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My friend’s hot wife

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on: May 18, 2019, 09:47:56 AM
My friend’s hot wife. Pt.01

I had known Mark for years after meeting him at the wholesalers where I bought my supplies from. It was after a Christmas breakup party that we had become close friends when we discovered we each liked talking about our sexual experiences with each other. I would talk about how sexy my wife was and he would talk to me about how kinky and extremely sexy his wife Lisa was.

When he showed me Lisa’s naked photos my cock started twitching as I marveled at her lovely large breasts and bald cunt. Then when he showed me the photos of Lisa sucking his cock, I slipped my hand inside my pants and gave my hard cock a squeeze.

Mark smiled and said, “Wally, if you want to masturbate to Lisa’s photos you can, don’t mind me.”

I opened my pants and pulled out my cock and started stroking as I looked at the various photos of Mark fucking his wife and her sucking on his large cock. The photos of Lisa using her electric vibrator on her cunt was extremely erotic and had my cock close to exploding.

“Fuck mate your wife is fucking hot... I wish my wife was like her,” I moaned as I continued stroking my cock.

All it took was a few more strokes of my cock before I was shooting my cum all over my hand. I had previously explained to Mark, how my wife Robyn was bisexual and very sexual and we had often enjoyed a few threesomes when we first got together, but now that Robyn was older her sex drive had slowed down to near a full stop.

“Lisa had me fuck her this morning... she wanted to sit on top of me and ride my cock as if she was riding a horse,” Mark chuckled.

“Your cock was inside Lisa’s cunt this morning... pull your cock out and let me taste her cunt juices covering your cock,” I blurted.

Mark opened his pants and pulled out his large hard cock and I immediately leaned down and took his hard cock into my mouth and used my tongue to lick all over the head of his cock, I could taste Lisa’s sweet nectar that covered Mark’s cock.

I lifted my mouth from Mark’s hard cock and squealed, “Fuck mate, Lisa juices tastes wonderful, I wish I could have sucked out your cum from her cum filled cunt this morning after you had fucked her.”

I then took Mark’s cock back into my mouth and returned to sucking on his cock as he told me about how excited he became when he shared Lisa with other men. I could tell by the way that Mark’s cock was throbbing that he loved talking about sharing Lisa. He then pressed my head all the way down on my cock as his cock exploded in my mouth, the first blast hit the back of my throat and the second squirt and third and fourth squirts filled my mouth with his hot sticky cum.

We sat there for several minutes without saying anything, both with our limp cocks sticking out of our pants.

“Would you like to meet Lisa?” Mark asked.

“Fuck yes, I would,” I blurted.

“I’m playing in a band at this hotel on Saturday night... and Lisa will be there, “ Mark chuckled as he gave me a flyer with the hotel and name of his band.

After reading the flyer, I replied, “I will be there.”

With our cocks hard again we stroked each other’s cocks as we looked at more photos of Lisa in lingerie and talked about her. It wasn’t long before both our cocks had exploded and shot out hot cum into the air.

“I wish I had a pair of Lisa’s panties to masturbate with and cum in,” I blurted.

Mark chuckled as he stood up and dropped his pants down to around his ankles and asked, “Would you like these ones to take home with you?”

I smiled as I saw that Mark was wearing a pair of Lisa’s black satin panties, and replied, “ Yes I would love them.”

After removing the panties and handing them to me, Mark said, “I will email you a few photos of Lisa and me.”

“Thank you,” I replied as I shoved Lisa’s panties into my pocket.

As soon as I arrived home I undressed and pulled Lisa’s panties on and started stroking my cock as I thought about meeting her at the hotel on Saturday night. The next day I received an email from Mark with several photos of Lisa bending over sucking on Mark’s cock, her large breasts hanging down just waiting to be sucked and milked. The photos of Lisa’s face covered in Mark’s cum and the photos of Lisa holding her bald cunt lips apart were extremely exciting and it didn’t take long before I was cumming in her panties as I used them as a cum rag.

It was finally Saturday night and I was already sitting at a table as Mark and Lisa entered the hotel, when Mark saw me he brought Lisa over to me and introduced us to each other. Lisa surprised me by giving me a kiss hello and then sat down beside me as Mark set up his band equipment. I stood up and asked Lisa what she wanted to drink and then went to the bar and returned with a couple of drinks for us.

We sat there listening to the band playing and chatted like old friends, a few times we had to lean closer to each other to hear each other speak. When I rested my hand on Lisa’s knee she didn’t object.

Lisa leaned forward and kissed me and said, “Mark tells me that you like my photos.”

“Yes I do, you looked fantastic in the photos... I loved the photos of you in stocking and suspenders... are you wear suspenders tonight?” I asked as I slipped my hand under the hem of her dress.

Lisa giggled and pulled her dress up to reveal that she was wearing suspenders, and said, “Mark told me that he gave you a pair of my panties to masturbate with.”

“Yes he did... and I’ve used them a lot since he gave them to me,” I replied as I moved my hand up Lisa’s inside thigh.

“Would you like a fresh pair to use?” Lisa giggled.

“Yes I would love another pair,” I replied.

“Wait here,” Lisa said as she stood up and headed towards the toilets.

A few minutes later Lisa returned and handed me under the table her panties that she had been wearing, I took hold of the panties and brought them to my nose and inhaled the aroma as I slipped my other hand between her legs. Lisa parted her legs letting my hand slip further up her inside thigh until I was feeling her wet bald cunt. Lisa let out a gasp as my finger ran between her puffy cunt lips and when I pushed my finger inside her wet cunt she let out a soft moan.

Lisa pushed my hand away and said, “I need to have a smoke outside,”

I looked at Mark grinning at me as I escorted his wife out to the carpark. In the carpark, Lisa went to their car and opened the passenger's door and pulled out a cigarette packet from the glovebox. After lighting the cigarette, she took a deep puff from the cigarette and then handed me the cigarette, when I took a deep puff from the cigarette I knew it was dope, I took another large puff and handed the cigarette back to Lisa for her to take a puff.

When the cigarette was finished, I pulled Lisa’s body against mine and held her in a tight embrace and kissed her, when I felt Lisa’s tongue entering my mouth, I kissed her passionately and we wrestled with each other’s tongues. I then turned her away from me and pulled her back against my chest. Lisa opened the front of her dress and my hands slipped under her bra and cupped her large breasts, as I squeezed her breasts, I could feel her nipples becoming harder.

I kissed the back of her neck several times and gave her ear lobe a soft bite as I continued fondling her magnificent breasts. With my cock throbbing excitedly in my pants, I dropped my pants down around my ankles and lifted the hem of Lisa’s dress up and pressed my hard cock against her bare ass.

Lisa moaned, “Yes fuck me... I want to feel your cock inside me.”

I pushed Lisa’s head down inside the car onto the passenger's seat, with her bent over she moved her legs apart. After running my hard cock up and down her wet cunt lips, I pressed the tip of my cock against the entrance to her cunt. As my cock slipped inside her wet cunt, Lisa moaned and when I started pumping my cock in and out of Lisa’s cunt her moans grew louder. I was fucking my friend’s wife in the middle of a hotel carpark.

When I started slamming my cock in and out of her cunt, Lisa’s cunt erupted and squirted her sweet nectar all over my cock and balls. I had just given Lisa an orgasm and now it was my turn as my cock started shooting my hot cum into her cunt. When I had finished cumming and pulled my cock out of Lisa’s cum filled cunt, I saw that we had an audience there was a young girl standing watching us.

As I pulled up my pants, and Lisa laid bent over the passenger's car seat with cum dripping out her cunt. The young woman yelled, “Mom, are you alright?”

Lisa stood up and pushed her dress into place and said, “Yes, I’m alright... Hope this is Wally he is a friend of your father... Wally this is my daughter Hope.”

I remembered Mark telling me about his eighteen-year-old daughter and said, “Hello Hope, it’s nice to meet you.”

Lisa took Hope’s and my hand in hers and said, “We better go back into the hotel.”
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Reply #1 on: May 18, 2019, 02:53:55 PM
Good read Wayne.


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Reply #2 on: May 18, 2019, 05:15:05 PM
Woo!  I love how you set up your stories with forshadowing.  Spoilers:  It looks like Holly is going to get it!

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Reply #3 on: June 17, 2019, 02:54:39 PM
My friend’s hot wife. Pt.02

When the three of us walked back into the hotel, Mark was still playing with the band and when he saw us he gave us a smile. After we had sat down at the table in front of the band, Mark was left in no doubt on what had happened outside in the carpark, when he saw his wife Lisa give me a passionate kiss and slip her hand inside my pants to give my cock a squeeze.

With the band still pumping out the music, Hope dragged me up onto the dance floor, she wrapped her hands around my neck and started swaying to the music from the band. I reached around her slim body and cupped the cheeks of her ass and pulled her cunt against my groin. It was as if Hope was dirty dancing, she ground her cunt against my cock making my cock grow harder. The only thing stopping my cock from penetrating her cunt was that we were both dressed.

The way that Mark stared at me dancing with his eighteen-year-old daughter and the large bulge in his tight pants told me that he was getting excited. When Hope kissed me on my mouth passionately and poked her tongue into my mouth, I thought Mark’s cock was going to explode inside his pants. When the band stopped playing to take a break, Hope and I returned to our table and sat down. Mark came over to the table and sat down, after giving his wife Lisa a kiss, he slipped his hand under her dress and discovered that Lisa wasn’t wearing any panties.

When Mark looked at me, I showed him the panties his wife had given me, he gave me a beaming smile as he slipped the hem of Lisa’s dress up her thighs to expose her cunt. Hope giggled at seeing her father exposing her mother’s cunt and when I placed my hand on Hope’s bare knee and started to slipped her dress up her thighs, Hope gasped and placed her hand on top of mine, at first I thought that she was stopping me slipping her dress up her thighs any further, only to be surprised when she moved my hand onto her wet thong covered cunt.

I slipped my fingers under Hope’s thong and rubbed her bald cunt and then started finger fucking Hope in front of her parents. When the band members returned to the stage Mark stood up and returned to the stage to join them.

As the band started to play music again and with my cock twitching inside my pants at the thought of fucking a mother and daughter on the same night. My cock was ready to explode inside my pants.

“I need to use the toilet,” I blurted.

When I walked into the Marke toilet, I was shocked to see that Hope had come into the male toilet with me, she pushed me into a cubicle and stepped into the cubicle with me and then locked the cubicle door. Hope undone my belt and opened my pants letting my hard throbbing cock spring out, with my pants and underwear down around my ankles, Hope pushed me back onto the toilet seat. With my cock pointing upwards, Hope lifted her dress up around her waist and pulled her thong to the side and took hold of my cock and aimed my cock at the entrance to her wet cunt.

Hope lowered her cunt down on my cock, the feeling of my cock slipping further into her cunt felt incredible only stopping when she was sitting on my lap. She sat there impaled on my cock for several moments and when she slowly started bouncing up and down on my cock, I begged my cock not to explode. Then as her bouncing up and down became faster I knew there was no way to stop my cock from exploding inside her eighteen-year-old cunt.

I pulled her down onto my cock and held her there as my cock exploded and started filling her cunt with my hot sticky cum. With my cock still inside her cunt, Hope leaned forward and kissed me passionately tongue fucking my mouth. As we kissed each other I opened the front of her dress and lifted her bra up off her firm breasts and ran my hands over them feeling her nipples becoming harder. When she broke our kiss, I kissed each breast and took turns sucking on each of her nipples.

When there was banging on the cubicle door and voice yelling, “Wally are you in there?”

I recognized the voice as Mark’s and I replied, “Yeah I’m in here.”

“Open the door,” Mark yelled.

When I unlocked the cubicle door, Mark pushed the door open and he saw his daughter Hope sitting on my lap with her dress around her waist and the front of her dress open exposing her breasts, Mark blurted, “I thought you would be in here with Wally.”

“Dad, I’m not your little girl, you don’t have to check up on me anymore,” blurted Hope.

“I’m not checking up on you, the band is packing up and it’s time to leave, your mother is waiting to take you home,” replied Mark.

Hope in front of her father climbed off my lap letting my soft cock slip out of her cunt and pulled her thong back into place and then pulled her bra back over her breasts and fixed her dress. Mark then escorted his daughter back out to her mother. After cleaning myself up and pulling my pants and under up, I returned to the hotel’s lounge room to see most of the people who had been listening to the band had left the hotel. Mark and his wife and daughter were nowhere to be seen, I walked out of the hotel to the carpark to my car and was surprised to see Mark standing at my car waiting for me.

“Lisa and Hope have left and are on the way home,” blurted Mark.

“I wanted to say goodnight to them,” I mumbled.

“Lisa wanted me to invite you to come home with me,” chuckled Mark.

“Really?” I blurted.

“Would you like to come home with me and fuck my wife again, or maybe you like to fuck Hope again,” chuckled Mark.

“You don’t mind me fucking your wife and daughter?” I asked.

“Not if I get to watch and join in,” chuckled Mark.

Five minutes later, I was following Mark’s car to his house, when we arrived, he took me inside his house and through to the main bedroom. The first thing I saw was Lisa kneeling in the bed between Hope’s legs sucking on her daughter’s cum filled cunt.

When I looked at Mark starting to undress, he asked, “Wally are you going to stand there and watch or are you going to undress and join in.”

I didn’t need asking twice, I started undressing and by the time I was naked, Mark was behind his wife and was slamming his cock in and out of her cunt at a furious pace. I gave my cock a couple of pumps as I moved closer to the bed. When Hope saw my cock she reached out for me to come closer and tilted her head back letting me drive my cock into her mouth, Hope’s mouth felt just as good as her cunt did and it wasn’t long before I was pumping my cock in and out of her mouth at a steady pace.

When Lisa lifted her mouth of her daughter’s cunt, I saw that her face was covered in a mixture of cum and cunt juices. Lisa was now moaning as her husband continued slamming his cock into his wife’s cunt. When Mark slammed his cock hard and deep into his wife’s cunt and gripped onto his wife’s hips and pulled her back onto his cock, keeping his cock buried inside his wife, I knew he was cumming and shooting his cum into his wife’s cunt.

I held Hope’s head still as I drove my cock deep into Hope’s mouth and felt the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat, my cock exploded in her mouth, filling her mouth with my cum, Hope swallowed the first load I gave her just as my cock shot another load down her throat, with my hand on her throat, I felt her swallowing each load of cum that I shot into her mouth. When I slipped my limp cock from her mouth, Hope took a few deep breaths to recover.

Mark fetched the four of us a drink and the four of us sat there having a drink as we recovered. Every few minutes Mark and I would give our cock a pump trying to encourage our cocks to become hard again.

“Wally have you ever sucked another man’s cock?” asked Lisa.

“I have a couple of times,” I replied.

“Would you like to suck my husbands cock in front of me?” chuckled Lisa.

I thought it was the least I could do after Mark had let me fuck his wife and daughter, I knelt down between my friend’s legs and took hold of his soft cock and placed it into my mouth and started sucking on his cock, I could feel his cock twitching inside my mouth as it became bigger and harder. Mark took hold of my head and started pumping my head up and down on his cock, Mark was face fucking me much to his wife and daughter’s delight.
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Great story man

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thanks Wayne.

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My friend’s hot wife. Pt.03

Mark pressed down on my head pushing my mouth all the way down on to his cock, my chin rested against his pubic hair that was covered in his wife Lisa’s cunt juices, when I smelt her wonderful aroma, I knew that I wanted to lick and eat her cunt later on. When the first blast of Mark’s hot cum hit the back of my throat, it was a large load of cum and I swallowed as fast as I could before he shot another large load of cum into my mouth. I quickly swallowed and sucked out all the cum that he had left in his balls.

When Mark removed his hands from my head, the first thing I saw when I lifted my head up and let Mark’s limp cock slip out of my mouth was Lisa with her eyes closed, gasping for breath as she furiously pumped her fingers in and out of her soaking wet cunt. As I looked around the room for Hope she came walking into the lounge room naked along with a naked young man with a large hard cock.

I watched as Hope led the young man over to her mother and when Lisa saw the young man she reached up and pulled him down and gave him a passionate kiss and wrap her arms around him.
When Lisa removed her arms from around the young man and broke her kiss with him, he lifted Lisa’s legs up onto his shoulders and drove his large cock into Lisa’s soaking wet cunt.

“Who is he?” I asked Mark.

“That’s Franklin, Hope’s boyfriend,” replied Mark and then blurted, “Franklin is also bi.”

“Have you been with him?” I chuckled as I wiped Mark’s cum from the edges of my mouth into my mouth.

“A few times,” blurted Mark.

Watching my friend’s hot wife being fucked by their daughter’s boyfriend was exciting and erotic and it was easy to see how excited Mark was becoming watching Franklin slamming his cock into his wife Lisa’s cunt. When Hope saw me looking at her she came over and sat down on my lap and giggled as she wiggled her ass over my hard cock. After her father reached out and gave his daughter’s breast a squeeze she raised her hips up and taking hold of my hard cock guided it into her wet cunt.

As she began bouncing up and down on my cock Hope reached out and placed her hands on my shoulders to steady herself, I looked into her sparkling eyes and the grin on her face, Hope definitely took after her mother and loved to have sex. When Mark told me about his wife Lisa’s love of sex and how he didn’t have the stamina to keep up with her and asked me if I would be interested in fucking her, I jumped at the chance to fuck Lisa. I never knew that I would also be fucking his daughter Hope.

Fucking a mother and her daughter had always been a dream of mine and as Hope continued bouncing up and down on my cock, I looked at her mother being fucked by Franklin and thought about how lucky he was to have a girlfriend like Hope at his age. When my cock started to explode inside Hope’s cunt she stopped bouncing and sat there impaled on my cock as it exploded several more times in her cunt.

With Mark sitting beside me, Hope climbed off my lap letting my soft cock slip out of her and onto her father’s lap and was soon bouncing up and down on her father’s cock. On the other side of the room Franklin was filling Lisa’s cunt with his hot cum as his girlfriend bounced up and down on her father’s cock.

As soon as Franklin had finished fucking Lisa she stood up and said, “It’s late I’m going to take a shower and go to bed,” she turned and looked at me and said, “Wally, do you want to join me?”

I smiled and stood up and moved over beside Lisa, she took my hands in mine and led me towards the bathroom. As we showered together our hands roamed over each other’s body, when Lisa started using the hand shower to wash all the cum out of her cunt, it was something I had never seen before, it was as if she was using the hand held shower as a dildo, I watched Lisa’s body shuddering and shaking and heard her moaning. When she dropped the hand held shower, I picked it up and directed the jet of water at the opening of Lisa’s cunt.

“Oh fuck, Wally, you’re making me cum,” moaned Lisa grabbing onto my shoulders to stop from falling.

With my cock throbbing, I stepped out of the shower with Lisa and moved to the bedroom, after drying Lisa’s body, I laid her down on the bed and quickly dried my wet body and moved onto the bed with Lisa.

As I rubbed my hard cock up and down Lisa’s cunt lips, Lisa screamed, “Wally, stop teasing me and push your cock into my cunt.”

With a quick hard thrust, I drove my cock into Lisa’s cunt then with another thrust my cock was all the way inside her, after leaving my cock buried inside her for several minutes, I started to slam my cock in and out of her cunt with a hunger that I never knew I had. With each thrust Lisa raised her hips off the bed trying to make my cock go deeper into her, we were fucking each other and it was fantastic.

When I felt hand’s spreading my ass-cheeks apart, I looked over my shoulder to see Mark standing there with his hands on my ass, all of a sudden, I felt Mark’s cock pressing against my ass-hole and then felt his cock penetrating me as he drove his cock into my ass. My friend was fucking me as I fucked his wife and with each thrust of his cock my cock was driven deeper into Lisa’s cunt. This was another first for me, letting someone fuck me as I was fucking someone.

Mark was now thrusting his cock in and out of my ass that fast and that hard that his balls were making a loud clapping sound, when they slapped against my ass. I felt my balls tighten as my cock started squirting my hot sperm into Lisa’s cunt.

Lisa screamed loudly, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming oh fuck your making me have multiple orgasms.”

Behind me Mark screamed, “I’m going to cum,” he then slammed his cock deep into my ass as his cock exploded inside of me.

“Is everyone alright?” giggled Hope, standing naked at the bedroom door with her boyfriend Franklin.

Mark looked at his daughter and barked, “Are you coming in to join us?”

Hope giggled as she stepped into the bedroom with Franklin, Lisa reached out for her daughter’s boyfriend and when he stepped closer she took Franklin’s cock into her mouth. After Mark had removed his limp cock from my ass, I rolled off Lisa, letting my soft cock slip from her cum filled cunt. With Franklin now face fucking Lisa, Hope started fingering her mother’s cunt and then began sucking the cum out of her mother’s cum filled cunt.

Mark left the bedroom leaving me sitting on the edge of the bed, when he returned he handed me a towel to clean myself up and a beer to drink. We sat there drinking our beers watching his hot wife  with her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend.

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Love it. Love the bi aspects too

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My Friend’s hot wife Pt. 04

With Hope now kneeling between her mother’s legs sucking on her mother’s cunt in front of us. Mark and I saw that there was cum dripping out Hope’s cunt and ass and it was running down her inside thighs. After Mark had given his cock a few pumps to make sure his cock had recovered, he stepped up behind Hope and lifted her ass up higher and then slammed his cock into his daughter’s cum filled cunt. Holding Hope by her waist, Mark started fucking her like a wild animal, slamming his cock in and out of her at a furious pace.

When I saw that Franklin had finished fucking Lisa’s face and had pulled his spent soft cock out of her mouth. I stepped up and turned Lisa’s head to the side and shoved my cock into her mouth, holding Lisa's head steady, I started to face fuck my friend’s wife in front of him. Mark grinned at me as I increased the pace of my thrusts into his wife Lisa’s mouth.

Lisa had never looked sexier than she did right now, with her daughter sucking on her cunt and me fucking Lisa’s face. I remembered Mark telling me about how much a slut his wife was and how he had come home from work to find Lisa had invited her daughter’s boyfriend Franklin to bring his friends over so they could all fuck her.

After Mark had pulled his limp cock out if his daughter’s cum filled cunt, letting Hope remove her mouth from her mother’s cunt and sit up. My cock erupted and I started shooting my cum down Lisa’s throat, when I had finished cumming and pulled my soft cock out of Lisa's mouth, I sat back down to have another beer with Lisa’s husband. Lisa laid there on the bed exhausted trying to catch her breath, Hope took hold of her boyfriend’s hand and started pulling him out of her parent’s bedroom towards her bedroom.

Mark blurted, “I think we can call it a night, we all need to get some sleep.”

“I’m going to go home and get some sleep in my own bed, I will talk to you later,” I replied.

After giving Lisa a kiss goodbye and thanking Mark for inviting me to come home with them, I left to drive home. As soon as I got inside my house and into my bedroom, I crashed onto my bed fast asleep and didn’t wake up till my phone rang late in the afternoon.

“Hello,” I answered after picking up my phone.

“Hi Wally, how are you... have you recovered enough to have some more fun?” chuckled Mark on the other end of the phone call.

“Hi Mark, what do you mean by more fun?” I asked.

“Lisa’s mother is visiting and Lisa wants you to meet Diane,” blurted Mark.

“When?” I asked.

“It’s already a hot day and I’m taking Lisa and Diane for a swim at the nudist beach this afternoon do you want to join us?” chuckled Mark.

“Yeah, why not,” I chuckled.

After Mark had told me the address of the beach, I took a quick shower and pulled on my swimming trunks and top and headed to the beach. When I arrived at the beach carpark, Mark and Lisa and her mother were already there waiting for me. Lisa gave me a kiss hello and then introduced me to her mother Diane.

Diane looked fantastic, she was wearing a bikini, the top half of her bikini covered her large breasts and easily showed off her large nipples and dark brown areoles, the bottom half showed off her cameltoe and it was easy to tell that she had recently waxed or had her cunt shaven. When Diane gave me a kiss hello she cuddled me and pressed and held her breasts against my chest as she rubbed her cunt against my hard cock in my swimming trunks, dry fucking me in the carpark.

The four of us walked over the sand dunes towards the breaking surf and found a quiet area between the dunes to lay our towels down on the sand. I watched as Lisa and Diane removed there bikinis and sat down on their towels to watch Mark removing his swimming trunks after he was naked he gave his hard cock a couple of pumps in front of his wife and mother-in-law. They all turned and looked at me as I dropped my trunks down around my ankles and stepped out of them.

As Diane stared at my hard cock and I gave my cock a stroke, we were interrupted by a voice behind us asking, “Do you mind if we join you?”

The four of us turned to see a young couple standing there holding hands, the young woman was wearing a bikini that was that small it just covered her small breasts and cunt, the young man was wearing only his swimming trunks that showed the outline of a large cock.

“Please join us, and feel free to remove your swimming costumes,” blurted Lisa staring at the package in the young mans swimming trunks.

“I’m Mark and this is my wife Lisa and her mother Diane and my friend Wally,” blurted Mark.

“I’m Trevor and this is my sister Tina, it’s the first time we have been to this beach,” chuckled Trevor as he slipped off his trunks to reveal a large soft cock.

Mark and I looked at Tina as she removed her bikini top to reveal her small breasts and when she saw that we were staring at her breasts, cupped her breasts in her hands and blurted, “They're not very big.”

“I love small breasts,” I chuckled giving my cock a pump in front of her.

“I can see you do,” giggled Tina, as she untied the straps on her bikini bottoms and then slipped her bikini bottoms off.”

As Mark and I both stared at her bald cunt, I blurted, “Tina why don’t you place your towel down here between Mark and me.”

“Trevor you can lie down between Lisa and me,” giggled Diane patting the sand between them.

When Trevor laid his towel down on the sand and sat down between Lisa and Diane, he looked up at his sister standing watching. I picked up Tina’s towel and spread her towel out on the sand between Mark and me.

I held out my hand to Tina to help her sit down on the towel and after she sat down, I continued to hold her hand with one hand as I stroked her arm with my other hand.

“Where are you from?” I asked.

“We both go to South Park College,” replied Tina.

“How old are you?” blurted Mark taking Tina’s other hand in his.

I’m Eighteen and Trevor’s nineteen,” replied Tina.

When we heard Trevor let out a loud gasp and a low pitched groan, we looked over at Trevor to see that Lisa was stroking his massive cock. Diane pressed Trevor’s mouth onto her breast and he immediately started sucking on her breast as he fondled her other breast. When I placed Tina’s hand against my hard throbbing cock, she wrapped her fingers around my cock and closed her eyes and started stroking my cock. When Mark placed her other hand around his cock she sat there stroking both our cocks.

After I turned Tina’s head to face me, I kissed her passionately on her mouth, Tina pushed her tongue into my mouth and start tongue kissing me passionately as she continued stroking our cocks. When Mark reached out and began to fondle and squeeze her small breasts, Tina lifted her mouth of mine and started to moan and whimper. Then when Mark flicked his tongue over her nipple making her nipple become harder and stick out further, Tina moaned even louder and when Mark tweaked and pulled on her nipple, Tania screamed that she was going to cum.

When I ran my hand down between her legs, Tina opened her legs even further giving me easier access to her bald cunt. As I pushed my finger deep into her wet cunt and started to finger fuck her, Tina raised her hips up trying to get my finger to go deeper inside her cunt. With my cock close to exploding, I removed her hand from around my cock and moved between her legs. After rubbing my cock up and down her wet slit several times, I pushed my cock deep into her cunt.

Tania squealed and started groaning as I began fucking her with a slow steady pace, with my cock about to explode, I began fucking Tina a lot faster and was soon slamming my cock in and out of her cunt. When Tina started to yell and moan louder, Mark drove his cock into her mouth to keep her from yelling and letting everyone else on the beach know that she was being fucked. We had already attracted the attention of a couple of men who were standing in the sand dunes stroking their cocks as they watched us.

After my cock had finished shooting my cum into her cunt, I slipped my cock out of her and sat back down. Mark was now fucking Tina’s face like a man in a rush to cum, he held her head steady as he thrust his cock hard into her mouth again and again. When I looked over at Tina’s brother, I saw that Lisa was now grinding her cunt against Trevor’s face, letting her juices flow all over his face. Her mother Diane was riding Trevor’s cock like she was riding a horse, she was bouncing up and down as if she was in a horse race.

I watched Mark pull Tina’s mouth all the way onto his cock and started filling her mouth with his hot cum and as soon as he had finished and had removed his cock from her mouth.

Tina giggled, “I’m going for a swim, do you want to join me?”

Before we had a chance to answer her, Tina took off and rushed towards the surf with Mark and I closely chasing her. As soon as we were in the surf Mark and I started passing Tina back and forth between each other kissing and groping her sexy young body as she fondled our soft cocks.

When Trevor came into the surf, after wrapping his arms around his sister, he blurted, “Tina, we have to go.”

Mark and I followed Trevor and Tina back to where Lisa and Diane were on the beach. What we saw was that the two men that had been watching us from the dunes were now fucking Lisa and Diane’s mouths. After Trevor and Tina had put their swimming costumes back on and had picked up their towels to leave, we said goodbye to them and arranged to meet them the following week.
As they walked away, Mark and I sat down to watch Lisa and Diane being face fucked by the two strangers.
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Managed to get some Incest in.

Really hot.

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Very hot

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great story even my wife loved it . when we have sex we would tell each other about someone their husband or wife and if we would fuck them and what we would do to them.