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Author Topic: Elli/ot (b2f Futanari/Intersex)  (Read 130 times)
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« on: March 09, 2019, 10:44:54 PM »

We don't really have a place for this, but this is a fantasy, of course.  Not to say that this doesn't happen in real life, but though I didn't go through it personally, I've talked to someone who did, AND basically wished for it when I was a little...

Kid.  Sexual activity with minors can cause emotional trauma, but then again, so can waking up in the wrong body, every day, for your entire life.  TBPH, going through puberty, the wrong puberty was the worst thing that ever happened to me, so to illustrate it, I'll try to put it ion a way you might be able to sympathize with.


Ellie  (f is for Futanari, for lack of a better term)

I woke up, like every morning, feeling swollen, and full.  On a Saturday, I got to sleep in, and then when I got up, I had the room to myself.  Everyone else was sleeping in too, so I took off my nightshirt, and looked at myself in the mirror.  Picked up the measuring tape from mom's sewing table, off the top of the dresser, and pulled it up behind my back. 

Across my nipples, and pinched the long end at the tip, then let it fall.  Held it up, and moved my thumb to read 28, and a quarter.  Almost 29, but the swelling went down.  So, I pulled my shirt back down, and went in the bathroom.  "Hhuh!"  Took a piss, and dropped the seat for my sister, when she woke up.  With her hair messed up, I brushed mine out, but it's still not that long. 

I was confused for a while, then a little delighted having boobs to play with.  Especially in the morning, but "Snh?"  My pits stink, and they feel a little gritty, so I got in the tub, and started drawing a bath.  My legs too, but not my crotch.  I kept my pubes to scrub the bar in, before the water got too high, and wiped the lather in father down.  I had to turn over on my hip to get my ass, even though i hadn't taken a dump yet, and then scrubbed up some more lather for my armpits.  In the mirror, careful not to scrape, or put my shoulder up so high it stuck out, and made a hump. 

"Huh!"  That's the easy part, but now I have to switch arms, and get the right side.  Left handed, turned around to look in the mirror stuck to the tiles.  Shaking the head in the water, and blowing the wet stubble out, then carefully holding my arm up, so it was flat enough.  Under there, to shave, without.  "Uh, fuck!"  Cut myself.  "Shzs!"  The soap burned, and that just made my hand shake, so it was impossible.

"Ellie?"  My sister beat on the door.  "Hurry up, and let me in, I have to pee!"

"Uh!"  I put a towel on.  "I'm in the middle of a bath!"

"So?  That's no reason to hog it, I'll only be a minute."  She pulled her nightgown up, and her underwear down.  "Huh!"  FSH!  "Uuhhn!  Snh!"  She wiped her hair back, and pulled it out.  On the pillow side.  "Uh!  Can I have your water when you're done with it?"

"Well, I don't know, if you're cool with this, but I.  Huh!"  I held my arm up.  "I cut myself shaving.  Again, how the hell do you do it?"

"It takes practice," she leaned over, and squinted.  With her glasses off, "Hand me the razor?" 

"Okay, here."

"Hold still."  I just held my arm, with my other arm, which is convenient.  Something I can't do when I'm trying to hold the razor still, and tell my left from my right, but she just chewed her tongue sideways.  "There."

"Thanks, sis."

"No problem, sis!"  She giggled.  "You know, it's nice, having a little sister to do this stuff with, now?"

"Well, it takes a lot of getting used to, after 12 years thinking I was a boy."

"You're coming along here."  I covered my mouth, when she grabbed her shirt, and shook her boobs in it. 

"28 inch bust, almost 29!"


"A and a half?  My A cups are a little tight, but mom says to wait until we can get some 30 Bs.  But they're so tight, I can barely stand it."

"You get used to it, until you're finished with your growth spurts, squirt."

"Well, thanks for your help, but, the water's getting cold, so if you don't mind."

"What are you afraid I'll see your little wiener, again?  I used to change your diapers, you know."

"Yeah, but it's a little different now, so please give me a little privacy?"

"Huh, fine.  Just take your time, I guess the hot water heater can make more while I wait."

"Thanks."  What I'm really afraid of is getting a boner in front of her, she's my sister, and now I'm really most confused about who I'm supposed to be thinking about.  Doing it, with, boys or girls?  "Huh!"

So, I just think about boys, and girls, doing it together.  I'll figure out how I fit in, when I get to that, but the water's still warm, it feels nice, and my boobs.  Well, it doesn't take much of looking at them, and playing with them to get it up again, only this time it doesn't hurt, because I don't have to pee.

It's just the weird stuff, underneath.  It feels neat, to rub in with my fingers, while I pinch, and pull on my little pud, but I forgot about her, completely.  Imagining a man and woman, under the covers, and then the covers pulled back, or turning clear so i can see their bodies rubbing together, and then her leg up around his, turning clear, and her insides, with him inside, going in, and out, in and out.  "Huh, uH!  Hhuh uh hn nm!"

I started ejaculating, a couple times before.  I don't know, a couple few weeks, did I beat off the week before last, or skip a weekend?

"Huh!"  It's clear, but it shot up almost to my neck, and hit underneath one side of my boobs, where I could feel it.  Slipping, and wipe it around, and around my hot swollen nipple.  Brushing my fingertips up, and down my tummy, then brushing my wet pubes gently.  Careful not to push too hard, with the super sensitive glands just under the skin.  This is the best part, though, right after, when it feels so good, just to touch my nipples, and rub my fingers through my pubes.

My smears.  There's a sexy sounding word.  Undifferentiated gonad spheres.  It turns out, that's why my balls didn't drop.  They never even formed, they just got stuck.  In the inguinal ducts, and all this medical weirdness cleared my head.  "Huh!"  So, I got out, and dried off.  Pulled the towel up behind my back, this time.  So I could tuck the end between my boobs, and go get dressed, without worrying about my brother being naked.

He's just happy that he gets his own room now, too.


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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2019, 11:34:06 PM »

Since f for futanari is confusing, I'll use i for Intersex.  


"Elliot"  My cousin laughed, "You got a sex change?"

"It's just Ellie now."  I looked over at my aunt, looking sympathetic, and my uncle turning away.  Shaking his head, and mad.  "Huh, not really."   Roll Eyes  Here we go again, "I just Thought I was a boy, but then my hormones kicked in, so we went to the doctor to see what was going on.  He didn't know what to say, so he called a specialist, she did some research, he sent in some blood, and biopsies, and.  I have to go get the medical papers and look up what it's called."  It's long, a lot of long words.  Half Greek, and half Latin, I can't remember half of from the letter she sent to explain what all those long words mean.

"Never mind that, so you're a girl now?"

"Huh, as much as I ever was, I'm just showing that half a lot more."  I nodded, "So, it just made more sense to start wearing bras, and dresses."

"Well, you're growing your hair out, it looks nice."  She turned her head, sideways, and held up the side of her chin with her fist.  Her elbow in her hand, and even popped her hip out, the way she does.


"You ever think about maybe getting bangs?"

"No?  Not seriously, I'm just growing it all out.  Why?"

"I think you'd look a lot better with bangs, so you don't have to pin it back out of your eyes, and doesn't Gwynne help you with your makeup?"

"I don't wear makeup."

"Not even blush?"

"That's not blush."

"Oh," she giggled, "Come on."  We went off, and she bugged mom for a bunch of stuff, like tweezers.

"Ow!"  I rubbed my eyebrow.  

"It's okay, we can pencil them back in in a minute."

"Don't yank them all out!"

"I'm not.  Look."  She held up the mirror, so i squinted, and pushed it back.  So, she flipped it over to the bowl side, which made it bigger, so I could see better.

"What's the difference?"  I turned, looking back and forth.

"There isn't one yet, I just started, but why don't you watch, so you can follow along, and do this when we go back home.  I won't be here to do this all the time, and shame on Gwynnith for skimping on the big sister duties."

"Well, I'm only 12."

"So, that doesn't mean you have to walk around with boy brows, and hiding your eyes behind your hair, so hold still.  See, first I'm going to take a little out of the middle on the bottom, and then we'll work around the top.  That'll take the straight lines out, and add a little curve here."


"And here."

"Nh!"  How do girls do this?  I mean, obviously, they use tweezers, but I had no idea how easy I had it as a boy, until I started dressing like a girl, and getting judged by all the girls on my outfit.  It's a lot to learn, even with all the cheats like earth tones always match, and don't really clash with anything except for green, and that's only certain greens with certain coulers, but at least now I know what the safe greens look like, everything goes with brown, white, and black, of course.

"Take a look."  I rubbed my eyebrow a while, and then moved my hand, but that just made me look lopsided, especially when i frowned, so i tried raising the other side, and then i could kind of see it.  "Let me see that."

So, I took the tweezers, and tried my very best, but 1 at a time was too painful, and the jaws were diaglonal.  So, they ripped out hair by the root, which lefts straight lines so I messed up, and got so frustrated.

"It's okay, calm down.  WhH!"  She blew, and her cheeks puffed out, but the cool air helped the sting in my eyebrows.  "Stop frowning a second."  She looked back and forth.

"I messed up."

"I know, that's why I told you it's okay."  She held up a colored pencil, and pulled off the cap.  "That's what this is for."

"Oh, okay."

"Now, hold still."  So, I closed my eyes...
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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2019, 01:07:50 AM »

The bouncer frowned, studying my ID, and turning it over, to look closer.  I swear, he was going to pull out a jewler's loope, or microscope, but instead he bent it, and flicked the edge with his fingernail.

"Look, there's my friend, Aundrea?"  I waved, "She can vouch for me."  

"Hey, Drew."  He handed it back, and she dropped a couple bottles off on her way over to the door.  Wiping her hands on the short apron, she had almost the exact same bangs.  Spiked up, and swept over to her right ear, but instead of a barrette, it looked stuck with more hair jell, and she cut off the pony tail.  So, it was cut short all they way around.

"You know this girl?"

"Drew, you remember that backyard party over at my cousin Carrie's house?  We played Truth or Dare."  I turned to look up at the bald bouncer, with a walrus mustache and all the puffy muscle stuffed into a teeshirt, and tight skinny jeans.

"Yeah, but I don't remember kissing a girl."

"Ahem."  I lowered my voice.  "I know."


"It's Aileen now."  I nodded.

"Oh my god, you look."  Right at my chest, "Amazing!"

Big surprise when Andrea told me she turned out to be a big fat dyke.  The first girl she kissed too, also on a dare, but i guess it was after that party.  "You got a sex change?"

"Not exactly."

"Can i take a break?"  She asked the bartender, "This is an old friend from out of town.  Oh, and I'm buying her a drink.  Is it him, or her?"

"Whatever," I shrugged, "Never really got used to being a girl anyhow."

"So, drag queen."

"No, I'm.  You know what Intersex means?"

"Is that like pansexual?"

The bartender dropped off a coaster.  "What'll it be?  You want to narrow it down from 'A Drink'?"

"Oh yeah.  What do you have that's non-alcoholic?"  I can't drink, at least not in public.  Maybe if I eat like 3 burgers, I can have half a beer, and make it to a bed before I pass out, but that's no way to have a good time, and remember it.  

She just dropped a drink list, and started pulling down glasses, to mix something up.  "When did you turn 21?"  I just remembered, she was about Carrie's age, which would be younger than me, despite appearances.

"Oh, I'm not.  I can serve alcohol, but I can't drink in here."

"So, you can work here when you're 18?"


"But the bouncer checks if you're 21?"

"Well, you can get a hand stamp if you just want to watch the drag shows, or something, but you look.  Really young."

"Oh," I nodded, "That's the hormones."

"So, you're taking female hormones?"

"No, I make them, but they're mixed with Testosterone, and that interferes with.  It's really complicated, but the short answer is I don't absorb much of either.  So, my growth was stunted."

"So, that's what Intersex means?"

"Yeah, basically.  Ha, I can't actually be gay, technically.  Or there's like a 65 thousand to 2 chance of me meeting someone else like me to be gay with, I'm just have female."

"Oh, cool!  Well, you look amazing."

"Thanks!"  She said that,. but it's nice to hear even once.  Let alone 2 or 3 times.

"Well, I have to get back to work."  She took an empty tray, and went to get more empty glasses.  "You sticking around?"  I nodded, since I came to see her at work, it didn't make sense to say hi, and then leave, but it's a gay bar.  Which means a lot of lesbians, some of them giving me the eye, but none of them approached me before Drew came back to drop off a load of glasses.

"Mh!"  The drink tasted good, fruity, but not like fruit punch.  Just a mix of fruit flavors, that worked together, and separated so I had to stir them up to take another sip.

"You better sit down over here."  She got a rag out, and wiped off some drink rings.


"Well, unless you're looking for action," she laughed, "Sitting at the bar is second only to getting on stage for attracting attention.  Especially if you sit alone."


"Be right back."  She took some bills out of her apron on the way back to the bar, but the bartender held up her hand, and shook her head.  So, I took another sip.


"So, she's a bus, girl?"

"Barback," the bartender rinsed out a glass, "So, decide on anything?"

"What's good, and non-alcoholic?"

"I know just the thing," so she got out some fruit juices, and syrups to mix up some sort of drink.

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