolutely boy crazy since the third grade.

      Julie, by far the most precocious of the four freshman girls, stood 5-feet, 6-inches tall and weighed 118 pounds. Her dark blonde hair—some would call it dirty or dishwater blonde—was wavy and fell just below her shoulders. Blue eyes and high cheekbones gave her the look of a fashion model.


      Avery, Marcia, Bonnie and Julie were the best of friends until everything had changed dramatically on the first day of seventh grade. When Avery approached her three friends that morning they were standing with another girl that Avery didn’t recognize.

      “Avery, this is Regina but she likes to be called Reggie. She’s taking your place, so, you’re out of our group,” Marcia had said. Then she had turned and walked away without another word, followed by Reggie, leaving Avery stunned and speechless.

      When Avery had turned to look at Julie and Bonnie, they looked as stunned as she felt, but neither said a word. Looking at her with slightly apologetic expressions, they seemed at a loss for words. Then Marcia had turned and called out to them, and they too had walked away, hurrying to catch up with Marcia and Reggie.

      Reggie Williams was tall, a good 5-feet, 9-inches, and big boned, weighing nearly 150 pounds. She had flunked a grade somewhere along the line and was a year older than the group of four that Avery had grown up with.

      Her 36-C bra was necessary mostly because of her bulk. She wasn’t really fat, she just had a rather beefy build for a girl. Her mousy brown hair and dark brown eyes were unremarkable. Avery later learned that Reggie had moved in next door to Marcia that summer before the seventh grade started.

      Avery and Marcia hadn’t spoken to each other since that day, now over two years in the past. For the rest of their seventh grade year, Avery had spoken to Julie only occasionally and Bonnie, who lived next door to her, a little more frequently. Unfortunately, neither of them seemed to know what had prompted Marcia to cut Avery out of their group and replace her with Reggie.

      During their eighth grade year, Avery didn’t speak to either Julie or Bonnie very often. They seemed almost embarrassed to be around her. There was a reason for that, as we shall soon find out.

      Now, Avery picked up the unexpected invitation and read it a fourth time, still wondering why she had gotten it after Marcia hadn’t spoken to her for more than two years.

      Her first instinct was to ignore it, but curiosity won out and she decided she’d be at Marcia’s house at the designated time. It wouldn’t be the first time her curiosity got her in trouble.


      Standing on the porch at the Conroy’s front door at 6pm Friday, Avery had second thoughts about being there. She changed her mind for the umpteenth time and turned around to leave just as the door opened and Marcia said, “Good. You’re right on time. Follow me.”

      Her imperial tone irritated Avery but she sighed and stepped into the house that was as familiar to her as her own. In the kitchen, she said hello to Mr. and Mrs. Conroy, who greeted her as if they’d seen her just yesterday and not like it had been two years since she’d been in the house.

      They seem… odd, she thought, but before she could figure out why, Marcia took her elbow and led her to the stairs that descended to the basement family room.

      As she stepped off the last step, Avery saw Reggie sitting on the arm of the sofa, slightly apart from Julie and Bonnie, who sat on the cushions at the opposite end. Before she could greet them, Marcia barked two words from behind her.

      “Strip, Avery!”

      Avery frowned, turned around and immediately noticed that Marcia’s cheeks were tinged a bright pink. Her blue eyes almost sparkled with excitement.

      “Excuse me?” she said, giving Marcia a confused look.

      “I said strip… as in, get undressed… as in, get your fucking clothes off bitch. I want you naked, NOW!”

      “Uh, I don’t know what the hell’s going on here, but I’m not doing that,” Avery said. “After the way you treated me two years ago, I’m not even sure why I came here tonight. Curiosity I guess. What does MHLB mean?”

      Instead of answering, Marcia took one step forward and raised her hands. Gripping the neck of Avery’s shirt, she jerked the two sides apart, exposing a peach colored bra and sending buttons flying in several different directions as they were ripped from their button holes.

      Too shocked to move, Avery just stood there with her shirt gaping open, staring at Marcia. She sensed that the other three girls had gotten to their feet and were now standing behind her.

      Marcia looked over Avery's shoulder at the three girls behind her and casually said, “Strip the bitch!”

      Suddenly there were six female hands tearing at Avery’s clothing. Startled out of her stupor, she fought like a tiger, but when four people are determined to get you naked, your clothes are going to come off, one way or another.

      It took a full two minutes but Avery found herself naked, face down on the floor with her hands behind her back. The rough texture of the carpet caused her nipples to stiffen as her bare breasts were mashed against the floor. Marcia used the peach colored bra to bind Avery’s wrists before roughly pulling her back upright on her feet.

      All the girls except Marcia were breathing hard after the effort that had been expended during the struggle, and Avery felt a small perverse pleasure when she saw a trickle of blood in the corner of Reggie’s mouth.

      With her hands bound behind her, Avery did her best to ignore the fact that her naked breasts were thrust forward, nipples now prominently on display. “What the fuck is wrong with you Marcia? What if your parents come down and see that I’m naked?”

      “You don’t have to worry about my parents. I have control of their minds.” Seeing Avery’s look of confusion, she went on. “Don’t ask me how, because I don’t really know. I just do. Ever since my periods started, I’ve been able to control them whenever I want to.”

      “So you’re using mind control on Bonnie and Julie and… her,” Avery said, jerking her head toward Reggie.

      “I don’t need to control their minds because I control their pussies,” Marcia said smugly. “Bonnie, who took your virginity?”

      Bonnie said, “You did Mistress.”

      Mistress? thought Avery incredulously. What the fuck

      “And have you had any orgasms this week?” Marcia asked the shortest girl in the room.

      “No Mistress. You told us we couldn’t.”

      “Julie, who busted your cherry?” Marcia asked.

      After a slight hesitation Julie answered, “You did Mistress.”

      “Have you had any orgasms this week?” Marcia prompted.

      There was another slight hesitation before Julie answered, “No Mistress.” Avery noticed a tiny quaver in her voice.

      Ignoring Avery for the moment, Marcia stepped over in front of Julie without speaking. After several seconds, Julie couldn’t maintain eye contact. She looked down at her feet and began to fidget.

      Avery had almost forgotten that she was naked and bound, trying to wrap her mind around the fact that the two girls she’d been friends with forever had surrendered their innocence… not just to another girl, but to Marcia! How had that happened?

      Marcia’s harsh voice derailed her train of thought, bringing her back to the present. “You horny little slut. How many guys did you fuck?” Marcia demanded.

      There was a longer hesitation before Julie, still looking at the floor, half whispered, “Three.” She lifted her eyes to look at Marcia and pleaded her case, “I’m sorry Mistress, I just get so fucking horny!”

      “Well I hope it was worth it because you know what happens when you disobey me. You’ll have to be punished. Assume the position,” Marcia said, sounding disgusted.

      Julie looked like she was holding back tears as she slowly stripped off her clothes and got down on her knees, leaning forward onto the couch cushions with her shapely naked ass sticking out prominently.

      “Four smacks for each dick should do it, that’s twelve total. Bonnie, you’re going to give them to her. Get the paddle.”

      “Oh c’mon Marcia, you know I hate—” She broke off as she looked at Marcia’s face.

      “What did you just call me?”

      “Sorry, I’m sorry Mistress. It’s just that—”

      “Assume the position bitch. You know better than to disobey me.”

      Thirty seconds later, Bonnie’s naked butt was on display next to Julie’s.

      Marcia turned to Reggie and said, “Get the paddle. Twelve for Julie and four for Bonnie.”

      “Yes Mistress,” Reggie chortled gleefully.

      The older girl pulled a leather covered ping-pong paddle from the end table drawer and got to her knees behind Julie and Bonnie.


      “One Mistress,” Julie yelped.


      “Yeow! Two Mistress.”

      Julie counted out ten more smacks as her curvaceous teenage backside became redder and redder.

      After Bonnie had counted out her four swats, the two girls rose and in unison said, “I’m sorry for disobeying you Mistress.”

      Avery, still naked and bound, was horrified at what she was witnessing. Even more disturbing to her was the feeling of moistness between her legs. What she had watched was startling, but also strangely erotic.

      Marcia stepped back in front of Avery. Before she could speak, Avery blurted out, “What the hell is wrong with you? Are you crazy? Why are you treating them like that?”

      “Why?” Marcia echoed, as if Avery had asked why the sky is blue. “Because they’re my little pets and they amuse me. Now, where were we? Oh yes, you wanted to know what MHLB means. Tell her slaves.”

      Julie, Bonnie and Reggie recited in perfect harmony, “Marcia’s Horny Little Bitches!”

      “You see Avery, these little sluts are my bitches… and now, you’re going to be my bitch too. Here's what you need to know. One, when you’re here, you will exist only to please me. Two, I will fuck you any time I want but you will not be allowed to have an orgasm unless I give you permission. Three, you will—at all times—obey me without question or you will be punished. Do you understand?”

      Marcia is a full-on nut case, Avery thought. Reggie seems to be enjoying this, but Julie and Bonnie sure as hell don’t act like they want to be here.

      Nonplussed, Avery’s brain was desperately trying to process the last words Marcia had spoken. Finally, as calmly as she could manage, she said, “Uh… what if I… don’t want to be your bitch Marcia? What then?”

      Marcia looked thoughtful. “Hmm… no one ever asked me that before. I’ll tell you what. We can have a little contest. If you lose, you’ll join my little pussy posse.”

      “And if I win?” Avery asked.

      Marcia shrugged. “If you win, you can get dressed and leave. I’ll forget you exist, like I’ve done for the last two years.”

      “Okay. What kind of contest?” Avery was confident. For some reason, she assumed it would be some sort of academic test. She knew that she was smarter than Marcia so that didn’t worry her at all. She wasn’t prepared when Marcia told her what she had to do.

      “We’ll have a good old-fashioned clothes-ripping, hair-pulling, nipple-twisting cat fight. You against… Reggie.” She giggled before adding, “Except there won’t be any clothes-ripping because you’ll both be naked.”

      Avery felt a shiver of fear. She had never, in all her fourteen years, been in any kind of physical altercation. And Reggie was six inches taller than she was and outweighed her by more than forty pounds. Avery realized that Marcia had started talking again.

      “…we’re going to do. You’ll each strap-on a dildo and the first one to shove it completely inside any one of the other girl’s three holes will be the winner. You are a virgin, right cunt?”

      Avery’s jaw dropped in astonishment. She stammered, “I’ve never—” She trailed off, too horrified at the prospect of having her body penetrated in such a manner to even answer the question.

      “I’ll take that as a yes. Well then, if you want to stay a virgin, it would behoove you if you strive to be the fuck-er and not the fuck-ee, now wouldn’t it?” Marcia smirked, proud of herself for using not one, but two of her recently learned vocabulary words in the same sentence.

      She walked over to a cabinet built into the wall, opened the door and pulled out two strap-on dildos. She tossed one to Julie, saying, “Put this one on Reggie. Make sure to slather on the lube.” Reggie began to undress.

      With a wicked grin she said to Reggie, “That’s Virgil, by the way. I gave him a name after he took my virginity all those years ago. He’s also the one that deflowered all of you.”

      She grinned and looked meaningfully at Avery. Then she spun her former friend around, untied the bra that was binding Avery’s wrists and began to strap on the dildo harness.

      Reggie said, “Mistress, you said that one day you’d tell us about how your sister took your virginity. Would you tell us now? Please?”

      Marcia thought it over and finally said, “Okay. It’ll take a few minutes to get these strapped on.” She began to tell her story.


      On Marcia’s eighth birthday, her family had celebrated early because her parents had to go out that evening. After they’d left, her then thirteen year old sister, Cleo, had pointed out that she hadn’t had her birthday spanking.

      An innocent little third grader-to-be, Marcia hadn’t thought anything about it when Cleo told her it would have to be on her bare bottom. Marcia had stripped off her shorts and panties, then naively bent over her sister’s knees. By the time she realized that something was seriously wrong, it was too late.

      Cleo pulled a wooden paddle out from under the sofa cushion and demanded that Marcia agree to be her sex slave. Marcia had only a very vague idea of what sex even was, but she refused to agree to being a sex slave to her sister.

      The teenager gave Marcia’s butt five hard smacks with the paddle and then paused to again demand that Marcia submit to her. There were tears in her eyes, but Marcia still said no.

      Twenty minutes later, with her skinny un-padded little bottom beginning to look almost like raw hamburger, Marcia capitulated and agreed to be Cleo’s sex slave.

      Once Marcia had consented, her sister laid out the very specific rules that had to be followed, such as keeping it a secret from their parents, addressing her as Mistress in private and the punishments that could be expected if Marcia should disobey her.

      Cleo then gave the innocent eight year old some hands on—and mouth on—training on how to pleasure another girl's pussy.

      Cleo enjoyed several orgasms that evening, courtesy of Marcia’s inexperienced tongue and fingers. Nearly an hour later, the eighth grader actually giggled with glee when she was finally sated, and saw the shiny wet face of her helpless younger sibling.

      The summer Marcia turned 10, Cleo strapped on the dildo that was now named Virgil and fucked her little sister's bloodied virgin vagina.

      That fall after Marcia started the fifth grade, she and Cleo had been alone, relaxing by the family pool one afternoon when Marcia said, “I’ll be right back, I’m going to the bathroom.”

      Cleo had instantly invoked their slave-mistress game and said, “Permission denied slave,” although she didn’t exactly know why. Marcia had taken three or four steps toward the house before Cleo’s words registered.

      Marcia looked imploringly at her sister and said, “But Mistress, I really gotta pee!”

      With a mischievous gleam in her eye, Cleo motioned her back to where she had been and said, “So pee, bitch. Right now!”

      Marcia knew better than to disobey her sister, so, with her face turning redder by the second, she released her bladder. She felt the warm liquid soak the crotch of her swim suit and trickle down her legs to form a puddle between her feet.

      Her eyes blurred with tears of embarrassment, she couldn’t really see when Cleo picked her up bodily—making sure her hands stayed above the little girl’s waist—and tossed her into the pool.

      Jumping in after her, Cleo took her sex slave’s hand and pressed it—palm up—against her teenage pussy. Marcia protested, urgently saying, “But Mom will see us!”

      Cleo shook her head, “No she won’t. All she can see from the window is our heads.” With Marcia’s palm against her adolescent jewel, she pressed her thighs together, trapping the fifth grader’s hand. Then, giggling gleefully, she pissed all over Marcia’s hand.

      To make things even more humiliating for Marcia, Cleo then made her wear a diaper to school for an entire week. Fortunately, none of her fifth grade classmates ever found that out.

      When Cleo was a senior in high school, even though she was a dedicated lesbian, she kept a boyfriend just so she’d have a date for prom. When his demand for sex got to be too much for her, she allowed him to fuck her little sister instead of having sex with him herself.

      Marcia had just started middle school at the time, and even the threat of punishment wasn’t enough to make her give in willingly. Cleo held her down so her boyfriend could screw the helplessly dominated preteen girl.

      From then until senior prom, Marcia got fucked twice a week just so her sister would have a date for the social event of the year. Cleo then broke up with her so-called boyfriend the day after the dance.

      Cleo finally moved away to go to college, and Reggie moved into the house next door to Marcia the same summer. Reggie, who was smarter than she looked, recognized that Marcia had been forced to play the role of a submissive against her will.

      Once Cleo was gone, Reggie, who—unlike Marcia—took pleasure in being a submissive, convinced Marcia to be her mistress, and MHLB came into being.

      Marcia, with Reggie’s help, then set about enslaving first Bonnie, and then Julie. Now, she had her sights set on her former friend, Avery Mason.


      “Alright, enough of that shit,” said Marcia, abruptly returning to the game at hand. “It’s time for a cat fight.” She sent Avery and Reggie to opposite sides of the room, then giggled and said, “Wait, I almost forgot something.”

      Reaching into the cabinet, she pulled out two pairs of shoes and tossed a pair to both of the contestants. “Put those on!” she commanded.

      Avery looked with dismay at the high heels she was supposed to put on. The highest heels she’d ever worn were only an inch high, and had been a wedge heel.

      These had a thin three-inch stiletto heel, and they weren’t going to be easy to stand up in, let alone wear while scuffling with another girl. She and Reggie dutifully strapped the heels on as Marcia took her place in the center of the room.

      “Let’s make sure Avery understands the rules. Reggie, tell her.”

      Reggie looked confused for a brief moment, then nodded. “Oh yeah… the rules. The first rule is… there are no fucking rules!”

      Marcia grinned wickedly. “That’s exactly right. No rules. First one of you to hide the sausage in one of her opponent’s holes is the winner. Are you two sluts ready?” Neither Avery nor Reggie responded before she waved her hand. “Let the bitch brawl begin.”

      Avery immediately sat down and quickly unstrapped the heels, tossing them away before springing back to her feet, realizing she needed mobility if she were to have any chance against her larger enemy. And, since there were no rules…

      Reggie had advanced halfway to Avery and stopped as she realized what her smaller opponent had done. She stopped and whined to Marcia. “She took her shoes off. That’s cheating!”

      Marcia was gritting her teeth, visibly angry at what Avery had done. After a long pause, she took a deep breath and grudgingly said, “No rules Reggie. You can’t cheat if there aren’t any rules.”

      Avery had been using her greater mobility to circle around Reggie. As soon as Marcia made her ruling, she jumped on Reggie from behind like a piggy back rider. The larger girl, now nine inches taller than her foe including the high heeled shoes, was forced to her hands and knees.

      Avery tried to press her advantage, mashing the fake dick against Reggie’s backside, but with her arms around the girl’s neck she was too high to line up her target. With a bellow, Reggie bucked her off like a rodeo bronco.

      As Reggie struggled to stand up, one of her heels snapped off and when she got to her feet she was lopsided. Anger flushed her face as she unsteadily advanced once again on her smaller foe. Then… she made a mistake.

      She stopped walking, started laughing and pointed at Avery. “You pathetic little cunt. I’m going to enjoy humiliating you. I’m gonna shove my dick up your butt and fuck you in the ass until you beg me for mercy.”

      Something inside Avery just snapped. Some ancient, primitive part of her brain took over. The rational, kindhearted human female instantly disappeared, replaced by a feral animal… in survival mode.

      That deep, age-old part of her mind knew things that Avery’s contemporary thought processes would never be able to understand. She was in the jungle now, and in the jungle, survival was all that mattered. In the jungle, it was either take… or be taken.

      While Reggie wobbled back and forth on her one remaining high heel, Avery lashed out with a vicious kick. The hard, bony top arch of her foot landed squarely against Reggie’s mons veneris with a loud, wet sounding smack.

      It’s true, girls don’t have testicles between their legs that can be mashed, resulting in debilitating—even paralyzing—pain, but still… that’s a pretty sensitive spot on a girl’s body.

      Reggie bellowed in pain and doubled over, her hands pressed against her aching pussy. Avery didn’t stop to think about it, her reptile brain just reacted, jerking her knee up sharply and connecting with Reggie’s forehead near the left temple. The bigger girl went sprawling backwards, suddenly silent.

      Climbing between Reggie’s knees, Avery saw that access to the girl’s vagina was partly blocked by the strap-on harness, so, with a strength that would have surprised her at any other time, she easily rolled Reggie onto her stomach. She used one hand to spread the girl’s ass cheeks and the other hand to line up the tip of her faux phallus with Reggie’s anus.

      Blind with rage, Avery lunged forward, driving the well lubed rubber cock halfway up the older girl’s ass. Pulling back and thrusting again, her thighs slapped against Reggie’s butt cheeks as the dildo was buried to the hilt.

      Without hesitation Avery began to savagely fuck the full length of her dildo in and out of Reggie’s rectum. From the corner of her eye, she saw Marcia approaching. The words barely registered when Marcia said, “Okay Avery, that’s enough.”

      Avery turned to glare at Marcia and something in her expression was enough to stop Marcia in her tracks. She snarled at the frozen blonde, “It’s not nearly enough you crazy cunt. I’m going to butt fuck this stupid bitch until she begs me for mercy,” not even aware that she was parroting the words Reggie had used only moments ago.

      Only Reggie wasn’t going to beg for mercy. She couldn’t… she had passed out. After a few more thrusts, Avery realized that it wasn’t Reggie that she was angry with, it was Marcia.

      She withdrew and fumbled with the harness holding the strap-on around her waist. As she tried to remove it, something Marcia had said earlier was niggling in the back of her mind. Marcia had said she used mind control on her parents, and Avery, hearing the ring of truth, believed that, even though it made no sense to her.

      When she had asked if Marcia used mind control on the other girls, Marcia said she didn’t need to because she had control of their bodies. Instead of answering the question, Marcia had deflected it.

      Avery was sure now. Whatever mind control ability Marcia might have, it was limited to her parents and couldn’t be used on her or Julie or Bonnie. When she finally pulled the strap-on away from her body, she dropped it at Marcia’s feet.

      She locked eyes with her former friend and began to speak. “Marcia, I’m sorry about all you had to go through with your sister, I truly am. I wish we had known earlier, but now it’s too late. You may be able to control your parents but you can’t control me. Or Julie, or Bonnie. Now, I think I’ve had quite enough of your hospitality, so I’m leaving, since I won your stupid little cat fight.”

      “Yeah,” Marcia said very slowly. She drew out the word as if she were trying to think of what to say next. “About that…” She bent over and picked up the strap-on that lay at her feet. Standing back up with a smirk on her face she said, “I lied. I’m still gonna fuck you, bitch. Get down on your ha—”

      She never finished the sentence. Unfortunately for Marcia, the reptile part of Avery’s brain hadn’t fully retreated just yet. In the blink of an eye, the would-be dominatrix was flat on her back, blood spurting from her broken nose. Avery was lightly hopping up and down, her unfettered breasts and right hand shaking in unison as she cried softly, “Ow-ow-ow. Son-of-a-bitch that hurt.”

      Then her fury pushed aside her pain and she straddled the bleeding girl laid out on the floor. Using her sore right hand she grabbed a fist full of Marcia’s shirt as best she could and began slapping with her left hand.

      Forehand, right cheek, SLAP!

      Backhand, left cheek, SLAP!

      “You listen to me you fucking dyke, I’m giving you fair warning right now—if you see me on the sidewalk, you’d better cross the fucking street. You stay away from me or I’ll kick the shit out of your sorry fucking ass.”

      Right cheek, SLAP!

      Left cheek, SLAP!

      Avery had never been so angry in her life as she continued to punish Marcia for… well… for being Marcia. She couldn’t see Julie and Bonnie from her position.

      Julie and Bonnie, still naked, were looking at each other with almost impossibly wide eyes, finding it hard to believe what they were seeing. Avery—sweet, mild mannered Avery—was slapping the crap out of their mistress!

      Julie stepped forward and pulled Avery away from Marcia, but before Avery could protest, Julie took her place, straddling Marcia’s hips. With both hands she took hold of the collar of Marcia’s shirt and ripped it open. A second set of buttons went flying into the room. Julie screamed as she began to slap Marcia’s exposed breasts.

      “I am not…” SLAP! “a lesbian!” SLAP!

      “I like…” SLAP! “… fucking boys!” SLAP!

      “And you didn’t…” SLAP! “…take my virginity!” SLAP!

      “You hear me?” SLAP! “Mistress!” SLAP!

      Avery couldn’t suppress a little giggle when she heard the sarcasm dripping from the final word. Good old Julie, she thought. God I’ve missed you girl. Then Bonnie was beside her and the two girls hugged each other tightly. Although both were naked and their breasts were mashed together, their embrace wasn’t the least bit sexual.

      Avery felt gratified that she had been right—Julie and Bonnie weren’t slaves to Marcia because they wanted to be. That’s why they’d acted somewhat embarrassed when they were around Avery.

      Still holding Bonnie’s hand, Avery leaned forward and tapped her long time friend on the shoulder.

      “Come on Ju-Ju,” she said tenderly, invoking a pet name that no one had used since they were in the fourth grade. “Let’s get dressed and get out of here.”


      Aside from Marcia’s broken nose, there was no permanent damage done that night, and once it healed, even that was barely noticeable. Reggie had simply lost consciousness from taking a knee to the forehead.

      Avery, Julie and Bonnie became as inseparable as they had been before the seventh grade. Marcia—and Reggie—took Avery’s warning to heart and went out of their way to avoid not just Avery but Julie and Bonnie as well.

      Julie graduated from high school without ever having had a steady boyfriend. She did however, have intimate carnal knowledge of more than half of the boys in her class, and more than a few boys in the classes behind her. After taking a few classes at a community college, she settled into a career as a hair dresser, manicurist and fingernail artist.

      Bonnie graduated with honors and married one of the school’s basketball players, who stood 6-feet, 5-inches tall. Avery and Julie, as her co-maids of honor, took a solemn oath that they would not giggle as the happy couple stood side by side at the altar taking vows. It wasn’t easy but they managed to focus on the vows being taken, instead of the full 18-inch height difference between bride and groom.

      Ten months after the wedding, something Bonnie had hoped for since middle school came to pass. One day she stepped on the digital scale and for the first time in her life, saw triple digits. Of course, the baby she was carrying was the reason, but she was perfectly fine with that. Six years and two children later, Bonnie earned her master’s degree in computer science.

      Avery earned a degree in photo-journalism and now spends eleven months of the year traveling around the world, wherever the news takes her.

      Her photo credits appear on network newscasts and in major news magazines several times a month. It’s been more than two years since she last went on a date, and to this day—to Julie’s perpetual amazement—Avery Mason… is still a virgin.


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