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Sold into Prostitution.

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on: April 16, 2019, 06:43:35 AM

Sold into Prostitution. Pt.01 (MMF, )

When I saw Candy, dancing at the strip club, it was if I was alone with her and she was dancing only for me, I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she danced around and held onto the dance pole. She was gorgeous, her eyes sparkled as she smiled and her long brown hair swayed in the air with the movement of her body. Her firm breasts were just large enough to fit in the palm of someone’s hand and her nipples were hard and poking out as if she was freezing cold. Her hips were just wide enough, for her to have the perfect thigh gap between her legs, her wet outer cunt lips were opened slightly, showing off the pink entrance to her hole.

When I waved the one hundred dollar bill in my hand at her she smiled and squatted down in front of me giving me a clear view of her bald cunt.

As the music stopped, she whispered, “Would you like me to give you a private lap dance?”

When I replied, “I would love that.”

She stepped off the stage still naked and took my hand in hers and led me through the crowd of men, who were reaching out to touch her naked body as she passed them and led me towards the back of the strip club. Inside the small room she had me sit down on the couch, as she started to dance in front of me, this time her dancing was a lot more provocative, her fingers of one hand were pulling on her nipples and the fingers of her other hand were inside her wet cunt. I watched as she fingered herself, soaking her fingers in her juices and then sucked on her wet fingers before returning her fingers to her cunt.

After fingering herself and sucking on her fingers several times, she asked, “Do you want me to suck on your cock?”

“Yes please, oh fuck yes, please suck on my cock,” I blurted.

Candy giggled, “Are you going to take your pants off?”

I quickly stood up and undone my pants belt and pushed my pants and underwear down to around my ankles. She smiled at me as she saw my hard cock pulsating in front of her, she then pushed me back down onto the couch and knelt down in front of me. When she wrapped her hand around my cock, I closed my eyes and softly moaned.

Then when I felt her mouth wrap around the knob of my cock, I opened my eyes to see her slipping her mouth all the way down the shaft of my cock until her chin was resting against my pubic hair.

“Oh fuck that feels so good,” I moaned.

With my cock still in her mouth, she looked up at me with her sparkling eyes and then began moving her mouth up and down on my cock as she held the base of my cock in her hand. My chest was rising and falling with each breath and bob of her head, she was sucking my cock and using her tongue to massage the knob of my cock each time she lifted her mouth up. I reached out and ran my fingers through her long brown hair, moving her hair to one side so I could watch her mouth sliding up and down on my cock.

Most of the females that I have had sucking my cock had always been in a rush to make me cum as fast as they could. This young woman was different she was taking her time and was enjoying sucking on my cock as much as I enjoyed having my cock in her mouth, there was no way that I couldn’t stop myself from cumming.

“I’m going to cum,” I screamed.

Candy took all of my cock deep into her mouth and left it there as I started to shoot my hot cum into her mouth, she swallowed each load and kept sucking making sure I had finished and she had all of my cum. With my cock becoming soft in her mouth she lifted her mouth off my cock and looked up at me with a beaming smile.

“Did you enjoy having me sucking your cock, were you satisfied?” quizzed Candy.

I nodded my head, and handed her the one hundred dollar bill, she took the money from me and gave me a kiss on my cheek. When there was a sudden knock on the door, she threw a robe over her naked body and opened the door and spoke to someone.

“They want me to dance for the customers again,” Candy muttered.

Then after I had pulled up my pants and underwear and had done up my pants, she gave me another kiss, this time she kissed me on my mouth and lasted longer, only breaking our kiss when there was another knock on the door.

“I have to go... I hope you can stay and watch me dancing,” she chirped.

“I will... I love watching you dance,” I flirted.

I followed her out of the room and sat down at the front of the stage, as soon as she stepped onto the stage the music started and she started dancing, swinging her body around the dance pool. When she rubbed her cunt up and down the dance pole the murmurs and the gasps for breath from those watching was easily heard above the music. I watched her hang upside down on the dance pole letting everyone watching her see her bald cunt.

When she moved around the edge stage of the stage giving each of the customers a close view of her cunt, I was waiting for her to stop in front of me, her eyes lit up when I waved more money in front of her face, she gave me a smile and winked at me and nodded her head in the direction of the room. I stood up and moved back from the stage and waited for her at the entrance to the backrooms.

As soon as the music stopped and Hayley climbed off the stage and headed towards me. I watched as several men reached out and groped her body, one man even pulled her onto his lap before she was rescued by one of the club staff. When all the lights came on the customers knew it was the end of the night and closing time for the strip club, after finishing their drinks they started to leave the club.

By the time she met me at the entrance to the backrooms she was giggling, she gave me another beaming smile and led me by my hand to another room this one was much bigger and had a shower in the corner and it was easy to see it was her change room.

“What do you want from me?” Candy inquired.

“I want you to come with me to my hotel room and spend the night with me,” I exclaimed.

“I'm not allowed to go home with the customers,” Candy blurted.

“Don’t worry about your boss... everything has been taken care of,” I replied.

“Are you sure?” Candy asked.

“Yes, Hayley I'm sure,” I replied.

“How do you know my real name is Hayley?” she nervously asked.

“As I said, everything has been taken care off and I’ve spoken to Steven, your employer,” I said.

 “You spoke to Steven about me... what’s your name?” Hayley asked.

“Yes I have spoken to Steven and you can call me Mal,” I replied.
I watched as Hayley step into the shower, she was no longer giggling and looked confused as she began to wash her body as if she was doing a wet striptease and when there was a knock on the door, Hayley yelled, “Can you open the door and see who it is for me,”

When I opened the door, I saw it was the strip club manager, Steven, holding three glasses and a bottle of champagne, I said, “Come on in, Hayley is having a shower.”

As soon as Steven came into the room and I had closed and locked the door behind him, he put down the bottle of champagne and glasses.

Hayley yelled, “Who was it?”

“It’s Steven,” I replied.

As Hayley stepped out of the shower, Steven handed Hayley a towel and then sat down beside me to watch Hayley drying herself.

“Steven what are you doing here?” moaned Hayley.

Steven looked at me and chuckled, “You haven’t told Hayley... have you?”

“Told me what?” roared Hayley.

“Mal has bought your contract from me... you are now working for him,” chuckled Steven.

“What about the money I still owe you?” squealed Hayley letting the towel fall to the floor.

“You now owe Mal the money... you will be working for Mal from now on,” blurted Steven.

As Hayley stepped closer to us, I watched Steven reach out and pulled Hayley onto his lap and ran his hands over her naked body, squeezing her breasts and twisting her nipples. When he ran his hand between Hayley’s legs, she opened her thighs wider letting Steven’s fingers rub over her bald cunt and when he pushed his finger deep into her cunt, she let out a gasp as she looked at me.

“Mal, you don’t mind me fucking Hayley one last time, do you?” asked Steven.

“No, not at all... I’m sure Hayley doesn’t mind you fucking her do you, Hayley?” I said.

Without answering and still looking at me, Steven lifted her off his lap and up onto her feet, he then stood up and lowered his pants and underwear down around his ankles and stepped out of them. He was now naked from the waist down, with his hard fat cock sticking out in front of him. When he bent Hayley’s naked body over an armchair she didn’t resist or complain. He then took hold of her hips and drove his hard cock into her cunt in one thrust. Hayley looked at me with surprise and confusion on her face as Steven slammed his cock in and out of her cunt again and again.

“Hayley’s cunt is nice and tight... I’m sure she will make you plenty of money,” chuckled Steven.

A few minutes later he grunted and started filling Hayley’s cunt with his hot cum. When he had finished and had removed his limp cock from her cum filled cunt, Hayley laid there in the same position bent over the armchair.

Steven looked at me and asked, “Do you want to fuck her... or are you going to wait?”

“I will wait till we’re at the hotel,” I replied as Steven started filling three glasses full off champagne.

As Hayley sat up, Steven handed Hayley and me a glass of champagne and raised his glass and said, “Cheers and here’s to a successful transaction.”

I lifted my glass and replied, “Thanks again for doing this for me.”

“What’s going on, what transaction, what have you done?” Hayley squealed.

“I have just sold your debt to Mal, you’re now working for him and have to do what he asks...  unless you want to go to prison for theft,” replied Steven.

Hayley looked at me and nervously asked, “Does that mean I can’t dance at the club anymore... what  do you want me to do?”

“I want you to dance privately and entertain the men I introduce you too... and of course fuck me whenever I want,” I blurted.

“You want me to be a prostitute?” Hayley cried.

“Yes, that’s the idea... you have already been fucking for money,” I grunted.

Hayley sat there thinking about what to do or say and took a large gulp from her glass of champagne as she started to realize that she had just been sold into prostitution.


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Reply #1 on: April 16, 2019, 06:38:18 PM
Is this one of those stories where Hayley's age is left to the reader's imagination?

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Reply #2 on: April 21, 2019, 10:50:33 AM
Sold into Prostitution. Pt.02 (MFF, )

Hayley sat there and watched as Steven and I had another glass of champagne, I could tell by the expression on her face that she was now regretting stealing the money from her previous employer and having agreed to work as a stripper to repay the money she had stolen. Letting men fuck her and sucking their cocks for money seemed like a good idea at first as it would allow her to pay back the stolen money quicker.

“Go and have a shower and get dressed... and I will take you to your new accommodation,” I blurted.

“You want me to move out off my apartment?” Hayley squealed.

“Your one bedroom apartment is definitely not suitable for the clients you will be looking after,” I laughingly replied.

An hour later we were in the elevator going up to the four floor of a luxury apartment complex and when I opened the door and started showing Hayley around her new apartment.

She started squealing with delight, “You're letting me stay in this apartment... it’s so big, and it has several bedrooms and it has a large spa bath.”

“As I told you before, you can stay here and entertain your clients in comfort,” I replied.

Hayley threw her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss and giggled like an excited school girl as she said, “Thank you.”

She was now starting to realize how good it was going to be living here in this apartment and she started to thank me the only way she knew how too, by undoing my pants and pulling my hard cock out and dropping to her knees to take my cock into her mouth. She started sucking my cock like the cheap slut she was and was trying to make my cock cum.

“Slow down and enjoying sucking on my cock... there is no need to rush, learn to enjoy having sex, your clients will want to get their money worth, they're not looking for a quick fuck or head job,” I explained.

Hayley then started to lick up and down the shaft of my cock and all around the head of my cock as she fondled my large hanging balls.

“Yes, that’s a lot better, pretend that your clients are your boyfriends and treat them the way you want to be treated,” I said.

Hayley lifted her mouth off my cock and said, “I’ve never really had a boyfriend before.”

I had already been told by Steven that Hayley didn’t have a boyfriend and I chuckled, “By the time I have finished with you, there will be plenty of men wanting to be your boyfriend.”

Hayley giggled and then returned to sucking on my cock, slowly teasing me, edging me, doing what I had asked. When I did finally start shooting my hot cum into her mouth it was a massive load and she had to gulp and swallow it fast as she could as my cum tried to squeeze out of her mouth. After I had finished cumming she licked my cock clean before leaning back as she knelt in front of me. I helped her back up onto her feet and then pushed my cock back into my pants.

“Have a good nights sleep, and get used to your new bed... you're going to be spending a lot of time in it,” I chuckled.

As I opened the apartment door to leave, Hayley gave me another passionate kiss, and said, “Thank you for looking after me.”

“Tomorrow morning I will come over and take you shopping for some new clothes,” I said as I left Hayley alone in her new apartment.

When I arrived at Hayley’s apartment complex at 10 am, I took the elevator to the four floor and used my key card to enter Hayley’s apartment, I found Hayley sleeping peacefully naked on the large bed. Leaving her asleep, I went and made myself a coffee and when I returned to the bedroom, I sat down to watch her sleeping, she looked as every bit as beautiful and enticing as the first time, I had seen her and it was hard to believe that she was only nineteen-years-old.

She had been too young to have been left in charge of such a large sum of money and the temptation was too strong for her. It wasn’t her brightest idea to take the money and transfer it to her own bank account. The auditors quickly discovered what she had done and she was dismissed on the spot and had to return what money that she had left and agreed to repay the rest of the money back or the authorities would be involved.

In one way, I felt sorry for Hayley in another way, I was extremely happy to now own her and use her for my own pleasure. When I had finished my coffee, I reached out and ran my hand over her naked body, first cupping her breast in the palm of my hand and giving it a gentle squeeze, then when I ran my hand up her inside thigh she parted her legs letting my fingers rub over her bald cunt.

After I pushed my finger into her cunt and began to finger fuck her she started to wake up, she laid there with her eyes closed and she started to hump my finger.

Hayley softly whispered, “Please don’t stop, I’m close to having an orgasm.”

I pumped my finger in and out of her wet cunt faster and when my thumb rubbed her clit she screamed and placed her hand on top of mine stopping me fingering her cunt.

“Oh fuck me, that was incredible, I’ve never been woken up like that before,” moaned Hayley.

When she removed her hand from the top of mine and I had removed my finger from her wet cunt, Hayley sat up on the bed with a large smile on her face and asked, “Are you still taking me shopping today?”

“Yes, I am... now go and have a shower, and then we can go shopping,” I replied.

Hayley climbed off the bed and headed into the bathroom when I heard to shower being turned on, I undressed and entered the bathroom and opened the shower door and stepped inside to join her, she giggled and pulled my naked body against hers, feeling my hard cock pressing against her cunt. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a passionate kiss and then bit and pulled on my bottom lip.

When our mouths separated she slipped down to her knees and took my hard throbbing cock into her mouth and used her tongue to lick all around the knob of my cock before sucking my cock further into her mouth, she then began moving her mouth up and down the shaft of my cock, fondling my balls in her hands at the same time, when my cock slipped out of her mouth she licked up and down each side of my shaft before taking one of my balls into her mouth.

The feeling of having my balls sucked on was incredible, she took turns sucking on my balls and then holding my balls in her hands took my cock back into her mouth and returned to sucking and moving her mouth up and down on my cock. I ran my hand through her hair as I encouraged her to move her head up and down faster. When I felt my cock about to explode I pushed her head all the way down onto my cock and she wrapped her hands around my ass-cheeks pulling my cock deeper into her mouth.

My cock shot several loads of my hot sticky cum into her mouth, she quickly swallowed each load and waited for the next load to fill her mouth. Even after I had finished cumming she continued to suck on my cock sucking out the last remaining cum out of my limp cock, before removing her mouth from my soft cock and standing back up beside me.

“Thank you,” Hayley replied.

“It should be me thanking you for giving me a great head job,” I chuckled as we stepped out the shower.

After drying each other and having dressed we left the apartment and took the elevator down to the ground floor.

“Philip, this is Hayley, she will be staying in apartment 401, Hayley, this is Philip he is one of the apartment complex’s doormen... if you have any problems or questions you can ask him,” I explained.

After they smiled and said, hello,” to each other we left the apartment complex to go shopping.

The first shop, I took Hayley into was a lingerie shop and her eyes lit up with all the expensive lingerie on display.

When one of the saleswomen who I knew came over to us and asked, “Can I be of any assistance, Mr. Clarke?”

I replied, “Susan, this Hayley and she needs some new lingerie.”

“Hello, Hayley it’s nice to meet another of Mr. Clarke’s friends,” Susan chuckled.

“Do you know your lingerie sizes?” Susan asked.

“Susan, I think you should take Hayley’s measurements,” I said.

Susan giggled and said, “Will you both come with me and I will take your measurements, Hayley.”

Susan led us into a large private change room with two armchairs and a large wall mirror and said, “Hayley, please remove all your clothes, so I can measure you.”

As I sat down in an armchair, I watched Hayley undress in front of Susan, when Susan saw the underwear that Hayley was wearing she looked at me with a look of disgust and shook her head.
Susan quickly helped Hayley remove her bra and panties and as Hayley stood there naked in front of us.

Susan smiled at Hayley and said, “You have a very beautiful body.”

Hayley blushed as Susan ran her hands over her breasts and then let out a gasp as Susan gave her ass-cheeks a squeeze, when Susan ran her fingers over Hayley’s bald cunt, I heard her let out a soft moan and saw her knees start to buckle.

I watched Susan lick her wet fingers and say, “Let’s take some measurements.”

After Susan had run the tape measure around Hayley’s naked body and written down the measurements she had taken, she said, “Let me go and find you some lingerie to try on.”

When Susan disappeared out to the front of the shop, I said, “What do you think of Susan?”

Hayley blushed as she replied, “She is very... friendly and nice.”

“Susan, likes other women... have you ever made love to another woman?”

“No, never,” spluttered Hayley.

“I want you to give, Susan a kiss when she returns for helping you,” I chuckled.

Hayley gave me a confused look and asked, “Why?”

“Because some of your clients will be women,” I chuckled.

At that moment Susan returned to the change room carrying several items of lingerie, when she held up a small red lace thong to Hayley she asked, “What do you think?” and then said, “I think it would look great on you.”

Hayley looked at me and after I had nodded my head, she took Susan’s hand holding the thong and pulled Susan closer and kissed her on her mouth. Susan stepped back in shock and when she saw Hayley smiling, Susan stepped closer and gave Hayley a lingering passionate kiss on her open mouth. As Hayley held Susan’s head in her hands they kissed. Susan started rubbing her hands over Hayley’s naked body and cupped Hayley’s ass-cheeks in the palms of her hands and gave them a gentle squeeze.

When their mouths separated, Susan leaned down and took one of Hayley’s nipples into her mouth and began sucking on the nipple. Hayley used one hand to hold Susan’s mouth onto her breast as she ran her other hand under Susan’s dress and between her legs. After Hayley took hold of the zipper on the back of Susan’s dress and had pulled it all the way down, Susan shrugged her shoulders letting the dress fall to the floor.

Hayley then undid the clasp on Susan’s bra and after Susan let her bra slip down her arms and fall to the floor she lifted her mouth of Hayley’s nipple and wrapped her arms around Hayley and pulled her against her bare breasts. With both of their bare breasts pressing against each other’s breasts they kissed each other like lovers and not new found friends. For someone who had never made love to another woman, Hayley was a fast learner.

“Hayley, take Susan’s Panties off... and let me see you eating her cunt,” I moaned.

Susan released her arms from around Hayley’s body and stood there letting Hayley kneel down and slipped her thong to her ankles. After Susan had stepped out of her thong she reached out and pulled Hayley’s mouth against her wet cunt and with her hand on the back of Hayley’s head she ground her wet cunt against Hayley’s mouth and let out a low moan of delight. Susan moved back and sat down in an armchair as she held Hayley’s against her cunt.

When Susan saw me standing up to remove my pants and underwear she smiled at me as she saw me move and kneel down behind Hayley with my hard cock sticking straight out. When I ran my hand between Hayley’s legs she moved her knees further apart giving me access to her cunt. With a quick thrust, I drove my cock deep into Hayley’s cunt as Susan held Hayley’s mouth against her cunt stopping her from lifting her head.

I could hear Hayley’s muffled squeals of rapture, as I slammed my cock in and out of her cunt, Susan was pressing down on Hayley’s head with one hand as her other hand's fingers twisted and pulled on her own nipples. With Susan encouraging me to fuck Hayley faster and harder it wasn’t long before I was filling Hayley’s cunt with my hot cum.

When I had finished cumming and had slipped my limp cock out of Hayley’s cunt and Susan had removed her hand from Hayley’s head. Hayley sat up on her knees and gasped and took deep breaths as she tried to recover. I pulled my pants and underwear back on as Susan wiped Hayley’s face with a few wet wipes and wiped her own wet cunt with a towel.

Susan then stood up and after helping Hayley to her feet, had her trying on the lingerie. Hayley looked fantastic in a sheer thong and sheer bra, and then even more sexy wearing a red lace bra and red lace thong with matching suspenders.

When she tried on a black lace bra and matching lace panties, I said, “Susan, leave those on Hayley for when we try on a few dresses... and you can throw the underwear she had on into the rubbish.”

After Hayley had put the dress she had came into the store on, I handed my credit card to Susan, and said, “Charge all those to my card and add a large tip for yourself as a thank you for your help.”

Susan gave me a kiss and said, “Thank you Mr. Clarke, and if I can ever be off any assistance please let me know.”

Hayley held my hand with one hand and held several shopping bags in her other hand as we left the lingerie shop and headed to the dress shop.


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