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The Sissy-Scouts (MM, M+M, Sissy)

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on: May 24, 2019, 10:33:58 PM
The Sissy-Scouts (MM, Sissy)

Summary - The Sissy-Scouts are having a membership drive!

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

Lewis couldn’t help but notice the commotion. Just ahead of him, on the street corner, two girls were handing out pamphlets to passersby. They were drawing quite a crowd too.  He thought it was an odd place to be doing business; the corner was right on top of an active construction site.  A chain link fence was partially blocking off a building renovation and there was dust, gravel, construction equipment, and portable toilets nearby; two blue ones, and sitting off to the side, a pink one. There were quite a few big, burly and filthy construction workers walking around too; carrying their large tools and wearing hard-hats. Certainly not a place for young ladies!

The girls were dressed very provocatively and Lewis hoped the construction workers were not being too vulgar to the innocent young ladies. Construction men, he knew,  had a well earned reputation for sexual foulness and intimidation. As if right on cue, he heard a big man yell, “Hey, sugar-tits! I only have a half hour lunch break; can you blow me in my truck while I eat?”

‘What pigs they are!’ Lewis thought, ‘And what humiliation these poor girls were forced to endure!’

However, he was stunned to hear one of the girls happily yell back, “Sure I can!”

Amazed, he started walking faster, anxious to find out what was going on. Right away, he noticed the two girls (one blonde, the other a redhead) deserved the attention they were getting. They were both attractive and sexy, but oh, how they were dressed!

They wore matching pink outfits; almost like a military uniform; no - more like the boy scouts or the girl scouts - but way more sexy. Pink berets and pink button shirts tied below their nearly exposed braless breasts; very short pink and white pleated skirts, pink tennis shoes, white fishnet stockings, and, what was that? Matching pink kneepads?  Both girls were wearing wide sashes - from their soft, sexy shoulders to their round hips - and the sashes were adorned with various badges. As he got closer, he saw that their uniforms were very clean, but their kneepads were scratched, scarred and well used. ‘Hmm, maybe they are on their knees cleaning, or maybe laying floor tile at the construction site? That must be it! Cool uniforms though, I’d hire them,’ he thought.

Just then, one of the doors on the portable toilets banged open – the pink one. He saw another uniformed girl exiting the toilet - a brunette. She was beautiful as well, tossing her hair and licking her shining lips. As he stared, a man also exited the very same toilet, tucking in his shirt and grinning widely! ‘Strange’, Lewis thought. As the door closed behind the man, Lewis noticed an ‘out of order’ sign on the door. ‘Even stranger…’ he thought, ‘something weird is going on…’

“Trixie! When is it going to be my turn?” one of the two girls yelled to the dark haired young lady exiting the toilet.

“Just one more, then you can have a turn, Stephanie! I promise!”

“You’re a lying slut!” Stephanie yelled back, her long blonde hair whipping around her neck.

Lewis was very close now and stopped to watch. The girls continued to hand out flyers and talking with any man that would listen to them. ‘Trixie’ seemed to be enamored by the workers on the other side of the fence. He was shocked by the three girl’s flirty, sexual speech; he could hear them plainly now, calling out to the passing men.

“Hello, sir, do you like blow-jobs?” Stephanie, the blonde one, asked a young, slender man. She quickly followed up by asking, “Giving or getting?”

The redhead approached another nerdy looking shorter man and asked, “Hi, we are recruiting for the Sissy-Scouts, do you like cock?”  

Trixie, the brunette seemed to be ignoring the smaller men and placed herself right in the path of a tall, well dressed business man. “Hi, stud, you look like you have a big cock, do you have what it takes to become a Sissy-Scout-Sponsor?”

“Complimentary blow-jobs for everyone this Saturday! Alpha-Precertification blowjobs today!” one of the girls yelled.

Some men stopped to listen; some men kept walking (but they sheepishly took a flyer), and some simply walked away (especially those with their wives and/or girlfriends).

“My numbers on the back! Call me if you change your mind or just need your dick sucked! Remember, Sissy-Scouts suck the best!” The girls were blowing exaggerated kisses to all the men, pursing their red lips, swishing their arms, sticking out their chests and wiggling their asses.

‘The Sissy-Scouts!’ Lewis had heard of them! The group had started in San Francisco a few years ago and became notorious for challenging the state’s obscenity law. They had been arrested after publicly offering free sex and took their case all the way to the Supreme Court. The court ruled that banning their sexual solicitations was unconstitutional and thus allowed, citing the constitutional right of the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ and the first amendment’s freedom of speech (‘since no payment was requested or received.’ See Sissy-Scouts v. California 696, U.S. 69 (2020)). Since that landmark ruling, local Sissy-Scout groups were popping up all over the country! ‘But, the stories said the Sissy-Scouts were men, these sexy girls couldn’t be men!’ Lewis thought.

The blonde girl named Stephanie noticed Lewis standing nearby and quickly approached him, smiling and skipping happily.

“Excuse me sir,” Stephanie asked him. “Do you like blowjobs?” She batted her pretty blue eyes at him and made sure he got an eyeful of her overflowing cleavage.

“What?” Lewis said, confusedly, “Really? You are asking me this right on the street?” Then, wanting to appear more masculine than he actually was, he lowered his voice and tried to act gruff and perturbed, “Of course I like blowjobs. All guys like blowjobs.”

Stephanie looked him up and down. Lewis was slender and cute, but bit effeminate. “Giving or getting?” she asked smiling, patiently waiting for his answer.


“Do you like cock?” she asked, conspiratorially. “Have you ever dreamed of becoming a sissy-boi-cock-sucker?”

Lewis was stunned and confused. Of course he had admired large, hard cocks ‘occasionally’ when watching porn (they were much larger than his smaller penis), and, he had imagined himself, at least once or twice, sucking one of those nice, long, hard cocks like the ladies in the movies. It was only natural, right? Every man does it, he was sure.

Stephanie quickly handed him a flyer, seeing his hesitation. “We are with the Sissy-Scouts!” she said proudly, “We are starting some new Slut-Squads in your town and are recruiting members.”

“Slut-Squads?” Lewis asked, confused, and trying very hard not to look at her nearly exposed breasts.

“Yes, ‘Sissy-Scout-Slut-Squads,’ that is the name of our local Sissy groups!” she replied happily. “We could really use your help!”

“I see, yes…, But, well, I…, how could I…?” Lewis stammered.

“Did you know that each day, thousands of hard cocks and cum filled balls in this city are being neglected?” She didn’t wait for an answer. “There are many Alpha-Males being forced to jerk-off, all alone, without having a nice warm mouth or ass to shoot into? Men are filling tissues with cum, only to have it flushed down the toilet!” Stephanie’s lower lip was quivering and she looked like she was about to cry thinking about it.

“Well, no, I didn’t…, I’m sure that’s awful!” Lewis was so confused. He remembered all the times he had to jerk his dick all alone; he never had a girlfriend. ‘It did seem wasteful and lonely,’ he thought, ‘but, hold on! Did she think he should join the Sissy-Scouts?’ Even though he had fantasized about sucking cock a few times (didn’t all men?), he was still a pretty macho guy! He decided he should find out more about the Sissy-Scouts.

“What do the Sissy-Scouts do?” Lewis asked, puffing up his non-existent chest. He was strangely curious.

“Tammie,” Stephanie yelled to her friend, “he wants to know what Sissy-Scouts do!” Stephanie was quickly joined by her friend, who immediately recognized a potential new member. The third girl, Trixie, had ducked back into the toilet, joined by the tall man in the business suit.

Stephanie and Tammie stood shoulder to shoulder and repeated a well-rehearsed speech. “Sissy-Scouts are effeminate beta-males who dedicate their lives to sexually satisfying Alpha-Men. They come from all backgrounds; weaklings, fem-bois, cuckolds, limp-dicks, faggots, and cross-dressers, who realize that pleasuring ‘real’ men is their true calling in life. Sissy-Scouts would rather suck a dick than have their own little dicklets sucked; Sissy-Scouts would rather be fucked than fuck; Sissy-Scouts receive pleasure from giving pleasure!”

“Well I don’t know about all this…,” Lewis began. However, he felt his own little cock lurch in his pants a bit, just thinking about it.

“It doesn’t cost you anything,” she said, and then mumbled quickly and softly, “besides your membership dues and uniform costs…,” She raised her voice, “And, we have an annual fund-raising drive, to help us pay for training materials, condoms, lube, sex toys, hormones and plastic surgery; everything you need to become a sexy, slutty sissy, just like us!”

The two sissies twirled around for him, their skirts raising up and showing off their sexy, pink panties. They then stuck out their asses and showed off their tits.

“We think you would be a great Sissy-Scout,” Stephanie said, leaning in close to him. He stared at her breasts and inhaled her perfume. Tammie nodded her head enthusiastically, her huge breasts jiggling. “Don’t you want to become part of our ‘slut’? We can hang out and do all kinds of stuff together, it will be fun!”

“Your ‘slut’?” he asked, “I thought it was call as ‘Slut-Squad’?” Lewis was eager to learn more.

“Well, our official Sissy-Scout groups are called ‘Slut-Squads,’ but, a group of us sissies just hanging out together is called a ‘slut.’ You never heard of ‘slut of sissies’? Like a ‘pride of lions,’ a ‘gaggle of geese?’ I bet you never heard of an ‘engorgement of Alphas’ either!”

“An ‘engorgement of Alphas?’ A ‘slut of sissies?’ Yes that makes perfect sense, but, me? Join your ‘slut’? Hmmm, it sounds intriguing, that’s for sure,” Lewis admitted. He would love to spend his free time hanging out with these two beauties!

“Yay!” both girls shouted. “Join our Slut! Join our Slut!” they began to chant. The girls surrounded Lewis, hugged him tightly and began bouncing up and down. He looked at their exquisite breasts, and somehow remembered they were actually men, like him. ‘Wow,’ he thought to himself, ‘They are so sexy, I wish I had a pair of tits like that…’ He started to sport a boner; this was very exciting!

Stephanie noticed another potential member. An effeminate male with long hair was coming towards them, “Go get him Tammie!” she ordered. Tammie left, quickly. “Listen, we have to go!” Stephanie said, “What is your name, sweetheart?”

“Lewis,” Lewis said.

“Lewis, make sure to keep my flyer and come to our regional get-together this Saturday, promise?” She batted her eyelashes. “All you have to do is hang out and watch a video. My phone number is on the back, if you have any questions.  I’m Stephanie, by the way, remember to mention my name at the door, OK? The Sissy-Scout with the most recruits gets a prize! Oh, and free food and a blow-job just for attending, even if you don’t join! See you then, Lewis!”

The girls left him standing there, stunned, with the flyer in his hand. He could hear them talking to their next mark.  He turned to watch, forgetting that he was going to be late for work. He decided to watch them for a while and try to learn a bit more.

“Excuse me sir, do you like blowjobs?” Stephanie said to a tall, well built, confidant man.  The man paused, intrigued but irritated.

“Yes, of course,” he said to her. “Don’t be stupid.” The man looked her up and down, not caring if she noticed him staring at her tits. ‘Typical blond bimbo, slut,’ he thought to himself. ‘She needs a hard cock in her mouth. That would shut her up.’

“Giving or getting?”

“What? Are you asking if I prefer giving or getting a blowjob? Getting, of course!” He was getting angry. “Look, either suck my dick, bitch, or get out of my way!” Stephanie smiled, staring at the thick bulge in his trousers.

“Excellent answer, sir!  I beg your pardon for being so forward! We are the Sissy-Scouts and we are having a membership drive. We are looking for new Sissy-Scouts and Alpha-Male-Sponsors. We are giving complimentary blow-jobs to any potential Sponsors who will pre-register with us today!”

“What’s the catch, do you only suck big dicks, it that it? I suppose I will have to pay a membership fee before you’ll suck me off, right?” he asked. He did not like being taken advantage of. Then, he heard one of the bathroom doors bang loudly. He looked toward the sound and noticed another pink clad Sissy-Scout stepping out of a pink, public toilet, licking her shining, cum covered lips. Trixie gave a ‘thumbs up’ to her friends and the tall man left smiling and adjusting his still firm cock. He walked away, reading one of their flyers.  

“Oh no sir! ‘A Sissy-Scout never discriminates against any race, religion, creed or cock-size.’ All men are welcome. A hard cock in need of sexual release all we care about - it is all part of our sissy pledge. And, being a sponsor is totally free!

“If I may, sir, you appear to be an Alpha-Male. The sissy scouts are looking for men like yourself to join our organization as sponsors. If you join, you will get blowjobs for life (as long as you can still get it up), and, as I said, being a sponsor is free, but there are minimal requirements. Can I ask a personal question, sir, is your cock seven or more inches in length, hard?”

“Well, yes, it is, and very thick too, as a matter of fact.” He smiled at Stephanie’s obvious joy and winked at her.

“Oh! … Great! … Super!” Stephanie gushed. “Can I ask your name, sir?”


“Come with me, please, Dirk, I’d be happy to pre-register you as a potential sponsor and give you your complimentary blowjob right now. We have measuring tools in our office!”  She took him by the hand and let him towards the ‘out of order’ bathroom. “My turn now Trixie, get your ass back on the street!” she yelled to her friend who was flirting with the construction workers thru the fence.

“So, you and your friends are Sissy-Scouts, eh?” Dirk asked, walking to the toilet.

“Yes, sir!” she replied.

“You girls are too hot to be men.” He looked her over carefully, from her cute face, large breasts and shapely hips.

“Oh, we are not men!” she replied. “We are sissies,” she said matter-of-factly, as if that explained everything.

“Still, you look hot.”

“Thank you.  ‘A sissy scout is always pretty, perfect, promiscuous and prepared,’” she said, “It is part of our pledge! Come on in! Let’s get you certified!”

As the door closed behind them, Dirk noticed how clean the stall was. They certainly were prepared. The toilet was unused and smelled fresh. It was actually sparkling. There was a small sink, towels and an air freshener. Near the toilet, on the bench, was a measuring tape, small beaker and a clip-board, listing the results all of the Alpha males applicants that had been pre-certified that day. A white board hung on a wall opposite the urinal. At the top was written, “Blowjobs”, across the side, was written,”Trixie”, “Tammie” and “Stephanie”.  Trixie had five marks, Tammie and Stephanie had only three each.

He indicated the chart and asked. “Which one are you?”

“I’m Stephanie,” she said, blushing.

“Better get busy, Stephanie, Trixie is winning.”

“I know, but she is such a fucking slut! She cheats too! It was supposed to be my turn! Just because she…” Stephanie stopped, remembering her vows. She shrugged and smiled. “It is all good. There is plenty of cock for all of us Sissies!” She smiled at Dirk. “Besides, we just started. It is still early.” She winked.

Stephanie locked the door and continued. “If you qualify and agree to become an Alpha-Sponsor, all you have to do is commit to attending, or hosting, at least one training session a month to teach our newest Sissy-Scouts how to pleasure an Alpha. You can do more sessions of course; it is entirely up to you!”

Stephanie dropped to her pink kneepads and began to undo Dirk’s belt and zipper. “For volunteering your time and your penis, you get ‘priority suck-and-fucks’ for life. Some Alphas really enjoy training recruits and get satisfaction from the positive influences they have on our newest Sissy-Scouts,“ she continued, “Once you have them trained exactly how you want them, you can always ask for their services again and again.”

She pulled down Dirk’s pants and underwear, pausing to admire his long, thick, but still flaccid, cock. “Some Alphas like to train new recruits just because they like pounding tight, virgin assholes,” she added before gripping his shaft and wrapping her lips expertly around Dirk’s cock-head. She worked her tongue around his glans and ticked his frenulum, then sucked him deep. His cock began to swell in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, sliding her wet lips over the ridge on his cockhead. Her teeth never touched him. Her blonde hair swayed back and forth as she bounced her head on his cock. She tickled his nut sack and deep throated his shaft.

“Hmm, you are a pretty good cock-sucker!” Dirk admitted, arching his back and pushing his hips forward. “Ahhh, nice!” Dirk loved getting blowjobs.

Stephanie continued to suck and slurp until he was fully hard and throbbing. She took her lips off with a ‘pop’. “Thank you, Dirk,” she finally said, knowing that ‘servicing a cock is more important than acknowledging a complement.’ She admired his manhood. His cock-head was a deep-red color, wide and flared. His shaft was long and thick, bulging with purple veins. His ball sack was very large and very heavy.

“Let’s hurry up and get you certified. With this gorgeous cock, you can certainly become an Alpha-Sponsor, if you want to. And, I hope you’ll want to, Dirk,” she said demurely. ”I still have to categorize you and your dick though.”  She took the measuring tape and measured the length of his ridged shaft. “I knew it! Almost ten inches! You definitely qualify as a ‘Gold Sponsor!’” Stephanie said excitedly. She then wrapped the tape around the thickest part of his erection – the flared ridge of his cockhead. “And, nearly six and a half inches thick! A Gold-Elite! Perfect!”

“Is that good?” he asked, knowing it was, but he enjoyed listening to her talk so excitedly about his long, thick, cock.

“Oh, yes, it is very good! We Sissy-Scouts will be standing in line for the privilege of sucking your fabulous cock, sir!” She quickly wrote down his name and measurements on the clip-board and set it down, anxious to pleasure his penis once again. “Only one measurement left!” she said, wetting her lips with her tongue.

“And what is that, sissy?” He smiled. He pumped his prostate, making his dick bounce before her. Her eyes followed it up and down. She was mesmerized by the perfect hunk of meat in front of her.

“I have to measure your ejaculate, Dirk.” She continued to stare at his still bouncing cock. A fat drop of pre-cum oozed from his piss-hole. Stephanie couldn’t wait to get her lips back on his Alpha-Cock; her little ‘clitty’ was getting so hard! “I’ll be checking for the forcefulness of your ejaculation, the number of full and separate spurts and, most importantly of course, the total quantity of your ejaculate, by volume.”

“Of course,” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

“To get an accurate measurement, I’ll need you to cum directly into my mouth. If you choose to fuck my face and shoot your cum down my throat, it will ruin the measurement. However, you can always submit for re-certification at any time, so it is up to you.” Stephanie was torn between wanting hot cum splashing into her tonsils, or enjoying the treat of being face-fucked by a superior Alpha-Male. “If you already came today, and know you will shoot a smaller load, feel free to have your way with me. If not, a ‘Gold-Elite-Plus’ certification is very desirable, Dirk.”

Stephanie licked up his pre-cum and began to suck Dirk’s cock in earnest, eager to pleasure him and his throbbing shaft. Stephanie took real pride in her work and felt great satisfaction each time she expertly coaxed the cum from a full set of heavy balls; not to mention the hot, tasty reward she  received for doing what she loved.

“Hmm, let’s get try to get an accurate measurement then.” Dirk said. “I like you, Sissy. Suck me good and I’ll blast a big, slimy treat into your slutty mouth.”

“Hmmmph-hmmm!” Stephanie agreed, working her mouth up and down his shaft, sucking his knob and tickling his balls.

“I haven’t cum yet today…” he said, teasing her. “You should get a nice thick load.”

“Hmmmm!” She grunted, anticipating a mouth full. She massaged his nut sack, hoping to encourage more cum production.

“Or, yesterday for that matter, come to think of it…”

“Hmmmph! Mmmmph!” she moaned in ecstasy. Two days worth of hot spunk was waiting for her!

Sissy-Stephanie slurped his hard, fat shaft, determined to quickly coax his spunk from his balls. She had to hurry; other recruits and Alphas were probably passing by on the street this very moment! Trixie, that bitch, already had two Alphas registered today, and three recruits! More pre-cum oozed up from his balls. It was delicious, but now was not the time to enjoy it, she had to hurry!

She sucked, licked and tickled. She jacked, tongued and throated. She looked him in the eyes while making love to his cock. She smiled at him while she licked his fat cock-head, to show how happy she was pleasuring him. Up and down she went on his long, thick Alpha-Erection, slurping her sissy-lips over his engorged cock-head and down his heavily veined shaft.  She did her best to encouraged him, pausing her manipulations to say, “I love your fat cock, Dirk,” and, “Your balls are so heavy!” she praised.  “I can’t wait to taste your cum, Dirk. Please give me your hot cum, sir.”

Her experience had taught her well; she read him perfectly. Dirk loved hearing sluts compliment his cock. He loved to feel superior to women. This is where he belonged, having his cock sucked by a submissive slut kneeling before him. ‘Hmm,’ he thought, ‘I could grow to like this! Getting my cock sucked regularly without the emotional baggage and expense of a real woman. No wining and dining, just fucking and sucking. It sounds perfect.’

“Suck it cunt, suck my cock good, you fucking whore,” he said. Dirk began to thrust his cock into her mouth.  Stephanie bobbed her head faster.

“Hrmmmph!’ she attempted to warn him – she could lose his ejaculate measurement. ‘Oh well, he is the Alpha, I’m the beta!’  She bobbed her head in time to his thrusts. The light stubble on his balls tickled her dainty chin.

He felt the cum churning in his balls. He knew he was close. “Take my cum, you cock-sucking sissy-slut! Take it!” It was rare that a woman would tolerate Dirk degrading them like this. However, it only seemed to spur the sissy-cock-sucker on. He loved it, so did she! “Unghhh!” he grunted, his body tensing.

Stephanie felt his cock surge in her mouth and then felt his balls tightening. She pulled back a little and tried to keep his cock head tightly engulfed in her sucking mouth. She quickly swallowed all of her spit - to not contaminate the sample. Dirk was somehow able to stop his thrusts and allowed the slut’s lips, tongue and sucking mouth work on him. His cock swelled and Stephanie’s eyes grew large. She could sense a big one coming.  His prostate clenched, his cock lurched, and he commenced to spew his load into her waiting mouth.

Spuuuurrrrrt! The sheer quantity of first blast surprised her and filled her mouth with hot, thick splooge.

Spuuuuuurrrrrrt! The second blast was just as strong as the first, but even larger in volume. His cock swelled again, growing thicker.

Spuuuurrrrrt! His cock bucked again. The third blast made her checks puff out. Her tongue was swimming in sperm. She licked it around his cockhead.

Spuurrrrt! The fourth blast made her wonder if his spurting cock would ever stop. She was afraid she would choke on his cum. She had to fight to keep from swallowing and ruining his certification.

Spuurrt! The fifth blast caused some cum to leak down the sides of her mouth. She tightened her lips, determined not to let any more escape. His cock was too thick and her mouth was too small!

Spuurt! Number six added yet another big load to the hot, thick slime already in her mouth. Much more, and his cum would be spurting out of her nose!

Spuurt! Number seven was similar to an average man’s first spurt. Stephanie began to panic!

Spurt! Number eight pumped and then oozed out; his pulses weakened. She felt number nine and ten splash on her tongue, and then he was finished, she assumed, after a short pause.  Then, she felt his cock lurch in her mouth once again and spurt number eleven oozed into her mouth.

His cock was thick in her mouth; she did her best to keep his cum within her lips. Her cheeks were stretched to their maximum.

Stephanie pulled her mouth from his cock and grabbed the beaker, immediately spitting his fresh, hot load into it. She continued to jack his cock, to pleasure him as long as he needed it, looking at his cock instead of her well-earned sperm trophy, and rightly suspected that cum might was still be oozing from his cock. She quickly wrapped her lips around the head once again and finished sucking the last vestiges of potent sperm from his nut sack. She added it to the collection and wiped her lips with her fingers, to make sure the escaped cum was added to the count as well.

“Holy shit, over an ounce and a half!” Stephanie exclaimed, not believing what she was seeing. She swirled the beaker around, admiring the thick, frothy cum.

“Is that good?” Dirk asked, smirking.

“Hell yes, it is good! You shot a good ten loads into me and nearly made me choke on it - and I have all five cock-sucking merit badges! Shit, your Alpha-cock rates a Gold-Elite-Plus-Plus-Plus! A ‘triple-plus!’ That is very rare! Wait till I tell the girls!” Then, remembering her place she bowed her head, knees together and said, “Thank you for letting me suck your cock, Dirk, sir.” She looked up at him. Seeing him smile, she grinned widely. She quickly wrote down his ejaculate numbers and grabbing the beaker, swallowed down the still warm splooge. “Sissy-Scouts never waste cum!” she explained, licking up the last vestiges from the beaker.

“Thank you again for letting me pleasure you, Dirk. Please, take one of our flyers. Our induction ceremony is this Saturday. I hope you’ll want to become a Sponsor. Again, my name is Stephanie, and my number is on the back, please call me if you have any questions, or just need your balls emptied again!”

“I will, slut,” he said. “Thank you, you do excellent work.”

Stephanie was so pleased! Hearing an Alpha-Male praise her cock-sucking skills almost caused her little dicklet to make cummies!

“I hope you’ll come to our membership meeting Saturday, sir,” she begged. “Like I said, Alphas get ‘priority suck-and-fucks’ for life! Gold-Elite-Triple-Plus sponsors like you get other perks too! You will never have to worry about where you will blow your load again. Please tell them at the door that I found you, so I can get credit, if you don’t mind. I really want to win the grand-prize!”

“What is that, sissy,” Dirk unlocked the door and stepped into the light, zipping up his fly and stuffing the flyer into his pocket.

“Well, another Alpha-Finder merit badge, for sure, but, if I get ten Alphas to join before the deadline, I get invited to the exclusive Alpha-Only party at the Sissy-Pull-N-Ooze-A festival! Plus, I get to represent my team at the Alpha-Cock-Sucking competition!”

“Sounds like fun for you,” Dirk said.

“Oh it is!” Sissy-Stephanie agreed, nodding her pretty, empty head vigorously.

“Maybe I’ll see you there.” He turned and walked away.

“Trixie, Tammie!” she yelled to her sissy friends. “Gold-Elite-Plus-Plus-Plus, bitches!”

“No way!” squealed Tammie, “Congratulations!” Tammie and her huge breasts bounced up and down. She clapped excitedly.

“You fucking whore!” yelled Trixie. “I saw him first!” she lied.

Lewis was still watching from a distance. He wished he could have gotten a blow job too. Knowing he was late for work anyway, he walked up to Stephanie, who was still in the bathroom. She had just finished making another check-mark by her name and was freshening up her lipstick.

“Hi Stephanie,” he said, standing outside the door.

“Oh! Hi again! Lewis, right?” she asked.


“Can I help you with something, Lewis; I kind of have to get back to recruiting.”

“Uh, I heard you say you don’t discriminate on cock size.”

“Yes, that is right, ‘A sissy-scout never discriminates against any race, religion, creed or cock-size.’  Why do you ask?”

“Well, I was wondering if I could have a blow-job, too.”

“Of course you can, silly! Didn’t I already tell you to come to the meeting this Saturday?”

“I was kind of hoping I could get it now, like you did that guy,” he motioned to the direction Dirk has gone.

“Oh, we are pre-registering Alpha-Sponsors,” she replied. “I don’t remember talking to you about that, I’m sorry!”

“Uh, no, you told me that I would make a good Sissy-Scout, but you never offered to, you know, suck my…, I mean ‘register’ me.”

Stephanie felt sorry for him, and being a good Sissy-Scout, she played along. “Oh! I’m so sorry, Lewis, quickly, come with me!” She pulled Lewis into the toilet. “Tammie, Trixie, I have a male in distress!”

She shut the toilet door and efficiently locked it. “Let’s get your pants down, Lewis and get you taken care of!” She quickly dropped to her pink kneepads once more and jerked his pants and underwear down. “Oh, you have a cute, little dick!” she said, smiling up at him. She began to stroke him with two fingers while looking up at him, extending her tongue to lick his cock head, all the while making eye contact with him.

“Do you think I’ll qualify as an ‘Alpha’, like I heard you telling the other girls?” he asked hopefully.

“Well, let’s get you hard first, then we will see, OK!” Stephanie knew Lewis had no hope of being an Alpha, but, with his slim build and cute face, he really would make great Sissy-Scout!

In spite of his nervousness, Lewis soon sprouted a respectable hard on. Stephanie pulled her lips off of his stiff member and gave it a quick measure. “Hmm, just under four inches! Wow, nice!” she lied (and, she was being generous with her measurement). It was a very pretty cock she had to admit, rigid and nicely shaped; quite serviceable, but definitely not up to Alpha standards. Even his ball sack was small, and tight, like two little eggs in a bird’s nest.

“Am I an Alpha, then?” Lewis asked hopefully, looking down at the sexy young woman holding his dick.

“I’m sorry, but no, Lewis,” she said. She took the measuring tape and showed him. “See, your cock is here,” she pointed to three and a half inches, and then moved her finger quickly to four inches, to not embarrass him. “Alpha-Sponsors start at seven inches, here.” She slid her finger down to the seven inch mark. Lewis marveled at the length. Almost double his cock size!

“What if you measured from here,” he pointed an inch below the base of his cock, “and what if we pulled it a little to stretch it out?” he suggested.

“Lewis! Sissy-Scouts don’t cheat, especially with Alpha-Sponsor cock sizes! Insertable length is all we are allowed to measure!” she scolded. “Do you want me to lose my Alpha-Certification badge?” She pointed proudly to her sash, fingering the merit badge with a large letter ‘A’ in the center, encircled by the image of a measuring tape.

“No, I’m sorry.” He really liked Stephanie and didn’t want to do anything to hurt her.

“Not everyone can be an Alpha-Male, but you already knew that, didn’t you?” She looked at him kindly.

“Yes, I was pretty sure, but I had to try.”

“I know, I was a lot like you before I joined. I was in denial for so long, but, now I’m so happy!” She smiled brightly.

“Sucking cock makes you happy?” he asked. Maybe there was hope for him after all?

“You bet it does!” she replied enthusiastically, “Now, let’s get all that yummy cum out of your balls, OK?”

“Really?” he was astonished. “You will…, you’ll suck…, even though…, even though I didn’t…, I mean, I’m not an Alpha…?”

“Of course, silly! That’s what us Sissy-Scouts do, make men happy! Any man, anytime, anywhere!”

Stephanie began to make love to Lewis’ cock. He had lost his erection after the measurement, but Stephanie quickly firmed it up again. Lewis had never had a blow job like this! Well, in truth, he had never had a blow job. He had never gotten laid for that matter! He was amazed at how good Stephanie was making him feel. Working on a smaller cock, she was able to use some different skills to make him cum. Of course, she licked his glans and frenulum. Of course she sucked his balls and slurped up and down his shaft, and popped her lips over his flared cock head, but, she was also able to take his whole cock into her mouth, sucking gently while licking him up and down with her experience tongue.

“Oh, Stephanie!” he moaned. Lewis could not believe the exquisite feeling she was giving him.

Stephanie then bobbed up and down a few times before taking him deep once again. She stuck out her tongue and licked his balls all the while sucking his hard cock and working her throat muscles. She then worked on his sensitive cock-head and applied some pressure just behind his balls.

“Oh, I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” Lewis cried excitedly.

‘Under a minute, just as I thought, poor guy!’ Stephanie said to herself. To Lewis she cried out, “Give me your hot sperm, stud!” encouraging him while jacking him off. She looked him in the eyes and said, ‘Do it, Lewis! Fill my slutty mouth with your hot cum!” She began to suck, lick and slurp again, making love to him with her mouth and eyes.

He tensed and then blasted his load. Once, twice, three times he spurted. He had never cum so hard! He felt like a real Alpha!  A Sissy-Scout had made him feel this way. It was glorious! What a cock-sucker! His knees grew weak and he shot off again and then once more.

Stephanie felt each blast, surprised by the intensity. ‘Go, little dude,’ she thought to herself, ‘Way to shoot your cummies!’ She swallowed every drop.  His cum was sweet and salty, just how she liked it.

“Oh, thank you, thank you, Stephanie!” Lewis beamed, still dribbling cum from his twitching cock, right into her sucking mouth.

Stephanie finished cleaning all the sperm from his spent cock and then replied. “Thank you Lewis, I enjoyed sucking your cock.” She licked him a final time. “Your cum tastes great and you are a good sperm shooter!” She was telling the truth, and he knew it.

“Wow, I never knew anyone could suck cock like that! Did the Sissy-Scouts teach how to you that?”

“Of course! That and more,” Stephanie said, licking her lips. She stood up and reached for the marker hanging on the white-board. She and gave herself another blow-job mark. ‘Tied with Trixie now!’ she thought.

“Do…, do you think I could learn to do that as good as you, if…, if I joined…your…?” Lewis asked.

“If you join the Sissy-Scouts and practice hard enough, yes!” she said. “Remember, ‘A sissy-scout will always strive to be the best sissy they can be!’ I think you have what it takes to be a fantastic sissy, Lewis.”

“You think so, Stephanie?” Lewis asked

“Of course, silly!”

Lewis’ mind raced, ‘If all Sissy-Scouts could suck cock like that, Wow!’ he thought. ‘What power I could have of over men. What pleasure I could give to them!  I would be desired, I would be sexy!’

“I want to be Sissy-Scout too!” he blurted out.

“Oh, I’m so happy for you Lewis!” She gave him a hug. “I’ll see you Saturday then, future Sissy-Scout.” She said, smiling, and snapping her arm up to give him the Official-Sissy-Scout-Salute.

“You bet!” Lewis stepped out of the toilet beaming.

As he walked to his office, thinking about cocks, pink outfits and sperm, he could hear Stephanie getting right back to work, “Excuse me sir? Do you like blowjobs?”

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The Sissy-Scouts 2 – Lewis tells his friend about the Sissy-Scouts!

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

An hour later, sitting in his cubical, Lewis began to re-read the Sissy-Scout pamphlet for the third time that morning.

On one side, in big pink letters, read:

“Join the Sissy-Scouts Today!” and below it was some text, designed to inform and encourage enlistment:

“Do you know that each day thousands upon thousands of hard, throbbing cocks and precious cum-filled balls are being needlessly neglected? Virile Alpha-Males, yearning for sexual relief, are being forced to take their members into their own hands, all alone?

“These poor men are needlessly shooting load, after potent load of sperm, into dry, lifeless tissues - all without the aid of a warm mouth or tender asshole. Their precious cum is then discarded, like so many used, dirty snot rags!

“It is terrible, but true! Think of the gallons of hot, delicious cum wasted each and every day, while too many sissies are going hungry! Imagine the hard, thick cocks and heavy, swollen balls, yearning for release - with no one there to help them!

“You can alleviate this horrible, senseless tragedy. How? By joining the Sissy-Scouts today!

“Who are the Sissy-Scouts? We are an organization dedicated to the pleasuring of Alpha-Men, by feminine beta-bois. Our goal is to never allow our stronger, more viral brothers, go a single day without getting their cum-fill balls lovingly emptied by an eager, cock-loving Sissy-Scout!

“With your help, tissues will solely be used for the purpose of blowing noses, because we, the Sissy-Scouts have already done our duty - blowing Alpha-Cocks!

“Besides contributing to this noble cause, as a Sissy-Scout, you will reap all the benefits bestowed upon the proud members of our Sissy-Sorority; you will make life-long friends with your fellow Slut-Squad girls. You will learn important life-lessons; like how to dress pretty, how to wear makeup, and how best to flirt to get the most cock. You also have access to our medical services, for necessities such as breast implants, plastic surgery and hormone treatments! And don’t forget the intense training you will receive - to make you the best cock-sucking, anal-slut, cum-bucket you can be!

“Are you tired of sitting at home, jerking your tiny dicklet to porn? Do you yearn to be sexually desirable and have lots and lots of sex with real people? Did you ever wish you had a hard, throbbing Alpha-Cock in your hands, instead of your pathetic oversized clitty? Well, now, you can! JOIN THE SISSY-SCOUTS TODAY! (See below for contact information and open recruitment meeting times)”

In a white rectangle below the text, was stamped the date, time and location of Saturday’s Regional Sissy-Scout meeting, as well as Stephanie’s name and phone number.

Turning the flyer over, Lewis read the other side. It was intended for Alpha-Sponsors.

“Become a Sissy-Scout-Alpha-Male-Sponsor!” it read.

“The Sissy-Scouts are looking for Alpha-Males who love sex, have big cocks*, and are willing to train our newest Sissy-Scouts to be the best cock-sucking, anal-slut, cum buckets they can be!

“Who are the Sissy-Scouts? The Sissy-Scouts are beautiful, eager, submissive, sissy-cock-sluts, dedicated to sexually servicing Alpha-Males, just like you!

“Why should you volunteer your time and penis? The answer is simple – SEX! As an Alpha-Sponsor, you can have all the hot, nasty sex you and your Alpha-Cock deserve! Our Sissies love cock, but they go crazy for big, fat Alpha-Cocks! Once you become a Certified-Alpha-Sponsor, Sissies will be lining up and begging you for the privilege of pleasing you - with no strings attached! And, as an active, Certified-Alpha-Sponsor, you will receive lifetime ‘priority-suck-and-fucks’ as long as you can still get it up , and, with today’s erection enhancing pharmaceuticals (which all Sissy-Scouts carry in their Sissy-Sacks), you can depend on a warm, willing, appreciative hole to unload your precious load for many, many years!

“Our services are in demand; so put your name at the top of the list today! BECOME A SISSY-SCOUT-ALPHA-SPONSOR TODAY! (See below for contact information and certification times.)”

In a white rectangle below the text, was stamped the date, time and location of Saturday’s Regional Sissy-Scout meeting, as well as Stephanie’s name and phone number.

Below it was printed a disclaimer;

* Seven inches (Insertable) minimum requirement.

“What are you looking at, Lewis?” said a man’s voice immediately behind him.

“Oh! Ah…, nothing!” Startled, Lewis tossed the pamphlet on his desk and spun his chair around. At the opening of his cubical was his friend Robert. He was tall, thin and good looking. Dark hair and deep brown eyes.

“Oh, you got one of those pamphlets they were handing out at the corner?” Richard said, coming in and picking up the pamphlet. “They tried to give me one, but I didn’t take it. The Sissy-Scouts, eh? This is a joke, right?”

“No, it’s not a joke, Richard.” Lewis lowered his voice. “I had read about the Sissy-Scouts a long time ago. They are starting up some new Sissy-Scout-Slut-Squads in town and are looking for new members.” Lewis told him.

“Huh? Slut-Squad” Richard spoke in a soft voce too. “I find it hard to believe that hot girls like that go around having sex with just anyone – for free! It’s gotta be a load of total bullshit, Lewis.”

Lewis stood up and looked around to make sure no one was listening. The cubicles around him were empty. He sat back down, leaned forward and motioned Richard to come closer. He whispered, “I got a blowjob from one of them on my way to work this morning. That’s why I was late.”

“No way! That is so cool!” Richard said. “Really?”


“Wow!” Richard began to read the pamphlet.  Lewis waited in silence. “Hey,” Richard said, “wait a minute; this says the Sissy-Scouts are guys!”

“Guys, sissies, whatever…,” Lewis said. “All I know is that some pretty sexy slut made me feel better than I’ve ever felt before, and she thanked me for it afterwards!” Lewis sat back in his chair smiling and remembering the hot lips wrapped around his cock. “The girls I met today are better looking than half the girls in this office.”

“Hmmm, I shouldn’t be a sexist about getting a blowjob…,” Richard mused. “They are good, huh?”

“Oh yeah!” Lewis said, nodding his head. “They can suck the chrome off of a 57 Buick.”

“Think I can I can get a BJ over lunch today? You know them, right?” Richard remembered that the girls/guys/sissies did look hot. And, he didn’t have to reciprocate; he was just going to get his cock sucked.

“Well, I don’t know about that, Richard. Saturday for sure, at the recruitment meeting; I’m sure as hell going.”

“How did you get a blow-job this morning then?”

“Well, today, they are only giving them for pre-certifying Alpha-Male-Sponsors.” He leaned in to Richard’s ear again. “Alphas are real masculine guys with big dicks.”

“How big?” Richard asked.

“It says here,” he picked up the pamphlet and pointed to the disclaimer, “minimum length is seven inches, insertable.”

“Oh, I see.” Richard said, rubbing his chin and thinking. “You’re seven inches, then, Lewis?” He didn’t believe his ‘little’ friend could have a cock that big.

“Uh, well, no,” Lewis had to admit. “I was just a little short. But, I don’t think she measured it right,” Lewis lied, not wanting to admit he only had a four inch cock. “You can still get one Saturday, though. Want to go with me?”

“Saturday is our Dungeons and Dragons game with the guys! We will miss it.” Richard said.

“Blowjob or D&D, Richard?” Lewis asked.

“Blowjob definitely,” Richard agreed. He continued to read the pamphlet. “It says here,” he added, “that Alphas get a lot of sex.”

“Yeah, so do the Sissies.” Lewis looked forward to having a lot of sex, “so what?”

“Well, I might qualify as an Alpha,” Richard said. “It has been a long time since I measured it, but I’m pretty close to seven inches, a bit over probably.”

“Really?” Lewis had newfound respect for his taller friend. “You better make sure though, Richard. They are very busy, you know.” Lewis looked at Richard’s crotch. It was still at eye level. Richard was leaning against Lewis’ desk. He did have a nice lump there; however, since Lewis was joining the Sissy-Scouts, he didn’t want to disappoint his new friends by asking them to suck off a Non-Alpha today.

Then, Lewis had an idea. He spun around to his desk and opened a drawer. He reached in and took out a ruler. “Here, take this and make sure. If you qualify, I’ll go with you over lunch and introduce you to the girls.”

“Right now?” Richard asked.

“Well, yes, before lunch anyway. The Scouts may not be there tomorrow. Hell, they may be gone already, for all we know.” He glanced at his watch. “Shit, it is almost time for lunch already! Where did the time go?” Lewis knew where his time went; first he was late to work by spending his early morning with the Sissy-Scouts, then he wasted the rest of the morning dreaming about becoming a Sissy-Scout!

“OK, I’ll do it right now!” Richard said, taking the ruler. “But, I’m not sure.., ah, how do I…? Is there a certain way…?” He was confused and didn’t want to make a mistake. “Can you help me Lewis; you know how they do it, right?”

“Well, I’m not an expert on Alpha-Cocks,” Lewis said. ‘Yet…’ he thought. He made up his mind. “Yeah, I’ll help you, Richard.” Lewis figured that if he is going to be a great Sissy-Scout, he should take every opportunity to practice.

“We can’t do it here,” Richard stated.

“No shit, Dick.” Lewis liked to call him ‘Dick’ when he wanted to insult him. “Hey, I know! We can use the storage room in the old call-center area!” Lewis was familiar with that room; he used it often for a quick jerk-off session in the afternoons.

“Perfect!” Richard agreed.

The two men walked nonchalantly to the empty section where the call-center used to be. Making sure no one was watching, they quickly ducked into the storage room and locked the door behind them.

The room was lined with nearly empty shelves. Discarded boxes and paper was strewn about the floor. In the center was a chair Lewis had smuggled in some time ago and nearby was a box of tissues. He always felt a bit naughty carrying his slimy cargo out with him, wadded up in his pocket until he could flush it down the toilet.

“OK, Richard, drop your pants!” Lewis held the ruler, smacking his hand with it. He was a bit anxious to see Richard’s potential Alpha-Cock.

“Uh, OK.” Richard fumbled with his belt and then undid his pant’s button and zipper. His pants fell to the floor. He glanced sheepishly at Lewis and dropped his boxers too.

Lewis stared hungrily at Richard’s cock, imagining what his new future vocation had in store for him. It was much longer that his own. Richard’s balls were much heavier too.

“Make it hard, Richard, we have to hurry!”

“Come on, Lewis, give me a break, it is not that easy!” Richard began to jerk his cock. He looked at his friend who was staring at it. It grew a little longer and thicker, but did not get hard. “This isn’t going to work with you watching me. How did you manage to get it up in front of Scouts today?”

“Well, I had help getting it hard, of course. And Stephanie, the sissy that sucked me off, was fucking hot!”

“Too bad she is not here now,” Richard said. His cock was starting to shrivel again. He shook and wiggled his cock, willing it to get hard.

Lewis thought about it…, pondered it…, and then screwed up some newly found sissy-courage and spoke. “Do you want me to help you get it hard, Richard?”

“Huh? Sure, but how?”

Lewis had decided to stroke Richard’s cock for him and maybe more. But, he felt weird having his friend watch him. Then, he had another idea.

“Close your eyes and imaging one of those hot Sissy-Scouts kneeling in front of you.” Lewis said.

“OK.” Richard said closing his eyes. He heard Lewis positioning himself in front of him and wondered what his friend was going to do.

Lewis got on his knees and stared at Richards cock and balls. “Wow, nice cock, mister!” Lewis said in his best sissy-voice.

Richard heard Lewis’ voice and knew he was now kneeling before him. He wondered how far Lewis would take this, then suddenly felt fingers touching his cock and then gently stroking him. “Thank you, Lewis. You are a good friend. Thank you for helping me.”

Lewis stroked his friend’s cock back and forth; using only two fingers like Stephanie had done to him. He was surprised at how it felt. It was so similar and yet so different from his own cock. He had never seen a penis from this angle before. He was mesmerized. He pulled the skin back and watched the cock head pull down towards him. Richard’s cock began to swell. Lewis soon had to wrap his fingers around the growing shaft, amazed at how big it was getting.

Lewis stared and stroked. Richard kept his eyes closed, arched his back and pushed out his hips, to give Lewis better access to his genitals. Lewis cupped his ball sack with his other hand. “Ahhhhhh,” Richard moaned.

Lewis tried, but Richard still was not getting completely hard. It was too much pressure for him he knew, and they were running out of time. Lewis knew what he had to do. He leaned in and gave Richard’s cock a long, wet lick.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it, Lewis.” Richard encouraged his friend.”That will help. Do it again!”

Lewis did it again, and then again. He began to lap it like a thirsty dog. The cock in his hands grew thicker, longer and harder. He leaned in again and began to lick around the head. He felt the cock pumping and filling up with blood. ‘Almost there!’ he thought proudly. Deciding to go all the way, he opened his mouth, placed it over Richard’s cock head and sucked gently.

“Oh, Lewis, yeah! Do it! Shit that feels good!” Richard said.

Lewis began to bob his head, sucking blood up into the shaft. His teeth scraped against the thick, sensitive ridge.

“Oww!” Richard exclaimed. “Watch the teeth, man!”

“Sorry!” Lewis said apologetically, and then added, “It’s my first time.” They both knew it wouldn’t be his last.

Now motivated to do better, Lewis began to slurp Richard’s cock in and out of his mouth, taking care to keep his teeth well out of the way. He began to fuck it with his head, wrapping his lips tightly around the flared head each time he pulled back, using his tongue and sucking gently, imitating Stephanie’s actions.

Before long, Richard’s cock was hard and throbbing. Lewis was in sissy-heaven, he was so proud of himself and he couldn’t wait for his first hot load of cum! He tickled Richard’s nut sack, like Stephanie had done to him. ‘That will put him over the edge,’ he thought.

“OK, that’s enough, Lewis. I’m hard now.” Richard was afraid he would cum and not be able to get it up for the Sissy-Scouts! He looked down and saw Lewis, his eyes closed in ecstasy, continuing to make love to his cock. Richard tried to pull away. His cock began to leave Lewis’ mouth. Lewis sucked harder.

Richard’s stepped back, and his cock finally escaped with a loud ‘pop!’  Richard watched Lewis’s open mouth and tongue search for his missing shaft. Lewis opened his eyes to locate it, and seeing it held tightly in Richard’s hands, looked up to find Richard looking down at him, bemused, one eye cocked.

Lewis became embarrassed. “Uh, I was just making sure you were really ready.., for the measuring and stuff, you know!” Lewis said.

“Yeah, I know…” Richard said dryly.

Lewis quickly picked up the ruler and measured his friend’s cock. “See, you have to measure from here,” he pointed out, trying to sound like an expert. “And, let’s see, ‘Insertable length’ is about…, Oh wow, you were right. You are an Alpha! Just over seven inches!” Lewis held on to Richard’s cock, not wanting to let it go.

“Thanks for the help, Lewis, I really appreciate it!” Richard said. “We should go now and you can introduce me to your friends.” He waited a moment… then a moment more…. “Uh, Lewis, you can stop playing with my dick now.”

Lewis was still on his knees, gently jacking Richard’s shaft. He watched mesmerized as big, fat drop of pre-cum oozed out of Richard’s piss slit. Lewis wanted it. He didn’t care what his friend thought. He leaned in and licked Richard’s cock one last time, closing his eyes and immersing himself in the taste of another man’s salty, sweet pre-cum. It was excellent!

He stood up. His sissy-clitty was hard and tingling. He leaned in and confided to his friend. “I want you to know, I’m going to join the Sissy-Scouts!”

“I figured as much, congratulations,” said Richard. “You will make a great Sissy-Scout, Lewis.” He attempted to tuck his still hard Alpha-Cock into his pants. “And, guess, what? I’m joining too!”

“You will make a great Sponsor, Richard!” Lewis said. He led the way out of the storage room, first checking to make sure no one was around. They walked back to their desks to get ready for lunch. As the blood began to flow into his lower extremities again, Lewis felt his knees aching. He couldn’t wait to get his Sissy-Scout uniform and knee-pads!

They arrived at the street corner to find that a line had formed in front of the pink bathroom. They walked up to the red-headed sissy named Tammie. Stephanie was nowhere to be found.

“Hi, is Stephanie around?” Lewis asked.

“Oh, hi!” Tammie said cheerfully. “She is a little busy right now.” Tammie gave a toss of her pretty head and rolled her eyes up and towards the pink toilet. “You were here earlier today, weren’t you? Lewis, right? Stephanie told me you were going to join up with us.”

“Yeah, and I brought a friend with me.”

Tammie looked Richard up and down. Tall, thin, not too effeminate, but he was cute enough.

“The more sissies, the better!” Tammie exclaimed. “Lewis, we will have to see about getting you a Sissy-Scout-Recruiter merit badge!” she teased.

”Oh, no, you don’t understand.  Richard is an Alpha.” Lewis said proudly. “He wants to become a Sponsor and is anxious to get ‘pre-certified’ today.” Lewis held up his hand and pretended that he was holding a cock. He brought up to his mouth and bobbed his head on the imaginary shaft, giving the universal sign for a blow-job. He winked at Tammie.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sir!” Tammie said to Richard, “I see!” Then she whispered to Lewis. “Does he know about the minimum requirement?” Tammie asked, glancing at Richard’s crotch, his hands, feet and height. She was very good at estimating cock sizes. ‘He might just have enough,’ she thought.

“He’s over seven inches. I measured him myself!” Lewis said, licking his lips. ”I helped him get hard, too!” Richard nodded in agreement.

“Well, aren’t you the eager-beaver Sissy-Slut!” said Tammie to Lewis. And then devoting her entire attention to the potential Alpha-Male in front of her, she said, “Sir, if you don’t mind waiting in line, we can get you pre-certified as soon as possible. I’m sorry, but the construction guys only get a half hour lunch and they were here first. Stephanie is doing her best to get everyone certified as fast as possible.

“Our other Sissy-Scout, Trixie, is over in that trailer, being the center of attention in gang-bang. If you can’t wait or just want your balls emptied right now, we can go join Trixie, or, if you want some privacy, there is a place around the corner we can use. I’m just coming back from there. Either way, if you can’t wait, see us later or come back Saturday for your official pre-certification. I’m really, really sorry!”

Tammie looked like she was about to cry. Her lips started quivering. She continued, babbling, “Oh! I’m so sorry! We were suppose to have two pink service-stations, but only one showed up, and it’s my fault, and somebody stole our Super-Sissy-Sack with all of our supplies and extra certification equipment, and if Stephanie hadn’t brought extra lube, my asshole would be all torn up by now, and I certified a Platinum-Alpha-Sponsor and strained my jaw, and my new hormone therapy is giving me pimples and making me emotional and worst of all, Trixie is hogging all of the cock!” Her lips trembled and a tear streamed down her face. She began to sniffle, trying not to cry.

Richard and Lewis looked at each other. “We don’t mind waiting, do we Richard?” said Lewis quickly, putting his arm around Tammie.

“No, not at all.” Richard said.

“Go wait in line Richard, and I’ll join you in a bit, OK?” Richard quickly left to get in line.

“Don’t cry Tammie, everything will be all right.” Lewis said.

“I’m sorry! I’m trying not to cry!” Tammie said. She tried to hold back her tears, sniffing deeply. Lewis watched her huge breasts rise and fall with each sniff. “I’m a terrible Sissy-Scout! I wasn’t prepared, I’m not being cheerful and I just told an Alpha-Male ‘No’!”

“Aw, you didn’t say ‘No’, Tammie!” Lewis said, trying to comfort her. “You only informed him that he had to wait a bit. Nothing wrong with that, and, you offered to drain his balls and even invited him to an orgy. That is not saying ‘No’”

“Sniff! I guess not…,”

Lewis decided to get her mind off of her troubles and he knew just the topic that would cheer her up. “Say, Tammie, are you just as good a cock-sucker as Stephanie?”

“Almost...,” Tammie said. “She is real good, isn’t she?”

“I think so. Her blowjob convinced me to join the Sissy-Scouts, but I don’t have a lot of experience with blowjobs. Getting or giving.” He smiled at Tammie, remembering Stephanie asking him whether he liked ‘Giving or getting’ blowjobs.

“How many, Lewis” Tammie asked, trying to learn how much experience he had.

“One, each,” he stated, “and both of them today.” He looked at Tammie. “And, I didn’t get to finish my first ‘giving’ blowjob. We wanted to come here to get Richard certified.”

“Aw, you poor baby!” Tammie said. “Here I am complaining, and you didn’t even get to swallow a single load of cum. I must have had a dozen already.”

“I’m hoping you can teach me to be a great cock-sucker. I’m sure you are just as good as Stephanie.”

“Oh, you flatterer, maybe you will soon find out!”

“So, tell me about sucking Alpha-Cocks.” Lewis said. “I want to learn all I can.”

“Well, we will practice, a lot, during our Slut-Squad meetings. It is all about pleasing them. Knowing what each Alpha likes and what they really like! And, you have to be aware of the situation. Do you have to make him cum quickly, before his wife and/or girlfriend comes home? Or, do you have the time to really to please him? If so, you can tease him for hours, edging him and working up a really big load before he explodes into your mouth!”

“You sound like you love sucking-cock, Tammie.”

“I do, Lewis, I really do love sucking cock. Thanks for reminding me.” She kissed him passionately on the lips and pulled his hand onto her bosom. She whispered in his ear, “I owe you a blowjob, Lewis; you will have to tell me if I’m as good as Stephanie.” She pulled away, “I have to get back to work now, thanks again.”

He watched her shapely ass walk away. “Blowjobs! Complimentary blowjobs this Saturday!” she yelled. “If you have a big cock, you even can get one today!”

Lewis walked over to Richard. There were on a couple guys in front of them now. “Is she all better now?” Richard asked.

“Yeah, she is. She just had a rough day.” Lewis added, “She is a nice kid.”

Just then a loud whistle blew.

“Shit,” a man in front of them cursed. “Lunch break is over! I was next too!” The two men walked away grumbling.

“The redhead slut said they will still be here after work, but they are going to be across town tomorrow.”

“Fuck! I have to pick up the ol’ lady and take her to an appointment. If I don’t, no pussy for a month!”

“Don’t be stupid, man! You get your cock sucked after work today and again on Saturday, and after that, pretty much whenever you want, right? Isn’t that how it works?”

“Yeah, you’re right. I guess I can be a little late! See you after work.”

“And Saturday too, don’t forget - I’m telling my wife we are going bowling, OK?”


Just then, the door opened and a big Alpha-Male quickly exited. Lewis got an eye-full of his huge cock, still stiff and wet, as the man tried to put it away and get back to work.

Stephanie stuck out her head; still licking her lips, to see how many more were in line. She recognized Lewis immediately. “Lewis, are you back for another one already?”

“No,” he said, and then exclaimed, “Maybe!” He wasn’t about to turn down another blowjob. “Uh, I’m here for my friend Richard.” He motioned to Stephanie and then to his friend. “Richard, this is Stephanie, the Sissy-Scout I was telling you about.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Stephanie said.

“Likewise,” Richard replied.

Just then, Trixie came around the corner walking gingerly. Her clothes were disheveled and her hair was matted with what could only be sperm. Fresh cum was evident on her face and breasts as well. “I’m going home to freshen up,”  she said to her fellow Sissy-Scouts. “My ass is leaking and some guy squeezed my ‘peanut-pouch’ to see if they were real. I’ll be back before the A-Team gets off work. I’m going to go soak in a nice warm bath.”

“OK.” Stephanie said. “Good work, Trixie! Take a break, you deserve it.”

“Oh,” Trixie added as she was walking away, “We are out of lube.”

Stephanie yelled, “Tammie, we are out of lube! Will you be a sweetheart and go get some! I have to take care of Lewis and his friend, OK?”

“OK!” Tammie yelled back.

“All right, boys, do you want me to blow both of you at the same time, or what?” She stepped back into the toilet. “We kind of need to hurry, if you don’t mind. We are short staffed at the moment, and are only supposed to be doing Alpha-Pre-Certifications today, but, ‘A Sissy-Scout never says ‘No’.”

“Richard is an Alpha, Stephanie. He is here to get certified!”Lewis said.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sir!” said Stephanie. Usually, Stephanie could smell and Alpha-Male from a mile away. ‘It must be all the Alpha-Cum I’ve swallowed today, it is affecting my judgment!’ she assumed.

“Richard is seven inches,” Lewis said proudly. “I measured him myself.” He lowered his voice and said “I sucked him until he was hard as a rock, too!”

“Way to go, Lewis!” said Stephanie.”I knew you were going to be a great Sissy-Scout!” To Richard she said, “Come on in, let’s get you certified.”

“Uh, Stephanie…, can I watch?” asked Lewis. “I want to…, you know…, pick up some techniques.”

“I don’t mind, but it is up to our Potential-Alpha-Richard,” said Stephanie, looking at Richard.

“Sure, Lewis, you can watch.” Richard said. “You’ve already seen my cock up close and personal already.”

Lewis grinned.

The three of them crowded into the small portable toilet. “Wow, you have been busy!” Lewis said. Stephanie had well over a dozen marks by her name under the ‘blowjobs’ column.

“I’m just trying to be the best sissy I can be! And, I enjoy helping our poor neglected Alpha-Cocks. A Sissy-Scout has to do all they can to reduce stress and provide comfort.”

“That is very noble of you,” stated Richard.

“Thank you!” Stephanie said, “Now, let’s get you certified and get those balls emptied!” She quickly dropped to her pink knee-pads and expertly undid Richard’s belt and pants. She pulled them to the floor. His boxer’s followed. ”Maybe, if you sit down and scoot to the edge, Lewis can get a good look while I get you certified!”

Richard sat down, spreading his legs. Stephanie positioned herself in front of him. Lewis tried to stay out of the way. “You have a nice cock, Richard.”

“I bet you say that to all the boys,” Richard said, smiling.

“Well, of course I do!” Stephanie said. “But it’s the truth! All cocks are nice!” She grabbed Richard’s soft dick and started stroking it. “Every cock is special! They deserve to be treated nice and be licked and sucked and fucked until they spurt! That is what they were made for!  That is a cock’s ‘special purpose’ and sometimes, I feel that helping them spurt is my ‘special purpose!’”

Stephanie wrapped her lips around Richard’s thickening shaft and sucked him gently. She licked his cock-head, stroked him, and tickled his nut-sack. She licked him up and down his shaft and sucked his balls. When his cock firmed-up, she throated him and bobbed her head up and down, giving special attention to his flared cock head. He was rock hard in under a minute.

Stephanie grabbed her measuring tape. “Let’s see…, Oh yes…, Yes, you made it! Seven and a three quarter inches!”

“I had him at just over seven.” Lewis said, kneeling next to Stephanie to get a closer look. “What did I do wrong?”

“Well, most new Sissy-Scouts forget about the ‘Insertable length’ requirement. They tend to forget to push the tape into the groin and ball sack until you meet solid resistance. When an Alpha is pounding us, the flesh at the base of the cock will compress, exposing more fuck-able length for deeper insertion. You take the shortest measurement of the top and bottom. Watch.”

 Stephanie pushed and prodded gently, showing her newest Sissy-Scout how to measure an Alpha-Cock. “He is nearly eight inches at the top measurement, but the size and thickness of his balls gives us seven and three quarters, see?”

“Yes, I see, now!” said Richard. “He does have very big balls!”

“Hmm, diameter is well within specifications,” Stephanie said, measuring the thickest part of his manhood. Richard was thicker at the base than he was at his cock-head. “Remember, Lewis, you have to measure the thickest part, and it is not always the head!”

“Yes, of course,” said Lewis.

“The last test is the volume of ejaculate. To get an accurate measurement Richard, I’ll need you to cum directly into my mouth. If you choose to fuck my face and shoot your cum down my throat, it will affect the final measurement. However, you can always submit for re-certification at any time, so it is up to you,” Stephanie said, repeating her speech by rote.

Stephanie engulfed his still throbbing shaft and began to coax the cum from his balls. She bobbed and slurped and sucked and licked.

“You were right, Lewis, she is very, very good!” Richard said. He leaned back and anticipated a fabulous orgasm.

“Can I help, Stephanie?” Lewis asked, staring at her jealously. He remembered the taste of Richard’s hard, wet shaft.

Stephanie hated to take her lips off an Alpha-Cock, but quickly said, “Sure! Suck and lick his balls. But be gentle!” She quickly returned to her task at hand and began bobbing her pretty blonde head up and down, sucking, licking and slurping.

Richard had to spread his legs wider to accommodate the two sluts. He kicked off a shoe and stepped on a pant leg, pulling his leg out. Unencumbered by his pants, he spread his legs and Lewis was able to get access to his sack.

Stephanie sucked and slurped.

Lewis licked and sucked.

Two warm, wet mouths worked on Richard’s cock and balls. His cock throbbed and pulsed. He had never felt so good!

Stephanie stopped sucking for a moment but continued to stroke the Bronze-Alpha-Cock in front of her. “Lewis, do what I’m doing, but on the other side of his cock.” Stephanie put her opened lips on one side of Richard’s cock and moved her head up and down. Lewis joined her on the other side, watching her motions closely. Up and down they went together, sucking and slurping the whole length of his shaft. When they reached his cock-head, they would glide over it, then lick and tickle it with their tongues. Stephanie would give Richard’s flared head a gentle suck, and then Lewis would do the same. Then they did it over and over again.

The two warm, wet mouths continued pleasuring the cock. Richard’s dick hardened even more. “I’m going to cum,” he stated, feeling himself slipping over the edge.

Stephanie engulfed his cock once more and Lewis returned to sucking Richard’s balls. Lewis felt Richard’s nuts tighten and Stephanie felt his cock lurch. She swallowed her spit and prepared for his load.

His orgasm began somewhere behind Lewis’ gentle sucking and licking of his balls. It grew with each firm suckle from Stephanie’s mouth around his cock-head. It climaxed all around his groin, tingling and throbbing and pulsing. He began to shoot his sperm. He threw back his head and saw stars.

Spuuurrrt! Spuurrrt! Spuurrt! Spurrt! Spurt! Richard felt each blast surging up his cock shaft. Lewis felt each contraction of Richard’s prostate. Stephanie felt each load on her tongue.

Richard orgasmed lasted forever it seemed to him, but his cock slowly finished, pushing the last dribbles of cum from his emptied and satisfied balls.

Stephanie waited until she knew he completed and then spit his cum into the beaker. She looked at the warm, white cum with a critical eye, measuring carefully. “Bronze-Plus, Richard, over a half ounce of cum!”

“Is that a lot?” Richard asked.

“Oh, yeah! Most men only produce a teaspoon of cum. You shot three times that much, Richard!” Stephanie said.

“Sissy-Scouts absolutely love Alpha-Plus-Sponsors! And, most importantly, ‘A Sissy-Scout never wastes cum!’ she exclaimed. She swirled the frothy mixture around in the beaker and prepared to swallow it. Then, she noticed Lewis, still on his knees, mouth opened with his tongue licking his lips staring at Richard’s warm sperm. “Lewis, do you want to share this with me? You sucked his cock twice now, you deserve it!”

“Oh, yes please!” He did want it. He really, really wanted it.

“Open up for your treat, Sissy!” Stephanie said.

Lewis tilted his head back and opened his mouth.  Stephanie poured more than half of Richard’s cum into his mouth. He closed his eyes in ecstasy and rolled the thick goo around on his tongue, smiling. He finally gulped it down, smacking his lips.

“Ahhh! I could learn to like this!” he said.

“Oh, you will learn to love it! A good Sissy-Scout should have at least three to five loads of cum every day!” Stephanie said, “Bottoms up!” and poured the remaining sperm into her mouth. She then leaned in to Lewis and began kissing him passionately, sharing her mouthful of warm cum. They kissed for a few moments, groping each other. Stephanie felt his hard cock and was about to pull it out when they heard Richard clearing his throat.

“Oh, I’m sorry sir. We got carried away.” She remained on her knees, turned to Richard and said. “Thank you for letting me suck your cock, sir.” Then she whispered to Lewis, “You too! You have to thank him letting you suck his cock!”

“Thank you for letting me suck your cock, Richard.” Lewis said demurely, avoiding eye contact, then meeting Richard’s smiling gaze.

“Anytime, Lewis.” And, he meant it. “I should be thanking you two. That was fan-fucking-tastic!”

“Oh, it is not necessarily to thank a Sissy-Scout, sir, we are only doing our Sissy-Cock-Sucking, Ball-Emptying-Duty,” Stephanie said.”We take our jobs very seriously.”

Then, the group heard voices outside of the toilet. It was Tammie and a man’s voice. “I’ll get you Pre-Certified in just a moment, sir. We only have one Sissy-Service-Station available today.”

“Coming right out!” Stephanie yelled.

She quickly stood up, licked the beaker clean, rinsed it, dried it, and gave herself another mark under the blowjob column. A quick look in the mirror, and a wipe of her face and she opened the door to step out. But she suddenly paused, putting her hand on Lewis’ shoulder. “Oh, Lewis, stop for second.” She wiped the cum smears from Lewis’s lips too. Then, the three of them stepped out of the toilet. Tammie and her Potential-Alpha stepped in immediately.

“OK, I’ll see you both Saturday! If you want, come a little early and I can show your around and answer any questions before it gets started. Oh, and Lewis, I’m going to try to get you a ‘Sucking-with-a-Sister’ badge. You did really good back there, didn’t he sir?”

“Yes, he is a real, natural-born cock-sucker, all right.” Richard said. “You may have a special talent just like Stephanie here, Lewis.”

Lewis thanked them both graciously, but his mind was elsewhere. ‘Hmm,’ Lewis thought, ’three to five cum-loads a day? Let’s see, I can get one from Richard at work, maybe two. Then, Fred Thompson in accounting is a horny SOB, always pointing out a nice set of tits, or ass. I bet he wouldn’t turn down a blow-job.  OK, but that is only two, maybe three. I wonder if sucking off other Sissy-Scouts count? I could eat my own load two or three times a day, but, nah, that probably don’t count. I’ll have to ask Stephanie. I really want to be the best Sissy-Scout I can be. I’m sure I could get six warm cum-loads a day, easy. Maybe seven, but, why not eight? I better ask about getting a set of kneepads…’

To read my other stories, click on my profile. ;D


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― E.L. Doctorow

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The Sissy Scouts 3

Story Summary - Lewis and Richard Attend the Sissy-Scout Recruitment Meeting!

Summary of previous chapter - Lewis and Richard learn more about the Sissy-Scouts.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

“This is the place, Richard,” Lewis said. “Are you ready?”

“I’m ready, how about you?” Richard replied. He had noticed Lewis was acting a bit nervous since he had picked him up that morning.

“I’m a little apprehensive,” Lewis admitted. “I can’t wait until I’m an official Sissy-Scout, but I don’t know what to expect.”

“Well, that’s why we are here, to learn more about it,” Richard said. “And, don’t worry, you will be great. You can already suck cock better than most of the guys that’ll be showing up today.”

Lewis grinned at his friend. “Thanks for saying that. And, thanks for letting me practice on you all week. I feel a lot better knowing that I can pleasure an Alpha-Cock and make him cum with my mouth.”

“Hey, what are friends for?” Richard said. “Like I told you, anytime you need to practice, let me know.”

“And, anytime your Alpha-Balls need to be emptied, you let me know.”

Richard tried to open the glass door leading to the convention center, but it was locked. Peering into the building, he saw a Sissy-Scout walking past. He banged on the door loudly. The cute Sissy-Scout turned towards the sound, noticed them, and walked to the door. She was short, blonde and had big titties. ‘Do all Sissy-Scouts have big breasts?’ Lewis wondered.

She opened the door. “You guys are a little early. We are still setting up. But, if you recruits are in distress and need you complimentary blow-jobs early, I can help you, of course.”

“Ah, no thank you. Sissy-Scout-Stephanie said we could come early and she would show us around?” Lewis told her. “And, I’m a recruit, but he is an Alpha.”

“Oh, I’m sorry! Come in, come in!” She held the door opened and let the two of them step inside. “Stephanie? Cute blonde with big tits? She was helping with the local recruitment drive?”

“Yes, that’s her,” Lewis said.

“That would describe you, too,” Richard said.

“Well, I live way out of town so I couldn’t help recruit, but thank you for the compliment.” She turned and said, “Follow me, I think she was setting up the Alpha-Pin display. Follow me.”

The two followed the jiggling, seductive ass of the Sissy-Scout into the main conference hall. “Wow, this place is huge!” Lewis said.

“It’s the best we could do. The main hall is being setup for the auto-show. We were only able to get the smaller hall. It will be crowded, but we should be OK. Oh, there’s Stephanie.” She pointed to a table twenty feet away. Lewis tried to look, but Sissy-Scouts in uniforms were walking in front of him, blocking his view as they tried to set up chairs, food, drinks and hang banners.  Then he recognized Stephanie’s ass thru the crowd as she was bending over a table.

“Yeah, that’s her!” he said.

“Great! My name is Julie, by the way, come find me if you need anything else, or just decide you want your blow-jobs early!”

“Thanks Julie, we will,” said Richard. They quickly weaved their way to the table, drawing a few startled looks from the uniformed Sissy-Scouts. They were the only ones not in uniform.

“Hi Stephanie, we’re here!” Lewis said, excitedly. Stephanie turned, squealed and ran up to give Lewis a hug and a kiss. To Richard, she bowed her head slightly and said, “Hello Richard.”

“Hi, Stephanie, nice to see you again,” Richard said politely.

“What are you doing, Stephanie?” Lewis asked, “Julie said something about Alpha-Pins? Can I see?”

“Oh, yes! You will like this, you too Richard! These are our Alpha-Pins. I’m just finishing setting them up and about to lock the case. It is hard to believe, but Alpha’s will actually steal our pins, just to try to fool us Sissies and get more sex. It must be an Alpha-Male thing,” she said, shrugging her shoulders as if she could never comprehend the Alpha-Male mind.

“Look at that one, Richard, there is the kind of pin you will get at the ceremony later on.” She pointed to a small bronze pin. “Top row, third from the left.”

The pins were arranged neatly by color, vertically, and different versions of the pins went across each row.

The pins were not large, round, with a raised leaf pattern around the edges, and in the center was a large capital letter ‘A.’

“How can you tell them apart?” asked Lewis, mesmerized by all the different colors and insignias.

“Oh, it’s easy! The ‘A’ represent an Alpha-Male with a certified Alpha-Cock, of course. You can tell the length of the Alpha-Cock by the color, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum (See, the platinum is shinier than the silver one and has gold leaves) and finally, Diamond gets a real, tiny diamond inside the triangle of the letter ‘A’. A thick Alpha-Elite-Cock is indicated by an asterisk inside the legs ‘A’ (two asterisk for a Double-Elite, and three for a Triple). The amount of ejaculate is indicated by the Plus, Double Plus and Triple Plus – they have one, two or three plus signs under the ‘A.’”

“So, are diamonds the biggest, then?” asked Lewis.

“Oh, no, Lewis. Diamonds are just the ‘best’. We only go up to ‘Platinum’ for cock size. Bronze is 7 to 8 inches, Silver is 8 to 9, Gold is 9 to 10, and Platinum is anything over 10 inches.  Diamond is invitation only. Alphas are nominated and voted by us Sissy-Scouts only. It’s quite an honor, actually.”

“I thought the bigger the cock, the better?” Lewis said.

“Well, huge cocks are great, Lewis, but, if you’ve never had a fifteen-inch Alpha-Cock up your ass, pounding the living shit out of your tight little Sissy-Hole; maybe by a slightly sadistic Alpha-Male who likes to hear his sluts moan when he fucks them? Trust me, bigger is not always better.

“Now, the invitation only Diamond-Sponsors are special. The other sponsor levels are represented by metals – hard, strong and resilient, like a hard, throbbing cock. But diamonds are different. They are the Alpha ‘jewels’; maybe not the most precious comodidy by weight, but the most desirable. Did you ever hear the old adage; ‘it is not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean?’ Well, a Diamond-Sponsor could be a Bronze with a barely seven-inch cock who fucks you so good you remember it for a week. Or a Gold-Sponsor who treats you like a lady, makes you act like a slut, and then kisses you in gratitude.”

“What about that single one at the bottom? The black one with the double ‘A’ stamped on it?” Lewis looked at the small black pin. The letter ‘A’ had been double stamped, one just off center of the other.

“Oh, that is the Double-A-Alpha-Pin. When I said Platinum is anything over ten inches that is not quite true. The Double-A represents the real monster cocks. It could be a cock that is thicker than a beer can, or maybe longer than my arm. Real women can pass a baby thru their vaginas but can still struggle with a huge 15 inch monster. Those Alpha-Men come to the Sissy-Scouts to avoid disappointment. Only certain Qualified-Double-A-Sissies can handle Double-A-Alpha-Cock, Of course, we can jack and lick any size cock, but our Double-A’s tell us how much they love fucking our Sissy-Pussies, since it is so rare they can find a hole to accommodate them.”

”You sure are smart, Stephanie,” Lewis said. He really admired Stephanie and appreciated her kindness and passion for her work.

“I’m only smart when it comes to cocks, Lewis,” she replied, “But thank you! As a Sissy-Scout-Recruiter, I have to memorize a lot of stuff. But yeah, I do know a lot about cock, it is pretty much all I think about.”

Lewis realized that he had been thinking a lot about cock lately too.

“Do you want to see some merit badges, Lewis?” Stephanie asked.

“Yeah!” he replied.

“Are you OK with that, Richard?” Stephanie asked. “I’m working right now, but if you want, I can find you a Sissy-Scout to empty your Alpha-Balls into.”

“No, I’m fine. I want to hang out with you guys for a while.”

“OK, Sir, whatever you wish.” Stephanie said, but thought, ‘Most Alphas would have been bored by now and would need their cocks sucked or fucked,’ she thought. ‘He sure is a good friend to Lewis, to want to hang out with him.’

Stephanie locked the Alpha-Pin case and walked across the wide aisle to the badge display.

“Wow, look at them all!” Lewis said, viewing all the badges in the display. The case was completely full of Sissy-Scout-Merit-Badges.

“Each one has the description under it. Go ahead, look as long as you want, but, we are going to have to get the recruitment program started real soon.”

“Wow, look at all of the blow-job badges!” Lewis exclaimed. He stared at the round badge with an image of a mouth wrapped around a cock with stripes above it. “What are the stripes for, Stephanie?”

“Well, after you earn your initial ‘Blow-Job’ badge, for example, you add colored stripes for every BJ you give. Blue stripes represent 25 Blow-jobs.  Reds are one hundred, Golds are five hundred, Purples are one thousand and Whites are for 5000. We call the purple ones the ‘One-Gallon-Club’. It means you have swallowed over a gallon of cum (taking into account minor spillage, pussy retention and face painting residue, of course). An average Sissy-Scout should be able to earn her purple stripe in under a year. A pure white, cum colored bar means you have sucked so many cocks it is not worth counting anymore.”

Lewis turned to look at Stephanie’s sash and quickly discovered she was sporting a solid-white bar under her blow-job badge. Most of her badges had white bars and multiple stripes too.

“Lewis look, here is the ‘Suck-with-a-Sister’ badge I told you about.” Lewis looked at the badge represented by a cock with two red lips licking either side of it.

“Oh, does the same color code represent the number of hand-jobs and ass-fucks, Stephanie?” Richard asked. He was intrigued by the wide array of badges.

“Yeah, the Ass-Fuck badge is represented by the starfish symbol, and the Hand-Job badge is obvious (a finger-nailed hand wrapped around a shaft). We do the same color coding with the Face-Painting badge and most of theothers.”

“Oh! A Gang-Bang badge! I want that one! And there is a Glory-Hole badge, and a, what? Oooh, a black double-A badge, I know what that means!”

“Yeah, usually, the Double-A-Sissies also have the ‘Fisting’ badge as well.” Stephanie added.

“What are the Double, Triple and Quadruple badges for,” Lewis asked, “Right next to the Gang-Bang badge?” There was not a lot of detail on those badges. They were just simple vertical lines on plain background. The Gang-Bang badge was four vertical lines with another line striking thru them. “Oh wait, I think I know!”

“Yes, it means you serviced two, three or four men at the same time. They are hard to get because every sex-act has to be witnessed, and later signed-off by another Sissy-Scout. And, usually, if another Sissy-Scout is with you, they are helping out. Any more than four is qualification for the Gang-Bang badge. Trixie submitted for her blue gang-bang stripe this week, after we finished recruiting at the construction site. She had two gang-bangs on the same day - she is such a slut!

“There is the Alpha-Recruiter, and the Sissy-Recruiter badges (I’m Gold on both of those). And there are the various Trainer-Badges, and the Butt-Licker badge. Oh, there are my favorite ones, the Sissy-Pull-N-Ooze-A Champion badges. You find out about those later today.”

He looked at all of the badges on Stephanie’s sash and realized he had a lot of work to do. “There sure are a lot of badges, Stephanie. I hope I can fill up my sash quickly, so the Alphas know I’m ready and qualified to serve them!”

“You will do fine, Lewis,” Stephanie said. “You should earn some at our first meeting. The girls are not to orgasm all week, so you might be able to earn the Minute-Man badge, if you can make a Sissy-Scout squirt in under a minute, and of course, you will definitely get your first Cock-Sucking badge.”

“Sucking Sissies count?  ” asked Lewis.

“As long as they have a cock or a cock-et, silly,” Stephanie replied.

“Hey, guys, we still have a few minutes, do you want to see some of our training materials?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes!” Richard and Lewis said simultaneously. They looked at each other and smiled.

“Come with me!” Stephanie skipped over to a huge table displaying Sissy-Scout training manuals and DVD’s. Behind the table were rows of bookcases filled with copies of the displayed wares. “See Lewis; don’t worry about pleasing Alpha-Men. These contain everything you need to know. Each Sissy-Slut-Squad owns a full collection, and you can borrow them anytime. Plus, we try to cover a new topic at every Sissy-Scout meeting! I hope you are ready for a lot of homework!”

“Wow!” Lewis exclaimed. He grabbed the Blow-Jobs-101 book and began leafing thru it. There were a lot of pictures and charts, with all of the important things to remember listed as bullet-points in the margins. “Can I buy some today?” he asked, noticing the nearby cash register and credit-card reader.

“Of course! You can buy them on-line too! I recommend the Deluxe DVD/Blue-Ray/Digital sets. They have the beginner and advanced courses included, plus a summarized hand-book you can carry with you! Here are some of the materials available to you.” Stephanie handed Lewis a list of available courses in a binder. Richard sheepishly accepted one too. “Trixie, Tammie and I are in a few of the videos, if you are interested.”

“Yeah, sure!” Lewis said.

Lewis and Richard looked at the thick, laminated training material brochure. The cover read;

Sissy-Scouts Training - Be the Best Sissy-Scout you can be!

(On the index page was a heading to indicate the Complexity Level of the Training :)

Note – Course chapters difficulty levels are marked with one of three symbols;

Beg-inner (open mouth symbol with tongue sticking out)

Enter-Me-diant (bent over panty covered ass with a ball-bulge)

Ex-spurt! (spurting cock)

Lewis and Richard read some of the chapter titles:

Make-Up – How to look your Slutty-Best!

Body hair – Shaving, Exfoliates and Lasers.

Hair, Heels, Panties and Dresses - Oh My!

Understanding the Alpha-Male – It’s About Sex, Stupid!

The Noble Art of Cock-Sucking.

Never Neglect the Balls – Tips and Techniques.

Ride-em Cowgirl – Why Should He do all the Work?

Training your Sissy-Ass-Pussy – How to Keep it Tight and Talented.

How Best to Approach Men to get their Cum.

Toys, Toys, Toys!

Your Sissy-Guide to Hormones and Happiness.

Recognizing a Man in Distress – Beyond the Bulge.

Tongue Tickling the Starfish – How to Eat Ass.

Get your Kink on! Role-Play? Water-Sports? Bondage? YES!

Learning to Love Humiliation.

Face-Painting – A Hundred Ways to Beg for it.

Staying in Tip-Top Sissy-Shape – Exercising for Endurance (covers Blow-Jobs, cock-riding, hand-jobs and more!)

Faking Orgasms for his Pleasure.

The Office Sissy.

Busted in Public?  (Cops and their Nightsticks).

The Complete Guide to Titty-Fucking.

Cocks, Cocks and More Cocks!

The Discriminating Cum-Connoisseur.

How Not to Say No, Ever!

“There is so much to learn,” Lewis said, feeling overwhelmed.

“Nah, not really Lewis,” Stephanie said. “It is all about being the best Sissy you can be, but it simply comes down to pleasing men, providing them comfort, and then draining their balls. You already know how to do that, Lewis, right Richard?”

“Yeah, Lewis, don’t worry, you are a great cock-sucker. If you practice the rest of the stuff like you practice blow-jobs, you will be the best Sissy ever. I’ll help you practice anytime.”

“Thanks, Richard,” Lewis said. “Just for that, I’m going to buy a training session set today to practice on. I’ll let you pick it out! Which one do you want?”

Just then an air-horn went off, “Oh, the doors are about to open, I have to get to my station! Just hang around for a while and have some food and drink. You guys will have to watch a short movie and then you will be separated by Alphas and Sissies. The Sissies will have their induction ceremony while the Alpha’s are signed-up and we certify any late-comers. Then, after all of that - the best part - the blow-jobs!” she squealed.”I hope we have a good crowd!” She ran back to her Alpha-Pin display ready to answer any questions from potential Sissy-Scouts and Alpha-Males.

Richard and Lewis hung around for a while, having drinks and nibbling on the provided snacks. The room filled up quickly. The two walked around, looking at the other displays, signs and banners. They found Tammie at the Sissy-Scout Historical table. She hugged them both and answered a few polite questions on Sissy-Scout history.

They walked around some more and then Lewis said, “Hey, isn’t that Greg and Stan? From our Dungeons and Dragons gaming group at the Alpha-Pin display?” Lewis was sure it was them! They walked back to Stephanie’s table where she was explaining the various Alpha-Pins to the group.

“Hey, Greg, Stanley!” Lewis said. “What are you doing here?” Then he looked closer at the other people at the table. “Fred? Billy too? Our whole D&D team! How did you guys find out about this?”

“I told them Lewis,” Richard said. “Bill called me to find out why we cancelled today. They decided to come here instead of playing short-handed. We are here to support you, buddy!”

“Aw, you guys!” Lewis said. The men shook his hand, hugged him and told him what a great Sissy-Scout he would be.

Billy spoke up and said, “Richard told us how much you have been practicing, Lewis. We want you to know that you can practice on us too.”

“Thanks guys, maybe later, after this is over. Next Saturday for sure. Maybe every Saturday? Hey, Stephanie, if you are free, can you come and watch, so I can earn my Gang-Bang badge?”

“Sure, Lewis,” Stephanie said.

“Oh, this is ‘THE’ Stephanie?” Fred asked. “Richard made sure we gave them your name at the door.”

“Oh, how nice!” She replied. “Thank you, Richard!”

Just then, a booming male voice came up behind them and said. “Hello Stephanie!”

She turned, “Dirk! You made it!”

“Well, with such salesmanship from you, how could I not?” He took her hand, kissed it and smiled. Stephanie blushed a deep pink color. “Oh, and these are my friends,” Dirk said. He introduced a group of tall, masculine Alpha-Males to Stephanie. “They want to be Alpha-Sponsors too.”

“Yay!” she squealed, bouncing up and down until a breast popped out of her blouse! She eventually tucked it in, feigning embarrassed.

“Uh, Steph?” Lewis said timidly, he didn’t know if he was allowed to interrupt an Alpha or not, but he decided that he should get his smaller and weaker group of friends out of their way. “I’m going to show the guys around, we will catch up with you later.”

“OK, Lewis!” she said, “I’ll see you later.” Stephanie sent Lewis and his friends away, and focused on the Alphas.

“So, does everyone know about the seven-inch minimal requirement for being a sponsor?” Stephanie said, looking at the men’s crotches, trying to get a quick estimate. She didn’t think it would be problem, but the rules had to be followed. “You can still get a blow-job for coming today, anyway” she added.

“Oh, I told them all about that, Stephanie, but you should know that my ex-wife was a ‘size-queen’, and these men are her ex-lovers. After I found out she was cheating on me, I went thru her things and found her little-black-book. She kept details about all of her men in it – names, phone numbers, cock sizes, everything!

“I called each of them and let them know what a lying whore she was. Some of the guys even testified at my divorce hearing! We have been friends ever since. At our weekly poker game last-night, I told them all about you and the Sissy-Scouts. We made sure to give them your name at the door, too.” He winked at her. “Good luck with your contest.”

“Oh! Thank you Dirk.” She came around the table and hugged him and his friends too. Some of them squeezed her breasts and rubbed her ass. She groped their crotches to reciprocate, feeling their large lumps of soft cock and big heavy balls. “You know, Dirk, I love ‘poke-her’ parties too! You should invite me sometime!”

“Oh, I will…” Dirk replied, groping her ass.

‘Oh, how I love Alphas!’ she said to herself as the men walked away.

As she watched their firm asses flex, an announcement came over the loud speakers, in a very feminine voice. “Attention please, we need everyone to take a seat to watch a short informational video. After that, we will have our Alpha-Male registration, Sissy-Scout-Indoctrinations, and blow-jobs for everyone attending today!”

Men continued to walk slowly around, finishing their drinks and food. “Please everyone, take a seat. The sooner we get started, the sooner we can start giving blow-jobs!” That got them moving. Everyone soon found a seat and then a very pretty Sissy-Scout bounced onto the stage, stepping in front of the large video screens. Images of Sissy-Scouts smiling and having fun flashed behind her on the multiple screens. Then, an image of her face, name, and title were displayed behind her.

“Hi everyone, I’m Millie, Regional-Head-Master of the Sissy-Scouts!” Applause erupted from the Sissy-Scouts. “I want to thank all of you for coming to our Regional-Recruitment-Drive, and I promise, very shortly, a pretty little Sissy-Scout will be personally thanking each and every one of you for ‘cumming’ in her pretty little Sissy-Mouth!”

The men hooted, hollered and clapped enthusiastically. Many whistled loudly. After the ruckus died down, she continued.

“The Sissy-Scouts started from a humble beginning, in a small Slut-Shack in San-Francisco, and has now grown into one of the largest, non-profit, charitable organizations in the world!”  (The screens showed the original Sissy-Scout building and their shining, new phallus-shaped headquarters) “And while I’m not asking you to make a monetary donation today, well, only just a small, wet deposit into your favorite Sissy-Scout…” The audience giggled and tittered. “Many men do give vast sums of money to our cause because they believe in it just as strongly as we do! Our goal is a simple one, ‘Providing pleasure to virile males, wherever and whenever it is needed.’ 

“Do you remember the many times you desired a beautiful girl, only to realize you couldn’t have her? How times have you lusted after women in the street, or on TV, or maybe in your school, or office?” (The screens were filled with those very images, seductive, skimpily clad women in various dress, then stamped with the universal red circle/slash for ‘no’.)

“Their perky breasts, round asses and slutty make-up are designed to inflame your desires and make your hormones run rampant! With society’s misguided constraints to attract a mate and impregnate a bitch, you, the viral males in the audience, are left with your cocks stiff, straining and swollen with need. And time after time, your beautiful, but neglected balls are filled to the brim with potent, warm semen; aroused and so ready to impregnate a female, as nature intended!

“Yet, you are all too often left frustrated, confused and all alone. The Sissy-Scouts believe that all men deserve, no…, The Sissy-Scouts know, that all men require the inalienable, fundamental right to have a have a warm, wet and willing hole to shoot their sperm into, as nature intended!”

The audience stood, cheered and clapped. After a full minute of cheering, Millie was able to continue.

“That gentlemen, is what the Sissy-Scouts are all about. Now, please enjoy our brief video presentation.”

The lights dimmed and a single trumpet began to blow softly. The video started with a glorious sunrise and two Sissy-Scouts, off in the distance, standing on a hill. The camera moved in closer, slowly. The trumpet blew slightly louder. An announcer’s voice began to speak.

“There is an unspoken epidemic affecting millions of men in our country. It affects the young, old, rich, poor, tall or short, and men of all races and ethnicity. This insidious affliction silently stalks most every virile man in our society, yet most are unaware, and suffer needlessly. Your local news doesn’t talk about it. No one discusses it. No one cares…, except the Sissy-Scouts!”

The trumpet blared and the camera zoomed into the faces of the two gorgeous, determined, large breasted Sissy-Scouts. The sun shone upon their faces and a stiff breeze blew their hair.

“Due to our current social morals, based upon misguided and repressive Puritan norms, our men are needlessly suffering, both day and night after lonely night! Nature created man and provided him with a penis; endowed with a single purpose, a special need, and all consuming fixation – to discharge their potent speed whenever and wherever they can!

“How many sexually frustrated men, not knowing the cause of their anger, take it out on society?” Video clips began to show men rioting, men in fist fights, men being handcuffed, men groping, slapping and tearing off clothes of screaming woman.

“How many of these senseless acts of violence could have been avoided? How many lives could have been saved? If only a wet and willing mouth had been there to relieve the stress, the anxiety and provide the much needed sexual relief? I think you know the answer…,

“How many cocks must go un-sucked and un-fucked each and every day, the cause of so much pain and needless suffering?”  The video showed pictures of hard, throbbing cocks.  The Sissies and potential Sissies in the audience collectively groaned ‘Ahhhh!’

“How many neglected men are forced into darkened rooms to relieve themselves, going against the plan nature intended, because the primal urge to procreate is just too strong, and, because no one is there to help?” The video showed images of men jerking off and shooting their spunk. The Sissies in the audience collectively caught their breaths.

“And how many gallons of precious, potent sperm is wasted and discarded on a daily basis? Causing our men to feel guilt and shame for having needlessly wasted their precious fluids?” The video showed images of cum drenched cocks, stomach and hands. The Sissies said ‘Mmmmm!” Then, those same images were shown again with men wiping up their cum with tissues and throwing them in the wastepaper basket, or wiping it up with t-shirts and throwing them into the laundry basket. The final image showed a huge load of cum wiped up with toilet paper and flushed down the toilet, going around and around until it was gone. The Sissies said, ‘Awww!’ Some shouted ‘No!’ and some sniffed and cried.

The image changed back to the two Sissy-Scouts on the hill. The camera zoomed in close on one. A tear formed and rolled down her cheek.

“You can help stop this senseless tragedy…” The music played, the Sissy-Scouts marched, joined by row after row of sexy Sissy-Scouts. The camera focused on their cute faces, bouncing breasts and wiggling asses.

“If you are a virile male, know that there are dedicated volunteers, who have taken a sacred oath to relieve you, and they are well trained and ready to serve. You can rest assured that there will always be a warm, wet hole available to you, and all men in distress.” The images showed cute Sissy-Scouts winking at the camera and showing off their breasts and asses. They started to strip off their clothes.

“Look for our Sissy-Scouts on the street. All you have to do is just tell them you are in need of relief. And, even when not in uniform, our Sissy-Scouts are still there to help, and can easily be identified by the Sissy-Scout symbol on a necklace, earring or lapel pin.” The camera showed images of the Sissy-Scout symbol, a stylized image of hand holding up two fingers, like a peace sign, with the thumb in between them.

The video played glowing testimonials from grateful men. “The Sissy-Scouts are the best!” one man said. “I used to be horny and frustrated all day long! Now, I just find a Sissy-Scout and get relief anytime!” Two Scouts with fresh cum on their faces smiled and yelled, “Sissy-Scouts-Suck-Best!”

“If you are Alpha-Male, with a Certified-Alpha-Cock (Seven-inch minimum length required), we desperately need you to become an Alpha-Sponsor and volunteer your time and penis to train our newest Sissy-Scouts. Only you can provide them the large cocks and warm sustenance they so desperately crave. By allowing them to pleasure you, our Sissy-Scouts will experience a deep peace and sense of purpose. All we ask it that you give them plenty of opportunities to do what they love best, serving you.” The videos showed panty wearing Sissy-Scouts sucking and fucking huge cocks enthusiastically, their moaning and begging could be heard as a motivating undertone in the soundtrack.

”Remember, all Alpha-Sponsors, no matter what their category, receive a very desirable lapel pin, identifying you as one of the few and select; A Certified-Alpha-Male!” The Sissies cheered. The video began to show Alpha-Pins on good looking men, with cute Sissies at elegant restaurants, on the street, or in the office noticing their Alpha-Pins, melting on the insides, winking and licking their lips.

“You also get unlimited access to our ‘Find-a-Sissy’ mobile app, 24 hour telephone hotline, an invitation to our annual Sissy-Pull-N-Ooze-A festival,  and priority suck-and-fucks for life!” The video screen showed men looking at their phones and finding Sissy-Scouts, calling the hot-line number with rows of Sissies answering the phone, and it showed Alphas and Sissies having fun doing various festival activities at the festival, like the ‘Greased-Sissy’ and the ‘Ass-Eating-Contest’. The scene ended with huge cocks spurting onto open mouthed Sissies, their eyes closed and their faces in ecstasy. “Image the joy and the jealousy from your friends when you invite your own personal Sissy-Scout-Trainee to your next poker-game or football party!”

Another testimonial played. A good looking Alpha-Male sitting on a red, leather chair said, “Even though I have money and a huge cock, I could never get all the sexual release that an Alpha like me requires. And, I got tired of all the hassles of dating, being polite and listening to a woman’s non-stop yapping about her feelings, or how she’s bored and wants to go out all the times. But now, as a Sissy-Scout-Alpha-Male-Sponsor, I train my Sissy-Bitch to do exactly what I want, when I want, and I get to have all the nasty, dirty sex that I need.  “Hey, Sissy, stop sucking my cock a minute and go get me another drink!” A sexy Sissy-Scout dressed in a maid’s uniform got up from her knees in front of him, curtsied and said, “Right away, sir!” and went to fetch his drink. “And, when my Sissy-Scout graduates, I know I will be proud of her, and proud of myself too, for I have trained and released another perfect, cock-pleasing Sissy into my community.”

“If you are a Sissy-Fem-Boi, submissive girl-wanna-be, closet-homosexual, cross-dresser, flaming-faggot, or, if you just want to help end the suffering, we need you most of all!

“You do not need any special skills, good looks or natural ability. You already have the tools you need to succeed; a willing mouth and a warm hole. All you need is the desire to help your fellow man! The Sissy-Scouts will be there to give you moral and financial support. We will train you to be the best!

“You know, deep in your heart, that you will never be an Alpha-Male or be able to please a woman. But, there is still hope! We can transform you from an effeminate beta-boi into a sexy, smoking hot sex machine! A proud, dedicated Sissy-Scout!” Images of Sissy-Scouts putting on their uniforms, adjusting their beret and panties and receiving instructions while jerking and sucking realistic dildos filled the screens.

“Join the Sissy-Scouts today! Make friends, be pretty, be desirable, and most of all, help your fellow man!” Another testimonial played. It showed Sissies hugging and kissing each other, jumping up and down and laughing.  The camera focused on one of the girls, being hugged by Scouts on either side of her. “I used to be just like many of you,” she said, looking at the camera, “I was a frustrated beta-boi, always horny, with no real friends, and absolutely no sex-life. But, after I became a Sissy-Scout, I have lot of cute Sissy-Friends, and lots, and lots, and lots of sex! My girlfriends and I have so much in common, too!” She thought a moment and added, “Well, mostly cock…,” she thought another moment and said, “Oh! And dressing up and putting on make-up…,” she looked at her friends, and they all said loudly, “too get more cock!” She and her friends laughed. The camera showed them enthusiastically entering a room full of men, shaking their boobs and asses. A lager breasted Sissy-Scout opened up her blouse, and the other two dropped to their knees in front of two standing men. The final images showed a dozen virile men resting contentedly, smiling, with their eyes closed. The screen focused and zoomed in on a smiling Sissy-Scout, proud of her accomplishments. A shining drop of sperm rested on her lip. She licked her lip and it was gone. She winked at the camera. The screen faded to black.

Millie walked back on stage as the lights were turned up. “Hopefully you have learned about us, what we can do for you, and what you can do to help support us with this noble cause. Communities with active and vibrant Sissy-Scout memberships have reported crimes, such as rape, robbery and violent felonies, down by more than 50%!  And, if you watched the Super Bowl last year, you may have noticed our Sissy-Scouts and Glory-Hole trailers were out in force, in both Cleveland and Detroit that night. After the game, there was not a single report of violence, looting or overturned police cars.

“The Sissy-Scouts have been fighting for the freedom of speech, the freedom to be sucked and fucked, and the freedom to suck and fuck any cock, anytime and anywhere! And, the Sissy-Scouts will continue to fight for you, the Sissies, the Alphas and all men in need!”

The audience stood and cheered!

“So finally,” she said, to the slowly dying applause, as she was forced to speak louder, “Whether you are an effeminate-beta-boi, Alpha-Male or a just a regular guy needing his cock sucked…, you can help!

“If you still feel hesitant and can’t decide whether to join up as a Sissy or an Alpha today, remember, you can still feed our Sissy-Scouts whenever possible. Or, you can generously donate monetarily, so we can buy much needed items such as condoms, lube, training materials, hormone therapy and plastic surgery.

“Other programs are available too! So on your way out, please ask about our part-time Sissy-For-A-Day programs or volunteer anonymously for our traveling Sissy-Scout-Glory-Hole trailers!

“Thank you for your time.” The audience clapped and cheered, then finally sat down again.

“Now, will our newest, proud, dedicated and fabulous Sissy-Scouts please exit to the right? Pre-Certified Alpha-Sponsors and Potential-Alpha-Sponsors still needing certification (and gentlemen, please remember the seven inch minimum requirement!), exit to the left, please!

“Everyone else, please form two orderly lines to receive your blow-job. A Sissy-Scout will be handing out numbers on either side of the stage. No pushing or fighting gentlemen! The numbers are completely random, pushing your way to the front will not help you to get your balls emptied any sooner!

“After you get your number, please find a seat and enjoy some Sissy-Scout porn while you wait to hear your number called. When you hear your number, go to the right, where a Sissy-Scout will direct you to your private glory-hole stall for your blow-job!”

Millie stayed on stage and did her best to maintain order in the hall. She repeated the instructions over and over, until everyone understood the process.

Lewis and his friends stood up and stretched. More than one had a hard lump in their pants.

“Well, guys. Thanks for coming. I have to go join up now. Richard, good luck being an Alpha! Billy, Stan, Greg, Fred, thanks. You better go get your numbers. I’ll see you next Saturday…” Lewis wondered how he would handle all five of their cocks next week, one at a time, or all at once?

“Lewis,” Billy said. “I’m going to join with you. After watching and listening, I’m convinced that I want to help. I’m such a weak little geek-nerd, with a little cock, I’ve never had a girlfriend. I might as well become a cute, little Sissy-Cocksucker. At least I’ll start having sex with something else besides my hand.”

“Me too,” said Greg. “My dick is so small; it is no good for pleasing a woman. I figure I can at least learn how to please Alpha-Men. It must be fate or something, because my cock is so small.”

“Yeah, I know what you guys mean,” said Stan. “Fred and I talked about it during the presentation. We both know we are just beta-bois. We..., well, we have been sucking each other off since we were kids! We are joining up to!” Fred nodded in agreement.

“Lewis,” Richard said, touching his friend’s shoulder and looking him in the eye, “I’m joining the Sissy-Scouts as well.”

“I know, you will make a great Alpha, Richard.” Lewis said proudly, choking up a little with the outpouring of love from his best friends.

“No, I’m not going to be an Alpha-Sponsor; I’m going to become a Sissy-Scout, just like you!”

“But.., but…” Lewis stuttered. He was confused. Richard had an Alpha-Cock!

It was then Stephanie and Tammie found them still standing in the hall. “Come on Lewis, let’s go! We have to get you signed up!” To his friends she said, “Guys, go get a number for your blow-jobs!” The two Scouts were anxious to get everyone processed efficiently.

“Stephanie!” Lewis exclaimed, “All of my friends are going to join the Sissy-Scouts, even Richard!”

“I knew it!” Stephanie said. She said turning to Richard, who was blushing furiously. “You will be a great Sissy-Scout, Richard!”

“But, he has an Alpha-Cock, Stephanie!” Lewis said. “I don’t understand!”

“Lewis, don’t you remember hearing that ‘a Sissy-Scout never discriminates against any race, religion, creed or cock-size?’” she admonished. “That goes both ways, for Alphas and Sissies!

“Lewis knows that he is not a real Alpha-Male. He is just a Sissy with an extra large clit! Just like there are a lot of virile Alpha-Males standing in line over there to get their smaller-sized Alpha-Balls emptied. A big clit doesn’t make you an Alpha and a smaller cock doesn’t necessarily turn you into a Cock-Sucking-Sissy-Slut!” she said, “But it sure helps!

“Here, get in close and I’ll let you in on a dirty little Sissy-Scout-Secret; the seven-inch cock length requirement we have is just a selfish, arbitrary number we set, so us Sissies can separate the ‘men from the boys’ or, the ‘big-fat-cocks from the thin-little-dicklets! That way us Sissy-Scouts get to suck and fuck a lot of huge cocks with big balls, and big cum-loads!

“Once you experience a true Alpha-Male with his big, fat, Alpha-Cock, you will know what I’m talking about. And, our Alphas even display their cock credentials on their Alpha-Pins for us! It’s like we have a smorgasbord of fat, Alpha- Cock-Flesh to choose from. It’s a perfect set-up!

“Now, hou have to learn how to pleasure those cocks, empty those balls and earn those hot cum-loads!” Stephanie said, “So, let’s go Sissies!”

Lewis was very excited, very horny and very happy that his friends were joining him on his Sissy-Scout journey, but was feeling very apprehensive and nervous as he walked behind Stephanie and Tammie, pausing to admire their asses.

‘Cocks even bigger than Richard’s in his mouth and ass-hole. Was he really about to become as Pretty-Slutty-Sissy-Scout like Stephanie and Tammie?’

Stephanie and Tammie marched the future Sissies into a smaller hall, through some temporary doors on the right of the stage.

The Sissy-Scout induction ceremony was about to begin!

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The Sissy Scouts 4 - The Sissy-Scout Induction Ceremony! (MM, M+M, Sissy)

Summary of previous chapter - Lewis and his friends attended the Sissy-Scouts Regional Recruitment Meeting!

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

All of the new Sissy-Recruits filed into the room, looking around and feeling nervous. They didn’t know what to expect. Uniformed Sissy-Scouts ushered them in and prompting the last few stragglers through the door. It closed with an ominous ‘Boom!’

“Welcome to the Sissy-Scout induction ceremony, ladies!” a Senior-Sissy-Scout said loudly. “My name is Ginger. My team and I are here to transform each of you from a weak, submissive beta-boi, into a proud, submissive Sissy-Scout! Before we begin, I want to congratulate each of you for making the brave decision to join the noble and dedicated Sissy-Scouts! Trust me, you will not regret it.

“We will now begin the Sacred-Sissy-Scout induction ceremony. We ask all of you to keep an open mind and do what you are told. Only by following our orders, without hesitation and without questioning our intent, will you become what you so desire; a sexy, voluptuous Sissy-Scout, with the training and skills to service your fellow men!

“Now, what you will be asked to do in this room will not harm you in any way. However, what you learn in this room will stay with you for the rest of your lives, and so will the friendships you will make.

“I need everyone to get in an orderly line at the front of the first table! Once you are there, grab a pen and paper; fill in your contact information, and then sign your Sissy-Pledge document. Make sure you enter your legal name, address and phone numbers so we can contact you. Also, your address will determine the Slut-Squad you will be assigned to!”

The recruits quickly filled in the required information, jostling for position and waiting for the next pink pen and application form to become available.

“All right, ladies, no pushing!” Ginger said. “When you are finished, move to the next table and get a paper bag! Make room for the rest of the Sissies, please!”

At the next table, they were handed a plain, brown-paper grocery-sack and told to write their name on it with a marker.

“All right, ladies, first instruction. Strip! Everything must be taken off, except your underwear. Let’s go! And, if you are ashamed because you are wearing girly, pink panties; that’s OK, I am too!”

The uniformed Sissy-Scouts began to prompt them to take off their clothes. Stephanie walked by and said to them, “Come on, strip! What would you do if an Alpha was here?” Lewis shrugged his shoulders and dropped his pants.

“Put your clothes in the bag, you can pick them up later!” Ginger shouted. Soon everyone was standing in their underwear.

 “OK, now drop your underwear and place them on your heads. Now, let’s move it!”

“Naked, wearing underwear on our heads,” Lewis exclaimed, “In front of everyone?”

“This is the first step to become a proud, dedicated Sissy-Scout, ladies,” Ginger said loudly, “If you can’t get naked in front of your fellow Sissy-Scouts, how are you going to do it in front of a virile, demanding Alpha-Male? Come on ladies, strip! We’ve seen dicklets smaller than yours before. My clit is probably smaller than most of yours in the room!

“Yes, this is embarrassing and humiliating! But a Sissy-Scout will often be asked to do embarrassing and humiliating things! It’s all part of the job, ladies!

“Don’t be ashamed if you’re fat or skinny or ugly! The Sissy-Scouts are here to help you be the best Sissy you can be. No judgments! We are all in this together! As long as you have a warm mouth and a hungry ass-hole, you will be just fine.”

Tammie walked by the group and encouraged Lewis and his friends, and those standing around near him. “When you are a true Sissy-Scout, you will often be humiliated by the very men you have pledged to help.  You have to learn to be proud of your tiny shriveled clitty, and learn that humiliation is often just another form of flattery!”

With encouragement, everyone finally removed their clothes and put their underwear on their heads. The hall was filled with naked, embarrassed, effeminate-beta-bois. They stood around, looking at each other, smiling at their silliness and stealing glances at each other’s tiny cocks, pale asses and examining the wide variety of effeminate male bodies. Lewis noticed that many already had boners, but some were not wearing anything!

“OK, who is going ‘commando’ today? Anyone without underwear today? Raise your hand!” Ginger ordered.

The Sissy-Scouts were prepared, and quickly handed out extra pairs of boxers or briefs to those who were naked. A few of the ones that received the borrowed skivvies noticed a faint odor and sniffed deeply, only to find the underwear was not fresh.

Lewis looked around the room and saw a dozen or more men were wearing panties on their heads, pink being the pre-dominant color.

Lewis looked at his friends and giggled. “Wow, Greg, your cock is really small!” Greg’s small, uncircumcised dicklet was barley sticking out, maybe an inch, if that. His cock was more foreskin than cock.

Greg laughed. “I told you it was useless! But you have nothing to brag about, Lewis! Besides it is cold in here!” The friends stared sheepishly at each other’s cocks and balls. Stan and Fred sprouted boners. Lewis felt himself stiffening. They glanced at each other, and looked at the other Sissies around the room

“Now, now, don’t we look pretty, ladies? Turn around now show off your pretty bodies to each other. No hiding your junk! Be proud, wave your dicklets, shake your clits and wiggle those asses!”

Some of the braver, flamboyant guys began to prance and dance. Before long everyone was shaking what their mothers gave them.

“OK, time for introductions ladies! Find a fellow Sissy and introduce yourself. No shaking hands! That is what men do! From this point on, you are no longer men! You are Sissies! Since you are no longer men, you no longer have cocks and balls; you only have ‘enlarged clitorises’ and ‘external ovaries!’ 

“Approach a naked Sissy, state your name, reach out and gently place a finger under his clit or ovaries and jiggle them gently! Use as few or as many fingers as you need to get the job done. As you shake it, you will say to him, ‘Nice clitoris!’, or ‘Love your baby-marbles’, something along those lines. Remember! You are a Sissy, you do not have cocks and balls, you only have ‘dicklets’, ‘cockettes’, ‘Sissy-Sacks’, ‘clitorises’, ‘Sissy-Juice-Makers’, ‘oversized clits’, ‘seedless-grapes’, ‘a shriveled peanut’, ‘Sissy-Bumps’ etcetera. Or, if your clit is really oversized, you may call it a ‘Sissy-Stick’. Remember! No stroking each other ladies! Now, get busy! Make friends, complement each other and introduce yourselves!”

The roving Sissy-Scouts encouraged the Sissies to get busy and make friends. “Go ahead, introduce yourselves, shake clits and complement each other!”

Lewis immediately walked over to Richard, since he had already touched his ‘clitty’ many times before. He said, “My name is Lewis,” while shaking Richard’s overly-large dicklet, “Nice Sissy-Stick!”

Richard smiled, “Hi, I’m Richard, nice clit!” Lewis felt his friend’s hand touching him. His ‘clitty’ got harder.

Lewis’s group of friends introduced themselves to each other. It felt strange to touch his friends’ penises, but somehow intimate and very pleasant too. 

“Go and meet some other Sissies, ladies,” Stephanie told them, seeing them standing grouped together. The friends reluctantly separated and began to introduce themselves to strangers. After touching only two cocks in his life - his own and Richard’s - Lewis introduced himself valiantly and touched twenty or more. Some recruits barley touched him but some seemed to really enjoy it.

“Clean-up!” a Sissy-Scout suddenly yelled. An aroused future Sissy had spurted their goo after a too-aggressive introduction.

“I said ‘No stroking’ ladies!” Ginger yelled.

“Another clean up over here!” someone else shouted.

“OK, enough! Enough introductions! STOP!” Ginger yelled. “This is not a Sissy-Circle-Jerk, bitches!” she added loudly.

The Sissies stopped shaking each other’s clitties and stood around sheepishly.

“Anyone else squirt their Sissy-Juice? Anyone…, anyone…? Raise your hands, please! Yes that’s right, keep them up! If a Sissy squirted on your hand while you were introducing yourself, please lick it up and don’t be selfish! Over there,” she pointed, “and over there, there, there, and there! Yes, keep your hands up, no reason to be ashamed, it has happened to better Sissies than yourselves.” Then she said, “Scouts, go clean them up!”

A uniformed Sissy-Scout attended to every Sissy that had an ‘accident’, licking their dicklets clean and stating, “A Sissy-Scout never wastes cum!” A few Sissy-Recruits were looking at their cum-covered hands and had to be encouraged to clean themselves up. Other Sissy-Scouts offered to help, and after every Sissy that needed cleaning was taken care of, the Head-Sissy-Scout spoke again. “OK, ladies, let’s move on.

“Now, we know you are no longer men. And, that means you can no longer use a man’s name when performing official Sissy-Scout business! If you are in uniform, at a Sissy-Scout function, or providing relief and comfort to any man, you will use your Sissy-Name! Once you grow a set of tits, you will definitely want a girl’s name! Now, take a moment and think of a name. Maybe the name you call yourself when your are stroking your tiny clit and imagining you were being bred by an Alpha-Male, or maybe you can take the name of that girl you had a crush on in high-school that wouldn’t even look at you, or give you the time of day - or your dog’s name, or maybe your mother’s name (you sick fucks)! I’ll wait for thirty seconds…”

Time passed. The Sissies thought and thought. Lewis had decided right away. ‘Wendy’ he said to himself, the always liked the name ‘Wendy.’

“…, Time’s up! Don’t worry if you couldn’t think of a Sissy-Name. It doesn’t have to be official until you sign your membership card later today and get your photo-ID. Keep working on it! Try different names during this exercise and see how they roll off your tongue. Nothing too complicated or an Alpha-Male will never learn to pronounce it, and you’ll want them to remember your name!

“OK, ladies, we have determined that you are no longer men, you no longer have a cock, and you no longer have a man’s name. However, you do have something that every virile male wants and needs - a pussy! Yes, you have a pussy! You are the proud owners of a tight little ‘boi-pussy’, a ’Sissy-Cunt’, a ‘fuck-hole’ or a ‘cock-cavity’, that needs to be filled and drilled, am I right? Come on, Sissies, help me out here!

“All right, so, for our final introductions, walk up to a fellow sissy, introduce yourself by saying, “Hi, my name is - and tell them your new Sissy-Name - and then ask them politely if they want to see your ‘boi-pussy’, or ‘Sissy-Cunt, or whatever. When they say ‘yes’, you must turn around, bend over, spread your ass cheeks wide, and show them your pussy!”

A few of the Sissies were shocked, but with help from the roving Sissy-Scouts, they quickly understood the reasoning. They had to be able to brazenly present their boi-pussies to any man in need of relief.

“Now, ladies, be proud of your pussies! You must learn to show them off to real men. Make your pussies desirable and available to everyone! Remember why we are here!

“And, when presented with a nice, warm, pussy, the proper response is to poke it with your finger and compliment it, by saying, ‘Nice cunt’, or something along those lines. No one in this room should be grossed out by touching another Sissy’s cunt! You are not being asked to fist them or finger their pussies! Only to compliment and touch, for now. And, if you were out in the real world, you would quickly find a hard cock shoved up your pussy-hole instead of a polite poke by a friendly Sissy-Finger!

“Now, here is the final instruction – when a Sissy presents their pussy to an Alpha, they might be complimented or insulted, so we are going to do both! So, Sissies, when presented with a Sissy-Pussy, you will complement, and then insult them! Like, ‘nice pussy, faggot!’ or ‘nice fuck-hole, cock-sucker’ And Sissies, the reply to a compliment or an insult, unless your mouth is full of cock, is to say, ‘thank you, sir!’

“Got it? I know you Sissies only use your brain cells for cock, so I’ll repeat it one more time! Introduce yourselves, use your Sissy-Name, ask if they want to see your cunt, bend over, spread your cheeks and your partner will ‘poke it’, respond with a complement and then an insult! Then, you thank them.

“Final introductions, let’s go! We have things to do ladies, get moving!”

Lewis looked at the Sissy next to him, and decided to get it over with. “Hi, I’m Wendy; do you want to see my boi-pussy?”


Lewis bent over and spread his cheeks, waiting nervously. He could feel cool air on his ‘pussy’. Then it came, the gentle touch, prodding and a final ‘poke’. He waited for his partner to speak. Nothing…, the finger stayed on his little rosebud. It pushed and tugged gently.

Lewis turned his head around while keeping his pussy presented, “Compliment, then insult!” he hissed.

“Oh, yeah, sorry!” The intruding finger retreated. “Nice boi-cunt, it’s real tight! Ah…, errr…, faggot!”

Lewis turned around, “Thank you, sir!”

“Now, you do me!” his new friend said. “Hi, I’m Lucy! Do you want to play with my ass-hole? I mean my pussy?”

“Yes.” Lewis dutifully replied.

Lucy bent over and spread her cheeks. Lewis stared at his obviously well-used boi-cunt. He could plainly see his dangling testicles and Sissy-Clit. He reached out and touched it dead center. He realized he could push his finger all the way in, with very little effort. This girl had a very experienced pussy. “Nice cunt, you fucking anal-whore.” Lewis replied, anticipating the insults Lucy would soon be receiving.

“Ooohh!” Lucy groaned in pleasure, both for being touched and for being insulted. Lewis quickly pulled away his finger and Lucy turned to thank him. “Thank you, sir! That was fun! Let’s do it again, but deeper this time!” Lucy begged, still presenting her pussy.

“Uh, I think we should introduce ourselves to others, Lucy. See you around.” Lewis introduced himself to quite a few others and touched over a dozen ‘boi-cunts’. An hour ago he couldn’t imagine himself being naked in front of other people, let alone having complete strangers touching his most intimate parts, and then touching them back.. Now, it almost felt normal to have someone touch his ‘dicklet’, ‘boi-pussy’, or his ‘dinky-dangling-dingle-berries’.

“Ok, ladies, well done. Now, it is time to graduate! Quit sniffing your fingers and take off your silly underwear hats. Deposit them in the large garbage cans at the next table. If you are already wearing a nice pair of girly-panties, you can keep them if you want, but from this moment on, you will never wear men’s underwear again, unless you wear them on your head!” Lewis and many others laughed. “If you need to, wipe your shitty, little Sissy-Fingers on them before throwing them away!”

The Sissies threw away their underwear after wiping their fingers clean. Lewis now understood why the borrowed underwear had a stale, familiar odor.

“Now, line up for your official Sissy-Scout-Panties! I said ‘LINE-UP’ ladies, not rush the table.”

Lewis/Wendy attempted to get in line, jostling for position. The Sissies were anxious to get their panties and there were a lot of close contact being made. Lewis felt a poke against his ass and turned to find ‘Lucy’ rubbing against him with his hard, little clit.

“Hi Lucy,” Wendy said politely, taking a step away from the very eager Sissy-Scout-Wanna-Be.

“Hi Wendy!” Lucy replied happily, giving Wendy another poke in the rear. Wendy turned and saw pre-cum dripping from Lucy’s hard, little clit. Wendy’s ass felt wet. He stepped away again, doing his best to keep a little distance between himself and Lucy.

Wendy finally arrived at the table. A dozen or more Sissy-Scouts were efficiently measuring the recruits, taking down their names, measurements and handing out pair, after glorious pair of Official-Sissy-Scout pink panties.

An efficient Sissy-Scout quickly measured him, giving him orders such as ‘arms up!’, ‘arms down!’ and ‘chest out!’

“Panty, six! Hat, small!” she yelled. Scouts were grabbing panties and berets off of the shelves and tossing them to the recruits.

“Try them on, quickly!” He was handed a pair of silk panties and a pink beret. The panties were marked with the Sissy-Scout logo in the front, and the words ‘Sissy’ and ‘Scout,’ in fancy script, were adorned on each ass-cheek, with the ‘-‘ in the center of the ass-crack.

Lewis put on the panties. They fit perfectly. They were so soft and silky! He felt so pretty! Lewis looked at his beret. Across the top was the word ‘SEAMAN’, in block letters.  He wondered what that meant. He tried on the hat, it fit well enough. He nodded. The Scout looked at him, approvingly.


Snapping out of his musings, he quickly walked to the next table before ‘Juicy-Lucy’ could stain the back of his new panties. Lewis adjusted and tucked his dicklet into his panties and tilted his beret. He was so proud of himself. He was an official Sissy-Scout!

After all the new Sissy-Scouts had received their panties and berets they were made to stand shoulder to shoulder facing the front of the small hall.

“Congratulations to our newest Sissy-Scouts, Seaman-Class. You are now official Sissy-Scouts, but, before we can allow you to service any of the virile men you have promised to help, you must be trained. That is why you are only given the rank of SEAMAN. It is to remind you that while you are still in training, your ultimate goal is to See-Men, Suck-Men and Fuck-Men - to get ‘Semen’! However, until you are properly trained, you are limited, as of now, and while in uniform, to only servicing your fellow Sissy-Scouts!”

The recruits responded loudly, “Awwwww!” They were so excited and motivated from the indoctrination session to go out into the world to satisfy all of the horny Alphas-Males!

“Recruits! Order, order! Listen, we cannot allow our good reputation to be tarnished by inexperience Sissies, no matter how enthusiastic they may be!

“Once you have proven yourself able to properly extract ‘Semen’, under the tutelage of your Sissy-Supervisor, you will be quickly promoted to the rank of ‘Able-Seaman’ and be allowed to assist your Sailor-Class-Sissy-Scouts in extracting a lot of semen! Your dedication is your only limit!

“After your training is complete, you will have earned the title of Sissy-Scout, Sailor-Class! And if you work hard enough, you can even become a Supervisor, Recruiter or Head-Master or Master-of-Head. for your entire District or Region! So, stand tall Sissies! But remember that every successful Sissy-Scout at the top began her journey by servicing others, on her knees!”

Applause filled the room.

“Slut-Squad-Supervisor Tammie! Front and center! You have been assigned Slut-Squad 67! Now, Seaman-Sissies, when I call your name, yell, “Here, Sissy!” and receive your official Sissy-Scout-Handbook and meet your new Slut-Squad-Supervisor!”

The Head-Master read off over a dozen names of the Seaman-Sissy-Scouts who each yelled ‘Here, Sissy!’ and walked proudly to the front and received their handbook. They each received a kiss, hug and a grope from both the Master-of-Head and their new Slut-Squad-Supervisor.

Lewis was sad to see Stan and Fred walk to the front. He knew they lived on the other side of town, so he was not surprised. ‘I hope Richard is in my Slut-Squad,’ he thought. He knew where Richard lived, but wasn’t sure how the Sissy-Slut-Squads were delineated.

“Slut-Squat-Supervisor Trixie! Front and center! You have been assigned Slut-Squad 68!” Trixie walked to the front cussing. “Fuck-me-raw! I wanted Slut-Squad 69!”

The Head-Master ignored her outburst and read the names of the Seaman-Scouts assigned to her Slut-Squad. His D&D friend Billy was going to be part of Slut-Squad 68. Lewis was happy that neither Richard nor Greg’s name was called.

“Slut-Squat-Supervisor Stephanie! Front and center! You have been assigned the coveted Slut-Squad 69! And, this was just made official; you have recruited the most Alphas and Sissies for our new Sissy-Scout-District-12 and will be representing your illustrious District at this year’s Sissy-Pull-N-Ooze-A!” There was loud applause. Lewis and Richard clapped so hard their hands hurt.

“Seaman-Sissies of Slut-Squad 69, when I call your name, yell, “Here, Sissy!” and receive your official Sissy-Scout-Handbook and meet your illustrious Slut-Squad-Supervisor!”

Wendy screamed out her name and practically ran to the front when they called him. He was so happy to be joining Stephanie’s Slut-Squad and knew he was so lucky to be assigned to one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable Sissy-Scouts-Supervisors in the entire Region!

“Oh, Stephanie, I’m so happy that I’ll be learning how to please Alphas from the very best!”

Stephanie gave Lewis a long, wet kiss and groped his panty-covered ass before sliding a finger along his dicklet and cupping his dingle-berries. “I’m happy too, Wendy. We are going to have so much fun together!” she said, giving him another gentle squeeze for emphasis.

Richard and Greg’s name were also called. They grinned at each other goofily, ecstatic to find out they were going to be Sissies together.

However, Wendy was a little apprehensive when ‘Juicy-Lucy’ also joined his Squad. She tried to kiss and grope all of her new Slut-Squad-Sissies.

“You sure are eager, Jonathan.., I mean Lucy!” Stephanie said, wiping her mouth after his big, sloppy kiss and clumsy groping.

“OK, line up with your Slut-Squad and we will recite the pledge. Open your hand-books to the first page and be ready to reply in unison; but first, for our Sailor-Class-Sissy-Scouts, how do our empty, cum-filled brains remember the Sissy-Scout pledge?”

“Triple I-A, Triple N, Triple Double-U!” The experienced Scouts replied in unison, almost singing.

“I-A?” she asked.

“Is always!” they replied.

“Triple ‘N’?” she queried.

“Never!” they shouted.

“Double-U?” she questioned.

“Will!” they screamed.

“Sissies, recite the pledge. Remember, it is your solemn oath to your sisterhood and your sacred vow to all men in distress! Seaman-Class-Sissies, open your books to page one and join us, as we recite the Sissy-Scout-Pledge!

1.   A Sissy-Scout is always supportive, slutty and submissive.
3.   A Sissy-Scout is always pretty, perfect, promiscuous and prepared.
5.   A Sissy-Scout is always thinking, dreaming, craving and worshiping cocks.
7.   A Sissy-Scout never says “No”.
9.   A Sissy-Scout never wastes cum.
11.   A Sissy-Scout never discriminates against any race, religion, creed or cock-size.
13.   A Sissy-Scout will receive pleasure from giving pleasure, but always places a real man’s pleasures above her own.
15.   A Sissy-Scout will pleasure any man, anytime, anywhere and in anyway necessary, without complaint, for as long as it takes!
17.   A Sissy-Scout will always strive to be the best sissy they can be, and become a shining example to cock-worshiping Sissies everywhere!
Without prompting, the experience Sissy-Scouts (Sailor-Class) finished their pledge by chanting, “Suck Sissies Suck! Fuck Sissies Fuck! Suck, Suck, Suck!” (They made hand and mouth motions of sucking cock, with the obligatory tongue-in-cheek, for emphasis), “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” They bent over and twerked their asses), “YAY, CUM!” (They all made jacking off motions to their faces, with open mouths, pretending they were being sprayed by spurting cocks).

“Thank you Sissies; you make me proud to be a member of such a fine organization that is so good at pleasing male members!” The Sissies groaned collectively.

“But, what does our Sissy-Pledge really mean?” she continued, reciting her prepared speech. “We recited it to ourselves every morning and every evening. We start every meeting with it. But do you really understand it? And, if you are a Seaman-Class-Sissy, you will require a deeper understanding of its nuances.

“Simply, it represents our sacred oath and vows - the meaning to our Sissy-Scout-Existence. Let’s look closer at all nine inches, sorry, I misspoke, I mean all nine vows.”

The Sissies chuckled, thoroughly understanding how she could have made such a simple, innocent mistake.

“Rule number one – ‘A Sissy-Scout is always supportive, slutty and submissive.’ It means that us Sissies are there for a man’s mental as well as physical needs. Support him by listening, showing him kindness and pretending to understand him. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple hug, a sensual caress, and a kind comment, like, “You poor baby!” Men don’t want an assertive woman – they want a submissive slut! So always be slutty and let him know you are willing and able to take care of his sexual needs. Don’t make him wonder if there is a chance you might suck his dick! Get on your knees and suck it! Real men deserve nothing less. Submissive is obvious. Know your place! He is an Alpha-Male and you are a weak, submissive, beta-boi. The two most used words for a submissive Sissy-Scout is ‘Yes, sir!’

“Rule number two – ‘A Sissy-Scout is always pretty, promiscuous and prepared.’ This means you should always be ‘pretty’ and look your best. How else can you attract more cock? Be ‘promiscuous’ by always making yourself available to any man, and most important of all, be ‘prepared’, by always keeping your Sissy-Sack stocked with whatever you may need, such as lube, condoms, toys, sexy clothes, pharmaceuticals, etc…, and clean yourselves, both inside and out, bathe with scented oils, shave your legs, do your exercises..., you never know what the day may bring!

“Well, I’m being told we that we are running late and falling behind schedule. The real-men are getting anxious and we need every available Scout to help! So, this is your call to Battle-Stations, Sissies! To the new recruits, I will let your Sissy-Scout-Supervisors explain the rest of your vows, but remember the most important ones – ‘A Sissy-Scout never says ‘No!’ and a Sissy-Scout never wastes cum!”

Applause erupted from all of the Sissy-Scouts, both new and seasoned.

“Seaman-Class-Sissies! I give you your final test!”

A curtain to the left of the hall was opened, and a row of glory- holes was displayed. A dozen uniformed Sissy-Scouts were on their knees, servicing the many virile males that were promised blowjobs for attending the event.

“Sissy-Squad 67, booth 13! Squad 68, booth 14! Squad 69, 15!” The glory holes on those booths were efficiently opened by the Slut-Squad-Supervisors.  Penises were urgently pushed thru the cushioned, round holes, directed by a Scout on the other side. Each Slut-Squad-Supervisor dropped to her knee-pads and began servicing the horny men on the other side. Helpful Sissy-Scouts made each Seaman-Scout line up behind her own Sissy-Supervisor.

Lewis’ Supervisor, Stephanie quickly had her virile-male-cock rock-hard, sucking and slurping his throbbing shaft. The horny male on the other side of the thin wall had been watching Sissy-Scout-Porn while impatiently waiting for his turn at the glory-hole. He was ready to blow! Stephanie motioned for one of her Seaman-Sissy-Scouts, waving her arm and calling her over, all the while sucking diligently.

“Go!” the Roving-Sissy-Scout ordered, “kneel before his cock, get in real close to your Slut-Squad-Supervisor and see how it is done!”

Richard was first in line and quickly assumed the position, watching Stephanie work. Stephanie sucked and slurped the throbbing male-member then pulled off her lips and said to Richard, “Open your mouth! Get closer!” She jacked and stroked the hard cock until it erupted, spewing warm, salty sperm all over Richards’ face! “Keep your mouth open, Seaman!” she ordered, as the cock continued to spurt its precious load into his mouth and onto his face. Richard was soon covered in warm cum. Stephanie jerked it gently, sucked it a final time lovingly and allowed it to retreat thru the hole. “Welcome to the Sissy-Scouts, Richard,” she said, “Don’t wipe your face or lick it up, that’s a direct order from you Sissy-Supervisor! Next!” she yelled.

Richard was helped up by a Sissy-Scout, Sailor-Class and taken to another station where his picture was taken, his face still covered with dripping fresh cum. “Smile for your Sissy-Scout-Official-Membership-Card, Seaman!” FLASH! Richard signed his membership card with his new, official Sissy-Scout name, ‘Tiffany’. He smiled when he finished, and was led away to a row of special, pink glory-hole stations for his own, promised blowjob.

Lewis watched his fellow Seaman being sprayed with cum, but he felt bad, since Stephanie was doing all of the work.

“Can I help you relieve some of these men, Steph? I mean, Slut-Squad-Supervisor- Stephanie?” Lewis asked.”It looks like you guys could use really use some help!”

Stephanie continued to stroke the cock in front of her and delayed her answer until the cock in the wall was hard and throbbing. “Seaman-Scout, Lewis, normally we don’t allow newly-joined Sissies to suck a real man’s cock until they are properly trained. But, I’m here-by giving you a field promotion to ‘Able-Seaman!’ based upon your past and proven ability to elicit seaman from potential Alpha-Male Richard, and, the fact that you have already earned your ‘Sucking-with-a-Sister badge.’ Congratulations! Now, get on your knees and suck his balls, Sissy-Scout! That should make things go a little faster! Now, next Seaman-Scout, get in here!”

Lewis dropped to his knees, wearing his pink panties and pink beret with the word ‘Seaman’ stitched onto his hat. He set his handbook down and leaned in. He licked and sucked and slurped every set of balls that were presented to him thru the Sissy-Scout-Glory-Hole, making room for his Sisters-in-Sperm whenever required. He helped his Sissy-Supervisor coax out every load of warm cum that he could. His Supervisor-Stephanie graciously directed some of each hot load onto his opened mouth and face, sharing the rewards with his fellow Seaman-Class-Sissies. When it was finally his turn for his membership card, his face and beret was covered in thick, white cum. He proudly smiled for his pictures and felt giddy with joy as he signed his membership card, ‘Wendy’.

“OK, Sissy-Scout Wendy, come on, let’s get you a blow-job!  Your little-clitty is leaking ‘come-fuck-me-juice’ all over your panties!” Lewis, aka Wendy, stood in line with the rest of his Seaman-Class-Scouts. The pink stations were farther away and quite different than the others. A pink curtain blocked the view until they were pulled open and a panty-clad Seaman-Scout was led way. A manicured finger then came thru the hole, signaling the next Sissy. “Next!” A Sissy-Scout would yell.  Each Seaman-Scout took their turn, placing their tiny dicklets into the pink glory-hole stations. Pink, panty covered cockettes were presented into the holes, the curtain drawn, and in a matter of moments, they sprayed their sissy juice onto a fellow Scout’s hungry mouth.

Soon, it was Wendy’s turn.


“You name was Lewis, right?” A Sissy-Scout asked him.

“Yes, it was. I’m Wendy now, though.” Wendy said.

“That’s a nice name,” she said. “I have orders to make you wait a while, Seaman-Wendy.” 

Wendy didn’t understand why he was being singled out, but obeyed, waiting patiently.

A dozen Sissies came and left the pink glory-holes. The sperm on his face felt cold as it continued to drip and slowly dry. Finally the Scout-Attendant at the booths waved to the two of them and held up a single finger.

Another curtained opened. “Seaman-Wendy, go to booth number one, please.”

Wendy walked quickly, almost running to the first booth. A finger motioned him to the glory-hole. He pulled out his leaking cockette and the curtain closed behind him. A sexy mouth wearing bright-red lipstick appeared at the hole. He pushed his clit closer…, the mouth spoke. “Hi, Lewis, I mean Wendy, it’s me, Tammie!”

“Tammie?” Lewis said, bending over and getting his mouth close to cum splattered hole. “What are you doing here?”

“Don’t you remember? I said I owed you a blow-job the other day. Now, you can find out if I’m as good as Stephanie!”

“Oh!” said Lewis

“Quick, give me your Sissy-Clit!” she said. “And, sorry I made you wait, Wendy. I had to get my girls pretty for their pictures first!”

Wendy pressed his dicklet up to the hole. “Oh, that is OK, Tammie, I…, uuuuuhhhh…,” Wendy had started to explain to Tammie that he didn’t mind waiting, when she sucked his clitty deep into her hot mouth. His little baby-dick grew firm as she sucked. He knew he wouldn’t last long. He had been aroused ever since he walked into the door. He had seen his fellow Seaman-Scouts naked, touched their clits and pussies, sucked balls and got to see and feel a dozen or more virile, throbbing cocks shooting their thick, hot cum onto his face.

Tammie continued to work on his Sissy-Dick.  As he considered the second blow job he had ever received in his life, he noticed the similarities between Stephanie’s and Tammie’s techniques. Stephanie used her throat more while Tammie used more tongue. He felt her tongue pushing into his piss-hole and then wrapping it around his flared head. He was about to shoot. “Mmmmm! I’m coming,” he said.

Tammie sucked him into her mouth and licked and slurped. “Uhhh!”  Wendy grunted and blasted Sissy-Juice forcefully into Tammie’s mouth. His knees grew weak and he blasted again and again, until he was spent.

He pulled his cockette away and bent over once again, speaking into the glory-hole. “Thank you, Tammie. I loved your tongue! I think you and Steph are tied for giving the best blow-job!”

“Thanks, Wendy!” Tammie said, “But we are not finished yet! Give me your clitty again!” she ordered.

Lewis pushed his crotch into the glory-hole again. Tammie’s tongue and sucking mouth soon cleaned up any stray, oozing cum. Then, he felt an ice-cold rag wiping him clean. He even felt ice crystals on it! His Sissy-Parts quickly shriveled quickly as invisible hands cleaned his cock and ball, or clits an external ovaries, as he now thought of them.

“Small!” He heard Tammie say. Suddenly, the cold was replaced by something hard and just as cold. Whatever it was encircled his shrunken, little ‘twig and berries.’


Wendy pulled away and found her Sissy-Bumps were encased by a pretty, pink chastity cage! Her little marbles were wrapped by a ring, and her clit was inside of a small, dick-shaped tube with a piss-slit opening at the top. A small brass lock kept it secured.

“We are still not done, Wendy,” Tammie said. “Grab those bars and present your pussy up tight to the hole! If you don’t do what I tell you, you will be paddled hard like a naughty, little girl!”

Feeling very apprehensive, Wendy pushed her ass and boi-pussy to the hole. Seeing the handles on both sides of the walls, she grabbed onto them. She felt her ass cheeks being spread apart and then a cold, slippery finger began to invade her pussy. She pushed back against the invader as it wiggled and slipped into his Sissy-Hole. It finally retreated.

“Extra-Small.” He heard Tammie say.

He started to pull away. “Keep your pussy presented Seaman-Scout, and push up against the hole again!”

Wendy put her pussy back up to the glory-hole and pushed just like she was told. She again felt her cheeks being pulled apart. She felt another slippery poke against her boi-cunt, then, “Owww!” she cried. Something had been quickly shoved right up into her ass-pussy! Her sphincter gripped it firmly and held it in place.

“That is your Sissy-Pussy-Plug, Scout. Keep it inside you as long as you can. Trust me; it is for your own good. Now, pull up your panties and go!”


Wendy wiggled her ass as she walked, feeling the invading plug firmly lodged into her cunt. Now she recalled the many Seaman-Scouts who walked the exact same way, picking at their ass-crack as they were leaving the pink glory holes.

Wendy soon found his group of Sissy-Scouts in the nearly empty auditorium. He joined his assigned Slut-Squad after noticing Richards’s tall profile in the distance.

“OK, Wendy is here now, we can get started,” Supervisor-Stephanie said. “Listen up, Seaman-Sissy-Scouts!” Her squad gathered around their Slut-Squad-Supervisor.

“First of all, I want to congratulate you on becoming Official-Sissy-Scouts! I am very proud of all of you, and so happy to have all of you in my Squad. My goal is to make Sissy-Scout-Slut-Squad #69 the best damn bunch of Sissy-Sluts in the Region!” A few of the Seaman clapped.

“You all still have your Sissy-Scout-Handbooks, right?” she asked. Everyone nodded.

“Mine has cum on it!” Lucy cried. Lewis looked at his own completely slime-covered handbook.

“Most of them do, Lucy,” her Supervisor said. “And, if they don’t now, they will soon. My address and phone number are listed inside the front cover. Your first Slut-Squad-Session is Monday at 6:00PM, come early if you want to. We will meet every night for the next few weeks until I turn you bunch of sissy-boys into full blown, cock-sucking Sissy-Scouts! My mission is to get you trained and productive as soon as possible - no excuses!

“Lesson one - read your Sissy-Handbook! Read it every spare moment – it contains everything you need to know to become the best Sissy-Scout you can be! I expect you to be familiar with it and be ready to ask me any questions you might have. Your first homework assignment is to memorize the Sissy-Scout-Pledge before the next Slut-Squad-Session!

“Lesson two - your Sissy-Clitty-Cage is there to keep you from playing with your little clitties until you are trained!  You can’t concentrate on your lessons if you are always rubbing your little Sissy-Bumps trying to dibble out your pathetic Sissy-Juice! When you can recite the entire Sissy-Pledge from memory, the cage will come off during our meetings, and you will be able to properly ‘play’ with your Sissy-Slut-Squad-Seamen. Now, no Sissy-Gasms until our meeting nights; or I’ll paddle your faggot asses! Everyone, got that?”

Most of her Scouts made sounds or grunts of agreement.  “Sissies!” Stephanie scolded. “The correct response is ‘Yes, Sissy-Supervisor!’ Let’s try it again. No Sissy-Gasms or you will be punished! Got it?”

“Yes, Sissy-Supervisor!” they all shouted.

“Lesson three - your Sissy-Pussy-Plugs are to remain inside of you whenever possible! Most of you will need to be stretched-out before you can truly provide the relief our Alphas need; well, comfortably anyway!

“You will be meeting your Alpha-Sponsors sooner than I’d like – we are still working out the dates - so we need to make sure your tight, little pussies are good and loose and ready for Alpha-Cock! Except you, of course, Lucy.”

Lucy blushed. She was already wearing an ‘extra-large’ Sissy-Pussy-Plug.

“Here is a present for each of you.” Stephanie opened a huge bag and began handing out large, pink purses. Each had a name tag hanging from it. She quickly passed them out to her Slut-Squad, calling each of their names one by one.

“This is your Official-Sissy-Scout-Sissy-Sack; inside is a make-up kit, a starter dildo, a collapsible anal douche, a bottle of lube and some extra, bigger Pussy-Plugs.

“Besides memorizing the pledge, your homework is to read the Sissy-Hand-Job, I mean Sissy-Hand-Book through the second chapter! You will be held accountable for the rules in the prologue on Sissy-Scout-Protocol, and Chapter One covers ‘Sissy-Scout-Appearance’ on make-up, and how to act slutty and stuff. Definitely focus on Chapter Two – ‘Cock-Sucking’ - and even Chapter Three – ‘Ass-Fucking’, if you are really motivated - but we will cover those three chapter extensively in our first couple of meetings; they are probably the most important pages of the Sissy-Scout-Hand-Book.

“And, start practicing with your dildos diligently! That cock should be your best friend - never leave home without it! If you are not shoving food in your mouth, that dildo ought to be shoved in it at well! Same goes with your ass! And, by the way, quit shoving food in your mouth-holes! You are all on a strict diet starting now! You have to look sexy, thin and weak for your Alphas!

“Finally, I expect everyone to be wearing their biggest Sissy-Pussy-Plug within the week - or sooner! No excuses!

“Ok Everyone move in close together and join arms.” Sissy-Supervisor Stephanie ordered, “Tighter!” she instructed. Then, she whispered to the group, locked arm and arm together, bent over at the waist with their heads close together. “Look at each other’s cum covered faces.” They did. They were close enough to smell the ammonia-like scent of stale, drying cum.

“Each of us is your Slut-Squad-Sister. We will grow together, train together, suck and fuck together. The Sissies you are looking at right now will become your best friends for the rest of your lives. Friends hug and Sissy-Sisters kiss. Now, I want to say hello to each of your Sisters, tell them your Sissy-Name, and kiss each of your Slut-Sisters on the lips and give them a friendly grope.”

The all stood around nervously, so, Wendy decided to go first.  He turned to Richard and said, “Hi, I’m Wendy.”

“Hi, I’m Tiffany.”

Wendy smiled and kissed Tiffany hesitantly. She tasted like cum. The two friends caressed each other’s Sissy-Bumps.

After Wendy broke the ice, the rest of the Scouts quickly did the same.

“Hi, I’m Lucy!” Lucy said to Wendy. After hearing her name, Lucy kissed Wendy ferociously with opened mouth and tongue. Wendy kissed back, politely, and then had to push her away, trying to be gentle. ‘Lucy has a lot of enthusiasm,’ he thought.

They quickly finished. Wendy learned that Greg’s Sissy-Name was ‘Tina’. He did his best to remember everyone’s name. Most of the faces he recognized from the earlier sessions. ‘Tracy’, he recalled had a clitty smaller than Tina’s, but she did have a very pretty, pink boi-pussy.

“OK, time for our final introductions. We Sissies have to watch out for each other. And, we have to look our best to get more cock. So, sometimes a Sissy-Scout will not notice a stray pearl of cum on her face. A helpful Sissy-Sister will point that out for her.  So, come up to each of your Slut-Sisters and say, ‘Hi, (say their name), you have some cum on your face, let me get it for you,’ and then lick some cum off of her face. If the cum has already dried, you may have to lick a little harder, but, it is the least we can do for our Sisters!”

“I got dibs on Wendy!” Lucy shouted. She knew that Wendy’s face was absolutely covered in cum.

“Lucy, Lucy, Lucy,” Stephanie said, like a mother disappointed with her selfish child, “We all have to share. Make sure you leave some for the rest of us, OK? And, this is important, leave the cum stains on your Sissy-Berets; un-touched and un-sucked! I’ll explain later. Now, get busy, Sisters!”

They quickly began, and, as promised, Lucy made sure she was directly in front of Wendy. “Hi, Wendy, you have some cum on your face, let me get it for you!” Lucy began licking Wendy’s face enthusiastically. Again, Wendy had to push her away, watching Lucy’s tongue wiggling ferociously as she disengaged from her admirer.

“Stephanie said to save some for the rest of the girls, Lucy!” Wendy admonished.

Wendy again said hello to his fellow Sissy-Scouts, licked up some cum and had his face cleaned. He only needed help with a few of his fellow Sissy names.

Finally, he came up to Stephanie and said, “Hi, Stephanie, you have some cum on your face, let me get it for you.” He gently licked Stephanie’s lips. “Thank you for everything, Stephanie.”

“You are welcome, Wendy.” Stephanie said, cupping his Sissy-Bits and grabbing his ass.

“OK, ladies, before I let you go out into the world as our newest, and proudest, Sissy-Scouts; I have to remind you to pay for membership dues and your Official-Sissy-Scout-Uniforms – they should be ready for you by then, at our next meeting. If you have any concerns about the cost, call me and we will make special arrangements! No excuses for not showing up for your Sissy-Scout-Slut-Session!

“And, no more haircuts! Cancel any appointments you may have. We have specialist to take care of your hair, whether long or short, but, most Alphas like nice long hair they can grab on to!

“Oh! And, you can wash out your panties – I expect you to buy a lot more - but not your Sissy-Scout-Berets! Like I alluded to before, the cum stains on your beret are the marks of success and symbolize a badge of honor for a Seaman-Class-Sissy-Scout. The smell and platters are to be left there to remind you of your ultimate goal; “See-men, Suck-men and Fuck-men to get…, what?” she asked loudly.

“SEMEN!” they all cried.

“OK, final lesson - does anyone know the Secret-Sissy-Scout-Sign and the Sissy-Salute?” she asked her Slut.

“No, Sissy-Supervisor,” one Sissy said.

“It looks like a two fingered salute, Sissy-Supervisor. I saw a few of you doing it,” Wendy interjected.

“Yeah, it looks like a peace-sign, right?” Tiffany said, then added, “Sissy-Supervisor.”

“That is was most people think, but, before I show you, everyone must take a solemn vow never to share this secret with anyone. And I mean anyone – even Alphas!  Does everyone agree?”

After a short pause, most of them yelled, “Yes, Sissy-Supervisor!” They were excited to learn the Sissy-Scout-Secret-Sign. It felt so naughty to keep a secret from an Alpha-Male!

“OK,” Stephanie said, “Repeat after me;

“I, ‘State your Sissy-Name,’ do solemnly swear,” The sissies all repeated her words, with few having to restate their names after stupidly saying ‘State your Sissy-Name,’ they were so nervous!

“To zip my lips and cross my Tits!” Stephanie made motions of zipping up her lip and made and ‘X’ with her index finger between her large, beautiful breasts. Her Slut repeated her words and motions.

“And if I should ever gossip and slip, (ssssshhhhh!)” Stephanie put a single finger against her lip, made the ‘shush’ sound and lowered her voice.

“The secret of the finger-tips,” Then she held up another finger like a ‘V’ or peace sign, and slowly and subtly extended her thumb between her spread fingers, making the Sacred-Secret-Sissy-Scout-Sign!

Her voice then grew low and ominous;

“Then beat my ass with sticks and whips,” She smacked her ass, hard. The sissies repeated her actions (some liked it very much).

“And bind my clit with ropes and zips,” She made circling and tying motions and around her boi-clitty, pretending to wince in pain.

“And pound my pussy until it rips!” She made a fist and struck her ass repeatedly,

“And never again to wiggle my hips,” She shook her ass.

“Or entice and Alpha with my tiny tips,” She wiggled her tits after pinching her hard little nipples.

 “And never have a fat shaft to grip,” She pretended to grip and stroke a fat shaft and then opened her hand, to show it was empty.

“Or enjoy another between my lips” She clamped her mouth shut and shook her head silently, signaling ‘No.’

“To this I solemnly swear, so help me cock.”

“So help me cock,” all the sissies repeated softly and solemnly.

Stephane held up her two fingers again, like a peace sign, and put her thumb through the base.

“Do what I do.” Her Scouts imitated her. “Does anyone know what this represents?” she asked looking around, displaying her two fingers upright, like a peace-sign, spread with her thumb poking between her fingers.


“A bunny?”

“A piece of ass, instead of a peace sign?”

“Legs up in the air?”

“You are getting close…,” she said. “Ok, now everyone turn your hand upside down. Now what does it look like? She turned her hand over and held it out for everyone to see. It looked exactly like a pair of legs - and the thumb, extending thru the base – represented a huge, hard cock!

“It looks like a pair of legs and a cock!” Wendy exclaimed, then added, “Sissy-Supervisor-Stephanie.”

“Exactly!” Stephanie said proudly. “Salute by putting out your right arm straight out from your shoulders. Bend your arm at the elbow and put the sign above your right eyebrow at an angle. Then, snap your arm downward, briefly showing the special secret of the Sissy-Sign.”

She lowered her voice again. “This Sissy-Secret is only known to Official-Sissy-Scouts, and I’m happy to share it with you, but, there is one more secret…

“You can use the Sissy-Scout-Sign to privately tell your Sisters about a man’s cock size!”

Stephanie pretended to look at her fingernails and subtly made the Sissy-Sign for everyone to see. Then, she pushed her thumb through her fingers deeply. “Big cock…,” she instructed and then retreated her thumb until only the tip was showing, “Little cock…,”

There were a few giggles.

“Remember, it’s all about the cock, Sisters! Go get dressed, but keep the grocery bag with your name on it to carry your Sissy-Stuff!

“I strongly advise you,” she glanced at Lucy, “No, change that. I order you to put your Sissy-Beret and Sissy-Sack in the bag before you leave here! I don’t want any Alpha-Males to mistake you for Seasoned-Sissy-Scouts; you are not ready yet! You cannot wear any part of your uniform in public unless accompanied by a Sissy-Supervisor - until graduation, except your panties of course. Under punishment of a severe paddling. Got it?”

“Yes!” a couple Sissies shouted.

“Yep!” another said.

“Yes, Sissy-Supervisor Stephanie!” Wendy yelled. The rest of the girls, realizing their mistake, yelled out the proper response too.

“And, no Sissy-Gasms!” she added, “Save yourselves for the meeting, or else! See you on Monday, Sissy-Sluts!” Stephanie turned and walked away, her cute ass wiggling.

The newest Sissy-Scouts began to get dressed, and once again pretending to be men.

“Wow,” Richard said, “I can’t believe we are Official-Sissy-Scouts, Lewis.” He pulled his jeans up over his pink panties. The lump made by the chastity cage was prominent.

“Me neither! I can’t wait to get home and start practicing!” Lewis said. He looked down and noticed that his Clitty-Cage barley caused a dent in his jeans. The Sissy-Pussy-Plug felt comfortable now. He clenched his pussy tightly. ‘I think I’m ready to try the next size already!’ he thought.

“Hey, let’s call Fred, Stan and Billy,” Greg said, ”It’s still early; maybe we can practice for a while and still have time to play D&D!” Greg said.

“Great idea!” said Richard. “We can practice putting on make-up and sucking cock!”

“Too bad we have these Sissy-Clitty-Cages on, or we could practice on some real cocks!” said Greg.

“You mean, practice on our ‘dicklets’ don’t you,” Lewis corrected him.

“Yeah,” Greg said, “I meant we could practice on our ‘shriveled-up-salted-peanuts.’” He grinned.

“Our limp-little-lady-bits,” Richard added.

“My favorite is ‘Sissy-Stick,’ ” said Lewis.

“I like ‘seedless-grapes,’” Greg said.

“I like your ‘tiny-seedless-grapes,’ ” Richard said to his friend. “Your ‘twig-and-berries’ look yummy, too!”

Greg laughed. Richard grinned.

“Oh, boy! I can’t wait until we get out of our Sissy-Clitty-Cages, ladies,” Lewis said, giving a Sissy-Scout-Salute. “We are going to have fun!”

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The Sissy Scouts 5 – Lewis and his friends have a Sissy-Scout-Study-Session

Previous story: Lewis and his friends attend the Sissy-Scout-Induction-Ceremony

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

Lewis and Richard arrived at Stan’s house not long after the Sissy-Scout-Induction-Ceremony concluded. They were so excited! Lewis and his friends were now Official-Sissy-Scouts! Granted, they were only Seaman-Class-Sissy-Scouts, but still, they had their Official-Sissy-Scout-Panties, berets, handbooks and membership cards! They couldn’t wait to start having lots of sex, pleasuring Alpha-Males, sucking cock and getting their sissy-pussies fucked!

To their surprise, they were greeted at the door by Stanley and Fred, who were wearing nothing but their pink panties and their Sissy-Scout-Berets.

“Hello Stanley, hello Fred,” Richard said extending his arm and shaking hands with his friends as they stepped inside.

“Richard, that’s not how Sissies greet each other!” Lewis admonished. Setting down his pink Sissy-Sack, he walked over to Stanley, leaned in and kissed him on the lips. “Hi Susie,” he said, using Stanley’s Sissy-Scout-Name. Lewis then fingered Susie’s Sissy-Bits thru his pink panties. He did the same to Fred, calling him by his Sissy-Name Rhonda. “First you kiss, then tickle each other’s twigs-and-berries. And, remember to always use our Sissy-Names for each other!”

“Like this?” Richard asked, and began to kiss Lewis passionately on the lips while they groped each other.

“Yes, exactly!” Lewis/Wendy said, after licking the spittle from his lips after his/her passionate embrace with her Sissy-Friend Lewis/Tiffany. After all the times sucking Lewis’s cock, his friend was now kissing him and touching his little cock! He was still amazed that Lewis had an Alpha-sized cock but still joined the Sissy-Scouts.

“Hi, Wendy,” Richard said to Lewis when he finally pulled away.

“Hi, Tiffany,” Lewis said to Richard, blushing. Lewis licked his lips, exhilarated. His friend was a great kisser!

“I like it!” Tiffany said, “But, how do you know the Official-Sissy-Scout-Greeting?” he asked Wendy while taking off his shirt and dropping his pants. “I don’t remember hearing about that.”

“Remember? Right after the ceremony? Stephanie kissed and groped us?” Wendy said, stripping off his clothes as well. “Well, that’s how Sissy-Scouts greet each other – Besides, I read it in the Sissy-Scout-Handbook on the way over here – The Handbook-Preface, page five, Sissy-Protocol. By the way, groping is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory – depending on the situation, you know. It promotes bonding and helps maintain sexual excitement.”

“I see,” said Tiffany, amazed at her friend’s dedication.

Wendy and Tiffany adjusted their berets. They admired each other’s panty clad bodies and smiled. They politely greeted each of their other friends, who in turn, greeted each other, kissing and groping each other. Their boi-clitties hardened painfully in their cages.

Just then, the door-bell rang and the door pushed open. Their friends Greg and Billy stepped inside, their arms carrying their bulging Sissy-Sacks.

“Hey, cock-suckers!” Greg said enthusiastically, and then eyeing his friend’s skimpy attire, added, “Wow, am I overdressed!” He set down his bags and began to strip.

“I’m not a cock-sucker!” Tiffany said indignantly, and then slyly added, “Yet…”

“I am!” declared Wendy.

“Me too!” declared both Rhonda and Susie. They reminded the group how they have been sucking each other off for years.

“I can’t wait to suck a big, fat, juicy Alpha-Cock!” Greg said. He was now naked except for his pink panties. He pulled his Sissy-Seaman-Beret from his Sissy-Sack and put it on. “I’ve been stuck with this little thing all my life!” He pulled down his panties and showed off his miniscule penis encased in the small cock-cage. “I’ve always wanted to know what a big, fat cock would feel like in my hands, and now, I’ll finally be able too!”

“I know what you mean,” Billy said, “My clitty is not much bigger than yours!” Billy stripped and quickly added, “Sorry we are late. Trixie made her Sissy-Squad stay afterwards for a pep-talk.” He pulled down his panties and scratched and tugged on his baby-marbles, ringed by the hard, pink band surrounding them. “She mostly let us know that she gets first dibs on all the cock and not to bother her with a bunch of stupid questions.” The elastic on his panties snapped out loud when he released them.

“Wow, sorry about that Bobbie,” Tiffany said, using Billy’s sissy-name, “Too bad you are not in Stephanie’s Sissy-Squad.”

“Or Tammie’s…” Susie said, “She’s cool.”

“Trixie is a cock-hog,” Wendy said, “But you can suck our cocks – I mean our clitties – anytime, Bobbie!”

With that said, Wendy walked up to his friend Billy and said, “Hello Tina, welcome to the Slut,” and kissed and groped him passionately. After a momentary pause, Tina kissed him back, slipping in his tongue.

“That’s how Sissy-Scouts greet each other,” Tiffany explained.

Wendy did the same to Billy/Bobbie.

“Page five of your Sissy-Scout-Handbook, Sissy-Protocol,” Rhonda added smugly, repeating Lewis’ previous statement, before joining the Slut. The friends kissed and fondled each other, all of them wishing their Sissy-Cages were off.

“Wow, I was never kissed so much when I was straight,” Rhonda said.

“Yeah, and think about all the sex we are going to have,” Tina added, “Even with my tiny, little Sissy-Stick!”

“Yeah,” added Bobbie. “Sex with big, hard cocks and soft little sissies!” The Sissies all looked at each other grinning stupidly.

“Well, Sissy-Scouts, Seaman-Class, shall we get started?” Wendy said, taking charge, “We have a lot to learn before we can pleasure all of those Alpha-Cocks!” he said, “And, there are probably a lot of Alphas jerking off right now that could use our help!” Then, wanting to motivate her friends, she said loudly, “Let’s do it, Sissy-Seamen!”

“Yeah!” said, Tina, pumping her delicate fist in the air.

“Seamen!” cried Rhonda.

“See-men, suck-men, fuck-men!” Tiffany added, even louder.

“To get Semen!” the rest of the newly appointed Sissy-Scouts shouted.

They were excited, enthusiastic and ready. It was a big step for them to go from effeminate, chaste, beta-bois to slutty, cock-sucking Sissy-Scouts. They were all extremely horny and mentally motivated to begin their new submissive lives. They were all still feeling the sexual-high from the Sissy-Scout-Induction-Ceremony and were anxious to get started!

“I have our D&D table cleared off,” Rhonda said, leading them into the familiar room. They all sat in their accustomed places, but it was certainly different seeing everyone in their “Seaman” berets. They looked at each other expectantly, not knowing how to get started. The seats felt cold on their panty covered asses.

Wendy noticed his friend’s apprehension and growing nervousness and decided to take charge. After all, she was the Senior-Sissy-Scout of the Slut, having earned the rank of ‘Able-Bodied-Seaman’ during the Sissy-Scout-Induction-Ceremony (by displaying her excellent ability to extract semen).

“OK, let’s get started!” Wendy said. “Our homework is to read through Chapter Two in the Sissy-Scout-Handbook on cock-sucking - that’s where we will be spending most of our time, after all!” Wendy said. “Plus, we need to memorize the pledge by Monday to get our cages off. And, I don’t know about you faggots, but I’m getting this fucking Sissy-Clitty-Cage off!

“OK, everyone, read the pledge, Sissy-Protocol and the first two chapters. After that, we can start practicing our cock-sucking skills!”

The room grew quiet as the new Sissy-Scouts began reading their handbooks. A few soft exclamations of, “Oh!” and “Hmm!” could be heard as someone read an interesting passage.

The ‘Preface’ discussed Sissy-Scout-Protocol and Chapter One detailed how they should always look their best, to attract cock, by wearing slutty make-up, fixing their hair, dressing sexily, flirting and activing provocatively. A complete guide on make-up was included, with pictures, techniques and detailed instructions.

Wendy was already half-way finished with chapter two, cock-sucking, when she felt a gentle ‘poke‘ against her panties. Startled, she looked up to see Tiffany smiling at her and again pushing his toes into her groin.

“Tiffany! Stop that and get back to reading!” she chastised. “No wonder they make us wear chastity cages! Otherwise, we would be playing with each other’s boi-clitties all day instead of studying!”  

Tiffany sheepishly began reading again. Wendy soon finished the chapter, skimmed the rest of the book, (she had always been an avid reader) and then quietly reached into her Sissy-Sack. She pulled out her make-up kit and a huge dildo. The fake cock was penis shaped, large and realistic. It had a hole with a screw fitting in the base and came with a suction cup attachment. It was stamped with the official Sissy-Scout-Logo, too. Just underneath the logo, she noticed the mark; ‘Alpha-Gold-Elite.’

“Wow, an Alpha-Gold-Elite!” Wendy said aloud, lovingly stroking the firm, fat phallus with her hands while admiring the length and girth of an Alpha-Gold-Elite-Cock.

Tiffany and the rest of the sissies looked up from their studies to admire Wendy and her Alpha-Dong and began to examine their own Sissy-Sacks.

Tiffany reached into his Sissy-Sack to pull out his assigned dildo. “An Alpha-Bronze!” he said, “just like my own cock!” He looked around sheepishly and added, “I mean it is the same size as my Sissy-Stick…”

“I have a Silver!” Rhonda said gleefully, holding up her nine-inch monster.

“I have a Bronze-Double-Elite!” Susie said cheerfully. “Shit, I can hardly get my mouth around it!” She wrapped her lips around the thick head, stretching her mouth tightly around the fat, penis-shaped dildo.

“A Bronze-Elite for me!” Bobbie added. “Shit, this thing makes my little boi-clitty look like a real girl’s clit!”

Tiffany looked a Wendy’s Gold-Elite cock jealously. “You guys don’t mind if we share cocks, do you?”

“No, of course not! We are Sissy-Scouts after all! We should practice on all kinds of cocks. You never know what you are going to pull out of an Alpha’s pants!” Wendy said. She began to lick and suck on her Official Sissy-Scout-Alpha-Training-Cock, wondering how such a thing could ever fit inside her boi-pussy.

“Wow, you really know how to suck a cock, Wendy,” Bobbie said, admiring her work.

“Well, Richard - I mean Tiffany - let me practice on her a lot last week. Did you know, that if he was a real man, he would have qualified for an Alpha-Bronze-Plus?”

“A Bronze-Plus?” Greg said, gawking at Tiffany. “I saw your seven-inch clitty this morning, but you can shoot a big cum load too?”

“Yup!” Wendy said, as Tiffany looked down at her panties, too embarrassed to speak. “I helped Stephanie measure him too. He shot over half an ounce of sissy-juice!”

“Wow! That’s more than a mouthful!” Rhonda said, “Fred, I mean Susie, never squirts enough to satisfy me. I can’t wait to suck you off, Tiffany!”

“Hey! You’re no better, than me, Rhonda!” Susie retorted to her childhood, cock-sucking buddy, “The last time I sucked your pathetic, little...”

“Ladies, ladies!” Wendy said loudly, trying to stop the argument. “There will be plenty of warm cum for all of us now, let’s quit fighting! A Sissy-Scout shouldn’t fight over cocks and cum when there are so many horny men out there needing our help!”

“That’s not part of the Sissy-Scout-Pledge!” Susie retorted. “And I bet there is nothing in the handbook about having to share cocks and cum! Every sissy for themselves!”

“You’re probably right, Susie, but we were good friends before we joined the Scouts, and we are Sissy-Sisters now, and I don’t want to ever see our Slut fight each other over a thick load of cum, no matter how badly we want it!”

“Well, I guess,” Susie said.

“You are right, Wendy,” said Rhonda. “I’m sorry, Susie, I really like your sperm. It’s warm and thick.”

“I know you do, slut,” Susie said. ”And when this cage comes off, I should have a nice, big load ready for you.” she grinned.

“OK, everybody, finish reading, then we can try sucking all of our different sized dildos,” Wendy ordered.

Everyone resumed their studies, absent mindedly stroking their phalluses, though it was difficult to concentrate with Wendy constantly slurping on her Alpha-Gold-Elite-Training-Cock.

One by one, the sissies finished their reading and began practicing cock-sucking, occasionally reviewing their Sissy-Scout-Handbook to get clarification on a certain technique.

They all paused to watch Wendy. She had the Alpha-Gold-Elite shaft nearly all the way down her throat. She pulled it out and lovingly licked all around the fat, flared, head before sucking on the balls.

“You look hot sucking that cock, Wendy!” Tina said, admiringly.

“Thank you,” Wendy said. “I really like sucking cock and want to get super good at it.”

“You know what would look even hotter?” Tiffany said.

“What?” Wendy said, still tonguing her Alpha-Trainer.

“If you had some slutty-red lipstick on those cock-sucking lips!”

“Ooooh, yeah!” Rhonda said, “I have an idea! Let’s put on some make-up and get all slutty looking while we practice sucking cock!”

“Great idea!” said Bobbie.

“I’ve never put on make-up before…” said Susie.

“We can just use the hand-book and look at the pictures.” Wendy suggested.

“I can show you guys how to wear make-up,” Tiffany said quietly.

“Richard?” Wendy said questioningly. “I mean Tiffany? You know how to wear make-up?”

“I’ve been cross-dressing for years,” Tiffany admitted. “That is how I knew I was a sissy and not an Alpha. I’m all girl on the inside…” Tiffany blushed.

“Do me first!” Wendy said. “Make me look like a real slut!”

“Me next!” shouted Bobbie.

“If we only had a good mirror…” Tiffany said. “We can probably use the bathroom…”

“Hold on a second!”  Susie yelled. She jumped up and ran out of the room. The guys heard her rummaging through the closet in the next room. She quickly returning with a lighted make-up mirror. “I just remembered I bought this for Comic-Con last year!”

“No wonder your Wonder Woman’s make-up was so good!” Rhonda said, suddenly realizing why her friend had dressed up as a female heroine. She helped Susie get the mirror set up and they gathered around Tiffany as she showed them how to apply make-up.

“First, the foundation,” Tiffany said, explaining how to apply the base. Wendy followed along in the Sissy-Scout-Handbook, reading aloud passages, as Tiffany showed everyone how to use the assortment of tools and colorful pastels from the well-stocked Sissy-Scout-Makeup-Kit. “Cool, they even picked out the best colors for each of us!” Tiffany said. “I always thought I looked best as a ‘Fall.’”

Soon, Tiffany looked her slutty-best, finally elongating her eyelashes and smacking her lips after applying a bright shade of red.

“Holy shit, Tiffany, you look like a real girl!” Wendy said.

“You should see me in my bra and panty-hose,” Tiffany said, blushing.

“I’d like that!” Wendy said, “Now, do me!”

Tiffany went to work on his friend’s face, applying foundation, curling his naturally long eyelashes, applying eye-shadow, blush and slutty-red lipstick. Tiffany finally dusted his friend to set the make-up and proclaimed, “Ta-da!”

“Eeeee!” Wendy squealed! “I look like a real Sissy-Scout now!” She admired her pretty, slutty face in the mirror and ran her fingers through her hair. “I wish I had big tits and long hair like Stephanie!”

“Well, you still look good. All you need now is a real Alpha-Cock between those lips, Wendy!” Rhonda said to her cute friend, as she watched Wendy admiring herself in the mirror while sucking deeply on her Alpha-Trainer.

“I wish I had a real cock to suck!” Wendy whined, removing her mouth from the rubber cock and noticing the red lip-stick stains on it.

“Next!” yelled Tiffany.

Wendy reluctantly gave up her seat and said, “Rhonda, Susie, Tina! Let’s go over the Sissy-Scout-Pledge while Tiffany gets Bobbie all slutty looking!”


“I have a surprise once we are all ready, bitches!” Wendy said, feeling pretty and frisky in her slutty make-up, panties and pink beret.

Wendy led everyone through the Sissy-Scout-Pledge, line by line, as Tiffany and her current make-up student listened as best they could, while giving and receiving make-up tips. Soon, everyone was looking their Slutty-Sissy best and nearly had the Sissy-Scout-Pledge memorized.

“What is your surprise, Wendy?” Tina asked. She looked very pretty indeed.

Wendy reached into her Sissy-Sack and pulled out the deluxe edition Sissy-Scout-Blowjob-Training-DVD and showed everyone. “Stephanie and Tammie are in this one!” she squealed.

Susie turned on the large screen TV and the Sissies began to watch the instructional video. They cheered when Stephanie and Tammie appeared, and booed when Trixie appeared. They watched diligently and practiced sucking and licking on their Alpha-Trainers, occasionally trading phalluses, especially during the deep-throat demonstration – everyone wanted to first try Tiffany’s Alpha-Bronze-Trainer before attempting to throat the larger ones. At Wendy’s suggestion, they paused the DVD while they each gobbled the Alpha-Bronze-Trainer. Wendy, Susie and Rhonda were all able to deep-throat it (having significant cock-sucking experience), while Bobbie, Tina and Tiffany tried valiantly, but kept gagging when the shaft hit the back of their throats.

“Practice makes perfect,” Wendy reminded them, “And a Sissy-Scout is always pretty, perfect, promiscuous and prepared!” Then, she sighed, “I wish I had a real cock to practice on,” Wendy said sadly.

“You already said that!” Bobbie commented, and then added, “What a cock-slut you are, Wendy!”

Wendy considered Bobbie’s comment. Maybe she was a slut – a true, Sissy-Scout-Cock-Sucking-Slut. She couldn’t wait to have a fat Alpha-Cock sliding down her throat while wearing her pretty Sissy-Scout uniform - with another Alpha-Cock pounding her faggot boi-cunt, pulling on her pretty long hair while her breasts bounced and swayed beneath her. All those horny men out there needing relief, and she had all the tools to help them! Well, she had a wet mouth and a warm boi-pussy right now and she knew the sexy body would come later.

Then, she had a thought.

“Hey, we don’t have real cocks to practice on, but we can practice sucking each other’s balls and stuff…”

“You mean our ‘tiny seedless grapes?’” said Tina.

“Our ‘baby-marbles?’” added Susie.

“Our ‘juice-filled, dangling sissy-berries?’” questioned Bobbie.

“Yes, and ‘other stuff’” Wendy added, slyly.

“What other stuff?” Rhonda asked, intrigued.

“Chapter four…” Wendy said.

Bobbie quickly grabbed his Sissy-Scout-Handbook. “Chapter four, FOREPLAY!” he exclaimed. Leafing thru the chapter, he read aloud, ‘Ball-Sucking,’  ‘Ass-Eating or Tongue Tickling the Starfish!’” he cried. “There is stuff in here about sucking toes and nipples, even how to kiss a man like a girl!”

“Oooooohhhhh!” Let’s do it!” Tiffany squealed.

“Get your Sissy-Pussy-Plugs out, ladies,” Wendy cried, “and let’s eat some ass and practice sucking balls!”

Everyone stripped off their panties, arched their backs, and reached towards their asses to pull out their slippery Sissy-Pussy-Plugs.

“Ahhh,” Susie sighed, dropping her plug on the table. It bounced and rolled in a small circle before coming to rest. “Gosh, I feel so empty now!” she sighed.

The rest of the sissies pulled their slimy plugs out of their man-cunts and they all agreed that they missed having a thick, firm object lodged tightly in their pussies.

“Let’s go clean up and get started!” Tiffany yelled.

The slut migrated to the bathroom where Susie distributed some wash-cloths. They soon began to wash each other’s boi-cunts with warm soapy water.

Clean and dry, they returned to start their practicing.

“But, no Sissy-Gasms, cunts!” Wendy warned, “Or we will get in trouble - everyone, grab a partner.”

“Hi, I’m Susie,” Stanley-Susie said to his friend Fred-Rhonda, “Want to see my boi-pussy?”

“Yes, Susie!” Rhonda answered. The rest giggled, watching Susie and Rhonda repeat the most intimate part of the Sissy-Scout-Induction ceremony. They all agreed it certainly removed any inhibitions they might have had regarding each other’s bodies.

Susie bent over and spread her ass-cheeks wide. Everyone stared at her gaping ass-cunt, amazed at how pretty and inviting it was. Her pink Sissy-Clitty-Cage ringed her Sissy-Marbles and everyone saw her clitty leaking pre-cum. Rhonda reached over and poked his friend’s winking bung-hole. Her finger easily slid in Susie’s well-stretched orifice, all the way up to the second knuckle!

“Oooohhhh….” Susie moaned as his cock-sucking buddy wiggled his finger around and around his once tight hole.

“Nice cunt, faggot,” Rhonda replied with the proper, ‘compliment, then insult’ response. He reluctantly removed his smelly digit, staring at it intently, and wondering where he should wipe the shitty stains. Certainly not on his new Sissy-Scout-Panties!

“Thank you.” Susie replied, remembering to thank her admirer, whether complimented or insulted.

Tiffany immediately confronted his friend Wendy and asked, “Do you want to see my Sissy-Scout-Cock-Cavity?” he asked.

“Yes, I do,” Wendy said. “I would love to see your Sissy-Scout-Cock-Cavity!”

Tiffany bent over and Wendy admired his pussy. Tiffany’s ass was soft and blemish free. His gaping hole winked at him. Wendy slid his finger into Tiffany’s slutty hole and said, “You have a very pretty pussy and I’m sure you will make all the Alpha-Cocks very happy!” he said sincerely. “I wish I could fill-and-drill your pretty cock-cavity with my tiny, little, Sissy-Stick right now!” Then, almost forgetting, he quickly added, “You fucking drag-queen, cock-loving fairy!”

“Thank you!” Tiffany replied automatically.

Everyone began to repeat their performance from earlier in the day, but now, extremely horny and feely very girly and very slutty, they began to grope each other’s Sissy-Parts, kiss passionately, suck each other’s fingers and toes, and finger each other’s holes deeply.

“Time to eat-ass and suck balls, Ladies!” Wendy said. “Bend over, Tiffany!” Tiffany spread his ass checks wide, and Wendy admired his gaping pussy. “Bobbie, read the Sissy-Tips for chapter Four, while we eat-ass!”

Bobbie started to read while Wendy inspected Tiffany’s rosebud and Rhonda prepared to devour Susie’s. Tina pushed on Bobbie’s back, causing him to bend over and expose his Sissy-Pussy to her.

“Step 1 – There are the same number of sensitive nerve ending in a man’s penis and his anus, so prepare to pleasure his anus with the same intensity as his cock.

“Step 2 – Have your man get comfortable and spread his ass gently. Note - he may prefer to sit on your face. Blow on his anus and give him gentle licks before feasting on his ass.

“Step 3 – Plunge deep. The deeper the better, if you are endowed with an exceptionally, long tongue, make sure to utilize this valuable asset at every possible opportunity!

“Step 4 – Lick, tug, prod, poke, suck and repeat!”

The Sissy-Scouts began to moan. They arched their backs and pushed their pussies into their friend’s faces. After a while, they traded places, until everyone’s boi-pussies was wet, gaping and tingling.

“Bobbie, read the part on ball sucking!” Wendy ordered, crawling underneath Tina’s legs. Soon, everyone was licking and sucking balls, eating ass, and sucking toes and nipples. They were getting, sweaty, horny and feeling very slutty! They talked dirty to each other, feeling their hard clits pressing against their cages, preventing them from getting fully hard, and keeping inquisitive fingers and mouths away from their Sissy-Sticks.

“Do you want to see my cock-craving cunt?”

“Oh, your pussy is so hot and tight, you fucking faggot!”

“I need an Alpha-Male to breed me like the slut I am!”

“I want to suck a real cock!” Wendy whined.

“You keep saying that, you cock-worshiping, sperm-guzzling whore!”

“When these cages come off, I’m going to suck you dry!”

“When these cages come off, I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk!”

“Oh, fuck!”

“Oh, shit!”

“Oh… Oh…? Oh! Unnghh! I’m cummmmming!”

Everyone stopped their kissing, groping, grinding, groaning and ass-manipulations. They looked over to see Bobbie, her face contorted with ecstasy, bent over with Susie’s hand in her ass, fucking her holes with two fingers. Lost in the moment, he continued to plunge his fingers into his friend’s boi-cunt. Bobbie’s pink-clitty-cage bounced up and down, the fingers prodded her pussy and massaged his prostate. His clit spurted as they all watched.

Wendy was already on her way over to them and caught the first, huge drip on her extended tongue, sliding underneath Bobbie and catching his sperm before it could land in the carpet. Luckily, the Sissy-Scout-Clitty-Cage collected and defused her ejaculate. Wendy grabbed his friend’s enclosed Sissy-Clitty and stopped it from flopping about. Her face and naked chest felt the splatters of sperm as she called out to her fellow Sissy-Scouts, “Come on! Who wants some?”

“I do!” said Tiffany, kneeling next to Wendy and opening her mouth. Wendy guided a fat drip into her waiting mouth. Another spurt erupted and painted both of their faces.

“I want some too! Rhonda yelled. Wendy caught the next spurt in her hand and held it out for Rhonda, who eagerly slurped it up.

“Save some for me!” cried Susie, pulling her fingers from Bobbie’s ass and scurrying in front of his friend’s still oozing boi-clitty. He put his mouth on the Sissy-Scout-Clitty-Cage and caught the last drips. He cleaned and slurped the hard plastic to get every drop.

“Good job, Wendy!” Tiffany said admiringly, “We almost lost it!”

“A Sissy-Scout never wastes cum!” Wendy said proudly, licking her lips. “Hey! Fruit flavored Lipstick!” Each of the Sissy-Sluts licked their lips appreciatively.

Tiffany walked up to Wendy and said, “Excuse me, you have cum on your face, allow me to help!” Tiffany licked a fat drop of cum off of Wendy’s cheek. “Hey, the rest of the make-up is flavored too!” Everyone helped lick the cum off of Wendy and Tiffany’s face.

“The Sissy-Scouts think of everything!” Wendy said, enjoying a sperm and fruit flavored lick from Tiffany’s face.

“You want some too, Bobbie? I have some on my tits still.”

Rhonda licked and sucked on Wendy’s tiny-titties, “Thanks for sharing, Wendy,”

“Yeah, Wendy,” Rhonda said, “When I saw you dive for the cum, I thought for sure you were going to slurp it all for yourself!”

“Aw, I wouldn’t do that!” Wendy said, “We are all Slut-Sisters together! We have to share the cocks and cum.”

“Do you think I’ll get in trouble for having a Sissy-Gasm, Wendy?” Bobbie asked. “I couldn’t help it! I was so horny, and when Susie started fucking my boi-cunt with her fingers, I couldn’t help but imagine a huge Alpha-Cock fucking my ass…”

“I’m sure it will be OK, Bobbie. It was an accident, after all. But, no more Sissy-Gasms everyone!” Wendy ordered. “Let’s get our Sissy-Pussy-Plugs back in and get to work! I don’t know about you sluts, but I’m shoving the next size plug up my pussy right now! We have to get ready for fat Alpha-cock!”

Wendy grabbed her hand book and read, “It says here in Chapter Three, ass-fucking, ‘that you should stretch your Sissy-Pussy until you can comfortably handle a Gold or Platinum Alpha-Cock. How much pleasurable pain you want to feel when a fat Alpha-Cock slides in is up to you, but they don’t recommend stopping at anything smaller than a Bronze-Elite size plug to avoid sudden tearing – remember, most Alpha-Men are not known to be gentle!’”

Wendy retrieved her three remaining Sissy-Plugs out of her Sissy-Sack and looked at them closely. “I have two sizes to go before I’m ready for the Bronze-Pussy-Plug!” she whined, feeling sorry for herself, and regretting her tiny, tight sphincter. “I’m skipping a size!” she announced, before grabbing a bigger sized plug off the table.

“Wendy, no! You’ll hurt yourself!”

“No pain, no gain!” she replied. “You heard Stephanie. We will be meeting our Alpha-Sponsors soon! I have to be ready!” Popping the cap off of her tube of Sissy-Scout-Slippery-Stuff, she squeezed out a dollop onto her fingers. Putting her leg on her chair, she greased up her ass and fingered it, willing it to stretch out. First two, then three fingers. Then, slowly, she pushed the pointed tip of the plug into her anus. She grimaced as it invaded her ass-hole. She moaned as the fat portion stretched her tight ring until she couldn’t take it any longer. She paused and panted, toyed with her ass a bit more and then tried to push it in again. “Owwww!” she moaned.

“Wendy, stop it, right now!” Tiffany said. “You’re going to tear yourself wide open!”

Wendy ignored him and pushed again, harder this time. “Ow, ow!” she moaned, nearly crying.

“At least let me help you, you stubborn, little, sissy!” Tiffany said. She took the fat, pink plug from her friend, and squirted more Sissy-Slippery-Stuff onto the plug. She stretched her friend’s ass-hole with her fingers, and gently fucked her with the plug. It slid in further with each thrust. “Hold on, almost there!” Tiffany cried, and shoved the fat rubber deeply into her hole.

“Ow, ow, ow!” Wendy cried and jumped around, squatting and wiggling her burning ass.

“Are you OK, Wendy?” Tiffany asked her. Wendy had finally stopped moving about and rested her hands on the table, her ass extended, her sphincter clinching and unclenching the fat shaft of the plug.

“I’m fine,” she croaked. “Feeling better already!” And, she did feel better. Stuffed and plugged like a good sissy should be. She knew she would be ready for Alpha-Cock any day now!

The rest of the sissies followed Wendy’s lead and inserted the next size plug up their slutty boi-pussies, only they were not as dedicated as she was, and didn’t skip a size. They all watched each other struggle with plugging their asses, and they all gave a huge sigh of relief before wiggling their asses and slipping on their pink panties again.

They restarted the DVD and watched Stephanie, Tammy and Trixie demonstrate advanced cock-sucking skills all the while making comments such as “Yeah, I bet that feels good!” or “I can’t wait to try that!” The video finished with massive, Alpha-Cum-Shots, spraying on faces, breasts or sucked and swallowed, ‘all depending on what your Alpha-Male desires.’ The slurping Sissy-Scouts reminded their viewers that ‘Remember, a Sissy-Scout never wastes cum!” they giggled and began kissing and licking each other’s sperm covered lips.

“Wow that was hot!” Rhonda said.

“Did you see the size of those Alpha-Cocks!” Susie said.

“What about the cum loads!” Bobbie said, “I can’t wait to get a big load like that!”

“I’m sucking a real cock,” Wendy said, still staring at the TV screen.

“We know, Wendy, you keep saying you want to suck a real cock!”

“No, I mean I’m going to suck a real cock, right now!”



“I’m going to freshen up my make-up, shove that Bronze-Sized-Sissy-Pussy-Plug up my ass, and go down to “Peter’s Porn Emporium, and suck some strange cock!”

“Wendy!” Tiffany said, “You can’t go around sucking cock in your Sissy-Scout outfit, you will get in trouble!”

“I’m not wearing my Sissy-Scout-Beret” Wendy said smugly, “I’m just going out as a regular old faggot to suck some cock. Who’s going with me?” she smiled.

“I will!” said Tiffany. “I can’t wait so suck my first cock!”

“Me too!” said Rhonda, “Pete’s is a great place! I go there all the time!” She looked at her friend and added “I mean I go there sometimes when Susie is not around…”

“I’m in!” said, Susie, “I’ve been there too!” She smiled at Rhonda.

“Let’s go suck some cock, sissies!” Tina shouted. They quickly freshened up, though they had to wait a while for Wendy to insert her biggest butt-plug. Flushed and stuffed, she joined her Sissy-Friends, taking two cars to the porn shop.

The sissies arrived at Pete’s Porn Emporium, just as the sun had set. They were freshly made-up and feeling sexy, slutty and horny.  Not having women’s clothes to wear, they did their best by rolling up their socks and stuffing them into their shirts. They felt they were passable and besides, it was dark outside.

Wendy marched the guys through the front door and proudly went to up to the cashier’s counter.

“Well, hello ladies! What can I do for you?” the man smirked knowingly.

“Tokens, lots of them,” Wendy said, slapping a wad of bills on the counter. The surprised clerk quickly provided the tokens and Wendy, Tiffany, Rhonda, Bobbie and Susie walked through the dark doorway, to the surprised stares of the few men loitering around. Rows of video booths greeted them, as their eyes adjusted to the darkness. A few other men stood and shuffled about in the dim light.

Wendy looked around apprehensively, noticing the lecherous men eyeing them with interest. “Two to a both, ladies,” Wendy told them, “Us sisters have to stick together! Bobbie, go with Rhonda, Tina, go with Susie. I’ll take Tiffany with me, that way, we have an experienced cock-sucker paired with a cock-sucking virgin!”

“Good idea!” agreed Susie.

“Make sure you don’t take an end booth, guys,” Rhonda told them.

“Why?” Wendy asked.

“End booths only have one hole, middle booths have two. More dicks for your lips, silly!”

“Oh!” Wendy said, then asked, “And how do you know this?”

“Oh, and wiggle your fingers thru the hole, to let the guy know you want to suck his cock!”

“Again, how do you know all of this?” Wendy asked.

Rhonda just smiled and walked off, tugging Bobby behind her. “Oh, and keep feeding token, or they might ask you to leave!” Wendy had the distinct impression that Rhonda had been here before! She was amazed how little she had known about her friends before they had all joined the Sissy-Scouts! Rhonda and Susie had sucked each other off for years and Tiffany was a cross-dresser. She wondered what surprises Tina had, except for her exceptionally small clitty.

Taking Tiffany by the hand, Wendy led him to a vacant booth. Every booth had a glowing indicator light. Green for empty, and red for occupied. He choose a middle booth next to an occupied one. Slipping in some tokens, they quickly selected a cock-sucking video to get them in the mood. Moans and slurping sounds soon filled the tiny booth. It had a single, vinyl covered bench, with large, vertical, rectangular slots in the walls on either side.

Wendy looked at the cum stains walls where many organs had dripped and splattered sperm beneath the glory hole. The floor was sticky and spotted as well. “Tsk, tsk, look at all that wasted cum!” She wiped her finger on a large, fresh, wet glob on the wall and licked her finger. “Mmmm,” she moaned.”

“Wendy, look!” Tiffany suddenly whispered sharply.

Wendy turned and looked where her friend was pointing - she noticed an eye and part of a handsome face peeking thru the large hole in the wall. Wendy immediately dropped to her knees and wiggled her painted fingernails through the hole and then pressed her slutty red lips to the glory-hole opening. This is what she came her for, after all. She was instantly rewarded with a semi-soft cock pressed against her lips. She pulled her face back watched the man pushed his flaccid penis thru the hole. Wendy reached out and stroked the cock gently with her hand before turning towards Tiffany, beaming with joy and grinning from ear-to-ear. Finally, a cock to suck!

It was a very pretty cock - thick and uncut - with the wrinkled foreskin bunched up at the tip. Wendy gripped the shaft and pulled backwards slowly and lovingly, until the man’s foreskin was peeled back to expose a swelling, pink cock-head. She hear a moan on the other side of the wall before the man pushed his whole crotch firmly into the hole, placing his entire cock and balls thru the large, rectangular hole. She quickly understood the reasoning for the vertical rectangular holes; they were designed for taller men as well as short ones. This man was definitely on the ‘shorter’ side, though his cock was nice and thick.

Grinning wickedly, Wendy turned away from Tiffany and back to the cock. She wrapped her lips firmly around her prize and began practicing some of the many new cock-sucking techniques she had recently learned. She tongued his foreskin enthusiastically.

Wendy reveled in the feeling of the cock hardening in her mouth. She gave the man’s cock a long, loving slurp and then pulled her lips off of it, and, while softly jacking it, motioned Tiffany over. “We have a man in distress!” she whispered in her friend’s ear. “Your turn!”

Tiffany excitedly scooted over to the hole in the wall and beheld the cock in front of her. It was about six inches long, nice and fat, with a big set of freshly shaven balls dangling underneath it. She squatted down and admired the cock up-close, briefly toying with his foreskin like a child playing with a new toy. Then, she leaned in and excitedly began licking the stranger’s shaft up and down – her first taste of cock! She gripped the shaft firmly, replacing Wendy’s hand with her own. She heard the man moaning on the other side of the thin wall, and thus encouraged, began to suck his shaft deeply, bobbing her head up and down, wrapping her lips around his cock-head and then pausing to lick his balls and then licked her way up his shaft again. Tiffany clenched her ass, feeling her Sissy-Pussy-Plug stuffed in her boi-pussy sliding in and out as her cunt gripped it repeatedly. Tiffany’s Sissy-Stick swelled in her cage, almost painfully.

“You go, girl!” Wendy said softly. She was so proud of her friend! Thinking quickly, she took out her phone and took a close up picture of Tiffany sucking her first, real cock! Then, she took a selfie of both her and Tiffany both licking it at the same time. This was going to be so much fun!

The man on the other side started humping his cock into Tiffany’s mouth. She slurped and swallowed and bobbed her face onto the man’s shaft, pushing it deeper into her mouth each time. She felt her throat being pushed open and she closed her eyes to concentrate on the joy of feeling the hard shaft invading her throat – he was fucking her mouth like a pussy. Deeper and deeper it drove, pushing against her tonsils and spreading her throat wider.

Soon, she felt the man’s balls against her chin! She had deep-throated him! Proudly, she began bobbing her head deeply and sucking him once again while cupping his cum-filled balls with her other hand. She moaned like she was near orgasm, enjoying the taste of his cock and salty pre-cum. Nearly two minutes passed, but she had lost all sense of time, her whereabouts and her surroundings. All she thought about was the hard, throbbing cock she was pleasuring.

Then, she felt the cock in her mouth pulse, harden, and drive deeper. On the next backwards stroke, she suddenly felt warm, thick cum splashing on her tongue; first one squirt, and then another! She had done it! She had made another man cum! Tiffany swallowed as best she could, all the while loving the sweet, salty taste of the man’s sperm, coating her mouth, tongue and his slimy shaft as he continued to fuck her face.

He pumped a few more loads into her mouth, and she greedily sucked it down, with only a few white pearls escaping from the corners of her mouth. She swallowed gleefully and cleaned him with her tongue, collecting the cum dripping down to his balls, and sucking the last drops from his still hard cock-head. She licked his cock-shaft clean, and proudly admired her work. The spent cock glistened in the dim light from the television monitor. Finally, the cock withdrew from the gloryhole and they heard the sound of the man’s zipper. The door in the other room slammed shut behind him.

“You did it Tiffany!” Wendy nearly shouted, “Your first blowjob and you deep-throated him too!” Wendy hugged her friend and the two exchanged a sensual French-kiss. Wendy smelled the stranger’s cum on Tiffany’s breath and darted her tongue around searching for stray pearls while jealously wishing she had taken his warm, salty load instead.

“Yeah, it was awesome! Tiffany agreed. “I’ve shot into your mouth a lot of times, but it was a so different, having a thick load spurting into my mouth.” She stood up and paced in the small room. “The warm cum almost overwhelms your senses! The way it spurts into your mouth, the taste, and the smell! His cock felt so alive, the way it throbbed and pulsed! Even the smell of his sweaty balls was heavenly! I did it! I made a man cum and I loved it!”

“I know exactly how you feel!" Wendy agreed, “And, I’m sure he loved it too!” she added.

“Hmmph,” Tiffany said, licking her shining lips. “He didn’t even thank me for it, and I thought I did a great job, for my first time anyway.”

“You did fantastic!” Wendy said, “And the way you fondled his balls – wow! But, the hand-book says a Sissy-Scout should never expect praise - or even an insult - which is the same thing as praise, for a job well done. A satisfied man and a warm load of cum are all the thanks we need or should ever expect!”

“Yeah, I know. Alpha’s just need their balls emptied and don’t care much about anything else!”

“Exactly, and we are just the ones to do it! After all, it’s our job now, as official Seaman-Class-Sissy-Scouts! We have to make sure that no man has to suffer with a hard cock and full ball-sack of cum!”

“I know, I know…, ‘See-men, Suck-men, Fuck-men to get Semen. I was just…,’” Tiffany started to agree with Wendy when she saw another cock poking thru the opposite wall. “Wendy look!” The cock was long, thin and black. “You take this one,” Tiffany offered, even though she wanted it for herself.

“You sure?” Wendy said, licking her lips in anticipation. She wanted it. Besides, Tiffany had just enjoyed a warm cum load, it was only fair, she reasoned. “Well, if you insist,” Wendy said, dropping to her knees once again. She couldn’t wait to get her Sissy-Scout kneepads; her knees were going to be sore by the time the night was over - and very sticky too!

Wendy made love to the cock, losing herself in the sheer joy of sucking cock and pleasing a superior man. She experimented with all of her new techniques - even remembering some of the cock-sucking tips she had learned from having her dicklet sucked by Tammy and Stephanie. She licked his sensitive cock-head repeatedly and then gently sucked and teased the man’s balls, hoping to work up a nice thick load for herself. She noticed a flash, and realized Tiffany had taken her picture again. She smiled and made a funny duck-face, posing with the man’s cock as Tiffany took yet another photo. Wendy then quickly returned to the task at hand. She sucked gently on the man’s cock-head, kissing it lovingly with her full, red lips, working under the flared ridge with her tongue and lips, before taking it into her mouth and sucking gently on the head while slathering it with her tongue.

Tiffany glanced at the other glory hole and saw there was another nearly hard cock poking through. The man must have been watching the action and decided it was his turn. Tiffany took another selfie with the chubby, uncircumcised cock it before gobbling it down.

The two sucked cock ass-to-ass in the small room, slurping, licking and swallowing. They made love to the strange dicks while touching and bumping asses, eventually trying to bump their Sissy-Pussy-Plugs against each other to get a small jolt of sexual pleasure. They finished their men off about the same time, swallowing their well-earned load of thick, warm, salty semen.  

They quickly turned to each other and kissed deeply again, swapping warm traces of semen as they groaned with pleasure.

They paused, on their knees and gripping each other’s asses in a sensual hug, and began to discuss their recent victory; sharing their thoughts on the scent of the men’s balls and the taste of the men’s cum. Tiffany commented that her man’s cock had a strong, manly odor, as if he had not showered recently. She breathed deeply and said, “His balls smelled divine and foreskin was so much fun to play with!” As Wendy squealed in delight, two more cocks were pushed thru the holes. More selfies and more passionate sucking followed. The two sucked and swallowed; slurping the hard cocks, licking firm spongy cock-heads and licking balls and shafts - only pausing to feed more tokens into the machine on the wall. It seemed that as soon as they finished sucking one cock, another would appear through the hole. They took a lot of pictures, posing with their various trophies and showing off mouths full of sperm, and filling their bellies with salty sperm.

During an infrequent break, Wendy noticed a set of fingers with pink fingernail polish poking thru the wall. She again dropped to her knees and put her lips up to the hole. To her surprise, a pink Sissy-Scout-Clitty-Cage poked thru the opening.

“That’s Greg! I mean Tina!” Wendy snorted. “I’d recognized that uncut, shriveled-up peanut anywhere!”

Tina put her smeared red lips to the hole. “Hey, are you guys ready to go yet?” she asked. “Our jaws are tired, our knees are hurting and we have cum all over our clothes!”

Wendy turned to Tiffany with a worried expression on her face and said, “I can’t leave yet, Tiff. There are still men in distress out there needing my help!” Wendy nodded towards the hard cock that had just poked thru the other wall. Tiffany grabbed it and began stroking it gently.

“Well, I’m tired too, but I’ll stay here with you, girlfriend!” Tiffany said, “Though, I may have to rest once in a while.”

“You guys go,” Wendy said, speaking thru the cum splattered hole. “Tiffany and I are going to suck more cocks. These men need us!”

“Well, OK, but, it is getting crowded out there!”  Tina said, “There must be five guys lined up on each side of you!”

Wendy and Tiffany looked at each other, Wendy with a smile on her face, and Tiffany with slight apprehension. “I heard someone saying they had just received the best blow-job ever from booth number eleven – your booth!”

Wendy and Tiffany were so proud! They jumped up and down, then hugged and kissed each other.

“Here, take our tokens, you are going to need them!” Tina said, pushing a bag containing all of the remaining tokens thru the cum-covered glory-hole. “Good luck!” she said, before blowing them a kiss and leaving.

As the four girls walked out of the darkened room, they heard a few groans as the men realized they were losing four excellent cock-suckers. A few slowly applauded and then ‘whooped.’ Tina, Rhonda, Bobbie and Susie held their heads up high as they left the porn shop.

“Ooooh! Look at this one!” Wendy said, her voice filled with lust! No sooner had Tina left the booth next to them, when a large, fat, and still soft cock invaded their booth. It definitely had Alpha-Potential - at least a Bronze-Elite, or maybe even a Silver, if Wendy’s estimation was correct. Though they had sucked a lot of cocks tonight, only a few were true Alpha sized. This was the biggest yet! She was learning to appreciate a big, fat cock, knowing how rare they were, and stared at this monster with unabashed excitement.

Tiffany turned and stared at it too before taking another picture for her scrapbook. The man’s balls were huge! His cock hung down long and fat. His cock-head was slightly elongated with a large piss-slit.  It was already bulging with thick, blue veins and its wrinkled skin provided an indication of how much fatter and longer it would grow. His balls were smooth and shaven, but thick, curly hairs grew above his fat shaft.

“You go ahead, Wendy,” Tiffany said, sitting down on the bench and wiggling her ass on her Sissy-Pussy-Plug, “You’ve earned it, besides, I need a rest!” Tiffany began stretching her jaw back and forth to loosen her cock-sucking muscles. She arched her aching back and rubbed her sore, dirty knees.

Wendy began worshiping her Alpha-Sized treasure. She sucked his soft cock into her mouth and felt it harden in her throat. In no time, it was hard, throbbing and leaking pre-cum. Tiffany took another picture for their scrap-book, with Wendy making a surprised, ‘OMG! Look at how big this thing is!’ face. The man’s cock was long, fat and hard. The cock-head was flared with a pronounced purple ridge, and, on the lower side of his penis, his urethra tube was encased in thick man-flesh, larger than Wendy’s little finger, making his cock even thicker. Dark blue veins fed his huge organ. His cock-head grew tight as it swelled to its full potential.

Wendy began licking and slurping on her Alpha-Pleasure-Stick, giving extra attention to the thick-head and heavy set of balls. She closed her eyes in lust and began to force the huge member down her throat. She bobbed her head, sucked his shaft, and tongued his balls before sucking him deep once again, sucking and slurping on her prize. After a few moments, she felt it pull away! ‘Oh no!’ she thought, as it pulled out of her sucking mouth. She watched sadly as it retreated back thru the hole! ‘What was she doing wrong?’

Then, Wendy saw the man’s mouth at the glory-hole. ‘Did this Alpha-Male want to suck her little Sissy-Twizzle-Stick?’ She leaned in close to tell him about her Sissy-Clitty-Cage, but the man interrupted her and said sharply, “Show me your ass!” Instinctively submissive for an obvious Alpha-Male, she quickly dropped her shorts and pink panties on the slick floor. Wendy bent over and spread her ass-cheeks, showing off her pink, plugged, boi-cunt to her temporary master.

Tiffany and Wendy heard the man’s low, throaty chuckle and then heard; “Take it out” he hissed, “Now!”

Tiffany watched mesmerized - both amused and shocked at her friend’s actions. She wished she could be jacking off her fat clit right now as she watched.

Wendy quickly and clumsily removed her Sissy-Pussy-Plug, wincing as the thickest part spread her cunt wide. She dropped the plug on the cum-covered floor, and quickly presented her boi-pussy to the Alpha, just as she had been trained. She pushed back against the glory-hole, remembering doing the same at her induction ceremony.

She knew what about to happen, yet, she was still surprised when she felt the hard, spongy, cock-head pushing up against her boi-pussy. She remembered the Sissy-Head-Master telling all of the newest slut of sissies that when they presented their asses to the other sissies, if they had been around an Alpha-Male, they were likely to get a hard cock shoved up their boi-pussies instead of a Sissy-Scout-Finger. Now it was happening!

Wendy moaned in anticipation. An Alpha-Male was about to breed her! She wasn’t ready! Yet, she was ready! She was lubed up and ready to lose her anal-virginity!

“He’s going to fuck me!” Wendy whispered to Tiffany. “An Alpha-Cock is going to fuck me!” Her voice was soft and excited, but she was very apprehensive. Tiffany grabbed her phone and began taking pictures of Wendy’s face as the Alpha-Sized cock pushed against the opening of her greasy boi-cunt and began to invade her.

Wendy’s face was contorted with pain, then pain mixed with pleasure, then complete satisfaction as the fat cock-head entered her pussy. She was afraid her sphincter would be split wide open!

Thank goodness she had used her biggest Sissy-Pussy-Plug tonight! Her mouth was open in shock, surprise and ecstasy. Her loosened cunt-hole stayed pressed firmly against the wall as more and more of the fat cock pushed inside of her. After what felt like an eternity, she finally felt his heavy balls pressing against her ass; she was stuffed full of Alpha-Cock! Her ass was stretched to its limit! Then, the Alpha-Male began fucking her, sliding out his fat shaft and then plowing it back in. Slowly at first, then faster, and faster!

Wendy moaned involuntarily. “Ooooooohhhhhhhh!” Her tight cunt gripped the cock firmly. It felt like her bowels were being pulled out with each backward thrust! Her head began to nod back and forth and her caged-clitty bounced around uselessly. She pressed her hands to the dirty floor and did her very best to fuck her Alpha-Male back; giving as much, or even more, than she was getting.

Wendy looked up and saw a face staring at her from the other hole. She flirted with the strange man like a wanton whore, licking her slutty lips, opening her mouth, wiggling her tongue and winking at him seductively. Soon, the face was replaced with a hard, stiff cock shoved urgently through the hole.

Wendy motioned to Tiffany, to let her know there was another man was in distress. Tiffany first took a few more pictures of Wendy, making sure to get a nice close-up of the man’s immense, fat cock shoved into his friend’s tiny boi-cunt, before taking another selfie with the fresh, hard cock poking thru the wall. She felt refreshed and aroused and began sucking on the cock with gusto.

Wendy groaned with pain and satisfaction as she submitted her tender boi-hole to her man. She felt each and every thrust of his massive phallus plunging into her pussy. She weakly tried to clench her stretched sphincter and tighten her cunt even more for him. She fucked him back, reveling in the feeling of having her virgin cunt totally dominated by such a hard, manly shaft. Wendy felt her pussy loosening as the fat dick plunged in and out of her cunt-hole. She felt so soft and weak as the Alpha-Male had his way with her.

Her caged clitty flopped and her asshole burned and tingled. She felt submissive and truly feminine as the Alpha-Cock forcefully fucked her ravaged boi-cunt. Wendy tried to relax and let herself go limp as she totally submitted to the pounding she was receiving. What a man he was! After a while, she tried to fuck her Alpha back again, bouncing her tender, weakened cunt against the glory-hole to give him more pleasure. She squeezed, bounced and wiggled, even though her hole was aching.

She felt his tempo increase and then felt his cock swell and throb inside her. Then, gloriously she felt his hard cock driving deeply into her and blasting hot, thick, Alpha-Sperm into her pussy. Wendy rocked her ass against him; taking every inch he was giving her and feeling him pound her cunt with his orgasmic thrusts.

He spurted load after load of warm sperm into Wendy’s ass, driving his shaft deep with every eruption. She felt each and every spurt filling up her no-longer-virgin pussy. Then, her clitty began to tingle as her own orgasm washed over her. Wendy quickly cupped her hand under her caged clitty as she squirted her Sissy-Juice into her palm. “Mmmmmpph! Mmmmmph! Iiiiieeeee!” she cried.

Her Alpha-Male continued to fuck her ass deeply as they both came. She felt proud knowing she made an Alpha satisfied and squeezed her pussy for him a few more times as she spurted her boi-goo. Finally, his massive orgasm ended and he fucked her more slowly as the last wads of Alpha-Sperm left his huge organ. He continued to fuck her slowly, enjoying the tightness of Wendy’s fuck-hole. Finally, he was spent, and slowly pulled his Alpha-Cock from Wendy’s ravaged cunt.

Wendy regretfully felt the long, fat cock leaving her boi-pussy, and she felt very empty. She looked toward Tiffany and watched her friend swallow yet another man’s cum load. Tiffany quickly turned around when the man was finished to check on her friend.

Wendy heard the Alpha’s zipper being pulled up, and then his face appeared at the hole. “Thanks, faggot, you have a nice tight ass, or used to…,” he said chuckling, and left the booth.

Tiffany smiled at her friend and took another picture of Wendy’s freshly fucked face. Wendy offered Tiffany some of the fresh sperm she had saved in her hand, and they shared Wendy’s warm cream, taking turns licking it from her hand. Then, Tiffany had Wendy turn around to take a few shots of her gaping, cum filled-hole. Tiffany couldn’t resist, and pushed her face into Wendy’s ass and licked up a huge wad of leaking Alpha-Cum. Then, she tongued and washed Wendy’s sore bung-hole. Then hugged and kissed sensually.

“Wow, that was intense,” Wendy said, after breaking their long kiss. “Now, I know what a woman feels like after a nice, long fuck. Whew!”

“I’m so jealous,” Tiffany said, kissing her friend’s cum stained lips. “But, I need a break.”

“Sorry, break is over,” Wendy said, pointing to the hard cocks shoved through both sides of the glory holes.

“Oh, Wendy,” Tiffany sighed, “I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up. My jaw is so sore!”

“Then fuck em!” Wendy said. “Use that Sissy-Pussy of yours!”

Tiffany’s eyes went wide. “Do you think I should?” she asked, excited at the thought.

“Of course, that’s what being a Sissy-Scout is all about!” Wendy said, “You got two holes, use them! Give your mouth and lips a break! Trust me, you will love it!”

“But some of them are so big!” Tiffany said, a little worried. “I have a small vibrator I use sometimes, but it is smaller than the Sissy-Pussy-Plug shoved up my cunt right now!”

“Just fuck the small ones then, I’ll take the big ones!” Wendy promised. “Besides, I can still suck-off a few more too if your ass gets sore!”

“Well OK,” Tiffany said, dropping her shorts and panties and then winching slightly as she pulled out her Sissy-Pussy-Plug.

“Take that cock, it’s smaller,” Wendy whispered, pointing to the hard cock on her side of the booth. They switched sides and Wendy watched Tiffany crawl backwards against the hole.  Tiffany turned to examine it, and decided it was the same size, or just a bit smaller, than her Sissy-Pussy-Plug.

“Wait!” Wendy said to her. She reached back to her cunt and pulled out a wad of leaking cum and smeared it on her friend’s pussy.

“Thanks!” Tiffany said and pressed her ass against the hole. She waited impatiently as Wendy stroked the other cock, taking a picture of Tiffany anticipating her first fuck, with her free hand.

“Please wait just a moment,” Wendy said to the man whose cock she was holding. “My friend is about to get fucked, and I want to get some pictures!” Wendy released the grip on the man’s cock and began using her phone camera to capture this special moment.

Wendy watched Tiffany’s mouth open in surprise as the cock pressed against her hole. “Mmmmmppphhhh!” she grunted as her anal virginity was taken from her. “Oh!” Tiffany exclaimed, as her boi-pussy was stretched wide, and then she sighed in contentment, as the cock-head entered her and plunged deeply into her cunt. “Aaaaaaaahhhh!” The man wasted no time fucking Tiffany’s tight hole, loving its warmth and tightness. “Ohh! Ahh! Ohh! Ahh!” Tiffany grunted with each thrust.

Wendy watched for a moment from the view of her camera, getting some good close up views. She then fed some more coins into the machine and returned to her glory-hole. The man was watching the action and said to her impatiently, “I want to fuck too!”

Wendy turned around and presented her ass, spreading her checks wide. The man’s hard cock quickly entered her well-used hole and he began fucking her relentlessly, as if punishing her for making him wait. Thank goodness the previous cum-load helped lubricate her pussy. She cursed herself for forgetting Rule number one, always be prepared. She would never leave her Sissy-Slippery-Stuff at home again!

Tiffany and Wendy stared at each other eye-to-eye. Wendy smiled and grunted to her friend, “So, unnnghh, how do you like it, oooohhh! Girlfriend?” she said, as she cock behind her fucked her harder and harder.

“It’s, unghhh, wonderful!” Tiffany grunted back, slamming her ass against the wall, driving the smaller cock deeper and deeper into her sissy-mangina.

They began to kiss and tongue each other as they submitted to their simultaneous ass-pounding.

After a few moments, Tiffany exclaimed, “Oh, he’s cumming! He’s cumming in my sissy, faggot ass! Mmmmmmmm! So warm!” she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the hot sperm splashing in her insides. The man humped her firmly a few times, grunted twice, and then let out a long sigh. Then he unceremoniously pulled his cock from Tiffany’s boi-cunt and left quickly.

“Oh, that was nice!” Tiffany said, wiggling her ass. They heard the door close and then quickly open again. Tiffany turned and saw a much larger cock push through the hole.

“Ungg! Want me to, unngh, take it?” Wendy asked, still fucking the cock on her side of the booth.

“No, you take care of your man, and I’ll take care of this one. I’m taking it to the next level, bitch!” Tiffany sucked the man to hardness while fingering, stretching and lubing up her ass. Then took another picture of her latest favorite cock and another of Wendy getting fucked again. She then and pushed her ass up to the glory hole, grabbing the fat shaft and guiding the cock to her slimy cunt.

She gasped as the fat cock-head spread her loosened sphincter and push inside. She pushed back slowly until the cock was buried deeply in her bowels. “Oh, yeah, baby!” she grunted, filled with hard, glorious cock, “That’s what I’m talking about! What a cock you have stud, fuck your little slut! Fuck the shit out of me!”

Wendy watched her friend in amazement. ‘What a fucking ass-slut!’ she thought to herself. She fucked her own ass against the wall behind her, encouraging her man to empty his nut-sack. She was soon rewarded with another load of cum in her ass.

Wendy heard her friend moaning, and looked up to see Tiffany’s head rocking back and forth from the pounding she had encouraged. “I’m going to have a Sissy-Gasm, Wendy!” Tiffany groaned. She tried to cup her flopping cage with her hand, but the brutal fucking she was receiving kept causing her to lose her balance. She looked pleadingly at her friend. Wendy felt the spent cock was being pulled out of her ass and she scooted forward to capture her friend Tiffany’s Sissy-Secretions with both hands. Squirt after squirt filled her palms - Tiffany’s clitty had qualified as a Bronze-Plus, after all. When her pathetic spurts finished, Wendy offered the warm Sissy-Juice to her friend and they both lapped it up as Tiffany continued to get fucked.

Before long, the fat cock in Tiffany’s ass erupted, making her smile and sigh with pleasure.

The two friends continued to suck and fuck for nearly another hour, until the lights began flickering and they heard a voice over the intercom announce the store was closing in five minutes.

They hurried to finish off the cocks in their Sissy-Holes; a fat, black cock in Tiffany’s cunt, and a smaller white cock in Wendy’s experienced mouth-pussy. Wendy was able to finish that cock and even suck off a much bigger one before the video stopped playing and the lights came on brightly.

They stood up on sore knees and aching backs and looked at each other. “Quick, take a picture of my gaping ass-pussy” Tiffany said.

“Me too,” Wendy replied.

“And, one more picture of two worn out Sissy-Scouts for the scrapbook,” Wendy said. The two smiled tiredly at the camera with their smeared make-up and cum-stained faces.

“Excuse me, you have some cum on your face, allow me to get it for you,” Tiffany said, licking the splattered sperm from Wendy’s face. Wendy did the same and the two kissed again. They fixed each other up as best they could, re-inserted their Sissy-Pussy-Plugs to stop their cunts from leaking, put on their pink panties and shorts, and left the room. They had cum in their hair and clothes, dirty knees and they knew they looked like filthy sluts – they felt proud and exhilarated by it.

They were the last ones to leave the video booths. They held hands as they walked back towards the store, reminiscing about all the various cocks they were able to experience tonight.

“What was your favorite cock, Wendy,” Tiffany asked her friend, while picking a stray pubic hair from her teeth.

“All of them!” Wendy said quickly, “I love cock! They were all so special!”

“And so different!”

“What about the one that so bent I had to suck it sideways?”

“And the one that curved upward to the ceiling?”

“And all the uncircumcised cocks. They are so much fun to play with!”

“What about the guy with the little uncut cock that jacked off onto my face!”

“And the one with all the veins!”

“Or that one with the huge, purple head sitting on that really thin shaft!”

 “Yeah, that one was fun! But, what about that huge, monster cock?”

“The white cock or the black one?”

“I was thinking about the white one I sucked off – you had the black one - but either of them would have split our cunts wide open!”


“My favorite was that black guy with the huge balls!”

“Yeah, what monster-sized nuts he had! And they were so heavy! He really shot a huge load too!”

“Yeah, his cum was very tasty too - thanks for sharing!”

“My favorite was the first one I fucked with my boi-pussy. That one was special.”

“Yeah, mine too. You should have seen your face when that fat Alpha-Cock entered your pussy!

“And remember that really hairy guy! I had a hard time finding his little cock through that forest!”

“Yeah, he was so cute! There are a lot of Alpha’s with small cocks and tiny balls too!”

“I bet a few of them would make great Sissy-Scouts!”

“But big or small, they all need to cum, and I’m proud of what we did here tonight!”

“I never knew there were so many different sizes and shapes of cocks!” Wendy said aloud as they stepped into the bright lights of the porn shop. “And I feel like I had all of them up my ass tonight…,” Wendy stopped suddenly. She noticed the man at the counter watching them with an amused expression on his face. She quit rubbing her butt and said softly, feeling very embarrassed, “Oh, hello, there!”

“Well, hello pretty ladies,” The shopkeeper said, grinning broadly at them. They were anything but ‘pretty’ right now. He noticed their hairy legs under their short pants, and their five-o’clock shadow under their smeared and cummy make-up.

“Thanks for keeping my customers happy - you guys were great for business tonight! With the convention in town, I was worried I wouldn’t have enough cock-suckers to keep up with the demand!” he said. The man was tall, muscular and good-looking. Maybe in his late forties or early fifties with some grey hair around his temples.

“Just doing our jobs,” Wendy said, blushing brightly and reaching for the door. Then, something caught her eye. “Hey, you have a Sissy-Scout symbol on your door!” There it was, a pink Sissy-Scout-Sign with two upright fingers and the thumb lying naturally, and only slightly extended, between them.

“You guys are Sissy-Scouts? No wonder!” the man said admiringly, “Yeah, I’m a huge supporter! You Scouts give the best blow-jobs ever!” Then he added, “Hey, where are your uniforms?”

“Uh, we just joined today. We aren’t allowed to wear our uniforms out in public yet.”

“I see… Well, shit, you guys sure earned some stripes today. What are your names, sweethearts?” He grabbed a piece of paper and a pen.

“I’m Wendy. This is Tiffany.” Wendy said. Tiffany gave him a little curtsy. “Tina, Rhonda, Bobbie and Susie left a while ago.” Wendy said apologetically, “They weren’t used to sucking so many cocks…”

“Well, just so you know for next time, Sissy-Scouts are always welcome here, and, you get all the tokens you want for free, and free wet-wipes too! Once word gets out that the Scouts are in the house, I’ll have customers lined up out the door! Just show your Sissy-Scout-Membership-Card to anyone at the counter.”

“But, the induction ceremony was only just today - how did you know about the Scouts being in town?” Tiffany asked.

“My name’s Pete,” the man said, “I own a Pete’s Porn Emporium in every city with a Sissy-Scout-Contingent. I bought this place two months ago, once I heard your city was going to get a new ‘Regional-Slut.’ With the money you guys will make for me, I can replace these old, token operated machines with some brand new, high-tech, cash-and-card-operated video booths. Better screen resolutions too!”

“Once you heard?” Wendy asked, “Two months ago? How?” She was confused. She read the newspapers and watched the news on TV all the time and nothing was mentioned at all.

“I told you, I’m a sponsor and major donor! I love you guys!” Pete then pointed to a small, round pin on his collar, “Alpha-Silver-Elite,” he said, winking at them.

“Oh! How could I have missed that?” Wendy and Tiffany said, nearly at the same time.

“Do you want to get your cock sucked or maybe even fuck us, Sir?” Wendy asked humbly, bowing her head. ‘Wow, she was talking to a real Alpha-Silver-Elite!’

“Nah,” Pete said, “I had some little faggot suck me off just a little while ago, right here behind the counter too!” he said proudly, “It’s one of the perks of the job,” he winked again. “But, now that I have your names, I’ll be adding you as ‘favorites’ to my Find-A-Sissy app, once it gets updated with all the new Sissy-Scouts!”

“Thank you for letting us suck and fuck all the cocks, Sir.” Wendy said.

“No problem, little-girl. You are kind of cute,” Pete said, enjoying Wendy’s wide grin. “What’s your Slut-Squad, Sissies?”

“Sixty-Nine.” Tiffany said proudly.

“Yes, me too, Sir,” Wendy added.

“Ah, Stephanie’s Slut!” Pete said, “She is one of the best! Stefanie and I go a long way back! I was at her graduation ceremony for Sailor-Class.”

“But, but, how did you know already?” Wendy asked him. “They just assigned us to our Sluts today?”

“Oh, I get the daily Sissy-Scout-Semen report, and the weekly Alpha-Male-Dominator newsletter on my phone too. The Daily-Semen had a big article on the induction ceremony. I even sent over a few Potential-Alphas, giving away Stephanie’s cards to the fags and Alphas that come in.” He pointed to a stack of Stephanie’s business cards by the table.

“I also get the monthly Sissy-Scout-Fagazine and sell them at the store. Here, take a couple copies with you, on the house!” He handed Tiffany and Wendy the magazines. On the cover was a sexy Sissy-Scout sucking a huge-Alpha-Cock. The motto under the magazine title read, “Sissy-Scouts-Suck-Best!”

“Thank you, Sir,” Wendy said, looking at the magazine and walking towards the door. She felt her ass leaking a little and clenched her Sissy-Pussy-Plug a little tighter. She would need a bigger one soon. “Hey, can I buy a bigger butt-plug, Pete, please, Sir?” she asked. “I know you are closing, and all, but my boi-pussy really got stretched out today.”

“They are right over there, Wendy,” He pointed to the wall next to the door. “Take one on your way out, Sissies! I recommend the official Sissy-Scout ones. The others are pure crap! Take a tube of Sissy-Scout-Pussy-Salve too. I’m sure you both be needing it, the way you keep rubbing your asses and all. I bet your tight, little, boi-cunts got a real, good workout tonight!”

“They sure did!” Tiffany agreed, “We were ass-virgins when we came here today!”

Wendy quickly grabbed the tube of the ointment and a Sissy-Scout-Pussy-Plug; an Alpha-Silver-Elite model, and smiled shyly up at Pete, knowing she would be back soon, and had better be prepared in case Pete wanted to sample her pussy. Tiffany grabbed a Silver-Elite model as well and a tube of salve, and both giggling, they opened the door to leave.

“I open at noon tomorrow, Seaman-Class-Sissy-Scouts. I hope to see you then,” Pete said loudly and a little sternly.

Tiffany and Wendy expressed shock, considering their tired, aching bodies. “Errp!” Wendy could only manage a small cum-flavored belch as her response. “Excuse me.” she said politely.

Thinking Wendy’s comment was a question, Pete continued, “The convention is over at two, and I’m sure a lot of guys will want their cocks sucked or fucked before they catch their flights home,” Pete said, and then added, “Those government guys are a horny bunch of perverts, but there are some good cock-suckers among them too. I’m expecting at least a hundred horny guys here tomorrow…, probably even more. Tell all your Sissy-Friends!”

Tiffany grabbed Wendy’s hand and yanked her out the door before Wendy could promise to return, as her friend was about to do. Running to their car while clenching their sore, leaking asses, Wendy and Tiffany were almost half-way there before they heard the porn shop’s door slam behind them, with Tiffany leading the way. The car seats were cold and they shivered, feeling sticky cum cooling and drying on their shirts, hair and faces.

“A hundred hard cocks!” Wendy said breathlessly as she closed the car door. “Think about it!”

“I am thinking about it and the answer is ‘No,’ Wendy!” Tiffany replied, just thinking about how her ass and jaw would feel after another day of fucking and sucking so many more cocks!

“But, we took a vow, Tiff!” Wendy pleaded, “We are not allowed to say ‘No,’ and Pete is an Alpha! We could get in trouble!” she whined.

“No!” Tiffany replied.

“But remember pledge number eight! ‘A Sissy-Scout will pleasure any man, anytime, anywhere and in anyway necessary, without complaint, for as long as it takes!’ We have to come back tomorrow!”

“I said ‘No!’ Wendy, and I mean it!”

“I know!” Wendy said, suddenly inspired. “How about we go shopping tomorrow morning and pick ourselves up some nice, pretty things, you know, make ourselves look like proper Sissy-Scout wannabees? You like dressing up like a girl, right? We can get all pretty and girly…., you know, look like real whores!”

Wendy glanced at her friend after not immediately hearing a rejection. She pressed her attack. “Maybe some new panties and matching bras? Slutty ones, from maybe Fredrick’s?”

Wendy watched Tiffany contemplating as he drove out of the dark, empty parking lot. The bright street lights shone on their shining, slutty faces.

“We can buy some new pretty skirts and blouses…” she added, “and new shoes!” she said excitedly. “Oh, and we’ll need some ‘falsies’ instead of these rolled up socks!” she said, pulling out her fake breasts.

“I have some you can borrow.” Tiffany said softly. “Can we get our hair done too? Or, maybe buy a new wig? I kind of want to try being a red-head.”

“Of course we can!” Wendy beamed with happiness. “And, I’ll need some stocking. Maybe fishnets!” she said excitedly. “Hey, I have an idea, wanna get our ears pierced?”

“I’ve always wanted my ears pierced,” Tiffany said, realizing she was finally embracing her inner-serlf. “I hate wearing clip-ons!” Tiffany added, “Maybe it won’t be so bad if our girlfriends help out,” Tiffany did the math in his head. “If we all show up, that will be less the 20 cocks apiece! We can call them tonight and hit the mall as soon as it opens, fuck yeah! We will be six, hot, cock-sucking sluts by the time Pete’s shop opens tomorrow!”

“I’m shaving my legs tonight, while I take a nice, hot, scented bath and soak my tired pussy.” Wendy sighed.

“Sounds good, me too, Wend.” Then he added softly, “There is no going back now, is there?” he said. “What about work? Sissy-Scouts have to look pretty and promiscuous at all times…,”

“Let’s call in sick on Monday. We can talk to Stephanie. She said we could come early to the Sissy-Scout-Slut-Session. Besides, we’ll need a day to rest after tomorrow anyway.”

“Yeah, I’m not looking forward to that!” Tiffany said.

“Lying bitch,” Wendy replied, “I have a video of you taking a hard cock up your ass and loving it, faggot. You know you love cocks and cum just as much as I do!”

“Well, I do like getting fucked, and sucking all those poor, horny men.” Tiffany said. “I felt a real sense of pride helping them get some relief.”

“PRIDE! I know, we can join the GLBTA group at work when we get back on Tuesday, Tiff. Everything will be OK!” Wendy stated, defiantly. ‘Just let someone try to make fun of her panty wearing Sissy-Sister!’

“Fred Thompson in accounting will probably hit us up for a blow job when he sees us wearing make-up.” Tiffany said.

“Yeah, I know. Probably like every day.” Wendy agreed.

“Yeah, but that’s OK.” Tiffany stated. “If there was ever a man in distress, it’s him. All he talks about is sex. I bet he has to jerk his cock all alone every day when he gets home.”

“Yeah,” Wendy said. “And, it’s our duty to help him now.” Then she thought about it some more. “Maybe we will have to help our bosses too,” she added. “Mr. Taylor is a real horn-dog. He’s always looking at his secretary’s fat ass!”

“Maybe we can get her job, and a big, fat, raise.” Tiffany said hopefully. She thought about wearing her pretty, sexy, red dress and bending over the filing cabinet while Mr. Taylor watched her wiggle her ass.

“A big, fat, raise, and, a big, fat, cock!” Wendy exclaimed. “I saw his dick at the urinal once. He’s definitely packing some serious Alpha-Material in his pants!”

“Hmm, maybe we can get promotions if we fuck and suck the all the office big-wigs?” Tiffany said.

“Promotions to what, Cock-Sucking-Slutty-Secretaries?” Wendy snorted.

“Or maybe Superintendents of Cock-Sucking?” Tiffany giggled, “Or Anal-Insertion-Administrators!”

“Not me,” Wendy said, “I’m going for the title of Senior-Vice-President of Salty-Semen-Extraction!” Wendy shouted, “The sky’s the limit!”

“We will be too busy sucking and fucking all the guys at the office to get any real work done.” Tiffany sighed.

“Sucking and fucking cock is real work!” Wendy declared.

“Don’t I know it!” Tiffany said, rubbing her jaw and clenching her aching pussy.

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Reply #5 on: May 30, 2019, 10:06:24 PM
The Sissy Scouts 6 – Lewis and his friends attend their first Official-Sissy-Scout-Slut-Session!

Previous story: Lewis and his friends have a Sissy-Scout-Study-Session and end up at the glory-holes.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't fuck around with other people's lives!

Three pretty women walked up to the front door of an impressive downtown skyscraper. Their high-heels clicked loudly on the concrete and they looked a little unsteady on their feet.

“Wow, look at this place Lewis – I mean Wendy,” Richard/Tiffany said. “It heard is one of the most expensive apartment complexes in the whole city!” Three friends all looked up at the gorgeous building. “Hey Greg, I’m sorry, old habits – Tina! - didn’t your company keep an apartment in here, for out-of-town guests?

“Yes, they did, Tiff, but the rent was so high they moved out a year ago.”

The three newest Sissy-Scouts were dressed a little slutty for a Monday afternoon. They were certainly turning heads!

They walked into the building and went straight to the elevators.

“What floor, Tina?” Wendy asked, looking at the rows of buttons as the door closed.

“Uh, Stephanie’s business card says “P” Tina replied, looking a little confused.

“Just ‘P?’” Tiffany asked.

“111 5th Street, Apartment P” Tina replied.

“There is no ‘P’ here…,” Wendy said.

Wendy pushed the open door button and they girls stepped out. “Excuse me, Sir?” she said to the security guard. “How do we get to apartment ‘P’?”

“Oh, the penthouse?” he said standing up from behind his desk. “You need a key or you have to be invited. Are you expected?”

“Yes, Stephanie in expecting us. We are a little early though,” Wendy explained. She blushed, noticing the handsome man looking her over admiringly.

“Yeah, I’ve been told keep an eye out for Stephanie’s visitors today,” he said. “Use that elevator over there,” he said pointing to an elegant brass covered elevator door close by the security desk. He reached under the desk and pushed a button. The doors opened. “Oh, and tell her Terry said, ‘Hi,’ and tell her I said ‘thanks again’ for the, uh, never mind…,” he said, getting embarrassed.

Wendy whispered in his ear, “She give great blow-jobs, doesn’t she!” The man blushed and grinned.

“Make sure she lets me know if she needs anything, and I mean anything!”

The girls entered the elevator and pushed the ‘P’ button. It was the only button on the elevator wall. Nothing happened. “Who is it?” a voice said, coming out of a speaker on wall by the button.

“Uh, Stephanie? I mean Sissy-Supervisor Stephanie?” Wendy said, “It’s us, Wendy Tiffany and Tina, you know. We used to be Lewis and Richard and Greg? We are in your Slut-Squad?”

“OMG! I didn’t recognize you guys!” Stephanie’s voice squealed over the intercom. “You Scouts look fabulous!” Surprised, the girls looked up to see a camera mounted in the corner and quickly waved at it, smiling brightly.

The elevator suddenly started moving. It slowly speed up to a dizzying speed then as quickly began to slow. The girls glanced nervously at each other. It stopped and the doors opened. They found themselves in a large entryway, filled with chairs and couches and a large window overlooking downtown. A large, heavy door opposite the elevator opened quickly and smoothly.

“I can’t believe how great you guys look!” Stephanie said excitedly and quickly bouncing over to give each of her girl’s a kiss and a grope. They kissed and groped her back, like good little sissies should.

Stephanie was wearing her official Sissy-Scout-Uniform. Pink beret, a pink shirt tied below her breasts - with nearly all the buttons undone – pink skirt, white and pink tennis shoes, pink and white stocking and pink kneepads. Her pink sash was absolutely covered with badges and ribbons.

“You guys are the eager-beavers!” Stephanie said, “You are really early, but come on in!” She led them into the penthouse apartment. “Leave your Sissy-Sacks by the door for now.”

“Wow!” Wendy said looking around the huge apartment.

“Shit!” said Tiffany, glancing at the glittering chandeliers.

“Look at size of this place!” said Tina. Her mouth fell open and she gasped out loud.

The apartment took up the entire top floor of the building. They could see opulent furniture, plush carpets, a huge open kitchen, tiles, drapes and the entire apartment was filled with art work; statues of men, women, and sissies - either naked or nearly naked - strategically placed around the room, as well as oil canvas paintings of beautiful women, luscious demure sissies and hard, muscular, naked men being pleasured and adored by one or more beautiful feminine forms. Many of the females had barley noticeable sissy-bump in their panties, or a small delicate sissy-clit and tiny sissy-marbles to go along with their large breasts, round asses and full, red lips.

It didn’t take Wendy long to notice that all the ‘women’ in the statues and paintings were only shown from the waist up, or with their crotches somehow covered, so they all could have been sissies.

“Like the artwork, huh?” Stephanie said to her girls, walking them around the large room. “The Alphas like it too.”

“All the women are sissies like us, aren’t they?” Wendy asked.

“Yep, and all the men are Alphas,” Stephanie replied. “It helps to ‘inspire’ our visitors, if you know what I mean.” She motioned towards a wall with a wave of her pretty hand. “I modeled for that one over the couch.”

They all looked at the large painting. Sure enough, it was Stephanie on all fours, looking seductively over her shoulder, with her ass in the air, her long blond hair dangling off her shoulders and curved back with parts of a heavy breast and fat nipple peeking out from her slim body. Her boi-pussy was slightly gaped and inviting. Her small clitoris was nearly invisible and her ass was beautiful, plump and round.

‘You are beautiful Stephanie!” Wendy exclaimed, to the agreement of her friends.

“I’m getting a boner just looking at it!” Tiffany said, “Uh, I mean my, uh, clit, is, uh…, hard?” she stuttered.

“Just say you are ‘getting wet’ Tiffany,” Stephanie responded, “We rarely acknowledge a hard clitty, especially around the men.”

“Oh, OK then - I’m getting wet.” Tiffany replied.

“Me too,” said Tina.

“I’m really wet!” said Wendy. “I mean I would be, if it wasn’t for this Sissy-Clitty-Cage!” His clitty was engorged and painfully pressing against his cage.

“Did you all memorize your Sissy-Scout-Pledge?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes!” they all agreed. Tiffany quickly added, “Yes, Sissy-Supervisor!”

“No need to be formal, Tiffany. “We haven’t started the meeting yet. We are just girlfriends hanging out in our slut,” she said, walking them to the large bank of windows. “Do you like the view?” she asked.

“Oh, what a beautiful view, and right downtown too!” Tiffany said.

“Most of the best cock is downtown,” Stephane said matter-of-factly. “Senior executives, business men, construction workers, and the sports areas are filled with horny men almost every night! Great restaurants and shopping – oh, and we are close to the convention center too – for even more cock!

“Let’s go sit down. I’m sure you have a lot of questions before we get started.” Stephanie let them to room with a large table in the middle of it. She offered them refreshments, but they politely refused. They all sat down.

“We will wait a while for the rest of the sissies,” Stephanie said. “Sometimes they back out, or just feel bad because they don’t have the money to pay their dues. We will contact everyone who doesn’t show up and let them know we are here for them and our door is always open. And, for the destitute, there are options – like doing extra chores for the Scouts.”

“You mean sucking and fucking Alphas?” Tina asked.

“Absolutely not, Tina!” Stephanie scolded, “We never charge for sex – that’s illegal in most states anyway. We do it because we love it! The Sissy-Scouts are a tax-exempt charity - we do raise money by our membership dues, selling porn, accepting donations and charging admission for special events, like the Sissy-Pull-N-Ooza, but we also do great charity work; like making cute little faggots like you pretty little Sissy-Scouts. We also raise money for natural disasters, like our ‘Ball-Relief for Hurricane-Relief’ but that’s donations only. We would suck them for free, but, the men like to feel they are contributing to a worthy cause, you know?

“What kind of work would a sissy do then?” Wendy asked. She was still worried about getting caught fucking and sucking on the job.

“There is plenty to do! Paperwork, ordering supplies, driving the Sissy-Mobile, cleaning our offices, sanitizing the dildos, stuff like that.”

“Oh,” Wendy was fascinated but wanted to talk to Stephanie alone before the other Sissies showed up. Wendy blurted out her concerns, “We came here early to ask you a question - we are worried about work. What if we get fired for joining the Sissy-Scouts? We all called in sick today, but tomorrow, we will go to the office looking like this! We have to be pretty and promiscuous all the time, right?

“Absolutely, and you do look pretty and promiscuous!” Stephanie said, “And, if you have any trouble at work, whether getting fired or harassed (we normally don’t mind a little sexual harassment – it is kind of what signed up for), you will be represented by the best Sissy-Scout-Attorneys money can buy, under the direction of the county’s premiere attorney, Elle Woods, who will sue the balls off of any man, woman or company that crosses one of our girls.

“Now, if your company has rules about sucking and fuckin on the job, well that’s different,” she added.

“But, what about rule number eight? Anytime, anywhere?” Wendy asked. He had been worrying about that most of the day.

“Well, that is were being pretty, promiscuous and prepared comes in. It is best to get an Alpha in your company on your side. We have a list of all Registered-Alphas, their titles and their companies. We can reach out to them and set up a meeting, but be assured, there will be some cock-sucking involved, probably a long-term arrangement.

“Some companies even set up a ‘Stress-Relief’ room and hire our Sissies as massage therapists. We have a special training program for that. They know all the best ways touch a man and give the best happy endings. Of course, they have to learn to eat pussy and use a strap-on too. We can’t show favorites you know!

“Or, just do it and try not to get caught. Remind all of the cocks-with-men-attached that if you lose your job over a quick blow-job in the closet, they lose their cock-sucker! And, so what if you do get fired for sucking and fucking in the office - would you want to have a job where you couldn’t suck a nice fat cock on your lunch break?

“Everything you need to know is in the ‘The Office Sissy’ manual. We have a dozen copies in the library. Take one home with you.

“And, there are a lot of Sissy-Scout-Assistance programs available, like the Sissy-Scout-Job-Placement-Referral-Service; ask yourself what manager wouldn’t want have a cock-sucking Sissy-Scout right there in his own office?  We also hire a lot of Sissies at our corporate offices, to do administrative work, web development, Sissy-Porn-Productions - the list is endless! So, don’t worry, suck cock and be happy!”

Wendy was happy! She had known the Sissy-Scouts would take care of her and the rest of the girls!

“Any other questions, ladies?” Stephanie asked.

“Yeah,” Tina asked, “I’m curious about something. Why is Chapter Four, on fore-play after the chapters on cock-sucking and ass-fucking, shouldn’t it be the other way around?

“Well, let’s think about it Sissies. Real men don’t need foreplay to get aroused. All they need is your lips wrapped around their cock. Foreplay is usually for arousing women, and don’t forget, we are not women who have to get in the mood first; we are Cock-Sucking-Sissy-Scouts and we are always ready!

“Now, don’t get me wrong, if a man has the time and wants to edge for a while, then foreplay comes in handy. Men love having their balls sucked, their asses and toes licked and maybe a nice, relaxing back massage. But, when a real man needs his balls emptied, he rarely wants ‘foreplay’ and he doesn’t want to cuddle with you afterwards.

“However, after you empty his balls for him and you let him rest a while, a little fore-play is great to get him ready for another round of hard, heavy, fucking! So, definitely don’t skip over that chapter.”

Just then the intercom crackled to life. “Miss Stephanie, there are a bunch of people her to see you!” Stephanie got up and went to the intercom.

“More sissies and feminine looking bois?” she asked, “Or are they workers, Terry?” she asked.

“Uh, workers I guess,” Terry said, “They are carrying a lot of stuff. One guy said he is a doctor.”

“Will you have Hank bring them up in the freight elevator sweetheart? There will probably be a few more coming too.” Stephanie asked, “Tell him I’ll thank him later!”

“Sure thing, Miss Stephanie!” Terry said, gushing. He was acting like he was in love.

“Oh, Terry, honey?” she breathed heavily, “Do you have the signs up yet? The one for the Sissies - to point them to my private elevator, and the other for the workers - pointing them Hank and the freight elevators?”

“Gosh, no!” he said, “I forgot! I’ll do it right now!”

“Thanks Terry, I owe you another one!” she said, and hung up. “Nice kid, a little stupid, but he has a nice dick.”

“Oh, we forgot, Terry asked us to tell you ‘hi’ and to let him know if you need anything! I think he has a crush on you, Stephanie!”

“Hmmmph!” she replied. “You will find that a lot of silly horny boys will have crushes on you. But if you fall for their charms, they’ll want you quit the Scouts and then you’ll only get one cock a day - unless you cheat on him and break his heart. And, think of all the other silly, horny boys you will be letting down! They need us. All men need us, and we need them!

“Nope, no long-term relationships for this girl, I’ll be a cock-sucking Sissy-Scout-Slut for life, until I’m old and sucking cock without my dentures, somewhere warm, in a Sissy-Scout-Glory-Hole!

“You girls come with me,” Stephanie said. She led them to a very large room off the main entry. “Here is where we will be meeting every night. Look around, feel free to be nosey. I have go meet the support team and get ready. If the intercom goes off again, just push this button and have Terry make them wait until I come back, OK?”

“OK!” Wendy said, happily giving the Sissy-Scout-Salute. Stephanie smiled at her antics and left the three girl-wanna-be’s alone in the large room.

In the center of the room was a large table with at least a dozen soft, padded leather chairs. A wet bar was on one wall and a large-screen TV was on the other. The third wall was filled with Sissy-Scout books and DVDs.

“What the hell is this thing?” Tina asked, looking over a large machine pulled up next to the table. She read the label. “It says ‘Alpha-3000’” she said aloud. The machine was pink and rectangular, with a mechanical arm sticking out at one end. At the base of the arm was a cushion seat, almost like a toilet seat. A pink remote control box lay next to it.

“I think I know,” Wendy started to say, but was interrupted by Tiffany.

“Look at this,” she cried, standing next to an opened cabinet, “There must be a hundred dildos in here!” Tiffany stared at the huge assortment of fake cocks. “Holy shit! A Double-A-Alpha-Dong!” She held up a massive, fifteen inch long dildo.

“OMG! Look at it!” Tiffany said, waving it in Wendy’s face.

“Sissy-Pussy-Plugs!” Tina yelled, opening another huge cabinet. “Sizes ‘Extra-Small’ to ‘Double-A!’”

“Look, a supply cabinet full of Sissy-Slippery-Stuff, Sissy-Scout-Salve, make-up kits, medicines, lotions, potions and everything a Sissy-Scout would need for her Sissy-Sack!”

Every supply cabinet was neatly arranged and every item was clearly labeled and in its place.

“I wonder what this is for.” Wendy said, examining a mounted piece of wood with a handle attached to the wall.  It was painted pink, about three feet long. It almost looked like a small cricket bat. Glancing at the wall, she saw two secured leather loops. Noticing a small plaque under it, she read, ‘For Naughty Little Sissies.’

“Let’s hope you never have to find out, Wendy,” Stephanie said, returning to the room. “Anyone call? No? I think we can get you guys started then, it will save us time later.

“Go out by the front door and strip down to your panties and put on your Sissy-Scout-Berets. There is a closet by the front door to hang up your pretty clothes. Normally, you would either already be wearing your Sissy-Scout uniform, or change into it here. After today, you will do this every time you arrive for a meeting. For now, you will leave your uniforms here, until you graduate and can be trusted out on your own. Bring your Sissy-Sacks back with you!”

Wendy, Tiffany and Tina quickly stripped off their, skirts, blouses, bras, fake-tits and shoes. They proudly placed their berets on their heads, adjusted their Sissy-Clitty-Cages in their panties, and returned to the room.

Once the girls returned, Stephanie announced, “Put your sacks on the table.”

 “Sissy-Scouts, line up and come to attention!” The three imitated their leader by standing stiff with their arms by their sides. She continued “I hereby announce Sissy-Scout-Slut-Squad-69 open for Sissy-Business!” she said loudly. “Seamen, now salute!”

The three executed perfect Sissy-Scout-Salutes.

“Able-Seaman Wendy, state the Sissy-Scout-Pledge!”

Wendy loudly stated the pledge, first by saying

“I-A, Triple ‘N,’ Double-U!” then, she began.

1.   A Sissy-Scout is always supportive, slutty and submissive.
3.   A Sissy-Scout is always pretty, promiscuous and prepared.
5.   A Sissy-Scout is always thinking, dreaming, craving and worshiping cocks.
7.   A Sissy-Scout never says “No.”
9.   A Sissy-Scout never wastes cum.
11.   A Sissy-Scout never discriminates against any race, religion, creed or cock-size.
13.   A Sissy-Scout will receive pleasure from giving pleasure, but always places a real man’s pleasures above her own.
15.   A Sissy-Scout will pleasure any man, anytime, anywhere and in anyway necessary, without complaint, for as long as it takes!
17.   A Sissy-Scout will always strive to be the best sissy they can be, and become a shining example to cock-worshiping Sissies everywhere!
Then she added, “Suck Sissies Suck! Fuck Sissies Fuck! Suck, Suck, Suck!” (She made hand and mouth motions of sucking cock), “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” (She bent over and twerked her ass), “YAY, CUM!” (She made jacking off motions to her face, with her mouth open, pretending she was being sprayed with cum by a spurting cock).

“Well, that is very impressive Wendy, I think you are trying to become your Sissy-Instructor’s favorite pet-sissy!”

“Thank you, Sissy-Supervisor Stephanie!” Wendy said, blushing. She had studied the handbook and recited the pledge every night before going to bed, and, all of her friend’s skipped work today to practice and study as well.

“Seaman Tiffany, your turn!” she said, “Oh, you don’t have to do the ‘I-A’s and the suck, and fuck stuff, unless you want to of course.

Tiffany did want to. She had practiced it after all, and loved pretending to jack of cocks and get sprayed by cum. She repeated the pledge flawlessly as well.

“Seaman Tina, now you.”

Tina started off a bit nervous, but quickly repeated the pledge as well.

“Good job, Seaman!” Stephanie said, making marks in a large binder she had brought into the room with her.

“First order of business, membership dues and uniform fees!”

The three opened their sacks and dutifully paid their yearly dues and the cost of their uniforms.

“Second order of business; release forms. Write your initials on all of the yellow highlighted lines and sign and date the last page.

Wendy looked over the forms quickly and trusting Stephanie and the Sissy-Scouts implicitly, initialed and signed it happily. Tina was a little hesitant and asked what the forms were.

“The documents are legally stating that you are allowing the Sissy-Scouts to turn you into the best damn sissy you can be, and you can’t sue us if you later change your mind. It also binds the Sissy-Scouts to represent you if you get arrested while performing Official-Sissy-Scout duties, as long as your membership dues are current,” Stephanie explained. “Oh, and free health care too.”

Tina and Tiffany quickly signed and initialed their forms.

“Third order of business, Sissy-Clitty-Cages and Sissy-Pussy-Plug inspection! Drop your panties and put them in your Sissy-Sacks, Seamen.

The three quickly complied and stood naked in the room except for their clitty-cages and berets.

Stephanie removed a small key from around her neck and unlocked the cages one by one. She made small ‘Tsk, tsk,’ sounds after removing Wendy and Tiffany’s cages, and made more marks in her ledger. The girls eagerly began massaging their poor, itching clitties.

“No touching your clits, Seaman. That’s an order!” she said sternly. “We don’t want any ‘accidents’ do we?”

“No Sissy-Supervisor Stephanie!” they all replied.

“Time for your Pussy-Plug-Inspection!” she announced. “Hands on the table and present pussies!” she said sharply. Stephanie walked behind Wendy and bent over to check her plug, shining a little pink flashlight at her boi-cunt. “Hmm, up to a Gold-Elite, in only three day! You are an eager-beaver little butt-slut!”

She checked Tiffany. “You too, Tiffany? Way to go, only I don’t remember giving you guys plugs that big.”

“We…,” Wendy started to explain how they got their Alpha-Gold-Elite, but Stephanie stopped him.

“No talking during inspections, Seaman!” She checked Tina and commented. “Up to a Bronze!” Nice work, Seaman Tina!

“OK, pull out your plugs and put them in the dishwasher over there. She pointed towards the wet bar. There was a large dishwasher under it. “Wipe your cunts, wash your hands and put your berets in your sacks as well.”

Stephanie went to the intercom and pressed a button. “Monique, I have the first three Sissy-Scouts ready for you.”

“Coming Miss Stephanie!” came the reply.

“Uh, Steph?” Wendy said, “I mean Sissy-Instructor Stephanie? There are clean dildos and double-dongs and other plugs and stuff in here.” Wendy held her slimy Gold-Alpha-Elite Sissy-Pussy-Plug in her delicate fingers.

“Oh, I forgot!” she said, “We had a Regional-Sissy-Pussy-Party after the ceremony Saturday night! Just drop your plugs in the sink, I’ll empty the dishwasher while you go with Monique.”

A cute lady soon appeared, or a sissy, they couldn’t tell. She was wearing a black pant suit and her hair and make-up were impeccable.

“Come vith me ladies,” she said, with a slight German accent.

“Scouts, aren’t you forgetting something?” Stephanie asked. She looked at her naked girls expectantly

“Oh! We have to ask permission to leave,” Wendy hissed to her friends. She stood at attention and saluted. “Permission to leave, Sissy-Supervisor?”

“No, not that, but nice try,” Stefanie replied and then explained. “Since I told you to leave, you don’t have to ask permission. Only when we are in a Sissy-Slut-Session and you have to leave to use the little girl’s room, or of course, to take care of a man in distress.”

The three naked sissies couldn’t figure out what they had forgotten.

Stephanie said, “You forgot your Sissy-Sacks, girls. Rule number one! Always be prepared!” She shook her head as if she was disappointed. “Do whatever Monique tells you, Seaman. Now, you are dismissed.”

The embarrassed Scouts grabbed their pink purses and followed Monique out of the room.

“I see zee new Sissies have made their hair and faces all und nice pretty, so you think, yah?” Monique said. “And you have shaved zee legs and armpits?”

“Yes, Monique,” Wendy replied. “But we couldn’t get all the hair around our balls, I mean our clits and external ovaries, because of the Sissy-Clitty-Cages we had to wear.”

“No vorries,” Monique said, “We vill take care of everything.” She opened the first door among many down a long hallway. There was a sign on the door that read, ‘Showers.’ She opened the door to a large room and led them in. There were two other girls dressed in black sitting in chairs next to the long bathroom counter.

“Has everyone douched their ass-hole-boi-pussies today?” Monique asked.

“I have,” replied Wendy.

“Yes,” replied Tiffany, “Of course.”

“Uh, no…” Tina answered reluctantly.

“You, go clean your ass-pussy!” Monique shouted at Tina. “Naughty sissy!” she pointed to a door.

Tina opened the door and found a row of toilet stalls. She set her Sissy-Sack on a small shelf and started to retrieve her Sissy-Scout provided anal douche when she noticed the bidet had a ‘special’ attachment. She eagerly greased up her pussy, using a conveniently provided Sissy-Slippery-Stuff dispenser on the wall. She lowered the small, phallus shaped, pink douche-wand attachment and sat down on it. Pressing the ‘Douche’ button, she soon felt warm water filling up her insides. After a few evacuations, she cleaned up and joined the other Sissies.

“Get in zee shower Sissy, and soap up.  Your girl-friends have been waiting! If you need another douche, there are more on the wall over there!”

Tina stepped in the large shower. There were multiple shower heads hanging from the ceiling. The shower was huge! She saw Tiffany washing her hair and Wendy was grinding against the back wall. She then noticed more douche-wand attachments extending from the back wall.

“My girls here vill show you how to shave your legs, little balls and asses. If you want to keep a little landing strip, or maybe a heart above your little bits, let them know, OK? In the future, you might have to help each other shave your little boi-holes until zee lady juices start working.”

“Lady Juices?” Wendy said loudly, pulling away from the douche with a grunt and squirting clean water against the wall. “What is that?” she asked, while soaping her ass.

“Zee lady hormones!” she replied. “To make your titties grow and give you a nice fat ass the big boys vill want to fuck. You!” She pointed to Tina, “Schnell! Vash your hair and that girly make-up off your faggot face, then soap up all over your body and the girls will clean you up!”

Tina noticed were multi-shower heads mounted to the ceiling and stood under one. Monique smile as she watched Tina jump as the cold water sprayed her body and shriveled her tiny clitty even more than usual.

“And, no ‘gasms ladies, or I vill have Miss Stephanie paddle your hineys!” Monique said loudly, after noticing Tiffany washing her big clitty a little too aggressively.

Monique and her girls watched the sissy-bois wash, shampoo and soap up. The girls pulled them aside one at a time and shaved their shrunken balls, tugging their stiffening clits aside and they shaved them smooth. One smiled at Tiffany admiringly as her Sissy-Stick stiffened to its full seven and three-quarter inches, the other actually giggled aloud while shaving Tina’s tiny bits. All three sissies decided to shave their lady-bits completely. Wendy felt embarrassed as the girls had them bend over while they checked for stray hairs around their boi-pussies and efficiently shaved their legs, arm-pits and asses smooth.

One of the girls, obviously new, commented on Tina and Wendy’s genitals. “They look so cute!” she cooed, smiling and tickling their skinny clits and tiny, smooth, ovary-pouches with her long manicured fingers, “They are just like real cocks and balls, only so much smaller!” she cooed. She pinched Tina’s fore-skin gently with her fingers and asked politely, “Where is the dick part?”

“Enough, girls, stop playing with der little dickies!” Monique nearly shouted, “You vill have dem squirting all over you! Now, rinse off, Sissies, and step out of the showers, schnell!”

She then opened the massive storage closet and tossed pink towels to the newly shorn sissies and watched them dry off before handing luxurious pink robes and pink, fluffy slippers to Tiffany, Wendy and Tina, who put them on gratefully and followed Monique out of the door, clutching their Sissy-Sacks possessively.

“Time for zee doctor, Sissies!” Monique marched them down to the door labeled ‘Medical Evaluations.’

The room contained a couch, chairs and a large, short table, filled with papers and pens. “Fill out da forms and sign your real boy names, not your sissy-boi names,” Monique ordered. “Zee coo-coo doctor vill see you one at a time!” Wendy noticed a door in the waiting room was labeled. ‘Phycologist,’ while another was labeled ‘Physical Examinations.’

The three quickly glanced through the forms. It stated that they were of sound mind and body, acting on their own free-will, and wanted to have their genders changed from ‘male’ to ‘female.’ There were a lot of medical health questions and psychological questions as well.

Wendy quickly filled in her form and signed it immediately. She looked up expectantly at Monique.

“First victim.” Monique said, motioning to Wendy to get up while rapping on the door and then opening it wide. Wendy jumped up and entered the room, wearing her pink robe and slippers and carrying her pink Sissy-Sack.

“Please sit down,” the doctor said firmly, holding out his hand for the papers and indicating the chair in front of the desk. Wendy immediately sat down and handed her papers to the doctor. “So, you want to be a Sissy-Scout” he asked, “You want grow tits and suck cock all day?”

“Yes, Sir,” Wendy said, “Please Sir,” she added eagerly. Wendy met his piercing blue eyes and she looked away; suddenly ashamed to admit she wanted to be a sissy cock-sucker. She felt intimidated and wholly inadequate by being in the presence of the strong, handsome doctor.

Looking down, she noticed her robe was open and her tiny beta-boy penis and diminutive balls - freshly shaved - were exposed to him. Her tiny boi-clitty reinforced the fact that she had never been a real man, and served to remind her of the lust she felt being feminine and her growing desire to submit and serve a real man’s sexual needs.

She then held her head high and looked the doctor in the eye. “I’ve felt more complete and had more fun being a woman than I ever had as a man!” she said defiantly. She looked closer at the handsome doctor. He had jet black hair and a closely trimmed beard on his firm chin and chiseled cheeks. “Men need me and the Sissy-Scouts,” Wendy said softly, “And…, and I need them…”

“I see. Very pragmatic and very noble of you…,” he searched the document quickly and added, “…Wendy. That’s a pretty name for a pretty girl.”

Wendy felt her knees grow weak as he said her name. She knew she wasn’t very pretty right now with no make-up and her hair still damp from her recent shower. But, he made her blush and feel pretty anyway. It was then she saw his Alpha pin flash under the florescent lights. There was a diamond in his Pin. The doctor was a Diamond-Alpha. Diamonds were nominated and voted on by the Sissy-Scouts. She was looking at a real honest-to-goodness, Diamond-Alpha-Gold-Elite-Plus!

“Thank you Sir, Mister Alpha,” she said clumsily.  “Can I suck your cock for you Sir?” she added sweetly, wanting to experience an actual Alpha-Gold-Elite-Plus-Diamond! An extra thick, nine-inch cock packing an extra-large cum load from a man the Sissy-Scouts considered ‘special.’ She hoped he said ‘yes.’

“Yes, that would be nice,” the doctor said, turning his chair to the side for her and spreading his legs wide, “Show me how badly you want to be a Sissy-Scout while I go over your paperwork...”

Wendy almost swooned and hesitated for a moment, expecting further direction. Not receiving any, she stood up, walked around the desk and quickly fell to her knees. As the doctor examined her papers, Wendy fished out his cock from his medical scrubs. Even soft, his cock was thick, heavy and long!  He was circumcised, with a thick, flared cock-head; pink and tinged with reddish-purple around the edges. There was a wide gap between his cock-head and trimmed shaft. Wendy noticed a prominent purple vein running from the base of his thick cock; branching off in multiple v-like directions before it disappeared near his glans.

She obediently began licking his thick cock-head and shaft. She pulled his heavy balls from his pants as he scooted forward on his chair to give her better access to his manhood. Wendy was amazed at the size and heft of his ball sack. Each ball was as big as a Jumbo-Extra-Large AAA egg! They spilled over her small hand as she gently cupped them, sucked them and licked them. The smell of his manly balls was overwhelming her senses; tart, tangy and intoxicating! She made love to his Alpha-Balls and felt his cock stiffen in her hands.

“You realize the implications of changing gender, don’t you?” the doctor asked her as Wendy sucked on his long, fat shaft. “Growing breasts, softer skin, rounded hips and a big ass?”

Wendy opened her mouth wide and sucked on his smooth, red and purple cock-head before taking him deep; feeling her throat spreading almost naturally. She pulled her head back and licked his beautiful penis lovingly before she answered.

“I hope it means more cock!” she replied before sucking him deep once again. She felt the thick blood-filled veins with her lips before pulling back and licking all around his wide cock-head once again.

The doctor chuckled. “Very well, I approve,” he said, and signed the documents in front of him. “Tell the next Scout I’m ready for them.”

“But…,” Wendy started to say. She was very disappointed. She was hoping to suck her first Alpha-Gold-Diamond-Elite-Plus-Cock to completion and claim her thick, juicy, plus-sized reward.

“Sorry, I don’t want to blow my wad too soon.” the doctor smiled down at her. “I have a dozen or more Sissy-Scouts to see yet tonight, and their eagerness to suck my dick is one of the strongest indicators for their future success.”

Wendy sadly kissed the cock good-bye, got up, and walked to the door. She turned and watched the doctor stand up and drop his pants to his ankles. His hard, fat, cock stood erect in front of him. She was proud of her handy-work.

 “Won’t be needing these tonight,” the doctor said, as he kicked his pants under the table.

“I understand,” Wendy said, staring as his hard, fat, shining cock waved back and forth proudly above his huge, cum filled ball-sack before he once again sat down behind his desk.

“Thank you, Wendy, you will make a fine Scout,” he said, smiling at her.

“Thank you, Sir,” Wendy replied, smiling back at him while licking her lips. No wonder he was a diamond! He made her feel like such a special, slutty, little lady!

Wendy left the room and Monique motioned Tiffany to enter. The two friends exchanged a glance, with Wendy rolling her eyes with a blissful expression and quickly mimicking a blowjob with her opened mouth, tongue and accompanying hand-gestures. The two smiled at each other before Tiffany entered the room and closed the door behind her.

“You,” Monique pointed to Wendy, “Come with me!”

Wendy followed Monique out the door and down the hall to another door marked ‘Hairdresser’.  Opening the door, Wendy saw three chairs manned by three cute women. “Get in zee first chair, Sissy.” Monique ordered, then spoke directly to the lady. “Make this faggy-boi a pretty girl, dah?”

“Sure thing, Mona!” the girl replied. Monique left abruptly.

“Hi, I’m Sonya! Oh, what lovely hair you have!” the girl said to Wendy, as she ran her fingers through Wendy’s thick hair. “This will hold a curl real well.” Sonya placed a plastic apron over Wendy and began to spray Wendy’s hair with a sweet smelling liquid. The girl began to efficiently snip and comb, saying “I’m just trimming it up a little, Stephanie wants your hair nice and long, so the boys have something to grab onto,” she said. Soon she began to blow-dry Wendy’s hair. Wendy loved feeling the warm air on her face. Next came a curling iron, brush and hair spray.

“There, what do you think?” the girl said, holding a mirror up for Wendy.

“I love it, Sonya!” Wendy shrieked. Her hair was bouncy and soft and framed her petite features perfectly. Sonya proceeded to tell Wendy how to take care of her hair, what types of shampoo and conditioner to use and how to curl it properly. She even provided a few samples that Wendy immediately placed in her Sissy-Sack. “Take my business card and come see me in a couple weeks, maybe we can do some high-lights next time. Your Sissy-Scouts are on retainer for one visit a month – manicures included. Call me if you need anything!”

“Wow! Thank you!” Wendy said. “Now where do I…”

“Make-up, across the hall.”  Sonya said.

Wendy admired her hair briefly before walking across the hall to the ‘Make-up’ room.

“Hi, I’m here for make-up.” Wendy said, to the three girls in the room. There were three make-up chair and desks in the room also.

“Have a seat,” the first girl replied. “Love your hair!”

“Thanks,” Wendy said.

“We are supposed to make you look pretty and slutty,” the girl continued, “How slutty do you want to look?”

“Uh, just normal Sissy-Scout-Slutty, I guess,” Wendy replied bashfully.

“OK, super-slutty it is then!” the girl replied. She began applying make-up to Wendy’s face, explaining the techniques she was using in detail, so Wendy could apply it by herself later.

Wendy was thrilled with the results and after many questions and much hugging and squealing, was told to go to the next room for her manicure and pedicure.

Afterwards, she quickly found herself back in the first room, waiting for her medical exam. The room was empty. Her friends must have left after she did.

“Zee doctor is running late!” Monique said as she entered the room. She was leading Tiffany behind her. “Please wait here.” Monique ordered. After a few minutes, Tina joined them as well.

“Oh, you guys look hot!” Wendy squealed.

“You too!” Tiffany said.

“You look like real girls!” Tina said.

“Did you suck him?” she asked her friends, indicating the Phycologists’ office with a tilt of her pretty head. Tiffany and Tina smiled knowingly and they giggled and whispered like schoolgirls discussing the doctor’s handsome face and hard, thick cock.

Tina was blushing furiously. “What a man!” she said to her friends.

“He has a nice cock, doesn’t he?” Tiffany said.

“The fucking best!” Tina agreed, “And, he said I was cute!” She giggled.

“Can you imagine what that monster would feel like up your cunt?” Wendy joined in breathlessly.

“Enough, you little faggy-bois!” Monique scolded, “Always talking about zee big men’s pee-pees!”

Soon, Monique returned leading another doctor behind her. She took him into the room labeled ‘Medical Examinations’ and soon returned. “Since he is late, he will see all of you at once, to make up for lost time!” She knocked loudly and, after hearing a grunted response, led the three, freshly washed, made-up and psychologically approved girl-wanna-be’s into the room. A tall, handsome doctor wearing a white lab coat was patiently waiting for them.

It was obvious the room once served as a bedroom, but now, there was a desk, computer, chair, examination table, and a pink gynecological examination chair in the middle of the room -complete with stirrups.

“Thank you Monique, that will be all,” the doctor said. “Drop the robes sluts, and stand at attention in front of the lab table.”

“Yes sir!” Wendy replied with enthusiasm, dropping her robe and standing up stiffly, with her arms by her sides.

“Wendy, what?” Tiffany hissed at her friend, as she and Tina responded more slowly.

“He’s and Alpha!” Wendy hissed back, “Another Diamond!”

Tina and Tiffany quickly glanced at the Doctor and noticed the Bronze-Alpha-Diamond-Pin on his lab coat. They quickly stood at attention at well.

“Well, well, so you want to be Sissy-Scouts, do you gentlemen?” he smirked.

“Yes sir!” Wendy and her friends replied. Then, Wendy added hopefully, “Do you need your cock sucked, sir?” She was awed by another meeting with an uber special Diamond-Alpha.

“Maybe later, slut,” he said smiling. “I have to pace myself; it is going to be a long, fun filled night.” He put on a pair of latex gloves, grinning at the sissies’ obvious apprehension. He chuckled when they flinched as the latex snapped loudly. He walked over to them and ran his fingers along their cheeks and lips then felt their breasts from behind; grinding on their asses subtly before running his fingers up and down their spines and grabbing their ass cheeks.

He then felt each of their genitals and asked them to cough while he gripped their external ovaries. His fingers lingered over their hardening clits and he played with their members gently, until they were fully hard and extended. “Nice…,” he said, looking them over. All three sissies were aroused and nearly dripping.

“Turn around and bend over,” he said, matter-of-factly, “And spread-em!”  Wendy presented her boi-pussy by spreading her ass cheeks wide and soon felt a finger tugging at her hole.

“A little tender and red,” the doctor commented. “I think this slutty little mare has been ridden hard and put away wet recently…” he chuckled at his own joke. Wendy soon felt a greasy finger probing her cunt.

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir,” Wendy began, “I’ve been using Sissy-Suave on my boi-pussy after I…”

“No talking during the examination, slut,” the doctor reprimanded, slapping her ass smartly with his free hand.

Her eyes widened in surprise due to the sudden reprimand, and then she grunted “Ungh!” as the single finger in her ass became two. She felt it probing her insides and squeezing her prostate. He fingered her for at least a full minute, but it seemed to her all too quickly his gentle, probing, magical fingers were removed.

She soon heard Tiffany grunt next to her as the doctor continued his examinations. Then, it was Tina’s turn to moan. “Ah, very nice,” he said, admiring Tina’s tight, pink hole. He probed her and stretched her for a full two minutes before withdrawing his fingers. He really seemed to be enjoying himself.

“Ah, fuck it,” he said under his breath. “Keep-em spread, sluts!” he ordered. “Eyes straight ahead!” They heard the sound of his rubber gloved being removed.

Wendy quickly spread her pussy cheeks. She again felt him probing her fuck-hole, this time with a larger object. About the time she began to wonder what was pressing against her hole, she felt her pussy swallowing a thick, flared, cock-head. The doctor soon had her fully impaled, leaving her to gasp for air and grunt with satisfaction.

Tiffany turned her head imperceptibly towards Wendy just in time to see her ‘Oh!’ face. She assumed the Alpha-Bronze-Diamond-Doctor was probing her friend again with his fingers, or perhaps using a speculum, as she had speculated, when she saw the doctor’s large, strong hands grip both of Wendy’s shoulders. Then, she knew what Wendy was being probed with! She felt Wendy being jostled repeatedly next to her, rocking the table back and forth.

Then, Wendy exhaled loudly, and it was Tiffany’s turn to get ‘probed.’ After a few moments, and after a few gasps, grunts and moans, it was Tina’s turn. She felt his firm, fleshy medical device examining her tight hole. It slipped in, stretching her little hole wide. She moaned and panted with ecstasy as the doctor used and abused her warm boi-cunt.

The doctor took turns fucking each of the sluts repeatedly, slamming his thick shaft in their holes, fucking them hard, and then moving on to the next hole. Suddenly there was another loud knock on the door.

“Doctor, more patients to see you!” Monique said thru the closed door.

“Almost finished,” he grunted. He grabbed Tina tightly and began to drive his shaft deep into her. She had the tightest hole, after all. He pounded her repeatedly until he erupted, grunting ‘Ahh, ahhh, aaaahhh!” as he emptied his balls into her tight-boi-pussy. Tina felt the warm jizz filling her up and smiled proudly as he slowly pulled his long, fat, Alpha-Bronze-Shaft from her cum filled cunt.

Tina started to stand up when the doctor chastised her. “Stay where you are, sluts. One more injection while I have you bent over.” Wendy felt something cool and wet on her ass and smelled alcohol as the doctor sterilized her ass check. “Last chance to back out, ladies. You’ve all signed the documents and the phycologist has given you a clean bill of health, are you ready to begin your female transformation?”

“Oh, yes!” Wendy said, wiggling her ass, ready for her injection. She wiggled her chest too, anticipating a large set of breasts dangling from her chest.

“Are there any side-effects?” Tiffany asked.

“You mean besides growing breasts, having smoother skin, no facial or chest hair, and a full, round ass?”

“Yes, besides the good stuff, is there anything else to worry about?”

“It’s all in the documents you signed.” the doctor said, “But your balls might shrink, your dick will not get hard as often, and you might have some minor mood swings for a while - like you are going thru puberty again. Maybe some acne for a while too, but we have meds for that.”

“My balls are pretty small already!” Tine whined, as she fingered her little nuggets while clenching her ass.

“Then it won’t be much of a loss, will it?” the doctor said, and then continued. “The Sissy-Scout-Super-Hormone-Therapy is more highly advanced, faster acting, and has less side effects than regular hormone treatment. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe in it. Most girls say they have better orgasms - more female-like instead of what you are used to. Some say they can have multiple orgasms and definitely more of them – more ‘mini-gasms’ you might say, instead of a huge ‘one and done.’ Most every girl says they are much hornier than ever before – even the scent of a man can trigger arousal.”

“Do it!” Wendy begged. “I want it!” She soon felt a sharp sting on her ass cheek and the Sissy-Maker-Juice was injected into her.

“Me too! I want some tits!” said Tiffany, thinking of all the cock she could get with a big set of knockers!

“And me!” Tina said. “I want more orgasms!” Soon she exclaimed “Ow!” and reached around to rub her butt cheek.

The doctor signed his name to some pre-filled prescriptions and gave them to each girl along with a tube of salve. “Rub this on your tits, clits and balls every night,” he instructed, “And take one pill, twice a day. I’ll check up on you here once a week and adjust your doses as necessary.”

The girls felt flushed as the injected hormones raced through their systems. Wendy swore her breasts were already tingling.

“You may go now, sluts,” he said. “There are tissues over there to wipe your cunts.”

The three dutifully cleaned themselves with Tina taking a little longer, having to pause and repeatedly lick her slippery fingers after scooping out the cum from her pussy-hole. She offered Tiffany and Wendy a taste, who gratefully accepted, before the doctor frowned and tapped his foot impatiently at their slutty behavior and motioned them out.

They met three more Sissies who were on their way in, as they were on their way out. Monique was waiting for them and quickly returned them to Stephanie. On their way, they saw other effeminate boys in in the hallways, in various forms of make-up and undress.

Stephanie appeared to be waiting for them and greeted them happily in the meeting room. “You girls look so hot!” she said. She inspected and  admired them briefly before leading them to a set of double-doors just outside the meeting room. Opening the doors wide, the girls saw row upon row of freshly pressed Sissy-Scout uniforms! “Go on, take one. Your name will be on the tag.”

The girls squealed and ran into the room. Wendy was feeling so proud and feminine and quickly found her very own Sissy-Scout uniform with matching shoes and sash.

“Get them on ladies. The last uniform you will ever wear!” Stephanie said ominously. “Don’t forget to pick out a set of are fake boobs as well, until you grow your own.

The girls quickly put on fresh pink panties, skirt, a set of breasts encased in a soft, tight, flesh-colored halter. A loose fitting pink shirt tied below their breasts, pink socks and pink and white tennis shoes. The final touch was their gleaming, pink, Sissy-Sash! Each sash had single, round, embroidered badge on the upper left side. Words wrapped around the badge, reading, ‘Sissy-Scouts Slut-Squad 69’ and in the middle of the badge was the Official-Sissy-Scout-Sign.

Wendy thought she was going to faint! Finally, her very own Sissy-Scout-Official-Uniform! She looked at her friends and noticed Tina had a tear rolling down her cheek. The three sissies solemnly retrieved their cum-stained ‘Seamen’ berets from their Sissy-Sacks, and, looking in the large mirrors, adjusted their accoutrements accordingly. Wendy had chosen a small set of perky breasts, but Tiffany and Tina went with a large set of fake boobs.

“Where are the kneepads, Sissy-Supervisor?” Wendy asked. She was looking forward to getting her kneepads – her knees were bruised already.

“You have to earn them, Scout!” Stephanie said smartly. “After a few dozen blowjobs, down on your knees, maybe on some cold concrete or hard gravel, you’ll never leave the house without them!

“Ok, on the table are boxes with your official Sissy-Scout-Earrings and necklace. You are expected to wear them at all times. They tell the whole world that you are a proud, cock-sucking Sissy-Scout, ready to serve. I see you already had your ears pierced, so that will save us some time. And, if any Alphas notice them, you make sure you tell them you are still in training before you offer to suck them off. Got it?”

“Yes, Sissy-Supervisor!” the three cute girls yelled.

“Now, get them on and then line up, it is picture time. We will track your progress by posting your pictures on the long entrance hallway, so you can track your progress.” Stephanie took a quick photograph of each of her smiling, beautiful, voluptuous and sexy Sissy-Scouts all made up and looking so pretty in their new uniforms.

“Now, we have to get ready. There is still a lot to do, and I need your help. More girls will be showing up at any minute and I need some help. Tiffany, stay here and help the rest of the girls get dressed in their uniforms - you seem to have a knack for that. Wendy, Tina, your job is to grab any girl still wearing her Sissy-Clitty-Cage and help them with the pledge. Not all the ladies studied as hard as you girls!”

“Yes, Sissy-Supervisor,” they all said smartly, coming to attention.

The girls trickled in after their recent, exhilarating transformations, and Tiffany helped them find their outfits while Wendy and Tina helped the three remaining still-caged Scouts memorize the pledge. Stephanie efficiently pierced ears and handed out Sissy-Scout-Earrings and necklaces. Soon, more than a dozen smartly dressed girls were sitting around the huge table and Sissy-Scout-Supervisor Stephanie led them thru the Sissy-Scout pledge and had them greet each other as Sissy-Scouts, with lots of wet kisses, tongues and groping.

“First order of business. Everyone had their shots and received their hormone cream, right?” She watched the girls nodding their heads and rubbing their asses.

“Good. Get those prescriptions filled immediately. But don’t overuse the cream or the pills – the Sissy-Scouts use highly-advanced technology to turn you beta-bois into sexy, slutty, Sissy-Scouts. We don’t want your little clitties falling off. Follow the instructions!” she cautioned.

“And, to help you get started on your journey, I have a treat for everyone.” Stephanie walked over to a locked cabinet, removed a decanter, and poured measured amounts of a rich, red liquid into shot glasses and handed them out to everyone.

“This is Sissy-Slut-Serum,” she declared. “It contains a mild aphrodisiac, pheromones, and some natural chemicals to help you relax and concentrate on your training.” When everyone held a glass, Stephanie stated, “We typically say a few words as a toast, like ‘Here’s to cock!” she said, loudly and solemnly, holding her glass up high, “May they always be plenty-big, plenty-ful, and full of cum!” and downed her drink in one swallow. “Aaaaah!”

“To cock,” a few of the fresh-faced Sissy-Scouts repeated and swallowed the elixir.

As Wendy downed her drink, she was pleasantly surprised by the thickness of the potion and sweet taste. It tingled as it went down her throat and she felt the warmth spread from her belly. After a few moments, she felt happy, comfortable, and somehow more focused.

“Next order of business, we need an Official-Sissy-Slut-Photographer. Who is good with pictures and videos?”

Lucy raised her dainty hand. “I was the class photographer in hight-school,” she said proudly.

“OK! You are in charge of the camera. I want a lot of pictures for our Wall-of-Fame. Feel free to get up to take pictures while we are in session. If anyone else has some good pictures, please upload them to our website – the address is on the back of my card – there are stacks of them by the elevator. Close ups faces and a lot of cocks and cum is best. Your Sissy-ID card has your unique Sissy-Scout-Serial-Number. Use it to log in to our web-site and create your own Sissy-Scout-Profile. They will remain private while you are in training, but get them ready for graduation. Remember, social media is a great way to get more cock and recruit more Sissies! Let the men know what a cock-sucking slut you are, and let the bois know how much fun you are having!

“Here are your Sissy-Scout-O-Phones, Wendy, please hand them out, already preloaded with the Sissy-Scout-App.”

“Not an I-phone, Sissy-Supervisor-Stephanie?” Tiffany asked, picking up her pink phone.

“No, ‘O’ phones – ‘O’ for the ‘Orgasms’ and for the ‘Oh!’ face you’ll make when a fat Alpha-Cock slides into your fuck-hole.  The phones have GPS tracking so we can quickly route you to any man-in-distress, and an Alpha tracker, if you’re called upon for special services.

 “Third order of business; who had a sissy-gasm this weekend, against my direct orders, and no lying!” She looked into each girl’s eye, one by one.

A few hands went up. Wendy, Tiffany and finally, two other girls.

“What happened Lucy?” Stephanie asked, looking intently as Lucy.

“Well, I was fucking myself with my biggest dildo, and, and… I just couldn’t help it, I just started ramming it in faster and faster, harder and harder, and, and I came!”

“Hmm, I see,” Stephanie said.

“I ate it all up, Sissy-Supervisor - I didn’t waste any cum, Stephanie!” Lucy added hopefully, pleading her case.

 “What about you, Ladonna?” Stephanie asked a cute, dark-skinned girl.

“I tried not to have a sissy-gasm, I really did!” Ladonna replied, “But, my boyfriend made me suck and fuck him every night, like always, and I was so horny all the time! I sucked his cock last night, and afterwards, he felt sorry for me and started fingering my pussy and jiggling my caged-clitty until I came all over the place!”

“Is your boyfriend an Alpha?” Stephanie asked.

“No, he’s just a fem-boi like me,” she admitted.

“Wendy, Tiffany? What about you two.”

 “Uh, we went out Saturday night to suck some real cock,” Wendy began. “At first, we were just going to hang out at Rhonda’s house and practice sucking and fucking with our dildos, and we also practiced the chapter on fore-play.”

Stephanie interrupted her. “You practiced fore-play? With who?”

“Oh, just us guys. I mean ‘us girls’. You know, Tiffany, Tina, Billy, Rhonda and Susie.”

“You sucked balls and ate ass?” Stephanie inquired, while arching a pretty eyebrow.

“Yeah, all that stuff in Chapter Four – Kissing, dancing, groping, grinding, toe-sucking, ball-sucking, ass-eating; it was fun, but I wanted to go out and pleasure some real men. Horny guys who needed relief.”

“My, my. Very ambitious of you. Is that true, Tiffany? Tina?” Stephanie asked.

“Yeah, Wendy kept saying she wanted to suck a cock.” Tina admitted, “So we did!”

“No, the other stuff. Ball-sucking and ass-eating.” Stephanie clarified.

“Yeah, we tried all the stuff in the book, through Chapter Four.” Tina said. “Wendy led us through the pledge, then we read the chapter on sucking and fucking and Wendy had the great idea to try the other stuff, since we couldn’t suck or fuck each other with our clitties locked up.”

“Tiffany showed us how to wear make-up - and we then went out and sucked some real cock at a glory-hole.” Wendy said, and quickly added, “But we didn’t wear our Sissy-Scout-Berets!”

“We sucked a lot of cock though, until our jaws got tired,” Tiffany added, “Then, one guy - he was definitely Alpha-Sized and acted like one – he made Wendy push her pussy to the glory hole and he fucked her hard until she had a sissy-gasm. I got a great picture of her making her ‘Oh’ face!”

“Yeah,” Wendy said. “Like Tiffany said, when our mouth-holes got tired from sucking cock, we started fucking the guys to get a break. The same thing happened to Tiffany – she came too.”

“It was a long night.  And Wendy didn’t want to leave while there were still hard cocks poking thru the wall.” Tiffany said.

“Wendy begged us to come back on Sunday too!” Tina chimed in, “I even fucked one guy, but it hurt so much so I couldn’t cum. Besides, Pete, the guy who owns the porn-shop said he needed us, didn’t he say that girls?”

Wendy and Tiffany nodded. The other girls were impressed with their dedication to the dick.

“All the guys needed us!” Wendy stated firmly. “They needed us so badly! Their cocks were so hard and they had so much cum inside their balls!” she added. “But, Tiffany and I are real sorry we had a sissy-gasm, Sissy-Supervisor… we couldn’t help it.”

“And what about you, Tracy?” Stephanie said quickly, moving on to the next girl.

“Me?” Tracy said in surprise. She had not raised her hand. Wendy remembered Tracy from the Sissy-Scout-Induction-Ceremony. She had a very small penis and a very pretty pink pussy.

“I…, I…,” Tracy began, “I was trying to insert my next sized Sissy-Pussy-Plug, when it started feeling so good back there!”

“I understand,” Stephanie said. The other girls nodded as well.

“I started fingering my little boi-hole, imagining some handsome Alpha-Male was fucking me. I was moaning and groaning and begging him to fuck me. It was so real! I’m…, I’m sorry Sissy-Supervisor. But, how did you know?”

“Your Sissy-Clitty-Cages will turn blue where it comes in contact with sperm,” Stephanie explained. “Everyone who disobeyed the instructions to not have a sissy-gasm must be punished. Line up on the walls over there, sissies.

“Wendy, you first. Hands on the walls, feet spread, and ass out. Grab on to those straps, if you want.” Wendy quickly tried to comply, to set a good example for the others.

“For disobeying a direct order from your Sissy-Supervisor, one Sissy-Swat.” She waited for Wendy to assume the proper position. “At least you came like a sissy should, with an Alpha-Male pounding your boi-cunt.”

“SMACK!” The paddle landed firmly on Wendy’s pretty, pleated, pink skirt. Wendy stifled her response.

Stephanie wasted no time. “Tiffany, you are next! Same punishment!”


 “Ladonna, your next!” Ladonna hung her head in shame and presented her ass to her Supervisor. “For disobeying a direct order and for cumming with a sissy-boi’s fingers up your cunt, two swats!”

“Two!” Ladonna declared, in disbelief.

“If your boyfriend been a dominant Alpha-Male, instead of a fem-boi, I might have been lenient with you, but if you like, I can give you another swat for insubordination.”




“Tracy, your turn,” Stephanie said, as Tracy prepared for her punishment. “For disobeying a direct order and lying about it, three swats.”

“Three? That’s not fair! I came with something up my butt like the other girls!”

“You were ass-turbating, and then lied about it. One more for insubordination, and as a lesson for the other girls.”





Tracy sniffed a little as she sat down.

“Lucy, two swats for ass-turbating.”



“Ladies,” Stephanie said, “It is important to follow my orders. Remember, a Sissy-Scout is submissive. That includes obeying your Sissy-Supervisors as well as Alphas. I am charged with making you into the best Sissy-Scouts you can be, and I will not tolerate misbehavior. It may not seem fair to you right now, but what if you orgasmed all over an Alpha’s bedsheets, or his brand new car, just from a simple pussy-pounding? The hormones will help, but you have to learn control. His pleasure comes before yours – always.

“You should feel lucky that you came only from stimulating your pussies like a good sissy should and you’ve only just started your treatments. It will start feeling even better with a hard cock up your cunt, so be diligent. Got it?”

“Yes Sissy-Supervisor!” They shouted, suitably chastised.

“Just be thankful you are not in Trixie’s Slut-Squad. I’m knowns as a bit of a softie.” Stephanie said.

Wendy, Tiffany and Tina looked at each other, realizing what Rhonda might be going thru right now at the mercy of Trixie.

“So, no more disobedience. And, if you ever disobey an Alpha, there is no telling what he may do to your slutty-ass!”

“Hey! I don’t want to get beaten,” Tina cried out suddenly.

“I never said anything about a beating, Tina! For goodness sakes! What do you think we are? A few well-earned smacks on the ass is all I’m talking about. If an Alpha ever goes too far, you let us know. We have ways of taking care of abusive, mother-fucking Alphas who dare hurt our girls!” She looked around the table at each of her girls solemnly. “Now back to business! Get your dildos out. Time to get to work.

“We will be following the Sissy-Scout-Hand-Job, I mean, Handbook, chapter by chapter. Today, we will cover the Pledge, Protocol, Cock-Sucking and Ass-Fucking. I hope everyone had read the chapters like I told you. You will be getting your Alphas in three short weeks. You have to be ready!”

“Alphas!” some of the girls gasped. “We are not ready!”

“You will be by the end of the month. You don’t have to be perfect. An Alpha-Sponsor’s responsibility is to train you on fat Alpha-Cock.  My job is to get you ready for that Alpha-Cock so you don’t embarrass yourself or the Sissy-Scouts.”

Just then, the intercom crackled to life again. “Miss Stephanie, everyone is out. Just wanted to let you know. I made sure of it.” He added proudly. “Uh, you don’t have to thank me again…, unless you want to, of course…”

Stephanie walked over to the intercom and pressed the ‘talk’ button. “Oh, thank you Terry, what would I ever do without you?” She gushed. “But, we are having a Slut-Training-Session right now, but of course, I really, really want to thank you later, Sweetie! Anything else?”

“Uh, no,” he stammered. “Oh, yes! “One of the doctors said you had nice crop of sissies, and he said he was looking forward to the graduation ceremony.”

“Thank you, Terry.” Stephanie said, dismissing him with a loud kiss. “Now, where were we?” She looked around the room and saw all the dildos on the table. “Ah yes! Practicing sucking and fucking!”

She walked over to the machine near at the table. “While the rest of us suck on our Alpha-Substitutes, one lucky slut at a time will experience this – ladies, feast your eyes on the Alpha-3000, a sexual simulator designed to fuck your face or mouth like the best Alpha around.

“Countless hours of research has gone into it, and it has gone into countless Sissy-Researchers. It has multiple settings, all controlled by this device right here.” She held up the control mechanism. “I have pre-programmed 10 settings – start with the first one and we will work our way up to level 10 over time. Press ‘start’, then ‘level’, ‘number 1, then enter. The goal is to work your pussy muscles, toughen up your sissy fuck hole, and learn to control your sissy-gasms – or else! If it gets too intense, press the red button here to stop it immediately.”

Stephanie walked to the wall and pulled an Alpha-Bronze-Elite dildo from the opened cabinet. She slammed it on the table and the suction cup base held it firm. It swayed back and forth ponderously.

“Ladies, this is what will be fucking your boi-cunts any day now. I shouldn’t have to remind you that Alphas only care about one thing – emptying their Alpha balls. Trust me, they will not be gentle with you; so you have to be ready!

“And, if it is not an Alpha-Bronze like this fucking your pussy, it might be a long fat Alpha-Silver; like this!” She slammed a Silver-Elite on the table. “Or this!” Then a Gold, and finally a Gold-Double-Elite was slammed onto the table while Stephanie shouted, “Or this!” The didoes swayed back and forth on the table.

“You have to train your fuck-holes ladies,” she said, “Think of it like a gardener getting callouses on his hands from working with his tools in the dirt. The first few times your ass might get a little tender, red and sore and it might hurt a little bit. But the more you do it, the better you get – practice, practice, practice - until you can fuck all night!” She looked at her girl’s shocked expressions, and then her face softened into a smile. “Besides, it feels soooo good!

“Now, who is the first volunteer?”

“Me, me!” shouted Lucy. She stood up and raced to the table before anyone else had a chance.

“Very well, grab a dildo out of the cabinet, screw it in, lube up, and get started. When Lucy is finished, we will go clock-wise around the table until everyone has had a turn.”

Lucy quickly dropped her panties, lubed up her fuck-hole, and then attached a massive dildo. Wendy remembered how loose Lucy’s Sissy-Pussy was at the Induction-Ceremony. Lucy climbed on the device with Stephanie’s assistance, and pushed the dildo into her ass until her butt rested against the padded cushion. She turned on the device. It quietly came to life with a soft ‘hum.’ The arm with the dildo attached began moving back and forth slowly. Lucy grinned and wiggled her ass happily.

“You guys are so lucky. When I started, we had to use the Alpha-1000 for ass-training. It only had three settings and didn’t have the warm, imitation, Alpha-Cum-Happy-Ending! Even the Alpha-2000 blasted cold imitation-sperm up your cunt!”

“Why not use real cum?” Tiffany asked curiously.

“No sissy will give up her hard earned cum, just to let some other sissy take it up the ass, silly!” Stephanie smiled.

“Oh, right, of course!” Tiffany said, quickly realizing how foolish her statement was.

Stephanie began their Sissy-Scout training by discussing Sissy-Protocol (how to properly address an Alpha, how to greet a fellow sissy, how to dress, and then Stephanie discussed the various Sissy-Scout leadership roles and divisions, etc.). She then moved on to the Sissy-Scout pledge, describing each of the vows in detail, as this was the most important part of their training.

“’A Sissy-Scout is always supportive, slutty, and submissive to men’. This simply means you take care of your man - any man - while he is with you. Make him feel special at all times. Show him kindness, show him your tits and pleasure him how he wants to be pleasured. Let him know you are a cock-slut and offer yourself to him. Remember, he is not your boyfriend – he doesn’t want to hear you whine or complain about your day, he just wants his balls emptied by a supportive, submissive cock-slut.

“’A Sissy-Scout is always pretty, promiscuous and prepared’. You all look so pretty right now, and once the hormones kick in, you’ll grow breasts and get soft feminine skin, then you will be on your way to becoming a perfect cum extractor, helping any man, anytime -  and, you will have everything you need in your Sissy-Sacks, lube, lotions, potions, boner-pills, make-up, dildos, etcetera. Our stock room is always free, so make sure you take whatever you need before you leave today.

“’A Sissy-Scout is always thinking, dreaming, craving and worshiping cocks’. It’s true. When you are not sucking a cock you will be thinking about cocks. While you sleep, you will be dreaming of cocks. The hormones therapy will help stimulate your cock-craving desires. And, when you have a man’s cock in front of you, remember, you are there for him! He is not just another cock to give you a warm belly full of cum. Oh no! Each cock is special and you must treat it as such. Love it, kiss it, worship it! This is one thing that separates us Sissy-Scouts from all the other cock-suckers out there!

“’A Sissy-Scout never says “No.”’ It doesn’t matter how tired you are, or if your mouth is sore, or if your ass is bleeding. You do what you have to in order to pleasure the man in front of you! Do whatever he asks, quickly, compliantly and happily. If you have any concerns about what you are asked to do, call me or one of the other Slut-Squad-Supervisors.

“’A Sissy-Scout never wastes cum’. This is self-explanatory.  I hope I never have to explain this to anyone. Semen is precious. It represents our reward for a job well done, and is the undeniable proof of a sexually satisfied male. Make sure your man knows how much you love and appreciate his generous gift.

“’A Sissy-Scout never discriminates against any race, religion, creed or cock-size’. Big, small, black, white, red, yellow or green. It doesn’t matter. Men have an all-consuming need to shoot their spunk.  All men! All cock-sizes! If you have a problem with that, just leave now.

“A Sissy-Scout will receive pleasure from giving pleasure, but always places a real man’s pleasure above her own.’ You will learn to love sucking cock, getting fucked and knowing the exquisite and profound satisfaction of helping your fellow man empty his full ball-sack. Just remember, his needs come first. Always. The cock in front of you, in your mouth, our pounding your sissy-ass, should be your only focus, as he deserves.

“’A Sissy-Scout will pleasure any man, anytime, anywhere and in anyway necessary, without complaint, for as long as it takes!’ This is what we are known for – taking care of business anywhere, anytime and in any way! Sissy-Scouts don’t complain, we suck cock after cock and take dick after dick up our tired asses until we can’t take anymore. Then, we do it again! Men have learned to rely on us. Don’t ever let them down! But, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help from your fellow sluts. Let’s not be selfish with the cock. Lord knows there are plenty of hard, horny men out there who need our help. Share the cock, ladies!

“’A Sissy-Scout will always strive to be the best sissy they can be, and become a shining example to cock-worshiping Sissies everywhere!’ Listen! Sissy-Scouts are the best cock-suckers and dick-fuckers there ever were, be an example, be proud and be best! Practice, practice, practice, to be the best! Other faggots and beta-boys are watching. They see men desiring us and they admire our sexuality. Be a good example! That faggot watching you suck off that man in the alley might end-up being the best Slut-Squad-Sister you ever had!”

Just then, they all heard a high-pitched whine and heard Lucy moaning - the Alpha-3000 had started fucking her so hard, it was nearly bouncing off the table!

“Lucy!” Stephanie shouted, running to the machine to turn it off, taking the controller away from her slutty scout. “Lucy, shame on you! Level 11! You could have been hurt!”

“Wow!” Lucy said happily as the machine winded down and came to a stop. “I want to do that again!” She slid off the machine with silly grin. Her dildo bounced as it left her cunt and everyone watched the massive phallus swaying back and forth. It was still oozing warm imitation Alpha-Cream.

“Next girl, get on the machine; nothing past level three – I don’t care how experienced your ass is! All of the rest of you, attach your suction cups to your dildos and place them on the table. We are going to hone our cock-sucking skills.”

Stephanie showed the girls how to suck cock like a professional, explaining all of the tips in the book and walking around the table giving encouragement and offering guidance;

“Don’t forget the balls, Tracy!

“Wendy, if that cock is not in your mouth, you should have a smile or a slutty look of arousal on your face – you look too serious! Always look at a man’s penis with love and admiration. Let him know you are enjoying this just as much as he is! A blow-job is not just a job! Show him how much you love his cock!

“Talk to your men, girls! Tell him how much you love his big, fat cock, and his heavy, cum-filled balls. Even if his dick is small, tell him how hard it is, or how thick it is, or how much you love his balls and how you can’t wait to taste his cum!

“More saliva when you are stroking it, Tina, especially around the crown! I know it is way bigger than yours, but it is just as sensitive - especially if they’re uncircumcised - remember that ladies!”

“Way to deep-throat, Tiffany! If any of you girls can’t take it all the way yet, I have some numbing cream. It will help relax your throat and remove your gag-reflex temporarily. Who needs some?

“Tracy! Just because you are being fucked is no reason to take a break from sucking cock! Fuck back on that Alpha-3000 while you gobble that cock!”

Stephanie had them practice sucking cock quietly; as if they were in a movie theater or under a table at a restaurant, giving tips the whole time (“No slurping!”). Then, she had them suck cock while using their hands (“Your hands might be holding another cock or two, Scouts!”). Then, she had them practice sucking cock, licking balls, and teasing for a man’s prolonged pleasure.

Finally, she had them suck cock with a sense of urgency;

“Hurry up ladies, make your man cum quickly. His wife may be home any minute! Oh, there is the lunch whistle, time to get back to work! Hurry, hurry! Suck that cock! Tickle those balls! Get that ball-cream!”

All the girls were now bobbing their heads quickly while sucking and slurping on their dildos loudly.

“Faster girls, faster!” Their heads went up and down like crazy.

“Almost there! He’s gonna blow!” Stephanie shouted while continuing to urge on her scouts.

“His cock is swelling up! His balls are tightening! Feel the sperm surging up his shaft! You did it! He’s cumming into your mouth! Oh, there’s so much warm, thick, cum! Don’t stop to enjoy it; just slow down a little and let him enjoy it! Swallow! Swallow! Swallow!

“Now, don’t suck so hard. There, that’s the way! Gently... Let him finish in your warm, wet, mouth. Make it last! Make him want to come back for more! You have a dick, well sort of, so use that knowledge to your advantage. His girlfriend has nothing on you! Swirl your tongue around it. Lick him softly. Let him know you enjoyed it just as much as he did! Now, inspect his cock for any more sperm. Squeeze out the last drop from his shaft, (gently!) and lick it up. Now, leave it alone!

“Great! You all did a fantastic job, and even if he doesn’t thank you, you must thank him for letting you suck his cock. He might call you a cock-sucking faggot – but remember, an insult is the same as a compliment – and you have done your job and provided relief to another horny man.

“Now, look deeply into your man’s eyes, smile sweetly and genuinely thank him for letting you suck his cock. If you want, tell him his sperm was delicious and you hope you can suck him off again real soon.”

All the Sissy-Scouts thanked their imaginary sperm donors, licking their lips and smiling sweetly. They giggled and complimented each other on their cock-sucking skills.

Stephanie let the girls have a short break, to practice peeing sitting down and to stretch their cock-sucking muscles. She reminded them that the average male only needs 15 to 20 minutes before they are ready for the second round of prolonged sex. She wasted no more time.

Stephanie quickly began to lecture the Seaman-Scout-Sissies on the finer points of ass-fucking, using the current girl riding the Alpha-3000 as an example. Every girl had a turn on the Alpha-3000 while those that were not being fucked, fucked themselves, by attaching their didoes to the table top or walls.  A dozen pair of pink panties lay about the room. Stephanie again paced the room while instructing the girls;

“Ride that cock like you mean it!

“Remember, you do not have a smelly asshole, but a warm, tight, properly maintained boi-cunt! Use it to your advantage!

“Call him by his pet name! Remember your Alpha protocol! Is he your ‘Daddy?’ ‘Master?’ ‘Big-D?’ Stud-Muffin?’ ‘Horse-Cock?’ Show him and his hard cock some love, bitches!”

“Squeeze him when he pulls back, Tina! Milk his cock! Milk him dry!

“Fucking is a two-person sport, Blossom! Why is he doing all the work? Fuck him back! Harder! Faster!

“Way to go, Lucy! You will be taking Double-A-Alpha-Cocks in no time!

“Moan like the sluts you are, girls! Tell him how hard and thick his is cock! Let him know how good he’s fucking you! Tell him how good it feels! You love it! You love his cock!

“When you think he is about ready to cum, beg him for it! You are nearly delirious with love for his cock. You want to be breeded and seeded! You want his hot cum! Fake an orgasm for your hot-dicked stud! But no real ones!” Stephanie added

“Come on girls, he is ready to flood your cunt with hot cum. Beg for it! Moan for him! Squeal like a bitch!”

The girls all began moaning, groaning, squealing and fucking their didoes faster. Their Sissy-Clits were hard and dripping, sending Sissy-Juice flying around as they flopped about uselessly.

“All right, enough! STOP! NOW!” Stephanie yelled. The girls stopped immediately and looked at their Slut-Squad-Supervisor with puzzled glances. Stephanie’s keen eyes has noticed that many of her girls were about to squirt. She did not want to punish anyone for doing what only comes naturally.

“Sissies,” Stephanie began, “You’ve all been good little cock-sluts today. Who is ready to suck on some real, live, hard, warm and cum filled Sissy-Sticks and then pump their slimy, pathetic goo into another Sissy-Scout’s mouth?”

“Me!” “Me!” “I am!” everyone yelled excitedly. A real cock with real cum? Even if it was only a much smaller sissy version of a real penis!

“Put your dildos in the dishwasher, wipe your cunts clean, and sit down,” Stephanie instructed. The Scouts all did as they were told. They were so eager, they were bumping into each other, with soft, hard, and in-between organs dancing and pressing up against naked asses. They had no inhibitions any longer and displayed their modest-sized clits without any embarrassment, though many glimpse Tiffany’s long clitoris with both envy and desire. 

“Put your ID cards in the Sissy-Sack, ladies.” She then passed around an empty sack and everyone put their ID cards in. “We will draw names for blowjobs until everyone has sucked and been sucked. Now, this is your chance to earn your Blow-Job-Badge, and, we will be timing you, so, you also have a chance to earn your ‘Minute-Man’ blowjob badge as well.”

Most had not had an orgasm since Saturday, and were eager to get some relief. Stephanie knew many of her girls wouldn’t last long, premature orgasms being a common affliction of the Sissy-Class.

“Wendy, you get to go first,” Stephanie declared, to a sudden chorus of “Awww, no fair!”

“Shush, Sissies!” Stephanie ordered. “Wendy gets to pull rank. She is the Senior-Sissy-Scout among you, being an Able-Bodied-Seaman. The rest of you are just Seaman-Class-Sissies!” Stephanie said authoritatively.  “Besides, she has more experience than all of you. How many cocks have you sucked, Wendy?”

“Since I started sucking-off Lewis, I mean Tiffany, last week? Well, if you don’t count all the cocks I helped you with at the membership drive, I don’t know, twenty, thirty? I lost count.”

“Girls, Wendy is being modest. Besides helping me suck over two-dozen cocks during the membership drive, she and her friends went to Pete’s porn emporium Saturday night and most of the day and night Sunday, where she personally sucked and fucked over fifty cocks. Tiffany sucked and fucked at almost forty, and Tina here another twenty-five!”

All the girls looked at Wendy, Tiffany and Tina with new respect. Led by Stephanie, they all clapped heartily for them.

“Wow, congratulations girls!” One sissy gushed, jumping up and down excitedly.

“Didn’t your pussy hurt?” asked another.

“At first, but Pete gave us some Sissy-Pussy-Salve, it heals, numbs and provides lubricant too!”  Wendy replied. “You should get some for your Sissy-Sack.”

“Good advice, Wendy,” Stephanie said, nodding her approval.

“How did you know how many cocks we sucked and fucked, Sissy-Supervisor?” Wendy asked, “We lost count.”

“Pete stopped by last night for…, ah…,, well… Hell, you know what he wanted! He wanted to pump a couple loads of cum into his favorite Sissy-Scout,” Stephanie said blushing. “He brought over his security camera recordings and we fast-forwarded them during a break, to count all the men going into your glory-hole booths.

“OK, enough shop talk,” Stephanie said, “Now, reach into my Sissy-Sack and pick the lucky girl for our first Sissy-Scout-Blow-Job!” She held out the pink Sissy-Sack to Wendy. Wendy reached in pulled out a Sissy-Membership-Card. “Read it,” Stephanie said.

“Lucy!” Wendy read aloud.

“You are in for a treat, Lucy!” Stephanie said, “Now, sit down here while Wendy services you, like she would do for a real Alpha-Cock!”

Stephanie pulled a chair out from the table had had Lucy sit down. She looked so cute in her pink blouse, beret, and pink and white tennis shoes. Her small clit was already nearly erect. Wendy knelt between Lucy’s thighs and delicately gripped her leaking clit with two manicured fingers.

“Ready,” Wendy asked, looking up at Stephanie.

“Get set, go!” Stephanie shouted, timing Wendy with her stopwatch app on her cell phone. Wendy went to work licking and slurping Lucy’s small erection. Wendy had sucked quite a few smaller cocks recently, so she knew just what to do. She soon had Lucy’s little clit hard as a swizzle-stick.

Stephanie began to chant softly, “Suck, Sissy suck! Suck, Sissy suck!” Soon, all the girls were chanting and almost shouting “Suck, Sissy suck, suck, Sissy suck!” encouraging Wendy to do her best. Before long, she felt Lucy stiffen, moan, and received four robust squirts of Sissy-Semen into her mouth.

“Thirty-seven seconds!” Stephanie cried out. Wendy swallowed her prize triumphantly! She did it! She earned her minute-man badge!

“Wow, Wendy that was great!” Lucy gushed. She was really enamored by Wendy. “Usually, I have to have something shoved up my cunt in order to cum!”

“Next Sissy!” Stephanie ordered. “Tiffany, you’re next!”

Tiffany picked Blossom’s name from the sack, a diminutive Asian girl with dark hair and piercing dark eyes. To the cries of ‘Suck, Sissy suck!” Tiffany soon had a mouthful of sperm, from her diminutive cli8tty. Tiffany earned her Minute-Man badge as well.

“Tina, you’re up!” Stephanie said, s Tina picked Tiffany’s name from the sack.

“Girls, have any of you seen an honest to goodness Alpha-Sized cock?” Stephanie asked. Quite a few hands went up.

“I mean a real one, up close and personal - not in a movie, the internet, or while staring at the cute guy next to you at the urinal.” Most of the hands went down.

“I want you to take a good long look at Tiffany’s clitty,” Stephanie said, lifting up Tiffany’s skirt and displaying her leaking, man-sized clitty. “Tiffany here could have qualified as an Alpha-Bronze-Plus, if she wasn’t such a cock-loving, cross-dressing queer. We are honored to have her in our Slut-Squad, and I’ll make sure we all get nice, long suck on her Sissy-Stick before we leave tonight, if it is OK with you, Tiffany.” Stephanie asked.

“Of course, Sissy-Supervisor,” Tiffany said smiling, while thinking about all the warm mouths wrapped around her sissy-stick.

“But right now, Tina is trying to earn her ‘Minute-Man’ badge! Are you ready Tina?”

“Yes, Sissy-Supervisor,” Tina said politely. She was kneeled in front of her friend Tiffany with one hand grasping Tiffany’s slowly lengthening, long, fat, clitty.

“Go!” Stephanie shouted.

Tina immediately opened her mouth and began making love to Tiffany’s dick. She licked it and sucked it, so pleased to finally be able to taste her friend’s fat girly-bits. She licked her external ovaries as if she was in a trance. So intent was Tina on giving pleasure, she almost ignored the chants of “Suck, Sissy suck!” Finally, she heard Stephanie shout; “Ten seconds left!”

Tina began to stroke and suck determinedly, but Stephanie’s count soon reached zero. Only slightly disappointed, Tina slowed down and lost herself in the pure joy of pleasuring cock. The other’s watched quietly and admiringly until Tiffany finally spurted her goo into her friend’s waiting mouth. She couldn’t swallow it all without some leaking out of the corners of her mouth-hole. She soon drained Tiffany dry and efficiently cleaned up the tasty mess on her chin as the other Sissies watched her eat jealously.

Lucy drew Ladonna’s name, and, as she prepared to get ready, Lucy giggled and commented on the minuscule size of Ladonna’s clitoris. It was so small, it almost appeared deformed.

“Why is it so small, Ladonna?” Lucy chortled, looking at Ladonna’s cock. “I thought all black guys had big dicks?”

“LUCY!” Stephanie reprimanded violently. “Are you forgetting your vows already? We do not discriminate on cock-size!”

“I never said I wouldn’t suck it!” Lucy whined, hoping she wasn’t going to get punished. She was just trying to make a joke. It wasn’t like her dick was much bigger.

“I won’t have that kind of talk in my Slut! How would you like to go thru life growing up in a society where all men of your race are expected to have a big cock and you have a little one! It is just another form of racism, and I won’t stand for it!” She knelt down in front of Ladonna and placed a hand on her naked thigh. She closely examined Ladonna’s micro-dick.

“How long have you been on hormones, Ladonna?” she asked tenderly.

‘Hormones?’ Wendy thought. She hadn’t noticed before, but Ladonna definitely looked more girlish than the rest of the boys. Wendy then glimpsed a soft swell of real breast tissue under her pink shirt.

“I’ve been on hormones since I turned twelve,” Ladonna answered meekly.

“Same year I started, slut-sister,” Stephanie said. She lifted up her skirt and pulled down her panties. Her balls were minuscule and her pussy hair was trimmed into a cute ‘V’ shape. Her small dick looked like a little bump on her crotch. “When you start hormones that young, it really affects the size of your boi-clitty. But, the guys like not having it flop around while they fuck us,” she winked. “And, it still works the same, doesn’t it?

Ladonna grinned and nodded affirmatively.

“Lucy, are you going to show Ladonna how a Sissy-Scout sucks it the best?”

“Yes, Sissy-Supervisor Stephanie!” Lucy said enthusiastically. To Ladonna, she said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything. I really like your cute, little clit, Ladonna!”

“Ready, set, go!” Stephanie shouted.

Lucy soon provided relief to Ladonna, though she did more licking than sucking. All the other girls each took turns until everyone had sucked and been sucked.

“What about you, Stephanie?” Wendy asked. “We want you to cum too!”

“First things first, Scout!” Stephanie said. “Everyone get their panties on. It’s time for the badge presentation.”

Badges! Wendy was so excited. She was going to finally going to adorn her Sissy-Sash with the badges that let all the Alpha men know what an experience cock-slut she was!

Stephanie sat down at her desk and made marks in her Sissy-Scout-Roster book while stating;

“Remember Scouts, only sexual activities occurring after the official induction ceremony, and vouched for by another Official Sissy-Scout, or by photographic or video evidence, qualifies you for a badge. We don’t care if you sucked off the football team after every game in college – it doesn’t count…, yet! Any questions, see me afterwards!

“Tonight, the Sissy-Scouts award the badges you have earned since joining the Scouts, to adorn your Sissy-Sashes!

“Lucy!” Stephanie ordered, “Step forward and present your sash!” Stephanie called out each recipient’s name, in turn, and the badges they earned that night. Stephanie retrieved their sash, and using a special device on the table behind her, stamped each badge permanently in place.

To everyone’s surprise, besides the hair, make-up, manicure, and pedicure badges, Stephanie awarded every Sissy a ‘Face-Painting’ badge; for taking a face-full of cum at the Sissy-Scout-Induction-Ceremony. In addition, every Sissy-Scout received a ‘Cock-Sucker’ badge and a ‘Blow-Job’ badge – Stephanie explained that while similar, a ‘Cock-Sucker’ is awarded for sucking cock, but a Blow-Job is only awarded when the guy ‘Blows his load’, and most of them earned their ‘Minute-Man’ badge as well. She made each girl watch her apply the first badge, then let them apply the rest of the badges themselves.

Finally, only Tina, Tiffany and Wendy were the only Sissies still waiting for their badges.

“Tina.  Face-Painting badge. Cock-Sucker badge and Blow-Job badge!” Tina was disappointed she didn’t earn her ‘Minute-Man-Badge’ but it had been fun sucking off Tiffany anyway!

“And…, for practicing Chapter Four with her Sissy-Scout-Slut-Sisters, and eating-ass so valiantly, Tina has earned her ‘Butt-Licker’ badge, as well! And…, a Lip-Smacker, a Nipple-Licker, a Toe-Sucker, a Crotch-Grinder, a Pole-Dancer and a Ball-Player!”

The girls were all shocked to silence. Then, they applauded!

“And for going to the glory-holes and taking one up the ass for her team, a Glory-Holer badge, an Ass-Fucked badge, a Good-Doggie badge, and a Team-Player badge as well!”

Stephanie continued loudly, over the commotion. “And… for pleasuring over twenty-five hard cocks with men attached, Tina has earned her first blue-strip for Cock-Sucking, Blow-Jobs, Glory-Holer and Team-Player badge!” The girls clapped and whooped even louder.

Tina blushed with accomplishment as she received and then proudly applied her many badges to her Sissy-Sash.

“Tiffany step forward!” Stephanie said. “You have earned; Face-Painting, Cock-Sucker/Blue-Stripe, Blow-Job/Blue-Stripe, Butt-Licker, Lip-Smacker, Nipple-Licker, Toe-Sucker, Crotch-Grinder, Pole-Dancer, Ball-Player/Blue-Stripe, Glory-Holer/Blue-Stripe, Ass-Fucked, Good-Doggie, and Team-Player/Blue-Stripe, as well! Congratulations!”

More cheering.

“And, for a very special little Sissy-Scout. Wendy, step forward.” Wendy walked towards Stephanie sheepishly. The room quieted.

“Wendy, it seems like only yesterday, I was honored to be the first one to ever suck your hard-little clitty, the same one you hoped was an Alpha-Sized-Cock.”

Wendy blushed. The girls giggled.

“In the short time you have been a Sissy-Scout, you have showed true cock-dedication, perseverance, empathy, and a deep cock-worshiping-addiction for giving men pleasure and draining balls that is second-to-none.

“Wendy, you have proudly earned the following badges (she took a deep breath); Face-Painting/Blue-Stripe, Cock-Sucker/Double-Blue-Stripe, Blow-Job/Double-Blue-Stripe, Butt-Licker, Lip-Smacker, Nipple-Licker, Toe-Sucker, Crotch-Grinder, Pole-Dancer, Ball-Player, Glory-Holer/Double-Blue-Stripe, Ass-Fucked, Good-Doggie, and Team-Player/Double-Blue-Stripe!”

The crowd went wild.

“In addition, here is the Sucking-with-A-Sister badge I promised you for helping out at the Induction-Ceremony; Blue-Stripe, by the way. I am also awarding you the Cock-Coach badge for your leadership. And, I have a question for you – and don’t lie to your Supervisor!

“Did you hand out any of my business cards while you were sucking strange dick at Pete’s Porn Emporium?” Stephanie asked sternly.

“Uh…, Yes, I did…, Pete had them by the front desk. I’m sorry!” She stammered. “I thought I could give some to the guys with little dicks and who wanted to suck me off too – I thought they might make good Sissy-Scouts. I also gave some to Potential-Alphas too!” Wendy looked scared. “If they had big, fat cocks, I mean. But, I didn’t measure them, officially, or anything…”

“Well, I want you to know, I signed another little faggot fem-boi to our Slut this morning. Rebecca will be joining us next week, thanks to you, after we have a mini-induction ceremony Saturday. Anyone not busy this weekend, come out and lend a hand-job…, I mean…, you know what I mean! Wendy, I assigned you as her Sissy-Sister. Show her the ropes and get her trained – fast! I also took three calls from guys who mentioned your name and claim they have big, fat cocks and wanted to know about becoming a Certified-Alphas. Congratulations, you’ve earned your Sissy-Recruiter badge, and maybe you’ll get your Alpha-Recruiter badge next week!

“One more thing… For pleasuring fifty, horny men on your bruised, battered knees, I proudly present to you, YOUR OFFICIAL SISSY-SCOUT-KNEE-PADS! May you never leave home without them!”

Wendy almost fainted as she accepted her prize, to the deafening applause of her fellow Sissy-Scouts. With her pink knee-pads and her Sissy-Sash so adorned with badges, Alphas will be lining up to shove their cocks into her slutty holes! And now, she can drop to her knees anywhere and anytime to service all those poor horny men who are aching to have their balls emptied!

“Congratulations again, Wendy. I’ve never had a girl earn her kneepads on her own so quickly! And, over a single weekend! OK. Now, finish your sash while I go over things for tomorrow night.

“Gather around Girls!” Stephanie shouted, getting everyone’s attention. “First of all, I appreciate your dedication - everyone did a great job tonight! If you can, get here early tomorrow, we have a lot to do. You don’t want to fall behind. Especially if you need help with your hair or make-up. Remember, we have to look our slutty-best. I’m here all day, unless I’m called out on a service call.

“Next, re-read the chapters on cock-sucking and ass-fucking until you know them by heart – that is where we spend most of our time, after all - on our knees with a cock in our mouth, or on all fours, with a cock up our cunts! And, read Chapter Four on fore-play, Five on the Alpha-Male, and Six on how to get more cock, before you come back tomorrow.

“If you want to practice, there are maps with all the local glory-holes marked and rated for quantity of cocks, in the front foyer. Maybe there is one close to where you work. Nothing better than a warm protein drink for lunch! Remember no uniforms allowed. And ask a Sissy to join you, or take pictures, if you want to get badge credit.

“Oh! I almost forgot! Start thinking about your Cock-Magnets!”

“Cock-Magnets?” Lucy asked, with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Your tits, silly!” Stephanie said, reaching up and grabbing her boobs with both hands. She jiggled them as she explained.  “A nice set of soft, bouncing breasts is the best way to get a man’s attention and attract more cock. The hormones will be kicking in real soon - you should have puffy nipples in a week - but if you want a huge rack, or don’t want to wait, we have arranged to have the best plastic surgeons available later this week.

“Now, are there any questions before I close our first Sissy-Scout-Slut-Session?”

“Stephanie, what about you? You haven’t cum yet!” Wendy said. She was concerned for her Supervisor.

“Don’t worry about it, I have a surprise for everyone after we close the meeting and before locking your clitties up until tomorrow.

“First, make out with the Slut-Sister on your left, and then the on the right, and let them know you love practicing and sucking and fucking cock with them.”

All the girls groped each other, kissed passionately, and told each other how much fun they had with everyone, learning, sucking and fucking cock tonight.

“Now, recite the pledge, together Sisters!” The Scouts all recited the pledge, with an enthusiastic “Suck Sissies Suck, Fuck Sissies Fuck, Yay cum!”

“The first ever Slut-Session #69 is now officially closed.” Stephanie said. She made the Sissy-Scout sign with her fingers spread wide, then clasped them together tightly, and saluted. “

Now, about that surprise… There is a long-standing Sissy-Scout tradition…” she began, looking at her girls mischievously.

“What is it?” her girls asked. They were so anxious to know more about Sissy-Scout traditions and were excited to know Stephanie’s surprise.

“Well, the Sissy-Scouts was founded on the principle of free sex for everyone. That includes the Sissy-Scouts as well as all the horny men out there. So, we have a tradition that at the end of every meeting, the Sissy-Slut-Squad-Supervisor gets to make out with all of her girls…” she began to kiss and grope the slut next to her.

“Oh boy!” the sluts shouted, excited to make out with someone as cute as Stephanie!

“And we can all get naked…” she continued, stripping of her clothes sensually. He breasts were so soft and inviting. Her ass was gorgeous as she bent over and presented it to her Slut-Squad.

“Oh yeah!” the sluts responded, dropping their remaining garments quickly.

“And… we can do whatever we want to each other… all of us… at the same time…” she smiled.

“Who wants to earn some badges, bitches? To the orgy pit!” she shouted, giggling and jiggling out the door, clutching her pink purse. All the other girls almost fell over themselves trying to follow her. “And, bring your Sissy-Sacks and your favorite dildos!”

The girls all raced into the main room and began making out. Stephanie was the center of attention, since many of the beta-bois had never kissed a pretty girl before, or glimpsed a real set of tits, let alone sucked or played with them. Wendy licked Stephanie’s tiny clitty eagerly to show her what she could do. Everyone had a turn sucking Tiffany’s overly large Sissy-Stick, and Tiffany even got to fuck a few of the girls – the first time she had ever fucked a tight, little boi-cunt. They kissed, licked, sucked and fucked well into the night. There were many trips to the supply closets for more Sissy-Slippery-Stuff, dildo harnesses, boner pills and sexy lingerie. They even carried the Alpha-3000 into the room and baptized each other with Imitation-Alpha-Sperm.

A tired group of Sissy-Scouts left Stephanie’s apartment that night, sore and satisfied, with the delicious taste of fresh sperm on their lips. They had never had so much sex in their entire lives!

“Yay cum!” the girls shouted into the night as they left the building. They were so proud they had joined the best cock-sucking sorority in the entire world! Finally, the little sissies, girl-wanna-bees, beta-bois, crossdressers and assorted closeted faggots had found true happiness; they had good friends, a bright sexual future, and they were intimately bounded to each other by serving a noble cause and shared purpose in life – providing uninhibited, unconditional and unencumbered sexual release to all the horny Alpha-Males of the world.

They knew that men were constantly thinking about, yearning and actively searching for a warm moist hole to deposit their precious loads into. And, they would be there to help them!

When dressed in their pink outfits, they felt like superheroes! Saving the world and serving men by being the best cock-sucking, cum-slurping, anal-whore-sluts they can be – a dedicated Sissy-Scout!

To read my other stories, click on my profile. ;D


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― E.L. Doctorow

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The Sissy Scouts 7 (MM, M+M, Sissy)

Summary – Another Sissy-Scout-Slut-Session. Stephanie has a surprise for her girls.

Previous Chapter Summary - Wendy and her friends attend their first Sissy-Scout-Slut-Session (Click Previous Directory, above)

Note - It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

“Miss Stephanie?” Terry, the security guard’s voice crackled over the intercom of the penthouse apartment of Sissy-Scout-Supervisor Stephanie.

“Yes, Terry?” Stephanie said, speaking into the intercom from the wall of her bedroom. The room was luxurious. A pink bedspread was lying in a heap on a large, round bed. A mirrored ceiling, rich furniture and heavy pink curtains framed a breathtaking view of the city through the large windows.

“There are some people to see you, Miss Stephanie,” Terry said.

“Can I have their names, please Terry?”

“Uh, just a second…” Terry said. And then, after a long pause said, “Wendy, Tiffany and Tina.”

“Let me speak to Wendy please, Terry.” Stephanie said.

“Hi Stephanie!” Wendy said happily, after receiving the antique hand-set from the Terry, the security guard. She then listened to Stephanie on the phone. “…, yeah…, we got off work early, our boss sent us home! You were right!” She turned her back to the security guard and whispered, “Tiffany and I sucked his cock! Twice!” she giggled. “And, Tina took the whole week off and spent most of the day at the glory hole again! She wants her double-blue stripe!”

“Oh, that is great, Wendy. I’m so happy for you and Tiffany. See, you were worried about nothing!” Stephanie said. “But, Wendy, I need a favor…”

“Anything,” Wendy said, and meant it.

“Take care of Terry for me, if you know what I mean,” Stephanie said, “He’s been a real sweetheart. There is just enough room under his security desk…, I know. And, don’t take no for an answer. Just pull it out and start sucking on it, OK? And, ask Tiffany and Tina to take care of Hank for me too. Have Terry call Hank and have him come to the desk. Oh, and that cute young man that helped us out yesterday. Just have the men give Tiff and Tina a ride in the freight elevator.”

“We’ll take care of it, Sissy-Supervisor!” Wendy said smartly. “Glad to help out!” She hung up the phone and whispered to her two friends. They grinned wickedly.

“Terry, sweetheart?” Wendy said, batting her eyes and flirting with the cute young man. Luckily, she had studied the Sissy-Scout-Handbook last night, reading Chapter Six, ‘The Alpha-Male’, and chapter Seven, ‘How to Get More Cock.’ Wendy licked her lips before speaking again.

“Would you get Hank and that cute boy who helped us out last night over here?” she asked sweetly.

“Oh, do you girls have a load of stuff to bring up to Steph?”  Terry said, getting on the phone to call Hank.

“No,” Wendy giggled, quickly crouching down and ducking behind the security desk. “But there are some hot loads of stuff Stephanie asked us to take care of!” Wendy had Terry’s cock pulled out of his pants before he could finish his phone call.

“Hank, this is Terry…,” Terry’s eyes rolled up into his head. He moaned out loud. “Ohhhhh, I mean…, you and Rodney get up here, quick!” he slammed down the phone. Wendy slurped and teased his cock until he was rock-hard, then she began bobbing her head quietly, but vigorously.

“Stephanie, was right,” she thought. “He does have a nice dick!” It was long and very hard, with a tasty circumcised head. Wendy continued to suck on it while her friends watched with amusement. They posed for him, made out, and flirted with the security guard, blowing him kisses and licking their lips. Making sure no one was watching, then began to grope each other while flirting with him. It was too much for him. He began to blow his hot, sticky load into Wendy’s warm, sucking mouth.

“What do you need, Terry?” Hank asked, arriving quickly, thinking there was an emergency. “Hello Miss,” he added, tipping his cap to Tiffany. “Ma’am,” he said to Tina. His assistant Rodney nodded pleasantly to the cute ladies too.

“Unnnnhhhh!” said Terry, his body slightly twitching.

“What’s wrong with you, Terry?” Hank asked the guard. He was wondering if Terry was having a heart attack or convulsions or something.

“Ahhhhh,” Terry sighed as his orgasm ended. He grinned widely. Hank and Rodney stared at him in wonderment. Then, Wendy popped up from behind the desk.

“Thank you for letting me suck your cock, Terry!” she said, licking her sperm covered lips. “Oh, hi guys!” she said happily to Hank and Rodney, “Can we have a ride in your freight elevator? Stephane wants us to thank you for helping out last night!” She winked at them. “We like riding big, old things that go up and down, don’t we girls?”

Tiffany and Tina nodded seductively.

“Yes, Ma’am!” Hank said enthusiastically. He led the girls to the large, padded freight elevator, pushing Rodney ahead of him. The doors closed, the elevator hummed to life covering up the sounds of sturdy zippers being opened on thick work pants, and the soft groans and sexual moans of horny men and girls could be heard before the elevated lurched upwards.

The elevator doors finally opened, after a brief stop somewhere in between floor ten and eleven. Stephanie was waiting for them.

“Hi Hank!” Stephanie said, “I hope my girls thanked you properly for all your extra work last night.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Hank said proudly, tipping his cap.

“And, what is your cute friend’s name?”  Stephanie asked, “I don’t think we have been formally introduced?” She reached out and held his hand.

“Rod,” he said, “Rodney…, Rod, for short.” He was still in a state of shock, and bright red from embarrassment. He had never had three girls sucking his cock and licking his balls before.

“His rod isn’t so short, believe me!” Tiffany said. “That boy’s Alpha-Material!”

“Hmm,” Stephanie said, intrigued, an Alpha-Male in her very own building, with quick access to her penthouse. “Rod? Or maybe I’ll call you Big-Rod? Why don’t you come up and see me some time, Big-Rod?” She handed him a business card. She was always prepared to recruit another big-dicked Alpha-Male.

“Uh, sure, Miss Stephanie!” he said. The doors began to close, and Wendy quickly yelled. “Thank you for letting us suck your cocks, guys!”

“Yeah, thanks!” Tiffany and Tina said. “You have nice dicks!” Tina added.

“Anytime!” Big-Rod yelled as the door closed.

“He had a big, one, did he, girls?” Stephanie asked, smiling, one eye-brow raised.

“Oh, yeah!” Tina said. She held out her hands, to estimate his size. “He was at least this long, and so hard!” she gushed. “Uncircumcised, nice and thick and he had such big balls!”

“I estimate at least a Silver-Elite, maybe even a Gold,” Wendy said. “How about his cum, girls?” Wendy asked. Since she had Terry’s load, she thought it was only fair to let Tiffany and Tina have the other two.

“Real tasty!” Tina said, “Thick and creamy! It was delicious!” She licked her lips and rubbed her tummy.

“No, I mean how much did he shoot?” Wendy said, exasperated.

“A lot!” Tina said, “A whole lot!”

“He was probably a Plus,” Tiffany calculated. “Tina and I shared it,” she explained to Stephanie, “There was a lot.”

“Uh, I swallowed some first,” Tina added guiltily. When she saw the shocked expressions of her friends, she quickly defended herself, “I would have choked on it!” she said defiantly. “And, don’t tell me you wouldn’t swallow at least once or twice with a fat cock spurting load after load into your mouth!” She added, “Besides, I saved some for you, Tiffany-Slut-Sister!”

“Most likely a Double-Plus, or maybe even a Triple,” Tiffany said, then turning to her friend she said, “And, thanks for sharing, Tina-Slut-Sister.” They smiled at each other as Stephanie led them to the main room.

“So, work was OK, Wendy, Tiffany?” Stephanie asked. “No problems?”

“Oh, it was great!” Wendy said. “There were a few surprised looks when they saw that we were girls now, but everyone quickly got used to it!”

“Yeah!” Tiffany agreed, “Our boss, Mr. Taylor, called us into his office right away to find out what was going on. After we explained about becoming Sissy-Scouts, he wanted to know more!”

“We explained how we swore vows to help relieve all the virile men in the world,” Wendy said.

“And Wendy asked him if he needed his cock sucked!” Tiffany squealed.

“Oh, no, you didn’t!” Tina exclaimed.

“Well, I could see he was in distress!” Wendy said defensively, “So I took out his cock and we sucked him off right in his office. It was my fault he got hard! Besides, I was just doing my duty!”

“He has a nice dick, but not quite up to our Alpha-Standards.” Tiffany added. “But, I helped get his pants and underwear off, and then started sucking on his big old hairy balls while Wendy slurped his shaft! Boy, was he surprised!”

“And happy!” Wendy added.

“Yeah, and it was fun sucking cock again with you, Wend!”

“You too, Tiff!”

“After he blew his load, he said we could suck cock at work, as long as we were discrete.” Wendy added.

“We joined the GLBTA right away. It was fun! We must have sucked a ½ dozen cocks each!” Tiffany said.

“Fred Thompson twice,” Wendy added.

“And Mr. Taylor again, before he gave us the rest of the afternoon off,” Tiffany said, “I think he wants to fuck us tomorrow, he was asking a lot of questions.”

“See, I told you everything will work out fine,” Stephanie said, “Oh, I did some research and found out your VP of Finance is an Alpha-Bronze-Plus, make sure you seek him out sometime.”

“We will!” Tiffany and Tina said enthusiastically. An Alpha-Bronze-Plus! In their own office building!

“I’m so jealous of you sluts,” Tina said, wishing she was back at work sucking cock. Her boss was kind of cute.

“Plenty of hard cocks for everyone,” Stephanie said, “Say, since you girls are the most experienced in the Slut, would you like to help tonight?”

“Sure!” said Wendy.

“Yeah!” said Tiffany.

“You bet!” said Tina.

“Great!” Stephanie said, “Who can walk elegantly in high-heels?”

“I can,” Tiffany, the cross-dresser, said confidently.

“Great! Tiffany, you man the cat-walk and show the girls how to strut, wiggle their asses and walk in heels. There is a short Scout-Video I want you to watch first. Basic stuff, but it is good to refresh yourself. Heel-to-Toe, weight distribution for maximum wiggle, etc...,” She said, then added, “You know where the shoes are. Make sure every girl gets a pair to take home to practice.”

“Heels?” Wendy asked. “I thought we always wore our pink sneakers.”

“Sissy-Scouts are pretty, promiscuous and prepared.” Stephanie repeated from memory. “An Alpha might want to take you out for a night on the town, so you have to look your slutty best! And, we have a lot of formal events. The ‘Alpha-Meat-And-Great’ is coming up soon, and that is a formal event, then, there are our Big-Charity-Balls, Sissy-Slave-Slut-Charity-Auction, and other fun events. Besides, it feels sexy to get all dressed-up!”

“Oh!” Wendy said, determined to walk in heels like an experienced street-hooker!

“Can anyone dance like a slut?” Stephanie asked.

“No,” Wendy admitted. She never learned to dance.

“Uh, I can,” Tina said, “A little anyway. Back in college, we had a stripper pole installed in our fraternity. I used to watch the girls dance at our parties, and I practiced when no one was around.”

“Fantastic!” Stephanie said, “You are in charge of teaching everyone to dance like a slut. Focus on stripping and lap-dances for now. Save the pole dancing for another day. Be sure you check out the video before everyone shows up.”

“What about me, Stephanie?” Wendy said. She was feeling sad because she didn’t know how to dance or walk in heels.

“Oh, you have a very important job, Miss Serious-Little-Cocksucker!” Stephanie said.

“What?” Wendy exclaimed, looking confused and oh, so serious!

“Wendy,” Stephanie said softly, looking into Wendy’s eyes, “You are always so intent and focused on sucking a man’s penis and giving him pleasure that you forget to have fun!”

Stephanie laughed. “Sucking cock is fun! And a man wants to see his slut enjoying his cock! Come on, I’ll show you. Follow me, sluts!”

Stephanie marched her sluts over to a life-size statue of a standing naked man with a large erection. Instead of a face, he had a video screen. The Sissy-Scouts had noticed it before, but with all the other statues and paintings of Alpha-Males and Beta-Bois, they assumed it was some kind of modern art.

“Get on your knees and start sucking him, Wendy,” Stephanie ordered.

Wendy dutifully did as she was told, while Stephanie reached behind the silicone manikin and flipped a switch.

“Hey!” Tiffany exclaimed, “It’s you, Wendy!”

Sure enough, the image on the video screen was a close-up image of Wendy’s face, seriously sucking on the manikin’s phallus. They hadn’t noticed the small camera at the base of the monitor.

“You are seeing what he would see,” Stephanie explained. “Now, look him in the eyes and show him how much you enjoy sucking his big dick! Let him know how much you like his cock!”

Wendy paused and wrinkled her brow, contemplating her image on the screen. She saw a serious looking, but very pretty girl, with a cock in her mouth. She could only imaging what an Alpha-Male would think of her frowning face. She became suddenly inspired and determined to pleasure Alpha-Males both physically and mentally! Her features softened, her eyes twinkled, and she smiled up at the imaginary Alpha before her.

“I love your big, fat cock, stud,” she said, before giving the phallus a long, loving lick. “It’s so big!”

“That’s the way, Wendy!” Stephanie said encouraging her favorite Sissy-Scout. “You remind me so much of myself when I first joined the Scouts! I always had to remind myself that it was not always about getting a man to shoot his wad, but giving him both mental and physical support! There is a reason our first rule is always about being ‘supportive, slutty and submissive!’ It provides the most basic, instinctual needs of Alpha-Males everywhere! To have a woman admire him, obey him, and then rock his fucking balls off!

“Now, you practice a while I show Tiff and Tina the videos. We will work in small groups tonight. Make sure you all experience each other’s stations, before the others get here.”

Stephanie led Tiffany and Tina away, while Wendy practiced looking slutty, sensual, and happy, while she sucked imitation cock, smiling and looking slutty for the camera.

“Mmmmmm!” They heard Wendy moan as they were leaving. Tiffany turned back to see Wendy smiling and looking up at the camera, “I can’t wait to feel this monster inside my pussy!” Wendy said.

Tiffany smiled.

All the Sissy-Scouts, Seaman-Class, arrived promptly. They removed their normal clothing in the anteroom, and dressed in their official Sissy-Scout uniforms, proudly slipping on their Sissy-Sashes, adorned with their recently earned Scout-Badges.

Stephanie led them thru the Sissy-Scout pledge and inspected their Sissy-Clitty-Cages. Thankfully, no one sissy-gasmed overnight, being too worn out from the sexual orgy they had experienced.

After pouring a generous portion of Sissy-Scout-Slut-Serum, Stephanie offered another toast; “To Cock, whether big or little, may they always make us jiggle, wiggle and giggle!”

“To cock!” the girls repeated, and then gave a long, satisfied sigh. “Aaaaah!”

“First order of business - Cock-Magnets!” Stephanie stated. “Has everyone decided on their tits? Are you happy with the size of the fake boobs you are wearing now? If not, now is the time to decide. We have surgeons lined up all day Saturday and Sunday, or, you can wait for Mother Nature and the Sissy-Hormones to work their magic. You can always get breast implants later, if you don’t like what your mamma and Sissy-Science gives you!

“Let’s go around the room, Tiffany, you first.” Tiffany was seated to the left of Stephanie.

“Well, I want big tits, really big!” Tiffany said, holding out her hands as if she were cupping a couple large melons. She gave her fake boobs a squeeze.

“With your tall frame, I think the double-D’s will be a good fit, maybe even an ‘E’, if you want,’” Stephanie agreed, “Remember, if you go too big, you could end up with back aches…, but more cock, of course.”

The rest of the girls, in turn, discussed the size breasts they wanted. Only a few decided to wait until the hormones did their work. Wendy was one of them.

“I like natural breasts,” Wendy declared. “The way they flop around and stuff. Besides, I can always get bigger ones later.”

“You sure can!” Stephanie agreed, “Believe it or not, a lot of guys like small tits!” She quickly and set up appointments times for the girls, then she then;

“Ok, Sissy-Scouts, divide yourselves into groups of three. Wendy, you are group one, Tiffany two, Tina three. Go around the table and count off!” The girls quickly organized into teams, and Stephanie had them follow her experienced Scouts to their designated stations, where they trained on how to walk in high-heels, how to dance to turn on their man, and how to show your man how much you enjoy sucking his cock. They each joyfully placed a pair of pink, stiletto heels into their Sissy-Sacks, with a vow to practice daily. Wendy borrowed DVD’s on dancing, walking, and understanding the Alpha-Male’s mind.

“All right, quiz time!” Stephanie said when they were all back together, with each Scout in turn conditioning their boi-pussies by taking a ride on the Alpha-3000.

“What do you do after you suck a man off?” She asked.

“Swallow?” Lucy asked.

“No, you thank him for letting you suck his cock!” Wendy interjected and smiled smugly.

“Correct!” Stephanie said, “Actually, you are both right, but always remember to thank your sperm-donor.

“Next question - how can you tell if a man is in sexual distress?” She raised a pretty eyebrow and looked at her girls, waiting for an answer.

“His dick is hard!” Tina blurted out.

“Yes!” Stephanie said, “But that’s the obvious one, how else?” Stephanie asked.

“He grabs your tits or ass?” Blossom exclaimed.

“Yes! Absolutely! Good job, Blossom! It shows he desires you!  – And don’t forget to fuck back on the Alpha-3000 back, Blossom. Fucking is a two person sport!” she reminded everyone.

“How else?” Stephanie asked, encouraging her girls.


“Now girls, come on! How else can you recognize a man in sexual distress?”

“Uh…” The girls thought about it. But, no one had an answer. Being mere beta-bois, they had never propositioned a girl for sex before. The room was silent, except for the Alpha-3000 winding down, and the wet sound of one boi-cunt sliding off of it, and the next one sliding on it.

“Girls, I’m disappointed in you!” Stephanie said, “This was part of the prologue in the handbook! Let’s review it again!”

Stephanie opened her Sissy-Scout-Handbook, began reading;

“Recognizing a man in distress. When meeting a man, your eyes should immediately go to his crotch. If he is aroused, even slightly, or, if you see what looks like a steel pipe shoved down his pant leg, immediately offer to relieve him. Sometimes, a man will expose themselves, hoping to arouse you to have sex with them. Male displays often work in Nature, however, this action rarely results in sex with a real women, but for us Sissy-Scouts, it the second most obvious sign of a man in distress. Here is a partial list, in descending order of obviousness;

1.   Sexual excitement – Partial or complete erection.
2.   Sexual display - Partial or complete exposure of genitals.
3.   Tactile indicators - Groping, grinding or ‘accidentally’ touching you or another sexual objective.
4.   Verbal indicators - Cat-calls, wolf-whistles, sexual comments, compliments, etc.
5.   Visual indicators – Crotch-grabbing, air humping, wiggling of the tongue, winking, blowing kisses, etc.
6.   Obvious Interest – Leering, staring at breasts, ass or crotch, or long, lustful glances, with or without eye-contact.  
7.   Potential Interest - Bulge in crotch or signs of boredom.
8.   Friendly Greeting - Smiling at you or saying hello.  
When in doubt, ask them if they need sexual relief. They probably do, and even if they don’t, they will most likely accept your offer anyway!”

Wendy felt so stupid! Of course! She had forgotten, having read that part days ago!

“Sissy-Supervisor Stephanie?” Lucy asked, “Why is a crotch bulge, boredom or simply smiling at you sign of a man in distress?

“Well, for a crotch-bulge, assuming it is not a partial erections, it is likely an indicator of a large, Alpha-Sized-Penis, or a large set of Alpha-Sized-Balls. It is your job to figure it out. It’s a win-win situation all around.

“Boredom can always be relieved with a blow-job or a quick fuck,” she explained, “And, as for smiling - men smile at pretty girls when they find her attractive. You should definitely consider this an invitation to have sex with them.

“What you don’t you realize,” Stephanie added, “is unless you have a mouthful of his cum, or your boi-pussy is leaking his freshly deposited sperm, the man standing in front of you is probably in sexual distress, even with no obvious indicators!”

“Of course!” Wendy exclaimed, “Real men have to empty their balls at least once or twice a day!” She continued her reasoning, “So, if you meet a man - any man - he is probably in need of sexual release!”

“Exactly!” Stephanie said. “Wendy, you got it!

“More questions, and I expect you to do better this time,” Stephanie said. “How do you attract more cock?” she asked her Scouts.

The girls knew this one. They had read the chapter on attracting cock, as well as the chapter on the Alpha-Male-Mind (It’s the shortest chapter in the book. Since Alpha’s only think about sex, sports, drinking, shooting their loads, and pleasing and/or dominating women.)

“Look slutty!”

“Dancing like a slut!”

“Showing off your tits or ass!”

“Spreading your legs!”

“Yeah, with a tucked cock and pretty underwear!”

“Or, just ask for it!” Wendy said.

“Perfect! That is the best way to get cock, girls - just ask for it!” Stephanie exclaimed. “Most Alphas will let you know what they want, but with other men, you may have to be more aggressive. Some men are shy, insecure, or plain stupid and won’t believe you are interested in them until you pull out their cock and start sucking on it!

“Wendy, read the first few pick-up lines from Chapter Six, ‘How to Get More Cock’ I want everyone to choose one or two lines of their favorite lines and memorize them.”

Wendy fumbled in her Sissy-Sack and pulled out her cum-stained Official-Sissy-Scout-Handbook. She quickly found the page (she had bookmarked it).

“Sample Pick-up Lines for attracting cock,” Wendy cleared her throat and began reading;

“Excuse me Sir, would you like a blow-job?”

 “You look so sad/angry/happy. May I suck your cock for you?”

“I can tell you have a nick cock. May I see it, please? I’ll even suck it for you!”

“My, what big balls you have! They must be full of cum! May I empty them for you?”

“Wanna fuck a Sissy-Scout?”

“Do you/you guys/all you guys want to cum?”

“I bet your cum tastes delicious! May I please have some?”

“I need some cock. Do you know where I can find one? Oh, here’s one!”

“May I call you ‘daddy’ while you fuck me?”

“Do you know the Sissy-Scouts suck best? Can I show you?”

“Have you ever met a submissive cock-slut before? You have now! Try it! Tell me to suck your cock!”

“My girlfriend and I have a bet that I can’t make you cum in under three minutes. The lose has to watch while you fuck the winner, unless you want to fuck us both, of course.”

Stephanie waved her hands, causing Wendy to stop reading. “Did everyone find one or two they liked? If not get out your handbook and memorize one or two, because…,” she paused.

Everyone looked at her expectantly.

“We have been talking about Alphas and their cocks, sucking and fucking fake Alpha-Cocks, learning to attract Alpha-Cock, and now, we are going out there and find some real Alpha-Male-Cocks to suck!

“Time for a PHALLUS FIELD TRIP!” Stephanie shouted.

“What?” Tiffany exclaimed.

 “All right!” Wendy said loudly.

“But, I’m not ready!” Blossom whined.

“There is no better way to learn, than by wrapping your lips around a nice, fat, cock, Scouts!” Stephanie explained. “We will walk across the street to the city park, where we have a few Sissy-Scout-Suck-Stations positioned. Your assignment is to find some men and suck them off. However, you must let every male know you are still a Sissy-Scout in training. Your cum-stained ‘Seaman’ caps should make it obvious, but you still have to let them know – that is a direct order!

“Let’s review our pledge, to remind us of our purpose in life and how to behave. I don’t want any of my Sissies to embarrass themselves and our organization – our goal is to satisfy real men – it is not about you! No rubbing your little clitties!”

The Sissy-Scouts all renewed their vows by yelling out the Sissy-Scout-Pledge.

“Check each other’s attire and make-up – we have to look pretty as well as slutty!” Stephanie shouted over the excited girlish squeals.

“All set? Let’s go, those cocks won’t suck themselves! Well, not usually anyway…”

The Sissies all piled into the elevator, wearing their pink and white Sissy-Scout-Uniforms. Wendy pressed an imaginary wrinkle out of her Sissy-Sash with her hands – proud of her numerous badges. She puffed out the false boobies on her chest. The girls marched out the front doors of the building, as if in a military parade, to Terry the security guard’s surprise and delight. So many pretty, pink, slutty, sissies!

Once at the park, Stephanie led them to the public building where six, pink, Sissy-Scout-Portable-Suck-Stations were staged. Wendy recognized them from her first meeting with the Sissy-Scouts. The looked like pink porta-potties, but with the Sissy-Scout-Logo and a large ‘Out-Of-Order sign, to keep people from misinterpreting their use.

Stephanie unlocked the doors, gathered her Sissies around her, and showed everyone how write their names on the white-board and make a mark for every cock they sucked.

“This is not a contest, girls. We are here to relieve man’s suffering, gain valuable experience, and get a belly-full of cum.,” she explained. “We will use the buddy-system, so partner with another Sissy, and go out there and find some men in distress!”

The girls tried to find their partners. Some were much faster than others. “Oh!” Stephanie added, “There are business cards in the Blow-Job-Booths! Give them out to potential Alphas and Betas!”

Wendy looked for Tina and Tiffany. Just as she found them, Lucy ran up to her and begged to be her partner. Resigned to her fate, she paired up with ‘Juicy-Lucy’ and sent Tiffany and Tina off to find some cock. Lucy seemed infatuated with her for some reason, ever since Wendy poked her boi-pussy during the induction ceremony.

“Come on, Lucy, let’s go drain some balls!” Wendy said excitedly. They followed one of the many paths leading away from the restrooms and shelter house. All the men close by were already accosted by other Scouts. She looked back just in time to see Tiffany and Tina leading men to two of stalls already. They sure didn’t waste any time!

Wendy and Lucy quickly found a man walking his dog. He was tall and cute. “Go ahead, Lucy,” She encouraged her less experience sister, “Go offer to help him!”

“Hello, Sir,” Lucy stammered, standing before the man. “Can I suck your cock?”

“What?” the man said. “Get away from me, you crazy bitch!”

Oh no! Wendy had to help her! She walked up to the man, smiling brightly.

“Please sir, forgive my friend,” she said sweetly. “We are Sissy-Scouts in training, and we are on a field trip. Perhaps you’ve heard about us?” Wendy checked his crotch for size and distress, then searched for an Alpha-Pin. Finding none, she continued.

“We have taken sacred vows to relieve any man’s sexual distress, anytime, anywhere, for as long as it take and we would be happy to help you right now. Can we drain your balls for you? Please?” she added, batting her long eyelashes and smiling brightly.

The man looked around, checking for police or television cameras. He looked at the girls. They were really cute, and, he did remember seeing the news stories on the Sissy-Scouts, but assumed it was some kind of prank, but it was true!

“Uh, how…,” he began, his cock slightly swelling.

“Follow me!” Wendy said, leading Lucy, the man, and his large dog back to the Sucking-Stations. “My name is Wendy, and this is Lucy,” Wendy said, making small talk.

“I’m…” the man began, “Oh, it doesn’t matter, does it?” he asked.

“Nope!” Wendy replied.

They soon arrived and Wendy noticed that all but two of the station were occupied.  The Scouts were busy! Stephanie noticed them gave them the thumbs up. Wendy led the man to a station, complimenting him on his large, warm hands.

“What about my dog?” the man asked.

“I’ll watch him for you,” Wendy said, taking the leash from him. “Lucy, you take care of Mr. Big-Hands, just like you have been trained!”

Lucy smiled and led the man into the booth. The sign quickly switched to ‘Occupied.’

Wendy waited patiently while Lucy serviced her first real man. She passed the time by watching men and Sissies entering and leaving the booths, looking for other potential Alphas, and finally, she squatted down to pet the dog. One man noticed her as he was tucking away his still hard cock and commented loudly, “I didn’t know you sluts sucked doggie-dick too!”

Wendy was shocked, but Stephanie was there to quickly fire back, “Only if you ask us nicely, handsome!”

The man chuckled and grinned widely. Another satisfied customer.

Lucy eventually exited the booth, leading Mr. Big-Hands. They walked towards Wendy to retrieve the man’s dog.

“I did it Wendy! I sucked him off!” Lucy was so excited. Even though she was a total ass-slut, she had never had sex with a real man.

“I’m proud of you Lucy!” Wendy said. “How did she do, Sir?” Wendy asked him as she placed the leash in his hands.

“Very well!” He gushed. “She sucked my cock most admirably!” the man said. “Only in training, huh? I’ll be sure to come back when you are fully trained.” The man walked away, whistling happily.

“How was it, Lucy?” Wendy asked, then noticing a pearl of cum on Lucy’s cheek, leaned in and whispered, “You have cum on your face, let me get it for you,” and licked it off.

“Oh, it was fantastic!” Lucy gushed. “His cock was so big! I wanted it in my ass, but I remembered my vows and focused on pleasing him!”

“Did you give your potential Alpha a business card?” Wendy asked. Lucy was so forgetful.

“Yup! Wrote my name on the board too!” Lucy said. “This is fun! Let’s go get some more cock!” Lucy marched off in search of dick, and Wendy followed, proud of her friend. The intensive training Stephanie gave them was really taking effect!

Wendy had an idea to go to the parking lot and wait for men arriving or leaving. That way, they might find some cock before the other girls could get their greedy lips on them. A few of the men getting to their cars had to sadly refuse their advances, having just blown their load moments ago. They finally got lucky when two men arrived to play a game of Frisbee in the park.

“Excuse us, Sirs,” Wendy said, walking up to the men. “We are Sissy-Scouts in training, perhaps you’ve heard of us?” The men looked at the two dainty girls a little confusedly.

“Did you know Sissy-Scouts suck the best?” Lucy added.

“Suck what the best?” one man asked.

“Cock!” Lucy said happily.

“Sissy-Scouts are dedicated to relieving the sexual frustrations of men everywhere,” Wendy added. “Even though we are still in training, we would be happy to suck your cocks and drain your balls for you, please?”

“How much does it cost?” the other man asked.

“Nothing, silly!” Wendy exclaimed. “We suck cock because we took a vow to help men, all men, any man, anytime!”

“And, we like sucking, and fucking, and eating cum, and stuff,” Lucy added, grinning.

“Well, sure,” one man said, “I guess we can spend a few minutes to ah, help you girls out, with your training and all.”

Lucy and Wendy each grabbed a man and led them to the sucking-stations. Each girl chose a booth and quickly began to expertly extract spurts from their grateful volunteers. Wendy remembered her training and smiled sweetly at her man, praising his cock and slurping his shaft. His cock was soon hard and throbbing. Wendy paused to admire it. He was not overly large, circumcised, with a nice pink and purple flared cock-head, bulging veins, and a nice set of shaved balls.

“I love your balls, too.” Wendy praised before tickling his nut-sack and bouncing her mouth on his hard shaft. She was soon rewarded with a nice blast of warm, sticky cum. “Yum!” she said, and added, “Your sperm tastes great!” while smiling up at him from between his knees.

“Uh, thanks, I guess,” he said. “Are you guys here every night?” he asked hopefully.

“No, but just keep an eye out for any of us uniformed Sissy-Scouts, and we will take care of you, OK?


After the man left, Wendy proudly marked her name on the board. She was pleased to see all the other marks on the board. There were a lot of sexually relieved men out there thanks to her and her fellow Sissy-Scouts!

“Wendy!” Stephanie called to her as she was leaving the booth.

“Yeah, Steph? I mean Sissy-Supervisor Stephanie?” Wend said.

“Wendy, we are running out of cocks.” She motioned towards some empty booths. “I need you to go to the other side of the park, where the basketball and tennis courts are and see if you can find us some more, OK? The girls need the practice.” Then she added, “I’ll watch Lucy for you, until you get back.”

With a crisp salute, Wendy was off on her mission. She found a couple of men on the jogging path, and sent them to the stations with the promise of a warm, sensual blow-job.

Arriving at the court area, she first politely interrupted a doubles tennis match, and, after explaining the situation, the four men soon agreed that a short break was in order, to help a woman in distress. They almost ran towards the public house. She also interrupted an organized softball game by walking into the dugout and commenting on the size of their balls. It didn’t take too much convincing before the men decide to take an early seventh-inning-stretch to get their cocks sucked. Luckily, one of the men experienced the sucking stations during the membership drive and was eager to finally convince his friends that it had actually happened.

Wendy contemplated why men, at first, didn’t believe the Scouts were offering such a free and valuable service. She was determined to convince them one cock at a time, or more than one at a time, if she was lucky.

Having emptied the area of suck-able cocks, Wendy began to walk away when she heard the sound of a basketball being bounced rhythmically. She turned towards to the sound and found four young men on the other side of the court. She hadn’t noticed them before because they had been sitting on a bench behind the fenced in court.

Walking up to them, she waved and then politely asked, “Hey! Do all you guys want to cum?”

First the young men looked at her in shock, then they smiled at her. A tall black man stood up and said, “Oh, you are one of those Sissy-Scouts! I heard about you in school!”

“Is she for real?” his white friend asked him.

“Hell yeah, she is for real, a ‘he’ actually.”

“You’re a dude?” another, shorter boy asked.

“I’m a Sissy-Scout,” Wendy stated. Then, she explained her vows and how her and her fellow Sissy-Scouts were training at the public house.

“You are too pretty to be a guy, let me see your dick,” one said.

Wendy meekly obeyed, and demurely lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties, and quickly flashed her small penis.

“No shit!”

“What a little cock!”

“I like to think of it as a big clitty,” Wendy said in her defense.

“What a faggot!”

“Thank you,” Wendy said smiling, and gave a small curtsy.

“Here is what a real cock looks like!” the tall black man said. He pulled down his gym shorts and boxer-briefs and showed off his long, black cock. It was still soft, but huge. His heavy balls swung back and forth as he waved his cock towards Wendy.

“That’s nothing, check this out!” the tall white boy said, and dropped his shorts to show off an equally large, but paler penis. He also began waving it back and forth.

“You guys have nice cocks,” Wendy praised. “My fellow Sissy-Scouts and I would be happy to suck them for you,” she said. “I can tell you are both in need of sexual release!” Wendy knew that the display of male genitalia was one of the top signs of a man is sexual distress. She licked her lips in anticipation and then looked at their boyish faces.

“Uh, you guys are old enough, aren’t you?” She remembered one of them saying he heard about the Scouts in school. She hoped it was college, and not high-school!

“Oh, we are old enough, all right!” the tall black guy smiled, winking at her and waving his hardening cock more aggressively at Wendy. “Aren’t we Kenny?”

Kenny, his equally large-dicked white friend walked closer to Wendy, waving his cock at her as well. “Don’t our dicks look old enough?” he asked, waving his large cock back and forth so hard that Wendy could smell it, from the soft breeze he was making with his long, fat shaft.

Wendy was wavering, concerned that the boys might prove to be underage. Then, she realized that Stephanie would know what to do. Wendy could simply take the boys to Stephanie and let her decide! “Let’s go to the stations and get you boys taken care of!” Wendy said turning slightly to lead them away.

 “That is too far,” the black boy said, grabbing her hand quickly, before she could get away. “Can’t you just give me a blow-job right here?”

“Malcolm, you are going to let this guy suck your cock?” one of the other guys said.

“I don’t see a guy, I see a slutty little cunt who’s going to suck my cock, right here. Right now.” He grinned evilly. “Aren’t you bitch?” He placed his large hand on top of her head, like he was palming a basketball, and began to push Wendy to her knees.

Wendy felt the pressure on her head while staring at the impressive shaft before her. She decided it looked plenty old enough to be sucked. She would have to ask Stephanie about it later, but right now, there was a man in severe sexual distress before her, and, she was a dedicated Sissy-Scout who had taken a vow to be submissive and  help any man (or boy?), anytime and anywhere!

“Yes sir,” Wendy obediently said softly, and dropped to her knees, thankful she had recently earned her Sissy-Scout knee pads.

“Not out here in the open, Malcolm!” Kenny said, slapping Wendy’s hand away. She had reached for her prize with both hands. “I don’t want to be busted again! Over here, behind the bushes!” The two boys shoved their hardening rods into their shorts, and forcefully pulled Wendy up from the ground and led her towards the bushes. The two smaller boys quickly followed.

There was a well-worn path to the secluded area where a group of four large bushes concealed them from sight. A large tree-stump stood in the middle of the enclave, and dead, twisted roots at the entrance showed where a fifth bush used to stand.

Wendy dutifully dropped to her knees again and pulled down Malcom’s shorts. He kicked them off hastily. Kenny stepped out of his shorts too. Wendy gripped a cock with each hand and began stroking them. “I love your cocks, boys,” she said breathily, before licking, then sucking one deeply into her mouth. She repeated the actions with the other cock, jacking one while she sucked the other.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm!” Wendy moaned. Two horny men and two big, fat cocks, all for her! She smelled their sweaty essence and rubbed her face in their heavy ball sacks, before licking and sucking each boy’s balls. The smell was delightful and so intense!

“Oh, your balls smell so good and taste even better!” she praised the grinning boys.

They felt like real, macho studs watching such a cute, horny slut make passionate love to their penises. Soon, both boys were hard and throbbing. Wendy looked up at their hard, shining cocks, filled with blood and straining for release. She admired them for a moment, noticing their similarities and subtle difference. Both were circumcised, about the same length and girth, with tight, heavy ball sacks. It felt surreal to her, staring at the two, hard, shafts; one black and one white. She smiled up at the boys happily, seeing the sun shining, the green leaves softly blowing in the wind, and the smell of bare earth, stale urine soaked ground, cigarette butts, and empty beer cans.

“Wow, Kenny and Malcolm,” one of the remaining boys said, “I can’t believe you are letting a sissy faggot suck your cocks!”

Wendy looked at back at the boy with Malcom’s cock still in her mouth. She winked at him sexily before sucking Malcom’s hard cock deep into her throat.

“Fuck you, Kyle!” Kenny said, “You are just jealous that a hot girl has never sucked your tiny little dick.” He grinned. “Besides, the way you are staring at my cock, it won’t be long till you are on your knees sucking it right next to her!”

“As if!” But the barb hit home, and Kyle looked away from the hard cocks, blushing furiously. It was only when Wendy began slurping and sucking louder, that Kyle looked back, amazed at her skills.

Wendy began to deep throat each cock, slurping and sucking with determination. First one cock, then the other, alternately tickling their ball sacks and stroking their hard, heavy shafts.

“Oh, fuck!” Kenny moaned, “This cunt can really suck a cock!”

“You’re telling me!” Malcom groaned, as he arched his back and pushed his cock forward.

Wendy slurped each cock all the way to the balls for five full, sucking stokes before moving to the other one.

“Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp!”

“Ahhh,” she would exclaim as she caught her breath before diving towards the other, hard, throbbing shaft.

“Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp!”


“Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp!”


“Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp!”


Then, as she tried to pull her head off of Malcom’s cock, he gripped her head with both hands and began driving his thick cock deeply into her throat. His balls swung back and forth, banging against her chin with each thrust.

“Ahhhrrrrggggg!” he grunted. “Take it bitch!” he nearly shouted, as his cock swelled and he began to spurt his thick teenage juices into Wendy’s mouth. Wendy’s eyes widened, as the felt each forceful pump of boy-goo blasting into her mouth and throat. She swallowed valiantly, all the while continuing to jack Kenny’s cock as best she could. She barely had time to enjoy how thick and sweet Malcom’s cum was before another blast coated her tonsils and was driven down her throat. Then another. And another!

“Aaaaahhhhh!” Malcom sighed, as he finished emptying his balls. He release his grip on Wendy, and Wendy quickly pulled the long, fat shaft out of her mouth. A long string of cum was pulled taught, then snapped, just before she wrapped her lips around Kenny’s cock again.

“Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp!” Wendy sucked the thick shaft, now coated with the other boy’s sperm.

“Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp!” With her other hand now free, she was able to finger Kenny’s heavy nut sack while she stroked his slippery shaft with the other.

“Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp!”

“Ah, I’m cumming bitch!” Kenny said, “Take it! Take my fucking cum!” He pulled his fat shaft from Wendy’s mouth and began stroking his cock furiously, aiming for Wendy’s face.

Wendy knew that some men liked to dominate women by marking them with their splooge, like a dog marking a tree. She opened her mouth wide, wiggled her tongue and said, “Ahhhhh! Give it to me, stud! Give me your sweet fucking sperm!” She watched Kenny’s hand slide up his shaft. His wet skin wrapping over his thick, ridged cock-head, again and again. Wendy stared at his large piss-hole, waiting for her special treat.

Kenny’s cock erupted. One small spurt pumped out, then one long, fat, white, stream of cum arched out of his cock and landed in Wendy’s hair, plastering it to her face while the tail of the sperm landed across her eyes, nose and chin. The next blast hit her directly on the cheek. The next two landed in her mouth and on her tongue. She was able to push Kenny’s hand away and enjoy the last remaining spurts as Kenny emptied into her mouth. She sucked softly and gently, licking his still erupting piss-slit.

“Mmmmm,” Wendy groaned. “You boys sure know how to make a girl happy!” She licked the cum off of both boy’s spent shafts. She looked around and saw the two remaining boys watching her. A quick glance told her that both boys were in severe distress.

“What about you too?” she asked sweetly. “Can I help you boys out too?”

“Uh…,” Kyle stuttered. “N-n-no.., that’s alright….” He was embarrassed about his cock size and was so very shy around such a pretty girl.

“Well…, I…, if you really want to.., but you are probably really tired…, after…, you know…., sucking those cocks and all…” the other boy said.

“Nonsense!” Wendy declared, wiping an annoying splash of sperm from her eye and then smoothly licking her finger. “Your cocks are hard, your balls are full, and you have an eager Sissy-Scout here to help you!” She knew she had to take charge. She got up and strutted over to the two boys who were sitting on the stump. She smiled sexily at them as she licked cum from her lips. Wendy made them stand up as she knelt in front of them and quickly worked their shorts and underwear down to their ankles. Their hard peckers bounce a single time once they were free, and stood stiff and straining and pointing at her.

“Oh, what pretty cocks you have!” she said, and smiled at them as they melted inside. She fondled their genitals lovingly, running her pink, painted fingernails down their rock-hard shafts and their slightly hairy, taut little balls. Kyle’s cock was short, but thick. He was on the small side, uncircumcised, and Wendy watched him shiver in delight as she pulled back his foreskin to expose his sensitive, wet, cock-head. She rubbed his oozing pre-cum onto the head of his hard, pointed cock.

“I love your balls too, boys!” she cooed, rubbing her cum covered face in their junk and sniffing deeply below their balls. “Oh, you smell so manly, Kyle!” Wendy almost felt as if she was intoxicated, smelling the sweat and testosterone emanating from their ball sacks. “You too..., Uh, what is your name, sweetie?”

“Jose,” the other boy whispered. He was a short, Hispanic boy with a thick patch of dark curly pubic hair sitting above his barely average length cock.

“You smell so good too, Jose,” Wendy said. She pressed her nose under his balls and smelled his essence. His balls jiggled slightly. Jose was circumcised, with a painfully hard, flared cock-head, and nicely colored and very suckable, heavily veined shaft. His average length cock was now oozing pre-cum.

“Have you boys ever had a girl play with your dicks before?” Wendy asked sweetly.

“Uh, sure!” Kyle lied. His knees were shaking.

“All the time,” Jose fibbed.

“With cocks like these, it is no wonder the girls go crazy over you!” Wendy stroked the two boys, using their pre-cum as a lubricant. The two huddled closer together, eager to have Wendy pleasure them. “I can’t wait to eat your cum…,” Wendy said, before licking each cock in turn, tasting their sweet pre-cum with delight.

“Ooooohhhh,” Kyle moaned involuntarily as he felt Wendy’s hot tongue wrapping around his cock-head.

“Shit! Fucking shit!” Jose exclaimed, when Wendy did the same to him.

Knowing her new friends were probably virgins, she tried to give them extra special treatment. She moaned and slobbered over their cocks, licking, sucking and gently slurping their hard, little peckers. She fondled their balls and licked their shaft, before sucking each cock deeply. As she bobbed her head on Kyle’s prick, she felt a salty glob of liquid splash on her tongue. Before she had a chance to comprehend what was happening, Kyle began shooting his sperm into her mouth. Blast after blast filled mouth-hole with warm, sweet, boy splooge.

“Oooooohhhh!” Kyle moaned again while humping his still spurting cock into Wendy’s mouth. She efficiently sucked him clean, and then focused her cock-sucking attention on Jose’s pleasure-stick, and was soon rewarded with another tasty mouthful of sperm from another grateful boy.

Still smacking her lips, Wendy stood up on unsteady feet and thanked the boys for letting her suck their cocks.

“I had a lot of fun, guys!” Wendy exclaimed, “And you all have very nice, cocks, but I better be getting back to my slut now!”

“Your ‘slut?’” Kenny asked.

“My girlfriends and I,” Wendy explained. “A group of Sissies is called a ‘slut.’

“Oh.” Kenny said, “A ‘slut of sissies,’ that makes sense.”

“Yeah, but why do you have to leave so soon?” Malcom asked. Wendy noticed that that both Malcom and Kenny were sporting erections again. “We are just getting ready for round two.”

Amazed at the exuberance of youth, Wendy placed her hand on her hip, stuck out her ass, and asked them what they hand in mind.

“I’ve never fucked a girl in the ass before…” Malcom said, waving his heavy shaft at her again.

“Me neither,” Kenny said, “But I’ve always wanted to.”

Wendy looked at the two boys and the two hard cocks. “Well, this is your lucky day, boys!” Wendy winked at them and dropped her panties, all the while muttering “Any man, anytime, anywhere, for as long as long it takes!” She bent over, showing her ass to the horny boys as she received her Sissy-Sack. Lubing up her fuck-hole, she wiggled her ass provocatively, flipped up her skirt and bent over the tree-stump. “Come and get it!” she giggled.

Kenny and Malcom raced to her ass, but Kenny pushed Malcom aside just as they reached her.

“Asshole!” Malcom yelled at his friend; stumbling a step or two before finding his footing again.

“Yup!” Kenny said, and wasting no time, lined up his cock and plunged it into Wendy’s winking sphincter. Wendy bit her lip as the fat shaft spread her wide open and drove deeply inside of her.

“Mmmmph!” Wendy groaned. Alphas were rarely gentle.

“Oh, man, is she tight!” Kenny exclaimed as he began fucking Wendy unmercifully. A typical man - getting his nut was all he cared about.

As Kenny pounded her back-side, Malcom assaulted her front-side. “Any hole in a storm, my daddy used to say,” he said, as he shoved his cock into Wendy’s waiting mouth. The two boys split-roasted Wendy, grinning widely at each other across her jostled body.

It soon turned into a competition, to see who could fuck her the hardest. Kenny drove his cock furiously into her ass, and Malcom drove his fat shaft deeply into her throat. Minutes passed, and the only sounds were the forceful ‘slap, slap, slap’ on Wendy’s ass, and the gurgling ‘slurp, slurp, slurp’ coming from her mouth. The occasional cheer and sounds of bat on ball could be heard from the nearby ballfield.

As Wendy allowed her body to be used by the young Alpha-Males, she turned her head slightly to see Jose and Kyle watching her. They too had kicked off their shorts and were watching intently, playing with their hard cocks and their friends fucked her with abandon. She waved them over, and soon had a bashful boy’s hard cock in each hand.

“Aw, fuck, she is so tight, I can’t take it anymore!” Kenny said. He pounded Wendy’s ass a few more times before sending his sperm deep into her bowels. “Unngh! Unngh! Unngh!” he grunted with each spurt.

Wendy loved the familiar feeling of satisfaction as the warm sperm filled her up boi-cunt. Another happy, relieved male, she said to herself. She smiled blissfully, with her lips still wrapped around Malcom’s cock.

“All right, my turn! Now, get out of the way, Kenny!” Malcom shouted as he pulled his cock from Wendy’s mouth. He quickly ran to her other side, pushed Kenny away, and plunged his hard cock into Wendy’s still gaping hole. In one long thrust, he filled Wendy up again. She felt his balls against her ass.

“Aw, man, she is tight!” Malcolm exclaimed and he pulled his cock back and then shoved it in again. “Good thing your dick is so small, white-boy!”

Too exhausted to argue, Kenny simply put on his pants and watched, bemused.

Wendy now had her mouth free and began sucking on the two smaller friends.

“Do you like getting fucked in the ass?” Kyle asked her.

“Love it!” Wendy said between slurps.

“And sucking cock?” Jose asked.

“Absolutely!” Wendy beamed. “It’s my favorite thing in the world!”

“Do the Sissy-Scouts accept anyone?” Kyle whispered in her ear, pretending to tie his shoes, and being careful to let no one overhear. Wendy nodded in the affirmative and smiled up at him before giving his cock a good long lick and winking at him sexily.

Malcom soon began grunting harder. He was already so close to orgasm before fucking Wendy’s warm, wet ass. “Take it, Bitch!” Malcom shouted, and spurted more boy-goo into her well fucked cunt. Wendy’s head rocked with each thrust as Malcom attempted to drive his potent seed deep into her girl parts. Wendy felt each blast of his hot load, and moaned loudly, her mouth tightly wrapped around Jose’s cock.

Soon, Malcom finished. He slid his cock in and out of Wendy a few times, relishing his first ass-fuck, and pulled out, slowly and deliberately. He grinned seeing her gaping flesh pulsing and oozing cum. He pulled on his shorts, slapped Wendy on the ass, and left with his friend Kenny, The two were already laughing and joking with each other about the great fucking they had just given to the cute, little, sissy-faggot, positive she would remember it for the rest of her life. She would.

“Do you guys want to fuck me too?” Wendy asked Kyle and Jose, after she popped a cock from her mouth.

“Can we?” they asked.

“Sure you can, that’s what Sissy-Scouts are for!” Wendy exclaimed, slapping her own ass and encouraging the boys to mount her. She was feeling a little melancholy. Her first gang-bang, and she had no way to prove it, besides a belly and ass full of cum. But, without witnesses or pictures, it wouldn’t count towards her orgy-badge, darn it!

“There sure is a lot of cum, back here!” Jose said, as he prepared to fuck Wendy. Wendy reached back and scooped up some cooling sperm and rubbed it into her hole.

“All lubed up!” she said, licking her fingers. Jose quickly entered her, commenting on how warm and still tight she was. Wendy smiled and milked his cock with her ass muscles. “Oh, you feel so big inside of me!” she said, flattering him.

“I want to fuck too!” Kyle moaned, not knowing if he could wait his turn before shooting his second load of the day.

“You can fuck me!” a voice yelled excitedly. Surprised, the trio turned to see Lucy scooting through the opening in the bushes, her camera in her hand. She quickly dropped her panties, got on all fours and presented her ass. “Come, on, fuck me!” she said.

“Lucy!” Wendy said, so surprised to see her friend.

“Stephanie sent me back to find you,” Lucy said, as Kyle wasted no time entered her from behind. “Oooohhh, yeah!” she sighed, and then continued.  “Ungh…, we had more cock than we could handle!” she smiled. “I watched you for a while Wendy…, unghhh…, fuck me harder, stud…, as those two boys fucked you…, unngh, that’s the way, just like that, it feels so good! Oh, and I took some pictures too, but I was afraid…, unngh, to join in, ungh! They were a little rough…, unngh!”

Wendy beamed. She might get her orgy badge after all!

After relieving the two boys, and answering more questions about how to join the Sissy-Scouts, and proudly telling the boys what their various badges were for, Wendy and Lucy headed back to the Sucking-Stations, where Stephanie and the others were waiting for them.

“I thought I’d have to send another search party to look for you two!” Stephanie exclaimed. Seeing her scout’s disheveled appearance, she knew what they had been up to.

“Wendy took on four guys, all by herself!” Lucy praised, to Stephanie and the other scout’s astonishment.

“Just doing my duty as a Sissy-Scout,” Wendy explained humbly. “I wanted to bring them back here, but they were insistent. Lucy helped, in the end.”

“It was nothing,” Lucy said, “But, you should have seen her!” Lucy continued. “She had two Potential-Alpha’s fucking both of her holes, hard - while jacking off two beta-bois! Here, look!” Lucy said. She quickly found an image on her camera, and, as the girls huddled around her, she played a video of Wendy being spit-roasted. The camera zoomed in on the huge cocks fucking her ass and throat. Wendy smiled from a distance as she heard the audio loudly playing the moment that Kenny came in her ass, and, a few moments later, Malcom dominating her by yelling “Take it bitch!” as he came in her ass.

“Oh, congratulations, Wendy! Stephanie said. “Now, let’s get back so we can have our own orgy! I don’t know about you girls, but I’m getting so fucking wet!”

The girls all agreed. Their little clits were hard and leaking, and they were so horny from sucking cock watching Wendy getting used by the Potential-Alphas, they couldn’t wait to get back to play with each other.

Stephanie locked the booths after documenting all of the marks on the white-boards. She then led her charges back to the apartment building, smiling and listening intently to all the fun stories the girls were telling each other.

“I could barely get my mouth around it!” Blossom said incredulously.

“He had so much foreskin, I could have made a small purse out if it!” said Tina, giggling.

“The third guy I sucked-off shot so much cum, I almost choked on it!” Tiffany said proudly.

They all had so much fun, they couldn’t wait for their next Sissy-Scout adventure!

© Copyright Undeniable Urges, 2015 - 2019. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Undeniable Urges, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.
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“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow

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Reply #7 on: July 04, 2019, 10:14:00 PM
Hmmm, I posted a seven part story, weeks apart, and not a single comment. Barely read. This story section is dead.

Is anybody here? Buellerr? Anyone?

“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
― E.L. Doctorow

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Reply #8 on: July 05, 2019, 06:10:48 PM
Hey, don't give up.  I liked it.  I don't get around to commenting much.  I wish there were more writers in this section, cause a good TV/CD/MM+ story gets me hard. 

Love a good and well-formatted story!


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Reply #9 on: July 05, 2019, 06:30:38 PM
I posted a seven part story, weeks apart, and not a single comment.

Welcome to the club?  Feedback is always nice, but don't expect it.

This story section is dead.

It's different, and the vast majority of people aren't really interested in different.  I am, can't speak for Bueller, but don't be discouraged.  We need more BGT (The L section is a lot more popular) stories.  I'd even go so far as to say that you probably wouldn't want too much of the pedophiles' attentions.  They tend to react negatively to anything that's "Gay," or you know, not their fantasy daughter.

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Great story so far. Sorry for not responding earlier.

Sometimes perfection can be... perfect hell.

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Story Title – The Sissy Scouts 8 (Codes, Codes)

Summary – Another Slut-Session and another field trip – all aboard the fuck-bus!

Previous Chapter Summary – The Sissy-Scout-Supervisor Stephanie, takes the girls on a field trip. (Click Previous Directory, above)

Note - It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

Wendy looked down proudly at her Sissy-Scout badges. Two more adorned her sash after yesterday’s field trip; the simple four vertical line orgy-badge, representing the four boys she single-handedly took care of (with Lucy’s assistance, only at the very end), and the unexpected, but gratefully accepted cock-finder badge, given to the unselfish Sissy who gives up the chance to suck a cock, to seek out more cock for her sisters to suck. She loved the design of the binoculars positioned above the hard cock. She smiled proudly, thinking about the fun times she had yesterday, and all of the hard cocks she helped to soften.

“OK, Scouts, quit daydreaming about cock, and pay attention!” Sissy-Scout-Supervisor Stephanie said loudly. She wasn’t psychic, but knew her girls were most always thinking about cock, like any good Sissy-Scout should.

Their third Sissy-Scout-Slut-Session had started a short while ago, and the girls had once again greeted their fellow sluts, enjoyed their Sissy-Scout-Slut-Serum and the obligatory toast to cock (“To cocks, full of cum and up our bum!”) and had been practicing blow-jobs on their Alpha-Sized-Cock-Substitutes, and conditioning their fuck-holes by taking turns getting fucked by the Alpha-3000 fucking machine.

All the girls were now able to accommodate a Gold-Alpha-Elite cock in both of their slutty boi-holes.

“You all did a great job at our first Sissy-Scout-Field-Trip. I’ve had quite a few calls from Potential-Alphas who picked-up one of my business cards. They want to know when we will be back at the suck-stations. Your Scout-Leaders in District 12 are trying to get a permanent waiver, but there is only one Certified-Alpha-Male on the City Council right now. Make sure you call City Hall to express your opinion on this, and at the next election, make sure you vote with your cunts. We will have a ‘Cocks-Out to get the Vote-Out’ drive, so make sure to volunteer as much time as you can spare.

“Next subject! Last night Chrissy had a bad experience after one of her blow-jobs, and it made her sad. Tell us about it Chrissy,” Stephanie encouraged, placing her pretty chin in her hands as she bent over the table and looked at Chrissy.

Chrissy looked around the room sheepishly before she spoke. “Well,” she began, “Some guy called me a ‘faggot’ and a ‘cock-sucker’ after I sucked him off.”

“And…?” Stephanie prompted, raising one eyebrow.

“And.., he…, he hurt my feelings!” Chrissy whined. “Why did he have to call me names?”

“He came in your mouth though, right?” Stephanie asked, “You made him cum?

“Oh, yes! He came a lot!” Chrissy agreed. “It was really good! I was so proud of myself!”

“And that’s when he called you a faggot and a cock-sucker?” Stephanie asked.

“Well, yeah, but he called me a lot of other names before that too! Firs,t he said I had ‘real slutty lips!’ And after I pulled out his cock and licked it for a while, he called me ‘good little dick-licker’ and then a ‘pretty little cock-sucker’ while I was blowing him! That wasn’t too bad though, I kind of liked that part! And then, I was really getting into it, sucking him and stuff, and he was moaning a lot, mumbling about my ‘hot mouth’ and how he was going to pound my pussy really hard!” Chrissy continued, “Then, all of a sudden, he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face, and then he came! I choked a little but swallowed all of the cum I could, and…, and…,” Chrissy paused to catch her breath,” And, then he pulled it out of my mouth before I could get the last little bits, grabbed my hair, and started slapping my face with it! He didn’t hurt me much or anything, but he smeared cum all over my lips and my face! It was while he was doing that he started calling me bad names, like a ‘fucking faggot’ a ‘dirty cock-sucker,’ and a ‘cum-guzzling fairy-boi!’ And after I was so nice to him too!” She began to pout, looking around the table for sympathy.

Shocked silence met Chrissy’s story. The girls were dumbfounded.

“Who can help Chrissy here, girls?” Stephanie asked looking around the room.

Wendy raised her hand immediately, “An insult is the same as a compliment, Chrissy,” Wendy stated factually, “And you got both compliments and insults, you lucky girl! I wish all the guys I sucked off called me a pretty cock-sucker and told me I had slutty-lips!”

Tiffany quickly added, “And, we are ‘cum-guzzling-fairy-bois,’ you silly Sissy-Scout!”

Lucy added, “And, we’re ‘fucking faggots’ too! And proud of it! The more fucking, the better!”

“Yup! He was only telling you the truth!” Blossom stated.

“Typical Alpha-Behavior,” Wendy commented, “They can’t help themselves.”

“Exactly, Wendy,” Stephanie said. “We went over this during your initiation, but it is good for us to go over it again. I’m sure many of you weren’t paying attention, what, with all those naked sissies prancing around.”

Sissy-Supervisor Stephanie began to pace the room as she spoke, her large breasts swaying back and forth.

“Remember, the naturally dominant Alpha-Male is often in a quandary when being serviced by a Sissy-Scout,” she began.

“Though we look like hot, willing women, most men realize at some primitive level that a feminine beta-boi is giving them pleasure instead of a real women. It can make them feel less of a man. They can ignore it while they’re hard and horny, but afterwards, they can feel a lot of guilt.

“How do they cope with these strange feelings?” she continued, “By lashing out – usually by showing dominance. They do this by calling us names and trying to humiliate us; slapping our faces with their cocks. They often mark us like an animal would do - wiping their oozing dicks on our faces, covering our bodies in their sperm, or even pissing on us! If you are lucky, they may only sneer at your tiny clit while they strut around with their hard, manly cocks. Then, they will treat you like a cheap whore, and they’ll fuck you like they never could fuck real woman. Like that guy fucked your face, Chrissy.”

Chrissy nodded, finally understanding.

“Our vows require us to submit to an Alpha’s needs and support them submissively. Let the Alpha-Males enjoy their natural superiority over us much weaker beta-bois! It is our duty is to make them feel important and to let them procreate as often as they can! Hopefully, with us Sissy-Scouts!

“Listen…,” Stephany said, speaking softer now as the girls listened to her impassioned plea. “Modern society is slowly weakening a man’s natural sexual dominance and Alpha-mentality. Why else do they rape women, get in fights, and murder people? It is because they have no other outlet for their passions and dominant tendencies! We have to give it them, and let them know the Sissy-Scouts will be there for their sexual and emotional support, without judgment, without risk of humiliation or rejection!

“That is why we thank them for letting us suck their Alpha-Cocks, no matter what size or shape it is. That is why we let them cum on our faces, call us names, or pound our asses till we can’t walk straight. It is because society is tearing them down, and we have to build them back up again. Let them know them how much they turn you on, how wet they make your pussy, how much your tight ass craves their hard cocks, and how badly you want their cum. Occasionally they might thank us, but the only reward we should ever expect is an empty set of balls, a mouth full of cum, and the knowledge we have provided a valuable service to yet another Alpha-Male. Even if the cock you are servicing belongs to a weak, nerdy, naturally submissive beta-boi, he deserves your very best too – to let him know it feels is like to be an Alpha-Male, at least once in his life. Besides, he might decide to join us, and we need all the help we can get! Understand?”

“Yes Sissy-Supervisor Stephanie!” they yelled, motivated by their leader’s words. All the girls deeply understood the message, especially Chrissy. They all knew what it was like to experience the crippling doubts about their manhood, feel the crush of rejection, or have constant feelings of male inadequacies. They were determined to treat all men better.

“Besides,” Stephanie added slyly, “We get something out of it too. Sex. We get to act like sluts, have men seek us out, get a stiff cock up our boi-cunts, and swallow loads and loads of hot cum!”

All of the girls squealed, whooped and hollered.

“Now, let’s take ten minutes to practice blowjobs while we focus on the first and most important Sissy-Scout vow – being supportive, slutty and submissive! It’s our number one vow for a reason. I want you to compliment your man and his hard cock while you pleasure him ‘Oh, what a nice cock you have! Wow, are you so strong!’ Sniff his balls and tell him how manly he smells!

“If he has a small cock, don’t lie to him and tell him he has a big, fat cock, but tell him you love it. Praise how hard it is, and how sexy it looks! Focus on the positive! If he has a short, thick cock, tell him you love how thick his cock is. If it is long and thin, praise him for how long it is! If it bends to the side, or up or down, tell him how special he is. In any event let him know much you love his cock!

“Now, I will be insulting you while you practice. Remember, your answers should be a quiet and obedient - at the very least, a simple ‘Thank you, Sir.’ Whatever the situation calls for. And remember, the few times you take your lips off of his cock; to suck his balls or lick his shaft, use that valuable  opportunity to praise his manliness. Now, let’s begin!”

The girls began sucking their Alpha-Substitutes with enthusiasm.

“Let’s hear some sincere praise for that man your sucking, girls,” Stephanie ordered.

“Wow, I love your cock! I can’t get enough of it.” Christine said.

“Mmmm, your balls smell so good!” Tiffany, said, sniffing, licking, and sucking on the big rubber balls.

“I’m so happy you’re letting me suck this beauty!” Tracy said

“I love your big, fat dick!” Blossom smiled.

“I bet your cum is delicious!” Wendy praised, “I can’t wait to taste it!”

 Stephanie walked around the room offering encouragement and then began insulting them.

“Suck my cock, faggot!” she spat at her girls.

“Yes sir,” many hesitantly replied.  One scout added, “Yum!” Another added “Mmmm, I love your cock, it makes my pussy wet!”

“Like my dick, queer-boy?” Stephanie sneered.

“I love your dick!” most of them replied. A few added “It tastes so good!” or “I love your balls too!” Wendy just loudly hummed her agreement without taking her lips off of her fake-cock.

“I bet you want my cock up your faggot-ass, don’t you, queer-boi?” Stephanie growled.

“Yes, sir,” they said enthusiastically. Lucy added, “Oh, yes! Please, sir! My slutty ass really needs your fat cock!”

They were all totally immersed in the spirit of the exercise.



“Fucking Sissy-boi, cock-loving, cum-craving slut!”

Stephanie, yelled obscenities at her girls and was pleased to see it made them work all the harder, trying to force the cum out of their imaginary Superior-Males. They were sucking deeply, moaning and slobbering on the Alpha-Sized phalluses. Stephanie smiled proudly while she observed them.

“Ok, now pretend they just came. Swallow their cum and let them wipe that slimy cock all over your face while you thank them for letting you service them!”

“Oh, yes! Thank you, sir!”

“Thank you for letting me suck your cock sir, your cum was delicious!”

“Mmmmm! What a load you gave me! I thought I was going to choke on your cum!”

“Yes, slap my slutty face with your fat cock!”

“Oh, thank you, thank you, sir! I’d be happy to suck on your beautiful cock anytime you want me to!” Chrissy replied.

“That’s the way, Chrissy! You have it now!” Stephanie said, please with her girls. They were all developing so quickly!

“One last thing, girls,” Stephanie added. “A man isn’t going to stick around after you coax out a cum-load. He got what he came for, and you got what he came. So simply thank him and let him leave with a smile on his face and his sperm on your lips. Besides, you have to get ready for the next cock. OK, It’s been a great exercise! You all did fantastic! I’m very proud of you!” Stephanie beamed.

“Next, I’m going to show you proper ass-presentation techniques. Everyone, mouths off you cocks and your eyes on me!” The girls reluctantly put away their toys and focused on Stephanie.

“There is so much to learn, and so little time! You will be assigned to your Alpha-Sponsors soon, and, I know the chapter on ass-fucking covered it, but not in enough detail for my tastes.” She frowned.

“Now, if you want to entice a man to shove a stiff one up your cunt, you have to practice your ass-presentation! Let’s start with the basics; first, get their attention.”

Stephanie placed herself in front of the room. With all her girls watching her, she turned her back on her class. She then cocked a shapely leg, pushed out her ass, and looked over her shoulder demurely. Wendy and the rest of the slut admired her technique.

“You want them to look at your ass – not your eyes – so draw their attention to what you want them to lust after.” Stephanie dropped her gaze towards her butt and slowly placed a pretty manicured hand on her ass-cheek. Everyone’s attention was drawn to her pretty ass. She coyly wiggled it.

“Now, everyone try it!” The girls got up and practice the technique with everyone helping and coaching each other.

“Now, once you have their attention, it is time to grab them by the balls! Uh, I mean make them want you - not grab their balls – that might hurt. See, like this!” Stephanie performed the same sexy maneuver and then slowly bent over, as if finding something interesting on the floor. Her short skirt rose up on her ass and her pretty, pink panties were on display. Wendy felt herself getting wet and her little clitty began to harden in her own pink panties.

“Now, say something suggestive like, ‘Do you like my ass?’ or ‘Do you want to fuck it?’  I like to use both lines, so there is no misunderstanding, and give your ass a wiggle, to let him know what is waiting for him.”

Everyone practiced how to attract a man and show off their asses, Then, Stephanie dropped her panties, sliding them down to the floor and stepping out of them.

“Now, once you have him where you want him comes the most dangerous part.” The Sissy-Scouts looked at her with slight surprise. What danger could there be?

“When you present your naked ass to a real-man, it may be the only time he sees your pathetic excuse for reproductive genitalia. Yes, I know we call it a ‘clit’ and ‘external ovaries’, but men know what a dick looks like, no matter how small! He may have forgotten about your tiny clit while you sucked his cock wearing make-up and a skirt. He may have been fooled by your tits, but, now there is a chance he is going to see your little-girl bits.

“You have three choices; hide them, cage them, or display them. I suggest most of you hide them to begin with, at least until your tits develop. The less a man is reminded you’re not a real girl, the better. Just keep that little twig covered up by your panties; either pull them down just a little, or pull your panties to the side, and let him fuck you. Once he is inside of you, it won’t matter anymore, unless it’s uselessly flopping around.

“Or, you can keep it caged, so the man doesn’t have to worry about it accidentally touching him. It helps train you to stay soft too, and your man will never see obvious evidence of your arousal.

“Or, you can simply display it,” Stephanie said, and then slowly lifted her skirt to show everyone her diminutive penis and balls. A band of white pearls encased her tiny nut-sack and a pretty, pink bow-tie sat upon her inverted and nearly invisible dick. “After all, it is what it is. Some guys like it, and some don’t,” she stated, “Eventually, they get used to it, but that doesn’t mean you should show it off all the time.

“Aw, how cute!” someone exclaimed.

“Pretty,” said another.

“It’s so tiny!” a timid voice replied.

“Now, I’m lucky,” Stephanie continued, “No man is going to feel threatened by my little bits, but for some of you - I mean you Tiffany - will have to be more careful.

“Now, everyone go into the closet and get some clitty-clothes to decorate your sissy-bits. They are in the long, thin drawers in the big dressers. There are also open-assed panties available, to keep your pussy-hole out while keeping your clitty hidden. So, grab a few items and try them on.

“If you want to keep it locked up and caged, get a fresh Sissy-Clitty-Cage and bring it back. It is important to have options, depending on your man, so load up your Sissy-Sacks. Let’s hurry up girls, we have more to do tonight!”

The girls ran to the room and ‘Oohed’ and ‘Aahed’ over all the pretty clitty decorations. They examined all of the different cages; metal, wire, and every shade and color of plastic and silicone. There were many different versions of ass-less panties, from the simple to the elaborate; some with frilly little pouches for their lady bits and others with barley a small piece of cloth to cover themselves, all while keeping their boi-pussies readily available. There were drawers of pretty ribbons, bows and clitty-necklaces. Some were for fun, and some for more formal, black-tie affairs.

Wendy picked out a few of her favorite things. She decided to wear a simple pink bow on her tiny bits for now, but took a few other options to try at home later.

“Stephanie,” Wendy asked, “What are all of the costumes for?” She had noticed packages of unopened costumes, recently delivered, with images on them, such as nurses, cowgirls, bunnies, devils, etc.

“Oh, for our annual Halloween party, or you know, just for fun!” she replied, with a shrug of her pretty shoulders.

“Now, let’s see what everyone picked out!” Stephanie admired all the cages, ribboned clits, and ass-less underwear.

“Ok, raise your hands! Who’s been ass-fucked?” Stephanie asked, after everyone had settled down. All of the girls raised their hands. “By a real cock, not a dildo or a little Sissy-Stick. Almost half of her girls put down their hands. “Who can tell me what they like about it?” she asked.

“Oh, I love having my ass stuffed full of cock!” Lucy exclaimed. Many Scouts agreed with her, even though Lucy was biased, being a known ass-slut.

“I like how I cum so much harder when my boyfriend is fucking me!” Blossom added.

“I like the feeling of a warm cum-load inside of me and knowing I helped a man in distress.” Wendy contributed truthfully.

“Hmmm,” Stephanie said, “Tell us about your first ass-fuck, Wendy. It was just Saturday night, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Wendy began, “It was at the glory-hole at Pete’s Porn Emporium. An Alpha wanted to fuck me, so I pushed my pussy to the hole like he asked. Then, he fucked me.”

“Did you like it? At first, I mean.” Stephanie said, encouraging her favorite Scout to tell her story.

“Well, even though I stretched myself with my Sissy-Pussy-Plugs, it hurt a lot more than I thought it would!”

“Alpha’s are not known for being gentle, girls, so remember to keep your pussies plugged and ready! But, did it feel good after you got used to it, right Wendy?” Stephane asked.

“Well, yeah, it felt really good after a while,” Wendy admitted.

“Tell us more,” Stephanie prompted, knowing she could rely on Wendy to accurately describe her feelings.

“Well, at first, I felt his cock-head touching my ass-hole - I mean my pussy. He started to push it in - and I tried to relax - it hurt; but the good kind of hurt, you know?” A few Sissies nodded in agreement. “Then, I felt his cock-head pop in, and then he pushed and pushed until he stuffed me full of his fat Alpha-Cock! Then, he fucked me…, he fucked me so good!” She smiled, with a faraway look in her eyes. “It felt so nice, just letting him use me for his own enjoyment, feeling it slide in and out, and knowing I was making him feel good too!  I…, I…, I felt just like a real girl.”

“And, I’m sure you made him feel like a real man, Wendy. That is a good reminder for all of us and an important part of our vows – we get pleasure from giving pleasure!”

Stephanie sighed and continued, smiling as she spoke. “There is nothing like the feeling of a long, fat, Alpha-Cock fucking my tight, little pussy. And, just getting him ready to fuck me -  I love to feel a man growing hard in my hand or my mouth. I love the smell and the taste of a man’s dick and balls. I like to pause and admire his hard cock. Just knowing I’m the cause of his erection and his desire. And then giving him such pleasure! When you have a hard cock in your mouth or cunt, it is like the rest of the world disappears, and you focus on his enjoyment, as if his cock is the only reason for your existence.”

Stephanie stared dreamily into space, then suddenly opened her eyes wide. “Oh, sorry!” Stephanie said, coming out of her daydream. “There I go, dreaming about cocks again! Now, where were we?”

“Supervisor Stephanie, can I ask a question?” Wendy asked, hoping she could be as professional as Stephanie one day.

“Of course!”

“Yesterday, when I was being gang-banged.” The other girls listened to her jealously. “I couldn’t help but notice how the smell of their cocks and balls were so…, I don’t know, enticing? Arousing? Almost like an aphrodisiac. I felt like I had to rub their sweaty balls all over my face. Is that normal?” Wendy looked around the room and noticed a few of her sisters nodding in agreement.

“Absolutely.” Stephanie stated.  “The doctor should have told you you’d have increase sexual arousal and heightened sexual senses. In time, just the smell of a man’s cock and balls will make you dizzy with lust. Another benefit of the hormones is you will think about cock all the time, and your orgasms will be better too. Our Sissy-Scientists don’t mess around. It’s all technical of course, I couldn’t explain it. After the shots and the pills and the Slut-Serum, men just start to smell good. You will be driven to want them, to touch them, and to pleasure them.

“Now, you are all aware that your clitty will not get as hard as often; which is a good thing. But your orgasms will get bigger and happen more often too, which is an even better thing!”

Stephanie lifted her skirt again and looked down at her decorated clitty. “Our dicks are mostly useless anyway. But having a strong Alpha pounding your boi-pussy while your small, limp clitty flops around and your breasts swaying with each hard, masculine, thrust of his big cock…Ohhh!” Stephanie shuddered, “Mmmmmm-mmmm!”

“All right, back to our ass presentation lesson! You girls are getting me distracted!” Stephanie said, feeling very warm and jiggling her clitty.

“Now, once you have a man’s attention, and they are hard and ready to fuck you, you have to properly present your ass. Remember to be submissive and sexy! If you are standing, you can hide your clitty, like this.” Stephanie again turned her back and demurely dropped her skirt while keeping her legs together. She bent over and presented her ass, keeping her legs closed tightly so her lady-bits wouldn’t show. She then reached back and spread her ass-cheek, showing off her tight, pink, fuck-hole.

“If you are on all fours, like we are most of the time, you may have to show your little-bits, so do it like this.”

Stephanie got on her hands and knees. She looked over her shoulder at the class, arched her back, and presented her shapely ass. Her tiny, decorated balls were barely noticeable. “Come fuck me, stud, I’m so wet…,” she breathed, “I want your cock inside of me… now.”

The class was in awe.

“The goal is to immediately draw his attention away from your tiny clit to your wet pussy, while encouraging him to have his way with you. You can squeeze your legs together, like I did, to hide your clit and external ovaries too; nothing to see but your shapely ass! You can spread them wide to get comfortable once he’s pounding your hole. Got it?”

“Yes Sissy-Supervisor!”

Stephanie looked at her girls.

 “So, is everyone ready?”

“Ready for what, Sissy-Supervisor Stephanie,” Wendy asked.

“Ready to get fucked, bitches! To feel a real, live, hard cock pounding your boi-pussies? I had to pull rank over the other Slut-Supervisors, but I managed to get the ‘Fuck-Bus’ reserved for our slut tonight!” she squealed happily.

“Fuck-Bus?” Wendy asked aloud, as the other girls gasped with open mouths and wide eyes.

“Well, its official name is the Sissy-Scout-Sex-Mobile-Service-Vehicle, but we usually just call it the ‘Fuck-Bus.’

“Now, make sure your pussies are nice and clean, inside and out, then grease them up and let’s go get fucked!”

The Sissies squealed in excitement, and ran off to get ready!

In a matter of minutes, the Sissy-Scouts were ready for their second field-trip in as many days. They marched out of the front doors of the apartment building with their slippery ass-cheeks sliding against each other, to see a large, pink semi-truck pulling a long, pink trailer. It reminded Wendy of a portable carnival ride. The sides were adorned with painted images of sexy, professional, uniformed Sissy-Scouts in a variety of poses; there were Sissies with open mouths and wet tongues; Sissies bent over with their panties showing; and Sissies smiling and winking while holding imaginary phalluses. There were various painted signs, with familiar texts, such as ‘Sissy-Scouts Suck Best!’ and ‘Free Sissy-Sex!’ along with the Sissy-Scout logo. And in small print on all sides, the text of the Supreme Court decision legalizing public solicitations for sex (See Sissy-Scouts v. California 696, U.S. 69 (2020).

“Get in ladies!” Stephanie shouted, and led them up the stairs at the rear of the trailed. A rough looking older man wearing a pink Sissy-Scout cap helped Stephanie up the stairs. “Thanks, Gus!” she said. When it was Wendy’s turn, she noticed the Alpha-Silver lapel pin on his shirt collar. A small diamond sparkled in the center.

“Thank you, sir,” Wendy said, smiling back at him before glancing at his crotch and taking hold of his large hand as he helped her up the stairs.

One inside, she was amazed at how much room there was. A long, pink, padded bench lined one entire side of the trailer. In front of the bench was a long, padded handrail, reminding Wendy of a queue. Multiple video screens, now darkened, were placed on all four walls. A row of booths lined the center of the trailer, each with a single door, surrounded by high walls. Wendy opened one of the doors and saw a large, upside-down heart shaped hole centered on the opposite wall.A small stage was built into a corner of the trailer.

“OK, Ladies,” Stephanie shouted, “Take a seat while I explain a few things. And, hold on tight, Gus is a nice Alpha, with gorgeous cock, but he drives like a fucking maniac!”

Stephanie remained standing while holding onto a chrome dancing pole positioned at the front of the trailer on the small raised platform. The rest of the girls sat on the bench and gripped the handrail – and the ‘Fuck-Bus’ left with a lurch.

“Sluts, listen up!” Stephanie commanded as the trailer bounced and weaved through down-town traffic. “I posted a ‘flash-fuck’ on social media for any guy who wants to fuck a Sissy-Scout tonight.”

“A ‘flash-fuck?’” someone asked.

“Exactly,” Stephanie stated, “It is just like flash-mob except, well, the mob gets to fuck, and we get fucked by the mob!” She smiled.

“I don’t know how many men will show up, since this is all new to your town, but we will be parked outside of the convention center – word of mouth alone should get us at least a few cocks apiece – and, we won’t be leaving until every hard cock is soft again – no matter what it takes! Right girls?”

“Right, Sissy-Supervisor!” the girls shouted, excited to get fucked and help a whole bunch of horny men empty their balls!

“On the other side of the booths are where most of us will be spending our night. There are lube dispensers and a supply of Sissy-Pussy-Salve at each station – I caution you to go easy on the Sissy-Salve, while it will sooth your aching cunt, it can also numb cocks, so you might get fucked harder, faster and longer than you expected.”

A couple of the girls squealed in joy, until Stephanie added, “The salve also deadens the nerves, so you won’t be able enjoy it as much”


“Each booth has a hole big enough for your ass,” Stephanie continued, “Shove it in the hole, grab on to the bars, and enjoy the ride. For the smaller girls, there is a platform you can stand on. If your cunt gets messy, wipe it, lube it again, and get ready for the next cock. The holes also convert to blow-job stations, but we won’t be using those tonight. I’ll even make an exception for any girl that spurts their sissy-juice tonight. I know it will be the first time many of you had a real, live cock up your boi-cunts, so the feelings will be pretty intense.

“Girls, if you are not fucking, you are fluffing! Your job is to make sure the guys get nice and horny while they wait their turn. The videos will be playing Sissy-Scout-Porn, but you have to keep the line moving while you flirt, dance, and make a positive impression on our Alphas! We want them to know we are here to help them blow a load, and that we are here to stay! This won’t be the last time you act like a slut in a room full of horny men, so get used to it, and let yourselves go!

“For the girls working the line; you will get a lot of the typical questions, like ‘Will you marry me’ and ‘Are you really a guy?’  For the ‘marry me’ question, a smile and a giggle is all you ever need to do. For the other type of question, the answer is either ‘I’m not a guy, I’m a Sissy-Scout!’, or ‘Will it matter when you are emptying your big ol’ balls into my nice, tight, juicy ass?’

“Keep an eye out for Potential-Alphas and Possible-Sissies. There is a business cardholder in every booth. This is a big town with a lot of hard cocks. We are going to need more Sissy-Scouts” Stephanie shouted, then added, “And more big cocks for us, of course.”

The bus slowed down and finally stopped as the air brakes engaged. They had arrived. A chill of excitement ran thru all the girls, from their slutty lips, down to their tight little pussies. Sounds of doors slamming and opening along with sounds of metal scraping against metal was heard through the thick trailer walls.

“All right girls, let’s get some dick! I want any remaining traces of male testosterone completely fucked out of you before the night is over!”

Stephanie barked out orders and had all the girls line up between the booths and the rail in front of the long bench. They stood nervously, wondering what was going to happen next.

“Wendy, Tiffany and Tina,” Stephanie ordered, “I want you to stay out here as fluffers. Flirt, kiss, and make-out with the men.  Remember your vows; ‘Sexy, Slutty and Submissive!’ You can take your turns in the Bang-Me-Boxes later. Hell, depending on how many cocks show up tonight, I might have to join you!” Stephanie knew she was lying. She was definitely going to have her turn in the booths. “Once you have a hard cock in your hands, send them to an empty booth!

“The rest of you, after I say a few words to the men, I’ll dismiss you. Remember to look ‘Pretty and Promiscuous’ then, grab a booth, make sure you are lube up and get ready. And, keep your little clitties out of the holes!” she cautioned. “If you hold tight against the hear-shaped opening, your little-sissy-bits will be nicely hidden. The men will only see your sexy, tight boi-pussies!  Lucy, I want you to be on call. Girls, if you feel any monster cocks about to rip your cunt open, back away, check it out, and either get some more lube or call Lucy to handle it if you can’t. Everybody got it!”

“GOT IT, SISSY-SUPERVISOR!” they shouted. They were excited and ready to get fucked!

Stephanie marched quickly to the door and opened it wide. The girls all peered out. In the fading sunlight, some of the girls gasped, there must have been 50 men lined up! Gus was at the door making sure they behaved, and holding them back while they jostled for position.

Wendy realized the noises she had heard was Gus setting up the que lanes. The men were staring up into the trailer just as the girls were staring down at the Alphas. ‘So many men needing relief,’ Wendy thought. She was so eager to help them. ‘Those poor, horny, Alphas!’

Stephanie shook her ass and tits at the crowd and yelled, “So, who’s ready to fuck?”

The men all whooped and hollered. After a few moments of vulgar comments and applause, and with a quick, meaningful glance from Stephanie, Gus gave a sharp whistle, and the boys immediately quieted down.

“My name is Stephanie,” she began, “I’m the Sissy-Scout-Supervisor for Slut-Squad 69!” The men gave another cheer. “I know many of you have questions, and the answers are; yes, you’re going to fuck a Sissy-Scout tonight. Yes, it is perfectly legal. And, most importantly…,” Stephane paused, “Yes, it is totally free!”

The men whooped and hollered again, until Gus, after a few moments, once again quieted them with his loud, shrill whistle.

“For those of you at the end of the line, no worries; we will stay here until the last man has been taken care of; A Sissy-Scout will pleasure any man, anytime, anywhere and in anyway necessary, without complaint, for as long as it takes! So, call your friends, especially the ones with hard cock and swollen cum-filled balls!”

A few more whoops, but the men quickly quieted, pulling out their phones to text their friends.

“Now, be on your best behavior, or Gus here and his friends may have to remind you how a gentleman treats a lady, even if she is a total cock-slut!

“First group, come on in!” she shouted, jumping up and down with her titties jiggling. She turned around with a wiggle of her ass and the first group of horny men began to climb into the fuck-bus, with Gus guarding the door. He counted the men, and then cut off the line with a quick thrust of his muscular arm when enough men had filed into the trailer.

A few of the girls looked down towards the ground while others smiled at the men who were clumsily and hurriedly climbing the stairs, positioning to get ahead in line. They gaped in awe at the pretty line-up of sexy-sluts waiting for them. A few of the girls, including Wendy, blew the boys kisses, winked provocatively and wiggled their butts.

Stephanie quickly took charge.

“Gentlemen, I have to remind you that the girls you will be fucking tonight are still in training, so please be gentle! And, the first man with a hard cock is the first to fuck a Sissy-Scout tonight, so let’s get the party started!

“Girls, man your stations!” Stephanie shouted, and flipped on the power switch.

Music started to blare, Stephanie began dancing on stage, twirling around the pole, and the TV screens began showing Sissy-Scout-Porn, without any boring introduction credits. Scenes of hard cocks, slutty girls and scenes of blowjobs or ass-fucking showed on the multiple screens. There was something for every man to enjoy until they became aroused.

Most of the girls quickly and nervously headed towards the side-door to the fuck-stations, while Wendy, Lucy and Tina worked the crowd from the other side of the rail.

A few men were already hard, and begged Wendy and her friends to let them in to the fuck-booths. The three girls kissed the men, felt for hardness, and sent them on their way; with only the occasional long pause as they groped the men to get them harder. It wasn’t difficult to do with the video monitors showing hot sex scenes, the sexual moans from the speakers, and Stephanie’s sexual display on the dancing pole.

Stephanie’s work was exquisite; she twirled around the pole like a porn star. She shook her pretty ass, jiggled her perfect tits, waved her long, blonde hair and flirted with her audience. Most men only had eyes for her. She shimmied and strutted to the end of the stage and then reached out to Tina to join her.

Tina was hesitant to join Stephanie on the stage, but remembering her college pole-dancing experiences, she made a leap of faith, and jumped up onto the stage!

Tina and Stephanie groped each other, showed off their best assets, and kissed sensually - long and hard before Stephanie left her alone on the platform to check on her girls in the booths. Surprised for a moment, Tina watched Stephanie leave, then realized it was up to her to entertain the men. She strutted and danced, like only a true Sissy-Slut could. The men watched her with growing desires and fattening pricks.

Wendy, Lucy and Tina soon had every booth occupied. Even over the music and piped-in sex sounds, they could hear their fellow Sissy-Scouts moaning and encouraging their men.

“Oh, yeah! What a cock you have!”

“Fuck me baby, fuck me good!”

“You sure know how to use that prick!”

“I’m cumming! You’re making me cum! Oh yeah, do it, do it! Unngh, unnhg, ahhhhhh!”

It wasn’t long before the first few men finished. They flung open the doors while still buckling their pants and making typical macho comments. As one man left, another soon took his place.

Wendy remembered to smile and wink provocatively at the new men entering the room and thanked those who were leaving. She wandered up and down the line awhile, flirting with the men, and then admired Tina’s dance routine. To her surprise, Tina invited her up on the dancing platform. Wendy was hesitant, since she was not as skilled at dancing like a slut like Stephanie and Tina were. But, knowing practice makes perfect, she danced with Tina with abandon. The two friends kissed, groped and bounced asses together. Tina left the stage and Wendy did her best, sensual dance for the men. She was pleased to receive a very favorable reaction! One man yelled he wanted to fuck her, and another horny man claimed he saw her first!

Stephanie had returned from the back, overheard the men’s words, and told them they could both fuck Wendy, just one at a time. She had them wait while she went around back once again. She pulled Blossom from an empty fuck-booth to work the crowd up in the front, while Wendy had her turn in the booth. Stephanie pointed to the door where Wendy was stationed, giggling and jiggling at Wendy’s two admirers.

Wendy quickly lubed up and pressed her boi-pussy against the hole. She heard the door open and then heard Stephanie talking to someone. “There she is, stud, your dancing queen. Now, go ahead and fuck her silly!” The door closed. “Oh, baby, what an ass you have!” a male voice said, “When I saw you dancing on stage, I just knew I had to fuck you!” A stiff cock quickly pressed against her boi-hole. She relaxed and let the shaft enter her. “Oh, fuck!” the man said, “What a tight, fucking hole you have!”

The nameless Alpha proceeded to fuck her with long, determined strokes. He didn’t have to biggest cock, but he knew how to use it.

“Ohhhh! What a nice cock you have!”  Wendy groaned, encouraging her Alpha. His cock was hard and thick, but not as long as she would have liked, had she been given the choice. She fucked back against the cock, groaning and joining the choruses of Sissy-Moans around her.

“Fuck me, stud, you feel so good inside me! I want your cum! I want you to cum inside of me!” Wendy knew she had to quickly get her man off so she could accommodate the next hard cock. The nameless man began to thrust harder. She felt her hard clitty bouncing back and forth with every jolt. She squeezed her sphincter to milk her man, and was soon rewarded with a warm cum load in her bowels.

“Ooooohhhhh, that was so good!” she squealed as he pulled his spent cock free. “You made me cum twice!” she lied, “Come back soon, lover!”

“You bet I will!” the man said, opening the door to leave, then asked, “Hey, what’s your name, sugar?”

“Wendy.” Wendy said as she wiped her hole and lubed it for the next cock.

“Wendy!” the man yelled, “I think I love you!”

Wendy giggled. She heard the door slam shut, but oddly heard another man’s voice. “Don’t listen to that one-minute-wonder, Wendy!” It must have been her other admirer! “I saw you first! Get ready for the fucking of your life! That little-dicked prick has nothing on me!”

Wendy heard a quick zipper and a then heavy belt falling on the floor. Then, she felt another cock press up against her lubed pussy. It was much bigger than the last one. Her eyes widened a bit as she felt the large cock-head prepare to spread her cunt apart. She caught her breath as the fat cock-head entered her before her tight boi-cunt surrounded it with warm, wet flesh.

She gripped the fuck-handles and pushed her ass tightly against the hole. The Alpha smoothly stuffed her cunt full of eight inches of firm man-meat and began to enjoy her ass like a ride at the amusement park. ‘This is more like it!’ Wendy thought.

“Oh, yeah stud,” she moaned, “Your cock feels so good in my pussy! Now show me what you got!”

The man began to fuck her boi-cunt with long, smooth strokes. “Do you like that, bitch?” He asked. “Do you like my cock up your sissy-pussy?”

“Oooohh, yeah!” Wendy moaned, “I love your cock!” she said, meaning every word. The long, fat, cock filled up perfectly. She loved the way her Alpha used her body for his pleasure. She felt so feminine! She groaned involuntarily as his fat shaft began to pound her hole faster and faster. She knew she could cum, if she let herself go, but feared it would lessen her desire for sex. She decided to wait.

“Ungh, ungh!” the man grunted with exertion as he fucked his bitch hard. He used long fast strokes, nearly pulling out before slamming his cock back into her. His heavy, low hanging balls banged repeatedly against Wendy’s ass. She began to whimper with pleasure as she worked her ass back against him.

“Oh, fuck!” the man groaned. “So tight! You are sucking the cum out of me!” The man pumped a few more times before driving his shaft deeply into her. She felt his cock thicken and twitch as he erupted into her bowels, spewing the first blast of his hot load into her love tunnel. He pulled back, slammed back into her and filled her up with yet another heavy spurt. Banging her ass hard and repeatedly as he unloaded his stored-up ejaculate. She felt him pull back and slam into her, again and again, sending his seed deep inside of her, as if trying to impregnate her. He finished, pulled out of her, wiped his slimy cock on her naked ass and commented, “Best cum I’ve had in days!” he exclaimed, “You Sissy-Scouts are just what this city needs!”

“Your big cock is just what the Sissy-Scout needs!” Wendy replied. She quickly pushed one of Stephanie’s business card through the hole, asking the man to consider becoming a Certified-Alpha. “What a man!” Wendy thought, as the door slammed. Her asshole was still tingling.

With a quick wipe and lube, she was ready for the next cock. She was determined to do her best to relieve all of the horny men needing a warm hole to empty their seed into. She felt so proud to perform such a valuable public service.

Wendy pressed her pale, soft ass against the hole and soon heard the other door opening and closing softly.

“You have a very pretty butt, Ma’am.” she heard someone say.

“Thank you, Sir,” Wendy replied, giving her ass a wiggle as she giggled.

“So, how do I..?” he began. “Do I just put it in? You know, my thing?”

Wendy could hear the excitement in the young man’s voice. She smiled hearing his voice crack and wondered how old he was. “Yup, just take your hard cock, slip it in, and fuck away! And, don’t worry, you won’t hurt me,” she added.

“Uh, OK, cool!”

Wendy heard the boy pull down his zipper and fumble with his clothes. While she waited, she asked, “What is your name, sugar?”


“Have you ever fucked before, Tim?”

“Well, sure! I…  No…, I can’t lie to you, ma’am. Never,” he admitted, “I’ve never been with a real woman.

 “That’s about to change, Tim” she said happily. “My name is Wendy. I’m sure I’ll see you again. And remember, just find one of us Sissy-Scouts whenever you need to fuck or get sucked. We’ll empty your big ol’ balls for you!”

“I will!” he replied enthusiastically. “Thanks!”

Wendy waited a long moment, and sensed something was wrong. “Hurry up, Tim! I can’t wait to feel your hard cock inside of me!” she encouraged. “Just put it in and fuck me!”

“I’m…, I’m not hard anymore... Too nervous, I guess...  Um.., I’ll just leave... Thanks anyway...”

“No!” Wendy cried, “Wait!” There was no way was she letting this young virgin leave without experiencing the pleasure of a Sissy-Scout’s tight ass. She remembered how she used to be shy and always feared rejection when she was a man. She wasn’t going to let this happen to Tim!

“Come here, stud, put your cock up to the hole,” Wendy said. She smoothly turned around and wagged her tongue through the large hole. Tim saw her pretty face, red lips and warm wet mouth opened wide. “Ever have a blow-job Timmy?” She asked. She looked up at him, blew him a kiss and winked at him. He was a very cute young man.

“Gosh, no, Wendy!” Tim said. “Are you really going to suck my dick?” This was going to be the best day of his life! He shuffled to the hole and watched a slim hand with painted fingernails reach thru the hole and gently pull his soft cock closer. He felt her hand stroking him and playing with his balls. Then, he felt a warm mouth envelop his prick and felt it sucking him gently.

“Oh, wow!” he exclaimed, and pushed his crotch tightly against the hole.

Wendy tickled his balls and slurped on his hardening shaft. She worked her tongue over his cock-head and sucked on his balls. He was rock hard in under 30 seconds.

With the groans from the other booths and the fake-orgasm sounds from the movies, Wendy was concerned the lad could blow at any moment. She really wanted a mouthful of virgin cum, but needed to the give the lad a fucking he would remember for the rest of his life. She made love to his innocent cock a few moments longer, and then reluctantly let it go.

“You have a very nice cock, Tim,” she praised, “And I really wanted to taste your cum,” she admitted, but turned around and pressed her ass to the hole, feeling his cock against her ass-cheek. “But now, I need your hard cock inside of me. Please, fuck me baby. Give it to me!” She clenched her ass a few times, knowing he was watching her.

She felt his hard cock-head pressing against her crack, searching for her entrance, before settling against her fuck-hole.”Ohhhhh, yesssssss!” she hissed as his cock slowly entered her.

“It’s so tight!” Tim exclaimed, pushing his shaft into Wendy steadily until his groin rested against her.

“Oh, it feels so good!” Wendy praised. “Do it, Tim, fuck me! Fuck me good!”

The lad began to slide his cock in and out of her ass-pussy. He heard Wendy moaning with lust, and it fueled his ego. He began to fuck her faster and faster. First a blow-job, now a piece of ass! He felt wonderful!

Tim fucked Wendy for a good 35 strokes before he felt the tingling in his balls. He drove his hard shaft into her over and over again, until he finally started to spew his hot load inside of her.

Wendy felt the warmth and groaned, “I’m cumming too!” She began to pant, faking her orgasm. “Oh! Oh! Oh! I’m cumminnnggggg!” she cried, then squealed like a little girl, smiling to herself as she boosted the boy’s confidence.

Tim erupted again and again, Wendy’s groans were turning him on. He felt like such a stud!

Finally, he finished, staying inside Wendy and gently rocking against her as his cock twitched and throbbed.

“Fucking is awesome!” he declared, as he slowly slid his spent shaft from Wendy’s love-hole. Impulsively, he bent down and kissed her naked ass cheek before giving it a gentle nibble. “I love you, Wendy!” he exclaimed.

“Come see me again, Tim, you stud!” Wendy said, giggling.

“Thank you Wendy,” Tim said, “Thank you so much! Thank you for everything!”

“No, thank you for letting me suck your cock and for fucking me so good! It’s been my pleasure,” she replied smiling.

Tim left the cubicle, whistling a happy tune.

Wendy didn’t have much time to relax before another aroused man entered the fuck-station. She pressed her pussy tight against the hole and waited. She heard what was becoming a favorite sound – ‘zzzzzziiiiiiiip!’ as she prepared for another fucking. She soon felt something being pressed against her ass, pushing and spreading her cheeks. Whatever it was, it was big! Too big!

“Is that a cock, or your fist?” she asked the man loudly, pulling away and turning around.

 It was a cock. A huge cock! It was definitely an Alpha-Double-Fucking-A-Meat-Monster! She stared at in wonderment. There was no way that cock was going to fit inside of her little hole. She could easily handle an Alpha-Gold-Elite, and even an Alpha-Platinum-Double-Elite with only a little pain. But not this one. This cock would rip her open.

“Just one moment sir!” Wendy said. She leaned around the corner and saw LaDonna. She hissed to her, “LaDonna! Where’s Lucy?”

“Up front, why?”

“We need her special abilities. Go get her, while I keep this guy occupied!”

LaDonna stole a glance at the massive shaft sticking through the hole and said, “Uh, I can keep him occupied…,” she stared stupidly at the man’s huge hunk of flesh and shuffled over to it, slowing falling to her knees in adoration. She began to lick it and sucked on his massive balls, and then did her best to suck it, though she could only get the tip into her small mouth.

Wendy quickly ran out front; found Lucy and dragged her back to the booth. They had to physically pull LaDonna away from her prize.

Lucy saw the huge cock and smiled. She squirted some Sissy-Slippy-Stuff into her hand and plunged a few fingers up her hole, making it nice and slick. She grabbed the thick shaft and directed it towards her boi-pussy. Once it was positioned, she grabbed both bars, arched her back and pushed backwards.

Wendy and Ladonna watched with concern. They saw Lucy’s grim determination turn to wide-eyed surprise, then more determination, followed by wince of pain. She shuddered twice and then relaxed. Her face softened and she began to stifle a cry.

Wendy stepped over and tried to comfort her. “Lucy, are you ok?” she whispered to her as she rubbed Lucy’s back. She noticed a tear dripping off of Lucy’s cheek.

“Does it hurt?” Wendy asked again when Lucy did not respond. “Do you want me to ask him stop?”

Lucy shook her head vehemently.  Her body was rocked back and forth as the man slowly fucked her from behind.

“I’m crying because I’m just so happy!” Lucy declared, finally living her dream as a sissy-size-queen-anal-slut.

Wendy left Lucy alone to enjoy her dream-dick, and checked on the other girls with LaDonna. She ended up relieving Tiffany, who had been taking one cock after another all night.

“Lucy is in booth #4,” Wendy said, while Tiffany was cleaning up. “You should probably check every man’s cock size and direct any Double-A’s to her.”

“Got it!” Tiffany said, before heading up front to keep the men hard and ready to fuck.

Wendy took her place and spent the rest of the night pleasuring all the Alpha males who came to visit her in the fuck-station. She passed the time by clenching her loosened sphincter in time with her Alpha’s thrusts, encouraging them and being so determined to give each and every man the most pleasure she could. She amused herself by imagining what each cock in her hole looked like, based on the feelings in her sensitive ass; thinking of cock’s color, the shape, the length and the girth. She even estimated ball size by feeling them slap her ass and calculating the size of the load. After what seemed like hours, the last man deposited his hot seed into her ass, the bus grew quiet, and Stephanie announced it was time to go.

Tired and sore, but satisfied with the joy they had given, they cleaned themselves up, sat their tender bottoms on the bench, and giggled and gossiped about the many different cocks owned by the men they had pleasured.

Gus closed the rear-door with a ‘slam’, but not before Stephanie announced she was riding in the cab with Gus, to ‘properly thank him for taking care of them tonight.’

The Fuck-Bus drove off into the night.

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