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Sensitivity Training (MM+, MC)

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on: March 09, 2019, 10:10:14 PM
Sensitivity Training (MM+, MC)  

Summary – A bigoted white-collar worker is trained to be more tolerant of others.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't fuck with other people's lives!

“So, do you know why you are here, David?” asked William Smith, the Human Resources Manager of the Shaftman International Company. The two men were sitting in the HR manager’s office on the 11th floor of the corporate headquarters. David Tyler looked at the luxurious furnishings, plush carpet and the magnificent view of downtown. He wondered if he was going to lose his job today.

David hung his head down, not looking William in the eyes. “Yes, sir, I know why I’m here. I yelled at Stanley Kowalski – I called him a bad name,” said David.

“You called him what?” William prodded.

“I called him…, I called him a ‘faggot.’” David said resignedly.

Mr. Smith looked at the papers lying on the desk in front of him. “Hmm, your exact words were, “’A cock sucking faggot son-of-a-bitch,’ if this report is correct.” He frowned. “You know that insulting people, whether they are homosexual, or in any way different than you,, is not allowed here at Shaftman’s.”

“I’m really sorry about it,” said David, quickly, trying to save his job. “It’s just that when he came to my desk to ask about my project and why it was over budget, I got stressed out. He saw that I was nervous and then he looked at my crotch and licked his lips…” David paused. “He…, he said he could help me out and offered to ‘relieve my stress.’”  I knew what he meant, and…, and I guess I lost it.”

“Hmmm.” Mr. Smith considered David’s statement. After a moment, he spoke again. “Stanley shouldn’t have said that to you, not in your office anyway. I will have to speak to him as well. But still, you said what you said. A passing Corporate Executive heard you as well.”

“What is going to happen to me?” asked David, wringing his hands. He knew he would likely be fired. The Shaftman Corporation had very strict HR policies on workplace tolerance.

“Well, normally - depending on the infraction - either a written reprimand or termination, but in this case…,” Mr. Smith paused. “David, are you aware that the owners of this company are gay? This type of behavior is not tolerated by them, or any other Executive in the building. Even with a reprimand, a negative mark like this on your permanent record? Your career, and any hope you may have had for advancement will likely be over. No executive will want you on their staff after what you’ve done.”

David sunk in his chair. His dream of working in the famous ‘Executive Levels’ of the building vanished. He had imagined himself arriving at work in a fancy suit, taking the special elevators to the top floors, working in a fantastic office and having his own secretary. Gone, all gone! He had wanted this so badly!

David tried not to cry.  He choked, his voice cracking, “Is there any chance for me, sir? Any chance at all?”

“Well…,” William stood up walked around to the front of the desk, running his manicured fingers along the smooth mahogany top.  He sat on the edge of the desk and leaned back, his imposing figure framed by the large window behind him. His crotch was at eye level with David. Mr. Smith nonchalantly rubbed his crotch and adjusted his balls. “There is one chance…” he smiled mischievously.

David’s mind raced as he looked at the bulge in Mr. Smith’s expensive slacks.  ‘Was he offering to forget all this if I give him a blowjob?’ he thought. ‘Can I…, will I do it - to save my job?’ He licked his lips nervously. ‘How bad can it be to suck a cock?’ he wondered. ‘No! I can claim sexual harassment! Wait, no one will believe me after what I’ve done.  I’ll be fired for sure! What should I do?’ He made up his mind! He took a deep breath and licked his lips one last time! “I…” David started to get up from his chair.

Mr. Smith continued, as if he was oblivious to David’s predicament. “We have an experimental ‘Employee Sensitivity Training’ class available David.  If you qualify, you can take the training and then, if you pass the examination, you record will be cleared. If not, well…, we don’t have any other options.”

“I’ll do it!” said David quickly, relief washing over him. He didn’t have to suck Mr. Smith’s cock and his career may be saved anyway!

“Not so fast, David.” said Mr. Smith. “This is not simple slide show full of politically correct ‘mumbo-jumbo.’ This is an intense physiological reconditioning program. Not everyone qualifies for the training and not every class is totally successful.

“It works like this; you will be given a sedative to help you relax and be more open to modifying any entrenched mental biases. You will then chat with a psychologist, who will gauge your psychological readiness for reconditioning. If he feels that you are emotionally ready, mentally compliant, and if your profile matches…, shall we say, certain physiological factors that indicate likely success, your training will continue. You will then be further subjected to physiological re-conditioning and then finally some intense audio and visual stimulation to complete the training. At the end of the session, you will once again be evaluated. If everything goes well, your attitude towards, ‘faggots’, as you call them, will certainly be changed for the better.

“Are you still willing to try it, David?” Mr. Smith walked to the window and stared at the skyline, giving David time to consider the offer.

David thought about it for only for a moment. He wanted this job! He wanted to become an executive at the Shaftman Company so badly, even If it meant being nice to disgusting faggots! Hell, he had actually considered sucking a cock only a moment ago! His mind was open for anything! “Yes, I want it. Please, sir?”

Mr. Smith looked him over slowly, from head to toe and back again before looking into his eyes. “Very well, I’ll approve your application. Go outside and fill this out this waiver form. When you are finished, give it to my secretary. You will be given some materials to study while we prepare the room. I noticed you were recently divorced with no children. Excellent. This may be a late night, depending on how your training goes.”

“We start now, sir? What…?”

Mr. Smith waved off his protests. “No time like the present! And David…” He looked at his employee sternly. “I hope you don’t let us down, this is your only chance…”

“I won’t Mr. Smith, you can depend on me!” This was all too much for David. He was almost giddy with the prospect of saving his job.

“You can call me William,” William said warmly.

“Thank you…, William.” David smiled brightly, shaking William’s offered hand. He was on a first name basis with an Executive!

David left the HR manager’s office feeling relieved. He sat down in the waiting room and filled out the complex form. ‘What a bunch of legal nonsense!’ he thought, glancing at the multi-page document. ‘Party of the first part, relieve the Shaftman company of any and all liabilities, now and for perpetuity, experimental conditioning, blah , blah, blah!’ He quickly signed and gave the form to Mr. Smith’s male secretary. He wondered why William didn’t have a hot, female secretary with big tits. The secretary was good looking though, David noticed. He wondered if William was gay.

“Everything is in order, Mr. Tyler,” said the secretary, looking over the form. He signed and then stamped the document and then looked at David. “Follow me, please.” David followed the secretary into another room. He watched the secretary’s firm butt wiggle as he walked in front of him and wondered if everyone in the company was gay but him.

Inside the large, dimly lit room was a desk, a couch, a side table, a chair, a large TV with headphones and a cabinet filled with medical supplies. “My name is Bruce and I’ll get you ready for the session,” the secretary said. He then walked to the cabinet, opened it, and prepared a drink. He measured an amount of clear liquid and poured it into a glass. Then he added ice and some soda. “Lemon-lime soda ok with you?”

David nodded dumbly.

“There are some clothes in the wardrobe for you to change into. It is important that you are relaxed for the training. No ties, belts, shoes etc…, OK?” He set the drink next to the couch.

David nodded again. Bruce walked over to him and handed David some pamphlets, their fingers touching and lingering a moment longer than necessary.  

David was startled. ‘Is this a test? Are they trying to get me to react to this homo touching me? It won’t work!’ He cleared his throat and said, “Thank you Bruce. Thank you very much.”

“You are welcome, David.” Bruce winked at him. “After you change, finish your drink and lay down. Look over the materials while you wait. The doctor will be in a little a while.” Bruce lowered his voice and said, “You know, I had this same training last year.  I think you will get a lot out of it. I know I did!” The secretary smiled at him.

David smiled back weakly. Bruce wasn’t gay after all! He must be a homophobe like David; at least he must have been once, to have needed the training! Wow, he is really misjudging people. Maybe Stanley wasn’t offering to suck his cock this morning! He remembered how he thought Mr. Smith was trying to blackmail him into sucking his cock. Now, he was imagining that other straight men, like him, were gay! Maybe he DID have a problem. He didn’t know what to say, so he mumbled another ‘thank you’, and watched Bruce wiggle his ass again as he walked out of the room.

David changed into the loose medical pants and gown, but kept his socks and t-shirt on. He then quickly downed his drink, ready to get it over with. He lay on the couch and began to read the material he was given. It was typical ‘sensitivity’ information. ‘Everyone deserves to be treated with fairness’, ‘Everyone has feelings’, ‘Everyone needs to be loved for who they are.’ While he understood the message in the pamphlets, he didn’t know if he could ever change. He just didn’t care for homosexuals. He felt they were dirty and perverted, and somehow beneath him.

Before long, the medicine began to take effect. He felt very relaxed and at peace. He didn’t know why, but he was also feeling a little horny.  Must be the loose clothes and darkened room, he thought.

Suddenly, he heard three raps on the door, he must have fallen asleep! The door swung open. It was Mr. Smith!

“Mr. Smith!”

“Doctor Smith, actually, but I told you to call me William.”

“Yes, William.”

“Are you relaxed, David, ready to start?”

“Yes, I’m very relaxed.” He felt GOOD! Happy, relaxed and comfortable!

“In addition to the sedative, there is also a truth serum, neural pathway and synapses enhancers, and other ingredients to help you with the training. There must be no lying to me, David. Only the truth, if I’m to help you.  I’ll evaluate you after a short discussion and decide if you are suitable to receive the rest of the training, OK?”


“Let’s get right to it, David. Why did you lash out at Stanley today?”

“I thought he was trying to suck my dick.” David said truthfully. He was surprised at his openness. It must be the drugs.

“What does it matter if he was? Do you not like sex? Not to be crass, but don’t you like to get your dick sucked?”

“Well, yes, but he is a man!”

“Still, he was offering to help you, David. He saw you were stressed out, offered to help, and you lashed out at him.”

“Uh, I guess. I didn’t look at it that way.”

“Why do you think he offered to do that for you David?”

“Because he likes cock. Faggots like him like to suck cock.”  David felt himself getting more relaxed. He had absolutely no problem speaking freely for some reason. Besides, William asked him to, after all.

“You have a cock, David. Faggots have cocks too.” He paused to allow David to fully comprehend his statement. “Let me ask you a question, do you like your cock?”

David was sure that this was a trick question. “Well, yes, I like my cock.” He was not going to be tricked, no way!

“Close your eyes and relax, David. Picture your cock in your mind. Do you see it?”

David closed his eyes and took a deep breath.  “Yes.”

“Let your mind focus on your cock. Look at it. Examine it. Make it real.”

David could see his cock in his mind. He knew every vein, bump and ridge. It seemed so real!

“Tell me, what do you like about your cock?”

“Well, I like how it feels when I’m horny.”

“What do you like the most about your cock when you are horny? Tell me whatever thoughts come into your mind when you think about your cock.”

 “Well, I like how it feels when it is hard. I like how it swells and stiffens. I like how it throbs when I pump blood into it.” David smiled, seeing his throbbing cock in his mind, pulsing between his legs. The drug made him lose all of his inhibitions and his thoughts now easily blended into spoken words. He liked talking about his cock!

He continued, speaking quickly and enthusiastically. “I like how it feels when I’m hard and it rubs up against something. I like to stroke it.” He was able to focus all of his thoughts on how much he enjoys his cock. He happily felt himself falling deeper into his fantasy.

“Is your cock hard in your mind, David? Describe it to me, leave nothing out. Tell me what you like about it.”

David concentrated, until his cock was vivid in his mind. “I like the way the head flares out and how the veins stand out when it is hard. I like the feeling I get when my hand slides over the head and down the shaft.” David now saw his cock large and up close. It was so real! “I think I have a really nice cock,” he added, inspecting it in his mind, “It’s not too big and not too small. It is nice and thick. I like the way it points upwards. I like the fat, purple head and the way my slit looks.” He grinned. “When I grip it just right and point it to my face, it looks like a blind porpoise, smiling up at me!” He giggled like a schoolgirl.

David continued unbidden, feeling the blood begin to engorge his shaft.  “I like to admire my leaking pre-cum and slide it all over the head. I like to tickle the underside of my cock-head with my finger as the pre-cum oozes out.” He whispered, “Sometimes, I even taste my pre-cum!” He giggled again. “I like to thrust my hips and feel my cum-filled balls swinging back and forth and my hard cock bouncing up and down! I like to tickle my nut sack and give them a gentle squeeze!”

“Hmmm. It sounds like you love your cock and balls, David.”

“I do,” he realized. “Yes, I love my cock and balls.” Images of his hard, throbbing cock and swollen nuts filled his mind. His cock was hard in his pants.

“Faggots love cock too, right David?” Dr. Smith paused.  “Do you think you can understand why faggots love cocks and balls?”

David considered his statement. The image in his head suddenly changed. He imagined other men, even faggots, with hard cocks too. It made sense. “Yes, faggots must love other men’s cocks the same way I love my cock, maybe even more.” David had a revelation. He knew intimately the desire that faggots had for cock. He understood it now and could actually empathize with a faggot’s desire and longing for a hard, swollen cock. It was the same loving feelings he had for his own cock! He imagined hard, fat, pre-cum dripping, throbbing, and swollen cocks! His own cock strained against his pants. He didn’t care if William saw that he was hard or not!

“I think you need to lay bare your feelings even more, David. You say you love only your cock? You know how it feels to be hard and excited. Is it possible that you just love cock in general? I’m sure you can admit you can admire another man’s strong, hard, throbbing, penis? You love your own, after all, other cocks are just like your own. Perhaps you are misguidedly limiting your admiration of cock to only your own penis? You can admit that you are able to admire another man’s hard cock, can’t you David? Are you – perhaps - denying your true feelings, just a little? It is quite common, after all. I’ve seen it time and time again.., perfectly normal…”

“I…, I don’t know.” David sighed. He thought about it some more, trying to stall for time, he didn’t want to mess this up. “Maybe…, I’m a little confused,” he admitted. He couldn’t think straight, he could only focus on his hard cock. It felt so good straining against his clothing. Other hard cocks entered his consciousness, like the ones he saw (and secretly admired?) in porn movies; they were so large, swollen and yearning with desire. Those men had the same feelings for their cocks, after all. He could relate to love they must have felt for their own cocks. He knew he loved his cock, and he admired the overly-large, erect penises he saw in porn movies, but, did he actually like other cocks? Was it possible? The doctor is the expert in these matters, he thought. Is there a chance he is right? He decided to be honest with William.

“Doc, I mean, ‘William’…, just a little while ago, I was picturing my cock in my mind - hard and throbbing – but then, it wasn’t my cock any longer. I was thinking about other men and even faggots with hard cocks, knowing they loved their cocks like I loved my own. And, I just let myself admire their cocks - for just a bit - like I admire my own. Do you really think that means it isn’t just my cock that I love?”

“Exactly! There is no shame it admitting you can admire another man’s hard penis! Did you ever see another man’s cock, David?

Long pause.


David remembered being a young boy in the locker room at school, stealing glances at the other boy’s cocks and balls as they changed their clothes. But, he was just a curious boy then. It didn’t mean anything, he was sure.

“Tell me about how you look at other men’s cocks, David,” Dr Smith said.

“Well, it’s not that I look at other men’s cocks….”

“How did you see other men’s cocks if you didn’t look at them?” the doctor chastised.  “Don’t act ignorant with me, David,” he snapped.

“Yes, I’m sorry, William.” The doctor was right again! He was always right, his words made so much sense! Of course, he looked at other men’s cocks. He had to, if he had seen another man’s cock! How stupid he was being! He had to look at other cocks to see them, it made complete sense. He was being so stupid! “Yes, I’ve looked,” he admitted.

“Again, tell me about how you look at other men’s cocks, David.”

“Well, I can remember seeing…, I mean looking…, at other boys in the locker room in school. I was young and curious, you know. It was amazing to see.., to look, at all of the different kinds of penises.”

“Go on.”

David remembered it like it was only yesterday. The memory was so vivid! “Some boys had hair, some didn’t. There were so many different penises!” He smiled. “Most were small, though a couple of the boys were bigger. Sometimes, we even got boners! We couldn’t’ help it! The other boy’s cocks were so cute, the way they bounced and swayed. I liked looking at their tiny balls too. I just remembered! Kevin Thompson, his penis was uncircumcised; it looked so different than mine. I always wondered what it felt like, I mean how he felt, when he, you know...”

“When he touched his cock? Stroked it? Maybe jacked off?”

“Yes.” He watched Kevin jerking off in his mind, his foreskin slick, his cock stiff.

“Go on.”

“Wow, I can see them all in my mind! Naked boys running around the locker room! Kevin stroking his stiff cock!” He stopped suddenly. “I.., I probably shouldn’t be talking about this, it feels weird.”

“Nonsense David, it is perfectly natural and healthy. You have to get over the guilt and your aversion to the truth! Open up! Let your feelings out! Now, let’s continue. Are there any other cocks you’ve looked at that you should mention to me?”

“Well, my father had a nice cock. I remember how low his balls hung down! And, I was at a bar once and happened to notice another man’s dick. It was huge! He had it tucked down the inside of his pant leg!”

“Hmm,” Dr. Smith said, “Very interesting. Maybe we will discuss your father’s cock later. For now, please describe the incident at the bar and tell me what your thoughts were when you stared at this stranger’s huge cock.”

“Huh? Well, I glanced down and couldn’t help but notice his bulge. It was enormous, compared to mine, anyway. His long, fat cock was outlined against his pants, visible and thick, and stuffed down his leg! His ball sack was big too. I can see it now! I remember wondering just how big his cock would get and how it would look when it was hard, you know, and naked. I wondered what it would be like to have a cock that big hanging down between my own legs, stroking it.” David began to fantasize that he was stroking that very cock, jutting out from his groin. It was hard, thick, long and throbbing. “I wondered if a bigger cock produced more cum than my mine, and I wondered if it would shoot harder and farther than my own cock.” His imagined both hands wrapped around it. His balls were heavy with cum and swung back and forth with each stroke. He imagined himself up close to it, admiring it. But, how could he be this close when it was firmly attached to his crotch? He looked at the large, swollen head before his eyes and saw the pre-cum began to drip… “So big!” he murmured, “So full of cum...”

“David, stop fantasizing about his huge cock for a moment and listen to me closely! It’s time to review what we have learned so far;

“One, you love your cock.

“Two, faggots love cock.

“Three, you have an intimate understanding of why faggots love cocks. It is the same love you have for your own cock.

“Four, you enjoy looking at other cocks, and have been looking at them since you were a little boy. You stare at them in locker rooms and bars, you have admitted it. You  can’t deny it!

“Five, you admit to fantasizing about other men’s cocks while you stare at them. You love to imagine how big a man’s cock will get when they are hard and naked. You wonder how much cum their balls can produce and how far they can shoot their sperm

“You have all but admitted it, David. It is clear to the both us, isn’t it? It is not only your own cock that you love, you just love cock! Isn’t that right? Can you finally admit it to yourself? You love cock! “You’ve always loved cock! Doesn’t it all makes sense now?”

David’s mind raced. Had he been in denial all these years? He tried to deny the thought, to rationalize it away. He struggled internally for a short while, and then gave in. Why else would he have looked longingly at other cocks? He did love his own cock, deeply, after all. He did fantasize about other cocks; he admitted it. He could still the little boys in gym class running around naked. He could see that huge, hard cock in his mind. He came to a realization - it had to be true!

“Yes, it does make sense. You are right, William. I do love my own cock, and I guess I look at other men’s cocks, and I fantasize about them, so, I must like cocks. I…, I guess, I mean…, Yes, I like cock,” he admitted to the doctor, and to himself.

“Do you like cock, or love cock, David? You love your own cock, after all. Why can’t you admit you love cock?  Look deep inside. Imagine your cock. Now image other men’s and boy’s cocks. Do you just like, or do you really love, cock? Think carefully about your answer…”

David wanted to please the doctor. He was so wise and so knowledgeable! Besides, he wanted to keep his job. He was confused, but it wasn’t so hard to say it, even if it was only partly true. He stared intently at all of the imaginary, hard, straining, dripping penises. They were so pretty. So arousing. “I…, I…, I think I love cock, William...”

“Excellent start!” said William. “So, maybe faggots aren’t so much different then you? Maybe you will remember that from now on. You both love cock. Yes.., perhaps it’s true. Say it again, with conviction this time, please.  Do you love cocks, David?”

“Yes, I love cock, William.” David said robotically. Trying to shake the cobwebs and cocks from his mind.

“Hmm, not very convincing. Maybe I was wrong about you, David.” Dr. Williams frowned.

“No! You were right!” David said quickly, “I like cock a lot! I mean, I love cock!” He looked at the doctor expectantly, meeting only silence.

“So, you love cock, David?” the doctor asked. “Do you really love cock, or are you just saying it to keep your job? No, don’t answer just yet. I want you to concentrate on the boy’s locker room. I want you to remember how you stared longingly at the huge cock in the bar. I want you to think about all the cock you have seen; your school mates, your father, all of the penises in the porn you jacked off to…”

David closed his eyes and imagined. Images of hard, dripping penises and cum filled ball sacks danced around in David’s brain. They were so hard. He was so hard. He loved feeling this way. He remembered jacking off to porn movies…, to pussies and tits.., but yes, he also jacked off to hard, throbbing cocks.

“So, are you just saying you love cock, or do your really love cock?” the doctor asked one more time.

“No! I mean yes, I love cock!” he didn’t hesitate this time. “I see it now. I love cock! Yes, I LOVE COCK!” He had almost yelled it.

“Perfect,” the doctor replied. “And what about a man’s balls, David? Is it possible you love balls, too?”

Of course! All of the hard penises in his mind were attached to balls! He could picture hard cocks attached to swollen, cum filled balls! Thinking of balls, he suddenly remembered being in the men’s locker room after a workout. He recalled another man dropping his wet workout shorts and underwear, and seeing the man’s huge, sweaty balls. He smiled. The image was stuck in his mind. He loved his own balls, after all, so he must love balls too! It made sense! Of course it did! The doctor was so perceptive!

“Yes, I love balls,” David replied, then realized he did not sound convincing. He tried again, “I LOVE BALLS, William! I LOVE HARD COCKS AND BIG, SWEATY, BALLS!” He smiled again, imagining them. Balls were so soft, cute and bouncy. Cocks were so hard and pretty!

“Congratulations David, I think we’ve had a break through. You are doing so well. After this revelation, I think we can continue with your training, congratulations!”

The doctor pause, watching David lying on the couch, his eyes closed, a large grin on his face, his penis stiff and leaking, staining his pants with fluids.

After a moment Dr. Smith said, “Let’s take a short break.” He pressed a button on the desk and spoke into a microphone, “Bruce, we are ready now.”

Bruce came in and quickly prepared another drink. “We’ve had a breakthrough, Bruce!” Dr. Smith said, “David realizes that he loves cock, just like the faggots that he has been insulting. Now that he realizes that he has something in common with faggots! He is on his way to enlightenment!”

“Oh, I remember when I learned that I loved cocks too, and balls!” said Bruce. “I thought it was only my cock and balls that I loved!”

“Yeah, me too! Weird, isn’t it!” said David. The two former homophobes smiled at each other, sharing a special moment together.

“Here, drink this David, it is the same medicine you had earlier, only stronger. Oh, and Bruce will need to take pictures of your penis, for a later session, since your penis is at the heart of your condition. You don’t mind do you?”

“No, I don’t mind, not at all.” He really wanted to show off his hard cock! David drank the medicine down in one gulp. He felt the warmth spread into his belly and down to his toes. He giggled, feeling so good. The medicine was stronger than before! He felt it working on his body already. And, he confirmed to himself that he didn’t mind showing off his hard cock to these men. He thrust out his groin, feeling his cock rub against the thin material. He was proud of his cock. And, after all, these men had cocks too.  Pretty cocks and bouncy balls! They know how it feels to be horny, and how good it feels to be erect.  God, his cock was the hardest it had been in years! It must be because he was thinking about cocks - his cock and other men’s cocks. He felt almost jubilant, and free, like a weight was lifted off of him. He felt his penis straining against his pants.

“All right, let’s get some pictures of your pretty cock!” Bruce helped David up. He was a little unsteady. After seeing David gain his balance, Bruce squatted down and pulled down David’s pants and underwear, much to David’s’ relief. His hard cock pulsed and bobbed up and down. Bruce noticed the large pre-cum stain on David’s pants. What a waste!

“Oh, what a nice cock you have, David!” said Bruce honestly.

“Thank you,” said David, feeling very proud of his erection. He wished that Bruce would put it in his mouth! ‘OMG! What was he thinking?’

“Here, let me help you with your shirt and socks.” Soon, David was naked.

He stood erect, his shiny cock hard and pointing upwards. Bruce led him to a bare wall where he pulled down a green screen and had David stand in front of it. He flipped on a switch and some overhead lights shone down on them.

“Ok, let’s take a few pictures, David. Pose for me!”

“How?” David asked.

“Push out your cock for me, strut your stuff! Pose for me like the stud you are!” David pushed out his hips, his cock thrusting! Flash went the camera! This was fun! He turned to the side. Flash! Flash!

“Let me get a close-up!”

David stood still, proud of his hard cock, as Bruce came in close. Flash! Flash!

 “Hold still; let me get a picture of the pre-cum dripping off your cock-head!” Flash!

 “Ooohh, it looks so good!” Flash!

“It tastes good too,” said David. He gathered up some pre-cum and put it in his mouth. Flash! Flash!

“Grab your cock, but no stroking!” Flash!

“From the side again!” Flash!

“Show me your balls!” David squatted, pulled his cock out of the way and showed off his swollen balls! Flash!

 “You have a beautiful ass! Show me your ass!” Flash!

“Bend over!” Flash!

“Spread your cheeks!” Flash!

“Wider!” Flash! Flash! “What a nice, pink hole you have, David!”

David didn’t care. He was flattered and aroused.

“Now, show me how your girlfriend looks when she is ready to suck your cock!”

David opened his mouth, licked his lips and closed his eyes. Flash! Flash! Flash!

They continued for a few more moments. David was enjoying himself, acting like a diva in front of the camera. Pinching his nipples, sticking out his tongue and groping his hard shaft and balls. Finally, Dr Smith said “Ok, That is enough pictures; I think we are ready for the next session. Bruce, you may go.”

Bruce left the room reluctantly and Dr. Smith had David lie down again. “Do you want to get dressed first David?”

“No, I’m ok being naked. I like to be naked with my hard cock sticking out!” David was as giddy as a horny school-girl. “Is that OK?” The room was warm and he felt very, very warm, and horny!

“OK, but no playing with your penis. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Doctor.” David was a little disappointed. He really wanted to play with his hard cock.

“So, let’s continue,” said Dr. Smith. “Close your eyes and relax. You were saying that you love other men’s cock and balls the same way faggots like cock and balls. Tell me again what you like about other men’s cocks. Picture them in your mind... Earlier, you were saying something about how you like fat, purple heads on men’s cocks?”

“Huh? Well, yes…, I uh…, I like how my fat, purple, cock-head flares out.” He saw images of fat, purple cock-heads. “Yes, I like a fat purple head, like I have on my cock,” he added. “I don’t think I said I like other men’s cocks, William.”

“Nonsense! You said you love cocks and balls, David. Cocks and balls are attached to men, right? Let’s not nick-pic here. It is obvious you love other men’s cocks and balls, isn’t it?

David knew he loved cocks and balls. And, cocks and balls are attached to men. It was obvious. The doctor was right. Besides, It didn’t matter any longer; he was so horny and the medicine was making him even more confused.

“So, what else do you like about other men’s cocks, besides the fat, purple head?” the doctor queried.

 “I, uh, I also like how the slit on a hard cock looks.”

“Like a blind porpoise, you said?”

David giggled. “Yes, like a blind porpoise smiling at me, if you hold it right!”

“And the balls? Tell me what you like about other men’s balls again.”

He didn’t remember saying he liked other men’s balls, just balls in general. But of course, balls are attached to men! He remembered he did love big, bouncy, sweaty balls. He didn’t have big balls himself – his were small and tight. So he must love other men’s big, sweaty balls; like the ones in the locker room. And, if the doctor said so, it must be true. Besides, he did love balls. He had already admitted it. It didn’t matter whose balls they were, right?

“I like big, sweaty balls, and how they hang low and swing back and forth. I like the hairy nut sack and I like tickling them with my fingers, just underneath, you know the spot I’m talking about right? It feels so good when you tickle that spot.”

“Yes, David, I know the spot. Can you see it? Can you imagine that sensitive spot at the base of another man’s balls?”

“Uhmm, no, not really,” David replied.

“No? Then change your perspective!” the doctor suggested. “Imagine yourself kneeling down in front of it and looking upwards. Can you see the spot you mentioned? Just behind his big, sweaty balls? Can you see it?”

“Yes…,” David replied, looking up and inspecting another man’s balls.

“Tickle it, like you mentioned you love to do. Reach up and tickle his balls. You know how good it feels. Can you feel it?”

David reached up his hand. He could actually feel the raspy pubic hair brush up against his fingers.

“Yes, I can feel it!”

“Go ahead, tickle it…, tickle that spot,” the doctor encouraged, “How does it feel?”

“It feels great,” David said. “Soft and warm.”

“Now, look at the penis. The man’s penis is very hard, isn’t it David?”

“Yes…,” David said, “Very hard. I’m hard. We are both hard.”

“Hard penises drip pre-cum, don’t they? And you said you like pre-cum, didn’t you David? I remember you saying that,” the doctor added. “You said something about eating pre-cum and how you liked the taste of another man’s pre-cum.”

“Uh, yes. I like the taste of pre-cum.” He had said it. It was true. No sense in denying it. It didn’t matter who’s pre-cum. He trusted the doctor.

“Tell me more. What do you like best about a man’s pre-cum, and then describe how it tastes.”

David’s head was swimming and his cock was throbbing. He could feel his own pre-cum oozing out of his cock-head. Images of his cock and the imaginary cock before him blurred together.

“Err…, I like how the pre-cum is so slippery. I like to take my finger and slide it up around and all over the head. I love that feeling. Then, I like to taste the pre-cum. It tastes a little salty, but sweet too.” He could see himself sliding his fingers over another man’s cock-head. He could see his fingers wet and slick. He could see his fingers go into his mouth. He could taste it!

“Yes, go on, then what?” The doctor watched as David hands went to his cock. He slid his finger under his cock-head, gathering up the copious amounts of the slippery discharge. He rubbed it over his cock-head.

“Then I take my finger and lick the pre-cum off of it.” David brought his cum slicked finger up to his mouth and sucked it clean. “Mmmm! I love the salty taste and I love the slippery feeling. I like how it makes his cock-head, I mean, my cock-head, nice and slippery, so I can…”

“So you can what? Say it! What do you do to him next?”

“It is so slippery! I can slide my hand back and forth on it, making it feel so good…, jacking him off, back and forth…, I mean, jacking myself off! I like the head to be all slippery so I can jerk off!”  His hands went back to his throbbing cock.

“David, I warned you about touching your penis…”

“Sorry!” David’s cock was so hard! He wanted more pre-cum! He wanted to jerk his cock, he needed to masturbate something, anything! Maybe even the hard shaft in front of him?

“It is OK, David, just do not touch your cock again. Now, please continue, you were telling me about jerking off cocks. How you liked them slippery with pre-cum.”

David struggling with his thoughts, he imagined his hand touching another man’s cock, slippery with pre-cum. “Uh, mmm, Yes…, slippery co…, cocks…” he stuttered. His thoughts were seamlessly changing from his cock, to other men’s cocks! He watched his hand slide up and down another man’s cock, it was so slippery…

“How does his cock feel, David? How does it smell?” the doctor asked.

“Oh! Yes! I can feel it! Well, it is slippery…, and hard…,” David felt the other man’s cock with his mind and hands. “It is firm and spongy.” He leaned in and sniffed. “It smells fine. Good. It smells good. Very manly.”

“So, you like the feel and smell of a man’s cock, David? The spongy firmness, the manly smell of his sweaty balls?”

“Yes.” It did feel good. The sweaty balls smelled very manly.

“David, you were just telling me how you like to jerkoff men’s cocks? I assume you do it until they cum, it’s only fair, after all. You love to jerk men off and watch them cum, don’t you? Tell me more, I find it fascinating. You are doing so well.”

“I like to jerk cocks until they.., I mean, until I cum! I love the tingling feeling before the orgasm starts. I love the way the cum shoots out! Blast after blast of hot cum spurting from a hard co…, I mean MY cock!”

“Faggots like to jerk off cocks too, just like you do, don’t they?”

“Yes.” A deeper understanding and conviction began to grow inside of him. “Faggot’s love cocks like I do, and faggots like to jerk off cocks like…, like I…, like I do…“

‘Wait, a moment’, he thought, ‘was it HIS cock he was picturing jerking off, or was it someone else’s hard, throbbing cock in his hand, slippery with pre-cum. His hand sliding up and down...’

“David, you make it sound so exciting when you talk about men’s cocks! I can tell that talking about men’s cocks make you so happy. You must be so proud. I’m sure you must think about cocks and balls all the time, since it makes you so happy. You are very skilled when it comes to cocks aren’t you?”

David was so please with Williams compliment. He puffed up his chest and began to brag, eager for more compliments. “Yes, I am very skilled when it comes…, to…, cocks.” Was he really skilled with cocks? He was confused again. The doctor came to his rescue. What a relief!

“Yes, you must be skilled,” the doctor agreed. “For example, how many times do you think you have jerked off in your life?”

“Oh, hundreds of times. Probably thousands of times.” David said, remembered jacking off two or three times a day when he was growing up. It continued all through college, and even after he was married.

 “You’ve jacked off hundreds, even thousands of men’s cocks. Yes, you must be skilled when it comes to cock. After all, you love other men’s cock.”

“Yes…, well, I do love cock, William. “I’ve jacked off so many…, Yes, I am very skilled… with my.., with …, with cocks…” His cock, other cocks, it just didn’t seem important.  He could not argue with the doctor. The doctor was always right, he knew that now. David’s own arguments were weak and nonsensical. The doctor was confident, logical and persuasive. He wanted to please him and make him happy. He needed to be liked and praised by him!

“I like to hear you express your love for real men’s cocks David. I think it is very healthy for you to do so, it doesn’t make you less of a man…, much…, now please, go on.” William smiled. “Do you like blowjobs, David?”

“Yes, I love men’s cocks…, and I love blowjobs!” David agreed all too easily. Maybe he was slightly less than a real man. His cock wasn’t that big, after all.

“Faggots love blowjobs too… Tell me what you like about giving blowjobs…”

David was sure the doctor meant getting blowjobs…“Well, I like how the lips wrap around my cock-head. I like the warm, wet feeling as my cock slides in, the gentle sucking. Yes, I like the sucking and licking, up and down the shaft! I like to tickle the spot behind the balls. I like to jack and suck…,” In his mind, David was still kneeling before the hard, swollen, leaking cock in front of him. It looked so manly. It smelled so manly. It was dripping sweet, salty, pre-cum. “I love to suck.., I mean, I love it when they suck my fat, flared cock-head into their mouth! I love how it feels, rolling around the hard, spongy head and tasting the pre-cum on my tongue. I love licking all around the head, then sucking it up and down, up and down until they…, I mean until I…”

“Until, what David? What happens when you suck a hard cock like you were describing? It’s OK, you can tell me. What happens next? You suck them, you lick them, you tickle the spot behind the balls and then…?”

“They cum. They shoot cum into my ….” What was he saying? “I mean that I cum, I spurt my hot cum into some dirty fucking slut’s mouth!” David was lashing out again in desperation. He wasn’t imagining some dirty whore sucking his cock; it was himself he was imagining! Down on his knees, naked! His own cock and balls swinging back and forth as he sucked the long, fat cock of a nameless stranger. He could almost feel the hot, thick cum blasting into his eager, cock-loving mouth!

“Careful, David!” William cautioned. “If someone gives such pleasure to another man, why would you call them a ‘dirtily slut’? Someone like that should be revered and honored! They should be proud of their ability to please real men, since they are more like a weak woman than a real man. And, it is the ultimate act of a kind and selfless human being! It is good, and noble of them to give such pleasure and ask so little in return.”

“I…, I…” David’s mind raced. ‘Faggots should be honored?’ “Well, I guess they have, err, certain ‘skills’ they should be proud of.”

“You are damn right they should be proud. You should be proud too, David, you should be proud of your love of cocks!”

“Me? I should be proud that I love cocks?” David asked.

“Yes, of course! You must never feel bad about your love of cock. Listen to me now, and you have to listen to me very carefully and understand what I’m saying to the core of your being.”


“I’m listening William.” David was empty and ready to hear William’s spoken truth.

“David,” the doctor whispered into his ear. “It is so simple - Faggots love to please real manly men, they deserve praise, not scorn! You deserve praise too. You love cocks and balls and pre-cum! Faggots love cocks and balls and pre-cum too! Faggots deserve praise for the services they provide, and you should desire to receive such praise too! You know what it is like to love real men’s cocks and balls just like faggots like real men’s cocks and balls. Faggots love to make men feel good. And, since you like to feel good, you secretly want other men to feel good too! Isn’t that right? You want other men to know the same pleasure that you yearn for. Remember, there is nothing to be ashamed of. You should be proud of your love of cock, and you should be praised for wanted other men to feel good It is so noble and selfless of you!”

“Yes!” He grasped the idea like a drowning man clings to a life preserver. He shouldn’t be ashamed that he loves cocks! He should be proud! He was noble. He was selfless! “Yes, I should be proud I love cocks, just like faggots should!”

“I think you know it is more than that, David. Faggots perform a valuable service to other men, services that only a man with a hard cock can so deeply and truly understand! Only a faggot would pleasure another man’s cock anyplace and anytime. They work so hard to please other men, to relieve their stress and keep them sexually satisfied. This allows real men to focus on more important tasks! Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, it’s true!” David nodded his head vigorously. William was a real man, so wise and forceful! David suddenly thought of Stanley offering to suck his cock that very morning when he saw how stressed he was.

William knew what he was thinking. “Did Stanley Kowalski deserve your scorn this morning, David?”

“No, no he didn’t. I have to apologize to him. He was only trying to help me and relieve my stress.”

“Do you think that Stanley is a better man than you are, right now anyway?”


“And, there is nothing wrong with being a faggot! Faggots are great! Everyone should be so lucky as to be a cock loving, pre-cum licking, dick sucking, ball tickling faggot right?”


“Good, excellent. Let that sink in David.

David thought about it. His dick was hard. He thought about loving cock, licking pre-cum, sucking dick and tickling balls until…” He stopped.


“Let’s change the subject now David.” William paused.  “Have you ever tasted cum?”

More silence. David was very uncomfortable.


“Well…, my own cum, yes…” He had never admitted it to anyone before

“Tell me about it.”

David paused, and was compelled to tell his dirty little secret. “When I was a boy, yes, I tasted my own cum.”

“Perfectly normal,” Dr. Smith said.”Describe it for me, David.”

“Well, it was a long time ago.  I don’t… I remembered that I tasted it, and…, that’s all, really.”

“You only tasted it the one time, David?”

“I.., I think. Yes, just the one time...”

 “I don’t think you are being honest, David. Perhaps we should end this now, if you are going to play games and lie to me…”

“No, William!” he blurted. I remember now… there was another time!”

“I thought so, David. Please, don’t hold anything back, or we will be finished here. Understand?”

“Yes, William. I understand,” he would be completely honest. “Well, it is kind of embarrassing, William,” David said softly.

“Nonsense. You have nothing to be embarrassed about, David. Close your eyes again and picture it. Tell me about it. “

“Well, once, when I was a boy, I had just jacked off, and I heard my mother coming down the hallway. She was about to come into my room. I had it in my hand, I…, I had to hide it. I ate it. I ate my own cum so my mother wouldn’t find out.”

“So, you had a big mouthful of warm cum? You swallowed it before your mother came into your room? You talked to her with the taste of cum in your mouth?”


“Describe the taste of cum for me, please David. What did it taste like? What did it feel like?”

“It was kind of…, it was salty. It was warm and… thick…I remember how it slid down my throat.”

“You like salty things, don’t you David. Salty things like potato chips? Oh, and salty pre-cum!  And you like thick things, like a milk shake, and warm milk before going to bed, like your mother would sometimes give you, when you had trouble sleeping?

“Yes, I like those things…” David saw no reason to lie about it.

“So then, you liked the taste of your thick, warm, salty cum?  Didn’t you, David. Be honest now!” he warned.

“Well, I didn’t mind it, I guess…, I…, I guess I kind of liked it…, sure, I like salty things, so, yeah, I must have liked the taste of my own cum.”  He looked to William for approval. William smiled at him!

“Excellent! The bigger the load, the better, I’m sure! Now, tell me more about your mother. You wore her panties and you ate cum to hide the fact that you were masturbating. Would she not approve of your masturbation? All boys masturbate after all.”

“No. My mother would not have approved. She was a little strict about that kind of stuff.” He remembered trying on a pair of his mother’s panties once or twice. How did William know that?

“So, you tried to hide your love of cocks and jacking off by eating your cum. Hmm, what would she have said if she knew you were wearing her panties and eating cum all the time. Knowing her boy was more like a woman than a real man.”

“She would have said that I was a faggot, that I was a panty-wearing, cum-eating faggot. She hated faggots…” He imagined himself tasting a big load of cum, holding it in his hand, wearing his mother’s panties. ‘What if his mother saw him doing that?’ His cock twitched. He wanted her approval. He wanted William’s approval. But if he wasn’t a real man, what was he?

“But you were not a faggot yet, were you? Just a little sissy boy masturbating in his mother’s panties, doing what is only natural. But you were afraid of being called a faggot by your mother, right? Maybe we can trace your unnatural homophobic reactions to your mother, yes?  Maybe it was her influence that drove you to love cocks in secret, by condemning the very thing you loved so much!  After all, just because you love cocks, jacking off, giving blowjobs and eating cum, doesn’t mean that you are a faggot, right? You just like to pleasure other men!”

“Right, I’m not a faggot, just someone who loves cocks, jacking off, giving blow…; I mean getting blowjobs and eating cum. Oh, and giving pleasure!” He imagined a cock with a nice, flared purple head sliding into a warm, wet mouth. It was not his cock, but it was his mouth. He was giving it pleasure; it was thrusting in and out of his mouth! “So much pleasure…mmm…”

“Tell me more about your fascination with sperm and how you eat cum all the time, David.”

David was eager to drive the disturbing, erotic image from his mind. He paused, reminiscing. “Yes, I sometimes used to eat my own cum…” He remembered another time and how he licked the warm cum from his fingers and squeeze his firm cock to milk out the last drops of cum and eat it, not wanting to get out of bed to clean up. He described it to William, hoping for more praise.

“I appreciate your honesty, David. You are doing so very well. I feel we are really getting somewhere now!  It is great that you have admitted to yourself how you would always eat your own cum after you jacked-off. Let’s see, a teenage boy will jack off and cum multiple time a day. Maybe two or three hot cum loads for you? One in the morning, and a couple more warm, salty loads at night? That’s about right for a teenage boy. Yes, you ate a lot of cum David! Real men don’t eat cum. But, tell me more about it, David, be completely honest and go in to details! Tell me more about how you love to eat cum.”

David thought the doctor was confused again; this was a long time ago, not recently, and, he didn’t love to eat his cum, it, he sometimes had to eat it. He remembered how he would jack off every day, before his parents came home. Maybe he did eat a lot of cum? Somehow, he could still taste the warm cum on his tongue! “Well, there is not much to say - I would jack off when I was a boy and eat my cum, like you said. I did it a lot, maybe all the time, I guess. Yes, it was like you said!” It was weird how he had almost forgotten!  He remembered watching his cock spurt, lying on his bed in his room, eating load after load of warm, thick, salty cum! “I would lick cum from my fingers and from my belly when I jacked off. Yes, sometimes two or three times a day!” He could picture it! He remembered it!

“And, you said you liked big loads of cum. Remember how you would jack off into a small glass, say three times, so you could swallow a big load of cum and feel it slide down your throat? That must have been great!”

David could picture it. Jacking off into a small glass and spurting once, twice, three times!

“Yes, like you said, I even jacked off into a small glass three times in a row to get a big mouthful of cum. I don’t know why I did that.” He relived the experience. A huge mouthful of cum sliding down his throat. It was so real. William knew everything!

“You wanted a big load of salty sperm because you love cum, you love it more than life itself! But, didn’t the cum get cold, David?” the doctor asked. “Isn’t warm cum better?”

David remembered how the cum had gotten cold, sitting in the glass and how he swallowed a huge load, like William said. He added,   “Yes, it got cold. I remember that cum tastes better when it is warm though. I love cum.”

“Yes, we know you like warm cum, David. Tell me, how you shoot off into your own face to get cum. I bet you look pretty with cum dripping down your face. So sexy! So proud!”

David smiled, remembering… “Yes, sometimes, I would put my legs over my head and jack off onto my face!” He giggled. “I would look in the mirror afterwards and think of how pretty I looked, with hot cum dripping down my face. I was so proud of myself!”

“Remember how you even tried to suck your own cock. You really, really wanted to suck cock as a boy, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I tried to suck my own cock. I’d put my legs over my head and strain to get my hard dick into my mouth! I never could, but I really, really, tried to suck my own cock. I would end up just shooting on my face, though, and then eating it.” He sighed. Images of his younger self, bent over, his cock spurting onto his face filled his mind. He saw his mouth open and saw the cum land on his tongue, his lips, his cheeks. It did happen, it must have happened! He remembers everything so vividly!

“So, can we truthfully say you love the taste of cum? You love big loads of thick cum. You like the salty taste, the texture, and the aroma as well. And you said you like cum better when it is warm, right from the source, correct?”

“Well, I used to…, No, you are right, as always. I can almost taste it now. Yes, I love the salty taste of cum. I love the texture. The aroma.” He took a deep sniff, smelling the cum. “Yes, I had forgotten that about me…, right from the source…, warm, salty cum…“

The image in his mind changed. It was no longer his younger self, and he was no longer bent over, spurting boy-cum onto his face. He was now an adult and on his knees! His mouth was open and eager! He wanted some fresh, warm, salty sperm! He could see the thick cock in front of him. He saw it spurt! He could feel huge loads of cum blasting onto his tongue. More cum than he ever had in his mouth before! He could taste it! He rolled it around before he swallowed it, savoring it! Another blast landed on his cheek, he could feel it! He could smell it! He wanted more cum!

“Say it, please. Admit it to yourself. You crave cum, you love cum, right, David? Do you love cum?”

“Oh yes! I love cum. I know that now. I can’t wait to get some moreI LOVE CUM! I LOVE CUM! Wow, it feels so good to say it out loud, finally!” David was so horny, his mind was so full of cocks, balls and cum. He felt like he would explode!

“Another breakthrough, David. Now, it is time to review what we have learned. We have established that you have an intimate love for cock? Yes?”


“If you mean it, say it!”

“I love cock. I really love cocks!” He meant it.

“What kind of cocks did you say you loved, David?

“I love hard, fat throbbing cocks with big purple heads! I love all cocks.” He smiled so himself, visualizing so many cocks!

“You love to jack-off cocks, yes?”

“Yes, I love to jack off cocks. I love to tickle balls. I love to watch the cum spurt out, spurt after spurt!” He saw the cock shoot, in his mind. The cum landed on his face, his naked chest, and dripped down his hand, still stroking the spurting cock. He smelt it! He felt it! He wanted to taste it! He loved it!

“And, this was all repressed because of your mother right? Because she wouldn’t let you be the faggot you were born to be? An honorable, respectable, pleasure giving, panty wearing sissy faggot?”

“Huh?” David was caught by surprise. “Well, I don’t remember it that way, William…I never wanted to be…”

“Be honest with yourself, David, or we are through here!” the doctor snapped. “I’m tired of the lies! Admit it! Your mother is the reason you have suppressed your love of cock and your love of cum until this very moment! Isn’t that right? Of course it is!”

“I’m sorry, you are right! I’m so sorry!” cried David. It was so hard for him to admit it!  He knew the doctor was right. The doctor was always right.  He somehow knew what William was going to say next…

“Listen carefully, David. You have admitted that you love cocks, and we have confirmed that faggots love cocks! You love jacking off cocks – faggots love to jack off cock. You love to watch cum spurt – your own words, David! Faggots love to watch cum spurt! You love to give blow jobs too. Not your lie about ‘getting’ blowjobs, but you love to give blowjobs! You like to suck hard, throbbing cocks, right?  Face it; faggots love to suck hard, throbbing cocks too! Haven’t you been imagining jacking and sucking off stiff, fat cocks today? Haven’t you imagined getting a big load of hot, fresh of cum in your mouth? Not from the cock that you yearned to suck as a boy but couldn’t, but from a real man’s hard, thick shaft, with the big, flared purple head that you love so much! Haven’t you been imagining that very cock plunging into your mouth over and over until it spurts into your mouth and all over your face, to give you a huge, hot load of cum that you yearn for, so you can savor it and then swallow it? Tell me David, isn’t that why your dick has been hard and oozing pre-cum this whole session? I watched you eat your pre-cum twice now, David! You would be licking it up like a faggot right now, if I let you! FACE IT DAVID, YOU ARE A COCK LOVING, CUM EATING FAGGOT, AREN’T YOU?”

David began to cry.  The doctor was right! It was all true! He has been fantasying about spurting cocks and eating cum. He has seen images of bouncing cocks, fat purple heads and swinging balls! He had touched them! Smelled them! He has been staring at, and fantasizing about,cocks since he was young! He loved eating cum and pleasing men! David knew it was the truth! He had denied it for too long! He cried out, almost yelling, “YES, YES! OH GOD, I’M A FAGGOT, I’M A COCK LOVING FAGGOT!”

William let David cry for a while, listening to him moan and sob while expressing his deep love for cocks and cum. “I love cocks, faggots love cocks. Faggots love to jerk cocks, I love to jerk cocks! Faggots love to suck cock, I love to suck cock! Faggots love cum. I’ve eaten so much cum, hundreds…, thousands of loads, and I love it. I love cum! I love the texture and the aroma of hot cum! The smell of a man’s balls…, I’m a faggot! I love fat cock-heads and swinging balls and spurting cocks and eating cum and giving pleasuring to real men! I’m a faggot!”

“Now, now, David,” he began, “It is not so bad to be a faggot. Haven’t we already discussed how faggots should be respected and honored?

“Yes…” SNIFF!

“Here is a tissue.”

“Thank you!” HONK!

“Remember, David! There is nothing wrong with being a faggot! Faggots are great! Everyone should be so lucky as to be a cock loving, dick sucking, panty wearing, cum eating faggot right?”

“I guess…, yes, you are right!” SNIFF! “It is OK to be a faggot! Right, doctor? You are always right! It’s great to be a cock loving faggot! Isn’t it?”

“Yes, David.”

“Oh, I’m so happy!” David wiggled his ass with excitment, his hard cock dripping with pre-cum. Silence filled the room. David was beaming with pride, reveling in his new-found knowledge.

“David, are you going to treat Stanley Kowalski any differently, from now on?

“Yes, yes I will!” He knew it was true. “I will let him suck my cock anytime he wants to! Hell, I’ll even suck his cock anytime too!”

“Fantastic, David! So, let’s review one final time! This time, I want you to be proud to say you are a faggot! Say it like you like mean it! Faggots deserve respect and should be honored! David, did you know that faggots are especially honored in this company?”


“Yes, they can give such exquisite pleasures to all the hard working men of Shaftman’s. Men who occasionally need the cum drained from their balls so they can focus on more important matters! How can our important Executives focus on improving the company’s profits with the distraction of a hot, thick, delicious load of cum churning in their heavy, bloated balls? Perhaps you can help them, David…“

“YOU ARE RIGHT! YES, OH YES! I CAN HELP THEM!” David was overjoyed. Maybe his career was saved!

“Now, David, tell me, one last time, do you love cocks?”

“Yes, I love cocks!” David held up his head proudly! “I love ALL cocks, big ones, small ones, ALL OF THEM!”

“Good David! Do you love to jack off men’s cocks?”

“I love to jack off men’s cocks! I like to tickle men’s balls and I LOVE to watch their cum spurt!”

“And, do you love to give blowjobs, David?”

“Yes, I love to give blow jobs. I LOVE TO SUCK COCK! My favorite cocks have big, flared purple heads that I love to wrap my lips around! I like to tongue the piss-slit, and lick around the head! I love to suck cocks up and down! SUCK THEM UP AND DOWN UNTIL THEY SHOOT HOT, THICK CUM!”

“Excellent! And, do you love cum, David?”

“I LOVE HOT, THICK CUM! I like to watch cum fly from spurting cocks! I love to know how much pleasure I am giving! I love to suck the cum up the hard shaft from heavy set of sweaty, swinging balls! I love the smell of cum! I love the texture of cum! I love to be fed blast after blast of thick cum into my slutty faggot mouth! I love to roll the cum around on my tongue, savoring it and then swallowing it down! I’m such a cum-loving slut!”

 “Hmmm, I guess if you want to act slutty sometimes, it is OK. Some men like faggots who act like sluts.”

“Oh, I want to act like a cum-loving slut, and OH, HOW I LOVE CUM! I like cum on my face because it makes me look pretty! I like to suck cocks until they come in my mouth! Fresh, hot, delicious cum sliding down my throat!”

“Yes, I understand that you like cum, but, tell me David, do you believe hard working men deserve to be regularly serviced by respectable faggots, like yourself? What do you think about that statement?”

“Yes, all hard working men should have a respectable faggot like me service them. Often! Real men need to have the cum drained from their balls, so t
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“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow


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Reply #1 on: March 09, 2019, 10:55:21 PM
Great story.  I mean it, really fucking awesum epically kickass MC story right up my alley, and actually believable.  Which is pretty high praise from me, because I tend to pick apart the psycho-sexual stuff until I ruin it for everyone.  So, I won't do that, just one thing.

It's semantic, but still, "Synopsis Enhancers."   :emot_laughing:  Synaptic?  Neurotransmitters could hypothetically enhance the electro-chemical axio-synaptic signals between neurons.  Synopsis enhancers could help with the outline, of what the Sensitivity Training course is all about, but beyond that, not much.  I'm thinking post-it notes as labels on the whiteboard, or something. 

{Glasses Push.}  Sorry.  I'm doing it again.  Synaptic enhancers, or just neurotransmitters would make a lot more sense, and for extra realism, by injection.  (They tend to break down in digestion, whatever you do to buffer them.  Either they get torn apart by enzymes, or they're too chemically buffered to pass through the blood barrier...)

{Glasses push.}  Great story.

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Thank you for the high praise. You, are absolutely correct regarding the words 'synopsis' and 'synapses' - I blame spell check. :) I changed the line to 'neural pathway and synapses enhancers.' I'll make a note regarding oral vs injection for my next edit.


“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow