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Billy’s Faggot (mm, mf, mmf, incest, trans, Mmf, m+m)

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Billy’s Faggot 1 (mm)

Summary – Billy and Jeffry spy on Billy’s sexy sister and become aroused.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. Also, the author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't fuck with other people's lives!

Billy and Jeffry were friends from school. Billy was fourteen and a year older than Jeffry. Billy was very confidant, strong and popular. His jet black hair, handsome face, toned body and demeanor marked him as a typical, although young, ‘alpha’ male.

Jeffry was nearly the opposite; thin, weak, and unsure of himself. He was cute enough, with his unkempt sandy blond hair and dimpled smile, but he was insecure and lacked confidence. Not wanting to ever make a scene, he was a bit submissive and always went along with the crowd. He was just happy to have friends and never wanted to disappoint anyone.

That that is why Jeffery and Billy had recently started hanging out together. They were drawn together - Bill liked to take charge, and Jeffry liked to hand out with Billy and do the things Billy wanted to do, meekly, without question. Billy liked that. Jeffry really admired Billy, tagging along whenever he could.  Billy was cool, funny, strong and handsome. All the things Jeffry wished he could be. He so badly wanted to become Billy’s best friend.

However, their friendship changed drastically one hot, late summer afternoon.

Billy had invited Jeffry to go swimming at his house. His family owned a large, built-in swimming pool – perfect for a cool dip on a hot, summer day. And the best part was Billy’s parents were rarely home – both of them having demanding jobs that kept them away for long hours during the week-days.

The two friends had a good time playing together that day, and even got a bit naughty as they admired Billy’s older sister, Becky. She was sixteen and beautiful. Becky was sunning herself on the pool deck, wearing a skimpy bikini that barely covered her full, round tits and well trimmed pussy. While she sunbathed with her eyes closed, the boys began goofing around.

Billy thought his older sister was sexy as hell and was always trying to leer at her without being caught.  First, Billy made hand gestures as if he was grabbing her breasts. Jeffry stuck out his tongue like he was in the throes of orgasm, and started making humping motions. Then, they both pretended that they were fucking her and groping her tits. Billy even crept up behind her, grabbed his swelling crotch and humped the air behind her head!

They later whispered together in the corner of the pool, staring at her, and making dirty comments about how they wanted to see her naked. They discussed her hard nipples and admired her prominent camel toe, bragging about how hard they would fuck her and make her cum with their hard cocks.

They both began to get stiff in their swimming trunks but pretended not to notice each other’s growing bulges. However, Jeffry found himself stealing glances at Billy’s crotch, fascinated by the very large bulge that was developing in Billy’s swimsuit. Jeffry began to look whenever he got the chance. Billy’s dick looked so much bigger than his! Intrigued, he began to wonder how big it really was and what his friend’s cock actually looked like.

Billy noticed Jeffry’s glances and became oddly amused by his friend’s attention. Billy was very proud of his muscular body and his big cock, which he knew was longer and fatter than all the other young boys at school.

Jeffry’s attention triggered something in Billy. His cock size had always made him feel superior to the other boys, and with Jeffry’s obvious curiosity, he felt proud, and a little arrogant. He liked the feeling. He began to get even more aroused. Billy decided to show off for Jeffry.

Billy turned his head and pretend to look at something off in the distance with his very chubby cock pressed against his swimsuit. From the corner of his eye, he saw Jeffry staring openly at his crotch. He began calling for Jeffry to watch as he made silly poses, then dove into the water; making sure he nearly lost his swim trunks in the process. He would show off his handsome ass crack by quickly climbing out of the water, letting his trunks fall down and then pull his suit up into his crack before adjusting it properly. As his cock grew firmer, he finished by standing on his hands in the shallow water, his long, hard, lump clearly visible in his tight swim-suit, dangling just above the water line.

Jeffry’s cock became rock-hard watching his friend’s antics and he had to wait until it subsided before climbing out of the pool. Billy’s large cock had quickly become an obsession for him, and he felt strangely compelled to see what it looked like. His small penis was never a source of embarrassment to him, until now. He really wanted to see how big Billy’s cock was, especially compared to his meager package. Jeffry devised a plan to catch his friend naked, so he could see Billy’s big cock up close.

After they were finished swimming, the two boys headed back into the house. Jeffry followed close to make sure they were together when Billy stripped out of his wet swim-suit. He pushed his way into Billy’s bedroom before Billy could shut the door.

“Brrr! I’m cold,” said Jeffry, excited and nervous at the same time. He was about to see Billy’s dick!

“Me too!” Billy added. He saw Jeffry glance at his crotch again. He turned his back and dropped his wet trunks on the floor, allowing his friend to gaze at his smooth, firm ass. Billy bent over slowly to pick up his clothes from the floor, letting his heavy balls peak our from below his ass and then quickly whirled around, catching Jeffry staring hungrily at his ass and balls and then his naked cock.

Jeffry never even looked up. He slowly dropped his own wet suit on the floor, hypnotized by his friend’s nakedness.

“Wow, Billy! Your dick is a lot bigger than mine!” Jeffry said, unashamed. He walked over to Billy and compared their cocks. Billy wasn’t erect any longer, but his perfect penis was plump and long, with a thick shaft and fat head. Jeffry’s small cock was hard and stiff and his tiny nuts were shrunken from the cold. The two teenage peckers were a mere foot from each other.

“Wow! Your cock is huge, Bill!” Jeffry said, coming closer and openly admiring his friend’s cock.

“Yours is pretty small, Jeffry. I bet you wish you had a cock as big as mine.” Billy flexed for his friend and thrust his hips; his thick pole flopped up and down. ‘Smack, smack!’ as his cock slapped his belly and then his heavy balls.

Jeffry wiggled his hard little cock back and forth, trying to join in the fun. The two naked boys giggled.  Jeffry moved even little closer. He looked at his friend, then his friend’s cock. He was awe-struck. He unconsciously began to reach out his hand. He badly wanted to know what a big cock like that felt like compared to his diminutive one.

“Can I…, can I touch it, Billy?” He looked in Billy’s eyes, seeing him frown as he considered the request.

“Well, I don’t know…” Billy said. He was not gay and he was starting to get a little uncomfortable. He had enjoyed being admired and showing off his cock, but this was different!

“Just for a second, please Billy?” Jeffry didn’t wait for an answer. Something inside of him was controlling him. He was hard and horny and mesmerized by Billy’s cock.

Jeffry reached over and touched it. He slowly slid his fingers gently up and down his friend’s fat shaft. Billy froze.

“Wow…” he said again, staring at his friend’s large cock watching his small fingers touching it. Jeffry’s breath became labored. He licked his lips, nearly in a trance. He slid his fingers down to Billy’s swollen ball sack. “Your balls are huge too!” He ran his fingers over and under Billy’s balls and then cupped his sack with his palm, feeling their weight. “Wow, they are so heavy!” Jeffery caught his breath, nearly shaking with excitement. After fondling Billy’s nuts, he moved his hand back to the shaft, encircling it with his fingers, gripping it softly and began to stroke it up and down, like he did with his own cock, though he usually used two fingers, not able to wrap his entire hand around it like he was doing now. He felt Billy began to harden in his hand. The cock felt alive as it pulsed and thickened in his soft grip. He traced a finger around Billy’s expanding gland and then gripped it firmly. He began to jack his friend off, becoming extremely aroused.

Jeffry moaned. “Ohhh! It feels is so hot!” He reached out his other hand intending to feel Billy’s balls sack again while he stroked his friend’s hard cock. He wondered how much cum Billy could shoot.

Billy suddenly pulled away, realizing what was happening between them. Jeffry’s hand felt nice, but, Billy wasn’t gay. He was ashamed of himself for getting turned on.

“That’s enough, Jeffry! I didn’t say you could play with my dick!” Billy quickly put on his underwear and shorts, hiding his stiff cock. Jeffry watched his prize disappear, licking his lips as he saw a fat drop of pre-cum ooze out of Billy’s cock head, just before it disappeared. “Are you gay, or something weirdo?” Billy spat.

“Uh, I’m sorry, Billy. It’s just…, it’s just that your dick is so big, and mine is so small!” He hung his head down, noticing his nakedness, and quickly wilting pecker. He quickly got dressed, feeling ashamed. “I just wanted to know what a big dick felt like, I guess…”

“That was really weird, Jeffry! I think you better go home now.” Billy was confused. Jeffry had made him feel so good, but it was so fucking wrong!

“OK. I said I was sorry!” Jeffry paused and looked at Billy. “You won’t tell anyone, will you?” Jeffry asked.

“Tell people I let you play with my cock? I doubt it, Jeffry.”

Jeffry left quietly, feeling ashamed. He could feel the pre-cum oozing from his shriveled dick, cooling in his underwear. He hurried home and went straight into his room. Still feeling horny, he dropped his pants and smeared the remaining pre-cum around his stiffening cock head.

He vividly relived the experience of touching and fondling Billy’s cock and balls. He remembered how hot, and how heavy his friend’s cock and balls felt while he jacked his own painfully hard, thin shaft. He licked his slimy fingers and wondered if Billy’s pre-cum would taste the same? He stroked himself, fantasizing and imagining the two of them had done even more sexy acts. He quickened his tempo as he imagined Billy urging him on. “Oh, if feels so good! Do it some more, Jeffry! Stroke my cock, play with my big balls, Jeffry, make me cum!”

His fantasy intensified; he could still feel Billy’s cock pulsing and throbbing in his hand. He imagined Billy reaching out and gripping his own hard little dick. He stroked Billy faster and imagined his hard, fat cock growing thicker and harder in his hand. He imagined that Billy began to moan and then started to cum; his friend’s thick cock was spurting forcefully in his hands and arcing into the air, splattering thick cum everywhere; on his hands, his arms, his chest, his face! OMG!

Jeffry was furiously jacking his own cock and began spurting his own boy juice. Spurt after spurt landed on his belly and covered his fingers with thick, white goo.  His orgasm was huge, and he smiled to himself as he felt the warm cum quickly cooling on his body, his chest heaving.

“Wow that was awesome!”  He knew he was going to have many more orgasms thinking about his friend’s big cock. He licked his slimy fingers as he began cleaning up his cummy mess. He found himself wondering what Billy’s cum tasted like? Would it taste like this? Maybe Billy would let him touch him again? He knew Billy liked it when he was stroking his shaft. Maybe he could convince Billy to do it again? Maybe he could offer to do a little bit more to make his friend feel good? He licked his lips and thought about what his next fantasy would be…

Billy was horny too. He had tried to ignore it after his friend left, but playing around in the pool, fantasizing about his hot sister, and having Jeffry play with his cock was too much for him. He was soon naked on his bed, his stiff cock in his hand. He didn’t want to admit that his friend had gotten him aroused.  He began to masturbate and tried to fantasize about the girls in his school, imagining their firm titties and tight pussies, trying to drive away the images and feelings of Jeffry stroking his shaft.

However, when he thought of the girlish hands stroking his fat cock, the image quickly shifted, and Jeffry was stoking his cock again. He imagined red lips sucking his dick and licking his cock-head, but it was soon replaced by images of Jeffry sucking his cock; longingly and lovingly, with those halves-closed, cock-hungry eyes. As Billy continued stroking his cock, feeling his orgasm build, he realized that Jeffry would have continued jacking him off until he came. Jeffry really admired his cock, no, Jeffry wanted his cock. In fact, he came to the obvious conclusion that Jeffry would probably do anything just to get his hands on his cock again…

Billy suddenly realized he could easily manipulate his weaker, timid friend and make Jeffry do things for him that Billy could never get the little girls at school to do. Sex things. Why, he was sure he could turn Jeffery into his own perverted, sex toy, making him do all kinds of sex things. Nasty, perverted sex things if he really wanted him to. He recalled how badly Jeffry wanted his fat cock. He remembered the look in his eyes, his moans, and his obvious sexual hunger. Billy began to jerk his throbbing cock harder, imaging Jeffry on his knees, admiring his cock, telling him how awesome it was. Jacking him off, then sucking his cock. It felt a little gay to him, but then, he had an idea. A fucking great idea! What if he pretended Jeffry was a girl? He had the body and long hair for it. Yeah! He could make the little cock-craving pervert wear red lipstick and even panties too! That way, Billy could pretend he was having sex with a real girl instead of a weak-willed, cock-sucking, faggot, sissy-boy-toy!

“Suck it!” he cried. “Suck my cock, Jeffry, you fucking faggot!” In his mind, Jeffry was wearing panties and a bra, with bright red, very slutty, cock-sucking red lipstick. His panty covered ass wiggled happily as he slurped on his cock. He was going to get a blow-job. A real blow-job! Billy felt the cum surging up his fat shaft. “Ah, take it…, take my cum, Jeffry!” Hot cum blasted from his cock-head as the orgasm rolled over him. His first shot ejected forcefully from his cock in a tall, wide arc that landed on his upper chest. His large balls tightened again and his prostate squeezed repeatedly, sending spurt after spurt of hot, thick teenage splooge erupting from his balls, shooting into the air and covering his naked body. The last few spurts pumped weakly from his cock, then even more oozed thickly from his piss-slit and dripped down to his now emptied balls. He smiled contentedly, breathing heavily.

Finally, he said aloud, in a commanding, haughty voice, “Now…, lick me clean sissy-bitch!”

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Billy’s Faggot 2 (mm, mfm, trans)

Summary – Billy invites Jeffry over to play some games.

Previous Chapter Summary – Billy and Jeffry spy on Billy’s sexy sister and become aroused.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. Also, the author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't fuck with other people's lives!

Billy called Jeffry the next morning and invited him over to play video games.

“Hi, Billy,” Jeffry said happily, as his hunky friend opened the door. He followed Billy into the bedroom, watching his broad shoulders and firm ass walking in front of him. Having dirty thoughts about Billy reminded Jeffry of how much he enjoyed seeing and then impulsively playing with Billy’s cock yesterday. But, after Billy had sent him home, seemingly disgusted by his actions, he wasn’t sure if Billy would ever speak to him again.

The two sat down in front of the TV screen. Both boys were wearing t-shirts, tennis shoes and loose gym shorts, typical for a hot summer day.

“Uh, Billy, about yesterday…,” Jeffry was going to apologize again for groping him.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, Jeffry. It’s OK. I know you couldn’t help yourself.” He winked at Jeffry. “I am irresistible, after all.” The two giggled.

Jeffry was so relieved, knowing his friend didn’t hate him for what he did. Maybe he even liked it, and that is why he invited him over? It was beyond hope. His hand started shaking so badly he tucked them under his butt, to hide his nervousness.

“What game do you want to play, Billy?” Jeffry asked.

“What about ‘Tomb Raider’? I like watching Laura Croft’s tits jiggle,” Billy said. They laughed.

“Yeah, she’s hot!” Jeffry added. He felt it was important to talk about girls, especially after what happened yesterday.

The two played the video game for a while, making boyish comments about the character’s ass, tits and how they would fuck her if they had the chance. Billy tried to keep the conversation focused on the sexy woman in the video game, eventually hoping to get Jeffry aroused enough to talk about Billy’s cock again.

“Man, I’d like to suck her big tits,” Billy said, as the video game showed a close up of her overly large breasts.

“Yeah, I’d suck her tits, and fuck her!” Jeffry replied.

“I’d take my big, fat, cock and plow it up her hot cunt!” Billy added.

“Yea, then I’d make her blow on my cock!” Jeffry commented enthusiastically.

“Blow on your cock?” Billy said quizzically? “Do you mean a blow-job?”

“Yeah, a blow-job!” Jeffry agreed.

“Aw, what do you know about blow-jobs, Jeffry?” Billy asked. “Do you even know what a blow-job is?”

“Sure, I do. That’s when the girl blows air all over your cock!” Jeffry was sure he was right.

“Ha, ha, h! Fuck, Jeffry, you are so stupid.” Billy laughed at his friend. “A blow-job is just another name for getting your cock sucked.”

“Huh? Like the word ‘cock-sucker’? But, I thought a blow-job was different? So, do you blow on it, suck it, or both?”

“I’m not sure how YOU do it, queer-boy,” Billy laughed at his friends choice of words.

“Aw, Billy, you know what I meant!”

“Yeah, I know what you meant, Jeffry.”  He smiled. “But no, a good blow job involves licking, sucking, jacking, and even licking balls – no ‘blowing’ at all.” He looked at Jeffry’s confused face.

“So, why do they call it a blow-job then?”

“I guess because it looks like the girl is ‘blowing you up’, like blowing up a balloon or a pool toy, and your cock where the air hole is.”

“Oh, that makes sense!” Jeffry said, finally understanding. “You know a lot about sex, don’t you, Billy? I bet a blow-job feels great!”

“Yeah, I know a lot about sex.” Billy looked at Jeffry. “I can teach you some stuff, if you want.”

“That would be so COOL!”

Billy got up and turned on his computer. “Here, we can start right now. I’ll show you what a real blow-job looks like.” He opened up his porn folder and clicked on video. He turned the sound down low so his parents wouldn’t hear it. The boys huddled around the computer screen as the opening credits began to play.

“Shit Billy! You are so lucky! My mom won’t let me have my own computer. I have to use her computer, and it has Net-Nanny on it.”

“Shh! Watch! This is my favorite part. She looks like she wants his cock so bad. Look at her face; she wants it! What a slut!”

They watched the video. Jeffry was in awe, already feeling his pecker thickening, not knowing what to expect. He heard about dirty videos, but had never actually watched on before.

The music began to play, heavy on the bass, the typical ‘bump and grind’ stuff music of a porno. On the screen, a hot young girl was crawling towards the camera, licking her lips, and acting like a slut. As she came closer, you could see a man sitting in a chair; he was obviously holding the camera. She put her hands on his knees, wiggling her ass, and pulled herself up towards his crotch. The camera focused on her cleavage. Then, she looked into the camera and unzipped the man’s pants, pulling out a huge cock.  

“Wow, look at that cock! It’s even bigger as yours, Billy!” Jeffry exclaimed.

“I think mine is bigger…,” Billy commented confidently.

“Wow!” said Jeffry, “Look at it!” Billy looked at Jeffry instead, smiling at his friend’s fascination with cock. “She can hardly get her hands around it!”

They watched intently as the girl first licked, sucked and then began stroking the huge cock. She licked the man’s balls, tonguing his hairless sack, and then took him in her mouth again and began to deep throat him. Jeffry stared, mesmerized by the nasty sex he was seeing. Billy had watched this video dozens of times, so he spent more time watching his friend; Jeffery’s arousal was obvious. Everything was going according to his plan.

“Shit!” Jeffery exclaimed. “How does she get that big thing down her throat?”

Billy smiled and thought to himself, ‘You’ll find out soon enough, Jeffry.’ He couldn’t wait to get his first blow-job and looked forward to eventually face-fucking his cock-loving friend.

The action on the screen intensified. Moans filled the air as the hot slut on the computer screen began to work harder, bobbing her head up and down repeatedly. Billy watched Jeffry. Jeffry’s mouth was hanging open. Billy wasn’t sure if it was wide open in surprise or imitation. He watched Jeffry openly adjust his dick until his little pecker made a short tent in his shorts.

In the movie, the girl slowly stripped off her shirt and bra, putting the huge cock between her full breasts. The man began to fuck her tits and she would lick and suck his cock-head between thrusts. After a while, she went back to work on his cock and balls and then began to deep-throat his fat cock again.

Finally, the man’s voice said, “Unnggh, I’m going to cum!” The girl opened her mouth wide, and the man jacked-off above her face. A huge spurt of cum landed on her cheek. Another huge spurt landed on her extended tongue, then even more on her forehead. The man put his still shooting cock on her tongue, dumping the rest of his huge load directly in her mouth. She let the white goo collect in her mouth and showed off her open cummy mouth before swallowing it down in a huge gulp. She then licked his cock lovingly while staring up at the camera.

“Fuck! That was awesome Billy, did you see how much cum he shot out! Shit, that was hot!” Jeffry continued to stare at the huge, slimy cock as the girl cleaned him up and then watched in disbelief as she scooped up the cum on her face and licked it off her fingers.

“Hell, Jeffry, I shoot that much cum, even more if I wait a day or so before jacking off again.”

“Wow.” Jeffery imagined Billy’s huge cock spurting cum, like in the video. He wondered how it would be to stroke Billy’s hard cock while it blasted a huge load. Would he be able to feel the hot cum surging up the shaft, he wondered? He bet he could!

“What’s wrong with you Jeffry? You keep grabbing your dick?” Billy smiled at him.

“Shit, you know why, Billy. My dick is hard. I have to move it a bit, or it hurts.”

“Yeah, I’m getting a little hard too…” He slowly slid his a hand down his leg towards his crotch. He watched Jeffry’s expression intensify. Jeffry licked his lips and followed Billy’s hand traveling downward. Billy smiled knowingly.

Jeffry stared at Billy’s crotch, hardly trying to hide his intense interest. There was a huge lump between Billy’s legs. He could see his friend’s cock head outlined against his jogging shorts. He wanted to reach out and touch Billy’s cock again, but knew better than to do that again.

Silence filled the room, except for the moans coming from the computer speakers.

Jeffry stared at Billy’s crotch. Billy watched Jeffery’s expression. Billy reached down and adjusted his swollen cock. Jeffry licked his lips again, as if he was collecting the drool leaking from his hungry mouth.

Billy paused, and cupped his heavy balls. “Do you want to see it again, Jeffry?

“Yeah!” Jeffry exclaimed excitedly. His eyes lit up, but he quickly caught himself. He didn’t want to appear too eager.  “Ah, I mean, kind of..., I mean, ‘Yeah, sure’, if you are OK with it.” He added, “Maybe we could see if it is as big as that guy’s cock.”

Billy made a show of it. He slowly and deliberately stood up and placed his hands on his hips. He slid down his shorts. Jeffry stared at the massive lump still encased in Billy’s briefs. Billy sneered at Jeffry’s obvious lust and leisurely pushed down his underwear. His cock began to appear, inch by inch. Then, with a slight flourish, he pushed his underwear to the floor and his long, thick, cock was fully available to Jeffry’s hot gaze. Billy’s cock was not fully hard, since he was feeling a little awkward, but it was still chubby and long, pointing towards the ground. He reached up and stroked it a time or two, pointing it directly at Jeffry and making it swell up a little more.

“It’s really big Billy, but I don’t know if it is as big as his cock.” Jeffery said, honestly.

“Fuck you, Jeffry, you wish you had a cock like this!” Billy watch Jeffery nod in agreement. “Hell, I’m not even hard yet.” Billy stroked his shaft again. “I wasn’t hard all the way yesterday, either…”

“Wow,” Jeffry said. “You weren’t? I thought you were huge yesterday. Make it hard, I want to see it!” He looked up at Billy and added, “Please?” He almost regretted appearing to eager.

“Well, usually I’m alone, thinking about some hot bitch at school, or else I’m watching porn.” Billy stroked his cock slowly. “It feels too weird doing this in front of another guy.”

“Aw, come on, Billy,” Jeffry encouraged. “I want to see it all the way hard!” he added, “Come on, I said Pplease.’”

“I don’t think so, it is just not happening with you watching me.” He flopped his cock up and down, and shook it towards Jeffry.

“Aww, Come on, Billy, you can do it!” Jeffry really wanted to see Billy’s cock get hard, and suddenly had a great idea. “I know! You were getting hard when I was touching it yesterday…, maybe I can help you get it hard!” Billy offered. He pulled his eyes from Billy’s cock and looked at him hopefully.

Billy stared at him, ready to watch his reaction as he spoke, “No, it’s a little too weird for me, Jeffry. I just can’t let another guy touch my cock. It is just too gay.”

“Oh.  Ok. I understand, I guess.” Jeffry really didn’t understand and was very, so very, disappointed; he wanted to see how big Billy’s cock would get. He wanted to touch it again. He wanted to stoke it. He maybe wanted to do other things to it too… He licked his lips for the umpteenth time. He was certain he could make it rock hard; he already knew how he would do it! He would begin by stroking it gently, and tickling his balls, just like yesterday. And, if that didn’t work, he would stroke it harder. And if he had to, he would lick the head and the shaft - just a little bit - with his tongue. He imagined himself on his knees in front of Billy, his fat cock up close - right in front of his face! He would admired it and gently and stroked it, then lick the spot just under his piss-hole…, Hell, he would even suck it, like in the movie, if he had to! He would suck Billy’s cock and lick his huge nut sack until he was hard and throbbing! He would take him into his mouth and bob his head up and down on it, until Billy was ready to cum! But, what if Billy came? He might shoot sperm on his face, or even into his mouth! ‘So what?’ Jeffery thought. ‘So what if he came?’ he reasoned, ‘I know what cum tastes like.’ Besides, he really, really, wanted to know if Billy really could spurt as much cum as he said he could.

‘Oh well, it was just not meant to be,’ Jeffry thought. He decided that once Billy put his cock away, it would be time to go home and jerk off. He looked at it longingly, trying to remember every detail, and then sighed loudly. “Awwwwww.“

Billy continued to watch Jeffry, smiling as he continued to tease him. He watched Jeffry stare at his cock while he gripped it and gently shook it up and down, judging how badly Jeffry wanted it. Jeffry never took his eyes off of his cock. Billy was very careful not to get it fully hard. He did his best to think of sad thoughts, to keep himself from getting too aroused; ‘Dead puppies, dead puppies!’ he thought to himself.  He lifted up his cock nonchalantly, showing off his huge, swollen balls.

Finally, he spoke, softly and quietly, “You look really disappointed, Jeffry. Do you really want to touch my cock again?” he asked slyly, but looking at his friend with a quizzical expression..

Jeffry’s cock twitched. He looked up into Billy’s eyes.

“Huh? I can touch it now? You’ll let me?” Jeffry asked. He was so confused. “But, I thought…?”

“Well, you look like you really want to hold it and see it get hard, and, I just may have thought of a way I could let you do it.”

“How?” asked Jeffry.

“Hang on a minute,’ Billy said, “watch the movie until I get back. Check it out, there is an amazing scene coming up!” Billy pulled up his underwear and shorts and then quickly left the room. On the computer screen, the girl was getting fucked hard by the thick cock, moaning uncontrollably. Jeffry watched the long shaft cock plowing deep into her pussy. Then, the man pulled it out and then pressed his cock-head against her ass-hole! ‘Shit,’ he thought, ‘Is he really going to fuck her ass? No way!’ The fat cock stretched her asshole wide and then his cock-head popped in! He began fucking her ass, with long, slow strokes! Jeffry couldn’t believe it!  First he learned about blow-jobs, and now ass-fucking! ‘Wow, I wonder what that would feel like,’ he contemplated.

On the computer screen, the man began to pound her tight hole even harder and faster. Then, suddenly, he pulled out, leaving her gaping ass-hole empty. The girl quickly spun around and began sucking his cock again - after it had been in her ass! ‘Fuck that was filthy, but exciting!’ Jeffry thought. He was so hard! He wanted to take out his slimy cock and jerk-off so badly, but he knew Billy would be coming back soon.  On the screen, the man erupted, spurting cum all over the girl’s face and breasts. The movie ended with the girl looking sexily into the camera, slurping up all of the cum and smiling into the camera. The screen finally went black. Jeffry had never been so horny in his entire life. He cock almost hurt, it was so hard!

Billy came back, just after the movie had ended and shut the door, hiding something behind his back. Jeffry didn’t notice. He was horny and really wanted to play with Billy’s cock again.

“Oh, the movie is over? Did you watch him fuck her ass? It was cool, wasn’t it?” Billy said, and then he added knowingly, “I read that ass fucking is much tighter than fucking a pussy, and is suppose to be great for both the guy and the girl! The slut looked like she loved it, didn’t she? I can’t wait to try it sometime!”

“Yeah, me too!” Jeffry said, “It looked really hot! I didn’t know you could do that! I want to ass-fuck too!”

“I’m sure you will get the chance to ass-fuck, Jeffry…” Billy said, and then muttered to himself, ‘Maybe sooner than you think!’

Jeffry waited impatiently for Billy’s surprise. He looked at Billy closely and saw that he had returned with something and was holding it tightly balled up in his palm, hiding it from Jeffry.  ‘Is what was in Billy’s had going to let him touch Billy’s cock? What was it? He saw a glimpse of pink. A pink blindfold maybe?’ he thought. ‘Maybe Billy was going to wear a blind fold while I play with his cock? That would be hot…’

“Here, put these on, Jeffry!” Billy said. He tossed something into Jeffry’s lap. “They are my sister’s, but you two are about the same size.” He smiled. “Hurry up, and try them on!”

The cloth expanded in Jeffry’s lap. He looked down, confused. Understanding slowly dawned on him. He was staring at a frilly, pink bra and matching pink panties.

“What? These are a girl’s underwear?” Jeffry exclaimed.  “You want me to wear a bra and panties?” he asked incredulously.

“Look if you want to touch my cock again, you are going to have to pretend to be girl. That is the only way I can do it. I can’t get it hard for a boy, but, if I think of you as a girl, it should work.”

“Oh, I get it!” Jeffry exclaimed. “If I’m a girl, it wouldn’t be ‘gay’, or anything, right?”

“Exactly!” Billy agreed. “Put them on, and see how they fit.”

Jeffry looked down at the feminine underwear in his hands. He thought furiously, ‘Can I really put on panties and a bra, just so I can play with his cock again?’ His friend already knew he was fascinated by his cock, so, what did it matter? Besides, he really wanted to touch Billy’s cock again and feel it get hard – all the way hard! If he wore the girly underwear maybe Billy would let him play with his cock like he did yesterday. Stroke it, feel it get fat and hard. Maybe he’d let him examine his big balls again, or even let him do some ‘other’ things that dirty little girls did to stiff swollen cocks... His little dick was so hard. Jeffry stalled for time, as if he was reluctantly thinking about it, but he had already made up his mind.

“It’s the only way, Jeffry,” Billy added, trying to push his friend over the edge.

Jeffry tried to make his voice sound normal and not appear too enthusiastic. “Well, OK,” he said, “if it will help you get to hard..., so we can compare your cock, like we said, you know?”

“Yeah, I know.” Billy smirked. He had him now.

Jeffry pulled off his shirt and quickly dropped his shorts and underwear, his stiff little cock bounced up and down. He was so horny! He put on the pink panties first, then, he tried to put on the bra but he was confused by the clasp.

“Here, let me help.” Billy stood up and helped Jeffry put on the bra, carefully avoiding the hard dick poking out from Jeffry’s panties. “My sister does it this way.” Billy placed the bra on Jeffery backwards and showed him how to work the clasps. He then he spun the bra around. Jeffry put his arms thru the loops and adjusted the bra. The lingerie fit, but just a little loose.

“Billy, how do you know how your sister puts on a bra?”

“I peek on her, of course.” Billy said. “Every chance I get.”

“Oh. Yeah,” Jeffry said, “I would too.” He almost felt like Billy’s sexy sister, standing up nearly naked, wearing her bra and panties.

“Here, stuff these into your bra.” He handed Jeffry a pair of rolled up socks he pulled out from under his pillow and he quickly placed them in the bra, adjusting and fluffing up his new breasts until they were smooth, even, and full. Jeffery never even considered why Billy had a pair of socks ready and waiting under his pillow.

“Wow, Jeffry,” Billy said, encouragingly, “You make a pretty hot chick!”

“Thanks!” Jeffry said, sticking out his chest proudly. He liked the feeling of the silky underwear against his naked skin. His cock felt so good! And, and he liked that Billy said he looked hot! He tossed his hair back and forth like the girls in school did.

“Almost ready,” Billy said. “And now, for the final touch!” He handed Jeffry a tube of bright red lipstick.

“What?” Jeffry asked. “Lipstick too?”

“You have to really look like a girl, Jeffry, or it is not going to work.” Billy said. He smiled at his sissy friend and offered more encouragement. “I can almost feel myself getting harder already. You look fucking amazing, Jeffry! Go look in the mirror!”

Jeffry carried the lipstick to the bedroom door, and looked into mirror hanging on it. ‘Shit,’ he thought, ‘He did look hot in his pink panties and bra!’ He played with his hair, trying to make it more girly. ’Wow,’ he thought, ‘I make a prettier girl than I do a boy! Except for the stiff little pecker poking up from my panties!’ He giggled, then looked at the lipstick quizzically; he took off the cap and twisted the base until a small, pointed, red shaft appeared. ‘I never noticed how it looks like a little cock, before’, he thought. He would never watch a girl apply lipstick the same way again. He got close to the mirror, pursed his lips, and brought the little cock to his lips. He clumsily applied the lipstick, once, then twice. Finally, he turned around. “I’m not very good at this, Billy.” Jeffry had lipstick all over his lips. He almost looked like a circus clown! Billy started laughing.

“Ha, ha, ha! Jeffry, you look so stupid! Don’t you know how to put on lipstick? Shit!” He continued to laugh out loud.

“I tried, Billy, I’ve never done it before,” he cried. “Can’t we just skip it?” he pleaded.

At that very moment, Billy’s bedroom door swung open wide and banged against the wall. His sister Becky’s angry voice exploded as she stormed into the room. “Billy! Are you stealing my underwear again? Now you are taking the clean ones too, you little fuck!” She stopped suddenly, taking in the scene before her. She began to laugh.

“What the fuck are you two perverts up to? Those are my fucking bra and panties, you sick little shits!” She didn’t know if she should act angry or laugh at them. “My lipstick too!” she cried, seeing Jeffry’s hilarious face.

“Uh, Jeffry wanted to try them on,” Billy explained. “He wanted to know what it felt like to dress like a girl, didn’t you Jeffry?” He stared at his friend, compelling him to agree with him by only using his firm gaze.

Jeffry noticed his friend’s expression. “Uh, yeah. I just wanted to know what it was like. I’m sorry, Becky.” Jeffry hung his head down, ashamed. His hard-on quickly wilted, leaving a wet spot on her clean panties.

“I was just helping him out, Beck, you know, like a friend should,” said Billy.

“Yeah, right. Who knows what kind of gay shit you little perverts were going to do.” She suddenly noticed the slimy spot Jeffry had made on her panties. “You got my panties wet! Fuck, I was going to wear them to see Jason! Now, I’ll have to wear the black ones. Damn-it Billy, your girlfriend got his slimy dick juice on my favorite panties!” She acted angry, and then smiled at the boys, laughing at her insults and imagined what they would be doing right now if she interrupted. She suddenly wished she had waited a few more minutes. Feeling naughty, intrigued, a little bit horny, and slightly evil, she said, “She is not very good putting on lipstick, is she?”

“No, she isn’t.” Brother and sister shared a laugh together. Jeffry turned even redder.

“Maybe someone should show her how to put on make-up like a girl?” Becky grinned, imagining how she could easily turn Jeffry into a pretty, slutty, little girl. What would her spying, perverted, horny, little brother Billy want to do to his friend then, she wondered.

“Would you really help him, Sis?” Billy asked. “Would you show him, I mean, her, how to do it right?”

Jeffry’s eyes widened until they were huge! He was mortified. How humiliating! He finally thought to cover himself up, but it was too late now.

“Hmm. Maybe I could help…” She considered what she could get out of the two perverts. If they wanted to play dress up and suck each other’s little dicks, what did she care? As long as they stayed out of her good things. She had an idea.

“All right,” she said, “Here’s the deal. Mom and dad just left, and I’m supposed to watch you sick little faggots and have the house clean before they get home tonight. I could show your little sissy friend how to put on some slutty make up if you little boys clean the house and cover for me while I’m gone. That way, I can go to Jason’s house for a nice long fuck session.” She enjoyed the boy’s shocked expression when she mentioned fucking her boyfriend and watched Billy nodding imperceptibly. She quickly renegotiated, pushing her advantage “Oh, and Billy, one more thing, you get to volunteer to clean up the dinner dishes for me all week. Do we have a deal, fuckers?”

Billy thought about the bargain quickly. He was sure he could make Jeffry clean the house, and somehow blame him for his predicament, but, he hated doing dishes. But, the thought of Jeffry in make-up, bra and panties sucking his cock was certainly worth it! “Deal,” said Billy quickly.

“Come on Jeffry, let’s go to my room and get you properly made up.” She took Jeffry by the hand and led him from the room. He looked back at Billy, his eyes pleading.

“Have fun, Jeffry!” Billy yelled out as they left. Staring first as his sister’s ass, then at Jeffries panty covered butt.

Billy passed the time playing video and watching porn. He would watch porn on his computer until his cock swelled, then played video games until he got nearly soft again. He was trying to keep his cock nice and thick, to impress his friend. He also knew he was working up a big cum load. He couldn’t wait to see Becky’s handiwork. She knew how put on makeup and make herself look hot and slutty, that was for sure.

Finally, there was a knock on his door. Becky walked in and announced. “Billy, some hot chick is here to see you.”

Jeffry walked in, his head down. He was wearing one of Becky’s old school uniforms; a short, plaid skirt and white cotton blouse. The blouse was pulled up and tied in a knot, showing off Jeffry’s flat stomach and large breasts; showing a lot of realistic looking cleavage. His fingernails were painted pink, and he was even wearing a pair of Becky’s high heels!

Billy whistled. “Holy shit! You look fucking fantastic, Jeffry!”

Jeffry looked up, his countenance quickly changed from humiliation to pride. He was stunning after all, and he knew it. His hair was styled with a little curl and parted down the middle, with just a little hair spray to hold it in place. He had bright, red lipstick, and expertly applied eye shadow that matched his gorgeous green eyes and sparkling, dangling ear rings. He even smelled wonderful.

“Her name is not ‘Jeffry’, it is ‘Susie’, Becky said. “Susie the slutty little schoolgirl!” She laughed loudly, then snorted. “You make a perfect little slut, Susie. You better stay away from my boyfriend! Oh, and you should thank me, Billy, I even gave her a pair of my old ‘falsies’ I used to wear before my breasts got big enough.” She stuck out her chest to show the boys, gripping them tight. “They feel like the real things; as I’m sure you will find out - perverts!”

Becky stepped out into the hall and came back with a bag. She threw it on Billy’s floor. “Here is some more of my old clothes and underwear, in case you boys want to get kinky again another day. Mom was going to give them to charity. There is an old make-up kit in there too.

“Now, listen, you little perverts, stay out of my good clothes and underwear! And Billy, if you steal a pair of my dirty panties, please put them back in my hamper. I’m getting tired of having to look in your laundry to find them again. Though, if you find tonight’s panties, you will be in for a treat! Or, maybe Susie here would like them more. I expect them to be a little ‘crunchy’, if you know what I mean.” She gave a wink and giggled.

“Don’t forget to clean up the house! Mom and Dad will be back before 8 o’clock, and the house better be clean, or you sick, little perverts are in trouble!” She pulled out her phone and quickly snapped a few pictures before the boys could react.

“Ha, Billy with his new girlfriend! Priceless. Don’t let me down, or these pictures might end up on the internet. Bye, bye kiddies!” She turned to leave, “Oh, and try not to smear your makeup, Susie. A girl has to always look her best! Bye now!” The door slammed behind her.

“Shit, that fucking BITCH!” Billy said after they heard the front door slam.

“Aw, give her a break, Billy, she was really nice to me and showed me all kinds of makeup tricks.” Jeffry said. “She already took a few pictures of me anyway. She won’t use them though, she promised!”

“It will probably be OK, Jef…,” Billy caught himself, “I’m sure it will be OK, Susie, but you don’t know her like I do.” He stared at his hot friend. It was too late now to worry about Becky. “All right, Susie, show me what you look like. Turn around and pose for me a little.”

‘Susie’ turned around playfully, making his short skirt rise up, showing off yet another pair of panties – hot, neon pink panties. Jeffry/Susie giggled.

“Bend over, Susie,” Billy was breathing harder. “Show me your ass. Show me your slutty, schoolgirl ass!”

Jeffry bent over for him. He was feeling hot and sexy in the slutty schoolgirl outfit. It was kind of fun pretending to be a girl!

“Raise up you skirt higher, Susie.” Billy said, huskily, “Show me all of your ass, you little slut.”

 Jeffry raised the skirt higher and higher until her panty covered ass was showing. He wiggled his ass provocatively, like he thought a true slut would.

 “Son of a bitch, Susie. I can’t believe how hot you look!” Billy said, “I think you should touch my cock now. Do you want to touch my cock, Susie-slut?”

“Yeah!’ Susie/Jeffry exclaimed, turning around and walking clumsily toward Billy, unsteady on the high heels.

“Stop, Susie! Raise your voice a little,” Billy said. “You are a hot, slutty, chick now. I can’t believe how good you luck, but, you have to sound like one, and look, and walk like one. More importantly, you have to act like a hot slut. OK?”

Jeffry smiled at his words. ‘Billy thought he looked like a hot slut!’ He wanted to please him, and he realized how much fun he was already having. He decided to totally immerse himself in the fantasy. If Billy wanted a hot slut, he would be a hot slut, if it meant he could finally play with Billy’s big, fat cock!

‘Susie’ took a deep breath, bit ‘her’ lip. She was now more determined than ever. She spoke higher, and more softly. “I’m sorry, Billy. Can I see your cock now, please?” Susie felt her own cock straining against her panties. Feeling very naughty and slutty, she raised her skirt, showing her stiff little ‘cock-clitty’ and the rapidly spreading wet spot from the pre-cum oozing from it. “My pussy is all wet, see?” She wiggled her crotch back and forth.

“Oh, you fucking slut!” Billy exclaimed. He tried to keep his cock from hardening. ‘Dead puppies, dead puppies!’ he thought. “If you want my cock, why don’t you crawl over here and get it?” Billy teased.

Susie quickly dropped to her hands and knees and began to crawl over to him, licking her lips and wiggling her ass, just like in the movie. She eased herself up upon his knees. Billy stared at her tits and sexy lips.

“Take it out. Pull out my cock, Susie,” Billy stated. It was so easy to fall into his perfectly created fantasy. Jeffry looked and acted like a little cock-hungry slut. Billy was horny, and ready for his first ever blow-job.

Susie reached up and tugged on his shorts. Billy raised his ass and the shorts and underwear fell below his knees. Susie stared at her prize; thick, long and hanging down against his swollen balls. Finally, she had Billy’s cock in front of her face! “Ohhh, it looks so pretty, Billy!”

“Make it hard for me, Susie. See how hard you can get it, OK?”

Susie nodded, her earrings bouncing and sparking in the light. She reached out and grasped his shaft, almost cumming on the spot! She stroked it gently and lovingly and reached out with her other hand to tickle his balls. “Oh, your cock and balls feel so warm, Billy! I can’t believe how heavy your balls are! And your big cock! I can feel it growing in my hand!”

Billy’s cock began to stiffen. An hour’s worth of near constant arousal and the image of a real, hot-blooded female in front of him caused the blood to surge into his shaft, stiffening it in Susie’s hands.

Susie leaned in closer to Billy’s cock, marveling at the expanding head. She squeezed it with both hands and a fat drop a pre-cum oozed out. It hung on his piss-slit, elongating and broadening. It glistened. She wanted to taste it. She opened her mouth and her tongue snuck out just a bit, longing to taste his pre-cum like he did his own. Sexy, slutty, Susie stopped herself. She didn’t know how Billy would react to such brazenness. She looked up at Billy questioningly.

“Go head, Susie. Lick it. You know you want to. Lick my cock like a good little cock-slut. Get me hard.”

Susie leaned in and stuck out her dainty tongue. She placed her wet appendage against the spot just under his gland, tasting a cock for the first time. She closed her eyes, and slowly licked upwards against his cock-head-cock, scooping up Billy’s oozing pre-cum on her tongue, closing her lips, and savoring it while rolling it around on her tongue. It tasted good. It felt good, having a huge cock in her hands, and somehow strangely satisfying.

“Ah, that felt great, Susie. Do it some more. Lick my cock! Lick my shaft! Lick my balls! Lick it all over!”

Encouraged, and wanting to please his friend, Susie began tonguing Billy’s expanding shaft. She licked it up and down and then focused on his cock-head before tonguing his piss-slit; determined to get more tasty pre-cum. She then licked his shaft again, gripped it upright and began lapping at his balls. She felt his heavy sack and pubic hair press against her face and tongue. She smelled his ball sweat and breathed deeply, smiling at his manly odor. She stopped to look at Billy, then licked his around his cock-head some more, tonguing his frenulum a while before licking underneath and around the thick, flared ridge of his cock-head, feeling it surge and swell. Billy’s cock was now ridged and pointing upwards. She inspected his hard cock, running a finger along his veins, tracing the thick column on the underside of his shaft, hefting his heavy balls, and lovingly admiring her handiwork.

“Wow, Billy, I think your cock is bigger than that other guy! Fuck! I love it, I love your cock! I’m so jealous, I wish I had a big dick like yours!” She pushed it downwards, let go, and watched it bounce.

“It is not all the way hard yet, Susie.” Billy stated.

“What? It’s not?” She asked, cocking her pretty head to look at him quizzically.

“Well, almost, but It can get harder.”

“Really?” she asked incredulously. His penis was already enormous. “I’m not sure if I believe you, Billy. Make it bigger then, I want to see it!”

“Trust me, it gets a little longer and a lot thicker. But, to make it big, I’ll need your help. It’s a little cold in here, and you know what cold air does to a prick. I bet if you wrap your lips around it, the warmth of your mouth will make it swell up even more. Go ahead! Try it!”

“That makes sense, OK!” Susie stared at his long, hard cock, wondering how it could get any bigger. She licked another drop of pre-cum, opened her mouth wide, and engulfed his fat head with her hot mouth.

“Ah, your mouth is so fucking warm, Susie. I think it is working!”

“Mmm-mmm!” Susie agreed. She could actually feel his cock expanding in her mouth. It was getting bigger! She swirled her tongue around the head and felt his pre-cum oozing directly into her mouth. This was fun!

“Suck it a little Susie, suck some blood into it and make it bigger, then see how far you can get down your throat. Your throat is even hotter than your mouth, you know.”

Susie popped his cock head from her throat and stared at it. “Fuck, Billy, look how thick it got! It is so hard already! Will it really get bigger?”

“Suck it and see, Susie, suck it and we will see how much bigger it can get!”

Encouraged, Susie opened her mouth again, engulfed his cock-head and sucked it hard, scraping her teeth against his glands in the process.

“Watch the teeth, whore!” Billy exclaimed, “And don’t suck so fucking hard!” Susie shook in fear. She thought Billy was going to hit her! She began to suck him gently, making sure her teeth stayed out of the way.

“That’s the way Susie, suck it in and out! Suck my fucking cock up and down, cunt. It feels so fucking good!”

Susie grinned happily, bobbing on Billy’s shaft. “Now swallow it bitch, swallow it all the way down your throat!”

Susie pressed her head down firmly on Billy’s long, fat shaft. His cock-head stretched her throat and traveled deeply down her gullet until his cock cut off her air supply. She lifted her head back up quickly, gasping for air.

“Ah, that was great! Do it again!” Billy encouraged.

Susie worked her mouth and throat up and down Billy’s shaft. Sucking his cock and then swallowing it as deeply as she could. She remembered being younger and sucking ice cold popsicles in the summer time. Trying and trying, then finally succeeding in getting the ice cold treat all the way down her throat! Sucking Billy’s cock was similar, though it was much thicker, and warmer! She couldn’t get his fat cock head past her gullet.

After a few moments, she stopped again, looking at his slimy, spit covered rod. “I think it is bigger, Billy, sucking it did make it bigger!”

“You are doing great, Susie. You are making me feel fantastic!” Billy praised his little cock-slut, knowing she would work even harder because of it. Susie beamed!

“You know, Susie,” Billy added. “My cock swells up even more just before I cum. If you want to know how big it can really get, you need to make me cum.”

“Yeah, my cock, or should I say my ‘clitty’ swells up just before I cum, too!” Susie giggled at her joke and paused for a moment to lick more pre-cum off of Billy’s hard cock. “I want to see that! I want to see and feel your cock get bigger, and…,” she added shyly and softly, “I want to see you shoot your cum! Will there really be a lot of sperm, like you said, even more than in the movie, Billy?”

“I promise! OK, now do it, Susie, you hot, mother-fucking, cock-sucking, school-slut! Make me cum!” Billy was wallowing in his good fortune. Susie went to work on his cock again. “Blow my cock, Susie! Stoke it and suck it until I shoot my load!”

Susie began to do her best to make him shoot. Her little ‘clit’ was rock-hard against her panties. She began to wiggle her ass back and forth, rubbing her slimy boy-clitty against the soft cloth, making her cry out in pleasure. “Mmmm, mmm!” she moaned, her mouth full of cock.

“Jack my shaft while you suck it, Susie. Oh, yeah, I can’t last much longer….” Susie jacked his fat shaft and sucked his cock. “Now, tickle my balls! Lick them too! Don’t stop jacking my cock!” Susie went to work on his nut sack, licking them and jacking his fat cock.  Knowing Susie would now do anything he asked of her, Billy directed Susie to do everything to him he had seen in his porn movies. “Now, lick underneath my balls. Deeper, lower!” Susie tongued his balls and licked up the funk at their base, doing everything Billy asked her to do. “Ahh, yeah, Can you reach my asshole? Try and lick my asshole you nasty little slut!” Obediently and so caught up in the excitement, Susie tried her best but her tongue wouldn’t reach. “No? Too bad. Then, suck on my balls a little, suck them!” Susie popped one fat, hairy nut into her mouth and sucked it gently, then the other one. She jacked furiously, feeling more pre-cum escaping from his head and smearing it around his head. “Ah, fuck! I can feel my cum churning around in my balls. Oh, yeah, now skull fuck my cock and tickle my balls. I’m going to cum soon. Now, faster, faster! Oh Fuck, here it comes, bitch, take my fucking load!”

Susie felt Billy’s cock expanding in her mouth and felt the first blast driving up his shaft, underneath her fingers! Hot, salty cum blasted into her mouth, filling up her slutty mouth. The force of the blast startled her, and she marveled at the amount of sperm Billy was shooting into her mouth. “Ahhh! Fuck yeah, bitch! Take my hot cum!”

Susie pulled her mouth from Billy’s cock and felt it continue to erupt. She could feel his cock pulsing in her hands. She stared at his piss-slit. A huge wad of cum blasted out, surprising her, and splattering forcefully on her check. She continued to jack his cock, pointing it up and away from her face. “Ohhh” she moaned, as her own orgasm began to wash over her. Spurt after spurt filled her panties as she watched the exploding organ erupt her hands. Another huge wad jettisoned from his cock, interrupting her groans of pleasure, shooting high up into the air before falling and landing on her nose. She felt his cock throbbing and pump again, and another blast arced up and then landed squarely into her mouth, still opened wide in awe. She rolled the goo around on her tongue, her own orgasm cumulating. She squeezed her thighs together, trapping her gooey appendage.

Billy wanted her mouth on his cock again, so he pushed his still spurting rod back into her mouth, ignoring her protests. “Mmmmff!” she cried, as another blast of hot cum filled her mouth. She felt his glans swell, pumping his final, creamy loads into her slutty hole. Some began to escape from the corners of her mouth so she swallowed a mouthful down, only to get her mouth filled up again. She bobbed her head on his cock, feeling the pulses lesson until the cum barely oozed from his swollen cock. She licked it and swallowed once again. She was intrigued by the delicious taste of Billy’s cum and decided it was much better than her own; Much thicker and sweeter. She loved it!

“Ahh, that was fucking amazing, Susie,” Billy said, looking down at her and her smeared lipstick and cum covered face. “You are the best slut in the world! You should always be on your knees, my cock in your hands, and my cum all over your face.” Billy said.

Susie stuck out her tongue and licked up all of the cum she could reach. Then, she scooped up what was left and licked it off of her fingers. She placed a final, slimy finger into her mouth and sucked it deep into her mouth, staring sexily at her man. “Mmmm, delicious,” Susie-the-slut said, pretending to be a porn-star. “What do you want to do next, Billy?”

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― E.L. Doctorow

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Billy’s Faggot 3 (mm, trans)

Summary – Billy and Jeffry play even more sexy games.

Previous Chapter Summary – Billy invites Jeffry over to play some games.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. Also, the author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't fuck with other people's lives!

Billy looked down at his friend Jeffry, who he had just transformed into the cum-eating slut, who was still kneeling before his softening cock. He watched as ‘Susie the slutty schoolgirl’ inspected her face and fingers for any stray drops of cum, sucking her fingers to get a final taste of his sweet, salty goo.

“Jeffry, you were fucking amazing,” Billy said. “You…, I mean Susie, can play with my cock anytime you want to.”

“Thanks, Billy.” Jeffry said, “I really like playing with your cock! It is so cool! I like the way I can make it get hard in my hands. And, I’ve never seen so much cum in my life!” Jeffry’s eyes were wide in amazement. “It was awesome how hard it spurted! I think you could have shot my eye out!” The boys laughed. Jeffry then pretended to get a cum blast in her eye, putting his hand to his makeup covered face and pretending to fall over be hurt, before sitting up quickly and asking, “Hey, do you think I can I suck it again later?”

“Sure, Jeffry, I’d like that. And, maybe we can try some other stuff too.” Billy smiled.

“Cool!” Jeffry said, “But, Billy? Can you still call me ‘Susie’, like you did before, at least when I’m dressed like slutty little girl? I like it…”

“Sure, ‘Susie’,” Billy said. “I’m getting hungry, why don’t you go make us some sandwiches and freshen up your make-up, like a good little girl-slut?”

“Yeah, sure, I’m hungry too!” Susie got up from the floor. “Uh, Billy, do you mind if I take off my panties? I, uh, I came in them, I mean, that they are all wet from my ‘pussy’ juice. I can put on another pair, if you want. Beck gave me a lot of them!”

“Sure, that is OK, Susie.” Billy said. He gave Susie a slap on her ass. Susie grinned from ear to ear and dropped her panties. Billy watched her take off the cum soaked panties; her slimy, wilted pecker was visible to him just before she pressed her schoolgirl skirt down over it. She skipped out the room, her ass flashing him as she left. Billy knew then what he wanted to try next…

After lunch, Susie looked at Billy and said, “What do you want to do now, Billy. Do you want to play more video games, or do something else?” She licked her lips suggestively.

“Come here, Susie,” Billy said. Susie quickly stood in front of him expectantly as he sat on the edge of the bed. Billy put his arms around her waist, pulling her close, and breathing in her perfume. He looked at Susie’s manicured fingernails hanging by her sides. He raised his glace upwards, past her hips and to her bosom. He then raised his hands to fondle her breasts. “Becky was right, they do feel real,” he said, as he squeezed them thru her bra.

Billy looked Susie in the eye, grouping her breasts and staring at her intently. Finally, he said, “I want to fuck you, Susie.”

“Ohhh,” Susie moaned, clenching her ass cheeks together. Billy dropped his hands to her butt, squeezing both checks. He then slid his hands under her skirt and spread her naked ass apart.

“I…, I don’t know, Billy,” Susie said, fearfully. “I think your cock is too big for my little hole.” She looked at him and added, “It might hurt, Billy.”

“It won’t hurt, Susie,” Billy lied. “Look, you said you wanted to try ass-fucking, and, it will feel amazing, trust me. Look, I ‘googled’ it while you were making lunch. It says that all you have to do is loosen your ass-hole first.”

The two young boys read the article together. It described how to loosen an ass-hole by using plenty of lube and inserting progressively larger objects until it was stretched out sufficiently. It described how good it can feel for both partners and how it can massage a man’s prostate, giving a tremendous orgasm.

“Come on, Susie, let’s try it,” Billy begged. “Take the dishes into the kitchen and get some vegetables from the bottom drawer of the fridge. You can loosen your ass while I play video games, OK? I really want to fuck you, my little Susie-Slut. Besides, all sluts love to get ass-fucked!”

Susie smiled. She liked to act like a slut, and loved all the attention Billy was giving her. “Well, OK, but promise you won’t hurt me!”

“I promise!” Billy lied once again. “Now hurry up!”

Susie picked up the dishes and went into the kitchen. Billy began playing his video games, grinning like a fool, anticipating his first fuck. He couldn’t wait to plow his huge cock into Jeffry’s tight ass.

Susie came back carrying a handful of vegetables and showed them to Billy. “I figured I could start with my fingers, then the skinny part of the carrot. I got two cucumbers too. This one is the biggest I could find, it is not as big as yours, but, if I can take this up my asshole, I should be able to take your cock.”

“Great, Susie! Here is some lube I stole from my sister. Put your toys on your old t-shirt so you won’t get my bed all funky. Now, jump up here and get to work!” He patted the bed behind him.

Susie climbed on the bed and lay down, positioning herself on her side, spreading her things out in front of her. She filled her fingers full of lube and then reached back to her ass-hole. “Ohhh, it is so slippery, like pre-cum. Oh! It feels so good in my ass!” Susie began by pushing a single finger into her ass, then two. She pulled and tugged on her hole, trying to stretch it out for Billy.

Billy watched her fingering her ass-hole, and got a whiff of her odor. He then turned to his video game. “Let me know when you are ready, Susie.”

“Uhh-uhhhh,” Susie said, grunting out her answer. Before long, she was able get two fingers in easily, moving them around and up and down. She then slid in the carrot, first the skinny end and then the fatter end. The cold vegetable quickly warmed up from the heat of her bowels. It felt so good having her ass stuffed and she couldn’t believe how much her hole was stretching! She finally began to work the smaller cucumber into her slutty hole. “Uh, oooh, ow, ow, ow!” she exclaimed in sweet-pain, as the cucumber stretched her one tight sphincter even wider.

“Keep it down, Jeff, Susie!” Billy chastised. “I’m trying to play my game! The boss level is coming up!”

“Sorry, Billy,” Susie said. But moments later, “Uhhh!” she groaned when the thick vegetable finally penetrated her. Billy scowled at her. She worked the phallus in and out of her hole then around and around. “Mmmm,” she moaned, trying not to get too loud. Susie enjoyed the feeling of having her ass-hole spread wide and loved the feeling of the vegetable sliding in and out of her elastic-like, stretched out bung-hole. Her ass felt alive! ‘I bet Billy’s cock will feel so much better than this,’ she thought.

“Aren’t you ready, yet bitch?” Billy asked impatiently, hearing her soft moans.

“Almost, Billy,” Susie said. “I just have the big one left, almost, ‘pant’, there, ‘pant’, uhh!”

Susie’s little clitty-pecker was hard, and leaking! She lubed up the final, fattest cucumber and pressed it against her entrance. Being more experienced now, she worked it expertly, using the thinner end to repeatedly force her hole apart until she finally gave it a firm push, determined to make it fit! “Uhhgg!” It slipped in! It hurt her a little, as her stretched out hole wrapped around the hard, unforgiving vegetable, but it still felt good! She couldn’t wait to get ass-fucked! She held the fat cuke steady for a bit, then slowly fucked herself with it, making sure the widest part was deeply in her ass and well past her shitty hole. When she was easily able to slide it in and out of her ass, she gathered up her courage and said aloud, “I think I’m ready, Billy…”

“Finally! It’s about time! Put your shitty toys away Susie, and come get my dick hard!” Bill pulled off his shirt and dropped his shorts and underwear. Susie put away her things, all the while staring in awe at Billy’s physique. Billy lay on the bed, hands behind his head, totally naked. Susie admired his muscles and his hairy armpits. She barely had any hair at all! She climbed back on the bed, positioned herself on her knees between his legs, staring as his soft cock, clinching her slimy and stretched-out ass-hole.

“Thanks again for letting me play with your cock, Billy,” Susie said as she inspected her prize again. She happily reached out and grasped it, aching to feel it grow from her manipulations. She stroked him a few time, cupping his balls, and then deciding she wanted to feel it get hard in her mouth. She wrapped her hot lips around his head and sucked him deep, all the way in. She worked her tongue around his head and felt his girth expanding, getting longer and thicker, his cock-head growing wider in her mouth. “Mmmm,mmm,” she moaned.

“Ahh, that’s it, Susie, suck my dick,” Billy said, “And don’t forget to lick my balls and suck them too. Damn, you are hell of a cock-sucker, Susie!”

While Susie was obediently licking and sucking on Billy’s balls, she contemplated being called a ‘cock-sucker’. At first, she wasn’t sure that she liked being called that. She thought about it some more as she sucked one fat nut and then the other, gently; she knew Billy liked that.  ‘Well, I guess I am a cock-sucker’, she thought, ‘I really like to suck Billy’s cock.’ Susie worked her tongue under Billy’s ball sack, licking the base and working her tongue towards his ass-hole. ‘Hmm, since I like Billy’s cock so much, I wonder if I would like other boy’s dicks too. Maybe I should try sucking someone else’s cock, just to see if I like it or not, of course.’ Susie put her lipstick covered mouth over Billy’s cock-head again and sucked firmly, thinking about different kinds of cocks, like the ones she saw in the boy’s locker room. She worked her lips around Billy’s glans, licking and sucking, engrossed in the taste and the texture. She sucked and then gently popped her lips off of his cock-head. She looked admiringly at her handiwork and then licked his piss slit and frenulum hungrily. Billy moaned in ecstasy and Susie thoughtfully came to a decision; ‘If I’m going to be a cock-sucker, I might as well be a great cock-sucker!’ She gripped his fat shaft, determined to take him all the way down her throat – she couldn’t do it last time. Pausing to get her confidence, she sucked his head, licked around his gland, then bravely tried to swallow it; pushing her head down firmly and feeling the tightness at the back of her throat stop Billy’s cock from going any deeper. Taking a deep breath, she pushed harder and more firmly and triumphantly felt his cock spread her throat apart, pushing deep into her gullet. She held his cock that way for a moment and then pulled off, taking a deep breath.

“Ah, fuck yeah! Susie!” Billy encouraged, “Do that again!”

Proudly, Susie did it again, feeling the tight part of her throat loosening as she began to deep-throat Billy’s hard shaft, up and down, going deeper with each thrust. Finally, her chin was bouncing on his swollen balls as she deep-throated him. She was a natural born, cock-sucker, she realized, feeling so proud of herself.

Billy was in heaven, feeling his cock enveloped by Susie’s lips and mouth, then feeling his fat cock-head forcing her throat wide, squeezing him, as it plunged past her gullet!. He soon felt a familiar tingling in his balls. Quickly he yelled, “Enough, enough, you fucking cock-slut!” He pulled his hard rod from her lips. “Fuck, Jeffr…,Susie, you are about to suck the cum right out of my balls!”

Susie/Jeffry grinned happily, her mouth feeling empty.

“Ready to get fucked, Susie?” Billy asked.

“Yeah, I’m ready, and you are ready too, by the looks of it!” She giggled; proud that she had him so hard. “So, how do we do it?” she asked. “Do you want me to lay down?” Susie lay down, lifting her legs and showing off her hard little pecker and red asshole.

“Ah…, I really don’t want to see your dick, Susie. It’s a little gross,” Billy looked down at her hard, leaking dicklet. “Turn over and get on your knees. I want to squeeze your tits while I fuck you.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Billy,” she apologized. “I wish I didn’t have this thing. If I had a real pussy…,” Susie began to imaging a real pussy between her legs. She imagined Billy wanting to fuck it all the time. Oh, well, she would have to make do with what she had.

“You have a pretty little boi-pussy, Susie,” Billy said. ”Since you don’t have a real pussy, you’ll just have to work a little harder than a real girl does, OK?”

“Thanks, Billy!” Susie exclaimed, “I’ll try!” She got on her hands and knees and presented her ass to him. “Fuck me, Billy!” She wiggled her ass and lifted up her skirt. “Fuck my little boi-pussy, Billy, fuck it good!” Susie was so pleased to be able to make Billy happy!

Billy looked down at his near-perfect girl, her ass in front of him, her back arched, her head turned and looking back at him, encouraging him to fuck her ass-hole. Susie brought a dainty, pink nail polished hand back to her ass and pulled it, showing off her slutty, dirty hole. “Hurry up and fuck me, Billy!” She wiggled her ass again, her earrings swaying in counter point.

Billy generously lubed up his hard cock, aroused by the sight in front of him. Susie pressed her head into the bed and reached around with both hands, spreading her cheeks wide, ready and waiting. Billy slid his cock up and down her crack, greasing up her hole. He lined up his fat cock-head to her tiny, swollen asshole, not knowing if his hard cock would fit or not. He tried to push it in.

“Ahhh! Oww! Go slow, go slow Billy!” Susie began to rock back and forth on his cock. “Here, let me, let me do it!”

Billy held still, his cock-head still pressing against her hole. He watch his purple head stretch her wider and wider each time she pushed back against him. He watched the head go deeper and deeper, a quarter of the way in, then half way in and then three quarters of the way. She bounced back and forth a bit, but couldn’t get past his fat, flared gland. Billy couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed her hips and pushed, forcing his thick head into her ass-hole! His cock slipped in, her sphincter encircling his fat glans!

“Uhhhgg!” Susie grunted as the hot, fat, poker speared her. She cried out, “Ow, ow, ow! It’s too big, it’s too big! Billy!” She began to pant like a dog. “Take it out!” She tried to pull away from the intruder.

 Billy held her tight with his hands, keeping his cock head inside her ass-hole. He was not going to be denied his first piece of ass! It felt so good, having his cock engulfed by her hole. It was so tight and so warm! He felt her ass muscles clenching, squeezing his cock until it almost hurt. He felt her clenching lessen and heard her breathing return to normal. “Better now, Susie?” he asked, pumping his prostate three times.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” she grunted with each pump. “It only hurts a little now…., Yeah, I’m ok Billy,” She said. “Your cock is so thick and hot in my ass!”

Billy looked down at his fat cock and Susie’s tight ass-hole. He began to push.

“Ooooooohhoooo!” Susie gave one long moan as his cock filled her. “Oh, it is going in so deep!” she exclaimed. She felt it filling her up. “Is it all the way in yet, Billy?”

“Just half way, Susie.” Billy continued to feed his shaft into her, watching it disappear.

“Ooooooh! Aaaaaahhhh!” she moaned as her bowels filled with hard cock. Soon, Susie felt his balls resting against her ass.

“Oh, I feel so full! My ass is so full of your cock, Billy. Wow!” Susie grew to like the fullness and the heat of the fat shaft spreading her ass wide and filling her up. “Oh, yeah, it feels so good to have your cock stuffed up my slutty ass, Billy!” Susie played the slut some more for Billy, wiggling her ass and giving his dick a squeeze. The pain was almost gone now!

“I’m going to fuck you now, Susie, my little ass-slut.” Billy began to pull his cock from her suctioning hole, inch after fat inch. When he saw his thick cock-head finally begin to appear from her shit-hole, he slowly pushed it all the way back in. Then again, and again, taking his time, enjoying the feeling of fucking a warm hole for the very first time.

“Oh, were fucking, Billy. I’m getting my ass-hole fucked!” Susie couldn’t believe it. She felt his cock slide in and out, feeling the tingle of the million nerve endings in her sphincter. Billy began to fuck her a little faster. She turned her head to look at him, “Do you like it Billy, do you like fucking my ass?” Susie asked in her high voice, craving confirmation.

“Hell yeah! Your ass is so fucking tight!” Billy said. “We are going to be doing this a lot!” He continued to fuck her with long strokes, trying to savor his first ever fuck; to try to remember it and make it last. He reached out for her breasts, squeezing and groping the fake boobs thru Susie’s blouse. His hard shaft moved faster and faster, in and out of her bowels. A few long, beautiful and sensual minutes later, Billy decided to cum. He couldn’t wait any longer. It was just too exciting! He wanted shoot his load into his hot, slutty bitch and fill her pussy with his cream. He knew this wouldn’t be the last time he fucked her, and was already contemplating how to get Jeffry alone, wearing makeup, so he could fuck and get sucked. He grinned. He was so ecstatically happy and excited to experience even more sexual escapades. He grabbed Susie’s hips firmly and began to slam his cock in and out of her tight hole hard!

“Ugh…, ugh…, ugh…,” Susie grunted with each deep thrust. She felt his hard cock driving into her ass. She felt his balls slapping against her, and felt the bed rocking. She knew she could not slow Billy or ask him to be gentle with her. She resignedly submitted to his furious onslaught. Feeling her prostate being hammered, she felt her dick oozing. She reached down and grabbed her leaking cock. She was going to cum! She was going to cum with Billy’s fat cock pounding her slutty ass!

“Oh, fuck me Billy, fuck me!” Susie cried, “It hurts a little, but it feels soooo fucking good! You are going to make me cum, Billy!” She began to rub her slimy clitty, just like a real girl would do.

Billy sawed his cock in and out, banging his whore and having his way with her. He enjoyed his dominance and the power he had over her. Although, he felt a little disgust with Jeffry for letting him treat her like this. ‘Fucking faggot!’ Billy slammed into Susie’s ass as hard as he could, thrusting deeply while pulling Susie’s smaller body hard against him. She would be sore afterwards, he was sure; she would remember this fuck for a long time. He continued his onslaught, watching her head bobbing up and down as he punished her.

Billy felt the cum rising up in his balls and felt the tingling in his thighs and nut sack. “Ah! Take it bitch, take my cock, you fucking whore! Take my cum, you cum-loving slut!” Billy pulled his cock nearly of her hole and slammed it back in to the hilt; again, and again and again. As the cum began to churn in his balls, he began using faster and shorter strokes, feeling the tightness enveloping his cock-head. His orgasm began and his cock swelled. He pulled her tight thrust a final time, spurting his seed deeply into her ass as if he was trying to impregnate his bitch. He slammed into her again, giving her another hot, slimy load.

Susie felt his cock swelling and gasped as the fat shaft drilled her deeply. She felt the hot load fill her up. She rubbed her dicklet harder and harder, until it began to spew in her hands. “Uh, uh, uh! I can feel your cum shooting in my ass, Billy. You are making me cum! I’m cumming, Billy, I’m cumming!” Susie began to slam her sore ass back at him, squeezing and pulling the cum from his heavy balls.

Billy’s orgasm continued and he blasted shot after shot of hot, teenage goo into her hungry hole. It felt so good! Billy drained his balls into her ass, slamming her harder with each convulsion from his shaft.

Susie felt each spurt as her own orgasm cumulated, filling her hand with cum. Her orgasm felt different with a cock up her ass, somehow more intense and earth shattering. She wondered if girls felt this way when they cum while stuffed with fat, hard cock. Her body felt weak and used. She was exhausted.

Billy finished emptying his load. He held his cock in her for a bit, putting his full weight on her, and not caring if she was uncomfortable. He rested a bit, and then unceremoniously pulled his long, thick shaft out of her ass. He stared in amazement at her slimy, red, gaping hole. A glob of thick, white, cum oozed out and ran down to Susie’s diminutive balls. Susie suddenly felt empty and she tried to clench her ass closed against the cool breeze penetrating her now empty bowels. Billy watched her oozing shit-hole wink at him before she collapsed on the bed.

“Ah, that was amazing, Susie.”

“Thanks, Billy, it was good for me too.” Susie began to lick her cum from her palm.

“Why don’t you freshen up and get a warm soapy rag for my cock? Unless you want to suck it clean for me? I don’t feel like getting up.”

Susie sat up and looked at his shit-smeared cock. She knew that if she hadn’t just cum, she would have licked his shaft clean, disgusting as it seemed to her now. She hobbled off the bed, hunched over a bit, feeling her sore ass muscles throbbing. She went to the bathroom and wiped the cum and lube from her tired ass and returned to wash up Billy’s cock, giving it a lick when she was finished.

“I’m tired Susie, I’m going to take a nap.” Billy said. “You better start cleaning the house, like Becky said.”

“What? Aren’t you going to at least help me?” Susie asked.

“Look, she did it for you, not me.” Billy reasoned. “Besides, I have to put away the dinner dishes all week because of you!”

“Well, I guess it is only fair, Billy.” Susie said. She just wished she wasn’t so sore!

“And, Susie-slut, one more thing…,” Billy added, “Do a good job, or Becky will post your slutty pictures all over town!” He grinned at her.

Susie smiled back and began to clean the house, her bruised and battered hole still burning. She wondered when her aching ass would be ready for another hard fucking.

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― E.L. Doctorow

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Billy’s Faggot 4 (mm, mmf, trans)

Summary – Billy and Jeffry are caught by Billy's older sister!

Previous Chapter Summary – Billy and Jeffry play even more sexy games.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. Also, the author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't fuck with other people's lives!

Billy called Jeffry the next morning. Jeffry’s mother answered the phone. “Hi, this is Billy, err, Jeffry’s friend. Is Jeffry around?”

“Just a moment,” Jeffry’s mother said. Through the muffled microphone, Billy could hear Jeffry’s mother yelling; “Jeffry, your friend Billy is calling for you!”

After a long moment, Billy answered the phone. “Hello?” he said.

“Hi, Jeffry, it’s Billy.”

“I know. Hi. What’s up?”

“I, uh, I…, um…, I was wondering if Susie could come over for a while?”

“I don’t know, Billy,” Jeffry said. “She is a little sore today, if you know what I mean…”

Billy giggled. “Yeah, I figured you…, I mean I figured Susie would be a little sore.” He laughed out loud. “Can she even sit down?”

“Barely,” Jeffry giggled too. “She walked home a little bow-legged yesterday.”

Both boys laughed out loud. Billy could image Jeffry walking home bent over and sore. He had really pounded his ass-hole. He didn’t know how Jeffry could walk afterwards, let alone clean his house like he did.

“Oh, Jeffry, you left while I was still asleep! I wanted to tell you that you did a hell of a job cleaning the house. Mom and Dad were amazed, and Becky is getting all of the credit for it. Becky said to tell you ‘thanks.’”

“Cool, I wanted to do a good job. To thank her, you know, for what she did for me - I mean for Susie.”

“So, can she come over? We don’t have to do THAT today, if you know what I mean. We can do some other stuff, like what we did yesterday. I can let you play with ‘stuff’, we can maybe play video games, and watch movies on the computer again? I can teach you some other stuff, maybe?”

Jeffry liked watching porn on Billy’s computer, and he was sure he knew what ‘stuff’ Billy was going to let him play with. He grinned, just thinking about Billy’s cock. Maybe Billy would want to play with his ‘stuff’ too?

“Sure, I’ll ask Susie, but I’m sure she will say ‘yes.’ See you in a little while, Billy.”

“Cool! See you guys later!” Billy said and hung up.

Billy couldn’t wait for another blow-job. He had been horny most of the night and all of the morning thinking about Susie and her cock-sucking lips. It was too bad that Susie’s ass was sore, but maybe he could talk her into it anyway. He thought to himself, ‘I can promise her I’ll be gentle…’ and quickly added, ‘but promises are made to be broken, right?’ He chuckled, looking forward to abusing Jeffry/Susie’s ass again.

After a while, Jeffry showed up carrying a backpack. Billy was almost hoping that ‘Susie’ would be at the door in full-make up, but he realized Jeffry couldn’t walk around town dressed as Susie. Not yet anyway. Billy had even considered pretending Susie was his girlfriend, just to take her to the movie theater and get a blow-job in the back row, like the cooler older guys. The others kids would be so jealous of his slutty girlfriend!

“Hi, Jeffry, my mom and dad are at work, so we have all day to ourselves. Do you have Susie’s stuff in your bag?” Billy asked.

“Yeah, I took it all home yesterday so I could practice putting on makeup and stuff. Becky didn’t give me any nail polish remover, so I had to hide my hands from my mom until I could steal some from her,” Jeffry explained. “Oh, I took the vegetables too; I didn’t think you would mind. In case I need to practice with them, too.”

“It’s not like we would eat them after they had been up your ass, Jeffry,” Billy scoffed.

“Yeah, that’s what I figured,” Jeffry said.

The boys walked down the hall to Billy’s room. Billy stopped at the bathroom door. “Why don’t you go into the bathroom and change? I’ll be in my room waiting for you. I mean waiting for Susie.”

“Already? Don’t you want to do something else first?” Jeffry asked.

“Don’t you want to play with my cock?” Billy replied.

“Oh, yeah, sure!” Jeffry said. He thought Billy might want to play video games or watch porn together, but he couldn’t wait to play with Billy’s cock again. Anyway, Susie was a slut, and after all, sluts loved to play with cocks! It was exciting to act like a cock-loving slut. Besides, Billy really liked it too!

Billy went into his room and waited for Susie, getting his computer ready. He had downloaded a few movies this morning for them to watch; he queued them up.

A few minutes later, Susie knocked on his door.

“Come in!” Billy said.

Susie opened the door. She was stunning. Her face was made up expertly, but maybe a little sluttier than when Becky had helped her. Bright red lipstick with matching fingernails and dark eye shadow matching her green eyes. She was wearing a short red dress, braless, her false tits showing through the material, her nipples firm and pointing. Susie gave a twirl, showing off her matching red panties.

Billy gave a loud wolf whistle. “Holy shit, Susie! Fuck, are you hot!” He felt his cock stir in his short. “Let me look at you!” Billy stood up and walked over to Susie. He ogled her up and down hungrily, walked around her leering, and reached out to grab her breasts. Then, he lifted her skirt and molest her ass. He pulled her close to him, smelling her sweet perfume. He put his hands on her ass, pulled her tight and impulsively leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. Susie was his, after all; his submissive sex-toy. He could do what he wanted to her. And right now, he wanted to practice kissing. When he closed his eyes and groped her, his fantasy was complete. He squeezed the ass he owned and fucked. He groped the breasts he loved, and he kissed the mouth that was about to suck his cock again. Better to kiss her now, rather than afterwards.

“Ohhh!” Susie moaned into his mouth as Billy kissed her forcibly, shoving his tongue deeply into her mouth. Drool trickled from his open lips as Susie tried to sensually French-kiss him back.

“My fucking cock-slut,” Billy whispered to her possessively, nibbling and sucking on her on the neck. He continued to grope her ass and breasts, but carefully avoided the area between her legs.

“Do you want my cock, whore?” he asked.

Susie nodded, biting her lip.

“Tell, me, whore,” he encouraged. “Tell me you want my cock.”

“I want your cock, Billy.” Susie said, sounding like a horny little girl.  She Billy loved it when he acted like a cock-hungry whore. “I want your hard, fucking cock!” She whispered to herself aloud, “I’m such a fucking cock-hungry slut…” Susie felt beautiful, desirable, sexy and slutty.

“Do you want to suck my cock?” Billy asked. “Are you a horny cock-sucker who can’t get enough of my fat dick?”

“Yes, I want to suck your cock.” Susie was getting hard. “I’m a horny cock-sucker and I want to suck your fat dick. I love to suck your cock, Billy.” Susie felt so sexy acting like a slut. She knew how it turned Billy on, and she was happy to give him what he craved.. She loved the feeling of being able to make Billy lust after her and the power she had over his cock; to make him hard and horny. To make him crazy with desire. She had the power to make him moan with pleasure and make him cum!

Billy grabbed her hand and placed it on his hardening bulge. Susie groped it. “Mmmmm,” she said. She traced a finger up and down his shaft, fingering his flared cock-head.

“I can’t get enough of your cock, Billy,” she said, rubbing his cock and balls thru his shorts. “I’m just a fucking slut. A cock-sucking, ass-fucking whore.”

“Do you want to lick my balls, Susie?” Billy asked. “Do you want to lick and suck my balls, too?”

“Oh, yes! I want to lick and suck your fucking balls. I want to play with them and feel them. I love your big balls, Billy. I love how they smell and how they taste. I love knowing that they are full of your hot sperm.” It was all true. She wanted him. She was hard and straining against her panties.

“Do you love my cum, Susie?” Billy groaned, pushing against her, humping her hand and thighs. “Do you want to eat my hot cum?”

“Yes!” Susie cried. “I want your cum, Billy! I want to feel it shoot into my slutty mouth.” Images of Billy’s hard, spurting cock filled Susie’s mind as she remembered how she made him orgasm with her mouth, tongue and hands. She slipped her hand into Billy’s shorts and began to jerk his cock, rubbing the pre-cum all over his head. She couldn’t wait any longer and dropped to her knees to worship his cock, pulling his shorts and underwear down to the floor. Susie grasp his cock, stroking it lovingly, then licked his cock up and down, spending time on his sensitive cock head. She licked and licked, then worked her way down to his ball sack, licking like a puppy. She sucked on ball, tonguing and sucking it gently, then the other. She worked her head back up to his shaft, then his glans, frenulum and piss-hole. She finally engulfed his head with her hot mouth.

“Ahhh, Susie, what a slutty cock whore you are! Suck it! Suck my cock, eat my cum, you dirty little bitch!”

“Mmmph-hmmm!” Susie agreed, her mouth full of cock. She began to suck him off in earnest, tickling his balls and sucking his head. Billy put his hands on the back of her head and pulled her tight, trying to get his cock deeper into her throat.

Susie began to bob her head, anticipating Billy’s thrusts and taking his hard cock deeper with each thrust. Billy kept forcing his cock deeper and deeper, forcing his way down her throat until he could go no further, his balls resting on Susie’s chin. He held her there for a moment, feeling her struggle and trying to pull back. He wiggled and tried to thrust his cock into her even deeper before pulling out and letting Susie gasp for air.

“Billy! I can’t brea…,” she began to protest, but Billy forced her head back onto his cock, again driving his balls to her chin. “Mmmph!” she exclaimed, startled.

Billy began to skull fuck Susie, fucking her throat as if it were just another fuck-hole to be used. Susie struggled to breath until she found a rhythm, pulling air in thru her nose when his cock pulled out of her gullet, and holding the precious air to make it last, while he fucked her deep.

“Ah, this feels so good, Susie!” Billy praised her. “You are the best cock-sucker ever!”

Susie wasn’t sure how much cock-sucking she was actually doing, her mouth was just a wet vessel for his cock -  and Billy was doing all of the work! She decided that it wasn’t fair for Billy, so she tried to help out the best she could. When Billy pulled his fat cock-head out of her throat, Susie began to lick all around the head. When Billy thrust deep, she swallowed, working her throat muscles around his cock. When Billy bottomed out, his balls against her chin, she stuck out her long tongue, trying to lick his balls every chance she got.

“Ah, yes, Susie! Take it, take my cock, you fucking cock-loving slut!” Billy began to thrust faster, pulling her head towards him while at the same time thrusting his cock down her throat. Susie reached up and tickled Billy’s sack, scraping her fingers just at the base of his balls. Billy continued to fuck her face for a while, loving the feeling of his cock-head and shaft sliding in and out of her throat. He began to thrust faster and even more aggressively. He felt the cum churning up in his swinging, heavy balls.

“I’m going to cum, slut. I’m going to cum down your fucking throat!” Nearly a full day’s worth of sperm prepared to unload from Billy’s balls. The feeling began in his thighs, nuts and crotch. Then, his prostate surged, pumping a huge, thick wad of teenage splooge from his balls and up thru his shaft until it erupted into Susie’s slutty mouth. She tried to savor the huge cum shot while eagerly anticipating the next one, but Billy forced his cock back down her throat, pulling her head once again into his crotch.

Susie felt his second blast surge up his shaft and empty into her belly, denying her the opportunity to enjoy his hot, thick goo. When he pulled back again, Susie twisted her head and pulled away from him. “Stop, Billy!” She admonished. “You are wasting it!” Susie quickly wrapped her lips around his cock head, licking and sucking until the next load filled her. She continued to stroke him with one hand and jack him with her other hand.

Billy let her enjoy the taste of his thick, salty cum for just a briefest of moments and then fucked her throat again, pushing his slimy, cum covered, hard shaft in and out of her convulsing throat, sending his last few spurts both into her mouth bust mostly into her gullet. He finally released his grip and Susie lovingly licked his shaft, licking him clean.

“Aw, Billy, why did you do that?” She said, looking up at him. “You know how I like to taste your cum….”

“Sorry.” Billy said. He sat on the bed, tired from his orgasm.

“Uh, Billy?” Susie asked, her little cock throbbing. “I’m horny too… Do you want to play with my pussy?” She lifted her dress to show off her hard cock straining thru her red, wet panties.

“Fuck, Susie!” Billy turned away. “Put that away, it’s gross!”

“But I’m so hard, Billy!” she pleaded.

“Well, go jack off or something, shit!”

“Can I jack off looking at you, Billy?” she asked.

Billy contemplated her request. Maybe it would make Jeffry desire him even more. “Ok, I’ll tell you what. I’m going to close my eyes, lie down and rest a bit. As long as I don’t have to watch you tug on that little slimy thing…”

“Thanks Billy!” Susie couldn’t fault him for not wanting anything to do with his little dicklet. After all, they had agreed Jeffry had to pretend to be a girl. It was the only way Billy could get aroused, and not consider himself gay. Maybe one day Billy would return the favor. Maybe if Billy learned to like him enough…

“Susie, do you want me on my back or my front, while you Jill yourself off admiring my flawless body?” Billy lay on the bed, turned on his side, waiting for her answer.

Susie thought about it. She had seen his cock and balls up close so many times but hardly ever saw his naked ass.

“Lay down on your front, Billy. I want to look at your butt, OK?”

“Whatever, pervert.” Billy lay down on the bed, showing off his gorgeous ass. He wiggled it, rocking back and forth slowly.

Susie pulled down her panties and began to play with her engorged ‘clit’. Her cock was rock hard and slick with pre-cum. “Ohhh…” she moaned. She had to get closer to Billy’s ass, so she climbed on the bed next to him, playing with herself as she stare at Billy’s broad back and cute ass.

“Don’t get any funny ideas, Jeffry,” Billy said, feeing her getting on the bed, not caring if he called her ‘Susie’ or not. “Look, but don’t touch, faggot.”

‘Faggot?’ Jeffry thought. ‘Billy called me a faggot again…’ Susie continued to stoke her cock, staring at Billy’s ass. She knew it was the truth. ‘I’m a panty wearing cock-sucker’ she thought. ‘And, I had a cock up my ass and liked it.’ She thought about it and then quickly arrived at the obvious conclusion. ‘Yes, I’m a faggot…’ However, Susie decided that she liked being a faggot. She loved cock, there was no denying it. She stroked her dick, thinking of spurting cocks and tight asses. She began to imagine that she was fucking Billy’s tight ass. “Mmmmm,” she moaned. In her fantasy, Billy asked for more.

“Do you like that ass, fag?” Billy taunted, bringing her back to reality. “I know what you are thinking, ‘Susie’” He said her slut-name with a sneer. “I know you are wishing you could fuck me.” Billy decided to tease her more. He slowly raised his butt up off the bed. Susie watched his ass cheeks spreading apart. “Ohhh!” she moaned, involuntarily.

Billy raised his ass higher and the reached back and spread his ass wide, using both hands. “Can you see my asshole, faggot? Can you see what you are never going to have?” He clenched his ass-hole. Then he clenched it again, making his ass-hole come alive for his faggot-slut.

The image of Billy’s brown, puckered ring sent Susie over the edge. She felt her orgasm starting. She began stroking faster, drooling at the sight of Billy’s tight ass and squeezing sphincter. “Uh…, uh!” Susie grunted. Her cum shot out from her boyish balls. She sprayed her cum into the air. She watched it shoot in a long arch, and land on his ass cheek! Another, then another wad of cum landed on Billy’s ass! The rest oozed out all over her hand.

“What the fuck, Jeffry?” Billy exclaimed. “Are you sperming on my ass?”

Susie couldn’t help herself. She continued to stroke as her orgasm diminished. Finally finished, the licked the warm goo from her fingers before it could stain his bed.

Seeing his cum splattered ass, Susie knew she was in trouble. ”I’m sorry, Billy!” she cried. “I couldn’t help it!” She pulled up her panties quickly, hiding her hard little pecker.

“Jeffry, I should beat the shit out of you for that!” Billy was mad. He had another boy’s cum on his ass.  He was not a faggot like Jeffry, after all. Then, he thought of another way to get his revenge.

“All right, bitch,” he said. “You made the mess, now clean it up! Lick me clean, you fucking faggot! If you miss a spot, I’ll kick your ass!”

“Sorry, Jeffry,” Susie said, “Sure, I’ll clean it up.” She put her slimy penis away, licked her hand again and bent over Billy’s ass, searching for her cum. She licked and slurped her cum diligently while Billy snickered and giggled, feeling her wet mouth and tongue tickle his ass. Finally, Billy’s was clean. She even licked the stray drops of her cum from his bed-sheets. “All done, Billy,” Susie said.

“I don’t think so, Susie. I’m sure you missed some spots somehow, now, get back to work!” Billy grinned into his pillow. Billy rocked his ass back and forth.

“Where?” Susie asked. She stuck out her tongue and licked a wet spot that she had already cleaned.”Here?”

“No, to the left,” Billy said.

Susie kissed and licked to the left, closer to Billy’s ass crack. “Here?”

“No, more to the left!”

She began to lick his ass, just at the top of his cheek, at the beginning of the smelly cavern to his ass-hole. “Here?”

“Yeah! Thanks the spot,” Billy grinned. “Now, lick it up and down, from my balls to my back. I think I felt some land there. Make sure you get it all!”

Susie began to lick Billy’s crack like she had been told. She paused when she got to Billy’s funky, brown hole.

“Don’t stop, Susie, you are almost there – that’s where I felt your sissy-boy cream hit me…, now clean it!” he ordered.

Susie tentatively licked his asshole. She didn’t see any cum. She didn’t taste any either, just sweet-sour ass funk.

“Yeah, right there, Susie! That’s the spot! Now, lick it some more.”

Susie hesitated.

“DO IT, BITCH!” Billy yelled.

Susie began to lick Billy’s asshole, tentatively at first.

“Oh, yeah, Susie, that’s it!” he encouraged, loving the feeling of Susie’s hot, wet tongue probing his ass hole. He had recalled watching this in one of his porn movies and had been to know what it felt like, but he wasn’t sure Susie would actually do it. He was such a stupid faggot. “It feels great, Susie,” Billy said, feeling Susie’s tongue wiggle around in his dirty shitter. He wanted more. “Now, go deeper! Get your fucking tongue in there!” he ordered.

Taking a deep breath, she pushed her tongue into Billy’s hole, going as deep as she could, then she paused, holding it there. She quickly wiggled it around in Billy’s funky ass hole before he could demand it of her.

“Now, spread my cheeks and eat it good.  Really get in there!”

Susie pulled Billy’s ass apart, stared at his wet asshole. She wanted to please him, so she took another deep, funky breath and plunged her face into his ass crack. She began to lick, prod and sucked Billy’s ass with abandon.

“Ah, yeah, that’s the way! Eat my fucking ass, faggot!” Billy arched his back and pushed his butt back onto Susie’s face. “Oh, you ass-munching, cock-sucking faggot!” He arched his back and pushed his ass firmly against Susie’s face. “Don’t stop until I tell you to, bitch!”

Susie continued to lap hungrily as his ass, cleaning it with her tongue. She could barely taste his funk now, unless she plunged her tongue deeply into him. Knowing he liked it so much, she plunged her tongue deeply into him yet again and wiggled from side to side and then up and down and around and around.

“Ahhhh, fuck that feels good,” Billy said. “You can eat my ass all day long…” Billy lay still, his ass in the air, enjoying Susie’s dedication. He let her eat him for a full ten minutes, until his back began to ache.

“Enough, slut!” Billy said. Susie pulled back, allowing Billy to sit up. Billy was feeling a horny again, but decided to wait a while. They had all day after all.

“I’m going to play my video games for a while. You can watch some porn, if you want. Just click the play-all button.”

Susie watched Billy get up, knowing that she had made his cock almost hard again. She wanted to play with it some more, but obediently sat down in front of the computer to watch porn. She settled in and pressed the play button. On the screen, she watched a hot chick pulling a cock out of a man’s pants and then began to suck him off. The girl then reached into her panties and played for a while, and then, she pulled out her cock and started playing with it!

“Holy shit, she had a cock, like me!” Susie exclaimed.

“Chicks-with-Dicks,” Billy simply stated, still playing his video game. “They are called ‘shemales’ or ‘trannys.’ I thought you would get a kick out of it.” He added under his breath, just loud enough for Susie to hear, “Faggot…”

“Thanks, Billy!” Susie said. She watched the video’s in awe, rubbing her dick subconsciously. She watched one shemale movie after another. ‘Chicks-with-dicks’ sucking cocks, getting fucked and even getting sucked and fucking other men in the ass. She wondered if Billy had watched them too? ‘Probably not’, she decided. After the movie clips finished, she turned to Billy. “What do you want to do next, Billy? Can I play your video games for a while?”

Billy spread his legs, showing off his limp cock. “Why don’t you get down here and play with this instead? I want to finish my game.”

“Sure, OK.” Susie said obediently, falling to her knees, once again worshiping Billy’s cock. Since they had both orgasmed recently, Susie took her time, just enjoying Billy’s dick and getting to know it better. She fondled it lovingly, inspecting his balls and licking them gently. She gently sucked his glans and tickled his frenulum with her tongue. She scratched her fingernails on his ball sack and sucked him deep. Billy’s cock couldn’t ignore her manipulates and he stiffened in her skillful hands and hot mouth.

After a while, with Susie continuing her loving manipulations on his cock, Billy simply stated, “I want to fuck you again, Susie.”

“Oh, no…, “She groaned.”Please, Billy…, I’m too sore down there,” she whined. “… I think you ripped my asshole yesterday. When I wiped off your cum, I had a lot of blood on the toilet paper…” She looked at him, pleading with her eyes.

“Aww, you’ll be fine Susie,” Billy said. “I’ll be gentle this time.” He grinned evilly, unable to hide his intentions.

“I don’t know, Billy,” she said. “Let me blow you instead.” Susie began to suck in earnest, trying to dissuade Billy from fucking her tender asshole. She sucked him deep, feeling him come to hardness in her throat. She put her head all the way down to his balls, letting his thick, long cock impale her throat. Billy put his hands on her head and then held her there, knowing she couldn’t breathe.

“Let me fuck your ass-hole again, or I won’t let you up…” he teased. She began to struggle.

“Mmmph!” was all Susie could say. She knew that if she bit Billy’s cock, he would hurt her badly. She decided to hold her breath until just before she passed out, to see if he would give up. She tried to relax.

“Well, slut?” Billy waited.

Just then, they heard heels clicking in the hallway and the door swung opened. “Billy! Did you take my lube….?” Billy’s sister Becky stopped and stared at the sight before her. At first, she thought Billy had a girl friend over and caught him getting a blow job. Then, she recognized her old, red dress; the one she had given to Jeffry yesterday…

Billy stared in shock at his sister. He took his hands from the back of Susie’s head. “Oh shit…” he said.

Susie, hearing Becky’s voice and Billy’s expletive, slowly pulled back from Billy’s crotch. Inch after inch of Billy’s wet, hard, fat cock slid out of her slutty red lips.

Becky couldn’t believe the sight before her; Jeffry deep-throating a long, fat cock (she couldn’t even do that!) and then she sheer size of Billy’s dick astounded her. ‘Holy shit!’ she thought, ‘Just how big is my brother’s cock?’

Susie kept raising her head and more and more of Billy’s wet, slick, cock slid slowly from her throat.

‘Was it never going to end’? Becky thought.

Finally, the large flared head appeared from Susie’s slutty lips. She involuntarily gave a gentle suck to it, making audible ‘smack!’ as she sucked in air.

“Hole-E-Shit, Billy!” Becky gasped, seeing her brother’s cock in all of its glory for the first time since they were little.  His cock was huge!

She looked at Jeffry/Susie, not believing her eyes, “Fuck-N-A! Susie!” Becky added. “You look hot!”

Becky continued her dialog, “Wow, what a couple of sick, cock-sucking perverts you both are!” She walked into Billy’s room to get a closer look. “Well, whatever floats your fucking boats, I guess.” Becky shook her head, awed by the scene before her. She first looked at Billy, then at Susie, then at Billy’s cock - still throbbing and engorged.

Billy was aroused by the taboo aspect of having his sexy sister stare admiringly at his hard, swollen cock. She was, after all, a frequent target of his jack-off sessions. He had spurted his cum on her yearning face many times in his fantasies. Billy pumped his cock, clenching his prostate muscles. His cock throbbed up and down. Becky’s eyes got wider. Billy grinned.

 Feeling her pussy suddenly dampen, Becky fell to her knees next to Susie. She had to get a closer look.

“Wow, Billy, nice dick!” She reached out her hand and grasped it. “Mind if I help, Susie?” Becky asked.

Billy couldn’t believe his good fortune! His cock throbbed. His balls began to swell with fresh sperm, anticipating another orgasm.

Becky looked at Susie. Seeing here shake her head ‘No’, Becky put both hands on it, getting a feel for its length and thickness. She cupped her brother’s heavy balls and then leaned in to lick and then gently sucked her brother’s cock-head, opening her mouth wide. Becky enjoyed the feeling of her mouth being filled with his fat knob. She swirled her tongue around his glans for a bit and pulled her lips off and stared wistfully. “Shit, I can’t believe there was a cock this big in my own house and I didn’t even know it.”

She jacked Billy’s cock gently, looked at the two young boys and asked, “So, what do you perverts do all day? Suck each other off, or what?”

Billy snorted in derision.

Susie explained, “Billy thinks my cock is gross. That is why I have to dress up like a girl in order to play with him.” She reached over and grabbed the base of Billy’s cock, feeling a little possessive. “He fucked my ass yesterday,” Susie added, proudly.

“You had this monster up your ass?” Becky looked incredulous, estimating its girth. “Shit, it is way thicker than Jason’s cock and I won’t let him anywhere near my ass-hole, no matter how much he wants to ass-fuck me!” She added, just under her breath, “That explains where my lube went…”

Billy grinned, listening to the two sluts discussing his cock. Becky put it back into her mouth. Susie stuck out her tongue and began licking the shaft up and down. Two sets of feminine hands jerked Billy off gently. When Becky would pull her sucking lips off of it, Susie would pop it into her mouth and throat it a couple times. Billy was thoroughly enjoying himself.

“Shit, you are good, Susie,” said Becky, admiringly. “Can you show me how to do that? I always gag…”

“Sure,” Susie said, pulling her lips off Billy’s cock. Becky took her place. Susie reached down and began to lap at Billy’s ball sack. “You just have to take a deep breath and force it past your throat muscles a few times. You will get used to it…” Then she added, proudly, and still feeling possessive, “…Billy fucked my mouth and throat just a little while ago…”

Becky tried to take it deep and succeeded once, but gave up after gagging on his fat shaft. ‘Wow’, she thought, ‘My little brother fucked Jeffry’s ass and throat? That had to have hurt! What a prick he is! Oh well’, she thought, ‘Some chicks like that kind of shit. Like me!’ She grinned to herself. She liked her sex rough and hard.

After a few moments of sucking and licking her brother’s cock and balls, Becky and her pussy soon arrived at a decision and she announced simply; “I have to feel this monster up my pussy.”  She stood up and pulled off her top, setting her large breasts free - 36D, pale and firm with pink, hardened nipples, in sharp contrast to her tanned skin. Billy stared hungrily.

Susie watched them jiggle, squeezing her false titties while she stared jealously. Becky then wiggled out of her tight jeans and pushed her purple panties to the floor. Her bald, wet cunt was totally exposed to the two young boys. They could smell the intoxicating scent emanating from her juicy, slick pussy.

Totally naked, Beck bent over on the bed, putting her elbows on the mattress, spreading her legs and arching her ass into the air. “Come on Billy, give me some of that man-meat, boy!” she wiggled her pale, soft ass and shapely tanned thighs. “You better be gentle to start with, or I’ll rip your fucking nuts off, got it pervert?”

Billy scrambled out of his chair, his slick cock bobbing obscenely. “Yeah, I got it, sis!” He knew she would try to rip his nuts off too!

“I like to be fucked hard, but I’ll tell you when,” she instructed. “And, you better give me a good ride if you ever want dip your dick into my sweet little pussy again!”

Billy stood up behind his sister, admiring her shapely ass. He couldn’t believe it. He was actually going to fuck his hot sister. “Get out of the way, faggot,” he ordered Susie. “Bet you wish you had a cunt like her’s, cock-slut,” he added.

Susie bit her lip and nodded. She was concerned that Billy would want to fuck his sister from now on and not let him play with his cock any longer. A tear began to form in the corner of her eye. She bit her lip hard, to keep from crying.

“Knock it off, Billy. Don’t be mean to him!” Becky said sternly. She wiggled her ass impatiently. “Come here Susie. If Billy won’t suck your dick for you, I will.” She patted the spot in front of her. Excited, Susie climbed on the bed in front of Becky, positioning herself so she could watch the action from the side. She pulled up her dress and pulled down her red, damp panties, showing off her stiff little cock.  Susie felt Becky licking her dripping pre-cum with her hot tongue and shuddered. It felt so good! Susie stared at Billy and watched him hungrily line up his cock to his sister’s slit, sliding his fat head up and down her wet slit.

Billy could feel Becky’s wetness and heat with his cock head. He spread her cunt lips apart with his fat, flared head, teased her with it, and then pushed gently until his thick head forced its way into her tight hole.

“Ahhhhhh!” Becky moaned. “Yes, fill me up Billy; fill up my hot cunt with your fucking cock! Yeeeeeessssss!” Becky felt her cunt lips spreading wide as his thickness began to impale her. She closed her eyes to concentrate on the wonderful feelings of her cunt walls stretching wider than ever before.

Billy continued to push in slowly, reveling in the feeling of having her hot wetness engulf his cock. Deeper and deeper his cock pushed into her, all the while feeling Becky’s pussy squeezing his head and shaft tightly. He slid his fat shaft in slowly until his heavy balls rested against her naked slit.

“Oh, fuck Billy!” she grunted. “My pussy is so full!” She wiggled her ass around his thick pole, trying to accommodate its girth. “Ahh, so fucking good!” she cried, feeing her cunt stretched and stuffed to the brim with hard cock.  “Now, fuck me, you little shit, but fuck me nice and slow!” She ordered, then exhaled loudly, “Aaaaaahhhhh!” as the thick pole slid out of her cunt, tugging her pussy lips and making her clitoris pulse.

Billy pulled his cock back from her tight hole, feeling it grip him firmly. He watched it slip almost all of the way out until his flared head began to appear. He then pushed it all the way back in, then back out, easily getting into a rhythm, fucking her long and slow. He couldn’t believe it! He was actually fucking his sister! His hot, cock-teasing, whore-slut of a sister! He vowed to add another cum-slut to his harem. He envisioned a life of having Jeffry sucking his cock at school, fucking his tight tranny-ass on the weekends and then having his sister suck and fuck him every night during the week. He could feel the cum churning in his balls.

“Ah, yeah, Billy!” Becky moaned. “Fuck me, just like that!” She fucked him back, loving the feelings emanating from her cunt. ‘I could get used to this’, she thought. ‘I wonder how well he can eat pussy.’ As she fucked her little brother, she opened her eyes and noticed Jeffry’s dick, twitching before her. “Ready to get your cock sucked, Susie?” She asked.

“Oh, please,” Susie begged. “Please, suck my dirty little clitty, Becky!”

Becky licked his shaft, played with his balls and then sucked Susie deep.  She had no trouble getting it into her mouth. It reminded her of the small cocks she used to suck in junior high. ‘Jeffry is still young,’ she thought, noticing his obvious lack of pubic hair. ‘Maybe he will grow a bit more...’ she thought, ‘poor baby…’ Becky always was a cock-sucker for the underdogs, giving out more than her share of occasional sympathy-fucks to the school nerds. She also got a lot of free homework and tutoring, allowing her to keep a steady ‘B’ average throughout her school years.

Susie moaned as Becky’s warm lips engulfed her shaft. “Oh, so fucking wet! So fucking hot,” she exclaimed. “Thank you Becky, oh thank you!”

Becky smiled and began to suck and tongue the little cock in her mouth. As she pushed back against Billy, she would pull her sucking lips from Susie’s cock, then, she would suck deep again as Billy pushed her ass, body and mouth forwards.

The sounds of slow fucking and gentle sucking filled the room, except for the occasional groan and grunt.

“Ok, Billy,” Becky said finally, feeling that she ready for some serious fucking. “I’m ready now! Fuck me harder! Fuck me like you mean it, you little shit!”

Hearing the words he had been waiting for, Billy grabbed his sister’s wide hips and began to slam his hard cock deeply into her cunt.

“Ugh!” Becky grunted spontaneously, as her brother’s cock banged her. “Uh…! Uh…! Uh….!” She moaned in staccato bursts as his cock drove into her, his heaving balls slamming into her swollen clitoris. She wrapped her lips tightly around Susie’s pecker and sucked hard! “Mfph! Mfph! Mfph!” she moaned, her mouth full of cock.

“Oh, Becky, I’m going to cum!” Susie said, as she felt cum being sucked up from her balls It felt so good! “Oh! Ah!” She moaned and then spurted once, twice, then three times into Becky’s hot, sucking mouth. “Ahh, suck my cock Becky! Suck my little clitty!” Susie felt her orgasm cumulating, watching as Billy drove his cock into his sister and watching his sister fucking him back.

Tasting Susie’s sweet, boyish cream sent Becky over the edge. “Do it Billy, fuck me! Fuck your slutty big sister! Fuck me!”

Susie chimed in too. “That’s it Billy, fuck her! Fuck her hard! Slam her cunt like you slammed my ass-hole yesterday. Fuck your sister’s cunt, BIlly!” Even though Susie had just cum, she was still hard, watching the action, smelling hot pussy, and seeing Billy driving his cock into his own sister’s cunt. It was as if she was watching herself get fucked, hard and fast, like yesterday.

“Ah, I’m cumming Billy! I’m cumming all over your fat cock!” She felt her orgasm start in her thighs and emanate deep within her belly. Her clit tingled when his balls slapped them. She put her fingers to her greasy cunt-hole and began to rub herself. “Fuck me harder, Billy, damn it. FUCK ME HARDER!” she ordered.

She felt Billy slamming into her, tossing her head around like a rag doll. This is how she liked it! She felt his cock thicken, pause, and begin to spew hot cum into her hole. “Ahh, yes! I can feel you shooting your load, Billy!” She came. “Ahhhhhh, yes, yes, yes!” Her orgasm ripped thru her, spasms rocked her cunt and her pussy walls squeezed her brother’s throbbing cock. Her toes clenched and she raised her ass up higher to receive his hot, slimy load.

“Take my cum, Becky!” he yelled. “Take my fucking cum, you, fucking slut!” Billy shot spurt, after spurt into her waiting cunt. Becky felt it filling her up, not believing how much teenage splooge was emptying into her fuck hole.

Brother and sister came together, slamming their bodies into each other, grunting and groaning as they came. Becky’s sloppy cunt overflowed with her brother’s cum. Billy’s swollen balls emptied into his sister’s pussy. They grunted and moaned and ground their sex organs against each other as their orgasms washed over them. Their motions finally slowed and their excitement lessened. They were breathing hard and sweat dripped from their spent bodies. “Ahhhh,” they sighed in unison as their orgasmic waves diminished. Beck soon felt Billy’s weight increasing on her ass and they collapsed on the bed. They lay like that for a few moments until Billy pulled his slimy shaft from her pussy. She suddenly felt empty.

“Oh, shit! I’m leaking!” Becky exclaimed, and rolled over, clamping her legs together to keep her brother’s cum load from spilling out of her gaping, well fucked cunt.

“I’ll get it!” Susie yelled excitedly. She quickly jumped up and positioned herself between Susie’s legs, spreading them apart and staring longingly at her freshly fucked cream-pie. Susie watched Billy’s hot, thick, cum load begin to ooze from Becky’s red, swollen cunt. Susie opened her mouth wide and clamped it over Becky’s cunt. “Ssssluurrrp!” Susie was in heaven as she savored the hot, fresh cum that she was nearly denied earlier. The taste of hot pussy only increased her enjoyment. She rolled the cum around on her tongue and eventually swallowed it gleefully. “Aaaahh!” she sighed.

Billy and Becky watched in amazement.

Susie pulled her head up from Becky’s steaming hole and noticed a string of cum hanging on Billy’s softening cock. She quickly leaned over and sucked his head into her mouth and then proceeded to efficiently lick and suck his cock clean, reveling the deep, erotic flavors of both cum and cunt. Finished with that task, she drove back into to Becky’s sopping slit again, driving her tongue deep and sucking out all the cum she could reach.

“Oh, Susie!” Beck praised, “Oh! You will make a great little cunt-lapper!” She smiled at her brother. “Can I borrow Susie’s slutty little mouth sometimes, Billy?” she asked.

Billy smiled back. “Only if I can borrow your slutty little pussy, sometimes Beck!” he said.

“I think we can work something out, bro,” said Becky.

“I bet we can, sis,” said Billy.

“I know we can!” Susie chimed in, and then returned searching for more precious cum, examining Becky’s pussy folds with her probing tongue. “Slurrrpp!” she added, and then, “Ahhhh!”

Brother and sister laughed out loud listening to the sounds of the Billy’s eager little faggot sucking the  hot, fresh cum from Becky’s well-fucked cunt. They smiled at each other with the secret grin known only to each other. Jeffry/Susie was going to be kept real busy, sucking cock and slurping pussy. The three, horny teenagers each had the exact same thought…

To read my other stories, click on my profile. ;D


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Billy’s Faggot 5 (mf, mmf, incest)

Summary – Billy and Becky share a faggot.

Previous Chapter Summary – Billy and Jeffry are caught by Billy's older sister!

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. Also, the author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't fuck with other people's lives!

Billy slid his long, hard cock in and out of his sister’s hot, wet pussy. Becky was bent over the kitchen counter, leaning on the sink. Billy had snuck up behind her and prodded her ass with his morning wood. Becky simply raised her t-shirt, dropped her panties and presented her ass to him.

“I said, ‘fuck me harder’, Billy!” Becky pleaded.

“Beg me for it, sis…,” Billy grinned. He watched his sister’s ass trying to slam against his slow, steady thrusts.

“Fuck you, ass-hole!” Becky replied. Then, needing to get her tight pussy slammed just how she liked it, she uttered a timid, “Please fuck me harder, Billy. You know I like it hard…”

“Say ‘pretty-please’…,” he teased. He loved to tease his cock-loving, slutty sister.

“Oh, fuck! All-right, then, dick-head!” Becky said, exasperated. “Pretty-please, OK? Now fuck me damn-it!”

“Tell me how much you want my fat cock, sis…”

“Shit, Billy! Enough already! You know I love your fat cock! I’ve never had such a thick pole up my cunt before.  Now fuck me HARD, or I’m going over to Jason’s house to get fucked how I like it!”

Billy grinned and began to fuck her, per her request, sawing his thick cock in and out of her sloppy, wet hole, slamming his balls into her slit.

“Yes!” Becky groaned, “Finally!”  She began grinding her ass back against him with each thrust.

“SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!” His naked flesh smacked her firmly, making her ass and full tits bounce with each thrust. Becky gripped the kitchen counter tighter and began to slam her ass back with her brother’s thrusts, driving his thick cock deeper into her wet cunt.

Brother and sister fucked in the kitchen, groaning and yelling their passions out loud in the empty house.

“Fuck me, Billy! Fuck my pussy hard!”

“Take my cock, Beck, you slut! Take my fucking cock!” He pounded her as hard as he could, grunting forcefully with each thrust. “Unngh, unngh, unngh!” His sister loved to get fucked hard, and he liked fucking hard. He was determined to bruise her cunt and make remember this fuck for a long time. It turned him on to think of her remembering his hard cock each time she felt her poor, abused pussy.  He received the same satisfaction from abusing Jeffry, his little sissy-faggot, too.

Becky moaned uncontrollably, feeling her cunt filled and her clit being smacked, over and over. She had never been fucked so hard! Her pussy was tingling, her ass checks were throbbing! Finally, it sent her over the edge. “Fuck me, Billy! I’m cumming! I’m creaming all over your fucking cock! Ohhh! Yeeeesssss-esss-esss!” Her orgasm engulfed her. Each hard thrust made it ripple over her, again and again.

Billy gripped her tighter and pounded her spasming cunt. He slammed his hips into her, driving his thick cock as deep as he could, while forcefully pulling her young body back against him. He used his arm muscles and hips, trying to fuck her unconscious. He pounded her until his groin became sore. Becky muttered gibberish as she enjoyed the best orgasm of her life.

“Fu-fu-fu-fuck me!” she yelled. “Fu-fuck meeeee! Fuuuuuckkk m-m-m-meeeeee Biiiii-iiii-lllllly!
Aaaaaaaiiiiii!” she screamed as another orgasm gripped her, then another one! Her legs grew weak. She didn’t know if she could take much more.

Billy continued to fuck his orgasming sister. Driving his cock in and out as he felt her pussy spasm. Her cunt muscles squeezed him, milked him, and finally he felt the cum being pulled up from his balls. He filled her cunt with his thick, sperm. Blast after blast filled her pussy with each hard thrust. Becky rode her orgasm to the very end as Billy finally slowed his gyrations. Dripping sweat and exhausted, Billy finally grunted, “Ahhh,” and pulled his thick, slimy rod out of his sister’s dripping pussy.

“Now, that is how to start a fucking day!” Billy said. He then looked thoughtful and added, “What was that, three times since yesterday, or four?”

Becky slumped against the sink, catching her breath. “Ahhhh, who cares? As long as you fuck me like this every day!”

“Hmm, let’s see,” Billy said, counting on his fingers. “After Jeffry left yesterday, we fucked once in the living room and once in the shower before mom and dad got home,” he said.  “Then, once more when you snuck into my room last night, and just now, after mom and dad left for work…, so that makes four, unless you count the time I fucked your titties.”

“Nah, I’m only counting the times we came. If you had shot your wad all over my face, we could have counted it,” said Becky.

“Hmm, maybe later…?” He jacked his slimy cock thinking about blowing a load on his slutty sister’s face.

“Hey, sis, come here and clean my cock for me. I have cum and pussy juice all over it.” He waved his softening cock at his sister.

“Fuck you, ass-hole,” Becky said. “Call your cum-loving friend over if you want that kind of shit.” At that moment, Becky felt the cum oozing from her cunt, and added, “I wish Jeffry was here right now to suck my cunt clean. Do you want to invite him over later, Billy.”

“Naw, let’s give his ass another day to heal. I ripped his faggy little shit-hole pretty good…”

“Wow, my brother being nice to his ‘little faggot’? That’s so unlike you, Billy.”

“Well, as long as I have your sweet pussy to keep me busy.” he said. He hugged his sister and groped her fat tits.

“Hmmph! Well, maybe tomorrow then. Mom and dad want the house cleaned again, and I’m sure Jeffry will do it for us. Besides, I want to see him take your fat cock up his asshole.” She thought a moment and said. “I better buy some more lube.”

“Hey sis,” Billy said, “If you are real nice to me, I’ll make ‘Slutty-Susie’ eat out your ass-hole…”

“No way! Jeffry ate your ass?”

“Licked, sucked and slurped my ass-hole just like he did to your pussy yesterday. Couldn’t get his tongue in deep enough!”

“How did you manage that?” Becky asked.

“Hell, he will do anything I tell him to,” answered Billy. “He shot his load fantasizing about fucking my ass, so I made him lick it off. He ate my ass-hole for a good ten minutes too, until I was ready to fuck him again, then you came in.”

“That fucking slut!” Becky exclaimed. “Ok, we are inviting Jeffry over tomorrow, for sure!” She clenched her asshole in anticipation.

“Ok, sis, it’s a date,” Billy agreed. “Hey, what are you doing later, Beck?”

“Probably going over to Jason’s house and fuck.” She saw Billy’s sad face. “Come on Billy, he is my boyfriend after all. Maybe I’ll blow you before I go, to tide you over until I get back, OK?”

“OK.” Billy said. He wondered if he could get a tit fuck too. He badly wanted to blow a load on his sister’s face, he felt that it was kind of like marking his territory.

“Maybe Jason won’t want to fuck my sloppy cunt any more, after you’ve stretched it out.”

“Think he’ll notice,” Billy asked, questioningly.

“Maybe,” she said thoughtfully, then she added, “I’m going to go to my room and work out. I’ll spend some extra time on my Kegel exercises. I have to keep my little pussy tight, after all.”

Billy watched his sister’s naked ass walking out the kitchen. She paused, feeling the cum leaking from her swollen pussy. She wiped her oozing, cum-filled cunt with her panties and staggered into her room.

The next day, Billy and Becky called Jeffry. After Jeffry answered, they put him on the speaker-phone.

“Hi, this is Jeffry.”

“Hi Susie!” Becky and Billy yelled.

“Shhhh!” Jeffry hushed them. “My mom might hear you!”

“Sorry, faggot!” Billy yelled. Becky slammed her elbow into Billy’s ribs.

“We are sorry, Jeffry,” Becky said. “And, I’m sorry for my ass-hole brother too.”

“It’s alright,” Jeffry said, giving a sigh. He was used to Billy being a dick to him. “So, what do you guys want?”

“Well, Billy and I want to know if ‘Susie’ can come over to play with us today.”

“When you guys didn’t call yesterday, I figured you didn’t want her to come over any more.” Jeffry said dejectedly.

“No!” they both said, in unison.

“We want you come over, we really do!” said Becky.

“Actually, I thought you needed a break, Jeffry. I know you were a little sore...,” Billy said, “I mean, Susie was a little sore, er, back there…, so I thought I’d give her a break.”

“That’s the truth, Jeffry,” Becky added.”When he told me yesterday, I was amazed that my asshole brother could be that nice, once in a while anyway…”

Billy flipped her off.

“Well, Ok, then,” Jeffry said, feeling wanted and desired, “Susie is doing much better today. We will be over in a little while.”

“OK!” said Becky.

“Bye!” said Billy, as he quickly hung up the phone.

“I can’t wait for him to eat my asshole, Billy,” said Becky, wiggling her ass, imagining a warm, wet tongue probing it.

“And, I can’t wait to fuck his tight ass again, sis!” said Billy.

“Yeah, I really want to see that,” said Becky.

“It will be a nice change of pace, after having nothing but your loose, sloppy pussy all day!” Billy smirked.

“Fuck you, Billy, why are you such an asshole all the time?” yelled Becky.

She stormed out of the room. Billy knew she would come back for his hard cock.

Jeffry soon arrived and he and Becky went into her room to put on his feminine clothes and make-up. Becky helped him pick out his panties and bra; black lace this time. Becky also opened her closet door, reached in, and handed Jeffry another outfit.

“I’ve just about outgrown this, Jeffry.  It was my favorite ‘come-fuck-me’ outfit. You can have it.” Becky handed him her little-black-party dress. It had bare shoulders, showed a lot of cleavage, and had a slit running up the side of the short hemline.

“Wow, thanks, Becky!”

“If you bend over just right, you will flash your panties or bare ass at whoever is behind you. And the slit on the side can show off quite a lot too.” Becky stared off into space, remembering the good times she had wearing it. “I gave Billy a lot of boners wearing that dress! I used to love to tease him until he had to hide his boner and go to his room to jack off!” They shared a girlish giggle together, imagining Billy trying to hide his massive boner and jacking off furiously in his room, imagining himself fucking his own sister.

Jeffry quickly stripped and put on the black lace panties and bra, stuffing her cups with the set of false titties. He then wiggled into the tight, black dress.

“Hmm, I should get slutted-up too…” Becky thought, watching Jeffry transform into ‘Susie – the slutty schoolgirl.’ She stripped naked and shimmied into a tight skirt and blouse; no bra or panties to get in the way.

Becky and Jeffry spent some time with Becky’s make up kit, with Jeffry asking a lot of questions and getting more make up tips. Finally ‘Susie’ and Becky were ready. They walked into Billy’s room.

“Shit, Susie, you get sluttier and more fuck-able every day!” Billy said, ogling her.

Susie spun around for him and then bent over provocatively, showing off her lacy black panties.

“Oh, shit! That is Becky’s little black dress!” Billy exclaimed.  “Do you know how many times I’ve jacked off thinking about fucking her in that dress?” Billy rubbed his crotch, feeling his dick swelling up.

“You look extra slutty today too, Becky!” Becky bent over and flashed her naked ass and pussy at her brother. She faced him, liftet her skirt and slipped her hand between her legs to spread her cunt lips open for him. Billy stared at the pink wetness and felt his dick twitch.

“Come on, bitches, get busy on my cock!” Billy stepped out of his shorts and underwear, waving his chubby dick at the two girls.

“Billy, you’re a pig!” Beck said, dropping to her knees in front of her brother. She quickly gobbled his cock. Susie obediently got on her knees next to Becky and began to lick Billy’s heavy balls. Susie and Becky worked on Billy’s cock until it was rock hard. The girls smiled at each other, admiring their handiwork. Billy’s cock throbbed and bounced, glistening with their saliva.

“Which one of you wants my cock first?” Billy asked, gripping the base of his shaft and thrusting it up and down towards the girls.

“Do Susie first!” Becky said. “I want to watch. I can’t believe you can get that fat cock up her ass, Billy!” Becky quickly turned to Susie and added, “You don’t mind, do you Susie?”

Susie smiled demurely. “No, I don’t mind.  I like to get fucked. It makes me feel like a real girl.” Susie blushed. “Just go slow, OK Billy? I’m still a little sore back there.”

“Absolutely!” Billy exclaimed, surreptitiously giving his sister a sly wink. She winked back, grinning. Billy watched Susie wiggle out of her panties and then start to take off the dress. “No! Leave the dress on!” Billy exclaimed. “I’ve always wanted to fuck my sister while she wore that dress. At least I can fuck another slut while she is wearing it!”

“Fuck you, Billy!” yelled Becky, letting go of Billy’s cock. She may be a slut, but she did not like being called one by her own brother.

Susie climbed up on the bed, and quickly presented her ass to her lover, getting on all fours. Billy climbed up behind her. He flipped her short dress up over her barebutt, admiring the view.

“I’ll get the lube!” Becky said excitedly. She couldn’t wait to see how Susie’s little hole could take her brother’s monster cock.

Becky squeezed out some lube and fingered Susie ass hole. Susie pushed back against her intruding fingers as they slipped in. “Ohhh!” Susie moaned. “Lube me up good, Becky!” Becky squeezed out some more lube and then pushed her two fingers in and out of Susie’s ass-hole. “Mmmmmm,” Susie moaned. “That feels good!”

Becky felt the tightness of Susie’s ass gripping her fingers, and still couldn’t comprehend the fact that her brother’s cock could fit. Becky plunged her fingers in and out and then rubbed the remaining fluid on her brother’s cock, making it slick. Wiping her greasy hands on Billy’s bedspread she said, “Now, fuck her, Billy!” she said, “Fuck her good!” Becky’s pussy was leaking; she was so excited to see Susie get her ass pounded.

“Yeah, fuck me, Billy,” Susie moaned. “Fuck your little ass-slut!” Susie wiggled her ass provocatively. She was glad she took the time to clean and stretch out her little boi-pussy before coming over.

Billy looked down at the slick asshole before him. He lined up his cock to Susie’s tight, little hole. Becky leaned in close, fascinated.  She watched as Billy’s fat cock head made contact with Susie’s little bung. “Oh, shit,” she whispered, “it will never fit!” She moaned and gave her breast a squeeze and then pinched her nipple, still moaning.

“Watch and learn, sis,” Billy said. He pushed his hips forward. Susie felt the pressure and tried to open her sphincter for him, pushing back against the fat shaft. Billy’s thick glans slowly spread Susie’s asshole open. Becky stared amazed as Susie’s sphincter got wider and wider with Billy’s cock head pushing into it relentlessly, spreading it wider and wider.

“Unngghh!” Susie moaned in sweet-pain as her tight hole received Billy’s cock. She pushed her ass back against the intruding shaft and gripped the bed sheets tightly in her small hands. “Ow, ow, ouch!” she panted as her hole stretched to its very limit. Then, her pain turned to pleasure as the pressure lessened. “Ahhhhhhh!” she sighed.

“Mmmmm!” Billy moaned, as he felt his cock head finally slip inside the tight, warm hole. He felt Susie’s ring squeeze his cock head, capturing it tightly. He pumped his balls, thickening his cock against the pressure.

“Ohhh!” Becky said, rubbing her pussy thru her soaking wet panties. She had a mini-orgasm when Billy’s flared cock head was finally fully engulfed by Susie’s ass hole. She would never forget the sight of Susie’s sphincter wrapping around and then swallowing Billy’s cock.

Billy had paused for a moment, but now continued to push his long, fat shaft into her. Susie gave one long moan as the cock filled up her bowels, “Ooooooohhhhhhhh…” She loved the full feeling of being stuffed with Billy’s cock. She relished inch after fat inch of his hard, thick shaft sliding into her.

Becky watched as Billy’s cock slowly slid in until his heavy balls rested against her ass. “Holy shit! Where did it all go!” she exclaimed.

Becky watched mesmerized her brother began to slowly pull his shaft out of Susie’s ass. She watched inch after inch slide out, until she saw Billy’s thick, flared cock-head once again appear, as if trying to escape. Billy quickly pushed it back in, widening Susie’s sphincter. Her ass ring gripped it tightly and Billy pushed it back in again.  Becky watched as Susie’s hungry ass devoured the thick shaft.

“Oh fuck, am I so horny!” Becky said, and quickly unbuttoned her blouse, squeezing her naked titties. She slipped on hand under her skirt and began rubbing her naked, wet pussy. She got on her knees behind Billy and watched mesmerized, as her brother’s cock slid back in, then out of Susie’s ass. Becky began rubbing her pussy harder and pressed her naked tits against her brothers back. She moaned into her brother’s ear. “Fuck her, Billy, fuck her ass-hole good!”

“Ah, Beck, if I blur my eyes just right, it is almost like I’m fucking you. Oh, the cum loads I’ve jacked off, thinking about fucking you in this dress! I would dream that you came home drunk and horny and you would see my hard cock and want to fuck me.

“If I had known what a cock you had, little brother, I would have fucked your nuts off a long time ago,” Becky said huskily into Billy’s ear.

“Tell me, sis,” Billy moaned, “Tell me how you would have fucked my nuts off!”

Becky pinched her clit. “Oh little brother, what a big cock you have!” Becky whispered. They both watched his cock slide in and out of Susie’s ass. Wearing Becky’s dress, both brother and sister were imagining they were fucking each other – at a time when they were both younger and more innocent.

“Did I make you horny when I flashed my panties at you, brother? I’m sorry; let me make it up to you. Fuck me, Billy, fuck me while I wear my little-black-I’m-getting-cock-tonight-dress!”

“Oh, you slut, Becky,” Billy breathed. “I’m going to fuck your tight little ass hard!” Billy began to fuck Susie harder, making her moan out loud.

“Ahh, Billy!” Susie groaned. “Take it easy back there! I told you my poor hole hasn’t healed all the way from the last time!” She began to grunt, “Ugh, ugh, ugh” with each thrust.

Brother and sister ignored her pleas. “Fuck me, Billy,” Becky cried, “Fuck me harder, I like to be fucked really, really, HARD!” She worked her clit and plunged her fingers into her wet fuck-hole. ‘Too, bad for Jeffry’, she thought, ‘The little faggot is going to get a hard pounding’; it was how Becky liked it, after all.

Billy began to slam his cock into Susie’s ass. Becky worked her clit harder, watching her brother’s huge cock pounding into Susie’s little ass hole. It was so dirty and so exciting! It was too much - she began to orgasm. “I’m cumming, Billy, I’m cumming. Fuck meeeee!!!!“  Her cunt rocked, her thighs quivered as she dug her fingers deep into her moist void. Pinching her clit and clamping her legs together, she fell sideways onto the bed, breathing heavily as the orgasm rocker her.

Billy felt the cum rising up in his balls, spurred on by his sister’s moans. He pulled his cock almost out of Susie’s ass and slammed it back in again, then again and again. He could feel Susie’s ass pulling the cum from his nuts forcefully up thru his shaft. He exploded in a glorious orgasm. “Take my cum, sis, take my fucking cum!” Rope after rope of sticky sperm blasted into Susie’s bowels. “Ugh…, ugh…, Ugh…,” Billy grunted as he came.

Susie moaned and also grunted; first from the hot cum load she felt exploding within her and then from the hard pounding her poor asshole was taking.  Counting every thrust, she finally sighed in relief, knowing the abuse her sore boi-pussy was taking was almost at an end.

“Ahhh,” Billy moaned, giving Susie a few final thrusts as he pulled his fat, slimy cock from Susie’s ass. He fell back upon the bed and lay next to his sister. Becky looked at her brother’s cock, streaked pink with blood, lube and cum.

Susie felt sweet relief as her gaping hole was finally free from Billy’s red-hot poker. Although her sissy-clit was still hard and dripping pre-cum when she fell upon the bed.

They all panted heavily, catching their breaths.

“Well,” Billy said, “What do you want to do next?”

Susie moaned, wanting to rest.

“I think I want my asshole fucked now,” said Becky. She loved watching Susie get fucked, and, even though Billy was rough with Susie, she knew Susie loved it, she told herself. Becky really wanted to try ass-fucking too. After all, she loved to play with her asshole while she fucked herself with her dildo, and once she tried to fuck her ass with it, but it had hurt too much. She was ready to try again.

“All right!” Billy exclaimed. “Susie, get over here and suck my shitty cock until it is hard again!” He couldn’t wait to fuck his sister’s ass.

“Fuck off, Billy!” Becky said. “You are not shoving that monster up my ass. Not yet anyway, if EVER!” Becky sat up and looked at Susie.  Becky knew she had to have something smaller in her ass, to start with. She looked at Susie lying on the bed, her hard clitty dripping with pre-cum.

“Do you want to fuck my asshole, Susie?” Becky asked.

“Can I Beck?” Susie asked, not believing what she was hearing, “Really?” This was very exciting for her!

“You betcha, bitch!” Becky said, smiling. “You can even pretend you are fucking Billy, if you want.”

“Aw, you sick fucks!” Billy exclaimed. “What did you have to say that for? Gross!” Billy turned left the room in disgust and went to wash his cock.

“Come on, Susie,” Becky said, getting up on all fours and slapping her ass. “Fuck my asshole like Billy fucked yours.” Becky added, “Just make sure you lube me up good and go easy on me!” She added, “At first, anyway.” Becky wondered if she would enjoy a hard pounding in her ass like the same way she loved getting her pussy fucked.

Susie positioned herself behind Becky shaking with pleasure. Her small cock was hard and dripping. “Spread your ass for me, Beck, I can’t see your hole.” Becky’s beautiful, wet cunt was visible to Susie, but her tight ass-hole was hidden by her ample, pale cheeks.

“Ok, lover,” Becky said. She laid her head on the bed and reached behind, spreading herself with both hands. Her tight ass-hole was totally exposed.

Susie scooted forward and lubed up her fingers. She slid them in an around Becky’s bung hole, then slipped a small finger inside.

“Ahh, it feels good already, Susie. Now fuck my ass!” Still holding her ass checks wide, she waited for Susie’s cock. Grinning evilly, she spoke in a deep, husky voice; “Fuck my ass, Jeffry! Fuck your Billy-boy-toy’s ass!” She wiggled and clenched her ass-hole.

Jeffry’s cock surged, hearing her words. Being brother and sister, her ass did resemble Billy’s. “Ohhh,” he moaned. “Billy…”

Becky smiled. If Billy could only see them now! “Do it, Jeffry!” She urged in Billy’s voice. “Take my virgin ass! Fuck, me with your big, sissy-cock, Jeffry!”

Jeffry put his hard cock against Becky asshole. The head of his cock slipped in. After all, his small cock was no bigger than the fat turds she squeezed out every day.

The two moaned in unison; “Ohhh…” Jeffry pushed some more and his cock began to slide into Becky’s tight ass-hole.

“Oh, Jeffry!” Becky moaned. “Your cock feels so good in my ass!” Becky loved the feeling of the small cock in her ass. It didn’t hurt at all and she loved the stretched, full feeling in her bowels. She humped her ass against Jeffry’s cock, encouraging him to fuck her.

“Now fuck me Jeffry, fuck my ass. You are making my fat cock is so hard! Pound me, Jeffry! Pound your Billy’s ass like I pounded yours!”

Jeffry began to fuck his fantasy, dreaming that it was Billy’s ass he was fucking. He knew he wouldn’t last long.

“Oh, baby!  I love your cock up my faggot asshole, Jeffry.” Becky began to finger her juicy cunt, heating her and Jeffry’s passions with her slutty words. ”I can’t wait to suck your cock Jeffry. I want to suck you off and taste your sperm. Can I Jeffry? Can I suck your cock and eat your cum? Huh, please say you will let me? Please? Can I lick your fat balls? Can I eat your ass? Will you shoot your cum all over my slutty, faggot face, please Jeffry?”

“Uh,uh! Oh, Billy!” Jeffry couldn’t hold back and began to spew his boy juice into Becky’s ass. He had never had such an intense orgasm! He continued to fuck Billy in his imagination, shooting hot cum into his friend’s ass. Spurt after spurt filled Becky’s bowels. She felt the heat and slime in her ass.

“Uh, take my cum, Billy. Take my cum you FUCKING ASSHOLE!”  Jeffry thrust a few more times, then slowed as his orgasm lessened. “Ahhh!” he moaned and then fell on top of Becky.

Becky let him lie there a while, listening to him breathing heavily in her ear. Then, “Jeffry! I mean Susie!” she said sharply, concerned that he was falling asleep on her. She still needed to cum. “Susie, get up, your cum is dripping down my crack!”

Susie quickly rolled off of Becky, and Becky quickly rolled over and spread her legs wide, showing off her ass cream-pie.

“Susie…” she sang. “I think you made a mess!” She reached down and spread her asshole open. “I think you need to clean this up!” It was time for Becky to get her ass eaten. She had known that if she let Jeffry put his cock in her ass, she could make him clean it, like Billy had done to him.

“You want me to eat my cum from your asshole, Becky?” he asked incredulously.

“Of course, slut.” Becky spread her cunt lips and hunched her ass. “Billy told me how good it felt when you ate his ass. I want to feel it too. Eat me, Susie, eat my asshole for me, sweetie!”

Susie looked at her glistening pussy and white, creamy asshole. She obediently crawled between Becky’s legs and began to lap at her ass, gathering the oozing cum on her tongue and tasting her ass-funk. She was learning to love the taste of cum and ass, mixed together; ‘white and brown, like a chocolate and vanilla swirled ice cream cone,’ she thought. She lapped at Becky’s shit hole, banging her tongue on her little rosebud.

“Ohhhh, yes, Susie, do it, lick my asshole! Now, push your tongue into me! I want to feel it deep inside of me!” Becky began to gently roll back and forth on the bed.

Susie did her best, but with Becky lying on her back, she could barely reach her tasty cream filled hole. “Becky, roll over, so I can get it all!” Susie said, a little frustrated. She knew there was more cum up her hole, and she was determined to get it.

“Here, I have a better idea!” Becky said. “Get on your back, Susie!”

Susie lay down and Becky swung her leg over Susie’s face and squatted down. Her cunt and ass were now only inches away. Susie watched as Becky’s asshole clenched. A gob of cum began to ooze out. Susie lapped it up and put her lips against the tight, brown hole and sucked. She was rewarded with huge gob of salty, funky sperm!

“Oh, yeah, faggot, now eat me!” Becky cried. “Get your fucking tongue up into my hole!”

Susie pressed her tongue against Becky’s brown ring and pushed. Her hole opened up and Susie wiggled her tongue deeply into her bowels, plunging and fucking her hole with her wiggling, slimy digit.

“Aw, fuck!” Becky moaned, “Oh it feels so good!” She began to press her ass into Susie’s face, grinding and riding her, smashing her nose against her dripping pussy and banging her clit repeatedly against it. Facing Susie’s feet, she watched as her faggot-clit became hard once more. She pushed down harder on Susie’s face, trying to get her tongue deeper into her asshole.

“Mfffhhh!” Susie cried. Her mouth and nose was being smothered by Becky’s ass. “I can’t breathe!” she said in panic. Her voice was muffled by Becky’s ass.

“Oh, quit being a sissy, Susie,” Becky said. She was way too horny and feeling way too good to let her stop now. She knew she had to be aggressive, like Billy, to get what she wanted.  She had to put Jeffery in his place. “Get busy and eat my ass, slut. Start licking my cunt too or I’ll smack your pathetic dick right off your sissy-boy balls!” She reached down and gave Susie’s hard cock a firm slap, watching Susie flinch and seeing her tiny dick wave back and forth, sending two large drops of pre-cum flying. She laughed with glee.

“OK, OK!” she cried, “Please don’t do that again, Beck!” Susie went back to sucking, licking and munching on Becky’s ass and steamy cunt, not wanting to get slapped again. Susie was surprised at how mean Becky was being to her. She had started off being so nice, sucking her cock, and letting her fuck her ass. She was turning into another Billy!

In fact, Becky was learning from Billy. She saw how Billy simply demanded what he wanted and he got it. She knew how easily Jeffry could be controlled and manipulated. She had to admit that being mean to the little faggot eating out her ass was a real turn on. She had loved encouraging Billy to rape Susie’s ass, even knowing that it hurt him. She loved the feeling of power, it made her so horny!

Becky ground her ass on Susie’s face, even harder than before. “Eat it, faggot!” she said. “Eat me good.” Becky slid her ass up and down, giving Susie explicit instructions. “Stick your tongue up my ass. Yeah, oh yeah! Deeper. I said DEEPER!” Becky opened her ass to let Susie’s tongue plunge deep.”Now, my cunt! Eat my cunt! YES! YES! YES!”

Billy heard the noise and came in to investigate. He watched his sister smothering Susie with her ass. He grinned evilly. Susie was thrashing on the bed as Becky forced her cunt and ass onto her. Billy sat down in the chair to watch the action, pulling on his cock.

“Uh, I’m coming, I’m coming!” Becky moaned. “Lick my clit, cunt! Suck it faggot! Ahhh!” Becky’s cunt flooded, drenching Susie in her cream. She lapped and lapped the juices, all the while trying to catch her breath. She felt Becky’s pussy convulse as she came, pressing down on her face and once again cutting off her air. She sucked in thru her nose and mouth, snorting and inhaling pussy-juice and sending her into a coughing fit. Her coughs were muffled by Becky’s fat ass cheeks.

Becky continued to grind her cunt and clit on Susie’s nose, lips and face, drenching her with pussy juice. Her orgasm rolled over her until she felt the last tingles leave her thighs. “Ah, that was good!” Becky said. “You were right, Billy, there is nothing like getting your ass-hole eaten!”

Susie continued to cough and Becky finally rolled off of her. She smirked and winked at her brother. Susie caught her breath, gasping for air and shaking.

“Thanks, bitch, that was great!” Becky said. She blew Susie a kiss.

“My turn now,” said Billy. He was horny again from watching the action. He stood up waving his fat cock at Susie and Becky.

“Oh, no, Billy,” Becky said. “I’m resting, have your little faggot take care of you.” She lay down on the bed, giving a heavy sigh.

“You heard her, faggot! Get busy!”

“Please, Billy, just a minute, OK” she said, still coughing pussy juice and wiping her mouth.

“OK, I’ll give you three...,” he winked at his sister,  “…, Seconds…, One…, Two…, Three! Now, suck my fucking cock, faggot.”

“Jeesh, you guys are mean!” Susie said. However, she immediately crawled over and began to suck at Billy’s cock. She could still taste traces of her ass on his cock. He must not have washed very well. Susie was not enjoying herself. Her ass was sore, her face was sore. She used to love sucking Billy’s gorgeous cock. Now, it seemed more like work, than fun.

“Make her eat your ass again, Billy!” Beck encouraged. “I want to watch!”

“Great idea, sis!” Billy said. He climbed on the bed, got on all fours and presented his as to Susie. “Eat, it, cunt!” he said.

Susie sighed. She slowly positioned herself and pressed her face into Billy’s ass. He had a strong smell today. She saw flecks of toilet paper orbiting his anus. She tried to wipe them off with her fingers.

“I said ‘eat it’, not play with it, faggot!” Billy screamed, thinking Jeffry was trying to play with his asshole.

Becky giggled.

Susie began to lick Billy’s hole, spitting out the little white bits she found. Soon he was clean and Susie began to push her slimy tongue up his ass.

“Oh, yeah,” Billy said. “I could let you eat my ass all day long!”

“Do it, Susie,” Becky encouraged, “munch on that dirty ass-hole!” Becky began to toy with her pussy again.

“Push your tongue in deeper, faggot!” Billy said, pressing back against him. “Deeper!”

Susie tried as best she could, straining to make her aching tongue go deeper, opening her mouth wide and extending her slimy digit as much as she could.

“Here, I’ll help,” said Becky. She got behind Susie and put both hands on the back of Susie’s head. She firmly pressed her face into her brother’s ass.  She held her there against her struggles.

Billy felt the pressure on his ass and starting laughing. A small fart escaped.

“Billy!” Becky screamed with laughter. “Did you just fart on him?” She held Susie in place as her struggles increased.

Billy strained and pushed out another fart. It was loud and smelly. Susie felt his ass-hole vibrating against her lips as the foul gas escaped.

Both Billy and Becky began to laugh hysterically. Becky couldn’t hold Susie still while she was laughing so hard, and Susie escaped, waving her hand to dissipate the odor.

“I’m sorry,” Billy said thru his laughter. “I couldn’t hold it any longer!”

“Billy, that was gross!” Susie said.

“Aww, I’ll make it up to you,” he said. “Here, I’ll let you suck my cock again.” He sat down in the chair, waving his cock.

“I don’t want to,” Susie said.

“What did you say? I said SUCK MY COCK, faggot!” Billy was pissed off. “You don’t understand, Jeffry. If I say suck my dick, you start sucking it. Now get on your knees and start sucking my cock!” Billy didn’t feel it necessary to call Jeffry ‘Susie’ and longer. He was his personal faggot to use and abuse, however he wanted. And right now, he wanted his cock sucked.

Jeffry cowered for a moment, sniffed his nose and knelt down before Billy. He tentatively licked Billy’s cock a few times.

“That’s not how to suck a cock, Jeffry.” Becky said. “Are you going to let him get away with that, Billy?” Becky knew that would trigger a reaction from her brother. She wanted her brother to show the little faggot who was boss. She knew it would make her pussy juicy again.

“Hell no, I’m not,” said Billy. He stood up and began to slap his cock against Jeffry’s face. “Open up, cunt,” he ordered. Jeffry opened his mouth and Billy plunged his cock deeply into his throat. “Now, suck it, fag!” he said.

Jeffry, dressed up in Becky’s old clothes, his makeup smeared by Becky’s ass, looked a mess. He had done his best to please his friends, but now, he just wanted to go home. If he sucked Billy off, maybe he could leave, he thought. After all, both Becky and Billy will have been satisfied, for the moment, at least. He sucked on Billy’s cock until it was stiff and then he did his best to make him cum quickly.

“Hey, your little faggot is finally getting into it!” Beck exclaimed. She watched Jeffry bob his head up and down on her brother’s cock.

“That’s nothing, sis,” Billy said, “Watch this!” Billy suddenly grabbed Jeffry by the back of his head and plunged his cock deep into Jeffry’ throat. It caught Jeffry by surprise.

“Mmmmfff!” Jeffery cried, his mouth and throat suddenly full of hard, fat cock. He pulled away. “Billy, take it easy!” he exclaimed.

Billy impulsively slapped Jeffery’s face. “Don’t you take your faggot mouth away from my cock!” he said. ‘And,’ he thought, ‘This faggot had the nerve to diss me in front of my sister?’

Jeffry felt the sting on his face. Billy had always threatened him with violence, but never acted on it. His eyes began to tear up.

“Open up, bitch,” Billy said.  He saw Jeffry hesitate. “DO IT!” he yelled.

Jeffry opened his mouth. Billy grabbed the back of Jeffry’s head and pushed his long, fat cock deep into Jeffry’s faggy mouth-hole. Jeffry’s throat expanded to accept the hot intruder, and then he gasped for air when the hard shaft exited him. He plunged the full length of his cock into him again and again. Billy began to skull-fuck him.

“Holy shit, Billy!” Becky exclaimed. “I’m getting hot watching you fuck his face. Do it, fuck him! Fuck the little asshole!” She sat up on the edge of the bed to get a better view of the intense fucking her brother was giving his disobedient cock-slut.

Billy, encouraged by his sister, began to use Jeffry’s throat as his personal pussy. It turned him on to be so aggressive and having his sister see how strong and powerful he was. His cock felt like a piece of steel going in and out of Jeffry’s throat. He pounded Jeffry’s mouth until his balls were slapping his chin and spit drooled from Jeffery’s abused lips. Billy finally felt the familiar tingling in his balls, and, as the cum surged up his shaft, he pulled Jeffery’s head to his groin, pumping his sperm deep into the faggot’s belly, denying him pleasure of tasting his cum. Billy remembered how Jeffery had denied him from spurting deep into his belly once before; he was not going to let it happen again. He kept his spurting cock deep inside of his toy, thrusting with short, hard strokes as he emptied his balls, ignoring Jeffry’s struggles. His balls rested against Jeffry’s chin as his cock swelled and spurted his juice down his throat.

Becky watched wide-eyed as her brother dominated Jeffry, and wondered if they were going too far. She watched Jeffry struggle to get away, his face getting red, while Billy continue to hold him tight. Jeffry reached up his arms to push away, then failing; he tried to pound his small fists against him, once, twice, three times. He suddenly went limp.

“Billy!” Becky cried. Billy had felt Jeffry relax, thinking he had only quit struggling against the inevitable, as he finished cumming down his throat. In reality, he had blocked Jeffry’s air supply for too long. He let go of his head and watched his cock slide out of Jeffry’s mouth as Jeffry fell to the floor, limp. His head hit the floor with a ‘thud’.

“Oh shit, Billy,” Becky exclaimed, “You killed him!” she screamed.

Billy prodded Jeffry with his foot. “Jeffry, wake up! Quit messing around, faggot!” He kicked him a little firmer and watched his head roll lifelessly on the floor.

“Quick, give him mouth-to-mouth!” Becky screamed.

Billy looked at Jeffry on the floor, spit and cum leaking from his mouth. “I’m not putting my lips on that!” he said, disgusted.

Becky jumped from the bed and quickly kneeled next to Jeffry. Remembering the CPR training she once had in health class, she straightened Jeffry’s windpipe by adjusting his head, then she put her ear to his mouth, listening for his breathing. But, her heart was pounding too loudly and her own labored breathes did not allow her hear anything. Determined, she pinched Jeffry’s nose and placed her wide opened mouth on Jeffry’s cum covered lips. She blew a deep breath down his windpipe. She pulled back and paused. To her surprise, Jeffry gave a jerk and began to gasp for air!

Jeffry began to cough, first covering his mouth as the spit and sperm began to fly. He then moved his hand to the painful lump on the side of his head. “Ohhh,” he moaned. He looked around with glazed eyes. “What happened…?” he asked groggily, slowly becoming aware of his surroundings.

“Are you OK, Jeffery?” Becky asked. “I think you passed out.”

“Yeah, I think the pleasure of sucking my dick made you faint,” Billy chortled. Becky scowled at him.

Jeffry looked up and saw Billy’s soft, wet cock, suddenly remembering what caused him to pass out.

“Fuck you, Billy,” he yelled, scrambling to get up and moving far away from his antagonizer. His own anger surprised him. He looked at Becky, scowling. “And fuck you too, Becky, I’m going home!” He saw his black laced panties on the floor and grabbed them, wiping the cum and saliva from his face. He then started to leave the room but Billy put out an arm to block his exit. Fear came into Jeffry’s eyes as Billy took a step towards him, his right hand tightly balled into a fist.

Becky saw what was about to happen and yelled out; “Let him go, Billy,” Becky ordered. “We’ve done enough for today.” She added, “Sorry Jeffry…, sorry Susie.”

Billy stepped back and Jeffry bolted from the room. He quickly ran into Becky’s room stripping off his clothes but having the presence of mind to stuff her black dress, bra and panties into his bag. He quickly put on his clothes and tried to wipe off the smeared make-up from his face.

Billy yelled to him from the next room. “Come on Jeffry, Becky said we were sorry! Can’t you stay for awhile? We were hoping you could clean the house before our parents get home...”

“Assholes!” Jeffry yelled, just before the door slammed behind him. His head hurt, his throat hurt and his cum filled ass was burning. He cried as he walked home.

“He’ll be back,” Billy said, shaking his cock. “He won’t be able to stay away from this for long!”

“You are an asshole, Billy,” Becky stated.

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Billy’s Faggot 6 – Final (mmf, Mff, m+m, m+mf, incest, Trans)

Summary – Susie meets Becky’s boyfriend and the siblings invite Susie to a party!

Previous Chapter Summary – Billy and Becky share a faggot.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. Also, the author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't fuck with other people's lives!

Billy was horny; really, really horny.  He missed having his little faggot sucking his cock. He missed fucking his older sister’s pussy.

He had tried to call Jeffry, to have him come over dressed as ‘Susie’, but Jeffry wouldn’t speak to him.

He had begged his sister over and over for sex, but she ignored him. He even caught her in the hallway one day after taking a shower, still sporting a boner. He dropped his towel and thrust his hard cock at her, “Come on sis,” he said, trying to entice her with his engorged cock. “Just suck me off, please?”

“Asshole…,” she said, and walked away.

That was all she ever said to him since that day. She was still pissed at him for nearly chocking Jeffry to death with his long, fat cock, pressing Jeffry’s head to his groin until he passed out. And, she was pissed off at herself for encouraging him. She was turning into as aggressive jerk like her brother and it scared her, ‘But, it is so hot!’ she thought.  She knew she had to change her attitude and she was determined to make it up to Jeffry.

“I’m going over to see Jeffry,” Becky told her brother Billy the next day while they were doing their chores after dinner.

“Cool, make the little faggot come over and suck my dick, I need it bad!” Billy rubbed his cock thru his shorts. “Damn, I miss fucking his ass.”

“Why do you have to be a jerk all the time, Billy?” she asked. “If you were nicer, maybe you would get what you want. You came this close to killing him,” she said, measuring an inch with her fingers and shaking it in his face, “And all you can think about is your cock?

“Fuck you, Billy, I’m going over to apologize for what we did to him,” Becky yelled at her brother as she walked out the front door, ‘Well, for what I did to him anyway’, Becky thought, remembering how she encouraged Billy to abuse him and how she also nearly smothered Jeffery with her juicy cunt and fat ass.

Becky soon arrived at Jeffry’s house and knocked on the door. Jeffry’s mother answered the door, a short, plump woman with a large smile. “Yes? Can I help you?” she asked.

“Hi, I’m Becky, Billy’s sister. We are friends of Jeffry’s,” Becky said, “Is he home?”

“Sure, just a minute,” Jeffry’s mother opened the door wide and said, “Jeffry has been spending a lot of time at Billy’s. It is nice to see him have such good friends! Do you want to come in?”

“No, thank you, I’ll wait out here on the porch,” Becky replied. She wanted to speak to Jeffry in private.

“Jeffry, there is a girl here to see you!”  His mother yelled, aiming her voice up towards the stairwell. Becky glimpsed clean, though feminine decorations through the partially opened door. ‘No wonder he is a faggot,’ she thought.

Jeffry soon arrived. “I thought it was you,” he said tersely. “I don’t want to see you anymore, you should leave.” He looked angry, but sad. He turned quickly, hiding his eyes and trying to shut the door behind him.

“Jeffry, I came over to apologize…, please…?” She put her hand on the door, keeping him from shutting it. “Look, I’m really, really sorry. I know I can get crazy sometimes. It won’t happen again, I’m so sorry!” she said.

“Really?” he asked, hopefully, cheering up a little bit. Jeffry really liked sucking dick and eating pussy; he didn’t want to give it up. His green eyes were sparkling. He came out on the porch.

“Yeah, really,” she said. “And, Billy is sorry too. Sorry because he misses you, and also because I cut him off too. No pussy or ass for him for a week now.”

“Ha, you did? I bet he is so horny by now…” Jeffry couldn’t help but think about Billy’s hard cock, straining for relief.  He missed playing with Billy’s cock.

“Yeah, is he really horny,” Becky said, grinning. “I can hear him jacking off all night, calling out our names.” The two exchanged a conspiratorially glance, smiling, then Becky added, “Look, I know Billy is a complete asshole, and he almost turned me into a total asshole too. But, I know he misses you, and perhaps we can change him and make him gentler. After all, I’m sure Billy will do about anything to have you back.”

“To have ‘us’ back…, Susie anyway…,” Jeffry considered it. He clenched his asshole, and felt the lingering burn. “I don’t know, Becky,” he said. “Look, I’m sorry, but, I think I want to stay away from Billy for a while, maybe forever… I like sucking his cock and all, but he is too rough with me. He really scared me last week.” Jeffry spoke softly, “You scared me too, Beck.”

Becky felt ashamed. She looked down at the ground for a while and then spoke. “I understand, Jeffry. It’s OK.” She was going to miss having her ass and cunt cleaned and eaten. It had felt so good! She wondered if she could get her boyfriend Jason to do that for her. Then, she had a great idea. “Hey, I know, do you want to meet my boyfriend? He has a nice, long cock too! Longer than Billy’s but not as thick.”

“What?” Jeffry exclaimed. “You want me to have sex with your boyfriend?” He looked at her, quizzically.

“Well, sex with us. I’d have to be there too,” she said excitedly. “He has been begging to fuck my ass for a year now. Maybe he could have a little fun with Susie instead!” Becky did her best to convince Jeffry. That way, she could fuck Jason, get her slimy cunt and ass eaten out by Susie, and still have her brother’s cock whenever she wanted it!

“You will love his cock, Susie…” she added, leaning close and whispering in his ear lustfully. “It is this long, and nice and thick…” She spread her hands wide, imitating Jason’s length.

“Ohhh,” Jeffry involuntarily exclaimed. “How thick?” he asked.

“Like this.” Becky made a thick circle with her thumb and forefinger.

“Mmmm,  that would feel better in my ass than Billy’s…” he said wistfully, thinking of Jason’s long cock sliding in and out of his ass. It wouldn’t hurt as much as Billy’s fat shaft.

“You will love it, Jeffry!” She said. “And, and he’s not an asshole like Billy. He is really nice.”  ‘Sometimes too nice’ she thought, thinking about the times she wanted her cunt to be hammered hard, but Jason insisted on a nice, slow, sensual fuck instead.

“Well, I kind of wanted to try sucking other cocks, besides Billy’s.  Do you think he would go for it?”

“Of course, don’t be stupid!” She looked at Jeffry like he was crazy. “What man can say ‘no’ to a three way? Two hot mouths sucking his cock? Two slutty bitches acting like total whores? Trust me! I’ll call him right now, OK?” She grabbed her phone and called Jason, before Jeffry could change his mind.

“Hey babe, whatcha doing?”

“I know of something we could do?”

“I’m always horny! But, I have a surprise for you this time.”

“I want to bring my girlfriend over too.”

“Yes, both of us.”

“Right now, dumb-ass. Well, give us an hour to get ready and then pick us up at my house, OK?”

“I’ll send you a picture, OK?” Becky quickly sent Jason one of the pictures she had of Susie.

“Oh, babe, one more thing…” Becky whispered into her phone. “She loves anal…”

Becky pulled the phone from her ear quickly, when Jason yelled, “All right!” Jeffry heard it too and the two laughed. This was going to be fun!

“Go get your Susie stuff, Jeffry.”

Becky and Jeffry walked into the house. Jeffry’s’ mother was sitting on a chair by the door, knitting.

“Hey, Mom, I’m going out with Becky. I just have to get some stuff first.”

“Ok, dear. I’m happy you are making friends,” She said. “Jeffry?” She called out.

“Yes, mom?”

His mother spoke softly and clearly, her eyes sparkling. “Are you going to dress up like a girl again, Jeffry?” She smiled at her son.

“Mom! You know about that?” Jeffry turned beet red. Becky’s mouth hung open in shock.

“Of course, I’m your mother. I know what lipstick and mascara looks like, even if my little boy tries to wipe it off, and, I found your stash of girl things the other day too.

“Jeffry, look at me…” she ordered. “Honey, it is OK with me if you want to dress like a girl. I just want you to be happy, OK?”

“Aw, I love you mom!” The two hugged. Even Becky had to wipe away a tear.

“Now, why don’t you go get made up and show your momma what a cute little girl you can be?”

“Come on, Beck!” The two quickly ran to Jeffry’s room and shut the door. “OMG, what should I wear Becky?”

“The school girl outfit, definitely!” Becky decided. To their surprise, when they opened Susie’s bag, all of her clothes had been washed and folded. “You mom is pretty cool, Jeffry.”

“Yeah, I know.”

The two went to work, changing ‘Jeffry’ into ‘Susie’.  The two decided to get ready at Jeffrey’s house to avoid a chance encounter with Billy. Becky called Jason with the updated plans.

“You don’t mind if I borrow my own clothes, do you Susie? But, remember, not too slutty on the make-up, Susie,” Becky cautioned. “We don’t want to freak your mom out!”  

The two had fun getting dressed together. Susie admired Becky’s full tits as she put on her black, lacy bra and panties. “I wish I had real tits like yours, Becky.” She reached out and touched Becky’s breasts before putting the false breasts into her own, pink bra.

“Well, if you really want them, you can ask your mother. Implants or hormone treatments will get you a great pair of tits like these.” She grabbed her breasts, pushing them together to show off her cleavage.

“Hmmmm.” Susie said, thinking about it.

The two finished their make-up and hair; spritzed a little perfume on their ‘naughty bits’ and then Becky led the way down the stairs, with Susie following, her high heels clicking on the wooden stairs.

“Oh! Jeffry! You are beautiful!” His mother said, seeing her son dressed as a girl for the first time. She began to cry. “Your father would have been so proud of you!”


“He used to wear my things all the time! And, you are just as pretty – no, even prettier Jeffry!” She quickly added, “You are pretty too, Becky!”

 “Thanks, mom,” Jeffry said, “And Mom? Can you call me ‘Susie’, when I’m dressed up in my girl things?”

“Susie, that is a nice name,” she said. “Sure, Susie.”

Just then, Jason pulled his car into the driveway and honked the horn. “Now, Susie, go out and play with your friends! Have fun!”

“We will, mom!” Susie said.

“Bye! Nice meeting you!” Beck said.

They quickly climbed into Jason’s car. They all three piled into the front seat. “Hi, I’m Jason” Jason said, extending his hand to Susie, who was sitting next to him.

“Hi, I’m Susie,” Susie said shyly. She gripped Jason’s big hand and shook it weakly. She glanced at his crotch. Jason and Becky both noticed her glance. Becky decided to have some fun as Jason backed out of the driveway.

“Hey Susie, why don’t you pull out Jason’s cock, you know you want to see it!” Beck said.

Both Jason and Susie both shouted incredulously, “BECKY!”

“What?” Becky said defiantly, “Susie is just much a slut as I am! Why are we pretending? Hell, if you won’t, I will!” Becky leaned over Susie’s lap and began to tug on Jason’s zipper. “Come on Susie; help me get this monster out of his pants!”

Susie stared at Becky struggling with Jason’s pants. Jason looked at Susie and nodded encouragingly. He adjusted the seat and pushed it back, to give the girls more room. Susie reached over and put her dainty hand in Jason’s crotch as Becky undid his belt. Susie felt his cock in his underwear. Becky was right, it was long and thick. She pulled it out, her hand wrapped around the base. His heavy cock flopped over her hand.

“Wow,” Susie said. She began to stroke him, feeling his cock slowly stiffen.

“Just wait,” Becky said, “You won’t believe how long it gets!” Becky leaned over and sucked Jason’s cock deeply into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, sucking and slurping until his rod stiffened.  “Look at that!” Becky said proudly, jacking his wet cock up and down.

“Wow, Jason, you have a real nice cock!” Susie said, reaching out to grip it once more.

“Thank you, Susie. You are very sweet, and very pretty too.” Jason said earnestly, feeling Susie’s hand stroking him softly.

Susie continued to stroke his cock up and down as the car traveled to Jason’s apartment. She was mesmerized by his long, thick shaft. It was so much different than stoking her own small cock, and similar, yet different that Billy’s.

They soon arrived and Jason parked the car. “What am I going to do with this?” he asked the girls, pointing to his hard cock.

“That is your problem, not ours,” Becky said, grinning. “Right, Susie?”

“Right!” Susie said. “It’s your fault for having such a big cock, Jason.”

Jason stuffed his still firm shaft inside his pants and the three walked through the parking lot.

“Is that a banana in your pocket, Jason, or are you just glad to see me?” Becky joked. Jason’s huge bulge was obvious.

“Yeah, Jason, most people keep their sausages in the fridge, not shoved down their pants!” Susie commented. The two girls giggled at Jason’s predicament.

They quickly arrived at Jason’s apartment. No sooner after the door shut and Becky was on her knees in front of him and pulling down his pants. Jason stepped out of his clothes and kicked off his shoes, leaving on his white socks.

“Come on, Susie; let’s show Jason how two hot sluts suck cock!” Susie quickly followed Becky’s lead, kneeling before Jason. Susie watched Becky engulfing Jason’s cock with her hot mouth again. Susie reached up to fondle Jason’s heavy balls, noticing that he had shaved them smooth. She felt their weight and loved how they felt in her hands. When she sucked on Billy’s balls, she often got a hair caught in her teeth. She leaned in and began to lap at his nut sack, then sucked them lovingly.

“Your turn, Susie-slut!” Beck announced, pulling her lips off of her boyfriends cock. “Show him what you can do!” She winked at Susie.

Susie gripped Jason’s hard cock. It was sticking straight out, hard and wet from Becky’s sucking mouth. She slid her right hand down to the base, and placed her left hand on the shaft just above her other hand. She still had plenty of hard cock left uncovered. She popped the head into her mouth and began to suck and lick, looking up at Jason’s face as she licked his hard cock up and down. She swirled her tongue around the head, licked his piss-slit, and then swallowed him. She pushed her head down on this long, throbbing cock. She felt the head hit the back of her throat and then pushed again, feeling his cock sliding into her. Slowly she swallowed his cock until she felt his naked balls against her chin.

“Oh, shit!” Jason exclaimed. He had never had anyone take his whole cock like this. It felt amazing!

Susie pulled back, his cock sliding out of her. She sucked and licked the head, then swallowed it once more. She began to bob her head up and down, deep-throating his cock with ease.

“Slurp…, slurp…, slurp…”

Becky knelt next to Susie watching her take her boyfriend’s cock. She felt a little jealous, but was so turned on. She began to masturbate, groping her titites and rubbing her steaming cunt. “Oh, suck it, Susie, suck his fucking cock!”

“Mmmfff!” Susie agreed. She began to bob her head faster and tickled Jason’s ball with her hand.

“Shit, can you suck cock, wow! Jason exclaimed.  After a few moments, Jason spoke up again, “You better stop Susie, or I’m going to blow my load!”

Susie reluctantly pulled her mouth off of Jason’s cock, but continued to jack him slowly.

“What do you want to do now,” Susie asked, looking at Jason and then Becky.

“I’d like to see you two girls eat each other out,” Jason said, “that would be a real turn on for me.”

“Ah…, but…” Susie started to say. Jason didn’t know that she had a cock! She was suddenly afraid of what he would think.

“Come here, Susie-slut,” Becky said. “Eat my pussy for me while Jason watches.” Becky dropped her panties and sat on the edge of the couch. She spread her legs wide, her hot, bald pussy shining with wetness. She pulled her pussy lips apart, showing her pink insides and stiff clitty. Susie climbed between her legs and began to lap her juices.

“Susie is very good at eating pussy,” Beck said, looking at Jason who was stroking his cock, watching them. “And, she loves to suck the cum from a well fucked pussy, and, she is great at eating ass too, aren’t you slut?”

“Mmmm-mmm!” Susie agreed; her mouth full of pussy and her little cock stiff. She stuck her ass in the air and wiggled it, going deeper into Becky’s juicy folds.

“Do you like this Jason? Do you like two hot cunts doing any perverted thing you want?”

“It is very hot, Becky…” Jason’s cock was throbbing.

“Do you want to fuck, her Jason?” Becky asked huskily, as Susie sucked her pussy.

“Yeah, I do.”

“Do you want to fuck her ass, Jason? Do you want to shove your hard cock up Susie-Slut’s asshole?” Becky teased.

“Mmmmm!” Susie replied. She was so horny!

“Yeah, I want to fuck her ass,” Jason said watching Susie’s ass wiggle in front of him.  

“Lube up your cock and fuck her ass, Jason! Fuck the little slut’s ass-hole while she eats my cunt!”

Jason pulled out a tube from the table next to the couch and squirted it on his cock, using a tissue to wipe up the excess. He then kneeled behind Susie.

Becky was watching closely. He would soon discover that ‘Susie’ was a boy! She had a great view to watch his reaction. Would he fuck her anyway, or will it gross him out? She couldn’t wait to see what her boyfriend would do.

 “She has such a nice ass!” Jason said. He kneeled behind Susie and flipped up her skirt, showing off her pink panties. He rubbed her ass and then pulled down Susie’s panties and helped her slide them down, and then pulled them off her heels.

‘He had to have seen Susie’s cock!’ Becky thought. But, there was no reaction from Jason.

Jason gathered some lube from his cock and pressed his greasy fingers into Susie’s ass, getting her ready for his cock. He then wiped his finger on the carpet, reached between Susie’s legs and fondled her balls and stiff cock!

“Ohhh, Jason!” Susie exclaimed.

“You knew she was a guy?” Becky exclaimed

“Yeah, this is Jeffry, Billy’s friend, right? I recognized her as soon as you sent me the picture.”

“You don’t mind?” Becky asked incredulous.

“Why should I?” Jason asked, sliding his cock up and down Susie’s ass crack. “She’s hot.” Then Jason spoke to Susie. “Susie, can I fuck your ass?”

“Oh, yes, fuck me, Jason, fuck my ass!” Susie couldn’t wait feel Jason’s hard shaft up her ass. She just knew it would be so much better than Billy’s cock!

Jason placed his cock head against Susie’s slimy, puckered asshole. He looked up from his prize and met Becky’s gaze.

Becky grabbed Susie’s head and pulled it firmly against her cunt. “Eat my cunt and make me cum, Susie,” she said. “Now, fuck the faggot slut, Jason!”

Jason slowly pressed his cock into Susie’s ass. He pushed harder, feeling some resistance and felt Susie’s tight anus giving way. He pushed again and his cock head slipped in. He could feel the heat of Susie’s ass engulfing him. He pulled her hips against him, and watched his long, fat cock sliding in. He was amazed that she could take him so easily. He pushed until his balls rested against her.

“Ohhhh!  Jason, it feels so good!” Susie moaned as the invader stretched her ass. There was no pain, only pleasure. She felt Jason’s long cock sliding in, filling her up and going deeper than she had ever felt before. “Ahhh, so full!” she said, satisfied.

Jason loved the feeling of his cock deep inside Susie’s ass! He pulled back and began to fuck her with long, slow motions, enjoying it immensely, and trying to prolong his orgasm.

“Fuck her, Jason, fuck her harder!” Becky ordered, as she felt her pussy tingling. “Fuck the shit out of the little faggot!”

“Becky! Knock it off!” Jason said irritably, “Not everyone likes to be pounded until it hurts. Let us enjoy this, OK?”

“Whatever, you guys just don’t know how to fuck!” Becky complained.

Susie loved the gentle fucking she was getting from Becky’s boyfriend. Her ass was tingling and she could feel her hole tugging and gripping his cock with every stroke. She gripped his cock with her ass muscles, trying to milk the cum from his cock.

“Oh, fuck!” Jason exclaimed. “I can feel your ass squeezing me!”

Susie squeezed with each stroke and then Jason speeded up his motions. “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” she moaned, as he fucked her deep and fast. She really getting into it. His balls slapped against her own nut sack with each thrust. She felt his cock swelling.

“Oh, shit, I’m going to cum, Susie!” Jason groaned. “Your tight ass is going to make me cum!”

Susie started to work her ass even more; squeezing his cock and moving her ass round and round. She clamped her mouth on Becky’s cunt, and sucked her pussy hard. ‘If she wanted it hard, she would get it hard!’ Susie pulled her mouth from Becky’s cunt and plunged three fingers into her wet hole, fucking her cunt hard and fast.

“Ah, that’s it Susie!” Becky grunted, “Do me!”

Susie did her best to bring her friends off. She fucked Becky’s pussy with her hand, and milked Jason’s cock with her ass. She clamped her mouth over Becky’s clit and sucked, while slapping her pussy lips with her hand.

“I’m cumming!” Becky cried. She began to thrash on the couch, squeezing her titites hard and pinching her nipples until they hurt. Her orgasm rolled over her, making her legs shake and her pussy squirt into Susie’s sucking mouth.

Jason watched and listened to his girlfriend’s orgasm and it triggered him to blow his load. His balls tightened and he felt the sperm building up in his nut sack. His cock lurched and Susie’s ass gripped him yet again. His prostate clenched and pulsed; sending a blast of hot cum up his shaft and into Susie’s waiting bowels. She felt the heat deep inside her and knew he was cumming.  He drove his cock deep into her as his orgasm exploded. He felt the tingles emanating from up behind his nuts, and growing out from his groin to his belly and even down to his knees.

Again and again Jason blasted his hot cum into the little slut’s ass. Her ass was so tight, not like Becky’s loose, sloppy pussy. It was so intense, feeling his cock squeezed by her ass. Susie really knew how to ride a cock! Jason pumped his last few blast of cum into Susie and felt his orgasms slowly washing away.

“Damn, that was intense!” Jason said. “You are one hell of a fuck, Susie!”

“Thank you Jason, you too,” Susie said shyly.

“How ‘bout you, Beck?” Jason asked.”Did you have a good one too?”

“Hmmph! Susie knows how I like it, even if you don’t…” Becky was still made at her boyfriend for not pounding the little faggot like she wanted him to.

Jason slowly pulled his softening cock from Susie’s ass. He wondered if the three-way was a onetime event, or if Becky and Susie were looking for something more permanent. He really wanted to fuck Susie’s ass again, and, she could really suck cock!

“Did you cum, Susie?” Jason asked.

“No, almost…” Susie said.”I wanted to make sure you guys came first.”

“Ah, you are so sweet, Susie,” Jason said, wiping his cock with a tissue and then cleaning Susie’s ass hole. “So, are you gay, a transvestite, or what?” he asked her.

“I don’t really know. I like to suck cock and get fucked like a girl. And, I like to dress up like a girl. But, I like to eat pussy and fuck girls too.” Susie replied, honestly.

“Hmmm, you sound like a normal bi-sexual cross-dresser. I’m sure you will figure it out. Now, come over here, and let me suck your cock for you.”

“Really!” Susie exclaimed.

For an answer, Jason patted the couch next to Becky. Susie hopped up, and Jason began to fondle her leaking cock under her skirt. Becky stared at him. ‘Was her boyfriend a faggot too?’

“You have a nice cock, Susie,” Jason said.

“Aw, I know it is small, Jason. You are just being nice.”

“It is not that small, Susie, and, you are still young. It will grow.” Jason promised. “My cock wasn’t much bigger than that at your age.”


“Really.” Jason bent down and began to lick Susie’s cock and balls.

“Ohh!” Susie moaned.

“Really, Jason?” Becky said incredulously, “You are really going to suck his cock and let him shoot cum into your mouth?”

“Becky, be nice! Susie is our guest.” Jason returned to sucking Susie’s dick. He tickled her balls and sucked gently, up and down. It was only fair. Susie was nice to them; they should be nice to her. He did his best to make Susie orgasm. He worked Susie’s clit until he felt it start to twitch in his mouth.

“Ohhh, I’m cumming!” Susie said, and proceeded to squirt her boi-juice. “Ahh,  ahh, ahh!” she grunted with each pump.

Jason swallowed her cum and licked her cock lovingly until she was finished. Wiping his lips, he asked, “Was that OK Susie?”

“Oh, Jason, that was fantastic!”

“Oh, great,” Becky said, “My boyfriend has turned gay on me.”

“Jeesh, Becky, this was your idea, I’m just being nice to our guest!” Jason retorted.

“Yeah, a little too friendly…” Becky said. “I think you can take us home now, Jason. I didn’t know I was dating a fag.”



The three dressed and headed to the car. They drove to Becky’s house in silence.

“Do you want to come in and say hello to Billy, Susie?” Becky asked. She was still horny. “Maybe you could play with us for a while?” Becky wanted to get fucked. She wanted her asshole eaten out. She wanted to watch her brother dominate Jeffry again. She knew it was wrong, but, she didn’t care anylonger.

“No, I don’t think so.” Susie stated. Now that she knew what making love to someone who was kind and considerate, she didn’t think she could go back to being abused by Billy again.

“Do you want to go back to my place, Susie?” Jason asked.

“Oh, yes!” Susie replied. “Is that OK with you Beck?”

“Fuck it... Whatever..., I’ll see you losers later.” Becky slammed the car door and walked away. She was pissed off and horny. The little faggot slut was trying to steal her boyfriend! She checked the time on her phone. There was plenty of time to fuck Billy until her mom and dad got home. Billy fucked her like she wanted it; hard and fast until her pussy hurt. ‘No more playing nice,’ she decided.

“Billy!” she yelled the moment she walked in the door. She started stripping off her clothes. “Billy!” she yelled again. “If you want to fuck the living shit out of me, you and your fucking cock better get in here, NOW!”

Billy ran into the living room, his cock already hard from jacking off. He found Becky naked, spread eagle on the couch, holding open her soaking wet pussy lips.

“Just shut up and fuck me how I like it.”

Billy grinned, climbed on the couch, lined up his cock, and fucked her long and hard.

At dinner that night, Billy and Becky’s mom and dad told them they were going out of town Friday night to stay with their uncle Bill. He was having surgery and needed someone to watch his house overnight and then bring him home afterwards and take care of him until Sunday night.

“Want to have a party this weekend, sis?” Billy asked as he fucked his sister for the second time that day.

“Ugh!” Becky grunted softly, so her parents wouldn’t hear them fucking. “I don’t know about that, Billy, can we talk about it later? Ohh!” she moaned.

Billy began to fuck her harder, groping her breasts and slamming his groin into her cunt, smashing her clitoris. “I think we can make some good money, sis.”

“Ugh! How? Ung!” she asked.

“I bet Susie could get 25 bucks easy for a blow job. If we line up 20 cocks, we could make $500…”

“Ugh! That’s only, what, $250 each.” She felt herself creaming thinking about ‘Susie’ sucking cock after cock. The fucking boyfriend-stealing bitch!

“Ok, then we’ll find 40 cocks. I’ll invite the football team and the basket ball team, that’s what, $500, each.”

“Ugh! I can invite some school nerds that I know,” Becky asked. “Think she will do it?”

“I’ll make her do it, if it comes to it. Besides, you’ve seen her go after a wad of cum. She will be in hog-heaven, and slopping up all the cum she can handle.”

“But, she is still pissed at you for nearly killing her,” Becky said, having difficulty concentrating on her    brothers cock pounding her fuck hole and thinking at the same time..., “Wait, I know! You have to promise to be nice to him. Maybe even offer to suck his cock or let him fuck your ass!”

“No fucking-way, Becky!” Billy exclaimed. “Are you nuts?”

“I said to ‘offer’ it, not ‘do it’ dumb-ass.” Becky said. “Once we get the money, who gives a fuck what the little faggot wants?”

“Oh, you are a mean, little bitch, Becky” Billy said.

“I know, now fuck me harder, damn it!” Becky said. She creamed all over her brother’s cock, thinking about Susie being at their mercy.

Becky called Jeffry the next day. Immediately, he apologized for spending time with her boyfriend.

“Oh, it is OK, Jeffry. I’m over him already. Billy’s cock is much bigger and, he fucks me how I want to get fucked. What did you two queer-boys do last night?”

“Oh, nothing special,” Jeffry lied. “We sucked each other…, He let me fuck him, and he fucked me again. We went out to eat, and he took me home.” In truth, Jeffry thought it was very special!

“Hmm, sounds like you guys had a great, gay old time!” Becky said, trying to act cheerful. ‘What a couple of fags!’ she thought to herself. ‘Wait until Billy hears this!’

“Hey, Jeffry. We are having a party this Saturday, and we want you and Susie to come over.”

“A party?” Jeffry asked, “And you want Susie to come to it?” He was confused. “What kind of party?”

“Oh you know. a typical teenage party. Drinking, music, dancing…. There will be a lot of cute guys there…” She said, trying to entice Jeffry. “You said you wanted to suck some other guy’s cocks, right? Billy and I will fix it so you can suck off a few, you know, to see if you are really gay or not. That is a lot of hot cum, Susie. I know sluts like you love to eat cum!” Becky laid it on thick, trying to convince Jeffry to comply.  

“And, guess what else?” Becky said.

“What?” asked Jeffry.

“Billy said he would suck your dick if you show his friends a good time at the party!”


“Yep! Who knows, if he has a beer or two, he might even let you fuck his ass!”

“Wow! That would be awesome.” Jeffry admitted. “So, how would it work? I come over as Susie and suck a few cocks for him? Won,t they know it is me?” Jeffry asked.

“We have it all figured out. You will dress as Susie and even wear a mask. We will put a wig on you, hide your little pecker, and Billy will make sure no one gropes your ass. No one will know it is you! What do you think?”

“I think it sounds like fun! I really want to a few more cocks anyway. Are you sure I’ll be OK?”

“Absolutely” Becky lied.

“OK I’ll be there! I mean Susie will be there!” Jeffry was excited. Wow, he gets to go to a party, act like a slut, suck a few different cocks and eat loads of cum! And his almost boyfriend Billy will finally will suck his cock! He might even get to fuck his sweet ass! He was sure that Billy would want so suck his cock all the time once he tried cock-sucking and got his first taste of cum. Hey, maybe Jason and Billy will want to fuck him at the same time? He imaged Jason’s long cock sliding into him while he sucked Billy’s fat rod.

Becky hung up the phone and looked at Billy. “Susie will be here Saturday at 7:00 pm. Party starts at 8:00, right?”


“I’ll have Jason get us some beer, and, I’ll make him take me to the sex shop to get some stuff, and a wig. Shit! We’ll need the money from our savings accounts. We can put the money back before mom and dad find out.”

“Yeah, I need some money too. There is a guy I know that sells all kinds of pills. I going to buy some Viagra and spike the punch bowl!”

“Brilliant!” Becky said. “More hard cocks mean more hard cash!”

“And I’m going to get some roofies too, in case Susie tries to back out on us…”

“Good idea, she has no idea how many cocks she is going to have to suck Saturday.” Beck said. “Did you call everyone you know?”

“Yeah, I called my friends on the football and basketball teams, and a few other guys as well. I told them that my cousin Susie is trying to raise money for a boob-job.” Billy said, grinning evilly.

“Cool! I called all my horny nerd friends that use to tutor me, and told them to bring over their friends too – and told them to bring a lot of cash!”

“This will be great!”


Saturday soon arrived. Susie was nervous while she put on her make-up, making herself look extra slutty. She wore Becky’s little black fuck-me dress, with high heels and matching bra and panties.

“I’m going to a party, mom, back later!” she said, leaving quickly before her mother could see how slutty she looked.

“Have fun, Susie!” her mom said, smiling and shaking her head.

“Billy!” Becky yelled, “Susie’s here!” Becky invited Susie into the house. Billy soon arrived.

“Hi, Susie, you look great - really hot.” Billy said to Susie. Becky had told him what to say, and how to be nice to Susie, at least until they get the money.

“Thanks Billy,” Susie said, nervously. Billy seemed really nice today. Behind her back, Becky motioned to Billy. She mouthed the words ‘Do it!’

Billy rolled his eyes at his sister, then leaned into Susie and kissed her, passionately. He reached down and put his hand under her dress and fingered Susie’s cock and balls through her panties.

“Oh, Billy!” she exclaimed.

“I’m looking forward to being with you after the party, Susie.” Billy said, doing his best to smile while he lied, to give away his real intentions.

Becky grinned at him and nodded her approval.

“Here, come with us Susie!” Becky said. She led Susie into her mom and dad’s bedroom. “Here is your mask and your wig, try them on!”

Susie put the mask over her eyes. It was a sparkling butterfly mask that covered most of her forehead and checks, but left her soft, cock-sucking lips exposed. The wig was a cheap one, something you would wear at Halloween. It had long black hair streaked with bright blue.

“You look hot, Susie!” Becky said. “No one will recognize you!”

“What about my cock?” She asked. “Won’t they see my hard cock poking thru my panties?”

“Nope, drop your panties, and I’ll tape you up,” Becky said.”Do NOT get turned on or this might hurt!”

Susie dropped her panties and Becky, gently pushed Susie’s balls up into her and taped them in place. She then took Susie’s penis and pushed it back towards her ass and taped it in place too. “There, no more penis,” Becky said. “How does it feel?”

“Well, not too bad,” Susie admitted, pulling up her panties and admiring her lack of a ‘lump’ down there.

“Now, here is the deal, Susie,” Billy said. “We will start out in the living room. You go walk around acting like a slut, OK? Maybe dance real sexy like, and rub up against my friends and get them all horny. When I give the word, you come in here, lock the door, and suck any cock that comes thru that hole, OK?”

Billy stepped aside and she noticed the hole in the wall.

“Billy! You put a hole in your mom and dad’s bedroom wall!”

“Accidents happen, right, Becky?”

“Whoops!” Becky said. Brother and sister laughed.

“Let’s try it out, wait here!” Billy said.

Billy left and went into the master bathroom. Becky and Susie saw light flooding thru the hole. They head a ‘zzzziiippp!’, and soon Billy’s cock was sticking thru the hole.

“OK, suck it, now, Susie; let’s make sure this will work!”

Susie rolled her eyes at Becky, who was shaking her head. “He just wants his cock sucked…” Susie whispered.

“I know…” said Becky. She and Billy had worked on the hole most of the morning. They had to tear out even more drywall on the other side of the wall, so the boys could get their entire cock and balls thru the hole.  They finally ripped an entire section out, leaving just the two by fours and the thin drywall on the bedroom side of the wall. Then, Billy had put duct tape around the hole to get rid of any sharp edges. Billy had his sister sucking his cock all morning until it was ‘just right.’

Susie grabbed a couple pillows off of the bed and dropped them in front of the hole. She knew she was in for a long night and wanted to save her knees. She made herself comfortable on the pillows and gripped Billy’s flaccid cock. She wrapped her lips around it and began to suck him off. ‘Ah, I’ve missed you’ she thought, sucking the head and licking all around it. Then she started bobbing her head up and down. Billy’s cock quickly hardened in her mouth.

“Hurry up, Susie; people will be here any minute!”

Susie began to work faster, ticking his balls to entice the cum from them. She began to deep throat Billy, fucking him with her mouth.

‘This is kind of nice’, she thought. ‘Billy can’t grab my head this way!’

The doorbell rang.

“Shit, I’m almost there!” He began to hump his hips, trying to fuck Susie’s throat. Susie sucked and sucked, putting pressure behind his ball sack until she felt his cock surging. She pulled his cock from her throat and was rewarded with a huge blast of hot cum on her tongue!

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, savoring it. Another huge spurt and a third and a fourth filled her mouth with thick, sticky sperm. She rolled her tongue around the still spurting cock head, wallowing in the copious amounts of cum filling her mouth. She sucked the last few drops from his cock and then pulled off her mouth, keeping all the cum within her. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth, allowing the taste buds on her tongue to absorb all the flavors. Then, impulsively, she gargled the warm load, letting it slide deep into the back of her throat before she swallowed it down.

“Ahhhh! That was good!” Susie said with satisfaction.

Becky stared at her in disbelief. What a cum-slut!

The doorbell rang again and then the guests started pounding on the door. Billy had already pulled his spent cock from the hole and had gone to answer it.

The girls walked out and Susie curiously inspected the other side of the hole. Above the hole was a sign that read, ‘Put cock here!” with an arrow pointing down to the hole. Even with the light shining thru, it would be difficult to see anything, let alone to discern who the cock-sucking slut was on the other side.

“You better go meet the boys, Susie. I think I’ll stay in here,” Becky said.

“Why? Don’t you want to party with the boys?” Susie asked.

“Well, it was pretty hot watching you suck cock like that. I want to watch some more,” she said. “Maybe,” she added, “I can help, so you don’t get tired…”

Susie grinned and left to join the party.

The disguised Susie strutted into the living room. A half dozen boys stared at her.

“Billy, your cousin is hot!”  Said one friend, staring lustily at Susie as she made her entrance.

“Wow!” said another.

“What is your name?” Someone asked, as a crowd began to form around her.

“I’m Susie,” she said. “Susie the slutty little schoolgirl!” She put her lipstick covered lips together and blew a kiss to the boys.  They were speechless.

Someone started playing music and she began to dance. She was not the best dancer, but she knew how to shake her ass! She thrust her hips and gyrated, acting like a total slut. It was so much fun! She licked her lips and pushed out her ass, giving the boys a glimpse of her red panties.  She began to twerk, and felt a hard cock bump against her ass and she ground back against it.

They boys began to whoop and holler, egging her on. She wondered what the other girls thought of her shameful display, but looking around, she noticed that she was the only girl at the party! Seeing it was just a bunch of boys, now more than a dozen, she began to flash her panties at them and showed off her bra, stuffed with her full ripe, albeit fake tits.

She noticed quite a few hard cocks and the guys had started to grope her ass and squeeze her breasts. She heard the door open and more boys arrived. Billy finally interrupted and ushered Susie out of the room. She went straight to the bedroom to wait for a cock to poke thru the wall.

“How was it Susie?” Becky asked.

“It was HOT, Becky,” Susie said, “There must have been 20 boys in there, and I think I gave most of them boners!” The two whispered, waiting in the darkness together. “I wonder how many will want their cocks sucked tonight?”

“All of them Susie!” Becky giggled, shaking her head at Susie’s stupidity. ‘If they have $25!’ she thought to herself.

“OK, guys, if anyone wants a blowjob from my cousin, it will cost you $25 each,” Billy said. “You all met Susie and you know what a hot slut she is. And, and trust me, she can suck the brass off of a doorknob. The more money she earns, the bigger tits she will be getting from her plastic surgeon!

“Now, who is first?”

“Me!” “Me!” shouted a few of the boys. Billy took their money and had them line up in order, sitting on the couch. He handed the first guy the bathroom key and pointed him down the hallway. “Have some punch while you wait, boys!” he said, grinning. He turned on some porn on the TV, counted his money and opened a beer. “Ahhh!” he said. This was going to be a great night.

The girls heard the bathroom door jingle and then the light came on. In a moment, a cock was shoved thru the hole. It was a nice penis; still half hard and nicely shaped. Susie inspected it curiously. She said aloud, “Nice cock!” and then she stoked it a few time and began to suck it. It did not take long to get the cock fully hard. It had a nice shaped head on it, and Susie licked it clean. She ticked the stranger’s nut sack, wondering who’s cock it was, from all of the boys she had met.  She then began to suck in earnest, throating, sucking and slurping. It wasn’t long before she felt the anonymous cock throb and spurt into her sucking mouth.

“Mmmm!” she groaned. This boy’s cum tasted sweet! She cleaned his cock and the boy soon withdrew his cock, zipped up and left.

“Wow Susie, you are a great cocksucker!” Becky whispered.

“Probably because I have a cock, so I know what I like, and I just do it.”

“Can I suck the next one?” Becky asked.

“Sure, we girls have to share, don’t we?”

The boy returned to the living room, grinning from ear to ear.

“How was it?” asked the next boy in line.

“Fucking great! Best blow job I’ve ever had!” He didn’t admit that it was only his first one either. However, a few more boys got in line, their cocks already hardening from the Viagra laced punch and the porn blaring thru the TV speakers.

Becky sucked the next cock, and Susie the cock after. An hour later, they were still at it. Susie was amazed at the different shapes and sizes that pushed thru the wall. Some were fat, some were thin, some were long, and some were short, even shorter than her cock! She was thrilled when an uncircumcised cock poked through the hole. She spent a lot of time inspecting it, pulling back the foreskin, and running her tongue in and around it. And, every boys cum tasted different too. She was getting her share of cocks and hot cum today! Susie sucked three cocks for every cock that Becky offered to suck. But Becky was choosing all of  the biggest and best cocks that came thru the hole.

Becky had finally given out, claiming her jaw was tired. She just sat and watched Susie suck cock after cock, while she fingered her pussy.

When Susie swallowed her last cum load, she turned to Becky and said. “I’m getting tired too, Becky. I must have sucked 20 cocks tonight. How many more are there?”

“Well, we didn’t invite that many people,” Becky lied. “I’m sure there won’t be many more, come on, Susie, be a trooper, a real sissy-scout! I know you can do it!”

“I’ll try…” She said. Another cock came thru the hole, and then another.  She sucked off ten more cocks and swallowed ten more loads.

“Becky…” she moaned.  “I can’t do this much longer… My mouth hurts, my throat hurts, and I’ve swallowed so much cum, I’m feeing sick!”

“OK, I’ll help with the next one, and then maybe we can take a break for a bit,” she promised. Before long, another hard cock came thru the hole. But, unbeknownst to Becky, he was a ‘shooter’, a boy who spurted a huge cum load from his over-active ball sack. Becky sucked him off diligently, unaware of her fate.  She felt his cock swell, and sucked harder, but, just as he was about to cum, he pulled back and spurted his load! The first shot hit her in her opened, still sucking mouth, the next one hit forcefully on her face and then three more spurts landed on her shirt as she pulled back. The cum dripped onto her lap and made her breasts feel warm then suddenly cold. This boy must have been saving up his cum for a month! Still choking on cum, she tried to stop the boy before he could leave. She needed her brother! She whispered loudly through the hole, “Hey! Hey you!” She saw the boy was putting away his softening cock.

“What?” the boy said, “Look, I’m sorry for shooting off in your face! I didn’t think you wanted to swallow my cum!”

“Don’t worry about that! Just send Billy in here!” Becky pleaded.

“OK.”  The boy said, staring quizzically at the hole.

Becky watched the boy leaving, wondering what he was looking at. ‘He couldn’t see me, right?’ she thought, her uncovered but certainly cum covered face was lit up and shining from the glow of the bathroom light.

“Shit, the asshole shot cum all over my clothes!” Becky said.  She felt dirty and slutty. Not to mention covered in cum.

“Susie, quick, change clothes with me.” She said.


“Just do it faggot!” Becky hissed. “Those are my damn clothes you are wearing anyway! Give them to me! You can wear my cum covered clothes. Keep them, if you want!”

“Ok,” Susie said meekly, stripping off the dress. “Can I take this tape off my dick? It is starting to hurt, Beck.”

“No, better leave it on, in case you have to go back out there.” Becky said. It made her laugh to think of Susie’s cock all taped up. ‘It must hurt like a bitch!” she thought gleefully. ‘Boyfriend stealing bitch!’

After a few minutes, another cock pushed thru the hole.

“Billy…,” Becky and Susie groaned together, recognizing Billy’s cock.

“What do you want,” Billy asked, sad that he was not going to get his cock sucked again. Too bad, he had two glasses of punch! He pulled his cock from the hole and squatting down next to the hole to talk.

“Susie is getting ‘restless,’ Billy,” Becky said informed him. ‘Restless’ was their code word for ‘time to give the bitch a roofie.’

“Yeah, we need a break, Billy.” Susie said, “How many more cocks do I have to suck for you…, before…, you know…, you keep your promise…?”

“Shit, there is a roomful of hard cocks in there!” Billy exclaimed, “What am I suppose to do, send them home?”

Susie moaned. “There is still a room full of hard cocks?’

“Look, I’ll tell them you need to take a break for a while, OK? I’ll get you some food and drink.”

Billy left before she could say anything. Becky knew that they were now moving on to plan ‘B.’ They would give Susie a roofie to knock her out, and then let the guys have their way with her, for a price. Fuck her face for $20 or fuck her ass for $50.

“Susie, I’m going across the hall to Billy’s room for a while. I don’t feel so good,” Becky lied. “I think I swallowed too much cum.”

“Ok, Becky,” Susie said. “I hope you feel better.” ‘Hmmph, swallowed too much cum...’ Susie thought, I’ve sucked ten times more cock than you did and that much more cum too!’

At that moment, the light in the bathroom came on, and another cock pushed thru the hole. It was long and thick. Susie groaned and leaned in to grasp it. She wrapped her lips around it and began to suck. It felt familiar in her mouth. When it grew to  full hardness, she stopped, recognizing the cock.

“Jason?” She asked, putting her lips up to the hole.

“Susie?” Jason asked. “I thought it might be you! What are you doing here?”

Susie quickly told Jason the story of how she was invited to the party and offered to suck some friends of Billy’s. “Billy said he would suck my cock for me afterwards, and maybe even let me fuck him.”

“Oh, Susie, I’m so sorry…,”

“What do you have to be sorry about?” Susie asked him. He was so sweet!

“Billy is just using you. He is getting $25 bucks for each cock you suck.” Jason told her. He had stopped over to see Becky and heard everyone talking about the hot slut sucking off everyone to get a boob job. Knowing Billy and Becky were leading it, he had a good idea who the cock-sucking slut was.

“Becky’s in on it too?” Susie asked. She was sure Becky had changed her mean ways.

“I’m sure she is in on it,” he said. “How can she not be? Look, Susie, we don’ have much time. I saw Billy putting some ruffies into a glass of soda. I’m sure he plans on drugging you. I grabbed a couple when he wasn’t looking. I say we drug him instead and get you the hell out of here, OK?”

Susie was crying. “OK,” she sniffed, and let Jason into the room.

Billy soon appeared carrying a tray of food and two glasses of soda and his opened can of beer. “Jason, what are you doing here?” he asked confusedly.

“I was looking for Becky, when I found this little cutie,” Jason lied.

“I was just bringing Susie and Becky some food. Here,” he said, setting down the tray handing a glass to Susie, “I bet you are thirsty.” He looked at her, smiling.

“A quite a lot. Thanks Billy.” Susie held on to her glass.

“Hey, Billy, can you get me a beer too? I’ll make sure little Susie here doesn’t get dehydrated.” He winked at Susie.

“Ah, sure, Jason. You bought the beer for us after all. I’ll be right back.” He left the room to fetch Jason a beer.

“Here switch drinks with Becky.” Jason said, “While I take care of Billy.”

Susie switched drinks and Jason dumped a couple roofies into Billy’s beer. He swirled it around, making sure not to make it foam too much. He had just sat down it back down just when Billy walked in, handing him a beer. Becky followed behind him.

“Jason, what are you doing here?” Becky asked.

“I stopped by to see you. You weren’t answering your phone…. I thought you might want to go out tonight,” he said.

“No, I can’t,” Becky replied. “We are having a party, and I have to stick around to make sure these kids don’t get out of hand.” ‘Like I’d go out with you ever again, faggot,’ she added to herself.

“OK then,” he said. He popped open his beer. “I’m going out to the party for another beer, them I’m heading home. See you Becky, see you Susie, and see you Billy.” He chugged his beer.

Susie, Billy and Becky also drained their drinks. Brother and sister grinned smugly at each other.

“Better now, Susie?” asked Billy. He figured he had a less than half hour before Susie would be out. That’s enough time for her to suck a few more cocks for him, he figured, before he turned her over to the horny group of guys.

“Yeah, I’m doing better now, thanks for asking.” She said. “Hey, Billy, do you want to fool around for a while? I’m really horny after sucking all those cocks. Do you think you can suck me off, real quick?” Susie said, testing him.

“Ahh, no,” Billy said. “I have to get back to the party, Susie. But maybe later, OK? The guys are getting impatient. Just a few more blowjobs for me, OK?”

“OK…” She knew the truth, it was obvious. ‘The bastard! Becky too!’

“Hey, Bro, get me a couple beers, before you go, will you? This is thirsty work, watching Susie suck cock!” She smiled. She was going to enjoy this. Billy quickly returned with three cans of beers for his sister.

Before long, another hard cock came thru the hole, waving impatiently. Susie quickly sucked it dry.

Becky drained her beer while watching Susie work. ‘Damn, the whore could suck cock.’ Becky was surprised to feel herself starting to get a buzz! Just from one beer! She popped open another and watched Susie suck another cock. Becky drunkenly opened her third beer. Susie sucked two more cocks before Becky drunkenly finished her third beer. Becky watched Susie swallow yet another load, wondering why the slut was not getting tired yet. She drained the last can of beer, gave a loud belch, and fell over, out cold.

Susie looked at Becky, passed out on the floor, drooling onto the carpet. Before long, there was a knock on the door. “Susie, it is me, Jason! Open up!”

Susie opened the door and Jason walked into the room. “I figured Becky would be passed out. Billy is stupid drunk, telling everyone they can fuck you for $50. He put Viagra in the punch bowl and has been playing porn all night. There are a lot of hard cocks out there waiting to tear you up, you have to leave, now!”

“What about Becky?” Susie asked.

“I’ll put her in Billy’s room and then I’ll get Billy as soon as he passes out.”

Jason picked up Becky’s limp body and carried her into Billy room. Susie opened the door for him.

Flipping on the light, they saw the extent of the sibling’s wicked plans. There on the bed were handcuffs, rope and a crudely made padded bench setting next to the bed. Two hand painted signs were leaning against it.  One said, “Fuck her throat - $20. The other, ‘Fuck her ass -$50’. Also on the bed was a chastity belt they intended to put on Susie, to keep everyone from discovering she was a boy.  

Tossing Becky unceremoniously onto the bed, Jason looked around the room and found another sign, hidden next to the video console; it read ‘Fuck the Faggot - $5’.

“What were they thinking?” Jason said, looking at Susie, holding the sign and feeling very sorry for her. She was too nice of a person to deserve this.

Susie wrinkled her forehead, deep in thought. She spoke, “I guess if they all found out I was a boy, they were still going to try to make some money off off me…” she said, dejectedly, looking at the ‘faggot’ sign.  Susie picked up a pair of pink panties from the bed next to the chastity belt. They had a huge hole cut out where her asshole would be. “Fucking bastards!” she said aloud.

“I’m so sorry, sweet-stuff. I’m going to check on that asshole Billy, back in a minute.” Jason said, and left the room.

Susie quickly dropped her panties and winced as she pulled the tape from her privates. Relief flooded her as her pecker and balls were free once more. She rubbed them to get her blood flowing again. She tossed the mask and wig onto the bed, hitting Becky in the face.  Feeling full of revenge for what evil things the siblings had planned for her, she walked to the bed, reached over, and pulled one of Becky’s heavy tits out of her dress and gave it a hard slap. “Just like you like, it right?” she asked the unconscious bitch. Hearing Becky moan gave her a mild, sadistic sense of satisfaction. She realized that this was what turned Becky on. Smiling, she reached over and pinched Becky’s bare nipple hard. Then, she pulled off Becky’s panties and put a huge piece of tape over her naked cunt. She pushed the tape nice and tight with her fingers against Becky’s twat and quickly ripped it off! “Ugh!” Becky moaned.

“Fuck you, bitch!” Susie muttered. “How do you like it?”

Jason soon arrived, carrying a passed-out Billy, dumping him onto the floor. “He’s out too. Let’s go,” Jason said.

“No, wait!” Susie said, “I have to do something first. Help me strip him and get him on the bench!”

Jason pulled off Billy’s shirt and Susie undid his belt, pulling his pants and underwear down. Seeing him lying on the floor, the same floor he had made her passed out on, and seeing his perfect cock and balls one more time, she smiled and took a long, loving look. Then, she grabbed his nuts and squeezed his hard little eggs firmly. Billy groaned in his sleep. Then, Susie squeezed his nuts as tight as she could and twisted her hand, bruising his balls in the process. “Asshole,” she said.

Picking up Billy’s pants, she noticed how heavy they were. Emptying his pockets, she discovered the money she had earned with her cock sucking skills.

“It is yours, you earned it, Susie,” Jason said, seeing the thick wad of bills in her hands, “Take it.”

Susie put the money in her bag and picked up the chastity cage. “Put that on him, please,” she asked sweetly.

Jason locked Billy’s limp penis into the chastity cage, forcing the small cage over his large, flaccid cock. It squeezed his pecker tightly and finally clicked closed. Jason set the lock. “Here,” he said, and handed Susie the key.

“What do I do with it?” She asked.

“Whatever you want…” he replied.

She tucked it into her bra, keeping it safe, like any young lady would do.

She helped Jason put the pink panties on Billy’s lifeless form. Jason placed him onto the bench and Susie opened her bag and applied some lipstick and make-up to Billy’s serene face.

“Ok, let’s go,” Jason said.

“No, one more thing to do yet,” She said. Susie walked to the front of the bench where Billy’s face hung over the bench. She lifted her skirt, grabbed his hair, pulled his face up, and began to rub her cock all over Billy’s painted lips. She soon got hard watching Billy’s lips against her cock, just like in her fantasies. She pressed against him until her thickening cock parted his red lips. She thrust a few times, grunting; “Suck it, Billy, suck my cock, just like you promised!”

Jason chuckled.

Susie pulled her hard cock from Billy’s lips and walked behind him, admiring his panty covered ass and the gaping hole exposing his tight rose-bud. She opened the drawer next to his bed and pulled out the lube she knew would be there. She efficiently greased up Billy’s virgin ass with her fingers, pushing them in deep until she heard him moan in pain. She quickly aimed her cock at his ass and pushed it all the way in. She began to fuck him furiously. “Take my cock, Billy, you fucking asshole!” She slammed into Billy again and again until she came, gripping his hips and filling his ass with her cum. She pulled out, still in the throes of her orgasm and squirted three more loads onto his ass. “Ahhh!” she said, stroking her cock until she was finished. “Damn, that felt good!”

“Ok, can we go now?” Jason asked. Impulsively, he picked up the ‘fuck the faggot’ sign and propped it against the bench next to Billy’s ass.

“Nope, just one more thing… Susie walked around to Billy’s face and again pressed her cock into his mouth. This time, she used his mouth to clean her shit covered cock. Then, she paused, closed her eyes and groaned, “Ahhhhhhhhhh…” She began to piss into Billy’s opened mouth. It filled him up and he gagged and tried to swallow, again and again. Piss ran out of his opened mouth and flooded his carpet. His room would smell like urine for a long, long time.

“Ok, now we can go.” Susie said, satisfied with her revenge.

They heard a commotion in the hallway; a drunken voice was shouting, “Hey, where is the slut? I paid my money, and now I want my fucking dick sucked! Break’s over bitch!” he began to pound on the door across the hall.

“Quick, out the window!” Jason said, opening the window and busting out the screen. He helped Susie out the window, setting her down carefully, and handed her his car keys. “See you in a minute!” he said and then opened the bedroom door. They guy was oblivious to his presence.

“Hey, are you ok, man?” Jason asked.

“I’m looking for the cock-sucking slut that owes me a blow job? Have you seen the fucking whore anywhere?” the kid asked.

“No, but I’m sure she is around here somewhere. If you keep looking, you might find her,”Jason suggested.

“Thanks, man!” The drunk then peered drunkenly into to Billy’s room. “Hey! What the fuck?” He looked at Billy and saw the cum stains on his ass, and the sign propped up next to him. “Billy’s a faggot?” he slurred. Then he looked and saw Becky, her red, bald pussy showing and her tit hanging out of her little, black, come-fuck-me-dress. “I know that dress!” he said. “That’s the same dress the slut was wearing…! Becky!” he exclaimed. “Someone said it was Becky on the other side of the glory hole, but I didn’t believe him!”

He ran back into the living room. “Guys come see this,” he yelled. “Billy’s a fucking faggot and his sister Becky has been sucking our cocks all night!”

“No way!” Someone shouted.

“I gotta see this!” a boy said, as he stood up from his place in the cock-sucking line.

Jason walked out and closed the front door behind him, chuckling, and noticed more kids walking up the driveway.

“Is this where the party is?” Someone asked. He saw a large group of teenagers, all wearing high school sport jackets. “You know? The party with the slut?” the guy said softly.

“Yep, this is the place,” Jason replied. “Go on in and have some fun.”  The boys whooped and yelled, pushing their way past him.

‘Karma, baby’ Jason said to himself, shaking his head, knowing Billy and Becky were going to get what they deserved. He met Susie at his car and she ran up to hug him.

“Thank you Jason, you are my hero! Thank you for rescuing me!” She gave Jason a soft, sensual kiss.

“You are welcome, my sweet little Susie,” he said, taking her in his arms, picking her up and spinning her around. “Hey, do you think your mom would let you stay at my place tonight?”

“I’m sure she would, since it is not a school night or anything. I’ll call her and let her know.”

Susie sat down next to Jason and they pulled away. She wiggled closer to him, but suddenly exclaimed, “Ouch!” She reached into her bra and removed the small key she had hidden there.

“Won’t be needing this!” she said, and tossed the key out of the open window. The two drove off, sitting close and cuddling, knowing they would be lifelong lovers after tonight.

Back at Becky and Billy’s house, the drunken, horny boys ran into Billy’s bedroom, “Look at them!” one boy exclaimed. The group surveyed the passed-out siblings. Becky, spread out on the bed, her tits and cunt visible, mask and wig by her head. And Billy, bent over the bench, cum stains on his freshly fucked ass.

“Billy has sperm on his ass! He is a faggot!”

 “I’m going to fuck the shit out of his little bitch sister. Fucking slut! I paid my money!”

“Yeah, me too, I paid my money!” someone lied.

“Me too!” lied another.

“I’m making the faggot suck my cock. That asshole took all my money!”

“Yeah, me too!”

“Get out of the way, I’m trying to take pictures! Just let them try to deny this!”

“Yeah, me too! I’m posting this on Facebook!”

“Let’s get them into the living room, it stinks like piss in here!”

The drunken boys carried Becky and Billy’s limp bodies into the living room. They handcuffed Billy to the bench and tied Becky over an overstuffed chair. Both their asses and mouths were available for anyone to use.

“Remember, I got first dibs on her pussy!” the drunken man yelled.

“I got her mouth!” yelled another.

“Hurry up; I want to fuck her ass! I found lube in the bedroom!”

“You will have to wait, I’m going be awhile and I’ve already cum once today.”

“I’ll fuck Billy’s faggot ass then! Any port in a storm, my daddy used to say!”

“Give me the lube when you are done with it! I’ll fuck him next!”

“Hell, you won’t need it when I’m done, but whatever.”

“I told you before; I got dibs on his mouth!”

“Shit, we are out of holes! Is there any punch left?”

“Yeah, lots of it! Billy made another batch before he passed out!”

“I’m getting another glass, but don’t take my place in line. My dick is so hard it hurts!”

“Yeah, I feel like I could fuck all night!”

“Me too!”

“Me three!”

“Who is in charge of the porn? The movie ended! Put in anther DVD and turn up the volume, it is going to be a long night!”

It was a long, long, night. The horny teens used and abused Billy and Becky all night and well into the morning. The Viagra and their teenage vitality made their cocks stay hard, orgasm after orgasm. They fucked Becky’s sloppy pussy until it leaked cum into a huge, slippery pile on the floor. Both she and Billy’s ass had suffered the same fate, spread wide by cock, after hard cock. Both of them swallowed huge loads of hot teenage cum, and the horny party boys sprayed their thick, white juice on their faces, asses, hair and bodies.

The two siblings finally woke the next morning, groggy, covered in cum, and with all of their holes aching. The porn DVD was still playing; someone had set it to replay over and over. Groans and moans from the TV blended with their own groans.

“Oh, what the fuck happened?” Becky said. She clenched her pussy and then her ass. She felt something leaking out of both of her sore, tired holes.

“I don’t remember sis,” Billy said. He licked his lips, tasting something salty. His eyes had some dried matter on them, making them hard to open. And, why was his asshole and mouth so sore?

“Oh, Billy, you must have mixed up the drinks and gave us the roofies instead of Susie!” Becky moaned. “You fucking dumb ass! With the Viagra and the porn, they used us instead of Susie!”

“Shit, Becky, you mean our friends fucked us! Damn!” He tried to remember what happened.  He remembered spiking Susie’s drink, and was now wondering if he gave her the right one. And, he tried fuck up that nerd Chad Walowitz’s by spiking his beer, but he foggily considered if he might have picked up the wrong beer afterwards.

“Oh, shit, Beck…” he said, looking over at his sister, ”You are covered with cum!” From his vantage point on the bench, he could see his sister’s cum covered, leaking pussy and asshole. Cum was sprayed all over the black dress she was wearing. And, her hair was coated with dried, crusty cum.

“Fuck you Billy,” she said, turning around to look at her brother. “Shit, you are all made up like a cheap whore and have cum all over you too!” Then she giggled. “Hey, asshole, you have mom’s feather duster stuck up your ass!”

“What?” Billy said, twisting his body left and right, looking over his shoulder. His gyrations only made his sister laugh out loud as the feather duster began to move wildly.

“You look like a fucking cum covered chicken, Billy!” She started began giggling uncontrollably. Her contractions made her pussy clench, and a huge wad of cum plopped out onto the floor.

Billy began to laugh too! The two laughed and laughed, their sore body’s convulsing, forcing cum from their worn out holes.

“Fuck Becky, look at us! Look at this mess! How are we going to get out of this? He began to wiggle his body on the bench, trying to get free.  A thought came to him, “Hey, what if mom and dad walked in on us right now?” he said, grinning. He looked his sister in the eye, and they grinned at each other.

At that very moment, they heard the front door opening, creaking loudly in spite of the sexual groans coming from the TV. They looked at each other in horror.

“Kids, we are home!” said their mother.

“Guys, why are their beer cans in the front yard, you didn’t have a party did you?” said their father, angrily.

They heard their mom and dad’s heavy footsteps coming in from the front door. The footsteps stopped.

Their mother screamed at the sight of her precious babies covered in cum, with porn playing loudly on their big screen TV. The house was a mess! She had suspected they were having sex together, hearing their guttural moaning late at night. Now, not matter what lies they told her, she knew that both of her children were nothing but slutty, sex fiends!

“Oh, fuck!” brother and sister said in unison.

Karma is a real bitch sometimes, baby…

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“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow

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Reply #6 on: March 17, 2019, 11:12:01 PM
This was a very enjoyable story. Do you plan on continuing the story between Susie and Jason at all? Does Susie transition and have to endure high school with her cravings? Or just leave well enough alone? :)

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Reply #7 on: March 22, 2019, 07:42:58 PM
I glad you liked it, and even happier that you left a comment! It is very much appreciated.

As for Susie, this all I currently anticipate for her story-line. I felt the ending provided sufficient closure - bad guys lose, and good guys have lots of happy, consensual sex - and they all live happily ever after.

I'm sure you can use your imagination to fill in the rest of Susie's life. ;)

Thanks again for your kind reply,


Too may story ideas, not enough time.

“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow

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Reply #8 on: March 30, 2019, 02:30:41 PM
I just noticed the last chapter posted incomplete, leaving out the ending (and the best part! Billy and Becky get their just rewards!).

I fixed it and added the last pages (It had previously ended with Jason meeting Susie at his car).

Dang it!


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“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow