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Author Topic: Amber's new uniform (M/g9, pedo, rom,1st, cons, piv, preteen)  (Read 3519 times)
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« on: March 15, 2019, 03:13:45 AM »

All persons and events portrayed here are 100% fictional.
Any resemblance to actual people or events would be one hell of a bizarre coincidence.
Nothing written here should be construed to in any way condone sex with under age persons.
Besides being illegal it's just fucked up.

When Eric opened the door he couldn't help but smile at the sight that greeted him.
Little Amber with her golden hair in braids, a green beret on top of her head, and dressed in her crisp, new Cookie Scout uniform.
It seemed like only yesterday that she had been dressed in the little brown dress that was the uniform of the Jr. Cookie Scouts, the Chocolate Chips, and now here she was, a fully fledged Cookie Scout.
Eric had noticed how much she had grown over the summer and boy had he noticed.
Amber had grown up next door, and although he had recognized fairly early on that she would grow to be a beautiful woman one day, he had never had a sexual thought about his pretty young neighbor until that summer.

Eric had been cleaning up his lunch dishes one day, and from the kitchen window by the sink he could see Amber's back yard.
She had been frolicking in the sprinkler, as she often did on hot summer afternoons, and he noticed that she was wearing a two piece swim suit for the first time.
In her bikini he could see that she had already developed little breasts, and her hips were starting to flair out.
Without really thinking about it he began rubbing his crotch, his cock becoming harder the longer he watched her wet little body, and before he knew what he was doing he had pulled it out, and was stroking it right there at the sink, fantasizing about violating her.
Of course he told himself that he would never do it so there was nothing wrong with some harmless fantasy.
In fact she had become quite a regular feature in his fantasies, to the degree that he was feeling slightly embarrassed about greeting her in his bath robe.
He had just finished showering, and had been thinking about her, stroking his cock in the shower just moments before.
It would have blown his mind if he had known what she was thinking.

Amber'd had a crush on Mr. Page for as long as she could remember.
He had always been so kind to her, and whenever she could get a hug from him, or get him to hold her hand it made her feel so special.
When she was little she had married him, but it was all very innocent, and in fact she got married to everybody that she liked back then, not really understanding what marriage was.
One time at a holiday gathering she had mentioned getting married to one of her class mates, and Mr. Page had pretended to be hurt as he'd said, "But I thought I was your husband."

She had immediately turned to him, put her hand on his, and said, very seriously, "Oh but you'll always be special because you're my first husband."

The adults all seemed to think that was very funny and even Mr. Page had laughed, but when he'd seen her little pout he'd given her a big hug, and said, "That's very sweet Amber."

Yes, their relationship had always been very sweet, and quite innocent, but coincidentally that summer she had begun to explore her body as she began to learn about the kinds of things boys, and girls did together.
She would play with her pussy, and it felt so nice, and then one day she had just started thinking about Mr. Page hugging, and kissing her, and it felt even better.
As the summer wore on she began to imagine him doing more things to her, teaching her about love, and touching her with what she was sure would be a big, hard man's cock.
When school had started back, and she had finally become a Cookie Scout she couldn't wait to show him her new uniform, and she'd saved a special box of cookies just for him so that she had a good excuse to go over to his house.
When he'd answered the door with wet hair, and wearing nothing but a black, silk robe that hung to about mid thigh it was obvious that he had just come out of the shower, and she couldn't help suddenly having sexy thoughts about him, and she tried to cover for the slight blush in her cheeks by holding up the box of cookies, and saying, "I brought you the Co-co Minty's I promised you."

Eric politely took the box of cookies, covering his own embarrassment by turning, and walking away from the door as he said over his shoulder, "Let me get your money."

When he left her there with the door wide open Amber took her cue, and walked right in, closing the door behind her before scurrying to the living room to wait for him on the sofa.
This was nothing unusual, and in fact Amber had come over to visit Mr. Page many times before, and felt as comfortable walking in, and sitting on the sofa as she did in her own home.
And when Eric came back, instead of going to the door he went straight to the living room, and was not at all surprised to find her waiting for him because other then the fact that he was wearing only his robe there was nothing out of the ordinary about this.
He gave her the money, and she accepted it, thanking him politely, and tucking it into a little pocket in her uniform, but when she didn't get up, or act as if she were ready to leave he just sat down next to her on the couch.
He had just kind of done it impulsively, but now that he was so close to her that the smell, the sweet, musky scent of her little girl sweat was making his cock swell he realized maybe he should have put some clothes on, and the couch was big enough so that he hadn't had to sit right next to her like he had.

Amber had been a little disappointed at first when she saw that he had just showered because she had been hoping he get a good hug, and kind of get his scent on her so that she could smell him on her when she went home, and played with herself.
However, now that he was close to her she realized that he used the same soap as her, and since she liked to play in the shower the combination of his almost naked body up next to her, and that freshly washed smell was really turning her on.
They momentarily turned their heads away from each other, him kind of coughing into his hand, and her letting out a nervous little giggle.
After a while Eric decided to break what seemed like an awkward silence by turning to her, and saying, "Well you had a real growth spurt over the summer didn't you?"

"Yep!" she chirped back in response, puffing out her chest with pride as she went on to say, "Mama says I'm a March flower."

"Ah, early bloomer." he chuckled, trying hard not to ogle the little bumps on her chest.

"I'm the only girl in my class with titties." she told him with a self satisfied smile.

"Really?" he responded, and this was so close to their usual, easy repport that he almost forgot that they were talking about her budding breasts.

Once again, on impulse, he slipped his arm around her, and said, as if it were a normal extension of their conversation, "Well they certainly are perky." before he took a breast in each of his hands, and began gently squeezing, and fondling them.

He was really surprised at himself for having done it, but he was also a little surprised at Amber's reaction.
She didn't pull away or try to stop him, and although she did stare down at what he was doing wide eyed, and with her mouth hanging open in surprise at the same time she began rhythmically rocking her chest, rubbing her supple young breasts against his hands.
She had begun panting a little, and rolling her hips when she suddenly asked, a bit breathlessly, "Wha-what are you do-doing to me Mr. P-P-Page?"

Fear suddenly flashed through his brain, but he took control of it, and leaned in close, whispering in her ear, "I'm sorry sweetie, they were just so pretty that I had to touch them, and we don't really need to tell anybody about this right? This can just be our little secret okay?"

Amber felt her cheeks flush hot as she bit her lip, almost too excited to speak.
She had imagined something like this many times, but she had never seriously believed that such a big, handsome man would be interested in touching her little girl bumps, and the prospect of sharing a real, adult secret with him made her feel really grown up.
She was too young to fully grasp the ramifications of anybody finding out that her middle aged neighbor was feeling he up, but she was no dummy, and in that child's way of exaggerating her own peril she imagined that her parents would be more angry at her for letting him do it than they would be at him for doing it.
Therefore it was with a quiet sincerity that she answered, "I won't tell."

And with those magic words Eric suddenly felt free to continue playing with her breasts through the fabric of her bra, and uniform, and Amber felt free to enjoy it.
She moaned, and as he'd gently squeeze a breast, or pinch a nipple, and then he kind of shifted on the sofa, and Amber saw something move out of the corner of her eye so she glanced down to find that Eric's robe had come open, and she has staring at his hard, naked cock.
Her eyes went wide at the sight of his organ, so erect, and ready that the purplish head was a little shiny from having the skin pulled so taunt, and when a clear bead of lube emerged from the tiny slit on top she reached out to grasp it, but then she got scared, and drew her hand back.

Eric noticed this, and he reached down, grasping her little wrist, and guiding her hand toward his cock as he whispered in her ear, "It's okay sweetie, you can touch it, I won't tell."

When her palm made contact with the soft skin of his penis she wrapped her fingers around the shaft her pussy getting all juicy as she gave it a little squeeze, feeling his manly hardness.
Eric gave out a little grunt, and then went back to fondling her perky titties as she began pumping his shaft.
More clear fluid emerged from the end, and it soon run down the shaft, and onto her hand, and without thinking she drew her hand up to her mouth, and licked it to see what it tasted like.
It was a little salty, and slick in her mouth, but it certainly didn't taste bad, and when Eric saw her lick his juices off of her hand he got really excited, and decided to knock things up another notch.
He quickly grasped the base of his shaft with one hand as he slide the other up to bury his fingers in her silky hair, and then as he guided her head toward his cock he asked, "Do you want to give it a kiss honey?"

She didn't resist at all because although she didn't fully understand it, the idea of putting her lips on his erect penis was suddenly very exciting to her.
She puckered her lips, and closed her eyes, and Eric moaned a little as he felt her soft lips gently kiss the tip of his stiff penis.
When she raised her head she saw a long, thin trail of precum from her lips to the tip of his cock so she lowered her head again, and licked it off.
"Oh yeeah." Eric moaned in a breathy voice, and Amber figured he must really like that so she began licking all over the head of his cock.

He couldn't help but roll his hips a little as he felt her wet little tongue rubbing the head of his erect penis, and he massaged her scalp his mind suddenly reeling at the fact that the little girl from next door was licking his cock, but then he decided to just go for it, and he whispered in a breathy voice, "Can you suck it for me sweetheart, it'll just be our secret okay?"

Amber agreed with a quick nod of her head before wrapping her lips around the bulbous tip of his penis, and suckling.
Eric's reaction was immediate, and almost automatic.
With a loud hiss he released the shaft of his cock, and placed his hand on the soft, green beret on top of her head so that he has now holding her head in both of his hands, and then he let out a long shuddering moan before he began gently pumping his hips.
He looked down at her, his mouth hanging open with equal parts lust, and disbelief at how good it felt, almost as if she'd been sucking cock for years.
He felt her little fist wrap around the base of his shaft, and begin pumping as she sucked, and once again his mind was blown.
This was little Amber from next door.
He'd known her since she was a baby, she had always been his little buddy, he knew her family, and even though he had recently been having sexual thoughts about her he hadn't really believed, or rather he hadn't ever seriously entertained the idea, but here she was, her head in his lap, sucking on his cock, and god help him, it was glorious.
He leaned over, pulling her braid aside so that he could see his cock pumping into her sweet little mouth, and she made the sexiest little slurping sounds as she sucked him.
He let out a steady, "Aahh, aahh, ahh." with each shallow thrust, holding her head firmly as he gently fucked her in the mouth.

Of course Amber had never done anything like this before, but when she had first become interested in sex she had looked on the Internet, and found some really interesting things.
She hadn't liked the pictures, and videos so much, but she had found some good reading.
She had learned enough to know that his penis standing up, and being all hard meant that he was sexually aroused by touching her, and it made her feel really special, and sexy.
That's why she had felt bold enough to reach for it, but then she'd worried that maybe he wouldn't like it, and she sure hadn't wanted him to stop so when he'd grabbed her wrist, and put her hand on it she had been thrilled.
She knew that people sucked cocks, and at first it had seemed a little strange, but with his cock in her hand she suddenly wanted to do it really bad so when he'd asked her to kiss it she almost couldn't believe her luck. Would he let her suck it?
Then he asked her, and she wasn't about to give him time to change his mind.
Now she was no expert on blow jobs, but she was clever enough to understand what she'd read, and having learned about the sensitivity of the male sex organ she was very careful not to scrap it with her teeth as she took it into her mouth.
When he had grasped her head, moaning, and pumping his hips she had felt proud of herself because he really seemed to be liking this, and she liked it too.
Something about the way he held her head so firmly as she felt his thick meat sliding in over her tongue, and lips made her pussy so wet, and excited that soon she couldn't help wiggling her ass on the sofa, and whimpering as she sucked his cock.
Eric felt her little hips roll, and looked down to see that she'd spread her legs a bit, and began reaching for the hem of her skirt, but hesitated, wondering if he should go further.
Then he thought, 'In for a penny in for a pound." and went ahead, pulling her skirt up.
He couldn't help but grin at the sight of her light pink cotton panties with the brightly colored Hello Kitty logo on them, and his smile got even broader when he saw the tiny wet spot on the crotch of her panties.
She was so wet, and aroused that it was soaking through her panties, and he just knew that he had to taste her.
"Oh Amber, your panties are wet." he gasped, a tone of mock concern in his voice.

She quickly pulled her mouth from his cock with a little pop, and then said, "I'm sorry." before biting her lip, and blushing.

"That's okay sweetie." he said calmly, helping her to her feet until she stood in front of him, and then said, "Let's just get these wet panties off of you."

He lifted her skirt, prompting her to hold it up for him, and she suddenly became worried that she might be in trouble.
"You won't tell my parents will you?" she asked nervously.

"Of course not." he said in a comforting tone as he began pulling down her panties. "This can be just between you, and me."

She was relieved to hear that, but not nearly as relieved as he was to hear that she wanted to keep it a secret knowing as he did that if anybody found out what he was doing with her the consequences could be dire.
Once he'd gotten her panties down he briefly admired her hairless little pubic mound, and then as he reached around, grasping a tight little ass check in each hand, he pulled her forward, dipping his head down, saying in a lascivious voice, "Now let's clean up that little pussy."

At first Amber giggled as she felt his warm, wet tongue between her legs, but then as he began licking her stiff little clitoris she slapped her skirt down, grasping his head in her hands, moaning loudly, and pushing her hips forward.
Eric's cock throbbed as he tasted the sweet, musky flavor of her little girl juice.
He could almost feel her pink little pussy lips swell in his mouth as she wiggled in his grasp, moaning, and firmly holding his head in her tiny hands.
Before long her breathing became quick, and shallow, her moans getting higher and higher pitched until she almost shrieked out, her body becoming stiff, and then shuddering uncontrollably as she reached orgasm.
Eric greedily lapped up her joy juice, making loud yummy sounds as it filled his mouth, and ran down his chin.

It seemed to go on forever, but then she slowly began coming down, her climax finishing off with a shudder that ran through her whole body.
Her knees got weak, and she almost fell down, but Eric had a good grip on her.
He gently guided her back to the sofa.
"Here, lie down with me." he said, laying on his side, and pulling hey tiny shuddering body close to him.
Tears trickled down her cheeks as she stuttered, "Oh-oh-k-k-kay." going limp, and allowing him to do as he liked with her.

Eric pulled her tiny quivering body in tight, letting out a little grunt as he felt his hard cock slip in between her soft, warm thighs, holding her close as she panted, and whimpered, her breathing gradually slowing as she calmed.
The smell of Amber's little girl sweat mingled with the scent of her pussy juice on his face, and fogged his mind is a haze of lust, her sweet musky odors causing erotic visions of penetrating her tight young pussy.
This was crazy, he knew that, and he had already gone too far, did he dare go further?
Oh but the temptation to bury his erection inside her was so strong, and she had seemed to really like what they had done so far, in fact she'd even been eager.
Of course thinking all of this caused him to unconsciously pump his hips ever to slightly, her thighs milking the precum out of his cock.
He wondered if that even mattered, he was the adult, and she was just a little girl, too young to even know better, right?

As Eric was engaged in this little cerebral conflict Amber was having some thoughts of her own.
She'd had fun playing with herself at night, but she had gotten scared, and stopped when the pressure had gotten really strong, but he had driven her over the edge with his tongue, and it had been even better than she had imagined.
He'd wrapped his big arms around her chest, and tummy, holding her close, so it was easy to just relax, and lay against him.
His robe was open and she could feel his warm, naked chest through the thin fabric of her uniform, and his cock nestled in between her thighs.
She still couldn't believe that he'd let her touch it, and suck on it, and she knew that she could trust him not to tell because he had always been her co-conspirator.
Whether it was letting her climb in the tree in his back yard, or sneaking her a piece of candy when she was in time-out with a wink, they had always had a special bond, and maybe that was why touching him, and being touched by him felt so nice.
She causally threw her arm back onto his body, her little heart skipping a beat when she felt his warm skin against her hand, and she became excited, wanting very much to see his cock again.
Amber reached down with her other hand, pulling her skirt up until she could see the purple head of stiff penis poking out from between her thighs, and dripping thick, clear liquid onto her leg.

Eric looked down between her legs, pumping his hips a little more, and they both sighed, and moaned gently, very much enjoying the intimacy of their close physical contact.
He kept pushing up more and more until he had to stop with a grunt when he felt the wet tip of his cock pressing firmly against her thick swollen pussy lips, the hot desire driving him out of his mind.
He was barely able to stop himself from just pushing up into her, but then she took him completely by surprise as she suddenly pushed her hips down, enveloping the head of his cock in her warm labia.
He hissed, and moaned as she pushed harder, the tip of his dick popping out the front, and she left her skirt pulled up to her waist as she reached down, pressing her fingers against his shaft, just under the head.
Amber giggled, and squealed with excitement as she rolled her hips, rubbing her stiff, aroused little clit against his hard cock.
Eric was momentarily dumbfounded as he watched her rub herself with his cock, almost unable to believe what he was seeing, and feeling.
When he finally regained his voice he whispered in a husky tone, "Do you like that honey?"

She answered with a nod, and a giggle, really pumping her hips now, the precum that was leaking from the tip of his cock making her tiny clitty nice, and slick which made it feel so good as she rubbed against him.
The skin of his cock felt so soft against her fingers, but she could also feel its throbbing hardness, like a muscle, strong, and powerful, like his scent, and the way that he held her, so tight, it almost made her dizzy.
She felt surrounded, held firmly in the grip of his manly presence, so safe, and protected.
She also felt incredibly excited, and grateful that he was letting her play sexy with him like an older girl, and altogether it made her feel really special, like the luckiest girl in the world.

Eric couldn't help pumping his hips, matching her rhythm, his cock throbbing, and aching to split open her hot little pussy, and fill it with his meat.
Her delicate little fingers rubbing him on that sensitive spot just under the head as she pumped her hips, stroking the other side of his cock with her aroused clitoris was driving him out of his mind, and the longer it went on the more he wanted to be inside her.
He pulled his hips back a little more, and because of the way her fingers were pushing against him she pushed the tip of his cock in between her thick pussy lips, and he began to thrust up, just feeling the opening of her tight little hole gripping the tip when she suddenly rolled her hips back causing his dick to pop back out.
She quickly grasped the tip of his cock again, rubbing her clitty against it as she whimpered, "No, rub it here."

Eric completely understood why she liked having her clit rubbed, but he wanted to get inside that pussy so bad now that it hurt.
Of course he could have just done as he liked, but so far this had been all nice, and sweet, a mutually enjoyable and gratifying experience, he wasn't looking to turn it into a rape, no, he would need her to be on board with him.
He quickly came up with a good idea, and he reached down, placing his fingers on top of hers as he whispered, "Here, let me show you something."

He pulled his hips back, drawing the wet tip of his cock down into her lips, as began he rubbing her clitoris with his fingers.
She instantly gripped his hand tight, rolling her hips, and moaning in pleasure with what he was doing to her with his fingers, doing things that she hadn't even thought of yet.
This seemed to be working as Eric asked rhetorically, "Oh you like that huh?" and then he asked, "If I rub you here with my fingers can I put my thingy where ever I want?"

She didn't even have to think about it before nodding her head vigorously, squealing, and wiggling in her grasp.
Her pussy was so wet, and aroused at this point that it didn't take him long to slip the head of his cock in between her thick, pink lips, nestling the tip firmly against the tight little opening of her hot hole.
He could feel her getting more, and more excited, her pussy getting wetter, and hotter as her breathing got heavier, and her little squeals got higher, and higher pitched.
Then she suddenly went stiff, grunting hard, and as he felt her pussy begin to flex, pumping her orgasmic juices onto his cock he knew that it was now, or never.
He gave a good push, the head of his cock was quickly engulfed by her tight little hole, and Eric groaned at the feeling of the flesh of her already tight pussy rhythmically squeezing his cock, and he began pushing in deeper.
Amber squealed, and panted hard as she felt his hard cock stretching her tiny vagina open, between that, and her orgasm it took her a moment to catch her breath, and he was already halfway inside her before she was able to whimper nervously, "Wa-wait! It's too-too big!"

But he couldn't have stopped now if he'd wanted to, and as he slowly drove more of his thick penis into her wet, quivering pussy his eyes slammed shut, and his mouth formed into an O that he was panting hard through.
Amber gripped the arm he had around her chest with one arm, while she tried pushing back against his hip with her other hand, but she had no strength, and the deeper he penetrated her the more intense her orgasm became until it finally peaked when with one last push he'd completely buried his cock inside her.
She grunted hard, trying not to move as her climax finished off making her little body shudder against him, and then she once again caught her breath enough to whimper, "It feels so big inside me."

The feeling of her tight little girl pussy wrapped around his cock was so intense that he had been momentarily stunned, unable to move, or even think, but then he looked down, and saw the tears trickling out of her eyes as she whimpered in his grasp so he quickly slipped her skirt up past her belly, rubbing her naked tummy with his hand as he cooed in a soothing tone, "Just relax baby, it's okay, just relax."

She closed her eyes, and began taking deep, shuddering breaths, trying her best to let all of her muscles go slack despite the intense feeling of his thick meat stretching her tiny wet hole.
Slowly she began to become more accustomed to his cock filling her up, and when she let out a long sigh, and then rolled her hips a little with a tiny whimper Eric knew that she was almost ready to be fucked good, and proper, but he was in no rush, he could wait until she was really ready.
He just lay on his side, holding her little body close, his cock buried inside her, waiting while she became used to it, moving her hips a little, then stopping, letting out a tiny grunt as she squeezed his cock tight with her little pussy.
Before long she had taken her hand from his hip, and was rubbing her clitoris as she rolled her hips, her moaning, and cooing making it clear that was discovering the pleasure of having his cock inside her.
Yes, now she was ready to be taught how to really take a man's cock.
Despite the intense feeling of being inside her Eric couldn't help but smile as he looked down at her, moaning, and writhing, her eye lids fluttering as she gripped the arm he was holding her with.
He began moving his hips back, and her mouth opened, panting hard as he slowly pulled his cock out until just the head was in, and then she let out a heavy sigh, her flesh quivering as he slowly plunged back in.
Amber squealed, and threw her hand back, once again gripping his hip as he impaled her on his thick penis, penetrating her so deep that she felt full of him.
Then he did it again, and again, and soon she was gently rolling her hips, matching his rhythm as he slowly fucked her tight little pussy.
Eric slid his hand up to grasp her little thigh giving them both a more unobstructed view of their sex, and as they watched the smooth in, and out motion wide eyed, they panted, and moaned in pleasure.
It was almost as if they couldn't believe what they were feeling, and had to look to be sure that this was really happening.
This felt even more amazing than Eric had imagined, but if he was surprised than Amber was completely blown away by how awesome, and powerful his cock felt slowly pistoning in, and out of her tight, wet pussy.
She slipped her hand down from his hip, grasping the hand he had on her thigh, and gripping it tight as her chest swelled with pride for being able to take his big man sized cock all the way inside her.
He made her feel so sexy, and even though she knew it was naughty, she didn't care because he made it okay, and her eyes filled with tears as she looked up at him, panting, "I lo-love yoooou!"

Eric's heart felt like it was about to burst in his chest as the innocent sincerity of her voice reached his ears, and when he looked deep into her tear filled eyes he felt his own eyes begin to tear up as he replied, "I love you too baby."

He began trusting a little faster, almost overcome with the emotions he felt for her, and he suddenly realized that he had always loved her.
She'd had a special place in his heart for as long as he'd known her, but he hadn't ever allowed himself to think about the depth of his feelings for her, but now it was clear to him that he had just been waiting until she was old enough for them to be together.
Of course he had never suspected in a million years that it would be this soon, but he accepted it because she loved him too, and that was what really mattered.
"Oh my sweet baby girl," he wept. "I love you so much honey."

Her whole body quivered, her little beret resting against his chest as she looked up into his eyes, panting harder as she felt his cock fucking her a little faster, and she was suddenly glad that she had popped her own cherry.
She had been playing with her hair brush one night when she'd felt a slight pain, and when she'd pulled the handle out, and seen blood she'd almost panicked, afraid that she had done something wrong.
She couldn't tell her parents what she had been doing, but she was able to sneak onto the computer, and poke around until she finally found a site that had explained all about the hymen, and she had been relieved to find out that the blood was normal.
Her relief had soon turned to excitement as it dawned on her that she could now have sex for real if only she could get to be alone with Eric.
Then she just felt silly for even thinking such a thing because after all he was a grown man, surely he would never be interested in doing things like that with her.
But now here they were, and he loved her too, it was like a dream come true.
She pumped her hips harder, matching his pace, and before long she could feel that pressure building again, but this time she seemed to stay on just this side of her orgasm for a lot longer so she began pumping even harder, squealing, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"

Eric, completely swept up in the passion of the moment, started really fucking her hard now, their bodies slapping together with each deep thrust, and Amber's eyes suddenly slammed shut, her mouth opening wide as he drove her to orgasm.
She cried out, her body becoming stiff, and then shaking with the power of her climax as her eyes rolled back in her head, the ecstasy sweeping though her in waves.
Before he knew it Eric's balls drew up, and he felt his own impending orgasm which he tried to forestall by thrusting all the way in, and stopping, but her already tight pussy was squeezing him to the rhythm of her orgasm.
He grunted load as his cock shot the first blast of hot cum deep inside her, and then he pulled out a little, thrusting back in as each throb of his orgasm filled her with his sperm.
Amber's hand flew down to her tummy as she felt his hot cum squirting into her, and his hand quickly joined it, their fingers locking together, the two of them grunting like wild animals as they got off hard.
Those few seconds seemed to last an eternity, but as Eric's orgasm began to slow he buried his cock all the way inside her once more, letting her clenching pussy milk out the last of his manly juices.
Slowly, as they began to come down from their shared ecstasy, their breathing began to return to normal, and soon they just lay there with his cock still inside her, and they cuddled together, basking in the afterglow.

As the fog of lust cleared Eric began to get really worried.
He couldn't believe what he'd just done to this sweet innocent little girl, and if anybody ever found out they'd put him under the jail.
His mind was running wild with fear, but then Amber looked up at him again, and in her sweet little voice she said, "I love you."

Instantly all of his fear vanished, and all he could feel was his love for her.
He kissed her forehead before saying, "I love you too sweetheart."

He wasn't sure how this was going to work out, but as he held her little body close, his cock still buried inside her tight pussy, against all reason he suddenly felt confident that it would work out some how.
He couldn't explain it, but he just felt sure that it would.
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Another of Lolocit's premier pedo authors has come to join us. Thanks for coming by Eric! We're happy to have you with us. Will we be hearing more about the happy couple, Amber and Mr. Page? It would be great if we could!
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Great story... passionate and loving... never underestimate the power of innocent children.
More stories like this please.
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what a great story. thanks for sharing
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Another of Lolocit's premier pedo authors has come to join us. Thanks for coming by Eric! We're happy to have you with us. Will we be hearing more about the happy couple, Amber and Mr. Page? It would be great if we could!

I'll second that - what a hot story !

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That was fucking beautiful! Amber sounds like a real catch.
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Such a wonderful story. Please let there be more.
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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #7 on: March 15, 2019, 11:17:03 PM »

I kinda like the idea of the Cookie Corps, and the Chocolate Chips!  It's like the Girl Scouts, only removing all that boring stuff that doesn't involve baking.

I imagine.  Didn't really go into that much detail.  Yet...

Weird, nerdy, and quite often wrong.
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« Reply #8 on: March 16, 2019, 06:11:37 AM »

Thank you all for your positive comments, and I hope that my other stories also please you.

I kinda like the idea of the Cookie Corps, and the Chocolate Chips!  It's like the Girl Scouts, only removing all that boring stuff that doesn't involve baking.

I imagine.  Didn't really go into that much detail.  Yet...
It's always a good idea to go with legally distinct knockoffs.
You wouldn't think that the Girls Scouts of America would even know about my story much less be willing to litigate.
On the other hand Lolicon-r-Us became Lolicit because of a cease and desist from the lawyers for a certain toy store chain who shall remain nameless.
Besides I have fun messing around with well known names or institutions.
For instance in this one story I had two social media sites called Spacebook and MyFace.
Good times.
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^Lady Lisa Lyon^

« Reply #9 on: March 16, 2019, 02:34:58 PM »

For instance in this one story I had two social media sites called Spacebook and MyFace.

I've also used "Gamestation" for a console system.  You're right, it's fun and especially for stories that involve children, I like that sense of playfulness.

Especially with things like the GSA, where somebody can search "Girlscouts," and while this story isn't likely to be at the top of the Google results, it's better safe than sorry.    I really just thought it was funny, especially "Chocolate Chips."  Very creative.
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Weird, nerdy, and quite often wrong.

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« Reply #10 on: March 16, 2019, 06:38:13 PM »

Great Story  emot_101010  I loved it  emot_hard
I also hope there will be more to it soon...
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« Reply #11 on: March 17, 2019, 03:51:47 AM »

For instance in this one story I had two social media sites called Spacebook and MyFace.

I've also used "Gamestation" for a console system.  You're right, it's fun and especially for stories that involve children, I like that sense of playfulness.

Especially with things like the GSA, where somebody can search "Girlscouts," and while this story isn't likely to be at the top of the Google results, it's better safe than sorry.    I really just thought it was funny, especially "Chocolate Chips."  Very creative.
I couldn't agree more about the playful aspect being the right call.
When one writes the kind of stuff that's as inherently absurd as the stuff I write one simply must have fun with it.
You just have to.
Speaking of which I have this daddy/daughter story that I reckon I'll post in Incest, and it's pretty cute.
It's called Dickie the Explorer (in the land of Amber) if that tells you anything.

I actually got a pretty good chuckle out of the Chocolate Chips myself when I came up with it.
You know what they say, "If you can't laugh at yourself, laugh at other people."
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« Reply #12 on: March 17, 2019, 03:54:38 AM »

When one writes the kind of stuff that's as inherently absurd as the stuff I write one simply must have fun with it.

That's one of the things that lose me in a lot of stories.  I mean, she's a child right, a little kid?  Why the fuck is she so damned serious?  Serious kids are boring.

Weird, nerdy, and quite often wrong.
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« Reply #13 on: March 20, 2019, 02:00:51 PM »

When one writes the kind of stuff that's as inherently absurd as the stuff I write one simply must have fun with it.

That's one of the things that lose me in a lot of stories.  I mean, she's a child right, a little kid?  Why the fuck is she so damned serious?  Serious kids are boring.
Yeah, I like to make my little girls a bit precocious but there's a point at which one begins seriously straining credulity.
For instance, if your "children" start talking like university professors there'd better be a pretty fucking good reason.
She's actually an 800 year old vampire, she's an alien and this is what they look like full grown, an elf, a robot, etc. just some kind of an explanation.
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Serious kids are boring.
Girls just wanna have fun  Cheesy

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