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A Cottage by a Stream (FF, rom, preg)

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on: May 30, 2019, 04:31:32 PM
This story is also available on Ravishment University.

Ho boy, it's been a while since I last posted a new story. By good fortune, I've been working on one over the past couple of months, so...yeah. However, before I put up the first chapter, some background first.

If you've been on RU the past year, then you'd've seen the member Rachel_Thornton (formerly Rachel_t) about. (She's becoming quite the influential author over there, but I'm digressing.) In a post explaining her experiences, she talked about her relationship with Hannah, her so far only same-sex experience. A short time after this (I'm going to cut out some stuff here, for the sake of the backstory), I messaged Rachel and asked if I could write a story about the pair of them, since they still communicated with each other quite often. They both said yes, so I started writing. Now, when I started writing, Rachel was four months pregnant (she's about six or seven months at time of this posting), so I decided to incorporate that into the story.

Now this story is still ongoing. Everything I post on here has both girls' seals of approval. (Yes, they have both also given me their permission to post the story.) I'm also posting three chapters behind what I'm currently writing (i.e. I'm currently doing chapter 4, whereas I'm posting Chapter 1 here now; you'll receive Chapter 2 when I finish Chapter 5), mostly in case the girls change their mind about something.

Now, the necessary disclaimer, albeit with a bit of a twist to my normal fair:
While this story involves real people, the situation itself is fictitious. Any similarity to real-life events is completely coincidental.

Chapter 1

It had been a dizzying twenty-four hours for Rachel. Hannah, the one girl who she could ever say she truly loved, had come down to visit her and her boyfriend Chris while she was pregnant. Her opinion of the man was...less than stellar. But she at least gave the man 30 hours to make a good enough impression on her; that didn't quite happen.

It was late in the night when Rachel was woken by Hannah's attempts to stir her. "What is it Hannah?" Rachel asked, still bleary-eyed. "It's the middle of the night."

"I know," she said, voice low. "Now's a good time to go."

"Go where?"

"Far away from here. Make a life for just the two of us." Hannah then started pulling Rachel by her hand. She had a tough call to make right there: stay with the man she loved with all her heart, or leave with the woman she loved more than life itself.

It was settled: Hannah had to be the priority. She quickly packed a bag of clothes, and scrawled a note to lay next to Chris: "I'm sorry, Hannah and I have left to be free." She then took Hannah by the hand, and the pair ran as much as they could out the door to Hannah's car, and drove off.

About ten minutes in, Rachel decided to ask, "So, where are we going?"

"Well," Hannah started her response, not taking her eyes off the road, "you know how we talked about living in a cottage by a stream?"

Rachel sat bolt upright. "You didn't!?"

"Not yet, but I saw it on a realtor's board before I came to see you, and it made me remember of our time together." She flashed a look back at Rachel, a smile cut across her face, then returned her observation to the road ahead of her. "So, what do you say?"

Rachel smiled back. That was affirmation enough.


The 'Sold' banner was plastered across the diagonal of the listing. Hannah felt dejected; she evidently really liked it.

Rachel kept scanning the board. "How about this one?" she suggested, pointing to a listing about halfway down. Hannah knelt to look at it as well. "That looks pretty good," she said. "Let's see if we can have a look at it."


"So," the realtor began his spiel as soon as he opened the door, "as you can see, it is a quaint, two-storey cottage, modest living and dining room, with a nice kitchen, complete with most original and all modern fittings, so you'll really feel like you were living during the time while still having access to all modern conveniences." The girls spent a good while looking around the building, while the realtor didn't seem to pause for breath during his pitch. "Now, if you'll follow me upstairs, ladies." The girls went upstairs, as the realtor continued. "So, you have two bedrooms, which'll be good for you, since it looks like you'll be adding to your family soon, plus the bathroom at the end. Bedrooms are moderately-sized, and bathroom contains usual amenities, such as bath, shower, toliet and sink. Now back downstairs, and we'll head out to the garden." They all went back down the stairs, and out the back door. "As you can see, the garden is a bit of a blank slate, so you can easily start afresh with your own ideas. But, once you lay a lawn down, some garden beds, you'll find there is plenty of room and plenty to do. And, of course"—he walked to the back of the cottage garden, opening the solid wooden gate—"freshwater stream, good enough to drink out of." He demonstrated by taking a handful, and drinking it. "Good God, tasting that made me want to move here myself. So any questions?"

Hannah and Rachel shook their heads.

"No worries," the realtor acknowledged. "So, would you like to buy today, ladies?"

"Yes!" they both replied, enthusiastically.

"No worries," the realtor acknowledged. "In that case, let's head back to the office and sign off on it."


It took half an hour (plus travel) for the paperwork to be signed and the money to be handed over by Hannah, and the girls were back at the cottage. Hannah was already at the door, while Rachel sat back and looked at its exterior. "I can't believe this is ours."

"Believe it, gorgeous," Hannah responded, walking back to her lover. "This belongs to us now, to make it however we choose. And I wouldn't want to do this with anyone but you." They kissed, gently but passionately, for a moment, before Hannah broke the kiss by saying, "Now, do you want to go inside again?" then took Rachel by the hand and dragged her to the door, kissing her again as she fumbled blindly with the lock. The lock finally clicked open, and the pair almost fell inside. They looked around, Hannah circling her arms around Rachel's shoulders. "This really is ours," Rachel repeated.

"Yep," Hannah acknowledged.

"We'd better get some furniture if we want to sleep here tonight, then."


They walked around the furniture store for some time, checking out what they had, and failing to resist the urge to make out while they were trying out lounges and beds (not that they were doing any resisting in the first place). When they finally settled on a few of the basics, and had them all paid for, they were informed that delivery would not occur until the next day. So they went and bought an air mattress, some sheets, and Yahtzee, and took them home.

They sat on the floor of their currently-empty home, enjoying a takeaway dinner of fish and chips. Then, once they washed off all the oil from themselves, they unpacked Yahtzee from its box and played a few rounds; Rachel managed to win, albeit by a slim margin. They then spent the next couple of hours lying in the back yard on the dirt, looking up at the stars. Hannah pointed upwards, making a trail with her finger. "Hydra, right?"

"You still remember," Rachel responded, a hint of enthusiasm evident in her voice. She pointed to another cluster. "What about these ones?"

"Ummm, Big Dipper."

They spent half an hour naming the constellations, before they dropped into silence. It was Rachel who broke it. "I really missed doing this."

"So did I," Hannah agreed. "I'm glad I got you to do this."

"Thank you, by the way," Rachel said. "This is just a dream come true."

The pair looked at each other, the look of long lost love visible in their eyes and on their faces. Their fingers intertwined.

"Speaking of dreams coming true," Hannah interjected into the loving silence, "how about we get inside and wash off. I'm sure I've got dirt down my back." They laughed, and quickly ran inside, dusting the dirt off their backs before stepping inside the door. Hannah then guided Rachel up to the shower, and turned it on. They undressed, and stepped underneath the small rainstorm that came out of the head, running their hands over each other, washing away the dirt and their cares of the outside world. Here and now, it was just them.

Hannah leaned in and nibbled Rachel's ear a little, before kissing behind it, and making a trail down her neck towards her breast. They were larger than the last time she saw her, and heavy with milk. She kissed them delicately, running a tongue gently around the nipple, and tasting a little of its contents. She then continued her way down, across her pregnant belly, to her pussy, giving it a light kiss. Rachel sat on the edge of the shower stall, giving Hannah full access to her sex, and she made good use of the opportunity, allowing her tongue to delve within Rachel's hidden depths. A few minutes later, an orgasm hit her like none had before. Before she had a chance to return the favour, Hannah suggested, "How about we take this to bed."

"But the mattress isn't pumped up yet."

"It'll take thirty seconds to inflate, then we can go for our lives."

Hannah was right; it took only thirty seconds before the mattress was fully inflated, and they were soon lying on top of it, still completely naked, Hannah went back to eating Rachel out, hoping to get a second orgasm out of her (a task she completed effortlessly). She then came back up, and kissed Rachel's lips.

Rachel broke the kiss shortly after and said, "Let me return the favour." She then moved down to Hannah's own honeypot, and attempted to mimic Hannah's actions, unsuccessfully at first, but eventually she had her screaming in orgasm.

They both laid on top of the mattress, exhausted but happy. They rolled onto their side, and fell asleep, Hannah's hand cupping the bottom of Rachel's pregnant belly.
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